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Is This Game Chat Even Necessary?
2006-09-12 16:48
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game?

Tonight's Weather

Update: The first pitch has been thrown on schedule.

* * *

From the Dodger press notes:

  • Minor League batting champion James Loney has not stayed in the same city for more than nine days since July 28. At that time, he was in Las Vegas and since then he has been to Los Angeles (2 days), Cincinnati (3 days), Miami (3 days) back to L.A. (9 days), Tacoma (4 days), Portland (5 days), Colorado Springs (3 days), back to L.A. (2 days), Milwaukee (3 days) and New York (4 days) before arriving in Chicago (4 days). By the time he returns to Los Angeles on Thursday, Loney will have traveled approximately 15,834 miles in a span of almost seven weeks.

  • Incredibly, the all-time series between these two teams is separated by just one game, with the Dodgers holding a 1,004-1,003 advantage. L.A. has posted an 11-10 record since the 2003 season began.

  • Comments (529)
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    2006-09-12 16:57:49
    1.   Jim Hitchcock
    Necessary or not, first post is from Carson City.

    I feel like a pinch hitter, or something...

    2006-09-12 16:58:31
    2.   Daniel Zappala
    If you take a look at the current weather map:

    it looks to me like they'll get the game in, as long as the field has been kept dry.

    2006-09-12 16:58:50
    3.   Nagman
    If we get rained out tonight, Sunday's starter comes into question unless Lowe or Penny go on short rest. Setting up the rotation for SD might have been all for naught.

    And as I type this, good news from Cincy.

    2006-09-12 16:59:16
    4.   scooplew
    Aurilia just hit a 3-run HR; 3-1 Reds over Padres in the 3rd.
    2006-09-12 17:01:32
    5.   bhsportsguy
    Okay for a couple reasons I would like Adam Dunn to hit one out right now.
    2006-09-12 17:02:34
    6.   Mark Joseph
    Well, the way Monday just described the weather report, it sounds like they will get the game in.
    2006-09-12 17:04:27
    7.   Bob Timmermann
    With Eric Milton flinging for the Reds, this game's in the bank!

    Unfortunately, it's a bank owned by Charles Keating.

    2006-09-12 17:04:30
    8.   xaphor
    We've got players warming up on the field on one heck of gloomy Chicago day. The only spattering I see is of crowds in the stands. Let's play ball.
    2006-09-12 17:06:25
    9.   bhsportsguy
    It you ever wanted a fast start, tonight is the night.
    2006-09-12 17:06:28
    10.   Bluebleeder87
    i just hope the Padres lose & the Dodgers win, let's take it day by day people.
    2006-09-12 17:06:33
    11.   Jon Weisman
    7 - That joke is timeless! Future generations will always get Charles Keating gags.
    2006-09-12 17:06:46
    12.   Mark Joseph
    Idiot comment of the day, from Phil Rogers at ESPN:

    "I vote (for the MVP), and I await the backlash, which annually comes on two fronts: from outraged fans of runner-up players and from statistical analysts whose computers see things those of us in the Baseball Writers Association of America sometimes miss. Perhaps we are too busy at the ballpark covering games."

    Translation for non-journalists: I am a dumb ignoramus, but I get to watch baseball and write about it ignorantly for a living; you don't.

    2006-09-12 17:07:59
    13.   Bob Timmermann

    Actually, Charles Keating owned S&Ls, but I stand by my joke.

    2006-09-12 17:09:21
    14.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    Sean Marshall, in his Gameday mug, resembles a Depression-era gangster.
    2006-09-12 17:10:58
    15.   Bluebleeder87
    look at Nomar!
    2006-09-12 17:11:39
    16.   Marty
    It's hard to top Keating humor. Maybe Milken humor, but it's close.
    2006-09-12 17:11:47
    17.   Gen3Blue
    The joke is timeless and perhaps humourless:)
    2006-09-12 17:12:33
    18.   Marty
    Sean Marshall's Gameday photo makes him look like a juvenile delinquent.
    2006-09-12 17:12:37
    19.   overkill94
    Uh oh, one of my "don't trust at all" guys is up with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs...
    2006-09-12 17:12:55
    20.   Linkmeister
    13 If you want to restrict it to banks, use Penn Square.

    2006-09-12 17:13:34
    21.   Mark Joseph

    Well, the fast start is a distinct possibility (bases loaded, one out, Kent up), but it has already started raining!

    2006-09-12 17:13:41
    22.   Bluebleeder87
    Drew loves taking his first at bat as a walk you guys notice that?
    2006-09-12 17:13:49
    23.   overkill94
    And Drew does what I had hoped he would, at least we're now upgraded to Kent's "used to trust".
    2006-09-12 17:14:17
    24.   Marty
    Apparently, Sean Marshal is not a mudder.
    2006-09-12 17:15:56
    25.   overkill94
    I'd rather not push Nomar to score on a wet field, thank you very much
    2006-09-12 17:16:03
    26.   bhsportsguy
    Nomar has to be the slowest athletic looking runner on the team, 1-0 Dodgers.
    2006-09-12 17:16:42
    27.   bhsportsguy
    How sharply was Kent's ball hit?
    2006-09-12 17:17:02
    28.   Bluebleeder87
    the Cubbies are the Cubbies, thank you very much.
    2006-09-12 17:17:11
    29.   bhsportsguy
    Okay, Andre has two strikes, look out.
    2006-09-12 17:17:14
    30.   Marty
    I just found out I'm going to Saturday's game (with stadium club priveleges!). Is that the day Billingsly is scheduled to pitch?
    2006-09-12 17:17:36
    31.   bhsportsguy
    What happened?
    2006-09-12 17:17:38
    32.   overkill94
    Silly Freddy. Good for the Dodgers, bad for my fantasy team because that one play might cost him playing time for the near future and I could use his steals.

    That 2nd error doesn't help either...

    2006-09-12 17:17:50
    33.   Bluebleeder87

    it was a little bloop if you ask me, but i'm o.k. with Nomar not scoring.

    2006-09-12 17:17:58
    34.   bhsportsguy
    30 Yep.
    2006-09-12 17:18:07
    35.   King of the Hobos
    4 runs should be good enough, now let's get 5 innings finished as quickly as possible.
    2006-09-12 17:18:18
    36.   bhsportsguy
    Okay, hurry up and get this game in.
    2006-09-12 17:18:36
    37.   Mark Joseph
    Clever of the Cubs to drag it out (2 errors in two plays) while the rain is increasing!
    2006-09-12 17:18:41
    38.   Linkmeister
    88-foot singles for RBIs. Whoopee!
    2006-09-12 17:18:52
    39.   overkill94
    Wow, Abreu's up again with the bases loaded. I smell a new "number of RBI in one game" record
    2006-09-12 17:18:56
    40.   bhsportsguy
    That's it first ball swinging now.
    2006-09-12 17:20:14
    41.   overkill94
    Eh, he only got the sac fly, but he does have 7 RBI through 3 innings now.
    2006-09-12 17:21:29
    42.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    For the juvenile delinquent-turned-gangster, 25 pitches already. Gives me hope that he'll be knocked out early, requiring Dusty to burn through his bullpen, meaning we'll be facing tired (or used, at least) pitchers for the rest of the series.
    2006-09-12 17:21:43
    43.   Bluebleeder87
    i'd run on Pierre's arm all day, I think Lofton has a better arm then him.
    2006-09-12 17:21:50
    44.   Bob Timmermann
    I think that now that this game has started, it will go the distance or just be called early. The umpires don't like to shorten games that affect pennant races.
    2006-09-12 17:22:13
    45.   Mark Joseph

    Bases loaded; Kent hit a weak grounder between 3rd and short for a run. Ethier hit a forceout/possible DP to the second baseman, who couldn't get it out of his glove, and didn't get any outs. Kemp hit a DP ball to short, but after the force at second, the relay to first was wild, and two more runs scored.

    2006-09-12 17:22:24
    46.   Gen3Blue
    What's this rain stuff. Will we get 5 innings in?
    I know I'm old but I'm using Fagan's Morph the Cat for background to the game.
    2006-09-12 17:25:07
    47.   overkill94
    45 Actually, Kent's hit was a soft liner into short left field. Not a screaming line drive, but definitely a very clean hit.
    2006-09-12 17:26:29
    48.   Bluebleeder87
    getting 5 in is the perfect senerio as far as the Dodgers are concerned.
    2006-09-12 17:27:00
    49.   Bluebleeder87


    2006-09-12 17:27:33
    50.   Marty
    Hey, the Reds are up two on the padres in the fifth
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-09-12 17:27:40
    51.   overkill94
    Navarro's defensive stats have taken a hit today, he has a PB and 2 SB against. Plus, his pitcher ERA just went through the roof ;)
    2006-09-12 17:28:06
    52.   Mark Joseph

    Well, Monday just said that the rain has slacked off and is now very light.

    2006-09-12 17:29:34
    53.   King of the Hobos
    43 The Fielding Bible agrees with you. Over the last 3 years, Lofton has more "kills" than Pierre, and a smaller percent of baserunners have advanced on Lofton.
    2006-09-12 17:29:37
    54.   Mark Joseph

    Probably his catcher ERA. Or is TB so far behind that he has come in to pitch? ;-)

    2006-09-12 17:31:50
    55.   King of the Hobos
    Scott Hatteberg stole his 3rd career base tonight! Piazza was catching, but an impressive feat nonetheless.

    Bynum is having a tough night.

    2006-09-12 17:31:57
    56.   Bluebleeder87
    poor Cubbis 2nd baseman, i feel his pain.
    2006-09-12 17:32:00
    57.   Mark Joseph
    Bynum is taking this "stalling via errors" concept seriously!
    2006-09-12 17:33:01
    58.   Mark Joseph
    I see a lot of first-ball swinging in the Dodgers' immediate future...
    2006-09-12 17:33:09
    59.   Bluebleeder87
    Fucal just hit that ball to the moon.
    2006-09-12 17:33:25
    60.   Gen3Blue
    Wow, the Cubs look worse than us during a losing streak.
    2006-09-12 17:33:47
    61.   bhsportsguy
    If they hit like Raffy, no problem. 99 runs scored for Furcal.
    2006-09-12 17:34:07
    62.   Benaiah
    Wow. The Cubbies look horrible. I was asking my boss the other day why the Cubbies dont get someone who can get on base, he replied that "they don't know players like that, they have never had any." After 100 years of failure you think they might be open to new ideas.
    2006-09-12 17:34:30
    63.   Bob Timmermann
    Bynum is 1/3 of the way to catching Andy Leonard for the alltime record for errors in a game by a second baseman.

    Leonard however did that in 1876 and wasn't wearing a glove.

    The AL best is five. Nap Lajoie is one of the people to do that.

    2006-09-12 17:35:50
    64.   bhsportsguy
    That's okay Julio but you took too many pitches to make an out.
    2006-09-12 17:36:09
    65.   bhsportsguy
    What, Nomar took a strike.
    2006-09-12 17:36:35
    66.   Gen3Blue
    52 Excellent. I can't see any rain on DTV.
    2006-09-12 17:36:42
    67.   overkill94
    54 Pitcher ERA, catcher ERA, whatever, it's a stupid stat anyway
    2006-09-12 17:36:58
    68.   King of the Hobos
    Nomar and Lugo are wise, strike out so Bynum and the Cubs can't make errors. I'm disappointed with Drew though, straight at Bynum.
    2006-09-12 17:37:08
    69.   overkill94
    At least that one should be called a hit
    2006-09-12 17:37:38
    70.   Gen3Blue
    Man this is sad, is it mostly one guy, or both middle infielders.
    2006-09-12 17:37:42
    71.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    When was the last time the Dodgers got double-digit home runs out of the leadoff spot?
    2006-09-12 17:38:06
    72.   bhsportsguy
    Milton is out for the Reds and another pitcher whose last name could be his first, Ryan Franklin in to start the 6th in the now official game in Cincy.
    2006-09-12 17:38:15
    73.   overkill94
    Lyons is being overly critical on that one, I think Drew would have beat it anyway. Sure Bynum should have charged it in the first place, but that has nothing to do with the scoring decision.
    2006-09-12 17:38:27
    74.   Jacob L
    Now if we all think real hard, maybe we can stop this rain. No rain! No rain! No rain!
    2006-09-12 17:39:09
    75.   bhsportsguy
    71 Go to the right, click on Retrosheet and I am sure you could get the answer before Bynum makes another error.
    2006-09-12 17:40:19
    76.   bhsportsguy
    73 Lyons was a middle infielder so he probably has some credibility when it comes to fielding. Hitting is another issue.
    2006-09-12 17:40:30
    77.   Bluebleeder87
    The AL best is five. Nap Lajoie is one of the people to do that.

    i'd like the announcers to say that, there 2nd baseman is a good athlete.

    2006-09-12 17:41:33
    78.   overkill94
    Ryan Franklin is not good
    2006-09-12 17:41:44
    79.   Jon Weisman
    72 - Hey, it's Franklin. Coming over to play.

    Or ...

    "It ain't easy being white."

    2006-09-12 17:42:08
    80.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    75 - I'm on my work computer, an iMac which was cutting edge in 1999, so I don't dare for fear of crashing.
    2006-09-12 17:42:28
    81.   Bluebleeder87

    that just reminded me of my 3rd grade teacher doing a little dance for the rain to go away. :o)

    2006-09-12 17:42:35
    82.   overkill94
    76 I'm not saying it wasn't a bad fielding play, just that Lyons' rationale in saying it would be an error is flawed.
    2006-09-12 17:45:25
    83.   Bluebleeder87

    she was hispanic & we all participated, i know what you're thinking.

    2006-09-12 17:46:39
    84.   Uncle Miltie
    Abreu is up with bases loaded again. Right now he has 7 rbi
    2006-09-12 17:48:03
    85.   Bob Timmermann
    Abreu is still 5 RBI short of tying the record.
    2006-09-12 17:48:26
    86.   Marty
    San Diego ties it up. Stupid Red relievers.
    2006-09-12 17:49:11
    87.   Mark Joseph
    Dodger VORP so far (batting):

    Rafael Furcal 38.8
    Nomar Garciaparra 29.3
    Andre Ethier 25.8
    Jeff Kent 24.3
    Kenny Lofton 24.1
    J.D. Drew 23.3
    Russell Martin 20.0
    Olmedo Saenz 13.6
    Matt Kemp 5.6
    James Loney 4.4
    Wilson Betemit 4.4
    Ramon Martinez 3.7
    Toby Hall 3.6
    Jason Repko 2.1

    2006-09-12 17:49:42
    88.   Bluebleeder87

    the thing is they traded good players for some of those "relievers"

    2006-09-12 17:51:53
    89.   bhsportsguy
    Padres take the lead.

    71 Either 1980 when Davey Lopes had exactly 10 homers or for sure 1979 when Davey hit 28.

    2006-09-12 17:53:00
    90.   Mark Joseph
    Dodger VORP (pitching):

    Derek Lowe 41.0
    Brad Penny 31.4
    Takashi Saito 29.4
    Jonathan Broxton 22.7
    Chad Billingsley 21.0
    Joe Beimel 15.2
    Brett Tomko 11.3
    Aaron Sele 11.0
    Greg Maddux 9.4
    Hong-Chih Kuo 5.0
    Elmer Dessens 4.7
    Giovanni Carrara 2.4
    Eric Stults 2.0
    Mark Hendrickson 0.0
    Tim Hamulack -1.2

    2006-09-12 17:53:04
    91.   Bluebleeder87
    i hope this is a bad game for the Cubies, i'm pretty sure there not that bad.
    2006-09-12 17:54:14
    92.   Bob Timmermann
    Has Sean Marshall pulled out a gun yet and started firing at people?
    2006-09-12 17:54:53
    93.   Bob Timmermann
    Cla Meredith is in. The Reds are toast.
    2006-09-12 17:55:25
    94.   underdog
    Holy Sax, the Cubs defense is having problems today - is the ball wet or something, or is it just a pure lack of ability? I'm not even watching it, just following on GameDay. Yeesh.
    2006-09-12 17:56:46
    95.   Andrew Shimmin
    71- 2001. Guy by the name of Lo Duca hit 14 in the leadoff spot. 26 total HRs were hit from the number one spot that year.
    2006-09-12 17:57:44
    96.   Mark Joseph
    Dodger runs half-life is one inning.
    2006-09-12 18:00:24
    97.   Bluebleeder87
    i hope it rains very hard at the end of 5.
    2006-09-12 18:01:16
    98.   King of the Hobos
    96 I can't wait to see the next few innings. If we play a complete game, then the Dodgers should score 7.984375 runs.
    2006-09-12 18:01:32
    99.   Bob Timmermann
    Hollandsworth batting against Meredith with the bases loaded and one out in Cincinnati.
    2006-09-12 18:01:41
    100.   librarian

    Hah! Award for best use of physics in a baseball joke.

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2006-09-12 18:02:17
    101.   Bob Timmermann
    Line out for our old friend Hollandsworth that didn't score a run.
    2006-09-12 18:02:21
    102.   xaphor
    96 Next inning could prove interesting. Perhaps they'll only get a guy as far as second.
    2006-09-12 18:02:41
    103.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Gameday says Hollandsworth lined out against Meredith with the bases loaded and one out.


    2006-09-12 18:02:47
    104.   underdog
    And now another ex-Dodger, David Ross is up. Go Dave!
    2006-09-12 18:03:15
    105.   librarian
    Another ex-Dodger bites us in the bottom: Todd Hollandsworth just lined out with the bases loaded for the Reds.
    2006-09-12 18:03:16
    106.   underdog
    I mean, go J. Valentin! (hitting for Ross)
    2006-09-12 18:03:22
    107.   Bob Timmermann
    Javier Valentin is pinch hitting for Ross.
    2006-09-12 18:03:59
    108.   Bluebleeder87

    shame on him.

    2006-09-12 18:04:18
    109.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh

    Valentin Ks.


    2006-09-12 18:05:07
    110.   Bob Timmermann
    There is no joy in the Queen City, mighty Javier has struck out.
    2006-09-12 18:05:57
    111.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Cubs nearly make another error.

    May, they look bad.


    2006-09-12 18:06:45
    112.   Mark Joseph

    Thanks. Had to do something to compete with a Charles Keating joke.

    Kudos to 98 and 102 for alternative predictions. If 98 is right, we'd have to play an infinite number of innings to score our 8th run!

    2006-09-12 18:06:54
    113.   Bluebleeder87

    it just makes it more interesting for us Dodger fans, i would have liked a hit.

    2006-09-12 18:09:03
    114.   twerp
    94 I'd like to be watching on WGN as the TV sports schedule says I could. But no. A movie clutters up the screen.

    Whazzup w/ dat?

    Which leads to questions--TBS doesn't seem to show as many Braves games as it did, and WGN not as many of the Cubs'. Is this right? If so, why or why not?

    Questions, questions. I seek answers...and just to see the Dodger game, not something people in TN can do very often.

    2006-09-12 18:14:07
    115.   Uncle Miltie
    Nice at bat by Ethier. While he hasn't hit much at all this month, he has been a lot more patient.
    2006-09-12 18:15:19
    116.   Uncle Miltie
    Is that the Bird Killer™ that the Cubs are bringing in?
    2006-09-12 18:16:36
    117.   librarian

    Looks like we're gonna take that long trip thru the bullpen you were after.

    2006-09-12 18:17:19
    118.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Not a great AB for Kemp.


    2006-09-12 18:18:06
    119.   Sam DC
    Funny post up at Inside the Dodgers on L'Affaire Jackson.
    2006-09-12 18:20:42
    120.   Gen3Blue
    Sad, I say. But did you see Kemp run. He would be a running back, and noone would like the assignment of stopping him.
    2006-09-12 18:22:00
    121.   Sam DC
    Hideki Matsui is 4-4 in his return from four months on the DL.
    2006-09-12 18:25:16
    122.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 120

    Reminds me now of Brian Jordan running over a catcher at the plate a while back.

    In the long term, I think Kemp will be fine, but that last AB was disappointing. He's a kid; he'll figure it out.


    2006-09-12 18:26:30
    123.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Meredith gets through the seventh. Padres still up by one going into the eighth.


    2006-09-12 18:26:58
    124.   Linkmeister
    114 TBS is cutting back; there are more games on Sports South these days. If TBS is sold, there may be very few Braves games if any on it in the future, or so I seem to recall reading somewhere. Might even have been at the Griddle that I saw that.
    2006-09-12 18:27:00
    125.   Bluebleeder87
    nice game by Lowe.
    2006-09-12 18:27:55
    126.   Bluebleeder87

    a d-back catcher? or was it the pitcher?

    2006-09-12 18:31:43
    127.   Gen3Blue
    Imagine if this was Lofton here!
    2006-09-12 18:32:07
    128.   Bluebleeder87
    Steve Lyons just made a great point about every era cheated! that's why i don't get to angry with this era. People are People & some people cheat.
    2006-09-12 18:34:30
    129.   Bluebleeder87
    ofcourse the mass media will want to get the regular folk rilid up.

    not me.

    2006-09-12 18:35:17
    130.   Uncle Miltie
    Grits needs to take out Lugo right now. He shouldn't be anything more than a backup. He has almost as many at bats as Betemit since coming over to the Dodgers.
    2006-09-12 18:36:49
    131.   Bluebleeder87
    why would they have a before the bigs of Tomko Before Ethier?
    2006-09-12 18:37:39
    132.   Bluebleeder87

    i thing Grady should start Betemit for often.

    2006-09-12 18:39:07
    133.   Bluebleeder87
    i didn't wanna ask but i thought Izzy was starting today??
    2006-09-12 18:40:15
    134.   Bluebleeder87
    air mail by Furcal, sorry about the typos.
    2006-09-12 18:41:32
    135.   Bob Timmermann
    Tied up in Cincinnati.
    2006-09-12 18:42:50
    136.   Bluebleeder87
    we have a good lead i'm cool with those runs scoring.
    2006-09-12 18:43:33
    137.   Bluebleeder87

    :o) yes!

    2006-09-12 18:45:09
    138.   Disabled List
    136 I am never cool with giving up five straight hits. This is reminding just a bit of Brad Penny and the Memorial Day Meltdown.

    Get through the 5th inning, Derek.

    2006-09-12 18:46:06
    139.   Gen3Blue
    Well, I allow Furcal the occasional error because of his offense, but whats with Lugo at third. I thought Betemit was more the third baseman. You can't be weak up the left side for no good reason.(unless it is maybe to justify trading Izturis, Aybar,Guzman and Navarro.
    2006-09-12 18:47:18
    140.   Bluebleeder87

    yeah, but i'm sure our bullpen is better.

    2006-09-12 18:48:08
    141.   Bluebleeder87
    o.k. Lowe just seems have imploded here, i'm sure i'm wrong but still....
    2006-09-12 18:48:15
    142.   Benaiah
    Ugh the meltdown makes it harder for me to talk trash to my boss tomorrow.
    2006-09-12 18:49:03
    143.   Gen3Blue
    I don't mean to be too preachy, but can you see how a letdown in defense can be extremely important.
    2006-09-12 18:49:27
    144.   Bluebleeder87
    i'd let Lowe pitch here, he can induce a double play.
    2006-09-12 18:50:02
    145.   King of the Hobos
    Now can we pray for rain?
    2006-09-12 18:50:16
    146.   Bluebleeder87

    i feel good about my prediction

    2006-09-12 18:50:39
    147.   Disabled List
    Whew, DP. Five innings in the book, now I'm ready for some rain.
    2006-09-12 18:50:57
    148.   Gen3Blue
    This is where the D's need to show some offense to be a respected team. Much has come from the other teams errors so far.
    2006-09-12 18:51:08
    149.   Bob Timmermann
    Blanco eases the pain....
    2006-09-12 18:51:18
    150.   scareduck
    Derek Lowe wants to check in for that insurance that kicks in when you're hurt and can't work.
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2006-09-12 18:52:19
    151.   Gen3Blue
    2006-09-12 18:52:45
    152.   Greg Brock
    Whoa, I went to get food and it was 7-0. Wha Happen?
    2006-09-12 18:53:45
    153.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 152

    Lowe had a Jeff Weaver like meltdown, although we managed to get out of the inning with a GIDP.


    2006-09-12 18:54:27
    154.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Lowe also had a few bad greaks--Ethier not being able to make the sliding catch, and the double that was bairly fair.


    2006-09-12 18:55:26
    155.   Sam DC
    Looks like they're playing again in FL.
    2006-09-12 18:55:37
    156.   Bob Timmermann
    Going to the bottom of the 9th in Cincinnati. Tied at 4-4.
    2006-09-12 18:58:29
    157.   Sam DC
    Javier Valentin w/a leadoff single in the bottom of the ninth for Cincy. The bunted over. Freel, Hatteberg coming up.
    2006-09-12 18:58:40
    158.   Gagne55
    The fifth inning was one of those Murphy's Law innings. It reminded me of an inning the Dodgers played at Wrigley last year. Penny was on the mound and Jason Phillips at first base goofed up three plays. Plus there were also bloops and bleeders like today's inning.
    2006-09-12 19:00:09
    159.   Bluebleeder87

    my Dodger mojo is hard at work.

    2006-09-12 19:00:15
    160.   Greg Brock
    153 154

    Thanks WWSH. Lowe had been on such a roll lately. Bummer.

    2006-09-12 19:00:21
    161.   MMSMikey
    has anyone noticed andre either is slowly turning into JD Drew? at times have awful at bats and always showing zero emotion.
    2006-09-12 19:00:46
    162.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    As a ground-ball pitcher, Lowe is vulnerable to bad breaks. Better to have one's bad luck bunched up on a day we score seven runs than any other time, I suppose.


    2006-09-12 19:01:50
    163.   regfairfield
    161 I would welcome several JD Drews.
    2006-09-12 19:01:52
    164.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Hatteberg has a man at 1st and 2nd. 1 out.
    2006-09-12 19:02:54
    165.   regfairfield
    True or false: Angel Pagan is the best name in baseball.
    2006-09-12 19:03:12
    166.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    If Ethier ends up as a JD Drew without the injury problems, we will count ourselves lucky.

    This whole emotionless thing reminds me of the knock against Green, even when he was hitting over 40 HR a season for us.


    2006-09-12 19:03:42
    167.   Bob Timmermann
    The Hatteberg giveth, the Hatteberg taketh away.
    2006-09-12 19:03:42
    168.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh

    Hatteberg GIDP.



    2006-09-12 19:04:29
    169.   Bluebleeder87
    2006-09-12 19:05:36
    170.   Bluebleeder87
    nice play by Furcal.
    2006-09-12 19:06:17
    171.   Bob Timmermann
    The Mets fans love Shawn Green.

    For the time being...

    2006-09-12 19:07:48
    172.   Andrew Shimmin
    165: False. If there were no Alberto Bastardo, perhaps. But there is.
    2006-09-12 19:07:54
    173.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Doesn't Green claim that he's got his power stroke back, now that he's tapping his foot to improve his timing?

    I supported the trade that sent him away from LAD, but it would be nice to see him hitting more like he used to.


    2006-09-12 19:08:06
    174.   scareduck
    154 - pesky Greeks. I thought Karros wasn't a Dodger anymore?
    2006-09-12 19:08:16
    175.   Bluebleeder87
    i like this move by Grady, Dessens can induce a DP.
    2006-09-12 19:08:36
    176.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 172

    I agree that Bastardo is a cooler name. Imagine Vinny saying that on the air.


    2006-09-12 19:08:45
    177.   scareduck
    172 - you kill my father. Prepare to die.
    2006-09-12 19:08:47
    178.   Bob Timmermann
    Dessens must have magical powers or are the Dodgers spotting the Cubs four outs?
    2006-09-12 19:09:48
    179.   scareduck
    178 - more like five.
    2006-09-12 19:09:57
    180.   Andrew Shimmin
    I believe the One True Bastardo will make the big team some day. It's what keeps me going during dark times.
    2006-09-12 19:10:26
    181.   Greg Brock
    172 Correct. As long as Alberto Bastardo wears a uniform, Senor Bastardo wins.
    2006-09-12 19:10:38
    182.   scareduck
    176 - imagine Vinny still on the air in 2010. Would he be able to pronounce it?
    2006-09-12 19:11:32
    183.   Gen3Blue
    Heres Elmer-- in a place where the D's have scored 3 earned runs, and none after the second or third inning
    Hats off--good job Elmer.
    2006-09-12 19:11:52
    184.   Greg Brock
    182 Blasphemer
    2006-09-12 19:12:37
    185.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Dessens does his job.

    I assume we'll see Tomko/Brox/Sammy for 7/8/9?


    2006-09-12 19:13:36
    186.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 184

    Those of such little faith deserve the most hideous of punishments.


    2006-09-12 19:14:38
    187.   scareduck
    184, 186 - I'll be happy if he's still alive.
    2006-09-12 19:14:38
    188.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Speaking of broadcasting miscues, Brenly once referred to Lowe as Derek Lee, and then called JD Drew Stephen Drew twice.


    2006-09-12 19:14:54
    189.   Greg Brock
    That is one thoroughly baffled rookie right there.
    2006-09-12 19:15:23
    190.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 187

    I actually like Steiner, but please, please, I'd rather not think about the inevitable.


    2006-09-12 19:15:35
    191.   Sam DC
    A little scary in Cincinnati . . .

    (2 on, 2 outs, Todd Walker up)

    2006-09-12 19:16:13
    192.   King of the Hobos
    188 He's not the only one, Dessens came in to face Derek Lowe according to Steiner.
    2006-09-12 19:16:32
    193.   scareduck
    190 - next step: home games only.
    2006-09-12 19:16:41
    194.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Brenly actually has interesting stories about playing in the Giants farm system and being taught to hate the Dodgers.


    2006-09-12 19:17:22
    195.   King of the Hobos
    191 Bard's batting for Walker now.
    2006-09-12 19:17:25
    196.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 193

    Hands over my ears... La La La La....


    2006-09-12 19:18:12
    197.   Bob Timmermann
    And Schoeneweis pitching.
    2006-09-12 19:18:26
    198.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 192

    That's hilarious...


    2006-09-12 19:19:22
    199.   Bob Timmermann
    And the Dookie retires the Immortal Bard.
    2006-09-12 19:19:24
    200.   Sam DC
    191 Scary no more.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2006-09-12 19:19:41
    201.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Bard makes out.


    2006-09-12 19:19:45
    202.   Andrew Shimmin
    Scareduck's other hobbies including telling children there's no Santa Claus, and whizzing on other people's brand new shoes.
    2006-09-12 19:22:08
    203.   Bob Timmermann

    Then who gave me that DVD of "Hudson Hawk" if not Santa Claus?

    2006-09-12 19:22:46
    204.   Bob Timmermann
    Rockies take a quick 2-0 lead in SF.
    2006-09-12 19:23:22
    205.   Andrew Shimmin
    D4P. It was in his benevolent dictator phase. He grew out of it.
    2006-09-12 19:24:14
    206.   scareduck
    202 - Sarcasm is another one of our many free services!

    203 - that was the Small Intestine Fairy.

    2006-09-12 19:25:03
    207.   Greg Brock
    Get hot, Bull.
    2006-09-12 19:25:08
    208.   Sam DC
    Gack -- scarier in Chicago than it ever was in Cincy!
    2006-09-12 19:25:33
    209.   Disabled List
    This game is making my eyeball twitch.
    2006-09-12 19:27:16
    210.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    There goes my theory that Tomko could be a dominant reliever.


    2006-09-12 19:28:07
    211.   scareduck
    Brett Tomko, an artist but not on the mound.
    2006-09-12 19:28:36
    212.   Greg Brock
    Nice outing, Brett.
    2006-09-12 19:28:36
    213.   Disabled List
    Get Broxton in. Now.
    2006-09-12 19:29:03
    214.   StolenMonkey86
    211 - That was modern art
    2006-09-12 19:29:13
    215.   MMSMikey
    tomko is terrible.
    2006-09-12 19:29:16
    216.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh



    2006-09-12 19:30:39
    217.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Good for Grady--willing to go to Brox in the 7th. Tracy would have waited until the 8th after Tomko gave up a grand slam.


    2006-09-12 19:30:49
    218.   xaphor
    203. You sure that wasn't Krampus?
    2006-09-12 19:30:53
    219.   Marty
    This game is making my glass eyeball twitch.
    2006-09-12 19:31:08
    220.   StolenMonkey86
    What came first, the pinch hitter or the pitching change? Gameday reports the pinch hitter, and if that's the case, thank you Dusty for giving Grady a hint.
    2006-09-12 19:31:23
    221.   Greg Brock
    217 Tracy would have brought Mike Edwards in to pitch.
    2006-09-12 19:32:24
    222.   King of the Hobos
    That was way too close for comfort.
    2006-09-12 19:32:53
    223.   Greg Brock
    Whew. Mere feet away from euphemisms.

    Many, many euphemisms.

    2006-09-12 19:33:56
    224.   Greg Brock
    Nevermind. The euphemisms are back.
    2006-09-12 19:34:11
    225.   Marty
    So does this qualify as a team effort to Odalize the game?
    2006-09-12 19:34:14
    226.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Cough Ahem Cough


    2006-09-12 19:34:25
    227.   Disabled List
    223 Eupheme away.
    2006-09-12 19:34:48
    228.   StolenMonkey86
    2006-09-12 19:34:53
    229.   Eric Enders
    Jeez. What did you guys do to this game while I was gone?
    2006-09-12 19:35:09
    230.   Greg S
    I knew Izzy would help the Dodgers this year.
    2006-09-12 19:35:27
    231.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Alright Brox. Just get us out of the inning... Still a tie game.


    2006-09-12 19:37:17
    232.   Greg Brock
    If Grady brings Gio into this game, I am issuing a fatwah.
    2006-09-12 19:37:23
    233.   StolenMonkey86
    yay . . . ish
    2006-09-12 19:38:04
    234.   MMSMikey
    tomko should never pith is a close game. im sorry but the guy throws 95 mph and cant get guys out. nice 0-2 pitch to jones to start the inning, straight fastball right down the cock. pathetic.
    2006-09-12 19:39:12
    235.   Bob Timmermann

    Either you used a typo or that's an expression I've never heard before in my life regarding baseball.

    2006-09-12 19:40:00
    236.   MMSMikey
    what expression?
    2006-09-12 19:40:17
    237.   xaphor
    234. Ow!
    2006-09-12 19:41:00
    238.   scareduck
    236 - the one involving a male chicken.
    2006-09-12 19:41:04
    239.   Greg Brock
    234 I've heard the term (and it's brother) many times, though I wouldn't recommend using it at DT.

    The Philosopher King frowns on such things.

    2006-09-12 19:41:13
    240.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    SD leaves two on to go into the 12th.


    2006-09-12 19:41:40
    241.   Greg S
    235 Have you heard ir regarding anything non-baseball either?
    2006-09-12 19:41:50
    242.   Bob Timmermann
    I live such a sheltered life...
    2006-09-12 19:41:56
    243.   StolenMonkey86
    how many consecutive hits did it take for Grady to pull Penny in that game where BP went ape on him?
    2006-09-12 19:42:23
    244.   MMSMikey
    i played college ball you hear it everyday. sorry but you dont hear it on blogs and message boards, bob.
    2006-09-12 19:42:50
    245.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Furcal nearly hit it out.



    2006-09-12 19:43:05
    246.   Bob Timmermann
    In that case, I echo 237
    2006-09-12 19:44:10
    247.   StolenMonkey86
    yay, Lugo got a hit
    2006-09-12 19:44:11
    248.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 240

    Sorry--forgot they were playing in Cincy.

    Bottom of the 11th.


    2006-09-12 19:44:16
    249.   scareduck
    Steiner is wrong; the Cubs have never won a World Series at Wrigley.
    2006-09-12 19:44:20
    250.   Greg Brock
    If I got to use every term I learned around baseball, well, I would have a lot of fun.

    I would also have been banned many times over.

    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2006-09-12 19:44:58
    251.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    This pitcher isn't fooling anyone. We need to get a run with the middle of the order up.


    2006-09-12 19:45:15
    252.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm still trying to figure out the physics of that expression.
    2006-09-12 19:45:40
    253.   regfairfield
    Ken Macha leaves Joe Kennedy in to blow the game. Kennedy delivers. A's trial 6-5 in the ninth.
    2006-09-12 19:45:40
    254.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    LaRue homers...


    2006-09-12 19:46:06
    255.   Bob Timmermann
    Jason LaRue for president!
    2006-09-12 19:46:31
    256.   MMSMikey
    i havent been on DT thats long, i didnt know weisman ran such a tight ship.
    2006-09-12 19:47:03
    257.   scareduck
    244 - what college do you play for?
    2006-09-12 19:47:08
    258.   bhsportsguy
    Okay, so a Jason helps us tonight.
    2006-09-12 19:47:21
    259.   Bob Timmermann
    A tight ship is a happy ship.

    A loose ship ... leaks a lot.

    2006-09-12 19:48:18
    260.   Greg Brock
    252 Alternative versions include said word, plus the addition of "shot"

    As in "Yeah, the guy crushed the ball, but the pitcher threw an absolute .....shot."

    2006-09-12 19:48:28
    261.   MMSMikey
    i played college ball, years ago. division 2 ball at LMU.
    2006-09-12 19:49:22
    262.   Uncle Miltie
    How the heck did the Dodgers blow that 7-0 lead?
    2006-09-12 19:49:38
    263.   Greg Brock
    259 I'm sure we could give you a virtual bevy of naughty nomenclature over at The Griddle.
    2006-09-12 19:49:45
    264.   scareduck
    259 - not to mention, acquiring a lot of STDs.
    2006-09-12 19:50:15
    265.   MMSMikey
    his name is brett tomko.
    2006-09-12 19:50:28
    266.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 262

    Bad inning by Lowe, some of it from bad luck, which led to five runs. Then Tomko left Broxton a mess he couldn't get out of, and two runs scored. So we're tied.


    2006-09-12 19:51:35
    267.   MMSMikey
    can of corn drew.
    2006-09-12 19:52:12
    268.   Bob Timmermann
    But nobody knows where I stole 259 from?
    2006-09-12 19:52:29
    269.   Gagne55
    This is the most depressing game ever. :'(
    2006-09-12 19:52:31
    270.   Gagne55
    This is the most depressing game ever. :'(
    2006-09-12 19:53:27
    271.   Gen3Blue
    I was afraid when our offense did nothing(those early runs being given to us, excepting Furcals HR. All it took was a defensive gaff followed by Lowes breakdown.
    Now we have a devilish task.
    2006-09-12 19:53:57
    272.   Bob Timmermann
    You don't know depression, pal.

    Every one of us could talk about a sadder game in turn.

    If you lined us up appropriately.

    2006-09-12 19:54:27
    273.   MMSMikey
    dodgers lost.
    2006-09-12 19:54:28
    274.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    They're still the cubs... and the game's still tied.


    2006-09-12 19:55:07
    275.   Gagne55
    I h8 Drew.
    2006-09-12 19:55:19
    276.   regfairfield
    While that error is appropriate, no one ever gets charged with one on that play.
    2006-09-12 19:55:41
    277.   Mark Joseph
    269, 270

    I see your point, but it has a lot of competition in Dodger history, including April 30 this year.

    2006-09-12 19:55:50
    278.   Sam DC
    Wow -- with one out, runners at first and third and Batista up, the Nationals just turned some double play. Batista popped his bunt up in front of the plate. But he didn't break for first assuming Schneider would catch it. Schneider let it fall in front of him, then to second then first for a DP.


    2006-09-12 19:56:24
    279.   Bob Timmermann
    It's not often you get two 3-base errors in one game these days.
    2006-09-12 19:56:51
    280.   regfairfield
    What is the biggest lead the Dodgers have ever given up?

    Drew almost redeemed himself there.

    2006-09-12 19:56:55
    281.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Broxton's a strikeout pitcher. There's still hope.


    2006-09-12 19:57:48
    282.   Gagne55
    272 I've been watching the Dodgers regularly since 2002. This is the worst loss I've seen.

    As i type this the winning run is safe by an inch. Perfectly summing up this game.

    2006-09-12 19:57:58
    283.   scareduck
    269 - no.

    Helen is excited because the Cubs might win a game before the season is over.

    2006-09-12 19:58:18
    284.   Greg Brock
    I'm not really fond of hyperbole, but this is sort of a disaster.
    2006-09-12 19:58:43
    285.   MMSMikey
    who is the one that said they would be happy with 10 JD Drews? are you kidding me. Repko would of caught that ball. and thrown out that runner.
    2006-09-12 19:58:48
    286.   Disabled List
    The trouble with the Dodgers is they can't beat the worst teams in baseball.
    2006-09-12 19:58:50
    287.   MMSMikey
    who is the one that said they would be happy with 10 JD Drews? are you kidding me. Repko would of caught that ball. and thrown out that runner.
    2006-09-12 19:59:12
    288.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    That was a great throw by Drew.

    Come on, it's the eighth. Still three outs to go.


    2006-09-12 19:59:34
    289.   Bob Timmermann
    I can find far more depressing games even since 2002. I can find you more depressing games since the All-Star break!

    You're just not looking hard enough!

    2006-09-12 19:59:37
    290.   scareduck
    286 - or the Padres. Or the Cardinals.
    2006-09-12 19:59:46
    291.   scooplew
    For those of us without video or audio, what did Drew do (or not do)?
    2006-09-12 19:59:56
    292.   regfairfield
    286 Seems like they have been this year.
    2006-09-12 20:00:27
    293.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    RE: 287

    Really? You don't remember the time Repko throw the ball into the backstop? Or the time's he's been overagressive in CF?


    2006-09-12 20:00:44
    294.   King of the Hobos
    It's not over yet. Dempster's last 8 games: 8 IP, 10 ER.
    2006-09-12 20:00:53
    295.   Gagne55
    Let's look at just the fifth inning. A groundball just fair. A terrible jump by Kemp allows a blooper to fall. Furcal can't play a bleeder. A popfly to right lands just fair. A blooper to left is missed by a sliding Either.

    That's five hits that could just have easily been outs or foul balls- in one inning. Disgraceful. :'(

    2006-09-12 20:01:17
    296.   scareduck
    291 - Drew failed to catch a flyball in right near the high wall. He could have caught up to it but he misjudged it and slowed up too early. It fell, and turned into a triple.
    2006-09-12 20:01:20
    297.   xaphor
    287. Repko would only just be getting up off the ground. :)
    2006-09-12 20:01:30
    298.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 291

    Missed a catch he should have made, leading to a man on third with no out. And nearly (but didn't) throw out the same batter at the plate on a sac fly.


    2006-09-12 20:01:45
    299.   scooplew
    289 -- Take this game, put it in the playoffs, or with the season on the line, and, if we lose, I'll put it in my top 10 worst games. But on Sept. 12, no.
    2006-09-12 20:01:58
    300.   Mark Joseph

    Unfortunately, I may have been a little too accurate...

    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2006-09-12 20:02:15
    301.   Gagne55
    289 The one against the Rockies that snapped an 11 game win streak?
    2006-09-12 20:02:19
    302.   scareduck
    291 - in some fairness to Drew, the ball fell in a part of the field where the field was in shadow.
    2006-09-12 20:02:26
    303.   MMSMikey
    sorry, i didnt know you were a huge jd drew homer.
    2006-09-12 20:02:32
    304.   Jon Weisman
    295 - Of the five plays you named, the Dodgers could do nothing about at least four. How is that disgraceful?
    2006-09-12 20:02:35
    305.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 295

    Or it's just baseball.

    We'll get the breaks back, eventually.


    2006-09-12 20:03:13
    306.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    RE: 303

    No, I just think he's better than Repko.


    2006-09-12 20:03:22
    307.   bhsportsguy
    Broxton couldn't get the strike out when they needed it and J.D. has a bad 10 minutes.
    2006-09-12 20:04:03
    308.   Uncle Miltie
    285- but Repko wouldn't get on base 3 times. JD Drew is the best defensive outfielder the Dodgers have. His arm just isn't what it used to be. I love how everybody places the blame on Drew. He's having a down year by his standards, but he has still been pretty productive. Kent and Nomar rarely take any of the blame; especially Nomar. This guy has done almost nothing since the all star break, yet the media hasn't said a word.
    2006-09-12 20:05:21
    309.   bhsportsguy
    I am sure Oakland and the Padres also feel like they had wins snatched from them. We still have a few at bats to try and come back.
    2006-09-12 20:06:01
    310.   Mark Joseph

    The one everyone knows (I don't know if it is the biggest lead they've ever blown) is that game when they led the Phillies 11-1 after 7, gave up 2 in the 8th and 9 in the 9th to lose 12-11. I'm sure (if I remember the details correctly) that Bob will be able to find it on Retrosheet.

    2006-09-12 20:06:46
    311.   bhsportsguy
    308 Difference, Nomar has overachieved what most predicted, Drew has never (in some people's opinion, ever overachieved)
    2006-09-12 20:06:52
    312.   Jon Weisman
    Drew's throw was about as great as his previous misplay was bad.
    2006-09-12 20:08:08
    313.   Gagne55
    304 Three of the four. Kemp and Ethier could have made plays. Not so sure about Furcal...
    2006-09-12 20:08:14
    314.   xaphor
    311. In fairness to Drew, that would be near impossible.
    2006-09-12 20:08:35
    315.   Sam DC
    Giants have put up 6 in the bottom of the second, and Barry Bonds was just HBP.
    2006-09-12 20:08:36
    316.   Gen3Blue
    So--daring to take a peak I see we have given up the lead somehow.We need a hero who doesn't believe we are supposed to lose 8-7 and I hope that someday one will emerge from our youngsters. It may take an oldster today, and I am not confident.
    2006-09-12 20:08:38
    317.   regfairfield
    Is it better to overachieve then collapse, or be relatively consistent all year?

    Thank God for ReDempster.

    2006-09-12 20:08:42
    318.   Greg Brock
    Izzy still bleeds blue. Atta boy.
    2006-09-12 20:08:55
    319.   bhsportsguy
    Izzy, giving one up for the Dodgers?
    2006-09-12 20:09:04
    320.   scareduck
    Cesar Izturis, helping the Dodgers. Still.
    2006-09-12 20:09:05
    321.   Mark Joseph
    So far, the Dodger MVP this game is Izturis.
    2006-09-12 20:09:30
    322.   Gagne55
    Three of five, I meant. Three of five were just bad breaks that nothing could be done about.

    I like Izzy now.

    2006-09-12 20:09:31
    323.   Greg S
    Izzy went an entire year without doing that in 2004.
    2006-09-12 20:09:53
    324.   s choir
    Ol' Cesar, driving in those runs with his glove...
    2006-09-12 20:10:25
    325.   King of the Hobos
    321 Freddy Bynum might deserve that honor.
    2006-09-12 20:10:28
    326.   bhsportsguy
    Send the runner now.
    2006-09-12 20:10:41
    327.   Greg S
    310 I was at that game circa 1990. THAT was the worst loss ever.
    2006-09-12 20:11:36
    328.   Gagne55
    Come on Betemit. The best power hitter on the team.
    2006-09-12 20:12:35
    329.   Jon Weisman
    316 - I wonder how many Dodgers believe they are supposed to lose 8-7. I'm gonna go with zero.

    They might lose, 8-7. But I don't think professionals believe it to be predestined.

    2006-09-12 20:13:05
    330.   bhsportsguy
    Lidge is going to be pitching to Pujols with 2 on and 2 out with a one run lead.
    2006-09-12 20:13:08
    331.   Mark Joseph

    I only heard about it the next day from a friend (I was out of the country). It would have had to have been 1986-1992, inclusive.

    2006-09-12 20:13:35
    332.   xaphor
    We got a new MVP candidate.
    2006-09-12 20:13:45
    333.   bhsportsguy
    A team with 6 errors should lose the game.
    2006-09-12 20:13:49
    334.   Greg S
    What in the heck is this???
    What are we watching?
    2006-09-12 20:13:58
    335.   Gagne55
    And the crazy plays have turned in the Dodgers favor. :)
    2006-09-12 20:13:59
    336.   Jon Weisman
    "Ground ball to Buckner, I mean Lee, and it gets by him!!!"
    2006-09-12 20:14:05
    337.   scareduck
    The Chicago Cubs, transmuting gold gloves to lead.
    2006-09-12 20:14:06
    338.   Sam DC
    Pujols v. Lidge -- 2 on, 2 out, down by 1, bottom nine.
    2006-09-12 20:14:10
    339.   Greg Brock
    Little roller by the bag AND IT GETS BY BUCKNER...
    2006-09-12 20:14:30
    340.   Jon Weisman
    Something tells me these guys aren't mudders.
    2006-09-12 20:14:33
    341.   Greg Brock
    336 Drat.
    2006-09-12 20:14:55
    342.   Disabled List
    C'mon Russ, hit the ball in the air...
    2006-09-12 20:15:11
    343.   xaphor
    329. DT is going to attract Bob Dylan's ire.
    2006-09-12 20:15:27
    344.   nick
    hey Bob, 6 errors, 9 inning game (hypothetical here), non Little-League situation: how close are we to something?
    2006-09-12 20:15:34
    345.   Jon Weisman
    339 - I was first but didn't have the right words.
    2006-09-12 20:15:52
    346.   King of the Hobos
    Wow. This is amazing.
    2006-09-12 20:15:59
    347.   Greg Brock
    Hooray ineptitude!
    2006-09-12 20:16:04
    348.   Sam DC
    Pujols wins.
    2006-09-12 20:16:08
    349.   bhsportsguy
    I think Lidge will just hit Pujo;ls from now on.
    2006-09-12 20:16:08
    350.   Paul Scott
    !! Martin comes through.
    Show/Hide Comments 351-400
    2006-09-12 20:16:14
    351.   regfairfield
    The Cubs are amazing.
    2006-09-12 20:16:18
    352.   Mark Joseph

    Bynum --> Izturis --> Lee/Martin

    2006-09-12 20:16:18
    353.   Gagne55
    Thank you Lee for botching the double play. :D!!!!!!!
    2006-09-12 20:16:33
    354.   Disabled List
    340 for the win!
    2006-09-12 20:16:50
    355.   Jon Weisman
    No true bounces on that infield dirt, huh?
    2006-09-12 20:16:59
    356.   scareduck
    The ghost of Bill Buckner is visiting us.
    2006-09-12 20:17:15
    357.   Greg S
    hard to believe the Cubs never go to the World Series.
    2006-09-12 20:17:27
    358.   Andrew Shimmin
    347- The two greatest words in the English language: De Fault!
    2006-09-12 20:17:50
    359.   Aug C
    Man, if we can't win this game even after these two and a half fielding gifts and the whole 7-0 thing... I need to study but I can't turn away. Pleeease put the Cubs away.
    2006-09-12 20:18:02
    360.   Mark Joseph

    I don't understand...

    2006-09-12 20:18:17
    361.   Greg Brock

    Homer the Astronaut.

    2006-09-12 20:18:27
    362.   scooplew
    How close was Martin's ground ball to a DP?
    2006-09-12 20:18:53
    363.   Eric Enders
    358 That's only because "in play, run scoring play" is too long.
    2006-09-12 20:19:09
    364.   JoeyP
    Are the Cubs on the take?

    One might thing this game is rigged, after watching their fielding display tonite.

    2006-09-12 20:19:14
    365.   Disabled List
    Can somebody get a hit here please????
    2006-09-12 20:19:17
    366.   nick
    I hate that David Aardvark displaced Aaron...offends my sense of coincidence
    2006-09-12 20:19:20
    367.   Spotted Owl
    For those of us on gameday, should martins ball have been a dp ?
    2006-09-12 20:19:31
    368.   Mark Joseph
    OK, if this would be (at least a candidate for) the most depressing loss ever, how will it rate as a win?
    2006-09-12 20:19:39
    369.   scareduck
    362 - for any competent team.
    2006-09-12 20:20:12
    370.   Jon Weisman
    362 - he would have been out but the throw didn't shorthop into Lee's glove.
    2006-09-12 20:20:16
    371.   Greg S
    362. The throw was in time at first but bounced and Lee couldn't scoop it.
    2006-09-12 20:20:39
    372.   underdog
    This is truly the most hilarious game I've ever seen... on GameDay. I'm glad I'm not really watching it. This is like a Marx Brothers movie on the diamond. Neither team deserves to win. Can they just call it a sloppy draw and go home?
    2006-09-12 20:21:01
    373.   scooplew
    Whatever else happens tonight, this description of DT says it all:
    "Jon Weisman's outlet
    for dealing psychologically
    with the Los Angeles Dodgers
    and baseball."
    Jon, thank you...
    2006-09-12 20:21:56
    374.   Gagne55
    Tisk. Dodgers have no wins on the road in extras this year. Time to change that.
    2006-09-12 20:22:23
    375.   underdog
    I think Jon should change the subject heading to "Is This Game Even Necessary?"
    2006-09-12 20:22:58
    376.   JoeyP
    362. Martin was out by 3 feet if DLee scoops the ball. Two gold glovers just goofed easy three easy plays in the 9th.

    Then whatever Freddy Bynum was doing.

    Definitely the worst game I've ever seen. Ever.

    2006-09-12 20:23:57
    377.   Jon Weisman
    375 - LOL
    2006-09-12 20:24:54
    378.   Jon Weisman
    I could live with Sele pitching to the bottom third of the order if Ramirez weren't part of it.
    2006-09-12 20:25:17
    379.   scareduck
    376 - though it probably should be mentioned that the Wrigley infield is treacherous after a rain. I saw something similar last year after a solid rain and there were a ton of misplays.
    2006-09-12 20:26:14
    380.   regfairfield
    Wait...Sele? Seriously?
    2006-09-12 20:26:14
    381.   Mark Joseph

    Is this a change? I don't remember the last two words "and baseball" being there before.

    2006-09-12 20:26:35
    382.   Gagne55
    364 By that logic you can call it rigged either way. :-x
    2006-09-12 20:27:23
    383.   Jon Weisman
    381 - It's been that way since day 1.
    2006-09-12 20:27:37
    384.   scareduck
    WOW did Sele get lucky with that pitch. 6 times out of 10 Ramirez hits that one out of the park.
    2006-09-12 20:27:51
    385.   Greg S
    380 Who would you prefer?
    2006-09-12 20:28:10
    386.   underdog
    Hail, Cesar!

    No, really, hail - best go back to the dugout to be safe.

    And... he obliges.

    2006-09-12 20:28:27
    387.   Jon Weisman
    380 - I think Little gambled that Sele could get through that part of the lineup and buy him a free inning of relief. But I'll be very sad if Sele faces Derrek Lee with the game on the line.
    2006-09-12 20:28:39
    388.   regfairfield
    385 Saito.
    2006-09-12 20:28:45
    389.   scooplew
    I was surprised Little didn't go with Saito. He hasn't pitched since Friday. Of course! He's saving him to pick up the save in the bottom of the 10th.
    2006-09-12 20:29:20
    390.   ninjavshippo
    On gameday's picture of david aardsma, he looks like someone just gave him the hotfoot.
    2006-09-12 20:29:46
    391.   Greg S
    388 Then you are guaranteeing a minimum of 2 from him and that's a best case scenario. I don't think you bring in your closer on the road without a lead.
    2006-09-12 20:30:09
    392.   Disabled List
    This has the stench of one of those mind-numbing 16-inning games where both offenses fall into a stupor against the dregs of the opposing bullpen. Unlike the Reds game a few weeks back, I have to wake up early tomorrow. So this time, I'm not toughing it out until 4 am.

    I will read the rest of the comment thread tomorrow morning before I check the game score. Hope I have some good news to read!

    Good night, and good luck.

    2006-09-12 20:30:40
    393.   regfairfield
    391 If Sele allows a run, then we don't see Saito at all in a close game.
    2006-09-12 20:33:02
    394.   Jon Weisman
    391 - I disagree. You go with your best to give you the best chance of winning. You don't assume your team can't score at the expense of losing with your best reliever on the best.
    2006-09-12 20:33:10
    395.   Gagne55
    388 Are you crazy? Saito is for when the Dodgers have a lead.
    2006-09-12 20:33:39
    396.   Greg S
    You can't ask Saito to do everything. This situation is Sele's job. He needs to do it and he's done it reasonably well.
    2006-09-12 20:33:56
    397.   Jon Weisman
    394 - "best reliever on the bench"
    2006-09-12 20:34:20
    398.   Greg Brock
    Just hit a jack, J.D. I'm not going through another marathon game. I have stuff to do.
    2006-09-12 20:34:32
    399.   Mark Joseph

    Duly noted; thanks.


    Exactly, and how many times could Grady have made better use of the bullpen (i. e., bring in a better reliever in a higher-leverage situation) in the last two weeks?

    2006-09-12 20:35:19
    400.   Jon Weisman
    396 - Saito's job is to get the big outs. The outs are bigger when one run will end the game, as opposed to when one run will merely tie it.

    It has nothing to do with asking Saito to do everything. Saito is rested.

    Show/Hide Comments 401-450
    2006-09-12 20:35:50
    401.   regfairfield
    That was a very scary take on 3-2.

    That's why JD makes the big bucks.

    2006-09-12 20:36:07
    402.   Jon Weisman
    398 - My wife is waiting for me to watch last week's "House."
    2006-09-12 20:36:33
    403.   Aug C
    come on kenny... please... i don't want to see sele out there. bring saito out.
    2006-09-12 20:36:44
    404.   scareduck
    Hm... now that I think about it, I wonder whether Drew's "misplay" was a case of him protecting his surgically repaired knees.
    2006-09-12 20:36:47
    405.   Greg S
    391 Reasonable minds can disagree on this one.
    I think that Saito is likely to pitch 2-3 without gaining you a win. To my thinking, that's firing a bullet too soon, not too late.
    2006-09-12 20:37:31
    406.   Uncle Miltie
    Just another measly unclutch walk from Drew ;)
    2006-09-12 20:38:04
    407.   nick
    answering my own query:

    Since 1900, the ML record is 12. Detroit commited 12 errors against Chicago on May 1, 1901 in the AL, and Chicago commited 12 errors against Detroit on May 6, 1903, also in the AL. The NL record is 11, held by St. Louis on April 19, 1902, Boston on June 11, 1906 & St. Louis on July 3, 1909.

    Evidence for the gradual improvement of fielding? Or how about the grumpy old-timer contrarian position: "that was an error in my day, boy--they don't score em like they used to..."

    2006-09-12 20:38:30
    408.   Jon Weisman
    405 - Your assumption seems to be that the Dodgers will not score with Saito pitching, but will score with Sele pitching.
    2006-09-12 20:38:58
    409.   ninjavshippo
    401 - JD makes the big bucks to take the key walk? It turns out that's true, but I wish I'd known that before we gave him the big bucks and had just gotten someone like hatteberg.
    2006-09-12 20:38:59
    410.   Paul Scott
    405 Reasonable minds can differ about Saito in the 9th agains tthe bottom of the order. In the top of the tenth, regardless of score, it needs to be Saito.
    2006-09-12 20:39:54
    411.   Gagne55
    Charlie Steiner with an error- calling Derek Lee, Derek Lowe.
    2006-09-12 20:40:08
    412.   Jon Weisman
    408 - Or, that the Dodgers won't score for a minimum of 2-3 innings, no matter who pitches. I just can't imagine why one would be more willing to risk allowing a run in a tie game than with a lead.

    Anyway, I have to think someone else will face Lee in the 10th.

    2006-09-12 20:40:39
    413.   Uncle Miltie
    Did Ethier swing at the first pitch after two consecutive walks?
    2006-09-12 20:40:49
    414.   Paul Scott
    410 errr, bottom of the tenth.
    2006-09-12 20:41:07
    415.   Aug C
    I really hope Andre wakes back up at some point... he doesn't need to hit .350 the rest of the way, but he does need to hit some.
    2006-09-12 20:41:36
    416.   Jon Weisman
    412 - Or that Sele will pitch around him with two out.
    2006-09-12 20:41:56
    417.   Paul Scott
    413 Yes. On top of that, Little ran Sele back out there to face Lee.
    2006-09-12 20:41:58
    418.   Gagne55
    Actually, Scully makes errors like that fairly often and doesn't get called on it.
    2006-09-12 20:42:10
    419.   MMSMikey
    solid at bat by ethier.
    2006-09-12 20:42:28
    420.   Greg S
    405 That's not my assumption at all. I'm just saying that Sele's job is to eat innings until we score whether that's one inning or five. Saito's job it to pitch one inning when one good inning should win it for you. Guys have to be able to do their jobs or the guys asked to fill their void are over taxed and they fail too.
    2006-09-12 20:43:28
    421.   Jon Weisman
    At first I thought that hit the bat, but it was a definite HBP.

    I can't believe Little is leaving Sele in for this.

    2006-09-12 20:44:06
    422.   Paul Scott
    420 And that is why a lot of teams lose the game with their best reliever sitting on the bench. It is bad baseball. It is also what most managers do, but that doesn't make it smart.
    2006-09-12 20:44:07
    423.   Uncle Miltie
    418- but Charley is 20+ years younger. Vin is one of the greatest announcers ever, while Charley made a funny Y2K commercial for Sportscenter.
    2006-09-12 20:44:11
    424.   scareduck
    This is not happening. Why aren't they bringing in Saito?
    2006-09-12 20:44:19
    425.   ninjavshippo
    418 - vin scully is also 79 years old. never a good idea to "call out" anyone that old, IMO.
    2006-09-12 20:44:20
    426.   Gagne55
    Well, if you're hoing to lose in extras, lose early rather than late. Keep Saito for when there's a lead. He's a closer- his job is to close.
    2006-09-12 20:45:21
    427.   Sam DC
    Nats game just had a HBP that actually hit the bat. You could it see it plain as day on the replay -- right off the knob -- and Robinson argued like the Dickens, but no change in the original HBP call.
    2006-09-12 20:45:24
    428.   Greg S
    The game was on the line in the 5th. Should we have brought Saito in then?
    2006-09-12 20:45:36
    429.   Gagne55
    425 Hey, I love Vin.
    2006-09-12 20:46:06
    430.   Jon Weisman
    420 - I believe you're wrong about their jobs. The jobs of every pitcher in a tie game on the road is to keep the opposition from scoring. Sele eats innings by allowing a 2-3 runs over five innings. That doesn't work well in this situation. If Sele were the type of pitcher who could be counted on to hold the opposition scoreless, he wouldn't be a long reliever.
    2006-09-12 20:46:17
    431.   Sam DC
    And Soriano on base for the first time tonight I think. He's got a big smile on his first, and Conor Jackson looks to be razzing him about going for 40.
    2006-09-12 20:46:27
    432.   Mark Joseph
    Monday: "Lee missed it and he knows it." Then "I think he had a ball he'd like to swing at again."
    2006-09-12 20:46:48
    433.   ninjavshippo
    Sele silences the naysayers :)

    429 - me too.

    2006-09-12 20:47:13
    434.   Jon Weisman
    428 - Had Grady used a reliever, why not?
    2006-09-12 20:48:20
    435.   scareduck
    Somehow this works.
    2006-09-12 20:48:33
    436.   Gagne55
    Sele ate another inning and Saito is still available in case the Dodgers score. Now you see why Sele is a good idea?
    2006-09-12 20:49:33
    437.   ninjavshippo
    in the final analysis, grady got 2 pressure innings out of a turnip, and we've still got saito locked and loaded.

    hell of a gamble, but when you luck out...

    2006-09-12 20:50:12
    438.   regfairfield
    So you supported that World Series game in 2003 where Joe Torre brought in Jeff Weaver instead of Mariano Rivera?
    2006-09-12 20:50:13
    439.   Jon Weisman
    It comes down to this.

    How can you make an argument that the pitcher more likely to allow a run should pitch when one run ends the game?

    Sele allows runs twice as often as Saito. Believe me, I'm thrilled the Dodgers survived the 10th, but it was not the smart choice to use him.

    2006-09-12 20:50:13
    440.   gpellamjr
    435 It works because in any given inning, the odds are that the team batting is not going to score. It still doesn't mean that it was smart to leave Sele in there.

    436 No. See above.

    2006-09-12 20:50:24
    441.   Greg S
    434 Fair enough. At least your consistent. As I said, I think reasonable minds can disagree on this one. Clearly Grady agrees with my strategy but his use of relievers has been questioned before. =)
    2006-09-12 20:50:27
    442.   Uncle Miltie
    436- and if he had blown it would you being saying the same thing?
    2006-09-12 20:50:44
    443.   Paul Scott
    428 The game was not actually on the line in the fifth, but if it was then the answer would be "maybe." If it was the 6th or later, the answer would be a resounding "yes."
    2006-09-12 20:51:00
    444.   Bob Timmermann
    In my book (and maybe Eric Enders), the most errors in a game by one team is 24 by Boston against St. Louis on June 14, 1876. St. Louis made 16 errors.
    2006-09-12 20:51:18
    445.   Gagne55
    Now the Dodgers just have to score. This is my last post till the game is over.
    2006-09-12 20:51:28
    446.   Sam DC
    Soriano CS third on a strikemout throwemout (Zimmerman at the plate).

    In the seventh inning of a tie game.

    2006-09-12 20:51:34
    447.   Greg S
    439 You say the argument comes down to just that. I say there is more to it than that as I have explained.
    2006-09-12 20:51:51
    448.   Bob Timmermann
    Mets have tied the Marlins in the 8th on a Delgado 3-run homer.
    2006-09-12 20:52:04
    449.   bhsportsguy
    I agree with Jon, we dodged a bullet but it good that Saito hasn't pitched in a while so he should good for a couple.
    2006-09-12 20:52:53
    450.   bhsportsguy
    446 Do you smell 40/40 for Soriano.
    Show/Hide Comments 451-500
    2006-09-12 20:53:25
    451.   ninjavshippo
    446 - well, their season has been over for awhile hasn't it? what's left other than individual accolades, free-agency bolstering, and minor leaguer getting major league experience?
    2006-09-12 20:53:31
    452.   Greg S
    443 Very very few managers would agree with you on that (based on how we see them manage). Doesn't mean you're wrong.
    2006-09-12 20:53:55
    453.   bhsportsguy
    James can say take that Tony Jackson...just kidding but a nice time to do something.
    2006-09-12 20:54:57
    454.   Paul Scott
    Uggg. Anyone betting on Hendrickson for the 11th?
    2006-09-12 20:54:57
    455.   regfairfield
    You want to use your best relief pitcher in the highest leverage situation. Since those tend to occur near the end of the game, it makes sense to bring to save the best reliever the best reliever until end of the game.

    However, if you believe you won't see a higher leverage situation than one you see in the 5th, bring in the best reliever.

    In this case, a tie game is higher leverage than one where you have a lead, so Saito should be in.

    2006-09-12 20:55:54
    456.   regfairfield
    454 I believe we won't be making a club sandwich this inning.
    2006-09-12 20:56:05
    457.   ninjavshippo
    oh my. hamulack?
    2006-09-12 20:56:20
    458.   Jon Weisman
    447 - Believe me, I'm not trying to deny us our right to disagree. But I don't think you responded to 430 or 439, especially with a rested Saito.
    2006-09-12 20:56:36
    459.   Gen3Blue
    Midnight here; are we still going. I'll wake up in a minute.
    2006-09-12 20:56:49
    460.   scooplew
    If Sele was a gamble, what is Hamulack? Going over Niagara Falls in a barrel?
    2006-09-12 20:57:20
    461.   Sam DC
    451 I'm all for Soriano pushing for the 40-40 club -- I think it's pretty amazing to do something that only a few other people have done.

    And he's actually been pretty judicious -- he was 9-9 I think before his last two CS.

    But this one, with no outs and your 3-4-5 hitters coming was just, was just a bad call. By Frank Robinson I mean, as this seemed to be a called hitnrun/double steal.

    2006-09-12 20:57:25
    462.   Paul Scott
    452 I completely agree, except with your qualifier of "very few." I expect fully that no manager would agree with me. They, however, are all wrong.

    It is as Steve says. It is all about leverage, and Little and every other manager in baseball does not understand that at all.

    2006-09-12 20:57:40
    463.   joekings
    460- Playing russian roulette with five bullets in the gun.
    2006-09-12 20:59:16
    464.   Sam DC
    460 LOL.
    2006-09-12 20:59:22
    465.   Gen3Blue
    Don't you know we are a shooting star, don't you know?
    Oh no--is this Hammy? Were dead.
    2006-09-12 20:59:30
    466.   Uncle Miltie
    So Grits wants to use his worst relievers now so he can preserve Saito just incase the Dodgers take the lead? It would seem to make a lot more sense to use your best reliever so you can have a better chance of extending the game.
    2006-09-12 20:59:49
    467.   Jon Weisman
    Game day is wrong: "in play, no out recorded "
    2006-09-12 20:59:52
    468.   ninjavshippo
    463 - "Click."
    2006-09-12 20:59:52
    469.   Bob Timmermann
    Mets up 5-4 now.
    2006-09-12 21:00:12
    470.   Paul Scott
    Ahh well. At least SD lost tonight.
    2006-09-12 21:00:21
    471.   Greg S
    459 Responding to 439, why not bring in tomorrow's starter (assuming he was better than Saito which he is now)? That would be the logical conclusion.
    ALSO, I think it's fair to assume that Grady has concerns about the 36 year old rookies stamina going down the stretch. Pitching him without the lead gurantees you need him at least two and we don't have off days coming up.
    All that said, I'm not happy to see Hamulack.
    2006-09-12 21:00:31
    473.   ninjavshippo
    467 - oh, then i take back my click.
    2006-09-12 21:00:54
    474.   Greg S
    471 Which he is not
    2006-09-12 21:01:57
    475.   Bob Timmermann
    In case didn't want to check the Griddle in the middle of the game, the Cardinals won today and eliminated the Pirates from playoff contention.
    2006-09-12 21:02:16
    476.   Paul Scott
    470 Wierd. GD had that last one as "no out recorded" - but there was an out. Maybe we will get lucky with Hamulack after all.
    2006-09-12 21:02:24
    477.   Uncle Miltie
    472- what the heck are you talking about?
    2006-09-12 21:02:38
    478.   Eric Enders
    Meanwhile, this Florida game is really interesting now. Mets tied it on a Delgado homer and now have a 5-4 lead with one out in the top of the 8th. It is raining to such an extent that any ordinary game would have been stopped. It'll be interesting to see whether this inning becomes official (meaning Mets win), or it's rained out (meaning Marlins win).
    2006-09-12 21:03:00
    479.   Sam DC
    467 What a welcome comment.
    2006-09-12 21:03:05
    480.   regfairfield
    That was a ball?
    2006-09-12 21:03:20
    481.   scooplew
    Don Drysdale is still waiting to pitch the first game of the 1962 World Series against the Yankees.
    2006-09-12 21:03:29
    482.   overkill94
    Eh, that was a little high
    2006-09-12 21:03:37
    483.   underdog
    This game's Hamulacking a little something...

    Thine end is nigh.

    2006-09-12 21:04:17
    484.   Jon Weisman
    471 - Why do you assume we will need Saito tomorrow more than today?

    Why are you cool with Sele and not Hamulack? Their ERAs are similar.

    As for the starting pitcher argument, 1) I know I'll need a starting pitcher tomorrow, so it's a different situation, 2) Saito might be better than our starters at this point, otherwise, I'd consider it, especially if it were their day to throw in between starts.

    2006-09-12 21:04:19
    485.   Mark Joseph

    Yes, but most managers cost their teams anywhere from 1 to 5 games per year, because they don't understand percentages. 443 is right. I alluded to the analysis in BP's "Baseball Between The Lines" a few days ago which gives the stats and analysis. Actually, I see that Paul beat me to the response (462), but since I've gone to the trouble of typing this, I'll post it anyway!

    2006-09-12 21:04:26
    486.   capdodger
    Great. Time fore Izzy to live up to the former Dodger legacy.
    2006-09-12 21:04:44
    487.   scooplew
    Hamulack entered this game with 19 walks and 32 hits in 33 innings...
    2006-09-12 21:05:08
    488.   underdog
    Cesar "Wayne Brady" Izturis is up...
    2006-09-12 21:05:09
    489.   gpellamjr
    477 It was a joke about how that argument has been circulating for a while. But alas, it is no more.
    2006-09-12 21:05:32
    490.   regfairfield
    I think the Cubs might be better off with Carlos Zambraono here.

    Never mind. Dang it, Kenny.

    2006-09-12 21:05:37
    491.   overkill94
    What a friggin disappointing game
    2006-09-12 21:05:41
    492.   Paul Scott
    Well, good thing we still have Saito rested. Maybe he can come in tomorrow for one of those "don't give up more than 2 runs in an inning" situations.
    2006-09-12 21:05:45
    493.   Greg S
    Damn. We should have thrown Saito!
    2006-09-12 21:05:55
    494.   Jon Weisman
    481 - And there it is. Saito can be very well-rested in the losing dugout.
    2006-09-12 21:05:58
    495.   underdog
    Sigh. That was somehow fitting.
    2006-09-12 21:06:00
    496.   bhsportsguy
    It figures that Izzy would get the winning hit.
    2006-09-12 21:06:04
    497.   Travis
    478 For some reason, everyone gets this wrong. If the Met game gets rained out with the score 5-4 and the Marlins haven't finished batting in the bottom of the 8th, the game is suspended, and does not become official.

    The rule was changed after some Earl Weaver machinations in 1978 that turned a 5-3 Yankee win into a 3-0 loss.

    2006-09-12 21:06:37
    498.   dzzrtRatt
    Plaschke got his next column with that hit.
    2006-09-12 21:06:39
    499.   Eric Enders
    Second time in three games that the Dodgers lose on a blown strike three call?
    2006-09-12 21:06:41
    500.   scooplew
    Nice job, Grady. Had Hamulack gotten through that inning, I expect Hendrickson would have been next.
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    2006-09-12 21:06:57
    501.   ninjavshippo
    yeesh. that smarts.
    2006-09-12 21:07:13
    502.   overkill94
    Stupid Hamulack lifted his foot up to let that ball go by. Doesn't he know that just by keeping the ball in the infield he prolongs the game? And don't give me that instinct crap!
    2006-09-12 21:07:13
    503.   capdodger
    Go to bed.
    2006-09-12 21:07:16
    504.   Greg Brock
    The further we get toward Autumn, the more frustrated I become with Grady.

    And I like Grady. A lot.

    2006-09-12 21:07:40
    505.   Mark Joseph
    Well, if anything good came out of this, Hamulack just gave the stathead geeks some ammo at the expense of the traditional baseball guys. Unfortunately, the information cost us a game.
    2006-09-12 21:08:43
    506.   Bob Timmermann
    It was instinct.
    2006-09-12 21:09:17
    507.   Uncle Miltie
    This loss can be pinned solely on Grits.

    Lowe does deserve his fair share of the blame, but Grits management of the bullpen was absolutely horrendous. I'm having flashbacks of Jimbo right now.

    2006-09-12 21:09:19
    508.   regfairfield
    No Kevin Kennedys co-host, the Dodgers did not deserve to lose a game where the other team committed six errors.
    2006-09-12 21:09:23
    509.   das411
    Sam, when did the Nats pick up Nook Lohan?
    2006-09-12 21:09:30
    510.   StolenMonkey86
    498 - not Plaschke, Dodger Blues got their next article on that hit
    2006-09-12 21:10:20
    511.   bhsportsguy
    The good thing about baseball, there is a game tomorrow.
    2006-09-12 21:10:26
    512.   Bob Timmermann
    Is Nook Lohan a distant relative of Lindsay?

    If so, I don't see the resemblance at all.

    2006-09-12 21:10:44
    513.   overkill94
    Derek Lowe deserves a lot of the blame for tonight's game by giving up 5 runs to the freakin' Cubs when given a huge early lead. The offense deserves a lot of blame for giving up as well, especially since they were given most of their early runs.
    2006-09-12 21:10:59
    514.   scooplew
    Thanks, all. Just wanted to let you know this chat took some of the sting off tonight's loss.
    2006-09-12 21:11:17
    515.   Jon Weisman
    Postgame thread is open.
    2006-09-12 21:11:27
    516.   bhsportsguy
    Oakland, San Diego, Dodgers and the Marlins have all lost leads late in the game.
    2006-09-12 21:11:35
    517.   overkill94
    506 I warned you!
    2006-09-12 21:11:50
    518.   Eric Enders
    507 No loss can be blamed solely on anyone, and any claim that it can is (to be charitable) silly. Especially when that person isn't even a player.

    That said, I have no idea what Hamulack was doing in the game. Sheesh.

    2006-09-12 21:12:29
    519.   Greg S
    Keep in mind that if Saito had come in in the 9th, we still would have lost tonight. Unless you want to pitch him for 3 and you assume he would have been scoreless for 3.
    Grady did not lose this game with that move.
    2006-09-12 21:14:01
    520.   Sam DC
    512 Well, Nook has the same figure as some incarnations of Lindsay.

    Some Nats chatters actually have nicknamed him Lohan for that reason.

    Got him from Detroit for either a PTBNL or Cash (final outcome not announced yet) towards the end of August.

    2006-09-12 21:14:21
    521.   Gagne55
    And if Saito came in in the 11th, the Dodgers could just have easilly kept their inept offense up and lost using Hamulak and Saito.
    2006-09-12 21:14:23
    522.   regfairfield
    518 I don't know, if the Cubs lost, I would have blamed the game entirely on Freddy Bynum.
    2006-09-12 21:15:15
    523.   regfairfield
    521 It gives you at least one more inning against whatever scrub the Cubs pull out of their pen.
    2006-09-12 21:16:29
    524.   regfairfield
    This is some high quality analysis by Kevin Kennedy and Friend.
    2006-09-12 21:18:48
    525.   Sam DC
    505 Mark -- why is this a stathead thing? No one is citing any stats in this argument, people are just reasoning about the situations and the best use of resources.
    2006-09-12 21:50:54
    526.   Xeifrank
    Just got home. How'd the game go. It was 7-0 last I checked. Were we able to rest our bullpen?? vr, Xei
    2006-09-12 21:51:53
    527.   Mark Joseph

    I'm referring to BP's analysis of exactly this situation. And they are as stathead as you can get. And yes, I am using the term as a badge of pride. The analysis shows that using your best relievers in the highest-leverage situations (which, as Paul points out, no managers do), would result in an average gain of 1.5 wins per season, with a maximum of 4.5 extra wins. That is huge. There is a pretty fair chance that we would have won this game if we had had the correct combination of Broxton & Saito in the important innings when the Cubs scored their runs. As Jon pointed out (494), all we have now is a well-rested Saito in the loser's dugout.

    2006-09-12 21:53:25
    528.   Gen3Blue
    Ha-Hah. Was it Ceaser Izturis settled our hash. Well that is not so bad as he was a good Dodger indeed.
    Great game. All perfect even.
    2006-09-12 21:55:02
    529.   Gen3Blue
    We put in Hamulack!
    2006-09-12 22:14:03
    530.   JoeyP
    Cesar giveth.
    Cesar tooketh away. (although it took a seeing eye grounder up the middle)

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