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Your Evening Sedative
2006-09-18 17:43
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

Not to be fatalistic, but if the Dodgers led the National League West by 1 1/2 games after tonight's contest, you probably wouldn't feel completely secure about their chances of holding that lead. So no reason to despair if Jake Peavy and the Padres push the Dodgers down by that much.

No doubt, a win tonight would be a huge boost for Los Angeles going forward. And I wouldn't dismiss the Dodgers' chances of defeating Peavy tonight. The NL West has been particularly persistent this year in humbling those who think they've got things licked.

In any event, contrary to popular belief, nothing gets decided tonight except one game.

Wild one tonight in Philadelphia, home of the Dodgers main wild-card rival. The Phillies are trying to make magic after falling behind to the Cubs, 8-0. A grand slam by ex-Dodger Jose Hernandez boosted Philadelphia to six runs in the bottom of the fourth, but Ryan Howard struck out with the tying runs on.

Comments (790)
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2006-09-18 17:46:43
1.   das411
Go Phillies!!

...and while we're at it a Jaguars win would be nice too...

2006-09-18 17:47:31
2.   Sam DC
From the last thread:

a good lead-getting team

As a basic proposition, that seems like an important thing to be in baseball.

2006-09-18 17:55:47
3.   Sam DC
Angel Pagan at the plate with two on one out top sixth. . .
2006-09-18 17:59:15
4.   das411
So Sam, what other teams will be bidding up the Phils when they go after Aram-ram this winter?

And have you seen any HRs hit farther than that one Andruw popped a couple innings ago?

2006-09-18 18:00:20
5.   Sam DC
3 Groundout.
2006-09-18 18:03:45
6.   Sam DC
4 I was drugging a fidgety child so I missed the HR.

Now I've clicked over to MNF where Mr. Tony just said that Ben Roethlisberger's appendix looks like a chile pepper.

I hadn't even realized Ramirez was free after this season. Won't he just stay in Chicago?

2006-09-18 18:06:29
7.   Greg Brock
Cody Ross vs. Guillermo Mota in New York.

Old friends everywhere.
Popup to second.

2006-09-18 18:07:48
8.   das411
Would you stay in Chicago?

It kinda did look like a chile pepper...not that we needed to know that at all...

Hey Jon, is this the kind of TV talk that should be over at that new blog?

2006-09-18 18:15:32
9.   Sam DC
Next week's MNF will be an interesting test for Mr. Tony. I head his local show the week of Katrina and the week after, and without injecting politics into the discussion, he was intensely upset about the events and the down in teh wake of the levee breach and extremely critical of FEMA and the administration. Very emotional, obviously deeply felt, and he was quite eloquent. Be interesting to see how he handles being down there, and in a pretty constrained forum.
2006-09-18 18:17:37
10.   Sam DC
Grrr . . . heard.

Also, if it wasn't clear, I was hoping not to inject politics into the discussion; Mr. Tony's comments were stingingly political.

2006-09-18 18:17:43
11.   CanuckDodger
To Jon or anybody else interested, I strongly advise checking out tonight's premiere of Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip. It aired last night in Vacouver, and was excellent.
2006-09-18 18:18:27
12.   Sam DC
Chase on base. Ryan now tryin'.
2006-09-18 18:20:54
13.   Sam DC
Eyre on fire. Ryan dyin'.
2006-09-18 18:20:59
14.   Jon Weisman
There's no ban on TV talk here (sorry Xeifrank), but please feel encouraged to chat at Screen Jam.
2006-09-18 18:21:00
15.   Bob Timmermann
I wish I shared the same optimism.
2006-09-18 18:22:07
16.   Greg Brock
They way it's been pumped up relentlessly, it better be.
2006-09-18 18:23:42
17.   Sam DC
Eyre deals. Conine reels.

Inning over.

2006-09-18 18:26:42
18.   Greg Brock
Great inning recap by Sam.

Very Seussian.

2006-09-18 18:28:22
19.   das411
Go for it Del Rio!!
2006-09-18 18:29:12
20.   Greg Brock
Or not.
2006-09-18 18:29:24
21.   Bob Timmermann
Looks like that the Cardinals-Giants rainout is very unlikely to be made up. They are losing 9-3 to the Rockies in the second.

A brace of 3-run homers for Jeff Baker of the Rox.

2006-09-18 18:29:46
22.   das411
Grr...he will hear from Easterbrook for that one!
2006-09-18 18:30:16
23.   Gagne55
The winner of this game will finish the series in first place. This game is huge! Penny better really be on his game. And he needs to go deep as Broxton is prolly unavailable.
2006-09-18 18:31:37
24.   Bob Timmermann
Bob's current mood: splenetic.
2006-09-18 18:32:11
25.   scooplew
21 -- Baker was born in Bad Kissingen, West Germany, which sounds a lot like Bad Kissinger.
2006-09-18 18:32:54
26.   Sam DC
Well, Nationals down 3-1. Top 8th, 2 on, 1 out, joint Dodger/Nationals OF Daryle Ward coming up.
2006-09-18 18:33:13
27.   Bob Timmermann
I'm guessing that Bad Kissingen has a natural spring in it.
2006-09-18 18:34:45
28.   scooplew
27 -- Not a Bad guess.
2006-09-18 18:35:52
29.   dzzrtRatt
11 I was not a fan of West Wing. The bloggy word "sockpuppetry" would apply above all to anything Aaron Sorkin writes. All the characters are him. Sometimes clever, usually high-minded, always exhausting.

For state of the art network TV writing, I turn to "House."

Besides, the Dodger game might still be on by the time Studio 60 comes on. A low-scoring extra inning game looms in the offing.

2006-09-18 18:37:02
30.   Sam DC
Ward hits a monster three run home run.

Willy Aybar (1-3) up now.

2006-09-18 18:38:01
31.   Greg Brock
Met fans going a bit nuts. One out in the ninth at Shea.
2006-09-18 18:39:35
32.   das411
Matt Smith alone was worth trading Abreu for.

Getting Conine and Moyer on top of the deal? Priceless.

2006-09-18 18:39:45
33.   Greg Brock
Two away.
2006-09-18 18:40:40
34.   Greg Brock
Mets clinch.
2006-09-18 18:43:22
35.   das411
Hahaha that dude hung up on Ozzie Guillen, sweet. Scott Long, that one was for you!
2006-09-18 18:46:47
36.   Uncle Miltie
Clint Hurdle is officially the worst manager in baseball. He just called for a bunt up 9-3 in the 3rd inning with runners on 1st and 2nd and nobody out! The Giants announcers are in shock.
2006-09-18 18:48:32
37.   Bob Timmermann
Honest, I did update the Griddle with the news of the Mets, but the sidebar didn't update.
2006-09-18 18:55:12
38.   Bob Timmermann
4-1 O's over the DRays in the 9th. Bases loaded, 2 outs, Carl Crawford up! The tension is palpable!
2006-09-18 18:55:48
39.   Bob Timmermann
Crawford grounded out.

The tension was not all that palpable.

2006-09-18 18:56:36
40.   das411
So are we still shooting for 1000 tonight?
2006-09-18 18:58:05
41.   Marty
I just bought the first season of the Office on iTunes. Jesus, it's good.
2006-09-18 18:59:43
42.   Sam DC
Here's a quote for you: "To answer your question, yes, I believe Zimmerman will turn out to be another Pujols with the bat in the future."

This is from Bill Ladson, the beat reporter for the Nationals, in response to a mailbag question comparing the two ballplayers. Now, it'll come as no surprise here that I love Ryan Zimmerman plenty.

But what a totally ridiculous thing to say.

2006-09-18 19:01:37
43.   Greg Brock
It's time for Dodger baseball!
2006-09-18 19:02:04
44.   Greg Brock
But first, the Hyundai challenge.
2006-09-18 19:04:52
45.   Sam DC
So, apparently Tracy Ringoslby has identified this guy as a possible candidate to manage the Nationals next year.

Anyone know anything about him?

2006-09-18 19:06:29
46.   Sam DC
Jon's been frontpaged at LA Observed.
2006-09-18 19:08:14
47.   Greg Brock
45 I know that he spells his first name like a girl. I bet he even puts the dot on the i like a heart.

Kidding! I'm sure Fredi is a very nice fellow.

2006-09-18 19:14:39
48.   Gen3Blue
Good God! I may have stayed up for a D's game that is not televised. It was on Prime so I assumed it was on DTV. It does not appear to be, and it doesn't seem to be on any ESPN channel. I don't think a game on Prime has not been picked up by DTV. Ever!
I hope I am wrong. They may assume all baseball fans are football fans but they are wrong.
2006-09-18 19:14:39
49.   Bob Timmermann
Bob's current mood: mordant.
2006-09-18 19:15:22
50.   MMSMikey
please let the dodgers score first. please let the dodgers score first. please let the dodgers score first. very important. very important. very important.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-09-18 19:18:16
51.   das411
Bill Cowher's Steelers are suffering from a serious failure of will.

Especially Roethxzyzzzyr.

2006-09-18 19:18:30
52.   Greg Brock
Not an ideal pitch count situation in the first.
2006-09-18 19:19:43
53.   trainwreck
That game looks like it will end 0-0.
2006-09-18 19:19:46
54.   Steve in Rochester
48 Gen, do you have Extra Innings on DirecTV? I have it on digital cable and the game is on the first MLB Extra Innings channel, it's 1101 or Game1 for me.
2006-09-18 19:20:19
55.   trainwreck
2006-09-18 19:20:21
56.   Greg Brock
Not an ideal scoreboard situation in the first.
2006-09-18 19:21:22
57.   MMSMikey
great. uphill battle already. heres peavys line tonight. 8 innings, 1 hit, 10 K's.
2006-09-18 19:21:33
58.   Bob Timmermann
Bob's current mood: choleric.
2006-09-18 19:21:44
59.   Steve in Rochester
Stop booing, you idiots, it's not his fault he isn't a Dodger anymore.
2006-09-18 19:21:54
60.   underdog
Crap. And can someone explain to me how that 2-2 pitch to Piazza was not a strike? I hate to be one of those ball-strike call complainers but that sure looked like a strike to me. Sigh. Come on Brad!
2006-09-18 19:22:29
61.   Bob Timmermann
In the fourth inning, the Rockies already have two players with 6 RBIs.
2006-09-18 19:22:56
62.   MMSMikey
big game brad.
2006-09-18 19:24:20
63.   Sam DC
"A storm signal is up."
2006-09-18 19:24:28
64.   MMSMikey
this game is over.
2006-09-18 19:24:38
65.   Bob Timmermann
Bob's current mood: sullen
2006-09-18 19:25:35
66.   Gen3Blue
Regarding 48 Never mind, I seem to have the game on DTV, though their Schedule did not show it. It better stay on. Gee, those guileless straight 96mph pitches certainaly travel far when hit
The way are all old cripple offense does against the Padres this is not good.
2006-09-18 19:25:42
67.   Gen3Blue
Regarding 48 Never mind, I seem to have the game on DTV, though their Schedule did not show it. It better stay on. Gee, those guileless straight 96mph pitches certainaly travel far when hit
The way are all old cripple offense does against the Padres this is not good.
2006-09-18 19:26:15
68.   underdog

Is it too late to cancel my MLBTV Pennant account?

2006-09-18 19:26:59
69.   underdog
Why do the Dodgers make the Padres look like Murderer's Row? I mean really - this is ridiculous.
2006-09-18 19:27:46
70.   underdog
Underdog's current mood: Vexed.
2006-09-18 19:27:57
71.   Uncle Miltie
Abraham Lincoln would not approve.

At least I have a good reason to study now.

2006-09-18 19:28:00
72.   MMSMikey
its ok guys, we're only facing jake peavy tonight. he's never really beat the dodgers? right?
2006-09-18 19:28:07
73.   Sam DC

On other subjects, the Washington Post has this about today's emergency potassium chloride leak on the International Space Station: "The defective unit is in the Russian section of the space station and has been a cause of concern for some time, requiring frequent maintenance and troubleshooting. While the Elektron oxygen generator serves an important function on the station, astronauts can also replenish the station's air by burning special oxygen-producing candles or taking oxygen from the large storage tanks on board."


2006-09-18 19:28:21
74.   Bob Timmermann
Bob's current mood: sated.

I'm eating dinner.

2006-09-18 19:28:23
75.   Steve in Rochester
Steve's current mood: nauseous.
2006-09-18 19:28:35
76.   overkill94
I'm tired of these @#!@*^$ Padres in our &^@#$^$$ stadium
2006-09-18 19:29:03
77.   Dodger Hill
Say "Goodnight", Gracie.
Goodnight, Gracie
2006-09-18 19:30:52
78.   Terry A
C'mon guys, there's no I in quit!

Wait a minute...

2006-09-18 19:31:27
79.   overkill94
Come ooooooon slugfest
2006-09-18 19:32:10
80.   underdog
I'm not actually giving up on this game. But I am about to give up on Bad Penny.
2006-09-18 19:32:40
81.   underdog
Now the Monday Night Football game is only one point away from the baseball game score.
2006-09-18 19:32:51
82.   Sam DC
I beseech you Dodgers to get some runs!

Sam DC's mood: Beseeching.

2006-09-18 19:33:04
83.   overkill94
Nomar, you are so worthless
2006-09-18 19:33:09
84.   ninjavshippo
Decided to take a break from convoluted immigration statutes... for THIS?

here's hoping we get early/midseason peavy and not aug/sept peavy

2006-09-18 19:33:27
85.   Greg Brock
2006-09-18 19:34:13
86.   underdog
Well done Nomar! Way to take advantage of the Peavy-Piazza sniping.
2006-09-18 19:35:23
87.   MMSMikey
OUTSTANDING Job Nomar, jesus christ. thanks for showing up in the 2nd half. James Loney, ready for 07?
2006-09-18 19:35:25
88.   overkill94
Well, that's a start
2006-09-18 19:35:34
89.   das411
!!!!! Some points, FINALLY!! All the anger at the Phils blowing an easy win would be erased if the Jags shut out the Steelers...
2006-09-18 19:36:22
90.   Bob Timmermann
If Drew gets on base, I will have hope. If he does not get a hit, I will watch in a state of detached bemusement.
2006-09-18 19:36:51
91.   Nick Iyengar
At this point we really don't deserve to go to the playoffs*. Even if we somehow come back to win this game, the Padres own us, plain and simple.

*Then again, what does it mean for an NL team other than the Mets to "deserve" a playoff spot?

2006-09-18 19:37:04
92.   Steve in Rochester
Dear Nomar, take notice of what a veteran should do in a pennant in runs...see Jeff Kent.
2006-09-18 19:37:08
93.   underdog
That was weird - I figured the Dodgers scored by reading your comments before I saw it on MLBTV - didn't realize how bad the delay was. (And Drew almost took one out.) Well, anyway, yeah, that's a start. Now maybe they'll kick a field goal.
2006-09-18 19:38:05
94.   underdog
Jeez. That was a strike but that Penny pitch earlier was a ball. Yeah. Okay.
2006-09-18 19:38:05
95.   trainwreck
We are atleast outscoring the Steelers.
2006-09-18 19:40:00
96.   JoeyP
I think its ok to be fatalistic.
2006-09-18 19:40:20
97.   MMSMikey
how about penny put a ball in peavys ribs?
2006-09-18 19:40:31
98.   Bob Timmermann
Mariano Duncan is attempting to be the new Arlie Latham.
2006-09-18 19:40:53
99.   underdog
Wait, what was Peavy all hot about? I missed the first part of that...
2006-09-18 19:41:13
100.   Steve in Rochester
I'm not above Penny putting one in his ribs.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-09-18 19:41:42
101.   underdog
Wow, either defenses in the NFL are really really good, and/or a lot of teams haven't brought their offenses yet to start the season.
2006-09-18 19:42:08
102.   Steve in Rochester
Does anyone have any idea what in the world was said between Duncan and Peavy? I would sacrifice Duncan for Peavy getting tossed if they got into it.
2006-09-18 19:42:16
103.   overkill94
I see a fight breaking out at some point tonight - two pitchers with bad tempers, tight pennant race, Mariano Duncan, we've got it all!
2006-09-18 19:42:20
104.   MSarg29
thats the difference between us and the Padres right now. They have a chance to blow a game open and they do. We have a shot and we're lucky to score one run.
2006-09-18 19:43:13
105.   underdog
Um... I really didn't see Peavy's bat making contact with the ball there on that swing and miss, but maybe the ump has a microscope.
2006-09-18 19:43:54
106.   Bob Timmermann
Duncan probably told Peavy to stop complaining to Piazza since his team was ahead or something like that.

I'm thinking that neither Peavy nor Penny are fun guys to hang out with on the days they pitch. They both have a part of their anatomy that gets red easily.

2006-09-18 19:44:04
107.   JoeyP
It shouldnt take 8 pitches for Penny to get out Peavy. Although, maybe he was being careful since Peavy took him deep earlier in the year.
2006-09-18 19:44:05
108.   MMSMikey
is there a stat that tracks called 3rd strikes? because drew has to be leading all of baseball in that category.
2006-09-18 19:44:22
109.   underdog
Man, where was this Penny in the first inning?
2006-09-18 19:45:10
110.   Andrew Shimmin
Duncan should charge the mound.
2006-09-18 19:45:17
111.   overkill94
Penny needs to mix it up a little with his two strike counts, he seems to always want to blow a letter-high fastball past the batter, usually resulting in a foul ball sprayed the other way.
2006-09-18 19:45:38
112.   MMSMikey
it takes 8 pitches for penny to get anyone out.
2006-09-18 19:46:34
113.   JT Dutch
... Penny looks like he'll be out of there by the third, after 120 pitches.
2006-09-18 19:47:32
114.   Greg Brock
If we're gonna get housed by the Padres at home, I at least want to get a good brawl out of it.
2006-09-18 19:49:07
115.   MMSMikey
foul ball foual ball foul ball. penny really needs to work on an out pitch next spring.
2006-09-18 19:49:09
116.   JT Dutch

... At least Mariano's not intimidated by the Padres. Everyone else on the Dodgers seems to be.

Mariano played here when we used to BEAT the Padres, after all.

2006-09-18 19:49:56
117.   JoeyP
57 in 2ip.
2006-09-18 19:50:52
118.   Terry A
Brad Penny should strike out the side more often. He should work on that.
2006-09-18 19:51:33
119.   Bob Timmermann
In Mariano Duncan's three full years with the Dodgers (1985-87), the Dodgers were 25-29 against the Padres.
2006-09-18 19:51:46
120.   underdog
Yeah, this is quite the barn-burner on MNF. The buzz of excitement in Jacksonville the likes of which haven't been seen there since... what happens in Jacksonville? The last Jeff Foxworthy show? The last NASCAR race had more touchdowns than this.
2006-09-18 19:52:09
121.   Steve in Rochester
106 You are probably right on. Mariano doesn't seem afraid to say how it is, especially if he can needle an umpire or opposing pitcher. The Angel Hernandez hat toss was classic.
2006-09-18 19:52:19
122.   nick
were I not a fan of a team that currently employs one Kyle Farnsworth, I would say that Penny has got to be the most frustrating pitcher to have on your team...
2006-09-18 19:53:33
123.   MMSMikey
how about next year when jd needs all of his days off. we just sit him against the padres. we know hes not going to do anything. he'll get like 19 days off, and he can go to work against the rest of the league.
2006-09-18 19:54:07
124.   Terry A
Nick, meet Kaz Ishii. Kaz, Nick.
2006-09-18 19:54:10
125.   Steve in Rochester
On the frustrating scale, Brad Penny is no Kaz Ishii or Lance Carter, but that's just me.
2006-09-18 19:54:44
126.   Steve in Rochester
haha, jinx.
2006-09-18 19:55:37
127.   Terry A
Jinx nothing.

I smoked your butt by a full three seconds.


2006-09-18 19:55:44
128.   JoeyP
what happens in Jacksonville?

Dont the Dodgers have a AA team there?

2006-09-18 19:55:50
129.   trainwreck
Marlon with the crush.
2006-09-18 19:56:05
130.   JT Dutch

... That beats 4-11. But I get what you're saying. Obviously, there's frustration right now.

2006-09-18 19:56:13
131.   Greg Brock
Nobody told Marlon Anderson he's supposed to go in the tank against the Padres.
2006-09-18 19:56:14
132.   MMSMikey
too bad russell could'nt get on or work a walk. oh well one more back.
2006-09-18 19:56:26
133.   underdog
2006-09-18 19:57:06
134.   Terry A
I'm so glad I deleted that snide comment I typed about Little benching Ethier tonight.
2006-09-18 19:57:08
135.   JoeyP
"Dumb Luck" Anderson has managed to hit 3HRs in like 25ABs for the Dodgers.

Whether any of them will help, who knows.

But its something.

2006-09-18 19:58:11
136.   Bob Timmermann
The Rockies have scored a run in all six innings so far against the Giants.

They lead 18-6.

2006-09-18 19:59:21
137.   overkill94
The Coors Effect lives! 18 runs in 5+ innings for the Rockies today.
2006-09-18 19:59:51
138.   MMSMikey
brad CANNOT let the padres score one more run.
2006-09-18 20:00:23
139.   Steve in Rochester
135 I'll take Marlon's "dumb luck" right now.
2006-09-18 20:00:37
140.   underdog
The Rockies have scored.... {{in Homer Simpson voice}} D'OH!
2006-09-18 20:01:36
141.   nick
were I not a fan of a team that currently employs one Kyle Farnsworth, I would say that Penny has got to be the most frustrating pitcher to have on your team...
2006-09-18 20:02:00
142.   Bob Timmermann
An epic 14-pitch at bat in Chicago ends when Juan Uribe grounds out against Jamie Walker.

Detroit about to put away the White Sox.

2006-09-18 20:03:09
143.   Terry A
Nick, meet Darren Dreifort. Darren, Nick.
2006-09-18 20:03:12
144.   nick
141 sorry--I meant to post something, shall we say--new--re 124125: speed, consensus: pretty compelling--but I picked Penny (& Farns) because of the combination of dominating stuff and apparent mental, shall we say, lapses....
2006-09-18 20:03:27
145.   underdog
Wow, if you thought Brad Penny struggled in the first inning - look at Noah Lowry's stats tonight.
2006-09-18 20:03:37
146.   Bob Timmermann
The White Sox are now closer to the Red Sox in the standings than the Twins.
2006-09-18 20:05:16
147.   Bob Timmermann
Nick gets to have Carl Pavano on his team who is the heir to Dreifort, although at least Dreifort is a fairly nice guy and has a bit more respect for the truth.
2006-09-18 20:05:53
148.   underdog
Man, I'm glad my fantasy team didn't need more points to win tonight because I have the Steelers' kicker.
2006-09-18 20:06:33
149.   Steve in Rochester
good riddance, White Sox. go back to being irrelevant like you are supposed to be.

by the way, nothing like Vin Scully to defuse my edgy attitude tonight....talking about Russell Branyan's "syruppy Southern accent." thanks again, Vin, for calling the small games as well as the big games better than anyone else ever has.

2006-09-18 20:07:23
150.   MMSMikey
i think what pennys problem is he needs to try harder. i think he needs to get his fastball around 102.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-09-18 20:09:09
151.   Terry A
I have a syruppy Southern accent, but it's more Robitussin than maple.
2006-09-18 20:10:07
152.   nick
147 thanks for mentioning He Who Must Not Be Named, Bob....
2006-09-18 20:10:16
153.   Steve in Rochester
tough to remember we have a rookie catcher these days.
2006-09-18 20:11:35
154.   das411
Wow, look at the Jags running up the score!
2006-09-18 20:12:27
155.   Greg Brock
Get out ball!
2006-09-18 20:12:48
156.   MMSMikey
there we go raffy!
2006-09-18 20:13:23
157.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers are doing it one run a time. But it might cost them more than a dime. You'll know it's them when they get back ahead.
2006-09-18 20:13:38
158.   underdog
Jimmy Eat World is a country band according to Vin Scully...
2006-09-18 20:13:57
159.   dkminnick
Keep talking about hash pipes, Vinny. It's good luck!
2006-09-18 20:14:01
160.   Terry A
The Padres front office ordered Peavy to groove one to Furcal.
2006-09-18 20:14:23
161.   underdog
I'm really glad that despite seeing Bad Penny in the first inning we've also seen Jake Peaved not at the top of his game.
2006-09-18 20:14:44
162.   Bob Timmermann
Actually that home run was on Charlie Weis's planning calendar.
2006-09-18 20:14:48
163.   MMSMikey
wow, lofton struck out looking twice.
2006-09-18 20:15:21
164.   Greg Brock
One run at a time is fine by me.

Just keep building that picket fence, boys.

2006-09-18 20:15:47
165.   underdog
...And I've already waived my fantasy kicker (Jeff Reed) tonight before he's even done playing.

And I do love Vin Scully despite his "un-hep-ness" when it comes to music, he's a delight to listen to tonight to get us through the ups and downs.

2006-09-18 20:16:19
166.   MMSMikey
god nomar is worthless.
2006-09-18 20:16:29
167.   Terry A
163 - I heard there's a stat for that.
2006-09-18 20:17:11
168.   MMSMikey
start taking notes nomar, kent came to play.
2006-09-18 20:18:00
169.   underdog
Gosh, I think the Steelers might have erred letting Roethlisberger start over Batch - maybe Ben still needs some more time.

And Gosh, was that hit by Kent "deja vu all over again"?

2006-09-18 20:18:13
170.   dkminnick
We NEED J.D. here. C'mon JD!
2006-09-18 20:18:47
171.   underdog
168 And fortunately Cameron didn't come to field...
2006-09-18 20:19:39
172.   Bob Timmermann
Wouldn't hitters who work the count get caught looking for strikeouts more often than guys who strike out swinging?

In one of Wade Boggs's insane years with Boston, I think he may have struck out swinging maybe 3-5 times the whole season. I have a feeling that Ted Williams struck out looking most of the time too.

I'm not saying that Drew and Lofton are anywhere near that good however.

2006-09-18 20:20:09
173.   dkminnick
2006-09-18 20:20:10
174.   MMSMikey
mr clutch jd drew
2006-09-18 20:20:29
175.   Greg Brock
Goodbye picket fence. Two runs in one inning!

And a tie game!

2006-09-18 20:21:08
176.   Dodger Hill
I'll admit it. I'm surprised that the Dodgers are getting to Peavy tonight.
2006-09-18 20:21:12
177.   Bob Timmermann
I find the fact that the Dodgers have tied this game to be one of the single most amazing events of the year.
2006-09-18 20:21:23
178.   underdog
Woo hoo. Those of you who gave up on this game may now return humbly and quietly to your seats here, we'll take you back with open arms.
2006-09-18 20:21:29
179.   MMSMikey
2006-09-18 20:21:32
180.   MSarg29
wow.....following this on
2006-09-18 20:21:40
181.   trainwreck
In the words of Borat, "I like!"
2006-09-18 20:22:10
182.   underdog
Yeeeeeeeesh.... that was smoked, too.
2006-09-18 20:22:38
183.   Andrew Shimmin
I still think Duncan should charge the mound.
2006-09-18 20:22:48
184.   underdog
Another amazing stat: the Rockies have scored twice as many points tonight as my Broncos did yesterday. (At least they won though.)
2006-09-18 20:23:17
185.   Bob Timmermann
Steve Kline records a shutout inning for the Giants in the 7th!
2006-09-18 20:23:41
186.   underdog
"This game is not over" reminds Joe Theismann, obviously mindful of the mystical three-point conversion rule.
2006-09-18 20:24:16
187.   MMSMikey
furcal turned out to be a great signing for the dodgers. hes a hell of a player.
2006-09-18 20:24:20
188.   Bob Timmermann
Bob's current mood: Bewilderment
2006-09-18 20:24:25
189.   Terry A
183 - This would be the perfect time. They'd never expect it.
2006-09-18 20:24:30
190.   JoeyP
THis might be Penny's last inning.
Make it a good one!
2006-09-18 20:24:35
191.   underdog
Oh great, now the Aflac trivia question is jinxing the Dodgers. ("The last Dodger to lead the league in wins" or something like that.)
2006-09-18 20:25:19
192.   confucius
Regardless of the outcome of this game I will sleep easy knowing that I have Vin Scully saying "Dope Nose and Hash Pipe" stored on my TiVo.
2006-09-18 20:25:43
193.   underdog
Underdog's current mood: jocularity, with a little gas.
2006-09-18 20:26:09
194.   Greg Brock
And on a nicer note, the Steelers got DOMINATED by the Jags tonight.

Sure, it's only 9-0, but it ain't that close.

2006-09-18 20:27:31
195.   Bob Timmermann
The question is: who are the 5 Dodgers to lead the league in wins in the last 50 years?
2006-09-18 20:29:06
196.   underdog
Anybody going to watch or Tivo the new Aaron Sorkin show tonight - "Studio 60"? Looks most enjoyable, or at least more enjoyable than any recent SNL episode.
2006-09-18 20:29:15
197.   Xeifrank
195. Rudy Law, John Hale and I don't know the other three. vr, Xei
2006-09-18 20:29:47
198.   underdog
195 Ah, that's a little more challenging, too. That'll teach me to multitask.

Meanwhile, thank you Jesse Barfield Jr.

2006-09-18 20:29:53
199.   Xeifrank
196. please
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 20:30:08
200.   Bob Timmermann
I think if you guess Sandy Koufax you will get one of the correct names.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-18 20:30:33
201.   underdog
Um... wins, Xei, not stolen bases.

I'd guess Drysdale, Sutton, and definitely Carlos Perez.

2006-09-18 20:30:33
202.   Terry A
195 - Only Charlie Hough had that kind of longevity.
2006-09-18 20:30:40
203.   Xeifrank
Who would've thought the Peavy vs Penny game would have more runs scored than the Monday night football game has points. vr, Xei
2006-09-18 20:31:08
204.   underdog
And Koufax.

And three hardboiled eggs.

2006-09-18 20:31:17
205.   Johnny Nucleo
Just the inning the doctor ordered for Penny's pitch count. Very good.
2006-09-18 20:31:49
206.   Bob Timmermann
The other four pitchers were all pretty good pitchers. I would say all of them were better than Brad Penny.
2006-09-18 20:32:28
207.   lakerican
190. why???
2006-09-18 20:33:41
208.   tjshere
How about Newcombe? And didn't bulldog tie for the lead in 1988?
2006-09-18 20:34:07
209.   Mark Joseph
Well, Koufax and Hershiser for sure; Drysdale, I think. Newcombe the year he won 27. Roe, the year he went 22-3?
2006-09-18 20:34:31
210.   Andrew Shimmin
207- He's thrown a lot of pitches, and would bat this inning, if he isn't pulled. Which, I suspect, he won't be.
2006-09-18 20:34:34
211.   StolenMonkey86
Marlon Anderson, that hitting machine
2006-09-18 20:34:48
212.   underdog
7 for 17 vs. the Padres, Marlon Anderson is this year.
2006-09-18 20:34:52
213.   Greg Brock
208 I think Danny Jackson had one more win...

24-23 if memory serves. Which it probably doesn't.

2006-09-18 20:35:19
214.   Mark Joseph
Oops, 50 years only gets us back to 1957. That eliminates Roe (even if he did lead the league in wins). Valenzuela's 21?
2006-09-18 20:35:23
215.   Bob Timmermann
Newcombe led the NL in wins in 1956, so they are counting this as the 50th season. If not there are six different pitchers.
2006-09-18 20:35:40
216.   tjshere
(Can you hear the drums) Fernando?
2006-09-18 20:36:54
217.   MMSMikey
betemit is brutal.
2006-09-18 20:36:55
218.   Bob Timmermann
Preacher Roe never led the NL in wins anyway.
2006-09-18 20:37:10
219.   Andrew Shimmin
Piazza should have been aiming for Betemit's bat.
2006-09-18 20:37:29
220.   Gen3Blue
I really have come to like Furcal.
I freely admit I was upset when it seemed he would supercede our gold glove shortstop, Izturis. I even critisized his defense when it was rough. But I have come to like his offense and his arm even if his fielding can be crude.
I will not admit that a bit of offense always trumps a defensive player, however.
But I bless Furcal, and I hope he will join in forming a young D's nucleas, after this patchwork of tired vets fades.
2006-09-18 20:37:42
221.   Terry A
I'm still mad at Preacher Roe for declining my request for an interview a couple of years ago.

And for being so darn polite about it, too.

Talk about your syruppy Southern accents.

2006-09-18 20:38:01
222.   tjshere
The Baron! Totally forgot about him.
2006-09-18 20:38:07
223.   dkminnick
Why do hitters so often duck to allow the catcher to try to throw out a stealing runner? They don't have to do that...
2006-09-18 20:38:11
224.   Johnny Nucleo

Valenzuela, 1986 with 21 wins.

2006-09-18 20:38:49
225.   Greg Brock
213 Yup, you guessed it, I'm wrong.

Jackson and Hershiser were both 23-8 in 1988.

2006-09-18 20:38:50
226.   JoeyP
Jim Tracy 101 is in effect.
This cant be good.

You have to pinch hit for Penny there.
He only has 1 inning left in him.

2006-09-18 20:39:02
227.   underdog
Ah, here we go, the answers: Newcomb, Drysdale., Koufax, and... Messers. Messersmith and Hershiser.
2006-09-18 20:40:53
228.   Bob Timmermann
In 1951, Preacher Roe won 22 games. But in game 153, Sal Maglie won #23 and in game #157, Larry Jansen won #23. Roe got a no-decision in his last start in game #154.
2006-09-18 20:42:15
229.   Andrew Shimmin
Now Duncan has to take out Adrian Gonzalez, too. He may need a weapon of some sort.
2006-09-18 20:42:56
230.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants hadn't given up 20 runs in a game since 1959.
2006-09-18 20:43:03
231.   Mark Joseph

Is Messersmith an anglicized form of Valenzuela?

2006-09-18 20:44:50
232.   Disabled List
I ended up watching "Studio 60" tonight. It is good, I recommend, specially if you're an Aaron Sorkin fan.
2006-09-18 20:45:39
233.   Bob Timmermann
Surprisingly, the New York Giants never gave up 20 runs in a game. They never gave up more than 16 in the 20th century.
2006-09-18 20:47:21
234.   JoeyP
The Padres are letting Penny off the hook. He's at 90 pitches and they're 1st pitch swinging.

Penny may actually get 2 more innings after batting.

2006-09-18 20:47:52
235.   Johnny Nucleo
I've cheated by looking now, but I believe that there are actually six Dodgers who have led the league in wins (or tied for the lead), if you count 1956.

Trick question, Bob?

2006-09-18 20:47:59
236.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants have pulled to within 20-7.
2006-09-18 20:48:01
237.   Greg Brock
Furcal has a nemesis.
2006-09-18 20:48:09
238.   Longhorn Bill
You've gotta love that effort
2006-09-18 20:48:33
239.   StolenMonkey86
234 - I'd be a little more conservative and say one more inning, but who knows
2006-09-18 20:49:48
240.   Bob Timmermann
20-8 in Denver.
2006-09-18 20:50:49
241.   StolenMonkey86
Ok Brad, just one more out
2006-09-18 20:51:53
242.   Bob Timmermann
All over in Denver.

Rockies 20, Giants 8

2006-09-18 20:51:57
243.   ninjavshippo
bombko warming in the pen...
2006-09-18 20:52:50
244.   Mark Joseph
Charlie Steiner just said the fatal words: "Warming in the Dodger bullpen, Brett Tomko."
2006-09-18 20:53:17
245.   overkill94
2006-09-18 20:53:50
246.   capdodger
Waiting for it... Waiting for it.....
2006-09-18 20:54:28
247.   bearlurker
I agree, get him out of there. Beimel should have been pitching to Branyan.
2006-09-18 20:54:48
248.   Johnny Nucleo
244, Are you sure he didn't say "Warning, in the Dodger bullpen, Brett Tomko" ?
2006-09-18 20:55:18
249.   Greg Brock much pain...
2006-09-18 20:55:32
250.   Bob Timmermann
Bob's mood at this time: resuscitated
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-09-18 20:55:51
251.   StolenMonkey86
and the hurricane force sigh of relief
2006-09-18 20:55:57
252.   capdodger
2006-09-18 20:56:18
253.   Mark Joseph

Well, I thought I heard "warming," but yours makes more sense in the context.

Hey, Penny now has a chance to get a W in this game!

2006-09-18 20:56:36
254.   capdodger
I need a beer after that one.
2006-09-18 20:56:46
255.   Greg Brock
See guys? No problem. Relax...Jeez.

{Collapses on floor}

2006-09-18 20:59:06
256.   JoeyP
That was poor managing all around.
Penny's lucky to get out of the inning, and a scoring chance was blown in the 4th by having him bat.

Poor overall move by Grits.

2006-09-18 20:59:25
257.   MSarg29
that was excrutiating to follow on gameday
2006-09-18 20:59:35
258.   Xeifrank
Dodger/Padres game is gauranteed to score the same or more points than the MNF game.
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 20:59:47
259.   twerp
Xeifrank, you may been asked before... but what what does the "vr" stand for when you finish a comment?
2006-09-18 21:00:50
260.   Xeifrank
I'd bring in Saito to pitch the last four innings. :) vr, Xei
2006-09-18 21:01:26
261.   Xeifrank
259. Very respectfully.
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 21:01:44
262.   JoeyP
Thats 6 Extra-Base hits off Peavy in 4+ innings.
2006-09-18 21:02:11
263.   underdog
virtual reality?
2006-09-18 21:02:23
264.   Greg Brock
Xeifrank is exceedingly polite.
2006-09-18 21:03:22
265.   capdodger
Come on Russ. Be Big!
2006-09-18 21:03:23
266.   JoeyP
Ultimate disrespect to Russ Martin.
Show em Russ!
2006-09-18 21:03:24
267.   Xeifrank
264. Until I pull out the nvr.
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 21:03:31
268.   StolenMonkey86
Russell Martin, it's your turn to be clutch
2006-09-18 21:04:16
269.   dkminnick
Martin strikes me as the kind of player who will come through in this situation (following an intentional walk)
2006-09-18 21:04:19
270.   Xeifrank
Show em who the rookie of the year is!!! Just show em dangnamit.
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 21:05:13
271.   StolenMonkey86
manager's count
2006-09-18 21:05:38
272.   dkminnick
Nice to have Russ out of the eight-hole, too.
2006-09-18 21:06:13
273.   dkminnick
Oh well...
2006-09-18 21:07:03
274.   Xeifrank
One more IP for Penny? Or is Tomblows coming in? vr, Xei
2006-09-18 21:08:15
275.   underdog
Gosh, I'd rather see Dessens over Tomko.
2006-09-18 21:09:18
276.   dkminnick
Hey! Tomko kept him in the park!
2006-09-18 21:09:22
277.   Bob Timmermann
Who will rid us of this nettlesome shortstop/mediocre reliever?
2006-09-18 21:09:37
278.   capdodger
It's Bombko time. Strap yourselves in (or down).
2006-09-18 21:09:50
279.   Greg Brock
Brett Tomko.

Say it with me people...

Brett Tomko.

2006-09-18 21:10:07
280.   Andrew Shimmin
I thought that was out. So, if you're still listening G-d, no need to follow through on that one. Unless you really want to. Either way; your call.
2006-09-18 21:10:21
281.   skybluestoday
Tomko!!! Stop it!
2006-09-18 21:12:14
282.   Bob Timmermann
Oh no, the internal conflict of having a guy from my high school batting.

Ahh forget that now.

2006-09-18 21:12:14
283.   StolenMonkey86
yay, he swung at a low pitch
2006-09-18 21:12:35
284.   underdog
Underdog's current mood: Forlorn.
2006-09-18 21:12:39
285.   bearlurker
I'd rather see Sele also.
2006-09-18 21:13:30
286.   Bob Timmermann
But if Dave Roberts gets a hit, then Plaschke can write a DePodesta screed except that DePodesta works for the Padres. Then the logical fallacies would make his brain explode.


2006-09-18 21:13:34
287.   capdodger
Please, just get one more out. Please don't let the old friend hurt us.
2006-09-18 21:13:42
288.   bearlurker
Time for Beimel? Three LHs in a row, so this is a good time for him.
2006-09-18 21:13:43
289.   JoeyP
I'll never understand why any team would bunt when Tomko is on the hill.
2006-09-18 21:13:46
290.   Steve in Rochester
at least Vin prefaced the story he's told 3 times this series already (Terrmel Sledge's first name) by saying, "since this is the last chance, we have to say....."
2006-09-18 21:14:17
291.   StolenMonkey86
is Broxton a go for tonight?
2006-09-18 21:14:46
292.   Steve in Rochester
struck him out!!!!

it's a Festivus Miracle!!!

2006-09-18 21:15:29
293.   StolenMonkey86
Good recovery Tomko.

You get a scratch and sniff happy face sticker.

2006-09-18 21:16:03
294.   Gen3Blue
Thank god! Terminal Sludge didn't finish us tonight.
2006-09-18 21:16:11
295.   underdog
Okay, for all our worry about and critiquing of Tomko, have to admit, that was a wicked pitch to strike Roberts out. He did a nice job recovering from that first batter.
2006-09-18 21:16:23
296.   Xeifrank
291. Broxton is being saved for the 11th inning and Saito for the 13th. :)
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 21:16:26
297.   JoeyP
There's the old Dave Roberts that I know.
0-4 with 3k's.
2006-09-18 21:16:35
298.   Bob Timmermann

When are we having the airing of grievances?

Wait, that's sort of what we're doing.

2006-09-18 21:17:30
299.   Xeifrank
Like I've said all day long. Tomko is our best pitcher. :) vr, Xei
2006-09-18 21:18:26
300.   Xeifrank
isn't their a Chad Krueter principle at work here? Put someone down and he is sure to do well. vr, Xei
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-09-18 21:19:10
301.   Steve in Rochester
298 hopefully Wilson Betemit has the Feats of Strength on an Embree fastball soon.
2006-09-18 21:19:45
302.   StolenMonkey86
299 - Oh, I get it. The happy face emoticon means it's not a violation of TFYN . . . hey, where'd the list go?
2006-09-18 21:19:48
303.   Bob Timmermann
Jacob L, DT's resident dentist, has not weighed in here tonight with his Chad Kreuter effect.
2006-09-18 21:19:50
304.   Johnny Nucleo
Guessing we'll see Saenz pinch-hit for Tomko.
2006-09-18 21:20:05
305.   capdodger
286 That's assuming that Plaschke could recognize the cognitive dissonance. I think that the wires he has loose up there dampen the effect. I think that all we'd get would be a little burp.
2006-09-18 21:20:08
306.   Uncle Miltie
This is Old Maid's spot!
2006-09-18 21:20:13
307.   JoeyP
This Marlon Anderson thing is unreal.
2006-09-18 21:20:18
308.   dkminnick
Betemit right-handed?!? Not now Grits!
2006-09-18 21:20:30
309.   Steve in Rochester
298....Krueger, my son tells me you're an idiot...

what a great episode.

2006-09-18 21:20:46
310.   StolenMonkey86
Marlon Anderson
2006-09-18 21:21:01
311.   MSarg29
i'm a big ethier fan, but I dont anyone should be criticizing gradys use of marlon anymore
2006-09-18 21:21:39
312.   JoeyP
How many times has Betemit been asked to bunt? Either let him swing or pinch hit for him, but no bunting!
2006-09-18 21:22:11
313.   StolenMonkey86
so is the theory to pitch Betemit outside?
2006-09-18 21:24:49
314.   Steve in Rochester
that may be the first memory I have of Wilson Betemit walking in a Dodger uniorm.
2006-09-18 21:24:55
315.   Uncle Miltie
Great at bat by Wilber II
2006-09-18 21:25:10
316.   StolenMonkey86
Tomato time
2006-09-18 21:25:11
317.   overkill94
Alright Oscar, I know you haven't been relevant for about a year now, but if you could please get this bunt down I'd be quite appreciative.
2006-09-18 21:25:19
318.   tjshere
Hmmmmmm. I don't do drugs so I have to assume the audio problem on my TV is due to something else. Anyone else experiencing this?
2006-09-18 21:25:33
319.   Bob Timmermann
Alan Embree was born in The Dalles, Oregon. The Dalles is one of 97 places in the United States that the U.S. Geological Survey officially says begins with "The". The borough of New York where the Yankees play is NOT one of them.

I got five USGS bureaucrats to work on this problem for me. I have much power. They even had a debate among themselves over email about to properly spell "Bronx".

Oh, yeah, Go Dodgers!

2006-09-18 21:25:35
320.   capdodger
Way to Work the Walk, Wilson!!
2006-09-18 21:25:43
321.   StolenMonkey86
2006-09-18 21:25:49
322.   twerp
274 299 Xeifrank, I thought there for a second that "vr" might stand for "very riled" when Tomko was brought in...
2006-09-18 21:26:09
323.   JoeyP
Do not bunt!
Oscar Robles?
2006-09-18 21:26:09
324.   MSarg29
a couple of good at bats
2006-09-18 21:26:23
325.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
319 - Bronks? Bronchs?
2006-09-18 21:26:34
326.   StolenMonkey86
Grady Little is drunk
2006-09-18 21:26:39
327.   ninjavshippo
2006-09-18 21:26:46
328.   overkill94
Nice bunt, bad decision by Embree
2006-09-18 21:26:52
329.   bearlurker
Won't the Pads bring in Meredith if we put in Saenz? I'd use Ethier and let him go after Embree, who doesn't have it tonight.
2006-09-18 21:26:58
330.   Bob Timmermann
The bad throw keeps Robles from becoming the 2006 version of Jose Flores.
2006-09-18 21:27:04
331.   JoeyP
If they bunt, the Pads might turn a DP bc Robles is slowwwww.
2006-09-18 21:27:05
332.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Ooh, that's huge.
2006-09-18 21:27:35
333.   StolenMonkey86
well then . ..
2006-09-18 21:27:48
334.   Johnny Nucleo
I'm not getting why we use Robles here.
2006-09-18 21:27:52
335.   Steve in Rochester
is it just me or did Branyan not have to leave the bag??? looked like he may have been intimidated a little by Marlon bearing down on him.......whatever the case.....

c'mooooonnnnnn guys!!!!

2006-09-18 21:28:16
336.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
In comes Brig. Gen. Cla Meredith.
2006-09-18 21:28:17
337.   dkminnick
We get a break!! Branyan dodn't need to pull his leg there. It looked like he was scared of the sliding runner. That could be big. Please let it be big.
2006-09-18 21:28:17
338.   Greg Brock
This is some fantastic manager stuff we are seeing tonight.
2006-09-18 21:28:22
339.   Uncle Miltie
Grits is a very lucky manager
2006-09-18 21:28:29
340.   capdodger
Poor Bunt. Worse throw. Top of the lineup coming up. First place on the line.

But first a word from our sponsors.

2006-09-18 21:28:33
341.   Xeifrank
please describe what happened on the bunt. Using gameday here.
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 21:28:45
342.   overkill94
I'd have to think that's one of the textbook bunting instances, no matter how anti you are. Tight game, bottom of the line-up, contact hitter coming up, good bunter at the plate, etc.
2006-09-18 21:29:11
343.   Bob Timmermann
The day Steve Finley didn't get a big hit off of Wayne Franklin: 9/24/2004.

But there was a happy ending anyway.

Hernandez singled to left; A. PEREZ BATTED FOR MAYNE; A. Perez
singled to center [Hernandez to second]; FLORES BATTED FOR O.
PEREZ; On a bunt Flores struck out; Izturis lined to center;
to third, A. Perez to second]; FRANKLIN REPLACED HERGES
(PITCHING); Finley popped to shortstop; 0 R, 2 H, 0 E, 3 LOB.
Dodgers 3, Giants 2.

grounded out (second to first); Cruz grounded out (shortstop to
first); Feliz walked; ELLISON RAN FOR FELIZ; Bonds was walked
intentionally [Ellison to second]; SNOW BATTED FOR ALFONZO; Snow
walked [Ellison to third, Bonds to second]; Torrealba lined to
left; 0 R, 0 H, 0 E, 3 LOB. Dodgers 3, Giants 2.

2006-09-18 21:29:17
344.   dkminnick
Is that Jeff Kent in the Jack in the Box commercial with the cheerleader?
2006-09-18 21:29:20
345.   ninjavshippo
perhaps a good time to put kemp in for robles, to avoid a DP?
2006-09-18 21:29:40
346.   capdodger
334 Robles was used because Grits wanted to bunt and Robles, at this point of the season, is the Designated Bunter.
2006-09-18 21:29:47
347.   Jon Weisman
Didn't Branyan have the wrong foot on the bag to begin with?
2006-09-18 21:30:39
348.   underdog
Robles was brought in to bunt, and bunt he did. It was bunted down the third base side of the mound and Embree grabbed it and threw a little wide of the bag, pulling Branyan off just a bit and Anderson was in safely.
2006-09-18 21:30:40
349.   overkill94
341 Medium range bunt halfway between 3rd and the mound. Embree pounced on it, but by the time he got there, it would've taken an excellent throw, which was almost the case, except Branyan's foot wasn't on the bag since he had charged at first.
2006-09-18 21:30:48
350.   bearlurker
Seems like Bochy is guilty of what Grittle's been accused of, going with Embree while Meredith and Linebrink sit on the bench along with Hoffman.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-09-18 21:30:56
351.   JoeyP
No, thats a really bad spot to bunt. With the good hitters coming up, why give up an out?

Plus with Robles, he's a candidate for the pitcher to throw to 2nd, back to 1st for a DP. He's super slow.

Grits is managing a bad game tonite, but it still might work out.

The bunt there is terrible though.

2006-09-18 21:30:56
352.   Bob Timmermann
Unless the first out is at the plate, the Dodgers will score on a DP. It's a little early to use a pinch runner like Kemp.
2006-09-18 21:31:34
353.   overkill94
Of all the times for Furcal to be unclutch...
2006-09-18 21:31:50
354.   Steve in Rochester
surprised that Piazza came up with that ball in the dirt
2006-09-18 21:32:22
355.   overkill94
Wow, we really suck with runners in scoring position right now
2006-09-18 21:32:26
356.   dkminnick
Oh. My. God.
2006-09-18 21:32:36
357.   ninjavshippo
that. really. hurts.
2006-09-18 21:32:43
358.   Bob Timmermann
There are more momentum switches here than a Foucalt's Pendulum caught in a hurricane!
2006-09-18 21:32:46
359.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Echoes of '97.
2006-09-18 21:32:56
360.   Greg Brock much pain...
2006-09-18 21:33:44
361.   Steve in Rochester
i didn't think that even we could screw that up.
2006-09-18 21:33:44
362.   underdog
Holy crap, Cla Meredith really deflated the Dodgers' balloon there. Sigh.
2006-09-18 21:33:53
363.   JoeyP
Thats why you never bunt.

Cant KLoft at least take a pitch?

2006-09-18 21:34:10
364.   StolenMonkey86
2006-09-18 21:34:11
365.   MSarg29
how did we not score?
2006-09-18 21:34:11
366.   ninjavshippo
bob, you slay me.
2006-09-18 21:34:57
367.   LA Rook
2006-09-18 21:35:35
368.   overkill94
I'm not sure we can recover from that momentum shift
2006-09-18 21:36:24
369.   Disabled List
Somebody repost that play-by-play of the Eddie Murray DP vs. the Giants in 1997. It was in one of the threads a few days ago...
2006-09-18 21:36:42
370.   tjshere
TJ's current mood:


2006-09-18 21:36:58
371.   capdodger
It's like they're playing a game of, "Who can wriggle out of the bigger jam."

I think the Padres have won.

2006-09-18 21:37:26
372.   capdodger
It's like they're playing a game of, "Who can wriggle out of the bigger jam."

I think the Padres have won.

2006-09-18 21:37:31
373.   Bob Timmermann
to right; Karros singled to left [Piazza to second]; Mondesi
singled to right [Piazza to third, Karros to second]; Zeile was
called out on strikes; MURRAY BATTED FOR OSUNA; Murray grounded
into a double play (second to catcher to first) [Piazza out at
home]; 0 R, 3 H, 0 E, 2 LOB. Dodgers 5, Giants 5.
2006-09-18 21:37:39
374.   JoeyP
Bochy is an idiot too.

Can both teams lose tonite?

2006-09-18 21:37:59
375.   MSarg29
I'm glad sportscenter finally mentioned the NL league after 30 something minutes of football coverage. Its only pennant race time.
2006-09-18 21:38:13
376.   Steve in Rochester
i knew that rat would surface somewhere (pinch running at first)
2006-09-18 21:38:28
377.   joekings
Surely the baseball gods will punish us for that display in the 6th.
2006-09-18 21:39:19
378.   Bob Timmermann
You have to admit the game is more interesting than the first 30 minutes made it out to be.
2006-09-18 21:40:10
379.   Benaiah
That was so painful to watch. When Lofton came up I thought to myself: "36 RBI in 400+ AB from the 2 hole... hmmm" I am not even that big a fan of ribbies, but sometimes you know that the person at the plate isn't going to get it done.
2006-09-18 21:40:13
380.   Steve in Rochester
bard was born with Hamulack in Ithaca, NY. my current neck of the woods, well within a few hours at least.
2006-09-18 21:40:45
381.   Bob Timmermann
Was Bard hired to do the singing and writing of poetry for Jason Jennings' wedding?
2006-09-18 21:40:51
382.   ninjavshippo
betemit's redemption is sweet.
2006-09-18 21:40:52
383.   Steve in Rochester
another Festivus Miracle.
2006-09-18 21:41:16
384.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2006-09-18 21:41:56
385.   Bob Timmermann
I've been to Ithaca. In my opinion, it's not in the neck of the woods of anything.

Nice city though.

2006-09-18 21:42:04
386.   JoeyP
Bard just GIDP'ed on a pitch loads the bases up if he takes it.

Some bad managing tonite.
Bad bunting.
Lots of bad.

2006-09-18 21:42:25
387.   capdodger
381 No. He wrote the vows in the sonnet form.
2006-09-18 21:42:43
388.   ninjavshippo
386 - so... you're kind of a glass half-full guy, right?
2006-09-18 21:42:54
389.   Greg Brock
Pairing Greg Brock with Jack Daniels commercials is not a good idea at this point in the game.

Not good for anybody.

2006-09-18 21:42:58
390.   Benaiah
377 - I think the 6th was our punishment from the baseball gods for something else. Two and a half men being the most popular comedy in America? Luckie Louie? Smog in LA?
2006-09-18 21:43:32
391.   Dodger Hill
I can't handle much more of this drama
2006-09-18 21:43:38
392.   Greg Brock
390 Lucky Louie is dead.
2006-09-18 21:44:03
393.   Johnny Nucleo
After seeing the score after 1 inning, I thought I was going to get some thesis-writing done tonight. In the competition between tabulating NMR data and watching this game, the latter is winning handily.
2006-09-18 21:44:13
394.   Steve in Rochester
Ithaca is alledgedly beautiful. I'll be checking it out this winter.

Bob, you seem to be quite the traveller. Kudos on your wide knowledge of the American landscape.

2006-09-18 21:44:17
395.   ninjavshippo
390 - it really isn't the most popular, is it? i no-so-secretly loathe cbs for its "most watched" schtick, which i'm convinced is disingenious
2006-09-18 21:44:19
396.   JoeyP
388--Its about 1/4 full tonite. I like watching good baseball. When teams do dumb stuff, its not as enjoyable to watch, regardless of who's playing.
2006-09-18 21:44:29
397.   Jon Weisman
This is the most intense game of the year, isn't it? Except perhaps from the point of view from Mariano Duncan's hat.

Anyway, I'm feelin' it.

2006-09-18 21:44:44
398.   confucius
Up to this point, this game is the best game I've watched all year. But it is impossible to enjoy.
2006-09-18 21:45:24
399.   Jon Weisman
I would venture that a team being able to knock Jake Peavy out of a game qualifies as something good.
2006-09-18 21:45:45
400.   Disabled List
373 Thanks.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go in the other room and flagellate myself with a extension cord.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-09-18 21:46:16
401.   Greg Brock
this game is the best game I've watched all year. But it is impossible to enjoy.

The baseball equivalent of Schindler's List.

2006-09-18 21:46:42
402.   Bob Timmermann
I think Brad Penny deserves a little bit of credit for not melting down like we all expected. He somewhat annealed toward the end.
2006-09-18 21:47:16
403.   Dodger Hill
Given the happenings since the top of the first, yes, it's been a good game and by far the most intense of the season.
2006-09-18 21:47:46
404.   Bob Timmermann
This game started out as "Grave of the Fireflies", now it's turned into "Schindler's List". If we're lucky, this might be as happy a movie as "Chinatown".
2006-09-18 21:48:34
405.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers should let someone reach base next inning so the Padres will have to pinch hit for Meredith.
2006-09-18 21:49:02
406.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
401 - So, Seinfeld and a date are making out now?
2006-09-18 21:49:26
407.   Johnny Nucleo
402- Annealed, yes, that's a good word for it.
2006-09-18 21:50:17
408.   ninjavshippo
to anyone listening on kfwb: can you make any sense of those so-cal mercedes benz commercials? they're pretending to be recording a radio commercial, during the radio commercial? i hate meta-advertising.
2006-09-18 21:50:29
409.   Greg Brock
404 She's my Dodgers and my daughter.
2006-09-18 21:50:47
410.   Bob Timmermann
This feels like USC-UCLA 1993. We just need to find out which team has Rob Johnson on it to blow the game.
2006-09-18 21:51:01
411.   Johnny Nucleo
Let's hope Beef is back to his old self.
2006-09-18 21:51:02
412.   JoeyP
I think of tonite like a championship football game thats filled with lots of penalties.
2006-09-18 21:52:25
413.   confucius
Seeing the location of that off speed pitch to Cameron makes me feel good about Brox. He was leaving that up yesterday.
2006-09-18 21:53:03
414.   Bob Timmermann
Blum has now become the most-feared Padre hitter.
2006-09-18 21:53:17
415.   Disabled List
"Forget it Grady, it's Chinatown."
2006-09-18 21:53:31
416.   Benaiah
No pitch tipping please. Speaking of, what exactly was the tip off? I keep telling the bull that the catcher is the one who is supposed to signal with their fingers, but the kid only knows pitching and eating.
2006-09-18 21:53:36
417.   dkminnick
Oh how I hate late-inning walks.
2006-09-18 21:54:14
418.   capdodger
413 - How does that four-pitch walk make you feel?
2006-09-18 21:54:37
419.   Greg Brock
Let's just hope this game doesn't turn into "The Day the Clown Cried"
2006-09-18 21:55:12
420.   Bob Timmermann
There's Rob Johnson.
2006-09-18 21:55:16
421.   ninjavshippo
broxton.. why...
2006-09-18 21:55:35
422.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2006-09-18 21:55:49
423.   confucius
The Dodgers are a minor league team.
2006-09-18 21:55:51
424.   confucius
The Dodgers are a minor league team.
2006-09-18 21:56:37
425.   dkminnick
Ball game.
2006-09-18 21:56:47
426.   joekings
we don't deserve to make the playoffs.
2006-09-18 21:56:47
427.   ninjavshippo
if i had an old-timey straw hat and i was at the track, i'd be busting it open against my knee right about now.
2006-09-18 21:56:56
428.   trainwreck
Aw heck I tells ya.
2006-09-18 21:57:40
429.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
At least the Phillies lost.
2006-09-18 21:57:49
430.   Benaiah
Well who ever wanted someone on so Meridith left the game got their wish...
2006-09-18 21:58:25
431.   underdog
Underdog's mood: Vomitous.

Feelings about Broxton this week: Same.

2006-09-18 21:58:45
432.   StolenMonkey86
let's get it on the ground
2006-09-18 21:58:52
433.   Bob Timmermann
Well, the Dodgers weren't going to score off of Meredith....
2006-09-18 21:59:15
434.   Benaiah
This is where I wonder what is wrong with Grittle? Broxton hasn't had it in his last three appearances, but down one in the eighth in the most important game of the season is probably the right time for him to work out what has been ailing him.
2006-09-18 21:59:34
435.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Pull him, Grady.
2006-09-18 22:00:07
436.   Bob Timmermann
DT Zeitgeist now: truculent.
2006-09-18 22:00:51
437.   JoeyP
Dave Roberts with the golden sombrero.
2006-09-18 22:02:18
438.   ninjavshippo
434 - i just got an angry phone call from my fellow dodger nut singing this same tune, but who would you have preferred in this spot? saito for 8/9?
2006-09-18 22:03:11
439.   Uncle Miltie
Saito has pitched 5 innings this month!

I hate to say it, but Grits is creeping into Jimbo territory.

2006-09-18 22:03:40
440.   RELX
The reason we are not going to make the playoffs is not just because of this moment, it is because no one on this team is stepping up as the pressure increases. The only reliable guys on this team right now are Maddux and Lowe in the rotation, Saito in the pen, and Furcal and Martin in the line-up. Kent is hurt, Drew is inconsistent, the rookies, like Broxton and Ethier, are fading, and the midseason pick-ups--Hendrickson, Lugo and Betemit--are proving to be players who wilt under the glare of a pennant race. I don't blame guys like Ethier and Broxton, as this is their first year and they will get better going through this, but the stregths of this team during July and August--strong starting pitching, an improved bullpen, and clutch hitting--are evaporating before our eyes.
2006-09-18 22:04:36
441.   Gen3Blue
Wow--and they are putting a 22 year old in an important situation. What idiots, putting Broxton in a really important spot before he got any experience as a starter.
Good-bye from the east coast-and good night.
I think are talent is good but the management.
2006-09-18 22:04:50
442.   trainwreck
That is going too far! He has made bad decisions at time but nowhere near Tracy level.
2006-09-18 22:06:13
443.   dkminnick
Hey Bob, how many times this year have the Dodgers come from behind in late innings? Ever?

I ask because you always sem to have this kind of info at your fingertips.

And, I'm lazy.

Thx, Doug

2006-09-18 22:06:35
444.   Bob Timmermann
So why wasn't it a bad idea for Bochy to bring in Meredith in a bases-loaded, no outs situation and he's even less tested than Broxton?
2006-09-18 22:07:33
445.   ninjavshippo
i remember jon saying something about marlon having "his night" to make his mark. this might be it.
2006-09-18 22:07:45
446.   Gen3Blue
Wow--and they are putting a 22 year old in an important situation. What idiots, putting Broxton in a really important spot before he got any experience as a starter.
Good-bye from the east coast-and good night.
I think are talent is good but the management,wow. I didn't want to get into the play-offs with this team. However, if we do, and management tries to cover things by trading their young talent, I will be all over them like its hard to concieve.
2006-09-18 22:07:52
447.   Gen3Blue
Wow--and they are putting a 22 year old in an important situation. What idiots, putting Broxton in a really important spot before he got any experience as a starter.
Good-bye from the east coast-and good night.
I think are talent is good but the management,wow. I didn't want to get into the play-offs with this team. However, if we do, and management tries to cover things by trading their young talent, I will be all over them like its hard to concieve.
2006-09-18 22:07:56
448.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
A sign of life!
2006-09-18 22:07:59
449.   Daniel Zappala
THat triple would have worked last inning. But that's OK, we just need three runs and then bring in Saito.
2006-09-18 22:08:24
450.   JoeyP
Marlon Anderson is using all of his luck up tonite. The Dodgers better win!
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-09-18 22:08:31
451.   capdodger
440 - How can you consider Saito a strength if he hasn't had a chance to play? At this risk of cliche, you need to put players in places to succeed. That wasn't the place for Broxton to succeed, but it may have been the place for Saito to succeed. That's not the player's fault. That one is all on Grits. He needs to play the players that are playing well. He's too formulaic, and can't work off book.
2006-09-18 22:09:00
452.   Steve in Rochester
Marlon is trying to win this game single-handedly.
2006-09-18 22:09:00
453.   Benaiah
438 - If we don't have anyone who can get two outs more efficiently than Broxton on a roster of 35 people then we shouldn't be allowed to go into the postseason. He has given up runs in his last three games and he just gave up two runs on two hits and a walk in three straight batters. Now obviously he somehow worked it out... and I don't care what I was about to say. Go MARLON!
2006-09-18 22:09:00
454.   trainwreck
2006-09-18 22:09:11
455.   Andrew Shimmin
Attention people who keep quiting on this game: learn your lesson!
2006-09-18 22:09:27
456.   Bob Timmermann
Gen3Blue is on autopost now.
2006-09-18 22:09:36
457.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
May Saenz be thrown a fastball, please.
2006-09-18 22:10:18
458.   dkminnick
455 - I may have quit, but I'm still here. I can always re-join!
2006-09-18 22:10:38
459.   RELX
Talking about managers--would Bochy go against the book and bring Hoffman in for a two-inning save?
2006-09-18 22:10:45
460.   capdodger
455 I shut down MLB.TV Mosaic then started it back up again.
2006-09-18 22:11:03
461.   Greg Brock
Jesus, I cannot deal with this. It's Studio 60 time!

I quit.

2006-09-18 22:11:04
462.   Gen3Blue
This is no game--we have been screwed by management since the word go. If it over the fault is not Loney or Kemps, thats for sure.
2006-09-18 22:11:33
463.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers tie the game, Linebrink can move into a tie for the NL lead in blown saves.

And Jason Isringhausen isn't getting any more.

2006-09-18 22:12:11
464.   Greg Brock
I can't quit.
2006-09-18 22:12:15
465.   Uncle Miltie
This month:
Beimel 8 games 8 innings
Broxton 7 games 5 2/3 innings
Hamulack 6 games 5 innings
Dessens 6 games 5 2/3 innings
Saito 5 games 5 innings

Besides the starters not going deep enough into games, I see a problem here

Here's a real gem too
Julio Lugo 38 at bats
Andre Ethier 36 at bats

2006-09-18 22:12:33
466.   MSarg29
good lugo pinch running means he cant pinch hit.
2006-09-18 22:12:38
467.   capdodger
Does Grady not look at splits? Olmedo is batting (SSSA) .382 against LHP and .246 agains RHP.
2006-09-18 22:12:46
468.   Benaiah
It is hard to bat when you always start out down two strikes.
2006-09-18 22:14:06
469.   ninjavshippo
relying on noodle-arm in a clutch situation? i can't look. which is fine, because i'm listening on radio.
2006-09-18 22:14:16
470.   Steve in Rochester
"they were looking at that fly ball with their hearts and not with their eyes."

I think we all are at this point. I know I am at least. I like to think Vinny is too, he's just too professional to show it.

2006-09-18 22:14:37
471.   dkminnick
Kenny can make up for DP here with a double
2006-09-18 22:14:45
472.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
467 - Hoffman is right-handed, too, so if Saenz doesn't bat against a RHP he doesn't bat at all tonight.
2006-09-18 22:15:16
473.   ninjavshippo
471 - let us call him a prophet!
2006-09-18 22:15:20
474.   Steve in Rochester
there's your double.....WHY THE HELL DIDN'T LUGO SCORE?!?!?!?!?!??!
2006-09-18 22:15:22
475.   Gen3Blue
Lugo-- we are screwed for sure.
2006-09-18 22:15:28
476.   dkminnick
I meant a triple...
2006-09-18 22:15:33
477.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2006-09-18 22:15:59
478.   capdodger
Let's Go Nomah!!
2006-09-18 22:16:00
479.   Bob Timmermann
There aren't any lefties in the San Diego pen anymore anyway. Embree is the only one.
2006-09-18 22:16:13
480.   Uncle Miltie
465- that was a typo for Broxton, those stats are for Tomko. He's at 8 games and 8 2/3 innings this month.
2006-09-18 22:16:13
481.   Daniel Zappala
If there are two outs, you are running on contact, and you are a pinch runner, aren't you supposed to score from first on a double? I though that was a requirement.
2006-09-18 22:16:20
482.   Johnny Nucleo
If I'm the Padres manager, I bring in Hoffman right now.
2006-09-18 22:16:29
483.   Uncle Miltie
Nomar will not come through here
2006-09-18 22:16:42
484.   MSarg29
how didnt he score? And I was happy he was pinch running.
2006-09-18 22:16:46
485.   Bob Timmermann
Lugo would have been out by 85 feet at home if he tried to score.
2006-09-18 22:16:58
486.   Gen3Blue
Second and third-- what a losers set. And Nomar, what an old loser.
2006-09-18 22:17:00
487.   Benaiah
How do you not score from first on a double with two outs? I thought you were fast or something, isn't that why you pinch run for someone?
2006-09-18 22:17:18
488.   RELX
Talking about bad managers--would Bochy bring Hoffman in for a four-out save?
2006-09-18 22:17:33
489.   Bob Timmermann
Lofton's double didn't go very far and Giles got to it quickly. It was surprising that Lofton tried for second on it.
2006-09-18 22:17:35
490.   dkminnick
We'll have to do it against Trevor
2006-09-18 22:17:43
491.   Xeifrank
just came back from putting my daughter to bed. Dodgers had bases loaded with no outs when I left. I see they didn't score. Do I dare ask what happened? vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:17:50
492.   Daniel Zappala
At least the Dodgers are showing some life in this game.
2006-09-18 22:17:51
493.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Again, ugh.
Hold 'em, Saito.
2006-09-18 22:18:18
494.   JoeyP
Kent/Drew/Martin will come to bat with seemingly the division title on the line in the bottom of the 9th.
2006-09-18 22:18:18
495.   ninjavshippo
well, if they want to win, they're really going to have to earn it now. let's hope kent can squeeze out one more dab of clutchness
2006-09-18 22:19:04
496.   Benaiah
492 - Yes, but I am afraid to think what will happen now against Hoffman.
2006-09-18 22:19:19
497.   MSarg29
489 - good to know Bob thanks
2006-09-18 22:19:35
498.   Bob Timmermann
Furcal hit into a 4-2 force out.
Lofton hit into a 1-2-3 DP.
2006-09-18 22:19:56
499.   capdodger
For those watchin on Gameday, Lugo didn't score because Lofton hit a pop-fly double between Giles and the right-field line. Lugo had to hold to avoid being doubled off of first in the event that Giles got to the ball.
2006-09-18 22:20:10
500.   RELX
I have two things to say:

1. Nomar should not be back next year--though I would not bet against us resigning him.
2. All managers--Bochy, Little, whoever--are mediocre. Even though it worked out, Hoffman should have been brought in to face Nomar. It doesn't really matter who your manager is, they all make the same decisions.

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-09-18 22:20:17
501.   Bob Timmermann
If Manny Alexander swings away, I'll be very surprised.
2006-09-18 22:20:40
502.   Vaudeville Villain
In Lugo's defense, that ball wasn't really hit very hard, Brian Giles' bad defense really allowed Lofton to take second.
2006-09-18 22:21:58
503.   Xeifrank
Start spreading the news...
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:22:02
504.   Uncle Miltie
Manny Alexander is still in the majors? Wow.
2006-09-18 22:22:21
505.   ninjavshippo
gadzooks. this is a weird game.
2006-09-18 22:22:23
506.   Bob Timmermann
Gonzalez still should have scored on that.
2006-09-18 22:22:25
507.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2006-09-18 22:22:27
508.   Vaudeville Villain
Man, even Saito's getting hit. Lofton just saved a home run.
2006-09-18 22:22:29
509.   Jon Weisman
Goaltending. I said it a second before Vinny.
2006-09-18 22:22:31
510.   capdodger
Rust anyone?
2006-09-18 22:22:36
511.   Steve in Rochester
499 there were two outs.

but nonetheless, he probably couldn't have scored.

and now if Saito can get out of this unscathed it will be a miracle.

2006-09-18 22:22:47
512.   Gen3Blue
Note to Ned- please don't give any more money to these old losers--you have young talent that could probably play five hundred ball for free. While you try to find some pitchers.
2006-09-18 22:23:26
513.   Jon Weisman
The Dodger bullpen has become Mudville.
2006-09-18 22:23:29
514.   JoeyP
How did A-Gon not score on that?
That might end up costing the Padres.
2006-09-18 22:23:49
515.   Xeifrank
setting up the grand slam?
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:24:16
516.   Bob Timmermann
Geoff Blum is like Eric Byrnes except 10 times as deadly.
2006-09-18 22:24:42
517.   Benaiah
This is where we get to blame Grittle for using Saito so little that he is rusty.
2006-09-18 22:25:02
518.   Bob Timmermann

I believe the point is moot now.

2006-09-18 22:25:15
519.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
This is agony.
2006-09-18 22:25:20
520.   Johnny Nucleo
508- Rare DT praise for Lofton's defence.
2006-09-18 22:25:30
521.   Vaudeville Villain
Wild pitch for Saito scores a run. San Diego just seems to have our number, for whatever reason.
2006-09-18 22:25:39
522.   Jon Weisman
Dioner Navarro detractors - Martin just did what Navarro was faulted for - trying to block a ball with a backhand instead of with his body.
2006-09-18 22:25:39
523.   Xeifrank
yikes. another IBB?
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:25:46
524.   JoeyP
2006-09-18 22:26:13
525.   MSarg29
2006-09-18 22:26:19
526.   Bob Timmermann
Sheesh, now this game is turning into "The English Patient."

I hated that movie.

2006-09-18 22:26:24
527.   capdodger
That sound you're hearing is the Dodger's bandwagon riding on the rims.
2006-09-18 22:26:42
528.   MMSMikey
can we take off the cussing filter?
2006-09-18 22:27:13
529.   Xeifrank
Atleast good friend Jim Tracy is coming to town soon. vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:27:13
530.   ninjavshippo
526 - Don't let peterman hear you saying that.
2006-09-18 22:27:26
531.   underdog
Guys, this game is making my stomach hurt like no game this season has. Can I get some Pepto Bismol? Can someone write me a note so I can stay home from work tomorrow?
2006-09-18 22:27:27
532.   Andrew Shimmin
520- It's rare he deserves any.
2006-09-18 22:27:51
533.   Jon Weisman
528 - What would that accomplish?
2006-09-18 22:28:09
534.   Vaudeville Villain
Olney puts the game pretty much out of reach with Hoffman coming in.

Man, the English Patient sucks.

2006-09-18 22:28:15
535.   trainwreck
I loathe the Padres.
2006-09-18 22:28:19
536.   MSarg29
522 - Not watching the game, Martin rarely does that. I'm wondering if fatigue is getting to him to do that. Not an excuse certainly, but may be a reason.
2006-09-18 22:28:22
537.   Johnny Nucleo
In the words of the Quebecois, may I say "stie chalisse de tabernac", with emphasis.
2006-09-18 22:28:22
538.   Steve in Rochester
526 just like Elaine

this is excruciating.

even Vinny just gave up.

2006-09-18 22:28:28
539.   Bob Timmermann
I think we can all swear in the privacy of our own homes.
2006-09-18 22:28:59
540.   Benaiah
I still have faith, but it is definately shaken. Like 11.0 on the richter scale.
2006-09-18 22:29:12
541.   NPB
2006-09-18 22:29:35
542.   underdog
Okay, I'm gonna go watch Studio 60 now (after barfing for a few minutes). Night everyone. Hope the rest of the season is less painful to watch than this series was.
2006-09-18 22:29:42
543.   tjshere
539 Good, because that's exactly what I've been doing.
2006-09-18 22:30:04
544.   trainwreck
That was unnecessary.
2006-09-18 22:30:42
545.   JoeyP
Yeah Saito is a little rusty.
Time to focus on the wild card.
2006-09-18 22:31:04
546.   RELX
533. I think 528 was joking.
2006-09-18 22:31:34
547.   StolenMonkey86
The Pads are gonna have to do what the Marlins did yesterday to blow this one
2006-09-18 22:31:37
548.   Benaiah
Everything that happened after we loaded the bases in the 7th has been unnecessary. I should have just gone to bed.
2006-09-18 22:31:43
549.   Daniel Zappala
Oh good grief. Hey, we get to play the Pirates next!
2006-09-18 22:31:44
550.   Vaudeville Villain
There's still the wild card, there's still the wild card, there's still the wild card...
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-09-18 22:31:53
551.   MMSMikey
how can you still have faith? in what? wilson betemit hitting a game winning walk off grandslam off trevor hoffman? now a slam would'nt even do it.
2006-09-18 22:32:02
552.   ninjavshippo
well, who has a harder remaining schedule?


substatement: yahoo has a dumb frontpage headling for it's mlb page. "Miracles Still Happen: Mets Clinch Division." What's miraculous about their payroll, exactly?

2006-09-18 22:32:30
553.   Steve in Rochester
this is as discouraged as I have been about anything in a long time
2006-09-18 22:32:34
554.   Bob Timmermann
I didn't know Bruce Bochy's Lord and Master was Rule 10.20.
2006-09-18 22:32:38
555.   joekings
I hate having to depend on the kindness of strangers to help us win the division.
2006-09-18 22:33:01
556.   StolenMonkey86
549 - yeah, and hopefully that sweep over the Mets was just a big fat fluke about to be corrected.
2006-09-18 22:33:05
557.   Greg Brock
I am become death, the destroyer of worlds

--San Diego Padres, 2006

2006-09-18 22:33:07
558.   Jon Weisman
By the way - cycle alert, Bob?
2006-09-18 22:33:59
559.   JoeyP
The Padres are in essence two games up bc of the loss column. I think the real race is between the Dodgers/Phillies. Each team faces some bad teams from here on out. It might be close down to the wire.
2006-09-18 22:34:01
560.   capdodger
Wildcard? It's the Padres. They've been as bad against everyone else as they are good against the Dodgers.
2006-09-18 22:34:06
561.   Benaiah
Well, our strategy of using their offense to induce inferior relievers has worked at least.
2006-09-18 22:34:17
562.   Jon Weisman
546 - Maybe. I have my doubts.
2006-09-18 22:34:24
563.   ninjavshippo
kent is one of the few blue men with a pulse tonight...
2006-09-18 22:34:29
564.   Vaudeville Villain
I hate to bring this up, but I believe that pittsburgh has been playing .500 or above baseball since the all-star break.
2006-09-18 22:34:39
565.   Steve in Rochester
Jeff Kent, are you kidding?
2006-09-18 22:34:56
566.   MSarg29
I have to be at work in less than 8 hrs and I'm just sick to my stomach. I wont even get any sleep.
2006-09-18 22:35:00
567.   JoeyP
Adkins just pulled a Lance Carter.
Nice set up job.
2006-09-18 22:35:10
568.   Bob Timmermann
Condition yellow on the cycle alert.
2006-09-18 22:35:20
569.   Linkmeister
I think I'm glad I wasn't here when that inning where we had the bases loaded and none out and didn't score took place. My mother and I were both cussing up a storm.
2006-09-18 22:35:49
570.   ninjavshippo
note to self: curb your enthusiasm.
2006-09-18 22:35:57
571.   Xeifrank
Is Kent teasing us?
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:36:03
572.   underdog
Well, this makes the 3 spot given up in the 9th even more painful.

Wait, I was supposed to stop watching this game. What's wrong with me?

2006-09-18 22:36:16
573.   Bob Timmermann
When you make Rule 10.20 your Lord and Master, then you have to worry about Rule 10.19.
2006-09-18 22:36:18
574.   Steve in Rochester
what the????
2006-09-18 22:36:38
575.   JoeyP

This is even more excruciating.

2006-09-18 22:37:10
576.   underdog
LOL. I'm sorry, this is hilarious. Even on GameDay it's hilarious.
2006-09-18 22:37:14
577.   Xeifrank
A little late for back to back solo jobs.

vr, Xei

2006-09-18 22:37:23
578.   Vaudeville Villain
J.D. Drew and Jeff Kent stop getting my hopes up!

They're destined to come agonizingly close and then be unable to come through.

Also, Lugo gets to bat. Blah.

2006-09-18 22:37:34
579.   ninjavshippo
maybe hoffman trips and tweaks an ankle on the run from the bullpen to the mound?
2006-09-18 22:37:34
580.   StolenMonkey86
I like this hit the ball out of the park idea. We should do it more often
2006-09-18 22:37:37
581.   Benaiah
Hmmm... very interesting. If Saito... no I don't even want to say it.
2006-09-18 22:37:40
582.   Gagne55
I can't believe Little used Broxton this game. His arm is hanging on by a thread at this point. Nice way to blow it, Little.
2006-09-18 22:37:59
583.   underdog
578 Against Hoffman no less. Whee! Back to NBC with me.
2006-09-18 22:38:09
584.   Bob Timmermann
19 baserunners for the Dodgers tonight. 21 for the Padres. That's made this game into a Yankees-Red Sox like affair.
2006-09-18 22:38:10
585.   joekings
This is just making it worse.
2006-09-18 22:38:26
586.   ninjavshippo
581 - i blame grits for using saito in a non-save situation! ;)
2006-09-18 22:38:26
587.   micktissue
ugh ... I mean yea!
2006-09-18 22:38:26
588.   RELX
As frustrating as those last two homers were, if Saito hadn't given up any runs, Adkins would not have been in the game.
2006-09-18 22:38:32
589.   JoeyP
Martin is 0-4.
He's due to get on.
2006-09-18 22:38:38
590.   Xeifrank
I don't think Little had anything to do with blowing this game and I'm usually the 3rd person to point out such a thing.
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:38:55
591.   StolenMonkey86
582 - Grady happens to be very good at sewing :)

Well, Martin finally gets some respect

2006-09-18 22:39:10
592.   ninjavshippo
WHOA! okay, now i can't help myself.. i'm PUMPED!
2006-09-18 22:39:12
593.   MSarg29
582 - Its not like there are a ton of options out there.
2006-09-18 22:39:33
594.   Vaudeville Villain
Martin hits it out!!!

Oh for the love of your preferred celestial power!

2006-09-18 22:40:10
595.   Benaiah
590 - I think that Nomar shouldn't have been batting third and if Kent would have been there instead then we would have had someone who could actually hit come up to bat with men on 2nd and 3rd last inning. That is one more to pin on Grits.
2006-09-18 22:40:11
596.   micktissue
oh my ...
2006-09-18 22:40:16
597.   StolenMonkey86
Go Russ!
2006-09-18 22:40:30
598.   Vaudeville Villain

Marlon Anderson!!!!

2006-09-18 22:40:32
599.   capdodger

This is what happens when I turn Mosaic off...

2006-09-18 22:40:33
600.   Benaiah
Restrain you yourself...
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-09-18 22:40:33
601.   underdog

What the heck. I think I'm on drugs -- or the Dodgers are.

2006-09-18 22:40:40
602.   Bob Timmermann






2006-09-18 22:40:43
603.   MSarg29
oh my god
2006-09-18 22:40:43
604.   Xeifrank
Gameday seems to be broke. It keeps on saying every Dodger hitter is hitting a home run. Major software bug or something.
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:40:43
605.   joekings
2006-09-18 22:40:43
606.   Andrew Shimmin
Learn your lesson!
2006-09-18 22:40:58
607.   Steve in Rochester
this can't be happening.
2006-09-18 22:41:04
608.   gibsonhobbs88
521 - Murphy's Law rules when the Dodgers play the Padres this year. No matter what we do, the dice keep coming up craps. I wonder if there is a little voodoo lady living in SD with pins in Dodger dolls somewhere. She only does it when the Padres play the Dodgers to not arouse suspicion.
2006-09-18 22:41:05
609.   capdodger
2006-09-18 22:41:18
610.   Benaiah
2006-09-18 22:41:29
611.   underdog

Tell me this isn't a dream.

2006-09-18 22:41:29
612.   JoeyP
I dont believe what I'm seeing.
2006-09-18 22:41:32
613.   RELX
Now, this is FRUSTRATING if we don't tie it!
2006-09-18 22:41:32
614.   micktissue
And my wife is asking me to come to bed now! She just doesn't understand ...
2006-09-18 22:41:47
615.   skybluestoday
Pinch me, I'm dreaming.
2006-09-18 22:41:54
616.   Bob Timmermann
I would bet sizeable amount of money that in the history of baseball, no team has ever rallied from a 4-run deficit with 4 consecutive home runs.


2006-09-18 22:41:55
617.   Johnny Nucleo
I will never forget this. Never.
2006-09-18 22:41:57
618.   MSarg29
Gameday is screwing w/ us? Is this really happening?
2006-09-18 22:42:06
619.   Suffering Bruin

I can't believe I was watching the Daily Show and missed the first three homeruns.

2006-09-18 22:42:12
620.   capdodger
I think I'm about to combust.

Or get arrested because, to the neighbors it sounds like something horrible is going on here.

2006-09-18 22:42:13
621.   Greg Brock
What the hell did I miss.

Whatever it is, I'm going to keep missing it.

2006-09-18 22:42:27
622.   underdog
Damn Lugo! What's wrong with you!?

(Sorry, I just had to say it.)

2006-09-18 22:42:38
623.   Xeifrank
I am going to start watching on the tv now, so I can jinx this. vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:42:39
624.   Benaiah
Wow. This blows the Finley home run straight out the window.
2006-09-18 22:42:58
625.   trainwreck
Doing my best not to swear.
2006-09-18 22:43:18
626.   Jon Weisman
I've seen multiple no-hitters, but that may be the most incredible thing I've ever witnessed at a baseball game.
2006-09-18 22:43:21
627.   RELX
FRUSTRATION OVER! Bring on Hamulack, this game is blessed/cursed, i don't know which.
2006-09-18 22:43:51
628.   micktissue
2006-09-18 22:44:08
629.   Bob Timmermann
That was just the fourth time a team had ever hit four straight home runs.

The last time was by Minnesota at KC on May 2, 1964 in the 11th inning.

2006-09-18 22:44:25
630.   Vaudeville Villain

4 consecutive home runs to tie it up.

Jeff Kent, J.D. Drew, Russell Martin, Marlon Anderson.

2006-09-18 22:44:31
631.   Greg Brock
We're doing this because I'm not watching.

I swear to G-d.

2006-09-18 22:44:45
632.   ninjavshippo
jeez... if we find a way to lose this game, i will be more crushed than ever... but if we win.... (!)
2006-09-18 22:45:17
633.   Johnny Nucleo
Um, anyone watching on TV see something come down that looked like the hand of God?
2006-09-18 22:45:24
634.   Bob Timmermann
May 2, 1964.
2006-09-18 22:45:27
635.   JoeyP
This is more improbably than Gibson's homer.

I dont think I've ever seen anything so unbelievable.

2006-09-18 22:46:21
636.   Vaudeville Villain
And Furcal...Just...Missed it.
2006-09-18 22:46:26
637.   Xeifrank
I just turned the tv back on and saw the three outs in a row. Jinx! vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:46:30
638.   RELX
Does it even matter if we win this thing anymore? Moments like these are why it is great to be a baseball fan!
2006-09-18 22:46:36
639.   Benaiah
This is the coolest thing I have ever seen.
2006-09-18 22:46:50
640.   Gagne55
OMG, i go to the bathroom, come back, and it's tied. Hoffman's first blown save against the Blue since i think 2001.
2006-09-18 22:47:08
641.   micktissue
When's the last time 4 homers back to back, etc., in the 9th?
2006-09-18 22:47:11
642.   underdog
Yeah, I think if they lose this game now, it's going to be particularly cruel. But I'm sure freaking out in a positive way at the moment.

Btw, this is all because I stopped watching the game on MLBTV on the net, and just followed it on GameDay while watching TV. So you can thank me in part.

2006-09-18 22:47:12
643.   Linkmeister
Er, Holy Cow!
2006-09-18 22:47:19
644.   Uncle Miltie
what the This game is really distracting me. I'm supposed to be studying for a geology midterm!
2006-09-18 22:47:56
645.   underdog
Did Furcal just miss it? I couldn't tell from GameDay. That would have been miraculous.
2006-09-18 22:47:57
646.   Bob Timmermann
Aaron Sele - the buzzkill.
2006-09-18 22:48:01
647.   JoeyP
The Dodgers have hit 6 solo homers tonite.
Back-Back-Back-Back in the 9th inning.

Marlon Anderson is 5-5 with 2HRs tonite.

2006-09-18 22:48:08
648.   Gagne55
So who goes for the extras? Sele? Gio? Please don't be Hamulak. Anybody but Hamulak...
2006-09-18 22:48:28
649.   Johnny Nucleo
Needless to say, all thoughts of going back to thesis-writing have gone by the wayside.
2006-09-18 22:48:38
650.   underdog
Less Buzzkill than Hamulack. And hopefully no worse than Saito did.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-09-18 22:48:51
651.   ninjavshippo
647 - this has to go down in history as the "Marlon Anderson" game.
2006-09-18 22:49:09
652.   RELX
Because it looks so good, here is Gameday instant replay, brought you to by all the Dodger fans awake at 2AM on the east coast!

Bottom 9TH B:1 S:0 O:0
Jeff Kent homers (14) on a fly ball to center field.

Bottom 9TH B:2 S:1 O:0
J. D. Drew homers (17) on a fly ball to right field.

Bottom 9TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Pitcher Change: Trevor Hoffman replaces Jon Adkins, batting 9th.

Bottom 9TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Coaching visit to mound.

Bottom 9TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Russell Martin homers (10) on a fly ball to left field.

Bottom 9TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Marlon Anderson homers (9) on a fly ball to right field.

2006-09-18 22:49:15
653.   Gagne55
647 And all the DT posters were hollering for Andre Ethier. Looks like Little got something right at least.
2006-09-18 22:49:16
654.   JoeyP
Put it this way.
Tonite is baseball history.

Its lkely you'll never see something like that again ever.

2006-09-18 22:49:21
655.   Bob Timmermann
The only NL team prior to tonight that hit four straight home runs was the Braves.

They lost the game

2006-09-18 22:49:37
656.   Xeifrank
645. Furcal hit it near the edge of the warning track. vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:49:58
657.   underdog
Crap, and the hurting begins anew. I'm scared - somebody hold me.
2006-09-18 22:51:03
658.   StolenMonkey86
no, that's Manny Alexander on deck, not Mike Piazza.
2006-09-18 22:51:04
659.   Xeifrank
655. So you're saying we got a shot!
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:51:06
660.   Linkmeister
If it's gotta be extra innings, at least it's at home.
2006-09-18 22:51:08
661.   Bob Timmermann
My feelings transcend any thesaurus now.
2006-09-18 22:51:28
662.   Jon Weisman
Does Anderson's cycle alert stay at yellow? What's the most hits a player has had in a cycle game - 5 or 6?
2006-09-18 22:51:33
663.   MSarg29
I'm sick to my stomach here
2006-09-18 22:51:48
664.   Xeifrank
McAnulty, local boy steps up to the plate.
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:52:02
665.   JoeyP
Even if the Dodgers lose, it doesnt take away the awesomeness of the 9th ining.

Baseball is supposed to be enterainment, and that was one of the greatest things i've ever seen.

I dont care how the game finishes at this point. I really dont.

2006-09-18 22:52:19
666.   PDH5204

And guys, sorry for my error last week re Jeff Kent's road hitting stats. He still doesn't hit well on the road, but not as bad as I reported. Oh, and not only should one not operate a motor vehicle while on cough syrup with codeine, one should not also try to review baseball stats either, as my error last week more than demonstrates [since I misread runs for hits].

2006-09-18 22:52:33
667.   joekings
I almost threw up on that play.
2006-09-18 22:52:42
668.   DeucesAreWild
My head is about to explode.
2006-09-18 22:52:52
669.   Vaudeville Villain
When I said Marlon Anderson was redundant, I was obviously on crack.

There was no on else like him alive.
In his day, he was the mightiest man on earth,
highborn and powerful.

Beowulf appropriation.

2006-09-18 22:52:52
670.   capdodger
One. Loud. Out. Whew....
2006-09-18 22:53:18
671.   confucius
I swear to god if the Dodgers bullpen blows this game...
2006-09-18 22:53:32
672.   underdog
That's true Joey, it really is. I just think I'll feel a weird sense of frustration if they lose now given the miraculous comeback. But win or lose, it really is unforgettable.
2006-09-18 22:53:52
673.   ninjavshippo
2006-09-18 22:54:04
674.   Bob Timmermann
The highest scoring Dodgers-Padres game had 24 runs.

2006-09-18 22:54:06
675.   joekings
I think I'm going to be sick.
2006-09-18 22:54:37
676.   underdog
{{cursing quietly to self at home}}
2006-09-18 22:55:08
677.   Xeifrank
oh well, better luck next ....
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:55:30
678.   micktissue
FRENZY - for the pads :-(
2006-09-18 22:55:36
679.   confucius
Pathetic. That was an 0-2 pitch.
2006-09-18 22:55:50
680.   Vaudeville Villain
Our bullpen is seemingly destined to suck.
2006-09-18 22:56:56
681.   MSarg29
can any of our relievers just get 3 outs. I see it happens all the time.
2006-09-18 22:58:35
682.   StolenMonkey86
from what gameday shows, nice play by Drew
2006-09-18 22:59:15
683.   Bob Timmermann
Anyone remember this game?

2006-09-18 22:59:36
684.   Xeifrank
ok, back to backs to win it.
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 22:59:36
685.   StolenMonkey86
so is Hoffman still in?
2006-09-18 23:00:08
686.   StolenMonkey86
nope, Seanz
2006-09-18 23:00:11
687.   Benaiah
I just noticed that this game has 10 more points scored in it then in the football game tonight.
2006-09-18 23:00:17
688.   Bob Timmermann
I don't believe anyone has been retired in order tonight on either side.
2006-09-18 23:00:55
689.   das411
WOW. Just scrolled through the last hundred or so Things like this are what makes baseball great...unbelieveable!
2006-09-18 23:01:14
690.   capdodger
At least the only have to get one back this time. And against Seanez...
2006-09-18 23:02:06
691.   Jon Weisman
Aaron Sele finished the 10th with the Dodgers' 200th pitch.
2006-09-18 23:02:18
692.   Telemachos
I'm sorry, everyone. I've jinxed the Dodgers.

I tuned out in the top of the ninth, to do some work.

Finished up, thought I would check the GameDay score, and saw 4 consecutive homers.


Checked the TiVO and sure enough, it had stopped recording, so I couldn't flip back and watch them.

So I immediately turned to Prime Ticket and set up recordings later for the replay.

No sooner did I do that then Sele gave up the run.


What a game.

2006-09-18 23:02:37
693.   Greg Brock
Oh Please...
2006-09-18 23:03:18
694.   Jon Weisman
Cycle alert for Kent too?
2006-09-18 23:03:35
695.   Johnny Nucleo
Looking at the title of this thread, I have to laugh.
2006-09-18 23:03:35
696.   scooplew
The Seanez I remember throws a straight fastball. We should be able to do something with it.
2006-09-18 23:03:38
697.   DeucesAreWild
Nomar's up. I know what you are thinking. Don't say it!
2006-09-18 23:03:43
698.   KG16
I haven't really been paying attention the last week or so (in my defense my baby sister got married over the weekend), so let me ask...

Have I missed anything?

2006-09-18 23:03:49
699.   Jon Weisman
Walk's as good as a hit, batter.
2006-09-18 23:04:15
700.   confucius
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2006-09-18 23:04:43
701.   Greg Brock
The greatest game ever played.
2006-09-18 23:04:47
702.   KG16
Just in time...
2006-09-18 23:04:51
703.   StolenMonkey86
2006-09-18 23:04:54
704.   Telemachos



2006-09-18 23:04:57
705.   Linkmeister
2006-09-18 23:05:05
706.   twerp
Not real important right now, but what's the record for # comments in one DT thread?
2006-09-18 23:05:23
707.   micktissue
2006-09-18 23:05:26
708.   trainwreck
To beat a dead horse...


2006-09-18 23:05:37
709.   Uncle Miltie
2006-09-18 23:05:37
710.   JoeyP
That was unbelievable.
Whatever bats the Dodgers used during the 9th/10th innings, they need to keep using those.


2006-09-18 23:05:38
711.   JoeyP
That was unbelievable.
Whatever bats the Dodgers used during the 9th/10th innings, they need to keep using those.


2006-09-18 23:05:45
712.   underdog
Guys, I don't know you very well, but I think I want to hug all of you right now very very much. I'm both extremely happy, and not a little scared that the end of the world may be nigh.
2006-09-18 23:06:25
713.   das411
695 - Yeah really, after the first three quarters of the football game it was so appropriate, but now...
2006-09-18 23:06:26
714.   Bob Timmermann
Those who serve Rule 10.20 will run afoul of Rule 10.19.
2006-09-18 23:06:28
715.   DeucesAreWild
My head exploded.


Arms, Legs, and Torso.

2006-09-18 23:06:59
716.   StolenMonkey86
What a game!
2006-09-18 23:07:32
717.   DeucesAreWild
My head exploded.


Arms, Legs, and Torso.

(p.s. I think we broke The Toaster.)

2006-09-18 23:07:49
718.   confucius
Go crazy!!
2006-09-18 23:08:16
719.   StolenMonkey86
What a game!
2006-09-18 23:08:19
720.   micktissue
was that thud the sound of the pads season?
2006-09-18 23:09:00
721.   trainwreck
lol ESPNews says LAD hits walkoff hr in 10th to beat the Dodgers.
2006-09-18 23:09:04
722.   Bob Timmermann
Win #8 for Aaron Sele.
2006-09-18 23:09:46
723.   capdodger
So I went upstairs for a blue gatorade and came back down to "Nomar Garciaparra homers (18) on a fly ball to left field. Kenny Lofton scores."

Even though it is but salt, sugar, and filtered water I think that it will have to be savored.

2006-09-18 23:10:33
724.   underdog
Guys, I don't know you very well, but I think I want to hug all of you right now very very much. I'm both extremely happy, and not a little scared that the end of the world may be nigh.
2006-09-18 23:10:46
725.   RELX
If I were the Padres, I think I would call a team meeting to discuss collective suicide.
2006-09-18 23:11:29
726.   Johnny Nucleo
712-Yes, I feel that a group hug is in order.
2006-09-18 23:11:54
727.   scooplew
I saw my first game on July 3, 1955, at Ebbets Field. I was 7. I am in my 52nd season of being a Dodgers fan. I just told my daughter, who is 19, that tonight's game may have been the greatest game in major league history.
2006-09-18 23:11:58
728.   micktissue

That was definitely the most amazing game I've ever, uh, heard

2006-09-18 23:11:59
729.   Xeifrank
Best Dodger game since the Gibson HR.
vr, Xei
2006-09-18 23:12:20
730.   underdog
Highlights on Sportscenter - NOW.
2006-09-18 23:13:15
731.   Linkmeister
If Jack Buck were watching this, he'd repeat what he said after Gibby's home run.
2006-09-18 23:13:41
732.   StolenMonkey86
and you get to chat with Nomar tomorrow
2006-09-18 23:14:00
733.   NPB
This is the second-greatest moment in Dodgers history. And that may have been the greatest single baseball game of all time. It was certainly the greatest comeback of all time. Oh man.
2006-09-18 23:14:27
734.   Steve in Rochester
this I can say is unequivocally the greatest experience of my sports watching life.
2006-09-18 23:14:33
735.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers are no longer last in the NL in home runs.

Last time the Dodgers hit seven home runs at Dodger Stadium.

2006-09-18 23:14:51
736.   Blue in SF
I am moving back to LA...
2006-09-18 23:15:00
737.   Uncle Miltie
Just saw the highlights. Incredible.
2006-09-18 23:15:05
738.   Linkmeister
So who among the DT group went to the game and heard the end on the radio from the parking lot, I wonder?
2006-09-18 23:15:11
739.   Greg Brock
No words...Should have sent a poet.

Plus, I think the hamster that powers the Toaster just died of exhaustion on the wheel.

2006-09-18 23:15:17
740.   MSarg29
I cant believe it. Before I got word on Gameday, my Mom called me to give me the news. Gotta love that she is up in NJ watching the game. Unbelievable!
2006-09-18 23:15:44
741.   confucius
That was the best game I'll ever watch.
2006-09-18 23:16:05
742.   Uncle Miltie
Jon better let this thread reach 1000 ;)
2006-09-18 23:16:06
743.   towerofpower



2006-09-18 23:16:13
744.   KG16
as crazy as all this is... the bummer is that nothing was settled by spilting these four games

sorry for the downer, but thought someone should say it

2006-09-18 23:17:20
745.   Benaiah
I think that if I jumped off a building right now I would float down as softly as a feather. After all, I must be dreaming.
2006-09-18 23:17:29
746.   Ken Arneson
The next time the Dodgers to a comeback this crazy, y'all need to warn me so I can adjust the server settings for the traffic spike.
2006-09-18 23:17:33
747.   capdodger
744 Splits are in the favor of the team who is ahead.
2006-09-18 23:17:38
748.   Linkmeister
739 You thinkin' WH Auden's "the center cannot hold?"
2006-09-18 23:17:50
749.   underdog
I think we're overloading the DodgerThoughts server and causing it to implode with our group hugging.
2006-09-18 23:18:23
750.   Nick Iyengar
Can you say momentum?
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2006-09-18 23:18:26
751.   das411
OK, that was officially insane. Live it up guys, if ever a group of people deserved a game like this it was you DTers. You'll forever savor the Dodger legends of Jeff Kent, JD Drew, Russ Martin, Marlon Anderson, and Nomah Garciaparra :)
2006-09-18 23:18:43
752.   ninjavshippo
still stunned
2006-09-18 23:18:51
753.   Bob Timmermann
Hold #30 for Scott Linebrink.
2006-09-18 23:18:58
754.   confucius
I just got text messages from everyone I know.
2006-09-18 23:19:01
755.   Benaiah
I want to see the Win Probability Added stats for this game.
2006-09-18 23:19:11
756.   RELX
739. Yeats said that--but he never hit four straight HR's to tie a game!!
2006-09-18 23:19:19
757.   micktissue
I'm going to do something I thought I'd never do. Because I don't have cable and I have to listen to all the games via

I'm gonna buy that game!

2006-09-18 23:19:21
758.   MSarg29
744 - Hey we are are where we started 1/2 game up but we burned 4 games from the Padres from the schedule.
2006-09-18 23:19:22
759.   Jon Weisman
742 - Sorry. New post up top.
2006-09-18 23:19:24
760.   underdog
No worries Ken - I think it'll be a long while so you have time to prepare. By then we'll probably be blogging telepathically.
2006-09-18 23:19:36
761.   ninjavshippo
751 - here here. as weird as it is to say, since i couldn't be with my local contingent of dodger crazies, i wouldn't have wanted to share it with anyone other than the DTers.
2006-09-18 23:19:59
762.   capdodger
Sigh... Well, I'd better hit the rack. All day SAS training start's in a little over six hours.


2006-09-18 23:20:17
763.   confucius
My friend just told me he left the game in the eighth. HAHA
2006-09-18 23:20:28
764.   RELX
I want to play another game--NOW! Start Hamulack--we have no fear!
2006-09-18 23:20:52
765.   StolenMonkey86
742 - this is all I feel I can add to this one before going to the top
2006-09-18 23:20:57
766.   underdog
757 Ooooh, that's a good idea MSarg29. I just Tivod the ESPN highlights but it's not the same.
2006-09-18 23:22:44
767.   Nick Iyengar
I remember that a while back we were talking about how Jose Valentin managed to create a few memories in a Dodger uniform during his short stint in L.A., but Marlon Anderson has topped him by far. As strange as it is, it'll be a long time before we forget that Marlon Anderson was once a Dodger hero.
2006-09-18 23:23:43
768.   micktissue

And the season isn't even over yet! What will Marlon do in his next act?

2006-09-18 23:24:17
769.   RELX
I watched Anderson play with the Mets last year, and he was a clutch player. I think he has earned another season in Dodger blue. Oh, and another start tomorrow night.
2006-09-18 23:25:21
770.   RELX
768. Middle relief?
2006-09-18 23:25:45
771.   thinkingblue
I have wound on down the road. Don't know about shadows, but do I have a soul? The lady has walked and we have known. She has shone blue light and she has shown, how everything still turns to gold. And I have listened, very hard. The tune has come to me at last. All is one, and one is all. It is a rock, and doesn't roll.

I don't know what that song means, but since I'm currently insane and don't know anything anymore, I decieded to make a reference to it.

2006-09-18 23:25:55
772.   Benaiah
769 - He is under contract for next year anyway.
2006-09-18 23:26:05
773.   xaphor
Returned from dinner in time for the top of the 8th. Fantastic game, rivals '88 and some of my favouirte football memories.

I'm not taking chances anymore, we'll not be leaving the house again until the season is over. :)

2006-09-18 23:26:36
774.   RELX
Well, good night all from the east coast! Or, maybe I have been sleeping for the past hour or so--just told my wife I had the strangest dream...
2006-09-18 23:32:32
775.   micktissue


2006-09-18 23:32:32
776.   MSarg29
770 - Good idea.
2006-09-18 23:33:28
777.   popup
What a gem of a game.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-09-18 23:40:23
778.   DadofMondy
That's some sedative. Did anyone mention why Russell Martin's dad was in the bleachers? Did he not want to sit next to the McCourts?
2006-09-18 23:44:54
779.   MSarg29
I cant go to sleep
2006-09-18 23:47:11
780.   Andrew Shimmin
778- He was out there last night, too, I think. He was supposed to play his sax at one of these games (I thought it was tonight's but could be wrong).
2006-09-18 23:49:26
781.   xaphor
780. On Dodgers Live they mentioned that it will be before tomorrow's game.
2006-09-18 23:52:42
782.   Gen3Blue
Good Heavens, I just woke up and crawled to my computer, often to find defeat, and somehow we won, through some weird HR fest.
This delightful thing will begin to soak in.
Praise the Blue!!!!
2006-09-19 00:07:48
783.   Gen3Blue
I missed Four consecutive HR's by falling asleep. and a Nomar walk off. Darn!!
2006-09-19 00:10:35
784.   Gen3Blue
774 stangest dream indeed. East Coast fantasy. I hope I feel this good when I wake up tuesday.!
2006-09-19 00:41:46
785.   DadofMondy
The question was why were they in the bleachers, not why were they there...

who cares!!!!!!!!

2006-09-19 01:01:08
786.   Andrew Shimmin
Are you sure he was in the bleachers? It looked like first level box seats, to me. Towards the back, but still pretty good seats. If he really was in the bleachers, maybe it was because it's easier to watch a game from out there. You can see balls and strikes, instead of not.
2006-09-19 01:34:33
787.   spacebrother
Doing my part to run the comments to 1000-

I was actually there tonight. Throughout the game, I kept telling my sister (a Padres fan) not to worry, the Dodgers would find some way to lose. I felt that, if I truly kept up this attitude, they had a chance, but I would have to TRULY believe that they would tank.

My season tickets are shared with another guy, and he had the tix for tonight, so I bought some in section 52, next to the Pad's bullpen. Hoffman and the other guy (who was it that gave up the first 2 homers?) were warming up and with each hiss of the incoming ball and subsequent "thwack!" I saw the Dodgers going down.

I even told my sister not to worry after the back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Our Dodgers would find a way to tank. When Sele came out in the 10th, and gave up the run, I was SURE of my prediction.

Like one of the other posters said, a thesaurus does no good at times like this. Maybe I won't have to return all those post season tix I bought after all.

Did anyone hear Nomah on KFWB after the game? He was right on the edge of tears. Listening to him brought me there too.

Thanks to everyone and Jon for all the great stuff on this blog during this season. It always brings a smile, even when the Dodgers are falling by the wayside.

2006-09-19 06:41:17
788.   MollyKnight
Ugh! I live on the East Coast, and I fell asleep right before the Dodgers came to bat in the 9th.

I don't know what's worse: A Dodger loss, or missing this.

2006-09-19 10:30:17
789.   DadofMondy
Sorry. I don't know why I thought he was in the bleachers. I think I was kind of seeing it because it would be cool to see a players' parent in the bleachers. It's not done enough.
2006-09-20 09:15:08
790.   Blaine
I know that since this is at the end of this thread which is a few days old that no one may ever read this.

I read through this thread a couple of days after the fact. What an awesome read. I love the comments about how worthless Nomar was early in the thread. I also loved how many times people gave up and vowed to watch a different TV show. I wonder how many people will regret watching the premiere of a TV show that will be forgotten in 10 years versus watching probably the greatest regular season non-pennant deciding game in Dodger history.

It was funny to watch all of the fans in the parking lot trying to get back into the game when they heard the continual roar of the crowd from inside the stadium. It was just as amusing seeing the comments of people who went to have dinner, fell asleep or put the kids to bed to come back and realize that they missed a piece of history.

On the game, this was my second greatest Dodger moment ever. I still vividly remember watching the Gibson homerun with my church youth group and how huge that celebration was. This time around, I was alone at home. My kids were in bed and my wife was on the computer (which is why I read the thread later) and she couldn't understand why I was yelling in the living room about something that "I have never seen before."

While many DTers missed the heroics, my story is in reverse. I checked out of school a little bit early tonight and came home just in time to watch the most magical three innings that I had ever seen. The rest of my classmates were stuck in a classroom watching the big giant "homerun" come across their computer screens.

Haha (say it quick, rather triumphantly.)

What a game.

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