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Back To It
2006-09-19 17:45
by Jon Weisman

What, we don't get a week off?

Tonight's Game

Comments (354)
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2006-09-19 17:49:01
1.   StolenMonkey86
No, that's the Mets.
2006-09-19 17:49:55
2.   Bob Timmermann
The Mets get TWO weeks off. The Yankees will probably get time off starting tomorrow.
2006-09-19 17:52:20
3.   Bob Timmermann
Phillies ahead 3-1 in Benito Santiago Division play.
2006-09-19 18:10:29
4.   scareduck
Week off? They should hand the division to the Dodgers right now after last night's game! :-)
2006-09-19 18:14:17
5.   Bob Timmermann
Kevin Kennedy did.

That's "former major league manager" Kevin Kennedy. Or otherwise, FMLMKK

2006-09-19 18:17:26
6.   Bluebleeder87
Let's hope this is a momentum booster for us the rest of the way.
2006-09-19 18:18:09
7.   Bluebleeder87
Bob i just posted something & it didn't get thrue?
2006-09-19 18:18:40
8.   Bluebleeder87
op there it is, nevermind.
2006-09-19 18:30:10
9.   50 years a Dodger Fan
If I live another 65 years (I'll book bets against that), I'll never forgive Little for letting Lugo (Pewwwgo) hit after 4 homers in a row. Kemp should have been up there flailing for all he's worth with the Forces of the Universe aligned as they were... Five would have been a record that would probably never be broken.
2006-09-19 18:30:12
10.   Disabled List
Hope this isn't a letdown game. Last night either gave us a ton of momentum, or it was draining, y'know what I mean? And the Pirates just swept the Mets, but the CW here says that might've been because NY wanted to clinch at Shea. For whatever that's worth.
2006-09-19 18:31:13
11.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Martin, C

Anderson, LF

Betemit, 3B

Kuo, P

i'd just thought to post the line up again. no changes from yesterday's line up.

2006-09-19 18:34:54
12.   KG16
FMLMKK has not let more than 3 minutes pass into the pregame show without mentioning that he was a manager, in the majors, minors, and winter leagues. He says it's only in his top 5 or 6 that he's seen.

I swear, if something should happen to Grady, FMLMKK had better not be on the short list.

2006-09-19 18:40:16
13.   Bluebleeder87
fmlmkk? = Kenndy?
2006-09-19 18:41:10
14.   Bluebleeder87
watching Kuo pitch gives me kicks for some reason.
2006-09-19 18:43:48
15.   Dave
I'm saving all my hate for Anderson. He's the one that hit the rally killing homer in the 9th.
2006-09-19 18:44:59
16.   StolenMonkey86
Ted Turner was a manager for a game in 1977. He lost.
2006-09-19 18:45:57
17.   GMac In The 909
I wonder why FMLMKK never mentions his fine work in the Star Wars movies on the desert planet Tatooine.
2006-09-19 18:48:04
18.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday lineups are up.

The D-Backs are sending out this lineup in SD


Pitchers are Livan Hernandez vs. Clay Hensley

2006-09-19 18:55:30
19.   Greg S
I just watched the replay from the "Monday Miracle" and I have a souvenir! After the 1-1 pitch to Nomar in the 10th, they cut to a shot of Lofton leading off and in the background are only two people in the shot: My friend Phil on the left and 'ol Greg S. on the right. I can prove to my grandkids I was there! (I expect them to be a cynical bunch)
2006-09-19 19:01:31
20.   Bob Timmermann
In the immortal words of Glenn Frey:
"The heat is on ..."

Phillies 4, Cubs 1 - Final.

2006-09-19 19:02:07
21.   trainwreck
I don't like this montage song. They should have used the montage song from South Park.
2006-09-19 19:13:20
22.   Bluebleeder87
nice start from Kuo.
2006-09-19 19:14:50
23.   Marty
I'm gonna try to watch this one.
2006-09-19 19:15:28
24.   Bluebleeder87
Let's get a DP Kuo
2006-09-19 19:16:58
25.   Bluebleeder87
getting the runner picked off also works
2006-09-19 19:17:43
26.   the OZ
I saw a shot of Jim Tracy on my TV and I totally spaz-panicked, thinking "How are the Dodgers going to win with Jim Trac...oh. He's managing the Pirates. Phew."
2006-09-19 19:17:52
27.   Marty
I'm really hoping Kuo is the real deal
2006-09-19 19:18:01
28.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wow, Kuo's pickoff move is sick.

123 inning.

2006-09-19 19:18:50
29.   Bob Timmermann
Has Vin mentioned that Jack Wilson is from the Westlake area?

Since he used to live there, he loves it when players from there are up in the bigs. Vin thinks Jack Wilson and Mike Lieberthal are the greatest guys.

2006-09-19 19:19:12
30.   Bluebleeder87

i thought Trace was a good man & a desent manager.

2006-09-19 19:19:45
31.   sanchez101
27. I think he has a chance to be a left-handed Chan-Ho Park, provided he stays healthy
2006-09-19 19:20:29
32.   Bluebleeder87
Nice start from Furcal wow, dinger!!
2006-09-19 19:20:35
33.   sanchez101
Has anyone noticed who Furcal looks like a fantastic signing. He may actually be worth $13 million.
2006-09-19 19:21:10
34.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal is good...
2006-09-19 19:21:11
35.   the OZ
Nomar and Furcal go back-to-back!
2006-09-19 19:21:20
36.   sanchez101
'who' should be 'how'
2006-09-19 19:21:24
37.   Marty
And some people still pine for Isturis?
2006-09-19 19:21:35
38.   Sam DC
Buck sez they get five in a row to start the game.
2006-09-19 19:22:12
39.   Greg S
6 of our last 10 hitters have hit home runs.
2006-09-19 19:22:34
40.   Bluebleeder87

9 or 10 million maybe but not 13 mill.IMO.

2006-09-19 19:23:16
41.   StolenMonkey86
I admit to missing Izturis for quite a while, but you gotta love that offense.
2006-09-19 19:23:52
42.   natepurcell
anyone who tivoed the game or something, can you make it into a dvd? I would buy it off you + shipping or something.
2006-09-19 19:24:01
43.   StolenMonkey86
From Furcal. So that's why I've said it's ok.
2006-09-19 19:24:02
44.   Bluebleeder87
If anything the Pirate pitcher is not fulling anybody.
2006-09-19 19:25:29
45.   Greg S
42 I can make you a DVD Nate (I have the 2-hour version).
2006-09-19 19:26:49
46.   natepurcell

whats the 2 hour version?

2006-09-19 19:27:48
47.   Uncle Miltie
42- my mom's friend has it recorded, but she's not sure if it can transfer to a dvd. If it does, I'll get you a copy- just reimburse me for the dvd and shipping. This is one game that I want to watch over and over again since I wasn't able to catch it live.
2006-09-19 19:28:32
48.   Uncle Miltie
I'm pretty sure it has the postgame show too.
2006-09-19 19:28:37
49.   Greg S
I don't have the whole game. I have the version that PrimeTicket ran today that is condensed. I think they cut out innings 4-6.
2006-09-19 19:29:28
50.   Andrew Shimmin
MLB has lawyers. Best not to put Jon or Ken in an untenable position.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-09-19 19:29:33
51.   Greg S
Bad call on Drew.
2006-09-19 19:29:50
52.   natepurcell
I think they cut out innings 4-6.

so they basically cut out the best parts of the game? :)

2006-09-19 19:30:03
53.   Greg S
50 Fair use.
2006-09-19 19:30:14
54.   MSarg29
I thought that pitch to JD was low. He does strike out looking a lot though. It would be nice if the umpires actually gave him the benefit of doubt that he knows the strike zone.
2006-09-19 19:30:16
55.   Steve in Rochester
I have MLB Extra Innings and the Red Sox / Twins game cut into the beginning so I missed the opening montage covering the miraculous events of last night. What did people think of it? Song choice?
2006-09-19 19:30:34
56.   Disabled List
4-0 Padres in the 2nd. Thanks for showing up, Arizona.
2006-09-19 19:30:38
57.   natepurcell
MLB has lawyers. Best not to put Jon or Ken in an untenable position.

then MLB should make a dvd of the game with fancy packaging.

2006-09-19 19:31:46
58.   Bluebleeder87
i love Russell Martin's approach at the plate.
2006-09-19 19:31:47
59.   Greg S
There was no fat on that game to trim. I wouldn't mind having the whole thing myself. Let me know if you can't get the whole thing and I'd be happy to send you the short version.
2006-09-19 19:31:50
60.   StolenMonkey86
Loaded for Marlon
2006-09-19 19:32:03
61.   natepurcell
time for some Marlon Magic :)
2006-09-19 19:32:08
62.   Steve in Rochester
i love Russell Martin's approach at life.
2006-09-19 19:32:13
63.   Disabled List
Marlon is starting today?
2006-09-19 19:32:52
64.   natepurcell
0-2... Marlon's just teasing snell.
2006-09-19 19:33:26
65.   xaphor
53. Good luck with that. Just take the discussion off-site.
2006-09-19 19:33:32
66.   Bob Timmermann
Any rebroadcast or retransmission of the accounts and transcripts of this game without the express written consent of the Commissioner of baseball or the Los Angeles Dodgers, LLC, is strictly prohibited.
2006-09-19 19:33:32
67.   Bluebleeder87
from the Penthouse to the basement for Anderson.
2006-09-19 19:33:38
68.   natepurcell
...or not.
2006-09-19 19:34:41
69.   Andrew Shimmin
It's fair use to buy the game, in the crappy format they sell it. It's not fair use to run off copies, at cost, even though that's a much better way to watch the thing. It's dumb, if the Dodgers don't figure out some way of making the game available. And I'm not saying I, necessarily, disapprove of ignoring dumb rules, in some situations. I'm just saying, if we turn this comments section into a pirate alcove (on the International Talk Like a Pirate Day, no less), that could have real world, unpleasant consequences.
2006-09-19 19:35:06
70.   capdodger
57 When they do that, can we have commentary from the players, managers, and ballboys?
2006-09-19 19:35:26
71.   Gen3Blue
What does it mean if Furcal leads the D's in homers.
2006-09-19 19:35:31
72.   Uncle Miltie
What ever happened to D4P?
2006-09-19 19:35:35
73.   Benaiah
Oh well, Marlon had to make out eventually.
2006-09-19 19:35:40
74.   Andrew Shimmin
66- Unless you're in international waters, then you only need implied oral consent. Or so the legend goes. . .
2006-09-19 19:36:19
75.   Todd
They had a clip of Grady on the pre-game show talking about the most amazing game he'd been involved in and he mentioned a game I remember (at least the arc) and watched later on ESPN Classic. It was from '01 and Seattle got out to a 14-2 lead by the 7th or 8th and the Indians, for whom Grady was coaching, came back and won, 15-14 I guess? He mentioned that a number of players from last night's game were in that game. Calculating in my head, I thought Sele, Lofton....ummmmmm....and that was it.
2006-09-19 19:37:03
76.   xaphor
74. I'm always looking for implied oral consent. It's much trickier than you'd think.
2006-09-19 19:37:25
77.   Gen3Blue
We're trying to get by without Lugo in the line-up?
2006-09-19 19:38:01
78.   Greg S
65 Have we met?
2006-09-19 19:39:27
79.   Todd
65 I usually don't talk about fair use with a date on a first thread {blush}
2006-09-19 19:39:36
80.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Xavier Nady is the winner of this season's Ed Lynch Award, given to the player exiled from a playoff-bound Mets team.
2006-09-19 19:40:02
81.   Bob Timmermann
Dodger Thoughts: Where Intellectual Property debates never end.

Next week we will tackle the topic of patent infringement.

2006-09-19 19:41:48
82.   Greg S
If you want to discuss the architectural copyright protection act of 1990, I'm your man.
2006-09-19 19:42:08
83.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Livan Hernandez just loaded the bases again.
2006-09-19 19:44:36
84.   capdodger
Someone go smack Kuo. The Pirates aren't very good. Throw strikes.
2006-09-19 19:44:48
85.   Bluebleeder87

thank for helping us out Livan

2006-09-19 19:44:59
86.   Terry A
Did a would-be intellectual property thief add you to his AllTel MyCircle without your consent? Join my class action suit today!

Meanwhile, San Diego leads Arizona 4-0 in the 2nd. Deja vu?

2006-09-19 19:45:10
87.   Bob Timmermann
You mean the Pirates team that swept the Mets?
2006-09-19 19:45:23
88.   capdodger
2006-09-19 19:46:05
89.   capdodger
87 Small Sample Size Alert.
2006-09-19 19:47:48
90.   Bob Timmermann
I like my samples small when I want to bend the truth to my will!
2006-09-19 19:48:03
91.   Uncle Miltie
Jimbo ruined Jose Castillo. Earlier in the year, it looked like Castillo was on pace for .280/20 HR season. Then he went into a slump like a lot of young players do, but instead of letting him play through it, Jimbo started favoring the mediocre veterans. Grits is a doing a similar thing with Ethier this month.
2006-09-19 19:48:56
92.   Bob Timmermann
But at least Little has a chance to go to the playoffs. I'm not sure what Tracy's motivations were.
2006-09-19 19:52:28
93.   Uncle Miltie
Just another walk for Wilber II...
2006-09-19 19:53:12
94.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
92 - Tracy's trying to finish ahead of the Cubs.
2006-09-19 19:54:21
95.   Bob Timmermann
The Pirates have a 2-game lead on the Cubs now. But FMLMKK said that the Pirates had the worst record in the majors last night.
2006-09-19 19:55:07
96.   Uncle Miltie
92- yea, Grits does have the "need the proven veterans in September excuse". Not a very good one, but better than what Jimbo did. Jimbo is supposed to be developing these young players; instead he is hindering their progress.
2006-09-19 19:57:03
97.   Bluebleeder87
woh that was a nice play by the Pirates SS
2006-09-19 19:58:05
98.   MSarg29
96 - I'm a big Ethier fan, but I dont think anyone can second guess give Marlon at bats right now.
2006-09-19 19:58:50
99.   capdodger
96 He's teaching them the fickle truths of Tracy-Ball.
2006-09-19 19:59:17
100.   Bluebleeder87

Especialy after yesterday's performance.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-09-19 20:01:25
101.   Greg S
I'd like to believe everyone here is a big Ethier fan but the fact is he's not hitting right now. Anderson is and this is September 19th.
2006-09-19 20:02:26
102.   Paul Scott
"Hong-Chih Kuo hits a sacrifice bunt. Wilson Betemit to 2nd. Hong-Chih Kuo to 1st."

Yet there is no error and no out. Second time in two consecutive games I have seen that call. I don't like it. If a guy hits a HR with a runner on third, they don't call it a "sacrifice fly." If a guy hits a sacrifice bunt and fails (runner out at second), they don't call it a sacrifice bunt. Both of those with good reason. So a guy attempts to sacrifice but something (other than an error) allows him to reach first and he is not creditted with a hit. Seems stupid to me.

2006-09-19 20:02:50
103.   overkill94
Awesome story about Duncan intentionally riling Peavy. Gotta love assistant coaches trying to get the mental edge on the competition.
2006-09-19 20:03:05
104.   thinkingblue
K machine.

So when will Lofton realize that swinging at the first pitch and hitting a ground ball is not a good idea with a double play situation? Does it have to be 30 DPs? Darn, how many double plays has he hit into this year?

2006-09-19 20:03:06
105.   thinkingblue
K machine.

So when will Lofton realize that swinging at the first pitch and hitting a ground ball is not a good idea with a double play situation? Does it have to be 30 DPs? Darn, how many double plays has he hit into this year?

2006-09-19 20:03:08
106.   Bluebleeder87

i just hope Ethier dons't become one of those great before the all-star & bad after the all-star.

2006-09-19 20:03:18
107.   natepurcell
kuo has a baby face with those dimples.
2006-09-19 20:03:33
108.   Spageticus
To underestate last I live in the Mid-South, so I was asleep last night when the earth stopped cold. My cousin called me freaking out, saying "Tell me you saw that game!". He proceeded to give me a pitch-by-pitch account of the game from the sixth inning on. I almost cried.

Today I broke down and bought MLB extra innings for the final two weeks of the season. For $49.95 I get fewer than 14 games.

Can I afford the purchase? Hardly.

Can I afford to miss another game in these final two weeks? Not on your life.

2006-09-19 20:04:01
109.   overkill94
102 As long as the official scorer decides that the batter would be out had the fielder tried to get him at first, it's gonna be a fielder's choice whether an out is recorded or not.
2006-09-19 20:04:20
110.   xaphor
I am aprehensive of mentioning that it is national talk like a pirate day for fear of a rash of Tracy impersonations.
2006-09-19 20:04:41
111.   Bluebleeder87
hustling Drew
2006-09-19 20:05:17
112.   natepurcell
great inning for kuo. threw strikes and got ahead.
2006-09-19 20:05:20
113.   Greg S
Great Vinny story about Duncan. Don't know if they showed it on TV, but when Peavy went back in the dugout, he was livid. A bunch of teammates actually surrounded him trying to calm him which went on for quite a while.
2006-09-19 20:05:22
114.   capdodger
102 See 10.09(b). It's not an error because, in the scorer's judgement, there's no mishandling of the ball: No muffed catch, no mis-throw. It's just throwing to the wrong base.
2006-09-19 20:06:04
115.   Uncle Miltie
102- it's called a fielders choice (and a sac bunt)
2006-09-19 20:06:08
116.   Yu-Hsing Chen
4 Ks in 3 inning, the pitch count is running up too fast though :/ already 50 but 33 strikes to 17 balls is excellent.
2006-09-19 20:06:58
117.   Paul Scott
101 There is no way to predict when someone hitting above themselves will stop, so it is always a mistake to "play the hot hand" when that "hot hand" has an established level of play inferior to another player's established level of play. Even though it is easy to establish that a lot of Ethier's performance this year was based on luck, even regressing that performance to account for that luck shows a much better player than Anderson's long establish ability.
2006-09-19 20:07:11
118.   Bluebleeder87

yeah but what did Duncan say? kind of a jip if you ask me.

2006-09-19 20:08:13
119.   Paul Scott
109 I know the rule, I was just commenting that I do not like it. :)
2006-09-19 20:08:41
120.   Marty
Will we sack the village and pillage the peasants? If the situation calls for it. Do I have the scalliwags to to do it? Only time will tell.
2006-09-19 20:09:59
121.   Greg S
117 True in cards. Not so true with human performance. Ethier's stuggles are not events based on statistical probability. They're based on dynamic, changing, observable factors.
2006-09-19 20:10:32
122.   Bluebleeder87
Drew'S dinger yesterday was a freaking BOMB!
2006-09-19 20:11:06
123.   Uncle Miltie
The Giants announcers are reminiscing about the good old days when Kent was a Giant. They can have him back! Jonathan Sanchez would be plenty.
2006-09-19 20:11:16
124.   trainwreck
Is that a fat Don Johnson sitting behind the batters box?
2006-09-19 20:11:27
125.   natepurcell
drew doesnt like snell's pitches.
2006-09-19 20:11:52
126.   overkill94
Now up to bat, Russell Marrrrrrrtin
2006-09-19 20:12:23
127.   natepurcell
They can have him back! Jonathan Sanchez would be plenty.

id rather get lincecum. not the biggest fan of sanchez.

2006-09-19 20:13:43
128.   capdodger
119 Ok then, What about this situation:
Runner on second, sharp base hit into center. Centerfielder charges, picks up the ball, overthrows the cuttoff in an attempt to get the runner at home. The runner scores because the catcher can't apply the tag in time, and the batter runner ends up on second. Scoring?
2006-09-19 20:14:00
129.   Todd
110 Jim Tracy: Well I made the decision to remove the pitcher because ARRRRRRRRRRRR it appeared he had reached a threshold ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR and so at that time ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR it did not seem appropriate ARRRRRRRRRRR etc etc etc.....
2006-09-19 20:15:29
130.   natepurcell
Martin should have walked. is that ump blind? that was 5 inches off the plate.
2006-09-19 20:15:39
131.   capdodger
That pitch to Martin was off the plate.
2006-09-19 20:15:50
132.   Paul Scott
104 14. Not the most on the Dodgers (Martin), but close. A couple of them have come recently and in RISP situtatinos with the game tied, so they are probably sticking out more in your memory.
2006-09-19 20:16:12
133.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Vin, remembering details of the Polo Grounds.
2006-09-19 20:16:34
134.   overkill94
129 More like "has it been a harrrrrd year? So farrrrr it has been."
2006-09-19 20:16:50
135.   natepurcell

there was a blurb in my school newspaper about it being pirate day. apparently you are suppose to use pick up lines with girls like "they dont call me long john silver because of my beard... eh eh (wink wink nudge nudge).

im just the messenger.

2006-09-19 20:16:56
136.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
D-Backs are getting off the floor. 4-1, two on nobody out in the fourth
2006-09-19 20:20:52
137.   capdodger
Wooo. That was crushed.
2006-09-19 20:22:30
138.   Uncle Miltie
127- do you think the Dodgers made a mistake passing over Lincecum? People up here are comparing him to Tim Hudson (more build wise) and Pedro Martinez. I'd still take Kershaw because I think he'll be a better pitcher in the longterm. While Lincecum does throw 98+, his build is almost identical to mine, which is not good for a major league starting pitcher. I think he'll end up being a reliever, albeit a dominating one.

Haha… Jose Mesa just hit another Giants player! The Giants announcers are furious.

2006-09-19 20:23:31
139.   capdodger
It seems like Kuo does well until his fastball begins to sail on him.

Of course, I suppose most pitchers are better when they have control of the fastball.

2006-09-19 20:23:33
140.   natepurcell

no, kershaw was the right choice. i also think lincecum's lack of control will eventually catch up to him.

2006-09-19 20:25:06
141.   Uncle Miltie
Vizquel against Mesa, this should be interesting
2006-09-19 20:25:45
142.   Uncle Miltie
rbi single, he probably should have hit him
2006-09-19 20:25:54
143.   StolenMonkey86
6K, 2BB through 4 for Kuo
2006-09-19 20:26:07
144.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
141 - Does Joe Table still try to throw it through Omar at every opportunity?
2006-09-19 20:26:49
145.   overkill94
142 So we've learned that Jose Mesa is a liar.
2006-09-19 20:28:41
146.   Bluebleeder87
wow Don Johnson let him self go.
2006-09-19 20:29:37
147.   alex 7
Marlon's just going through one of those phases where he sees the ball better, is probably concentrating definitely play out a hot streak because it involves real mental processes that are heightened IMO.
2006-09-19 20:29:47
148.   Bluebleeder87

plunk, is my first thought thinking of them.

2006-09-19 20:30:04
149.   Paul Scott
143 Only one walk.
2006-09-19 20:30:27
150.   MSarg29
the double plays just keep coming
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-09-19 20:32:03
151.   confucius
I'm waiting for the Dodgers to break through against Snell. He's pitched terrible and they only have one run.
2006-09-19 20:32:51
152.   Bluebleeder87
Marlon Anderson is locked.
2006-09-19 20:33:19
153.   Bluebleeder87

he's also making alot of pitches.

2006-09-19 20:33:39
154.   confucius
Wow, I didn't realize the White Sox are basically out of it.
2006-09-19 20:35:54
155.   alex 7
Six out of the eight starting hitters in the Padres' lineup are OPSing higher in september than their season average.

The only two that are not "clutching up" are former Dodgers Piazza and Roberts.

2006-09-19 20:36:49
156.   Bluebleeder87
Kuo is pitching very good, i just hope the boys in blue can get 'em runs.
2006-09-19 20:37:07
157.   natepurcell
lets get it going guys!

(underbruin, xeifrank... i have trade proposals for you!)

2006-09-19 20:37:42
158.   alex 7
that helps the pitch count. Anyone remember what Kuo's highest pitch count is this season? To get 7 innings out of him he'd probably have to throw 100.
2006-09-19 20:40:17
159.   capdodger
The strike zone is growing...
2006-09-19 20:43:23
160.   alex 7
5-1 pads
2006-09-19 20:43:27
161.   Paul Scott
147 If I were at work, I'd just post a list of links I have saved that pretty well demonstrate that there is no predictive value a "hot streak." Of course, in retrospect, you always want to "play out" a hot streak, but since you have no way of knowing when the random luck generating the "hot streak" (or, if you prefer, the "better seeing" or "better concentration") will end how can you possibly use it for the basis of a decision?

This issue is further complicated by the need to have substantial sample size to know anything about performance. Let's assume you are right, and something "real" (e.g. not just luck), such as better concentration, is resulting in Anderson's hot streak. Since you have no idea when that will end and Marlon will return to his normally poor play, when do you stop playing him? After he goes 1-4 for a game? How does one game tell you anything "real?" Or 4 games, or 20? How do you decide when the hot streak has "played out?"

Add on top of that, since he is not playing, how do you know Ethier is not currently on a "hot streak?" He is sitting on the bench. Maybe he has the best concentration of his life right now, but his "hot streak" is unseen in favor of Anderson's.

2006-09-19 20:43:54
162.   twerp
Gameday describes HRs as "on a fly ball."

Anyone ever hit a HR on a GROUND ball?

Seems like they'd just say player homers to whatever field...

With some kind of provision for rare inside-the-park ones.

Stay tuned to this channel for other very relevant remarks.....(maybe)

2006-09-19 20:45:25
163.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Can we plz score...? did the Dodgers used up all their hits last night? why can't they score against this guy? he got nothing damnit.
2006-09-19 20:46:39
164.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Another slick strike out... i'd say we really need to start him in the playoffs if we run up against the Mets. (who can't hit lefty)
2006-09-19 20:47:08
165.   Paul Scott
162 HR come mostly on flyballs and sometimes on line drives (and very very rarely on GBs). I assume that is the distinction GD is making.
2006-09-19 20:49:10
166.   capdodger
Crud. That was weak.
2006-09-19 20:49:13
167.   MSarg29
cheap double
2006-09-19 20:49:51
168.   Benaiah
What was it, a pop up that Nomar didn't get to?
2006-09-19 20:49:55
169.   das411
I remember posting this a couple months ago and someone (Brock? was that you?) had trouble getting it to play. I would suggest the "WATCH THIS MOVIE!" link right next to that 14-2:

161 - Barry Bonds had a "hot streak" that lasted from 2001 to 2004 though.

2006-09-19 20:50:24
170.   Yu-Hsing Chen
that's gotta be one of the shittiest double of the year...
2006-09-19 20:50:37
171.   Bluebleeder87
anybody like what Grady did here? i did.
2006-09-19 20:51:06
172.   Greg S
how do you know Ethier is not currently on a "hot streak'
We've watched his recent at bats.
2006-09-19 20:51:57
173.   capdodger
168 Broken bat flare over Nomar's head. It only fell in because he was holding the runner on. After it landed the spin ran it down the line.
2006-09-19 20:52:10
174.   Greg Brock
169 I got it to play. It was pretty awesome.

But nothing like last night. Boom Boom Boom Boom.

2006-09-19 20:52:26
175.   Benaiah
Ugh. Dessens, good choice. I say give Kuo one more batter to work it out. What does Elmer have on his first pitch that Kuo doesn't have on his 100th?
2006-09-19 20:52:59
176.   Paul Scott
171 It should be Broxton or Saito, but other than that, yes.
2006-09-19 20:53:05
177.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Arragh, Kuo really pitched a lot better than it looks.... 8Ks in 5.1 inning...
2006-09-19 20:54:09
178.   Telemachos
170 Agreed, but you might want to take a look at #1 of the guidelines here (over on the right panel, down at the bottom).
2006-09-19 20:54:13
179.   the OZ
175 An expendable elbow?
2006-09-19 20:54:24
180.   capdodger
Way to go Dessens. Get one more.
2006-09-19 20:54:36
181.   Andrew Shimmin
170- There's a list of suggestions on the bottom right of this page that you might have a look at. You're new, right? Welcome.
2006-09-19 20:54:40
182.   Greg S
176 most managers wouldn't agree ; )
2006-09-19 20:54:41
183.   alex 7
he's got veteran moxie! :)
2006-09-19 20:54:54
184.   Greg Brock
169 The problem I had with it was that I didn't know what to look for. This happens when you are dense.

But once I found it, hooray!

2006-09-19 20:55:46
185.   Bluebleeder87
2006-09-19 20:56:08
186.   capdodger
2006-09-19 20:56:20
187.   MSarg29
great job there elmer
2006-09-19 20:56:27
188.   we are infinite
Oh no... Props to Marlon for trying to save it.
2006-09-19 20:56:28
189.   Gen3Blue
Who the heck was that--Geo?
2006-09-19 20:56:29
190.   the OZ
When Shawn Bradley retires, can we hire him to be a defensive replacement when our HR-prone pitchers are on the mound?
2006-09-19 20:56:34
191.   Andrew Shimmin
And now we all need to look at the list. No quit in that Anderson fellow, though, I see.
2006-09-19 20:56:36
192.   Yu-Hsing Chen
GJ Grady.
2006-09-19 20:56:45
193.   trainwreck
Less people will be leaving or changing the channel after last night.
2006-09-19 20:56:54
194.   alex 7
if there's a downside to last night, it's that I will now hesitate to go to bed at a decent hour even if the Dodgers are down 8-1 heading into the 7th inning.
2006-09-19 20:57:39
195.   Benaiah
Now it looks like Kou had a horrible outing when in reality we just have absolutely no middle relief.
2006-09-19 20:57:47
196.   Telemachos
Boy, these guys never make it easy, do they? Down 6-1 with the Padres comfortably ahead down south is a rough position to be in.

There's only so many times you can cash in your chips with the baseball gods.

2006-09-19 20:58:04
197.   JoeyP
I'll take the blame for that one.
I cut Jose Bautista from my fantasy team on sunday.

Then tonite happens.
It never fails.

2006-09-19 20:59:01
198.   thinkingblue
No bluebleeder, I HATED that move before that terrible pitch, why would you take out a guy who was pitching so well, but has had just a little bad luck go against him?

And gee, GREAT way to validate that miracle win last night. C'mon, how can you be that bad against the Pirates, Cubs, and Brewers in the same span? UH!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah nice way to keep "momentum" going, and show that there would no let down.

2006-09-19 20:59:47
199.   ddger
What's going on in Dodger Stadium last 2 nights with all these HRs? I hope there's still few left for us tonight.
2006-09-19 20:59:49
200.   Bluebleeder87
Elmer Dessens left it nice & tasty in the middle of the plate
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-19 21:00:03
201.   overkill94
Hmmm, we came back from 4 down twice yesterday, how about coming back from 5 down tonight?
2006-09-19 21:00:07
202.   JoeyP
Kuo did pitch very well tonite.
Good K numbers, low walks.
Pretty efficient.

But against the Buccos/Cubs the last two times out, so exuberance can be at least somewhat tempered.

2006-09-19 21:00:37
203.   Bluebleeder87

i stand by my comment.

2006-09-19 21:00:44
204.   ddger
Let's start another streak Kent.
2006-09-19 21:00:45
205.   we are infinite
Madres announcers just said, "Oh my! Look at that good news! We PROMISED good news from Los Angeles."


2006-09-19 21:01:11
206.   capdodger
Hey... It's Tracy managing. He'll leave the pitcher in three batters too long.
2006-09-19 21:01:34
207.   Bluebleeder87

i see you're point though, but still we have no middle relief.

2006-09-19 21:02:07
208.   ddger
Our relievers have been so bad lately. Are they just tired or what?
2006-09-19 21:03:09
209.   ddger
Wow, Drew is really swinging at bad pitches tonight.
2006-09-19 21:03:32
210.   capdodger
I sense 6-4-3 on the second pitch.
2006-09-19 21:03:33
211.   Bob Timmermann
Padres are pinch hitting for Clay Hensley. That likely means the next pitcher should be Meredith.
2006-09-19 21:05:51
212.   Bob Timmermann
Nope Embree in for the Padres in the 7th.
2006-09-19 21:06:13
213.   Greg S
That is a nasty pitch that he has used to strike out Drew and Martin. Sharp downward break.
2006-09-19 21:07:05
214.   Bluebleeder87
see with plays like that wild pitch still gives me hope.
2006-09-19 21:09:17
215.   Bluebleeder87
Snell settled down & is pitching a good game, let's hope Trace leaves him in a little to long & we score a ton of runs.
2006-09-19 21:09:39
216.   capdodger
213 It's his only good pitch, and it's almost never for a strike.
2006-09-19 21:10:18
217.   Gen3Blue
What scores as many runs as 4 consecutive home runs?
2006-09-19 21:11:19
218.   MSarg29
Tracy pulled hope for the old Tracy ball.
2006-09-19 21:12:13
219.   ddger
Since we came back from 4 runs down for the first time last night, how about coming back from 5 runs tonight. With the way the flyballs are flying out of the stadium, another miracle could happen tonight.
2006-09-19 21:12:30
220.   Bob Timmermann
After a leadoff walk by Counsell, Hudson struck out looking and Gonzalez hit into a DP.
2006-09-19 21:13:07
221.   underdog
Um, what was I saying earlier today, being worried about a letdown tonight? Sigh.

Oh well, we know not to give up til it's over, too.

Too bad the DBacks aren't helping.

2006-09-19 21:14:00
222.   ddger
Our relievers have to shut the door and not allow any more runs tonight in order to give our hitters a chance against Pirate relievers.
2006-09-19 21:15:19
223.   Benaiah
222 - Sounds like a good plan, though I am wondering who you have in mind for ths shut down?
2006-09-19 21:15:48
224.   MMSMikey
this is dissapointing.
2006-09-19 21:16:56
225.   capdodger
2006-09-19 21:17:21
226.   Benaiah
Lugo? I spit on Lugo. Loney! We want Loney!
2006-09-19 21:18:14
227.   ddger
Lugo should stop trying to hit his 1st HR and just go for base hits. He seems to have lost his power since he got to the Dodgers.
2006-09-19 21:18:38
228.   MMSMikey
they at leastneed to get back a couple runs this inning, cant count on 4 homers in the 9th.
2006-09-19 21:19:01
229.   ddger
Come on Lofton, let's keep this going.
2006-09-19 21:19:40
230.   capdodger
2006-09-19 21:19:46
231.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Yet another triple for the Dodgers.
2006-09-19 21:19:53
232.   Benaiah
Man he is good. I just wish we had enough innings left to give him two more ABs.
2006-09-19 21:20:19
233.   Gen3Blue
Grits seemed to manage better last night.
well, its not over till it is,etc.
2006-09-19 21:20:28
234.   underdog
Sounds like he drove it pretty deep (according to GameDay anyway).

I'd like to see a Loney appearance, too.

A day off today would have been nice - I'd have taken a DH tomorrow. The league is mean!

2006-09-19 21:20:48
235.   underdog
Oh, and this game ain't over either.
2006-09-19 21:21:15
236.   MSarg29
you have to drive in a run kenny
2006-09-19 21:21:34
237.   ddger
Now we only need back to back to back HR to tie.
2006-09-19 21:22:09
238.   Bob Timmermann
Ooh, I had a "Dewey beats Truman" moment on the Griddle.
2006-09-19 21:22:32
239.   Benaiah
Ok, this game cannot go late. I am falling asleep from staying up so late last night.
2006-09-19 21:22:33
240.   MMSMikey
whats with the new PA announcer? announcing the player then the postion "nomar garciaparra, 1st base"
2006-09-19 21:22:51
241.   Benaiah
Not that I want to lose, just win quickly.
2006-09-19 21:24:45
242.   ddger
241 How about grand slam in the 8th to win?
2006-09-19 21:26:24
243.   capdodger
Don't give it back Tompko. Just don't.
2006-09-19 21:26:55
244.   MMSMikey
2 hard hit balls off of tomko, who knew?
2006-09-19 21:27:03
245.   ddger
Can Tomko get anybody out these days?
2006-09-19 21:27:41
246.   MMSMikey
bay hit a duck hook.
2006-09-19 21:28:18
247.   MSarg29
what a mess
2006-09-19 21:28:21
248.   ninjavshippo
wrath of bombko strikes again...
2006-09-19 21:29:42
249.   Greg S
Well, it's not that I don't think we can do it again, it's just that... no, actually it's that.
We'll get 'em tomorrow.
2006-09-19 21:29:44
250.   MMSMikey
jesus tomko. he can be personally responsible for the dodgers not winning the division (chigaco, NY, chicago)
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-09-19 21:29:54
251.   MSarg29
another good job by tomko and the Dodger pen. what a bunch of arsonists.
2006-09-19 21:29:57
252.   underdog
Oops, I didn't see that Tomko was coming in when I sounded my note of optimism.
2006-09-19 21:30:47
253.   Greg Brock
Brett Tomko.

Say it with me.

Brett Tomko.

2006-09-19 21:31:09
254.   ddger
This is so frustrating. just when we score 2 to try to attempt a comeback, Tomko comes in and basically puts this game out of reach now.
2006-09-19 21:31:42
255.   underdog
can they hit 5 home runs in a row tonight?


2006-09-19 21:31:49
256.   ninjavshippo
i can hear my giants fan pal snickering quietly to himself in santa barbara now...
2006-09-19 21:32:05
257.   overkill94
Okay, I officially give up on tonight's game. I feel pretty confident about our chances in the next 2 games though. Chacon is a bum and Youman isn't much of a prospect. Billingsley needs to return to form, however.
2006-09-19 21:32:29
258.   ddger
Is 1 scoreless inning that much to ask?
2006-09-19 21:33:26
259.   MMSMikey
its pretty obvious tomko doesnt have an out pitch.
2006-09-19 21:33:44
260.   MMSMikey
straight fastball and a spinner.
2006-09-19 21:34:16
261.   ninjavshippo
i think someone posted something similar to this last night, but check our recent W/L


has .500 ball ever felt so agonizing?

2006-09-19 21:34:25
262.   JoeyP
Tomko has just imploded this month.
He's a bad pitcher overall, but this is getting to Carrara levels of futility.

Ian Snell is the Buccos best pitcher and he has been pretty good this year. Its not a shock to lose this one.

But the next two the Dodgers need to win, barring another miracle comeback.

2006-09-19 21:34:33
263.   MSarg29
258- apparently it is I guess. I read it happens all the time though we havent seen it in a long time.
2006-09-19 21:35:59
264.   Gen3Blue
As someone was saying above, our relief pitching seems abominable now.
But our relief, especially middle, has been off and on terrible ever since we traded or let go all are good ones, and then lost Gagne. But relievers do have their ups and downs. It is not the place to put any money or big trades or you get a Baez and a Hamulack. The last time we were OK was 2004.
2006-09-19 21:36:31
265.   MMSMikey
jeeze, bretty tomko just brought out the pain brush.
2006-09-19 21:36:36
266.   Johnny Nucleo
Grittle definitely qualifies as a slow hook.
2006-09-19 21:36:41
267.   MMSMikey
2006-09-19 21:37:33
268.   ninjavshippo
I wish there was a way to score defensively in baseball, like a safety in football... for example, repko dotting a guy in the back while trying to stretch a double into a triple from CF could be worth a 1/2 run or something.
2006-09-19 21:38:02
269.   MMSMikey
lets go tomko ta ta ta-ta-ta
2006-09-19 21:38:12
270.   ninjavshippo
265/267 - i didn't think there was a typo there. "pain brush" kind of made sense.
2006-09-19 21:38:52
271.   overkill94
Didn't the D-Backs watch last night's game? All you have to do is hit home runs and you can beat Hoffman.
2006-09-19 21:39:19
272.   MSarg29
pain brush captured the moment
2006-09-19 21:39:36
273.   Bob Timmermann
Padres 5, Diamondbacks 2 - Final.

I wonder how often teams have exchanged first place in a division this late in the year? It's quite unusual I think.

2006-09-19 21:39:53
274.   Johnny Nucleo
We've been giving up a lot of runs on wild pitches lately.
2006-09-19 21:41:09
275.   JoeyP
The 22 hours that the Dodgers were back in first were enjoyable.
2006-09-19 21:41:15
276.   MSarg29
stop the pain brush please
2006-09-19 21:41:34
277.   MMSMikey
god tomko gets LIT everytime he pitches.
2006-09-19 21:41:42
278.   overkill94
Oooo, who do we get to see now, Hendrickson? Hamulack? Gio? Let the fireworks begin! I mean...continue!
2006-09-19 21:41:50
279.   ninjavshippo
i realize every team needs a run donor in middle relief, but not in this spot.
2006-09-19 21:42:04
280.   JoeyP
Tomko is getting drilled.
When's the last time the Dodgers gave up 10+ runs in back-back games?
2006-09-19 21:42:42
281.   overkill94
277 I guess he inherited Weaver's locker.

Wait, you meant he pitches poorly...

2006-09-19 21:42:51
282.   Greg Brock
Pain brush. Beautiful.

We definitely got lathered up by the pain brush tonight.

2006-09-19 21:43:27
283.   still bevens
Ok bring me Loney, bring me Young, bring me Kemp. That would at least make this game sorta-interesting.
2006-09-19 21:44:08
284.   overkill94
Why the heck would you bring Beimel in right now? He seems to be our only reliable middle reliever at this point, why trot him out there for the third day in a row during a lost cause?
2006-09-19 21:44:40
285.   ninjavshippo
Tomko's line

0.2 IP, 4H, 4R, 1ER, 1K.

glad grittle finally got up to rinse off the pain brush.

2006-09-19 21:45:16
286.   Marty
For the people living in So Cal, I'm in Altadena and can smell the fire in the Angeles Forest right now. That may turn out to be a bad one.
2006-09-19 21:45:18
287.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers gave up 10 at Arizona on May 5 and then 11 vs San Diego on May 6.
2006-09-19 21:46:41
288.   ninjavshippo
286 - my local geography is bad. i grew up in woodland hills and just recently got a grip on where burbank is. where exactly is altadena?
2006-09-19 21:46:46
289.   Johnny Nucleo
I wonder if Drew will stay in, having struck out 3 times. He could probably use a rest.
2006-09-19 21:47:00
290.   Gen3Blue
284 So we can get some sleep?
Though him as are reliable one make me shudder.
2006-09-19 21:48:18
291.   MSarg29
I dont get that. Let Kent get another at bat. He's banged up but will 1 at bat break him?
2006-09-19 21:48:53
292.   Marty
Altadena is above Pasadena. The fire is above La Canada, 10 or so miles to the west of me
2006-09-19 21:49:21
293.   underdog
Um, anyone else kind of worried about our bullpen? Even if we make the playoffs.
2006-09-19 21:51:19
294.   PDH5204
225 227 Have you read the FOX Sports scouting report on Lugo?

From the same:

One of Lugo's biggest problems is trying too hard to come up with big hits, often jumping at pitches and swinging for the fences. He made strides to correct that, nearly tripling his number of doubles while hitting less than half as many home runs as the year before. When Lugo stays within his game, he can spray the ball around the field with enough power to hit it into the gaps. He also has the speed and ability to scratch his way onto base with bunts and infield hits."

Yep, that's who he ought to be, a line drive hitter with power to the alleys. I've been wondering, since the trade, whether management here has given him the same talk that he received in Tampa Bay. When I remarked a month or so ago, re him finding it in the middle of the '04 season, well, his finding it was his learning to stay within himself. Compare his '03 numbers with '04 and '05. '06 in Tampa was "weird", since he regressed back into the hit the homer and not so many doubles mode, yet he was still hitting .308, with an OBP of .373. I think that the success with BA and OBP allowed himto regress back to where he was in '03, and we see that now that he's facing more than a few pitchers that he hasn't seen before, i.e., he should have some dropoff initially, but not this much.

2006-09-19 21:51:19
295.   Johnny Nucleo
Sombrero. Wasted opportunity to get a rookie in there.
2006-09-19 21:51:44
296.   ninjavshippo
293 - agreed, we won't make it far with these gas cans in the pen, but as i read here a few months ago, a playoff appearance is worth a lot of dough. more dough = better starting pitching next year? at least i hope.
2006-09-19 21:52:32
297.   ddger
Did Drew celebrate too much last night? He must not have gotten much sleep like most of the Dodgers tonight.
2006-09-19 21:52:47
298.   overkill94
Marlon Anderson has to be some sort of folk hero
2006-09-19 21:52:55
299.   regfairfield
Marlon Anderson is offically too good for the game.
2006-09-19 21:53:31
300.   MMSMikey
thanks, brett.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-09-19 21:53:45
301.   ddger
Too little too late!!! Those runs that Tomko gave up might be too much to overcome.
2006-09-19 21:53:47
302.   ninjavshippo
Marlon Anderson for MLB's hometown hero!
2006-09-19 21:53:55
303.   underdog
Hah hah. I'm not too worried about Marlon Anderson these days, though - the man's in a groove.
2006-09-19 21:54:17
304.   joekings
i hate tomko.
2006-09-19 21:54:17
305.   capdodger
And now the difference is Tomko.
Who wants to buy him a bus ticket out of town?
2006-09-19 21:54:27
306.   Gen3Blue
This coming back 11-10 isn't a great strategy.
2006-09-19 21:54:30
307.   MMSMikey
has betemit done a thing, in like a month?
2006-09-19 21:54:35
308.   overkill94
I still give up on tonight's game though. A 7-run deficit is just plain too much.
2006-09-19 21:55:03
309.   Andrew Shimmin
If aliens invade the planet tomorrow, they will demand an audience with Marlon Anderson.
2006-09-19 21:55:08
310.   Johnny Nucleo
293 - I'm worried about Broxton. Last three or four outings he's had trouble throwing strikes. I hope he's not hiding an injury or something.
2006-09-19 21:55:10
311.   capdodger
If Tomko disappeared before tomorrow, would anybody notice/care?
2006-09-19 21:55:13
312.   underdog
297 Maybe he was hanging around with Derek Lowe too much last night, inhaling his breath.
2006-09-19 21:55:24
313.   MSarg29
marlon should take up middle relief.
2006-09-19 21:55:43
314.   ddger
Lugo why don't you try to bunt.
2006-09-19 21:56:11
315.   MSarg29
Marlon Anderson doesn't sleep he waits.
2006-09-19 21:56:34
316.   MMSMikey
the aquisitions of lugo and betemit really havent panned out, betemit has hit a few bombs, but other than that really nothing. and lugos 8 RBI's arent enough to make up for giving up a top prospect.
2006-09-19 21:56:57
317.   ninjavshippo
You can't stop Marlon, you can only hope to contain him.
2006-09-19 21:57:19
318.   Greg Brock
296 It's been asserted that a playoff appearance could be worth up to 15-20 million dollars per home game.

I find that a bit much, but 15-20 million per series would not be an unrealistic dollar amount to me

2006-09-19 21:57:32
319.   ddger
Marlon is the zone. Too bad we have to waste his at bats.
2006-09-19 21:57:47
320.   underdog
So. It's probably too early to talk about the Dodgers playoff roster, since we don't want to jinx things, there's still a ways to go, etc.

But it's tempting because I'm bored with this game.

Think I'll watch the Simpsons now with an eye on Gameday, y'know, just in case.

2006-09-19 21:57:58
321.   ddger
Now Grady is really giving up with Gio.
2006-09-19 21:59:32
322.   Johnny Nucleo
Marlon Anderson is this year's version of Randy Winn.
2006-09-19 21:59:40
323.   Gen3Blue
293 I would think it would be kind of a shame to take this team into the playoffs, but I think most of the teams in the playoffs will have very mediocre relief.
This evolution of pitching in the last few decades baffles me.
2006-09-19 22:00:01
324.   ddger
Is 1 scoreless inning too much to ask, Gio?
2006-09-19 22:00:23
325.   capdodger
321 - Hey, someone has to pitch.
2006-09-19 22:00:39
326.   ninjavshippo
marlon's ops in september (14 games, not counting tonight) - 1.450 (!)
2006-09-19 22:01:06
327.   regfairfield
318 BP says the average appearance is 25 million, so your 15-20 million a series is accurate.
2006-09-19 22:02:15
328.   ninjavshippo
327 - wow! that's a lot more than i would have expected. what does 15-20 million fetch in today's pitching market?
2006-09-19 22:02:34
329.   Greg Brock
327 I couldn't remember if that was from BP or Business of Baseball.


2006-09-19 22:04:24
330.   capdodger
The Dodgers have the Buccos right where they want them: Up by four.
2006-09-19 22:04:32
331.   ddger
WOW, scoreless inning by our reliever and it was Gio.
2006-09-19 22:04:44
332.   JoeyP
The thing with Marlon Anderson, is that I'm not really that surprised when he hits homers because he swings as hard as any Dodgers since Gary Sheffield.

I'm just wondering why he's never been a HR hitter, considering how hard he swings.

Maybe he's a late bloomer?
A really late bloomer.
Still, its amazing what Marlon has done.

2006-09-19 22:05:24
333.   ddger
We don't have Kent to bat in the 9th tonight.
2006-09-19 22:12:48
334.   Greg Brock
Chalk it up to a team hangover. Get 'em tomorrow, lads.

Plus we face Chacon!

Think happy thoughts, people.

2006-09-19 22:13:17
335.   Johnny Nucleo
What killed us was the grand slam and Brett Tomko.
2006-09-19 22:13:21
336.   underdog
Well then. We're back in second. That was short-lived. Hopefully second will be, too.

I'm not sure I have the fortitude for the next 2 weeks guys. I... I.. may need therapy.

2006-09-19 22:14:34
337.   JoeyP
Chacon vs Maddux
Youman vs Billingsley.

These two should be wins.
Just root for the Cubs tomorrow.

2006-09-19 22:16:26
338.   ddger
Our pen looks overworked. Grady should have stayed with Kuo little longer. Tonight Grady replaced Kuo too early and stayed with Tomko too long.
2006-09-19 22:17:59
339.   shooty
honestly, help me understand. How was it a good idea to load the bases before bringing in Elmer Dessens?
Double play, schmubble play it's loading the bases for Elmer Dessens. A slam is unpredictable, but it looked like trouble from the start.
I know Nady had given us trouble early, but strategy-wise Paulino has been hitting over .300 lately.
2006-09-19 22:29:35
340.   underdog
I don't know if he should have stayed with Kuo longer - Kuo was really struggling at that point. The problem is the kind of options the Dodgers have in the bullpen in that kind of situation right now. None of them are particularly thrilling and even the guys we've liked all season are slumping a little bit now. So you're right that the pen looks overworked, but I'm not sure Grady had much choice in pulling Kuo then.

Oh well, no sense in dwelling on this one too much. But they need to get their act together for the last two of this series.

2006-09-19 22:31:25
341.   still bevens
I also think they dont want Kuo throwing a whole lot of pitches. He was taken out around 90 his last two starts, probably will be taken out around the same count the next couple times.

339 Dessens is allegedly a ground ball pitcher. I stress allegedly.

2006-09-19 22:39:54
342.   underdog
I wish Derek Lowe was still a reliever - in addition to being a starter. I wish we could clone him for that purpose, basically.
2006-09-19 22:41:25
343.   PDH5204
Overworked pen? Starting with his Sept. 10th appearance against the Cubs, Dessens had thrown 10 pitches before tonight. Tomko threw 13 pitches last night, 23 on the 14th and 15 on the 12th against the Cubs. In contrast, Beimel threw 13 pitches last night, and 15 the night before. Seems to me that Mr. Overworked was Beimel, but yet he got his man.
2006-09-19 22:53:02
344.   underdog
Perhaps it's their better relievers who are "overworked" - or at least a little tired - and the lesser ones are not overworked so much as undertalented.

Maybe with more rest they can become more talented!

2006-09-19 22:56:45
345.   Louis in SF
I have not done the stats, but one of the problems the Dodgers started with way back in May was the use of middle relief. When our starters were not able/prevented from going more than six innings and we had to bring in middle relief early and then had to bring in our other relivers, I do believe that it catches up with you. Going back to the games in Milwaukee and Chicago just recently the middle bullpen has not been effective and of course even some of our late bullpen recently has not been that good. I wondered when we called people up why we didn't call up Osoria, he pitched at times good last year, and might he have been able to buy us some more innings.....Go Maddux
2006-09-19 23:10:53
346.   gibsonhobbs88
337 - Should be but the Dodgers are never ones to go by the book or what's expected.
I'll be at the game tomorrow, one night after a stinker by our middle relief. We really need Maddux to keep the pitch count low and go 7 maybe 8 to rest our overworked pen. For tomorrow, I would only want to see Saito in the 9th with a lead. Dessens and Tomko should be given a one way ticket out of town. A big letdown! Guys better get it together and fast. We need even a moderate 5 game streak right now just to get our heads straight.
2006-09-19 23:15:19
347.   gibsonhobbs88
Our other problem tonight is The Blue let Snell wriggle off the hook early. They had a chance to put a hurtin on the Bucs early but failed to get a key hit. Marlon, for one of the few times didn't deliver in the first, Lofton hitting into a DP on the first pitch with 1st and 3rd and 1 out. Since Snell was struggling with control, why not take a pitch or two to see if Raffy can steal second to stay out of a DP then the grounder may pick up a run.
2006-09-19 23:20:50
348.   bhsportsguy
The only cool thing about tonight's game, my pal and were sitting by the LF fair pole on the field level and as they were playing yesterday's highlights, it got to Russ's at bat in the 9th and he was standing in LF while Kuo was long tossing, he didn't look up at first but then he did as he hit the ball, everyone gave him a cheer, he smiled, waved and went back to work.
2006-09-20 05:55:28
349.   Sam DC
Well, today's wake up news is much less fun than last night's.
2006-09-20 05:59:39
350.   goblue1
How does SD bounce right back with a win VS a team that has given them trouble and we get bombed by the Piarates. Frustrating team. 4 games in September Tomko has cost us- STOP USING HIM!!!!! Its time to make the starters go deeper. Maddux can throw > 65 pitches. He needs to b/c the bullpen is horrible right now.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-09-20 06:06:50
351.   Sam DC
Ack -- first Jar Jar Binks, now this!

2006-09-20 06:35:30
352.   Sam DC
And one last linky. Has Ryan Zimmerman been reminding you of someone, but you haven't quite put your finger on it?

2006-09-20 07:01:35
353.   bluegold
350. I don't know of any way to "make" a starter go deeper. There are those who criticize Little for not yanking a starter sooner. It's a no-win situation. Let's face it, the pitching staff is weak and unreliable right down the line. This is not a playoff caliber pitching staff.
2006-09-20 07:40:30
355.   Bob Timmermann
I think the Dodgers and Padres will both hold serve Wednesday night.

But Thursday is likely to be another moving day as the Dodgers should have an edge facing a rookie pitcher for Pittsburgh while the Padres are facing Brandon Webb.

This, of course, means that none of those events will happen.

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