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August 30 Game Chat
2006-08-30 17:26
by Jon Weisman
Comments (398)
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2006-08-30 17:48:01
1.   Bluebleeder87
with Maddux pitching today, i'm pretty confident he'll give us a quality outing, Let's hope our bats can deliver today. coming off a 16 inning game of course
2006-08-30 17:49:56
2.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Lugo, 2B

Drew, RF

Nomar, 1B

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Maddux, P

in case anybody missed today's line up on Jons previous thread. I think Lugo has magical powers over grady :o)

2006-08-30 18:19:57
3.   Bluebleeder87
so i'm wondering if the rumor if Kuo pitching against the Rockies is true?
2006-08-30 18:20:27
4.   Linkmeister
In the "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you" mode, I see that Prime Ticket is once again refusing to show me a Dodgers game when Maddux is pitching.

Who the heck did I offend, and how?

2006-08-30 18:23:03
5.   Bob Timmermann
Who the heck did I offend, and how?

Rupert Murdoch, when you cut off his limo in traffic, back on September 17, 1998.

He copied down your license plate.

Padres up 4-1 on the DBacks in the 9th.

2006-08-30 18:25:24
6.   Bluebleeder87
those darn Padres!
2006-08-30 18:25:49
7.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, if it was in the other thread, but Buster Olney is reporting that a David Wells to San Diego deal is almost done.

Catcher George Kattaras appears to be the player headed to Boston.

2006-08-30 18:30:53
8.   King of the Hobos
7 If they're willing to give up Kottaras, they're either very desperate, or trust Bard to keep up his 2006 level of play rather than his pre-2006 play. Kottaras was BA's #2 prospect in a system that's not very good. Plus he was on the 40 man roster, so the Padres had to get him past the other teams somehow.
2006-08-30 18:31:36
9.   Bluebleeder87
"think blue t.v." is at the stadium today (KCAL9)
2006-08-30 18:31:46
10.   Linkmeister
5 Well, it is the same car, although through some screwy mistake the DMV had the plate numbers mixed up...hey! That's it! It was whoever had the original plates that offended Murdoch back in September '98!

It wasn't me, Mistah Fox, it wasn't me!

2006-08-30 18:35:18
11.   Bluebleeder87
Time of Game yesterday:4:54 that's actually not that bad for a 16 inning game no?
2006-08-30 18:39:58
12.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees and Red Sox played a 9-inning game in 4:45 recently.
2006-08-30 18:43:35
13.   Bluebleeder87
Did anybody catch the Q&A of Tommy Lasorda on
2006-08-30 18:44:33
14.   Bluebleeder87

so i'm guessing it was a good 16 inning game, wow 9 innings at 4:45 that's a bad 9 inning game.

2006-08-30 18:48:04
15.   overkill94
If the Padres are truly giving up Kottaras for a month of David Wells, then they're even more dumb than I thought they were. It's not like Kottaras is a super-stud, but Bard is having what seems to be a flukish year and you don't want to deplete an already barren system to get a non-impact player.

I'm not saying the Hendrickson trade was any better, but at least we truly have the minor league depth to make a trade like that and have a truly dependable replacement.

2006-08-30 18:48:28
16.   confucius
11 12 That was my first thought when I read the time.
Oh, so it was just as long as a yankee-red sox game.
2006-08-30 18:48:53
17.   Sam DC
Hey Das, saw your note from the last thread. Boy the wild card contenders are just lining up to play the Nationals now. They have just listlessly, aimlessly, sloppily cratered. Must be not fun in that clubhouse right now.
2006-08-30 18:49:05
18.   thinkingblue

Yes! No stupid trade from Ned.

2006-08-30 18:50:21
19.   Bob Timmermann

I say unto to you Mr. Robinson:


2006-08-30 18:51:26
20.   Greg Brock
The headbutting epidemic continues in soccer:

2006-08-30 18:52:43
21.   Greg Brock
17 I love the thought of Soriano swiping bags in blowouts in order to reach 50/50.

I must be driving Mr. Baseball Manager crazy. Good times.

2006-08-30 18:53:37
22.   Sam DC
Some folks have expressed to me that they think it will be hard for the team to fire (or promote to an Ambassador of the Game position) Robinson because he's such a legend and the race politics are so complicated in DC, but after this season, which looks to end up closer to 100 losses than 90, that task would seem to have gotten a mite easier.

Especially if they replace him with Dusty Baker!

2006-08-30 18:54:47
23.   Bob Timmermann

I repeat my comment from 19 in regard to Dusty Baker coming to DC.

2006-08-30 18:57:29
24.   Icaros
I didn't realize Adam LaRoche is having such a monster season.
2006-08-30 18:58:51
25.   Uncle Miltie
What's the status on with two of our best draft picks from this year, Alex White and Nick Akins?
2006-08-30 19:01:37
26.   Linkmeister
We have The Lone Harang(uer) v. The Hall-of-Famer tonight.
2006-08-30 19:07:23
27.   xaphor
[20] One of the things I noticed coming over to the land of purple mountain majesties is the blatant disregard for the head butt in physical confrontations. To Europeans it is a trusty and time honoured technique used to settle many an unpleasant situation.
2006-08-30 19:07:59
28.   Greg Brock
Three run bomb of Proctor in the Bronx.

5-3 Tigers.

2006-08-30 19:10:30
29.   Bluebleeder87
well the players are heading towards the field, let's see what the baseball gods have in store for us.
2006-08-30 19:10:41
30.   Uncle Miltie

Scott Proctor hung a slider to Craig Monroe for a 3 run homer with two outs and the score 3-2 Yankees. Joe Torre is really overworking Proctor. Torre is doing to Proctor what Jimbo did to Mota.

It's now 5-3 Tigers.

2006-08-30 19:11:01
31.   natepurcell

alex white attended first day of classes at UNC so we lose his rights.

However, Akins decided to attend riverside CC so he will be a draft and follow for us and we control his rights up until one week before the 2007 draft.

so theres a good chance we can snag akins.

2006-08-30 19:12:52
32.   Robert Daeley
According to Blue Notes, the Dodgers optioned Hamulack down to Vero Beach and brought up Hong-Chih Kuo.

2006-08-30 19:15:35
33.   trainwreck
The Padres gave up their second best prospect (in a thin farm system) for David Wells?

And I was worried about what Ned was going to do.

2006-08-30 19:15:47
34.   Bluebleeder87
i heard on think blue t.v. that he was in the Dodger club house.
2006-08-30 19:17:10
35.   Bluebleeder87

IMO the Padres know they don't have anything for the future, so they wanna win now.

2006-08-30 19:18:13
36.   confucius
Apparently, having a day off on monday and tuesday and throwing 14 pitches in the yankees first game today has Rivera taxed. They pretty much lost because he was unavailable.
2006-08-30 19:18:18
37.   overkill94
With Travis Hafner up to bat with the chance to hit a record 6th grand slam to end the game in Cleveland...he struck out looking on a 3-2 pitch that Gameday said was quite low.
2006-08-30 19:18:34
38.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal get's a leg double, nice start.
2006-08-30 19:20:47
39.   StolenMonkey86
37 - they're like 8.5 games over Boston, and pitching twice in the same day could probably mess with you
2006-08-30 19:21:53
40.   King of the Hobos
32 Gameday agrees with you, Kuo is listed on the roster, Hamulack isn't. If Maddux is hurt at all, there's a very good chance Kuo pitches as long as he can.
2006-08-30 19:22:33
41.   D4P
Does calling up Kuo mean he's replacing BJ in the rotation...?
2006-08-30 19:22:40
42.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal @ 2nd & Lofton @ 1 & Lugo batting at the bat.
2006-08-30 19:23:32
43.   trainwreck
Its the first inning!
2006-08-30 19:23:51
44.   Bluebleeder87
nice bunt by Lugo, what ever you do Drew just pull the ball.
2006-08-30 19:24:07
45.   das411
17 - Welcome to Phillies fandom, 1994-99 Sam. Might I suggest bandwagon jumping and/or becoming a hockey fan?

21 - I was at an O's/Yanks game at the end of '02 when Soriano was sitting on 39 HRs and iirc 41 steals at the time.

He put up a nice big clutch 0-5 with two whiffs. Good times.

2006-08-30 19:24:20
46.   Bluebleeder87

yes sir.

2006-08-30 19:25:51
47.   natepurcell
why bunt!!?!
2006-08-30 19:25:51
48.   Greg Brock
Bunting in the first inning with two men on.

Good Lord.

2006-08-30 19:26:29
49.   D4P
what ever you do Drew just pull the ball

Yeah, no opposite-field HR here, DJ...

2006-08-30 19:26:33
50.   Sam DC
45 I was at that game too. That game was my big intro to the Yankee-Fans-At-Camden phenomenon.

I've been getting more into hockey since Alex Ovechkin showed up here. He's something else.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-08-30 19:26:59
51.   Bob Timmermann
You need to get those early runs against the Reds because their pitching is lights out.
2006-08-30 19:27:07
52.   King of the Hobos
41 It probably means the bullpen has pitched a lot over the last week and needs a fresh arm, especially if Maddux doesn't pitch a complete game.
2006-08-30 19:27:27
53.   regfairfield
Why do you bunt when the guy behind Lugo strikes out and walks a ton?
2006-08-30 19:27:53
54.   Bluebleeder87
Drew strikes out, but in all honesty it was a big league curve.
2006-08-30 19:28:55
55.   StolenMonkey86
2006-08-30 19:29:00
56.   D4P
But wasn't Hamulack a "fresh" arm? He has actually pitched reasonably well in his most recent stint. I don't understand calling him up for a few days and then sending him down when he pitched OK.
2006-08-30 19:29:11
57.   Gen3Blue
Drew does not like being Haranged.
2006-08-30 19:29:39
58.   StolenMonkey86
But 20 pitches for Harang, good pace
2006-08-30 19:29:43
59.   Greg Brock
I try like the devil to stay away from definitively critical statements...

But that was just stupid. Really, really stupid.

2006-08-30 19:31:04
60.   overkill94
56 He'll be back in two days, don't sweat it
2006-08-30 19:31:20
61.   Bluebleeder87
apparently Maddux is o.k.
2006-08-30 19:31:27
62.   StolenMonkey86
56 - the thought of him on the postseason roster?
2006-08-30 19:32:15
63.   s choir
It must be annoying for the Reds to keep getting all these moral victories, and yet no actual ones.
2006-08-30 19:32:44
64.   confucius
56 I guess that means that kuo will pitch tonight, and they'll activate Hamulack on friday. If that's not what they're doing then I'm with you in wondering what they're doing.
2006-08-30 19:32:47
65.   confucius
56 I guess that means that kuo will pitch tonight, and they'll activate Hamulack on friday. If that's not what they're doing then I'm with you in wondering what they're doing.
2006-08-30 19:33:30
66.   Greg Brock
Steve Phillips alert.

"Tad Iguchi makes all the plays, especially the productive outs. He's Ozzie Guillen's MVP."

Do with that what you will.

2006-08-30 19:34:20
67.   Bluebleeder87
a Maddux induced DP.
2006-08-30 19:35:28
68.   trainwreck
Steve Phillips is so bad John Kruk makes fun of him.
2006-08-30 19:36:02
69.   confucius
I never realized how good Maddux is with the glove until he came to LA
2006-08-30 19:36:06
70.   Bob Timmermann
Players get sent to minor leagues whose seasons are about to end or are over so they can be called back up right away without having to wait 10 days.
2006-08-30 19:37:02
71.   Bluebleeder87
we had a golden chance to score last inning, let's see if we get a chance this inning, like Bob said You need to get those early runs against the Reds because their pitching is lights out.
2006-08-30 19:38:18
72.   regfairfield
71 Bob was being sarcastic.
2006-08-30 19:39:43
73.   twerp
32 Hamulack optioned to Vero Beach? Why not LV? Or is this just procedural and it doesn't matter where he's optioned, since he'll be right back?
2006-08-30 19:40:20
74.   Bluebleeder87


2006-08-30 19:40:25
75.   Rob M
72 i have a feeling bluebleeder knows that and is keeping the joke alive.
2006-08-30 19:41:07
76.   Greg Brock
Should have bunted him over right there.
2006-08-30 19:43:32
77.   s choir
71 Bob? Sarcastic?

I guess that's not against the rules when it can be misinterpreted positively.

2006-08-30 19:44:05
78.   trainwreck
whoop there it is!
2006-08-30 19:44:14
79.   King of the Hobos
73 Vero Beach's season ends a day sooner than Vegas, maybe that's the reason? Vero isn't really playing much anyways, as they've only played 7 games in the last 15 days. No matter where Hamulack was optioned, he probably won't even leave LA.
2006-08-30 19:44:15
80.   Bluebleeder87
Maddux can hit & also run, who new??
2006-08-30 19:45:11
81.   trainwreck
Ohio State now has its own cereal.
2006-08-30 19:45:56
82.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps we should get a sarcasm detector on the board.

Like that would be a useful thing to have!

2006-08-30 19:47:55
83.   Terry A
That's a great idea, Bob. Just great.
2006-08-30 19:49:04
84.   Bluebleeder87
Bob & me are DT soul brothers i knew he was being sarcastic.
2006-08-30 19:49:39
85.   Bob Timmermann
Jason Grilli threw one pitch for his win tonight for the Tigers in New York.

The anti-Ryan Franklin.

2006-08-30 19:49:40
86.   trainwreck
I hear the Osama Bin Laden/Aaron Harang joke all the time.
2006-08-30 19:53:27
87.   Steve
If Lugo is bunting and Maddux is swinging, then all is as it should be.
2006-08-30 19:55:16
88.   Bluebleeder87

anything Bin Laden is not fun nor funny.imo.

2006-08-30 19:56:45
89.   Bluebleeder87
Dodgers 1 Reds 0
2006-08-30 19:59:17
90.   natepurcell
so david wells tradebait is 3-3 so far tonight and batting .367 in AAA.

He also has struck out only 14.4% of his ABs.

2006-08-30 19:59:35
91.   Bluebleeder87
Maddux takes Dunn to school & strikes him out.
2006-08-30 19:59:39
92.   Bob Timmermann
There are people who think Ken Griffey doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame?

Give somebody a cellphone with text message service and they can express any opinion they so choose.

As long as its one of the three options listed.

2006-08-30 19:59:54
93.   Steve
Nice pitch there by Maddux.
2006-08-30 20:01:28
94.   natepurcell
just kidding... 4-4 and batting .370
2006-08-30 20:01:36
95.   Bluebleeder87
Maddux pitches well at Dodger Stadium so i'm expecting him to hold the lead, i'm just hoping we score more runs, our BP isn't in great shape.
2006-08-30 20:01:45
96.   Uncle Miltie
31- do you know how much White was asking for? Wasn't part of the point of trading Odalis so that Ned would have a little more flexibility at the deadline or to be used on the draft? They better sign Akins.
2006-08-30 20:02:34
97.   Greg Brock
Ken Griffey, in his prime, was the best baseball player I've ever seen.

I wasn't alive to see Ruth or Mays. I guess that goes without saying.

2006-08-30 20:03:04
98.   natepurcell
and who has stolen 30 out of 35 bases this year.
2006-08-30 20:03:25
99.   trainwreck
Vin said the old joke used to be will we catch Osama Bin Laden first or will Aaron Harang get a hit first.
2006-08-30 20:03:36
100.   Sam DC
So, have any of the BBWA folks come out and said they won't vote for Ripken on the first ballot because no one should be unanimous?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-30 20:03:50
101.   Steve
I still don't understand this. Lugo is (1) playing, (2) batting third, and you guys (rightly of course) are worried about him (3) bunting?
2006-08-30 20:04:20
102.   Terry A
97 Clearly, you forgot about your namesake.
2006-08-30 20:05:54
103.   Steve
Please tell me this thing about no compensation is just a rumor. Please. Someone tell me that.
2006-08-30 20:07:07
104.   Greg Brock
I'll give this to Greg Brock...He was the best Greg Brock I've ever seen play baseball.
2006-08-30 20:07:11
105.   natepurcell

I dont think it could go in effect this offseason. it is just way too soon.

2006-08-30 20:07:21
106.   trainwreck
Its just a rumor and it should not effect this year so Lugo should still net us some picks.
2006-08-30 20:07:30
107.   Bluebleeder87
my coach always told me if you hit the ball right back up the middle to the pitcher your seeing the ball very very well, so i guess Ethier saw that ball very very well (that was a shot!!)
2006-08-30 20:07:36
108.   Sam DC
Someone acting knowledgeable today said it was a rumor.
2006-08-30 20:08:26
109.   Robert Daeley
92 No, there are phone executives who know that "inflammatory" questions (as Vin put it) will be sure to generate a lot of calls, i.e. $$$.

99 I think Vin said the joke was in the Cincinnati locker room last year.

2006-08-30 20:09:23
110.   Nagman
107 - That means the Reds are also seeing the ball very, very well.
2006-08-30 20:09:34
111.   Bluebleeder87
Freel makes a great throw but Larue can't handle it, maybe it's because he dons't play that much.
2006-08-30 20:10:31
112.   Steve
I guess we could chop him up and use him for firewood.
2006-08-30 20:13:47
113.   Bluebleeder87
so i'm guessing the Padres won today right?
2006-08-30 20:14:45
114.   D4P
I guess we could chop him up and use him for firewood

STOG does rhyme with log...

2006-08-30 20:14:55
115.   Rob M
He's really calling that inside strike. The Furcal and Betamit need to stand a little further from the plate.
2006-08-30 20:14:55
116.   Marty
RIP Glenn Ford
2006-08-30 20:14:58
117.   Steve
Bob Davidson is seeing pink elephants again. Unfortunate.
2006-08-30 20:15:23
118.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal strkes out, it's all good we're winning, so is Jon at the game (Maddux) or is he busting a Kent today?
2006-08-30 20:15:36
119.   Bob Timmermann
I checked Maury Brown's site and he had no followup posted to his initial story about free agent compensation, but then again he also has mentioned that he is out for a few days after surgery.
2006-08-30 20:15:53
120.   Jim Ignatowski

Yes, the Padres beat Arizona 4-1

2006-08-30 20:16:33
121.   Gen3Blue
A long standing joke is Betemit and Lugo batting before Martin in the order. And don't think Russell can't run the bases.
The Reds gave us that run, and it is a bit troubling that two innings we've had first and second and about 0 outs, and can barely get any runs in.
2006-08-30 20:16:45
122.   Marty
What does "busting a Kent" mean?
2006-08-30 20:17:06
123.   Andrew Shimmin
112- People make for an inefficient fuel source. Which isn't to say there's no reason to set people on fire; it's just that the benefits are intangible.
2006-08-30 20:17:37
124.   Sam DC
Someone posted this in the last thread:

58. katysdad
Regarding an earlier thread discussing draft picks and the new CBA, this just in from Baseball Digest Daily:

"Many rumors are circulating stating clubs have been notified that, as a result of the new CBA, they may not get draft pick compensation for departing free agents. This is completely false. There has been no formal or informal communication on this subject. I have confirmation from two very high level sources indicating that absolutely no memo has been circulated among the teams. There may come a time when compensation is removed, but we still appear to be far from that day."

2006-08-30 20:17:52
125.   Steve
It would be nice to finally unlock some of those "intangibles"
2006-08-30 20:18:55
126.   Robert Daeley
2006-08-30 20:19:17
127.   Greg Brock
116 Takin' the 3:10 to Heaven.
2006-08-30 20:19:30
128.   Steve
It seems like you would have to change compensation over time, since teams "relied" on the compensation when they made their deals. I mean, we were just glad to get rid of garbage like Guzman, but some teams care about compensation.
2006-08-30 20:20:38
129.   Bluebleeder87

it's weird to explain because of my spelling skills, but he dose hold a regular job & i'm guessing he did watch & moderate last nights game, maybe he's just a little tired & needs some R&R?.JMO.

2006-08-30 20:22:36
130.   Bluebleeder87

I can only picture Jon with a beard. :o)

2006-08-30 20:24:14
131.   Terry A
130 - Pervert.
2006-08-30 20:25:19
132.   natepurcell

i can only picture jon as brian cashman.

2006-08-30 20:26:40
133.   regfairfield
What exactly were we thinking there?
2006-08-30 20:26:48
134.   natepurcell
our 3rd base coach is a stupid windmill.
2006-08-30 20:26:50
135.   Steve
2006-08-30 20:26:53
136.   Bob Timmermann
I thought that a more fitting tribute for Mr. Brock, who purports to be a teacher, would be to teach his next class as if his class was like the one in "Blackboard Jungle." Go find a kid who looks Vic Morrow and beat him up. Then befriend Sidney Poitier and get him on the straight and narrow. Then tell the Jamie Farr kid to change his name.
2006-08-30 20:26:55
137.   Greg Brock
Funny, I tend to picture Jon as Louis XIV.
2006-08-30 20:27:25
138.   Rob M
that was a horrible send. the ball with in the shortstop's glove when he hit 3rd.
2006-08-30 20:28:23
139.   caseybarker
I was thinking today about how Jon may be like Ray Barone. Raymond!
2006-08-30 20:28:40
140.   regfairfield
On the plus side, J.D. just gained 3 fire points.
2006-08-30 20:28:43
141.   natepurcell

I thought it was more like Plato's description of a philosophy king.

2006-08-30 20:28:48
142.   Andrew Shimmin

B A, Bay
B E, Bee
B I, Bicky By
B O, Bo
Bicky By Bo Be Bo Bay
Bicky By Bo Boo

2006-08-30 20:28:55
143.   Bob Timmermann
Jon is more of a cross between Peter the Great and Oliver Cromwell in appearance.
2006-08-30 20:29:07
144.   natepurcell
or philosopher king. same difference.
2006-08-30 20:29:32
145.   Gen3Blue
I like that kind of play and I like seeing some enthusiasm out of Drew, who was flying.
The way they are playing there's a good chance they'd blow it.
2006-08-30 20:29:54
146.   thinkingblue
Can anyone show me where the statistics are for percentages in different scenarios? I'm trying to argue my case on another web site on the pointlessness of bunting.
2006-08-30 20:30:05
147.   King of the Hobos
I picture Jon like this:
I'm not very imaginative.
2006-08-30 20:30:19
148.   Steve
We had plenty of runs and it was just Nomar coming up next.
2006-08-30 20:31:11
149.   Andrew Shimmin
2006-08-30 20:31:17
150.   Bob Timmermann
Have you ever seen a picture of Jon and Oliver Cromwell together?

Case closed.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-30 20:31:21
151.   Greg Brock
Sorry Bob, I have a hard enough time convincing students that Martin Luther has nothing to do with Martin Luther King Jr., and that Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan has nothing to do with Levi's Jeans.

No, I'm not kidding.

2006-08-30 20:31:35
152.   natepurcell

so Brian Cashman?

2006-08-30 20:32:02
153.   natepurcell
What grade do you teach Greg?
2006-08-30 20:32:48
154.   Terry A
Calvin's tiger's first name is Thomas?

Cool. I learn something new here every day.

2006-08-30 20:33:03
155.   Greg Brock
144 Sun King, Philosopher King, Benevolent Dictator.

Jon Weisman is many things to me.

2006-08-30 20:33:11
156.   das411
100, meet

122 - Did you see that motorcyclist on Letterman the other day?

And whoever asked about INVINCIBLE last night, from what I could tell Papale saw the lineman was leaning by looking at his fingers and audible'd to change the coverage. That's about all I can say without spoiling the best part of the movie for everybody.

2006-08-30 20:33:51
157.   Greg Brock
153 Sophmore World History.
2006-08-30 20:35:54
158.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 154

I read somewhere that Watterson said that he named Calvin and Hobbes after the two early-modern figures--John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes. I assume it must be a sort of ironic thing--both chaps have to count as some of the more grim and dour in western history. I usually mention this to my own mids in western civ.


2006-08-30 20:36:36
159.   Bob Timmermann

So nobody looks like Paul Mazursky either? You're not married to Anne Francis?

2006-08-30 20:37:23
160.   natepurcell
maddux really wanted that call.
2006-08-30 20:39:35
161.   Bluebleeder87
[147 & 152

agreed but with Orel Hershiser's body. Robo Weisman!

2006-08-30 20:39:57
162.   Greg Brock
159 Now that you mention it, there is a kid with a striking resemblence to Jaime Farr in second period.

Life is cruel sometimes.

2006-08-30 20:41:17
163.   Sam DC
Jon's going to enjoy this thread when he shows.

Or be quite troubled by it.

2006-08-30 20:42:48
164.   trainwreck
My sophmore world history class was in the cafeteria.
2006-08-30 20:43:32
165.   Sam DC
2 HRs for Jose Valentin tonight.
2006-08-30 20:45:12
166.   Bluebleeder87
that was a great hit by Russel Martin.
2006-08-30 20:45:13
167.   Andrew Shimmin
While Jon's resting and recreating, I think it would be fun if we phrased all questions in the form of accusations.
2006-08-30 20:45:47
168.   Greg Brock
164 The unit on the Irish potato famine must have dripped with irony.
2006-08-30 20:45:54
169.   Marty
167 Why would you say something like that?!?
2006-08-30 20:46:25
170.   Bluebleeder87
Maddux can do no wrong!!
2006-08-30 20:46:32
171.   Greg S
Maddux, how good art thee?
Let me count the ways.
2006-08-30 20:46:40
172.   Mark Joseph

149 mentions a calculator showing the win expectancy in each possible situation; so you can go (same inning and run differential) from, say, man on first no outs, to man on second and one out, and see the change.

I copied this table once, which is a little easier, or at least quicker to use. Unfortunately, I don't remember from where. Use a monospaced font and put tabs between columns to see it correctly:

Outs Runners Expected Prob > 0
0 --- 0.49 0.275
0 1-- 0.88 0.435
0 -2- 1.13 0.633
0 12- 1.50 0.636
0 --3 1.37 0.837
0 1-3 1.75 0.870
0 -23 1.98 0.860
0 123 2.37 0.882
1 --- 0.26 0.159
1 1-- 0.52 0.276
1 -2- 0.69 0.414
1 12- 0.92 0.425
1 --3 0.96 0.667
1 1-3 1.17 0.653
1 -23 1.40 0.686
1 123 1.57 0.678
2 --- 0.10 0.067
2 1-- 0.23 0.128
2 -2- 0.33 0.224
2 12- 0.44 0.231
2 --3 0.38 0.275
2 1-3 0.50 0.286
2 -23 0.61 0.277
2 123 0.76 0.321

It clearly shows the negative value of a sac bunt, in average terms; it doesn't adjust, say, for a pitcher up with the score tied in the bottom of the ninth.

2006-08-30 20:47:02
173.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Just now checking in... The game is about 90 minutes old and we're in the bottom of the sixth?
2006-08-30 20:47:29
174.   Disabled List
Nice play. A runs scores, the runner advances, and Maddux will come out for the 7th inning. A complete game would be really nice here, considering what the bullpen has been through recently.

Off day tomorrow, too.

2006-08-30 20:48:09
175.   Greg Brock
Is that the kind of emnity you want to foster? IS IT!?

Are you gonna answer me, Mr. Big Man?

2006-08-30 20:48:20
176.   Bluebleeder87
169 because humans tend to do that, explaining for 167
2006-08-30 20:48:45
177.   Terry A
Mmmmm... potatoes dripping with irony... (drools)

I think breaking ALL Jon's rules would make this the best comments thread in the history of the internet! (Rule 6)

2006-08-30 20:49:08
178.   King of the Hobos
173 Maddux is pitching. Only 65 pitches though 6 innings.
2006-08-30 20:49:11
179.   blutomania
If Maddux can spare the pen (i.e. go into the 8th) He'll truly have done everything possible...

On a different note, any minor league afficianados here? How is Van Slyke the younger doing and projecting out?


2006-08-30 20:49:39
180.   twerp
Nomination, fly on the wall all-time Top 10 list, theoretical category===

Setting: clubhouse, Dodger Stadium, on an off day or at another suitable time.

HOF Sandy Koufax drops by. He starts talking pitching with future HOF Greg Maddux.

The ultimate power pitcher and the master craftsman pitcher would not seem to have a lot in common. But they begin to talk.

A silence falls over the clubhouse.

Fortunately, someone thinks to turn on a tape recorder. could happen....

2006-08-30 20:50:55
181.   Bob Timmermann
Van Slyke the Younger doesn't have the same kind of minesterial skill as Pitt the Elder.

By the way, Pitt the Elder was Britain's greatest prime minister.

2006-08-30 20:51:19
182.   Greg Brock
180 When does Odalis Perez walk in?
2006-08-30 20:51:38
183.   Marty
176 Ummm, I was trying to play along
2006-08-30 20:51:50
184.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
180 - Sounds like three-way conversatin between Ted Williams, Boggs and Mattingly, recorded for posterity by Gammons in the '86 SI baseball preview issue.
2006-08-30 20:52:13
185.   Terry A
180 - Before you turn on that tape recorder, didn't a former Cub teammate of Maddux recently say something about the two "farting on each other"?
2006-08-30 20:52:38
186.   Bluebleeder87

it's kind of like the teacher not being hear!! Jon!!! you're so cruel! & tempting at the same time.

2006-08-30 20:52:51
187.   Greg Brock

Lord Palmerston!

2006-08-30 20:53:40
188.   Sam DC
It's gonna be tough to gin up a Rule 9 violation I'm afraid.
2006-08-30 20:54:01
189.   Bluebleeder87
If Maddux can spare the pen (i.e. go into the 8th) He'll truly have done everything possible...

pitching the 9th is the true test, but i'll be happy with 7 or 8.

2006-08-30 20:54:50
190.   King of the Hobos
179 He's been disappointing this year, hitting .255/.323/.362 in 141 ABs. He has however shown some improvement the longer he's played:
June- .188/.212/.375, 32 ABs
July- .268/.349/.339, 56 ABs
August- .283/.356/.377, 53 ABs
2006-08-30 20:57:36
191.   blutomania
2006-08-30 20:57:42
192.   Bob Timmermann
Pitt the Younger

MP at age 20
Prime Minister at 24
Dead at 36

Govern fast
Drink a lot
Leave a bloated corpse

2006-08-30 20:57:52
193.   xaphor
[150] We have a statue of our dutiful host at a park in my home town. We were DT fans long before it was hip.

2006-08-30 20:58:20
194.   Terry A
For those scoring at home, I consider 188 a Rule 2 violation.
2006-08-30 21:00:05
195.   Greg Brock
194 Rule 4 violation.
2006-08-30 21:00:22
196.   Bluebleeder87
Maddux shows of his glove skills.
2006-08-30 21:00:27
197.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Maddux is excused from PFP for the rest of the year.
2006-08-30 21:00:39
198.   caseybarker
Are you kidding me with that, Nomar!?!
2006-08-30 21:00:46
199.   Robert Daeley
Web gem nominee.
2006-08-30 21:01:06
200.   joekings
Where are these rules posted?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-30 21:01:10
201.   Greg S
Every part of that play was great but Nomar's toss was perfect.
2006-08-30 21:01:37
202.   Nagman
Great feed to the bag, letting Maddux run to it. Nice instincts all around.
2006-08-30 21:01:50
203.   King of the Hobos
200 Bottom of the sidebar.
2006-08-30 21:02:45
204.   Greg S
I love that Carl's jr. pastrami commercial. Really, really love it. And I am violating the heck out of rule 7.
2006-08-30 21:02:48
205.   Terry A
200 - Bottom of the page.

200 - Bottom of the page.

200 - Bottom of the page.

200 - Bottom of the page.

(Rule 8. We're almost there!)

2006-08-30 21:02:59
206.   caseybarker
That was a great #!@$%$# play, Nomar. Rules 8 and 1.
2006-08-30 21:03:23
207.   thinkingblue

so the first column is outs, then runners, then chances of scoring, or is it expected runs scored? And what's the last column?

2006-08-30 21:03:28
208.   thinkingblue

so the first column is outs, then runners, then chances of scoring, or is it expected runs scored? And what's the last column?

2006-08-30 21:03:32
209.   thinkingblue

so the first column is outs, then runners, then chances of scoring, or is it expected runs scored? And what's the last column?

2006-08-30 21:03:44
210.   Bluebleeder87
Every part of that play was great but Nomar's toss was perfect.

only because he trusted Maddux to be near the bag.

2006-08-30 21:04:05
211.   Greg Brock
To be honest, Jon's list really annoys me.
2006-08-30 21:04:26
212.   Terry A
I'll nominate 204 for a Rule 1 violation as well. Nicely done.
2006-08-30 21:04:47
213.   Bob Timmermann
Runners on base
Expected runs to score
Chances of scoring more than one run
2006-08-30 21:05:30
214.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, the last column is the chance of scoring at least one run not more than one run.
2006-08-30 21:05:30
215.   Benaiah
Should Maddux bat, given that the bullpen had to pitch 15 innings yesterday?
2006-08-30 21:05:44
216.   Terry A
211 - Beautiful!
2006-08-30 21:07:26
217.   Mark Joseph

First column is outs, then runners, then expected runs scored. The last column is the probability that at least one run will be scored; yes, the label is a little cryptic.

Typical sac bunt (man on first, no outs) drops run expectancy in an inning from .88 to .69!

2006-08-30 21:07:42
218.   Bluebleeder87
To be honest, Jon's list really annoys me.

to be honest i'm still trying to understand some of the terminolagy of it.

2006-08-30 21:08:28
219.   Steve
Vote Screaming Monster Raving Loony Party!
2006-08-30 21:08:33
220.   Mark Joseph
213, 214

As well as knowing more about baseball, Bob also types faster than I do!

2006-08-30 21:09:20
221.   Bluebleeder87

nah! i kind of like it because i know some people can go over boared (including my self)

2006-08-30 21:09:43
222.   Gen3Blue
Should Tomko come in he has room for 1 big fly. He may not have a walk or put someone on base, or he must leave immediately.
2006-08-30 21:09:46
223.   Sam DC
219 See, I thought Oliver Cromwell and Pitt the Younger took care of that.
2006-08-30 21:10:09
224.   joekings
So are these more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules.
2006-08-30 21:10:50
225.   Terry A
With Steve taking out Rule 5, I think we're left with 3, 4 & 9.
2006-08-30 21:11:40
226.   Bob Timmermann
So it looks our candidates for best British MP are:
1) Pitt the Elder
2) Lord Palmerston
3) Benjamin Disraeli

You can email me your essay on your picks and I will decide the winner. The winner gets a Ministry of All the Talents t-shirt.

Very little love for William Gladstone or Wintson Churchill.

2006-08-30 21:12:05
227.   Steve
225 -- Oh yeah? Want to make something of it?
2006-08-30 21:13:28
228.   Sam DC
226 Is it too late to put in Churchill?
2006-08-30 21:13:35
229.   King of the Hobos
Both Eugene and Everett are throwing no hitters.
2006-08-30 21:13:43
230.   Robert Daeley
225 No we're not!

(that should take care of #4)

2006-08-30 21:13:50
231.   Greg S
I'm so sick of discussing Lord Palmerston here. It's like him and Lugo are the only people on the planet worth talking about!
2006-08-30 21:13:56
232.   Benaiah
211 - Me too. I can see why he wants it, but it is such an inelegant solution. I think that it cramps style by being vague and essentially allows everyone to point out imagined violations, like the kid in grade school with his hand up and a finger pointed. One of the best things about DT is how flip and clever the commenters are and having to worry if you need to post a winking emoticon to make sure you don't violate rule 7 ruins much of the experience.
2006-08-30 21:14:00
233.   Terry A
Indeed I do. I am quite the pugilist, but I've heard that you, Steve, are no hitter.

(No? Dang it.)

2006-08-30 21:14:13
234.   Bob Timmermann

Sorry, the nominations are closed.

2006-08-30 21:14:43
235.   Sam DC
228 Oh right, read the whole comment, sure, fine.
2006-08-30 21:15:17
236.   Steve
Lord Palmerston was a blueblooded old toff
2006-08-30 21:15:25
237.   Sushirabbit
Uh, I hate to ask this, but where exactly are the rules? It seemsm I missed them on my hiatus.
2006-08-30 21:15:39
238.   Greg S
I believe it to be the most misunderstood post of the evening.
2006-08-30 21:16:05
239.   Bob Timmermann

Unfortunately, people started asking where there was a posted code of conduct and that forced Jon to take action.

2006-08-30 21:16:14
240.   xaphor
[226] Pitt the Elder.

You just like Pitt the Elder because he fought to repeal the Stamp Act on the colonies.

2006-08-30 21:16:32
241.   King of the Hobos
229 Everett gave up a hit, so now only Eugene is throwing a no hitter.
2006-08-30 21:17:10
242.   xaphor
Lugo who?
2006-08-30 21:17:20
243.   thinkingblue

Thanks. And man, with all those fly balls Tomko gives up, who else fears the ineveitable blow up of Brett?

2006-08-30 21:17:24
244.   Terry A
232 may give it a run for its money.

This is a freakishly talented group of people.

2006-08-30 21:17:28
245.   Benaiah
238 You were just trying to break the rules, i get it. My opinion is the same though.
2006-08-30 21:17:41
246.   Sushirabbit
2006-08-30 21:18:30
247.   Greg Brock
Boom goes the Betemit.
2006-08-30 21:18:33
248.   Terry A
244 refers to 238, of course.
2006-08-30 21:18:57
249.   Robert Daeley
Betemit is feast or famine at the plate, seemingly.

I like to see that opposite field homer from him on the righthander side.

Then again, I am enjoying it now that we've adopted the "let's hit it over that wall out there more" strategy.

2006-08-30 21:18:59
250.   s choir
Not to break rule 5 all over again, but this thread has descended into anarchy
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-30 21:19:15
251.   natepurcell

greg beat me to the punchline.

2006-08-30 21:19:23
252.   Steve
241 -- You jinx. Next you're going to tell me that Betemit has seven homeruns as a Dodger and Lugo got lost on the way to the stadium and headed about 300 miles east on the 15.
2006-08-30 21:19:32
253.   Greg S
It wasn't my post.
2006-08-30 21:19:59
254.   Greg Brock
Sorry, Nate.

It's what I do.

2006-08-30 21:20:43
255.   Bob Timmermann
In 5th grade, I was in a play and portrayed Ben Franklin. Pitt the Elder was one of the characters, but I had to call him "The Earl of Chatham".
2006-08-30 21:21:24
256.   xaphor
[252] Why not 3,000 miles east on the 10?
2006-08-30 21:21:31
257.   Greg Brock
Lord Palmerston was quite the ladies man. Let's not forget that.
2006-08-30 21:22:11
258.   Steve
256 -- Because Wilson Valdez just doesn't cut it.
2006-08-30 21:22:37
259.   regfairfield
257 Pitt. The. Elder!
2006-08-30 21:23:05
260.   CanuckDodger
I think somebody in Vegas that the Dodgers should add to the 40-man roster and call up -- but probably won't -- is Eric Stults. He struck 10 and walked one batter in 7.0 innings tonight, and in his last game he struck out 10 and walked one in 6.1 innings. He's a lefty starter who throws an 88-92 MPH fastball, a plus change-up, and a cutter. He is another Logan White guy, taken in the 15th round in 2002 (two rounds before Russell Martin). In his last nine starts for Vegas, his record is as follows:

60.1 IP, 49 H's, 19 BB's, 54 K's, 2.98 ERA

If he is not put on the 40-man roster before the next Rule 5 draft, he is definitely getting taken away by another team, and he is good enough that we won't be getting him back. We should call him up now and see if we have something in him. The fact that we are talking to the Red Sox about a fat 43-year-old southpaw and are willing to give up God knbows what to get him when Stults is wasting away unnoticed makes me sick.

2006-08-30 21:23:32
261.   regfairfield
Olmedo is mighty good at what he does.
2006-08-30 21:23:35
262.   Robert Daeley
See? And we get to hear the nice music again. :)
2006-08-30 21:23:47
263.   Rob M
Old Maid!!
2006-08-30 21:23:47
264.   Bob Timmermann
I would like to congratulate the St. Louis Cardinals on their NL Central title.
2006-08-30 21:23:53
265.   Bluebleeder87
Saenz get's a fastball & guess what....
2006-08-30 21:24:00
266.   Greg S
In my 5th grade play, I played Oceanus and I had to scold Prometheus and tell him that "you must become humble if Zeus is to forgive you. Remember, a vain tongue is subject to correction".
2006-08-30 21:24:03
267.   Mark Joseph
If the Cards make it to the World Series, what share will they vote for the Dodgers, whom they swept, and who are about to sweep the Reds?
2006-08-30 21:24:15
268.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
That may be the longest HR I've seen hit by a Dodger this summer.
2006-08-30 21:25:00
269.   Robert Daeley
Apparently we've decided to make up for lost time.
2006-08-30 21:25:02
270.   Bluebleeder87
HR happy = the Dodgers!! :o)
2006-08-30 21:25:10
271.   Rob M
Wow. This homer trend is pleasing.
2006-08-30 21:25:10
272.   regfairfield
Quick Wayne, Giovanni Carrara is still avialable.
2006-08-30 21:25:20
273.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Home run derby!
2006-08-30 21:25:22
274.   trainwreck
I get the feeling we arent going to go back to back to back.
2006-08-30 21:25:25
275.   Jim Ignatowski

Subscribing to the maxim that "He who governs least, governs best," the greatest British PM is easily The Duke of Wellington, who led the government for one month (11/1834-12/1834).

There are too many people to thank so I'll close by saying I prefer my t-shirts to be sized XL.

2006-08-30 21:25:25
276.   Steve
Krivsky will get that bullpen worked out any day now.
2006-08-30 21:25:30
277.   Greg Brock
Jeez Louise, break out the L screen. This has turned into BP.
2006-08-30 21:25:34
278.   Sam DC
232 I really don't think you or anyone needs to be that careful. Jon is really just talking about pretty extreme obnoxiousness; it's not something anyone would inadvertently do. The occasional comments fussing about the rules (leaving this particular debauched thread aside) are virtually all jokes.
2006-08-30 21:26:10
279.   Bob Timmermann
Unfortunately for the Dodgers, the Reds move on to San Diego this weekend.
2006-08-30 21:26:18
280.   JoeyP
That sweet sound of the home run.
I almost forgot what those were like!

back to back to back!

2006-08-30 21:26:25
281.   Andrew Shimmin
Which Dodger minor league affiliates are playing, or are going to be playing, post season games? When do those games end?
2006-08-30 21:26:38
282.   Bluebleeder87
i love it how the Pads are looking at the score board & say "how in the world can we beat this team!!"
2006-08-30 21:27:05
283.   Gen3Blue
That was a Tomato: and Furcals and Betemits weren't bad either.
2006-08-30 21:27:39
284.   Steve
You know who was debauched? Pitt the Elder. That dirty old man.
2006-08-30 21:27:46
285.   Bob Timmermann
Well it was back to out to back to back.
2006-08-30 21:28:36
286.   Mark Joseph

Time for them to regroup--after all, that is the team they are chasing for the wild card!

2006-08-30 21:28:53
287.   regfairfield
282 Considering how we've done against them this year, I'm going to say quite easily.
2006-08-30 21:29:03
288.   StolenMonkey86
How have the Reds fared against the rest of the NL West?
2006-08-30 21:29:06
289.   Robert Daeley
"The occasional comments fussing about the rules (leaving this particular debauched thread aside) are virtually all jokes."

That is quite possibly the worst interpretation of any set of interpersonal dialogue in the entire history of human communication--nay, the entirety of entity-to-entity data transfer in the Milky Way Galaxy.

2006-08-30 21:29:06
290.   trainwreck
pssh thats a funny looking HR.
2006-08-30 21:29:12
291.   thinkingblue
Wilson Betemit is our power hitter now apparently.
2006-08-30 21:29:25
292.   Terry A
255 - Did you get to utter this, the most famous of Franklin quotes?

"My Prize Question therefore should be, To discover some Drug wholesome & not disagreable, to be mix'd with our common Food, or Sauces, that shall render the natural Discharges of Wind from our Bodies, not only inoffensive, but agreable as Perfumes."

2006-08-30 21:29:48
293.   Mark Joseph

Oops, I meant 279.

2006-08-30 21:29:58
294.   JoeyP
Betemit is like a clone of what Jose Valentin was supposed to be for the Dodgers last year. Low AVG, Low OBP, but lots of HR power, at least this month. 7 in 93 ABs aint exactly Matt Kemp, but its close enough.
2006-08-30 21:30:40
295.   s choir
267 Isn't that, by analogy, a rule 9 violation?
2006-08-30 21:30:45
296.   Marty
In sixth grade I was the narrator for the Christmas play. It was the exact same speech that Charlie Brown gave in "Its a Charlie Brown Christmas". I hate speaking in front of people so I was very nervous. But at 12 I was already an athiest so I also resented the fact that I was in a religious operation.
2006-08-30 21:30:53
297.   Steve
289 -- covering several dimensions, including the Evil Spock dimension
2006-08-30 21:31:04
298.   natepurcell
Betemit reminds me of Bill Hall. Can play multiple infield positions, power has developed late into 30 homerun power, not a big walking machine.
2006-08-30 21:31:07
299.   Bob Timmermann
Unless the Reds rally, they will be 8-14 against the NL West.
2006-08-30 21:31:08
300.   Gen3Blue
Pliny the younger!
Just another fellow I have demanded satisfaction of.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-30 21:32:11
301.   Bob Timmermann
Washington is 8-14 against the West and the Cubs are 6-16 against the West.

The Cardinals are 19-6 against the West and the Mets are 20-7.

2006-08-30 21:32:20
302.   Bluebleeder87
the Padres win but are still 3 games back, TAKE THAT PADS!!
2006-08-30 21:32:30
303.   Greg Brock
I have a funny feeling the Philospher King won't find this thread quite as humorous.
2006-08-30 21:32:46
304.   Gen3Blue
284 not as bad as Pliny the younger.
2006-08-30 21:33:12
305.   JoeyP
I hope Betemit and LaRoche can play at the same time next year.

I'd pass on resigning Nomar, and play Betemit, Furcal, LaRoche, Kent in the infield.

2006-08-30 21:33:36
306.   King of the Hobos
281 Jacksonville and the GCL Dodgers. The GCL playoffs have already ended (the Dodgers lost), and Jacksonville will be playing a best of 5 series Sept 7-11. The Southern League Championship series should occur the week after that. Ogden also has a chance at the playoffs, but they still have 8 games to squander thier 2 game lead for second.
2006-08-30 21:33:54
307.   Bob Timmermann
But the Padres are still leading the wild card, although the Phillies can tie them tomorrow if they beat the Nats.
2006-08-30 21:34:16
308.   JoeyP
Betemit, Furcal, LaRoche, Kent...mainly bc with Kent's contract he's untradeable.
2006-08-30 21:34:24
309.   trainwreck
Why are we wasting Broxton?
2006-08-30 21:34:43
310.   Greg Brock
305 I'm assuming that's the plan.
2006-08-30 21:35:06
311.   trainwreck
Let Derek Lowe get some more work in.
2006-08-30 21:35:34
312.   Steve
309 -- Don't think of it like its wasting Broxton. Think of it like it's one less exposure to Hamulack. See, feels better already.
2006-08-30 21:35:54
313.   Mark Joseph

Yes, but I thought rule #9 was only meant to be taken literally. After all, there is no traditional taboo in baseball about talking about a sweep; in fact, usually half the fans show up with brooms if it is a possibility that day. Where is the list's Hermeneutics and Exegesis department?

2006-08-30 21:36:02
314.   natepurcell

that infield looks pretty good. Although I do would like Loney to play somewhere on the Dodgers.

2006-08-30 21:36:59
315.   Greg Brock
314 I was operating under the assumption that Loney at 1st was a given.
2006-08-30 21:37:31
316.   Greg Brock
Betemit fills the Lugo utility spot.
2006-08-30 21:37:59
317.   Greg S
I'd pass on resigning Nomar
It's a cruel trick of the English language that resigning and "re-signing" mean basically the opposite.
Has made me do a double take more than once in the papers.
2006-08-30 21:38:21
318.   Steve
316 -- Maybe if he cuts his hands off.
2006-08-30 21:39:11
319.   Bob Timmermann
I find bringing brooms to a stadium in anticipation of a series sweep to be one of America's dopiest sporting "traditions". I don't believe the Dodgers let people bring brooms in.

Some stadiums just let people bring in little whisk brooms.

Who, before going to a baseball game says, "Hey honey, pack up the kids and a broom, we're going to a ballgame!"

The only reason for having a broom around is if the police declare shenanigans.

2006-08-30 21:39:21
320.   Sam DC
317 So would you sanction resigning Nomar?
2006-08-30 21:39:39
321.   ScoobyGoo
I think Jon Weisman was waving his arms behind home plate for about 10 minutes..
2006-08-30 21:39:44
322.   natepurcell
I think Betemit needs to play everyday. Give him 500+ ABs next year and you are going to get 25-30 homeruns.

I also think we need to take it slow with Laroche because of his labrum. Don't push him too hard. I would maybe start him at Vegas at the beginning of 2007 and go from there.

2006-08-30 21:40:51
323.   Greg S
Usually the problem comes in a sentence like "Nomar is thinking of resigning".
2006-08-30 21:41:01
324.   JoeyP
I think the Dodgers would have more faith in giving Betemit an everyday job than Loney. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out.

I dont think there's much chance Nomar comes back at all. There was at one time quite a bit of pressure to resign him early in the year bc he was on fire and carrying the team, but he's really slowed down since then.

2006-08-30 21:41:42
325.   Steve
321 -- that was Brian Cashman. He was scouting the Reds bullpen.
2006-08-30 21:41:45
326.   trainwreck
Oh no not Clayton and Hollandsworth.
2006-08-30 21:41:45
327.   Greg Brock
Bringing household cleaning paraphernalia to a sporting contest is simply malfeasance for malfeasance's sake.
2006-08-30 21:42:22
328.   JoeyP
322. I plan on LaRoche being the Dodgers' Youkilis next year. They'll find some place to play him.
2006-08-30 21:42:54
329.   natepurcell
There was at one time quite a bit of pressure to resign him early in the year bc he was on fire and carrying the team, but he's really slowed down since then.

and theres that .380+ hitting 22 yr old 1b down at AAA

2006-08-30 21:43:14
330.   Bob Timmermann
The principal person who will want Nomar Garciaparra back is Bill Plaschke.

But Colletti and Ng can do the math and know they can get a better deal. Nomar would have to get very hot or lead the Dodgers to the World Series to get any consideration.

2006-08-30 21:43:42
331.   natepurcell

not if his health doesnt permit it.

2006-08-30 21:43:49
332.   Sam DC
323 I'm worried that you missed my clever ambiguity with sanction meaning both to permit/approve something and to penalize something.
2006-08-30 21:44:10
333.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I like the "Big Bad John" after Broxton records another K.
2006-08-30 21:44:29
334.   trainwreck
Eric Byrnes would have dived for that one.
2006-08-30 21:45:27
335.   Gen3Blue
I fear Betemit may wind up a Bill Hall.
I looked him up having never heard of him.
Its not a bad fate but our farm should do better.
2006-08-30 21:45:50
336.   Greg S
332 Your worry was justified. I blame my head cold. Well played.
2006-08-30 21:46:08
337.   Sam DC
330 Wouldn't Camille Johnston like to have him back?
2006-08-30 21:47:12
338.   Steve
Auf Wiedersehen! Gesundheit! Farewell...
2006-08-30 21:47:51
339.   natepurcell

Bill Hall has a 907 OPS this year. Why do you "fear" that?

2006-08-30 21:48:12
340.   Greg Brock
I can't see any situation where Nomar is signed to a deal. It was fun having him here, he got healthy and increased his value, and can move on.

Thanks, beautiful.

2006-08-30 21:48:39
341.   Greg Brock
We win!
2006-08-30 21:49:07
342.   Greg S
So there has to be a stat for streakiness. Something like "most games that were preceeded by a game with the same outcome". I say we are high in that stat.
2006-08-30 21:49:46
343.   JoeyP
I'd be very happy if Betemit wound up like Bill Hall. I'd like having Billy Hall on the Dodgers.
2006-08-30 21:50:53
344.   Greg Brock
As an aside, Howie Kendrick can flat out rake, and seems like a very nice kid.
2006-08-30 21:50:58
345.   Xeifrank
Dodgers Magic Number: 27
vr, Xei
2006-08-30 21:51:00
346.   natepurcell
I concur with 343. A Bill Hall player provides something that this currently constructed dodger team lacks: homerun power.
2006-08-30 21:51:22
347.   Gen3Blue
We won! this could be addictive.
329,330 I think you are right. And as appealing as Nomar can be there is that AAA guy. If he was 25, I would be sure his average would dip a bit in the Majors. At 22 its possible he may get a bit better!
2006-08-30 21:53:23
348.   JoeyP
Next year's the team will be similar powerwise except Kemp in CF should give the team about 25+HRs (which is significant). Betemit replacing Nomar's power should be able to happen.

So I expect a little more power next season, which will make the team that much better.

2006-08-30 21:54:13
349.   Greg S
I agree with not re-signing (I'm adding the hyphen) Nomar.
But I think if we replace him with Loney, we do need to build some more power into the lineup. So where would that power go? Seems like it would have to be Kemp and if so, is he going to play Center? If not Kemp, who? And more to the point for now, where?
2006-08-30 21:56:49
350.   ScoobyGoo
if you ever go to Titos Tacos in Culver City be sure to get a bigger size of their fantabulously delicious salsa..

I forgot to do that and i'm going to have to score myself an error on that play..

Tacos and a Dodger win though, I can't be mad

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-30 21:57:39
351.   Greg Brock
Dodgers now have the same winning percentage as the Cardinals.
2006-08-30 21:59:41
352.   Blu2
If Loney plays next year, where do you think Cornpone will bat him, eighth? Naw, that's reserved for Martin... Personally I'd like to see Loney and Ethier hitting second and third, then Kent, Drew, Betemitt, Kemp, and Martin. Furcal leading off, of course.
2006-08-30 22:01:16
353.   Greg Brock
If Loney plays next year, where do you think Cornpone will bat him, eighth?

That's kind of mean, dontcha think? Grady's a likeable enough fellow.

2006-08-30 22:05:23
354.   Xeifrank
351. How many decimal places are you taking into consideration? vr, Xei
2006-08-30 22:06:09
355.   godvls
350- Amen to the large salsa at Tito's!
2006-08-30 22:08:47
356.   Gen3Blue
349 I have seen real teams win with speed and defense and not much power. But I have to agree it is much easier to win with balance that includes a good dose of power.
I'm not sure where to get it but Kemp, and maybe later Laroche. One good thing is that players often develop a bit more power as they mature and even age. I think Furcal, Martin and Ethier will add more power as they get older, and even Loney.(Betemit of course) Maybe this is one place we add a
Free Agent, though I think it will come.
2006-08-30 22:09:02
357.   Greg Brock
354 I'm a historythlete, not a mathlete. .534 is good enough for me!
2006-08-30 22:10:34
358.   Gen3Blue
352 I like your order, esp. 2 and 3.
2006-08-30 22:11:20
359.   Bob Timmermann
Cardinals .5343
Dodgers .5338
2006-08-30 22:11:26
360.   CanuckDodger
349 -- Obviously Kemp will be in center. Loney will be at first. Betemit and LaRoche will get looked at very closely in spring training and either LaRoche spends another half season in Triple A or he beats out Betemit in spring and Betemit becomes the Chone Figgins-type "super sub" that the reporters who cover the Dodgers are always saying the Dodger brass wants.

A line-up that looks like this is formidable:


We lose Garciaparra and Lofton and neither of those guys were real power hitters anyway. We would have a net gain of power and still do well in the batting average/OBA department that has been the real driving force of our offense this year. Meanwhile the money we save from not paying Lofton/Garciaparra buys a good starting pitcher.

2006-08-30 22:14:32
361.   Blu2
That is a name signifying country ways and certainly isn't an insult to those of us raised in the South. No slur intended if anyone interprets that differently. I disagree with him a lot but no more than any other Dodger manager in history. Or other team managers either. For the most part I think he has done well, and a large part of that is for what he hasn't done. He governs best who governs least. I couldn't stand LSordid's showboating and Tracy's hard-bitten martyr act. Davy Johnson was a phony, Glenn Hoffman was the man who wasn't there... Walt Alston managed a lot like Little does and I disagreed with him at times. But he had the job, I didn't and he was right more times than I was. It is a fan's right to disagree.
2006-08-30 22:19:00
362.   Greg Brock
I'm pretty sure I didn't say a single word about your right to disagree, so I don't know what that has to do with anything.

Some people tend to use the term as a pejorative. You didn't. Fair enough.

2006-08-30 22:30:41
363.   KG16
360 - The line up isn't too bad, but if I were in the front office, I'd seriously consider moving Kent - given his age, it's only a matter of time before his production drops off. I'd also take offers for Drew, as much as I like him, if we could get a more traditional power hitting corner outfielder that would improve the line up.

And of course, if I was GM, I'd put in a call to Cashman about A-Rod. But that's just me.

2006-08-30 22:36:42
365.   Blu2
362 No, you didn't, and I didn't say you did. And 'right'? None of us have any right to say anything except that which Jon chooses to allow. This Blog is his personal property and he has the right to set rules as he chooses. We're here as guests; if they offend us, we have only the right to leave; if we stay and misbehave, he can and should ban us. I personally find some of the rules silly or over-restrictive but nothing I can't live with. Actually I'd like to see him add another: No 11: Posting with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. Just as it can impair your judgement while driving, it can also impair your judgement while posting. Alcohol tends to increase the belligerancy levels in some people.
2006-08-30 22:38:27
366.   bluefoundglory
what do you guys think the odds are of maddux staying next year?
2006-08-30 22:38:31
367.   Blu2
363 Drew for A-Rod.
2006-08-30 22:39:11
368.   KG16
367 - too bad the Yankees have 40 outfielders as it is.
2006-08-30 22:41:48
369.   Greg Brock
Well I'm stone cold sober, and I don't know how I got drawn into this conversation with you, so let's just say that you're right and I'm wrong, and that you're a fine fellow. That works for me.
2006-08-30 22:47:05
370.   Icaros
I'm going to pick more arguments with Greg Brock. He's downright pleasant.
2006-08-30 22:54:56
371.   s choir
Cornpone. That word makes me giggle. I don't know why. Well I do know why, but it's dirty.
2006-08-30 22:55:21
372.   Ken Arneson
FYI, I deleted 364 for trollfeeding. Not because of the question asked, but because what the answer would be.
2006-08-30 22:57:26
373.   Steve
371 -- Lord Palmerston used to have that word on a plaque on the wall behind his desk.
2006-08-30 23:02:29
374.   Greg Brock
I can handle a lot, I will shy away from many a confrontation, but I will not have Lord Palmerston's name besmirched. Not here, not now, not ever.
2006-08-30 23:06:12
375.   Icaros
I just saw that Nomar to Maddux play on Sportscenter. That toss by Garciaparra was incredible.
2006-08-30 23:07:44
376.   gibsonhobbs88
366 - I say at least 50/50 especially so that he has done well and Ned likes him.
Another vintage performance tonight and some good solid defense behind and including Maddux and some good situational hitting. I still don't know about sending Drew all the way with one out when a triple would have set up a possible run and Nomar did hit a medium deep fly to right that would have plated an extra run, but that is quibbling on an otherwise great night. I can sleep well tonight, great August folks 21-7! They need a reasonable September 16-13 or 17-12 should take us home!!
2006-08-30 23:10:17
377.   Jeromy
Why so much talk of next year's lineup? Isn't there enough time for that kind of speculation in the off season? Personally, I want to relish the current winning streak, the domination over the Reds this year, Maddux's 330th win in a Dodger uniform, and the possibility of going to the playoffs with Maddux, Lowe, and Penny in short series vs. either the Mets or the Cardinals. Sometimes it seems like there is so much speculation about next year, there is a loss of enjoyment for this one.
2006-08-30 23:15:54
378.   gibsonhobbs88
377 - Yes. Let's enjoy the ride, the rollercoaster of emotions that a September pennant chase brings out in obsessed fans of the Blue. We need to make all the hay we can at home since we have a tough 10 game road trip starting Monday. Let's have a 6-0 or 5-1 homestand. Settle for no less than 2 of 3 from the Rockies depending on if Francis pitches against us, he is pretty tough!
Good night! Off day tomorrow!!
2006-08-30 23:19:03
379.   Icaros
Good God, MLB needs to tell the Twins and Royals to stop wearing those blue jerseys at the same time.
2006-08-30 23:22:38
380.   Greg Brock
379 At the risk of talking politics, my political party (the Whigs) are poised to introduce legislation banning the alternate uniform.

It's in our platform.

2006-08-30 23:23:26
381.   Bob Timmermann
RIP, Naguib Mahfouz
2006-08-30 23:24:48
382.   Greg Brock
The Egyptian guy?
2006-08-30 23:29:03
383.   Greg Brock
I just remember he attacked Salman Rushdie, which I don't like.
2006-08-30 23:36:14
384.   ddger
Tonight's performance by Maddux is one of the most complete (pitching, defense, hitting) games that I have seen from a Dodger pitcher in recent memory. I think Valenzuela probably had some similar games.

Getting Maddux at the deadline has saved our season along with Billingsley's strong performance. Disappointed with Penny's 2nd half but he still has time to finish up with his best season.

2006-08-30 23:43:35
385.   Vishal
[380] i think i've said this before, but in case i haven't:

alternates are usually better looking than the regular uniforms.

2006-08-30 23:46:45
386.   Greg Brock
385 Elaborate, if you will.
2006-08-31 00:23:01
387.   Bob Timmermann
Alternate uniforms: bad

Other agree

Check the last comment

2006-08-31 00:54:57
388.   deburns
Forgive me if someone else has noted this, but did you see that the Red Sox are purportedly asking for Kemp for a 5-6 week rental of Wells? I can't believe that anyone actually got that out of his mouth.
2006-08-31 01:11:41
389.   Vishal
they're usually more interesting, brighter and more colorful. take the astros, for example: their main home uniform has those ungodly pinstripes, but their alternate is a nice, elegant solid reddish/burnt orange color. the A's and dodgers' alternates allow the team colors to show very nicely; beautiful green field and gold letters for the A's, and a canvas of dodger blue for LA. the A's normal road uniforms only have a hint of gold, but in the alternates the lighters are almost glowing, just like on the cap. the diamondbacks' road unis also have ugly pinstripes, and the alternates are a nice solid black. the angels and indians' home alternates both have neat-looking sleeves... pretty much, what i'm trying to say is that as a rule the alternates do a better job of showcasing the team colors and as a side benefit they also tend to do away with hideous pinstripes.
2006-08-31 01:12:40
390.   Vishal
i will say, though, that the worst alternates in history are the padres' camo uniforms. [puke]
2006-08-31 01:13:44
391.   Vishal
hahah, lighters should be "letters" in [389]. where is my mind.
2006-08-31 02:52:08
392.   Blu2
Greg Brock, that was in no way an attack directed against you. As far as I know, you are a fine fellow as the other poster said. What I posted, if there was any reason at all to post it, should not have been mixed into the same post responding to you. That made it seem as if it were directed at you which was not the case.
2006-08-31 05:02:27
393.   Sam DC
So, what is the record (being chased by Alfonso Soriano) for most home runs in team/franchise/city history: Vlad Guerrero's 45, or Frank Howard's 48?

These and similar questions explored in today's Post (on A1, no less!).

2006-08-31 05:03:05
394.   Sam DC
And Bob, I want my RGC! What happened?
2006-08-31 05:20:58
395.   Sam DC
393 Er, Guerrero's record is 44.

Was kind of the authorr not to frame his article around whether the team can match the Senator's 113 losses from 1904 or the Expos 110 from 1969, but I guess those both appear out of reach.

2006-08-31 06:42:40
396.   Terry A
395 - Pity the D'backs. I'll bet there's nothing more pleasant than wearing a black uniform top for an August day game in St. Louis or Houston.

I didn't know the Dodgers still used an alternate uni. I thought it was exclusively white at home and grey on the road.

2006-08-31 06:44:56
397.   Vishal
oh yeah, i'm pretty sure you're right. the one i'm thinking about is probably just for spring training. it's nice, though.
2006-08-31 06:45:14
398.   Terry A
Oops. Above post should reference 389, not 395. Coffee has not kicked in yet this A.M.
2006-08-31 07:17:33
399.   Sushirabbit
A day late and a dollar short on cornpone. I think some people associate it with conformity. (Google: Twain, Mark w/ cornpone). I'm not sure Twain meant any more by his statements than that we are all human. That said, I still know (and converse with) folks that use it lovingly and teasingly.

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