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Survive and Advance
2006-09-22 22:15
by Jon Weisman







Doing what they need to do.

The Dodgers seem to be having the hardest time of any of the three-to-make-two teams. But they're hanging in there.

Let me add Rafael Furcal and Nomar Garciaparra to the list. Furcal had a hit, a walk, and a good catch of a line drive. Gimpy Garciaparra had two hits and turned the challenging 3-6-3 double play to end the game.

But back to the top. Derek Lowe: 2.08 ERA since August 1.

J.D. Drew, whom so many like to give grief, calmly blasts a game-breaking home run in the seventh. Mr. Passive's September OPS: 1.099.

Russell Martin - he'll rest when the season's dead.

Marlon Anderson - are you kidding me? He officially became folklore-qualified Monday, and just needs the Dodgers to make the playoffs to become folklore elite.

Joe Beimel's season is as shocking as Takashi Saito's. The two have combined for 141 2/3 innings with an ERA of 2.54. Saito, with 99 strikeouts in 74 1/3 innings, has been an artist. A painter and a poet.

This was a gritty victory. This was a third-down conversion in your own territory. You need these.

* * *

Good post on the virtues and vices of the Dodgers' balanced offense at True Blue L.A.

Comments (181)
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2006-09-22 22:37:22
1.   Bob Timmermann
Marlon Anderson has surpassed Dick Nen and if he's lucky can become Lou Johnson.
2006-09-22 22:42:29
2.   Bluebleeder87

Sweet Lou Johnson!?

2006-09-22 22:45:09
3.   Bob Timmermann
I think Marlon Anderson has also surpassed Jack Fimple.
2006-09-22 22:49:50
4.   Linkmeister
8 pitches for Saito in the 9th, I heard Vin say. And there was a 3-6-3 double play to end the game?

I saw Saito strike out Byrnes, switched back to the News Hour, then went back in time to see the Dodgers lining up to walk off the field. That must have been a really fast 9th.

2006-09-22 22:50:56
5.   Griffon64
No beef with JD Drew in September. He's now playing like the man he's being paid to be. Maybe he really can shake those injuries and play like this for long stretches - healthy.

Or maybe I'll be staring at this post ruefully next year while JD sits on the DL.

2006-09-22 22:55:40
6.   bhsportsguy
Just got back from the Ravine, strange vibe at the game, I was sitting up in reserve section with all these pre-teen kids, there must have been 50 or more scattered about and the game was the last thing on their minds.

It didn't help that both offenses were pretty anemic, the only excitement was "inning" from the bottom of the 7th through the top of the 8th. Drew, who may yet give the Dodgers that 20th homer which will mean that only in 1981, did a Dodger not hit at least 20 home runs since 1972.

I'm sure this has been mentioned already but at this point, Marlon has to play ahead of Andre, Andre just looks out of it right now and Marlon is hitting lasers.

I was surprised that Lugo and Loney did not come in the 9th for defense especially since they were not due up in the 9th.

So now I am 12-5 with one more regular season game to attend.

I pulling for the daily double of Bruins/Dodgers tomorrow.

2006-09-22 22:59:32
7.   bhsportsguy
6 I think the pattern is set, you have to give Drew a breather about every two weeks or so, he probably would have played a few more games had his knee not flared up in June.

After not appearing in 12 games before the All-Star break, Drew has only not appeared in 3 games since the break.

2006-09-22 23:17:54
8.   ToyCannon
Tomorrow Duke will quiet the southern enemy and the good Penny will bring us back into 1st place.
Marlon Anderson just makes me smile cause his heroics are all so unexpected. Lugo just makes me mad cause his futility is so unexpected. At some point Lugo is going to do something that will make us all forget his previous futility.
2006-09-22 23:25:10
9.   NPB
I was at the game tonight, too. Fridays at the Stadium can be a real drag. Beachball central. But I was pleased with the Dodgers tonight. Crisp defense, good clutch hitting, and no bullpen meltdown. Now let's do it again tomorrow.
2006-09-22 23:34:22
10.   Linkmeister
Anderson is the anti-Nomar or anti-Kent in terms of his approach at the plate. Has anyone else noticed how absolutely relaxed he looks? Front leg bent, bat almost cradled in his hands; he just looks loose.
2006-09-23 00:21:49
11.   Telemachos
I also got back from the game just a little while ago. Had a lot of fun -- good seats down in the front of the loge section -- though the Dodgers looked VERY weak against Vargas tonight, generally speaking. A lot of off-balance swinging at his off-speed stuff and too many eager first-pitch outs.

The bottom of the seventh was a lot of fun, though -- Marlon Anderson continues to amaze.

I've got to give Grady a lot of credit with how he managed the top of the eighth as well. Very pro-active for him to pull Beimel after getting the second out, and going to Saito without hesitation. That was essentially the ballgame, right there.

The Padres and Phillies HAVE to cool off before the end of the season, right? If we can just hang in there......

2006-09-23 00:31:25
12.   gibsonhobbs88
Status Quo tonight, Padres, Phills and Dodgers all win. Need some life from the Fish and the Bucs. Good also the Cards lost so maybe they can't clinch until at least the first Padre game Monday.
Lowe has been money since the beginning of August, no complaints here. A little tired of the Dodgers making pitchers like Chacon, and Vargas look like HOF pitchers like Gibson, Drysdale or Ryan, ect.... The Blue just can't do things the easy way. Oh well, another day tomorrow!! Go Blue! Good night!
2006-09-23 05:35:09
13.   Bluebleeder87
i'm hoping that Penny get's his 17th victory.
2006-09-23 06:03:03
14.   Bluebleeder87
hopefully we'll be in 1st place by the end of the day.
2006-09-23 08:00:21
15.   still bevens
According to the LAT, Ethier has lost his fool mind and is convinced he's going to be traded because of his September slump. Uh perhaps your slump is a mental thing, Andre?
2006-09-23 09:40:31
16.   50 years a Dodger Fan
At some point Lugo is going to do something that will make us all forget his previous futility.

Uh, I have some beach front property near Barstow, would you be interested at a good price?

2006-09-23 09:41:45
17.   Greg Brock
It's going to be very tough for any athlete to ever pass John Barnes on my all-time folk hero list, but Marlon Anderson is certainly making a push to be in the conversation.

He has, however, passed Bob Meyers.

2006-09-23 09:46:49
18.   50 years a Dodger Fan
Ethier was one of my favorites and probably will be again, but it will probably be next year. He has lost confidence in himself and it was right to bench him. He's the only one who can pull him out of this slump. I would like to see them pinch hit him every game; at some point he's going to get an important hit and that is the thing that will get him back on track. Is it just coincidence that Lugo sounds so much like Yugo?
2006-09-23 09:47:03
19.   Telemachos
There's a nice article about Russell Martin up on, courtesy of Jerry Crasnick.
2006-09-23 09:51:38
20.   Bluebleeder87

i heard that too, i think he's got a great future ahead of him.

2006-09-23 09:53:07
21.   Bluebleeder87

i read it, nice read.

2006-09-23 10:00:48
22.   Bob Timmermann
Stop it. Just mentioning John Barnes makes me all weepy and nostalgic. I didn't want to go to the 1992 USC-UCLA game because I had been battling a bad case of bronchitis. But my mother insisted I go even though UCLA was terrible that year. And what a night it was.

When I called home, wheezing heavily after spending four hours in the damp Pasadena air, I got my dad on the phone and he remarked at how great the game was. And my father HATED football. He likely only watched because my mom did and since she was sick with cancer, he let her control the TV.

Actually, being sick had nothing to do with my mom's control of the TV.

2006-09-23 10:08:08
23.   Greg Brock
22 I remember watching that game with my father, and sitting there at the beginning as we shared a "This is not going to go well" vibe.

And, as the game progressed, we just kind of looked at each other with this "Uh, what's going on here" look on our faces.

Then, the 90 yared pass with about 2 minutes left, and we absolutely go nuts.

John Barnes, instant #1 folk hero.

2006-09-23 10:09:32
24.   Bob Timmermann
Remember the days when UCLA had the stud wide receivers and USC had the undersized DBs? Remember when USC had the incompetent coaches?

I remember those days.

I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.

2006-09-23 10:13:49
25.   Greg Brock
There is also the irony of sitting through so many Toledo-coached games and saying "Good Lord, can we please stop with all the gingerbread trickery, stop the triple reverse-wide receiver passes and just play football?"

Now, I would give anything to see one hint of imagination on offense. Off tackle, screen pass, short slant. Repeat.

Unfortunately, the one constant has been the defense...Or lack thereof.

2006-09-23 10:23:16
26.   Greg Brock
Reading leads Man U 1-0, 47 minutes into the game.

First Reading goal against Man U since...ever.

2006-09-23 10:24:18
27.   Daniel Zappala
Hey, it could be worse. You could be watching Stanford football, particularly the past two years.
2006-09-23 10:28:24
28.   Greg S
I am so disappointed in Andre Ethier. This fresh face kid comes up and hits .330 most of the summer and by all rights should be a superstar Dodger for many many years. But I've come to believe he is, let's say, a wuss.
He's gone into a slump and instead of battling through it, he's hanging his head and whining. Why in the world would you believe, let alone come out in the paper and say what that you don't know if you'll be on the team next year when you are a rookie who hit well over .300 with some power?
Quit crying and earn your way back into the lineup like Marlon earned a spot. And don't say ANYTHING to the press that could be distracting right now. Geez I hope he grows up fast.
2006-09-23 10:30:21
29.   regfairfield
28 Grady didn't exactly send him the best message either. First slump of his career, and he gets benched for Marlon Anderson of all people.

I can sort of see why he would think the organization doesn't want him.

2006-09-23 10:30:26
30.   Greg Brock
Ethier just needs to keep his trade value up.
2006-09-23 10:31:51
31.   Telemachos
I think people are overreacting a bit to Ethier's own overreaction. He'll be fine and he's not going anywhere.
2006-09-23 10:33:03
32.   Bob Timmermann
News flash: Young kid frustrated by slump, lack of playing time

This is unprecendented!

2006-09-23 10:34:05
33.   Bluebleeder87
9 more games folks, no margin for error, i'm just happy to be in the middle of a pennant race. Bring it baseball gods i'm ready for heartbreak or bliss!!
2006-09-23 10:38:30
34.   Greg S
29 This is a pennant race and not rookie coddling times. And this is the big leagues, not little league. Produce or you're out. And nobody is going to feel sorry for you. And Bob, I can appreciate frustration with lack of playing time. But that's not what he has. He doesn't believe in himself or that the Dodgers believe in him. He needs to toughen up. I hope you're right that he's just that young and he will grow up soon. I'm just mad because he has so much damn talent.
2006-09-23 10:42:00
35.   Bluebleeder87

i'm sure Ethier will be fine, he puts alot of pressure in him self from what i've read.

2006-09-23 10:42:41
36.   Greg Brock
Ethier is a fine player, that's for sure. He is also a corner outfielder who projects to hit 25 home runs (max), has average speed, and is no particular on-base machine.

Good, but not good enough for a left-fielder on a top tier baseball team. I'd love to dish him when value is high, and leave the corner to a true power hitter.

That's just me.

2006-09-23 10:43:14
37.   regfairfield
34 So Rafael Furcal would have been on the first flight out then? The guy was one of the worst players in baseball for three months. You can't throw a guy away because of 50 at bats.
2006-09-23 10:47:32
38.   Greg Brock
Cristiano Renaldo ties it up, 1-1.


2006-09-23 10:52:13
39.   Greg S
37 Huh? What does that have to do with what I was saying? If Furcal had been hitting .100 in September while we were 1/2 game out and been benched, in favor of someone doing a great job at short, that would be the same. And I'd bet he wouldn't whine about it or lose faith that he could bounce back. In fact, he DID bounce back. But as Bob, pointed out, young kids do this.
2006-09-23 10:56:29
40.   Greg S
37 regfairfield, to be clear, I LIKE Ethier. I agree with benching him but I certainly don't want to ship him out. HE'S the one talking about being shipped out. I want him to do exactly what Furcal did and play though it as soon as he has the chance. That may be next spring but so be it.
2006-09-23 10:57:30
41.   3upn3down
Does anyone else with MLB Extra Innings notice that while it says the dodgers will be on channel MB08 tonight (9/23) at 10:10ET, when you go to your channel guide, that game doesn't show up as on the schedule?
2006-09-23 10:58:15
42.   Bluebleeder87

if he hits around 320 & drives in 100+ RBI's i don't care how many long balls he hits.

2006-09-23 10:59:26
43.   JJoeScott
28, 37 - Considering that statistically, "Anderson would only make a difference once every 20 years or so," the year he's making the difference -- 2006 -- you've gotta play him and bench the kid. Maybe if Grady explained that to Ethier he'd understand that he wasn't being "(thrown) away" but rather he should revel in watching Marlon's remarkable run.
2006-09-23 10:59:48
44.   Greg Brock
42 Yes, but nobody projects that out of him.
2006-09-23 11:06:17
45.   Bluebleeder87
Willi McGee once hit something like 8 Hruns & drove in like 120 runs.
2006-09-23 11:07:41
46.   Greg Brock
My grandmother shot me once...


2006-09-23 11:09:02
47.   Bob Timmermann
I guess relying on Brian Moehler to help out the Dodgers was a lot to ask.
2006-09-23 11:11:59
48.   Bluebleeder87

well atleast she didn't shoot you were vital organs are located.

2006-09-23 11:15:14
49.   Greg S
36. I've thought from the start of spring training that Ethier reminds me a bit of Ken Caminit and I hoped he could grow into that type of power. But then again, who know what type of power a clean Caminiti would have had.
2006-09-23 11:19:13
50.   Greg Brock
If Ethier was a slick fielding centerfielder, I would have no problem with the numbers I think he can put up. Not, however, in LF.

Which, of course, begs the question...Why can't Ethier play CF?

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-09-23 11:22:27
51.   Vishal
[27] what're you talking about? i honestly feel that the last two years of stanford football have been absolutely glorious to watch :)
2006-09-23 11:26:50
52.   xaphor
38. City win and United tie with Reading. It's a good day for a City fan whose good days are few and far between.
2006-09-23 11:30:02
53.   Greg S
50 I'm guessing that idea was explored and discarded somewhere "before the bigs". He's not very quick and he seems to be a bit timid going after balls so perhaps that's it.
2006-09-23 11:30:23
54.   Bob Timmermann
4-1 Phillies after 3 1/2.
2006-09-23 11:30:56
55.   Greg Brock
52 You'll always have the satisfaction of sporting the best home kits in the entire EPL.

My allegiance is elsewhere, but I usually root for City.

2006-09-23 11:32:50
56.   Greg S
54 Darn you messenger!
2006-09-23 11:36:05
57.   mankatododger
41The game is listed on my EI channel starting at 9 (Central Time) tonight.
2006-09-23 11:39:29
58.   Bob Timmermann
But Matt Herges is pitching now for the Marlins!
2006-09-23 11:46:34
59.   Bob Timmermann
I imagine any confusion over the listing of the game time arose from the fact that the starting time wasn't set until about 3-4 weeks ago. The Dodgers had to leave the time open in case Fox wanted the game.
2006-09-23 11:56:39
60.   JoeyP
Quit crying and earn your way back into the lineup

How can you earn your way back into the lineup if you never play?

2006-09-23 12:02:21
61.   Bluebleeder87
it's such a nice day today in L.A. sorry i just had to say it.
2006-09-23 12:13:13
62.   Greg S
60 How did Marlon do it?
2006-09-23 12:16:11
63.   overkill94
Do the Marlins hate us or what? Unfortunately they've had to throw out Ricky Nolasco and Brian Moehler these last two games, the two weak links in their rotation. Tomorrow's match-up of Olsen and Moyer should favor the Marlins a bit more.
2006-09-23 12:25:15
64.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, the Marlins hate the Dodgers. I have irrefutable proof in the form of a recording where Jeffrey Loria and Bud Selig planned it all.
2006-09-23 12:38:10
65.   Bluebleeder87

Bud Selig makes me sick to my stomach.

2006-09-23 12:47:01
66.   Xeifrank
The strong Santa Ana winds have really kicked up the Day Fire in our area. You can now see huge billowing smoke and the flames are nearing the ridge of the mountain near the town of Santa Paula along HWY 126. If I were those people, I'd seriously consider leaving. Luckily for me we still have a decent sized cushion before the fire reaches us. But from what I can see from my backyard it looks pretty scary for those much closer.
vr, Xei
2006-09-23 12:50:51
67.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Borchard 2-run shot makes it 6-4 Phillies after 7 1/2.
2006-09-23 12:51:44
68.   Johnny Nucleo
Bob, are you putting that recording on your resume for the open HP job?
2006-09-23 12:54:13
69.   Bob Timmermann
I did some fine pretexting to get that tape!
2006-09-23 12:56:31
70.   Bob Timmermann
BTW, I have the checkered jersey in my car to wear to the game tonight in honor of the Dodgers wild card status.
2006-09-23 12:56:45
71.   Johnny Nucleo
You'll have my vote at the shareholder's meeting.
2006-09-23 12:58:19
72.   overkill94
Lee Corso just picked Cal to play in the national championship. What is he, on crack?
2006-09-23 13:19:03
73.   Fallout
Did anyone see Milton Bradley's little tirade after being called out on a 3-2 pitch yesterday?
2006-09-23 13:40:51
74.   das411
Go Phillies!!
2006-09-23 13:47:55
75.   Gagne55
63 Yeah, the Marlins hate the Dodgers. That's why they lost 5 of 6 games against them. /sarcasm
2006-09-23 13:48:50
76.   Gagne55
Uh oh. I wan't thinking and may have just violated rule #7. Sorry.
2006-09-23 13:50:44
77.   Gagne55
Also, people here were saying they hope the Cards don't clinch before the series with San Deigo so that they'll play harder. However, that series will be huge in determining seeding fwiw.
2006-09-23 13:57:11
78.   Bob Timmermann
There's no way the Cardinals can clinch this weekend since their magic number is 5 over both Houston and Cincinnati.
2006-09-23 14:36:10
79.   Bob Timmermann
The Twins scored 2 runs on a strikeout at Baltimore.
2006-09-23 14:43:21
80.   Daniel Zappala
This is really pathetic. Washington State is running all over Stanford, but fumbles every time they come down for a score. It's 2-0 Washington State because one fumble was at the goalline and Stanford couldn't move at all.
2006-09-23 14:44:56
81.   Greg Brock
I really wish Stanford was competitive in football. The Pacific 10 is far more interesting when they are.
2006-09-23 14:45:45
82.   Bluebleeder87

i see shareholders like washington mutual see's shareholders.

2006-09-23 14:45:45
83.   Daniel Zappala
180 yards to 1 yard of offense. Wow.
2006-09-23 14:46:11
84.   Daniel Zappala
180 yards to 1 yard of offense. Wow.
2006-09-23 14:51:34
85.   Bluebleeder87
i wish i knew something about football but i don't.
2006-09-23 15:11:02
86.   50 years a Dodger Fan
85 You shouldn't need to know in a Baseball Blog. Bet Little drives his Yugo tonight...
2006-09-23 15:14:32
87.   Bluebleeder87
Bet Little drives his Yugo tonight...

hope not, but i hope he proves us wrong, if he does play.

2006-09-23 15:16:41
88.   Bob Timmermann
The White Sox have won, so the Tigers can't clinch a playoff spot today. And the Athletics clinching party may have to wait a day.
2006-09-23 15:20:09
89.   Bluebleeder87

i swear i don't know anything about football, when ever i play a pick up game in the park or were ever i'm always the QB, all i do is throw the ball, rules & such i don't know at all.

2006-09-23 15:23:23
90.   Greg Brock
86 Are you insinuating that football should be verboten at DT?
2006-09-23 15:24:13
91.   Bob Timmermann
The rules of tackle football are fairly complex. The rules of playing football in the park are fairly simple.

My father never could understand football and he lived here all his life. He only understood baseball and basketball. I took him to a World Cup match back in 1994. But it was so hot that day, he didn't get much out of it. And the sunscreen he put on burned his eyes, so he spent some time in the first aid tent.

2006-09-23 15:36:49
92.   Bluebleeder87

i feel you're dad.

2006-09-23 15:38:43
93.   Daniel Zappala
Halftime, Stanford down 22-0. Outgained 265 yards to 25 yards. Stanford had 7 possessions in the first half, for an average of a little over 3 yards per possession. They have one interception and a blocked punt. Jon may know better, but this is the worst I have seen. The Elway magic has run out.
2006-09-23 15:40:00
94.   Bob Timmermann
My dad would always get distracted during a football game. He had trouble with four downs to get 10 yards. Then he would get obsessed with how they measure for a first down when they bring the sticks out and where they spot the ball.

Of course, the accuracy of spotting the ball along with measuring a first down are real shams because they're all guesses. Is the chain REALLY 10 yards long?

Then there are plays that count for 1, 2, 3, and 6 points. That didn't help. So he just gave up and worked in the yard on Sundays.

2006-09-23 15:45:40
95.   Daniel Zappala
I don't understand the offsides rules in soccer and hockey. You want to keep a player down on the other end when you're on defense so you can try to cherry-pick a goal? Fine, but you're down a man on the defensive side and may give up a goal. The other team can always send a man there too. That would seem to increase the fluidity of the game, and make it more exciting.
2006-09-23 15:45:54
96.   Bob Timmermann
Stanford's next two games are on the road: at UCLA and at Notre Dame.
2006-09-23 15:47:26
97.   Bluebleeder87
Then there are plays that count for 1, 2, 3, and 6 points. That didn't help. So he just gave up and worked in the yard on Sundays

my dad would take me to Dodger games on sundays, i can steel here Jaime Jarrin on his car radio, my dad worked 2 jobs so any day i could spend with him was magical.

2006-09-23 15:47:31
98.   Daniel Zappala
96 I was purposely not looking. Great, things can get worse.
2006-09-23 15:48:42
99.   Bluebleeder87

that sounded angry Daniel. :o)

2006-09-23 15:49:25
100.   Greg Brock
Okay, here's what you need to know about football.

Lineman are big and strong, and push against the other big and strong guys to stop the quarterback or running back.

The Linebackers are big dumb guys who throw their bodies at whomever has the football.

Defensive Backs cover the wide receivers, and throw a parade every time they prevent a completion. If they get burned for a long play, the pretend they pulled a muscle. Safties are like skinny linebackers.

The Quarterback throws the ball to a receiver or tight end (sometimes a running back). When they are sacked, they blame the offensive lineman. When they throw an incompletion, they intimate that the receiver ran the wrong route.

The Offensive Linemen are usually descendants of Eastern European immigrants, and eat a lot. They try to stop the other team's fat guys from getting to the QB or RB.

Wide receivers catch the ball, unless they don't, in which case they throw their hands up for a pass interference flag.

Tight Ends are part fat guy, part receiver.

Running Backs run with the football. Nuff said. Sometimes they catch the ball.

Kickers and Punters kick and punt.

Hope that helps.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-09-23 15:54:12
101.   Benaiah
I think the advantage of allowing cherry picking is far greater than the disadvantage posed by having one less guy back on D. After all, usually the forewards don't really go all the way back. It would spread soccer out all over the entire field and probably lead to people playing something more like a zone defense where the Defenders never got far from the box. It doesn't really matter any way since there is no chance that they would change the rules.
2006-09-23 15:55:11
102.   Bluebleeder87

sounds pretty simple, fat guys, dumb guys, catch & run got it.

2006-09-23 16:02:52
103.   Bob Timmermann
When I was in high school, my school played Carson in a City Section football semifinal. That year Carson's team was the ultimate in stereotyping by position.

White quarterback
Black running backs and receivers
Samoan linemen
Mexican kicker

2006-09-23 16:05:29
104.   bhsportsguy
No Ethier, I suppose his self-confidence will take a beating, maybe he will have a sit down with Grady. But in a lineup that I think you will see pending any other nicks to the players.

Furcal, SS
Lofton, CF
Garciaparra, 1B
Kent, 2B
Drew, RF
Betemit, 3B
Anderson, LF
Martin, C
Penny, P

2006-09-23 16:06:41
105.   Greg Brock
103 That's hilarious.

My friend is a huge Notre Dame honk, and he always talks about when the:

Coach was black
Leprechaun was black
Quarterback was black
Receivers were white

Notre Dame went through 50 years of culture shock in one season.

2006-09-23 16:07:25
106.   Bluebleeder87
Are there EVEN any Mexican's BESIDES kickers playing in the NFL? i doubt it huh.
2006-09-23 16:09:25
107.   Greg Brock
Tony Gonzalez, Tight End, Kansas City Chiefs.

Mark Sanchez, Quarterback/Alleged assaulter, USC.

2006-09-23 16:13:07
108.   Bluebleeder87
Tony Gonzalez is mixed i can tell, the other guy i never heard of.

ps aren't all football players alledged assaulters. (stereo typing at it's finest)

2006-09-23 16:13:23
109.   Benaiah
Furcal, SS
Lofton, CF
Nomar, 1B
Kent, 2B
Drew, RF
Betemit, 3B
Anderson, LF
Martin, C

No Lugo so no problem.

2006-09-23 16:13:48
110.   Greg Brock
Like the new UCLA road unis, Bob?
2006-09-23 16:13:54
111.   Bob Timmermann
There are a few Mexican-Americans playing in the NFL. A lot of them are linemen.

One of the greatest offensive linemen ever was Anthony Muñoz who played for USC and the Cincinnati Bengals.

2006-09-23 16:14:17
112.   Bob Timmermann
Since I'm at work, they don't look all that good to me.
2006-09-23 16:15:06
113.   Greg Brock
112 Har Har Har.
2006-09-23 16:15:59
114.   trainwreck
I think the new UCLA unis look okay, obviously not a huge difference.

It was good to see them have Olson roll out to his right. He had not done that yet this season.

2006-09-23 16:16:01
115.   Greg Brock
They look good. No more Navy on the road. It's the True Blue/Bruin Blue.
2006-09-23 16:18:08
116.   Bob Timmermann
I will see the road unis for the first time when I'm in South Bend.
2006-09-23 16:19:26
117.   Greg Brock
116 You lucky...Fellow.

Commitments keep me from making the trip.

Commitments that I hate, and that shall haunt me. At ND...Come on!

2006-09-23 16:19:28
118.   Bluebleeder87

Anthony Munoz has the same body frame that my best friend has, stocky the only difference is that Anthony Munoz is probably taller.

2006-09-23 16:19:57
119.   Bob Timmermann
I knew having a brother who lived in SW Michigan would come in handy one day.
2006-09-23 16:19:57
120.   gibsonhobbs88
65 - You are preaching to the choir! I've been on record as to my feelings toward the current MLB Commish!

109 - Lineup should be tweaked just to flip Betemit and Anderson. Haven't seen too many good swings lately from Betemit.

Darn, Phillies keeping the pressure on! Here's hoping a Pirate base coach will get under Peavy's skin tonight. :)

2006-09-23 16:21:19
121.   gibsonhobbs88
115 - What channel are the Bruins on, I don't see the game listed on my TW cable?
2006-09-23 16:21:28
122.   Bob Timmermann
John Shelby is the Pirates first base coach.

He doesn't seem as excitable as Mariano Duncan.

Is there some rule that first base coaches have to be ex-players with no plate discipline?

2006-09-23 16:22:41
123.   Bluebleeder87
Mariano Duncan should have sent an email to John "T Bone" Shelby.
2006-09-23 16:22:48
124.   trainwreck
That is sweet. It would be even sweeter for UCLA to totally crush Notre Dame's season.
2006-09-23 16:23:38
125.   trainwreck
2006-09-23 16:23:40
126.   Greg Brock
121 TBS
2006-09-23 16:24:03
127.   Greg Brock
Two seconds means a lot in this world.
2006-09-23 16:24:12
128.   Bob Timmermann
I harbor no illusions about UCLA having a snowball's chance of winning at Notre Dame. UCLA beats good nonconference teams on the road about every 5-10 years.
2006-09-23 16:24:37
129.   Bluebleeder87
Bob do you remember Mariano Ducan injuring him self during the'85 playoffs on the 3rd base tarp?
2006-09-23 16:24:46
130.   Greg Brock
Blocked punt! Punter crushed!

Good stuff.

2006-09-23 16:24:58
131.   Bob Timmermann
That would be a snowball's chance in ...


2006-09-23 16:25:08
132.   Greg Brock
Nevermind, punter fumbled, punter crushed.

Still good though.

2006-09-23 16:25:40
133.   gibsonhobbs88
122 - From what I heard, Mariano had told Grady to get ready to replace him on the field becaause he might get ejected for trying it. It was a planned psychological ploy to throw Peavy off his game.
2006-09-23 16:25:43
134.   Bob Timmermann
Not unless you think Mariano Duncan was Vince Coleman.
2006-09-23 16:26:36
135.   trainwreck
I can smell the #25 ranking.
2006-09-23 16:27:22
136.   Greg Brock
135 With ASU and Penn St. both losing, a solid victory may merit a 21-13 ranking.

Maybe more. Depends on the score.

2006-09-23 16:27:46
137.   Bob Timmermann
Not a good day for All-Star Mark Redman against the Tigers. It's already 6-0 Detroit and Redman has only retired one guy.
2006-09-23 16:27:56
138.   Greg Brock
136 That should be 21 to 23 ranking.

Stupid fingers.

2006-09-23 16:28:51
139.   Bluebleeder87

in Dodger Stadium, i can vividley remember him going after a foul ball & him getting hurt, i'm not sure if he was injured but he was hurt, me & pops were there for that game.

2006-09-23 16:29:18
140.   trainwreck
These kickoffs are ridiculously short, especially for a kicker with a big leg.
2006-09-23 16:29:59
141.   Bob Timmermann
8-0 Detroit and still just one out.

Curtis Granderson has a triple and a home run.

In the first inning.

The Cycle Alert Control Center readies itself.

2006-09-23 16:31:07
142.   Bob Timmermann
Carlos Zambrano, home run #6!
2006-09-23 16:31:33
143.   Bob Timmermann
The kickoffs are shorter this year because they have to use a lower tee.
2006-09-23 16:31:36
144.   Bluebleeder87

i hope you keep us posted Bob.

2006-09-23 16:32:00
145.   Daniel Zappala
Stanford us up to 77 yards of offense through three quarters. Bet they can make it to 100?
2006-09-23 16:32:11
146.   trainwreck
I couldn't remember if that was college or the NFL. I guess it was college.
2006-09-23 16:32:27
147.   Bluebleeder87

that's pretty cool, the Cubbies poor version of Babe Ruth.

2006-09-23 16:32:59
148.   Gen3Blue
121 I don't thinl hockey has started yet, but I tell you true, I will never watch the Bruins again until they reach the cup finals. I used to think that hockey was a sport almost like baseball, where skill could trump size, and their minors didn't involve totally false amatuers(ie. collegiates)but this organization has won my disrespect.
2006-09-23 16:34:56
149.   Daniel Zappala
Nebraska goes up on 7-0 on the Trojans. The other ones.
2006-09-23 16:35:10
150.   trainwreck
Markey gets a lot of big runs, but he can't finish them like Maurice Drew did.
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2006-09-23 16:35:23
151.   Bob Timmermann
The Cycle Alert needs volunteers tonight since I will be at the Dodgers game.
2006-09-23 16:37:45
152.   Bluebleeder87

i don't have MLB.TV sorry Bob, or else i would gladly help.

2006-09-23 16:39:02
153.   Uncle Miltie
Wow Cal really killed ASU today. It looks like DeSean Jackson made the right decision choosing college football over pro baseball.
2006-09-23 16:40:20
154.   Andrew Shimmin
Is Washington supposed to be this bad? Anybody know what the line on this game was?
2006-09-23 16:41:08
155.   trainwreck
I am loving the hiring of DeWayne Walker.
2006-09-23 16:42:05
156.   Daniel Zappala
A few more times around, Bob, and Granderson can get the cycle in one inning. I wonder what the record for fastest cycle is?
2006-09-23 16:42:56
157.   thinkblue88
Top 1ST B:0 S:2 O:1
Craig Monroe grounds out, shortstop Angel Berroa to first baseman Ryan Shealy.

Top 1ST B:1 S:2 O:2
Craig Monroe grounds out, shortstop Angel Berroa to first baseman Ryan Shealy.


2006-09-23 16:44:18
158.   scooplew
153 That's two games in a row in which Cal had 42 points at the half and failed to score on offense in the second half. I wonder if the Bears will drop in the ranking as they did after beating Portland St. last week.
2006-09-23 16:47:54
159.   Daniel Zappala
Top of first over in KC. 10-0 Detroit.
2006-09-23 16:48:15
160.   Daniel Zappala
That's as many points as Stanford has scored.
2006-09-23 16:50:41
162.   scooplew
The Tigers scored more in the first inning today (10) than the Lions have scored in either of their first two games (6, 7). Perhaps Mike Martz is working with the Tigers tonight.
2006-09-23 16:52:51
163.   trainwreck
My Raiders haven't even outscored them in two games combined.
2006-09-23 16:56:11
164.   bhsportsguy
154 I think it was UCLA -3.5/4
2006-09-23 16:56:45
165.   Greg Brock
Are you a Cardinal alum, Daniel?
2006-09-23 16:57:45
166.   Daniel Zappala
165 Yep.
2006-09-23 16:59:39
167.   Daniel Zappala
154 Yes, Washington is expected to be bad and finish near the bottom of the Pac-10.
2006-09-23 17:01:16
168.   Andrew Shimmin
164/167- Thanks.
2006-09-23 17:01:26
169.   Greg Brock
166 I used to root for the Golden Bears over the Cardinal, until I met a bunch of Cal grads. Being a UCLA alum, they were always indignant that I was accepted to both schools, but chose UCLA over Cal. "Huh? Why would you do that?"

Ever since, Cal people have fallen in my estimation. Petty? You bet.

2006-09-23 17:08:06
170.   gpellamjr
For those monitoring the home field advantage race, the Astros just took a 3-1 lead over the Cardinals.
2006-09-23 17:09:29
171.   Greg S
What area of the ballpark are you sitting tonight Bob? I'll look for the checkered jersey!
2006-09-23 17:09:48
172.   trainwreck
I remember when I got accepted to Cal they called me a few days later wondering why I hadn't officially signed up for school yet. I said I was still weighing my options about going to a school in Southern California. The woman on the phone was speechless and then said, "What?!"
2006-09-23 17:11:53
173.   gpellamjr
I don't remember who it was, but a couple of weeks ago, someone here was complaining about how absurd it was that batting average is the default stat at

I just noticed that the Cubs now have the 2nd best average in the NL. They are dead last in runs. They are also last in OBP.

2006-09-23 17:12:52
174.   Bluebleeder87

i hope you have a drink or 2 in my name Bob, Bluebleeder

2006-09-23 17:14:59
175.   trainwreck
Olson looked like Southpaw Judas on that throw.
2006-09-23 17:18:39
176.   Bluebleeder87
i'm off to a baby shower my self, later on though.
2006-09-23 17:21:49
177.   DodgerHobbit
161 i dont recall hearing about any non-human beings having been signed to play pro sports.
2006-09-23 17:28:02
178.   Bluebleeder87
i can't believe i'm going to a baby shower. YIKES!
2006-09-23 17:30:25
179.   Bob Timmermann
They're more fun than bridal showers.
2006-09-23 17:33:36
180.   Bluebleeder87

it's gonna be pretty cool because my old teammate from Jalisco (state champs yes!!) will be there, i'm sure there will be alot of nostelgic talk during our conversation.

2006-09-23 17:33:41
181.   trainwreck
I almost went back home today and if I did I would have come home to a bridal shower.
2006-09-23 17:34:02
182.   Bluebleeder87

i'm being forced to go by the way.

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