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The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging
2006-08-30 08:48
by Jon Weisman

So much to talk about ... so little time. I am here in spirit, if not in so many words ...

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2006-08-30 09:30:41
1.   Chyll Will
wooosh...(cricket, cricket...)
2006-08-30 09:36:44
2.   Bob Timmermann
"The Unbearable Lightness of Being" was a very popular film among my grad school classmates.

Hard to believe that it was directed by the same guy who directed "The Right Stuff."

2006-08-30 09:38:57
3.   Sam DC
Well, the Nationals beat writer appears to have reached about the end of his rope -- here's the first paragraph of his story about last night's game:

"It is, by now, a rerun, seen as often as old episodes of "Seinfeld" or "M*A*S*H." Tony Armas takes the mound. He throws enough pitches in the first inning to get some men through three. And he leaves -- head down, body limp -- before the Washington Nationals have reached the middle of the game. There is no punch line, no laugh track. There is only misery."

2006-08-30 09:48:36
4.   Chyll Will
3 sounds like a case of ajida to me...
2006-08-30 09:49:16
5.   Bob Timmermann
The Nats are doing their part to get the Phillies into the wild card, which then makes the race between the Dodgers and Cardinals for #2 spot quite interesting.
2006-08-30 09:51:08
6.   Bob Timmermann
I noticed in the postgame celebration that the player who ran out first to get the prime pose to welcome Martinez at home was none other than Toby Hall.

They must have a lot of time to chat.

2006-08-30 09:58:47
7.   kngoworld
Will a Dodger Thoughts post ever make it to the bottom of the "Hot from the Toaster" list?
2006-08-30 10:04:26
8.   Dennis O
I heard the final three innings of last night's game on the way home from work last night, and for a second, I thought I was listening to Dodger Replay. I wish some station in L.A. would do that again.
2006-08-30 10:10:30
9.   Sushirabbit
I watched the last 3 innings on Tivo this morning from 6am-6:30am CST. Ramon!

Is Dodger Thoughts the most visited corner of the toaster?

2006-08-30 10:14:38
10.   Bob Timmermann

Yes, it is. Bronx Banter is second.

Dodger Thoughts gets three times as many visits as the Griddle.

2006-08-30 10:19:25
11.   kngoworld
10 - Three times? Is that all?
2006-08-30 10:23:32
12.   Bob Timmermann
I don't have Jon's compelling writing style.

And I don't get as many people complaining about Tampa Bay.

2006-08-30 10:29:15
13.   Andrew Shimmin
That sounds like an invitation. . .
2006-08-30 10:34:11
14.   Sam DC
I bet if you put in a podcast, that thing would take off.
2006-08-30 10:44:05
15.   Sushirabbit
I was just thinking that I wish, the Vin call of the Dodgers was podcasted. I mean I would pay money for that, and then I could listen to it every morning instead of staying up all night! I don't have a fancy treadmill, so I am a couch potato(e) while watching the Dodgers. But a I can run, (walk, per DRs orders), with an iPod. Make it so!
2006-08-30 10:45:37
16.   caseybarker
I never imagined that my spontaneity in gathering up my wife and her friend at 5:00 to got to last night's game would be so greatly rewarded. My wife's friend's first baseball game may be the best she'll ever see. And I had the most fun at a Dodger game that I have ever had.

And to imagine - we almost left after the 15th inning.

2006-08-30 10:46:31
17.   Sushirabbit
THis morning I was humming some sort of disco/trance/laser-tag-theme-music and I couldn't figure out where it came from. And then it hit me: the music they played after Martinez' home run. I can't remember if they play that after every home run, or just at the end of the game. Does anyone know what song that's from?
2006-08-30 10:49:11
18.   caseybarker
You could hear the crowd humming that disco/trance/laser-tag-theme-music while Martinez rounded the bases. It was, dare I say, magical.
2006-08-30 10:49:13
19.   Sushirabbit
12,14 Bob could end it by saying "Say good night Casey" and Casey could, ya know, Meow.
2006-08-30 10:51:36
20.   skybluestoday
Re: 2

It's not too hard to believe when you see that Philip Kaufman has a tremendous track record with literary adaptations. I think that's the common thread with his work -- he isn't easily pigeonholed as a filmmaker, but he clearly has a masterful sense of how to turn a challenging book into a good movie.

2006-08-30 10:52:57
21.   Bob Timmermann
Casey doesn't "meow". He makes a very strange noise that can't quite be duplicated.

He's pretty quiet. He only makes noise about two or three times a day.

2006-08-30 10:55:16
22.   Sam DC
21 Another topic well suited for the podcast.
2006-08-30 10:56:52
23.   underdog
2 20 I think a better variation on that question is, I can't believe Kaufman, the same director who did Unbearable Lightness and The Right Stuff, also did "Twisted."
2006-08-30 10:57:11
24.   underdog
22 Podcat, you mean.
2006-08-30 10:58:37
25.   regfairfield
17 It's Sandstorm by Darude.

It's the requisite bad electronic song that gets mainstream acceptance once every few years. Please do not judge the genre based on the lameness of that song.

2006-08-30 11:01:23
26.   natepurcell
If Kemp goes (for david wells), I go.
2006-08-30 11:03:27
27.   Blu2
Another Jeff Kent sighting at First. Is it possible he is getting less reluctant to playing there? How's this for next year's lineup:
First Base: Kent/Loney platoon
Second Base: Kent/Betemitt platoon
Third Base: LaRoche
Shortstop: Furcal
Outfield: Ethier, Kemp, Drew
Catcher: Martin
Bench: Loney or Betemitt, Saenz, Repko, Lofton, Hall or?
Thirteen position players, Twelve pitchers. We might have to add Martinez or someone to the bench to back up Furcal and cut the pitching staff down to eleven. Yes, that's Lofton's name on the list. I'd like to see the Dodgers sign him as a pinch hitter and (very) occasional starter.
2006-08-30 11:05:19
28.   still bevens
27 Theres no room for (IMPACT FREE AGENT) in there? Are you reserving that role for the rotation? I'm sure Ned will make some moves in the off season regarding position players because he can.
2006-08-30 11:07:20
29.   the count
Has anyone else noticed Joe Thurston playing for the Phillies? I didn't know he signed with them.
2006-08-30 11:14:09
30.   Blu2
[28} Man proposes, Ned disposes... That's a daydream, I have a better chance of winning the lottery than that my proposed roster happening. Impact Free Agent? I hope a pitcher or two and I wouldn't mind a big bat, I'd find a place to put him. I'm not firmly attached to Repko or Drew if it's an outfielder, or Betemitt or anyone else on the bench if it's an infielder. And LaRoche hasn't proven diddly-squat at this level, so we have options for those pleasant kinds of problems...
2006-08-30 11:23:28
31.   Foolsgold
So much for Martin's day off..... He caught another six innings last night. Russell need another night off.
2006-08-30 11:23:45
32.   Philthy
Found these photos
2006-08-30 11:24:48
33.   Fletch
The LA Times David Wells story boggles my mind. Don't we already have a goofy looking left handed starter who is totally erratic and undependable?
2006-08-30 11:27:56
34.   Ladderkite
26 - You've got to be kidding me! That can't be what we're offering is it?
2006-08-30 11:28:44
35.   bonnie
25 I thought it was Zombie Nation by Kernkraft 400?
2006-08-30 11:30:13
36.   Bob Timmermann
The Arizona Republic reports that the DBacks dropped out.

I would think that either the Padres or Cardinals use Wells. Especially the Cardinals.

2006-08-30 11:34:09
37.   regfairfield
35 Oh, we're talking about the Ooh-ooh-ooh-oh-oh song?
2006-08-30 11:34:41
38.   regfairfield
34 It's not going to happen. Kemp wouldn't clear waivers even if Ned wanted to trade him.
2006-08-30 11:35:16
39.   Ladderkite
We have a solid four-man rotation. Isn't that all you really need in the playoffs? Penny, Lowe, Maddux, Chad? Shouldn't that be enough? I don't get Wells. Why? We need a moratorium on any more Red Sox/Devil Rays players being added to the 2006 roster.
2006-08-30 11:35:49
40.   Ladderkite
38 - aaahhhhhhh
2006-08-30 11:42:22
41.   Blu2
Mabry, 35, is batting .214 with three home runs and 13 RBIs in 159 at-bats against right-handed pitching.
I can't believe anyone would think that this player has any expertise at all hitting right-handers. Didn't we just DFA a player that was hitting better than that? How many left-handed hitters do we have in the minors that are hitting better than that? Don't we have a left hitting .380 or something? Every day I get the feeling stronger that baseball Managers and GMs have to be the dumbest people on the planet. I'm starting to equate the term 'seasoned veteran' with 'terrorist'. Someone please take Flander's phone away from him until Friday.
2006-08-30 11:49:05
42.   bonnie
38 Yeah, I think that was the one after Ramon's. The Sandstorm one they played after Kent's if I remember right.

The Zombie one I wanted to download to my cell phone because it reminds me of good times at the Stadium. But I'm too technologically challenged to figure it out.

2006-08-30 11:53:39
43.   Gen3Blue
Glad I didn't view those pix with lunch.
2006-08-30 11:55:06
44.   Daniel Zappala
I have an old Kraftwerk EP around here somewhere...
2006-08-30 11:55:46
45.   Bob Timmermann
FBI and MI-5 announced today that they broke up a suspected ring of Al-Qaeda seasoned veterans that were threatening to disrupt the 2006 NL pennant races by joining contending teams and not playing well for them.

"We've identified John Mabry, David Wells, Jeff Conine, and Shawn Green as part of this conspiracy," FBI director Robert Mueller said at a press conference outside the offices of the New York Yankees.

2006-08-30 11:56:53
46.   bhsportsguy
I think the question for the Dodgers is do they want to go through Septemeber and hopefully beyond with Loney (who is the only LH bat in the system who is ready) as your primary pinch hitter who can back up at 1B and OF and Kuo as a potential spot starter and LH reliever.

My 25 man post-season roster.

C Martin, Hall (2)
IF Garciaparra, Kent, Furcal, Betemit, Lugo, Saenz, Loney (7)
OF Drew, Lofton, Kemp, Ethier (4)

SP - Penny, Lowe, Maddux, Billingsley (4)
RP - Kuo, Beimel, Hamulack, Sele, Dessens, Tomko, Broxton, Saito (8)

That leaves off Repko, Martinez and Hendrickson off the Post-season roster.


2006-08-30 11:57:32
47.   Sushirabbit
Yeah, it's Zombie Nation.
2006-08-30 11:58:47
48.   Bob Timmermann
Not many teams use 12-man staffs in the postseason.
2006-08-30 12:01:52
49.   bonnie
Does anyone know if there's a set time limit for a PTBNL to be named? Pre-season rumor had the Sox interested in Brazoban for Wells,IIRC.

Can you use PTBNL for someone on the DL?

2006-08-30 12:02:18
50.   underdog
46 Could be close to the one they'd use but I have my doubts that Kuo would be on the 25 man playoff roster, and especially dubious that Hamulack and Kuo would make it. I'd take one of them off and add one of the others you left off. I also think they'll keep Repko over Kemp (sorry - Kemp's chance will come next year). Right now, I just want this conversation to be relevant in a month!


Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-08-30 12:04:19
51.   underdog
I also can't believe that it wouldn't be the Cards making the biggest push for David Wells. They have to be the most desperate for SP help, especially if Mulder is as done as it appears. I mean, compared to the Cards, the Dodgers are stacked!
2006-08-30 12:08:21
52.   King of the Hobos
38 However, Kemp can be PTBNL'd and sent away after the season. The only requirement I can remember for PTBNLs is that they can't be on the same level as the acquired players, and Kemp fits that requirement.
2006-08-30 12:08:48
53.   Blu2
46 I guess that's OK because two of your infielders can play the outfield if necessary, but I'd rather have Repko or Martinez than Hamulack...
2006-08-30 12:09:00
54.   King of the Hobos
49 A PTBNL must be named within 6 months after the trade.
2006-08-30 12:10:56
55.   capdodger
Must Resist........ Cards...... Stacked..... Deck....

Ok. It's passed. There will be no horrid puns coming from me today.

2006-08-30 12:12:39
56.   Blu2
54 Not sure but can't they also submit a list of players and the receiving club makes there choice later? I think I've heard of this being done.
2006-08-30 12:14:00
57.   bonnie
54. Thanks. I guess that, and the same level thing, rules out Yhency.
2006-08-30 12:14:21
58.   katysdad
Regarding an earlier thread discussing draft picks and the new CBA, this just in from Baseball Digest Daily:

"Many rumors are circulating stating clubs have been notified that, as a result of the new CBA, they may not get draft pick compensation for departing free agents. This is completely false. There has been no formal or informal communication on this subject. I have confirmation from two very high level sources indicating that absolutely no memo has been circulated among the teams. There may come a time when compensation is removed, but we still appear to be far from that day."

2006-08-30 12:14:41
59.   capdodger
52 I thought that the requirement was that the PTBNL can't have played in the same league as the other player in the trade.
2006-08-30 12:15:09
60.   Penarol1916
I'm very disapponted that Jim Callis has not answered my Bryan Morris question for the last three weeks. I just want to know what to make of his very high strikeout but also WHIP/9 numbers at Ogdon. BP said in their recent review of 2006 draftees that he is difficult to analyze in terms of exceeding or falling short of expectations.
2006-08-30 12:19:41
61.   bonnie
If the Dodgers do acquire Wells for the infamous PTBNL, we'll all be sweating it out until he is named.

Please, somebody reassure me that Ned won't do the deal with Kemp. He's my future favorite Dodger.

2006-08-30 12:21:57
62.   katysdad
PTBNL rules, according to Rob Neyer:

"Player To Be Named Later
Quite often, you'll read that a player has been traded to another team for "a player to be named later."

There are two restrictions at work here. First, the transaction must be completed within six months. And second, the player named later can't have played in the same league as the team he's being traded to. That's why the player named later is almost always a minor leaguer.

And what if the teams can't agree on who that player will be? This happens rarely, but if no names are agreed upon initially, the clubs will agree on a price to paid in lieu of a player.

Sometimes, at the time of the deal the team receiving the player will provide the other club a list of minor leaguers, and later the club will have their pick of the players on that list. This list is negotiated at the time of the trade. In recent years, the Minnesota Twins lost Enrique Wilson this way. When it came time for Cleveland to make their choice, the Twins did what they could to "hide" Wilson, but the Indians found him anyway.

Finally, sometimes "Player to be named later" is used to trade players on the Disabled List, since it can be embarrassing for a club to trade for a guy who's on the DL."

2006-08-30 12:24:17
63.   regfairfield
61 He wouldn't clear waivers, he can't get traded.
2006-08-30 12:30:17
64.   Bob Timmermann
Andrew Miller pitching the bottom of the 8th for the Tigers in New York.
2006-08-30 12:31:30
65.   bonnie
Thank you. I feel better.

So, basically, the deal would have to be someone not on the 40 man, unless they have previously cleared waivers or could clear?

And the time limit on waivers is what? 48 hrs? Too late at this point, unless they've already cleared? No wonder there's not too many deals this time of year.

Sorry about all the questions.

2006-08-30 12:35:19
66.   underdog
55 I resisted, so you should, too! ;-) Had to shuffle a few words around to... oh, never mind.

64 I know, and my Tigers fan co-worker won't stop talking about it. In fact, he hasn't stopped talking about what I steal he was when the draft occurred. Makes me almost want to root against him. It does seem a tad early to be bringing someone up, but I guess they feel he's ready. I wouldn't mind seeing Kershaw pitch an inning or two this year, actually, as ridiculous as that is.

2006-08-30 12:39:55
67.   katysdad
According to information found on the Sons of Sam Horn website regarding Revocable Waivers, "the waiver period is between the trading deadline on July 31 and before the end of the World Series."

If Wells/Mabry/etc. were to be acquired today, the PTBNL can be named as late as the end of February, 2007, well after the end of the World Series. If this is accurate any player without a no trade clause can be traded after the World Series without worrying about waivers.

2006-08-30 12:40:52
68.   King of the Hobos
65 I believe all of that is correct.

59,62 How could the Red Sox send Adam Stern to the Orioles then? He played for the Red Sox this year, so he's played at the same level as Javy Lopez. I certainly don't doubt Neyer, I just don't understand the Stern thing.

2006-08-30 12:42:57
69.   bonnie
Well, trying to research it, I came across this:

(fist attempt at tinyurl,hope it works)

Now I don't feel so bad. Even DePodesta says he only knows about 90% of the waiver rules

2006-08-30 12:46:52
70.   King of the Hobos
69 Unfortunately, it does not appear to be working.
2006-08-30 12:51:58
71.   bonnie
2006-08-30 12:53:05
72.   katysdad
68 Sons of Sam Horn decribes the PTBNL rule regarding the league caveat a little differently than Neyer. According to SOSH, "If a team receives a PTBNL, the player must not have been playing in the league to which he is being sent at the time of the trade (emphasis mine)(e.g. if the Red Sox receive a PTBNL, the player may not have been playing in the American League at the time of the trade)." Was Stern in the majors when he was traded to Boston?

I have no idea which interpretation is correct, but I would assume SOSH because of the example you cited.

One other interesting note: This rule was instituted after Harry Chiti was traded for himself in 1962 (he was traded from the Indians to the Mets for a PTBNL, which turned out to be himself).

2006-08-30 12:53:08
73.   bonnie
I think that one works. Strange because I used the same process.
2006-08-30 13:00:55
74.   katysdad
68 The following doesn't confirm whether Neyer or SOSH is right, but does explain the Stern transaction.

Basically a gentlemen's agreement.

2006-08-30 13:01:51
75.   Robert Daeley
2 And a much better book by one of my favorite authors.
2006-08-30 13:02:28
76.   King of the Hobos
72 Stern was in the minors at the time (International League), and is currently on the Red Sox 60-day DL. If that is correct, then Kemp can be PBTNL'd, as he's currently in the Pacific Coast League and Wells is in the American League.
2006-08-30 13:05:18
77.   Disabled List
63 You seem awfully sure of that, but I wonder... Why would the Red Sox ask the Dodgers for Kemp if he hadn't already cleared waivers?

The de facto deadline for any deal is tomorrow, and from what I understand, the waiver process takes a few days. Maybe Kemp already made it through waivers somehow.

2006-08-30 13:07:37
78.   gibsonhobbs88
45 - Bob, that was hilarious, LOL!! To top it off saying the report was in front of the Yankee offices, Exquisite!! You only needed to mention a photo of Selig conversing with The GM's of the Devil Rays and Theo and laughing looking at pictures of Hendrickson and Lugo and now Wells and a caption that states Bud daring Theo "Now for the capper, let's see if the Dodgers will bite on this one, Wells for a future 5 tool stud, Kemp"! Ha Ha Ha LOL from all three!!
2006-08-30 13:08:36
79.   katysdad
Just to follow up, the following paragraph from the article referred to in 74 seems to confirm that a player can be traded (as a PTBNL) after the conculsion of the season.

"At that point Boston had no choice but to pull Stern off waivers and come to a side agreement with Baltimore that (A) Stern would be sent to the Orioles after the season ends, when players don't have to pass through waivers first (emphasis mine); and (B) there would be some sort of additional compensation from Boston to Baltimore should Stern get injured while finishing the season in the Red Sox organization."

I don't believe (hope) it will happen, but it certainly appears as if Kemp can be traded for Wells.

2006-08-30 13:12:01
80.   bonnie
77. I think he was trying to make me feel better.

The waiver period is 3 business days. Too late for Kemp unless he's already cleared. But I think King of the Hobos is correct, after reading Katysdad's article. It can be circumvented by using PTBNL.

2006-08-30 13:13:56
81.   regfairfield
77 Newspapers make a lot of stuff up. For all we know this could have been the conversation.

Ned: Who do you want for Wells?
Theo: Matt Kemp.
Ned and Theo: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Report: David Wells to be traded for Matt Kemp.

2006-08-30 13:14:49
82.   gibsonhobbs88
No matter how you look at it, that proposed trade has far reaching horrific consequences for the Dodgers and I would severely question Ned's state of mind if he goes through with that trade. You only need 4 starters in the playoffs and Billingley would most likely pitch that 4th game of any series and the big 3 pitch 2 games each in any 7 game series. For maybe 4 weeks of a fat man on his last legs and to give up a star of the future will set us back another 10 years. I really don't care if we get to the Series this year, I still think they are at least a year away from reaching the Fall Classic. I will be happy to compete and get valuable experience in October for the young stars for next year and beyond.
2006-08-30 13:14:59
83.   Xeifrank
Bob, are you and I the only ones who picked the Phillies to win the wild-card in the Baseball Rant contest? vr, Xei
2006-08-30 13:16:11
84.   Blu2
Have you noticed how much happier you are paying $30,000 for a car when the sticker price says $40,000? Same principal; GM asks for Kemp knowing he won't get him, but then other GM feels better giving him a AA player rather than the A player he should have gotten. Hope I didn't make that even more confusing. Asking for Kemp or Billingsly makes it seem like he made a big concession ro settle for Guzman or Hu or somebody at that level. Imagine Wells with a price tag on him; the price tag says "$Kemp"; there is a line drawn through "$Kemp" and underneath it says "Marked Down to "$Hu". ????
2006-08-30 13:17:27
85.   ToyCannon
I find it absurd that DT posters are putting any credence in a Kemp for Wells trade. Of course they asked for Kemp but they'd be lucky to end up with D Young.
2006-08-30 13:19:05
86.   bonnie
81. I'm sure you're right. And I know Jon doesn't like crazy talk trade speculation. But at least this was educational regarding waiver and PTBNL rules.
2006-08-30 13:19:13
87.   King of the Hobos
Regarding the end of the quoted passage in 79: does anyone know what ailment Stern supposedly has? As best as I can tell, he was added to the 60-day DL for a hangnail or something imaginary to allow a place on the roster for Carlos Pena. I'm just trying to figure out if the Red Sox will have include the additional compensation.
2006-08-30 13:19:23
88.   Steve
There is no way this is going to happen.

By the way, 660 in the last thread was exactly right. There is no fundamental difference between this fake trade and that real one. Or put another way, there is no legitimate justification for that trade that would not apply to this one.

2006-08-30 13:20:13
89.   Gagne55
I doubt Kemp will be traded for Wells. Personally, I wouldn't mind aquiring Wells. He's better than Hendrickson, basically a left handed Greg Maddux. However, the Dodgers better not give up anything of value for him. Perhaps a lesser prospect like Young or Hu who is blocked anyway, but even that sounds like a bit much.

I do, however, like the Yency for Wells rumor. Brazoban is atrocious.

2006-08-30 13:22:20
90.   Gagne55
"I really don't care if we get to the Series this year"

Some fan you are.

2006-08-30 13:26:12
91.   Sam DC
Hey Steve -- seems like I missed a Grittle reprieve in my absence.
2006-08-30 13:28:23
92.   bonnie
89 Not really a rumor. I made it up from wishfull thinking and a pre-season rumor. I was just questioning if it was even possible to trade him as a PTBNL because he's on the DL
2006-08-30 13:29:36
93.   King of the Hobos
Apparently (I have not heard this from a credible source), the Red Sox requested Duncan, Rasmus, or Wainwright from the Cardinals. If that's true, Theo is just doing exactly what many of here are speculating: start high and hope for someone to give too much rather than start low and get a mediocre player.
2006-08-30 13:30:48
94.   katysdad
82 Amen.

One other thing: the Dodgers need to make the playoffs first and we may be guilty of putting the cart before the horse at this point in time.

The Tuesday, August 29 post on outlining LA's past September failures (and occasional successes) really makes clear the point that there is a lot of baseball left to play and anything can happen (is that cliche enough for everyone?).

Still, there is little reason offer a prospect such as Kemp for Wells unless a current starter is hurt (Penny? That might explain his recent struggles) or you believe he can duplicate his past postseason success (ALCS MVP 1998, 10-4, 3.15 ERA, 1.12 WHIP).

I believe regfairfiled in 81 might have guessed what actually happened.

2006-08-30 13:34:54
95.   gibsonhobbs88
I am a big fan of the Blue, but I don't want Ned to be shortsighted thinking of this year when he has a nucleus of young players that can make this team competitive for pennant runs several times in the next 5-8 years. This is the best crop of young players from our farm system since the Garvey, Cey, et al years who though winning just one WS were in 3 others from 74-81. I want them to win the division and make the playoffs and hoepfully win the first round and at least compete in the NLCS. I am just being a realist and know we still have some holes to fill and this team is not built to win the whole enchilada this year.
Don't just take one line out of context, read the whole thought process before you judge another fan's passion. I want what's best for the long term prosperity of the team. This alleged trade would smack of a panic move of a team that has no future and thinks it's this year or bust. I think the Dodgers future is bright as long as Ned doesn't muck it up!!
2006-08-30 13:37:26
96.   caseybarker
I think Nate is just trying to stir up trouble with this sequence of events:)

26. natepurcell
If Kemp goes (for david wells), I go.

34. Ladderkite
26 - You've got to be kidding me! That can't be what we're offering is it?

No reply.

Dozens of comments about David Wells for a player-to-be-named. Panic and mayhem the world of DT over.

2006-08-30 13:39:35
97.   Blu2
Pitchers are a treacherous and unpredictable lot and you can never have too many of them. But giving up anything at all for one month's service by one of the scoundrels is unthinkable. Ditto on "seasoned veteran" hitter. We have what we need at Las Vegas; you need re-inforcements before Sept. 1, call them up now. Short term AND long term advantages are all with staying in our own organization.
2006-08-30 13:40:09
98.   katysdad
"I really don't care if we get to the Series this year." Some fan you are.

The age old question: Do you take a risk on what may be your only chance to win a title (acquire veteran player A for promising player B), or do you gamble on the future (stand pat and hope promising player B leads you to greater glory down the road)?

The world of broadcasting and, in Kevin Malone's case, auto sales is littered with GMs that made the wrong choice.

2006-08-30 13:40:14
99.   Steve
I would have no problem calling Grittle NLMOY. I have my qualms with individual decisions, but he has been superb with the bullpen and his decision making in game is likely above replacement level at least.
2006-08-30 13:40:53
100.   gibsonhobbs88
I forgot to mention my comments in 95 were referencing comment made to me in 90.

Also, we had Sax, Scioscia, Orel, Mike Marshall and Stubbs among others contribute to the 88 team success from our farm system. Then we dried up except for a few exceptions that won Rookie of the Year awards in the 90's but were not able to sustain long term success outside of Piazza and Karros!

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-30 13:46:11
101.   Jacob L
or you believe he can duplicate his past postseason success (ALCS MVP 1998, 10-4, 3.15 ERA, 1.12 WHIP) (from 94).

Why not Guidry? Whitey Ford?

It is David Wells' destiny to be traded (oh please, oh please) to San Diego. Then he's supposed to miss a crucial September start because he couldn't get back from Revolucion on time.

2006-08-30 13:47:33
102.   Sam DC
99 Yes, but you've left me with servers errors and no recourse!
2006-08-30 13:48:26
103.   gibsonhobbs88
94 - You are so right! I am getting ahead of myself. Well, even if the Dodgers do not make the playoffs, being in a tough pennant race will toughen the kids up and they will see what it takes to be successful in September and October.
98- If you have a stocked minor league system, you could afford to have consistent future glory down the road. The Yankees on the other hand, have depleted most of their resources over the last 8-10 years, so they are relegated to trading or buying players from other organizations to fill their holes and overpay for the privilege.
2006-08-30 13:49:04
104.   Sam DC
So, after scoring two to break the tie at the top of the eleventh, Dusty's Cubs left Ryan Dempster bat with runners at 1st and 3rd and two outs.

Now its the bottom of the 11th, Dempster still pitching, one run is in, bases loaded, two outs, NL batting champ to be Freddy Sanchez at the plate . . .

2006-08-30 13:49:40
105.   Xeifrank
With September call-ups just a few days away it got me thinking about some of the past September call-ups who made an impact on a Dodger pennant race. The first that came to mind was RJ Reynolds. Others? vr, Xei
2006-08-30 13:50:08
106.   King of the Hobos
For the second time in a row, the Cubs took the the lead in the 11th inning, only for Tracy's guys to overtake Dusty's guys and win in the bottom of the inning.
2006-08-30 13:51:20
107.   Sam DC
. . . "Pitch 4 - In play, run-scoring play"
2006-08-30 13:52:44
108.   King of the Hobos
105 It may not involve pennant races, but Jon posted this last year:
2006-08-30 13:54:02
109.   King of the Hobos
107 Sanchez hit a soft liner over Derrek Lee that easily scored 2 runs.
2006-08-30 13:59:08
110.   katysdad
105 Dick Nen, 1963. He only went 1-8, but the one hit was an extra-inning home run at St. Louis that pushed the Dodgers' lead to four games over the Cardinals.
2006-08-30 14:12:37
111.   capdodger
107 HOORAY Dusty!!

And to think, he'll have a job for sure even if the Cubs dump him.

2006-08-30 14:16:04
112.   Sam DC
111 Probably with the Nationals.

Reg -- some gamechat you had last night.

2006-08-30 14:18:22
113.   Sam DC
The Red Sox starting line up today:

Youklis LF
Cora SS
Loretta DH
Lowell 3B
Kapler CF
Mirabelli C
Hinske RF
Pedroia 2B
Pena (Carlos) 1B

Wow and a half.

2006-08-30 14:25:50
114.   Marty
You can't stop the Red Sox, you can only hope to, well actually you CAN stop them.
2006-08-30 14:28:01
115.   xaphor
Pena's batting a buck twenty five. I take it another first baseman who is best left unnamed is still incapacitated.
2006-08-30 14:31:58
116.   King of the Hobos
115 Pena only has 8 ABs, but yes, the 1B you referenced is incapacitated.
2006-08-30 14:35:30
117.   Bluebleeder87

i read somewhere that there was something wrong with David Ortiz is this true? why isn't Manny Ramirez in the line up?

2006-08-30 14:36:52
118.   underdog
113 Cora setting the table for DH Loretta - sweeeeet! (Not.) That line up gets Kapler and crapler every time I stare at it.

so is Theo bargained down to at this hour in the Wells talks? DJ Houlton? DJ Jazzy Jeff minus the Fresh Prince? A carton of Cheez Nips and a TGIFriday's coupon?

2006-08-30 14:42:09
119.   natepurcell
its nice to see that after a couple of classes today i come back and see that i dont have to switch team allegiances yet. Keep up the good work Ned.
2006-08-30 14:43:44
120.   Bob Timmermann
Nen's homer in 1963 came in the ninth to tie the game. The Dodgers won in 13 on an RBI groundout from Maury Wills to score Willie Davis.

Ron Perranoski got out of a runner on third, no outs jam in the 10th.

2006-08-30 14:45:39
121.   Bob Timmermann
Danny Ardoin was going to be traded to the Mets, but the Rockies and Mets couldn't agree on compensation, so instead Ardoin is headed to baseball's version of purgatory: Baltimore.
2006-08-30 14:46:47
122.   Benaiah
117 - Ortiz has an irregular heartbeat, so he is in the hospital.
2006-08-30 14:51:46
123.   Bluebleeder87

wow! does his weight have anything to do with it? i mean that question with the up most respect.

2006-08-30 14:53:03
124.   Bob Timmermann

Ortiz thinks it's stress and lack of sleep. The Red Sox are just being extra careful.

2006-08-30 14:53:29
125.   katysdad
More September callups.

Jeffrey Leonard, 1974: .300, .364, .500, .864 OPS in 10 ABs.

Ron Washington, 1974: .368, .400, .368, .768 OPS in 19 ABs.

The Dodgers clinched early in September, so these two didn't make all that much of an impact on the pennant race.

Pedro Guerrero, 1978: .625, .625, .875, 1.500 OPS in 8 ABs.

Again, LA had all but clinched the division by the time Pedro arrived, but what a sign of things to come!

Fernando Valenzuela, 1980: 2-0, 1 save, 0.00 ERA in 17.2 IP (2 unearned runs) plus 4 IP, 4 strikeouts, 1 walk and 2 hits allowed in the final, crucial series against the Astros. He's made the biggest pennant race impact of any Dodger September callup I've found.

German Rivera, 1983: .353, .421, .412, .833 OPS in 17 ABs.

Cecil Espy, 1983: .273, .333, .364, .697 OPS in 11 ABs.

Orel Hershiser, 1983: 0-0, 1 save, 3.08 ERA with 6 walks and 5 strikeouts in 8 IP. Not much of an impact, but who would have predicted the impact he would have five years later based on these stats?

R.J. Reynolds, 1983: .236, .267, .345, .612 OPS in 55 ABs. Five runs, 11 RBI, 2 HR, 5 SB vs. 0 CS. I believe he had an impact. Oh. And of course, this:

Not a lot after '83. No one of note in '85, '88, any of the '90s races, or '04.

Mike Busch in '95 (.235, .235, .765, 1.000 OPS, 3 HR in 17 ABs) is close, but he came up August 30th.

2006-08-30 14:59:47
126.   King of the Hobos
121 The Mets then decided to trade for a 23 year old, AA version of Ardoin, Mike Nickeas. They sent Victor Diaz to the Rangers to acquire him.
2006-08-30 15:03:59
127.   katysdad
120 Bob, nice catch on Nen's homer. He debuted an inning earlier, lining out as a pinch-hitter for Bob Miller.

Perranoski pitched six innings in relief to pick up the win, his 16th of the year. He'd finish 16-3 with a 1.67 ERA in 69 games (129 IP).

In 1961 he relieved Stan Williams to start the second inning and went the final eight to get the win. They don't make relief pitchers like that any more (heck, most starters never sniff eight innings of work now).

2006-08-30 15:05:06
128.   Gagne55
Willy Aybar had a pretty good callup but it wasn't in a pennent race. Edwin Jackson 2003 comes to mind.
2006-08-30 15:05:31
129.   Bluebleeder87

thanks for that Bob, you can only hope for a speedy recovery.

2006-08-30 15:12:34
130.   Travis
Fernando Valenzuela, 1980: 2-0, 1 save, 0.00 ERA in 17.2 IP (2 unearned runs) plus 4 IP, 4 strikeouts, 1 walk and 2 hits allowed in the final, crucial series against the Astros. He's made the biggest pennant race impact of any Dodger September callup I've found.

Interestingly, the Dodgers might have lost the division that year because they didn't call up more than 2 players until the 11th, leaving them shorthanded in an extra-inning game against the Astros. Bobby Castillo, a pitcher, wound up playing the outfield. I've written more about it here (entry #12):

2006-08-30 15:15:56
131.   katysdad
128 I only checked the years the Dodgers were in a pennant race in September. Jackson did have a great debut, but LA was 10.5 games out of first at the time. They were 2.5 games out of the Wild Card chase, though.

I forgot about the Wild Card when I did my initial search. Well, yeah, he did have a good pennant race debut then.

Willy debuted August 31, 2005, so techically he is not a September callup. Also, the Dodgers were 5.5 out of first in the West and 10(!) out of the Wild Card.

Totals of .326, .448, .453, .901 OPS make for a great case, however.

2006-08-30 15:43:45
132.   Bob Timmermann
I have a Dick Nen fetish.
2006-08-30 15:49:15
133.   caseybarker
By the way, the rumor of Kemp for Wells is on ESPN Insider. I laughed out loud. Seriously, who writes this stuff?
2006-08-30 15:51:45
134.   ssjames
At 82.95%, the Dodgers currently have the highest odds of reaching the postseason, they have had all season, although one month ago today, their odds of making the postseason were at 9.59%.
2006-08-30 16:17:48
135.   GoBears
132 I have a Dick Nen fetish.

Hmm. How many times did you check for typos on that sentence before hitting "submit?" You're a risk-taker, you are.

2006-08-30 16:20:10
136.   Bob Timmermann
I'm a brave, brave man.
2006-08-30 16:27:31
137.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Lugo, 2B

Drew, RF

Nomar, 1B

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Maddux, P

today's line up provided by I.T.D, Grady must have a Lugo fetish. Nice to see Betemit back in there.

2006-08-30 16:31:31
138.   Disabled List
Jeez, Kent goes 4-for-7 and gets benched. What's an infielder gotta do to get playing time around here?
2006-08-30 16:34:52
139.   Greg S
Just a testement to the depth of the team that we can afford to rest Kent (who's bat is smoking hot right now) at this point in the season.
2006-08-30 16:35:11
140.   thinkingblue

So Lugo still gets to bat 3rd. Oh well, might as well play him to keep him happy.

2006-08-30 16:35:19
141.   Greg Brock
138 16 innings the night before, and he's no youngster.
2006-08-30 16:38:08
142.   confucius
I believe Kent is resting beecause he played 16 innings last night, he's old, and has been injured a few times this year. I don't see his performance as having much to do with it.
2006-08-30 16:42:28
143.   Bob Timmermann
Padres lead the DBacks 2-1 in the 4th.
2006-08-30 16:43:56
144.   bhsportsguy
Re: Lugo's start - I figured that it was going to be either Kent or Furcal and since Raffy never gets any rest, Grady gets to do his favorite double dose of days off.

After tomorrow, they plays 10 straight games (7 on the road), off day in Chicago (ah to be young and have a day off in the Windy City, should also be nice for Chad, since his family will be there), then they play 13 straight games (10 at home)until an off day/travel day to Colorado for the final six on the road.

Also no lefthanders this weekend, one in Milwaukee, possilby 3 in New York and maybe one in Chicago. So that is 4-5 lefthanders during the road trip, should be happy to see Mr. Kemp in Dodger Blue.

2006-08-30 16:44:09
145.   JoeyP
Lugo batting 3rd is reaching Oscar Robles level of alarm.
2006-08-30 16:46:03
146.   Bob Timmermann
At least Lugo doesn't get caught stealing all the time like Robles did.

Just half the time!

2006-08-30 16:46:36
147.   Ken Arneson
132 The search engine stats for this thread are going to be fascinating.
2006-08-30 16:59:59
148.   das411
Yo Sam! My brother just called from RFK, says he picked up a $3 outfield bleacher seat and has since self-upgraded to the top row of boxes behind home. He's under cover and everything, and the best part is his soda cost more than his ticket!! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me...gotta love Nats baseball!
2006-08-30 17:27:05
149.   Benaiah
Can someone help me figure something out? I am going to go to either the game on the 12th or the 13th against the Cubs. However, I would like to know who is pitching since I would skip a Hendrickson start no matter what. I am having trouble because of the offday moving of the rotation and the Sept call up.

Ideally I would see either:
Maddux (in Wrigley!)
Billz (I love him)
Penny or Lowe (no real preference)
and I would rather not pay to see Hedrickson throw BP.
Can anyone muster a guess as to who will be starting when?

2006-08-30 17:30:11
150.   Bluebleeder87
Can anyone muster a guess as to who will be starting when?

i can guess if you want but i'll be wrong.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-30 17:31:05
151.   Bluebleeder87
is Jon busting a Kent on us today? i haven't heard from him all day.
2006-08-30 17:39:34
152.   bhsportsguy
149 If you could wait until next week, I would see what the rotation is in Milwaukee.

The way it breaks down, the 5th starter, whoever he is, is scheduled to pitch next Tuesday, since I think they will keep Maddux on 4 days rest, and then again on Sunday in NY.
The Chicago series breaks down as follows

Lowe 12th
Penny 13th
Chad/Maddux 14th(to keep Maddux on 4 days)

This is all a guess, if Grady does a six man rotation or if Lowe has to be moved because of last night, who knows, but right now, no 5th starter in Chicago.

2006-08-30 17:41:40
153.   Benaiah
If he doesn't play Maddux at all in Chi-town that would be cruel. I think everyone is gearing up for a big love fest, god knows the cubs fans need something to get excited about.
2006-08-30 18:00:43
154.   Jon Weisman
I'm glad at least something educational came out of the Kemp-Wells discussion, but really people have to learn how to be more skeptical.

It's my annual breather, coinciding with in-law time, so as this post indicates, blogging will be light.

2006-08-30 18:04:32
155.   Bill Crain
I read somewhere Kuo might start in Chicago since Maddux told Grady the Cubs have trouble with left-handers. Batting Avg stats seemed to corroborate.
2006-08-30 18:17:12
156.   Greg Brock
147 Just be happy this wasn't an anti-doping thread. It would necessitate using the greatest name in the history of doping expertise.

You guessed it...Dick Pound.

2006-08-30 18:17:57
157.   Bill Crain
It was the OC Register:

Kuo's chance could come during the Dodgers' series in Chicago on Sept. 12-14. Little said former Cub Greg Maddux mentioned to him at one point that the Cubs have had difficulty with left-handed pitching this season - though Little said he has not checked the statistics yet.

No doubt this is already on the Griddle. But it bears repeating that Grady is not above looking at stats.

2006-08-30 18:24:02
158.   Blu2
157 But it bears repeating that Grady is not above looking at stats.
Then why doesn't he look at Lugo's stats and bat him 8th if he insists on playing him at all.. And Hendrickson's stats would indicate he ought to be pitching in Las Vegas, or maybe...... Tampa Bay?
2006-08-30 18:29:41
159.   Bill Crain
158 Hey, I never claimed he understood them. (He said laughingly as he resumed his own obsessive study of the '88 Abstract.)
2006-08-30 18:36:20
160.   Greg Brock
Well, the Yankees still lead the Tigers, but at least Sean Casey just crushed Giambi at first base. Life's little pleasures.
2006-08-30 18:41:19
161.   confucius
160 Aaron Guiel at first
2006-08-30 19:38:55
162.   jelmendorf
re: 156

Personally, I've always found a certain enjoyment in discussing the fastest growing political movement in Texas, one Dick Armey.

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