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Dodgers-Mets, NLDS Game 2 Chat
2006-10-05 16:10
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

Division Series Standings

2-0 A's
2-0 Cardinals
1-0 Mets
1-1 Tigers
1-1 Yankees
0-1 Dodgers
0-2 Twins
0-2 Padres

San Diego has surprisingly fallen into a last-place tie. Tonight, the Dodgers can move into a tie for third ...

* * *

If you were a manager who just played the hot hand, you wouldn't have Kenny Lofton or Julio Lugo in your starting lineup tonight. Lofton went 0 for 4 with three strikeouts in Game 1 on Wednesday, and is 0-for-11 lifetime against Mets starter Tom Glavine. Lugo has revived memories (in my mind, anyway) of the legend that was Daryle Ward in a Dodger uniform (2003 OPS+: 10) – while Ramon Martinez has returned from the milk carton and reminded people of his unexpected contributions to the Dodgers in the first half of the season.

Yet Dodger manager Grady Little is sticking with the two, and on one level it makes sense. The sample sizes cited above don't mean much as far as Lofton's overall value goes, and despite what's happened since August, few scouts or stathounds would suggest that Martinez is a better player than Lugo, based on their careers.

If there is a contradiction, it's that Little has been willing to bench Andre Ethier for Marlon Anderson, but unwilling to bench Lugo for Martinez or Olmedo Saenz. In one instance, he's going for the veteran with the hot bat and passable defense; in the other, he's sticking with the struggling, younger player (admittedly, Lugo is 30).

My lineup tonight would have Saenz in it, especially with strikeout artist Hong-Chih Kuo pitching on the Dodgers' behalf. As for the outfield, I might give Ethier or Jason Repko a shot, but I don't feel as strongly about that.

At the same time, it would be just like baseball to allow Lugo to hit his first home run in a Dodger uniform in the postseason. Go baseball!

Comments (814)
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2006-10-05 16:18:45
1.   bhsportsguy
Jon, I don't think you can use NLDS for both leagues but other than that, I agree with your analysis.
2006-10-05 16:19:34
2.   ToyCannon
I think were all so ready for Lugo to break out that it never happens and he ends his Dodger career with the biggest thud of anyone ever acquired. I would love to be wrong. As much as I like Kuo pitching game 2 as we get closer to the game my confidence level is at an all-time low. A JoeyP kind of low.
2006-10-05 16:20:16
3.   bigcpa
MLBDS sounds like a life-threatening disease.
2006-10-05 16:24:58
4.   Bluebleeder87
reading your passed comments Jon, I can feel the passion in you're thoughts today
2006-10-05 16:26:35
5.   Bluebleeder87

my Dodger mojo thinks other wise ToyCannon believe me

2006-10-05 16:27:12
6.   Michaelpop
2 - The beautiful thing about sports and its "what have you done for us lately" attitude is that Lugo can have one good to great game, and a lot of his past regressions will be forgotten. If he gets a couple of timely hits, maybe even an RBI or two, Little looks like a genius and overnight Lugo's stock goes up.

I have no doubt in my mind that Lugo's trying out there. After all, the guy's playing for a contract and just from a money standpoint, it's in his best interest to do well.

Come on Lugo, there's still time to salvage your season!!

2006-10-05 16:28:36
7.   Jon Weisman
1 - Oops!

2 - My confidence level is solidly in the optimistic middle.

4 - I'm hoping!

2006-10-05 16:31:47
8.   Greg S
Go Dodgers! But one at a time. Meaning both how you approach the games and how you round third base.
2006-10-05 16:34:37
9.   Greg S
2 Wow, that's serious. Call somebody. Anybody. Reach out!
2006-10-05 16:34:51
10.   blue22
Jon, I'm with you. I'd have Saenz in there tonight. I've said before that every left-handed starter that Saenz doesn't start against is a wasted opportunity.
2006-10-05 16:35:57
11.   Bob Timmermann
Get him 20 cc of confidence booster! Stat!
2006-10-05 16:38:30
12.   Linkmeister
11 Is that like cortisone?

Buck/McCarver did the Yankees on Fox yesterday; do we get them today? (shudder)

2006-10-05 16:38:44
13.   Bob Timmermann
The 4:35 pm start time bhsportsguy alluded to earlier makes some sense since because there need to be games in three different time slots.

It looks like the AL games will overlap at 1:05 pm with the Yankees-Tigers on big Fox with the A's-Twins (if necessary) on FX. If a game is on FX, I believe the answers will be allowed to swear.

2006-10-05 16:40:12
14.   ssjames
13 What about the questions? Can they swear too?
2006-10-05 16:41:00
15.   ToyCannon
I agree that if Lugo wins us just one game all will be forgiven. He is trying which is why I'm not down on him personally. I think he's trying to hard but he doesn't have the time to let the game come to him.

Good to see everyone else is optimistic. A Kuoriffic game will be nice to watch. I won't bring anyone down with my misgiving. Let's go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-10-05 16:41:10
16.   Bob Timmermann
I really wish someone next to me hadn't said the word "answer" while I was typing...
2006-10-05 16:41:37
17.   thinkblue0
I'm going to be the biggest Lugo fan out there tonight. Hopefully we can jump on Glavine early and scratch across a run or two.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about Kuo though.

2006-10-05 16:41:51
18.   ssjames
I am glad that Green isn't playing for the Mets, it always seems like those ex-Dodgers just constantly give us trouble even when they are average to mediocre players otherwise.
2006-10-05 16:42:13
19.   Bluebleeder87
the less i see of that stupid!!! play the better, i didn't catch the game yesterday but when ever i see that stupid play i get mad!!

ps there showing it on big FOX.

2006-10-05 16:42:35
20.   bhsportsguy
13 Bob, while you are in Japan, can you find us another Saito?
2006-10-05 16:42:53
21.   ToyCannon
I'd rather see Green swinging feebly at the Kuo offerings then a replacement tonight.
2006-10-05 16:43:24
22.   bhsportsguy
19 I still have not seen it and I refuse to until I get my commerative DVD of the Dodgers 2006 championship.
2006-10-05 16:43:35
23.   scareduck
11 that's cocaine HCl, the drug of choice among sales types with decimated septums.
2006-10-05 16:44:23
24.   ToyCannon
This is payback for the Oakland fans having to watch Gibson for the last 18 years. That play is painfull, I still wish Kent had clocked LaDuca.
2006-10-05 16:44:50
25.   Marty
There's been some turmoil at my workplace today. The game will be a nice diversion. I wouldn't mind a win either.
2006-10-05 16:47:22
26.   Michaelpop
I think we're all pretty nervous, no? But, uh, also kind of optimistic, which is awesome. If we focus, maybe we can channel that energy into producing a "W". TENTH MAN! TENTH MAN!

God, I have to Gamecast the game until 6, at which time I'll be making a mad dash down to my car to listen on the radio, and then it's straight home to a TV. Hopefully by 6:30. And then it's beer and cigarette time.

2006-10-05 16:51:19
27.   ninjavshippo
go. blue. that's all i can say. i'm too nervous.
2006-10-05 16:52:30
28.   KG16
20 - Bob, forget another Saito, look for another Oh (preferably one around the age of 25) while you're in Japan.

As for the game at hand, I'd like to see Lofton get a game (or three) off, but I've not been his biggest fan this year. Lugo, I don't mind so much.

I remain confident though that the Bums will take this series in 4.

2006-10-05 16:52:39
29.   Blaine
This is hysterical. I was watching the local preview on Fox 11 and they were showing fan pictures from Dodger Stadium. Right after the pic of Rebecca Romijn there was a pic of three guys. Two of them were flipping the bird to the camera. One with the double deuce working.
2006-10-05 16:52:47
30.   ninjavshippo
on the bright side, delgado OPSes .752 v LHP, so hopefully we won't see a repeat of yesterday's beating behind the wood shed.
2006-10-05 16:53:23
31.   Big Game
Maybe I'm the only one on the planet that feels this way, but if there were ever a confidence building loss, yesterday could be it. The Dodgers were able to score runs against one of the best bullpens in baseball and were never really out of the game.

Plus, Tom Glavine?!? I'm salivating at the thought...

2006-10-05 16:53:34
32.   Eric L
27 I should have changed the channel before they started taking phone calls in channel 11.
2006-10-05 16:54:42
33.   ninjavshippo
you know how staples center lets people watch away games for the postseason there for like 10 bucks or something? it would be fun if you could do the same at chavez ravine, on the big screen, no? i might pay $5 to be around other crazy fans and get a dodger dog.
2006-10-05 16:57:11
34.   ninjavshippo
31 - salivating at the thought of glavine? i hope that's because you think he might look good in tight pants, because his september numbers give me nothing to drool about.

6 GS, 3-1, .237 BAA, 3.38 ERA, 28K/9BB.

2006-10-05 17:00:21
35.   Bluebleeder87

i rather be among DT'ers even though me & maybe 50 years a dodger fan are the craziest.

ps 50YADF i mean it in a good way. :o)

2006-10-05 17:00:48
36.   overkill94
It's gonna be fun hearing the nation let out a collective "who?" when Kuo throws a gem today.

My prediction - Dodgers 4, Mets 1. Kent comes through with a 2-run double and Furcal hits a solo shot.

2006-10-05 17:01:43
37.   Bluebleeder87
i swear i'm loving Kuo today, i love wathing him dance!!
2006-10-05 17:02:05
38.   Michaelpop
36 - I like it. But how about Lugo?? Tell me he contributes too!!
2006-10-05 17:02:25
39.   KG16
Using GnR for the opening montage? That's got to be an omen of some sort... I just don't know what it means.
2006-10-05 17:05:23
40.   overkill94
38 Uhh, 1-3 with a walk - a solid .833 OPS for the day!
2006-10-05 17:05:25
41.   micktissue
GnR is Gagne's music bed, no? Priming the mojo pump sounds like ...
2006-10-05 17:05:26
42.   Jim Hitchcock
Here in Nevada the pronunciation of Furcal rhymes with `Merkle'.

Try to get that out of your head.

2006-10-05 17:06:34
43.   Bluebleeder87
Using GnR for the opening montage? That's got to be an omen of some sort

i'm using my own intro, hereos from David Bowie that's right!!

2006-10-05 17:06:58
44.   overkill94
I nominate the phone operator in the Steve Poizner commercial as the worst actor of all-time.
2006-10-05 17:07:22
45.   Jim Hitchcock
...and hereos rhymes with Cheerios :)
2006-10-05 17:07:49
46.   thinkblue0
what channel is the game on!?!?!
2006-10-05 17:08:01
47.   Bluebleeder87

i have it all set up & everything.

2006-10-05 17:08:22
48.   thinkblue0
found thought espn had all the games?
2006-10-05 17:09:38
49.   overkill94
So the Mets get Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and INXS as their music. Now I'm glad they gave us GnR.
2006-10-05 17:11:19
50.   scareduck
43 - are "hereos" anything like Oreos?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-10-05 17:12:18
51.   scareduck
"Now the Dodgers need to put Game 1 behind them"...

I haven't seen The Play ("Two! Two Outs In One!") yet and I'm sick of it.

2006-10-05 17:12:59
52.   Big Game
I'm chanting Hong-Chih Kuo in my living room to the tune of the good ol' HSC chants of yore.
2006-10-05 17:13:09
53.   Claire Malone-Evans
I think Glavine sometimes has problems in the the 1st inning. Could use 7 or 8 runs in the 1st.
2006-10-05 17:15:14
54.   trainwreck
Hopefully after tonight everyone will know about a man from Tainan City who had two Tommy John surgeries.
2006-10-05 17:15:39
55.   Bluebleeder87
all i know is as soon as Kuo comes out i'll have Heroes playing

Go Dodgers!!

2006-10-05 17:15:50
56.   thinkblue0
I haven't seen The Play ("Two! Two Outs In One!") yet and I'm sick of it.

I saw it..went into shock...and blacked out till the 7th.

2006-10-05 17:16:13
57.   ssjames
53 Only 7 or 8? No, lets really get aggressive out there!!!
2006-10-05 17:18:17
58.   Big Game
55. I'll be playing "Queen B***h" when Jose Reyes bats cause, while he makes a lovely woman, I really think I could do better than that.
2006-10-05 17:20:31
59.   Bluebleeder87
here we go guys!!
2006-10-05 17:21:04
60.   Jim Hitchcock
58 Queen Blech?
2006-10-05 17:22:44
61.   twerp
From last thread==

A comment on playing Lugo or Martinez asked if there was a Plan C...

Got it. Toby Hall has played a game or so at 3B! :0)

2006-10-05 17:23:06
62.   Johnson
OK, so what was the deal with Little and the line-up cards?
2006-10-05 17:23:33
63.   ninjavshippo
glavine's picture on gameday is not forgiving, not that i should thrown stones, but still...
2006-10-05 17:24:06
64.   Ravenscar
I can totally deal with Lyons and Brennaman on FOX rather than Buck and McCarver.

I could deal with a parrot and a screeching weasel rather than Buck and McCarver.

2006-10-05 17:25:12
65.   regfairfield
61 An inning.
2006-10-05 17:25:25
66.   ninjavshippo
64 - i agree. for some reason, buck really bothers me. getting him for the mlb playoffs and nfc games the last few weeks has been a workout for my mute button.
2006-10-05 17:25:34
67.   overkill94
Is it too "LA" of me to think the Mets' endless cheering is a bit much? Everyone's on their feet with 1 out in the 1st inning when there's two strikes on the hitter.
2006-10-05 17:25:49
68.   Big Game
60. Its another David Bowie song. The second word in the title violates the language standard around here.
2006-10-05 17:26:07
69.   Eric L
Nice cut there by FOX. How about showing us the complete play and not Wright's face?
2006-10-05 17:26:33
70.   trainwreck
Top of the lineup needs to get on base.
2006-10-05 17:26:41
71.   Jim Hitchcock
68 Hence my substitution :)
2006-10-05 17:27:14
72.   Michaelpop
Well, that was a pretty quick inning.

But honestly? I'm more excited about the bottom half of the inning anyway. GO KUO!

2006-10-05 17:28:15
73.   Bluebleeder87
i wasn't kidding about playing Heroes when Kou comes up to pitch, as soon as he runs to the mound the music will be on.

ps Mia Hamm looks as beautiful as ever.

2006-10-05 17:28:22
74.   ninjavshippo
it's kuo time.
2006-10-05 17:28:31
75.   max power
What a crazy environment to be starting the game in down 1-0. Even an old hand like Lofton looked a bit shaken up.
2006-10-05 17:29:30
76.   ninjavshippo
75 - agreed. i hope over the weekend the blue faithful can match the enthusiasm, even if it ends up only being for one game.

great handle, btw.

2006-10-05 17:29:59
77.   bigcpa
2006-10-05 17:30:04
78.   max power
oh yeah. kuo looked SHARP there.
2006-10-05 17:30:06
79.   overkill94
Here we go Hong-Chi, here we go!
2006-10-05 17:30:10
80.   Michaelpop
2006-10-05 17:30:15
81.   Ravenscar
67 - Yes, that is a little too West Coast of you - it's definitely like that in NY.
2006-10-05 17:31:03
82.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
Too cool!
2006-10-05 17:31:12
83.   max power
thanks 76. but i just saw someone else using it on deadspin, so i'm in the market for a new one.

and i vow to do everything i can to help make chavez ravine look this tough this weekend!

2006-10-05 17:32:00
84.   Vishal
our boy kuofax looks filthy so far :)
2006-10-05 17:32:14
85.   kegtron
Nice start by Kuo, now lets score some runs!!
2006-10-05 17:32:16
86.   Sam DC
I want to be positive thinking, but the Mets scare me.

And I only slept about two hours last night so things are getting very strange overall.

I am now work and obligation free and so Tim, Joe, here I come.

2006-10-05 17:32:19
87.   ninjavshippo
83 - i believe hootie mcboobie and chesty la rue are both still available on this site.

re kuo: now i'm PUMPED. we just really need to get some offense for this young gun.

2006-10-05 17:32:21
88.   natepurcell
nice first inning for kuo. 8 more times of the same thing and we're golden!
2006-10-05 17:32:28
89.   Linkmeister
Well, that looked easy.
2006-10-05 17:32:39
90.   Uncle Miltie
Great first inning for Kuo. Now the Dodgers need to get him some runs.
2006-10-05 17:32:49
91.   Michaelpop
Vishal! You're awake! Hahah.
2006-10-05 17:32:53
92.   we are infinite
Could you have scripted a better 1st inning for Hong-Chih Kuo? Har har.
2006-10-05 17:33:04
93.   Big Game
Wow. Efficient inning there...10 pitches, 7 strikes.
2006-10-05 17:33:55
94.   max power
My nickname for Kuo would be Ice Cold. And what's cooler than cool, anyway?
2006-10-05 17:34:05
95.   Bluebleeder87
i'm telling you this guy they call Kuo gives me goose bumps.
2006-10-05 17:34:16
96.   bigcpa
Pick to click - JD Drew (based on the massive HR last Friday off the lefty nibbler with Kuo starting)
2006-10-05 17:34:27
97.   ninjavshippo
i predict tonight's offensive player of the game for the blue will be russell martin. he's a lot closer to canada at shea, and his powers are only amplified by this.
2006-10-05 17:35:08
98.   Jae
What would the odds have been that Hong Chih Kuo was going to be the game 2 starter in the NLDS in Shea? 10,000-1?
2006-10-05 17:35:22
99.   trainwreck
Give the man some support!
2006-10-05 17:35:34
100.   max power
urrm, that should have been "what's cooler than being cool" which, by messing up my comment, i again demostrate my inability to be.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-10-05 17:36:00
101.   ninjavshippo
98 - probably off the charts. nothing more infuriating than hearing the talking heads refer to him as "one-game winner kuo." is there a worse statistic for gauging a pitcher's effectiveness than W/L?
2006-10-05 17:36:02
102.   Andrew Shimmin
Hearing Vin talk about how the commercials I'm watching are holding up the game makes me want to burn an effigy of Rupert Murdoch.
2006-10-05 17:36:06
103.   Jae
Preseason odds, by the way.
2006-10-05 17:37:22
104.   Michaelpop
Wow, hitters are being agressive so far.
2006-10-05 17:37:22
105.   Eric L
101 It just makes Kuo's inexperience sound more dramatic.
2006-10-05 17:38:31
106.   Vishal
bah. kuo didn't get a strike that glavine got on strikes 1 and 2 to martin.
2006-10-05 17:38:44
107.   Bluebleeder87
i see such a clear pattern by Glavine do you all see it?? 2,3 pitches outside then come come in.
2006-10-05 17:38:54
108.   ninjavshippo
if only kuo could get that strike glavine just got!
2006-10-05 17:39:15
109.   ninjavshippo
106 - grrr. 20 seconds too slow.
2006-10-05 17:39:17
110.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
Was that Mario and Luigi?
2006-10-05 17:39:42
111.   bigcpa
The first rule of facing Tom Glavine: You do not swing and miss against Tom Glavine!
2006-10-05 17:39:46
112.   kegtron
Nice AB by Martin. Only a base knock will make it better.
2006-10-05 17:39:58
113.   Jae
Excellent AB by R-Mart
2006-10-05 17:40:01
114.   Bluebleeder87
i love Russel Martin
2006-10-05 17:40:03
115.   Vishal
[91] haha, hey michael! of course i'm up for this :)
2006-10-05 17:40:06
116.   Big Game
Good AB by Martin so far...I remember Buster Olney commenting that the Dodgers are very good the second time through the lineup because they see a lot of pitches and this was causing a measure of fright among teams heading in to the playoffs.
2006-10-05 17:40:19
117.   Uncle Miltie
Great at bat by Golden Boy
2006-10-05 17:40:21
118.   ninjavshippo
now that was a playoff caliber AB. golden boy comes through, yet again.
2006-10-05 17:40:22
119.   kegtron
Or a walk!
2006-10-05 17:40:25
120.   Michaelpop
Nice AB by Martin! Make the old man work a little!
2006-10-05 17:40:26
121.   natepurcell
Martin works a count like a seasoned vet.
2006-10-05 17:40:26
122.   overkill94
Wow, that was a heck of an at-bat by Martin. Time for Merlin to work his magic!
2006-10-05 17:40:34
123.   Bluebleeder87
catchers aren't dumb!!
2006-10-05 17:40:57
124.   bhsportsguy
Nice AB by Martin, way to work the count.
2006-10-05 17:41:43
125.   Big Game
I wish Joe Morgan was here to tell me how slow Martin is because he's a catcher.
2006-10-05 17:41:57
126.   MMSMikey
6 of the weakest outs i've ever seen.
2006-10-05 17:41:58
127.   scareduck
Anderson forgot to have "Wonderboy" engraved on his bat.
2006-10-05 17:42:09
128.   ninjavshippo
125 - haha, or how he hasn't seen much of either of these teams.
2006-10-05 17:42:41
129.   Vishal
pfft. that corner that glavine gets called for him is unreal.
2006-10-05 17:42:53
130.   KG16
Slash is doing commercials for VW? What is the world coming to?
2006-10-05 17:43:07
131.   Sam DC
So, I can listen to Vin on mlb audio but it's a pitch or so behind the tv. That's kind of disconcerting, but I'm thinking still better than whoever Fox is running out.
2006-10-05 17:43:17
132.   ninjavshippo
129 - i hear ya, but to be fair, isn't the same said about maddux? if we get the same treatment at chavez ravine tomorrow night, i won't complain.
2006-10-05 17:43:28
133.   Bluebleeder87
just look at how Glavine starts a hitter 2 or 3 away then he comes in. he is so easy to read!
2006-10-05 17:43:30
134.   overkill94
125 As if I needed another reason to hate Joe Morgan. I about threw my remote through my TV screen yesterday when he said that again (he also did it earlier in the year).
2006-10-05 17:43:31
135.   scareduck
129 - Vishal, do you think the A's will advance?
2006-10-05 17:44:13
136.   Uncle Miltie
Why isn't Old Maid in the lineup? He should be starting at 3B. If Grits really wants to get Lugo's bat in the lineup, then he can start over Marlon. Marlon is a platoon player.
2006-10-05 17:44:56
137.   trainwreck
Stop showing all the celebrities.
2006-10-05 17:45:20
138.   KG16
134 - in Morgan's defense (I can't believe I just wrote that), he does work for ESPN - you know the home of the Yankees and Red Sox.
2006-10-05 17:45:24
139.   Uncle Miltie
That ball should have been caught? Why is Lofton even playing against LHP? Repko would have gotten to that ball.
2006-10-05 17:45:33
140.   bigcpa
Lofton showing off his sexy UZR.
2006-10-05 17:45:36
141.   MMSMikey
how terrible is lofton out there?
2006-10-05 17:45:47
142.   overkill94
Who would've thought David Wright would use old school hip-hop for his at-bat music?
2006-10-05 17:45:50
143.   Bluebleeder87
David Wright is a good hitter
2006-10-05 17:46:25
144.   ninjavshippo
yikes. lofton in a motorized wheelchair would be better than what we've got going defensively in CF right now...
2006-10-05 17:46:36
145.   MMSMikey
and lets not forget he's 0-5 with 3 K's so far.
2006-10-05 17:46:47
146.   Jae
131. If you have a Tivo just pause for a few seconds, then you'll be on time.
2006-10-05 17:46:51
147.   ssjames
Is anyone besides Hendrickson going to be able to get Delgado out this series?
2006-10-05 17:46:59
148.   kegtron
144 - LOL
2006-10-05 17:47:29
149.   Michaelpop
Wow, David Wright and I share a birthday! But I'm two years older. And not playing in the NLDS. What am I doing with my life?
2006-10-05 17:47:48
150.   Bluebleeder87
David Wright is the only guy that scares me
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-10-05 17:47:56
151.   bigcpa
2006-10-05 17:48:10
152.   KG16
That was a great pitch by Kuo!
2006-10-05 17:48:24
153.   Michaelpop
Got the corner!!
2006-10-05 17:48:29
154.   ninjavshippo
2006-10-05 17:48:41
155.   trainwreck
lol Cliff Floyd's batting song is the theme from Sanford and Son.
2006-10-05 17:48:48
156.   ninjavshippo
151 - it's all yours. i was wrong to borrow it without asking :)
2006-10-05 17:49:02
157.   Eric L
So does Cliff Floyd has the Sanford & Son theme song for his pre-AB music or was that some kind of joke?
2006-10-05 17:49:04
158.   bigcpa
154 Thanks- you can hang em after I head home.
2006-10-05 17:49:16
159.   bhsportsguy
Its amazing that we believe anything that radio guys say when it comes to calling pitches, Dave Campbell called the third strike a slider, Vinny called it a fastball.
2006-10-05 17:49:33
160.   kegtron
The best part of the Sport Guy's running diary yesterday was when he called Lofton, Cool Papa Lofton.
2006-10-05 17:49:37
161.   trainwreck
I guess you missed Delgado's game yesterday and all the scouting reports on Reyes. They also have a guy named Beltran.
2006-10-05 17:49:50
162.   bhsportsguy
Sounds like Kuo's slider is moving.
2006-10-05 17:50:00
163.   Ravenscar
Not EXACTLY the corner, but oh well.
2006-10-05 17:50:08
164.   joekings
157- Yes that is really his theme music
2006-10-05 17:51:17
165.   ninjavshippo
164 - lol, that's hilarious. mini in-game poll: if you were coming into the batter's box, what would your music be?
2006-10-05 17:52:14
166.   joekings
165 - "sit down" by james
2006-10-05 17:52:21
167.   Bluebleeder87
stupid Floyd has a kind of good read of Kuo
2006-10-05 17:52:22
168.   nick
they're calling Tainan City a "town" again--it's around a million people, right? better than "village" I suppose....& not that it wouldn't be great to see Wang v Kuo, say game #2 of the WS....
2006-10-05 17:52:25
169.   bhsportsguy
Lots of pitches so far this at bat.
2006-10-05 17:53:02
170.   Bluebleeder87
up & in on Flyod Kuo!!!!
2006-10-05 17:53:07
171.   KG16
165 - part of me wants to believe that I'd have the organist playing. Another part of me knows that it would probably be something by Metallica.
2006-10-05 17:53:21
172.   Big Game
165. Queens of the Stone Age - Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
2006-10-05 17:53:46
173.   trainwreck
Panasonic Youth by Dillinger Escape Plan

That would wake people up.

2006-10-05 17:53:55
174.   bigcpa
2006-10-05 17:53:57
175.   kegtron
165 - Deep Cover by Snoop and Dre
2006-10-05 17:54:05
176.   KG16
171 - or maybe centerfield by John Fogerty
2006-10-05 17:54:12
177.   Bluebleeder87
up & in like i called it!! yes!!
2006-10-05 17:54:18
178.   nick
160 if you're gonna have a nickname, hard to do much better than "Cool Papa"
2006-10-05 17:54:21
179.   Jae
Wow. Blew that dude away there.
2006-10-05 17:54:29
180.   ninjavshippo
170 - you called it!
2006-10-05 17:54:37
181.   Vishal
[135] i am quite confident that the A's will advance. they're 2-0 and i find their recent record in clinchers to be more or less irrelevant.
2006-10-05 17:54:43
182.   Michaelpop
166 - Nice!

I think mine would be Sloan's "She Says What She Means". I like the riff.

2006-10-05 17:56:11
183.   nick
sonic youth, "silver rocket"
2006-10-05 17:56:36
184.   Jae
Run DMC's seminal You Be Illin'
2006-10-05 17:56:37
185.   natepurcell
lots of pitches.
2006-10-05 17:56:51
186.   JT Dutch
... Kuo worked hard to get through that inning.
2006-10-05 17:57:08
187.   trainwreck
Hopefully Kuo can get a couple of short innings. We are going to need him to go as long as he can tonight.
2006-10-05 17:57:08
188.   kegtron
2006-10-05 17:57:12
189.   we are infinite
I think he's only about 5 pitches ahead of Glavine tho.
2006-10-05 17:57:15
190.   MMSMikey
does anyone know where there is a video on a pre game presser with julio lugo?
2006-10-05 17:57:17
191.   Uncle Miltie
Too many pitches by Kuo that inning, but he looks really good so far. His stuff is electric.
2006-10-05 17:57:28
192.   MMSMikey
*why there is?
2006-10-05 17:57:32
193.   we are infinite
I mean behind. You know.
2006-10-05 17:57:55
194.   Michaelpop
Yeah, 27 pitches, but the only number I care about is 0 (runs). Hopefully he can get a few quick out with the bottom of the order next inning.
2006-10-05 17:58:21
195.   Vishal
[173] dillinger escape plan may also cause many of them to run away screaming. or at least turn the channel. :) they really have to advertise the subway in new york!?!?

2006-10-05 17:58:21
196.   ninjavshippo
173 - i like it. i think mine would be either
1) drunkship of lanterns by the mars volta, or
1a) immigrant song by led zeppelin
2006-10-05 17:58:32
197.   Bluebleeder87

i'd go with peace & love by the mexican band zoe i'm not kidding they rock!!

2006-10-05 17:58:38
198.   kegtron
The inexplicable batters box music this year was Drew to Iron Man and Ramon to Magic Stick.
2006-10-05 17:59:41
199.   Ravenscar
I'll stride to the plate with anything by L.A.'s own Redd Kross playing.
2006-10-05 17:59:53
200.   Ravenscar
I'll stride to the plate with anything by L.A.'s own Redd Kross playing.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-10-05 18:00:26
201.   Jae
Hit a bomb Kuo!
2006-10-05 18:00:30
202.   Michaelpop
Watch Kuo get the first Dodger hit right here.
2006-10-05 18:01:01
203.   MMSMikey
2nd time around the dodgers better get glavine, this is pathetic.
2006-10-05 18:02:13
204.   bigcpa
I think we took the crowd out of it just by putting them to sleep.
2006-10-05 18:02:15
205.   Michaelpop
And there's the whistle. Time to go home!


2006-10-05 18:02:26
206.   Ravenscar
Uhhh nice camerawork there, FOX.
2006-10-05 18:02:34
207.   Vishal
"glavine can make you look bad even if you're a pitcher who's not supposed to hit 'em".

what? that's nothing to crow about then, is it.

2006-10-05 18:02:38
208.   MMSMikey
have the dodgers hit 1 ball hard?
2006-10-05 18:02:54
209.   nick
it's just infuriating watching Glavine get guys out with this slop and his patented 4-extra-inch-wide strike zone...
2006-10-05 18:03:15
210.   ddger
Watching Glavine pitch is like watching Maddux pitch lefthanded. Hope he tires quickly.
2006-10-05 18:03:19
211.   Flax
Ok see now I thought it was the Mets that couldn't hit left-handed pitching.
2006-10-05 18:04:01
212.   Bluebleeder87
2nd time around the dodgers better get glavine, this is pathetic.

i'm thinking next time the Dodgers hit, someting will happen.

ps notice his pitching pattern people!!

2006-10-05 18:04:59
213.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
Here we go...
2006-10-05 18:05:09
214.   kegtron
Is anybody else drinking? Bluebleeder?
2006-10-05 18:05:21
215.   trainwreck
What is Nomar doing?
2006-10-05 18:05:30
216.   SCRocks
Can rule #9 be violated now?
2006-10-05 18:05:37
217.   JT Dutch
... Geez, Nomar was LOST on that play.
2006-10-05 18:05:42
218.   Ken Arneson
203 If this is pathetic, then so is every NL team for the last 20 years. This is a hall of famer doing his thing.

Now, if you were getting shut down by Jeff Weaver, that would be pathetic.

2006-10-05 18:05:49
219.   Gen3Blue
We need Loney desperately.
2006-10-05 18:05:52
220.   Padgett
Chavez was three feet outside the batter's box when he made contact there.
2006-10-05 18:06:19
221.   natepurcell

I would, but i plan on going to the gym after the game.

2006-10-05 18:06:22
222.   Vishal
man, the dodgers look braindead.
2006-10-05 18:06:24
223.   trainwreck
I could start soon.
2006-10-05 18:07:30
224.   Uncle Miltie
209- there's a reason why he's probably going to the hall of fame. His stuff isn't any better than Hendrickson's, but he's much smarter and has much better control.
2006-10-05 18:08:37
225.   scareduck
Well, that was lame.
2006-10-05 18:08:58
226.   ninjavshippo
yikes. that's the sound of the kuo bandwagon caroming off a telephone poll. still going with a head of steam, but just a little rickety now.
2006-10-05 18:09:17
227.   ninjavshippo
226 - *pole
2006-10-05 18:09:21
228.   Uncle Miltie
That is really frustrating
2006-10-05 18:09:26
229.   Flax
2006-10-05 18:09:35
230.   thinkblue0
swinging bunt.

Just our luck.

2006-10-05 18:09:37
231.   trainwreck
Time for some K's!
2006-10-05 18:10:15
232.   dagwich
This may seem inconceivable to some of you,but this is the first Dodger game I've seen this year on TV. It's a pleasure to spend it with you all.

Now you're probably wishing I'll turn it off so the guys will get a hit.

2006-10-05 18:10:35
233.   Bluebleeder87
Reyes lookes like a chump swinging at Kuo's fastball!!
2006-10-05 18:10:49
234.   Uncle Miltie
Keep throwing that slider Kuo. This time in the dirt. Don't throw Reyes a fastball.
2006-10-05 18:10:58
235.   kegtron
One more strike Kuo!

This is not a futbol game.

2006-10-05 18:11:06
236.   Ravenscar
Geez John Maine has really awful hair.
2006-10-05 18:11:18
237.   ninjavshippo
only 81Ks for reyes in regular season. looking for #82 here...
2006-10-05 18:11:20
238.   Flax
K'mon Kuo.
2006-10-05 18:11:41
239.   bigcpa
As we always do with a runner on 3rd we check- the last time Kuo threw a wild pitch- 4 minutes ago.
2006-10-05 18:11:49
240.   overkill94
Check out the chunk that wild pitch took out of the backstop, that's some heat!
2006-10-05 18:11:53
241.   Vishal
[226] bandwagon? most of us were pretty pro-kuo even when he was completely wild as a reliever.
2006-10-05 18:12:17
242.   thinkblue0
Reyes is sure fighting these pitches off.

Just K him...I don't want them getting a sac fly here.

2006-10-05 18:12:19
243.   JT Dutch
... You'd think Kuo was the left-handed Brad Penny with the amount of pitches he's throwing per batter.
2006-10-05 18:12:31
244.   kegtron
240 - Wow it punched a hole right thru the wall.
2006-10-05 18:12:45
245.   Sam DC
Rubbish! Rubbish!
2006-10-05 18:12:58
246.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal blew it...
2006-10-05 18:13:20
247.   Big Game
2006-10-05 18:13:28
248.   overkill94
Well, there's the Mets' allotted run, time for the D-men to put up 4 unanswered for my prediction to come true.
2006-10-05 18:13:33
249.   thinkblue0

it seems like this team just has awful luck all the time...i thought it changed with the 4 HR game and Nomar's a wild pitch, swinging bunt, and a bobbled grounder. UGH.

2006-10-05 18:13:39
250.   JT Dutch
... Mets get a run without hitting the ball out of the infield.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-10-05 18:13:57
251.   ddger
Our defense hasn't helped Kuo much this inning.
2006-10-05 18:14:07
252.   dagwich
An Olney for Reyes, nice recovery by Furcal.
2006-10-05 18:14:33
253.   Sam DC
2006-10-05 18:15:03
254.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
Get Lofton out. Period.
2006-10-05 18:15:19
255.   trainwreck
I can't wait till Lofton is not playing center field.
2006-10-05 18:15:22
256.   ddger
Another misjudged flyball by Lofton?
2006-10-05 18:15:24
257.   Vishal
no kuo's not getting the low-outside strike called.
2006-10-05 18:15:26
258.   JT Dutch
... Wow. GREAT defense in this inning, Dodgers.
2006-10-05 18:15:29
259.   Eric L
It would have taken a perfect throw to get Chavez out on that play.
2006-10-05 18:15:51
260.   Uncle Miltie
Get Lofty out of there...

Kuo is not getting the same calls as Glavine

2006-10-05 18:16:06
261.   Vishal
there are few more annoying phrases than... "and over the head of lofton".
2006-10-05 18:16:17
262.   KG16
Kenny Lofton is DEAD TO ME
2006-10-05 18:16:34
263.   thinkblue0
I'd rather see Lasorda warming up over Sele.
2006-10-05 18:16:47
264.   Uncle Miltie
Grits is really thinking about taking Kuo out??
2006-10-05 18:16:58
265.   JT Dutch
... Kuo's gonna be out of here in the fifth if he has to get four or five outs per inning.
2006-10-05 18:17:31
266.   bigcpa
2006-10-05 18:17:33
267.   KG16
what's Kuo's pitch count?
2006-10-05 18:17:55
268.   ddger
If Kuo has to strike everyone out, he won't pitch much longer.
2006-10-05 18:17:58
269.   Jon Weisman
Keep the faith, folks.
2006-10-05 18:18:04
270.   Bluebleeder87
if Grady brings in Sele to pitch i will loose totall respect for him
2006-10-05 18:18:06
271.   ninjavshippo
after all that they get one run... i'll take it.
2006-10-05 18:18:11
272.   thinkblue0
who's up for having Eithier or Repko pinch hit for Lofton?
2006-10-05 18:18:17
273.   scareduck
267 - 61
2006-10-05 18:18:18
274.   dagwich
Yikes! Sele-watch is on.

OK, Kuo got a reprieve.

2006-10-05 18:18:35
275.   natepurcell
lo duca blistered that ball. why are we blaming lofton? he wasnt going to get it regardless.
2006-10-05 18:18:39
276.   Bluebleeder87

i believe Jon, but i don't believe in Grady.

2006-10-05 18:18:50
277.   xaphor
267. 61, 40 for strikes
2006-10-05 18:18:53
278.   thinkblue0
it really is a shame for Kuo right now....pitching great ball, offense just isn't doing it.

Now's the time for Nomar and Kent to step up.

2006-10-05 18:19:21
279.   Linkmeister
Quack, quack. Nibbling by ducks nets a run.
2006-10-05 18:19:25
280.   scareduck
269 - for the record, I'm losing my religion. Actually, I've lost it. Any wins the Dodgers get are postseason gravy.
2006-10-05 18:19:40
281.   Bluebleeder87
Let's get some runs blue crew!!
2006-10-05 18:19:57
282.   thinkblue0

I don't blame Lofton for not getting that ball...I blame him for his .000 avg and Grady's insistence on playing him against Glavine whom he can't hit.

2006-10-05 18:20:09
283.   kegtron
Cool Papa leading off this inning, time to make his presence felt.
2006-10-05 18:20:29
284.   ddger

Is that Jim Hill :)

2006-10-05 18:20:38
285.   ninjavshippo
278 - agreed. if kuo holds this offense (which is a great one) under 3 for 5IP, i'm happy with that. for a 1st year (first month, even) start, that's fine.
2006-10-05 18:20:47
286.   kegtron
283 - I guess not
2006-10-05 18:20:47
287.   MMSMikey
lofton, 0-6.
2006-10-05 18:20:48
288.   Flax
Since we were on the topic of theme songs, I'd like to suggest a tune for the Dodgers team as a whole, to be played IMMEDIATELY:

"Wake Up," The Arcade Fire.

2006-10-05 18:20:48
289.   JT Dutch
... Well, Ken, if you can't catch you may as well hit, right? Or you'd just be a complete zero, right?
2006-10-05 18:21:22
290.   thinkblue0
after watching that replay...if that ball doesn't shoot directly to Green then they both probably score.

what kinda luck is that.

2006-10-05 18:21:24
291.   scareduck
Loney-lovers, you just got your wish.
2006-10-05 18:21:25
292.   trainwreck
They are never going to stop showing "the Play."
2006-10-05 18:21:27
293.   ninjavshippo
285 - start*er*
2006-10-05 18:21:52
294.   we are infinite
Whew, we got a hit!
2006-10-05 18:22:02
295.   scareduck
285 - for a pitcher with ONE MAJOR LEAGUE VICTORY it's a damn fine thing.
2006-10-05 18:22:19
296.   thinkblue0
I don't think Nomar would even score on a gapper here with the way he's running.
2006-10-05 18:22:26
297.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
Nomar with no properly working muscles is faster than Kent.
2006-10-05 18:22:59
298.   Uncle Miltie
That's a strike??
2006-10-05 18:23:09
299.   JT Dutch
... That was a strike, eh???? O-K.
2006-10-05 18:23:10
300.   Bluebleeder87
you gotta be joking about pitches like that!!!
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-10-05 18:23:22
301.   ddger
Kent just needs to hit a HR to score Nomar.
2006-10-05 18:24:21
302.   ninjavshippo
299 - glavine could throw to first here and they'd call it a strike.
2006-10-05 18:24:28
303.   thinkblue0
alright kent!

Cmon DREW!!!!!!!

2006-10-05 18:24:44
304.   Bluebleeder87
Charity Glavine charity!!
2006-10-05 18:24:45
305.   scareduck
291 - okay, I was wrong. Dammit.
2006-10-05 18:24:59
306.   Jae
Why is it called the Play? Who the heck names these things?
2006-10-05 18:25:18
307.   thinkblue0
apparently glavine has six inches on each side of the plate to work with.
2006-10-05 18:25:21
308.   ninjavshippo
i'll even take a patented clutch drew WALK here...
2006-10-05 18:26:07
309.   trainwreck
I am sorry, but Donnelly is not a good third base coach.
2006-10-05 18:26:07
310.   Uncle Miltie
I expect Maddux to get these same calls in game 3
2006-10-05 18:26:11
311.   JT Dutch
... Why is everyone blaming Donnelly?? Was he supposed to run out and lift Drew's head or something?
2006-10-05 18:26:20
312.   kegtron
C'mon Drew, man up!
2006-10-05 18:26:30
313.   Gen3Blue
Kuo is pitching fine, and is only around 60 pitches. The defense is awful,but lucky.

It is the offense that could use at least 3 or four parts replaced with youngsters next year.

They keep showing the damn play that lost the moral advantage for last nights game. My kind friends keep trying to tell me it didn't neccesarily lose us the series, but I can tell they are not sure.

2006-10-05 18:26:55
314.   dagwich
Man, I wish they'd shut the heck up already about The Play. It's like that annoying person at work who obsesively works the same bad story.


2006-10-05 18:26:59
315.   JT Dutch
... Why is everyone blaming Donnelly?? Was he supposed to run out and lift Drew's head or something?
2006-10-05 18:27:13
316.   thinkblue0
this entire game is driving me up the wall. I knew before this game even started we were going to have massive problems with Glavine.

Cmon martin...tie this one up.

2006-10-05 18:27:17
317.   overkill94
Time for some clutch rookie hitting right here, you can do it Russ!
2006-10-05 18:27:53
318.   oswald
we have no chance if glavine only has to come within ten inches of the plate
2006-10-05 18:28:32
319.   MMSMikey
ok grady, another HORRIBLE move backfires.
2006-10-05 18:28:39
320.   trainwreck

Remember when Grady Little said we don't do that Oakland stuff taking 3-0.

2006-10-05 18:29:38
321.   natepurcell
Kuo is pitching fine, and is only around 60 pitches

60 pitches after 3 is umm, on the high end.

2006-10-05 18:29:51
322.   Bluebleeder87
no one will ever convince me that Glavine is a great pitcher for some reason umpires diseded he was a great pitcher no matter what!
2006-10-05 18:30:39
323.   Vishal
[310] that doesn't comfort me much if we lose game 2.
2006-10-05 18:31:09
324.   scooplew
311 Donnelly should have been yelling "half way!" to Kent. But even if he were, Kent might have paid him no mind, or Kent might not have heard him.
2006-10-05 18:31:29
325.   ninjavshippo
322 - easy on the bold, pal. it's still only the fourth inning. :)
2006-10-05 18:31:44
326.   Uncle Miltie
Glavine is a great pitcher, but he's definitely getting some calls. That last pitch to Drew was 4-5 inches off the plate.

Grits would probably be a better manager if he didn't do anything.

2006-10-05 18:31:54
327.   nick
I'll say it again, Glavine has his own private strike zone, I get filled with rage watching him pitch...he's a great psychologist, understands umpiring....with robot umps, Maddux is still a HOFer, Glavine's a LOOGY at best.....
2006-10-05 18:32:08
328.   JT Dutch

... They're not going to shut up about it unless the Dodgers win the series.

Two runners being tagged out at home on the same play, the "Brad Penny is a reliever" experiment, swinging at 3-0 pitches ... people aren't going to just pretend that these sort of idiotic blunders just didn't happen.

2006-10-05 18:32:13
329.   Linkmeister
322 Don't be silly. He's been doing this for 20 years, with all manner of umpires calling balls and strikes. 290 wins = great pitcher.
2006-10-05 18:32:28
330.   Bluebleeder87
2006-10-05 18:33:11
331.   Jae
This is premature, but our rotation next year is going to be:


Who else do we run out there?

2006-10-05 18:33:20
332.   ninjavshippo
rule 8?
2006-10-05 18:33:21
333.   Eric L
Was the 3-0 pitch that Russell hit a bad pitch? Was it not a strike?

In other words, was it a hittable pitch for Martin?

2006-10-05 18:33:48
334.   trainwreck
Mets fans need to bring their gloves to the game.
2006-10-05 18:33:58
335.   Bluebleeder87

answer me this why won't Kuo get the same strike zone that Glavine gets??

2006-10-05 18:34:01
336.   ninjavshippo
331 - if maddux isn't there, how about that japanese guy everyone around here (and my friend from seattle) loves?
2006-10-05 18:34:08
337.   overkill94
Nice little play be Drew there.
2006-10-05 18:34:10
338.   Uncle Miltie
330- pitching is not just about velocity and "stuff". You must not think very highly of Maddux.

Great play by Drew!

2006-10-05 18:34:10
339.   JT Dutch
... GREAT play by Drew.
2006-10-05 18:34:12
340.   kegtron
Nice catch drew!!


2006-10-05 18:34:16
341.   MMSMikey
.329, not until we found out they cheated in atlanta, by chalking the catchers box an extra 2 inches on each side.
2006-10-05 18:34:19
342.   Flax
Nice play, J.D.
2006-10-05 18:34:23
343.   Jae
333 It was high and away. Ball four.
2006-10-05 18:34:42
344.   trainwreck
2006-10-05 18:34:52
345.   kegtron
HAHA Brenaman. Eat your words buddy!!!
2006-10-05 18:34:54
346.   xaphor
Steiner needs to be lynched
2006-10-05 18:34:56
347.   Flax
Nice play, wind.
2006-10-05 18:35:03
348.   overkill94
Haha, in your face Brenneman "I don't think Drew's gonna get that one!"
2006-10-05 18:35:04
349.   natepurcell

the big blue dodger in the sky huffed and puffed and blew that ball down.

2006-10-05 18:35:08
350.   Uncle Miltie
LOL, little Thommy really misjudged that one.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-10-05 18:35:09
351.   JT Dutch
... The broadcasters were watching the ball with their hearts, not their eyes. Heh.
2006-10-05 18:35:09
352.   D4P
Woah, Floyd ripped that. Can't believe that stayed in the park
2006-10-05 18:35:09
353.   trainwreck
Great call Tom and great camera work too.
2006-10-05 18:35:10
354.   Benaiah
"Don't think Drew is going to get this one! Oh."

Great announcing.

2006-10-05 18:35:13
355.   Bluebleeder87
you give any major league pitcher more inches of the plate & i give you more wins!!
2006-10-05 18:35:15
356.   Jae
LOL, Don't think Drew's going get this one.. Uhh, my bad. Drew's there.
2006-10-05 18:35:15
357.   ninjavshippo
341 - wait, did that really happen?
2006-10-05 18:35:17
358.   dagwich
Redemption for JD!! Nice.

Twice, even.

2006-10-05 18:36:25
359.   ninjavshippo
i've been as much of a critic of drew as anyone else, but he's sort of won me over the last month+... stoic automaton face and all.
2006-10-05 18:36:26
360.   Jae
Brennaman pulled a Charley Steiner there.
2006-10-05 18:36:33
361.   MMSMikey
357, yeah, i forgot who they were playing but the other manager came out and they measured it and everything. and found it the box wasnt regulation.
2006-10-05 18:36:33
362.   fan 4 40 plus
for all you young 'uns that was a Jerry Doggett call all the way...
2006-10-05 18:36:40
363.   JT Dutch
... I'll give it until the seventh to hear a "Let's Go Mets" chant started from the broadcast booth.
2006-10-05 18:36:46
364.   kegtron
You said you wanted a little afternoon pick me up.

And I delivered.

2006-10-05 18:36:58
365.   Vishal
[165] i think my batting theme song would be "who rocks the party" by les savy fav.

PHEW! quick inning, i'll take it.

2006-10-05 18:37:13
366.   ninjavshippo
361 - scandalous!
2006-10-05 18:37:29
367.   Uncle Miltie
Good announcers watch the outfielders.

Then there are guys like Thom Brennaman and Charley Steiner.

2006-10-05 18:37:40
368.   Jon Weisman
I don't think Kuo's pitch count should be held against him. While it will limit how long he can stay in the game, he should be praised for almost never giving in to any hitters tonight.

However, those two long fly balls can be considered a warning sign. Fortunately, bottom three up for the Mets next inning - maybe that'll buy hims some time (if they can avoid those 50-foot hits.)

2006-10-05 18:37:50
369.   ninjavshippo
365 - that's a great choice. have you heard their latest? if so, what do you think about it?
2006-10-05 18:38:32
370.   Bob Timmermann
Steiner needs to be lynched

He would have to be under arrest first by the police. Lynching is the removal by force and by a grop of an individual from police custody.

I actually had a friend who was on jury duty a few years ago and somebody was charged with lynching.

2006-10-05 18:38:49
371.   overkill94
mmmm, Bison chocolate stout, anyone ever had this stuff? It's delicious! My sister got me a couple cases with various seasonal brews in them for my birthday and so far they've been really good.
2006-10-05 18:38:51
372.   Big Game
My earlier drooling at the thought of facing Glavine has turned in to frothy, rabid rage at the anemic Dodger bats. And now I have to go to dinner and will miss the rest of the least we're eating at the Saddle Peak Lodge.
2006-10-05 18:39:03
373.   JT Dutch
... Operation "Bash the Dodgers" in full effect! Nice job, guys.
2006-10-05 18:39:34
374.   dagwich
Time for a 400 ft Marlon burger..
2006-10-05 18:39:42
375.   Big Game
369. Their latest is actually a re-release of their earliest. I believe the band is on hiatus.
2006-10-05 18:39:47
376.   natepurcell
weve got a couple les savy fav fans in here eh?
2006-10-05 18:40:02
377.   fan 4 40 plus
for all you young fans out there that was a Jerry Doggett call
2006-10-05 18:40:22
378.   MMSMikey
nice hop there for valentine
2006-10-05 18:40:26
379.   nick
Maddux has great late movement; Glavine does not. That's a real difference between them...
2006-10-05 18:40:30
380.   ninjavshippo
375, oh the 3/5 album? nevermind then.
2006-10-05 18:40:46
381.   kegtron
2006-10-05 18:40:47
382.   kegtron
2006-10-05 18:40:59
383.   kegtron
2006-10-05 18:41:03
384.   Jae
run lugo run!
2006-10-05 18:41:08
385.   trainwreck
Lugo is going to have to lead us guys.
2006-10-05 18:41:10
386.   bigcpa
In the words of the late Jack Buck- "I can't believe what I just saw!!"
2006-10-05 18:41:15
387.   Sam DC
You go Lu go!

Does Kuo bat with RISP?

2006-10-05 18:41:19
388.   JT Dutch
... Attaboy, Lugo! Your Dodger average just rose to .044.
2006-10-05 18:41:35
389.   Vishal
lugo!!! yeah baby.
2006-10-05 18:41:40
390.   Gen3Blue
Great JD. But is the offense gonna leave Kuo with nothing until they get to him.
Apparently. Now Andersons one of our regulars? and of course Lugo? If I played the players played I would think I was trying to lose.
Nice aliteration or assonance also.
2006-10-05 18:41:49
391.   Big Game
376. I dont know if you remember, but I'm also a Curl Up and Die fan as well...
2006-10-05 18:41:57
392.   Jae

Letting Kuo bat here? Interesting.

2006-10-05 18:42:11
393.   Uncle Miltie
Lugo better not try to steal 3rd
2006-10-05 18:42:11
394.   ninjavshippo
take all the way, kuo baby
2006-10-05 18:42:46
395.   MSarg29
Lugo's been swinging the bat better?
2006-10-05 18:42:47
396.   Bluebleeder87
can i brotha vent!!
2006-10-05 18:43:09
397.   dagwich
371--it's great, and organic! Or so the label states.
2006-10-05 18:43:20
398.   natepurcell

I remember, you work at the glass house right?

2006-10-05 18:43:23
399.   Gen3Blue
I'd let Kuo bat. The rest of the guys have their tails between their legs.
2006-10-05 18:43:24
400.   Benaiah
392 - Considering our bullpen and how well Kuo has pitched this inning... I support the move. He did manage to advance the runner, so it worked out, but regardless I think Kuo should bat there.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-10-05 18:43:28
401.   MMSMikey
hes only pitched 4 innings you have to let him bat, you dont want to see sele in there.
2006-10-05 18:43:30
402.   Bluebleeder87
i'm confident at furcal batting here!
2006-10-05 18:43:38
403.   ninjavshippo
that'll do, kuo. that'll do.
2006-10-05 18:43:49
404.   Jae
Raffy is going to hit a 3 bagger here
2006-10-05 18:44:03
405.   we are infinite
Oo, a productive out for Kuo. Rock on.
2006-10-05 18:44:09
406.   Big Game
398. Yes sir, but not for much longer...I also worked at Revelation Records for a couple years.
2006-10-05 18:44:16
407.   kegtron
395 - Today he has, he hit a screamer at Wright in his first at bat (for an out - but still he got good wood on it) and now his double down the line.
2006-10-05 18:44:39
408.   ninjavshippo
okay, i realize glavine throws pies out there, but let's not see a repeat of the colorado fiasco, lugo..
2006-10-05 18:44:45
409.   trainwreck
Long live mathcore!
2006-10-05 18:45:16
410.   Jon Weisman
Furcal missed his pitch.
2006-10-05 18:45:16
411.   JT Dutch
... How did Furcal miss THAT?!?!?!?
2006-10-05 18:45:19
412.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal just missed a very hittable pitch
2006-10-05 18:45:42
413.   MMSMikey
lofton is due for his 1st knock.
2006-10-05 18:45:42
414.   MSarg29
407 - I agree w/ that. Just Lyons comment "that Lugo has been swinging the bat better down the stretch"
2006-10-05 18:45:45
415.   Vishal
[369] yeah, inches is mostly old stuff, but it's good. go forth and rome are their best ones though.
2006-10-05 18:45:50
416.   Bluebleeder87
Lofton here scares me, Grady why!
2006-10-05 18:45:50
417.   trainwreck
Please just get on base Lofton.
2006-10-05 18:45:51
418.   Uncle Miltie
I'll take the walk

Unfortunately, Lofty is up

2006-10-05 18:45:53
419.   thinkblue0
bring up OLMEDO
2006-10-05 18:45:57
420.   kegtron
Ok, Lofton. Redeem yourself.
2006-10-05 18:46:07
421.   ninjavshippo
oi.. i would have let furcal go w/ kenny on deck, too
2006-10-05 18:46:16
422.   nick
how does Furcal miss that pitch in that spot!?
2006-10-05 18:46:36
423.   Vishal
[409] haha, good ol' mathcore. :)
2006-10-05 18:46:38
424.   we are infinite
So Kenny walks and Nomah hits a slammer? Is that the plan?
2006-10-05 18:46:38
425.   Sam DC
They killed Kenny.
2006-10-05 18:46:44
426.   kegtron
2006-10-05 18:46:53
427.   MMSMikey
lofton, 0-7
2006-10-05 18:47:04
428.   overkill94
Friggin lofton
2006-10-05 18:47:07
429.   thinkblue0
Lofton really is worthless right now.

It completely boggles my mind that Grady didn't pinch hit for him there, let alone put him on the lineup card in the first place.

2006-10-05 18:47:10
430.   Uncle Miltie
425- I wish
2006-10-05 18:47:16
431.   trainwreck
Glavine shattered his bat.
2006-10-05 18:47:32
432.   ninjavshippo
what kills a rally faster? a HR or a lofton AB?
2006-10-05 18:47:44
433.   JT Dutch
... Perhaps now would be the time to give Repko a chance to show what he can do.
2006-10-05 18:47:58
434.   Vishal
why oh why is lofton playing today. why. just... why.
2006-10-05 18:48:07
435.   Bluebleeder87
"i just don't get it!!"
2006-10-05 18:48:24
436.   Big Game
415. I think 3/5 is the newest "release". "The Cat and the Cobra" is also quite good.

But if you never got to see them live, you really missed out. Seeing Tim, the 220lb+ singer, climbing the balcony at the Troubadour wearing a wrestling singlet is a sight I will never forget.

2006-10-05 18:48:27
437.   ninjavshippo
435 - who exactly is saying that?
2006-10-05 18:48:51
438.   xaphor
Lofton is quickly undoing all the goodwill he earned over the season.
2006-10-05 18:48:57
439.   overkill94
397 Only a beer brewed in Berkeley would go out of their way to let you know that its product is organic.
2006-10-05 18:48:58
440.   MMSMikey
if the dodgers dont score next inning its going to be really tough, because the mets will start going to their bullpen.
2006-10-05 18:49:14
441.   ninjavshippo
436 - i did get to see them at the fonda music box. it was electric.

literally and figuratively.

2006-10-05 18:49:31
442.   thinkblue0

He shouldn't have started tonight in the first place...but to not pinch hit for him there just makes my brain numb.

2006-10-05 18:49:33
443.   bigcpa
It feels like it'll take a Kent or Nomar solo shot to get us on the board.
2006-10-05 18:49:43
444.   dagwich
Terrible at bat by Lofton. Glavine has really messed with their heads, to the point where thry don't know what to swing at. It helps he gets that special strike zone.
2006-10-05 18:49:57
445.   JT Dutch

... You mean the bullpen the Dodgers scored four runs against yesterday?? OK.

2006-10-05 18:50:33
446.   JT Dutch
... Oops, I meant 440.
2006-10-05 18:50:49
447.   Gen3Blue
I can't express it. But it lifts neither Furcal or Lofton.
2006-10-05 18:50:53
448.   Bluebleeder87

i'm quoting Mr Harry Carey, but i feel his quote

2006-10-05 18:50:55
449.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
Kenny "Mendoza" Lofton now hitting .211 for his career in the DS.
2006-10-05 18:51:04
450.   das411
Wow, amazing all the negative comments already in what looks to me like a very very winnable one-run game...
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-10-05 18:51:05
451.   Vishal
[436] i've seen them many times, and they're absolutely amazing live. tim has sucked on my finger. he's one of my favorite people ever, just based on his stage persona alone.
2006-10-05 18:51:08
452.   ninjavshippo
hmm.. i think once he starts to lose it, the wheels are going to come off fast. methinks we should watch him closely...
2006-10-05 18:51:09
453.   MMSMikey
jesus, dont walk mustache.
2006-10-05 18:51:43
454.   scooplew
I'm getting crabby.
2006-10-05 18:51:56
455.   Vishal
come on. you gotta go after valentin.
2006-10-05 18:52:19
456.   ninjavshippo
crud berries.
2006-10-05 18:52:20
457.   overkill94
I came across the lyric "I know your best was still your worst" while listening to "St. Augustine" by Band of Horses. Who best exemplifies that on the Dodgers, Carter? Hendrickson? Gio?
2006-10-05 18:52:53
458.   trainwreck
Walk Valentin your'e gonna have a bad time.
2006-10-05 18:53:26
459.   natepurcell
walk reyes, let loduca hit into a DP
2006-10-05 18:53:27
460.   Uncle Miltie
Glavine is Championship Caliber Bunter
2006-10-05 18:53:37
461.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
Fundamental baseball. Who knew?
2006-10-05 18:53:59
462.   Uncle Miltie
Tomko better not come in after the IBB. Tomko is a flyball pitcher.
2006-10-05 18:54:05
463.   trainwreck
Reyes has been terrible against Kuo today.
2006-10-05 18:54:23
464.   bigcpa
Welcome to Tom Glavine Night on Fox: the greatest living human being.
2006-10-05 18:54:26
465.   Sam DC
I don't get to high five or fist bump enough in my job. Even when things go well, we just don't take the time to celebrate it properly.
2006-10-05 18:54:36
466.   scooplew
Walking Reyes to get to LoDuca! No Way!
2006-10-05 18:54:37
467.   Benaiah
Shades of Kuo one bad ERA start... Please don't give up a 500 footer Tomko.
2006-10-05 18:54:38
468.   natepurcell
okay, dont pull kuo.
2006-10-05 18:54:52
469.   Bluebleeder87
Tomko in
2006-10-05 18:55:03
470.   27indigo
Stating the obvious here, but the Fox announcers are doing an even better job of stating the obvious, and it's aggravating.
2006-10-05 18:55:04
471.   ninjavshippo
hmm.. i'm not sure i agree with this.
2006-10-05 18:55:09
472.   Uncle Miltie
Grits has really been a terrible manager in the postseason.
2006-10-05 18:55:13
473.   scareduck
Ah, here comes Tomko to lose the game.
2006-10-05 18:55:20
474.   overkill94
Not a bad outing by Kuo, hopefully Tomko can make his final line look respectable.
2006-10-05 18:55:23
475.   JT Dutch
... Tomko is in. Make sure helmets are on and man the fortifications.
2006-10-05 18:55:24
476.   Vishal
here comes bombko. :|
2006-10-05 18:56:00
477.   ninjavshippo
would it be dramatic to say a big piece of our postseason future is resting on bombko?
2006-10-05 18:56:21
478.   scooplew
Another odd managing move, bringing in Tomko. I would have let Kuo pitch to Reyes, who hadn't looked good against him.
2006-10-05 18:56:35
479.   scareduck
472 - he seems to have the Bobby Cox disease, marked by a crippling inability to distinguish the regular season from the postseason.
2006-10-05 18:56:39
480.   Bluebleeder87
1 run game, do you guys think Grady made the right move????????? bringing in Tomko?
2006-10-05 18:56:41
481.   trainwreck
Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Tomko a fly ball pitcher?
2006-10-05 18:56:43
482.   ninjavshippo
475 - launchpad secure and ready for action, sir.
2006-10-05 18:56:45
483.   D4P
Grits has really been a terrible manager in the postseason

Ned's evil plan is coming to fruition

2006-10-05 18:56:49
484.   Linkmeister
472 ON the basis of 1.5 games?
2006-10-05 18:56:53
485.   bigcpa
So it only took 2 batters for the decision to let Kuo hit to backfire.
2006-10-05 18:56:54
486.   Jon Weisman
Kuo not getting through this inning, whatever happens, hurts me more than the run he gave up. I wavered about whether I would have pinch-hit for him with the tying runner on. I decided I would leave him in because facing the bottom of the order, he had a shot at giving the Dodgers two more innings. But it was a really dicey choice.
2006-10-05 18:57:00
487.   scareduck
2006-10-05 18:57:17
488.   27indigo
And Tomko immediately gives a flyball.
2006-10-05 18:57:27
489.   Uncle Miltie
What a shock! A flyball from a flyball pitcher!
2006-10-05 18:57:31
490.   trainwreck
And LoDuca hits a fly ball.
2006-10-05 18:57:42
491.   JT Dutch
... Way to keep them over 300 feet per batter, Brett.
2006-10-05 18:58:06
492.   Benaiah
I don't see why Grady will pull Kuo in that situation but leave Penny in for the last two outs of the 8th last night.
2006-10-05 18:58:13
493.   Jon Weisman
Oh, you had to bite the bullet and take Kuo out. To me, he was clearly tiring.
2006-10-05 18:58:14
494.   Big Game
Thank god Loduca didnt hit it to Lofton.
2006-10-05 18:58:16
495.   Vishal
1 pitch, 1 run
2006-10-05 18:58:35
496.   27indigo
484 There was that whole Pedro thing too, though.
2006-10-05 18:59:06
497.   dagwich
Dang these ghosts of Dodgers past that come back to haunt us. Why couldn't Paulie hit into a DP?
2006-10-05 18:59:21
498.   Vishal
tomko really wants to see david wright, apparently.
2006-10-05 18:59:35
499.   ninjavshippo
497 - jeebus. or why can't brett throw a strike?
2006-10-05 18:59:36
500.   overkill94
Tomko vs. Delgado

What's the record for furthest home run ever hit?

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-10-05 18:59:48
501.   Bluebleeder87
Ned Colletties' FAT name is all over Tomkos name!! PERIOD!!
2006-10-05 19:00:40
502.   Benaiah
I am sorry, but I wholeheartedly agree that Little has been bad. His decisions are nearly always questionable and even the ones that work out (Martinez hitting yesterday) are not sound thinking.
2006-10-05 19:00:43
503.   Uncle Miltie
Is the left side of Grady Little's brain functioning properly?
2006-10-05 19:00:54
504.   ninjavshippo
joe beimel would have been a nice help tonight. not to put salt on any mysterious, barroom wounds.
2006-10-05 19:01:08
505.   thinkblue0
nothing like bringing in the one reliever who does nothing but give up fly balls into a situation where you need anything but that.

I never thought Grady was all that bad...but now I'm wavering.

2006-10-05 19:01:13
506.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
I'd be content with a walk here.
2006-10-05 19:01:29
507.   Sam DC
While I didn't type it out loud, I wanted to pull Kuo. Scoring opportunities may be few the way this game is going, and whatever Kuo did in the bottom of this inning, we were going to be relying on the bullpen for a substantial chunk of the game. Making that chunk a little more would have had cost, but would have been the increased chance of getting on the board in what was a one-run game.
2006-10-05 19:01:31
508.   kegtron
Well, I'm still optimistic.

C'mon Tomko!!

2006-10-05 19:01:39
509.   Benaiah
502 - I am talking more about replacing Kuo with Tomko rather than letting Kuo hit. Though, if Kuo was on such a short leach then why let him bat at all?
2006-10-05 19:02:02
511.   Jon Weisman
501 - That is as far as I want to see the nastiness go here, period.
2006-10-05 19:02:15
512.   27indigo
Tomko isn't fooling Delgado one bit here.
2006-10-05 19:02:29
513.   dagwich
I'm not not feeling a good vibe with this bobmko-delgado interaction.
2006-10-05 19:02:41
514.   Jon Weisman
510 - And that's too far. That's your warning.
2006-10-05 19:02:43
515.   27indigo
512 Nevermind!
2006-10-05 19:02:46
516.   ninjavshippo
Tomko could use an old-fashioned Odalis spin-ball here.
2006-10-05 19:02:50
517.   JT Dutch
... Got out of it cheaply enough, as Vin would say.
2006-10-05 19:02:57
518.   Uncle Miltie
Grady Little's gut feeling was right. He got lucky this time.
2006-10-05 19:03:02
519.   kegtron
Not too bad Tomko.

Now lets get that run back!

2006-10-05 19:03:08
520.   trainwreck
I wish I could get liquor delivered to my house.
2006-10-05 19:03:08
521.   Big Game
511. And here I was about to make a joke involving Colletties and Manzieres. Or Bro's.
2006-10-05 19:03:37
522.   Big Game
Thank god Loduca didnt hit it to Lofton.
2006-10-05 19:04:03
523.   Uncle Miltie
The game is still within reach, but the Dodgers need to get some guys on base.
2006-10-05 19:04:19
524.   Jon Weisman
If I were a Mets fan, I might be upset that the Dodgers haven't been buried.
2006-10-05 19:04:25
525.   ninjavshippo
517 - precisely. 2 runs through 5 from the 1st year starter and tomko means they did they're job, from my p.o.v.. if we lose this game, i'm putting it on the cold bats as of right now. that could change.
2006-10-05 19:04:30
526.   Big Game
strike 522 from the record.
2006-10-05 19:04:59
527.   ninjavshippo
525 - *their. my spelling has been terrible tonight.
2006-10-05 19:05:08
528.   dagwich
"Nice job by Tomko"-- not often you hear that. Although he gave up the sac fly, it feels like he dodged a bullet.
2006-10-05 19:05:26
529.   Bluebleeder87
I wish I could get liquor delivered to my house.

that's the only thing that's keeping me sane, hey did the Dodger have a game recape of some kind, like what do expect from Glavine & so fourth!!???

2006-10-05 19:05:34
530.   scooplew
All things considered, I'm happy with how the bottom of the 5th ended. Now, we need some baserunners from the heart of our order.
2006-10-05 19:05:37
531.   JT Dutch

... Absolutely. The Mets have been all over the Dodgers and lead them only 2-0. This game is long from being over with.

2006-10-05 19:05:47
532.   overkill94
520 Pink Dot?

If not, I've got some Jim Beam I'm willing to share.

2006-10-05 19:07:07
533.   scareduck
520 - they never go up into sector R at night...
2006-10-05 19:07:17
534.   overkill94
529 I think the 20 years of data was enough. It's not like they've never faced him before.
2006-10-05 19:07:20
535.   natepurcell
nomar cant even make it to first base. I know hes going to be heralded by the media for playing hurt with "courage" and "heart" but id rather play loney at 100% then nomar at 50%.
2006-10-05 19:08:04
536.   ninjavshippo
kent is holding up his end of the bargain, so far.
2006-10-05 19:08:26
537.   dagwich
C'mon JD!! A little more redemption here.
2006-10-05 19:09:02
538.   scareduck
535 - is there a way we can have Loney hold Nomar while Nomar swings the bat and Loney runs?
2006-10-05 19:09:18
539.   27indigo
Glavine's strikezone, particularly with Drew is just kinda crazy. Crazy large.
2006-10-05 19:09:23
540.   dagwich
Or not.
2006-10-05 19:09:28
541.   JT Dutch
... If Russ gets to 3-0 this at bat and swings, I'm leaving.
2006-10-05 19:09:28
542.   DoyerDoyerDoyer
I swear I watched this exact game a couple of hours ago.
2006-10-05 19:09:43
543.   Bob Timmermann
Remember on Saturday in addition to the 4:35 pm start and the 4 pm UCLA game and the 12:30 pm USC game, that there will also be a big street fair in Downtown along Grand Avenue.

Too bad the National Day of Resistance wasn't Saturday. That messed up Downtown this evening.

2006-10-05 19:10:20
544.   kegtron
520 -
2006-10-05 19:11:10
545.   ninjavshippo
538 - that is a very funny image. this place could use a little levity. it's just a game, right? :/
2006-10-05 19:11:13
546.   Uncle Miltie
I don't think there's been one hard hit ball against Glavine today. Glavine is really keeping the Dodger hitters off balance by changing speeds.
2006-10-05 19:11:29
547.   das411
Dodgers have the Mets right where they want them...
2006-10-05 19:11:47
548.   JeremyOberstein
I know I am an invested Dodger fan, and that is certainly an explanation for my range of emtotions, but this series (so far) has been especially wicked on my highs and lows: They get two on and no runs; they tie it up and lose the game...I dont believe in curses, but at times I think I should.
2006-10-05 19:13:22
549.   JT Dutch
... Well, mercifully, Nomar's night is at an end.
2006-10-05 19:13:54
550.   bhsportsguy
The story of the game so far is that Tommy Glavine has pitched like a HOF.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-10-05 19:14:04
551.   Benaiah
What does Loney have to do to establish that he is a much much better hitter than Betemit? Unbelievable.
2006-10-05 19:15:30
552.   ninjavshippo
551 - that really is surprising, considering how well loney hit down the stretch.
2006-10-05 19:15:42
553.   D4P
What does Loney have to do to establish that he is a much much better hitter than Betemit?

Be acquired by Ned and/or be a former Devil Ray...?

2006-10-05 19:16:02
554.   overkill94
I'm pretty hungry and want to go to Subway (which is across the street), but I don't want to miss any of the game. Do they deliver?
2006-10-05 19:16:54
555.   ninjavshippo
my heart is sinking. we are so hittable.. and so hitless...
2006-10-05 19:17:19
556.   ninjavshippo
554 - they don't usually, but you can call ahead, so you can just pick it up already made and pay.
2006-10-05 19:17:25
557.   Uncle Miltie
2006-10-05 19:17:29
558.   Greg Brock
Good thing Loney isn't at first.
2006-10-05 19:17:55
559.   scareduck
This play and Lugo's performance has conclusively justified keeping him out of the lineup for the balance of the postseason.
2006-10-05 19:17:58
560.   Benaiah
We are having a lot of trouble with bunts today.
2006-10-05 19:18:01
561.   JeremyOberstein
Betemit was so tentative. It's the playoffs...c'mon Dodgers!!
2006-10-05 19:18:02
562.   overkill94
Wrong foot, Julio
2006-10-05 19:18:02
563.   trainwreck
Sadly no. I eat Subway practically every day and I eat the same sandwich every time.
2006-10-05 19:18:18
564.   Uncle Miltie
Agree with Lyons, that was Betemit's ball
2006-10-05 19:18:52
565.   27indigo
Great cover on the bunt by Tomko and Betemit.
2006-10-05 19:18:56
566.   Linkmeister
Now I'm worried. 3 on, none out? Aargh!
2006-10-05 19:19:38
567.   xaphor
558. I thought the same thing until I realized Loney would have come in to field the bunt and Kent would be at the bag.
2006-10-05 19:19:45
568.   overkill94
I'm pretty picky about my toppings, so I don't exactly trust them to get it right with a phone order. Plus, I don't exactly know what I want.
2006-10-05 19:19:58
569.   scareduck
548 - but isn't this kind of the way the Giants have run over the last ten years? A lot of postseason appearances punctuated by lousy play and never-quite-enough performances when things get tight?

That is to say, if you were wondering what you were going to get with Ned Colletti, here is is.

2006-10-05 19:20:03
570.   kegtron
After smoking 14 cigarrettes yesterday, I promised myself I wouldn't smoke today but I'm about to have a nervous breakdown if I dont.
2006-10-05 19:20:42
571.   ninjavshippo
i almost feel like laughing, with hendrickson coming in. it's sad laughter, though. like that clown from that one play.
2006-10-05 19:20:57
572.   trainwreck
Sweet onion chicken teriyaki is what I suggest, but I don't get the sweet onion sauce.
2006-10-05 19:21:15
573.   D4P
"One of the top left-handed starters in the American League"
2006-10-05 19:21:20
574.   Greg Brock
567 Yes, and Kent wouldn't have done what Lugo did with the feet and the drop.

Kent's brutal sometimes, but I don't think he'd have butchered that one.

2006-10-05 19:21:28
575.   ninjavshippo
568 - i'm a bmt or spicy italian guy, myself. depending on whether or not i'm in the mood for ham.
2006-10-05 19:21:29
576.   overkill94
Not just one of the best lefty starters in the AL, the number 7 lefty starter in the AL!
2006-10-05 19:22:17
577.   dagwich
Bombko to Hendrickon...from frying pan to the fire. Hold on, this could be a wicked ride.
2006-10-05 19:22:24
578.   scooplew
From the Dodgers' web site, 9-05. I think we need a refresher course:

The farm system staffs have been replenished in recent years with former Dodgers that learned fundamentals the old fashioned way. Chicago Cubs manager Dusty Baker was recently bemoaning the lack of fundamental knowledge of Major League players, harkening back to his arrival with the Dodgers from Atlanta, when Dodger instructors taught from executive Al Campanis' book, "The Dodgers' Way to Play Baseball."

"Dusty's absolutely right," said Tom Lasorda, Baker's manager with the Dodgers. "I read that book and taught from it. We all did. Al was a disciple of Branch Rickey, and I was a disciple of Al Campanis. The Dodgers always understood the importance of executing the fundamentals. And I'll tell you what, I'm seeing it time and again with this year's team. They are well-drilled on the fundamentals, the way we were."

2006-10-05 19:22:41
579.   bigcpa
576 There are what, 14 lefty starters in the AL? Buerhle, Chacin, Washburn, Robertson- I think that's it.
2006-10-05 19:23:27
580.   D4P
See 483
2006-10-05 19:24:15
581.   JeremyOberstein
How does a near 50-year old beat that out!!!
2006-10-05 19:24:37
582.   Uncle Miltie
I feel sorry BJ
2006-10-05 19:24:38
583.   Bob Timmermann
Thom Brennaman is Mr. Fundamentals tonight.
2006-10-05 19:24:52
584.   Benaiah
Wow, we are not playing well this series. We need some magic on offense.
2006-10-05 19:25:17
585.   JT Dutch
... HOW MANY mental mistakes are the Dodgers going to make in this series???? Ten? Twenty? Forty? They look like a beer league softball team out there.
2006-10-05 19:25:23
586.   Uncle Miltie

He's looked really good in relief

2006-10-05 19:25:31
587.   ninjavshippo
old man franco with the productive out..
2006-10-05 19:25:41
588.   Greg Brock
Good Lord. It's like some people have simply forgotten how to play baseball in this series.
2006-10-05 19:25:50
589.   27indigo
Love ya, Tomko!
Love ya, Hendrickson!
2006-10-05 19:25:56
590.   trainwreck
This is not a futbol game!
2006-10-05 19:25:56
591.   MMSMikey
looks like wait till' next year.
2006-10-05 19:26:19
592.   overkill94
Hmmm, I'm not sure I like our chances in this game anymore. Looks like I might have had the scores reversed in my prediction.

And why are they doing a soccer cheer at a baseball game?

2006-10-05 19:26:31
593.   D4P
"In play, run(s)"
2006-10-05 19:26:36
594.   scooplew
See 578 re fundamentals. Furcal did not charge the grounder. So Methuselah beats out a DP grounder.
2006-10-05 19:26:42
595.   ninjavshippo
if we can't score 4 runs in a game, we don't deserve to win. what say you?
2006-10-05 19:27:40
596.   MMSMikey
what exactly do scouts do? if they cant tell you glavine is gonna throw 84 mph poo balls then what exactly are they there for?
2006-10-05 19:27:46
597.   StolenMonkey86
They pick the worst times to suck at the most basic stuff.
2006-10-05 19:28:15
598.   dkminnick
Hendrickson did a nice job there. I'm not kidding. He should have gotten out of that if Furcal and Lugo turn the DP.
2006-10-05 19:28:18
599.   trainwreck
Jon would say there is no morality in baseball.
2006-10-05 19:28:36
600.   we are infinite
All right, time to rough up their bullpen.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-10-05 19:28:57
601.   bhsportsguy
Right now, the NL teams that had to play well to get here appear flat while those who limped have turned the switch.
2006-10-05 19:29:08
602.   JT Dutch
This is absolutely embarrassing. Once again, as they were in 1995, 1996, and 2004, the Dodgers have managed to save their worst for last.
2006-10-05 19:29:11
603.   MMSMikey
im thinking about going to the stadium saturday and scalping my tickets, i got 4 field level seats, isle 2, behind home. anyone interested?
2006-10-05 19:29:29
604.   scooplew
Before tonight's game -- 1-10 in our last four playoff series.
2006-10-05 19:29:38
605.   Linkmeister
If Furcal had charged it, he might have booted it. It was the next ground ball that hurt.
2006-10-05 19:29:48
606.   kegtron
C'mon D's, lets score two!
2006-10-05 19:29:57
607.   Uncle Miltie
589- don't blame BJ, he came into an almost impossible situation to get out of. He made some great pitches, got the groundballs that he needed, but didn't get a lot of help from his defense.
2006-10-05 19:30:03
608.   overkill94
Didn't this guy sing "Feliz Navidad"?
2006-10-05 19:30:17
609.   ninjavshippo
603 - if you'll take a bucket of balls and a brett tomko rookie card, yes.
2006-10-05 19:30:42
610.   Benaiah
Considering everything that has happened this year, we have to keep the faith. They have come back from worse than this!
2006-10-05 19:31:05
611.   MMSMikey
609. LOL
2006-10-05 19:31:46
612.   dagwich
Just how did Glavine's strike zone "tighten down", Steve?
2006-10-05 19:33:38
613.   overkill94
Why does Radio Shack ask for your phone number when you buy batteries? I don't know.
2006-10-05 19:34:55
614.   Benaiah
Lugo has had a good game.
2006-10-05 19:35:11
615.   kegtron
Way to get on Lugo...
2006-10-05 19:35:26
616.   JT Dutch
... If you would have told me that Lugo would get aboard twice in this game, I wouldn't have believe we'd get shut out, that's for sure.
2006-10-05 19:36:46
617.   ninjavshippo
come on lucille...
2006-10-05 19:37:40
618.   kegtron
Please, C'mon Lucille...
2006-10-05 19:37:40
619.   Uncle Miltie
Thom Brennaman is quite the poet
2006-10-05 19:37:50
620.   regfairfield
Why do you not use a guy for two months, then give him the most pinch hit appearances in the post season?
2006-10-05 19:38:35
621.   Benaiah
Not to toot my own horn, but do you have three 1B on the roster if the first bats off the bench are going to be short stops?
2006-10-05 19:38:50
622.   Bob Timmermann
Thom will be working alongside his dad Marty in the Cincinnati booth next year. There will be opining aplenty there!
2006-10-05 19:39:14
623.   das411
AMEN! Raise your hand if you are sick of TO peeps!!!
2006-10-05 19:39:16
624.   bhsportsguy
This was the guy that the Mets needed to keep off the bases and they have so far. (Furcal)
2006-10-05 19:39:40
625.   Benaiah
621 - That reads weird, I had pointed out that using Martinez as a pinch hitter was a bad decision even though it worked out (the first time).
2006-10-05 19:40:35
626.   ninjavshippo
furcal hasn't been very good at the plate the last 2 games... isn't the rule of thumb when he struggles, so does the dodger offense?
2006-10-05 19:40:38
627.   MMSMikey
cliff floyd can come in and catch a pop up, but kenny lofton....
2006-10-05 19:40:41
628.   bhsportsguy
Their broken bat hits fall in, ours go out to the outfield.
2006-10-05 19:41:18
629.   Greg Brock
It's not that the Dodgers have lost so many playoff series since 1988.

It's that they've consistently been so impotent in every single series. It's just painful.

2006-10-05 19:41:31
630.   Xeifrank
Good thing we rested Saenz for a possible pinch hitting appearance vs Wagner. :(
vr, Xei
2006-10-05 19:41:43
631.   bhsportsguy
You guys are just way to rough on Kenny.
2006-10-05 19:42:17
632.   Gen3Blue
At least the lines have been kept clear. None of the youngsters except Kuo have been involved in this, and he did not do badly.
2006-10-05 19:42:26
633.   DeucesAreWild
So is "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" dead forever in New York?
2006-10-05 19:42:27
634.   bhsportsguy
630 Its a four run game and they had the RH pitcher in the bullpen.
2006-10-05 19:42:57
635.   Bluebleeder87
who hired Grady please answer that question for me peepz!!??
2006-10-05 19:43:19
636.   oswald
with trachsel, perez and maine going the next three, there's always a chance! maybe.
2006-10-05 19:43:29
637.   Bob Timmermann
I have seen something else under the sun:
The race is not to the swift
or the battle to the strong,
nor does food come to the wise
or wealth to the brilliant
or favor to the learned;
but time and chance happen to them all.
2006-10-05 19:44:05
638.   MMSMikey
a good day for the NL West.
2006-10-05 19:44:11
639.   DeucesAreWild
One more hit and we'll have outhit the Padres! Now that's an accomplishment!
2006-10-05 19:44:18
640.   Xeifrank
634. U missed my sarcasm. He should've started. He could've botched the fielding of the bunt as bad as...
vr, Xei
2006-10-05 19:44:32
641.   Bluebleeder87
who hired that guy Donelly??

who hired Honeycutt??

2006-10-05 19:44:44
642.   ninjavshippo
636 - well, i guess if you had to choose between the twins, pods, and us (potentially) down 0-2, i guess our chances of an upset are the best, considering we haven't lost at home yet.
2006-10-05 19:44:46
643.   overkill94
636 That's my thinking as well. Maddux vs. Trachsel in Dodger Stadium is a mis-match on paper. Then again, so was Lowe vs. Maine.
2006-10-05 19:45:09
644.   bhsportsguy
632 Didn't Russ hit a 3-0 pitch to Beltran. I know folks think the kids are everything but this team won because of the combination of veterans and kids, regulars and bench guys. To believe if Ethier or Loney had played and would have done better against Glavine today is a really big assumption.
2006-10-05 19:45:33
645.   underdog
Well, this is depressing, or at least discouraging. But what can you do - Glavine pitched a good game. The Dodgers made a few mental errors again tonight, too. I don't know if it's jet lag or what... But I'm not giving up on the boys in blue and neither should you. If you do, then you haven't been following them very closely this season.

(Also, props to Mark Hendricksen - he really pitched well out of the bullpen again. Now if we'd only had Beimel, too, we'd have three leftys to throw at them this game.)

Still, doesn't matter much if you can't score...

2006-10-05 19:45:36
646.   ninjavshippo
644 - agreed.
2006-10-05 19:45:46
647.   Bluebleeder87
heck!! not even Grady trust Honeycutt!!

what does that say!

2006-10-05 19:45:48
648.   dagwich
C'mon Chad, I need something to feel good about.
2006-10-05 19:46:15
649.   ninjavshippo
a nice outing by bills here bolsters the chances of him staring a potential game 4, no?
2006-10-05 19:46:17
650.   D4P
Didn't Russ hit a 3-0 pitch to Beltran

We swing here 3-0

Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-10-05 19:47:09
651.   overkill94
641 Ease up there cowboy, overall it's been a very successful year. Don't let a couple bad postseason games cloud your judgement too much.
2006-10-05 19:47:16
652.   trainwreck
Yeah Billz!
2006-10-05 19:47:30
653.   Jon Weisman
643 - Lowe's ERA in 2006: 3.63.
Maine's ERA in 2006: 3.60.
2006-10-05 19:47:30
654.   capdodger
643 But what about Perez vs 1¢.
2006-10-05 19:47:47
655.   3upn3down
641 Is that a trick question? Because I think I know the answer.
2006-10-05 19:48:00
656.   kegtron
Bluebleeder, relax's not over yet.
2006-10-05 19:48:14
657.   oswald
chad should start game 4
2006-10-05 19:48:28
658.   Xeifrank
653. I agree... Lowe v Maine was not a mismatch. vr, Xei
2006-10-05 19:49:01
659.   natepurcell
wicked breaking pitches from chad there.
2006-10-05 19:49:06
660.   we are infinite
All right, way to go Billz.
2006-10-05 19:49:11
661.   trainwreck
That half inning made me happy. We saw a glimpse of the future.
2006-10-05 19:49:12
662.   ninjavshippo
654 - sounds bad. but how about perez v BILLZ? that sounds a lot better right about now.
2006-10-05 19:49:28
663.   underdog
That was a darned good inning for Billingsley, wow.
2006-10-05 19:49:45
664.   Xeifrank
Ok, 8th inning is probably our best chance.
vr, Xei
2006-10-05 19:50:06
665.   kegtron
Tenemos que tener fe.
2006-10-05 19:50:09
666.   Bob Timmermann
I'm out of Bible verses that are apropos.

我 又 转 念 : 见 日 光 之 下 , 快 跑 的 未必 能 赢 ; 力 战 的 未 必 得 胜 ; 智 慧 的 未 必 得 粮 食 ; 明 哲 的 未 必 得 资 财 ; 灵 巧 的 未 必 得喜 悦 。 所 临 到 众 人 的 是 在 乎 当 时 的 机 会 。

2006-10-05 19:50:10
667.   ninjavshippo
mowing down the middle mets makes a man look mighty.
2006-10-05 19:50:37
668.   Bluebleeder87

i know, believe me give me time & i can put things in prespective. it's just hard at the moment

2006-10-05 19:50:38
669.   bhsportsguy
So this manager blundered his way to a team that won 88 games including 41-19, which did lead the majors, all of sudden is the worst manager ever.

This tourney started with 8, it will eventually be down to 1, its rare that you cannot pick out and second guess decisions or plays that doomed the other 7 teams.

I know most if not all of this is just sour grapes and disappointment but I recall a Saturday night two weeks ago where it looked like our playoff chances were down the tubes.

Sure, it may not work out but I think we should tone down the rhetoric a bit.

2006-10-05 19:50:50
670.   overkill94
658 Tell that to all the talking heads who were leaving the Mets for dead when they found out El Duque wasn't going to pitch.
2006-10-05 19:51:07
671.   capdodger
656 - Yes. It's over, but it's been a good run while it lasted, and there's been a lot to build on for next year.
2006-10-05 19:51:52
672.   Greg Brock
Winning with Maddux in game 3 and defeating Oliver Perez in game 4 are far from daunting tasks. But the number of listless and depressing Dodger playoff performances are really starting to get me frustrated.
2006-10-05 19:52:00
673.   underdog
This umpire has a floating strike zone.
2006-10-05 19:52:09
674.   overkill94
Need at least 2 runs in this inning to have a chance
2006-10-05 19:52:45
675.   kegtron
I have faith. I might be alone but my chin is up and I'm not gonna let my team down by giving up on them.
2006-10-05 19:52:52
676.   Uncle Miltie
Nice inning by Chad. It would be nice to see Loney get an at bat or two in the postseason.
2006-10-05 19:53:10
677.   D4P
I'm out of Bible verses that are apropos

Jesus wept.

2006-10-05 19:53:41
678.   overkill94
Way to get into their heads Kenny
2006-10-05 19:54:06
679.   bhsportsguy
The old bus in the player's eye trick.
2006-10-05 19:54:10
680.   underdog
Ah, Lofton's pulling the ol' hidden bus trick.
2006-10-05 19:54:46
681.   natepurcell
if the dodgers dont make it, i wouldnt mind seeing a mets vs yanks WS. why? Two massive powerhouse lineups going against each team with not so hot pitching? I would love a slugfest WS.
2006-10-05 19:54:47
682.   joekings
like it mattered
2006-10-05 19:54:52
683.   kegtron
The oldest trick in the book...
2006-10-05 19:55:25
684.   MMSMikey
lofton, 0-8
2006-10-05 19:55:41
685.   ninjavshippo
what's the bus in the eye trick?
2006-10-05 19:55:43
686.   overkill94
Might as well put in Sammy for the 8th no matter what, don't want him getting too rusty.
2006-10-05 19:56:08
687.   bhsportsguy
681 You might be the only one in outside of NY watching it.
2006-10-05 19:56:30
688.   trainwreck
I want A's vs Dodgers!
2006-10-05 19:56:52
689.   Xeifrank
670. I don't care about the "talking heads", that's all they are (hyperbole).
vr, Xei
2006-10-05 19:56:58
690.   Underbruin
So I'd missed this game, aaaaaand looks like it's a good thing I did, too.
2006-10-05 19:57:06
691.   Bob Timmermann
My chin sticks out far, so I can't say if it's up or not.
2006-10-05 19:57:26
692.   Bluebleeder87
my Dodger faith is always there but sometimes it's not at full batteries.
2006-10-05 19:57:41
693.   ninjavshippo
688 - i've already got authorization from my a's fan pal to sit next to him on the bandwagon, if the dodgers falter. i can bring one or two others... but i can't guarantee any more than that.
2006-10-05 19:58:10
694.   overkill94
Well, there's 1
2006-10-05 19:58:10
695.   natepurcell
boom goes the betemit!
2006-10-05 19:58:13
696.   Underbruin
You know, this is actually a pretty solid AB by Betemit.
2006-10-05 19:58:18
697.   Greg Brock
Boom goes the Betemit.
2006-10-05 19:58:19
698.   Uncle Miltie
boom..too late
2006-10-05 19:58:20
699.   27indigo
Finally a run! Wilson!
2006-10-05 19:58:20
700.   trainwreck
Hooray a run!
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2006-10-05 19:58:22
701.   MSarg29
what an at bat for Betemit.
2006-10-05 19:58:23
702.   Bob Timmermann
Jayson Werth loses his special position in Dodgers postseason history.
2006-10-05 19:58:26
703.   Jon Weisman
Hey, good at-bat!
2006-10-05 19:58:29
704.   Bluebleeder87
well atleast we aren't shut out!! :o) big smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-10-05 19:58:36
705.   xaphor
One down, three to go
2006-10-05 19:58:40
706.   Sam DC
[opens left eyelid]
2006-10-05 19:58:42
707.   Greg Brock
695 You finally beat me on it.
2006-10-05 19:58:43
708.   Underbruin
696 ... Heh.
2006-10-05 19:58:55
709.   Benaiah
698 - No talk like that! It is never too late as the Dodgers have demonstrated time and agains this season.
2006-10-05 19:59:01
710.   ninjavshippo
hmmmmm underbruin shows up, betemeat goes yard. where have you been all game???
2006-10-05 19:59:01
711.   StolenMonkey86
yay, not a shutout, yay!
2006-10-05 19:59:03
712.   kegtron

I turned my ghame over shirt inside out and set up shop in the kitchen.


2006-10-05 19:59:34
713.   Underbruin
Okay. If I close my eye, I can just imagine Heilman in a Padres uniform...
2006-10-05 19:59:49
714.   Underbruin
713 - Eyes. Two of them.
2006-10-05 19:59:50
715.   overkill94
693 I did put $5 on the A's to make the world series before the season started at 7-1 odds, so you can add me to the bandwagon. Unfortunately, my other $5 wagers on the Indians, Phillies, and Braves didn't work out nearly as well.
2006-10-05 20:00:38
716.   Underbruin
710 - Looking to make my dramatic, triumphant appearance. After all, these are the 2006 Dodgers. They're not allowed to do things any other way. :)
2006-10-05 20:00:42
717.   SF Yanks
Weisman, P-Town?
2006-10-05 20:01:07
718.   natepurcell

cant you picture me sitting nervously by the computer with the slogan already typed out for each betemit at bat with my right index figure anxiously resting on top of the mouse ready to finally beat you to it?

yes, i'm crazy.

2006-10-05 20:01:15
719.   27indigo
"Trachsel's high ERA won't matter if it's an elimination game."

How do you figure Lyons?

2006-10-05 20:01:25
720.   Uncle Miltie
702- last Dodger to homer in the postseason?
2006-10-05 20:01:48
721.   Underbruin
Crud. Used up all my mojo on Betemit.

Okay, somebody else needs to step up. I've done all I can here.

2006-10-05 20:02:23
722.   Bob Timmermann
Yep, first inning of Game 4 against Jeff Suppan in 2004.
2006-10-05 20:02:28
723.   overkill94
Heh, they're using a Fratellis song for the Open Season commercial, sweet.
2006-10-05 20:03:15
724.   das411
Ahahahaha more of these Holiday Inn guys, awesome!!
2006-10-05 20:03:30
725.   Bob Timmermann

Yeah, I have no idea what Lyons meant there. All that matters about Trachsel's ERA is how well it is against the Dodgers.

2006-10-05 20:03:32
726.   Gagne55
719 It seems like in elimination games the team with a chance to clinch wins more often then they would normally. This seems especially true with the NBA but still somewhat in baseball. could be my imagination though...
2006-10-05 20:04:02
727.   Bob Timmermann
It Takashi Saito is a "kid" at 36, what am I at age 40?
2006-10-05 20:04:07
728.   oswald
dodgers soon to be 1-11 in their last twelve playoff games. ever get the feeling that we've got a curse of gibby going on, like we used up all our prayers that night, like we used up all our karma winning the world series with alfredo griffin, mike davis, john shelby, rick dempsey, dave hamilton, tracy woodson, franklin stubbs, etc.
2006-10-05 20:04:22
729.   regfairfield
720 Shawn Green, I believe.

Taking the best hitter on the team out of the game seems like a bad idea.

2006-10-05 20:04:29
730.   Bunting is for losers
"What a year this kid had..."

Come on Thom, Sammy's not a kid.

2006-10-05 20:04:38
731.   Gagne55
725 Or how well it is against them tomorrow anyway.
2006-10-05 20:04:39
732.   Underbruin
686 - Good call by overkill. In comes Sammy.
2006-10-05 20:05:06
733.   oswald
727 a toddler. and you're probably from ork.
2006-10-05 20:05:33
734.   Underbruin
727 - Just entering puberty. Get ready for your first dance, Bob - remember, no touching below the waist or the dad gets his shotgun.
2006-10-05 20:05:53
735.   Gen3Blue
I hope the D's decide they want to fight back. But even if they do they have little time left.
2006-10-05 20:05:57
736.   Bob Timmermann
We get an ingame interview with Glavine and Rosenthal asks the most banal questions.
2006-10-05 20:06:03
737.   bhsportsguy
728 And San Diego is now 0-8 against the Cardinals, I think we are just one Maddux start to starting a 3-game winning streak.
2006-10-05 20:06:08
738.   Uncle Miltie
Glavine should have signed with the Kings
2006-10-05 20:07:02
739.   CeyHey
I missed why they took out Drew
2006-10-05 20:07:22
740.   Uncle Miltie
736- I was just going to say that after he asked Glavine "how he did it"
2006-10-05 20:07:22
741.   MMSMikey
lets not forget after werth hit that homerun, JEFF SUPPAN shut down the dodgers. and odalis perez...
2006-10-05 20:07:30
742.   Doug N
yeh. interviewing the starting pitcher in the clubhouse BEFORE the game is even over is just plain freaking rude.
2006-10-05 20:08:22
743.   bhsportsguy
That's right, let's not forget 1981. Seems kind of predestined don't you think.
2006-10-05 20:09:08
744.   Underbruin
Wow, marathon AB #2 of the inning.
2006-10-05 20:09:18
745.   Benaiah
737 - You mean get the second win in a row. I am not giving up on this game yet! We hit Wagner yesterday, and I think we could still come back.
2006-10-05 20:09:50
746.   trainwreck
Decided to start drinking now.
2006-10-05 20:09:51
747.   Underbruin
I much prefer the HR result to be on Betemit's AB and the K on Valentin's, rather than the other way 'round, though.
2006-10-05 20:10:26
748.   Uncle Miltie
I really hope that Saito didn't just make his last pitch as a Dodger
2006-10-05 20:10:29
749.   oswald
this has got to be a record for dodger thoughts comments not involving hee seop choi. or so i've heard.
2006-10-05 20:10:30
750.   bryanf
I don't know what's more painful, the game itself, or Fox's pathetic coverage of it...
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2006-10-05 20:10:32
751.   natepurcell
martin walk, anderson infield hit, lugo....3 run shot?


2006-10-05 20:11:28
752.   kegtron
746 - Welcome, I'm on #7...not quite up to Bluebleeder's record level but getting there.

At least I'm not drinking alone anymore.

2006-10-05 20:11:35
753.   Bob Timmermann
Paging Vic Davalillo, Vic Davalillo, please come to the blue courtesy phone.

Mr. Vic Davalillo.

2006-10-05 20:11:44
754.   D4P
I don't know what's more painful, the game itself, or Fox's pathetic coverage of it...

Based on recent events, I'm surprised Fox has shown any Met players with a "D" after their name...

2006-10-05 20:11:58
755.   Benaiah
Alright, here we go boys! I would bat:

And yes, I am counting on batting around this inning.

2006-10-05 20:12:01
756.   ninjavshippo
so it's going to be martin/marlon/lugo ftw?
2006-10-05 20:12:03
757.   Gen3Blue
If the D's win game three, I hope Grady starts Penny and seals his fate. Though if his fate and the third base coach isn't already sealed, I wll again be amazed that baseball suddenly exists in a "fantasy land".
2006-10-05 20:13:20
758.   Uncle Miltie
751- I'd prefer a grandslam by Furcal
2006-10-05 20:13:55
759.   regfairfield
755 Ethier is in the pitchers spot, Drew is out.
2006-10-05 20:13:56
760.   gibsonhobbs88
Unfortunately we faced "Good Glavine" tonight. That is why that first game loss was so gut-wrenching. Now, we are in the same soup we were in 2004, just trying to win 1 game to stave off a sweep. Have to give the Mets credit, they executed when they needed to and the Dodgers have not at critical moments. Then again, maybe the Dodgers have the Mets where they want them, after all the Dodgers seem to play better with their backs to the wall.
2006-10-05 20:14:29
761.   Benaiah
Swings at ball 4...
2006-10-05 20:14:48
762.   xaphor
Martin should have gone with the head first dive. :)
2006-10-05 20:14:58
763.   trainwreck
No one cares about seeing the fans they want to see the game.
2006-10-05 20:15:11
764.   dagwich
9th inning.

Down 4-1.

1 game down.

We've got them right where we want them!

Time for the Miller-Hiller-Haller hallelujah twist!

2006-10-05 20:15:55
765.   overkill94
753 Did you know Vic was a 4-time Oldest Guy in Baseball winner?
2006-10-05 20:16:47
766.   ninjavshippo
running out of bullets...
2006-10-05 20:16:50
767.   Greg Brock
Feeble. Yet another completely feeble Dodger playoff game.
2006-10-05 20:17:04
768.   Benaiah
I want to punch all the Mets fans in the face right now. Are these announcers serious?

"Dodger fans were worried because they won 7 in a row coming in and they were waiting for the other shoe to drop."

Really? Who thinks like that.

2006-10-05 20:17:10
769.   Underbruin
Time for Lugo to hit a 4-run shot with nobody on the bases.
2006-10-05 20:17:26
770.   Bob Timmermann
Vic Davalillo turned 70 this year.
2006-10-05 20:17:42
771.   Underbruin
768 - That's one thing that -really- bothers me about the playoffs. The tv coverage is just horrible for the LADs.
2006-10-05 20:17:44
772.   gibsonhobbs88
Two outs, just put us out of our misery!!
2006-10-05 20:18:14
773.   Bob Timmermann

Several DT posters have espoused that theory.

2006-10-05 20:18:30
774.   Greg Brock
Time for The Office!


2006-10-05 20:18:41
775.   Gen3Blue
Why the Heck did he use Saito in a lost gme? Maybe to get him some work.
2006-10-05 20:18:51
776.   Ravenscar
All these cameramen need to be fired.
2006-10-05 20:18:55
777.   Benaiah
Ugh. I wish I could curse here.
2006-10-05 20:19:07
778.   Bob Timmermann
The TV coverage of any team tends to be bad when the team doesn't play well and loses.
2006-10-05 20:19:11
779.   Jon Weisman
768 - Don't some commenters here seem to feel that way?
2006-10-05 20:19:16
780.   overkill94
Time for some Subway!


2006-10-05 20:19:46
781.   Bluebleeder87
keep that smerk on NY *L.A. will be a different story!!
2006-10-05 20:19:54
782.   gibsonhobbs88
Well, that was painless, 1-2-3. Dodgers leave NY with a wimper!!
2006-10-05 20:19:55
783.   Gen3Blue
At least Lugo always plays-we can measure that against our success.
2006-10-05 20:20:07
784.   Underbruin
775 - Keep him fresh. One inning isn't that big a deal, and it -is- the playoffs. On the off chance the Dodgers staged a rally but had given up an extra run (see Oakland-Minny game 1), the next day everyone would harp on that decision. Instead, it's just a non-issue in a thoroughly dominated loss.
2006-10-05 20:20:15
785.   ninjavshippo
now on clearance: dodgers WS 2006 t-shirts, buy 2, get 1 free.
2006-10-05 20:20:15
786.   MMSMikey
i think its safe to say their backs are up against the wall? ehh?
2006-10-05 20:20:34
787.   overkill94
775 Because he hasn't pitched since Saturday and we have a day off tomorrow.
2006-10-05 20:20:58
788.   Uncle Miltie
Heck of a game by Glavine. There's not much more you can say. It would have been nice to see Olmedo in there though.
2006-10-05 20:21:22
789.   Underbruin
771 - Heh, this is true. But I mean announcers-wise. Who'll broadcast the games in LA? The last two have just been horifically biased, it seemed.
2006-10-05 20:21:34
790.   Telemachos
I haven't read all 700+ comments. I also didn't see much of the game.

But it's quite clear to me that the Mets are playing exceedingly well, and we aren't. Period, end of story. As such, really all you can do is tip your hat and move on.

Things may change. Maddux for Game 3 is as good a stopper as we have this year. All bets could conceivably be off if Oliver Perez starts a possible game 4.

But right now, we are clearly the inferior team. Look to the future and load up for next year.

2006-10-05 20:21:35
791.   Bluebleeder87

sigh come to L.A.! NY that's all i will say!

2006-10-05 20:21:44
792.   trainwreck
Time to go back to waiting to find out who UCLA's mystery recruit is.
2006-10-05 20:21:45
793.   Benaiah
They looked like they were sleepwalking out there too. I can not believe how bad they played. One has to wonder if it is the effect of the ... shall remain nameless... from nameless.
2006-10-05 20:22:37
794.   27indigo
776 Photographers just point their cameras at things. It's the director and producer in the booth that call for different shots. At least that's how I did it when I did it.
2006-10-05 20:22:40
795.   ninjavshippo
793 - terrell owens??
2006-10-05 20:22:40
796.   Underbruin
792 - It's all a ruse. The Bruins got Singler and are just playing mind games.

What? You mean what happens in the real world, and not in my fantasy land?

Oh, yeah, no idea.

2006-10-05 20:23:07
797.   gibsonhobbs88
Maddux, it is up to you to help extend the season at least one more day. We really need to get the jump and score early against Trachsel on Saturday. I'm out for the night, too depressed to wallow in pity any further. Game 1 still sticks in my craw!! Daffiness boys of the 30's reincarnated, Geez!!
2006-10-05 20:23:17
798.   Bluebleeder87
i don't wanna disrespect Jon's blog so i'm out!

ps NY & there little smerk dosen't cut it here in L.A.

2006-10-05 20:23:19
799.   StolenMonkey86
Ok, Traschel and Perez are within reach.

Just bring it back to NY, then D-Lowe gets another shot.

2006-10-05 20:23:35
800.   trainwreck
It's someone from the 08 class I know that.
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2006-10-05 20:23:52
801.   adraymond
Trachsel, Perez and Maine. This can be done.
2006-10-05 20:25:32
802.   MMSMikey
Reyes, Lo Duca, beltran, Delgado, wont be done.
2006-10-05 20:26:11
803.   Xeifrank
1. All the Mets did was hold serve. It's now the Dodgers turn to hold serve.

2. Many said don't start Saenz because we need his bat in the 9th to pinch hit against Wagner. That backfired.

vr, Xei

2006-10-05 20:26:55
804.   Underbruin
796 - Yeah, I've heard as much too. I've heard Lee or Gordon, but who knows.
2006-10-05 20:27:03
805.   Telemachos
If the Dodgers lose Game 3, it wouldn't surprise me. If they manage to win 2 and then lose game 5, that wouldn't surprise me.

If they stun the Mets with a 3-game sweep, that wouldn't surprise me either.

This team is crazy, in every conceivable definition of the word.

2006-10-05 20:27:10
806.   gibsonhobbs88
Or if it goes to a 5th game, would the Mets consider Glavine on 3 days rest for 5 innings then hand it to their bullpen?
2006-10-05 20:27:37
807.   adraymond
Alright man. Just give up. Don't watch game 3. And if it does happen, don't watch any more of the games.
2006-10-05 20:28:11
808.   Underbruin
805 - I believe the team will lose games 3, 4, and 5... Yet still win the series.

Hey, just you watch.

2006-10-05 20:28:51
809.   Gen3Blue
This is a crucial turning point for this organization. It must see that the current management and the old vets can't cut it.
The more emphatically the better. Though I don't trust those in charge to "get it".
2006-10-05 20:31:43
810.   trainwreck
Either would be cool, but I heard a rumor it was a player out of nowhere and that it may ruffle some feathers. So my guess is Terrelle Pryor who de-committed from Pitt. That would ruffle some feathers if Howland took a recruit from his old school.
2006-10-05 20:32:28
811.   Jon Weisman
I think Gen3Blue might be the 2006 version of the 2004 Steve.

New post up top.

2006-10-05 20:36:02
812.   Uncle Miltie
796- Singler would be a big coup for Howland. I'd love to see Derrick Rose commit to UCLA; he's going to be a good one.
2006-10-05 20:45:01
813.   trainwreck
Singler is going to Duke.

Rose most likely is going to Indiana. Rumors are Gordon may de-commit from Illinois and go to the Hoosiers.

2006-10-05 20:45:23
814.   Greg Brock
UCLA got a verbal committ from PG Jerime Anderson today for the '08 class.

Singler is a floor slappin' Dookie. Bet on it.

2006-10-05 20:49:30
815.   trainwreck
Jerime gave his verbal awhile ago.

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