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Lo Duca-Penny Detritus
2006-08-11 15:00
by Jon Weisman

The post-Dodger career of Guillermo Mota, who was designated for assignment by Cleveland today: 138 1/3 innings, 134 hits, 61 walks, 120 strikeouts, 5.14 ERA. His strikeouts remained respectable, and he even had a streak of eight shutout innings less than two months ago, but he became what so many relievers become - unreliable from week to week. Still, don't be surprised if he ends up back in the majors somewhere.

In general, it's been a rough year for some of the other guys in the Paul Lo Duca-Brad Penny trade (with Lo Duca's year being another story unto itself). Playing for AAA Pawtucket in the Red Sox organization, Hee Seop Choi (.708 OPS) has been slumping amid his own injury troubles this season. He cleared waivers Thursday after Boston designated him for assignment August 1 and has been outrighted to Pawtucket.

Joe McDonald of the Providence Journal had a profile on Choi earlier this week:

Even before he went on the disabled list July 7 with a knee sprain, Choi wasn't having a season deserving of a call-up. Realistically, if he was healthy, it wouldn't really matter what numbers he was putting up. The fact is he would be in Boston right now because of all the injuries.

One thing for sure, David Ortiz wouldn't have played first base on Friday. Choi may not be the solution to the Red Sox' problems, but he could be an answer.

Red Sox vice president of player personnel Ben Cherington had a closed-door meeting with Choi and PawSox manger Ron Johnson late Friday night, and Choi said yesterday that the meeting went well and he understands what is expected of him.

He rehab has been slow going, but he began to take swings two weeks ago. He said after yesterday's PawSox game that he hopes to be back in the lineup next week. ...

The Sox could desperately use his services. His bags are packed and he's ready to go, but he'll have to get healthy first. By that time, however, he may not be needed.

Juan Encarnacion, who may qualify as the forgotten man in the trade, has a .786 OPS for St. Louis. The sixth player involved in the July 2004 trade, 25-year-old Bill Murphy (later passed along to Arizona in the Dodgers' acquisition of Steve Finley), has a 5.68 ERA with 68 strikeouts, 36 walks and 84 hits allowed in 77 2/3 innings as a swingman for AAA Tucson.

* * *

Tonight's Game

Comments (225)
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2006-08-11 15:17:26
1.   Bob Timmermann
Who is this Hee-Seop Choi you speak of? I am unfamiliar with him.
2006-08-11 15:19:29
2.   Eric Stephen
I may have to bust out my "Free Hee Seop" T-shirt this weekend for old times' sake.

My nephew thought the shirt should read "Free Seop Choi".

2006-08-11 15:20:21
3.   Jacob L
Can we continue the movie chit chat in this thread? (Mota stinks - just to be responsive to Jon's excellent post).

I understand the Nicolas Cage hate for he has done some awful, awful things. However, my own opinion is that, apologies to Fonzie, he is the person for whom the phrase "jump the shark" was coined.

You all seriously didn't like "Valley Girl?"

2006-08-11 15:22:26
4.   jasonungar05
"Ben Cherington excepts me for what I am! And I think you better had, too! You know I'm okay, you're okay! That there's what it is!"

-Hee Sop Choi/H.I. McDunnough

2006-08-11 15:22:31
5.   Jon Weisman
3 - I like Cage, so I can't answer.
2006-08-11 15:24:01
6.   Humma Kavula
Cage, the worst? Hah.

Now, Costner -- there is an actor that can ruin a great movie.

2006-08-11 15:27:31
7.   Jacob L
See, I will argue that Kostner hasn't ruined any movies that weren't bad from the get go. Not that he's a great, or even good actor, but if the movie's o.k. (Bull Durham, Untouchables,etc) he's not ruining it for me. The bad ones, topped for me by For the Love of the Game, were beyond help.
2006-08-11 15:28:56
8.   King of the Hobos
Lofton is now a full time player according to Rawitch. He's starting and batting second tonight. Drew is back in the lineup and batting 5th, Lugo is playing 3B and batting 7th, and Hall is catching.
2006-08-11 15:29:16
9.   Humma Kavula
In my opinion, he sticks out like a sore thumb in movies that would otherwise be all-time greats.

For example, JFK. You can't take that movie's politics seriously, but that aside, it might be the best movie ever made about why people believe weird things...

...might be, that is, except that Costner isn't any good in it. Or anything.

2006-08-11 15:30:12
10.   xaphor
I liked the pre-ConAir Cage. Raising Arizona, Amos & Andrew, Leaving Las Vegas, and even The Rock was good as far as action flicks go now-a-days. Since then it has all been bad.

[6] The mention of Richard Gere will keep me away.

2006-08-11 15:31:01
11.   Bob Timmermann
So, I shouldn't go rent the DVD of "The Postman" and review it for The Griddle?
2006-08-11 15:33:21
12.   Humma Kavula
11 You can rent it and put it ON your griddle. That would be a positive end to that DVD.

But, please, do not rent it and REVIEW it on "The Griddle."

2006-08-11 15:35:15
13.   Eric Stephen
Speaking of the 2004 team, old friend Adrian Beltre has been hitting to the tune of .290/.360/.544 since June 1.

I scoured the MLB transaction wires and could not find when exactly Seattle acquired Tyler Houston and/or Robin Ventura.

2006-08-11 15:35:19
14.   D4P
Costner is horrendous. I hated "Bull Durham" back when it first came out, but after moving to Durham, decided to check it out again to see some of the local scenery and give it a second chance.

I still hated it.

2006-08-11 15:36:00
15.   underdog
3 No, I am definitely in the Ben Affleck Stinks camp mentioned in previous camp, while decidedly pro-Cage (though he does overact sometimes - or, often.) I prefer his comedy work. Kevin Costner, too - if you just had his sports comedies to look at, and his Westerns, he'd be perfectly appealing. It's all the other misguided crapola that sort of ruins his filmography.

Yeah, Richard Gere works as well as Tylenol PM for me.

2006-08-11 15:36:32
16.   underdog
You hate Bull Durham!?!

Where's Bob's wood chipper?

2006-08-11 15:38:37
17.   skybluestoday
Re: 10

The early stuff is pretty good -- even minor movies like "Birdy" and (the rather wild) "Vampire's Kiss" feature strong Cage performances. But "Raising Arizona" and "Moonstruck" are his most intriguing performances in those early years, I think. I have no idea why he decided to sell out and become a mediocre action star. I don't know if I can think of a stronger case of someone who sold out his talent with such blazing intensity. (Well, beyond the obvious reason.)

2006-08-11 15:40:37
18.   s choir
Bull Durham is the only movie about baseball I can get my girlfriend to watch with me.
2006-08-11 15:41:31
19.   D4P
Bull Durham : D4P : Bob's wood chipper :: Nebuchadnezzar's Idol : Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego : Fiery furnace
2006-08-11 15:43:39
20.   D4P
I should note that I can't stand Susan Sarandon...
2006-08-11 15:45:48
21.   s choir
20 oh that's why. She stole every scene she had in that movie.
2006-08-11 15:46:11
22.   Telemachos
Costner's not bad at all. He's certainly a pretty dead-pan laid-back actor (or at least, those seem to be the characters he can best become) -- but check out OPEN RANGE (really under-rated western that he also directed) for a recent example of what he can do when he's not doing the HOLLYWOOD!STAR! game.

The triumvirate of ROBIN HOOD, WATERWORLD, and THE POSTMAN kinda ruined his name as a top-of-the-line actor... but in lower-key roles he's usually solid: FIELD OF DREAMS, NO WAY OUT, TIN CUP, etc etc.

2006-08-11 15:47:15
23.   Steve
Months and months and months and finally D4P shows some taste
2006-08-11 15:47:35
24.   Bob Timmermann
There's some graffiti up in my neighborhood.

It reads:

Any ideas?

2006-08-11 15:48:52
25.   jasonungar05
The actor who is up and coming and I dont get it at all is Collin Farell. Besides Minority Report, is he good in anything?
2006-08-11 15:49:05
26.   Telemachos
Is it sacriledge to admit I've never seen BULL DURHAM?
2006-08-11 15:51:20
27.   Mr Customer
24 I always thought the last word was Upharsin, but google tells me that it's either/or.

Anyway, that's the right empire, but the wrong king.

2006-08-11 15:52:52
28.   Bob Timmermann

The taggers in my neighborhood aren't very knowledgeable of Aramaic or ancient history.

2006-08-11 15:53:23
29.   Jacob L
22 Oh, yeah. "Tin Cup." Loved it, and Costner is perfect in it. I'm surprised no one has taken exception to my "For Love of the Game" pan, given that Vin Scully contributes his voice to it, but seriously, I'd rather watch "Waterworld."

Perhaps the worst scene in "For Love of the Game" takes place at Bob's place of employment.

2006-08-11 15:54:16
30.   Eric Stephen
On "Inside the Dodgers", Josh Rawitch mentions the Dodgers lead the NL with a .279 average. This reminded me to check where the Dodgers are in terms of runs scored as a team.

I went to Yahoo Sports, and when I click on sortable team stats, the default team category is batting average. Shouldn't the default team category be runs scored? Isn't that the point of offense?

Just about every Sunday newspaper still publishes MLB stats, and also ranks the teams by batting average instead of runs. Am I the only one who is perturbed by this?

2006-08-11 15:54:58
31.   xaphor
[24] But the Rockies just left town.
2006-08-11 15:55:46
32.   Bob Timmermann
At least gets it right:

2006-08-11 15:56:13
33.   Underbruin
29 - The Griddle?
2006-08-11 15:56:40
34.   Uncle Miltie
How's Mota's velocity? If he can still hit 94-95 on the gun, I'd dump Gio and pick him up. Jorge Piedra was also DFA'ed today. He's a solid backup, who has good power. He's also a former roider and Dodger.
2006-08-11 15:57:29
35.   Jacob L
33 Yeah, and I, for one, would like to see Bob review "The Postman."
2006-08-11 15:58:29
36.   Bob Timmermann
With Guillermo Mota, I would not heed the advice of Chet Atkins and I would run, not walk away from him.
2006-08-11 16:00:16
37.   Mr Customer
28 They seem to know that we're about to be invaded by the Chaldeans. I just put 2 and 2 together.
2006-08-11 16:02:06
38.   confucius
24 LOL
2006-08-11 16:05:56
39.   confucius
24 Bob, obviuosly this can be uncoded if you read it backwards. What they're trying to say is:

2006-08-11 16:06:16
40.   confucius
2006-08-11 16:07:35
41.   Bluebleeder87
is it posible to have DT BLOCK/WRITERS BLOCK?
2006-08-11 16:12:20
42.   Mr Customer
41 I've never had that trouble. But then again, I don't tend to think before I comment.
2006-08-11 16:12:29
43.   Icaros
My nephew thought the shirt should read "Free Seop Choi".

I have the same shirt, and I've always thought the same thing.

2006-08-11 16:15:47
44.   Bluebleeder87
I've never had that trouble. But then again, I don't tend to think before I comment.

Cool. Leaving Las Vegas was a great movie.

my older sister liked valley girls.

2006-08-11 16:23:29
45.   Mr Customer
44 See how well it works? LLV is a good call. I'm always up for some tragic futility.
2006-08-11 16:25:43
46.   cult of basebaal
The Postman makes my short list of best unintentionally funny movies, a towering testament to unchecked ego run amuck.

It's hard to go wrong with a movie that features:

Costner reciting Shakespeare

A scene in which Costner apparently uses spidey-sense to determine that a young boy is holding a letter for delivery, even though costner is half-a-mile away, galloping furiously in the other direction

An appearance by tom petty, AS TOM PETTY, in which he fluffs Kev-o by saying, "Yeah, I'm famous, but not as famous as you"

An ending in which everyone gathers around a statue of ... Kevin Costner

An end credits theme song written AND sung by ... Kevin Costner

I have to say I was disappointed by Open Range, it was actually ok and remarkably understated. I was really hoping for another Postman style train wreck.

2006-08-11 16:30:43
47.   Icaros
cult of basebaal

Wow, a new favorite screen name.

2006-08-11 16:30:46
48.   Mr Customer
46 But, strangely, adapted from a book not written by Keving Costner.
2006-08-11 16:31:55
49.   Mr Customer
Keving? Geez... read twice, post once.
2006-08-11 16:32:48
50.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Nick Cage was a big reason why I didn't care much for Lord of War.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-08-11 16:34:22
51.   confucius
49 How do you think I felt after "uncoded"?
2006-08-11 16:35:16
52.   confucius
I love the movie Adaptation despite Nick Cage.
2006-08-11 16:35:28
53.   Icaros
I don't know, Keving might catch on.
2006-08-11 16:35:36
54.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
Why the Beastie Boys chant these names on Paul's Boutique, I've never known.
2006-08-11 16:37:30
55.   Mr Customer
54 Because it rhymes with "We're 3 MCs and were on the go"?
2006-08-11 16:38:17
56.   Bob Timmermann
Louis Prima did a song with that name. Well, it's just called "Shadrach", but all three guys get named in the song.

That could have been the inspiration.

2006-08-11 16:39:55
57.   confucius
56 Shadrach gets all the credit when it comes to those three.
2006-08-11 16:40:48
58.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Combining baseball and the Beasties, they name-check Rod Carew in "Sure Shot."
"I got mad hits like I was..."
2006-08-11 16:42:12
59.   Mr Customer
54 Plus, with the Beasties being Jewish, there's a certain cultural symmetry to it.
2006-08-11 16:43:12
60.   Linkmeister
52 I haven't seen the film, but I just read "The Orchid Thief" on which it was based. Interesting story of obsession.
2006-08-11 16:43:55
61.   Mr Customer
58 Phil Rizzuto gets a mention in "Paul's B."
2006-08-11 16:46:41
62.   confucius
Toby Hall starts tonight. I'm glad I won't be able to watch.
2006-08-11 16:46:49
63.   cult of basebaal
47 thanks

I have to say my current personal fav is whoever is "Mein Niedenfuer, I can valk!" over at BTF

Anyone who can combine a fairly obscure name reference with a great line from one of my favorite films ever, is a winner in my book

2006-08-11 16:47:28
64.   Marty
Oh my goodness, someone liked Tin Cup. I was insulted by the ending of that movie. I wanted to destroy the DVD.

As for Nicolas Cage, he is to me as Tom Cruise is to LAT. I remember being really excited about Raising Arizona when it came out because I had just loved Blood Simple. But Cage was so monumentally bad in a character that almost anyone else could have pulled off, I couldn't enjoy any thing about it. I didn't laugh once and was angry when I left the theater. Every movie I've seen him in has never failed to disapoint me. He was even bad in Moonstruck, an otherwise terrific movie.

Since I respect Jon and his taste in everything else, I'll not speak of Cage again :)

2006-08-11 16:47:41
65.   Bluebleeder87
is Nate lurking around?? Sal Fasano is the starting catcher for the Yanks today against the Angels.
2006-08-11 16:48:33
66.   Scanman33
From the front page:

The Dodgers, the hottest team in baseball, have vaulted to the top of the NL West. And just as important, they've jumped into the top 10 in our Power Rankings.

Yes, getting into the ESPN Top 10 Power Rankings is just as important as being on top of the division. I thought I saw Saito mouth to Martin after last night, "Yes! We're in the ESPN Top 10. Oh yeah, and we're at the top of the division also!"

He knows more English than he lets on.

2006-08-11 16:48:41
67.   Telemachos
"Mein Niedenfuer, I can valk!"

Good Lord, that's brilliant.

2006-08-11 16:49:24
68.   FirstMohican
50 - Thank you. That's the movie that made me realize I didn't care for Cage at all.

Costner on the other hand, made me enjoy Thirteen Days on a humorous level that wasn't intended, and I thank him for that.

2006-08-11 16:50:31
69.   Marty
67 That was Jack Clark speaking. He then said "pitch the ball to me now"
2006-08-11 16:50:50
70.   Kayaker7
I'm confused by the Choi article. Why would he be called up, when Lowell and Youkilis are playing well, and Jeff Bailey is playing much better for the PawSox? Are the Redsox in that bad of a shape?
2006-08-11 16:50:57
71.   trainwreck
ESPN thinks they are bigger than the universe.
2006-08-11 16:52:05
72.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
63 67 - That's me. Over there, I shorten the Gold Star to GSfRB.
2006-08-11 16:52:21
73.   Paul Scott
"No way out" stared Costner and was a great film. I generally hold with 7 - Costner is not a grat actor, but he does not ruin otherwise good films. He does, however, star in a lot of bad ones.

Cage I have always liked. I first saw him in this film where he went crazy and thought he was a vampire. I found that movie very funny. Raising Arizona is one of my top 20s - or at least sometimes it is - when listing movies. He has been in a lot of films and since he often overacts I think he is not particularly good at serious drama. Wierd stuff and comedies I think he does quite well. Of his recent stuff, Adaptation I loved. I expect (if I am ever forced to see it) I will hate World Trade Center and part (though only a small part) will be his acting.

2006-08-11 16:52:46
74.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
63 [ 67] - Also, thanks!
2006-08-11 16:54:50
75.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Anyone who can combine a fairly obscure name reference with a great line from one of my favorite films ever, is a winner in my book.
Up until a few months ago, over at BTF my name was "Strangers with Candy Maldonado."
Pop-culture + Dodger player = Good stuff.
2006-08-11 17:01:53
76.   Icaros
What do you get when you combine one of the greatest pinch-hitters in LA history with the team's current manager?

Why, "Hansen and Grittle," of course.

2006-08-11 17:12:50
77.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Apropos of nothing, I have to mention this: All the Krispy Kremes in Arizona are now closed because the franchisee declared bankruptcy.
2006-08-11 17:15:29
78.   overkill94
I admit that Cage can be quite the overactor, but those movies usually weren't supposed to be taken too seriously in the first place (i.e. Face/Off or Con Air). I really like him in Adaptation (we went over this a little while ago) and think he generally does a good job in his other recent movies like The Weather Man and Lord of War.

Costner I can see as being a beacon of hatred. His voice is just so monotone that it's hard for his lines to have much impact. Bull Durham is great because the dialogue is usually excellent, but even then his character isn't quite what it could be because of the monotone. Overall I've enjoyed the movies I've seen him in (even For the Love of the Game), though I've avoided busts like Waterworld and The Postman like the plague.

2006-08-11 17:22:05
79.   trainwreck
I like Nicholas Cage in Raising Arizona and he was supposed to be funny yet annoying in Wild At Heart so I will give him a pass for that.
2006-08-11 17:23:02
80.   Bluebleeder87
Wow Vlady has a gun, but his throw was off & the Yanks score 3-1 Angels
2006-08-11 17:26:20
81.   Bob Timmermann
And yet the Yankees are playing over .600 ball

Top 5th:
- S. Ponson relieved C. Lidle

2006-08-11 17:26:39
82.   Bluebleeder87
Ponson is leaving up to his last name that's for sure.
2006-08-11 17:28:11
83.   Bluebleeder87

Bob you're not having trouble with Dodgers on Demand? I have the channel but my t.v. blocks it??

2006-08-11 17:28:27
84.   Bob Timmermann
The Reds lead the Phillies 3-1 in the 6th.

Remember tonight's permutations:
If the Dodgers and Reds win, the playoff slots remain the same as they are now.

Other permutations:
Dodgers, Padres, Diamondbacks win, Reds lose - LA leads West, San Diego and Arizona tie for wild card
Dodgers, Padres win, Diamondbacks and Reds lose - LA leads West, San Diego is the wild card
Padres, Diamondbacks, and Reds win, Dodgers lose - San Diego and Arizona tie for West lead, Cincinnati is wild card
Padres and Diamondbacks win, Reds and Dodgers lose - San Diego and Arizona would share West lead and wild card lead. Arizona leads the season series 5-1.
Padres win, Diamondbacks, Reds, and Dodgers lose - San Diego leads West, LA and Cincinnati are tied for wild card.
Diamondbacks win, Padres, Dodgers, and Reds lose - Arizona leads West, LA and Cincinnati are tied for wild card.
All four teams lose - You do the math.

2006-08-11 17:29:20
85.   Bob Timmermann
I have no trouble getting "Dodgers on Demand". The problem is that it's not very interesting to watch.
2006-08-11 17:32:32
86.   stubbs
Costner gets a free pass in my book because of American Flyers, my favorite movie growing up. Agree, I don't get the Colin Farell appeal...all crap other than Tigerland.

Why not roll the dice with Mota?

2006-08-11 17:34:17
87.   Vaudeville Villain
Embarrasingly enough, I viewed Waterworld in the theater.

I knew I was in for a "special" experience when the movie opened with a scene featuring Kevin Costner drinking his own filtered urine.

2006-08-11 17:36:37
88.   Bob Timmermann
Since I have already discussed the concept of drinking your own urine TWICE on this board, I will not revisit the topic.
2006-08-11 17:37:38
89.   Telemachos
85 I checked out DoD after the game last night, and while there's not much content yet, since I didn't start watching baseball games till the mid-80s, I had a lot of fun seeing the ninth inning of the '81 NLCS. Pretty cool to see footage of a lot of players I either never saw (Garvey, Cey, Monday, etc), or only saw when they were older (Guerrero, Sax, Fernando, etc).

I also dug the Sandy Koufax perfect game snippet (though it was way too short) -- mainly because of the film footage of Koufax pitching. Man, that curveball looked nasty.

2006-08-11 17:37:42
90.   Steve
I saw Waterworld in the theatre too. Clearly a movie that requires the reversal of the r and the e.
2006-08-11 17:40:34
91.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
90 - Watreworld?
2006-08-11 17:42:53
92.   s choir
2006-08-11 17:46:36
93.   Steve
The moral of the story is don't drink your own ueinr.
2006-08-11 17:54:19
94.   Icaros
But Mom said I could!
2006-08-11 17:58:28
95.   Bob Timmermann
Enjoy the game tonight folks.

I nominate Olmedo Saenz to be tonight's Enemy of the Site.

2006-08-11 18:25:30
96.   D4P
Enjoy the game tonight folks

Another game without Bob? I prefer it when he scores at home...

2006-08-11 18:25:53
97.   godvls
Not a big Costner fan, but Bull Durham is one of the very few good baseball movies. On the other hand, he was in Field of Dreams which I thought was awful.
2006-08-11 18:35:41
98.   PDH5204
Bob Timmerman:

Mene, mene, tekel, parsin. Mene: God has numbered your kingdom and finished it. Tekel: You are weighed in the balance and found wanting. Peres: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and the Persians. And on that note, my proposed new Dodger motto, re any and all who might be so bold as to oppose them: Who are these uncirumcised Philistines, that they should defy the army of the Living God?

And last word on favorite word from a movie, from Empire of the Sun:

Jim...didn't I teach you anything?

Yes! You taught me that people will do anything for a potato.

2006-08-11 18:36:29
99.   Andrew Shimmin
I've never seen a Costner movie all the way through.
2006-08-11 18:42:17
100.   Linkmeister
"Welcome back my friends
to the show that never ends..."
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-11 18:56:32
101.   Marty
Costner's best movie was The Big Chill. He nailed the part of the corpse.
2006-08-11 19:28:23
102.   Marty
I just spotted Meesach Taylor at my local liquor store.
2006-08-11 19:30:27
103.   was it tims mitt i saw
101 - reminds me of a conversation i just had yesterday about how i thought keanu reeves nailed the part of a dumb football jock in that movie
2006-08-11 19:30:49
104.   was it tims mitt i saw
... in the replacements
2006-08-11 19:31:44
105.   was it tims mitt i saw
sigh... sometimes i get too excited when i post on dodger thoughts..
2006-08-11 19:46:42
106.   Todd
Hmm....on the Cage/Costner discussion, Cage is something like Jose Cruz Jr. Very capable but more interested in the almighty dollar at inoportune moments. Personally I thought he was amazing in Leaving Las Vegas and Adaptation, but those movies were seven years apart. I don't think he's terrible though and I agree with telemachos about Open Range. Also, A Perfect Day is another film which he directed which was underrated (I thought). But yes, Waterworld was....well, $1 which I will never get back. The only thing I remember from the film was some rather callous spousal abuse which seemed the proof-if any was needed-that this was one of the worst films ever.
2006-08-11 19:56:25
107.   scareduck
101 - Heh!
2006-08-11 19:58:04
108.   Marty
107 Rob, are you on vacation? I don't see a post on your blog for today.
2006-08-11 19:59:28
109.   Andrew Shimmin
There's not much that can be said for Hendrickson, but at least he isn't crazy.
2006-08-11 19:59:29
110.   scareduck
95 - should I ask what the history of this is?
2006-08-11 20:01:11
111.   scareduck
108 - Roh?

Check your cache, I wrote a thumbnail for Bubba Crosby and Bobo Newsom.

2006-08-11 20:01:46
112.   Bluebleeder87
Vin Scully on Hendrickson "but he's a veteran pitcher" how long has Hendy been pitching??

ps I love you Vinnie.

2006-08-11 20:02:49
113.   DXMachina
112 That's called damning with faint praise.
2006-08-11 20:03:29
114.   Andrew Shimmin
112- It's an easy mistake to make. The guy's 32; it just seems like he ought to have been pitching for a long time.
2006-08-11 20:04:07
115.   trainwreck
Anyone else feel a little bad for Lugo having to move around constantly?

Probably not.

2006-08-11 20:06:47
116.   skybluestoday
Re: 106

I'm gonna guess you meant "A Perfect World," which Costner starred in back in 1993, but which was actually directed by costar Clint Eastwood. I saw it on its initial release, and I agree that it was interesting -- in a shaggy kind of way. Two of the people with whom I saw the film absolutely HATED it -- but my then-roommate and I (in our first semester of USC grad film school) secretly confided to each other when we got home that it had some good stuff. And Costner was quite good in it, as I recall.

But Costner himself is a lousy director. I DESPISED "Dances with Wolves" -- three hours of featherheaded martyr-complex egomania. Grrr.

2006-08-11 20:08:37
117.   trainwreck
The Giants are terrible.
2006-08-11 20:09:08
118.   lakerican
a Question for you guys watching the game?

Does Hendrickson pitches location is looking as good as Gameday is showing?

2006-08-11 20:09:46
119.   Marty
111 Weird. Going to your site, I see only Thursday's update. As soon as I hit refresh, I get Friday's. Hmmm....
2006-08-11 20:10:47
120.   D4P
Anyone else feel a little bad for Lugo having to move around constantly?

It's keeping me awake at night

2006-08-11 20:12:17
121.   lakerican
Florida goes ahead 4-0!!
2006-08-11 20:12:53
122.   scareduck
118 - he's better than I've seen him.
2006-08-11 20:14:43
123.   Bluebleeder87
Does Hendrickson pitches location is looking as good as Gameday is showing?

yeah, the last location was really good.

2006-08-11 20:19:49
124.   Gen3Blue
Thank god they stopped Winn.
2006-08-11 20:19:59
125.   Marty
That may have been the worst play from Lofton I've seen. He Loftonized that ball.
2006-08-11 20:20:00
126.   Bluebleeder87
Lofton's D making an apperance.
2006-08-11 20:21:11
127.   Gen3Blue
Nice play Lugo and Hall!
2006-08-11 20:21:32
128.   scareduck
I know Bonds isn't the guy he used to be, but this is still scary.
2006-08-11 20:21:39
129.   trainwreck
Throwinf fastballs in the 80s to Barry Bonds is scary.
2006-08-11 20:21:59
130.   trainwreck
2006-08-11 20:23:20
131.   scareduck
Lowe, ball three.
2006-08-11 20:23:58
132.   scareduck
Well, there you go.
2006-08-11 20:26:13
133.   3upn3down
Its amazing how quickly I've become a huge Wilson Betemit fan. I guess when you come in and win 9 straight as a starter (he didn't start in the loss to Colorado, but did play), while playing amazing defense, it is to see how I've been swayed over.

That and the alternative that is Lugo tends to frustrate me more than anything else.

Betemit's defense at third reminds me of Beltre's. in fact, alot of his play reminds me of Beltre. At least the non-frustrating element of Beltre as a ball player.

Just thought I'd share, and give Willy some kudos he's clearly earned.

2006-08-11 20:26:27
134.   trainwreck
Hopefully Kemp just takes over CF when he gets called up in September.
2006-08-11 20:27:08
135.   Mark Joseph
Hillenbrand popped up the first pitch with the bases loaded? He owes Kent some royalties.
2006-08-11 20:28:43
136.   Andrew Shimmin
Scully's talking to McCourt.
2006-08-11 20:28:48
137.   trainwreck
Great, we get to listen to Frank McCourt. I am sure we will learn a lot.
2006-08-11 20:30:18
138.   Andrew Shimmin
McCourt's sucking up. Weaselly.
2006-08-11 20:30:26
139.   scareduck
Quick, if Alan Menken were still alive, what kind of animal would Frank McCourt be if the Dodgers were made into an animated musical?
2006-08-11 20:32:24
140.   regfairfield
Mark DeRosa has his second six RBI game in three days.
2006-08-11 20:32:54
141.   King of the Hobos
The Reds have used 4 of their 5 starters thus far in their game, although only 3 of the 4 actually pitched. Cormier and Arroyo are the only players who have yet to play. It's currently in the bottom of the 14th, and Elizardo Ramirez has the bases loaded, 1 out. Aaron Fultz is batting.
2006-08-11 20:32:55
142.   Bluebleeder87
Lofton's bat makes an apperance. :o)
2006-08-11 20:33:09
143.   trainwreck
He looks like a penguin or a stork. Some kind of bird.
2006-08-11 20:33:51
144.   regfairfield
141 Where's the bullpen that Krivski is so proud of?
2006-08-11 20:35:47
145.   King of the Hobos
141 I'm sorry, Fultz was batting with no outs. He lined out, but Rowand singled, and the Phillies won.
2006-08-11 20:42:10
146.   trainwreck
I would love if McCourt didn't use a game with our bitter rivals as a PR stunt. I would rather let Vin just call the game, but then I don't own the team and I don't have a bunch of PR people working for me.
2006-08-11 20:43:13
147.   Mr Customer
143 Yeah, gotta be a bird of some sort. Something more hyperactive than either of those examples, though.
2006-08-11 20:44:08
148.   skybluestoday
2006-08-11 20:44:15
149.   Mr Customer
Hey, that was cool.
2006-08-11 20:45:29
150.   Mr Customer
What's with the early-count swinging this game? I'd think you'd want to get into their 'pen.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-11 20:47:35
151.   scareduck
Very weird.
2006-08-11 20:48:28
152.   scareduck
My spidey-sense tells me this frame ends in a GIDP.
2006-08-11 20:49:37
153.   Andrew Shimmin
I like McCourt a lot better when I don't have to look at him, hear him, or think about him.
2006-08-11 20:49:39
154.   Steve
Alan menken is still alive. Howard ashman died.
2006-08-11 20:50:22
155.   scareduck
152 - my spidey-sense was darn close.
2006-08-11 20:50:30
156.   thinkingblue

Apparently Majeski had a cortizone shot the day before he was traded, and Wayne didn't know about it. So not only did Wayne trade Kearns and Lopez for middle relief, but damaged middle relievers.

Almost makes Brian Sabean look like a genius.

2006-08-11 20:51:06
157.   scareduck
154 - Harrumph. Trying to confuse people with the facts!
2006-08-11 20:52:01
158.   thinkingblue
They're intentionally walking Toby Hall.
2006-08-11 20:55:40
159.   thinkingblue
Biggest baseball oxymoron: productive outs.
2006-08-11 20:58:02
160.   socalcardfan
How many times has Vin Scully interviewed somebody in the booth during game broadcasts?

I've been listening to him since 1958 and can't recall any.

2006-08-11 20:58:53
161.   trainwreck
He interviewed Sparky Anderson this year.
2006-08-11 20:59:50
162.   Andrew Shimmin
Colletti sat in for an interview this year. DePo did last year, I'm pretty sure.
2006-08-11 21:02:47
163.   scareduck
Did Bonds hit Hall in the helmet on the backend of that swing?
2006-08-11 21:02:51
164.   Bluebleeder87
Toby Hall got hit in the cockenut, by Berry Bonds
2006-08-11 21:03:15
165.   Robert Daeley
Barry Bonds is 42 years old...coincidentally, his head weighs 42 pounds.
2006-08-11 21:03:20
166.   scareduck
160 - I know he's done McCourt before.
2006-08-11 21:09:24
167.   socalcardfan
OK, thanks.

Maybe it's not quite sacrilege.

I still hate Fox.

2006-08-11 21:11:30
168.   Xeifrank
Pure brilliance in not walking Bonds with one out and a runner on third base.
vr, Xei
2006-08-11 21:12:40
169.   Bluebleeder87


how dare you!! :o)

2006-08-11 21:15:57
170.   trainwreck
This ump loves the high strike.
2006-08-11 21:26:36
171.   Bluebleeder87
Lowry is a good hitting pitcher.
2006-08-11 21:27:46
172.   Paul Scott
Hendrickson is a good pitcher of which to hit off.
2006-08-11 21:29:43
173.   Paul Scott
Hopefully Little recognizes that 6 innings and only 2 runs is good enough and brings in our BP. Other than the ability to go several innings, I don't think Hendrickson is better than any pitcher in the BP.
2006-08-11 21:29:49
174.   D4P
I noticed that too
2006-08-11 21:31:14
175.   lakerican
Another Question.

Anyone has some ideas what Honeycutt is telling our pitchers when he visits the mount that is synonimouos of getting out of the jam?

2006-08-11 21:31:22
176.   thinkingblue

Hendy threw a terrible pitch, high 75 mph change up to the pitcher, that's why he got a hit.

2006-08-11 21:32:51
177.   trainwreck
Ray Durham is trying to give this game away.
2006-08-11 21:39:35
178.   Paul Scott
I feel it coming. Little is going to try and squeeze one more inning out of Hendrickson with the heart of the order comgin up. Damn you Toby Hall!
2006-08-11 21:40:33
179.   Gen3Blue
As much as Vin and McCourt Praised Betemit and our vaunted offense, I'm afraid I look foward more to one that includes Kemp,Loney and Laroche. For how many hits have we against Lowrey---4.
I can't deep down believe the G's are going to let Shmidt go, but as long as they keep developing guys like Lowrey and Cain (and I must add more effectively than the D's system, at least for pitchers), maybe they can.
2006-08-11 21:40:56
180.   trainwreck
The Covenant looks like the worse movie ever!
2006-08-11 21:41:05
181.   thinkingblue

what blog did you move to again?
2006-08-11 21:45:56
182.   Paul Scott
181 -
2006-08-11 21:48:10
183.   D4P
Seems to me that getting thrown out at 2nd in that situation is pretty stoopid
2006-08-11 21:48:35
184.   Paul Scott
Nice throw!
2006-08-11 21:50:31
185.   Bluebleeder87
Brent Tomko in the pen.
2006-08-11 21:50:49
186.   ddger
Hendry was either really lucky tonight with 10 hits, 4 walks and only 2 runs. At least, he got his quality start and kept us in the game. All our starters (including Hendry) are really pitching well now.
2006-08-11 21:52:00
187.   Paul Scott
Little got lucky. a Walk and 2 hits - but no runs.

Interesting scoring choice there, btw. I would have thought Durham would not have been credited with a hit since Bonds did not reach second. I think that should be recorded as a FC, by rule.

2006-08-11 21:53:01
188.   D4P
All our starters (including Hendry) are really pitching well now

Everything is going the Dodgers' way right now, just like nothing was going their way prior to the big winning streak. Things will stop going their way sooner or later, 'cause that's just the way it goes.

2006-08-11 21:53:57
189.   Paul Scott
nm - I read on gameday that it was Durham who tried to leg it. I thought what I saw was Bonds - but I was looking from across the room. That makes more sense. :)
2006-08-11 21:57:59
190.   D4P
I just realized that the Dodgers have the 3rd best record in the NL. That's kinda sad...
2006-08-11 21:58:06
191.   Paul Scott
All our starters (including Hendry) are really pitching well now

Tonight and last night are starters getting lucky, not pitching well. Hendrickson gave up 4 walks and the Giants got 10 hits. Some bad baserunning and good luck limited the damage to 2 runs. Last night Billingsly walked 7 (ish - I don't remember - but it was a lot).

Penny and Loew are pitching very well and Maddux, in limited time, has well too. Hendrickson and Billingsly have not.

2006-08-11 22:06:36
192.   Bluebleeder87
I hope you can just win!!
2006-08-11 22:06:50
193.   ddger
I guess sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. These close games are entertaining but very stressful. I prefer the one sided games every now and then.
2006-08-11 22:08:05
194.   Bluebleeder87
192 [correcting my self]

I hope we can just win tonight.

2006-08-11 22:10:44
195.   ddger
How about another try at game winning HR by Ethier next inning?
2006-08-11 22:12:33
196.   ddger
This game is almost identical to last nights game so far.
2006-08-11 22:12:47
197.   Gen3Blue
192,4 Me too.
I look at the box and its the early part of the line-up the last several nights. Most of the hits, Furcal, Lofton, etc.
2006-08-11 22:14:16
198.   ddger
I'll take RBI hit from Ethier right now.
2006-08-11 22:15:02
199.   ddger
I'm afraid SF will walk Ethier, but I hope not.
2006-08-11 22:16:34
200.   Gen3Blue
196 True. I just noticed Drew was in the game, he has been unusually quiet. Oh, how I wish they made Bonds pull that trigger, although it was an impossible situation.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-11 22:18:01
201.   ddger
It's up to Lugo and Hall now.
2006-08-11 22:18:33
202.   Gen3Blue
Ah, the Beach Boy is now Pitching?
2006-08-11 22:19:06
203.   ddger
Lugo needs to show some offense to differentiate himself from Izturis.
2006-08-11 22:19:12
204.   Mr Customer
Mike Stanton looking at an infinite ERA for tonight (I hope)
2006-08-11 22:19:40
205.   ddger
All right Lugo that's the way.
2006-08-11 22:20:30
206.   Paul Scott
Cool. Now get Broxton in here and let's wrap this up.
2006-08-11 22:20:43
207.   ddger
I hope Grady will use Broxton for 9th. Saito has looked little shakey last 2 outings.
2006-08-11 22:21:26
208.   ddger
Let's get some insurance runs to make it easier for Broxton.
2006-08-11 22:21:46
209.   Mr Customer
It's all up to Sammy now.
2006-08-11 22:22:06
210.   Gen3Blue
I'd rather see Martin hit. But at least I'm getting "Good Vibrations"
2006-08-11 22:22:29
211.   alexx
How long until sports announcers are outsourced to third world countries?
2006-08-11 22:23:03
212.   Paul Scott
211 Not soon enough.
2006-08-11 22:24:08
213.   Gen3Blue
207 I basically agree, but if we only have a one run lead, Broxton seems vulnerable to the "turned around" fastball.
2006-08-11 22:27:14
214.   Gen3Blue
211 Not being able to understand them might make them seem more intelligent. Vin excepted.
2006-08-11 22:36:59
215.   Paul Scott
Whoo hoo! Broxton for the win.
2006-08-11 22:37:43
216.   D4P
Isn't Tomko in line for the "win"...?
2006-08-11 22:42:05
217.   Paul Scott
216 I don't care about those "wins" - just ones for the team.
2006-08-11 22:43:21
218.   Mark Joseph
1-2-3 for BeebleBrox; Dodgers win!
2006-08-11 22:43:36
219.   ddger
That was a great game. We now have 2 closers.
2006-08-11 22:44:39
220.   Linkmeister
Woohoo! And both weekend games are on the tube, too, which is a nice change for us tropical paradisers.
2006-08-11 22:47:46
221.   tjshere
Baseball is really fun right now, isn't it?
2006-08-11 22:49:04
222.   Mark Joseph
When is the last time a team went 1-13 (or worse) and immediately followed it by 13-1 (or better)? Anybody know?
2006-08-11 22:57:19
223.   ddger
I think Tomko has really stepped up in the bullpen. I have lot of confidence in him right now pitching out of the pen. Our pen is pitching great during this hot streak. I wonder if any team has gone through a complete rotation of the original bullpen roster from the start of a season as ours has.
2006-08-11 23:36:38
224.   Gen3Blue
2006-08-12 00:27:16
225.   Steve
When do we start throwing babies?

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