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2006-08-13 20:35
by Jon Weisman

Greg Maddux and Russell Martin - I see them as a key combo for the Dodgers for the next 20 years, don't you?

I suppose Maddux pitched tonight more like the crafty veteran that he is, but he might has well have been a dominating 11-year-old in the Little League World Series: a mind-bending 68 pitches (18 balls) in eight innings, retiring the final 22 batters he faced. Maddux had me signing the papers suspending my ban against letting a starting pitcher bat in the eighth inning when you need a run - because his pitch count was so low and performance so good that the chances of him throwing two more shutout innings were strong - but the Dodgers declined the offer.

As it turned out, perhaps surprisingly, it didn't matter. Brett Tomko and Takashi Saito completed the 10-inning, 98-pitch shutout. (Given time, I'd try to find out the last time the Dodgers won an extra-inning game in fewer than 100 pitches.) Martin, who doubled for the Dodgers' first hit in the third, then crushed the hanger from Vinnie Chulk for the game-winning homer, stealing the national rookie spotlight from Andre Ethier.

It was perhaps the most magical game of the season. I think of how the Dodgers dropped that devastating extra-inning game in San Diego early this season - and how much has changed since then.

Is Toby Hall still hoping to get out? I hope he's figured out how to enjoy the ride.

Update: Thirty-two pitches out of the strike zone in 10 innings. I still can't believe it.

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2006-08-13 20:42:39
1.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
*This post actually fits better in this thread, I think*

Anyone have a firm grasp of Maddux's recent revival?

He doesn't seem to be striking out many people, but neither is he walking many. When the trade went down, Jon's post mentioned the case that he may have been unluckey, because his FIP was a run below his then mediocre ERA of 4.69. Jon also mentioned Maddux's good HR and walk rates.

So, even though Maddux isn't going to K gags of hitters, he keeps it in the park and doesn't walk many. In a stadium like DS, where HRs are neutral, but every other form of offense else is damped down, while Maddux himself keeps the walks down, does that mean that Maddux's revival could really last? Especially with Furcal's defensive recovery and Betemit at 3B? That Ned traded a banjo-hitting but fine-fielding SS for a solid no. 3 starter, perhaps even a solid no. 2, and one with playoff experience?


2006-08-13 20:45:22
2.   Uncle Miltie
Is Toby Hall still hoping to get out? I hope he's figured out how to enjoy the ride.
Toby Hall has always dreamed of becoming the starting catcher of the Kansas City Royals.

Maddux's performance tonight was incredible. It's a pleasure to be able to watch a pitcher who works quickly, throws strikes, and is extremely efficient. He's my dream pitcher.

One the subject of ball scuffing, I noticed that Martin did not ask for a new ball when Maddux threw a pitch that bounced in the dirt and rolled a few feet away from Martin.

2006-08-13 20:51:25
3.   Uncle Miltie
Grits just gave Honeycutt credit for Maddux's turnaround. God, I hope he was kidding around.
2006-08-13 20:53:22
4.   RWB on the GWB

In your (pl.) esteemed opinion, is there any point in predicting if and when Prof. Maddux will be pitching at Shea during the period 9/7 - 9/10?

2006-08-13 20:55:55
5.   imperabo
I seriously doubt scuffed balls are any part of Maddux's game. Obviously he's not doing it himself, since the ball spends so little time in his posession. Also, as someone who relies on pinpoint control it doesn't make sense that he's taking advantage of balls scuffed in the couse of play, since they would have an unpredictable degree of impact on his pitches. His entire game relies on him knowing exactly where his pitches are going to go.

This theory doesn't make a lick of sense to me, but I'm guessing Maddux doesn't try to disuade it because it's just another way of winning the mental game against his opponents if they believe it.

2006-08-13 20:57:40
6.   Bluebleeder87
Grits just gave Honeycutt credit for Maddux's turnaround. God, I hope he was kidding around.


2006-08-13 20:57:59
7.   Marty
What a great game. Martin has been my favorite Dodger all year and it was a lot of fun to see him hit the walk-off and shut Joe Morgan up.
2006-08-13 21:00:44
8.   Bluebleeder87
This theory doesn't make a lick of sense to me, but I'm guessing Maddux doesn't try to disuade it because it's just another way of winning the mental game against his opponents if they believe it.

thoughts of him being "that" have raised but I really doubt it, let's face it THE GUY IS GENIOUS.

2006-08-13 21:04:44
9.   LA Native
7 - Morgan seemed so upset at the end of the game, it almost seemed he had trouble replaying the home run and getting the words out. At least Jon Miller seems indifferent when he does the ESPN broadcasts despite being a Giants announcer. Morgan doesn't even hide it, although I didn't really notice tonight until the game was over.
2006-08-13 21:07:48
10.   popup
What a great game. I would have enjoyed that one no matter who was playing, but having the Dodgers involved in such a game was a big bonus. I remember listening to a 16 inning 1-0 game back in 1963 between the Cardinals and Dodgers at Dodger Stadium with Sandy going the first 10 . Listening to the game tonight over ESPN radio reminded me of listening to Sandy when I was a kid. Something tells me that some young fan who listened or watched tonight's game is going to remember this game 50 years from now.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-08-13 21:09:02
11.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
7, 9 - Joe Morgan is not a tool.
Joe Morgan is not a toolbox.
Joe Morgan is a toolshed.
2006-08-13 21:10:16
12.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Oh, and fantastic game. This is the kind of victory that makes the highlight DVD at season's end.
2006-08-13 21:13:20
13.   Jon Weisman
Does Morgan ever sound happy, though?
2006-08-13 21:16:46
14.   LA Native
It was a great game. Couldn't tell if I was watching Maddux from the early nineties or not. Not sure if it was noticed or not, but Furcal's defense was pretty solid tonight. He caught a short hop from Tomko to get Finley out at second at a key point in the game, and also made a pretty spectacular catch on that popout to center later on. That game was definately old-school Dodger baseball, and what a pleasure to watch.
2006-08-13 21:18:10
15.   Bob Timmermann
In Julio Lugo's first game in RF, he fielded two singles and one fly ball. Sheesh, you could have put me out there today.
2006-08-13 21:20:22
16.   Bluebleeder87
teams are taking Ethier more serious now, or is it that Schmidt's pitching well against him? I know he dosn't have many at-bats against him but wow.
2006-08-13 21:20:54
17.   Icaros
Sheesh, you could have put me out there today.

Don't think it wasn't considered.

2006-08-13 21:22:45
18.   Greg Brock
It's not that easy being Joe;
Having to spend each day the as crabby as an oaf.
When I think it could be nicer being happy, or positive or enthusiastic...
or something much more colorful like that.
2006-08-13 21:23:29
19.   Greg S
Got to sit in the front row of the Lodge directly behind home plate tonight. What a pleasure watching the pitching from both guys. I was lucky enought to see Dennis Martinez's perfect game, Fernando's no-hitter, Ramon's 20 strike out game... this was the most impressive performance of all of them.
2006-08-13 21:24:56
20.   Jon Weisman
"Ramon's 20 strike out game"

You were lucky to see that.

2006-08-13 21:28:39
21.   imperabo
Or halucinating
2006-08-13 21:30:09
22.   Greg S
18--- I told you this was better.
2006-08-13 21:33:34
23.   imperabo
Maddux must be particularly pleasurable to watch behind home plate because of how he works the plate inside and out. Generally I have a hard time appreciating pitching unless I'm watching on tv.
2006-08-13 21:36:29
24.   Sospiro0
Can't wait to finally move back to California so I can watch these games in person. Here in St. Louis the Cardinals are slumping while the Dodgers are surging. Funny how it was the reverse only three weeks ago.
2006-08-13 21:38:08
25.   Greg S
23 Absolutely. Great place to watch him from. Also, on the first pitch to Martin in the 8th, I told my buddy "if he was looking for that pitch it would have been gone". It was a curveball that just seemed to move sideways into the middle of the plate. Looked to me like the next pitch was the exact same thing. On TV did they look to be similar pitches?
2006-08-13 21:52:42
26.   Greg S
Also, on the first pitch to Martin in the 8th

They play 8 these days right? So I'm not high on the facts tonight. High on the results I guess.

2006-08-13 22:00:12
27.   Telemachos
16 I thought Morgan did a good job explaining/showing how effectively Schmidt pitched to the center of the Dodger lineup -- in particular Ethier and Nomar.
2006-08-13 22:00:31
28.   dzzrtRatt
I want to thank my brother for having the foresight to nab his company's tickets for tonight's game, and for inviting me. I don't really get to many games at the Stadium most years -- 4 or 5 is typical -- and this was my third this season, all against the Giants (coincidentally).


Someone up above this post was kind of picking apart who Maddux is now, saying he doesn't strike out a lot of guys... From where I was sitting (just above Russell Martin's left shoulder in the loge section) it seemed to me that Maddux has transcended the need for strikeouts. He put that ball right where he wanted to, and made them hit his pitch, if they hit it, every time. So many pitches hit off the hands, or down off the bat. He got a few good fielding plays--especially his own, but also a couple from Betemit, at least one from Furcal, and one from Lugo out in RF -- where he hasn't played for five years.

Martin's home run was like a cherry on the sundae. Sent everyone home happy. But Maddux's 7 2/3 perfect innings were magical. (And Schmidt was pretty nasty himself.)

Oh and perfect weather, short lines for hot dogs and beer, and I didn't have to listen to Joe Morgan. I got Fernando Valenzuela to wave at my wife. Am I in heaven?

2006-08-13 22:01:27
29.   tjshere
25 On the post-game interview Martin said he was thrown the same pitch twice in a row and he was fortunate to get all of the 2nd one.
2006-08-13 22:07:15
30.   StolenMonkey86
so top web gem to Kirk Gibson
2006-08-13 22:08:32
31.   Greg S
Thanks. That's what I thought I saw. Whoever that pitcher is, I'm going to go out on a limb and say he's not quite as smart as Maddux.

28 Sounds like we weres sitting next to each other!

2006-08-13 22:14:40
32.   Frip
Yes, Morgan sounded deflated because he's a Giants fan, but that's not the main reason for the somber tone. It's the typical tone of the Know-it-All. They all talk like that, ESPECIALLY after something exciting happens.

A heightened reaction would give away that they didn't see something coming--that they were caught off guard. The Fonz is never caught off guard. His voice finally breaks from its charmless slumber only when an occurrence merely proves him correct. Then BAM! off he goes!

Guys like Morgan fancy themselves seers. They're deciphering things 10 pitches ahead of us. Hell, you ingrates probably weren't even listening! Which is why he has to start every third sentence with any number of narcissistic hiccups such as "like I said...if you recall me saying...which proves exactly what I I pointed out you understand why I'd mentioned."

Who marries these people?

And the thing is, for all his supercilious prattle, he's not all that bright. I've got a fairly informed uncle who could call a game as well as Morgan, and maybe even construct a proper sentence or two while he's at it.

2006-08-13 22:15:35
33.   Jon Weisman
29 - He sure swung hard. If he had missed the pitch, he would have been accused of going for the fences (you know, in the bad way).
2006-08-13 22:19:41
34.   Linkmeister
All-time Dodgers web gems:

3) Amoros off Berra, 7th game 1955 WS

2) LoDuca slides into dugout (not sure what year)

1) Gibson makes falling catch in left field, 1988 (or thereabouts)

Piffle. As I said in the previous post, no way Gibson's belongs at the top.

2006-08-13 22:22:52
35.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers win tomorrow, they would still be behind the Cardinals in the standings. The Cardinals are at .5299. The Dodgers would be at .5294.
2006-08-13 22:25:15
36.   Jon Weisman
34 - Sandy's catch is all about context. It's a great running catch and throw, but it's nothing you wouldn't see regularly today. But it was in a World Series, and it was on film, which makes ESPN's picks look comprehensive.

The Gibson catch is a great catch following a stumbling run, and again, was in a key situation.

I was at the game for LoDuca's catch ... I have to say, that really holds up on tape - mostly because of the dismount.

Just off the top of my head, Dave Roberts' catch on Tal's Hill to preserve one of Gagne's saves in Houston a couple years back was a tougher play than two of the three on this list - but ultimately, just wasn't as important. I just think context is a big factor.

They previewed the Padres' web gems and showed Ozzie's bad hop, barehanded grab and throw. That play is treeeeemendous.

2006-08-13 22:26:33
37.   Linkmeister
When was that Gibson catch?

I'd still have voted for Gionfriddo's, since that was also a WS.

2006-08-13 22:28:06
38.   Greg S
I remember Brett Butler making an over-the-wall catch where see seemed to be running at full speed all the way. That sticks in my head as one of the best.
2006-08-13 22:32:36
39.   Jon Weisman
37 - It was during one of my classes senior year at Stanford, but I skipped it to watch the game. Fortunately, no sportswriter was checking up on my attendance, and my eligibility was not impacted

More broadly, it was in the 1988 NLCS.

2006-08-13 22:37:48
40.   Linkmeister
39 Thanks. If it was the NLCS I may dial back my skepticism some.
2006-08-13 22:39:12
41.   GIDP
I seem to remember Mondesi throwing someone out at first base. It was a pitcher or a catcher, but still, for sheer novelety...
2006-08-13 22:40:55
42.   GIDP
...which is even better than novelty...
2006-08-13 22:50:54
43.   Bob Timmermann
Mondesi starting a 9-3 groundout:
June 23, 1995

Fifth inning. Mark Portugal was the batter.

2006-08-13 22:56:18
44.   ToyCannon
Not only in the 88 NLCS but it saved the game for Scoscia's home run off of Gooden or I'm mixing my games up.

Tonight was a delight. 3 game sweep of the Giants and all by one run. Doesn't get any better then that.

2006-08-13 22:58:49
45.   GIDP
43 Thanks. I'll never forget that play. Anybody have any idea how often that's happened?
2006-08-13 23:01:40
46.   Linkmeister
Speaking of left fielder's catches, I thought our buddy Morgan went a little over the top describing Bonds's catch off Lofton's ball in the third or fourth inning today.
2006-08-13 23:04:30
47.   Icaros
I seem to recall Gibson's catch happening in one of the '88 NLCS games LA lost.

I believe it was a game that had been postponed due to rain, so the field was a slippery mess.

I think this was also the game where Jay Howell was ejected for having pine-tar on his glove.

My guess is NLCS game three.

2006-08-13 23:14:23
48.   das411
28 - "it seemed to me that Maddux has transcended the need for strikeouts."

So Maddux has reached the same level of super-experience as a pitcher that Bonds has as a hitter...interesting... (no that was not a veiled steroid rumor, I really do think guys like these two are mentally on a whole 'nother level from the rest of MLB)

Does anybody remember an article about Maddux in USAToday earlier this season, where he claims someone (I want to say Rolen) actually dented a foul ball? And that he (Maddux) checked it after to see if he could take advantage of a misshaped ball...just one more card he can deal in the mental game, IMHO...

2006-08-13 23:14:25
49.   the OZ
I was at tonight's game. It was a ton of fun for a number of obvious reasons, plus this odd one:

The Kiss Cam.

I've managed to avoid it for a long time, thankfully. Until today. And instead of going to the game with a girl I liked or was already dating, I was with my family. So naturally, they put me on the Kiss Cam with my baby (15 year old) sister. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, of course, and everyone in the stadium booed me.

So, yeah, I was personally booed by a sellout crowd. Within a minute, I was receiving text messages from friends I didn't even know were in the stadium, demanding an explanation. A couple minutes later, I was getting text messages from friends in other cities who had received text messages from our friends inside the stadium. All in all, an odd and amusing little experience.

So if you were at the game, yeah, that was me you were booing.

2006-08-13 23:15:46
50.   overkill94
Looks like Kuo had another successful start for Vegas: 6 IP, 1 ER. Was a move back to the rotation just what the doctor order for ole Hong Chi?
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2006-08-13 23:16:40
51.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Thinking about "Web Gems," since I began following the Dodgers in 1985, I can't recall a player who could ever be described as flashy with the glove.
Mondesi is the best defender I've seen play in Dodger blues. But it's difficult for a right fielder to get lots of ink for anything other than his arm.
FWIW, Mondesi averaged 12.3 baserunner kills per 162 games in the OF.
2006-08-13 23:23:40
52.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
BTW, did anyone else see the SABR study showing Piazza is history's best catcher at preventing wild pitches/passed balls?
2006-08-13 23:24:33
53.   ToyCannon
Nice, just checked the historical reference and game 3 was the right call so it was a great catch but in a losing cause.

No will remember it cause it was Lee Lacy but he was playing RF one day and made a great catch headed to the corner, did a 360 spin and threw a beebee to nail the runner at home trying to score. Vinny compared him to Clemente that day.

2006-08-13 23:29:16
54.   Underbruin
Los Angeles was 0-6 in extra innings before Sunday. ... Maddux is still tied with Curt Schilling, John Smoltz and Terry Mulholland for the most homers served up to Bonds -- eight.

---From game's gamenotes (available at least at ESPN here:

Anyway, when looking at the list of those who have given up 8 HR to Bonds, to quote the famous poet, "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong..."

2006-08-13 23:30:12
55.   Linkmeister
Does anyone remember when the term "walk-off" HR came into usage? It has to be within the past ten years or so, right?
2006-08-13 23:36:55
56.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
54 - I wonder how many of the bombs off Mulholland came after Terry was brought in as a LOOGY.
2006-08-13 23:38:35
57.   Robert Daeley
50 Not just that --

"Hong-Chih Kuo pitched five shutout innings and hit a grand slam in a 6-2 win for Las Vegas. Kuo threw 85 pitches in six innings and gave up one run. His home run was part of a six-run fifth for the 51s."

2006-08-13 23:43:28
58.   popup
Most amazing play I have seen a Dodger make was Mike Piazza. I forget the extact context, but somehow although Mike was catching, he made a fantastic catch and tag of a baserunner at third base. It was the most acrobatic play I have ever seen from a catcher and one of the most acrobatic plays I have ever seen anyone make.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-08-13 23:44:37
59.   Underbruin
56 - I took a brief look around trying to figure that out but got too lazy. However, in doing so I did come across this:

Apparently, right behind the big four, tied for 2nd (5th?) is old friend Andy Ashby with 7.

2006-08-13 23:58:54
60.   Bob Timmermann

Yes, I did a whole post on it at the Griddle. It's by Sean Forman.

But people kept getting on my case about his conclusions. It was very weird.

2006-08-14 00:05:30
61.   Claire Malone-Evans
Was hoping for a Maddux Vs. Schmidt rematch next Saturday but instead we will see Maddux vs. Henessey. Schmidt will face Penny on Friday.
2006-08-14 00:26:18
62.   StolenMonkey86
From the Dodger Report in the Daily News

Making strides: Left- hander Hong-Chih Kuo, who is starting at Triple-A Las Vegas simply to get more innings to work on his command, appears to be forcing club officials to consider making him a permanent starter. Kuo, whom the Dodgers optioned July 4, allowed only a run on four hits over six innings in Saturday's 6-2 win over Fresno and added a grand slam at the plate.

Kuo was named the Pacific Coast League's Pitcher of the Week for July 31-Aug. 6, a week when he pitched 10 shutout innings over two starts.

Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said he plans to recall Kuo for the September roster expansion, but that it will be as a reliever. Colletti didn't rule out converting Kuo entirely to starting sometime in the future.

2006-08-14 00:33:46
63.   StolenMonkey86
52 - I wonder how much catching Candiotti factored in
2006-08-14 00:34:08
64.   JJ42
Yes, that was the greatest game of the far. I think this is the Maddux we'll see more of than the one who was with the Cubs. I think the importance and intensity of these games will keep him focused and bring the best out of him.

(On a side note, I decided to buy a ticket for this game last night. It being a sell out, I was able to get a seat in the Top Deck. Not only was I lucky to see Maddux and Martin, but I was one of the winners of those 55" Sanyo TVs!)

2006-08-14 00:49:24
65.   GoBears
Wow. That was a fun game. Schmidt was dealing too - really a clinic.

And, I still have no idea why anyone would listen to Joe Morgan willingly. I watched the entire game with the sound off - I'm sure I enjoyed it more than Little Joe's victims.

First time I saw Maddux in person was my first game at Wrigley. It was about 35 degrees in April, snowing sideways, and there were only a few thousand people in the stands (probably all from out of town like I was - the natives were smarter than that). Braves-Cubs, Mulholland vs. Maddux. This was about 10 years ago. I got to move to a seat right behind home plate, field level (since the place was empty). Just the radar guns and my friend and I. Both guys worked fast and well (Mulholland was good once). Wohlers came in to close, so I guess the Braves won (my memory froze). Watching his 98 MPH stuff after Maddux was impressive as well.

Took me over an hour to thaw my feet when I got back to the hotel, but it was well worth it.

2006-08-14 01:26:48
66.   dzzrtRatt
49 The Kiss Cam was actually pretty funny tonight. There was your reluctant little peck, and then there was the guy who stuck his fingers in his mouth to remove a wad of gum before kissing his sweetie. And while he was kissing her, it was obvious he was sticking the chewed-up gum wad on the underside of his seat.
2006-08-14 01:32:37
67.   GoBears
more on 65. Found it. It was April 12, 1997. Atlanta @ Chicago. Game took 2:30. Maddux went 7, and ended up with a no-decision. Braves won 2-1. Starting CF for Atlanta was none other than Kenny Lofton, and he was joined by both Jones boys, McGriff, and even Ryan Klesko. I'd forgotten about the pitcher who got the win by pitching the 8th. Maybe I was in a hypothermic coma that inning.
2006-08-14 04:14:42
68.   Sam DC

The first game in months that is on tv, and I spend it tending a sick kid and finally falling asleep on the floor of his room (having not slept much the night before).

And then I wake up to read this!

The horror . . . thr horror . . .

2006-08-14 05:25:17
69.   al bundy
55 - "walk off home run"
Until today the term annoyed me and I wondered where it came from. Your question spurred a wikipedia search

I never knew the term stemmed from a famous moment in Dodgers history!

2006-08-14 06:59:12
70.   Sam DC
I haven't read the wikipedia, but why do people not like that term? I know Andrew views it as very problematic, and others have decried it as a sign of the "ESPNization of sports." Is it because it's become so universal, so quickly? I find it descriptive; "game-winning HR" does not mean the exact the same thing, for example, at least as commonly used.
2006-08-14 07:38:06
71.   Sam DC
Wow -- Brian Schneider and Frank Robinson at war:
2006-08-14 07:42:20
72.   Bob Timmermann
I lived in Berkeley in 1987 and 1988. And Eckersley used the term "walkoff piece" BEFORE the World Series.
2006-08-14 08:02:07
73.   Frip
Regarding Joe Morgan homerun highlight: Why did Jon Miller say that Morgan hit it out of the park? It was clearly in the park. Or am I missing something? Was Miller being sarcastic? Must be.

The Morgan name dropping bit went from uncomfortable to ridiculous. He simply kept adding names to pitchers he had dinner with. I thought he might go on forever. Then he brought it up again later just because he'd forgotten a big name. Such obvious displays of insecurity are forgivable in junior high girls, but downright embarrassing in grown men.

Jon Miller has a good voice, and he's a pleasant enough fellow. But he's grating in that he sounds like an over eager Disneyland guide. The same Golly-Gee Kids! shtick as Dick Enberg.

Miller, along this Duke Castiglione joker, gives the game a kid's feel. And not in a good way.

And yes, all this does matter. Because a bad announcer is no different than having to sit through a game with a highly talkative, annoying friend at your side.

What a shame this 10 second delay between TV and radio. I could have been listening to the great Charley Steiner last night instead of the ESPN clowns.

2006-08-14 08:15:33
74.   Sam DC
Here's one of my favorite quixotic battles. What is a planet?

Should Pluto get the axe?

Xena info:

Poor Sedna -- discovered well before Xena and widely announced as the tenth planet -- gets no love these days:

They came for Pluto, and I was silent . . .

2006-08-14 08:18:28
75.   Jon Weisman
74 - Weep not for Pluto. Weep for the Griddle, the orb too-oft overlooked.
2006-08-14 08:29:22
76.   Sam DC
Surely -- SURELY -- you're not telling me that Bob already posted on this subject?
2006-08-14 08:36:05
77.   Sam DC
Oh fer crying out loud.

I tell you, I may need to take these kids back to the shop because I'm finding it very hard to keep up with baseball-blog reading these days.

Or the job thing. I could certainly do without that.

2006-08-14 08:38:39
78.   Terry A
Wow, this is cool. Just last night (after the game, of course), I re-watched the "Sports Night" episode where Natalie is deeply concerned over the future of Pluto's planet status.

In related news, that Steve Sisco is, among other things, an inveterate womanizer.

2006-08-14 09:40:53
79.   Gagne55
62 Interesting. Kuo has proven to be an incompetent reliever this year. But perhaps the controll found in starting will remain with him in the pen? Those are some sick numb3rs though. Especially for Vegas. But he ain't getting a spot start anytime unless there are some serious injury problems.
2006-08-14 09:44:21
80.   D4P
he ain't getting a spot start anytime unless there are some serious injury problems

Not when you've already got the 8th best left-hander in the American League in your rotation...

2006-08-14 11:02:36
81.   Greg Brock
75 Preach on, brother. Amen.
2006-08-14 11:43:55
82.   Linkmeister
69 I thought of looking it up but was lazy. Thanks for picking up my slack.

That Wikipedia entry for "walk-off" is one of the more comprehensive I've seen in a while for any non-contentious subject.

2006-08-14 12:07:29
83.   Robert Daeley
77 Sam -- look into getting an RSS reader, which will enable you to keep up with dozens or even hundreds of sites every day in a fraction of the time. Well, I say can also use it with a handful of good ones. :)

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