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Codavy Ross
2006-09-12 09:50
by Jon Weisman

Cody Ross2075092121655.307.478.784
David Ross21056151183258.361.605.966


Both ex-Dodgers are superior hitters against left-handed pitchers, but both also racked up the majority of their plate appearances against righties.

* * *

I knew that James Loney had improved his stats in his second turn in the big leagues, but I didn't focus on how much until this morning.

Note this sample-size-challenged comparison with Nomar Garciaparra for 2006:

Plate appearances: Loney 89, Garciaparra 463
On-base percentage: Loney .348, Garciaparra .378
Slugging percentage: Loney .506, Garciaparra .509
OPS: Loney .854, Garciaparra .886
EQA: Loney .284, Garciaparra .297

Loney has struck out four times this season, though he has hit into seven double plays.

* * *

Playoff Watch
Dodgers lead division by 1 1/2 games and have a 3 1/2-game hold on a playoff spot.

76-67 ---- Dodgers
74-68 1.5 Those Annoying Padres
73-71 3.5 Those Surprising Marlins
72-71 4.0 Those Phunky Phillies
72-71 4.0 Those Annoying Giants
71-72 5.0 Those Fading Reds
70-73 6.0 Those Better-Late-Than-Never Astros
69-74 7.0 Those Didn't Win In '94 Braves
68-76 8.5 Those Annoying Diamondbacks
67-76 9.0 Those Plucky Rockies

Current Series
Dodgers at Cubs
Padres at Reds
Mets at Marlins
Phillies at Braves
Astros at Cardinals
Rockies at Giants
Nationals at Diamondbacks

Simpleton's Forecast
The NL West strengthens its hold on the wild card by the weekend.

Update: It's raining in Chicago today, according to Dodger Thoughts reader Robert G. Higgins, and the forecast is borderline at best for tonight's Dodger game.

Update 2: Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus takes a look at the National League Cy Young race today, lamenting that Brad Penny could get consideration because of his win totals but noting that Takashi Saito is a better choice than Trevor Hoffman among reliever alternatives. Brandon Webb of Arizona and Chris Carpenter of St. Louis are the frontrunners.

Update 3: Dodger Stadium ranks 26th among major league ballparks in's Fan Value Index, hinting at a flaw at the methodology.

Comments (99)
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2006-09-12 09:58:03
1.   Benaiah
Ross has good power, but that OBP... ugh. I guess I better specify that I mean Cody. Nice to see Dave break out into the hitter he was supposed to be after we gave up on him.
2006-09-12 10:02:43
2.   still bevens
During the Reds series I was wondering why we gave up on Dave Ross. Then I saw him pass about 2 balls and play some horrible defense and had my answer.
2006-09-12 10:13:37
3.   Jon Weisman
2 - Except your answer is not why the Dodgers gave up on David Ross.
2006-09-12 10:15:39
4.   DXMachina
2 Well, besides that, he hit .170/.253/.291 in 2004, and when 0 for spring training in 2005. The Pirates and Padres gave up on him, too. He bloomed late.
2006-09-12 10:21:18
5.   DXMachina
4 "went" not "when."
2006-09-12 10:24:22
6.   bhsportsguy
For a second I thought I was looking at The Griddle but then Bob usually doesn't give editorial names to the other teams.
2006-09-12 10:28:31
7.   Sam DC
Ooops -- someone forgot to turn on the voting machines this morning in Montgomery County (home to DC suburb Bethesda, probably the most progressive County in Maryland).

My DC polling place was a grievous mess as well this morning.

2006-09-12 10:28:40
8.   Jon Weisman
I rely on the Griddle for standings updates normally, but wanted a more Dodger-centric version today.
2006-09-12 10:29:29
9.   Jon Weisman
7 - For some reason, I first read "voting" in your post as "vomiting." Which made your second paragraph very evocative for me.
2006-09-12 10:29:35
10.   still bevens
Then I dont feel bad on giving up a player who was terrible in all facets of the game when he was supposed to be in his prime. We got Russ so not harm there.
2006-09-12 10:31:43
11.   Jon Weisman
Update up top: Rain, rain may not go away today in Chicago.
2006-09-12 10:38:46
12.   Bob Timmermann
Ooh, that means the Dodgers could play a "traditional" doubleheader, as approved by the Elias Sports Bureau. Or else they may just happen to play two games on the same day if the Cubs sold out the series.
2006-09-12 10:39:28
13.   bhsportsguy
There was an article somewhere, maybe today's Daily News, where the same complaint about lack of HR power was raised withe regards to Loney.

A comparison could be made with Padre newcomer, Adrian Gonzalez, though Gonzalez did show more HR power in his last 2 stops in the PCL, he too is a 6'2"+ LH 1B, Gonzalez is almost exactly 2 years older than Loney and has been one of the Padres more consistent players.

I think Loney could have a similar year, he is only 22 and his awareness of the strikezone is already good. Also, he hit well against LHs in AAA, which could be more of an indictment of LH pitching in AAA (maybe by that time, all the really good LHs are in the majors) but at least he does not have bad splits.

2006-09-12 10:39:58
14.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, the Griddle is officially nonpartisan with the exception of the Washington Nationals, for whom I wish nothing but pain, heartache, and misery.

(This doesn't apply to Sam.)

2006-09-12 10:46:15
15.   Jon Weisman
13 - The last thread took on that discussion at the end. Worth a look.

Here's one excerpt.

Slugging percentage in 2006: Garciaparra .509, Loney .506, Kent .473

EQA in 2006: Garciaparra .297, Loney .284, Kent .280

2006-09-12 10:46:37
16.   Jon Weisman
14 - The Griddle is officially nonpartisan on San Diego?
2006-09-12 10:50:52
17.   Penarol1916
14. I thought that The Griddle hated Baltimore? Also, I don't think it is going to stop raining in Chicago until Thursday and the series did sell out, which is why bigcpa and Midwest Blue were looking for face value tickets a couple of weeks ago. Night games at Wrigley are always sold out, I really don't know why the Cubs waste them on a premium team like the Dodgers rather than a lower demand team like the Rockies or Phillies.
2006-09-12 10:53:33
18.   bhsportsguy
10 Your name reminds me of the old Sports Challenge shows when Dick Enberg would look at the screen and say, lets go back to the 1947 World Series, Ebbetts Field, bottom of the 9th and Floyd Bevens on the verge of World Series history.
2006-09-12 10:55:38
19.   bhsportsguy
16 I am guessing that The Griddle considers San Diego a non-entity, kind of like Pat Paulsen when he ran for president.
2006-09-12 10:56:16
20.   still bevens
Hah thats funny. My screen name is just the first letters of my first and last names switched up. My friend Casey fancies it to be like a rappers name or something and has some verses to back it up.
2006-09-12 10:56:17
21.   the OZ
18 I've always thought he was making a sophisticated attempt at hiding his true name - Bill Stevens.
2006-09-12 10:57:11
22.   Sam DC
That cat can rap!
2006-09-12 10:58:34
23.   Strike4
On the other side of the small sample size ledger is Matt Kemp. Since recallup, he's 3 for 17 with 1 BB and 0 HR's. And he looked befuddled in CF Friday night. Lofton (8 for 26 in Sep) needs to stay strong for another 6 weeks.
2006-09-12 10:58:54
24.   bhsportsguy
20 Bevens = Cookie for baseball immortality. And Pete Reiser. And the fact that none of those 3 ever played after that World Series.
2006-09-12 11:01:56
25.   still bevens
21 The jig is up! All of my google stalkers will now track down my controversial statements regarding David Ross and make me pay for them.
2006-09-12 11:01:58
26.   regfairfield
Deadspin has picked up the Tony Jackson napping story.
2006-09-12 11:03:07
27.   bhsportsguy
Wasn't Josh R. a sportswriter in a former life, he should have known better than to post that picture.
2006-09-12 11:03:24
28.   Strike4
23, Should've written Thu night, not Fri.
2006-09-12 11:03:31
29.   regfairfield
21 That's much better than my guess of Steven Bills. I'm not very good at anagrams.
2006-09-12 11:11:15
30.   Daniel Zappala
I remember when a Dodgers game in Chicago meant day baseball. And when the playoffs were played during daylight hours. I miss those days.
2006-09-12 11:18:25
31.   bhsportsguy
Its also raininig in Detroit and Cincinnati today and in Detroit, rain is in both today's and tomorrow's forecast, which may be a problem since they have a brief 2 game series with Texas and Texas is scheduled to start a 4 game series at home with the Angels starting on Thursday.

Unsure how a rainout a today would affect the rotation, my guess is that they will wait a while since the Cubs have probably sold out the series, though it is very likely they could play a two games tomorrow.

2006-09-12 11:20:29
32.   bhsportsguy
30 I remember that too, I recall giving highlights of the 1977 playoffs against the Phillies over the PA during lunch at my high school (probably breaking that any rebroadcast rule) and hearing that faithful 9th inning where Vic, Manny and Davey (not the Pep Boys) rally for that comeback that eventually led them to that NL flag.
2006-09-12 11:23:05
33.   Bob Timmermann
The Griddle is officially nonpartisan toward San Diego. It's as nonpartisan as the New York Times and Fox News Channel put together!
2006-09-12 11:23:23
34.   the OZ
29 Try this anagram:

Odd Ghetto Shrug
Doth Host Grudge

2006-09-12 11:25:20
35.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think tonight's game at Wrigley is sold out. I just looked at the Cubs website and I could by a pair of field level seats in Section 34.
2006-09-12 11:27:56
36.   Daniel Zappala
34 Dodger Thoughts
2006-09-12 11:30:10
37.   ssjames
Looking at the updated weather in Chicago, it looks like it is raining there now, but will probably clear by tonight, I would bet that they get tonight's game in. Although I probably just jinxed it.
2006-09-12 11:46:50
38.   uke
How would a rain-out tonight and double header on Tursday throw off the roation for the series with San Diego?

Good article in the Times this morning...,1,7147195.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-mlb-dodger

(don't know how to do 'tinyurl', sorry)

2006-09-12 11:47:26
39.   Jon Weisman
More updates up top.
2006-09-12 11:48:58
40.   Jon Weisman
38 - go to

Rainouts wouldn't throw off the rotation for the San Diego series - Little could still do what he wants - perhaps even more so. If there were makeup games needed at the end of the season, that would be noteworthy.

2006-09-12 11:50:19
41.   Bob Timmermann
MLB loathes makeup games after the season is over.
2006-09-12 11:53:08
42.   uke
oh man that tinyurl is sweet!
2006-09-12 11:53:52
43.   Bob Timmermann

For the record, the Griddle is nonpartisan about Baltimore. I just find the Orioles boring to write about.

But they did DFA Danny Ardoin!

2006-09-12 12:00:46
44.   Gagne55
4041 If the Dodgers win the division by more than .5 games, then I think the makeup game would not be played at the end of the season and they'd just have a 161 game schedual. I remember in '03 the Giants had a choice as to whether or not to play a make-up game (if they won they'd have gotten the #1 seed, but they chose to get the extra day of rest instead)

As for a double header. Ugg. That could throw the rotation off. Either Stults/Sele would have to make a start or Derek "Rubber Arm" Lowe go on three days rest.

2006-09-12 12:01:11
45.   uke
Not that this needs to be stated again, but the four game series with the Padres is going to be HUGE. We'll see Wells and Peavy for sure, and we throw Maddox, Lowe, and C-Bills at them. Big.
2006-09-12 12:05:17
46.   Gagne55
38 Here is how. Lowe and Penny would both go on Wednesday. Kuo on Thursday. Maddux starts the San Deigo series Friday with Billz going Saturday. Then on Sunday, it's Lowe's turn. But Lowe was pushed back a day and suddenly it's only three days rest for him. The only starters with four days rest are any of Hendrickson, Sele, or Stults who hadn't pitched already against either the Cubs or Pads in relief. So either it would be a spot starter or Lowe on short rest on Sunday.
2006-09-12 12:06:06
47.   Bob Timmermann
In the SI article, 34% of the fans surveyed would consider taking public transportation to a Dodger game?

That's outrageously high? That means for a game with 40,000 people in attendance, a little under 14,000 of them came on the bus.

The MTA would be rolling in dough.

Even the 1% who say they always take public transportation says high. That is still 4-5,000 people per game.

Then there is this:
How would you rate the entertainment options aside from the game?
• Nonexistent: 15%
• So many games/promotions and scoreboard highlights that the game is lost in the background: 5%
• Typical mascot antics/scoreboard quizzes and fun music: 19%
• Some unique promotions/antics, but it sometimes distracts from the game: 12%
• A nice balance that draws your attention when the game is stopped but doesn't distract from the action on the field: 45%

45% of the respondents directly contradicted 15% of the respondents. You can't have "none" and then "a nice balance."

2006-09-12 12:06:14
48.   Gagne55
BTW, are the Dodgers going to see Zambrano this series?
2006-09-12 12:08:36
49.   Bob Timmermann
2006-09-12 12:09:46
50.   uke
1% of 40,000 is 400
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-09-12 12:10:11
51.   Gagne55
47 It's saying 34% would consider taking public transportation. Therefore, less than that actually do. 34% is the high mark. Which is unfortuante because the one thing that I hate about going to Dodger games is how it takes 40 minutes to get out of the parking lot. On the east coast they have subways. Too bad LA can't get some. :(
2006-09-12 12:12:10
52.   Gagne55
50 Did Bob just get pwn3d?
2006-09-12 12:13:53
53.   Bob Timmermann
Stupid powers of 10.
2006-09-12 12:16:09
54.   Marty
L.A. has subways. They just don't go any closer to Dodger Stadium than Union Station.
2006-09-12 12:16:19
55.   Gagne55
Also the price of food is outrageous. $3.50 for a pretzel? $4.75 for a hot dog? But the stadium itself is a great place to watch a game.
2006-09-12 12:16:47
56.   Marty
You have to remember, that L.A. subways are not dump trucks. They are a series of tubes...
2006-09-12 12:17:35
57.   King of the Hobos
51 When I went to a Red Sox game this summer, it took over 40 minutes just to get on the subway. I have no idea if that's normal behavior for east coast teams, but I personally wasn't able to leave the ballpark any faster than Dodger Stadium. It seemed to me that public transportation just reduced the cost, not the time (and that's been my experience using the Red Line/Blue Line here in Los Angeles as well as the other coast).
2006-09-12 12:18:44
58.   Bob Timmermann
I will point out that in the SI article, that the area of Pasadena referred to was supposed to be called "Old Pasadena." But even the people who run the area have given up and have started adding "Town" into the name.

2006-09-12 12:19:42
59.   uke
55 It's a great place to see a game and so is Fenway. As Still Bevens commented earlier, how the hell can the Metrodome be a better baseball experience than Dodger Stadium?
2006-09-12 12:20:07
60.   Bob Timmermann
Getting on the El after a Cubs game is very easy to do if you are a 2-dimensional object.
2006-09-12 12:21:31
61.   Marty
must. narrow. thread. soon.
2006-09-12 12:21:47
62.   Marty
Aahh....that's better.
2006-09-12 12:31:18
63.   still bevens
59 But Mister Uke, the Metrodome has a trashbag as a wall in their outfield. You cant find a better experience than that!

I think most of those listings in the Sports Illustrated park poll are skewed towards teams that have cheap tickets on average, cheap food and nobody going to the games so you can leave faster.

2006-09-12 12:34:43
64.   Bob Timmermann
I also think that 400 people per Dodger game arriving on the bus is a high number. There are only two bus lines that serve the stadium. 400 people would require multiple buses at the end of the game.

And the MTA doesn't run them. The MTA can't even bother to run an extra Blue Line train after the end of events at Staples and instead make you stand outside to wait for the next train. That's a lot a fun in the winter. Especially when it's raining.

2006-09-12 12:36:15
65.   Xeifrank
re: Update 3 ... and what would that flaw in the methodology be? The stadium is pretty old. Food lines way too long. Parking is terrible. Mass transit to the stadium is pretty non-existent. I really can't comment on the other stadiums as the other ones I've been to have been recently torn down.
vr, Xei
2006-09-12 12:40:14
66.   regfairfield
65 There's no way that Dodger Stadium should be worst than Oakland. The place is a dump, the lines stretch out into the main walk ways, making it impossible to move around the stadium and the food is terrible.
2006-09-12 12:42:29
67.   regfairfield
BTF just released minor league park factors for this year. Big surprise was that Vegas actually supressed home runs in 2006. Anyone know if there's a reason for this, or just an anomoly.
2006-09-12 12:50:17
68.   BlueMamma
Love this line at the end of the Dodger Stadium summary:

"Just think: Shea Stadium is the same age as the Dodgers' home and it's a lot easier to get to; anyone want to go there instead?"

2006-09-12 13:06:25
69.   Sam DC
Well, I'm shocked, shocked that RFK would be last!

Actually, I find it a pretty OK place to see a game (admittedly in a Loser's Dividend sort of way). It's super easy to get to either driving or on the metro, or even walking, and the unsafely-steep upper deck means the cheap seats are pulled in pretty close to the field (unless you're deep in the outfield.

2006-09-12 13:12:22
70.   Marty
Shea opened in 1962? I thought it was more like 1964
2006-09-12 13:14:30
71.   ToyCannon
RFK was where I saw my 1st major league game in 69. Hondo was quite a sight to a 9 year old. Do the gnats still swirl around your head during the day games?
2006-09-12 13:14:57
72.   GoBears
Those David Ross numbers are astounding. But I wondered how much of that was the new bandbox he calls home. Turns out he has hit well on the road, but MUCH better at home. .758 SLG!

Home 36 99 .385 .758 .273
Away 40 111 .339 .468 .261

I was also surprised at how few ABs he's had with this level of production. Only 210 total, and only 99 at home.

So, he's better than he showed as a Dodger, but he's not as good as looks now (or at least, we can't trust that he's this good).

2006-09-12 13:16:58
73.   ToyCannon
Seemed to me the MTA always ran extra lines after Laker games but as usual left the Clipper fans waiting in the dark. I always found it easier to hike upto the Figy/7th street hub instead of standing on the Pico station stand.
2006-09-12 13:20:02
74.   ToyCannon
I don't subsribe to BP anymore but I wonder if Ross has a higher VORP then just about any catcher who has twice as many at bats. That is some serious production from the catching position. If only he hadn't tanked in his Aug/Sept debut as our starting catcher. Maybe Tracy was trying to make him a contact hitter:)
2006-09-12 13:23:10
75.   Penarol1916
60. I never had a problem getting on the El after a Cubs game. Sure it's more crowded than getting on the El after a White Sox game, but still not too bad, and definately not a 40 minute wait.

55. I don't think that is too bad in terms of ballpark prices, unless they don't have dollar dog days like Comiskey.

2006-09-12 13:25:29
76.   uke
75 $8 beers is rough!
2006-09-12 13:25:30
77.   Jon Weisman
At Inside the Dodgers Josh posted the lineup - says the rain has stopped but is expected to start again.

Lugo at 3B, Ethier in left, Kemp in center

2006-09-12 13:27:58
78.   Jacob L
I won't argue that public transit to the stadium is in any way adequate now. I do think, however, that there are many ways to make it workable for a significant portion of the fanbase. The key to any solution is for the Dodgers to see it as an amenity for their fans and a way to get more people to the park, rather than as an expense and a loss of parking revenue.
2006-09-12 13:32:40
79.   Bob Timmermann
I don't believe it is physically possible for the MTA to run extra Blue Line trains. Where would they keep the extra train needed for such a situation?

It's just like the guy in the LA Times once who suggested that the MTA run "Express" trains on the Gold Line despite the fact that there is only one track each way and you can't skip past stations and overtake a "local."

There are Gold Line "express" trains, but they just skip a few stops on the way and run in between "locals". It's not like a New York subway express which gets its own track.

2006-09-12 13:33:07
80.   regfairfield
74 Ross is at 23.6 VORP. In the NL, McCann has 45.3 and Barrett is at 32.6. I'd go with the AL, but the site just died on me. I know Mauer is in the 50s and Victor Martinez is in the low 30s.
2006-09-12 13:34:19
81.   uke
Who's the clown that Josh is talking about...the one who uses the @dodgerthoughts email? Jon, what's that about?
2006-09-12 13:35:40
82.   Uncle Miltie

15 Year Deal? That is insane!

I didn't know that Magic Johnson signed a 25 year deal. That one really blew up in the Lakers' face.

2006-09-12 13:42:51
83.   Marty
The Gold Line "Express" shaved a whole 6 minutes of the trip from end to end. Since then they added the Lake Ave. station as one it stops at, so it saves even less. Their definition of express and mine are different.
2006-09-12 13:44:56
84.   Bob Timmermann
Real live question I've received today:

I need to know if suburbanization has affected the development of the Los Angeles area?

Should I have answered "No"?

2006-09-12 13:45:15
85.   Marty
I get a tinyurl error when I click on that link Miltie.
2006-09-12 13:45:22
86.   regfairfield
82 Didn't the Islanders fire their G.M. after two weeks, then give the backup goalie the position? I suppose this is a consequence of that.

You'd think they would have learned something with one failed ten year contract.

2006-09-12 13:45:37
87.   caseybarker
Two of the better stadium experiences I've had were in Atlanta and San Diego. In Atlanta, I could go back and forth on the subway pretty easily from GA Tech to the Stadium.

In San Diego, I rode a tram from Imperial Beach to the stadium.

2006-09-12 13:46:27
88.   Marty
You should have told that person that they lost their library priveleges for the day.
2006-09-12 13:46:28
89.   Bob Timmermann
When I take the Gold Line, I board at the Mission Station (South Pasadena). I just get on whichever train comes first.
2006-09-12 13:47:42
90.   Marty
Magic's 25 year deal was at a million per as I recall, so it wasn't as bad as you might think.
2006-09-12 13:48:16
91.   Marty
I do the same thing since I board at either end of the station.
2006-09-12 13:48:44
92.   regfairfield
84 Did he ask you to use your own words?
2006-09-12 13:48:46
93.   Marty
Either end of the line I should say.
2006-09-12 13:52:00
94.   Bob Timmermann
Fortunately, questions about the suburbanization of Los Angeles are answered in a different department.

This person needed to compare and contrast Los Angeles and Maywood.

I would really like to see the final report on that one. Maywood is 1.2 square miles and has a population around 20-25,000.

2006-09-12 13:52:27
95.   Jon Weisman
I poached from the Griddle for a new thread.

81 - Myself and others have been the target of an imposter.

2006-09-12 14:06:46
96.   Uncle Miltie
85- go to, it's one of the top stories.
90- I did not know that. Still, at the time of the deal, he was probably the highest paid player in the league. While $1 million wasn't a ton in the 90s, it's a waste of money when the player can't play. I'm in favor of shorter term deals for higher annual salaries. That's why I loved the Furcal signing. It showed a lot of creativity on Ned's part.
2006-09-12 14:15:29
97.   ToyCannon
When I used to collect coins from apartment operated laundry's, Maywood was the dirtiest city I visited and I collected from all over Southern California. I wonder if it has gotten any better in the last 25 years.
2006-09-12 14:48:34
98.   GoBears
96. No, Magic's $25M/25 yrs was a good deal for the Lakers, and even seemed so at the time. $1M was not a huge amount of money at the time, and both sides knew that the deal would include post-retirement money for post-retirement work (i.e., in the front office). I'd be shocked if Magic has not paid big returns for the Lakers over the life of that deal.

The high-price/short-term contract is neither innovative nor necessarily smart in a sport that lacks salary caps. The time-value of money is important here. Paying a guy now instead of later is more expensive, which is precisely why a player would jump at such a deal - he can cash out sooner, and if his ability holds up, get another deal sooner. Running a contract over more years does NOT obligate you to keep the guy on the roster.

A small market team can't afford a Furcal-type deal -- one guy would eat too much of the budget. A big market team CAN afford a long contract that pays a guy after he's worth it, so there's no obvious benefit to the front-loaded deal. The only difference I see is psychological - that the deal is seen to be short term and expensive, basically locking in the guy's tenure with the team (the job is his for the duration, but not longer).

I'm not arguing that this deal was necessarily a bad one in the case of Furcal, just against the notion that this sort of deal is a smart way to go in general.

2006-09-12 15:50:21
99.   DXMachina
70 Yes, Shea didn't open until 1964.

I gotta say, Shea is usually easy to get into and out of via mass transit. After Saturday's game there were lines for the subway, but they moved pretty quickly, and we were on a (packed) train within minutes of making it up to the platform.

By car it can sometimes be problematic, mostly depending on what direction you're coming from, and how late you've left it. They've also started digging up a good-sized chunk of the main parking lot for the new stadium. Plus the US Open was going on next door on Saturday, so we figured the train was the way to go. It's nice to have the option.

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