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Only the Shadow Knows, But She's Not Talking
2006-10-06 08:18
by Jon Weisman

So, any guesses on how much offense there will be amid the shadows of Saturday's twilight Game 3 start?

Or how much traffic there will be?

* * *

Or the ratio of time spent on the mound between efficient Greg Maddux of the Dodgers and deliberate Steve Trachsel of the Mets?

* * *

Here's an analysis by Inside Edge Scouting Services of Hong-Chih Kuo's performance Thursday.

Comments (189)
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2006-10-06 08:21:57
1.   scareduck
I vote for an infinity-infinity tie.
2006-10-06 08:36:08
2.   underdog
I dunno but I hope it helps Maddux's bugs bunny-esque pitches as much as I think it can. But the Dodgers could have trouble with Trachsel for the same reasons. Either way, wish I could be there!
2006-10-06 09:02:41
3.   scareduck
Ooh, Trachsel. Ex-Dirtbag or no, gotta cheer for the Dodgers... yet some part of me is conflicted.
2006-10-06 09:07:21
4.   scareduck
And, pfooey, I have tix to the HBSO at UCLA's Royce Hall Saturday night. Maybe I'm better off that way.
2006-10-06 09:17:38
5.   Gagne55
The Dodgers better be able to hit Trashshell.
2006-10-06 09:31:22
6.   ddger
Thanks for that link, Jon. That was very informative and interesting read. I still think Kuo has very good chance to be in the starting rotation next year along with Billingsley. If Maddux comes back we should try to trade Tomko or Hendrickson or Penny.

Tomorrow, Grady should not hold anything back and do everything he can to win even if it means not starting Lugo and pitching Broxton and Saito 2 innings each.

2006-10-06 09:50:05
7.   sanchez101
6. grady only knows one way to manage and he's not changing for anybody or in any situation.
2006-10-06 09:53:10
8.   still bevens
Lets package Penny for a trade with the Yankees for A-Rod!

Billingsley was so sick last night. That was one of the bright spots of my night, especially since he struggled in his last relief appearance. His slider, curve, fastball were all nasty.

I think we can take Trachel. We had him out in the 5th last time around. Lets just hope Lofton and Drew decide to show up Saturday. Granted, Drew was getting hosed by an erratic strike zone last night, but you have to make adjustments.

2006-10-06 09:53:59
9.   DodgerDodger
6 - I'm really hoping Penny's slide is a result of his injury and next year he'll be back to his pre-All-Star-break self.

Penny, Lowe, Maddux, Bilz, Kuo

2006-10-06 10:07:22
10.   JT Dutch
... I'd start Hendrickson in Game 4 and have Billingsley backing him up.
2006-10-06 10:09:22
11.   Telemachos
I don't feel negative or fatalistic, but I've somehow already made my peace no matter what happens. I've enjoyed the craziness of this season, and really as a very flawed team I think the Dodgers have already over-achieved. I certainly hope Maddux wins tomorrow -- I think the Dodgers have as good a chance at this game as they'll ever have -- if for no other reason than I've got tix to Game 4 and would love to be able to say goodbye to the team on the field.... either because the season is over or because they're flying back to NY.

In any case, at this point, I'm happy noting positives and moving past the negatives.

2006-10-06 10:12:56
12.   ddger
Beimel's story is getting more interesting. Now he admits that he was at a bar. What was he doing at the bar so late when they have a game next afternoon?

Don't teams still have curfews anymore?

2006-10-06 10:19:44
13.   ryu
This Mets fan needs to go back to elementary school!

2006-10-06 10:20:42
14.   natepurcell
Penny is going to be gone this winter in a package for Andruw Jones.
2006-10-06 10:23:50
15.   Im So Blue
11 I agree with you there...and I've got tix for both tomorrow and Sunday, and I want to use them all.

On ESPNnews, they just mentioned that the Dodgers have come back from a 2-0 playoff deficit 4 times before:

1981 World Series vs Yankees, won series 4-2
1981 NLDs vs Houston, won series 3-2
1965 World Series vs Twins, won series 4-3
1955 World Series vs Yankees, won series 4-3

2006-10-06 10:24:08
16.   still bevens
14 Nate I know its too soon, but I'd like to know how you envision the post season going down. I have some thoughts, but am not too familiar with our organizational depth..
2006-10-06 10:27:46
17.   ddger

Nate, I really love that trade. Do you have any inside info on why that trade might happen?

2006-10-06 10:28:28
18.   natepurcell

for me, not as much movement as last year, just some tweaking where colletti goes after some of the bigger bats or pitchers either in FA or trade. Ill post my specific thoughts a bit later since I dont want to get ahead of myself and the Dodgers :P

2006-10-06 10:31:14
19.   Michaelpop
I think that scouting report clearly shows what we all saw last night: Kuo pitched a pretty good game, but ultimately his inefficiency cost him. Too often letting the leadoff man get on, too many high-pitch count innings, and the walk to Valentin when he was down 0-2 was just a killer. When you get a guy on the ropes you have to knock him down.
2006-10-06 10:32:45
20.   50 years a Dodger Fan
9 Penny doesn't have a 'back injury' that will go away. It's sort of like being an alcoholic; it has periods of working well with no pain between flare ups of pain. These flare ups can be months or even years apart but it will be something he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. If he wants to remain a highly paid baseball pitcher, he absolutely must lose weight and do certain exercises every day, year around. If millions of dollars a year in salary and dates with movie stars aren't incentive enough, then I don't know how to motivate him.
2006-10-06 10:33:04
21.   natepurcell

wishful thinking?

I think Jones is gone this winter since he is a FA after next season and I dont think he is in the braves budget to be retained. They would mostly want piching back. Penny wasnt a colletti aquisition, has caused some friction in the clubhouse and has self destructed down the stretch run.

I dunno it just seems that if we were to go looking for a big bat this winter, that Penny would be the one that is most likely shopped.

although I dont think Braves would do jones for penny straight up. we would need to throw in some more players.

2006-10-06 10:33:39
22.   dzzrtRatt
14 Only if Colletti's investment advisor tells him to sell low and buy high.

Not to be overly provocative, but has Bill Plaschke woven his way into all your minds?

Brad Penny is a superb pitcher. He... is... injured! It's not a mystery. It's in all the papers.

Fault Little for running him out there in his apparently weakened condition. Fault Penny, perhaps, for being such a mindlessly insane competitor that he won't let go of the ball, even when part of his game is missing. Fault Colletti for not stocking the team with enough legitimate relief pitchers to work around the tendency of all our starters save for Lowe to surrender after five or six innings. Fault Beimel for being a barfly. Fault Eric Gagne for ignoring the "No Pepper" signs.

But don't buy into the Plaschke line that Penny is no good. Whoever he pitches for next year will be extremely glad to have him. Hope it's the Dodgers.

2006-10-06 10:39:52
23.   dzzrtRatt
20 I don't disagree with that. But I expect him to take the hint. Lots of guys in their late 20s suddenly make this realization, especially after their first major flare-up.

Unless his mother has convinced him that he's just "big-boned."

2006-10-06 10:40:16
24.   regfairfield
22 Agreed fully. Based on what we've seen from Colletti so far, getting rid of him seems very likely this offseason. This is just the type of sell low moment that have characterized all of his trades.

I don't think it would be for Andruw Jones, though, since he has a full no trade clause at this point thanks to the 10/5 rule. Schuerholtz hates no trade clauses (according to his book) and that's why he did his best to dump Jones this season. Now, he's probably stuck with him.

2006-10-06 10:41:48
25.   capdodger
22 Here, Here! The guy's hurt. It's akin to the Tracy-Nomo situation, only Penny has a temper. We all know how tempers play with billy-boy.
2006-10-06 10:49:52
26.   50 years a Dodger Fan
For reasons I don't understand, these last two losses haven't bothered me near as much as many of the loses in the regular season. There were so many of those games we really should have won. Most were lost by managerial decisions. Little seems to fixate on ideas on players and it takes forever for him to learn that the player cannot do what he wants. In the meantime, games are lost. No player ever gives less than his best (even Lugo!!). The manager has to accept the fact that they will have hot streaks and cold streaks; play them when they're hot, replace them when they cool down. You cannot run a player out there day after day when he is not producing, you have to try someone else. Little is not very good at this part of managing. In the last two games I really can't criticize any managerial decisions and the only player goof of note is Drew not stopping at third, and the coach's head should roll for that one. We still scored 5 runs, they just beat us. Same for yesterday, credit to them, we didn't do much.
2006-10-06 10:56:37
27.   ddger
I don't recall Penny ever have injury free season? He's never been more than a 6 inning pitcher in his career. I don't know if it's his weight or his pitching style but he doesn't go deep into the games and therefore puts so much pressure on our bullpen whenever he starts. 0

He is a very good middle of the rotation starter but he is not an ace type of pitcher unless he changes his pitching style.

2006-10-06 10:57:28
28.   50 years a Dodger Fan
I am getting strong vibes that Kent may retire. He can still hit, though his power is greatly reduced, but he knows he is becoming a liability in the field, even at first base. His pride may well force him to quit. Colletti has a big job rebuilding next year: Center field, Third base, maybe Second base, at least on big power hitter. Maybe a starting pitcher. I wouldn't mind seeing Penny, Tomko, and Hendrickson traded off. Tell Colletti to make two or three big trades/free agent signings, not a whole shopping cart of Tampa Bay discards.
2006-10-06 10:59:03
29.   underdog
I hope the Dodgers win game 3 if for nothing else so that ranting Mike can be wrong about his sweep prediction.

As for an Andruw Jones for Penny trade, probably a pipe dream unless we threw in a good prospect too, but you never know. The Braves do need pitching help, and Jones is a free agent after next season... But still, seems hard to believe.

2006-10-06 11:00:59
30.   underdog
I also hope the Dodgers win a couple games in this series so the Grady Little bashing can be put on hiatus for at least a few more days.

Players have to play, and perform. A manager does what he can with the players (hitters and pitchers) at his disposal. Grady has not been perfect but I'd be very doubtful if there's any player on the Dodgers who would criticize his managing this season at all. (Rich Donnelly, however, is another matter.)

2006-10-06 11:08:05
31.   DodgerDodger
28 - And fisrt base.
2006-10-06 11:08:31
32.   DodgerDodger
31 - first
2006-10-06 11:10:28
33.   Xeifrank
28. Kent won't retire after this year (if that's what you are saying). There are still HOF numbers to put up, just go ask Milton Bradley. vr, Xei
2006-10-06 11:13:27
34.   Eric Enders
30 Given that there are players on the Dodgers who already have criticized his managing this season, and very publicly, you'll forgive me if I don't completely embrace your second paragraph.

I'm not one of those whose judgment of the entire season swings from one pendulum to the other based on the outcome of the most recent at-bat. But I also don't see why there should be any kind of moratorium on criticizing Little. In pitching Penny, he made one of the stupidest postseason moves I've ever seen -- FAR stupider than leaving Pedro in. Why should he not be criticized for it? (And this comes from someone who just voted for him as NL Mgr of the Year in the IBAs.)

He's a good manager. He made a royal, inexcusable screwup. It happened. There's no reason to pretend it didn't happen.

2006-10-06 11:13:39
35.   JeffC
I was just thinking about that trade last night for Jones. Maybe add Ethier in the trade. If Loney is going to start at first next year then Nomar can be added. I think the Dodgers can get this done.
2006-10-06 11:14:31
36.   Eric Enders
33 I doubt very much the Hall of Fame is all that important to Kent. But there is still HOF salary to be made, so he'll probably stick around.
2006-10-06 11:15:00
37.   JeffC
I guess we would have to sign Nomar first. He is on a 1 year contract right? There are plenty of options though.
2006-10-06 11:16:53
38.   underdog
Regarding Penny, you're right - actually. I'm not happy about his handling of Penny (BUT I also blame Penny for a lot of it too - his temper and his own stubbornness, mixed in with back problems that aren't his fault). But you're right on that count. If other players besides Penny have openly criticized Grady Little this season I must have missed but will take your word for it. At any rate, by no means was I suggesting Little's been perfect or that people can't criticize him - but I've found a lot of the criticisms of him the past few years to be a mite unfair and tiresome. Maybe I overcompensated a little bit to the other extreme because of that point. ;-) But you make good points there, too, Eric. Thanks.
2006-10-06 11:18:59
39.   Howard Fox
30 and 34 I have been a critic of Little all season. How he has mishandled the team these last 2 days showcases how he has mishandled the team all year.

His infatuation with Lugo, his pandering to Penny, Saenz seems no longer to exist...the list goes on and on. His folksy manner as a calming influence? How about lighting a fire under a few or the players?

Sorry, but I have said all along, this team cannot succeed with Little at the head.

2006-10-06 11:23:07
40.   Howard Fox
As far as our young players go, we need to decided which ones are part of our future, and which ones are trade bait.

IMO, Ethier, Martin, Loney, Billingsley, Broxton...keepers.

Kemp-needs to learn to hit the offspeed pitch...Betemit-the jury is out...

My nightmare is the Dodgers offering Lugo arbitration and him accepting...oy!!

2006-10-06 11:32:12
41.   Benaiah
40 - I wouldn't worry about that. Someone is going to give Lugo plenty of money to leave.

My nightmare is Kent playing 1B next year while Loney sits on the bench.

2006-10-06 11:33:25
42.   underdog
37 I don't think Nomar's very tradeable given his injury history and current status - where he looks like a creaky old man. I wish we could retain him cheaply and have him as a platoon option and/or on the bench. But dunno if that'll be possible.

Re: Lugo, don't worry Howard, I don't think he wants to stay and don't think the Dodgers will offer him enough in arbitration for it to be acceptable, and then we get draft pick(s)! ... I pray.

2006-10-06 11:34:27
43.   saltcreek
Don't know if this got brought up, but Terry Collins is leaving to manage in Japan with the Orix Buffaloes.
2006-10-06 11:37:06
44.   underdog
One other thing re: Little, maybe he just looks better to me because I've also watched a lot of other managers work over the past few years - not just Jim Tracy but particularly the other guys in our division. Honestly, I don't think Little would be fully appreciated until you have Clint Hurdle or Felipe Alou as your manager. I'm not even a fan of Bruce Bochy, although also have to admit he's gotten really good results with an often-questionable lineup. With the exception of Joe Torre (who's not perfect all the time either) and maybe a few other guys out there, I don't know if there are any "great" managers - and certainly none who can be expected to be perfect in all aspects of the game. I also prefer Little to Lasorda when it comes to managing, even though of course Tommy had great success for a number of years. But in the later years, his management skills were particularly bad. So maybe it's just a "compared to others" thing for me vs. thinking he's specifically great. Just mho.
2006-10-06 11:43:01
45.   underdog
40 I think the Dodgers are going to give Loney a chance to win the job next year. But I do worry about Kent a little bit - his range has decreased so much at 2nd that I could see why first would be considered. Maybe he can play 2nd, occasionally first, and then...

Wait, who do we have who can replace Kent? Can Anderson play 2nd? Abreu doesn't seem close to being considered ready for majors but maybe I'm wrong. Or Betemit at 2nd and LaRoche at 3rd?

2006-10-06 11:47:37
46.   Daniel Zappala
Why, Lugo can play second, of course!
2006-10-06 11:48:07
47.   Daniel Zappala
Kent needs to become a DH.
2006-10-06 11:49:02
48.   underdog
46 Arrrghhh! ;-)

So what do we predict for tomorrow's line-up, assuming Nomar can't go? Saenz at 1st?

Lugo at first, second and third?

2006-10-06 11:52:25
49.   underdog
{insert very dated Abbott and Costello routine here}
2006-10-06 11:54:01
50.   capdodger
47 - OOOO!! Can we trade him to the Angels w/ cash? I think he'd like being a DH. He could sit in the corner of the dugout with his headphones on while reading motoX magazines before, after, and DURING the games.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-10-06 11:55:12
51.   capdodger
49 I was toing to respond to 45 by saying, "Hu's on second?", but I thought better of it.
2006-10-06 11:57:13
52.   dzzrtRatt
What I said about Penny also applies to Kent. You're basing the notion that his range is gone, he should be a DH on watching him during a season in which he's been injured for more than half the time. If this was last season, and the Dodgers were out of the running, he'd have spent a month on the DL recuperating. In a few days, or I can dream, a few weeks, he'll be able to rest until spring, at which point he'll return, playing first base, running to his left to nab ground balls and throwing them to Big Jim Loney at first.

(If Nomar returns, he'll be put either at third base or left field, under yet another one-year deal w/incentives. His injuries in the second half have put him only a little bit ahead of where he was last winter in terms of the marketplace.)

2006-10-06 11:57:25
53.   Benaiah
Anderson was originally a 2B. If he somehow hit in the vicinity of what he has done so far then he would be a fine 2B. Unfortunately, that is unlikely and Kent's offense still probably more that makes up for Anderson's (I would assume) superior defense.
2006-10-06 11:57:26
54.   D4P
When Choi was still here, I envisioned a "Hee's on first, Hu's on second" scenario
2006-10-06 11:58:26
55.   dzzrtRatt
52 I meant, playing second base. Loney at first, Kent at second, Furcal at short, and I don't know at third.
2006-10-06 11:59:33
56.   Daniel Zappala
50 That was the idea. Maybe for Joe Saunders? The problem is, would he be better than Rivera or Anderson, who has a contract through 2008 or 2009? 1st base should go to either Kotchman or Morales.

I think the Dodgers are going to plan on Kent at 2B for the next two years. Anderson is primarily a 2nd baseman, though he has lately played outfield and even has played some first.

2006-10-06 11:59:50
57.   Greg S
39 Sorry, but I have said all along, this team cannot succeed with Little at the head.
But it already has. Did you expect this team to make the playoffs? Did you expect them to win the World Series?

34 Eric, When did a Dodger openy question Grady's moves? I didn't catch that either.

2006-10-06 12:00:10
58.   Tangled Up in Blue
I am having a hard time understanding Little's double switch at the end of the game where he took Drew out and put Ethier in. I understand that Drew made the last out but he had Saenz in the on deck circle waiting to hit for Ethier in the 9 slot. Why take Drew out if you are going to use Saenz to hit for Ethier? It doesnt make sense, granted it didnt matter but what if the Dodgers rally in the ninth and Drew's slot comes up.

I dont blame Little for the lose but he doesnt put us in the best situation to win when he makes moves like that (not to mention moving Kent to first and Lugo to second when we had Loney available).

Also he shows confidence in Kuo, a rookie, but ALWAYS plays the veteran over the kids. Let 'em play, see what happens. If they fail it will make them stronger for next year.

2006-10-06 12:00:59
59.   capdodger
45 How about we hope for an error by A-Rod that allows NY to get eliminated. Then the Dodgers could probably pick up for a Penny, a Bag of Balls and S/H.
2006-10-06 12:05:51
60.   blue22
59 - Probably requires a bit more than that, no matter what the NY papers say.

Penny, Elbert, and LaRoche for ARod and cash?

2006-10-06 12:06:06
61.   Scanman33
Having played and coached, I found the suns-to-shadows or shadows-to-sun observation to be overrated. It's not as if the ball becomes invisible once it hits shadows and it's not illumintaed as if it were hit by a spotlight when it's in the sun.

I'd be interested to see a study of what effect twilight has on hitting and pitching. I'd be willing to bet the difference would be miniscule enough to chalk it up to sheer randmoness rather than any true trend.

2006-10-06 12:07:54
62.   Sushirabbit
I think Little has made some mistakes the past two games. But the only one that bothers me so much is playing Lugo all the time. I didn't like the Penny move, but I can see that he had some reasons (however questionable to me and Eric and others) to try him. I can also see moving Kent to 1st and Lugo to second in order to have more options later if you need them-- even though switching positions mid-game is always mentally (if not physically) taxing. Sometimes, though, it seems like some posters here don't really understand the unpredicability inherit in the game. The play at the plate being a great example: there are at least 10 discreet pieces of that that can go one-way or another and change the outcome, and that means you can't lay the outcome on any one person.

pitch, hit, catch, karom off the wall, throw to cut off, runner at 2nd, runner at 1st, stop/go 1st runner, stop/go 2nd runner, throw to plate, tag x 2 (slow guy not so important), hold on to ball (big guy more important)

2006-10-06 12:09:43
63.   underdog
Giving up Elbert's too much for my blood.
2006-10-06 12:13:03
64.   D4P
I'd be willing to bet the difference would be miniscule enough to chalk it up to sheer randmoness rather than any true trend

But only for entertainment purposes, of course

2006-10-06 12:14:19
65.   capdodger
60 - Aren't both Elbert (TJ) and LaRoche (Labrum) going under the knife?
2006-10-06 12:14:21
66.   ddger
Grady's patience with Lugo might be wearing thin. Today's LA Times stated that Grady said that error on Tomko's throw should have been charged to Lugo. I think that's the first time Grady hasn't stood up for Lugo.
2006-10-06 12:14:22
67.   das411
Guys!!! I just had a great idea that will solve ALL of the problems with the playoffs we've had these last few years:

Go back to two divisions!!! It's so simple, you split the current NL Central teams between the NL East and the NEW "NL Rest" and check out how nicely this works out!

NL East: Atlanta, NY Mets, Phillies, Washington, Florida, St. Louis, Cincinatti, Pittsburgh

NL Rest: Houston, Milwaukee, ChiCubs, Colorado, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego

Teams make the playoffs based on W-L record; top 3 from the East and top 1 from the Rest get in ;)

2006-10-06 12:15:05
68.   blue22
63 - 31-year old Hall-of-Famers don't come cheap.
2006-10-06 12:15:41
69.   blue22
65 - It's Morris, not Elbert getting the TJ. Elbert was shut down as a precautionary move.
2006-10-06 12:17:21
70.   D4P
Contract Milwaukee and Florida
2006-10-06 12:17:31
71.   capdodger
67 Washington shouldn't be in the NL East. Nor Pittsburg.
2006-10-06 12:21:22
72.   capdodger
69 - Ah. Thanks. I just had crossed wires. It happens all the time.
2006-10-06 12:23:20
73.   das411
And thanks for that heads-up from last night Sam! I'll let you answer 71 re: my plan in 67 so that you can help remember all the memorable moments in Philles/Nationals history!
2006-10-06 12:25:05
74.   Tangled Up in Blue
66 - I hope you are right. At this point the acquisition of Lugo has been nothing short of a disaster.
2006-10-06 12:31:15
75.   Fallout
59 capdodger
:) That could break him loose. But, do the Dodgers really want to comment that much $ to one ballplayer?

26 50 years a Dodger Fan
The manager has to accept the fact that they will have hot streaks and cold streaks; play them when they're hot, replace them when they cool down. You cannot run a player out there day after day when he is not producing, you have to try someone else.

At what point do you know that a player cooled down? After 2,3,or what number of games? Take Marlon Anderson, when do you decide that his run is over? He went 0-4 yesterday, do you bench him now?

2006-10-06 12:34:42
76.   Tangled Up in Blue
Some positives to note:

1. Kuo, Billingsley, Lowe, Hendrickson, Tomko, Broxton and Saito pitched well.
2. Kent is swinging the bat well.
3. Betemit has produced at the plate.
4. Martin hasn't looked intimidated at all in his first 2 playoff games.
4. We are coming home to LA and have Maddux on the mound on Saturday.
5. We have shown the ability to win when our backs are against the wall.

And finally, the Mets, despite the win yesterday, looked beatable....again.

We aren't dead yet.

2006-10-06 12:36:27
77.   capdodger
59 RE: Arod $$$$

I guess it's better than McCourt using it as a Down Payment on an NFL team.

2006-10-06 12:36:57
78.   Tangled Up in Blue
That list was brought to you by the number 4
2006-10-06 12:37:51
79.   capdodger
77 was supposed to be in response to 75's comment regaring my comment in 59.
2006-10-06 12:43:40
80.   bhsportsguy
BA ranked Elbert, Kemp and LaRoche as the 3,4,and 5 top prospects in the Southern League.

Here is some more from the chat.

Roy Hobbs from Buffalo, NY asks:
Do you see the Dodgers commiting to Matt Kemp next year form the outset, or will he be a likely call up for an injury and either make his niche or fail.

A: Chris Kline: Have you been watching Kenny Lofton in the postseason? I think the way he played CF last spring in big league camp set him confidence-wise and placed him firmly in Ned Colletti's mind for next season. Then to show he could contribute in the big leagues this year only added to his cause. He's their everyday guy in 2007.

2006-10-06 12:46:15
81.   bhsportsguy
80 Kline also added that Hu and Abreu got support to, BA states that Jacksonville had the best set of position prospects this year. He also would have considered DeWitt had played enough.
2006-10-06 12:59:14
82.   50 years a Dodger Fan
66 And for all Grady's love, after the season Lugo will throw Little and the Dodgers under the bus every chance he gets. He is going to be very bitter towards us.
2006-10-06 13:10:01
83.   Benaiah
82 - You have to appreciate that our position and Lugo's position are completely different. We care only about what is best for the team, Lugo cares only about himself (this is not a negative, this is reality). He was traded from the only team he had lasting loyalty to, and he was demoted upon reaching his new team. Why should he be bitter? I doubt he has a grudge so much as he just wants to play.
2006-10-06 13:10:20
84.   Brad Bogner
Has anyone been able to figure out why Little is so hellbent on using Penny in game 4, when he's been injured and awful? Are Billingsley or even Hendrickson that bad to him?
2006-10-06 13:12:43
85.   ToyCannon
Your logic makes sense except for two things. One is Kent's age which means this years aches and pains will become more common. It is doubtfull that a 2nd baseman will have a healthy year at his age. We saw his best in 2004, in hindsite the extension was a mistake. I'm hoping he retires, it will be a big offensive hole to fill but I don't think we can take the step forward with Kent at 1st or 2nd at his age.
With Penny as someone mentioned he might be pitching lousy because of his back but he has not been a healthy pitcher most of his career and to expect that in 2007 is wishfull thinking. If he can be traded for a slug CF like A Jones, I'd be all over that. JMO
2006-10-06 13:14:47
86.   ToyCannon
I agree, being traded to the Dodgers has probably cost him millions. He will never accept arbitration and if he does he wouldn't be the worse option for a starting 2nd for a one year rental. He is not this bad of a player.
2006-10-06 13:14:51
87.   blue22
82 - Orlando Cabrera signed a 4yrs/$32M deal with the Angels following 2004. You'd think that's what Lugo figured would be his equivalent contract heading into the offseason.

Any reduction from that figure will be blamed on LA's "misuse" of him down the stretch I bet. What he'll fail to understand is that Cabrera played a vital role in the Red Sox title run, whereas Lugo...well, hasn't for LA, despite ample opportunity.

2006-10-06 13:17:16
88.   ToyCannon
That is surprising considering the egg that Dewitt laid at Jacksonville. Maybe the average was just bad luck and they liked what they saw.
2006-10-06 13:17:24
89.   blue22
85 - Really, Kent needs at least one trip to the DL next season. His 2008 option automatically vests with 550 PA's, which is a very reachable figure if he's relatively healthy all year. One trip to the DL should eliminate that possibility though.
2006-10-06 13:35:05
90.   50 years a Dodger Fan
89 Nope, I think Kent has seen enough to realize that a World Series, even next year, is not very likely. And he knows he's finished as a player by his standards. He won't stick around just to make money.Flanders, go get: Andruw Jones; A. Ramirez; A starting pitcher; and a good young second baseman. For trading material, you have: Penny; Tomko; Hendrickson; Betemit; Hamulack; and Ethier if you must (reluctantly).
2006-10-06 13:37:02
91.   Benaiah
Tomko, Hendrickson and Betemit? Wow we should be able to swing A-Rod AND Andruw for that! Why would other teams want our trash? Penny might still have some value, but if you really want to get something valuable back then be prepared to trade Kemp, Ethier, Elbert, Billz, Loney, Broxton et al, not the guys who didn't do much for us this year.
2006-10-06 13:37:58
92.   bhsportsguy
88 DeWitt has always been a BA favorite, I recall Nate thought that his batting style was messed up due to some bad instruction early on at Vero Beach but it does seem like there is no question he can hit, it is still a question of what position he will play, he is still young so he will play somewhere in Jacksonville next year.
2006-10-06 13:37:59
93.   WellsforKemp
Does anyone else feel like at this point Nomar is hurting the team if he plays in game 3? (I do respect his desire though) I really wish the Dodgers would go with a , we have not much to lose line up, playing Loney,Ethier and Kemp
2006-10-06 13:39:08
94.   Benaiah
I agree on Loney, disagree on Ethier and Kemp. Especially Kemp, since he isn't on the roster and if we played him we might get in trouble.
2006-10-06 13:41:04
95.   WellsforKemp
yeah I guess that might be against the totally sliped my mind that he wasnt on the NLDS roster
2006-10-06 13:42:51
96.   Xeifrank
BABIP from yesterday:
Guo: .308
Glavine: .200
(no gaurantees on the math):)
vr, Xei
2006-10-06 13:46:06
97.   ddger
Repko should get a start. He can't do any worse than Lofton. But since it's Trachsel, Grady will likely start Lofton again. I hope Grady doesn't start Kent at 1st and Lugo at 2nd. He should start Loney at 1st.
2006-10-06 13:47:12
98.   Xeifrank
97. That's a "no brainer"... which means it's not likely to happen. :) vr, Xei
2006-10-06 13:51:48
99.   Benaiah
98 - I think there is about a 5% chance that Loney starts. I would rather have Nomar in a wheel chair out there instead of Lugo, but Loney is a better option then either. Thus, he probably won't play.
2006-10-06 13:53:15
100.   WellsforKemp
it does seem that at this point hes been going with him for this long so he will go with him again. Lugo will be at 2nd and Kent at 1st......which I hate by the way, I just hope Nomars possible departure means you know who in the 3rd spot of the order
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-10-06 13:55:58
101.   blue22
Tomorrow, against the righty, I'd hope to see Loney, Ethier, Betemit, and Lofton in the positions up for grabs (with Kent, Drew, Martin, and Furcal).

Ethier still probably doesn't get a start. I wish Little would realize that Marlon Anderson was hot, isn't anymore, and truthfully isn't a very good baseball player.

2006-10-06 13:58:48
102.   Sushirabbit
97..98 That's funny and scary at the same time.
2006-10-06 13:59:25
103.   WellsforKemp
it seems, Loney actually might be the best option in LF. Although, in a game like this I will probably take less offensive potential over the chance of a horrible mental mistake, I cant handle another one especially if it means it costs us our season.
2006-10-06 14:02:39
104.   caseybarker
Any bias against Vernon Wells? And what about the probabilities that both Ethier and especially Kemp will improve during the offseason.
2006-10-06 14:03:21
105.   Casilda
I wouldn't worry too much about having to deal with Lugo next year; my front office has an inexplicable (to me) affection for him. I'm fairly sure he's going to be playing SS for the Red Sox come next spring.

Bear in mind that if you sign someone as a free agent, you can't trade him without permission before...mid-May, I think. And anyone signed to a multi-year contract who's traded can opt-out of the contract and become a free-agent at the end of the year when he's traded, which might scare some suitors.

I personally think Nomar will be playing 1st base for the Angels next year, but I've seen Baltimore suggested too. I don't think you guys will keep him, not with Loney having 9 RBI days (which is of course, fair enough.)

Hm, I wonder actually if you could trade Kent to someone. (Looks at contract.) 9 mil? Never mind.

2006-10-06 14:04:53
106.   caseybarker
Big fly, Milton!
2006-10-06 14:05:23
107.   sanchez101
103. My guess is that Ethier would be a better option in LF than Loney.

Here's what I would have as the lineup for tomorrow:

SS Furcal
RF Drew
2B Kent
3B Betemit
C Martin
LF Ethier
1B Loney
CF Repko

Here's what it will probably be:

SS Furcal
CF (dead man walking)
2B Lugo
1B Kent
RF Drew
LF Anderson
3B Betemit
C Martin


2006-10-06 14:06:31
108.   underdog
No bias here against Wells except that he's (join the club) overpaid for what he is. And probabilities are good for both players getting better by next season, I think...

Wow, speaking of OFers, old friend Milton Bradley just hit a two run shot. Looks pretty probable that he'll be going farther into the post-season than Andre Ethier, alas.

2006-10-06 14:07:38
109.   underdog
107 I like your lineup although you could have "1B Nomar in a wheelchair" there instead. ;-)
2006-10-06 14:08:10
110.   WellsforKemp
Ethier still probably doesn't get a start. I wish Little would realize that Marlon Anderson was hot, isn't anymore, and truthfully isn't a very good baseball player.

Not only that but, I would like to see what Ethier can do again, even if it is just one more time and even if it is the biggest game of the year.

This also brings up another good point. Why does Grady go with the "hot hand" in Anderson but, not with Loney even when its only Loney over Lugo and not Nomar?

2006-10-06 14:08:26
111.   bhsportsguy
108 Frank Thomas already has gone farther than his former teamamates.
2006-10-06 14:08:28
112.   Daniel Zappala
Any contract can be traded provided the team trading him covers part of it.
2006-10-06 14:09:35
113.   bhsportsguy
And Milton was 0-9 prior to the homerun so perhaps using the first two games as a sample size is a bit premature.
2006-10-06 14:10:39
114.   50 years a Dodger Fan
You guys all know that Little is locked in and will not change his mind. Prepare yourselves, tomorrow is: Kent at first; Lugo on second; Betemit at third; Anderson in left; and Lofton in center. Bet the house on it.
2006-10-06 14:10:53
115.   blue22
104/108 - Re: Wells, you'll have to offer up some choice players to Toronto for him (who doesn't have to trade him), plus sign him to a bigtime extension.

Plus he wants to be in his homestate of Texas, and both teams there have OFer issues. You'll have to make it worth his while to play away from home.

2006-10-06 14:11:06
116.   regfairfield
Bradley WARP1 (Wins Against Replacement): 3.0
Ethier WARP1: 2.9

Now, Ethier's contract status makes him far more desirable, but the trade is no longer the complete steal it once was.

2006-10-06 14:12:04
117.   blue22
114 - I looked at last weekend's game, and that was the lineup he through out there against the righty Cain when Nomar couldn't play. Lugo batted third, no less.
2006-10-06 14:14:18
118.   sanchez101
Should Lugo end up in Boston, as has been suggested, and Nomar ends up in Anaheim, that would give White 3 first round picks (20,22,24) if the new CBA maintains draft-pick compensation. it won't, but one can dream.
2006-10-06 14:17:13
119.   Casilda
112 - Oh of course, which is why Hicks is paying A-Rod to play 3rd base in NY instead of SS in Texas. But I assume the Dodgers would want someone to take on as much of Kent's salary as possible, especially if they want both Schmidt and Zito. How much of Kent's salary are the McCourts willing to cover should they trade him? (Honest question, I really don't know them well.)

I suspect you guys will get Zito, by the way, which for me is a shame since I think the Red Sox need him.

2006-10-06 14:18:20
120.   WellsforKemp
Bradley WARP1 (Wins Against Replacement): 3.0
Ethier WARP1: 2.9

I dont even expect Ethier to put up a 2.9 WAPR or what ever his VORP was, next year too.

2006-10-06 14:20:06
121.   sanchez101
its very difficult for me to watch oaklands 3 CF defense when we have a DH playing center
2006-10-06 14:23:12
122.   WellsforKemp
I dont know if a DH is the best was to describe Lofton but, your point is very well taken.
2006-10-06 14:23:34
123.   D4P
Yeah, but can Oakland boast a four-shortstop infield...?
2006-10-06 14:23:52
124.   underdog
119 I don't know if the Dodgers can make a play for Schmidt and Zito, they'll probably have to focus on one of them and even then may lose out. (I'm holding out hope for Zito myself. He hasn't been tainted by playing for the Giants for one thing. ;-) )
2006-10-06 14:24:27
125.   sanchez101
outfielders with no arm, no speed, and no ability to track ball or take a decent route are called DH's or color guys
2006-10-06 14:27:31
126.   Daniel Zappala
I thought they were called "old".
2006-10-06 14:28:03
127.   sanchez101
124. Id much rather see Matsuzaka than Schmidt
2006-10-06 14:29:32
128.   WellsforKemp
I hope no one is wishing for both Zito and Schmidt. I think Zito can be had though, especially b/c he has a desire to play on the West Coast.I dont know how much there is for offense if that is the case though. I am also in the minority I think on this but I am really hoping we retain Gagne even if we are obviously overpaying
2006-10-06 14:32:09
129.   WellsforKemp
127. Id much rather see Matsuzaka than Schmidt

The Yankees would too:)

2006-10-06 14:33:02
130.   capdodger
128 At what dollar value would we be over-paying for Gange? Would he accept an incentive-laden contract or would other teams give him a big-money deal because he was, at one point, a proven closer?
2006-10-06 14:36:43
131.   blue22
129 - Matsuzaka will probably be more expensive and a longer commitment for an unknown quantity. Not sure when he gets posted, but I wouldn't shy away from other FA's waiting for him.

Plus, he is a Boras guy...

2006-10-06 14:37:39
132.   bhsportsguy
130 Gagne has already said he will not take a deal like Frank Thomas, a lot will be known once he starts throwing in the next month or two. Even Nomar had a pretty high base ($6MM plus incentives) and that was for someone projected to be a regular player.

I am sure he will listen to the Dodgers and will consider them in the mix but in the end, money over team will almost always win out.

2006-10-06 14:39:13
133.   blue22
Does LA have to offer Gagne arbitration?
2006-10-06 14:39:44
134.   Greg S
130 Our inherent problem with Gagne is that I believe we are overpaying him if we pay him the minimum salary without seeing him throw a baseball again. And we likely can't see him throw a baseball again until it's too late to sign him. Sure we could give him an incentive laden contract but he and Boras know that if he throws for someone, he will get guaranteed money.
2006-10-06 14:40:13
135.   WellsforKemp
130. if we re-up at 12 million that would be overpaying considering what Brox or saito(if hes back) can do, depending on what we do with the money I might still be for it.
Gagne has expressed interest in coming back to the Dodger and in taking incentives in his contract. However,there are still problems with if we decline his option, then have to sign him as a FA
2006-10-06 14:42:13
136.   D4P
All Gagne really wants is r-e-s-p-e-c-t
2006-10-06 14:43:42
137.   Marty
And how do you spell respect? m o n e y
2006-10-06 14:43:58
138.   Greg S
136 And m-o-n-e-y
2006-10-06 14:45:41
139.   WellsforKemp
Overpaying is all relative. If the Dodgers want to spend a little extra money to sign Gagne it doesnt really mean anything next year, and seeing the team this year especially in the playoffs it makes me think how well Brox Gagne and Saito would look
2006-10-06 14:46:45
140.   ddger
Didn't the team have some kind of insurance on Gagne so that they didn't have to pay his full salary?
2006-10-06 14:49:03
141.   micktissue

Conas atá tú?

I met Kevin Burke last May at the Baltimore Fiddle Fair (I'm webmaster/photographer for He's quite a character - the craic was mighty.

Hoping the Dodgers are on the pig's back tonight - ádh mór ort Dodgers!!!!!

2006-10-06 14:49:13
142.   overkill94
136 While Dodgers fans and management want a r-e-f-u-n-d for the last two years.
2006-10-06 14:50:17
143.   bhsportsguy
140 I beleive that since the contracts of guys like Dreifort and Brown, plus the ongoing dispute with Bagwell, the insurance on player's contracts has become less of an option.
2006-10-06 14:53:23
144.   bhsportsguy
The formula to win games this weekend, score more than 4 and have the starters pitch into the 7th. If that happens, we will be watching Monday Night Baseball but if not, it will be a struggle.

In the end that's what got them here and that is what will have to move them past tomorrow. Hopefully, the offense which is better at home will continue that trend.

2006-10-06 14:53:54
145.   Sushirabbit
nice pitching by Perkins!

I don't see why Kent will retire unless he is somehow permanently injured. He's just old. That said, I'd take him back next year if he wants to come. If we want to ditch some age, I'd pick Lofton to lose first, if we want to ditch health risks, I'd pick Nomar first (as much as I like the guy!).

2006-10-06 14:56:13
146.   50 years a Dodger Fan
I would rather spend the $12M on a guy that hits 30 to 40 homers, especially given that we have Broxton and Saito and at a very good price. The best defense is a good offense...
2006-10-06 15:00:27
147.   ddger
We also need to score some runs early instead of waiting till late innings for a comeback.

Just heard on AM570 that Nomar had MRI and found that he has torn quad muscle in his leg. I guess he's not starting anymore.

2006-10-06 15:00:57
148.   50 years a Dodger Fan
145 Lofton and Nomar already have plane tickets. I'd keep Lofton as a PH if he'd sign for $1.5M but he won't. I'd even keep Kent as a part time player; I'm not saying dump him, I'm saying I think he might decide to retire.
2006-10-06 15:01:49
149.   blue22
146 - What position does your guy play? A lot of people think the lineup is already done:


I personally don't think we can count on Kemp and Ethier next year. Maybe one OF slot, and hope one or the other takes hold of a starting job.

2006-10-06 15:02:54
150.   underdog
I think Lofton is likely gone for next season - isn't he only on a one year contract? (Notice how he always signs 1 year contracts? He's like a vagabond.) Next year will be Kemp and Repko in CF, is my prediction.

146 I wouldn't mind that guy either, but I don't know - the A's are a good counterexample to that theorem. If the Yankees don't win the WS this year one could say that'd be another. Ideally, I'd prefer both!

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-10-06 15:03:15
151.   micktissue

Aramis Ramirez?

Can he be had for $12M?

I'd love to see Aramis, but his Dodger Stadium OPS is .717. Maybe not having to face Dodger pitching would improve that stat.

3B is in desperate need of a solid bat, and he would fit in well, me thinks.

2006-10-06 15:03:30
152.   underdog
Wow, did Milton just throw someone out at home?
2006-10-06 15:04:15
153.   blue22
148 - Kent has ~$10M guaranteed next year. I just can't see him retiring this year.

And I definitely don't see Kent getting traded. No way Ned voluntarily offers Kent a contract extension, just to turn around and trade him less than a year later.

And I doubt Kent requests one, unless LA brings in Bonds to play left next year. ;-)

2006-10-06 15:05:09
154.   capdodger
149 At least that lineup would be cheapish.
2006-10-06 15:06:34
155.   blue22
Aramis is guaranteed $21.5M over the next two years, with a real easy 3rd year option for another $11M.

It's kinda like a JD Drew situation, with so much money guaranteed he'd have to be pretty certain to get a big raise to justify opting out.

2006-10-06 15:06:58
156.   50 years a Dodger Fan
149 My guy (to be named later) could play third base or outfield. I would like to see Kemp and LaRoche in there but I highly doubt they could be ready to handle the job next spring. LaRoche appears to be closer than Kemp, but he could catch on real quick this winter and be ready in April. Who knows?
2006-10-06 15:08:07
157.   bhsportsguy
ESPN Radio reportst that Nomar can pinch-hit (ala Kirk Gibson) but he cannot run at all. He will be at "limited" status for the rest of the playoffs.
2006-10-06 15:08:08
158.   blue22
156 - Not a Betemit fan, eh? I think he's a good placeholder at 3rd for LaRoche next year, and then slides over to be Kent's heir apparent at 2nd.
2006-10-06 15:08:53
159.   Sushirabbit
Táim go maith. An bhfuil tú go réasúnta? Truthfully, my gaelic is non-existant. I met my wife because I was trying to chat up Mary Rafferty, who apparently has family in Knoxville and decided not to come out with Aofie and Joannie to the local pub. I had a great time and ended up marrying the girl who was after my friend! Sea (is it Is ea?) that's an Irish story.
2006-10-06 15:17:33
160.   bhsportsguy
157 Josh R. reports that Loney will start at 1B tomorrow, no other news on the lineup.
2006-10-06 15:19:59
161.   underdog
160 Hurray! See?
Sad that Nomar can't start, but since he really can't move, it's good to have Loney in there. And yeah, I'd take a Gibson-like "I don't believe what I'm saying" pinch-hitting appearance at some point. ;-)
2006-10-06 15:21:20
162.   Sushirabbit
I like Betemit, too. I can see him winning game 5. :-) (don't want to think too much about the future)
2006-10-06 15:22:47
163.   micktissue

Your Irish is better than mine! I gotta go ask the wife what that means lol.

I watched some Irish baseball Corcagh Park (Co. Dublin) at the O'Mally fields in August. It was great talking baseball with the Dubs.

If you're a Celtic player and are in West Cork in May, come on to a session. It's a blast. I'll create an Irish Friends of Dodger Thoughts voucher that will get you in for next to nothing!

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-10-06 15:25:15
164.   das411
156 - Aubrey Huff??
2006-10-06 15:28:02
165.   bhsportsguy
160 This guy you may see batting 3rd tomorrow, he has put up this line in 32 at bats lifetime against Trachsel.

.375/.394/.563, he has 1 double, triple and home run.

BTW, this is not the highest lifetime average against Trachsel among players who have played a little bit against him. Lofton is 12 for 25 in his career against Trachsel.

2006-10-06 15:34:08
166.   nick
Earl Weaver would kick ass with this roster. Anderson and Lofton are classic platoon players, they would've been sitting yesterday with Saenz (like Jon suggested) and Repko HAVE to platoon with this kinda team, and everybody's either young or marginal, so no complaining about playing time. Grady is wasting his biggest asset, bench strength; in the regular season, to a certain extent depth will out (injuries) no matter who's managing--but in the playoffs, it's a different story....
2006-10-06 15:41:15
167.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers only have one RH outfielder so unless you want Lugo or Martinez to play in the outfield, either Kenny or Marlon (or Ethier) is going to play along with Drew.

I do think because our RH bench consists of at times Lugo, Martinez, Repko and Hall, Grady is hesitant to play Saenz in the game and he really hasn't though I guess if or when we play on Sunday, he may have to start Saenz since he is 2-5 with a double and a walk against Perez.

2006-10-06 15:43:49
168.   bhsportsguy
I know I said this the other day in The Griddle but c'mon, Marco Scutaro has many RBI as the Twins have scored runs in this series.
2006-10-06 15:44:15
169.   Sushirabbit
167- Yeah, but in Little's defense both Martinez and Saenz have shown they can pinch-hit. I can see trying to save those guys for later on... or using them when it matters for a pitcher.
2006-10-06 15:48:20
170.   Sushirabbit
For the record, security policies (group policies) created by network/security administrators far away and with no brains or knowledge of local environments are D-E-A-D to me, along with on the fly changes to Cisco switches and DNS tables, and placing msi excutables inside NAL objects. /rant

Sorry, glad today wasn't a day game day. :-)

2006-10-06 15:48:25
171.   underdog
169 I think that's exactly right, and I also think bh is right - or hope so - that Saenz will likely start on Sunday, if there is a game 4 that is.

Wow, I feel kinda bad for the Twins - I'm rooting for the A's but thought the Twins had such a good year and team that they'd make a better show of it.

2006-10-06 15:53:56
172.   Jon Weisman
Was anyone surprised that the Shadow was female?
2006-10-06 15:56:50
173.   Sushirabbit
That was really buggin' that nobody said anything, eh?
2006-10-06 16:00:02
174.   overkill94
Well, at least the A's are representing the west side in the playoffs.

Has Huston Street always had that little hitch at the end of his delivery where he inexplicably stands straight up? Seems like it would kill his velocity.

2006-10-06 16:01:45
175.   underdog
I was just thinking she was a niece of Mother Nature's and didn't think about it much.

Though I believe she was played by Alec Baldwin in the bad movie version.

2006-10-06 16:08:55
176.   bhsportsguy
172 Never even thought about it.
2006-10-06 16:09:39
177.   Sushirabbit
175, hee hee hee, I was thinking about Baldwin as a she, too. I'm guessing Katsura, or maybe Hans Christian Andersen?
2006-10-06 16:11:53
178.   jasonungar05
I am not giving up.

We should have won game one if we didn't give them 2 runs (or took two runs away from ourselves) I won't even count the Penny thing.

In game 2 I feel we gave them 3-4 runs.

Nomar should have been on the bag. That's one run. Lugo should have caught that ball, there is another. Or Wilson should have been playing the bunt. Furcal should have turned the double play. That's another. And I guess I'll give them the sacrifice fly. Why a fly ball pitcher (tomko) was in there, I have no idea.

So no more talk about next year. Let's take care of Business at Home and win this thing on Monday.

2006-10-06 16:13:57
179.   Jon Weisman
173 - Just curious, nothing more :)
2006-10-06 16:14:54
180.   underdog
Here here Jason!

Speaking of never giving up - I proposed a fantasy football trade to you ages ago, did you ever see it? Let me know.

2006-10-06 16:23:02
181.   jasonungar05
I'll go check. I am sorry, my hard drive crashed at home a few months ago and I have to sneak around at work. It's really hard not having you guys during the game to help me deal psychologically.

My wife thinks I am insane. I talk to myself so she may be right.

I feel the vibe this year though. I was at the LIMA game and I didn't think we even had a chance. I like our chances this time around.

2006-10-06 16:25:32
182.   bhsportsguy
No weather issues for any the upcoming games, tonight will be chilly in Detroit.
2006-10-06 16:44:25
183.   bhsportsguy
Again, this might be a repeat but if I was a player on his team, I might not take it so well.

"It's been like men playing boys," Moores said.

From, John Moores on describing the Padres play thus far.

And in talking about the future of the leadership of the club.

Bochy, [Moores] said, "had exceeded all expectations." Towers, he added, has been a better GM under the auspices of Sandy Alderson, who entered the Padres' picture as chief executive early in the 2005 season.

"I have more confidence in him putting this team together than I did three years ago," Moores said. "The combination of Sandy and Kevin has worked."

Still, when asked if the manager would be back in 2007, Moores was noncommittal.

"I wouldn't begin to tell Sandy what to do in that situation," he said. "Those guys work for him. They don't work for me."

2006-10-06 17:01:16
184.   Nagman
Did anybody else think Feliciano might've given the Dodgers some bulletin board material? From the LA Times story:

"They're about to go to sleep, I think," Mets reliever Pedro Feliciano said.

2006-10-06 17:04:20
185.   underdog
184 I just posted that for Josh on the ITD blog, too. :-) Can't hurt to put that up in the locker room.
2006-10-06 17:13:03
186.   underdog
181 And no worries Jason. Thought something might have come up. Sorry about the tech troubles. It's already too late for a trade to do anything for this weekend anyway, for which I was most desperate, so I may just drop the idea...
2006-10-06 17:31:17
187.   Jon Weisman
Garciaparra mini-post up top.
2006-10-06 19:26:48
188.   Terry A
170 Man, if I had a nickel for every time I've said that same thing...
2006-10-06 21:30:49
189.   Sushirabbit
188 I knew someone else here would appreciate the sentiment. Dodger Thoughts : where everybody knows your game.

My wife thinks I am a baseball god, since I predicted tonights Tigers win at 6-0. Really it was sheer luck, but hey I'll take any opportunity to impress her, as they seem to come less and less as time goes by.

I'm glad Feliciano thinks the Dodgers are about to go to sleep.

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