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Can't He Still Buy the Corsage?
2006-08-24 13:44
by Jon Weisman

Following the John David Booty path, 16-year-old top baseball prospect Robert Stock from Agoura High is skipping his senior year of high school and has already begun classes at USC, according to Alan Matthews of Baseball America. Stock will be eligible to play for the Trojans in the upcoming 2007 season.

"I have a grasp on it," Robert Stock said Wednesday night, "but I'm sure within the next week or so, it's really going to hit me that, 'Wow, I'm in college right now.'

"Missing my senior year in high school, not getting to take part in all these activities ... I will definitely miss not going to the prom with my girlfriend; I've known her since the sixth grade. And I'll definitely miss playing baseball with my little brother (Richard). I haven't played with him since I was little, and I definitely will miss that."

Stock, who was named Baseball America's Youth Player of the Year in 2005 as a 15-year-old, met early academic admission requirements based on several criteria outlined in Rule of the NCAA's early admission program. Stock ranked in the top 20 percent of his high school class and has completed each of his core class requirements, except English. He also had the required GPA of at least 3.5 in each of his last four high school semesters. He then had to apply for a waiver from the NCAA that would grant him eligibility to play baseball at USC, which he received. His 1410 SAT score helped him overcome the final stumbling block of getting into Southern California through its Resident Honors Program, which allows about 30 elite students who have demonstrated exceptional maturity to enroll in the university a year early. ...

Stock has been the talk of amateur baseball for more than three years. His fastball was clocked as high as 90 mph when he was 14, and he has developed a penchant for performing well on the biggest of stages. He started on the mound for the West in August's Aflac All-American game and homered to center field in the seventh inning. This spring as a junior at Agoura (Calif.) High, Stock came down with an inflamed rotator cuff in his right shoulder and decided it was best to concentrate on hitting and catching this summer.

The move closes the door on a 2007 pro payday for Stock, but will allow him three years in college while still enabling him to be draft-eligible at age 19.

But why can't he still go to the prom? Agoura's not a long way from L.A. Do he and his girlfriend have to break up? Are there now rules against collegians attending high school proms? Is it a coolness issue? I'm not trying to pry...

Oh - maybe he already knows that USC's schedule conflicts with the prom. Bummer.

Comments (118)
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2006-08-24 14:01:48
1.   scareduck
Yow. I was going to make an unseemly crack about SC's likelihood of providing suitable coursework for jocks, but it sure looks like he doesn't need any of that with that SAT score. A smart pitcher? That could be dangerous.
2006-08-24 14:07:49
2.   Andrew Shimmin
Didn't they add a new section to the test? A perfect score is 2400, now, right?
2006-08-24 14:17:42
3.   Sospiro0
Because he's finally happy to be out of Agoura Hills and never wants to return. Though he'll return for the Canyon Club.
2006-08-24 14:18:14
4.   King of the Hobos
My school's prom last year forbade anyone over 20 from attending, but nothing against college students. I was in the William S. Hart Union High School District though, maybe the Las Virgenes Unified School District is different?

2 is correct. I'm a year older than Stock, and I had to take the new test. However, some schools disregard the new writing section.

2006-08-24 14:22:23
5.   Bob Timmermann
Last year's prom for Agoura High was May 20. (Well, last school year). That was a Saturday.

On May 20, 2006 the USC baseball teams was playing at Wichita State.

If you are not a student at Agoura High, you can only attend the prom if you sign a guest pass and have people vouch for you. You are also subject to a random breathalyzer test.

Just trying to do my part.

2006-08-24 14:25:56
6.   Jon Weisman
5 - How did you research paragraph 3?
2006-08-24 14:27:04
7.   the OZ
5 Geez, you know a lot about the Agoura Prom. Have you been through this process before? Did you pass the breathalyzer test?
2006-08-24 14:27:22
8.   Mr Customer
3 I've always felt the Canyon Club to be a den of iniquity, but not in the good way.
2006-08-24 14:27:51
9.   Bob Timmermann
Agoura High has a link to "Prom Guest Passes" and it has a form that you were supposed to fill out.
2006-08-24 14:28:47
10.   Daniel Zappala
The rules have changed a lot. I actually attended three different proms, in three separate years, the first one taking place my senior year. I never had any trouble getting in.
2006-08-24 14:29:58
11.   Jon Weisman
9 - So there was nothing unsavory about your behavior.

I could have said, "Everything about your behavior was savory," but somehow it doesn't sound the same.

2006-08-24 14:30:18
12.   Mr Customer
10 Agoura Hills is the 'burbs, though. Our kind are not welcome there.
2006-08-24 14:30:40
13.   Jon Weisman
10 - "The Wedding Crashers" prequel: "The Prom Crashers"
2006-08-24 14:30:57
14.   Bob Timmermann
The only time I've been to Agoura High was to cover a football game there last year. It was very muddy.

Agoura beat Calabasas High 24-0 in a game that was not as close as the score would indicate, yet was three times as boring as the score would indicate.

2006-08-24 14:31:36
15.   Daniel Zappala
13 Hey hey, I wasn't crashing, I had a date!
2006-08-24 14:32:29
16.   Mr Customer
12 is supposed to be toungue-in-cheek, not paranoid-delusional.
2006-08-24 14:33:17
17.   the OZ
13 Starring Seann William Scott and Wilmer Valderrama, set in the San Fernando Valley at Ridgemont High. Featuring a cameo by Matthew McConaghey reprising his role in Dazed and Confused.
2006-08-24 14:34:19
18.   Ali Nagib
Maybe the kid realized that after nine months in college, especially as a pitching/academic phenom, he'll have the co-eds banging down his door. I think I read somewhere that college girls like the jocks. Probably in "Harper's."
2006-08-24 14:37:35
19.   Marty
If they can't go to the prom, at least he can take her to some righteous keggers.
2006-08-24 14:39:10
20.   Marty
My favorite character in Dazed and Confused was the kid who was always smoking pot. My sister dated a guy in high school exactly like that.
2006-08-24 14:39:41
21.   Bob Timmermann
That's impossible. Student-athletes at major universities DON'T drink. It just doesn't happen.

Hey, look a passing turnip truck!

2006-08-24 14:45:36
22.   Ali Nagib
17 - I forget exactly when it was, but sometime in the last couple of months Bill Simmons wrote about how Matthew McConaughey officially IS Wooderson now. No acting required.
2006-08-24 14:56:55
23.   Penarol1916
20. Ah Slater, I loved his line about Martha Washington being a hip, hip lady.

My favorite character didn't have a line and was in the movie for two seconds, but he was exactly like my freshman year roommate in college.

2006-08-24 14:57:30
24.   Bluebleeder87
My sister dated a guy in high school exactly like that.

my best friend in high school was exactly like that.

2006-08-24 15:00:04
25.   King of the Hobos
The player pages have been overhauled, adding some splits, last 10 games information, and a small amount of biographical information, if anyone is interested.
2006-08-24 15:01:21
26.   3upn3down
It looks like I am shut out of Dodger Baseball for the entire AZ series. None of the games are on MLB Extra Innings. Does anyone know if Fox or ESPN are going to be showing one of the games?

Not likely, but I thought I'd ask.

2006-08-24 15:10:09
27.   Eric Enders
23 "Behind every great man there's a great woman, and that woman was Martha Washington... every day when George would get home from working out in the fields she'd have a big fat bowl waiting for him."

A classic which finally got its due with a Criterion DVD release last month.

What's kind of surprising is that relatively few of the actors in that movie went on to become stars. The film does bear the curse of having unleashed Ben Affleck on the world. It got McConaughey, Zellweger, and Joey Lauren Adams started too. But the actors who played the major characters haven't really done much since then.

2006-08-24 15:12:21
28.   mankatododger
26 I just checked my Dish Network tv listing and I see the Dodger/AZ game listed for tomorrow night on Extra Innings. I'm sure it is the AZ broadcast but it is on.
2006-08-24 15:12:34
29.   Eric Enders
24 If we are going to be Dazed and Confused characters, I was probably Tony in high school.

2006-08-24 15:13:42
30.   still bevens
This is a funny topic for me. My date to senior prom was a girl who was in this program at USC. She was one of my sister's best friends who decided she would rather go to college than attend our school for another year. When she got accepted to the program at SC our school refused to recognize her taking courses there and also refused to let her walk with our class on graduation day. I ended up taking her to the prom as a gesture of some sort. It was a pretty good time all in all. Its funny that now she has a degree from SC but not a high school diploma.
2006-08-24 15:17:21
31.   Eric Enders
26 "It looks like I am shut out of Dodger Baseball for the entire AZ series. None of the games are on MLB Extra Innings. Does anyone know if Fox or ESPN are going to be showing one of the games?"

You'll be able to see the games. EI screwed up their published schedule for this week. The games on Monday and Tuesday were not on the schedule but ended up being on the package. Ditto for tomorrow night's game -- Extra Innings forgot to put it on the schedule but the program guide in my DVR box is already telling me it'll be on. Saturday and Sunday may be the same.

2006-08-24 15:48:12
32.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
17 - An awesome bit of Hollywood memorabilia to own would be Wooderson's belt buckle/pipe.
2006-08-24 15:48:49
33.   JeffShawCanClose
I went to Agoura High actually...most proms are either held at the Downtown Biltmore or the Beverly Hilton. So should he go to prom, Stock's commute won't be so bad aside from the fact that he may be dancing dangerously close to UCLA territory.
2006-08-24 15:52:05
34.   blue22
Who did Rene Zellweger play? IMDB has her as "uncredited".

Parker Posey is legit.

2006-08-24 15:52:07
35.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Here in Phoenix, the new Cardinals Stadium has already been booked for proms next spring.
The one prom I attended was held in a terribly uninspiring place: the lobby of a downtown skyscraper.
2006-08-24 15:54:49
36.   underdog
29 I think I was the Wiley Wiggins character as a freshman and graduated to Mike Newhouse (Adam Goldberg) wanting to be Randall "Pink" Floyd.
2006-08-24 15:55:04
37.   bhsportsguy
Josh give props to our own Mr. Weisman on his blog entry today, again reminding us that there are some people at Chavez Ravine who lurk about.
2006-08-24 15:57:19
38.   underdog
Zellweger was basically a glorified extra in Dazed and this was her first film. If you watch the new DVD Linklater comments about her when she appears...
2006-08-24 15:58:30
39.   Jon Weisman
27 - I don't worship this movie like some others, but Dazed and Confused had enough rising talent in it to be compared to the 2005 Jacksonville Suns. It boasted three mega-stars in terms of popularity, and enough solid character actors to fill out an entire roster - all of them before reaching their peaks.
2006-08-24 16:02:05
40.   underdog
39 Definitely, a good comparison. Future Oscar-winner Zelleweger couldn't even crack the starting (talking) line-up!

Meanwhile, I wish I had Stock's excuse for missing his prom (although I'm still not sure what it is) - I missed mine because I was anti-prom and lame.

2006-08-24 16:03:46
41.   Bluebleeder87

makes me wonder what are Jon's best movie flicks of all time or atleast in the past decade.

2006-08-24 16:08:05
42.   Bluebleeder87
Meanwhile, I wish I had Stock's excuse for missing his prom (although I'm still not sure what it is) - I missed mine because I was anti-prom and lame.

i missed mine because i was way to rebelious (sp?) & i had to go work/supervise my dads crop land in mexico, on a happy note i was the best pitcher/ss in my jalisco region :o) & we won the whole thing that year!!

2006-08-24 16:08:33
43.   bhsportsguy
Ned and Grady (I know we had odes to the shortived Ned and Stacy show) but here is a nice little story in todays

A little tidbit:
Ned starts off on why he did not panic during the 1-13 start after the All-Star break.

"You've got to believe in the one you hire," he said. "I didn't need [to say anything] ... that would have put more pressure on him. Everybody knows what's at stake. It's the big leagues -- you don't need to reinforce that. There's enough day-to-day pressure, you don't need any additional pressure."

Little said there wasn't even a hint that he would be fingered for blame when the team, as he put it, "took a two-week All-Star break."

"Never once," he said. "The attitude was always, 'We'll get through this.' I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned. But nobody panicked. If the leaders show they're spiraling out of control, there's a good chance it will happen on the field and in the clubhouse. Everybody was the same way when we were losing all those games as when we won 17 of 18, and not just Ned, but [owners] Frank and Jamie McCourt. It's just the way we operate here."

2006-08-24 16:15:13
44.   Bluebleeder87
Ken Gurnick has a great read today on it makes me feel ashamed of how i ranted yesterday & for that i say: I am sorry.
2006-08-24 16:32:06
45.   Bluebleeder87

we had the same thought, that's kind of creapy/what are the odds.

2006-08-24 16:40:56
46.   D4P
Would it be completely unreasonable to label the Lugo trade a "panic" trade...?
2006-08-24 16:50:01
47.   Jon Weisman
46 - I wouldn't call it a panic trade as much as a wishful thinking trade. I don't think Colletti panicked at the deadline at all. I think he was quite prepared to do nothing, but when he saw what he perceived to be golden opportunities, he took them, leaving us to debate whether it was fool's gold.
2006-08-24 16:51:34
48.   D4P
What would be a good example (either actual or hypothetical) of a "panic" trade?
2006-08-24 16:52:40
49.   Monterey Chris
And I think Ned saw Lugo as a necessary back-up if he was going to get rid of Izturis. He had a very injured infield at that time. I think he would see Lugo and Maddux trades as one item.
2006-08-24 16:54:58
50.   Bluebleeder87

Jason Phillips comes to mind but that can be counterd by getting rid of a certain player from japan that walked alot of batters.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-08-24 16:58:02
51.   PDH5204
46 Yes, I'd call such unreasonable, even if that was the subjective nature of the thing at that time. You've heard those words about that diamond in the rough? Well, they didn't find a diamond in the rough. They had a cut and polished diamond rained on them like manna from the heavens. Only question now is, will the reaction of some mirror that of those old who are reported to have experienced the same phenomenon.

43 I liked this better:

"J.D. DREW'S name was not in the lineup, and Manager Grady Little said it was because he wanted Julio Lugo to play.

'He brings a lot of life to the ballclub when he's in there,' Little said.

So is that why Little removed a lifeless Drew from the lineup?

'I'm going to dodge that one,' Little said."


2006-08-24 16:58:53
52.   D4P
Maybe "impulsive" is a better way to describe the Lugo trade
2006-08-24 17:00:12
53.   Steve
Q: What do manna and traded Devil Rays have in common?

A: Their recipients both get sick of them.

2006-08-24 17:00:28
54.   Nagman
Wasn't the trade to get Milton Bradley kind of a panic trade? It seemed it happened right before opening day and the team did not have a center fielder.

Of course there were some valid returns from this trade.

2006-08-24 17:01:21
55.   Monterey Chris
I thought the Jason Phillips trade was a great trade. I just think he shouldn't have been used as a 1st baseman.
2006-08-24 17:08:58
56.   Jon Weisman
Yeah, the Phillips trade was hardly a panic trade.

I'd say a panic trade is when a GM does something that even he knows is risky or dumb in the hopes of providing a bandaid solution to a problem.

2006-08-24 17:13:06
57.   Eric Stephen
56 Would the Kearns/Lopez/etc for Bray/Majewski/etc trade count as a panic trade?

Given the Reds need for bullpen help, I think it qualifies.

2006-08-24 17:13:37
58.   Bob Timmermann
Shawn Green lined into a DP in his first Mets AB.

Green, who wants to be New York's next Jewish sports hero, faced Jason Marquis, who is Jewish and from New York (not the city, but Manhasset).

2006-08-24 17:16:36
59.   Greg S
54 Absolutely not. It was a forced trade by the Indians. Bradley back-talked his manager for the umpteenth time and they had had it with him and traded him on the eve of spring training for Franklin Gutierrez and a player to be named later. The Dodgers were the lucky recipients and now wil enjoy years of Andre Ethier as a result. This was the opposite of a panic trade for the Dodgers.
2006-08-24 17:17:58
60.   Steve
Jeromy Burnitz = Panic Trade.
2006-08-24 17:18:18
61.   Andrew Shimmin
58- What do they think of Lugo?

57- The only reason not to classify it as a panic trade is that doing so could mitigate the crime. It's like letting the guy plead to manslaughter.

2006-08-24 17:21:57
62.   Eric Stephen
Following with the Majewski panic trade theme, how about Majewski, Onan Masaoka, and Jeff Barry for James Baldwin (2001 trading deadline) as an example?
2006-08-24 17:22:53
63.   Jon Weisman
60 - Yeah, that's closer.
2006-08-24 17:24:34
64.   Steve
Lugo doesn't qualify for being a panic trade, because that trade could have been Guzman for Mickey Mouse, as long as Guzman was in it, going somewhere else.
2006-08-24 17:24:40
65.   Bob Timmermann
That trade wasn't panicky as much as it was pointless.
2006-08-24 17:27:03
66.   Bob Timmermann
A heart and soul triple for the Mets to give them a 1-0 lead over the Cardinals.

The triple was greatly aided by Preston Wilson dropping the fly ball and then falling over.

2006-08-24 17:27:42
67.   This is Next Year
34 - Parker Posey is legit.

True dat.

2006-08-24 17:28:18
68.   D4P
The triple was greatly aided by Preston Wilson dropping the fly ball and then falling over

Adam Dunn would have caught that

2006-08-24 17:28:30
69.   Eric Stephen
Delino for Pedro = panic trade?

Sorry for opening up old wounds.

2006-08-24 17:29:36
70.   Eric Stephen
Derrek Lowe & Jason Varitek for Heathcliff Slocumb...ooooh, imagine the Mariners of the late 1990s with Lowe & Varitek!
2006-08-24 17:29:40
71.   Steve
If Neifi! was a "power hitting" outfielder, he would be Preston Wilson.
2006-08-24 17:33:53
72.   Bob Timmermann
And Shawn Green has his first Met RBI with an opposite field single off of Marquis.

The Mets are up 3-0.

2006-08-24 17:36:20
73.   Bluebleeder87
60 - Yeah, that's closer.

getting Drew IMO was a flat out bad move from Depo IMO.

2006-08-24 17:39:26
74.   Bluebleeder87
Delino for Pedro = panic trade?

remembering things like that is not good for my helth.

2006-08-24 17:39:36
75.   Steve
73 - But not a trade, and therefore disqualified.
2006-08-24 17:39:56
76.   D4P
Let me get this straight: that's in your opinion...?
2006-08-24 17:41:54
77.   Bluebleeder87
But not a trade, and therefore disqualified.


2006-08-24 17:46:10
78.   D4P
So, should I go ahead and delete The Catacombs from my bookmarks...?
2006-08-24 17:47:05
79.   Andrew Shimmin
Griddle reporting that Ricky Ledee is back on the market. He's left handed.
2006-08-24 17:47:47
80.   Steve
I sure hope all those people "complaining about the J.D. Drew two-year option" aren't having long-term insomnia worrying about whether he's going to opt out or not.
2006-08-24 17:50:58
81.   Andrew Shimmin
78- Once the sort of thing to which your bookmark points gets erased, it's released back into the wild. You could start your own blog on the site! Presumably, your site would be dedicated to tyrany and opression.
2006-08-24 17:54:34
82.   D4P
Presumably, yes. And the site would be without "ruth".
2006-08-24 18:01:17
83.   DXMachina
Panic trade: a Red Sox PTBNL for Javy Lopez?
2006-08-24 18:09:22
84.   Telemachos
This is one of the coolest things I've heard about in quite some time. I'd love to see this televised:

2006-08-24 18:16:56
85.   s choir
84 That would be pretty fun to play in.
2006-08-24 18:16:57
86.   s choir
84 That would be pretty fun to play in.
2006-08-24 18:21:08
87.   DXMachina
85 Not if you're the catcher, I think.
2006-08-24 18:28:50
88.   thinkingblue

Not really. It's the lack of results that make it bad, not the idea.

And no Tim Brown, this is NOT the real Drew, his home run per at bat ratio is WAY down from his career average.

Don't get me wrong, I know Drew is an above average right fielder, but I'm sure we all know he could be a LOT better than what he is now.

2006-08-24 18:37:41
89.   Bluebleeder87

i respect you're opinion, but i think you're realy wrong on that thought, when the signing was made i was really upset i said to my self i hope i'm wrong on it, my first thought was/is right so far.

2006-08-24 18:43:16
90.   Andrew Shimmin
89- In what way would this team be better, minus J.D. Drew?
2006-08-24 18:48:16
91.   Robert Fiore
69 Delino-for-Pedro was in no sense a panic trade, just a case of horrendous judgment. At the time DeShields was a budding star, Pedro was a long reliever, and Tommy Lasorda in his infinite wisdom thought he didn't have the stamina to be a starter. That DeShields was a washout made an already bad trade a disaster; the Dodgers would have lost even if he kept on with his early success. This was emblematic of a phase of bad judgment that started well before Fox came on the scene and was reflected in years of empty drafts and the decision to sign Wilton Guerrero but not Vlad because Vlad reminded them of another player who didn't pan out.
2006-08-24 18:49:28
92.   Bluebleeder87

first of all he wanted to play CF, i don't think the guy can play first base healthy let alone CF!, 2nd of all 55 million dollars for an injury prone ball player was not the right choice.

ps i know Jon agrees with me on this he can see the big picture like normal human beings.

2006-08-24 18:50:13
93.   thinkingblue

I think you were more upset about losing Beltre, and thought the Drew move was some panic compensation, right?

2006-08-24 18:50:57
94.   caseybarker
Burn ;)
2006-08-24 18:58:38
95.   Bluebleeder87

I think you were more upset about losing Beltre, and thought the Drew move was some panic compensation, right?

is some ways you're right, but the Drew signing was just flat out wrong period! nothing will change my point of view about that! it was just flat out wrong! atleast you knew what you were getting from Beltre.

2006-08-24 19:02:55
96.   caseybarker
95- If you mean 20 hr, 80 rbi a year, and good defense, then yes, we knew what we were getting from Beltre.
2006-08-24 19:03:16
97.   Andrew Shimmin
Oh well.

Even if you don't like Drew, even if you don't think he's worth the money he's making, there's still a leap of judgment required to get from there to, this team would be better without him. Part time Drew is worth more than full time Repko. Part time Drew has been worth more than every non-pitcher save Nomar and Ethier, this year. He makes more than both of them put together, I guess; so, there you go.

2006-08-24 19:05:20
98.   Steve
1) Jon doesn't agree with you so you can write him out of the association for the advancement of normal people.

2) Tim Brown is kind of underratedly dense. Plaschke gets all the pub, but Brown is right there.

3) the decision to give Drew a huge contract is not going to win many awards. But such is the nature of that kind of contract.

4) since he was so clever and put one over on DePodesta to get that opt out clause, why does it matter?

2006-08-24 19:13:54
99.   Andrew Shimmin
By the way, can we agree to a timetable on when advancers of the, "Odalis has just been unlucky, he's not really this bad," theory can start gloating about his being average-ish in KC? Right now is too soon, of course. But, will the end of the season be too soon, too? How long do we have to wait?
2006-08-24 19:17:21
100.   Steve
People who want to hook their star to Odalis Perez are welcome to him.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-24 19:17:49
101.   Andrew Shimmin
100- Jealous.
2006-08-24 19:23:03
102.   Steve
I haven't looked at his stats. I assume he benefits from the Tampa Bay Postulate if they are even worth looking at. Maybe the Royals can hire Rawitch to start writing the "eighth best lefthander in the American League" press releases.
2006-08-24 19:29:02
103.   Andrew Shimmin
Well, he is striking out an extra batter and a half per nine, but he's also giving up more HRs and more walks. The biggest difference is that, instead of giving up, roughly, eight billion hits per pitch, he's now giving up less than one per inning. So, his post trade ERA is 4.66. He's not a good pitcher, still. But, whatever.

It's entirely possible that of the four not-good pitchers (Odalis, Hendrickson, Seo, and Elmer) Colletti traded away the two best, got back the two worst, and paid each of the other teams for the privilege.

2006-08-24 19:32:08
104.   King of the Hobos
Odalis' WARP of .7 with KC is slightly better than Hendrickson's .6 with the Dodgers. Seo has a WARP of 1.6 with Tampa Bay, but he's currently disabled. Dessens is at .4 with the Dodgers. Navarro also leads Hall .8 to .1 in WARP, but playing time is a big factor. There's been far too little time since the trades for these numbers to mean anything, but they haven't started very well for Colletti.
2006-08-24 19:40:44
105.   Steve
They are all DFA bait with the possible exception of KJW.
2006-08-24 19:43:05
106.   Andrew Shimmin
By the way, Bluebleeder, I hope you didn't take my 90 as an attack on you. I was honestly curious about whether you thought the team wasn't better with Drew than it would be without him. I can't tell if you took it amiss, or didn't, but, either way, I didn't mean any offense.
2006-08-24 19:44:43
107.   Steve
And KJW was becoming extremely annoying. Sort of like RJW.
2006-08-24 19:50:40
108.   s choir
95 Would you have held on to Shawn Green instead?
2006-08-24 19:51:28
109.   Andrew Shimmin
Pitchers who aren't very good will tend to spend a lot of time being annoying. The current Brad Penny angst-a-thon seems to indicate that even good pitchers will often be annoying. But you've got to have somebody throw the ball.
2006-08-24 19:54:54
110.   Bob Timmermann
More Devil Rays on the move! Check the Griddle.
2006-08-24 20:01:04
111.   Steve
Being able to throw the ball, given the neverending rotation of crappy pitchers recycled by feckless GMs, makes one overqualified at this point in baseball's history.
2006-08-24 21:00:48
112.   Andrew Shimmin
Alex Cora is old school. He could easily have broken Orlando Cabrera's leg on a take out slide.
2006-08-24 21:02:01
113.   Andrew Shimmin
The Alex-Cora-is-the-smartest-man-alive meme is a live and well, I see. Awesome.
2006-08-24 21:08:23
114.   Bob Timmermann
I thought Orlando Cabrera was the smartest player.
2006-08-24 21:14:52
115.   Andrew Shimmin
114- Really? I was only half listening; I just assumed it was Cora. That's even better, though.
2006-08-24 21:18:49
116.   Bob Timmermann
The Angels announcers were saying that Cabrera was one of the smartest players in the game, but he had made two very stupid plays in the game:

1) not holding the bat correctly when trying to bunt in the first and almost having Beckett take his index finger off

2) not flipping a grounder to Kennedy at second to try for a double play. Instead Cabrera tried to do it himself and Cora beat him to the base and nearly took his leg off.

2006-08-24 21:55:36
117.   Xeifrank
Jered Weaver 3 outs away from a possible first loss. He did pitch rather well though.
vr, Xei
2006-08-24 22:10:07
118.   Bob Timmermann
Rich Lederer cries.

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