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Dodgers-Mets, NLDS Game 1 Chat
2006-10-04 11:59
by Jon Weisman

Today's Game

Quick note: I did a pre-series phone interview with Matthew Cerrone at Metsblog.

Update: Who replaces Joe Beimel as the Dodgers' No. 3 reliever? My hunch is that it could be Brad Penny - though with a slim lead, I'd be tempted to go right with Jonathan Broxton first and let him go two innings if he's pitching well, and worry about Game 2 when it comes.

Ideally for the Dodgers, Derek Lowe will pitch at least seven innings, followed as needed by Broxton and Takashi Saito, but against the Mets' lineup, you can't count on that.

With a slim lead and a rested bullpen, Brett Tomko should not be used before Broxton. However, at some point in the series, maybe as soon as today, we'll have to grit our teeth and hope for the best from the up-and-down Tomko and Mark Hendrickson. (Chad Billingsley fits in there somewhere, too, but I'm still wavering on exactly where.)

Comments (789)
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2006-10-04 12:02:42
1.   ToyCannon
Go Lowe
2006-10-04 12:09:04
2.   bigcpa
Pick to click- Bettameat.
2006-10-04 12:13:50
3.   bhsportsguy
Derek seems to be really hyped up for the game, I hope he can relax and keep his pitches down in the zone, oh and one more thing, no more cutters.
2006-10-04 12:17:27
4.   bhsportsguy
Okay, how many of you are keeping up with the game via these media outlets.

1. Radio (Broadcast, XM or via internet)
2. Television
3. MLB Video
4. Gameday
5. DodgerThoughts
6. Once the game starts, shutting off all access until I get home to watch my TIVO replay.

For me, its number 1, though maybe I will catch a pitch or two on television.

2006-10-04 12:19:48
5.   Brad Bogner
Number 4 from 400-500
Number 2 from 500-on
2006-10-04 12:20:28
6.   ToyCannon

Pick to Click - Jeff Kent

2006-10-04 12:22:41
7.   Disabled List
4 Mostly #4 and #5, with some #2 thrown in.
2006-10-04 12:23:41
8.   FirstMohican
Re: 4 - See 5
2006-10-04 12:23:41
9.   Shotupthemiddle
I'm going out on a limb here...

Pick to click- Mark Hendrickson gets Carlos Delgado to pop up in a tight spot.

2006-10-04 12:24:14
10.   FirstMohican
9 - Would that be going out on a twig?
2006-10-04 12:24:18
11.   Disabled List
Pick to Click is Furcal. If he ain't hittin', we ain't winnin'.
2006-10-04 12:25:25
12.   we are infinite
Wow, Kotsay hit an inside-the-park homer. How 'bout them Athletics, eh?

On that note, GO DODGERS!

2006-10-04 12:26:07
13.   Jon Weisman
I'm amazed at how difficult it is for me when forced to choose between TV/no DT and Gameday/DT.
2006-10-04 12:27:18
14.   Humma Kavula
Following on radio. I loves me the XM!

Pick to Click: Russell Martin. No reason why except that he's my second-favorite 2006 Dodger, and my first-favorite 2006 Dodger -- Nomar -- is hurting.

Go Blue Trane!

2006-10-04 12:28:30
15.   Shotupthemiddle
10 That would be going out on the very tip of the smallest leaf at the very top of the tallest tree.
2006-10-04 12:30:33
16.   Suffering Bruin
Following via internet while I force the students to read and/or write and/or watch a damn movie that will surely be educational.

"And if you ask me for help during any of these activities, you face detention. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some "papers" to correct by the computer..."

2006-10-04 12:32:51
17.   Big Game
Gameday until i have to catch the metrolink @ 2:30 pm, then hopefully the rest of the game at the bar in Union Station.
2006-10-04 12:32:56
18.   Greg S
13 TV/DT may be the best reason yet to own a laptop and a wireless network!
2006-10-04 12:34:24
19.   Telemachos
I just realized I forget to set my TiVO this morning. Grrrrr.... so it'll be Gameday/DT with repeated and frequent visits to the main office room where the game will be on TV.
2006-10-04 12:34:42
20.   Jon Weisman
18 - Actually, my lack of a working laptop, much less wireless, is causing me consternation for Saturday and Sunday.
2006-10-04 12:37:19
21.   Steve in Rochester
I have never been so antsy (sp?) in my entire life. I counted down until 10:00 et this morning for the roster deadline. Then I counted down until 2:30 when Covering the Bases came on. Now I'm counting down until the first pitch. Then I'll count down until I can drive home and watch it on the big-screen. This day is awesome yet nerve-wracking.
2006-10-04 12:39:41
22.   Big Game
Has there been a discussion on Enhanced Gameday v. Reg Gameday?
2006-10-04 12:40:26
23.   Brad Bogner

Yeah, in the other thread. It's pretty solid so far. However, I kind of like how classic gameday lets you easily see how the teams scored their runs.

2006-10-04 12:40:53
24.   Midwest Blue
Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to continue laboring diligently in my cubby-hole, I could no longer stand the wrath that had overcome me and humbly begged leave of my superior, citing chills, fever and DODGER FLU.

Worry not, my good friends, for I will shortly be resting comfortably at my local elixer parlor, basking in the warmth of the glow of Dodger victory. Amen.

go blue.

2006-10-04 12:41:25
25.   Disabled List
I don't remember being this pumped before the playoffs in 2004. I think that's because, even despite the long gap between playoff appearances, I knew deep down we didn't have much of a shot in '04. This year, we've got a fighting chance.

20 minutes and counting!

2006-10-04 12:42:39
26.   thinkblue88
If only Enhanced Gameday and Classic Gameday could some how merge their powers....oh well, just gonna have to keep clicking back and foward!


2006-10-04 12:42:44
27.   Steve in Rochester
25 I uttered pretty much those exact words last night to my fiance, so of course, I agree.
2006-10-04 12:43:05
28.   Brad Bogner

Absolutely. The Dodgers were merely playing to get rid of the "hasn't won a playoff game since 1988" moniker in 2004.

Now they're playing to get rid of the "hasn't won a playoff series since 1988." Thanks Joe Buck.

2006-10-04 12:43:49
29.   Big Game
26. im not getting the enhanced option for today's game. i really want to put my tabbed browsing skills to the test.
2006-10-04 12:45:51
30.   sanchez101
25. I think its because we werent expecting anything back in 2004, we were happy just to be there. One win wouldve satisfied, especially considering the Cards back then were the best team in baseball and everyone was expecting them to plow through the NL onto the WS.

This year I was hoping for the same, unfortunatley Pedro and El Duque had to get injured. Now we have expectations and they're killing me.

2006-10-04 12:46:49
31.   we are infinite
Is Gameday really laggy for everyone else today, or is it just my connection? Every once in a while stuff happens in "real time," but then it pauses for like 3 minutes (feels like an eternity) before sort of fast-forwarding through a couple of batters.
2006-10-04 12:47:09
32.   DXMachina
13 That's why I have a 15" LCD TV next to my computer at home.

Radio/Gameday/DT to start, TV/Gameday/DT once I get home from work. This is one of the few times when being on the East Coast is an advantage for a Dodgers fan. The only tricky bit is finding the proper radio station for the ride home.

2006-10-04 12:48:15
33.   sanchez101
4. I'll be DT/TV, unfortuantley I've got class at 2, fortunatley its only a 5 min walk away so I should be able to see the first 2 innings, maybe 3.
2006-10-04 12:49:29
34.   Jon Weisman
32 - I have a TV next to my computer - but I'll be at the ballpark Saturday.

Bullpen discussion topic has been appended to this thread, as an update.

2006-10-04 12:49:30
35.   mankatododger
Does anyone know if you can get the Dodger radio broadcast on XM? Thanks.
2006-10-04 12:49:48
36.   Steve in Rochester
32 I feel your pain with the radio station. I think I'm going to have to try and pull WFAN-660 in.
2006-10-04 12:52:49
37.   sanchez101
Luckily for the bullpen, the Mets after Wright is pretty pedestrian, perfect for a pedestrian pitcher like Tomko (am i being to nice?), also they don't have any pinch hitters im all that afraid of.
2006-10-04 12:53:10
38.   DXMachina
36 WFAN is the default station in my car anyway, but I don't know if they'll have the game, or Mike and Maddog commenting on the game.
2006-10-04 12:54:44
39.   Steve in Rochester
38 dont' they carry all the Mets games?
2006-10-04 12:55:07
40.   trainwreck
Awesome USCB was named number 2 fittest school in the country. (Second to BYU)
2006-10-04 12:55:30
41.   trainwreck
2006-10-04 12:56:06
42.   TomJPhil
Does anyone know if the radio broadcast is streaming online?
2006-10-04 12:57:14
43.   bhsportsguy
35 I think that they are only carrying the ESPN broadcast and the Mets broadcast despite their advertising of all team's broadcasts on XM.
2006-10-04 12:57:23
44.   DXMachina
39 I wasn't sure if they had it today, or if it was on a network feed somewhere else. Turns out they do, so we're good to go.
2006-10-04 12:57:52
45.   bhsportsguy
42 Only if you subscribe to gameday audio.
2006-10-04 12:58:11
46.   bigcpa
Dodgers now +115 today and +120 for the series.
2006-10-04 13:00:36
47.   ToyCannon
Completely agree, expectations are running high compared to just hoping for that one win in 04.
2006-10-04 13:00:50
48.   Linkmeister
I've got ESPN Radio and ESPN on the tube, but my sister just sprung a "we can only do your niece's birthday for lunch today" deal on me.

She doesn't understand the importance of this at all!

2006-10-04 13:00:55
49.   Rob M
I'd use Broxton for two innings for sure - not sure why we don't see more of that as it is.
2006-10-04 13:00:57
50.   sanchez101
40. Judging by the incoming freshman class, or at least the ones pledging sororities, we should be 1st next year
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-10-04 13:01:43
51.   Uncle Miltie
Just got out of class and I'm done for the day, so I'll be able to watch the entire game.

Oh great, we get Gary Thorne...

2006-10-04 13:03:08
52.   sanchez101
oh , phillips is attempting to announce this game. i'll have to go to my trusted LA playoff/so-cal music superstition that won the Lakers 3 championships
2006-10-04 13:03:32
53.   Uncle Miltie
and Steve Phillips AND Joe Morgan

They stuck us with 3 of the worst announcers in baseball. Joe Morgan might actually be the best of the three.

2006-10-04 13:03:52
54.   Daniel B
Ive got Gameday Audio, Gameday, and DodgerThoughts going.

My sister just text messaged me: "Happy Playoffs!"

2006-10-04 13:04:04
55.   TomJPhil
45 - Thanks, I think I'll have to subscribe, even if its just for this game.

40/50 - Former Gaucho myself, and I really, really miss it

2006-10-04 13:07:22
56.   sanchez101
My guess for the top of the 1st:

Furcal singles and steals 2nd
Lofton singles softly to RF, Furcal to 3rd
Nomar injures himself during his pre-AB ritual (something bad has to happen)
Loney takes his spot and jacks a 3 run homer and Shea is silent ...

too optomistic?

2006-10-04 13:08:00
57.   Brad Bogner
Oh my god. We're only minutes away.
2006-10-04 13:08:50
58.   Brad Bogner
Did ESPN say if they were switching to ESPN2, or are they holding off until the end of the afternoon game?
2006-10-04 13:09:00
59.   Uncle Miltie
According to Gary Thorne, Kevin Lowe is pitching for the Dodgers
2006-10-04 13:09:06
60.   Greg S
Here we go. Dodger Postseason 2006!
2006-10-04 13:10:35
61.   bigcpa
Gary Thorne announces Kevin Lowe as our 9th hitter. I figured it must be an NHL guy and sure enough Kevin Lowe is a former player and current GM for the Oilers.
2006-10-04 13:10:41
62.   sanchez101
are there more 2004 dodgers on the mets than the dodgers?
2006-10-04 13:11:14
63.   trainwreck
How can you allow Steve Phillips to call a Mets game?

How can you allow Joe Morgan to call a Dodger game? Or any game?

2006-10-04 13:11:44
64.   Big Game
This series has some great storylines:

Who will win the battle of soft-spoken, much maligned, "soft" right fielders?

Which moustachioed second baseman will stand out?

Will the Dodgers pitcher with the wandering eye dominate? Or will the philandering Mets catcher have the last laugh?

Which speedy shortstop will be more hustly and catalystish?

2006-10-04 13:12:17
65.   ninjavshippo
64 - which dodger has a wandering eye?
2006-10-04 13:13:04
66.   kegtron
65 - Derek Lowe
2006-10-04 13:14:03
67.   kegtron
I usually only smoke tabacco when I drink, but I've already gone through 3/4 of a pack today.
2006-10-04 13:14:22
68.   Rob M
Vin almost cussed on the air - did anyone else catch that? Actually, he only yelled "gosh darn" in obvious frustration with the technical difficulties, but that kinda counts as cussing for Vin.
2006-10-04 13:14:30
69.   bigcpa
Those were some lethargic swings from Nomar.
2006-10-04 13:15:11
70.   Brad Bogner
Oh my god. Are they really going to fall victim yet again to the "guy who has no business pitching today, does pitch, and absolutely dominates"?
2006-10-04 13:15:14
71.   thinkblue0
jeez...from the way Thorne is talking you'd think that Maine is the best pitcher on the planet
2006-10-04 13:16:26
72.   kegtron
Easy inning for Maine, aided by a nice leaping catch by Reyes. Half the infield is in the sun the other half in the shade, reyes was blinded by the sun for a bit on his nice play.
2006-10-04 13:16:35
73.   FirstMohican
Should we feel insulted that "Enhanced Mode" isn't available for the Dodgers/Mets game?
2006-10-04 13:16:43
74.   bigcpa
"You could not have scripted a better start for the Mets!!!" Steve Phillips

I thought UPN would have the Dodgers announcing team- instead I'm getting the ESPN feed. What gives?

2006-10-04 13:17:02
75.   thinkblue0

That's what I'm terrified of.

Very nice catch by Drew.

2006-10-04 13:17:09
76.   Uncle Miltie
Nice play by Drew
2006-10-04 13:17:23
77.   trainwreck
That's huge. Getting Reyes off the bases is our biggest task.
2006-10-04 13:17:26
78.   Orly Yarly NoWai
53 I thought Steve Phillips wasn't allowed in New York...
2006-10-04 13:18:29
79.   Brad Bogner
Yeah, shouldn't the Mets be most angered by Steve Phillips? Imagine Kevin Malone trying to call this game in LA.
2006-10-04 13:18:31
80.   Jon Weisman
70, 75 - Again, Maine is not some scrub. He's a legit pitcher.
2006-10-04 13:18:35
81.   popup
I am listening to ESPN radio. Dan Shulman is excellent and Dave Campbell is better than Rick Monday.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-10-04 13:18:37
82.   Underbruin
Yeesh, I'm amazed Reyes was able to get that in the air - he golfed it. Good defense to start (nice play by Betemit).
2006-10-04 13:18:42
83.   Bob Timmermann
I couldn't make sense of the "enhanced" mode.
2006-10-04 13:20:06
84.   Uncle Miltie
Lowe is getting squeezed
2006-10-04 13:20:09
85.   Underbruin
Lowe's getting behind in the count early in the game. He needs to get the ball over the plate, the Mets won't swing at just junk...
2006-10-04 13:20:40
86.   Jon Weisman
There are worse people for a pitcher to be careful with than Beltran.
2006-10-04 13:21:17
87.   Underbruin
This is true. Uh oh.
2006-10-04 13:21:58
88.   trainwreck
Worst guy to be facing right now.
2006-10-04 13:22:03
89.   Underbruin
Morgan's a fool. That ball wasn't sinking away at all.
2006-10-04 13:22:38
90.   Ravenscar
As a Toaster and Dodger Thoughts fan, I am quietly observing from a Mets fan standpoint here.

And on pins and needles.

2006-10-04 13:22:40
91.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Joe can actually talk intelligently about playing. It's pretty impressive.

Please stop comparing David Wright to Jeter.

2006-10-04 13:22:47
92.   trainwreck
ESPN still can't stop talking about Derek Jeter.
2006-10-04 13:22:51
93.   bigcpa
I need a function key that types "Morgan's a fool."
2006-10-04 13:22:55
94.   Bob Timmermann
Morgan's a fool.

I think we'll need shorthand for that.

2006-10-04 13:23:05
95.   Uncle Miltie
I can't stand Thorne. Now I have the TV on mute and Dan Shulman on the radio. I don't normally like doing this because the radio feed is ahead of the TV, but Thorne is just awful.
2006-10-04 13:23:19
96.   Bob Timmermann
93 94
2006-10-04 13:23:28
97.   Vishal
why can't i watch a baseball game without the commentator invoking His Holiness Derek Jeter??
2006-10-04 13:23:28
98.   sanchez101
ground balls are life
2006-10-04 13:23:32
99.   Underbruin
... Phew. Question - why flip that there?
2006-10-04 13:23:38
100.   babber
darn, ESPN radio is about 5 seconds ahead of TV, stuck with Mr Hockey et al...lucky SoCal'ers get Vinnie on the simulcast
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-10-04 13:23:49
101.   Steve in Rochester
94 94 94
2006-10-04 13:24:01
102.   Steve in Rochester
and i'm not even watching espn yet
2006-10-04 13:24:20
103.   bhsportsguy
3 ground balls, I like it.
2006-10-04 13:24:33
104.   Brad Bogner
For us Gameday followers, how did Lowe look pitching wise?
2006-10-04 13:24:47
105.   kegtron
99 - So he doesn't miss the bag again?
2006-10-04 13:25:21
106.   Underbruin
93/94 - Agreed.
2006-10-04 13:25:31
107.   Gen3Blue
Oh Baby!
2006-10-04 13:25:37
108.   sanchez101
104. his control is a bit off, but the sinker is working nicely, we should be okay
2006-10-04 13:26:01
109.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Morgan's much better than Phillips, imho.
2006-10-04 13:26:32
110.   Gen3Blue
Oh no--is it Morgan-he's already subtlely rooting against us.
2006-10-04 13:26:42
111.   Greg S
WHAT THE HECK is Koufax doing in Wilpon's box? Get him out of there!
2006-10-04 13:27:05
112.   Big Game
109. in the same way lethal injection is better than the electric chair.
2006-10-04 13:27:07
113.   Marty
2006-10-04 13:27:13
114.   Underbruin
105 - Fair enough, heh.

103 - Well, he gave up a flyball to Reyes that Drew ran down in short right.

104 - Not great, though not horrible. Needs to settle down and throw the sinker for strikes, methinks.

2006-10-04 13:27:21
115.   Jon Weisman
In Game 1 2004, the Dodgers were behind after the very first inning - though inning 3 was the true Odalis inning as we have come to know it.

2006-10-04 13:27:39
116.   Bob Timmermann
For those watching on ESPN, start this drinking game.

Every time Steve Phillips mentions that he signed a certain player, take a drink.

Every time Joe Morgan talks about how something should be done the right way, take a drink.

Ambulances are standing by.

2006-10-04 13:27:42
117.   trainwreck
Good job Jeff.
2006-10-04 13:27:55
118.   Humma Kavula
2006-10-04 13:27:58
119.   bigcpa
And a hush fell across Queens.
2006-10-04 13:27:59
120.   Ravenscar
I think I can say I hate Jeff Kent without getting in too much trouble. I hated him before he was a Dodger even.
2006-10-04 13:28:25
121.   Uncle Miltie
100- yea, the delay stinks, but Shulman is one of the best in the business. Besides, do you really want to listen to Thorne confuse baseball player's names with hockey players?

Awesome to see Koufax there.

2006-10-04 13:28:32
122.   Underbruin
116 - I prefer to avoid stomach pumps if possible, so no, thank you.

Ooh, just a bit early on that pitch.

2006-10-04 13:29:16
123.   ToyCannon
Joy, I was able to find a radio that gets KFWB. It is kind of cool to know one split second before the TV does what is going to happen.
2006-10-04 13:29:27
124.   bigcpa
That was crushable.
2006-10-04 13:29:28
125.   Greg S
JD really seems locked in right now.
2006-10-04 13:29:31
126.   bhsportsguy
111 I recall that he is good friend's with the Wilpons.
2006-10-04 13:29:32
127.   Orly Yarly NoWai
112 More like in the same way the electric chair is better than being beaten to death or being forced to read a Skip Bayless column.
2006-10-04 13:29:53
128.   sanchez101
infield hit? ill take it!
2006-10-04 13:29:53
129.   LeeLacy
Nice swinging bunt by Drew.
2006-10-04 13:29:57
130.   Underbruin
Hahahaha, awesome. Take 'em any way you can.
2006-10-04 13:29:59
131.   Uncle Miltie
Drew crushed that one!

(infield hit)

2006-10-04 13:30:00
132.   ToyCannon
JD is clutch:)
2006-10-04 13:30:07
133.   kegtron
Swinging drag bunt by Drew!
2006-10-04 13:30:09
134.   trainwreck
Nice start. Let's build on this.
2006-10-04 13:30:09
135.   Humma Kavula
okay, we'll take it!
2006-10-04 13:30:13
136.   Greg S
126 Not today he shouldn't be!
2006-10-04 13:31:05
137.   sanchez101
the one thing you can say for Morgan is that he actually talks about the game, even if it is deep in scout-speak

Tim McCarver on the other hand would rather talk about the fifties, or experience, or Marylin Monroe than the baseball game going on in fron of him

2006-10-04 13:31:10
138.   Underbruin
I'm amazed, Joe isn't immediately crucifying Little for not calling Martin to bunt.
2006-10-04 13:31:25
139.   LeeLacy
Come on, Martin! Let's drive one and put a quick end to the Maine Love Fest currently taking place in the ESPN broadcast booth.
2006-10-04 13:31:26
140.   bigcpa
Morgan incorrectly assumes Martin must be slow since he wears catching gear.
2006-10-04 13:31:41
141.   dkminnick
131 - JMIAF - Russell Martin is a double play threat because he's a catcher.
2006-10-04 13:31:53
142.   Greg S
Are you kidding me?
2006-10-04 13:31:53
143.   Underbruin
Oh come ON. What the HECK was that?!
2006-10-04 13:31:53
144.   bigcpa
What in holy heck was that??
2006-10-04 13:31:56
145.   Uncle Miltie
WHAT THE !!!!!
2006-10-04 13:31:58
146.   Bob Timmermann
Martin did lead the Dodgers in GIDPs.
2006-10-04 13:31:59
147.   trainwreck
2006-10-04 13:32:08
148.   Rob M
what in the hell just happened???
2006-10-04 13:32:09
149.   LeeLacy
What was that?!!!
2006-10-04 13:32:09
150.   D4P
Wow, what a double-play by a couple Old Friends
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-10-04 13:32:14
151.   dkminnick
I guess he IS a double play threat
2006-10-04 13:32:16
152.   Uncle Miltie
2006-10-04 13:32:16
153.   Humma Kavula
Rule 1. Rule 1. Rule 1.
2006-10-04 13:32:17
154.   Ravenscar


2006-10-04 13:32:20
155.   Andrew Shimmin
Hang 'em all.
2006-10-04 13:32:22
156.   sanchez101
im speachless
2006-10-04 13:32:36
157.   Orly Yarly NoWai
137 I think Family Guy actually nailed the McCarver experience:

"In my view, as good as the Yankees were in the first half of this game, that's how as bad as they've been now."

2006-10-04 13:32:36
158.   Orly Yarly NoWai
137 I think Family Guy actually nailed the McCarver experience:

"In my view, as good as the Yankees were in the first half of this game, that's how as bad as they've been now."

2006-10-04 13:32:46
159.   BlueCrew Bruin


2006-10-04 13:32:53
160.   thinkblue0



2006-10-04 13:32:55
161.   Vishal
oh no. what on earth.
2006-10-04 13:33:04
162.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
Gonna puke.
2006-10-04 13:33:10
163.   trainwreck
That wa utterly ridiculous. That was so friggin stupid. Donnely should be fired.
2006-10-04 13:33:20
164.   Ken Arneson
That was straight out of the A's playoff playbook, circa 2003.
2006-10-04 13:33:33
165.   Underbruin
Wow. I think Kent didn't realize the ball wasn't going to get caught by Old Friend Greenie.

Oh quiet, Joe. Humorous my foot.

2006-10-04 13:33:38
166.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Hate on the Dodgers more, please, Joe?
2006-10-04 13:33:42
167.   dianagramr
wow .... a tee-ball play!
2006-10-04 13:33:50
168.   KG16
First, what was Kent thinking?

Second, what was Drew thinking?

Third, who gets fired?

2006-10-04 13:33:50
169.   thinkblue0
what in the you know what was Kent doing on that play???

I'm seriously...Green didn't even have a shot at that ball.

2006-10-04 13:34:03
170.   Daniel B
Gameday still hasnt figured out what happened.
2006-10-04 13:34:04
171.   weatherman
Drew was almost safe. That was crazy. I hope we don't regret it.
2006-10-04 13:34:15
172.   Vaudeville Villain
Joe Morgan is positively beaming. Let's hope Merlin comes through here.
2006-10-04 13:34:19
173.   we are infinite
Oh wow from the Gameday summary that sounds just awful... Oh Russell...
2006-10-04 13:34:31
174.   bigcpa
No replay of Kent freezing at 2b, no replay of Donnely- what gives?
2006-10-04 13:34:32
175.   sanchez101
this pitcher may be lucky, but that doesnt mean he's good
2006-10-04 13:34:34
176.   Rob M
Seriously, on the radio it's not clear to me how kent failed to score from 2nd on a hit to the wall.
2006-10-04 13:34:37
177.   Uncle Miltie
Clutch hit Marlon, but the Dodgers really blew it!
2006-10-04 13:34:40
178.   trainwreck
Thankfully we got something out of it.
2006-10-04 13:34:43
179.   Underbruin
You can't stop... HOOOOO.


2006-10-04 13:34:51
180.   Humma Kavula
okay, at least we got one.
2006-10-04 13:34:53
181.   Vaudeville Villain
Did anyone doubt the incomparable Marlin Anderson?
2006-10-04 13:34:53
182.   Vaudeville Villain
Did anyone doubt the incomparable Marlin Anderson?
2006-10-04 13:35:07
183.   weatherman
We are running wrecklessly today, huh?
2006-10-04 13:35:11
184.   kegtron
Kent should've trucked Lo Duca.
2006-10-04 13:35:12
185.   das411
WOW..let the fireworks begin!
2006-10-04 13:35:14
186.   Vishal
jeez, at least we got a run. i'm still stupefied.
2006-10-04 13:35:18
187.   LeeLacy
Thank goodness Anderson salvaged something from this inning for the Dodgers.

But holy smokes! They should have two or three already.

2006-10-04 13:35:25
188.   thinkblue0
nice hit by Anderson but what the heck is he loafing around the bases for?

We should be up 3-0 right now.

2006-10-04 13:35:26
189.   Big Game
Boy are there some nerves out there.
2006-10-04 13:35:28
190.   Brad Bogner
Are you kidding me? We have 4 hits, and only one run to show for it....deep breaths...deep breaths
2006-10-04 13:35:39
191.   capdodger
165 - Donnely should have been screaming at him to go. That ball was off the wall.

Did anyone else see Drew's look back at donnely after he was thrown out? Sorta like, "You sent me why?"

2006-10-04 13:35:55
192.   Dodger Hill
4 hits, 1 run, sigh...................
2006-10-04 13:36:10
193.   Benaiah
So what happened? How do two runners get thrown out at the plate on the same play?
2006-10-04 13:36:19
194.   KG16
And Marlon nearly got tagged out at second because sliding has apparently become optional on close plays.
2006-10-04 13:36:20
195.   Uncle Miltie
174- Shulman is saying that Kent did not read the ball well (and got a terrible jump), but still tried to score.
2006-10-04 13:36:48
196.   Underbruin
190 - 4 hits in the same inning with no hitters out on their own ABs, and 2 doubles. 1 run. Yeesh.
2006-10-04 13:37:15
197.   Vaudeville Villain
I'm watching the game on TV, and I still can't understand how Kent didn't score on that play.
2006-10-04 13:37:39
198.   ninjavshippo
donnelly is definitely riding in the charter bus bathroom back to the hotel
2006-10-04 13:37:42
199.   bhsportsguy
Okay, stop whining, we have the lead and their guy is using up a lot of pitches.
2006-10-04 13:37:52
200.   thinkblue0
at least lowe is making maine throw some pitches.

And Thorne said that exact thing as I typed.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-10-04 13:37:53
201.   Gen3Blue
I blame that all on Morgans presense.
But I find it hard to believe Kent couldn't score from second. He should never be sent again.
2006-10-04 13:38:08
202.   LeeLacy
Well, Maine isn't fooling anybody. I don't know how long he'll last.
2006-10-04 13:38:11
203.   kegtron
Way to make Maine throw some pitches Lowe.

Good AB.

2006-10-04 13:38:17
204.   Big Game
If the Dodgers are knocking him around on the first time through the order, look out.
2006-10-04 13:38:23
205.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
For those of use whose workplace cable is out, can someone please explain what happened.
2006-10-04 13:38:25
206.   BlueCrew Bruin

-blacks out-

2006-10-04 13:38:32
207.   Underbruin
193 - Kent at 2nd, Drew at 1st. Martin hits a ball to the wall over Green's head. Kent gets a horrible jump. Donnelly sends Kent AND Drew (Drew was only about a half-base behind Kent because Kent is slow and got a bad jump). Both are out at the plate.
2006-10-04 13:38:48
208.   sanchez101
199. thank you, also Furcal leads of next inning, im happy for now
2006-10-04 13:38:51
209.   trainwreck
Those are the mistakes that cost you games, series, marriages...
2006-10-04 13:39:16
210.   D4P
Gameday is giving Martin a single instead of a double. I'm not sure I agree with that scoring decision...
2006-10-04 13:39:28
211.   Andrew Shimmin
You know, it was exactly like the play in the Major League (the movie), "winning team" montage. Except they were both out.
2006-10-04 13:39:34
212.   capdodger
173 - Not Martin's fault. For those on Gameday:
Martin hits a line drive off of the wall. Kent gets a late jump, and gets thrown out at the plate. For some crazy reason, Donnely sent Drew behind Kent. At least one of them should have tattooed LoDuca because they were both out from me to you.
2006-10-04 13:39:37
213.   dianagramr
That's gonna be one interesting Retrosheet event entry.
2006-10-04 13:39:39
214.   bigcpa
Let's just win this thing, and then we can laugh at the youtube link with everyone else.
2006-10-04 13:39:47
215.   Benaiah
208 - If Kent takes out the catcher like Delwyn did the other day then at least Drew scores.
2006-10-04 13:40:10
216.   micktissue
Never seen a worse decision since, uh, since the GOP decided to back Foley for re-election.
2006-10-04 13:40:13
217.   D4P
Can we bring in Milton Bradley to yell at Kent?
2006-10-04 13:40:16
218.   joekings
i've never been so depressed after taking a lead.
2006-10-04 13:40:27
219.   trainwreck
There was no way Green had a chance on that ball. I have no idea what Kent was looking at.
2006-10-04 13:40:33
220.   Jon Weisman
In general, Donnelly seems to have no concept of what it means to have a runner on third and none out.
2006-10-04 13:40:44
221.   ninjavshippo
maine at 42 pitches through 2, so thats good.

as a sidenote, does anyone know why when i hit the apostrophe key on the keyboard it tries to do the find command in firefox? is something stuck on my board?

2006-10-04 13:40:56
222.   sanchez101
209. I think everyone is missing the fact that Maine does not look good at all, he got two lucky outs and then had to walk Betemit to get Lowe, the Dodgers should be licking their chops ...
2006-10-04 13:40:58
223.   tjshere
After that Keystone Kops performance I have some idea what it was like to be a Giant fan this past weekend.
2006-10-04 13:41:02
224.   Terry A
So Donnelly has some 'splainin' to do?

I agree with 204. In the big picture, four hits in the second inning is a good thing. It was a baffling inning, but it could be a good sign for the Dodger offense.

2006-10-04 13:41:07
225.   Vishal
i really hope we are laughing about this when the game is over.
2006-10-04 13:41:13
226.   bhsportsguy
The weird part is that Vinny thought that a run had scored and then he said two guys were out and I think he thought that Martin was going for an inside the park home run.
2006-10-04 13:41:17
227.   KG16
Ok, I'm starting to laugh, if only because that play was a microcosism of the season - completely unpredictable and unexplainable to anyone who was not there.
2006-10-04 13:41:28
228.   thinkblue0
I just realized if Kent has bulled over Paulie then Drew would have scored easily.


At least we're smoking Maine.

2006-10-04 13:41:48
229.   Underbruin
See, the reason I'm worried even though Maine's pitch count is high, is that the LAD's best shot at putting up lots of runs was a big inning. Once Maine goes out, that very solid bullpen comes in, with enough talent that even if they start in the pen in the 6th inning they're in pretty good shape.

Nice offspeed by Lowe.

2006-10-04 13:41:51
230.   Bob Timmermann
8/2/1985 White Sox at Yankees

singled; MEACHAM RAN FOR ROBERTSON; Berra reached on an error by
Hulett [Meacham to second, Berra to first]; Henderson singled
[Meacham out at home (center to shortstop to catcher), Berra out
at home (catcher)]; Fisk tagged both runners out at the
plate; Mattingly made an out to center; 0 R, 2 H, 1 E, 1
LOB. White Sox 3, Yankees 3.

2006-10-04 13:41:57
231.   Greg S
Are we sure that Donnelly actually sent Drew? I haven't had time to go back and check the replay with my phone ringing with friends going "what the heck was that?"
2006-10-04 13:42:06
232.   Vishal
[217] okay, that got a belly laugh from me. that was what i needed.
2006-10-04 13:42:09
233.   sanchez101
GB count at 4
2006-10-04 13:42:12
234.   ninjavshippo
221 - strike that, reverse it. thanks. figured it out. it's generally bad computer advice to spill water on your keyboard.
2006-10-04 13:42:22
235.   Humma Kavula
Another grounder. good.
2006-10-04 13:42:39
236.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
Morgan: "Maddux isn't even pitching tomorrow, right?"
2006-10-04 13:42:47
237.   thinkblue0

That's what drives me up the wall.

But at the same time, why wasn't Kent running on that? It was a double off the wall in the corner...Green was a good 15-20 feet away from that thing....Kent should have scored easily.

2006-10-04 13:42:56
238.   Orly Yarly NoWai
230 Good stuff.
2006-10-04 13:43:06
239.   ddger
It seems that Kent gets thrown out quite a lot at home plate. Is it that he gets poor jumps or is he really that slow?
2006-10-04 13:43:42
240.   Uncle Miltie
217- lol
2006-10-04 13:43:51
241.   Dodger Hill
209. If I ever get married I'll remember not to get thrown out at home.
2006-10-04 13:43:52
242.   Bob Timmermann
Of course in 1985, Fisk benefitted from the fact that Bobby Meacham and Dale Berra were fairly bad players and not the brightest bulbs.
2006-10-04 13:43:59
243.   dianagramr

I KNEW Bob would come up with that instance!

Its a classic baseball blooper ....

2006-10-04 13:44:20
244.   sanchez101
239. its that his third base coach is an idiot
2006-10-04 13:44:33
245.   Bob Timmermann
You have to be on base a lot to get thrown out at home.
2006-10-04 13:44:49
246.   Underbruin
236 - When does he start pulling out the "I haven't seen these two teams very much" card?
2006-10-04 13:45:00
247.   LeeLacy
The only issue on the fly ball was whether it would stay fair. You're right--Green had no shot at it.
2006-10-04 13:45:32
248.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Hmmm. If I'm the Dodgers offensive coordinator, I make Drew my blocking fullback rather than Kent.
2006-10-04 13:45:38
249.   trainwreck
Nice job Lowe.
2006-10-04 13:45:45
250.   Underbruin
Lowe looked real good that inning.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-10-04 13:45:50
251.   sanchez101
wow, Lowe's got all the pitches working, got Green to swing through a change and just got a strike with a nice curve.

ya, we're in the drivers seat

2006-10-04 13:45:52
252.   Humma Kavula
That's a good inning after The Debacle.
2006-10-04 13:45:56
253.   micktissue
Lowe makes him pay ...
2006-10-04 13:46:11
254.   dianagramr

At least Joe doesn't sprinkle the "I have that guy on my fantasy team" comment into every game he does ...

2006-10-04 13:46:16
255.   bhsportsguy
Nice comeback inning, let's go back and finish the job this inning.
2006-10-04 13:46:35
256.   micktissue
No classic gameday today. Was it because 90% of the feedback was "it sucks"?
2006-10-04 13:47:17
257.   Greg S
I may be reading too much into this but did anybody else see Murray turn to the whole bench and make a throwing motion? I wonder if they haven't picked up a "tell" in Maine's motion.
2006-10-04 13:47:19
258.   D4P
Regarding 3rd base coaches: seems to me that good eyesight and depth perception are one of the more important skills required.

With that in mind, why not use younger coaches...?

2006-10-04 13:47:31
259.   Strike4
Along with all the Dodger offense, Lowe is looking locked in.
2006-10-04 13:47:32
260.   bhsportsguy
Remember Kent ran through a stop sign the other day so its not always the coach.
2006-10-04 13:47:38
261.   Todd
Wasn't watching that...just reading the Yahoo most basic updater....I was hoping the explanation for that double put-out at the plate was a bit more complex than it was....though I didn't have much hope that it was....damn, sounds funny....
2006-10-04 13:47:46
262.   Underbruin
254 - Not a fan of TK on MNF?
2006-10-04 13:48:05
263.   KG16
Heh - a headline on the Dodger's site says: "Dodgers first to home plate in game 1". Talk about telling only half the story.
2006-10-04 13:48:26
264.   Gen3Blue
Hasn't Kent been thrown out at the plate fairly recently. Before this that is.
2006-10-04 13:48:31
265.   D4P
Hey, they just showed the Arrested Development narrator in the crowd...!
2006-10-04 13:48:36
266.   Linkmeister
256 If the feedback was what you think, the people offering it don't understand the concept of "beta."
2006-10-04 13:48:41
267.   Bob Timmermann
After 2, I won't be able to follow the game. Just as well.
2006-10-04 13:48:47
268.   micktissue
261 Looking forward to the highlight ...
2006-10-04 13:49:40
269.   Underbruin
Maine's tossed a few pitches waaaay up out of the strike zone, it seems. WP coming?
2006-10-04 13:49:44
270.   micktissue
Vinnie check out 230 ...
2006-10-04 13:49:55
271.   Benaiah
254 - Everyone cracks on Kornheiser for those comments, but I think that in general Korheiser is a pretty funny guy and keeps things loose. MNF was always supposed to be the entertainment night of football and I think that this is the best it has been since Kossel was doing it (not that I remember when Kossel was doing it.
2006-10-04 13:50:08
272.   Bob Timmermann
The folks at MLBAM are not know for testing things out before they unveil them. Their marketing people just say "let's go for it!" for everything.
2006-10-04 13:50:29
273.   Underbruin
Loving that big stage alright. Thanks Joe.
2006-10-04 13:50:31
274.   ddger
I hope we score lot of runs today so that 2nd inning doesn't end up costing us the game.
2006-10-04 13:50:43
275.   dianagramr

MLB explained that only certain stadia have the pitch tracking equipment installed.

2006-10-04 13:50:45
276.   sanchez101
so, Kenny has no speed in the OF and no bat speed, well at least he has all the veteranness in the world!
2006-10-04 13:51:10
277.   Humma Kavula
Nomar took strike one?
2006-10-04 13:51:24
278.   Bob Timmermann
Cosell, not Kossel
2006-10-04 13:51:46
279.   Underbruin
Okay, so all the Dodgers need to do is bat through the rest of the lineup again in the next inning.
2006-10-04 13:51:59
280.   sanchez101
all of Nomars fouls and his hits are to right, can he get around a decent fastball right now?

is Loney ready?

2006-10-04 13:52:19
281.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
271. The difference is that Kornheiser's "act" is to be an everyman, so fantasy football comments fit. Morgan's career is built on being a know-it-all, but he really knows nothing.
2006-10-04 13:52:43
282.   Todd
268 Or Marv Albert's sports bloopers......"and now, two Dodgers out on the same play-and this was in the playoffs!!"
2006-10-04 13:54:15
283.   thinkblue0
Nomar hit that one relatively deep but he still doesn't look good up there.

Hopefully he can punch a single or two through the holes in this one.

2006-10-04 13:55:05
284.   The Blue Legend
What a terrible way to start the series. We can't afford to give away runs to the Mets. Hopefully we can overcome this and still win this game
2006-10-04 13:55:51
285.   Greg S
280 Nomar always hits to all parts of the field. And Kenny is a big part of what makes this team good.
2006-10-04 13:55:56
286.   Underbruin
Wow - both times Reyes has gone after a really low pitch and golfed it into the shallow outfield.
2006-10-04 13:55:56
287.   KG16
Am I the only one that gets nervous when the other team hits a fly ball to center?
2006-10-04 13:56:12
288.   Telemachos
I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around that bizarre play. I happened to pop into the main office just in time to see Martin's double... started dancing with joy, and turned back to the TV just in time to see Kent thrown out. I sagged and turned to my co-worker to make some "I can't believe that" comment, and he points back to the TV -- I turn around just in time to see Drew tagged out. Unreal.
2006-10-04 13:56:25
289.   Vaudeville Villain
Did they have to give this game such an obviously Mets biased announcing team? They talked about Furcal for a bit, but everything else has been Mets.
2006-10-04 13:56:33
290.   Jon Weisman
284 - In case you haven't noticed, the Dodgers are winning, via shutout. Shouldn't you save the word "terrible" for something terrible?
2006-10-04 13:56:52
291.   joekings
287 - I get nervous when they hit the ball period.
2006-10-04 13:57:16
292.   Greg S
284. Ummm. We are winning at the moement. And Lowe is pitching quite well. Let's keep a little perspective people.
2006-10-04 13:57:31
293.   Underbruin
Doesn't strike out a lot, maybe - but that's one.
2006-10-04 13:57:39
294.   joekings
I can't read to read Dodger blues tonight, it should be good.
2006-10-04 13:57:46
295.   micktissue
Lowe is dealing ...
2006-10-04 13:57:53
296.   joekings
that should say "wait to read"
2006-10-04 13:57:53
297.   Vaudeville Villain
Heart & Soul gets punched out. Lowe looks to be "on" right now.
2006-10-04 13:57:55
298.   ryu
Hi guys, just logged on. So what happened in the 2nd inning, with Kent and Drew being out at the plate?
2006-10-04 13:58:01
299.   sanchez101
Martin: 2 bases
LoDuca: 2 outs

good thing Depo traded that guy :)

2006-10-04 13:58:17
300.   Uncle Miltie
So when Joe runs for president, he'll be running as a candidate for the Know Nothing Party?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-10-04 13:58:26
301.   KG16
289 - haven't you heard, the Mets are "the only good team in the really bad National League", at least in the World According to ESPN?
2006-10-04 13:58:47
302.   Dodger Hill
284. Last time I checked the Dodgers hadn't given any runs up and Lowe had posted back-to-back 1-2-3 innings
2006-10-04 13:59:19
303.   dkminnick
If this were the Cardinals, LaRussa would be screaming at Donnelly now in front of the players, the cameras, and the world
2006-10-04 13:59:34
304.   Underbruin
298 - See 207.

300 - Rule #5. :)

2006-10-04 13:59:34
305.   Benaiah
That play was bad, however Lowe has been great. I know that the concept of "clutchness" is still statistically unproven, but I still believe that some players (pitchers especially) rise to the occasion.
2006-10-04 13:59:59
306.   Bob Timmermann
I've never seen LaRussa yell at Jose Oquendo.
2006-10-04 14:00:00
307.   Vaudeville Villain

Or the best team in the "Teams We can Stay Awake to Watch" division.

2006-10-04 14:00:08
308.   sanchez101
ah, the beautiful Queens neighborhood
2006-10-04 14:00:10
309.   bojangles
223. That was par for the old Dodgers in Brooklyn - they were known in the 30's and 40's as "the Daffy Dodgers."
219. Couldn't agree more. If I can read before the camera even gets there that Green has no shot, what's goin' on with an experienced old pro like Kent?

Baserunning, in general, a lost art. Is there a team that runs into more outs on the bases than the New Daffys? Can it be that hard to find a competent third-base coach? (and I'm not a fan who minds a good aggressive attempt where my guy is out on a very-good to great play. I just see gross incompetence where runner after runner is out by comic proportions...
Do not share confidence expressed by others that a down-the-drain three- or four-run inning in the playoffs will prove to be laughable...
Great, possibly season-wasting example of good aggressive play spilling way over into
"I am a star" foolishness in Minneapolis this after with Hunter's mind-boggling decision.

2006-10-04 14:00:20
310.   ToyCannon
How many times in the last month have DT posters complained about Nomar looking weak in innings 1-7 only to see how silly early comments are?
2006-10-04 14:00:34
311.   trainwreck
Let's just laugh about a car being on fire in the parking lot. Of coure if it were in LA, Morgan would have some snide remark.
2006-10-04 14:00:47
312.   sanchez101
El Jeffe!
2006-10-04 14:01:10
313.   ToyCannon
Hit a big fly JD so we can watch both of you cross home plate safely:)
2006-10-04 14:01:44
314.   Terry A
306 Correct. Maybe he confused the Cardinals and the White Sox? I think Ozzie Guillen might have berated a coach after a play like that.
2006-10-04 14:02:57
315.   bhsportsguy
The only thing I can think of is that Kent was hanging around second to tag up on the fly ball to go to third but again I am just guessing since I have not seen it nor have we heard from anyone involved with the play.

290 Agree with that man, nice interview on Metsblogs, notice you did not mention a certain pitcher from Taiwan as our secret weapon.

2006-10-04 14:03:02
316.   Terry A
314 - Clarification: Guillen might berate a coach if something like that happened in a White Sox game.
2006-10-04 14:03:47
317.   Vaudeville Villain
That was a terrible call. Drew should have a walk.
2006-10-04 14:03:52
318.   Underbruin
Please, that's nothing like the old pitch. Lowe's a righty throwing across the plate - Maine's a righty throwing inside. Yeesh. These announcers...
2006-10-04 14:04:18
319.   Scanman33
That's not even close to a strike. Baseball should be embarassed if this is the best they have to offer umpire-wise.
2006-10-04 14:04:58
320.   KG16
I notice that they didn't have the K-Zone up for that pitch
2006-10-04 14:05:03
321.   Telemachos
C'mon, Marlon the Magnificent!
2006-10-04 14:05:08
322.   ssjames
That even looks like a ball on Gameday, so I can't imagine how bad it looks in real life.
2006-10-04 14:05:58
323.   DodgerHobbit

as i listen to Morgan dissing Little about Pedro...

2006-10-04 14:07:18
324.   Vaudeville Villain

It was a pretty bad call. Plainly obvious to anybody, I'd say. Hopefully Lowe gets that strike called.

2006-10-04 14:07:18
325.   Vaudeville Villain

It was a pretty bad call. Plainly obvious to anybody, I'd say. Hopefully Lowe gets that strike called.

2006-10-04 14:07:54
326.   Gen3Blue
Uh-Ohhh. We have let Maine back in and shown him he can pile up strike-outs. We should not let this trend continue.
2006-10-04 14:08:24
327.   Uncle Miltie
311- don't mind Vince Coleman, he's just passing through
2006-10-04 14:09:43
328.   kegtron
327 - Nice.
2006-10-04 14:09:48
329.   Underbruin
What's Lowe's pitch count at the moment? Low 40s?
2006-10-04 14:10:04
330.   trainwreck
Joe Morgan is hazardous to my health.
2006-10-04 14:10:49
331.   Underbruin
Crud. That ball was hit very, very far.
2006-10-04 14:10:52
332.   Vaudeville Villain
Ugh. Delgaod crushed it.
2006-10-04 14:11:12
333.   trainwreck
Part of XeiFranks' simulation has come true.
2006-10-04 14:11:30
334.   Benaiah
Oh well. Everyone knew it would be tough to shut out a team like this. Just get the next one Lowe!
2006-10-04 14:11:31
335.   kegtron
Homerun Delgado, towering fly to dead center that kenny Lofton had no idea where to run to.
2006-10-04 14:12:22
336.   Underbruin
Oh you gotta be kidding me. My cable just went out.
2006-10-04 14:12:34
337.   ssjames
333 If it predicted two Dodgers being thrown at the plate, then I will totally buy into all of its predictions from here on out.
2006-10-04 14:14:44
338.   Uncle Miltie
We're being Odalis'd
2006-10-04 14:14:48
339.   Vaudeville Villain
2006-10-04 14:15:07
340.   bigcpa
Thorne just called that HR for Green.
2006-10-04 14:15:19
341.   Underbruin
...Umm. Well. That's not good.
2006-10-04 14:15:57
342.   be2ween
That's Kenny's new 'look' of late. Running helter-skelter and elbows akimbo.
2006-10-04 14:16:11
343.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
Thorne is rooting so hard for the Mets, he's getting them confused.
2006-10-04 14:16:16
344.   Benaiah
Hmm... I wish we had two more runs right about now. Take comfort in this though, the team that has scored first has won every game so far in the playoffs. Hopefully that means we come back the next inning.
2006-10-04 14:16:45
345.   Underbruin
Odds on whether or not Green hits a 600-ft home run?
2006-10-04 14:16:51
346.   Uncle Miltie
340- Travis Green or Josh Green
2006-10-04 14:16:55
347.   Vaudeville Villain

I thought he was just really excited for Shawn Green to come to the plate.

2006-10-04 14:17:48
348.   Strike4
Need more comfort food. Better switch away from these Snickers or you can call me Tom Lasorda by the start of the WS.
2006-10-04 14:18:02
349.   Underbruin
Eesh. Well, at least we get our 8-9 hitters up next. Oh. Drat.

C'mon, Betemit walks, Lowe hits a line drive blast that clears the stadium parking lot to retake the lead. Let's go.

2006-10-04 14:18:13
350.   dkminnick
306 - 2004 World Series - when Suppan got caught off third and Manny threw someone out at home on a sac fly. It was early, like the 3rd inning and LaRussa (the genius) was screaming at his coach.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-10-04 14:18:20
351.   Marty
Oh well, could be worse. We can deal with solo shots. Let's get some runs here.
2006-10-04 14:19:16
352.   eeeddie
despite the homers, lowe still looks really good out there...
2006-10-04 14:19:29
353.   Benaiah
Good job by Lowe, he gets behind to Green but battles back and strikes him out after a two homer inning. Now, lets get those runs back against the obviously hittable Maine.
2006-10-04 14:20:37
354.   Marty
Boom goes the Betemit, sort of.
2006-10-04 14:21:26
355.   Underbruin
Ok, a hit to tie.
2006-10-04 14:21:57
356.   Telemachos
You know, I should've this realized by now.... the Dodgers never make it easy on themselves. Having a 3-0 lead shrink to 3-2 wouldn't be difficult enough -- they need the extra reverse half-twist triple sowcow of a crazy double-play to make the game worth winning.
2006-10-04 14:22:00
357.   eeeddie
it'd be nice to get the mets bullpen in this inning.
2006-10-04 14:22:06
358.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal really needs to get on base
2006-10-04 14:22:46
359.   Underbruin
That's not good. Lowe getting a massage on his leg...
2006-10-04 14:23:15
360.   D4P
Lowe getting a massage on his leg...

Heh heh...

2006-10-04 14:23:22
361.   Uncle Miltie
Nice at bat by Furcal
2006-10-04 14:23:23
362.   Terry A
360 - It's not a female reporter, is it?
2006-10-04 14:23:52
363.   bigcpa
OK Kenny- Mr. Bat meet Mr. Ball.
2006-10-04 14:24:04
364.   kegtron
Randolph bringing the hook early.
2006-10-04 14:24:22
365.   Uncle Miltie
Wow, talk about a quick hook.
2006-10-04 14:24:38
366.   Underbruin
360/362 - Heh. Trainer, unfortunately.

And out goes Maine. Let's get a run off 'em here...

2006-10-04 14:24:38
367.   Benaiah
Here we go boys. Now do something that doesn't involve the letters K, G, I, D or P (though I guess Double would be fine).
2006-10-04 14:24:43
368.   Terry A
Coaching visit to mound?

What in the world for? Are they all standing on the mound, pointing at Lofton and giggling?

2006-10-04 14:24:47
369.   Vaudeville Villain

I'm not so sure it would. The Mets bullpen is pretty good.

2006-10-04 14:25:35
370.   capdodger
Is it just me or did the play-by-play guy say that Ball 4 to furcal "just missed"? The pitch was in the dirt!
2006-10-04 14:25:48
371.   eeeddie
anyone know what the record is for most comments for one game at dodgerthoughts?
2006-10-04 14:25:56
372.   Benaiah
369 - Still it is always nice to get to the bullpen in the 5th.
2006-10-04 14:26:18
373.   Benaiah
371 - 1600
2006-10-04 14:26:26
374.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Pedro Feliciano, son of Jose?
2006-10-04 14:27:00
375.   trainwreck
Loney's 9 rbi game may be the record.
2006-10-04 14:27:03
376.   eeeddie
373 - yikes. we got a long way to go. which game was that?
2006-10-04 14:27:30
377.   Disabled List
370 That's what he said.

What an awful announcing team.

2006-10-04 14:28:06
378.   adamclyde
375 definitely. had we ever even reached 1000 before that day?
2006-10-04 14:28:13
379.   Benaiah
375 - That was the only time Dodger thoughts has had 1000+ comments and it got all the way up to 1601 I think.
2006-10-04 14:28:29
380.   sws
yes the announcer did say that the pitcher "justed missed" when in fact the ball was thrown in the dirt!
2006-10-04 14:28:33
381.   Underbruin
Heart-and-Soul infusion.
2006-10-04 14:29:16
382.   eeeddie
the sombrero for kenny.
2006-10-04 14:29:22
383.   trainwreck
Please get some good swings Nomar!
2006-10-04 14:29:26
384.   Marty
Clutch Kenny
2006-10-04 14:29:33
385.   Greg S
368. Seriously. Making fun lof Lofton's defense I can get behind. But what in the world is your problem with his hitting? He struck out there but he's been something to manage around all year.
2006-10-04 14:29:39
386.   capdodger
Lofton. Seriously. You're killing me, here.
2006-10-04 14:29:40
387.   KG16
Fire Kenny Lofton.
2006-10-04 14:29:53
388.   Uncle Miltie
I don't think Lofton struck out three times in a game all year until now. Maybe one time.
2006-10-04 14:29:57
389.   Benaiah
Lofton with the racist hat trick.
2006-10-04 14:30:20
390.   dianagramr
Oh my god ... they killed Kenny ... those b**tards!
2006-10-04 14:30:20
391.   Dodger Hill
This is a lot of bullpen action for the fifth inning.
2006-10-04 14:30:23
392.   Benaiah
389 - A hood trick?
2006-10-04 14:31:05
393.   Marty
I thought the sombrero was for 4 ks.
2006-10-04 14:31:07
394.   Terry A
Greg, if I recall correctly, he's struck out three times today.

I'm neither angry nor unduly pessimistic. But Lofton has looked terrible today. Just being silly.

For the season, he has hit much, much, much better than I anticipated.

2006-10-04 14:31:19
395.   kegtron
Do the Mets have a 40 man roster?

Randolph's turning into Alou.

2006-10-04 14:31:22
396.   capdodger
Now would be a great time for the top of the lineup to get a hit.
2006-10-04 14:31:30
397.   dianagramr
392 I think he means KKK
2006-10-04 14:31:33
398.   Jon Weisman
391 - Makes sense for Randolph to be aggressive.
2006-10-04 14:32:02
399.   eeeddie
393 - 4k = golden sombrero.
2006-10-04 14:32:49
400.   dianagramr

Randolph apparently thinks these are Little League rules.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-10-04 14:32:58
401.   Benaiah
397 - The KKK have been known to wear hoods.
2006-10-04 14:33:15
402.   Underbruin
Joe's leaving?


2006-10-04 14:33:17
403.   kegtron
No more Morgan!
2006-10-04 14:33:35
404.   trainwreck
Morgan is doing the Yankee game. He was just so happy he had the chance to rip on the Dodgers he could not pass it up.
2006-10-04 14:34:49
405.   Greg S
394. I'm just a little sensitive to mocking our own players in key situations when they have contributed all year. Glad that you recognize he has been an important part of the team. Silly is tough for me right now!
2006-10-04 14:35:06
406.   dianagramr

Morgan is like the chimp in Outbreak ... he's just spreading his viral commentary around now.

2006-10-04 14:35:48
407.   kegtron
I wish I could get a police escort from Anaheim to Corona in about 2 hours or so.
2006-10-04 14:36:29
408.   bigcpa
Nomar seems to have tweaked his stance again- he looks more closed than last week.
2006-10-04 14:36:29
409.   bhsportsguy
I am surprised they are going to another bullpen guy, I realize they have a lot of bullpen guys but I would have let Bradford go to the 6th.
2006-10-04 14:36:42
410.   KG16
80 degrees in NYC might be wearing on Lowe? Yeah, because it doesn't get hot in Southern California during the summer...
2006-10-04 14:37:04
411.   Terry A
405 - I was silly when silly wasn't cool.

By the way, I'm with you on being annoyed by the over-the-top negativity that appears here from time to time (especially, it seems, in game threads). I apologize if my jab at Lofton came across as such.

2006-10-04 14:37:38
412.   Benaiah
Wow, they apparently have bullpen arms to spare.
2006-10-04 14:38:47
413.   Greg S
411. Thanks for that. Go Dodgers, go D-Lowe!
2006-10-04 14:39:30
414.   Jon Weisman
412 - Well, the relievers have been off for two days minimum, and have another off day coming Friday.
2006-10-04 14:39:39
415.   Underbruin
Nice pitch.
2006-10-04 14:40:13
416.   Marty
I reserve the right to complain about individual Dodgers on an at-bat basis :)
2006-10-04 14:40:20
417.   KG16
Ok, I have to ask, is Kent a legitimate future Hall of Famer?
2006-10-04 14:40:40
418.   Greg S
Have these moron announcers said anything positive about the Dodgers or negative about the Mets?
2006-10-04 14:41:09
419.   ssjames
414 But if this very close game were to get into extra innings, they could be very short. Although I would guess that we wouldn't be overly comfortable with that result, because we would have to go outside of our comfort zone (Saito & Broxton).
2006-10-04 14:41:35
420.   bhsportsguy
So old friend Mota is coming in.

By the way I feel a good inning coming since I just heard one of those commercials for State Attorney General race on the radio.

2006-10-04 14:42:44
421.   D4P
Sheesh, the Mets have as many 2004 Dodgers as the 2006 Dodges have/had 2005 Devil Rays.
2006-10-04 14:42:49
422.   eeeddie
Ex-Dodger #4 coming up to pitch.
2006-10-04 14:43:01
423.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Now batting:
He's the hairy-handed gent, who ran amuck - Jeff Kent!
(Apologies to the estate of Warren Zevon)
2006-10-04 14:43:25
424.   Marty
I have to change the channel when the anti-Brown spot comes on. Bolied down, the spot says Jerry Brown likes serial killers.
2006-10-04 14:43:28
425.   dianagramr
I sense a Dodger HR this inning
2006-10-04 14:43:32
426.   Underbruin
417 - Borderline, I'd say.
2006-10-04 14:43:36
427.   Gen3Blue
The Mets clever use of bullpen has kept their lead. Above Jon stated that we may have to wait to get benefits of the Mets reduced pitching depth. It seems to be going this way at this point, but I would love to get an advantage( and a victory) right now.
2006-10-04 14:43:41
428.   Benaiah
417 - I think he is virtually a lock to make the hall of fame. He has an MVP and the highest home run total as a 2B. Interestingly, he doesn't really score that well on the Hall of Fame Black and Grey inks (though he does make it on the Hall of Fame moniter).
2006-10-04 14:44:10
429.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
417 - Yes.
2006-10-04 14:45:07
430.   Underbruin
Paul Lo Duca... Underrated.




2006-10-04 14:45:30
431.   Andrew Shimmin
424- It should be illegal to run ads during baseball games. I've long held that it should be illegal to run them on t.v., at all. But it should definitely be illegal during games. I suggested this to John McCain, once. He sent me a signed photo.
2006-10-04 14:45:57
432.   Uncle Miltie
Mota is throwing a ton of changeups to Drew. I don't understand why more pitchers don't do this.
2006-10-04 14:46:13
433.   Uncle Miltie
Just as I was saying...
2006-10-04 14:47:07
434.   KG16
428 - sure, he's got a lot of homeruns, but given the era, does that really say anything?

I have to admit, I haven't seen him all that much prior to last season, and in two years with the Bums, he hasn't struck me as something incredibly special.

2006-10-04 14:47:59
435.   bhsportsguy
Before anyone starts talking about Mota, remember he has been traded twice and released from another team before he got to the Mets.
2006-10-04 14:48:00
436.   Terry A
434 - But have you seen his motorcycle stunts?
2006-10-04 14:48:25
437.   Benaiah
Wow Mota looks good.
2006-10-04 14:48:40
438.   bhsportsguy
Maybe we are just waiting for Vinny to get back on the radio.
2006-10-04 14:48:48
439.   dianagramr
1993 Phillies with a better closer = 2006 Mets?
2006-10-04 14:48:54
440.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
434 - There's not too many power-hitting second basemen, in this era or many others.
2006-10-04 14:49:09
441.   trainwreck
Where was that Mota the past couple of seasons?
2006-10-04 14:49:10
442.   Underbruin
434 - He's what, late 30s? He's in the decline phase of his career and he's still a solid hitter.
2006-10-04 14:49:16
443.   Benaiah
434 - This is the decline phase of his career and I would argue that he was just short of phenomenal, considering his position, last yera.
2006-10-04 14:50:32
444.   Underbruin
443 - 6 seconds. =P
2006-10-04 14:51:02
445.   dkminnick
423 - lol!
2006-10-04 14:51:10
446.   Greg S
Oh my God! Phillips just recognized that Lowe is throwing a good game!
2006-10-04 14:51:43
447.   Benaiah
444- Well at least I had a typo, so it wasn't a complete waste of a post.
2006-10-04 14:51:55
448.   bigcpa
434 I don't think most HOF'ers were considered elite players in their age 37/38 seasons. Sandberg retired at 38 after 500 ab's of this: .264/.308/.403
2006-10-04 14:53:04
449.   Uncle Miltie
435- actually I wanted the Dodgers to bring him back when the Indians DFA'd him.

Kent has no range!!

2006-10-04 14:53:47
450.   Greg S
Where do they play Delgado? On both his first and third at bats, he's hit grounders that look like a sure DP off the bat and insetead there is nobody near it.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-10-04 14:54:00
451.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Anyone up the the LA pen?
2006-10-04 14:54:03
452.   Benaiah
Delgado has Lowe's number today.
2006-10-04 14:54:22
453.   Johnson
Just as I was about to defend Kent - why didn't he even dive for that ball?
2006-10-04 14:54:52
454.   KG16
451 - Penny and Hendrickson

I'm not sure if that's good or bad

2006-10-04 14:54:53
455.   trainwreck
Hendrickson and Penny.
2006-10-04 14:54:57
456.   bryanf
I wish we could get Delgado out...
2006-10-04 14:55:41
457.   Greg S
452 See 450. He's got a home run and ground balls that would nomally be right to short and second.
2006-10-04 14:55:49
458.   Uncle Miltie
Ouch. That might be the game.

I blame Kent.

2006-10-04 14:56:33
459.   Greg S
That was a pathetic relay by Kent. He should have been out by more than Kent was.
2006-10-04 14:56:59
460.   Eric L
458 I think you would blame Kent even if he hit the game winning HR :)
2006-10-04 14:57:07
461.   Curtis Lowe
Thanks Kent.
2006-10-04 14:57:07
462.   Underbruin
If that relay is better, they get Delgado at the plate.
2006-10-04 14:57:07
463.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Bring the hook.
2006-10-04 14:57:15
464.   jasonungar05
I hate it when we deserve to lose.
2006-10-04 14:57:26
465.   StolenMonkey86
so I missed the second because I was in class. Am I imagining things, or did Rich Donnelly really cost us two runs?
2006-10-04 14:57:48
466.   bryanf
458 - Nah, the game's not over yet. All we need is four straight homers.
2006-10-04 14:58:00
467.   joekings
How about Lowe doesn't give up the double, then we wouldn't have to worry about a throw to the plate.
2006-10-04 14:58:02
468.   Andrew Shimmin
Still would have been close, but Kent's throw did suck.
2006-10-04 14:58:07
469.   Benaiah
458 - I am annoyed, but remember that we have certainly come back from worse than this quite recently.
2006-10-04 14:58:17
470.   Marty
Make room for Hendrickson
2006-10-04 14:58:59
471.   Greg S
467. Yeah! What's up with him not throwing a perfect game!
2006-10-04 14:59:05
472.   trainwreck
Hendrickson coming in. I am not excited.
2006-10-04 14:59:17
473.   bryanf
Good move walking Floyd? Green always was good for a double play...
2006-10-04 15:00:02
474.   NPB
This team is not ready for prime time. Again.
2006-10-04 15:00:24
475.   Uncle Miltie
460- are you watching the same game? Kent is doing exactly what he accused Milton Bradley of doing. The only alternatives are Lugo or Martinez. Still, Kent plays a premium defensive position. You can't have him out there with a sinkerballer pitching.
2006-10-04 15:00:28
476.   joekings
471- I'm just saying you can find a lot of people to blame besides Kent, starting with the guy who threw the ball to the hitter not the one who thre it to the plate.
2006-10-04 15:00:45
477.   ssjames
Wow, this will be an all-out fight what with Hendrickson inability to get people, and Green's inability to not hit into a double play. Who knows what will happen, but it will be interesting.
2006-10-04 15:00:49
478.   sws
hendrickson...what a relief!
2006-10-04 15:01:26
479.   Gen3Blue
I'm not sure, I might have left Lowe a while longer to save our pitching for a place that counts. I'm afraid we kissed this game goodbye in the second, but I hope not the series, because our pitching may be deeper.
2006-10-04 15:01:36
480.   Jon Weisman
Does it always have to be about the Dodgers' failings? Can't it sometimes be about the other team doing well?

Yes, a mistake was made on the bases in the second, but other than that, it looks to me like good hitters hitting a good pitcher.

2006-10-04 15:02:01
481.   capdodger
Good. I'm not the only one that thinks the Dodgers are overshifting on Delgado.
2006-10-04 15:02:24
482.   Eric L
475 Sorry dude, I was joking. Hence the smile.
2006-10-04 15:02:42
483.   bryanf
Well if he didn't hit to a double play, I figured he'd do the things he's second best at...strike out.
2006-10-04 15:03:00
484.   capdodger
480- Other team? There are other teams involved? Quick! Get on the horn to ESPN.
2006-10-04 15:03:45
485.   StolenMonkey86
Hendrickson strikes
2006-10-04 15:03:53
486.   Marty
Please don't fall down here.
2006-10-04 15:03:53
487.   Uncle Miltie
476- Lowe did his job by getting the groundball. Kent decided that it was too far away from him to dive. Why not even attempt to keep the ball in the infield.

Mota is probably more dangerous that Valentin batting right handed.

2006-10-04 15:03:56
488.   be2ween


2006-10-04 15:03:57
489.   be2ween


2006-10-04 15:04:17
490.   Greg S
481. Truly, that shift on Delgado may cost them the game. I'm not saying it's wrong but they'd be out of this inning without any runs without that shift.
2006-10-04 15:04:37
491.   we are infinite
Well done, Mark.
2006-10-04 15:05:32
492.   joekings
Apparently Willie thinks 3 runs is enough. I hope he's not right.
2006-10-04 15:05:45
493.   Underbruin
480 - Yeah, but that one mistake was both disastrous and could have allowed the Dodgers to take it to a young pitcher who didn't know he was starting game 1 of his team's first playoff series until, what, 2 days ago?

Bases loaded and 0 outs, or if Kent gets a better jump, 2nd and 3rd with 0 outs, with the hot-hitting Marlon Anderson coming up. That very well could have changed the entire complexion of the game.


It's done and gone, but I can see why people might still be dwelling on it.

2006-10-04 15:05:52
494.   joekings
Apparently Willie thinks 3 runs is enough. I hope he's not right.
2006-10-04 15:06:20
495.   Jim Hitchcock
Just peeking in for a radio. What's the score?
2006-10-04 15:06:23
496.   StolenMonkey86
Mota's going for another inning then

I'm kinda glad I had class today. I would have hate to have seen this game on TV.

2006-10-04 15:06:23
497.   joekings
Apparently Willie thinks 3 runs is enough. I hope he's not right.
2006-10-04 15:06:32
498.   Uncle Miltie
492- Mota, Heilman, and Wagner are pretty good.
2006-10-04 15:06:39
499.   Jon Weisman
A little surprised the Mets didn't go for the kill there, Mota's hitting prowess aside. Wonder if that will have any significance over the final innings.
2006-10-04 15:06:44
500.   bhsportsguy
480 A voice of reason, I can only imagine how Twins fans and Padre fans feel having lost their games at home.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-10-04 15:07:18
501.   Gen3Blue
By the way, who was the D's third base coach on this historical day?
2006-10-04 15:07:28
502.   LeeLacy
Hendrickson keeps us in the game for the time being.

We're still alive; just need to string a few hits together.

2006-10-04 15:07:31
503.   Underbruin
Hi Tim. Glad you're enjoying yourself.
2006-10-04 15:07:36
504.   joekings
I was just reloading the page and my message kept showing up. I guess I won't do that again.
2006-10-04 15:08:36
505.   bhsportsguy
Personally if Mota says anything about having something against the Dodgers I will be annoyed due to his post-Dodger experience.
2006-10-04 15:08:50
506.   Uncle Miltie
Great bunt by Marlon
2006-10-04 15:09:04
507.   LeeLacy
Nice job, Marlon! Let's get it going!
2006-10-04 15:09:22
508.   StolenMonkey86
498 - well, Wagner does have a 7.71 career ERA in the postseason . . .
2006-10-04 15:09:26
509.   bhsportsguy
Way to go Merlin.
2006-10-04 15:09:37
510.   Greg S
Marlon is awesome. Not may guys who can mash home runs and bunt for base hits.
2006-10-04 15:09:44
511.   Underbruin
NICE SLIDE by Anderson!
2006-10-04 15:09:46
512.   Uncle Miltie
Jose is a Dodger at heart!
2006-10-04 15:09:53
513.   KG16
And here comes the rally
2006-10-04 15:09:58
514.   Jon Weisman
493 - I'm not denying that was a depressing play. I'm talking about how people were looking at the 6th inning. Lo Duca, Delgado and Wright delivered. People seemed offended that this could happen, even though it's the heart of the lineup (Lo Duca taking the role of Beltran in this case.)
2006-10-04 15:10:26
515.   LeeLacy
Nice tough slide, Marlon!!! He is a Man among boys!
2006-10-04 15:10:28
516.   Underbruin
... Ow. That looks like it hurt.
2006-10-04 15:10:32
517.   StolenMonkey86
who to PH for Hendy?
2006-10-04 15:10:57
518.   Uncle Miltie
Please don't hit into a double play!
2006-10-04 15:11:11
519.   StolenMonkey86
516 - what happened?
2006-10-04 15:11:16
520.   Underbruin
514 - Ah, fair enough.

... Lugo to PH?


2006-10-04 15:11:18
521.   Humma Kavula
Lugo?! No!! Loney!!!
2006-10-04 15:11:24
522.   Sam DC
I miss "recorded."

I don't really know why. I just do.

2006-10-04 15:11:31
523.   LeeLacy
Lugo--come on. Don't strike out.
2006-10-04 15:11:31
524.   Uncle Miltie
Why not use a good pinch hitter like Ethier?
2006-10-04 15:12:04
525.   Uncle Miltie
521- forgot about Loney
2006-10-04 15:12:25
526.   Greg S
Come on Lugo, get hit by a pitch or catchers interference or... something!
2006-10-04 15:12:52
527.   dkminnick
I don't think the Dodgers will try for Home again on anything less than a HR :-)
2006-10-04 15:13:01
528.   jasonungar05
this game cast thing sucks. why cant i stream 980? it's killing me larry.
2006-10-04 15:13:02
529.   RELX
Wouldn't we use one of our LH's here--Ethier or Loney?
2006-10-04 15:13:16
530.   brandesh
i would have liked lugo to pinch run for betaMEAT. and then loney.
2006-10-04 15:13:24
531.   Andrew Shimmin
522- That made me laugh.
2006-10-04 15:13:33
532.   Jon Weisman
522 - Me too. Totally.
2006-10-04 15:13:48
533.   StolenMonkey86
525 - wonder if someone else did too . . .

Lugo battling in this AB.

2006-10-04 15:14:25
534.   Gen3Blue
Wow-- that was the worst descision I've seen since the second inning. Who was that throwing to second?

Sorry, using Lugo against a righty was even a worse decision.

2006-10-04 15:14:33
535.   Uncle Miltie
That was not a strike.
2006-10-04 15:14:34
536.   trainwreck
Come on, that was low.
2006-10-04 15:14:50
537.   Humma Kavula
At least he didn't GIDP.
2006-10-04 15:15:23
538.   Underbruin
... Please, PLEASE get at least one run here.
2006-10-04 15:15:25
539.   LeeLacy
Terrible third strike call. Almost in the dirt.
2006-10-04 15:15:44
540.   Jon Weisman
I was all set to type, "He was due!"

But he wasn't.

2006-10-04 15:15:49
541.   trainwreck
Nice job team MVP.
2006-10-04 15:15:50
542.   Uncle Miltie
Nice hit by Furcal
2006-10-04 15:15:59
543.   RELX
I don't mean this to sound angry, but Lugo has been amazingly bad, almost hard to believe. Especially since he demanded to play in early Sept, and got the chance down the stretch. Surprisingly disappointing--he's not this bad of a player.
2006-10-04 15:16:08
544.   Humma Kavula
All right, Furcal!!

Now, c'mon, Lofton!!

2006-10-04 15:16:11
545.   Underbruin
2006-10-04 15:16:24
546.   StolenMonkey86
I also miss "-scoring play"
2006-10-04 15:16:41
547.   LeeLacy
Raffy! Nice AB. Punch another one across and we're right there. This one's not over.
2006-10-04 15:16:45
548.   trainwreck
At least he moved the runner.
2006-10-04 15:17:09
549.   Humma Kavula
Well, ok.

C'mon, Nomar!! Let's have some more magic!

2006-10-04 15:17:10
550.   Uncle Miltie
Not a veteran at bat.

Furcal should steal here

Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-10-04 15:17:38
551.   bhsportsguy
543 I don't think he demanded to play as much as Grady likes to play him especially since Betemit has problems hitting lefthanders.
2006-10-04 15:17:51
552.   Underbruin
... Trying to talk about a movie at this time?!

Even Robbins can't concentrate on anything but the game, heh.

2006-10-04 15:18:05
553.   Jon Weisman
For the game overall, using Lugo was only the worst decision since Randolph didn't pinch-hit for Mota.
2006-10-04 15:18:28
554.   Jim Hitchcock
Moonbase One to DT...the score, please?
2006-10-04 15:18:33
555.   LeeLacy
A single ties it here. Let's go, Nomar!!!
2006-10-04 15:18:35
556.   bigcpa
It's pretty offensive that during our crucial rally ESPN has Tim Robbins in the booth plugging his freakin movie. This is the playoffs people- not some Tues nite snorefest in May.
2006-10-04 15:18:41
557.   Uncle Miltie
Well he did
2006-10-04 15:18:41
558.   RELX
Is it me, or does the Gameday hitter image have all the hitters batting from the wrong side? They have the pseudo-Nomar batting from the left side.
2006-10-04 15:19:07
559.   KG16
a base hit down the line would be very nice right now
2006-10-04 15:19:15
560.   bigcpa
4-2 them, Jim! 2 on 2 out top 7.
2006-10-04 15:19:36
561.   Underbruin
554 - 4-2 Mets in the top of the 7th, 2 out, Nomar up, runners at 2nd and 3rd.
2006-10-04 15:19:37
562.   Jon Weisman
554 - 4-2 Mets, two on, two out for the Dodgers, top of the seventh
2006-10-04 15:19:50
563.   Greg S
553 Followed by the defensive indifference by the Mets that allows us to tie the game!
2006-10-04 15:19:51
564.   bigcpa
2006-10-04 15:19:56
565.   ssjames
558 They just leave the last hitter's image up a little too long and that is why it looks like that. It flips over after the first pitch is thrown for me.
2006-10-04 15:20:08
566.   Underbruin
2006-10-04 15:20:13
567.   trainwreck
2006-10-04 15:20:18
568.   KG16
Nomar can play for this team as long as he wants
2006-10-04 15:20:20
569.   ddger
NOMAR is unbelievable.
2006-10-04 15:20:21
570.   Humma Kavula
WOOOOO!!!!! NOMAR!!!!!!!!
2006-10-04 15:20:21
571.   Jon Weisman
558 - It has you looking at him as if you were the pitcher.
2006-10-04 15:20:34
572.   das411
2006-10-04 15:20:36
573.   Greg S
2006-10-04 15:20:47
574.   LeeLacy

You are so THE MAN!!!

2006-10-04 15:20:49
575.   Andrew Shimmin
560- Better make that 4-4!
2006-10-04 15:20:52
576.   Uncle Miltie
I did not expect Nomar to come through. Nice one. Leaving in Mota is really looking like a mistake.
2006-10-04 15:20:52
577.   RELX
This is a fun team!!!
2006-10-04 15:20:52
578.   babber
Goose Bumps!!!!!!!!!
2006-10-04 15:20:55
579.   we are infinite
2006-10-04 15:20:57
580.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2006-10-04 15:21:10
581.   Dodger Hill
Oh, the lovely sound of silence
2006-10-04 15:21:29
582.   weatherman
I am alone in my house jumping around and hollering. Thanks to y'all I don't feel that alone. Awesome.
2006-10-04 15:21:57
583.   Underbruin
581 - Hello Nomar my old friend...
2006-10-04 15:22:04
584.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Has Randolph fallen asleep?
2006-10-04 15:22:09
585.   Jon Weisman
2006-10-04 14:00:20

310. ToyCannon
How many times in the last month have DT posters complained about Nomar looking weak in innings 1-7 only to see how silly early comments are?

2006-10-04 15:22:11
586.   ssjames
Anyone else, just accidentally cheer at work? Good thing the boss is on vacation.
2006-10-04 15:23:20
587.   ddger
Now it's battle of the bullpens.
2006-10-04 15:23:52
588.   LeeLacy
That the Dodgers have been able to battle back from a potentially devastating mistake in the 2nd and after falling back by 3 runs shows real character and heart. I love these guys. Let's win it now!
2006-10-04 15:23:56
589.   Linkmeister
Phew. I left to pick up a birthday cake (mint chocolate chip ice cream on chocolate) and Lowe gave up two HRs plus the next two runs. I come back and the Dodgers tie it up.

I'm claiming full credit for the rally.

2006-10-04 15:24:30
590.   ddger
Oh No, it's Penny not Broxton.
2006-10-04 15:24:45
591.   ssjames
589 Don't leave again 'til the game is over.
2006-10-04 15:25:19
592.   Linkmeister
Did anyone else think it was really strange to hear Thorne et. al. getting a movie plug in for Robbins' movie at that particular point in the game?
2006-10-04 15:25:23
593.   sws
go penny!
2006-10-04 15:25:23
594.   ddger
C'mon Penny do something worthwhile for a change.
2006-10-04 15:25:31
595.   Marty
586 I jumped up, but had to keep quiet because of a TV interview being done next to me.
2006-10-04 15:25:48
596.   Linkmeister
591 Riveted, I am.
2006-10-04 15:25:57
597.   Michaelpop
586 - You have no idea how hard it is to watch this game while at work. Check that, this TEAM. Man, I have to keep resisting the urge to flip over my desk, which is like, every half-inning.
2006-10-04 15:26:16
598.   joekings
Penny, interesting move.
2006-10-04 15:26:31
599.   babber
Quite awkward Link
2006-10-04 15:26:35
600.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Penny out of the pen.
His last relief appearance was... ?
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-10-04 15:26:41
601.   LeeLacy
"A Penny today makes the Mets go away."

Too much wishful thinking?

2006-10-04 15:26:49
602.   Jim Hitchcock
Thanks, all...guess Im asked too soon!
2006-10-04 15:27:05
603.   Shotupthemiddle
9 Okay, it wasn't Delgado, but I say Hendrickson getting out of the 6th without further damage looks like an important enough spot right about now....
2006-10-04 15:27:36
604.   Jerry
I can see it now. Plaschke's going to write a column tomorrow praising DePo for trading away Mota.
2006-10-04 15:27:42
605.   Greg S
I know it's 6 pitches so far but... Penny's pitches are all over the place
2006-10-04 15:27:49
606.   joekings
Penny is not instilling a great sense of confidence in me.
2006-10-04 15:28:03
607.   Uncle Miltie
You can't walk Reyes!

Please bunt

2006-10-04 15:28:20
608.   trainwreck
Not Reyes.
2006-10-04 15:28:21
609.   Jim Ignatowski

Yes, but I assume that ABC has a financial interest in the picture.

2006-10-04 15:28:25
610.   Jon Weisman
600 - just before the All-Star Game?
2006-10-04 15:28:33
611.   LeeLacy
The answer is: too much wishful thinking. You can't give up a lead-off walk to Reyes. Inexcusable.
2006-10-04 15:28:33
612.   ssjames
Walking Reyes, with how slow Penny is to the plate could spell major problems. Hope I am wrong though.
2006-10-04 15:29:02
613.   babber
Whew....can o'corn
2006-10-04 15:29:30
614.   ssjames
LoDuca flies to Center, and we have one down with Reyes still on first. Good.
2006-10-04 15:29:31
615.   LeeLacy
Caught a break as a result of LoDuca's first-pitch swinging.
2006-10-04 15:30:10
616.   Jon Weisman
This inning is all about survival.
2006-10-04 15:31:12
617.   joekings
well you could see that coming....i'm surprised it took that long to send him.
2006-10-04 15:31:19
618.   bigcpa
Eh- it'll be a moot point if he walks Beltran.
2006-10-04 15:31:19
619.   Dodger Hill
616. Yeah, getting out alive would go a long way for our chances
2006-10-04 15:31:26
620.   ssjames
616 Jon, you are right, if we survive this inning, I think with Broxton and Saito we have the edge, we just need to get there.
2006-10-04 15:31:39
621.   Uncle Miltie
Broxton better start warming up.
2006-10-04 15:32:11
622.   ninjavshippo
crud. penny could really use an out pitch other than the FB
2006-10-04 15:32:31
623.   LeeLacy
You figured Reyes was going to run at some point. I'm glad there was at least one out before he made the attempt.

Penny's all over the place. Putting him in may turn out to be a big mistake.

2006-10-04 15:32:32
624.   ddger
How long is Grady going to stay with Penny?
2006-10-04 15:32:36
625.   Gen3Blue
This inning is about totally incompetant management.
2006-10-04 15:32:46
626.   bigcpa
Both ball 4's were borderline. That was too close to take. Are these Pac-10 umps?
2006-10-04 15:34:13
627.   bigcpa
Penny sees the bunting and thinks this is the AS Game... 97-97-98-97...
2006-10-04 15:34:18
628.   Johnson
Didn't Drew K on a pitch in the same location that was ball 4 to Beltran?
2006-10-04 15:34:27
629.   ssjames
616 Jon, you are right, if we survive this inning, I think with Broxton and Saito we have the edge, we just need to get there.
2006-10-04 15:34:35
630.   Greg S
Donnelly and Honeycutt should not be asked back next year.
2006-10-04 15:34:36
631.   Gen3Blue
This inning is about totally incompetant management.
Unless he concedes this game and wants to save our known good relievers. Penny is an unknown at this point.
2006-10-04 15:34:49
632.   ToyCannon
Fans who don't follow the team must be impressed that we have two 16 game winners working today. We know better and if we have the lead by the time I finish typing this I'll be shocked. Broxton should already have been warmed up and ready to bail this bad coin out.
2006-10-04 15:35:13
633.   joekings
so much for that.
2006-10-04 15:35:21
634.   ninjavshippo
631 - no longer an unknown. now an un-good.
2006-10-04 15:35:24
635.   Uncle Miltie
Penny better not be the game 4 starter (if there is a game 4)

Bring in Broxton now.

2006-10-04 15:35:30
636.   trainwreck
Carlos Delgado has absolutely killed us.
2006-10-04 15:35:44
637.   Greg S
One more time with the shift? Wow. That really is going to lose us the game isn't it?
2006-10-04 15:36:10
638.   ssjames
Sure wish we would have had Beimel right there. Oh well.
2006-10-04 15:36:25
639.   Uncle Miltie
Grits' playoff reputation is probably deserved
2006-10-04 15:36:26
640.   trainwreck
Why wasn't Penny taken out?
2006-10-04 15:36:44
641.   capdodger
Another ground ball hit through an overshifted infield. Someone had better watch some tape after this one.
2006-10-04 15:37:20
642.   ninjavshippo
penny should have left his gas can at the jfk baggage terminal.
2006-10-04 15:37:33
643.   jasonungar05
wow bringing in Penny takes the cake.
2006-10-04 15:37:43
644.   ddger
This is so disappointing especially after we just scored 3. I wouldn't mind if we don't see Penny rest of the year.
2006-10-04 15:38:02
645.   Disabled List
Right now, Penny is as bad as Lance Carter.
2006-10-04 15:38:11
646.   regfairfield
Is "doubled on a soft fly ball" as tragic as it sounds?
2006-10-04 15:38:26
647.   ToyCannon
It is possible that they do watch tape which is why they use the shift. Give credit to an excellent hitter for making the adjustment.
2006-10-04 15:38:38
648.   joekings
I wonder if Little still thinks Penny should start a game 4.
2006-10-04 15:38:44
649.   we are infinite
Honestly, Lugo being Lugo, would it really have been THAT bad to leave Hendrickson in to bat?
2006-10-04 15:38:47
650.   ddger
Grady was really reaching when he brought in Penny who was probably our worst pitcher down the stretch.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-10-04 15:38:47
651.   weatherman
god dog. We got to get something together.
2006-10-04 15:38:54
652.   babber
Damage done...C'MON BLUE!!!
2006-10-04 15:39:07
653.   bigcpa
You can't expect to get a guy like Delgado out throwing 6 straight fastballs. Penny wasn't really "all over the place"- just completely predictable.
2006-10-04 15:39:09
654.   be2ween
oh god
2006-10-04 15:39:20
655.   Greg Brock
Wow, Brad Penny turned into Kyle Farnsworth. Big fastball, no clue how to pitch. Walk Reyes to leadoff.


2006-10-04 15:39:26
656.   ninjavshippo
well, at least we have 3 hot hitters coming up in drew, martin, and merlin.

the AG politico commercials are really starting to grate on me, from both candidates.

2006-10-04 15:39:32
657.   Uncle Miltie
So does Plaschke blame Depodesta pickup Brad Penny or Grady Little for bringing him in?
2006-10-04 15:39:34
658.   ToyCannon
Penny was wild but the hits were just lucky.
2006-10-04 15:39:50
659.   ddger
I guess we have to comeback against Wagner now unless we score couple in the 8th.
2006-10-04 15:39:55
660.   LeeLacy
Penny looks like he's good only for mop-up duty at this point. I'll be curious to hear Grady's explanation regarding why he felt Penny was the right man to bring in the 7th inning of a tie game.
2006-10-04 15:39:58
661.   Greg S
Penny looks terrible and I'm not just talking about the results. Jon is right in that Lowe pitched well and some good hitters just got hits. But Penny's pitches are nowhere near the spots they're intended and there is no breaking ball. He is a mess right now and looks to me like he should be shut down. Not a good thing.
2006-10-04 15:40:15
662.   DeucesAreWild
640 - Why was Penny even in the game? You bring in Broxton to face the heart of their order. So what that it was the 7th and not the 8th. How else was that inning going to go?
2006-10-04 15:40:22
663.   regfairfield
658 So bloop double in the corner then?
2006-10-04 15:40:53
664.   njr
To be fair to Penny, he should have gotten the call on that ball 4 pitch the Beltran. That said, we seem totally out-managed in this game. It really seems like the coaches lost this game for the players.
2006-10-04 15:42:00
665.   jasonungar05
And the last time Penny was a Reliever was when?

And the last time he was a Reliever in a playoff game was when?

And the last time he was a Reliever in a tied playoff game when u just scored 3 runs was when?

why then would you ever put someone in a situation like that?

2006-10-04 15:42:49
666.   bhsportsguy
Who would you rather see Sele, Tomko, Chad? Look the Beimel injury plus Lowe not getting out of the 6th inning hurt us during that inning. You cannot bring Broxton in the bottom of 7th on the road in a tie game. It is disappointing but then again, its not as if its a .200 hitter up at the plate, if the Mets are going to win, this is how they do it.
2006-10-04 15:42:49
667.   ssjames
664 It is not lost yet. There is still time with this team.
2006-10-04 15:43:10
668.   Greg S
Announcers now openly rooting for the Mets.
2006-10-04 15:44:00
669.   bhsportsguy
665 He was a starter/reliever when the Marlins won the World Series.
2006-10-04 15:44:13
670.   Strike4
Finally something good to say to the Yankees... thanks for taking Joe Morgan away.
2006-10-04 15:44:30
671.   gibsonhobbs88
Is Delgado channeling Jeter today? Wright and Delgado killing us today. I think the karma of this game was set in the 2nd inning. No good comes to a team that botches the run producing chances the Dodgers did in the 2nd. That was little league bad!! I remember thinking, that is going to bite us in the rear in this game.

Oh well, leave it to the Dodgers to give away a very winnable game.

2006-10-04 15:44:46
672.   Greg S
So far, our untimely injury has cost us more than their untimely injury.
2006-10-04 15:45:07
673.   trainwreck
Our rookies like to impale people with bats.
2006-10-04 15:45:32
674.   Andrew Shimmin
You cannot bring Broxton in the bottom of 7th on the road in a tie game.

I don't understand this. I'm not making an argument of any sort; I just don't understand why it cannot be done.

2006-10-04 15:45:49
675.   dzzrtRatt
668 Now? You mean, as opposed to the past seven innings?

They ought to pipe in the Mets' broadcasters' feed. It would have to be more balanced than this.

2006-10-04 15:46:18
676.   ninjavshippo
673 - that was down the 3rd base line, wasn't it? maybe he was just trying to chase donnelly back into the dugout.
2006-10-04 15:47:15
677.   Greg S
671 I don't even know where to start with this post so I guess I'll just leave it be.
2006-10-04 15:47:23
678.   bhsportsguy
671 As Jon points out, the decision to leave Mota in to hit with the bases loaded could have been determined a bad decision by Willie, I think both sides will feel like this is the beginning of long series.
2006-10-04 15:47:24
679.   be2ween
Fighting off 5 fouls. MARTIN!
2006-10-04 15:48:33
680.   ssjames
I can see the tie coming in the ninth, if we can get someone on, a pinch hitting Saenz against Wagner, that sounds like a great combination, with Wagner being a lefty who likes to throw fastballs.
2006-10-04 15:49:17
681.   ninjavshippo
gotta pinch for betemit, his splits against LHP are not good.
2006-10-04 15:50:35
682.   trainwreck
With Martinez?
2006-10-04 15:51:44
683.   dzzrtRatt
At least this isn't like two years ago. Those games were over early, and the Dodgers just acquiesced. They look like they mostly belong at this level. Except for the third base coach.
2006-10-04 15:52:29
684.   tjshere
682 Ethier hits lefties well, we could use him to pinch-hit. Makes more sense than using Lugo against a righty.
2006-10-04 15:53:50
685.   bhsportsguy
674 Are you going to pitch him for 2 innings, I mean you cannot expect to stretch out Broxton and Saito for 3 innings someone is going to have to pitch other than those two especially since you have a pitcher tomorrow that you know you will be lucky to get through six innings.

Of course, there are some who still believe that holding your best reliever aka closer for just save situations in the 9th is a waste.

2006-10-04 15:54:20
686.   trainwreck
2006-10-04 15:54:35
687.   Uncle Miltie
Kent is an absolute butcher!
2006-10-04 15:55:18
688.   bhsportsguy
687 You just wait around for him to do something. :)
2006-10-04 15:55:36
689.   trainwreck
Get LoDuca out!
2006-10-04 15:55:54
690.   Uncle Miltie
Mind boggling calls by Grits
2006-10-04 15:57:13
691.   jasonungar05
Kent... is a trainwreck?
2006-10-04 15:57:15
692.   Uncle Miltie
Grits put Lo Duca in a position to succeed
2006-10-04 15:58:31
693.   ddger

Especially at home plate.

2006-10-04 15:59:54
694.   ddger
Kent's error forcing Broxton to make lot of extra pitches this inning.
2006-10-04 16:01:19
695.   Greg S
Perhaps we should un-shift Delgado?
2006-10-04 16:01:29
696.   Greg Brock
This is an unbelievably painful baseball game.
2006-10-04 16:02:45
697.   Jon Weisman
685 - Broxton could easily have pitched two innings today. He hasn't pitched since what, Saturday? And he has an off day Friday.

When you have a situation where you know you can use him, vs. a situation tomorrow where you're not sure you'll need him, go with what you know.

2006-10-04 16:02:53
698.   bryanf
696 - True, but the last truly painful Dodger game I watched ended well.
2006-10-04 16:03:08
699.   Blaine
(694) No Broxton walking Beltran is forcing Broxton to make lots of extra pitches
2006-10-04 16:04:25
700.   dzzrtRatt
Well, no matter how it turns out...Broxton's got a lot more hair on his chest now.
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2006-10-04 16:04:25
701.   Uncle Miltie
697- agree, but unfortunately Grady Little thought it was a good idea to bring Penny into an extremely important inning.
2006-10-04 16:04:26
702.   Jon Weisman
697 - For that matter, you could have Broxton take five outs and Saito four. That barely increases their normal workloads, at a time when they are fully rested, and keeps them available for normal use Thursday.
2006-10-04 16:04:54
703.   ninjavshippo
THAT is what a reliever is supposed to do in a jam.
2006-10-04 16:05:17
704.   bryanf
Nice! past Delgado.
2006-10-04 16:05:34
705.   bhsportsguy
696 Come on we are in the playoffs, all of these games are fun in their own way, I just hope we come back and win 3 against these guys so we can have some more fun.
2006-10-04 16:05:58
706.   Greg Brock
Okay, Saenz should hit second this inning, no matter if Betemit hits against Wagner or not.
2006-10-04 16:06:50
707.   ddger
Maybe Grady was trying to show Penny that he had confidence in him but he might have blown this game because of it.
2006-10-04 16:06:53
708.   LeeLacy
"The last truly painful Dodger game I watched ended well."

Well, we were able to dodge a bullet in the bottom of the 8th. Down 2--anything can still happen, even against Wagner.

2006-10-04 16:07:51
709.   Uncle Miltie
Grady Little is asleep at the wheel
2006-10-04 16:08:29
710.   bhsportsguy
Grady wanted someone to get through the 7th inning without having to go to Broxton, he did not get it. There are no guarantees that Broxton would have done better but we will never know.
2006-10-04 16:08:40
711.   Greg S
702. I agree with all of this, I think Broxton would have been a better move. But obviously Grady though he had reason to believe that Penny was right (good bullpen session) and a "right" Penny is not a bad choice. Turns out that Grady was wrong and Penny is not right. I think that Honeycutt needs to get fired. He doesn't seem to be able to fix anybody and he doesn't even get sent to talk to pitchers.
2006-10-04 16:08:47
712.   ninjavshippo
that was unexpected!
2006-10-04 16:08:52
713.   tjshere
Mr. Wilson!
2006-10-04 16:08:52
714.   trainwreck
Good start!!

Time for the killer tomato!

2006-10-04 16:08:59
715.   bigcpa
There's my pick to click! (though I meant batting lefthanded)
2006-10-04 16:09:00
716.   LeeLacy
Betemit! Nice lead-off double.

We're still alive.

2006-10-04 16:09:09
717.   Blaine
so much for Betemit not hitting lefties
2006-10-04 16:09:19
718.   Uncle Miltie
I told you to trust Grady, that genius :)
2006-10-04 16:09:26
719.   ddger
At least we won't see Lugo anymore.
2006-10-04 16:09:34
720.   bryanf
Oh yeah...double by Betemit.
2006-10-04 16:09:48
721.   ninjavshippo
whoa, that fella has a gun in CF
2006-10-04 16:09:48
722.   bhsportsguy
I guess Betemit is just lucky.
2006-10-04 16:09:49
723.   bigcpa
What's the point of tagging there? Eeeg.
2006-10-04 16:10:22
724.   ddger
That was risky. Betemit's run doesn't mean anything right now.
2006-10-04 16:10:30
725.   dzzrtRatt
Insane risk Betemit/Donnelly just took.
2006-10-04 16:10:42
726.   LeeLacy
Come on, Raffy!
2006-10-04 16:11:17
727.   bhsportsguy
Do we dream that Nomar comes up this inning?
2006-10-04 16:11:47
728.   Greg S
Darn good thing that ball hit Wilson. Is there is a 1% chance you could be thrown out, you can't go there.
2006-10-04 16:11:57
729.   Uncle Miltie
Horrible at bat

At least Lofton isn't coming up

2006-10-04 16:12:10
730.   bryanf
It all comes down to Kenny.
2006-10-04 16:12:25
731.   ninjavshippo
wonder if lucille deux has any last AB magic left...
2006-10-04 16:12:26
732.   tjshere
Ugly AB for Raffy
2006-10-04 16:12:34
733.   trainwreck
It is up to you Lucille II.
2006-10-04 16:12:49
734.   bryanf
It all comes down to I mean Ramon Martinez?!?!?
2006-10-04 16:13:20
735.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Lucille II is the final bullet we fire? Ugh.
2006-10-04 16:13:24
736.   dzzrtRatt
Martinez, I think you've earned the right to be called by a boy's name now.
2006-10-04 16:13:24
737.   KG16
727 - dream no more
2006-10-04 16:13:24
738.   ddger
2006-10-04 16:13:30
739.   Greg S
Even if you hate this team, you have to love this team.
2006-10-04 16:13:36
740.   Uncle Miltie

I don't agree with him swinging 2-0 there with Nomar on deck, but I like the result

2006-10-04 16:13:47
741.   Dodger Hill
Maybe Wagner will walk Martinez
2006-10-04 16:13:55
742.   LeeLacy
Ramon!! Clutch!

And here comes Nomar with a runner in scoring position. Could it happen again?

2006-10-04 16:14:01
743.   tjshere
Holy Toledo, Lucille II is da man!
2006-10-04 16:14:01
744.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I'm an idiot.
2006-10-04 16:14:19
745.   bryanf
Sweet! Okay Nomar. We need another walk-off!
2006-10-04 16:14:27
746.   Dodger Hill
Maybe Wagner will walk Martinez
2006-10-04 16:14:33
747.   LeeLacy
Ramon!! Clutch!

And here comes Nomar with a runner in scoring position. Could it happen again?

2006-10-04 16:14:52
748.   ddger
How many times can Nomar come through for us?
2006-10-04 16:15:05
749.   LeeLacy
Ramon!! Clutch!

And here comes Nomar with the tying run in scoring position. Could it happen again?

2006-10-04 16:15:21
750.   ninjavshippo
at least they're fighting...
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2006-10-04 16:15:49
751.   dzzrtRatt
2006-10-04 16:15:53
752.   trainwreck
2006-10-04 16:16:57
753.   micktissue
Or as I like to call it Mets 6, Dodgers 5(7)
2006-10-04 16:17:02
754.   Uncle Miltie
Really ugly loss. It all goes back to some poor decision making by the manager and a few awful plays by a certain someone.
2006-10-04 16:17:24
755.   tjshere
Good game. Painful loss.
2006-10-04 16:17:37
756.   ssjames
Anybody want to guess whether Donnelly will be back next year as our thirdbase coach?
2006-10-04 16:17:43
757.   bigcpa
Major coulda-woulda-shoulda game.
2006-10-04 16:17:56
758.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Going off Gameday, whatever Nomar swung at for the third strike must've had a wicked break.
Unless Nomar just went fishing.
2006-10-04 16:18:04
759.   Xeifrank
The Penny inning was the difference.
vr, Xei
2006-10-04 16:18:17
760.   ddger
This was tough game to lose.

Our 2 16 game winners pitched poorly today and let us down but we almost came back and won.

Let's hope that Kuo will pitch a good game tomorrow.

2006-10-04 16:19:19
761.   Linkmeister
What on earth was Nomar swinging at?

Ah well.

2006-10-04 16:20:07
762.   StolenMonkey86
fire Rich Donnelly
2006-10-04 16:20:18
763.   Jerry
The third-base coach's gaffe was the difference.
2006-10-04 16:20:19
764.   joekings
If we win tommorrow at least I will be assured of using my game 4 tickets.
2006-10-04 16:20:31
765.   we are infinite
Man oh man this is gonna be quite the series, isn't it? Hope I don't have a heart attack in one of these ninth-inning nailbiters.
2006-10-04 16:20:33
766.   Linkmeister
760 I disagree. I think Lowe pitched well enough.
2006-10-04 16:21:11
767.   alnyden
Most. Painful. Loss. Ever.
2006-10-04 16:21:12
768.   ssjames
760 I wouldn't say that Lowe pitched poorly, but I would say it about Penny. Lowe got beat by some good hitters, and didn't make mistakes like walking Reyes as a leadoff hitter. Penny pitched horribly and this better mean that Chad or Lowe will start game 4 now.
2006-10-04 16:22:26
769.   Xeifrank
DodgerSims is a perfect 6 for 6 on predicting playoff winners so far. Fortunately for the Dodgers it has them predicted as a very slight favorite to win game #2 vs the Mets. In today's remaining game it has the Yankees winning.
vr, Xei
2006-10-04 16:22:30
770.   Greg S
In a game like that, a LOT of things are the difference. Running, relief pitching, relays, bad calls, mistaken shifts...
What are you going to do? We have a very tough team hopefully we'll win tomorrow and come back home with a split.
2006-10-04 16:22:30
771.   joekings
768 - That is the only good news I can think of, that hopefully this convinced Grady that Penny can not be started in a game 4.
2006-10-04 16:23:18
772.   micktissue
And Grady brought in Penny because ... he needed the work?

Seems Penny was a bit rusty, no?

2006-10-04 16:24:14
773.   capdodger
754 Who? Kent? Which plays?
2006-10-04 16:24:29
774.   Uncle Miltie
Lowe pitched ok, considering that his sinker wasn't working. He relied on his 2 seamer and curve today. He probably got too much rest. The Dodgers should consider having him start game 4.
2006-10-04 16:25:26
775.   bhsportsguy
I don't think either manager did well today, and their were plays and pitches that were not executed by both sides. Frankly of all the playoff games thus far, this one certainly had a lot entertainment factor and lots of room for second guessing on both sides.

A split is imperative, not that I don't think this team could not win three straight (I am still hoping they do starting tomorrow) but I just think the way we battled back will help us throughout the series.

I am sure that Jeff Kent will have to talk to someone to explain the play but really is anything he says going to matter?

With Penny, the issue will be how was his back, did he get loose, its one thing if he just didn't execute, its another if he was hurt and did not say anything.

Disappointment yes, but frankly being behind does not scare me as much as I thought it would, lets go Dodgers tomorrow and come back with a chance to win it over the weekend.

2006-10-04 16:25:31
776.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2006-10-04 16:27:43
777.   gibsonhobbs88
How far did Olmaedo hit his ball, the game tracker said fly to deep center. Warning track? Figures the Dodgers would end up losing by one run making the glaring gaffe in the 2nd all the more gut-wrenching. Hope they win tomorrow as I have game 4 tickets as well. We will have to beat the crafty Glavine!

What was Donnelly smoking? :(

2006-10-04 16:27:58
778.   Greg S
With Penny, the issue will be how was his back, did he get loose At this point, I don't care what he says. He said something that resulted in Grady trusting him today and he was the same pitcher who's been throwing garbage recently. He's done. Shut him down.
2006-10-04 16:28:24
779.   Xeifrank
I had trouble following the game, what exactly did the 3rd base coach do? What was the situation?
vr, Xei
2006-10-04 16:28:33
780.   still bevens
Im alright about losing this game. We played hard and stayed there until the end. Its better to go down like that than getting totally blown out.
2006-10-04 16:28:50
781.   Chiron Brown
Anyone else think that Martinez deserves a start over Lugo against a left hander? Does anyone think that's going to happen?
2006-10-04 16:28:56
782.   scooplew
Down deep, after the top of the 2nd, I think many of us felt it would be hard to overcome one of the worst baserunning gaffes in post-season history. And it was.
2006-10-04 16:29:36
783.   micktissue
I'm gonna start wearing my WWBHD wristband (What Would Beimel Have Done)
2006-10-04 16:38:43
784.   capdodger
775 With Kent you're talking about the 9-4-3 double play, right? I figure that he just lost the ball in the crowd/setting sun. That's where the base coach who-shall-be-rendered-nameless should come in. He should be hollering at him to go halfway or to break. The base coach then compounded his error by sending Drew as well.

Even with the somewhat poor pitching performance (it's a tough lineup), questionable fielding positioning (scouts said he pulls) and execution (Kent's error was a rocket) the moment that sticks out in my mind is having two out blunder like that on the basepaths. That's inexcusable. Maine was a young, wild (tonight) pitcher, who was early in a pressure game, and if they'd let him stew a bit, he would have cook himself.

2006-10-04 16:40:09
785.   gibsonhobbs88
779 - 1st and 2nd - 0 outs Martin gets long fly down right field line, Green sets up to play carom, Kent slow getting around from 2nd is thrown out at the plate. Instead of holding Drew up at 3rd, 3b coach waves him in as well and Drew gets tagged out at the plate. Martin doubles off wall into a DP at the plate. Criminal!
2006-10-04 17:06:30
786.   LeeLacy
How did Vin describe that mind-bending baserunning gaffe?
2006-10-04 17:24:49
787.   bojangles
No five-game series is a long series, so every gaff is magnified, and decisions can't be made with a patience that might be admirable and productive in a 162-game march. Professional (let alone 20 million bucks' worth) as opposed to 6-yr old t-ball baserunning mighta set the D's up to snare this "short" series, and delights beyond.
To call it, with however much typical tolerance and generosity, as Jon did, "a mistake" is letting that admirable ideology inform, and so, distort, the jaw-droppin' truth. I feared this game was lost then, and said so then. Fear, as in Hunter's case in
Minny, a whole season's efforts might be swallowed, by inexplicable decisions. Three or four runs in that inning (as someone else posted much earlier) and the entire complexion of the game changes overwhelmingly in D's favor, and Grady may not have been in position to boggle some minds in the 7th by bringing in a straight fast-baller with a Danys Baez-feel for the strike zone for months now, who's been awful from his very first pitches of late. Yes. I would have preferred Tomko or BB in that frame - with no obvious guarantees, but an almost certain dread regarding Penny .
Puzzle continues for me, as other posters:
why not admit your mistake after woeful showing vs Reyes; or at the emergency! emergency! latest when he lost Beltran after 1-2 count? Worst Dodger bullpen moves since
Tom and Niedenfuhr (sp?)....
Heard someone before it started say Delgado would adjust to Dodger defenses - wow!
Heard myself say that twilight might play a role in this game - only possible excuse I can think of for Kent - that he lost ball going from shade to sun and shade again - even though it was clear on tv even before Green turned to chase it was goin' far...
Think players in all sports should get an enhanced hockey-like plus/minus after each game, and that Kent's combined, in spite of two hits, might be so bad he would seriously think of saving Ned that embarrasing and foolish extension by retiring (tonight would be an appropriate time to announce - and, by the way, I liked the signing initially, but was unhappy about the second year from Depo).
This was a giveaway, a low-class bunch of butchery, playin' coachin' and managin' - and very difficult to overcome in first round. If they can do it, they will add to an already genuine, if modest, legend.
2006-10-04 17:28:27
788.   bojangles
Sorry for the partial echoes - I didn't read the previous hundred or so posts before my last
And, yes, I think Martinez has done as much as any reserve for this team this year, and am baffled by the continued disrespect from some quarters...
2006-10-04 17:41:09
789.   bojangles
Quick apology (and this is a self-edit - didn't read any additional posts after mine).
I don't like the way I handled the "short" vs "long" notions where the series is concerned.
Shoulda said I've rarely seen a five-gamer described that way. I can see how someone with different sense and feel and neurological gifts would see it as "long." Gotta think a little "longer" myself before the button....:)

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