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Gearing Up
2006-10-01 16:28
by Jon Weisman

The Padres hang on in Arizona, ever so barely, so despite ending the season with a seven-game winning streak, the Dodgers will be the National League wild card team and play the New York Mets in the first round of the playoffs.

Game times for the first two days in New York, are 1 p.m. (PST) Wednesday and 5 p.m. Thursday, according to ESPN has Game 1, and Fox has Game 2. Times have not been set for Games 3 and (if necessary) 4 in Los Angeles, on Saturday and next Sunday.

The thought occurs to me that Derek Lowe will have too much rest for his Game 1 start - going from Wednesday to Wednesday between games. From what I can tell, he depends a great deal on feel, and he may start out rusty.

Here are some more notes, from Ken Gurnick at

(Dodger manager Grady) Little seems to be leaning toward starting Greg Maddux at home regardless, so Maddux would be the Game 2 starter in a series that opens at Dodger Stadium, or the Game 3 starter against the Mets.

Little was relatively satisfied that Brad Penny's back will allow him to pitch, but revealed that Penny could be a reliever instead of a starter. ...

The Dodgers are thinking of carrying a 10-man pitching staff in the postseason, which means pitchers like Aaron Sele, Chad Billingsley and Elmer Dessens are on the bubble. Little indicated he was somewhat comfortable with Billingsley as a reliever, even though he's made only one such appearance in his short career. Stults had an outside chance of being one of the 10 if the opponent was the Mets because of his success in his first start in New York last month.

Garciaparra's shaky health could mean that James Loney makes the postseason roster. Garciaparra said he will be ready for the start of the playoffs, but he is nursing injuries to an oblique, quad and knee. Although only 25 players can be active, Little said the club would probably travel with 28 or 29. Once rosters are submitted before a series starts, they cannot be changed during that series.

Comments (224)
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2006-10-01 16:31:35
1.   Sam DC
And they just don't want the season to end at Fenway!
2006-10-01 16:32:24
2.   gpellamjr
I refuse to recognize the Padres' division championship.

Or should I be gracious in defeat?

No. I don't recognize it.

2006-10-01 16:33:58
3.   capdodger
2 I consider the NL West crown still up for grabs, with the Pads permanently up 7-6 and runners on 1st and 2nd with two down in the bottom of the 9th. That's how it will always be for me.
2006-10-01 16:34:21
4.   Kyle S
khalil was straddling the bag. if they won the division championship legitimately, i'd be fine with it. the umpires can't end THAT game on a wrong call. ridiculous.
2006-10-01 16:34:53
5.   Greg Brock
I usually despise anybody who blames officiating, but that call in Arizona was terrible. Eric Gregg is dead, so it couldn't be him. I don't know if Doug Eddings was working that crew, but it probably wasn't him. Tim McClelland would never mess up a call that badly.

I'm curious to see who the umpire was on that call.

2006-10-01 16:37:14
6.   Robert Daeley
"Umpires: HP--Bruce Dreckman. 1B--Ed Hickox. 2B--Larry Poncino. 3B--Gary Darling."
2006-10-01 16:37:40
7.   Jon Weisman
3 - I'm pretty sure that the Dodgers had some calls go their way this season. We really have bigger fish to fry, folks.
2006-10-01 16:38:37
8.   Greg S
5 According to blowhard FMMKK, it was Larry Poncino.
2006-10-01 16:38:41
9.   Underbruin
7 - Yeah, but we're Dodger fans. We've got to have something to complain about (where's Bob's big list when you need it?).
2006-10-01 16:39:17
10.   KG16
What's most annoying is that the SECOND BASE UMP called him safe and then was apparently over ruled on the "in the neighborhood" call.

But oh well, what's done is done and the Bums get to break hearts in New York again. 1958, 1988, and now 2006.

2006-10-01 16:42:19
11.   underdog
Yeah, honestly guys - it's a horrible call but if the Dodgers had just been able to slightly better than crappy vs. the Padres this year then the division would have been theirs more overtly and deservedly. Despite late inning comebacks and all, they didn't do well against SD at all and that's really why they're not the division winner.
2006-10-01 16:42:42
12.   gpellamjr
7 You're right, Jon, and the Diamondbacks probably still wouldn't have scored. It's just frustrating to lose it on that one. It's the difference between potentially having HFA in the first two rounds, to knowing that the Dodgers will spend the first two games of all three potential series on the road.

Whatever the case, it's been an amazing season. The Dodgers really caught on fire just finish this strong. It's been very exciting, and I'm plain not intimidated by the Mets.

2006-10-01 16:45:14
13.   Greg Brock
Bad call. On to New York. This should be a great series, with two teams that enjoy a fair bit of history. For a guy who thought this season would be a wash, what a pleasant surprise.

Let's go get those Metropolitans.

2006-10-01 16:45:42
14.   capdodger
10 - Yeah, that's the worst of it. The ump got the call right (safe) live because of the wrong reason (thinking a tag was necessary). He then reverses the call to the wrong call (out) for a good reason (the ball beat the runner), but because of poor situational awareness while the play was live, he wasn't looking if Greene was on the base or not.
2006-10-01 16:48:32
15.   Chiron Brown
The umpire at second called him safe so he, and Greene, lost the fact that it was a force play. The "in the neighborhood" call usually happens when trying to turn a double play. It shouldn't have been invoked there. Greene wasn't on the bag. It's a big call because if the D-backs came back to win (and that still would have been a big if) the Dodgers would have home field advantage in the first and possibly second round of the playoffs. And they've played much better at home this year. Now they will not get home field in any round.
2006-10-01 16:48:36
16.   Robert Daeley
Silver lining: Trevor Hoffman shows himself to be vulnerable again.

Time to break hearts in Queens!

2006-10-01 16:49:27
17.   capdodger
I find the bit about Penny possibly pitching from the pen to be the most interesting part of Gurnik's notes. Well, that an the possibility of Sults being on the Roster. Could it be possible we'll see Kuo, Lowe, Maddux, Sults, (Kuo or Lowe)?
2006-10-01 16:50:17
18.   bonnie
I blame that loss on Bob Melvin. The good news is Trevor got lit up with 2 home runs and the Padres end up division champs on a bad call. Let that weigh on their minds until we see them in about 10 days. We'll show them who the real winners are. We should fill up Petco and negate any home field advantage they think they may have.
2006-10-01 16:51:01
19.   Greg Brock
I feel pretty good with Derek Lowe starting 40% of our games against the New York Metropolitans Baseball Club.
2006-10-01 16:52:04
20.   Robert Daeley
ESPN just explained it much better -- the ball apparently hit the runner. Out.
2006-10-01 16:53:07
21.   KG16
20 - ok, then I don't mind.

I should know this, but... have the Bums and Mets played in the post season any time that was not 1988?

2006-10-01 16:53:33
22.   bhsportsguy
Just the facts, the NL Wild Card has not only advanced to the NLCS seven out of eleven times since its start in 1995 but have won the divisional series for the last 4 years.
2006-10-01 16:57:29
23.   bhsportsguy
21 No. Their NL opponents since divisional play started have been:

2004 - St. Louis
1996 - Atlanta
1995 - Cincy
1988 - New York
1985 - St. Louis
1983 - Philadelphia
1981 - Houston/Montreal
1978 - Philadelphia
1977 - Philadelphia
1974 - Pitssburgh

2006-10-01 16:58:16
24.   Uncle Miltie
Look what happened in New York today

D Jeter (34, 2nd base off D McGowan/J Phillips), J Posada (3, 2nd base off D McGowan/J Phillips), R Cano (5, 2nd base off D McGowan/J Phillips), M Cairo (13, 2nd base off J Accardo/J Phillips), K Thompson (2, 3rd base off J Towers/J Phillips).

2006-10-01 16:59:28
25.   ToyCannon
I really like the idea of Kuo starting game 2 in NY and Maddox the 1st game in LA. Sele has no business being on the post season roster and the fact that were going with 10 pitchers is another bonus. To many off days in the playoffs to need more then 10. If we have a blowout then use Hendrickson until his arm falls off. I appreciate everything Sele has done to get us here but against the Mets he should sit out the 1st round. When we face the Priests or Cardinals they can reverse him and Hendrickson.

Hoping for a Dodger/Padre NL title bout.

2006-10-01 17:02:17
26.   Greg Brock
If we could go with Lowe, Kuo, Maddux, Lowe, Kuo, I would be a very happy Greg Brock.

We'll see. I have no idea how it shakes out.

2006-10-01 17:02:46
27.   Charenton
Dodger fan from Paris France -

I grew up in LA and moved to France 21 years ago but thanks to the internet I'm with you every day. Fortunately i work afternoons and evenings so it's not a problem staying up sometimes until 6am ! ! ! to watch games .
In Switzerland, they have a business that sells DVDs of MLB games - I'm waiting for my DVD of the Sept 18th game 4HR game to arrive in the mail (but they're forbidden to sell to North American addresses - question of legal rights…)
I was back in LA in Oct 1988…
Maybe i should come home again now !
This team has the charisma to do it - unlike any team since 1988

2006-10-01 17:04:20
28.   D4P
For a guy who thought this season would be a wash, what a pleasant surprise.

Well, finishing 2nd in the NL West isn't exactly like climbing Everest...

2006-10-01 17:05:22
29.   D4P
This team has the charisma to do it

It starts at the top, with guys like Drew and Kent

2006-10-01 17:05:27
30.   Greg Brock
27 Isn't Charenton an insane asylum?

If so, how fitting that you are a Dodger fan.

2006-10-01 17:06:00
31.   Underbruin
28 - It's rather like biking up that really tall hill near your house. It's not a monumental achievement, but hey, it wasn't easy, and now that you've done it you feel a bit of pride. :)
2006-10-01 17:08:00
32.   Greg Brock
28 Did you expect the Dodgers to have the second best record in the NL this year?

I sure didn't. Not with this bunch of players.

2006-10-01 17:08:52
33.   Bob Timmermann
It would be interesting if Trevor Hoffman won the Cy Young award with ZERO wins.

I'm guessing it would be the lowest total ever for a winner.

More research is needed.

2006-10-01 17:10:49
34.   Charenton
"Look, Trevor Hoffman has had a nice season and all, but why are people picking him for the Cy Young Award when Brandon Webb is likely to lead the National League in ERA, innings pitched and for those who care, wins, if he pitches halfway decently today?"

Considering the fact that neither Trevor H nor Brandon W pitched "halfway decently today" and the fact that CCarpenter lost his last 2 (very important) starts, maybe they should just cancel the Cy Young this year…
OR - - -
Offer Derek Lowe as a candidate. If he's considered in the same way that one picks an MVP (value to team's acheivement - and performance when it counts i.e. September) his only competition would be from ROswalt.

2006-10-01 17:10:59
35.   bigcpa
Logging on a bit late today. I can't believe the Tigers blew 5-0 and 6-0 leads to KC at home to give away the division and homefield. Unreal. And how did SD beat Webb twice in 10 days. Yech!
2006-10-01 17:14:42
36.   natepurcell
hey underdog, you are so lucky i started the wrong moss today :)
2006-10-01 17:15:32
37.   Charenton
Greg Brock:

Yes, the insane asylum is just down the road a short walk. Sometimes I go down there with my girlfriend to see the gardens.
You sure are on top of things !
Better than the original Greg Brock
(poor guy - maybe he's living in the insane asylum ! I'll look him up next time I'm there…)

2006-10-01 17:16:47
38.   twerp
Grady, quoted on after yesterday's game==

"I don't think we've been this good all year," said Little. "When we won 17 of 18, we weren't as good a team as we are now."

Let's hope he's right.

2006-10-01 17:17:33
39.   Greg Brock
The NBC football intro is like what I expect a bad movie version of a football intro to be.

It's kind of like Bill Medley's Friday Night Football intro from The Last Boy Scout, only twice as hokey, and three times as bad.

2006-10-01 17:19:35
40.   Greg Brock
37 I only know of the asylum because that's where the Marquis de Sade died.

When I go to France, I want to gain a lot of weight and grow a beard, Jim Morrison style. There will not, however, be as many Indians scattered on highway bleeding.

2006-10-01 17:21:14
41.   D4P
Did you expect the Dodgers to have the second best record in the NL this year?

No, but I also didn't expect 88 wins to be good enough for second best.

2006-10-01 17:22:06
42.   D4P
Two other tidbits:

1. Was Bob the only Toaster Expert to pick San Diego as division champion...?

2. Colletti's team finished with the same record as Depo's...

2006-10-01 17:23:33
43.   Bob Timmermann
Alex Belth and Scott Long also picked the Padres.
2006-10-01 17:24:02
44.   Greg Brock
41 Well, it took the last day of the season, but we finally have something upon which to disagree. Okay, let's put it another way...Did you expect this team to win 88 games? I didn't.

That's it. Let's take this outside, buddy.

2006-10-01 17:25:46
45.   D4P
Did you expect this team to win 88 games? I didn't

No, I think it's safe to say they exceeded expectations. Among other things, Drew and Nomar played a lot more than I expected.

2006-10-01 17:28:25
46.   Charenton
Actually, while we're on the subject of Greg Brock, I left LA in June 1985, which if my memory serves me correctly was year 2 of the Greg Brock years.

I remember them assuring us:

"Yes, he had 44 HRs his last year in Albuquerque"

I don't know how I remember that statistic - but it was the main justification for trading Steve Garvey…

(and of course that was before the Colorado experiment made us all aware of the relationship between rocky mountain air and HRs)

Then, I remember several years later (probably in 1988 when I came back to the US - it wasn't easy following MLB in Europe back in those days…) finding him with Milwaukee…dying a slow death…

Was he booed out of LA?

2006-10-01 17:31:32
47.   Underbruin
36 - I feel your pain. I shifted Reggie Williams to the bench. Argh.
2006-10-01 17:31:56
48.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers still won the NL West in 1983 with Mr. Brock at first base.

I think Greg Brock looks better in retrospect when you realize that Steve Garvey wasn't as good as we like to think. Steve Garvey was Mark Grace with poor financial planning.

2006-10-01 17:33:20
49.   Sam DC
Howdy Charenton -- nice entrance!
2006-10-01 17:34:20
50.   bigcpa
The A's are the big loser of the Det/Min battle. They have to survive 2 Johan home starts and a road series with the Yankees to get to the WS. Na ga happen. I would have preferred to see the Yankees tangle with Santana in the short series again.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-10-01 17:35:09
51.   KG16
Given the unpredictable nature of the NL West the last couple of years, I felt like this team could have won anywhere between 70 and 100 games. I am happy that they were closer to the second number than the first.
2006-10-01 17:35:10
52.   natepurcell

I have 49 combined points sitting on the bench between santana moss and the ATL defense. Ridiculous, i cant believe im going to lose because im an idiot.

2006-10-01 17:35:19
53.   Greg Brock
46 Hilarious

The reason I chose the name was that Greg Brock was one of the first real memories I have of Dodger Baseball, trading Steve Garvey and putting this phenomenal young prospect at first to take his place. Hey, I was seven years old...What did I know.

I also remember Brock turning up with the Brewers, and thinking "How can he be on the Brewers now? He's a Dodger." I was not familiar with Marvin Miller, Lou Brock, or free agency at ten years old.

2006-10-01 17:35:57
54.   Greg Brock
Curt Flood, not Lou Brock. Stupid Brocks messin' me up. Grrr...
2006-10-01 17:37:12
55.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Has anyone else heard of the theory that sinkerballer pitchers pitch better when they're a bit fatigued? Like Jon, I'm worried that Lowe may have too much rest.

That being said, it's unclear to me what we could do about this issue. If Lowe pitches today, he ends up pitching on two days rest if he pitches game 1. If he pitches game 2, it's still on overly short rest. So I guess we just hope for the best.

I'm very happy Grady's being a bit creative and considering having Kuo go 2nd, and Penny for the pen.


2006-10-01 17:39:32
56.   Greg Brock
If Derek Lowe is too rested, I'm sure we can find a local sportscaster to help tire him out.

Too risque? After Jon's admonisment yesterday, I'm all eggshells over here.

2006-10-01 17:41:17
57.   D4P
Record with Danys Baez on the team: 48-55
Record without Danys Baez on the team: 40-19

You do the math

2006-10-01 17:42:17
58.   Bob Timmermann
But Patrick O'Neal is already married to Rebecca De Mornay.
2006-10-01 17:42:29
59.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 57

I'm happy to say that the memory of Baez has been virtually wiped away by the postseason berth.

I just hope that Chuck Tiffany and Edwin Jackson don't one day make me remember Baez in a profoundly unpleasant way.


2006-10-01 17:43:07
60.   Bob Timmermann
And the Padres biggest acquisition was David Wells.

Nobody else!

2006-10-01 17:43:59
61.   Bob Timmermann
When Vin was reading off the names of the players who weren't around, I thought we are at a memorial service after a natural disaster.
2006-10-01 17:44:48
62.   Charenton
If you were 7 y.o. at the time that Greg Brock became a Dodger then you are to be excused for getting mixed up about Curt Flood and Lou Brock - at least you were on the right team… I was 7 years old when Curt Flood first became a Card… My first real baseball memory is the Metropolitans winning in '69… uhh, bad memory for today…
Rather, I'll stick with my memories of 1988! !
2006-10-01 17:45:22
63.   Greg Brock
Rule of thumb: If Bono isn't around, nothing disastrous has happened.
2006-10-01 17:46:30
64.   Sam DC
SO, after Frank Robinson's farewell speech today, which occured during an onfield ceremony just before the first pitch, the Mets players and coaching staff came over and acknowledged him, hugs, handshakes, etc.

I was fascinated that their doing so really affected my son, who at dinner tonight kept saying how cool it was that the players would congratulate someone from the other team. The whole thing gave me a lot of space to talk to him about being a good sport, and being competitive but respecting the other players and team, and was just overall nice. So kudos to the Mets for a gesture that had a bit of impact.

Obviously called to mind a bit the Dodgers sending the Cards off into the NLCS in 2004.

2006-10-01 17:46:42
65.   D4P
If Bono isn't around, nothing disastrous has happened *

* "Pop" album excepted

2006-10-01 17:49:40
66.   Underbruin
63 - That made me chuckle.
2006-10-01 17:49:55
67.   Underbruin
65 - No, he got it right the first time. =P
2006-10-01 17:52:23
68.   D4P
Actually, U2 seems to have gone soft since Zooropa. They may not have lost the Edge, but they seem to have lost their edge...
2006-10-01 17:56:35
69.   Sam DC
The front page of helpfully reports: "Jeter 2nd in batting."
2006-10-01 18:01:50
70.   bhsportsguy
ESPN is now showing a 2 hour Baseball Tonight with a preview of the playoffs, somehow I think we may something that happened about 2 weeks ago too.
2006-10-01 18:03:40
71.   Strike4
The annual melancholy arrives this afternoon as most teams pack up and head home. Thanks Baseball, it was a great regular season. See ya next March for Spring Training. Okay, done. Now the post-season can stand alone. Go Dodgers, three teams left to beat!
2006-10-01 18:05:34
72.   KG16
Can I just say how glad I am that the Red Sox aren't in the playoffs - now if we can just do something about the Yankees, I'd be really happy.

Of course, it could mean no baseball on ESPN.

2006-10-01 18:06:03
73.   Underbruin
69 - Tomorrow's headline - "Jeter goes to mall."
2006-10-01 18:12:16
74.   bigcpa
72 Unfortunately the Yankees have a pretty nice path to the WS. If Oakland can stretch Minnesota to 5 games then Johan might only go once in the first 4-5 games of the LCS. Or zero!
2006-10-01 18:18:12
75.   natepurcell
yess!! INT! come on bears defense!
2006-10-01 18:22:12
76.   bhsportsguy
Just for fun, here are some comments that were made back when it looked like the season was done.

435. Benaiah - Wednesday 7/26/2006
Let's say that both the Padres and the Reds keep up their current paces and end up at around 86-87 wins. In order for the Dodgers to get to 86 wins they would have to go 39-20 for the rest of the season, a .661 winning percentage versus their current .461. It's possible that after going 8 games under .500 over the first 102 games they will go 19 games over in their final 59, but its not likely. If we make any more trades for this season it is like selling your car and then putting the money on green in roulette in the hopes that you can finally buy a house if you should happen to win. Trade the vets and let the kids play, Loney, Guzman, Young and Laroche in the show!

2006-10-01 18:24:47
77.   bhsportsguy
Hey, he was one for three.

499. Uncle Miltie - Wednesday July 26. 2006
Ned wants to put lipstick on a pig.

*Come Monday
Hello Jose Mesa, Roberto Hernandez, and/or Greg Maddux*

Good bye Delwyn Young, Greg Miller, Tony Abreu

2006-10-01 18:25:49
78.   bigcpa
I'd like to start a petition here to have Gagne throw out the first pitch on Saturday night- lefthanded if necessary.
2006-10-01 18:29:10
79.   D4P
Why wouldn't you be able to start the petition with your right hand...?
2006-10-01 18:29:39
80.   Frip
Just before the midway point in the Padres game, Vin Scully just came out and said the Padres game was a done deal. He said this in like, 3 different ways, so he really meant it, OVER.

The Padres game turned out to be very run difference.

You would think that someone whose seen as much baseball as Scully would be a little more cautious about calling games 5 innings before they're over. It was 7 to 1, yes, but with half a game to play.

I was hoping he would have to eat his big fat overconfident words. Vin or no VIN!

2006-10-01 18:30:48
81.   bigcpa
79 Good one. So are you in? Once we get to 25 I'll forward it to Rawitch.
2006-10-01 18:33:02
82.   bhsportsguy
On Monday July 31, 2006, about an hour and a half after the trade deadline, Jon made this statement:

Not unlike the general manager who preceded him, Colletti is taking risks - different kinds of risks, but risks just the same. When Paul DePodesta made the deal that defined him two years ago, the trade of Paul LoDuca and Guillermo Mota for Brad Penny, Hee Seop Choi and Bill Murphy, I considered it a valid risk that I wouldn't have had the courage to take. If the Dodgers rally to win a playoff berth in 2006 and bring enough prospects back for bigger prizes in 2007 and beyond, Colletti may walk on water. But if there is no postseason play in the next 18 months, Colletti might learn a little bit about what it was like to wear DePodesta's cement shoes.

2006-10-01 18:38:57
83.   oswald
i think it's funny that loduca, mota and encarnacion will play in the playoffs this year ... and penny might not
2006-10-01 18:43:41
84.   scooplew
All this Greg Brock talk reminds me what an incredibly sweet swing he had. He also struck me as a nice, quiet guy. Didn't he once hit two homers off Dwight Gooden in the same game?
2006-10-01 18:49:06
85.   Greg S
78. I floated that idea in August but was gently chastised for talking about such things so early. Glad it's not time to talk about such things.
2006-10-01 18:49:28
86.   bigcpa
If Gagne throws 80 innings this year we win what, 95 games?
2006-10-01 18:49:56
87.   Greg S
85 Glad it's now time to talk about such things.
2006-10-01 18:51:07
88.   bigcpa
85 Well it's safe now! Will you join me in my quest?
2006-10-01 18:52:01
89.   Greg S
I once saw Frank Robinson cuss out a man in front of the man's 9 year old daughter. And not that there could be a good reason to do such a thing but I happen to know what he was talking about and wasn't worth a cussing if they were alone in the room. I will not miss him.
2006-10-01 18:54:39
90.   Greg S
88. I think it's something they may think of on their own. I will join you but I will also trust the Dodgers to do things in a classy and fun way.
I don't mean to gloat (well, maybe a little) but I now have my World Series tickets sitting next to me. I know it's still a ticket that may go unused but when you first pick them up, you can't help but get a little shiver of excitement!
2006-10-01 18:55:50
91.   Greg Brock
Add Jason Grabowski to the list of most beautiful swings ever produced by a bad baseball player.
2006-10-01 18:55:53
92.   Sam DC
John Kruk picks Saito as Rookie of the Year.
2006-10-01 18:59:07
93.   StolenMonkey86
78 - count me in
2006-10-01 18:59:08
94.   regfairfield
92 SBN had me fill out a ballot, and I put him number two, behind Uggla.
2006-10-01 19:11:19
95.   Sam DC
LA Times gamer: "Maddux will start Game 2 against the Mets after the Dodgers wound up as the NL wild-card team Sunday."
2006-10-01 19:15:09
96.   Marty
LA Times gamer

Sam, you talk as if you worked in the news biz at one time.

2006-10-01 19:15:09
97.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 95

Ravech says the same on Baseball Tonight.

I'd rather go with Kuo, but it is Maddux, so I can live with the decision..


2006-10-01 19:17:49
98.   Sam DC
96 It's just the blogs. They do that to you.

But I won't deface Jon's site by commenting on "the lede".

2006-10-01 19:18:05
99.   Greg Brock
I guess that means Lowe for 1&4, and Maddux for 2&5. Frankly, I'd rather have Kuo throw twice against the Mets.

Either way, I guess it's fine.

2006-10-01 19:18:45
100.   Sam DC
I'm glad to have Tivo, but at times like these where I've got no cushion built in and I can't fast forward past these BB Tonight guys, I feel let down by it.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-10-01 19:27:12
101.   confucius
Maddux is Magic in Dodger Stadium 5 starts 33 innings 1.91 ERA. So I'd rather see him pitch in Game 3.
2006-10-01 19:32:36
102.   MollyKnight
Will any other DT readers be at Shea this week? I'm so excited!
2006-10-01 19:32:45
103.   Strike4
99 It crossed my mind that it might be safer to have Kuo pitch his biggest game and first playoff in front of his home crowd in Game 3. Either guy, it's an exhilarating choice.
2006-10-01 19:33:31
104.   willhite
Grady has shown a great willingness to let the young guys play this year, but when it came down to crunch time he went with the vets.

No surprise to see him set up his rotation so that he can use Maddux twice if he needs him.

2006-10-01 19:36:38
105.   trainwreck
Mets can't hit left handed putching so we go with two right handers twice...

Maddux is not pitching against the Giants this time. I don't like this decision.

2006-10-01 19:38:15
106.   bigcpa
Trachsel pitching Game 3 at the Ravine brings back memories of Jeff Suppan.

Game 4 NLDS - 7ip, 2h, 2er and 2-3 at the plate!

2006-10-01 19:48:54
107.   bojangles
Greg Brock: share your good feelings, with an aside to D4p that 88 wins, happy as they are, ain't nothin' to build long-range dreams on.

Greg S: last week, I disagreed about funkiness, but agreed they still were very much alive. Even with that qualifier, I still woulda chosen the Phils, given the quality/luck involved in their second-half march. But when the Blind failed to see Chase's homer, what a sea-change! Imagine how D-fans woulda felt -
maybe that uncalled third strike by Tomko vs.
the Mets would give some idea, but even that was nowhere near the arrow in the Phils' backs.

Dry-Range Rodent: Rarely disagree with you, but until they show me the mere sight of Cardinal unis doesn't turn the local spines to jelly, I'm glad first round is highly- vulnerable-with-much-weight-of-expectation Mets. As for second possible round (and,
unlike 2004, I agree with the Man from France that this bunch, like 88's, has a puncher's chance) pick your poison!

KG16: also share that sentiment (though my preseason range woulda been more like 80-90);
just so hard to know what achievements in NL West of recent vintage mean on wider/longer baseball stage.

Xei: Let's agree to replace all posts more than five lines and anything about movies with the compellin' kind of back-and-forth you and Vishal shared on this BASEBALL site
about ducks and beer in China! :)....

A note about the series in NY. If start times are as stated, some pitchers (Good
Penny comes to mind) benefit from difficult light conditions, which could be crucial
(is it important against El Duque, e.g., to be able to pick up spin early? Will all Dodger hitters, but particularly young ones who haven't seen him much/at all, be disadvantaged?) How does that work for Lowe, possible Guo?

And a last wish for Ned (who, if nothing else, has helped punch the ticket for this ride Greg Brock and I agree is so much unanticipated fun): take this year's overwhelming lesson to next year and beyond:
always tread with great caution when dealing for players coming from losing organizations.
In ways sometimes obvious. sometimes not so, they are part of the mix, and likely, somehow, part of the cause....

2006-10-01 19:50:43
108.   Bluebleeder87
I'd like to start a petition here to have Gagne throw out the first pitch on Saturday night- lefthanded if necessary.

but he'll look like a girl throwing left handed, but seriously not a bad idea.

2006-10-01 19:51:24
109.   PlayTwo
I have wondered what it was like for Frank Robinson to manage players when he, as a player, performed at such a high level. He was scary. Not only did he have 5 tools, but the entire box. Eric Davis for a short time reminded me of him. I saw Robinson when he was a Dodger. A brawl broke out. The dugouts and pens emptied. Robinson just stood in right field waiting for the game to continue. He was accustomed to letting his play speak for him. Good bye to one of the greats.
2006-10-01 19:51:41
110.   natepurcell
underdog, we're tied baby!
2006-10-01 19:54:07
111.   underdog
75 Grr, Nate! How'd you end up with the Bears defense - no fair! ;-) I guess they will be my undoing this weekend even after a decent showing.

Meanwhile, Kruk picks... Hoffman for Cy Young. And gets kind of defensive about it.

Meanwhile x2, the Newark reporter they had on earlier to talk about the Mets pretty much dismissed the other playoff teams in the NL - saying the Mets would have been more worried if the Phils or Astros had made it.

2006-10-01 19:55:49
112.   underdog
110 We are? Unfortunately that game's not over yet ;-) Seattle's got get a TD, highly unlikely.
2006-10-01 19:56:50
113.   natepurcell

I still think you're going to win. Seattle has to score some more. I mean, 6 points is pathetic for seattle. Our game shouldnt have even came down to this though. my bench has basically outscored my starting lineup.

2006-10-01 19:57:46
114.   D4P
Hoffman for Cy Young

Looks like the only thing Hoffman had over Saito (Cy-to?) this year was 21 more saves. Sammy leads in all the meaningful stats.

2006-10-01 19:59:12
115.   natepurcell
2006-10-01 19:59:51
116.   natepurcell
another sack!


2006-10-01 20:00:22
117.   underdog
Um, didn't that sack just put you over Nate? At this rate, doesn't look good for me. Yeah, you pulled a heist getting Larry Johnson too, though, which strengthened your starters.
2006-10-01 20:01:25
118.   underdog
I wonder if our fantasy football talk is interesting to anyone else? About as doubtful as the chance of Seattle scoring a touchdown. ;-)
2006-10-01 20:01:40
119.   natepurcell

I pulled off that LJ trade just in time. he carried me this week with his breakout game finally. I still would like another rb. Julius jones available yet? :)

2006-10-01 20:01:45
120.   Bluebleeder87
what are the chances of Stop 'em Saito being the rook of the year?
2006-10-01 20:03:06
121.   natepurcell

If he was the closer all season and has racked up 40+ saves then i would say he is a shoe-in for ROY. But he doesnt have the counting stats (saves) to be recognized over Zimmerman.

2006-10-01 20:03:19
122.   Jon Weisman
The L.A. Times doesn't have their gamer up. They just have AP on the site.

I'm not convinced that the AP has better information than Ken Gurnick re: Maddux.

2006-10-01 20:04:14
123.   Nagman
Two members of the Baseball Tonight panel pick the Dodgers to get to the World Series but lose (Kruk picks the Yanks over the Dodgers, Ravech picks the Twins over the Dodgers).
2006-10-01 20:17:01
124.   natepurcell
last chance for you underdog. Seattle gets the ball back with about 2mins left. all they need is a FG and you win!
2006-10-01 20:20:47
125.   trainwreck
When did our trade go through? LJ was on my team as of last night when I set my roster so now I have no second rb playing this week.
2006-10-01 20:21:04
126.   underdog
Nate, to quote one of the girls from Ghost World: "Yeah, that'll happen."
2006-10-01 20:22:20
127.   natepurcell
2006-10-01 20:23:34
128.   natepurcell

it went through at midnight last night. when it was pending, it said it would reflect on the week 4 lineup. I wish you remembered cause if had plugged jackson in, you would probably have knocked off Bills Thrills from 1st place!

2006-10-01 20:26:43
129.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 123

I'm just happy Kruk didn't choose us to win the WS--that would guarantee our loss. Maybe this will instead mean we'll beat the Yanks. =) Same for Ravech. I still remember Ravech interviewing Theo during the BoSox championship year, and after botching a reference to Theo's age, he then proceeded to ask him about Billy Beane's Moneyball book. When Theo tersely corrected him, Ravech seemed genuinely surprised.


2006-10-01 20:33:20
130.   Nagman
129 - Ravech immediately apologized to Twins and Dodger fans for picking them, confessing that he is clueless since he had picked Toronto and somebody else in his preseason pick.
2006-10-01 20:36:56
131.   thinkingblue

I saw the part Ken Macha correct the baseball tonight people on the Twins, it was classic.

2006-10-01 20:40:15
132.   das411
Quick! Somebody ask Bob who the last batter and last pitcher of the 2006 regular season were!!
2006-10-01 20:44:05
133.   thinkingblue
As for that New York writer, did he say HE was only concerned about the astros or phillies, or was it the METS that weren't concerned about anyone but the astros or phillies?

Boy, if they aren't concerned about us, they're in for a surprise. It's generally not a good idea for a team to take opponenets lightly.

2006-10-01 20:44:14
134.   Jonny6
Here's my thoughts on the pitching situation for the Mets series, and the Maddux/Kuo situation specifically. Lowe is going to pitch Game 1, that much is a given. Once that decision was made, it became obvious that Kuo wasn't going to start more than one game in the series. Game 2 is on Thursday and Game 5 (if necessary) will be Monday. So the Game 2 pitcher will be pitching on one day shorter rest than usual if he goes in Game 5. I am happy to see Kuo will be pitching in the series, but there's no way we could really expect the guy to start two games in a five games series, including the penultimate Game 5 on short rest.

So since Kuo is only going to start one game, Grady put him in for Game 3 and bumped Maddux up to Game 2, since he obviously has shown that he can handle both the pressure of a Game 5 and pitching on short rest. So it makes sense to me to go with Lowe, Maddux, Kuo, Lowe, and Maddux with Penny coming in out of the bullpen.

2006-10-01 20:53:05
135.   Bob Timmermann
The last batter of the regular season was Albert Callaspo and the last pitcher was Trevor Hoffman.

The Red Sox-Orioles game had been halted before that game ended. But in that game, the last pitcher was Russ Ortiz and the last batter was Alex Cora.

2006-10-01 21:02:43
136.   Daniel Zappala
I must admit, I haven't watched the Tigers much this year, but I didn't know Brandon Inge had only one leg. Amazing.

2006-10-01 21:22:06
137.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 102

I probably will be at game 1 with a buddy of mine. We're going to drive up from Annapolis.


2006-10-01 21:36:56
138.   Franklin Stubbs
Hey guys....I surfed through the comments to see if anyone addressed this and saw nothing.

I was wondering if what someone on KFWB said is true...that the Dodgers can claim to beCo-Champs of the National League West. Granted they are the wild card for the playoffs...but does the team get to hoist a division pennant at the Stadium? It strikes me as fair if they I know that the Pads did win the season series...but the Blue Crew did have a better record i n the West... 43-31 to 39-36.

2006-10-01 21:48:11
139.   Frip
73 That's hilare...I say hilarious.
2006-10-01 21:51:18
140.   Bluebleeder87
so are we gonna ask Josh Rawitch from Inside the Dodgers if Gagne can throw out the 1st pitch?? i'm all for it.
2006-10-01 22:11:01
141.   Claire Malone-Evans
If the game 2 starters are Maddux and Glavine that is a total of 623 career victories. While possible game 3 starters Kuo and Maine have only a combined total of only 9 wins. Can't recall the last time 2 pitchers with so little experience faced off in a playoff game.
2006-10-01 22:19:04
142.   JJ42
108 - The thing about Gagne throwing left handed - I'm sure he can do it because he is left-handed. He just happens to throw right handed in games.
2006-10-01 22:20:21
143.   BlueMamma
two questions:

1.once your playoff roster is set at the start of a series, what happens in the event of injury? does that tinyurl thingy work?

2006-10-01 22:26:05
144.   Linkmeister
143 2) Go to, paste in the URL you want to convert, then c&p the resultant tinyurl URL. Go back to the site you want to put the thing in and paste the tinyurl into the comment box.

There's a way to drag the tinyurl function to the Firefox browser; dunno if you can do that to IE or Mac OS.

1) Too bad. Play with 24 until the series is over (at least my memory tells me that's how it works).

2006-10-01 22:26:25
145.   Gagne55
the game 2 starters are Maddux and Glavine

Haha, Smoltz. Don't you wish you escaped Atlanta?

2006-10-01 22:27:26
146.   Franklin Stubbs
ah no one cares about the Dodgers hoisting of flags....


2006-10-01 22:41:57
147.   bhsportsguy
146 MLB has no set policy but in the other 3 times it has happened, the team that was the Wild Card never recognized itself as the Division winner.
2006-10-01 22:48:24
148.   bhsportsguy
From tomorrow's game story in the LA Times.

In a bit of a surprise, Little said rookie left-hander Hong-Chih Kuo would start Game 2 on Thursday over Greg Maddux, who will start Game 3 on Saturday in Dodger Stadium.

2006-10-01 22:51:03
149.   Franklin Stubbs
thanks. that is too bad. the kind of thing that MLBmight not care about but tha fans of that team do. Now...I hope LAD does what the Angels the World Series so we'll have that to hang high!
2006-10-01 23:21:19
150.   deburns
27 Charenton, I'm in Monaco at the moment, in Paris from the 4th to the 14th. If you want to say hello, I'm reachable at
Don Burns
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-10-01 23:41:01
151.   trainwreck
2006-10-01 23:41:55
152.   bigcpa
148 I'm not seeing it- got a link?
2006-10-01 23:42:10
153.   underdog
Feel free to vote in ESPN's SportsNation poll about the series:

Though I'm tempted to vote "pro-Mets" where applicable just because I don't like jinxing things, I voted as fair as I possibly could on each q.

2006-10-01 23:43:21
154.   bigcpa
Nevermind found it.
2006-10-01 23:43:49
155.   Samuel

go about halfway down

2006-10-01 23:44:22
156.   bhsportsguy
152 Here you go.

2006-10-01 23:44:39
157.   Samuel

d'oh 28-ish seconds too late haha

2006-10-01 23:52:27
158.   underdog
News that Kyle Orr has signed:

(and early reports on the Dodgers playoff roster, not set yet but getting closer...)

2006-10-01 23:59:44
159.   trainwreck
Old friend Matt Sosnick is his agent. He was the agent that Hochevar left Boras for and we were able to get a deal done with him quickly. I am very happy we were able to get Kyle signed.
2006-10-02 00:06:47
160.   The Jeff Hamilton Tribute Project
Does anyone know of places (bars/restaurants) in Rome or Florence that might be showing playoff games? I'll be in Italy for Mets-Dodgers series and would love to catch a game on TV. No laptop, so can't use the Web.
2006-10-02 00:32:55
161.   bhsportsguy
160 The one time I was in Italy, it was during the Lakers' run for their third title in a row in 2002. The games were usually shown live but you need to look for it on one of their stations. said that they will be showing the playoffs via MLB International so just look around for it, my experience is that they won't have the teams so just figure that if there is a game on during the time the Dodgers are scheduled to play, that's the game they are showing.

Have a good trip and if you never have been Florence, don't forget to go to this one gelatto place that I can never remember the name of except for the fact that it is near the marketplace and its down this street and when you think you are lost, you will see a bunch of people standing outside, then you will find it. (Strange has it seems, these instructions work all the time.) Get the Rizzo (Rice) gelatto, its really good.

2006-10-02 00:52:34
162.   Johnny Nucleo
Geez: We have posters named Greg Brock, Franklin Stubbs, and now Jeff Hamilton. Memory lane here. Anyone for Tracy Woodson or
Ralph Bryant?

I was 10 when Greg Brock hit his 44 home runs for Albequerque. If I had the means at the time, I was going to get a Dodgers jersey with BROCK #9 on the back. As it was, I had to settle for making an iron-on with fabrick crayons. Unfortunately my artistic skills were lacking, and the design just didn't pan out. Alas.

2006-10-02 02:41:20
163.   bhsportsguy
The 2006 version is remarkable for several reasons.
1. The team went 38-19 in the last two months and a day, that is the most wins by a Los Angeles Dodger team during that time span.
2. Its hard to call a team that finished 15th out of 16 teams in home runs as one of the best offensive teams in LA team history but aside from the home runs, this team set 8 LA season total offensive records, the Dodgers led the league in batting average, on base percentage and triples and scored the second most runs in LA team history, scoring over 800 runs for only the second time, the only other time was in 1962.

3. The Dodgers had one 6 game winning streak, three 7 game winning streaks and one 11 game winning streak.

4. The Dodgers had 6 different players lead the team in home runs by month:
Drew, Kent, Kemp, Ethier, Betemit and Marlon Anderson.

5. Just a fun fact for me, with Raffy's leadoff home run the next day against the Pirates, the Dodgers had 6 consectutive hits that were all home runs and all hit by different players.

6. While, I did not research this, I have to believe that Nomar's two 9th inning grand slam home runs had to be a first for the Dodgers in one season.

2006-10-02 04:49:13
164.   deburns
161 The gelato place is Vivoli, the best ice cream in the world. I'm going to be there a couple of weeks from now. I may see some museums and that sort of stuff, but gelato.......
2006-10-02 07:01:21
165.   Brad Bogner

In Florence, check out the Lion's Den. It's a UK style pub. When I was in Florence during the spring, they had all the NFL Games, so I imagine they would show MLB. There's also the Red Garter which is a similar situation. It also might be a long shot, but there's a place called Il Fauno, but I think they only show soccer.

2006-10-02 08:04:32
166.   Bluebleeder87
i read that Steve Trachsel left NY to come home to Califonia for family issues, i wonder if he's gonna be back by tues. for work outs.
2006-10-02 08:21:09
167.   kegtron
Josh called the Dodgers Co-Champs over at ItD. Does that make it official?
2006-10-02 08:49:30
168.   al bundy
I was in Florence at the beginning of the year. The one big recommendation I have is to go to lunch at Trattoria Mario, which is just across the piazza from Mercato Centrale. They're only open for lunch and if you are dining alone or with just one other person you'll likely have to share a table with jovial strangers, but it is so worth it. Get the steak florentine and whatever the soup of the day happens to be. Incomparable. Easily my favorite meal in Italy.

Also, don't miss wandering through the Mercato Centrale. Conti Foods in the back right corner is a great place to sample all the oils and vinegars you'd like. Also Da Nerbone, a lunch counter inside the market, open only at lunch, is another place to make a point of trying to get to.

2006-10-02 09:01:32
169.   Daniel Zappala
Thought this was interesting. Look who's at the bottom:

2006-10-02 09:27:58
170.   xian
anyone care to speculate on the probable game times for Saturday and Sunday? any chance for a day game Saturday? when will these be announced?
2006-10-02 09:30:50
171.   Jeromy
Sort of like Jon's sidebar, I've been keeping track of all of the games I watch this year (via t.v. since I'm in OR).

Dodger record when I'm able to watch the game start to finish: 40-21

Dodger record when I'm able to catch part of a game, usually the end because of traffic/evening meetings: 19-18

Dodger record when I miss the game entirely: 29-35

So, they looked like a great team to me pretty much all year. Only bad news is that with a 1 p.m. west coast start, I will pretty much miss Game 1 unless there is a rain delay or it goes deep into extra innings because of work. I should be able to catch all of Game 2, though.

2006-10-02 09:43:44
172.   Benaiah
76 - How well I remember making that comment. Of course it is easy to go 19 games over 500 in 60 games, if you go 16 games over 500 in the first 17 games. That improbable run changed everything for the Dodgers, and given how things have shaped up among the other NL playoff teams, we have gone from left for dead to a real punchers chance. Go Blue, and I have never been happier to eat my words!
2006-10-02 09:46:11
173.   StolenMonkey86
Maddux and Glavine have actually only faced each other once, and that was in the regular season in 2003.

John Smoltz closed the game for the Braves.

2006-10-02 10:06:41
174.   Brad Bogner
Joe Morgan and Steve Phillips are calling Game 1.

Cue to horror music...

2006-10-02 10:28:12
175.   blue22
170 - The two AL games scheduled for Saturday are actually Game 4's, which carry the temporary "if necessary" asterisk.

They're probably waiting until that's removed before committing to a time.

Both AL series' Game 2's are on Wednesday. We may know as early as then???

The Game 3's of those series aren't until Friday. You'd think they'd set a time prior to Friday night though.

2006-10-02 10:29:56
176.   underdog
174 Oh God, please tell me you're kidding. The Ultimate Dodger Hater side by side with the idiotic former Mets GM? Both of them? One of them would be bad enough... I may have to watch the game on mute with the Dodgers radio stream coming out of my computer.
2006-10-02 10:33:54
177.   blue22
174 - Doesn't someone have to do play-by-play? If they added Dan Schulman as the lead guy, it could help some.
2006-10-02 10:41:09
178.   Brad Bogner
Gary Thorne will be the play by play guy for Game 1. The other two idiots are still a go.
2006-10-02 10:51:50
179.   blue22
Isn't Gary Thorne the Mets fulltime guy?
2006-10-02 10:52:20
180.   bhsportsguy
It started innocently enough, I had already bought tickets in the new baseline seating area and was taking a buddy of mine to the first game against the Nationals on the last Friday of July.

Things were bleak, the team had lost 13 out of 14 but I was nice to see that the players on the field were loose and in good spirits.

Although, the Nationals scored first, the Dodgers proceeded to score 13 unanswered runs, highlighted by 3 home runs, the biggest, a grand slam by Drew. Chad coasted to a win and the Dodgers for one day came out on top.

Just prior to the game, the Dodgers announced that they had traded Baez and Aybar for Wilson Betemit, a player that I knew of but I had heard had been rumoured to go to the Padres for Scott Linebrink.

So we won one game, no one thought much about it, I was just happy that we had a good time, I was going back on Sunday, hoping that maybe we could win the series against the Nationals.

2006-10-02 10:56:03
181.   bhsportsguy
180 By the way, since we have over 48 hours to go before the first pitch against the Mets, I am going to be putting in my thoughts about the games I saw from the beginning of the 41-19 run, I saw some pretty amazing games as the team went 9-1 during the games I attended. Not sure if anyone is interested but I thought it would be nice to put it down on paper so to speak.
2006-10-02 10:57:56
182.   Eric Enders
So I went on a little scouting mission yesterday... went to Opening Day of the Hawaii Winter Baseball League to watch some of the Dodger prospects play. The Dodger guys play on the North Shore Honu along with players from the Astros, Brewers, and a couple other teams.

Cory Dunlap is not fat -- he's FAT. He's listed at 240, but if he's 240, I'm the King of England. Think Cecil Fielder, add about 40 pounds, and you've about got him. I've always liked Dunlap, but he was extremely unimpressive, making the last out of three different innings and also misplaying four balls at first base before being removed from the game.

Blak DeWitt looked good. He didn't get a hit although he got on base three times, twice by walk and once by HBP. He works counts well and runs a lot better than I expected (he also stole a base). Defensively he was good although he didn't have any real challenging plays. He reached base twice in two trips against Joba Chamberlain, the Yankees' top draft choice in this year's draft who was makig his pro debut.

I'm not sure if Xavier Paul is a prospect anymore.... he had a good year this year, but it's a little late for that. He's a fast guy but a stocky one, with those Raul Mondesi thighs. He hit a rather impressive home run over the distant (~390ft) right-center field fence.

None of the Dodger pitchers pitched.

Lastly, in a spectacular bout of bad scheduling luck, it looks like I will be unable to watch ALL FIVE games of the Division Series, depending on what time Saturday's game starts.

2006-10-02 10:58:57
183.   blue22
Thorne: "Well we've spent the last 20 minutes breaking down the heavily favored Mets. Guys, before the first pitch, anything about the Mets opponent,, oh here it is, the Dodgers?"

Phillips: "LA had a crushing blow when Gagne went down with his 3rd Tommy John surgery earlier this year. Yhency Brazoban will have to step up for LA to have a chance."

Morgan: "I haven't seen them play this year, so I can't really comment"

Thorne: "Ok, game 1 of the formality known as "The Mets Go to the World Series", the National League Playoffs, right after this."

2006-10-02 11:01:32
184.   bhsportsguy
182 Expect plenty of requests for information from some guy named Nate.
2006-10-02 11:02:42
185.   Terry A
Dave Wallace is out of work. A moment of silence, if you please.

Also, on the subject of co-championships, I believe the Cardinals hoisted such a flag or banner or somesuch when they tied with the Astros a few seasons back.

2006-10-02 11:08:14
186.   ddger
Once the roster is submitted for a playoff series, and if a player is injured during the playoffs, can you replace that player for that series or do you have to wait till next series.
2006-10-02 11:17:59
187.   Terry A
Regarding the co-champs banner issue, here's confirmation from a Cards fan who happens to work for the S.F. Chronicle. Did the Cards put up a banner or sign calling themselves champs?

"Yes, and it was a bone of contention with the Astros... I think you'll find that someone at MLB headquarters gave the Cardinals their blessing.

"What I can tell you is that the NL Green Book, the league's source for official information, lists the teams as tying for first in the '01 Central."

For what it's worth.

2006-10-02 11:22:33
188.   underdog
186 I think you have to wait til the next series - if you make it there.

Meanwhile, it always amuses me to read how poorly schooled on the opposition many journalists are. Whoever wrote this piece for the Newark paper, for example, on the Mets Dodgers series:

" Why it's good for the Mets: The Dodgers had to battle until the final weekend just to reach the postseason, running the very necessary risk of wearing out their regulars. The Mets clinched with two weeks left and are well-rested heading into the playoffs.

Three things you need to know about the Dodgers:

They don't have Eric Gagne, but rookie Takashi Saito has 24 saves in 26 tries.

The Dodgers have golden oldies such as Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Kent and Kenny Lofton, but don't discount the contributions of up-and-comers like Andre Ethier, Wilson Betemit, Matt Kemp and Russell Martin."

Matt Kemp?

2006-10-02 11:24:21
189.   Bluebleeder87

that's why i want the KFWB feed with no delay i really hope KFWB isn't dumb enough to have a delay

2006-10-02 11:30:14
190.   ssjames
189 That is why I am so glad I will have XM radio, where they will give audio from both teams, so you can choose which to listen to. And as he isn't on the television that day, I bet Vin will call the whole game. I am excited for it already.
2006-10-02 11:34:01
191.   Bluebleeder87

"back in the day" they didn't have delays if i remember correctly, my Dad use to hear the games in spanish & muted the t.v.

2006-10-02 11:38:15
192.   gibsonhobbs88
183 - LOL! :) Phillips is such an idiot. I hope those guys are in the booth so when the Dodgers shock the world, you'll hear several gulping and gagging sounds in the booth. I hope the East Coast media keep ignoring us and hyping the Mets, Go ahead!

I can almost understand Morgan hating us as he battled us for so many years in the uniforms of the Astros, Reds and Giants, but Phillips is just a suit that never played the game so I can care less what he says, he shows his ignorance every time he opens his mouth.

2006-10-02 11:41:15
193.   bhsportsguy
190 Josh R. said on their website that Vin Scully will do the first two innings and the last three on KFWB while Rick Monday and Charley Steiner call the middle four innings.
2006-10-02 11:43:14
194.   ssjames
193 Still better than all other options, although I wish Vin would call the whole thing.
2006-10-02 11:45:10
195.   gibsonhobbs88
193 - Great news! Vinny back on the radio where his true genius really shows!!
2006-10-02 11:48:01
196.   underdog
Brett Tomko's cover painting for the Dodgers new season in review guide is pretty cute. (It's on the ITD blog.) Maybe he should switch from pitching to painting full time?
2006-10-02 11:48:28
197.   bhsportsguy
194 I agree, especially since I will more than likely be releagated to the radio for most of the first two games.
2006-10-02 11:50:43
198.   blue22
This is Vin's first trip East in some time, right? For the past few seasons, he didn't go on road trips outside the division (or past the Rockies?).
2006-10-02 11:50:46
199.   Marty
Dusty Baker is free to ruin some other team's arms.
2006-10-02 11:52:00
200.   Bluebleeder87
i was hearing MLB.Radio & Vinnie Macucci says will take the series in 5 while Jim "New York all the way" Leyritz gives us zero chance, says they will have a subway series
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2006-10-02 11:52:23
201.   underdog
199 And so, too, it appears is Felipe Alou - though more likely he'll retire at this point.

I bet the Cubs make a big pitch for Joe Girardi, if Loria is indeed a complete idiot and lets him go.

2006-10-02 11:52:36
202.   blue22
Buck Showalter is gone too apparently, and Joe Girardi most likely. Both notes from 6-4-2.
2006-10-02 11:58:20
203.   bhsportsguy
Another aside, I believe last week, I posted my thoughts on who was going to be out of a managerial job come today.

The latest rumor is Buck Showater in Texas.

Thus far, Frank Robinson, Joe Giradi, and Dusty Baker all have moving boxes in their offices, Felipe Alou appears to be leaving too. In the American League, its been pretty quiet but there is a rumor out there that Buck Showater could be out in Texas, still nothing from KC, sweep of the Tigers notwithstanding.

As far as GMs go, with the President of Cubs going and Dusty out the door, I wonder if Jim Hendry is leaving too. Golden boy, Jim Bowden still gets to pick up a check but we shall see what happens there.

One other development here at home is the story that Terry Collins may be leaving to manage in Japan. Collins current position is the Director of Player Development, I am not sure if that is a higher postion than Director of Scouting but if it is, I wonder if they would look towards promoting Logan White to that position.

2006-10-02 11:59:06
204.   Nagman
Another result of a streaky season is the high number of sweeps that the Dodgers were involved in. By my count, there were 18 sweeps, 12 of which the Dodgers were on the good side. (This does not include the two 2-game sweeps which the Dodgers lost to the Padres and Dbacks in early May.)
2006-10-02 12:02:07
205.   Terry A
Seriously, if Collins leaves, would Dave Wallace be interested and/or qualified?
2006-10-02 12:03:21
206.   blue22
203 - Buck Showater could be out in Texas

So does this mean Texas wins the World Series next year?

2006-10-02 12:05:24
207.   bhsportsguy
205 The reason I brought up Logan White is that as a personal favorite for many here on DT, anything that could be done to keep him here would be seen as a good development, also if he had input on who the next Director of Scouting would be, I think we would be set for years to come.
2006-10-02 12:08:55
208.   Bluebleeder87
I bet the Cubs make a big pitch for Joe Girardi, if Loria is indeed a complete idiot and lets him go.

i think Loria's ego is blinding him.

2006-10-02 12:13:48
209.   Terry A
207 - I thought I read something a while back that indicated White is very happy with his current situation, in which he is well compensated and has a lot of freedom and input within the organization.

But if he wants to do something else, I agree. Do what it takes to keep this guy in the organization.

2006-10-02 12:15:07
210.   bhsportsguy
I just saw a rumor that Bud Black may be interested in going to the Giants if Alou is out as manager, two things that raises for me, one, being near his family must not be considered a priority if Black interviews for the job and two, I don't see Bud wanting Barry Bonds in his dugout if he is hired for the job.
2006-10-02 12:18:36
211.   gcrl

vin made the trip to fenway in june of 2004

2006-10-02 12:20:57
212.   blue22
210 - Why? and why?
2006-10-02 12:23:25
213.   bhsportsguy
209 To followup that comment, 3 players from Logan's first draft in 2002 will be on the playoff roster, James Loney, Jonathan Broxton and Russell Martin while 2 other players played in September for the team, Eric Stults and Delwyn Young. Of course, Chad Billingsley who followed Loney as the team's number one pick in 2003 will also be on the roster.
2006-10-02 12:26:45
214.   bhsportsguy
212 The first one is because one reason of his stated reasons for not wanting to interview for the Dodgers' job last year was the fact that he wanted to be near his family who live south of Orange County. On Bonds, I just think he does not want to have a situation where he has to manage 24 guys and then Bonds. This will be his first job as a manager and I think he would want to be sure that the team took their direction from him.
2006-10-02 12:41:11
215.   gibsonhobbs88
I will pull for Girardi getting the Cub job and turning the Cubs around to show Loria what a first class idiot Loria is. Girardi did a fantastic job getting that team to be a WC contender into September. Remarkable.

198 - Yes You are right. Vin has not made any road trips east of the Rockies last year or this year, his one concession to his age, I guess. Also, his wish to be closer to home and spend more time with his wife and grandchildren.

2006-10-02 12:51:26
216.   underdog
Mets fans are apparently still upset about 1988 and are seeking revenge in this series...

2006-10-02 12:53:25
217.   blue22
214 - Ah, I didn't get the Dodger angle in the Black situation.

As far as Bonds goes, I wonder how much of a distraction he presents. He's not a self-promoter like TO. It's mostly just the media circus around him. But he does still produce on the field, especially in the 2nd half this year.

I think if Black wants the job (and he does have Giant in his blood) he'd be willing to put up with the Barry situation, for what should be a long tenure as manager with SF.

2006-10-02 12:56:23
218.   blue22
that should've read:

"...he'd be willing to put up with the Barry situation for one year, for what should be a long tenure as manager with SF."

2006-10-02 13:05:25
219.   Benaiah
This is a quick and dirty look at the lineups by season OPS.
By position
LoDuca 783 Nomar 872
Valentin 820 > Betemit 742
Reyes 841 > Furcal 814
Floyd 731 > Lofton 763
Green 768 Furcal 814
LoDuca 783 > Lofton 763
Beltran 982 >> Nomar 872
Delgado 909 > Drew 891
Wright 912 > Kent 861
Floyd 731 Betemit 742

I think we are a little deeper, with the only real hole in our lineup being 3B (can't we get Anderson to play 3rd and Ethier or Loney to play LF? or even Saenz) while both LF and RF are bad for them. That said, the peaks are definitely higher on their end.

2006-10-02 13:06:18
220.   Benaiah
Wow that really didn't format right.
2006-10-02 13:08:45
221.   capdodger
219 I'm confused...
2006-10-02 13:09:16
222.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2006-10-02 13:12:09
223.   Benaiah
220 - table should have been:
LoDuca 783 Nomar 872
Valentin 820 > Betemit 742
Reyes 841 > Furcal 814
Floyd 731 > Lofton 763
Green 768 Furcal 814
LoDuca 783 > Lofton 763
Beltran 982 >> Nomar 872
Delgado 909 > Drew 891
Wright 912 > Kent 861
Floyd 731 Betemit 742
2006-10-02 13:12:32
224.   Benaiah
223 - Oh well, it isn't my fault then. I don't know what happened.

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