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Dodgers-Mets, NLDS Game 3 Chat
2006-10-07 13:55
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

From Inside the Dodgers:

Furcal, SS
Lofton, CF
Anderson, LF
Kent, 2B
Drew, RF
Martin, C
Betemit, 3B
Loney, 1B
Maddux, P

Nomar will be available to pinch-hit, we hope, and he's won the Comeback Player of the Year Award in the National League. We'll present him with the award during pregame ceremonies today.

If you're coming to the game, make sure you get here early. Introductions on the field and Nomar's ceremony will start around 4:40 but as you can imagine, we're expecting a lot of people here today. That means parking will be crowded, will call lines will be longer than usual and you'll want to be here for all the festivities.

Also keep in mind that if you're coming up the 110, you're battling traffic for the Coliseum, Dodger Stadium and Rose Bowl, not to mention Staples Center for the Kings' opener tonight.

Comments (1083)
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2006-10-07 14:09:26
1.   Franklin Stubbs
Yay #1!!! I'm going to the game with my parents 28 years after they got married during the 1978 World Series!!!

Let's hope it turns out better:

Sunday, October 15th

IN THE NEWS: The Yankees pummel the Dodgers with 18 hits to win the 5th game 12–2. Bucky Dent, Mickey Rivers, and Brian Doyle have three hits each.

Last time I saw Maddux in person it was with my new little baby boy and it was THE Maddux game (perfect after the 1st). I predict good things....I also have tickets tomorrow and maybe some this space. :-)


2006-10-07 14:09:53
2.   Connector
Wish I could be there, but I'll be watching every pitch on TV.
2006-10-07 14:13:49
3.   DodgerDodger
I'm heading out as soon as my brother gets here.

And I want to be there tomorrow too!

Go Blue!

2006-10-07 14:14:02
4.   Franklin Stubbs
That lineup looks great by the way. I'll miss Nomar but if Loney is hot ( I know Vinny he's no Gil Hodges). I can't think of a better lineup for a must win game -- and we got Nomar and Ethier on the bench!
2006-10-07 14:16:14
5.   natepurcell
teh mlb average per marginal win per 1 warp is around 2million right?
2006-10-07 14:27:30
6.   Bumsrap
Could it be that a man growing up in New York and getting the radio gig at a very early age for the Broklyn Dodgers got caught up in some sentiment when he compared Loney's and Hodges' 9 RBI record?

I am guessing Vin would love to pull those words back if he could. Gil Hodges was a special guy as was PeeWee Reese.

My first love was the fifties Dodgers and especially Duke Snider and I am guessing Mr. Scully, as he gets to the end of his career has sentiment running throughout his body being back in NY doing the Playoffs.

I hope James Loney gets an 11 RBI game. Today would be a nice day to do it.

2006-10-07 14:32:22
7.   Bob Timmermann
Enjoy, I'll be battling the traffic to the Rose Bowl, although I don't think it will be all that bad going there. I think there will be a lot of no-shows. I feel bad for the people trying to get from the Westside to Pasadena.
2006-10-07 14:35:47
8.   spacebrother
I work weekends, so I have missed all the Fri-Sun games this season. This weekend is no exception. My only solace: unloading today's tickets for a goodly sum. The Dodgers have to go on so I can go to a playoff game!
2006-10-07 14:42:03
9.   Bob Timmermann
James Loney's figure to shoot for:

Most RBI in a Division Series game:

7 by Edgar Martinez, Mo Vaughn, John Valentin, and Troy O'Leary.

The NL record is 6 by Reggie Sanders.

2006-10-07 14:42:25
10.   Greg Brock
The Banterers are not handling things well right now.

"Blankety Blank Blank Blank," and so on.

2006-10-07 14:42:55
11.   Bob Timmermann
Jeremy Bonderman has turned into Greg Maddux! 35 pitches through 4 2/3 IP.
2006-10-07 14:45:09
12.   Bob Timmermann
Steve Lyons mentions that Jim Leyland manages while wearing cleats. I think it's also unusual that he pulls up his uniform pants and wears the high socks.
2006-10-07 14:46:00
13.   Bob Timmermann
40 pitches through 5 innings for Bonderman. That's definitely Madduxian.
2006-10-07 14:47:30
14.   Franklin Stubbs
6- Bumsrap I think you are right. Actually I'll see your comment and raise you one: I think Vin was absolutely right. Gil Hodges played well before the 1980s explosion of power. Gil is a veritable legend and future (hopefully) Hall of Famer who got his RBIs with 4 homers which makes his accomplishment sweeter and more rare. I remember asking if anyone here had read "Say a Prayer for Gil Hodges" andno one responded. When my son was born I put a 1961 Topps Gil Hodges cardin his co-sleeper for good luck. I hope Vin wouldn't take back those words -- he's right. Just as he was right about Hugo Chavez being out of line. (Again, not a fan of our current resident of the White House in the slightest, but I still have some respect for the office. Plus I've seen the devil and he owns the Yankees.)


2006-10-07 14:48:21
15.   Greg Brock
Florida is laying the wood to LSU, and Tim Tebow looks like a monster.
2006-10-07 14:49:32
16.   Bob Timmermann
Carnage wasn't that bad in South Bend. Notre Dame 31, Stanford 10. The Cardinal covered!
2006-10-07 14:50:37
17.   D4P
Where's Andy Van Slyke? Oh, there he is
2006-10-07 14:52:43
18.   Greg Brock
For your daily Tiger update:

LSU: Losing
Detroit: Winning
Auburn: Lost
Clemson: Won
Mizzou: Playing later
Woods: Off

2006-10-07 14:53:35
19.   D4P
Glass: Not heard from since 1987
2006-10-07 14:54:56
20.   Greg Brock
19 Oh, wow, excellently played, D4P.

Fine job, good sir.

2006-10-07 14:56:44
21.   Greg Brock
I think the english translation for schadenfreude is "Bronx Banter"
2006-10-07 14:59:35
22.   Bob Timmermann
Apparently, the Yankees-Tigers aren't on radio in L.A. so I won't know how that one ends.
2006-10-07 15:00:06
23.   gpellamjr
I'm starting to get pumped for tonight's game. I'm sure you're all thinking what I'm thinking. If any team can run off three in a row and over come an 0-3 deficit, it's the Dodgers. Besides, the Tigers have me feeling pretty good about baseball right now.
2006-10-07 15:00:54
24.   gpellamjr
23 Of course I meant "an 0-2 deficit". Even the Dodgers can't overcome an 0-3 deficit in the division series.
2006-10-07 15:06:02
25.   twerp
A rerun, posted on last thread right after this one opened. I'm known for great timing.

Hope this hasn't been posted; not best I could tell===

Oct. 9 Sports Illustrated out with all-time team. Those surveyed included Bill James and Peter Gammons, and "more than a dozen former and current SI staffers."

Excerpted from and no doubt timed with the SI Baseball Book, "on sale this week."

Those disagreeing--shock, could such a thing possibly happen--are invited to to correct things by casting their own ballot.

Manager Jon McGraw, Coaches Joe McCarthy & Casey Stengel

Players (25)--7 starters, 2 relievers, 2C, 7 OF, 7 IF. Team described as a "fascinating blend of art and science."

Starters: Warren Spahn! (exclamation point mine), Lefty Grove, C. Mathewson, Koufax, Walter Johnson, Clemens, Cy Young

Note (mine). Until seeing this I didn't realize Koufax had a posteason ERA of 0.95.

Relievers: Eckersley, Rivera

Catchers: Berra, Bench

IF& OF: Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Stan Musial, R. Hornsby, Honus Wagner, Mike Schmidt, A-Rod, DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Cobb, Ruth, Mantle, Aaron, Mays

Story said all-time hits leader Rose "simply not better than any of these infielders or outfielders." His gambling had "no impact" on ballot.

Also, Bonds not included "because his freakish late career production linked to steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, has numbers not to be believed."

2006-10-07 15:07:21
26.   Bob Timmermann
Off to the Arroyo Seco to enjoy some mediocre Pac-10 football!
2006-10-07 15:09:00
27.   Linkmeister
25 I saw that in my copy Thursday afternoon. There's only one third-baseman on that list (Schmitty), although A-Rod and Jackie both played there. I thought that was a little odd.
2006-10-07 15:09:49
28.   Greg Brock
26 Go Bruins. Have fun, Bob.
2006-10-07 15:11:39
29.   Charenton
- Mr Fox news:
Jon says no politics here…
Don't talk about stuff that you don't/can't/refuse to understand…
This our oasis where we can all forget about all that and rather talk about Russell Martin's middle names and his wonderful Dad (better than jeff weaver's mom…) not your uninformed political comment. Because of Jon's rules i'll save the rest of this post for when we meet in a dark alley.…
2006-10-07 15:18:53
30.   gpellamjr
29 Andrew is no longer the edgiest guy at Dodger Thoughts.

I told him he shouldn't have quit smoking.

2006-10-07 15:19:21
31.   Eric Enders
I guess I've been out of the loop too long... did Vin really say something about Hugo Chavez? And what did he say re Loney/Hodges?
2006-10-07 15:21:44
32.   Greg Brock
14 Was a mild, fairly inoffensive statement. 29 Was not.

{Ducks and runs like hell}

2006-10-07 15:22:32
33.   Gagne55
"Players (25)--7 starters, 2 relievers, 2C, 7 OF, 7 IF. Team described as a "fascinating blend of art and science." "

That is a horrible roster configueration.

2006-10-07 15:24:42
34.   Linkmeister
31 Vinnie objected to Chavez calling the President of the US "the devil." He didn't think that was appropriate behavior.

About Loney's 9-RBI game he just implied that comparing Loney to Hodges was a tad premature. I'd have to agree.

2006-10-07 15:25:23
35.   KG16
33 -seems like standard fare for most of the All Time Teams, looking at the starting rotation, it's not like they'd have much need for middle relief.
2006-10-07 15:34:26
36.   Gagne55
35 Yeah, of course most of your staff will be starters, but shouldn't some of them be put in the pen? You think guys would want to start on 6 days rest? I'd prolly stick Grove and Young in the pen if that was the staff. And 7 outfielders?
2006-10-07 15:34:44
37.   Linkmeister
Does anyone know why there was no tag applied to the sliding runner for the Tigers' 8th run there?
2006-10-07 15:36:12
38.   Gagne55
Although I'm thinking the best 25 man roster possible. It looks like this is more of a list of the top 25 players of all-time with restrictions on how many come from each position.
2006-10-07 15:36:34
39.   Connector

The ball arrived too late for that.

2006-10-07 15:36:34
40.   dzzrtRatt
Mea culpa. I just posted a somewhat troll-ish comment on Bronx Banter. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I hate the Yankees. I figured I should confess here, because you guys would understand.

I think Hugo Chavez is wrong. I'm the devil.

2006-10-07 15:41:15
41.   Linkmeister
39 But from the replay it looked like it got there in plenty of time for a try at a swipe tag.

Ah well, hopefully it's an unneeded run. Go Tigers!

2006-10-07 15:45:47
42.   thinkingblue
Wow. It's official, the yankees will never advance in the playoffs without pitching.
2006-10-07 15:46:15
43.   Uncle Miltie
So what is it going to take to get A-rod in a Dodgers uniform?

Elbert, LaRoche, ???

2006-10-07 15:50:36
44.   Eric Enders
43 If that's what it takes, then I will respectfully decline unless the Yankees agree to eat the entire contract.
2006-10-07 15:50:46
45.   gpellamjr
43 I don't know what it would take. But what is he worth to you? I love the prospects, but, man, how cool would it be to have A-Rod? What are your limits?
2006-10-07 15:51:21
46.   Linkmeister
43 And play him at third? We have a perfectly good shortstop without the $$$ baggage A-Rod has.
2006-10-07 15:52:57
47.   twerp
35 36--Who'd be the manager best suited to tell THAT staff who was going to the 'pen?

Dr. Phil?

2006-10-07 15:55:59
48.   KG16
I'd put A-Rod at third, I'd be willing to trade Penny, Betimet, and LaRoche. I'd even throw in Kent, since the Yanqis apparently need help at first.
2006-10-07 16:00:09
49.   KG16
36, 47 - I'd put Clemens and Grove in the pen. And honestly, I'd seriously consider using a four man rotation given some of the names there, especially since most of those guys played in the days of the four man rotation. Plus, you do have Ruth to take a couple of innings, if needed.

As far as the number of outfielders, yeah, that seems like a lot, but we are also taking about a team that has a 9 man pitching staff instead of a 11-12 man staff.

I have to say, I'm a little surprised that Jimmy Foxx isn't on the list.

But this kinda reminds me of the video games where you can unlock the old time players - I use to put them all on a team, just to see how many games they'd win.

2006-10-07 16:01:05
50.   JoeyP
Ty Willingham is one of the worst football coaches in college football. How he got the Notre Dame job, I'll never know.

Nice time management at the end of the USC game Ty.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-10-07 16:04:04
51.   twerp
While on an SI kick, a recent story profiled A-Rod.

Apart from whatever Mt. St. Steinbrenner and co. might do if things finish up as they probably will, I got from the SI story that A-Rod's not a good fit for NYY.

Portrayed as aloof, not playing hard, not team-oriented, just content to go out and put up numbers, not coming through when it counts, whatever. Unfortunate and typical NY experience for some. Elsewhere, A-Rod's probably much better, certainly happier.

Maybe he could be had. A slight upgrade at 3B would be good.

With the resources available to the Dodgers, I'd think Colletti could pull it off.

The Tankees probably would be happy to pay a bunch of his salary (along with however much whoever else is paying) and be rid of their current scapegoat.

2006-10-07 16:11:03
52.   Eric Enders
25 Blending career length with peak performance, my own selections would be:

C Josh Gibson
1B Lou Gehrig
2B Joe Morgan
3B Mike Schmidt
SS Honus Wagner
LF Barry Bonds
CF Willie Mays
RF Babe Ruth

C Roy Campanella
IF Jackie Robinson
IF Rogers Hornsby
OF Ty Cobb
OF Ted Williams
OF/1B Oscar Charleston
OF/1B Stan Musial
IF/OF/P Martin Dihigo

SP Walter Johnson
SP Satchel Paige
SP Pedro Martinez
SP Lefty Grove
SP Roger Clemens
RP Greg Maddux
RP Randy Johnson
RP Hoyt Wilhelm
RP Dennis Eckersley

I tried to pick a team that would actually win, as opposed to a collection of merely the best players; hence the inclusions of the versatile Dihigo and Robinson.

I love Sandy Koufax, but there is no defensible way to pick him over people like Pedro, Johnson, and Grove, who had both better peaks and longer careers.

2006-10-07 16:16:07
53.   KG16
33 -seems like standard fare for most of the All Time Teams, looking at the starting rotation, it's not like they'd have much need for middle relief.
2006-10-07 16:22:39
54.   KG16
53 - sorry about that, fingers slipped and somehow ended up posting an old comment.

Any way, my all time team:

C - Roy Campanella
1B - Lou Gerhig
2B - Jackie Robinson
SS - Honus Wagner
3B - Mike Schmidt
LF - Joe Dimaggio (how'd he not make the list, by the way)
CF - Willie Mays
RF - Babe Ruth


C - Yogi Berra
IF - Rogers Hornsby
IF - Joe Morgan
1B/3B - Pete Rose
OF - Musial
OF - Ted Williams
OF - Ty Cobb

SP - Cy Young (his numbers are seriously sick people)
SP - Mathewson
SP - Nolan Ryan
SP - Walter Johnson
SP - Pedro Martinez
RP - Drysdale
RP - Koufax
RP - Sutter (sp?)
RP - Rivera (based almost entirely on post-season performances)
RP - Eckersley

2006-10-07 16:24:51
55.   KG16
It's over in Detriot
2006-10-07 16:25:41
56.   micktissue
2006-10-07 16:26:27
57.   Greg Brock
The Banterers are not particularly friendly to new faces around there.

I learned this today, the hard way.

2006-10-07 16:26:46
58.   Linkmeister
54 Um, Rivera's not bad in the regular season either. ;)
2006-10-07 16:26:58
59.   underdog
That was hilarious, Jim Leyland just kissed a guy on the hat - through the fence - after kissing two members of his family. Was that guy in his family, too, or just a drunken fan? Pretty funny.

Nice comeback by the Tigers after the first game, after a lot of people had already written them off. There's hope for us all.

Here's to the "scrappy underdog" as the announcer just said it. ;-)

2006-10-07 16:27:20
60.   Linkmeister
57 Were you polite when you entered?
2006-10-07 16:27:37
61.   underdog
57 What did you say?
2006-10-07 16:29:09
62.   underdog
Oh no... I just realized we're going to have to suffer through Joe Buck and Tim McCarver tonight aren't we? Yargh... I may have to try to get Vin Scully on the internet radio.
2006-10-07 16:31:07
63.   KG16
58 - yes, but the post season is the only time I watch the Yankees (unless I happen to get tickets to the Angels and Yanks in Anaheim)
2006-10-07 16:32:54
64.   twerp
54 "LF - Joe Dimaggio (how'd he not make the list, by the way)"

He did.

2006-10-07 16:33:27
65.   Greg Brock
Oh, they were all talking A-Rod this, Torre that, and I was completely conciliatory and friendly, and said, "You guys get some pitching, and you'll be fine."
2006-10-07 16:33:46
66.   KG16
64 - yeah, apparently I've forgotten how to read
2006-10-07 16:34:58
67.   StolenMonkey86
Kenny Rogers pouring champagne on the cop was quite a sight to see
2006-10-07 16:36:57
68.   Linkmeister
Kenny Rogers spraying champagne into the crowd was a lot of fun too.
2006-10-07 16:37:15
69.   Eric Enders
"LF - Joe Dimaggio (how'd he not make the list, by the way)"

All a matter of opinion, of course, but IMO he's nowhere near good enough to make that team. The Yankee aura and Marilyn Monroe are cool and all, but not reason enough to pick him over guys who were clearly better players.

2006-10-07 16:39:04
70.   Eric Enders
It took Kevin Kennedy literally three seconds to mention his managerial career.
2006-10-07 16:39:32
71.   Uncle Miltie
First words out of Kevin Kennedy's mouth "I managed against..."
2006-10-07 16:40:14
72.   Linkmeister
You know, Honus Wagner gets picked for these teams, but who ever saw him play? How do we know (aside from the "first class at Cooperstown" business, which is impressive, but still...)?

Lazzeri, Ozzie, Ripken, Banks...

Subjective indeed.

2006-10-07 16:41:27
73.   KG16
69 - keep in mind Dimaggio gave up three years in the middle of his career and still hit 361 HRs. He walked twice as often as he struck out. Was a career .325/.398/.579 hitter.

Those are pretty good numbers.

2006-10-07 16:41:33
74.   JT Dutch
... Wow, the celebration in Detroit looks as if they won the World Series.
2006-10-07 16:42:20
75.   underdog
70 71 That could be a new Kevin Kennedy drinking game.

Jim Leyland is being very humble, saying they caught some breaks.

2006-10-07 16:43:17
76.   Eric Enders
72 One could say the same about Babe Ruth. We only have his stats and the opinions of those who watched him play -- both of which pinpoint him as easily the best shortstop who ever played. The shortstop position is really the only one that's a runaway.
2006-10-07 16:43:51
77.   KG16
Here are Honus Wagner's career numbers, they look better than Ozzie Smith's

2006-10-07 16:44:31
78.   Greg Brock
76 Ruth in right field is a runaway.
2006-10-07 16:46:00
79.   Linkmeister
76 Except there's Movietone newsreel footage of Ruth. I've never seen anything but a publicity still picture of Wagner.

I'm not really arguing one way or another, just waiting for the Dodgers-Mets game to start.

2006-10-07 16:47:01
80.   Greg Brock
And then Ben Olson gets hurt.
2006-10-07 16:47:35
81.   twerp
69 Eric, as a baseball historian you may know the answer to this---

Seems like a few years ago I saw a story in which someone asked a baseball guy what he thought Ty Cobb would have hit in the modern game.

I think the reply was something like .310, .315. Surprised, the questioner said something like, "Really? You think he'd fall off that much in the modern game?"

The baseball guy said, "well, you've got to remember that Cobb would be over 70 years old now."

If you're familiar with it, who were the people involved? Thanks!

2006-10-07 16:47:46
82.   underdog
Okay, here we go. Good luck to all of us - even if we're not doing anything involving the playing of the actual game. I'll feel like celebrating with champagne if they just win a freakin' game.
2006-10-07 16:48:35
83.   Andrew Shimmin
I'd like to officially blame Greg Brock for the Stanford loss. I only hope he can find some way to live with himself. Maybe with a paper bag over his head; just spit-balling here.
2006-10-07 16:50:33
84.   Andrew Shimmin
If the game really does start before five, can someone, please, mention that it has? Pregame shows make me want to set my hair on fire.
2006-10-07 16:51:55
85.   underdog
Oh God, do we have to see yet another replay and have yet another rehash of The Double Play?
2006-10-07 16:52:11
86.   JT Dutch
... So when does this thing start, 4:30 or 5:30?
2006-10-07 16:52:45
87.   underdog
84 Keep that lighter handy, now Shawn Green's being interviewed. Looks like a 5pm start.
2006-10-07 16:53:36
88.   JT Dutch

... That double play is going to be shown for the next twenty years, or at least until the Dodgers win a playoff series here and there.

2006-10-07 16:54:43
89.   Eric Enders
I've seen footage of Wagner. It's lousy footage, but it does exist.

81 The story is apocryphal and has been told about several players, though Cobb most commonly. The person being asked the question is usually Lefty O'Doul or Cobb himself.

2006-10-07 16:54:53
90.   JT Dutch
... Oh, let's now go to Terry Bradshaw. Perfect.
2006-10-07 16:55:05
91.   underdog
Oh great, good news though - looks like Joe Buck is in Philly for the football game tomorrow. So we won't have to suffer through him...
2006-10-07 16:55:21
92.   StolenMonkey86
Wait . . . "we go to Joe Buck in Philadelphia . .."
2006-10-07 16:55:38
93.   MSarg29
we still must be subjected to Terrell Owens.
2006-10-07 16:55:53
94.   underdog
I'm surprised Fox isn't taking some extra time to promote The War at Home or one of their other excruciating sitcoms in these last few minutes...
2006-10-07 16:56:14
95.   D4P
I'd like to officially blame Greg Brock for the Stanford loss

All he had to do was book it. But noOOOOooo...

2006-10-07 16:56:48
96.   underdog
Think of this as a test of our mental toughness in preparation for tonight's game. If we can make it through the Fox pre-game, we can make it through anything to come.
2006-10-07 16:57:25
97.   micktissue
I've never had much interest in best-team-ever-lists because each era determines it's stars and I wouldn't expect The Babe to be "The Babe" today (is that blasphemy?).

I loved Norm Cash because, without exception he always hit a million homers for me in Start-O-Matic. But when I found out his card was corked, I switched to Roberto Clemente, who is, for what it's worth, er, on my all time list. So is Joe Dean, but that's hurling ...

2006-10-07 16:59:22
98.   JT Dutch
... Ugh. Thundersticks. Is that a law now; that every baseball team on the West Coast has to have thundersticks? It makes us look like idiots.
2006-10-07 16:59:26
99.   underdog
91 ...but we do get Tim McCarver. Sigh.
2006-10-07 16:59:37
100.   twerp
65 Too bad we don't still have Carter and Baez to offer them, as beginning point for A-Rod trade...
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-10-07 17:00:38
101.   Eric Enders
98 To be perfectly frank, the beach balls already did that a long time ago.
2006-10-07 17:00:53
102.   micktissue
98 Thundersticks?
2006-10-07 17:01:10
103.   Gagne55
81 Of course we have no idea how much Cobb would drop off. I figure he'd probably be a Carl Crawford type, but nobody knows.
2006-10-07 17:01:15
104.   underdog
98 Well the Cards fans were waving towels weren't they? Then they love the Tomahawk Chop in Atlanta. Stupid marketing gimmicks and trends are nationwide, but yeah, the the thundersticks are embarrassing. We also should apologize to the world for starting The Wave, too, no?

Oh well, hopefully they'll have something to use the thundersticks for tonight.

2006-10-07 17:01:27
105.   Greg Brock
83 Sorry, Andrew. I'm only allowed to book one sporting event per day, and I was saving the booking for today's Dodger game.

As for the paper bag over the head: Done and Done.

2006-10-07 17:01:53
106.   trainwreck
Olson is hurt? I moved back to the Bay Area, dang no FSN Prime Ticket.
2006-10-07 17:02:01
107.   JT Dutch

... The silly balloon noisemakers.


... Point taken.

2006-10-07 17:03:16
108.   Eric Enders
103 Cobb was by far the best power hitter of his time. (And Wagner, actually, was second.) I suspect they would both hit copious amounts of home runs in today's game but steal fewer bases.
2006-10-07 17:03:41
109.   Linkmeister
My word, those Banter folks are angry. Jeter's being blamed for not behaving like a "captain."

What is this game, hockey?

2006-10-07 17:03:59
110.   Bluebleeder87
here we go peeps!!
2006-10-07 17:04:16
111.   JT Dutch
... OK. Let's go, guys. Get well at home.
2006-10-07 17:05:28
112.   Eric Enders
Not having seen any of the Spankee game, what did Jeter do or not do?
2006-10-07 17:05:28
113.   Greg Brock
109 Told you. To quote The Dude, "Real Rectionaries"
2006-10-07 17:05:36
114.   JT Dutch
... Infield defense needs to be sharp today.
2006-10-07 17:05:51
115.   micktissue

When I first read your post I thought you were using it like "Dang!" You know, like a medieval expression of frustration, "Thundersticks, Tim McCarver is the color man!"

I don't know from thundersticks, but I like the idea of "Thundersticks!"

2006-10-07 17:06:20
116.   Gagne55
108 Cobb was a power hitter, yes. But Speaker have the same number of career homers and more doubles in few ABs. They were almost exact contemporaries. How was Cobb more of a power hitter than Speaker?
2006-10-07 17:07:05
117.   Gen3Blue
I'm not sure about Anderson batting higher than Martin,Betenit and Loney.
2006-10-07 17:07:20
118.   Andrew Shimmin
105- Alright. Temporary amnesty till we see how your booking turns out. But so help me Ch-i, you don't hold up your end of the bargain here. . .
2006-10-07 17:07:21
119.   Eric Enders
McCarver is calling LoDuca "The Duke."

Sorry, Tim, that one's taken already.

2006-10-07 17:08:45
120.   JT Dutch
... WHAT a relay!!! Got him!!!
2006-10-07 17:08:46
121.   Bluebleeder87
nice throw Furcal
2006-10-07 17:08:47
122.   Gagne55
ISO- Cobb .146; Speaker .155
2006-10-07 17:08:59
123.   Greg Brock
Great play. Just great. Good job, Kenny.
2006-10-07 17:09:31
124.   micktissue
Nice karma at work there ...
2006-10-07 17:09:49
125.   Eric Enders
116 Cobb had a higher career SLG than Speaker despite not padding his stats in the lively ball era as much as Speaker did.
2006-10-07 17:09:53
126.   LAT
Nice play but Maddux looks tight
2006-10-07 17:09:59
127.   Gagne55
121 The game started already? Well, gotta go to the TV. See ya.
2006-10-07 17:10:03
128.   Greg Brock
Boy, if Maddux doesn't get the outer half, it's going to be a tough night.
2006-10-07 17:10:29
129.   micktissue
Now if Greg can just find the corners ...
2006-10-07 17:11:02
130.   Greg Brock
Good. Get the entire top of the order out of the way in the first inning.

Man, Maddux really is a smart pitcher.

2006-10-07 17:11:41
131.   MSarg29
cheap hit
2006-10-07 17:11:55
132.   JT Dutch
... Well, Maddux isn't fooling anyone here.
2006-10-07 17:12:12
133.   micktissue
2006-10-07 17:12:29
134.   micktissue
Er, I mean Thundersticks!
2006-10-07 17:13:04
135.   LAT
At this rate Mr. 65-75 pitches will only make it through 3 innings
2006-10-07 17:13:31
136.   LAT
What couldn't Marlion get that
2006-10-07 17:13:36
137.   micktissue
2006-10-07 17:13:40
138.   JT Dutch
... Unbelievable. Anderson didn't get a good look at that ball, I fear.
2006-10-07 17:14:13
139.   Johnson
I think it's clear the Mets came here to play one game. We're going to have to be incredible to take this game, period.
2006-10-07 17:14:33
140.   MSarg29
If I remember correctly, Green has had some great success against Maddux.
2006-10-07 17:14:50
141.   micktissue
Are the pitches up as high as they claim on
2006-10-07 17:15:36
142.   Bluebleeder87
oh boy!
2006-10-07 17:15:48
143.   LAT
Green always a Dodger killer
2006-10-07 17:15:57
144.   Greg Brock
Boy, two strike hits drive me up a wall.
2006-10-07 17:16:01
145.   JT Dutch
... Well, when you're hot, etc. etc. etc.

No ground balls for Maddux yet. It's a bad sign.

2006-10-07 17:16:15
146.   Bluebleeder87

there reading Maddux really well.

2006-10-07 17:16:30
147.   micktissue
What now Grady? Bring in Honeycutt?
2006-10-07 17:16:40
148.   Johnson
Bills is getting up in the first...
2006-10-07 17:17:58
149.   Andrew Shimmin
There we go. Nice grab James. Three runs isn't a great way to start, but it's only three.
2006-10-07 17:17:58
150.   Bluebleeder87
Trachsel isn't exactly Cy Young so i'm still hopefull.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-10-07 17:18:14
151.   MSarg29
That looked like a good pitch to Green, he just reached out and poked it.
2006-10-07 17:18:24
152.   micktissue
Wow. Does Nomar get that one?
2006-10-07 17:18:26
153.   jff123
Chins up, everybody. We can score lots of runs too!
2006-10-07 17:19:01
154.   Daniel Zappala
141 ESPN radio announcers say Maddux is wild high.

Let's go Dodgers, time to score 5.

2006-10-07 17:19:08
155.   Johnson
Loney keeps Maddux in the game, for now. The two balls Maddux got outs on were stung. At least a couple of the hits were flares, but Greg does not look like he has it today.
2006-10-07 17:19:32
156.   JT Dutch

... We CAN?!?!

2006-10-07 17:20:25
157.   Greg Brock
27 outs to get three runs. Baseball is a long game, and Trachsel on the hill.

Come on guys. I mean, I booked a win. Don't sweat it.

2006-10-07 17:20:49
158.   capdodger
155 Marlon should have caught the Floyd single that scored the second run. That was just poor outfield play.
2006-10-07 17:21:34
159.   micktissue
150 Trachsel is Cy No
2006-10-07 17:21:41
160.   Andrew Shimmin
I love the spunk, Furry, but why don't we hold off on the bunting, m'kay?
2006-10-07 17:22:01
161.   Bluebleeder87
my cousin & his chick are @ the game.
2006-10-07 17:22:33
162.   Greg Brock
By the way, I would swipe bags on Trachsel and LoDuca all day.
2006-10-07 17:22:38
163.   Marty
At least LAT's daughter has something to smile about.
2006-10-07 17:22:49
164.   LAT
Furkel swings at ball 4
2006-10-07 17:23:19
165.   KG16
164 - after taking a gopher ball on 3-1

and then looks at strike three.

2006-10-07 17:23:19
166.   JT Dutch
... Rung up. Nice call, blue.
2006-10-07 17:23:58
167.   LAT
163. Yes Marty, daughter and I are not on the same page tonight.
2006-10-07 17:24:34
168.   KG16
I really hope Lofton is not resigned
2006-10-07 17:24:45
169.   Marty
Top of the order has killed us so far in the series.
2006-10-07 17:25:09
170.   Linkmeister
That third strike to Furcal looked like it was the same place Maddux didn't get twice.
2006-10-07 17:25:10
171.   Bluebleeder87
i'm not gonna swear i'm gonna be a good poster, i'm not gonna swear i'm gonna be a good poster, i'm not gonna swear i'm gonna be a good poster,i'm not gonna swear i'm gonna be a good poster,
2006-10-07 17:25:49
172.   Marty
daughter and I are not on the same page tonight

Use this as practice for when she's a teenager :-)

2006-10-07 17:26:20
173.   Uncle Miltie
I take a quick shower and the Proven Winner has already put the Dodgers in a hole. Ned better not bring him back for $8 million.
2006-10-07 17:26:24
174.   micktissue
Come on Jeff. Hit with your 'stache!
2006-10-07 17:26:24
175.   JT Dutch
... All I ask for is good at-bats. Battle the pitcher a little bit.
2006-10-07 17:26:52
176.   KG16
Good thing Kent didn't dog it on that ground ball
2006-10-07 17:26:54
177.   Greg Brock
Okay, Drew gets a job done right here, and life is good.
2006-10-07 17:27:15
178.   Uncle Miltie
Clutch job by Kent to reach base!
2006-10-07 17:27:23
179.   trainwreck
Come on Drew!
2006-10-07 17:27:36
180.   MSarg29
We have to take advantage of this opportunity.
2006-10-07 17:27:37
181.   Bluebleeder87
did i just here the announcer say i rear mistake by Wright?? from what i understand David Wright is a good hitter & not a good fielder.
2006-10-07 17:28:55
182.   JT Dutch
... Sooner or later, some of these guys at the top of the Dodger batting order will hit to their potential. Hopefully, it's not May 2007.
2006-10-07 17:29:08
183.   Bluebleeder87
my cousin is wearing his authentic Fernando Valenzuela jersey that his chick bought him today.
2006-10-07 17:29:19
184.   Johnson
All right, Maddux, show me that the first inning was an aberration!
2006-10-07 17:30:49
185.   Bluebleeder87
keep the ball down Maddux.
2006-10-07 17:31:02
186.   LAT
At least we were'nt as stupid as the Mets to have our pitcher lead off the next inning.
2006-10-07 17:31:52
187.   Andrew Shimmin
Did they ever identify that contraption? I'm listening to Vin, so wouldn't have heard. What is that?
2006-10-07 17:32:24
188.   trainwreck
Real cool guys rip on the blind.
2006-10-07 17:33:15
189.   KG16
187 - They just explained it on the teevee.

Apparently the guy is legally blind and it improves his vision by 15%. McCarver just apologized for his comments the other day.

2006-10-07 17:33:28
190.   Greg Brock
188 They didn't know. Neither did I.

And blind people are normal. They deserve to be ripped on like everybody else. They wouldn't expect anything different.

2006-10-07 17:33:32
191.   Uncle Miltie
Reyes was out
2006-10-07 17:33:48
192.   MSarg29
Maddux beat him.
2006-10-07 17:33:58
193.   Bluebleeder87
Loney isn't sharp at 1st today he hasn't played in a while so it's understandable.
2006-10-07 17:34:09
194.   micktissue
Watching/listening to the game via and refreshing the screen on DT is a bit like the Mystery Science Theatre experience. Too bad the posts can't be converted into streaming audio.

Or can they ...

2006-10-07 17:34:23
195.   trainwreck
I was just joking.
2006-10-07 17:34:28
196.   Uncle Miltie
Nice job by Maddux and Martin
2006-10-07 17:34:32
197.   JT Dutch
... NOW you're out.
2006-10-07 17:34:33
198.   MSarg29
Nice throw Russ
2006-10-07 17:34:39
199.   LAT
We are giving this game away by ourselves, we don't need the umps help
2006-10-07 17:34:39
200.   Bluebleeder87
sit down Reyes!!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-10-07 17:34:43
201.   Johnson
Russ Almighty!
2006-10-07 17:35:04
202.   micktissue
2006-10-07 17:35:06
203.   KG16
Hey, the Dodgers have a catcher who can throw guys out stealing second. That's different.
2006-10-07 17:35:09
204.   Greg Brock
195 Trainwrecks are normal people. They deserve to be ripped on like anybody else.
2006-10-07 17:35:24
205.   jff123
2006-10-07 17:35:43
206.   Bluebleeder87
LoDuca is gonna have a strawberry tomorrow
2006-10-07 17:35:51
207.   JT Dutch
... Jeezus H. Let's just put every single Met on base, save the pitcher.
2006-10-07 17:36:02
208.   trainwreck
Thom talking about the D-Backs he could not resist. Thankfully he is going to the Reds.
2006-10-07 17:36:07
209.   micktissue
Wow. Is Bills ready yet?
2006-10-07 17:36:32
210.   Bluebleeder87
nice inning by Maddux all we have to do is score some runs.
2006-10-07 17:36:34
211.   Greg Brock
I expect good things from James Loney tonight.

Book it.

2006-10-07 17:36:46
212.   LAT
206. That pitch won't even leave a mark. He acted like it 100 mph at his head.
2006-10-07 17:37:32
213.   Bluebleeder87
it's a shame that McCarver's abvious meter is high today.
2006-10-07 17:37:38
214.   trainwreck
Speaking of trainwrecks, how bad did Olson's injury look? (if you saw it)
2006-10-07 17:37:43
215.   Greg Brock
212 LoDuca went to the Kenny Lofton school of diving out of the way of everything like Nolan Ryan threw it at your head.
2006-10-07 17:38:26
216.   Greg Brock
214 Sprained ligaments, at least.

Maybe worse. I'm a UCLA alum and fan, so it's probably worse.

2006-10-07 17:38:27
217.   Johnson
Imagine we get to a bases-loaded two out situation here. Does Maddux bat, or does he bow out for a pinch hitter?
2006-10-07 17:38:30
218.   Marty
If things keep going the way they are Lo Duca is going to have a hangover from the champagne.
2006-10-07 17:38:42
219.   spacebrother
I can't see the game, just Gameday. Does anyone think Maddux sort of hit Lo Duca on purpose? He's not known for poor control.
2006-10-07 17:39:14
220.   Johnson
217 My mistake, Drew's batting fifth. Make that bases-loaded, one out.
2006-10-07 17:39:28
221.   Andrew Shimmin
214- Late hit to the knee; looked like his cleat held, but I couldn't see how much the knee gave. He couldn't put any weight on it, coming off the field with the trainer and another player under each arm pit.
2006-10-07 17:40:04
222.   Johnson
220 My mistake again, as I can't count. Make that bases-loaded, nobody out, and I'll kindly shut up now.
2006-10-07 17:40:21
223.   KG16
219 - LoDuca was right on top of the plate, so maybe, but I doubt it. Maddux doesn't strike me as the kind of pitcher that would throw at a guy
2006-10-07 17:41:06
224.   MSarg29
That was a hanging breaking ball. Wilson missed it.
2006-10-07 17:41:09
225.   JT Dutch

... My hunch is that Maddux would bow out for a pinch hitter, and Little would send up Lugo to strike out.

2006-10-07 17:41:09
226.   Bluebleeder87
seems like the Dodgers are pressing no?
2006-10-07 17:42:14
227.   micktissue
Come on James ...
2006-10-07 17:42:15
228.   MSarg29
Maddux didnt want to hit Loduca. Why would he. The ball just slipped out of his hand.
2006-10-07 17:42:49
229.   JT Dutch

... Pressing, or choking?

2006-10-07 17:42:49
230.   spacebrother
Seeing as how it's do or die, maybe he's changed his philosophy, or he did it to reset his head and the Mets' as well.
2006-10-07 17:42:52
231.   LAT
Well Reyes broke his gold chain on the play so I guess we got something out of it.
2006-10-07 17:43:02
232.   Bluebleeder87

he's not the Drysdale/Gibson type

2006-10-07 17:44:02
233.   LAT
Johnson, Doesn't look like we will be loading the bases anytime soon.
2006-10-07 17:44:09
234.   Bluebleeder87
... Pressing, or choking?

both i guess.

2006-10-07 17:44:27
235.   spacebrother
If Loney does that again, he should come out for Old Maid.
2006-10-07 17:45:14
236.   Johnson
Wait a second! The Delgado shift just worked!
2006-10-07 17:45:47
237.   KG16
First, McCarver - there is a difference between crawling and running. What Reyes did was running.

Second, hey, the shift worked against Delgado. That's different.

2006-10-07 17:46:04
238.   Johnson
233 Sorry. I'll try to stick to nonfantastical hypotheticals from here on out.
2006-10-07 17:46:11
239.   LAT
Halftime at Rose Bowl 14-7 UCLA
2006-10-07 17:46:20
240.   Bluebleeder87
i think the hot red head chick from that 70's show is in the Stadium.
2006-10-07 17:46:24
241.   JT Dutch
... It looks like Maddux is getting the ground balls now. Unfortunately, he's nearing the 45-pitch ceiling.
2006-10-07 17:46:56
242.   KG16
240 - isn't she blonde now?
2006-10-07 17:47:48
243.   Daniel Zappala
Stop calling women chicks. That's pretty disrespectful.
2006-10-07 17:48:31
244.   MSarg29
Floyd is just wearing out that outside pitch.
2006-10-07 17:48:36
245.   LAT
Does Maddux know the goal is to go 1-2-3?
2006-10-07 17:49:00
246.   Bluebleeder87
Stop calling women chicks. That's pretty disrespectful.

the hot broad from that 70's show.

2006-10-07 17:49:39
247.   trainwreck
Sorry LAT's daughter, but I hate Shawn Green.
2006-10-07 17:49:39
248.   KG16
Can we please put in Ethier and Repko now?


2006-10-07 17:49:42
249.   Greg Brock
Okay. Maddux doesn't have it tonight. Let's bring in Chad and take a shot.
2006-10-07 17:50:13
250.   Bluebleeder87
this is not good, but i keep on thinking Trachsel is pitching for the metropolitans
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-10-07 17:50:38
251.   D4P
It's not easy beating Green
2006-10-07 17:50:51
252.   KG16
Floyd does not look good after rounding third

Hate to see a guy go down, but well, you know, want to win the game

2006-10-07 17:51:05
253.   Bluebleeder87
Cliff Floys is J.D Drew east
2006-10-07 17:51:21
254.   Johnson
Looks like Floyd may be done.

Trachsel is batting for the second time in the TOP OF THE THIRD. Ugh.

2006-10-07 17:52:58
255.   MSarg29
Does Maddux leadoff?
2006-10-07 17:53:08
256.   micktissue
I leave for 5 minutes and all hell breaks loose ...
2006-10-07 17:53:26
257.   LAT
NOw that would have been embarassing if Green beat Bedimet to 3rd
2006-10-07 17:54:09
258.   JT Dutch

... If Floyd goes out, Endy Chavez comes in, right? He's the guy that started the Dodger demise in Game 2 with the bunt.

It's not like the Dodgers gain an edge, either way.

2006-10-07 17:54:27
259.   Uncle Miltie
I like Floyd, he's a good guy. I feel bad for him because I hurt my Achilles in high school running track. Fortunately, mine was just a sprain. Floyd might have torn his. If it's not his Achilles then it's his hamstring.
2006-10-07 17:54:35
260.   Johnson
255 I would say no. But I'm not Little.
2006-10-07 17:55:27
261.   Greg Brock
Let's waste an out, have Maddux give up another run, and then bring Chad in to pitch.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

2006-10-07 17:55:46
262.   LAT
I don't let Maddux bat here. Just go with Bills. He is going to have to come in an inning or two anyway
2006-10-07 17:56:21
263.   Bluebleeder87
wow Cliff FLoyd makes Randolph & the trainer look like little kids. yikes.
2006-10-07 17:56:54
264.   Uncle Miltie
I actually agree with Tim McCarver here. Maddux is done for the game. He'll be lucky to get through five.
2006-10-07 17:57:00
265.   Steve
We need Billingsley to come in for Penny in the third inning of Game 4.
2006-10-07 17:57:06
266.   KG16
No, it's not difficult to remove a pitcher with a great reputation, McCarver. That's Little's job as a manager, to walk up to the guy and say, "looks like you don't have it, thanks for the try."
2006-10-07 17:57:09
267.   trainwreck
We are losing! Let's try something different. Why is Maddux up?
2006-10-07 17:57:55
268.   Marty
I would bet money he has to pull Maddux next inning.
2006-10-07 17:58:45
269.   Johnson
265 We need to get to Game 4.
2006-10-07 17:59:05
270.   Greg Brock
2006-10-07 17:59:09
271.   Bluebleeder87
promising start by Furcal.
2006-10-07 17:59:16
272.   KG16
At least Furcal is taking a lot of pitches... and now draws a walk.

He better be on third before Lofton swings the bat

2006-10-07 17:59:30
273.   JT Dutch
... I don't see ANY problem with leaving Maddux in. It's not his fault the Dodgers can't hit or catch at this point.

If the Dodgers' top of the order goes 1 for 50, it won't matter much who's on the mound.

2006-10-07 18:01:03
274.   Bluebleeder87
i think Furcal should run
2006-10-07 18:01:12
275.   Uncle Miltie
266- it is difficult for traditional managers like Grits to remove "name pitchers". If Maddux's name was Aaron Sele, he would have been lifted for a pinch hitter.
2006-10-07 18:01:33
276.   Marty
Why are they talking about David Wells in this game?
2006-10-07 18:01:36
277.   LAT
That graphic said DOdgers are 1-44 when losing by 4 or more. Of course in that one game we came back from 4 down twice.
2006-10-07 18:02:17
278.   Uncle Miltie
274- down by 4? Maybe hit and run.
2006-10-07 18:02:17
279.   Greg Brock

Run Run RUn Run

2006-10-07 18:02:21
280.   MSarg29
Furcal is really trying to get into Trachsel's head.
2006-10-07 18:03:31
281.   trainwreck
Just face facts, this is not Lofton's series.
2006-10-07 18:03:35
282.   MSarg29
Mr. Pop Up Kenny Lofton.
2006-10-07 18:04:09
283.   JT Dutch
... This is classic Trachsel. Constant throws over to first, deliberate between pitches.

I remember even Vin losing his patience during a game at Shea, saying "Oh Come On, Steve!" and the Mets' crowd chanting "Throw The Ball".

2006-10-07 18:04:14
284.   KG16
Can Ethier or Anderson play Ethier?
2006-10-07 18:04:21
285.   Bluebleeder87
hit it out Anderson!
2006-10-07 18:04:26
286.   Johnson
280 Kenny Lofton is really trying to get into the Kansas City clubhouse.
2006-10-07 18:04:37
287.   KG16
284 - that second Ethier should say "center"
2006-10-07 18:05:02
288.   trainwreck
Drew can.
2006-10-07 18:05:24
289.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal just stole the base
2006-10-07 18:05:38
290.   Greg Brock
Should have gone first pitch after he got on base.
2006-10-07 18:05:42
291.   LAT
Charlie Horse for Reyes
2006-10-07 18:05:47
292.   KG16
288 - that'll work too
2006-10-07 18:06:39
293.   KG16
It's funny, the announcers were just talking about "playing the hot hand" and all I can think is "Lofton is 0 for the series and he continues to play"
2006-10-07 18:07:43
294.   Louis in SF
Yes....For those of you on this site who have disliked Shawn Green for his poor last year in LA, he seems to be doing something tonight that he did in his two good years in LA, go the oppositte way. That is when he was at his best. Sadly it looks like that is the case now.
2006-10-07 18:08:04
295.   Marty
Drew has always said he prefers centerfield.
2006-10-07 18:08:23
296.   Linkmeister
We led the league in hitting, right?
2006-10-07 18:08:36
297.   KG16
I always liked Green, thought we really gave him away. Never made much sense to me
2006-10-07 18:09:26
298.   JT Dutch
... I swear, right now I just want to go to everyone in America watching this series -- all of the people who haven't watched the Dodgers much this season -- and tell them that the Dodgers really don't suck this bad.
2006-10-07 18:10:11
299.   underdog
Lofton's doing nothing in this series but he was a major contributor this season and I'm not sure the team would be confident that Jason Repko could do it against a righty in a must win game. But it's definitely not playing the hot hand - just not sure what other options they have there unless Drew played CF and Ethier could play LF.
2006-10-07 18:10:50
300.   JT Dutch

... Green hasn't had all that good of a season, has he? I mean, you KNEW he would light up the Dodgers, but I don't think he's really played well overall.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-10-07 18:11:00
301.   Bluebleeder87
LoDuca is the prototipical 2nd hitter.IMO.
2006-10-07 18:11:10
302.   KG16
299 - that's pretty much what I was thinking, Anderson, Drew and Ethier in the outfield
2006-10-07 18:11:40
303.   underdog
Green just hits Maddux well - I knew that could be a troublesome matchup tonight. I would assume Maddux, even though he looks like he's settled down {fingers crossed}, won't hit the next time he comes up...
2006-10-07 18:12:23
304.   Greg Brock
We get two runs this inning, we're in good shape.
2006-10-07 18:12:24
305.   Andrew Shimmin
A happy ending to that half inning, in more than one way.
2006-10-07 18:12:31
306.   StolenMonkey86
I love Loney giving Randolf the pat on the elbow there.
2006-10-07 18:12:32
307.   Linkmeister
That inning looked like the Maddux we saw for most of the time with us.
2006-10-07 18:13:15
308.   underdog
302 Oops, I meant Ethier playing RF, or Anderson... but yeah, that's what I was thinking too. That may be what happens next year because Lofton won't be back, if Kemp isn't ready, presuming the team prefers Repko off the bench.

But I'm not ready to talk about next season yet! Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive!

2006-10-07 18:13:33
309.   Claire Malone-Evans
The Dodgers are displaying an abundance of lethargy so far today. The rally starts now!
2006-10-07 18:15:23
310.   KG16
300 - looking at his numbers, they haven't been great (though with 15 HRs and 31 doubles, he'd fit right in with this Dodgers team).

My point really is that we didn't get good value for him in the trade. Who besides Navarro did we get? And by some logic, the trade ended up being Green for Lugo.

2006-10-07 18:16:24
311.   Andrew Shimmin
310- Green for Hendrickson. Lugo came by way of JtD.
2006-10-07 18:16:27
312.   Disabled List
I have the same feeling as 298. Where is the Dodger team we all know can win this series?
2006-10-07 18:16:56
313.   KG16
311 - even better
2006-10-07 18:17:23
314.   spacebrother
This is no time for the Dodgers to be tired.
2006-10-07 18:18:08
315.   KG16
Lead off man on board, this might just work out
2006-10-07 18:18:14
316.   JT Dutch

... Well, to be honest, Lugo's a very good hitter; he just has the "I've forgotten how to hit since I joined the Dodgers" affliction that seems to happen to certain players.

2006-10-07 18:18:18
317.   Greg Brock
Let's get it going Dodgers.
2006-10-07 18:18:20
318.   Bluebleeder87
We're getting the hits, the runs will fallow.
2006-10-07 18:19:57
319.   Disabled List
Time is running out. Those runs better start following NOW.
2006-10-07 18:20:09
320.   JT Dutch
... Hendrickson's warming up.
2006-10-07 18:20:13
321.   Andrew Shimmin
Speak of the Devil.
2006-10-07 18:20:19
322.   Uncle Miltie
I could have sworn that I was watching the Dodgers play, not the Arizona Diamondbacks.
2006-10-07 18:20:57
323.   Bluebleeder87
can you call Trachsel throwing to 1st base a phobia?
2006-10-07 18:21:14
324.   Uncle Miltie
Trachsel is getting some Tom Glavine calls tonight.
2006-10-07 18:21:38
325.   JT Dutch
... Wow. Off the end of the bat. Perfect.
2006-10-07 18:21:48
326.   trainwreck
If only these teams played as well as the D-Backs they would talk about them.
2006-10-07 18:22:00
327.   Andrew Shimmin
323- Maybe more of an obsessive compulsion.
2006-10-07 18:22:48
328.   capdodger
I have no idea how the Dodgers are ever going to get back into this game. It's hard to hit balls that are pitched to mid-shin, and that's where Trac-shell is making a living.
2006-10-07 18:22:53
329.   Bluebleeder87
Reyes SS skills don't impress me.
2006-10-07 18:22:55
330.   MSarg29
All Right. Lets take advantage of this opportunity.
2006-10-07 18:23:15
331.   Uncle Miltie
No DP here Wilson
2006-10-07 18:23:22
332.   Greg Brock
Boom goes the Betemit?
2006-10-07 18:23:23
333.   JT Dutch
... Come on, Betemit. Get a hold of one.
2006-10-07 18:23:47
334.   Greg Brock
329 They should. He's a stud.
2006-10-07 18:24:16
335.   KG16
Me thinks they are pitching around Betemit.

Obviously they do not know about Loney

2006-10-07 18:24:36
336.   Uncle Miltie
335- Betemit will not walk here
2006-10-07 18:25:00
337.   Uncle Miltie
Oh my...
2006-10-07 18:25:09
338.   JT Dutch
... Are you KIDDING me, blue?!?!?!
2006-10-07 18:25:09
339.   MSarg29
How was that a strike?
2006-10-07 18:25:22
340.   Greg Brock
This is a horse euphamism strike zone.
2006-10-07 18:25:28
341.   JT Dutch
... Are you KIDDING me, blue?!?!?!
2006-10-07 18:25:30
342.   Johnson
329 He took a couple of funny steps before that throw. I think he may be injured from when Furcal's helmet hit his left knee on the steal.
2006-10-07 18:25:34
343.   Bluebleeder87
be a good poster bluebleeder
2006-10-07 18:26:02
344.   MSarg29
wow even McCarver admits the Mets are getting all the breaks from the umpire.
2006-10-07 18:26:04
345.   JT Dutch
... Sorry for the double post. Wasn't intended.
2006-10-07 18:26:11
346.   underdog
That was the worst called strike I've seen... ever. That was horrible.
2006-10-07 18:26:43
347.   Andrew Shimmin
It takes guts to take any pitch, tonight.
2006-10-07 18:27:06
348.   micktissue
Kent a hard nosed baserunner? Didn't Charlie see the first game?
2006-10-07 18:27:12
349.   micktissue
Kent a hard nosed baserunner? Didn't Charlie see the first game?
2006-10-07 18:27:34
350.   Uncle Miltie
How was that a "gutsy" pitch? Thom over dramatizes everything.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-10-07 18:27:39
351.   Bluebleeder87
well if anything the blue is consistetly giving all the breaks to NY
2006-10-07 18:27:53
352.   trainwreck
Loney time!
2006-10-07 18:27:57
353.   KG16
nothing like a pop fly single
2006-10-07 18:28:05
354.   Uncle Miltie
Shawn Green comes through in the clutch
2006-10-07 18:28:25
355.   MSarg29
I'm happy that Kent actually made it to 3rd.
2006-10-07 18:28:37
356.   adraymond
Loney time!
2006-10-07 18:28:37
357.   underdog
Well, that break makes up for the horrible strike call.
2006-10-07 18:28:37
358.   KG16
was anyone else worried that Kent might try to score on that hit?
2006-10-07 18:28:44
359.   Bluebleeder87
The fans on the background have Charlie Steiner type eye sight.
2006-10-07 18:28:58
360.   micktissue
I gotta put the kids to bed? NOW?!!?!?!??
2006-10-07 18:29:32
361.   JT Dutch
... Well, if they want to continue playing after tonight, something has to happen now. This is the moment of truth. This isn't exactly Cy Young out there on the mound. He is hittable. Come on, Dodgers.
2006-10-07 18:29:52
362.   Uncle Miltie
Loney needs to do something here or else Ned won't trust him going into next season.
2006-10-07 18:30:05
363.   Uncle Miltie
J LO!!
2006-10-07 18:30:12
364.   Greg Brock
2006-10-07 18:30:22
365.   Bluebleeder87
Loney ROCKS!!
2006-10-07 18:30:33
366.   KG16
Forget Ferris Buehler... James Loney, you're my hero
2006-10-07 18:30:54
367.   JT Dutch
Loney!!! We're back in this thing!!!
2006-10-07 18:30:58
368.   Johnson
Welcome to 1B, James. It's yours for the next five years, at least.
2006-10-07 18:30:59
369.   Uncle Miltie
Don't use Lugo...
2006-10-07 18:31:06
370.   KG16
Ethier has a batting helmet on, that is a good sign
2006-10-07 18:32:03
371.   Uncle Miltie
Old Maid must bat here
2006-10-07 18:32:08
372.   Andrew Shimmin
Bring in Saenz.
2006-10-07 18:32:28
373.   KG16
Let Ethier hit, Grady.
2006-10-07 18:32:42
374.   StolenMonkey86
Enter Tomato.
2006-10-07 18:32:44
375.   JT Dutch
... Do you burn Ethier and go to Saenz with the lefty?
2006-10-07 18:33:55
376.   spacebrother
What's going on? Gameday is stuck.
2006-10-07 18:34:18
377.   spacebrother
OK, it's back on now.
2006-10-07 18:34:32
378.   Andrew Shimmin
The kid stays in the picture.
2006-10-07 18:34:41
379.   Johnson
I don't burn Ethier. His OPS splits were basically dead even on the season. Give him a shot and let's show the world what our rookies can do this year.
2006-10-07 18:34:46
380.   KG16
Ethier hits, Lofton gets the last out and that's where the pitcher goes.
2006-10-07 18:35:06
381.   Greg Brock
Ethier can do it. Oppo base hit off an away fastball.
2006-10-07 18:35:33
382.   trainwreck
2006-10-07 18:35:37
383.   KG16
that is just bad, bad timing
2006-10-07 18:35:43
384.   Uncle Miltie
2006-10-07 18:35:43
385.   JT Dutch
Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.
2006-10-07 18:35:47
386.   StolenMonkey86
now that's bad luck
2006-10-07 18:36:03
387.   Greg Brock
I asked for two runs. I got two runs. We're winning this game.

Book it.

2006-10-07 18:36:38
388.   D4P
Will Andrew take the bait...?
2006-10-07 18:36:46
389.   Jim Ignatowski
Bad, bad luck, but we're back in the game.
2006-10-07 18:36:48
390.   slatkin
2006-10-07 18:36:54
391.   capdodger
Ethier stung the heck out of that one. Freeze on a line drive boys, freeze on a line drive....
2006-10-07 18:37:03
392.   Louis in SF
That is such bad luck...who comes in now Hendrickson?
2006-10-07 18:37:04
393.   StolenMonkey86
heh, the fielding scoring looks funny

Error: Loney
Outfield assist: Lofton

2006-10-07 18:37:14
394.   Andrew Shimmin
Two on, one out, Grady does what Brock thinks he should and the inning ends without any additional runs. You do the math.
2006-10-07 18:37:44
395.   Johnson
Ethier hit that on the nose. I stand by leaving him in, it was just bad luck that it hit Oliver's glove.
2006-10-07 18:37:54
396.   underdog
Okay, the baseball Gods taketh away, giveth, and then taketh away again.

I'll taketh two over nothing but damn... that coulda been a lot more.

2006-10-07 18:37:54
397.   spacebrother
I know Hendrickson did OK with the Mets, but geez. Geez I say.
2006-10-07 18:37:57
398.   Bluebleeder87
If i had good writting skills i would be able to discrive how bad that double play made me feel, but we did get 2 runs so it's all good.
2006-10-07 18:38:08
399.   Blue in SF
Grady should be fired for not hitting Saenz...
2006-10-07 18:38:18
400.   Disabled List
Lady Luck is not with us tonight, unfortunately.

And neither is the home plate umpire.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-10-07 18:38:23
401.   spacebrother
Against the Mets, I mean.
2006-10-07 18:38:23
402.   Linkmeister
Oh, dear. Hendrickson.
2006-10-07 18:38:52
403.   JT Dutch
... Let's look on the bright side. At least they didn't line out into a triple play before they scored two.
2006-10-07 18:39:08
404.   KG16
399 - if that doesn't end up in the pitchers glove, we'd be looking at a tied game
2006-10-07 18:39:31
405.   Bluebleeder87
waaa!! my pinky is hurt waa!!!
2006-10-07 18:39:41
406.   Andrew Shimmin
Oh, and I officially question Darren Oliver's lineage.
2006-10-07 18:40:09
407.   underdog
Nothing wrong with leaving Andre in there - he hits lefties well.

Gack, putting all our hope behind Hendrickson is a little scary. He should throw one of those crazy looping balls way outside the plate that get called a strike.

2006-10-07 18:41:10
408.   underdog
I just really don't understand this ump's strike zone tonight. But whatever, maybe it'll even out before the game's over for both teams.

But wow... it floats around more than then the colors in a lava lamp.

2006-10-07 18:41:51
409.   Disabled List
I'm amazed how many meaningful innings Mark Hendrickson is getting in these playoffs.

Damn you Beimel.

2006-10-07 18:41:56
410.   underdog
Saenz will bat soon enough.
2006-10-07 18:42:53
411.   JT Dutch
... Not a bad idea to walk Wright. Go after the lefty hitters, Mark.
2006-10-07 18:43:02
412.   Andrew Shimmin
407- I actually agree with that, just giving Brock a hard time.
2006-10-07 18:44:01
413.   KG16
ok, someone remind me who the Jacksonville Five are/were?

Bills, Brox, Loney, and who?

2006-10-07 18:45:00
414.   Bluebleeder87
Chavez has a lanky swing.
2006-10-07 18:45:11
415.   micktissue
2006-10-07 18:45:12
416.   Disabled List
Seeing Hendrickson in there reminds me of Jennaro Pargo and Samaki Walker getting important minutes for the Lakers in the 2003 playoffs.
2006-10-07 18:45:18
417.   adraymond
nice job lurch
2006-10-07 18:45:29
418.   JT Dutch
... Nice job, Hendrickson. Well done.
2006-10-07 18:45:40
419.   Bluebleeder87
LaRouche is another 413
2006-10-07 18:45:50
420.   MSarg29
417 - that made me chuckle
2006-10-07 18:45:58
421.   KG16
416 - I had almost blanked those minutes for Pargo and Walker out of my mind. Thanks.
2006-10-07 18:46:02
422.   Disabled List
413 LaRoche and Guzman?
2006-10-07 18:46:03
423.   PadreJeremy

LaRoche and Guzman?

2006-10-07 18:46:44
424.   Greg Brock
412 My cordial relationship with Andrew seems to hinge on the outcome of this game.
2006-10-07 18:46:45
425.   MSarg29
413 - Wasnt Joel Guzman the last one?
2006-10-07 18:47:09
426.   StolenMonkey86
413 - Billz, Broxton, Loney, Martin, Laroche, but wait, wasn't Guzman in there?
2006-10-07 18:47:20
427.   KG16
So we've still got four in the organization. Plus Martin and Ethier.

This club just might be pretty good for the next few years

2006-10-07 18:47:30
428.   underdog
Wasn't Martin one of the Jacksonville 5? Or maybe it was really 6.

Lurch, I like that too - I may use that for Hendy too. It's weird to think I'm more confident in having him in there than Maddux, but that's the way it goes against the Mets.

2006-10-07 18:48:29
429.   PDH5204
407 Yes, there was. The lefty allows the 3rd baseman to cheat in. That means that Betemit must stay closer to the bag. He didn't, and so end of story. With the lefty up, any grounder to third, since the 3rd baseman is cheating in, will likely end with Betemit still at third. So you bat a righthander to keep the 3rd baseman back. Their 1st baseman otherwise has to stay bag on the rightie, unless, of course, they plan on using their 2nd baseman to cover his base.

399 Not fired, but you can gather from my above remarks that a rightie was indeed called for. Saenz was otherwise acceptable since there was no risk of that groundball double play.

2006-10-07 18:48:35
430.   KG16
we are getting hosed by the ump
2006-10-07 18:48:38
431.   Bluebleeder87
this umpire is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-10-07 18:48:51
432.   underdog
This umpire needs to be strangled slowly and painfully.
2006-10-07 18:49:03
433.   Greg Brock
Eric Cooper is dead to me.
2006-10-07 18:49:12
434.   Uncle Miltie
This umpire is awful
2006-10-07 18:49:30
435.   trainwreck
Broxton was called up so I don't think he was considered part of the Jacksonville 5.
2006-10-07 18:49:31
436.   MSarg29
Eric Cooper is awful
2006-10-07 18:49:33
437.   Bluebleeder87
i'm thinking very mean things about this umpire.
2006-10-07 18:50:06
438.   JT Dutch
... Wow, I know it's a NEW YORK TEAM (tm), Blue -- but can you please give us a fair shot?
2006-10-07 18:50:25
439.   underdog
What is Kent yelling about in the dugout? The umpire?
2006-10-07 18:50:38
440.   Bluebleeder87
This umpire needs to be strangled slowly and painfully.

we gotta go mid-evil on this ump!! what do you say DTer's!?

2006-10-07 18:50:45
441.   KG16
C'mon Lofton, break through here.
2006-10-07 18:51:02
442.   Jim Ignatowski
How many times can the ump miss a call in one game? All of the post season umpiring has been terrible.
2006-10-07 18:51:13
443.   underdog
The Pursuit of Eric Cooper, next on TBS.
2006-10-07 18:51:28
444.   Bluebleeder87
is this ump from NY or something??
2006-10-07 18:51:37
445.   underdog
Sheesh, Lofton's been awful.
2006-10-07 18:51:57
446.   KG16
It may be time to get cleaned up and go play cards
2006-10-07 18:52:04
447.   Greg Brock
The Philospher King is very wise to institute a policy of decency and restraint, because I have one of the better expletive filled tirades that this world has ever seen, and it's just dying to come out.
2006-10-07 18:52:22
448.   JT Dutch
... I hope Repko at least gets a shot in this series before it's over.
2006-10-07 18:52:22
449.   Jim Ignatowski

Loftin 1-20 this series.

2006-10-07 18:53:07
450.   underdog
And that one looked like a strike. Hrm.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-10-07 18:53:32
451.   MSarg29
Another rope by Marlon.
2006-10-07 18:53:39
452.   Disabled List
One New York team already lost today. Eric Cooper has his orders from Fox.
2006-10-07 18:53:52
453.   JT Dutch
... Anderson has really been amazing for us. I know that's been said a lot, but it can't be said enough.
2006-10-07 18:53:57
454.   underdog
Whoa, I just read your mind Greg and that was definitely rated NC-17. It's okay - I was thinking the same things.
2006-10-07 18:54:04
455.   trainwreck
2006-10-07 18:54:04
456.   Uncle Miltie
Ok, I'm a Jeff Kent fan tonight...
2006-10-07 18:54:11
457.   Greg Brock
Book it.
2006-10-07 18:54:12
458.   Jim Ignatowski
Tie Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-10-07 18:54:13
459.   KG16
Scratch going to play cards - we got us a brand new ballgame
2006-10-07 18:54:17
460.   StolenMonkey86
new ballgame!
2006-10-07 18:54:31
461.   Andrew Shimmin
Jeff Kent sends his love to Miltie.
2006-10-07 18:54:32
462.   underdog

Kent, I temporarily love you.

2006-10-07 18:54:34
463.   Bluebleeder87
take that UMP!!
2006-10-07 18:54:39
464.   MSarg29
Back in it!
2006-10-07 18:54:40
465.   tjshere
Kent for intergalactic czar!!!
2006-10-07 18:54:42
466.   micktissue
2006-10-07 18:54:47
467.   KG16
I take back 85% of the bad things I've said of Jeff Kent
2006-10-07 18:54:54
468.   JT Dutch
... WE'RE TIED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Kent!!!! Yes sir!!!!!

2006-10-07 18:55:16
469.   Dodger Hill
Wait, wait, I've got a pluse.
2006-10-07 18:55:28
470.   KG16
two out rallies, gotta love 'em
2006-10-07 18:55:45
471.   underdog
459 Cardplaying is what we do in between Steve Trachsel pitches.
2006-10-07 18:56:10
472.   JT Dutch

... You go, Greg. You're calling it!

2006-10-07 18:56:12
473.   micktissue
Two out, down two, jacks it out with one on - that's clutch, right?
2006-10-07 18:56:20
474.   Bluebleeder87
McCarver's abvious meter is slowly going up.
2006-10-07 18:57:08
475.   Jim Ignatowski
Not that he pitched well, but I'm glad Maddux is off the hook. A lot of his trouble was caused by the ump's disappearing strike zone in the top 1st.
2006-10-07 18:57:09
476.   micktissue
474 Obvious?
2006-10-07 18:57:11
477.   D4P
The Dodgers have scored as many runs in the last 1.2 innings as the Mets have scored in the entire game.
2006-10-07 18:57:12
478.   Disabled List
Man, I wonder what this series would look like right now if we were getting any production from the top of the order.
2006-10-07 18:57:17
479.   KG16
473 - I dunno, fifth inning is a little early for clutch.
2006-10-07 18:57:17
480.   Uncle Miltie
Kent's trade value just went up. Maybe we can include him in the A-rod deal.
2006-10-07 18:57:47
481.   trainwreck
What a bad time to hold a Governor debate.
2006-10-07 18:57:55
482.   underdog
473 A pair of jacks would beat that, though. ;-)
2006-10-07 18:58:21
483.   Gen3Blue
If you look at the stretch drive and the playoffs, it is very obvious that Loney is the only one who drives in runs every time he plays, which is not often.( I'm refering to the last 3 or for times) I know that this is a small sample but I sure wish they had played him more to see if it was a freak.
The onely lonely reason not to play Loney is it might show that 1st base was covered, and there was no 10 mil. slot for the aged Nomar or Kent.
2006-10-07 18:58:27
484.   Louis in SF
Why Jeff Kent will be playing for the Dodgers next year!
2006-10-07 18:58:32
485.   JT Dutch
... Can this possibly be done? Down 2-0 in the series and 4-0 in the game, can this possibly happen? A miracle?
2006-10-07 18:58:39
486.   Jim Ignatowski

McCarver's stupidity meter is blasting through the stratosphere.

2006-10-07 18:58:46
487.   underdog
478 A lot better that's for sure. But try not to think about it - it's making me weepy.
2006-10-07 18:58:55
488.   tjshere
LOL @ Miltie! Poor Kent can do no right.
2006-10-07 18:59:18
489.   StolenMonkey86
480 - I like your thinking.
2006-10-07 19:00:04
490.   Connector
Ya gotta believe in BLUE
2006-10-07 19:00:39
491.   Bluebleeder87
Martin is 3fo3
2006-10-07 19:00:42
492.   Berkeley Doug
I'm stuck in the office today and torn between watching the game when I get home on Tivo and following it online (online is winning out so far).

All of I have to say if keep the faith Dodger fans. This team has had many wonderful comebacks this year, that we owe them our faith.

Go Dodgers!

2006-10-07 19:00:45
493.   underdog
Martin just ShawnGreen'd that one.
2006-10-07 19:01:09
494.   Uncle Miltie
Golden boy does it again. Come on Wilson.
2006-10-07 19:01:17
495.   Jim Ignatowski

You really want to trade for May-rod?

2006-10-07 19:01:39
496.   JT Dutch
... These rookies are learning. Loney with the RBI double, Ethier with the line drive, Martin with the hit and the throw-out of Reyes. The future is learning now, in the playoffs. It's a pleasure to see.
2006-10-07 19:01:47
497.   tjshere
Broxton up in the 5th? Wow! Good move, Grittle.
2006-10-07 19:02:12
498.   Uncle Miltie
I agree with McCarver again. I feel dirty.
2006-10-07 19:02:25
499.   underdog
Do you bring in Saenz for Loney if they bring in Feliciano? I would.
2006-10-07 19:02:28
500.   Gen3Blue
301 If Loduca is Martin is. And he can run faster.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-10-07 19:02:37
501.   Bluebleeder87

chukles as i take a sip of my brew.

2006-10-07 19:03:23
502.   Uncle Miltie
This umpire's strike zone is really inconsistent. Maybe he's learned his lesson. He called that pitch a strike against Betemit last time.
2006-10-07 19:03:27
503.   D4P
That last pitch to Betemit was more of a strike than the strike called during his last AB
2006-10-07 19:03:30
504.   JT Dutch
... NOW we go to El Gordo
2006-10-07 19:03:45
505.   underdog
Cooper is so inconsistent - I mean that shouldn't be a strike, but he's been calling it a strike all night. But, we'll take it.
2006-10-07 19:03:48
506.   KG16
Betemit walks, on an inside pitch, that's different
2006-10-07 19:04:11
507.   micktissue
2006-10-07 19:04:28
508.   Disabled List
It's funny how even McCarver is noticing Cooper's internal dilemma on whether to screw the Dodgers or not.
2006-10-07 19:04:38
509.   underdog
Or yeah, what D4P said.

Come on Tomato!!

2006-10-07 19:04:43
510.   BlueCrew Bruin
This is a golden opportunity so I think you have to go with Saenz and just hope the defensive downgrade doesn't come back to bite you.
2006-10-07 19:04:56
511.   Bluebleeder87
i'm going to the corner market real quick, i'm expecting Don Torrez (the owner) to give me his take of the game. I'll be back.
2006-10-07 19:04:56
512.   trainwreck
Loney time!
2006-10-07 19:04:58
513.   Greg Brock
Anybody who thinks LoDuca is the equal of Martin behind the plate has never caught a day in their life.

I did. For ten years. Martin is way better.

2006-10-07 19:05:28
514.   underdog
Or Loney. Olmedo Loney.

You know, McCarver really hasn't been bad tonight at all. I've cringed at him in the past but have to say he's been okay tonight.

2006-10-07 19:05:30
515.   Disabled List
I love Loney, but Saenz should be hitting for him right now.
2006-10-07 19:05:31
516.   Gen3Blue
484 Exactly! As I explained in 483 right?
2006-10-07 19:05:34
517.   Ken Arneson
471 I literally watched entire possessions in the Cal-Oregon game between Trachsel at-bats today.
2006-10-07 19:06:13
518.   JT Dutch
... Nomar getting ready to bat? Hmmmmmmm.
2006-10-07 19:06:21
519.   Jim Ignatowski
Make him throw a strike before swinging.
2006-10-07 19:06:22
520.   underdog
And I agree with McCarver again, thinking more about it.
2006-10-07 19:06:24
521.   micktissue
FWIW - Loney OPS .850 in 20 ABs vs. lefties this year
2006-10-07 19:06:26
522.   KG16
I think you stay with Loney here. Otherwise, who hits for the pitcher or is used in the double switch?
2006-10-07 19:06:42
523.   D4P
If Nomar comes in to pinch-hit, he should hobble up to the plate and foul a couple of pitches off weakly before trying to hit one out
2006-10-07 19:06:45
524.   BlueCrew Bruin
C'mon Loney, reward Grady's confidence.
2006-10-07 19:06:55
525.   JT Dutch
... Come on, James. Make it a good pitch.

3-0 count!

2006-10-07 19:07:00
526.   underdog
Um, taking all the way anyone?
2006-10-07 19:07:09
527.   Uncle Miltie
That was a ball!
2006-10-07 19:07:28
528.   Jim Ignatowski
That was freaking ball 4. This ump has the fixd in.
2006-10-07 19:07:30
529.   BlueCrew Bruin
This ump is killing me.
2006-10-07 19:07:34
530.   Uncle Miltie
We're not worthy!
2006-10-07 19:07:46
531.   trainwreck
Good eye! I love patience.
2006-10-07 19:07:47
532.   underdog
Good eye Loney!

Way to overcome Eric Cooper's astigmatism.

2006-10-07 19:08:02
533.   JT Dutch
NOMAR~~~! Oh my goodness.
2006-10-07 19:08:03
534.   KG16
that. was. not. a strike
2006-10-07 19:08:08
535.   Connector
Cooper couldn't say THAT pitch was a strike!
2006-10-07 19:08:15
536.   StolenMonkey86
2006-10-07 19:08:19
537.   Jim Ignatowski
Noooooomaaaaaaahhh! Let's go!!
2006-10-07 19:08:26
538.   Greg Brock
I know CPR.

This is important, because Eric Cooper is dead to me already. I shall revive him, and make him dead to me again.

2006-10-07 19:08:30
539.   BlueCrew Bruin
What a moment here with Nomar.
2006-10-07 19:08:36
540.   KG16
somewhere, Joe Morgan shakes his head about what just happened.
2006-10-07 19:08:38
541.   micktissue
That's the lead! Loney is MVP if the Dodgers pull this out ...
2006-10-07 19:08:38
542.   adraymond
i am dying. i think i just had a stroke. i'm also melodramatic.
2006-10-07 19:08:39
543.   Disabled List
I swear, I usually don't complain that much about umpiring/officiating, but Cooper is doing everyhting he can to give the Mets this game.

I think he was working the Oregon/Oklahoma game a few weeks ago.

2006-10-07 19:08:41
544.   underdog
I meant "glaucoma" above.

And now we get a Nomar sighting -
Bunt single Nomar! Go for it. ;-)

2006-10-07 19:09:25
545.   Jim Ignatowski
This guy hasn't thrown a legitimate strike yet.
2006-10-07 19:09:29
546.   JT Dutch
... My heart's alive right now. This is awesome. We are having a MOMENT.

Come on, Dodgers. Come on, Dodger fans.

2006-10-07 19:09:48
547.   micktissue
2006-10-07 19:10:38
548.   underdog
C'mon Nomar - leg that one out! What're you, hurt or something??
2006-10-07 19:10:50
549.   Uncle Miltie
That was a really weak at bat by Nomar. At least we got him out of the way early.
2006-10-07 19:10:59
550.   micktissue
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-10-07 19:11:00
551.   D4P
The Dodgers are averaging more runs per inning in this game than the Mets. If that keeps up, the Dodgers will win the game.
2006-10-07 19:11:16
552.   Blue in SF
1. Grady should be fired for not hitting Saenz.

2. My best guess is that the homeplate unpire in on LSD.

2006-10-07 19:11:20
553.   Jim Ignatowski

Don't get fancy with the medical terms. This ump is freakin' BLIND.

2006-10-07 19:11:27
554.   Connector

What do you mean, "if" ?!?

2006-10-07 19:11:40
555.   capdodger
Are the umps having their strike zones evaluated in the Playoffs? This zone seems to begin about four inches below the bottom of the knee. I'm not asking much, just that it be called as it's written.
2006-10-07 19:12:04
556.   adraymond
You're complaining even though a run scored?
2006-10-07 19:12:08
557.   micktissue
549 And saved the Tomato's AB
2006-10-07 19:12:22
558.   StolenMonkey86
Johnny B already? He's going multiple innings.
2006-10-07 19:12:41
559.   JT Dutch
... Well, not all of them can be Gibsonesque.
2006-10-07 19:12:44
560.   dzzrtRatt
I've been reinstalling all the software on my computer so I haven't been able to say hello.

Man, what a game. What a clutch performance by Loney and Kent. What a terrible, NY-loving umpire. That Furcal non-HBP? Outrageous. I lost count of how many Trachsel strikes were replicated by Maddux as balls, and vice versa. But, hey, we're winning. Broxton coming in -- right move.

Okay, back to work. Hope you're all having fun.

2006-10-07 19:12:45
561.   underdog
543 I know, I feel the same way - I hate complaining about officiating and umpiring because generally they don't lose games (but that NCAA game you mentioned was one example the other way)- but I hate seeing an umpire butcher a game like this. It's distracting for hitters and pitchers. Umpires should never be noticed, when they're doing a good job.

Regardless, this is the Dodgers game to win now - they have to overcome this and concentrate...

2006-10-07 19:12:54
562.   Greg Brock
I don't care about the inconsistent strike zone. I care that the strike zone has been inconsistently one sided. I've said, many times, that people who complain about umpiring are excuse makers, but this guy has been truly atrocious.

This is too big a game for Mr. Cooper behind the plate.

2006-10-07 19:13:01
563.   KG16
at least we didn't have to burn another bench player by having someone run for Nomar.

Oh, and we have the lead

2006-10-07 19:13:03
564.   capdodger
552 Grady probably figured that nomar can still swing the bat, but he can't play the field. Saenz can still play the field, so it's better to hold him in relief.
2006-10-07 19:13:13
565.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Can we have both Brox and Saito go two IP apiece?


2006-10-07 19:13:16
566.   Jim Ignatowski
From: Fox
To: Cooper
Subject: World Series

You will make sure the Mets win tonight.

2006-10-07 19:13:36
567.   BlueCrew Bruin
Wow, Green looks like a twig in that shot of him and Broxton.
2006-10-07 19:13:42
568.   dzzrtRatt
Oh yeah, and where is Jason Repko? Can't Grittle see how completely lost Lofton is?

dzzrtRatt out.

2006-10-07 19:14:01
569.   JT Dutch
... Broxton better keep it down to less than 20 pitches per inning, because he'll be asked for more than one, I'm afraid.
2006-10-07 19:14:05
570.   Uncle Miltie
Green is killing us
2006-10-07 19:14:22
571.   subclub
557 Can you think of a more ideal situation to bat Seanz?
2006-10-07 19:14:33
572.   trainwreck
Shawn Green you are breaking my balls!
2006-10-07 19:14:47
573.   Greg Brock
Shawn Green wouldn't have to play with a chip on his shoulder if he wasn't such a soft guy with the team.
2006-10-07 19:15:56
574.   Uncle Miltie
557- I'm not sure that I agreed with the decision, but I'm glad he was used early in the game.
2006-10-07 19:16:55
575.   micktissue
571 Yeah you're right, but I'm hopeful for another one this game where he'll be the only option. I'm not really trusting Grady these days ...
2006-10-07 19:17:18
576.   Bluebleeder87
if we let Cooper get to us the terrorist have won
2006-10-07 19:17:54
577.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Greenie's all "I'm a New York kind of guy now..." Blech. I was at game 1 in my home white Nomo jersey, and although I met a lot of great Mets fans with whom I had a healthy mutual respect, I also got all sort of heckling, up to and including racist and homophobic comments.


2006-10-07 19:17:56
578.   underdog
Last ump comment: The right side of the plate doesn't seem to exist to him.
2006-10-07 19:18:12
579.   micktissue
576 lol
2006-10-07 19:18:17
580.   BlueCrew Bruin
Well, there you go. Brenneman just said Little is ready to use Broxton and Saito for 2 innings apiece.
2006-10-07 19:18:28
581.   trainwreck
So we really are going through with Penny tomorrow?
2006-10-07 19:19:43
582.   micktissue
So that's where Michael Tucker ended up ...
2006-10-07 19:20:04
583.   Greg Brock
581 I know. I heard it too. Let's just win this one.
2006-10-07 19:20:10
584.   Bluebleeder87
Green is doing a # on us.
2006-10-07 19:20:19
585.   underdog
Okay, that was McCarver's first officially duh comment of the evening. "Not a thought of pitching around Tucker with Reyes on deck."
2006-10-07 19:20:32
586.   Uncle Miltie
Mother Tucker...
2006-10-07 19:20:53
587.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Come on, Brox....


2006-10-07 19:20:54
588.   Bluebleeder87
if anything this sets up a DP
2006-10-07 19:21:20
589.   trainwreck
Not likely with Reyes.
2006-10-07 19:21:35
590.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 588

Awfully hard to double-up Reyes, though


2006-10-07 19:22:13
591.   trainwreck
Get someone ready.
2006-10-07 19:22:21
592.   BlueCrew Bruin
If Broxton can't even last an inning, my confidence level will go through the floor. Bills is still in the pen, right?
2006-10-07 19:23:14
593.   Bluebleeder87
When did pitchers deside to put there glove over the mouth when talking to coaches or there catchers?
2006-10-07 19:23:16
594.   Greg Brock
577 Unfortunately, homophobic comments are par for the course at any sporting event.
2006-10-07 19:23:27
595.   subclub
581 I really haven't had any major problems with Little all year, but he is frustrating me to no end during the playoffs. Why would we even consider starting Penny tomorrow? Why is Kenny Lofton getting so many at-bats? Why pinch hit the clearly injured Nomar against a lefty with the bases loaded when Saenz is sitting on the bench? Why???
2006-10-07 19:23:29
596.   MSarg29
wow he was swinging 2-0
2006-10-07 19:23:33
597.   KG16
Ok, worst color guy in baseball - McCarver, Morgan, or Lyons?
2006-10-07 19:24:28
598.   JT Dutch
... Grits told John to get nasty, apparently.
2006-10-07 19:24:43
599.   micktissue
2006-10-07 19:25:02
600.   Greg Brock
The Bull needs a changeup.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-10-07 19:25:10
601.   BlueCrew Bruin
599 ...desperately need that right now...
2006-10-07 19:25:26
602.   micktissue
597 Morgan, without any doubt
2006-10-07 19:25:28
603.   tjshere
597 Morgan and it ain't even close.
2006-10-07 19:25:33
604.   Uncle Miltie
Another dunker
2006-10-07 19:25:54
605.   JT Dutch
... Man, can the Mets get any more luck in this series? This is absolutely unreal.
2006-10-07 19:26:00
606.   underdog
A slider? Why! Why God, why?
2006-10-07 19:26:01
607.   Greg Brock
See 600
2006-10-07 19:26:03
608.   lukemccain
A freakin' hanging curve!
2006-10-07 19:26:37
609.   trainwreck
Morgan. Today he was saying Duncan's 22 HRs don't show him much because he only had 43 rbis.
2006-10-07 19:26:54
610.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Our bullpen stinks...

Simple as that.


2006-10-07 19:27:21
611.   underdog
Can't we bring Repko in as designated thrower?


I thought Furcal had caught that one.

I'm gonna cry.

2006-10-07 19:27:25
612.   Greg Brock
Jesus Christ. How many gorks are they going to hit?
2006-10-07 19:27:28
613.   trainwreck
Bloopers are very annoying when they do it to you.
2006-10-07 19:27:28
614.   micktissue
"A little looper to centerfield..." - the theme of this game
2006-10-07 19:27:30
615.   MSarg29
they love the dunkers
2006-10-07 19:27:30
616.   D4P
If Depo hadn't traded Lo Duca to Florida, he probably wouldn't have just driven in that run
2006-10-07 19:27:31
617.   Bluebleeder87
stupid texas leaguers!!
2006-10-07 19:27:34
618.   Uncle Miltie
Broxton keeps hanging those sliders
2006-10-07 19:27:36
619.   JT Dutch
Where's the coffee and donuts? It's just dunker after dunker.
2006-10-07 19:28:17
620.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I'm sure Kent's pep talk to Broxton is something none of us would want to be on the receiving end of.

And more trash about Paulie's heart-and-soul.


2006-10-07 19:28:35
621.   trainwreck
Mrs. McCourt looks like she is on pins and needles. (sarcasm)
2006-10-07 19:28:46
622.   BlueCrew Bruin
You've gotta be freaking kidding me!!!
2006-10-07 19:28:50
623.   underdog
Death by blooping.

I can't take this anymore.

2006-10-07 19:28:59
624.   Greg Brock


This is ridiculous.

2006-10-07 19:28:59
625.   Uncle Miltie
Bloopered to death. All sliders.
2006-10-07 19:29:08
626.   StolenMonkey86
Ok, Marlon Anderson is not the left fielder.
2006-10-07 19:29:12
627.   JT Dutch
... I've gotta say this -- I've never seen three dunkers like that, one after the other, in a long time -- if ever.
2006-10-07 19:29:27
628.   micktissue
612 3
2006-10-07 19:29:51
629.   underdog
I mean really...


Well, do we know enough not to fully give up on this game? I do.

But, wow, I feel kind of sick.

2006-10-07 19:29:53
630.   KG16
609 - I'm glad I didn't watch that game, my head might have actually exploded if I heard him say that.

Isn't this what we've done to other teams all year? Or have we at least had the decency to hit doubles and triples with men on base?

2006-10-07 19:30:12
631.   lukemccain
I always said it was better to be lucky than good. Three dunkers for hits vs a screaming line drive right into a glove.
Lady Luck has not been with us this series.
2006-10-07 19:30:37
632.   micktissue
627 Comapres interestingly to the four dongs on that Monday night - just as deadly
2006-10-07 19:31:06
633.   BlueCrew Bruin
Not that the game is out of reach but it's really gonna suck if I have to watch all these former Dodgers celebrate on our field.
2006-10-07 19:31:09
634.   Disabled List
I am suddenly not so sure that bringing Penny in instead of Brox in Game 1 was such a bad move.
2006-10-07 19:32:01
635.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Alright, we just need to stop the bleeding

Three innings before Wagner comes in. Olmedo's still on the bench.

Eventually, we'll get some breaks too. Just gotta hold on.

Keep faith!


2006-10-07 19:32:02
636.   underdog
Shouldn't that last pitch just prove once and for all to the Dodgers that Broxton should just be throwing heat. Period?
2006-10-07 19:32:06
637.   JT Dutch

... Remember the line drive Loney caught in the first.

2006-10-07 19:32:17
638.   Greg Brock
You can't blame The Bull. A parade of duck farts leads to three runs.
2006-10-07 19:32:50
639.   capdodger
Why has Broxton been throwing his slider anywhere near the zone? You have a 94-97 mph fastball ox. Throw it and make them catch up to it.
2006-10-07 19:32:51
640.   Bluebleeder87
i wanna go mid-evil on bloopers!!
2006-10-07 19:33:19
641.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Brox looks like he's recovering, but I have a bad recollection of him blowing other big games. Not sure if my recollection is all that correct. Regardless, he's still very much the rookie.


2006-10-07 19:33:30
642.   JT Dutch
... I think the Mets stole a sign and knew that Martin was going to arm-fake a throw in that situation.
2006-10-07 19:33:54
643.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 638

We can blame him for the walk to Tucker.

Thank you Brox for stopping the bleeding.


2006-10-07 19:34:24
644.   underdog
Okay, he sort of proved me wrong with that last pitch.

638 Hah hah,that's a perfect description for what those hits were.


2006-10-07 19:34:31
645.   Linkmeister
Aargh. Middle relief this year...
2006-10-07 19:34:33
646.   StolenMonkey86
Alright, we can score on this bullpen. Time for Furcal to start things up.
2006-10-07 19:34:37
647.   micktissue
ugh - well, 4 innings to make it all right
2006-10-07 19:35:09
648.   BlueCrew Bruin
On the bright side, when we're in the World Series next year, this experience will prove very valuable to Broxton.
2006-10-07 19:35:26
649.   Greg Brock
643 Okay, you blame him for a walk.

And the four Texas Leaguers he gave up? Not one hard hit ball. That's baseball.

Stupid baseball.

2006-10-07 19:35:46
650.   underdog
Well the best move would have been bringing Saito in and then making him pitch 4 innings ;-) but second choice was bringing Broxton in early. Or I guess Billingsley might have been a good choice. But they were thinking, if they win today and play tomorrow, and Penny gets in trouble, they'll want Billingsley fresh is my guess..
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-10-07 19:35:59
651.   capdodger
The thing that annoys me about the Fox crews is that they keep talking about the LoDuca trade as "the most contraversial trade in Dodgers history". It's as if the Piazza trade has been completely forgotten. If that had been in the blogger era, it wouldn't even be close.
2006-10-07 19:36:03
652.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 648

Yep, I think that's definitely true.

Walks are death to relievers, and this was a hard place to learn the lesson.


2006-10-07 19:36:10
653.   trainwreck
We still got Loney!!
2006-10-07 19:36:34
654.   JT Dutch
... The top of the order HAS to start hitting at some point, otherwise we don't deserve to win this series. The time may as well be now.

It's pretty bad that, thus far, Hendrickson was the only effective pitcher today.

2006-10-07 19:36:39
655.   Louis in SF
Broxton remember your fastball..One slider I understand. But have to agree with MacCarver I would have thrown him the fastball. LoDuca, whatever people may say about him on this site is an excellent fastball hitter. SO I understand the slider to him and accept it. His pitch selection to Tucker was not great and he frankley looked nervous from my perspective, The ass chewing he got from Kent seemed to be appropriate.
2006-10-07 19:36:46
656.   underdog
These ads with Tommy Lasorda ("You can't handle October...") are gonna feel more painful if the Dodgers are not in it next week.
2006-10-07 19:36:53
657.   Linkmeister
Furcal/Lofton really need to do something.
2006-10-07 19:37:04
658.   Connector
G-d willing we'll get those runs back.
Just wait and see.
2006-10-07 19:37:08
659.   Bluebleeder87
i still believe, let's get 'em fighting Dodgers!!
2006-10-07 19:37:38
660.   Greg Brock
652 So you blame him for one run out of three.
2006-10-07 19:37:38
661.   trainwreck
I agree with the earlier statement that Broxton needs to learn how to throw a changeup.
2006-10-07 19:37:40
662.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 649

And for the hung sliders.

Listen, I think Brox is our second-best reliever, and lady luck didn't like him tonight, but this was just not a great performance.


2006-10-07 19:38:00
663.   underdog
Yet another disgruntled ex-Dodger to battle against. This is almost too much to bear.
2006-10-07 19:38:02
664.   Disabled List
Mota is hittable, depending on the strike zone Eric Gregg- I mean, Cooper, decides to give him.
2006-10-07 19:38:39
665.   trainwreck
We are not shaking our heads at the trade still you tools.
2006-10-07 19:38:53
666.   underdog
Enough about that trade already Fox, sheesh!

And enough pathetictude, Furcal.

2006-10-07 19:38:53
667.   JayCo
Furcal down. Again. (sigh.)
2006-10-07 19:39:28
668.   underdog
Eric Gregg is dead and would do a better job calling balls and strikes in this game than Cooper.
2006-10-07 19:39:42
669.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
The stupid thing about all this stuff about the trade is none of them are talking about what I think DePo should have done in hindsight--gave up Jackson and Penny for Randy Johnson. Instead, it's the usual media drivel...


2006-10-07 19:39:57
670.   trainwreck
2006-10-07 19:40:09
671.   JT Dutch
A HIT!! A HIT!! Lofton got A HIT!!
2006-10-07 19:40:14
672.   underdog
Okay, three more bloops like that and then we're even in the bloop-o-meter.
2006-10-07 19:40:18
673.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Now we get a little luck...


2006-10-07 19:40:20
674.   JayCo
Lofton dow... No! It's a miracle!
2006-10-07 19:40:26
675.   capdodger
Steal. Now.
2006-10-07 19:40:34
676.   BlueCrew Bruin
671 And a bloop at that!
2006-10-07 19:40:40
677.   micktissue
Furcal 1-10? Ugh. Lofton 0-11? Ditto. OH! Make that 1-12! Things are turning around!
2006-10-07 19:41:11
678.   lukemccain
This would be a good time to see some more of Marlon's home run power...
2006-10-07 19:41:46
679.   Greg Brock
Oh, by the way, we're only in the sixth inning.

Jesus. My heart is not going to survive.

My liver is already on life support.

2006-10-07 19:41:56
680.   capdodger
669 - Well, I can understand that as the second half of the trade never actually happened.
2006-10-07 19:42:26
681.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 679

Imagine what I felt like at Shea during game 1. I think I was going to have a heart attack multiple times.


2006-10-07 19:43:11
682.   Bluebleeder87
chip away Dodgers
2006-10-07 19:43:34
683.   Uncle Miltie
668- that was low
2006-10-07 19:43:56
684.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 680

BTW, that wasn't a criticism of DePo. No one knew Jackson would crater and Penny would first get hurt and then become mediocre. But with a crystal ball, that's the move that should have happenned, assuming all those rumours were right.


2006-10-07 19:44:16
685.   JayCo
Let's go Jeff...
2006-10-07 19:44:32
686.   capdodger
Why is Lofton still on first base? If he's still on first base at the end of this inning he should be taken out.
2006-10-07 19:44:59
687.   Greg Brock
I can't believe that Fox brought up the Penny trade.

And I can't believe anybody here would dignify that by talking about it.

2006-10-07 19:45:07
688.   Jim Ignatowski
Bad break, costs the Dodgers a run
2006-10-07 19:45:11
689.   JT Dutch
... Uggggggggggggghhh. HORRIBLE luck on the ground-rule double.
2006-10-07 19:45:11
690.   Uncle Miltie
Dodgers get unlucky again
2006-10-07 19:45:12
691.   Suffering Bruin
My son went to a birthday party and I was the escort... not easy to concentrate. I turned on the TV just in time to notice that Paul LoDuca is the missing link for us.


2006-10-07 19:45:15
692.   trainwreck
Don't be so happy fan we would have scored.
2006-10-07 19:45:17
693.   capdodger
Way to go Kent. Come on JD. Bring them home.
2006-10-07 19:45:20
694.   micktissue
Come on Jeff, two jacks are better than one
2006-10-07 19:45:23
695.   Bluebleeder87
damn you ground rule doubles!!
2006-10-07 19:45:35
696.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Arggghhhh.. can we not get a freaking single break?

The baseball gods owe us at least a bloop from Drew, if he can't manage to get a clean hit.


2006-10-07 19:45:37
697.   Disabled List
Damn ground rule double. Lofton could've scored.

Lady Luck is really not smiling on us tonight.

2006-10-07 19:45:39
698.   Andrew Shimmin
For a second, I thought the beach ball bouncers cost us a run, but that was a legit GR 2B.
2006-10-07 19:45:50
699.   micktissue
JD, your time is NOW!
2006-10-07 19:45:59
700.   Uncle Miltie
JD plays Grady Ball
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2006-10-07 19:46:10
701.   underdog
If those fans had half a brain, they would be less excited than they would be disappointed that Kent's ball went into their seats.

And now add JD Drew to my "want to strangle list" after Cooper and Furcal.

2006-10-07 19:46:12
702.   Greg Brock
Ground rule double. The baseball gods are blanking killing us tonight.
2006-10-07 19:46:23
703.   JayCo
First pitch? I just died a little bit.
2006-10-07 19:46:28
704.   JT Dutch
... Unbelievable. When will the bad luck end for this team in this game? This is just mind-boggling.
2006-10-07 19:46:31
705.   micktissue
2006-10-07 19:46:32
706.   MSarg29
I know I will be pilloried for saying this here, but does anyone here actually have any confidence in JD Drew?
2006-10-07 19:46:41
707.   Linkmeister
Freakin' ground rules.
2006-10-07 19:46:47
708.   Johnson
I am absolutely fed up with being told by baseball announcers that I, as a Dodger fan, am still "shaking my head" over the Lo Duca-Mota/Penny-Choi trade as if not only could I not understand why it was done, but also I felt as if the trade ruined the franchise. "Heart and Soul" and all that.


It was a good trade. We sold Mota high (and look what happened to him), we traded away an average catcher who doesn't have a good arm and who was about to start making a lot of money, and got a solid starting pitcher, who has given us two years above and beyond the two starts we got from him before his injury in '04.

Don't tell me I'm shaking my head over that trade. Give me a chance to have 30 seconds on the microphone and maybe we can put an end to the groupthink about that trade.

2006-10-07 19:47:00
709.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 687

I am in no mood to be dignified at this point.


2006-10-07 19:47:14
710.   trainwreck
Someone get on base for Loney next inning.
2006-10-07 19:47:15
711.   Bluebleeder87
Mr Roboto can't deliver
2006-10-07 19:47:29
712.   Greg Brock
708 And Johnson takes the bait.
2006-10-07 19:48:30
713.   Linkmeister
706 20 HR, 100 RBI this year.
2006-10-07 19:48:41
714.   Johnson
712 Sorry. I just got trolled by Tim McCarver.
2006-10-07 19:49:30
715.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 712

Or we could instead talk about our awful luck this game. Talking about "The Trade" might actually be a better topic of conversation than how this game has gone.

Anyhow, still 9 outs left. Martin and Loney will save the day next inning...


2006-10-07 19:49:44
716.   micktissue
Yea! Vin is calling the game now on That's GOT to do something.
2006-10-07 19:49:47
717.   Bluebleeder87
watching & hearing Buck O'neil just makes me happy inside.
2006-10-07 19:49:58
718.   Connector
I don't know...I feel in my gut that the Dodgers are going to win. I've felt it all night.
2006-10-07 19:50:34
719.   Suffering Bruin
Thom Brennaman is high on the soapbox this evening.
2006-10-07 19:50:35
720.   JT Dutch

... Drew did a terrific job in September as the Dodgers made their run to the Playoffs.

2006-10-07 19:50:54
721.   underdog
Now I'm starting to think maybe they should have brought Bills in early instead of Broxton. But hindsight is 20-20.
2006-10-07 19:51:02
722.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Come on Greenie, GIDP!


2006-10-07 19:51:37
723.   capdodger
718 I hope your gut has good foresight.
2006-10-07 19:51:47
724.   underdog
...or not. I forgot Kent has no range any more.
2006-10-07 19:52:19
725.   Greg Brock
Okay. We may lose this game. Do you guys realize what a great position we're in?

Billingsley. Loney. Salary flexibility. Great farm system with LaRoche, Young, Kemp, et. al. Hell, I can deal with losing this year.

I haven't been this optomistic about the Dodgers in 15 years.

2006-10-07 19:52:32
726.   capdodger
There's the Shawn Green we all knew and loved.
2006-10-07 19:52:51
727.   JT Dutch
... The technology I will be impressed with the most, as a sports fan, would be the button on the remote control to toggle the game broadcast on and off. I want to hear the crowd, but the broadcasters are killing me.
2006-10-07 19:53:19
728.   Uncle Miltie
Who needs sedatives when you have Shawn Green on the opposing team.
2006-10-07 19:53:30
729.   trainwreck
That is what we like Chad.
2006-10-07 19:53:44
730.   JT Dutch

Yep, Greg. I hear you.

2006-10-07 19:53:55
731.   underdog
722 Well done Wayne! Can you make another wish now? :-)
2006-10-07 19:53:57
732.   MSarg29
713 - Yeah, I know. What would happen to ARod if he put up those numbers? He would be lynched.
2006-10-07 19:53:59
733.   BlueCrew Bruin
Wow, Bills was filthy.

No matter how this game and series turns out, I am loving the experience that the youngsters are gaining.

2006-10-07 19:54:21
734.   Suffering Bruin
That's the point. You will never get thirty seconds with the microphone to set the Fox boys straight and even if you did, you'd be dismissed because "you don't know the game" as well as these experts. You're right, they're wrong but just try convincing them otherwise.

I know that sounds bitter but it's just so evident that these guys don't know what to say outside of conventional wisdom... it gets frustrating.

2006-10-07 19:54:27
735.   Bluebleeder87

agreed, the long term looks great for us.

2006-10-07 19:55:00
736.   underdog
That was 3 beautiful pitches in a row from Bills.
2006-10-07 19:55:09
737.   Suffering Bruin
725 Amen, my brother! Amen!!
2006-10-07 19:55:34
738.   trainwreck
True. I just hope there is no thought to go after some vets as the "missing pieces"
2006-10-07 19:55:43
739.   Greg Brock
Excuse me if I don't fall apart over a first round loss to the best team in the NL.

Fellas, the Dodgers are back. I have much to be proud of, and look forward to.

I'm not a Yankee fan. The future looks pretty great to me.

2006-10-07 19:55:47
740.   MSarg29
Billingsly looked filthy.
2006-10-07 19:55:49
741.   Disabled List
725 Let's save that for after the game. I'm as fatalistic as the next guy, but we're still in this.
2006-10-07 19:56:18
742.   JayCo
Agreed. The future is bright. A penant in the meantime would be OK, too.
2006-10-07 19:56:23
743.   trainwreck
Come on Betemit. Get on for Loney.
2006-10-07 19:56:25
744.   Kyle S
the ethier line out and kent ground rule double are eating inside of me
2006-10-07 19:56:42
745.   JT Dutch
... What's the deal with the first-pitch swings??
2006-10-07 19:56:50
746.   underdog
725 I'm with you, Greg. I look forward to the future, too. Those guys already look great.

(Now, I only wish the present looked a little better.)

2006-10-07 19:57:15
747.   trainwreck
Loney time!
2006-10-07 19:57:33
748.   Bluebleeder87

McCarver alert

2006-10-07 19:58:02
749.   micktissue
Mets 74 - 4 this year when leading after 7 ... um ...
2006-10-07 19:58:09
750.   JT Dutch
... That shot of Gagne a few seconds ago -- sigh. How we needed you.
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2006-10-07 19:58:22
751.   capdodger
That pitch was at Betemit's eyes. You can not swing at that pitch. You will never hit it.
2006-10-07 19:58:28
752.   Bluebleeder87
... What's the deal with the first-pitch swings??


2006-10-07 19:59:33
753.   Bob Timmermann
Well, it sounded both good and frustrating on the radio so far.
2006-10-07 20:00:03
754.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Loney, I'm sorry I once doubted you.

Please forgive me.


2006-10-07 20:00:08
755.   Greg Brock
Nobody's giving up over here. We can win this thing. I just want people to have perspective.

You know, perspective. That thing that separates normal humans from Yankee fans.

And with that, Loney singles. The future is bright.

2006-10-07 20:00:15
756.   trainwreck
LOL D-Backs again!!!
2006-10-07 20:00:18
757.   underdog
I do like the announcers lovefest for Loney tonight. I've enjoyed that part of their blather.
2006-10-07 20:00:19
758.   JT Dutch
... Loney! People, that young man is only 22. Isn't that great?
2006-10-07 20:00:26
759.   Bluebleeder87
i swear GM's must be salivating over our rooks (sp?)
2006-10-07 20:00:31
760.   capdodger
He brings in Saenz NOW?!!?!? Against a right hander? What the hell Grady?
2006-10-07 20:00:32
761.   Uncle Miltie
Just another Arizona reference by Thom....
2006-10-07 20:00:58
762.   tjshere
And Bob arrives to provide a voice of reason.
2006-10-07 20:01:06
763.   micktissue
Ok, that thing about saving the Tomato's bat until later? The time is now .. Come on Olemdo! YOU CAN DO IT!
2006-10-07 20:01:26
764.   trainwreck
What is the point of mentioning Tracy's son?
2006-10-07 20:01:49
765.   bojangles
684: good idea to stay away from the "no one knew" and "everybody agreed" and "who could have foreseen?" mantras. Generally, someone knew, someone disagreed, someone foresaw. That's what prophets and curmudgeons and contrarians are for.
At least a couple of healthy handfuls commenting here were not particularly troubled by the Dodger side of the deal, but the Marlin side. You're right, we didn't "know" Penny would be hurt and mediocre. This is baseball, after all. But we had strong "senses" he would, and said so, at the time (and good thing we hurried, 'cause a week later he was hurt and gone a while...)
2006-10-07 20:01:57
766.   JT Dutch
... 3-0 to El Gordo.
2006-10-07 20:02:09
767.   underdog
They're pitching around Saenz to get to the Furcal Sample.
2006-10-07 20:02:11
768.   capdodger
764 Shout out to Thom's peeps?
2006-10-07 20:02:24
769.   Suffering Bruin
I've been pretty hard on these guys tonight but Thom and Tim are exactly right--two outs on three pitches is silly.
2006-10-07 20:02:44
770.   Bluebleeder87
What is the point of mentioning Tracy's son?

brain cramp

2006-10-07 20:02:48
771.   Uncle Miltie
McCarver just said "Double [bowel movement]" Freudian slip
2006-10-07 20:02:50
772.   das411
Wow was that not a pitch to hit on 3-0? Or would he have Drew'd that one?
2006-10-07 20:03:39
773.   JT Dutch
... And he's rung up. Went from 3-0 to a K.
2006-10-07 20:03:44
774.   Suffering Bruin
Looked off the plate to me.
2006-10-07 20:03:50
775.   trainwreck
Saenz is a lefty specialist.
2006-10-07 20:03:50
776.   Bob Timmermann
Vin Scully talked a lot about the perfect storm of traffic today. And I got the ball rolling with a post on the Griddle. Which got picked up on LA Observed. And then by the LA Times. And now by Vin.

I can die happy.

2006-10-07 20:04:05
777.   StolenMonkey86
when's the last time Olmedo looked at that many pitches?
2006-10-07 20:04:28
778.   underdog
That was another one of those balls that are called strikes but since he's been doing that most of the night Saenz should have swung protectively on that at least.


2006-10-07 20:04:28
779.   micktissue
2006-10-07 20:04:33
780.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
The bullpen just needs to hold the line. Furcal and Lofton can start to redeem themselves (and Drew) next inning. All of them are well overdue.


2006-10-07 20:04:38
781.   das411
NO way that was a strike, if I were the Tomato I would be very very tempted to go Milton Bradley in the dugout right about now...and I'm not even a Dodger Fan!!
2006-10-07 20:04:42
782.   capdodger
769 Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
Or once a day if it's 24-hour clock.
2006-10-07 20:04:49
783.   Linkmeister
If you're a pinch-hitter, shouldn't you swing the bat?
2006-10-07 20:05:31
784.   underdog
And is it just me or does Cooper look like he's ready to pick a fight with someone? See him waiting for Saenz to turn around as he left?

Maybe Mariano Duncan should throw his hat at him.

2006-10-07 20:05:58
785.   Suffering Bruin
776 On my way in to Santa Monica at game time, I saw the 10 East was packed until the west side.
2006-10-07 20:05:59
786.   Bluebleeder87

what time is it out there Bob?

2006-10-07 20:06:41
787.   capdodger
Grady should have picked a fight with him long ago.
2006-10-07 20:07:00
788.   trainwreck
Why is Billingsley out?
2006-10-07 20:07:28
789.   trainwreck
Oh yeah, we pinched hit. Brain fart.
2006-10-07 20:08:39
790.   Bob Timmermann
It's a little after 8 pm where I am.
2006-10-07 20:08:44
791.   trainwreck
Mets are doing the smart thing.
2006-10-07 20:09:25
792.   Bob Timmermann
Can I nickname Lo Duca "Hal Chase"?
2006-10-07 20:09:28
793.   Greg Brock
Well, at least Suffering Bruin showed up to share the pain of this playoff loss.

At least I have that.

2006-10-07 20:09:29
794.   capdodger
My god lofton has a noodle of an arm.
2006-10-07 20:09:30
795.   Suffering Bruin
If I had a dead-to-me list, LoDuca might be on it.
2006-10-07 20:09:47
796.   Bluebleeder87

i thought you were in Japan?

2006-10-07 20:10:04
797.   JT Dutch
... You have got to be kidding me with this crap.
2006-10-07 20:10:43
798.   Uncle Miltie
Nothing you can do about that
2006-10-07 20:10:54
799.   capdodger
788 Saenz pinch hit for him.
2006-10-07 20:11:03
800.   spacebrother
To quote the Twilight Zone: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are in Hell."
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2006-10-07 20:11:05
801.   underdog
I can't stand this. The sight of all these bloop hits is laughable if it wasn't so painful.

I also would have left Bills in for one more inning because there may not be a tomorrow anyway, why bring in Tomko? Then again, why bring in Tomko ever?

2006-10-07 20:11:40
802.   Bob Timmermann
If Kent bats once more, gets a hit, and the Dodgers still lose, he will have the highest batting average ever in a 3-game Division Series.

Yes, I'm reaching here...

2006-10-07 20:11:50
803.   Suffering Bruin
793 thanks, man. This hurts but

a) it beats grading papers and
b) if I'm going to feel pain, I'm going to have good company.

2006-10-07 20:12:01
804.   micktissue
"Just put the bat on the ball" - that's what my coaches told me
2006-10-07 20:12:21
805.   capdodger
And now he's warming up saito.
2006-10-07 20:12:24
806.   Bluebleeder87
Tomko just busted a Lowe.
2006-10-07 20:12:25
807.   Johnson
Maybe if we could borrow a humidor from Colorado, we could keep all these bloopers on the infield.
2006-10-07 20:12:30
808.   D4P
Our Old Friends have not treated us kindly
2006-10-07 20:12:45
809.   spacebrother
OK, now they don't deserve to win.
2006-10-07 20:12:57
810.   trainwreck
We still got the mystery recruit to look forward to.
2006-10-07 20:13:20
811.   chin music
It doesn't get any better than a bloop single on a pitch that almost hits the dirt.

Thom Brennaman, ladies and gentleman!

2006-10-07 20:13:23
812.   underdog
Oh yeah, I typed mine before realizing I, too, had a brain fart.

Still, "why bring in Tomko ever" still stands.

2006-10-07 20:13:28
813.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
We got one run off Wagner before.

Hopefully we can get just enough off of Heilman.

But Tomko needs to stop the bleeding NOW.


2006-10-07 20:14:13
814.   Suffering Bruin
"You're closer has a much longer career when he only pitches one inning."

Thom Brennaman/Bill Plaschke, separated at birth?

2006-10-07 20:14:35
815.   JT Dutch
... You know what I think is funny? The veterans are making the mental errors and (with the exception of Kent's hitting) have been brutal in this series offensively and defensively, and the young players haven't.

I mean, how can Grits look me in the eye and say that Repko doesn't deserve to play CF when Lofton is 1-12 and terrible in the field?

2006-10-07 20:14:58
816.   Bluebleeder87
Reyes hair is interesting
2006-10-07 20:15:17
817.   capdodger
Color commentator guy wants a statistic called a hold to measure the value of the set-up reliever.

Absurd on so many levels.

2006-10-07 20:15:35
818.   spacebrother
The tank appears to be dry.
2006-10-07 20:15:36
819.   underdog
Do we really have to suffer through Tomko again next year? Can't we trade him somewhere, for some magic beans or something?

Oh well, at least our suffering is over for the night.

2006-10-07 20:15:40
820.   Uncle Miltie
I don't even feel like partying tonight after watching all these bloopers end the Dodgers season
2006-10-07 20:15:54
821.   Andrew Shimmin
814- This required the assumption that either of them had a mother, which, I think, is not a safe one.
2006-10-07 20:15:55
822.   Bob Timmermann
I'm suppposed to be in Japan? Man no wonder why I was so surprised to find all these tall white people speaking English at the Rose Bowl!
2006-10-07 20:16:07
823.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 815

Well, we are talking about Repko here. He was playing well before he got hurt, but he hasn't looked very good as of late.


2006-10-07 20:16:46
824.   Suffering Bruin
817 Yeah, I liked that one, too.
2006-10-07 20:17:35
825.   Bluebleeder87
I mean, how can Grits look me in the eye and say that Repko doesn't deserve to play CF when Lofton is 1-12 and terrible in the field?

he's a "players manager"

2006-10-07 20:17:44
826.   capdodger
823 I don't care. Repko wouldn't have to do much to be better than Lofton has been.
2006-10-07 20:18:16
827.   spacebrother
"The tank is dry" becuase they used it all up in the last 2 weeks of the regular season, I'm afraid.
2006-10-07 20:19:06
828.   Bluebleeder87

that's the only thing that's keeping me sane

2006-10-07 20:19:13
829.   micktissue
Vin just bashed our middle relief without mentioning them. Class.

"It's a shame Siato has to come in to clean up ... "

2006-10-07 20:19:24
830.   JT Dutch

... At least I would have the peace of mind that I'm getting good defense in CF. And how could Repko hit worse?

2006-10-07 20:19:35
831.   Suffering Bruin
Well, there's a capper.
2006-10-07 20:19:38
832.   trainwreck
2006-10-07 20:19:46
833.   Bob Timmermann
The tank could be dry because the Mets are better.
2006-10-07 20:19:54
834.   Uncle Miltie
I really want A-rod now
2006-10-07 20:20:21
835.   lukemccain
Nice touch Wilson!
2006-10-07 20:20:55
836.   chin music
No, Wilson!!!

This is all Colletti's fault. (Hey, if Depodesta had traded for Betemit, you know Plaschke would've found a way to blame him.)

2006-10-07 20:20:57
837.   trainwreck
Let's do all we can to make sure Zito does not end up a Met.
2006-10-07 20:21:04
838.   underdog
Well, I just officially lost my appetite.

May need to be fed through a tube for a few days.

2006-10-07 20:21:07
839.   Bluebleeder87
my coach would have me running 3 laps for a bone head play like that, freaking bull crap i swear!! these guys are supposed to be professionals?? ha!!
2006-10-07 20:21:11
840.   JT Dutch
... This is such an embarrassing series. We have looked like the Bad News Bears out there. The mistakes and mental errors have made us the laughingstock of the Playoffs. Congrats, Dodgers.
2006-10-07 20:21:17
841.   Suffering Bruin
[833} I won't argue with that after this performance. But I will remember this year for so much more than being swept by the Mets... which hasn't happened just yet.
2006-10-07 20:21:30
842.   BlueCrew Bruin
Those objects out there on the field? Oh, those are the wheels...they just completely came off for the Dodgers.
2006-10-07 20:21:33
843.   capdodger
A classic case of trying to do too much. Take the out at first.
2006-10-07 20:21:37
844.   JayCo
Those were our '06 hopes sailing away over Kent's head.
2006-10-07 20:21:57
845.   micktissue
Well lads ...

I'm remembering when St Louis won on our turf a couple of years ago and the Dodgers, led by Shawn Green I believe, came out and congratulated them. A class move.

What do you think may happen tonight if the Mets close it out? Think Kent will lead the boys out for a chat with the winners?

2006-10-07 20:22:08
846.   underdog
830 Good points. I definitely would have brought Repko in in the 5th or whenever it was that Lofton miraculously got on base.
2006-10-07 20:22:12
847.   Greg Brock
No matter what happens tonight, there are two certainties:

1) I just bought a bunch of beer
2) I'm going to drink all of it

2006-10-07 20:22:13
848.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 820

I could see Repko being horribly over-aggressive in the field, although he's certainly got better wheels at this point than Lofton.


2006-10-07 20:22:28
849.   Bob Timmermann
I need to work my way into getting a ticket for the USC-Cal game on 11/18.

My girlfriend has an extra ticket, but I'm not the first choice to get to use it since I'm not a USC person.

2006-10-07 20:22:37
850.   lukemccain
Why is Saito the only Dodger reliever that knows how to throw a slider?
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2006-10-07 20:22:52
851.   coachjpark
9-5??? Can you say back-to-back-to-back-to-back homeruns?
2006-10-07 20:23:11
852.   Suffering Bruin
I retrospect, I think I would've preferred a division title and a series against the Cards.
2006-10-07 20:24:25
853.   Andrew Shimmin
845- I hope so. Then, I hope they have a nice long conversation with Cooper. . .
2006-10-07 20:24:29
854.   underdog
845 They'll probably be gracious but with so many obnoxious, motivated ex-Dodgers on the Mets I personally would have a hard time going over there and congratulating them. I'd be like, 'It's not my fault you were freaking traded!'

Maybe it'll be gracious if we just don't spit on them...

2006-10-07 20:24:43
855.   Bob Timmermann
All things considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia.
2006-10-07 20:24:44
856.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 851

Seriously, 4 runs isn't insurmountable. Wagner once blew a 4 run lead agains the Yankees.

At this point, there's nothing left but hope and faith.


2006-10-07 20:24:50
857.   underdog
I'm surprised that last one didn't bloop it's way into the outfield, too.
2006-10-07 20:25:06
858.   trainwreck
Washington was oh so close today!
2006-10-07 20:25:12
859.   capdodger
I hope someone slashes the umpires tires.
2006-10-07 20:25:12
860.   StolenMonkey86
so, when do we get A-Rod?
2006-10-07 20:25:27
861.   spacebrother
It's both.

I'm turning the game off now, because I can't take this anynore, and becuase I want to be disappointed and elated at the same time when I miss the miraculous bottom of the eighth, when we score 2, and the ninth, when we win.

2006-10-07 20:25:35
862.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the handshakes in 2004 were Larry Walker's idea.
2006-10-07 20:26:24
863.   underdog
My guess is Fox will jinx any possibility of a multi homer comeback by having some sort of montage of highlights from that game now.
2006-10-07 20:26:55
864.   trainwreck
If only we were the D-Backs we would be unstoppable.
2006-10-07 20:27:19
865.   underdog
A-Rod didn't exactly set the postseason on fire . Why would he have helped us this turn?
2006-10-07 20:27:49
866.   Bob Timmermann
I've only been seeing the scores from Berkeley, but now I just saw Cal's uniforms.

They are truly dreadful.

2006-10-07 20:28:24
867.   trainwreck
He's facing Maine and Traschel instead of the team with the best pitching in baseball.
2006-10-07 20:29:30
868.   coachjpark
2006-10-07 20:29:42
869.   capdodger
Way to go Furcal. Do the same Kenny!
2006-10-07 20:29:48
870.   Greg Brock
I am one of the more responsible drinkers I know, but in the wake of this playoff performance, I have decided to destroy myself tonight.

Good Lord. One win in 16 years. One stinking win.

2006-10-07 20:29:53
871.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Nice AB by Furcal...


2006-10-07 20:29:55
872.   underdog
867 True. Still, I'm sort of skeptical about his postseason abilities - but I suppose I wouldn't mind him being on the team, either!
2006-10-07 20:29:55
873.   Bluebleeder87
my optomistic mind is still pumping with that hit by Furcal
2006-10-07 20:30:27
874.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
And a truly awful one by Lofton.


2006-10-07 20:30:27
875.   chin music
Apparently it's First-Pitch Swing Night at Dodger Stadium.
2006-10-07 20:30:44
876.   Andrew Shimmin
866- You ain't kidding. What's that about?
2006-10-07 20:30:50
877.   capdodger
Kenny. Kenny. Kenny. Somebody please kill him.
2006-10-07 20:31:06
878.   trainwreck
I like that term "destroy myself"
2006-10-07 20:31:08
879.   coachjpark
Cut it down to two, Marlon!
2006-10-07 20:31:12
880.   Bluebleeder87
Lofton, Lofton, Lofton
2006-10-07 20:31:23
881.   BlueCrew Bruin
870 I blame the "new" playoff format. Division Series' are not kind to us. Maybe we can get a bye next year?

...Lofton!! @$$##%$!!

2006-10-07 20:31:25
882.   JT Dutch
... Yeah, I can see why Repko shouldn't play.
2006-10-07 20:31:39
883.   underdog
Lofton contributed a lot to the Dodgers offense this season, so I'm trying hard to overlook how truly awful he's been this series.

If the Dodgers do lose this game, look at it this way, that was probably his last at bat with the team.

No.. must resist! He was good as a hitter this year. He helped! Must not try to strangle him.... Save energy for umpire... must not blame Kenny.... unh.

2006-10-07 20:31:55
884.   D4P
Kenny acts like he did something way out of character by swinging at the first pitch and popping up
2006-10-07 20:31:56
885.   trainwreck
They wanted to beat Oregon on the field and in the ugliest uniform department.
2006-10-07 20:32:20
886.   capdodger
"It has been a nightmare series for Kenny Lofton."

...At least he'll be waking up soon.

2006-10-07 20:32:32
887.   Bob Timmermann
Do you think Mota will get credit for the win?
2006-10-07 20:33:29
888.   underdog
Who do we have left on the bench to hit? Repko and Hall?
2006-10-07 20:34:00
889.   coachjpark
Send Furcal?
2006-10-07 20:34:08
890.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Martinez and Lugo, no?


2006-10-07 20:34:15
891.   Bob Timmermann
Thom Brennaman will be the voice of the BCS championship game on Fox for the next several years.
2006-10-07 20:34:42
892.   Andrew Shimmin
885- Neither easy, since Oregon has that idiotic steel print thing on the shoulder pads. On the plus side, it's good to know the pack who designed the D'backs uniforms still gets work.
2006-10-07 20:34:51
893.   Ken Arneson
866 No kidding. My wife and I both almost puked when we saw those unis. That thing needs to be retired immediately.
2006-10-07 20:35:20
894.   trainwreck
That may be the worst news of the night. He can't possibly mention the D-Backs or the Reds (his future employer) calling those games, can he?
2006-10-07 20:36:02
895.   coachjpark
Wouldn't Feliciano get the win?
2006-10-07 20:36:03
896.   Bob Timmermann
Condition Orange!
2006-10-07 20:36:22
897.   Bluebleeder87
Billy Wagner ain't so tough!!
2006-10-07 20:36:43
898.   trainwreck
We got to get to Loney.
2006-10-07 20:36:45
899.   Uncle Miltie
Bob gets his wish
2006-10-07 20:36:46
900.   D4P
Go for 3, Kent!
Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2006-10-07 20:36:51
901.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Come on JD, time to atone...


2006-10-07 20:36:51
902.   capdodger
Drew's turn to do somthing cool.
2006-10-07 20:37:01
903.   Bob Timmermann
Jeff Kent knocks Fernando Vina out of the record books!
2006-10-07 20:37:09
904.   Suffering Bruin
How many times has this site gone over 1K? I think tonight another one is coming...
2006-10-07 20:37:16
905.   Greg Brock
Okay, give me a three run home run, and I'll destroy myself a little more slowly.

Don't score, and all bets are off.

2006-10-07 20:37:38
906.   MSarg29
cmon JD
2006-10-07 20:37:51
907.   lukemccain
A year ago if you told me that the Dodgers would be in the playoffs I would not have believed it. I am glad they got this far.
This will be an interesting off season. Colletti is going to be busy again.
2006-10-07 20:38:18
908.   BlueCrew Bruin
905 Can you destroy the home plate ump too while you're at it?


2006-10-07 20:38:24
909.   Greg Brock
Beer, meet liver.

You know each other.

2006-10-07 20:38:46
910.   Bluebleeder87
the Robot can't get a hit
2006-10-07 20:39:01
911.   underdog


That's the sound you're hearing from the dugout, which is full of goats.

2006-10-07 20:40:19
912.   Louis in SF
And have all of you just saw the Dodgers right now have out hit the Mets 15 -14.
2006-10-07 20:40:47
913.   JT Dutch

... I don't buy that type of reasoning. Never have. There is no excuse for the poor play the Dodgers have shown in this series. And it's been the veterans, the players who are supposed to be leading the young guys; these guys have been making the mental errors and costing us this series.

2006-10-07 20:40:57
914.   The Saul
I'm officially depressed now.
2006-10-07 20:41:20
915.   capdodger
I'm just annoyed they got blooped to death for eight runs. It's like death in a plane crash versus death by papercuts. You feel every single one until you expire.
2006-10-07 20:41:53
916.   Greg Brock
914 Are you really THE Saul.

Good job on converting the Romans to Christianity. I hear they were a hard sell.

2006-10-07 20:42:08
917.   trainwreck
What manager comes to the park wanting to lose a playoff game Thom?
2006-10-07 20:42:36
918.   Uncle Miltie
Looks like we'll have some people on here relapsing tonight.

I don't drink when I'm alone and/or depressed. I'll have to cry myself to sleep.

2006-10-07 20:42:37
919.   Bluebleeder87
all i know is that our Dodger future looks bright, mix that in with the big L.A. budget it's just a matter of time before we are the class of the Major leagues.
2006-10-07 20:42:52
920.   capdodger
913 - Of course, the point you mention brings up the question of why the veterans are playing when the young guys have shown themselves to be superior. That's a management issue.
2006-10-07 20:43:15
921.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers can leave two runners on in the 9th, they will tie the NLDS record for runners left on base in a 9-inning game.

It was set earlier in the day by the Padres.

If the Dodgers leave the bases loaded, they would tie the alltime postseason record for LOB in a 9-inning game.

2006-10-07 20:43:59
922.   coachjpark
New goal. Let's try to hit the 1000 comment mark.
2006-10-07 20:44:42
923.   trainwreck
I hope Saito comes back.
2006-10-07 20:45:17
924.   Bluebleeder87
give me Franco's eating habits??
2006-10-07 20:45:31
925.   coachjpark
HBP, HBP, HBP, HBP, Walk-off Grand Slam Furcal
2006-10-07 20:46:13
926.   underdog
Well, guys, I just want to say, no matter what happens here, no matter what the results tonight, I enjoyed chatting with y'all through this game and through many of them this season. made the losses more bearable and the wins that much more fun.

if the off season is to come faster than we would like, I hope to keep chatting with y'all through it.

Dog bless.

2006-10-07 20:46:31
927.   adraymond
yeah, that's one of my biggest off season wishes. the other being a NCAA title for my Louisville Cards
2006-10-07 20:46:39
928.   trainwreck
Get on base for Loney guys!

Shawn Green player of the game. That hurts.

2006-10-07 20:46:58
929.   capdodger
Is left field Marlon Anderson's natural position?
2006-10-07 20:47:03
930.   das411
This "Player of the Game: Shawn Green" has the feel of naming Marty Barrett in Game 6 1986, no?
2006-10-07 20:47:32
931.   Bob Timmermann
In which sport?
2006-10-07 20:47:55
932.   Greg Brock
Everybody should be looking fastball Main St. to drive the ball.
2006-10-07 20:48:05
933.   Bob Timmermann
My natural position is sitting on the couch.
2006-10-07 20:48:06
934.   MSarg29
Anderson was originally a 2nd baseman.
2006-10-07 20:48:24
935.   JT Dutch
... Make him work, Russ. Make these final at-bats count.
2006-10-07 20:48:38
936.   adraymond
Basketball mainly. If they want to win in football, I would enjoy that too.
2006-10-07 20:48:42
937.   The Saul
916 Thanks, but I can't take credit for that.

The one who annointed me "The Saul" gave me that name because as he said, "You're cool, just like The Fonz".

2006-10-07 20:48:46
938.   D4P
For some reason, that mock turtleneck didn't look appropriate on Vin
2006-10-07 20:49:02
939.   coachjpark
Change that to Ramon Martinez Walk-off Grand Slam...
2006-10-07 20:49:35
940.   micktissue
2006-10-07 20:49:39
941.   coachjpark
0-2 in 5 seconds for Betemit
2006-10-07 20:50:15
942.   Greg Brock
Let's walk out to shake the Mets' hands, and then start a huge fight.
2006-10-07 20:50:19
943.   Bluebleeder87
New goal. Let's try to hit the 1000 comment mark.

i'm with Greg Brock, i'm gonna distroy my self today, my goal drink 3 beers in 3 seconds!!!

2006-10-07 20:50:21
944.   trainwreck
You have a better chance in football I think.
2006-10-07 20:50:22
945.   The Saul
Can we keep Nomar and try to convert Loney to the OF next year?
2006-10-07 20:50:29
946.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, but the Gators and Bruins and Wildcats (Arizona variety) are going to end that dream.
2006-10-07 20:50:35
947.   trainwreck
Loney time!
2006-10-07 20:50:47
948.   underdog
942 Sorry, I'm too busy slashing the umpire's tires out in the parking lot.
2006-10-07 20:50:49
949.   das411
Well if it's going to be up to anybody, it might as well be Big Game James...
2006-10-07 20:50:52
950.   micktissue
Wag(ner) the Dod(gers)
Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2006-10-07 20:51:20
951.   micktissue
Wag(ner) the Dod(gers)
2006-10-07 20:51:58
952.   Uncle Miltie
Loney is good
2006-10-07 20:52:02
953.   CarlosDeC
A Sad day for all Dodger Fans. i am officially in a lot of pain right now. Being A dodger fan in NYC SUCKS. There is nothing worse then Met Fan.
2006-10-07 20:52:03
954.   trainwreck
Give that man the 1st base job!!
2006-10-07 20:52:05
955.   Greg Brock
For some reason, I just don't want James to make the last out.

Of course, I still want a brawl, so I'm kind of out of it right now.

2006-10-07 20:52:14
956.   adraymond
Pencil Loney in for next year.
2006-10-07 20:52:16
957.   The Saul
Loney will you marry me?
2006-10-07 20:52:21
958.   JT Dutch
... Great game, James. You'll see better days.
2006-10-07 20:52:22
959.   coachjpark
Loney's pretty clutch. Let Nomah walk. Let's use money for pitching.
2006-10-07 20:52:26
960.   Greg Brock
955 Moral Victory!
2006-10-07 20:52:29
961.   micktissue
April isn't so far away, so I'm not as depressed as I could be ...
2006-10-07 20:52:58
962.   D4P
Lucille II making the final out of the season would be appropriate
2006-10-07 20:52:58
963.   MSarg29
953 - Growing up in NJ among Met fans - I understand your pain
2006-10-07 20:53:03
964.   coachjpark
Martinez should lean into that sucker.
2006-10-07 20:53:31
965.   coachjpark
Come on, HBP.
2006-10-07 20:53:31
966.   Greg Brock
2006-10-07 20:53:34
967.   D4P
Is it too earlier to dub Loney "Big Game James"...?
2006-10-07 20:53:55
968.   Bob Timmermann
There is one nice Mets fan who visits the Toaster: Ravenscar.

All the rest could fall into the East River and the world would little note their departure.

2006-10-07 20:54:25
969.   Bluebleeder87

chuckle certified

2006-10-07 20:54:39
970.   Gen3Blue
Wow - no one can get Loney out.
2006-10-07 20:54:39
971.   underdog
Actually Kenny Lofton making the last out would be more appropriate.
2006-10-07 20:54:43
972.   JT Dutch
Nice at-bat, Ramon. Hope some of the other guys in the dugout are taking note.
2006-10-07 20:55:05
973.   coachjpark
28 more comments, let's go!
2006-10-07 20:55:15
974.   The Saul
The only thing that makes this tolerable is the fact that, all things being equal, the Mets are the better team.

We're not choking as much as we are just getting beat.

2006-10-07 20:55:24
975.   coachjpark
What's better right now: walk or HR?
2006-10-07 20:56:02
976.   Uncle Miltie
On the brought side, we will likely never see Julio Lugo in a Dodgers uniform again
2006-10-07 20:56:23
977.   JayCo
Ramon queitly having a very nice AB
2006-10-07 20:56:31
978.   coachjpark
2006-10-07 20:56:35
979.   The Saul
A hit after all this and I'm re-invigorated.
2006-10-07 20:56:41
980.   JT Dutch
... Wagner's near 20 pitches. That's a good sign.
2006-10-07 20:56:45
981.   Bluebleeder87
Wagner's ~ noodle is strong!
2006-10-07 20:56:48
982.   Greg Brock
Come on, you gotta wear that pitch Ramon.

Be a man

2006-10-07 20:56:59
983.   trainwreck
Not Shawn Green!
2006-10-07 20:57:00
984.   Daniel Zappala
Thanks for the great season, Dodgers!
2006-10-07 20:57:10
985.   D4P
the Mets are the better team

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it has been quite a while since the Dodgers faced a team in the playoffs that they were actually better than

2006-10-07 20:57:12
986.   The Saul
To Shawn Green no less.
2006-10-07 20:57:15
987.   Greg Brock
2006-10-07 20:57:19
988.   micktissue
So that's one post season win since 1988? Ugh.

That's the game/series/season - see you in the spring ...

2006-10-07 20:57:31
989.   Uncle Miltie
2006-10-07 20:57:31
990.   Andrew Shimmin
The Mets were the class of the NL this year, and they were the better team in this series. Some ugly, heart-breaking, um, stuff, went down, but the Mets were the better team. I hope the As beat them in six. March can't come soon enough.
2006-10-07 20:57:42
991.   Bluebleeder87
ah how cute there celebrating, NOT!!
2006-10-07 20:57:52
992.   MSarg29
Nice season. The future's bright. I'm just really stunned to be sweeped.
2006-10-07 20:58:37
993.   coachjpark
Well, now I'm rooting for Oakland vs. San Diego World Series matchup -- that would be fun.
2006-10-07 20:59:00
994.   underdog

Okay guys, gonna try to get my mind off this for awhile now. Pretty sad, but it was still a better season than I expected. I only wish they'd made a better showing in the Div Series to show people they're a better team than they appeared. Very disappointing. But the season overall wasn't, and the future looks real bright.

Thanks again for the "company." See you soon.

Go A's or Tigers! (Over the NL in the Series.)

2006-10-07 20:59:00
995.   micktissue
I don't want to thank Monday or Steiner for this season.
2006-10-07 20:59:02
996.   das411

Sorry guys, what a downer to end what was by all rights a terrific season. Hopefully this will be looked back on as a first step, the beginning of the long long run of success that you look very close to beginning. It's been a fun 2006, and you'll definitely go get 'em next year!

2006-10-07 20:59:17
997.   Uncle Miltie
At least the A's are still in the playoffs.
2006-10-07 20:59:18
998.   Bluebleeder87
i feel like picking a fight right now, but i think i'm just gonna go to sleep in about 30 minutes.
2006-10-07 20:59:37
999.   coachjpark
What will Coletti do now??
2006-10-07 20:59:39
1000.   Greg Brock
Pitchers and catchers report in 124 days.
Show/Hide Comments 1001-1050
2006-10-07 20:59:50
1001.   coachjpark
2006-10-07 20:59:52
1002.   joekings
I can't believe we got swept either, I half jokingly said "there goes the series" after that blunder in the second inning of the first game. I didn't realize I'd be right.
2006-10-07 20:59:58
1003.   StolenMonkey86
865 - I'm gonna blame that one on the NY media
2006-10-07 21:00:07
1004.   micktissue
I want to thank Jon for this site. Great posts, great insights, and great laughs.
2006-10-07 21:00:15
1005.   The Saul
985 I won't argue with that.

Hell, we probably haven't faced a team in the postseason that we were better (in the expected-to-win sense of the word) than since...85?

2006-10-07 21:00:43
1006.   Bob Timmermann
I would like to see Oakland vs. St. Louis. It would the rubber match. The A's beat the Cardinals in 1930 and the Cardinals turned the tables in 1931.

It's been 75 years and we need closure.

Bert Campaneris will be in Oakland to throw out the first bat at Lerrin LaGrow before the ALCS starts.

2006-10-07 21:01:07
1007.   ninjavshippo
994 - couldn't agree more. it was a fun ride, even if the ending was disappointing. i'm looking optimistically to the future.


2006-10-07 21:01:17
1008.   JT Dutch
... Thanks Jon, and thanks to all of you who hung out here today.
2006-10-07 21:01:21
1009.   MSarg29
996 - Thanks das
2006-10-07 21:02:17
1010.   trainwreck
I would like to see A's and Cards because I predicted it at the beginning of the season on my sports board.

Let's go Oakland!!

2006-10-07 21:02:26
1011.   D4P

That's what I was thinking. That's a long time.

2006-10-07 21:02:30
1012.   Bob Timmermann
The 1983 Dodgers were definitely better than the Phillies. I would say that the 1977 and 1978 Dodgers were equal in quality to the Yankees.
2006-10-07 21:02:39
1013.   ninjavshippo
1008 - as always, big thanks to jon for his patience, intelligent commentary, and for this forum.
2006-10-07 21:03:27
1014.   Connector
Thanks Jon, your site makes Dodger losses more bearable (and wins more enjoyable).

Good night, everybody.

2006-10-07 21:04:27
1015.   trainwreck
I hope we go young next year. I am not sure what to do with CF because I have no idea if Kemp will be ready.
2006-10-07 21:04:29
1016.   Uncle Miltie
1010- my preseason prediction was an A's/Mets World Series. It's still a possibility.
2006-10-07 21:04:29
1017.   Bluebleeder87
great year fellow DTer's i'm glad i shared this year with all of you, i have to admit this roller coaster was fun
2006-10-07 21:04:41
1018.   underdog
996 Yeah, thanks Das! Appreciate your chiming in even when it's not your team. Always appreciate your posts here.

And yeah, let's get Barry Zito as soon as he's done with the world series. I really am looking forward to next year more even than this one because of all the kids. Loney was just a taste of things to come...

Thanks again and night all!

2006-10-07 21:04:44
1019.   JT Dutch
... '85 would have probably turned out better if not for the wrist injury to Guerrero. He had a monster season with the bat, and the injury took a lot of his power away.
2006-10-07 21:06:05
1020.   D4P
How long until Jon's "Year in Review" post...? I can't wait to start chatting about whether Ned's first season was a success or not.
2006-10-07 21:06:06
1021.   ninjavshippo
i'll wait for the next update up top to plug in my lineup for next year.

spoiler alert: it doesn't include lofton.

2006-10-07 21:06:13
1022.   gpellamjr
1018 I'm thinking Loney clinched the 1B job tonight--- hopefully with the Dodgers. That guy is my hero.
2006-10-07 21:06:42
1023.   Marty
Beimel is the designated scapegoat, but he really isn't. This was a team effort to lose like this.
2006-10-07 21:07:14
1024.   Gagne55
Well, co-division champions?
2006-10-07 21:07:56
1025.   underdog
1021 I am pretty sure it doesn't for the Dodgers, either, rest assured. I really don't think he'll be back.

It'll be Kemp and Repko in CF next year unless they trade for someone. (Or Drew?) But no Lofton.

Pencil in Loney at 1st and Nomar either not resigned or resigned cheap enough to keep him as a platoon option.

And... that's it for me, for now, for real.

2006-10-07 21:08:14
1026.   ninjavshippo
1023 - agreed. we definitely could have used him, but the top of the order was flat the whole series, penny was never right, drew disappointed, defense was bad... the list goes on.
2006-10-07 21:08:19
1027.   jff123
Thanks to Jon and to all of you. My husband and I have enjoyed lurking all year and reading the wonderful essays and analysis by Jon and comments by everybody else. This place is a wonderful oasis for Dodger fans.

On the bright side, I guess I can look forward to about $600 in post season ticket refunds. WS tickets in the Top Deck were $150 each! I'll spend it on another Mini Season ticket plan for next year. Our family had a wonderful time attending games this season.

2006-10-07 21:08:45
1028.   Bluebleeder87
i will question Grady's pitching selection's till the cows come home but atleast he brought a playoff birth.
2006-10-07 21:09:17
1029.   ninjavshippo
1024 - wahoo! i say the pods are the computer's choice, while we were the people's champ.
2006-10-07 21:13:42
1030.   dzzrtRatt
"Who doesn't like baseball in America, it's institution!"

-- father character in "Humoresque," on Turner Classics, which I switched to immediately after seeing Paul LoDuca hail victory.

Despite his father's rhetorical query, the boy picks up the violin. Oscar Levant is eavesdropping, but we know from the opening framing scene that Oscar Levant will become young Paul's accompanist.

Nature favors the efficient. The Dodgers gave away two runs in Game 1, and could never get them back. Therefore, the 2006 team was found to wanting, from a Darwinian point of view. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

But -- I'm over it. It was still a great year, full of surprises and fun. DT makes every season better -- long may Jon post and host.

2006-10-07 21:14:02
1031.   das411
1009, 1018 - Aww, you guys would do the same for me. And actually did last week! :)

Now that the LAD are out though, I would suggest you do what I've done for the last week: plant yourself in front of the TV, yell at Lasorda every time he shows up, learn to laugh at those Holiday Inn commercials, and bandwagon-jump like crazy!! Once the rest of the playoffs, which we get so gloriously wrapped up in, end then it will be Hot Stove season and we can start it all over again...

2006-10-07 21:16:47
1032.   Kyle S
Google and DT. The two sites I visit the most! Thanks Jon!
2006-10-07 21:17:30
1033.   adraymond
I think I've read around here that Anderson is signed next year. What does that mean for leftfield? I really want Ethier out there every day come next season. I'm guessing Anderson is either traded or becomes a utility player again.
2006-10-07 21:18:31
1034.   JoeyP
Stat of the year:

Dodgers finished 8-33 vs playoff teams this year (Mets, Cardinals, Padres, Twins, A's).

Thats just not going to get it done.

2006-10-07 21:19:03
1035.   be2ween
Grits smells a little like Tracy w/ the pitching choices. Did Beimel think he was an '86 Met? Will Lofton EVER recover? Will MCourt fire Donnelly on the morrow? I am disappointed, yet will look forward to Leyland leading the Motor City to a fresh batch of rings. Goodnight, Los Angeles!
2006-10-07 21:20:09
1036.   gpellamjr
1033 I like Anderson/Saenz for Lefty/Righty matchups off the bench.

Weird. The Dodgers are out and Ohio State basketball doesn't start till 11/10. Maybe I can concentrate on graduate school now. Suddenly I'm faced with the harsh reality of writing a master's thesis and studying for generals. Maybe I'll start tomorrow.

2006-10-07 21:20:20
1037.   Bluebleeder87
i guess i'm gonna be rooting for Detriot (family ties) now that the Dodgers are out of it.


2006-10-07 21:21:11
1038.   jtshoe
Opening Day 2007

Furcal, SS
Loney, 1B
A-Rod, 3B
Drew, RF
Kent, 2B
Ethier, LF
Kemp, CF
Martin, C
Zito, P

2006-10-07 21:21:19
1039.   gpellamjr
Does anyone know of a website with comprehensive and up-to-date contract info for the Dodgers?
2006-10-07 21:21:49
1040.   Andrew Shimmin
Ned's on FOX 11, right now.
2006-10-07 21:22:41
1041.   gpellamjr
1037 I like Detroit and Oakland both. I'm still a fan of Milton. But as always, if it's not the Giants, I'm rooting for whoever comes out of the NL.

1038 Looks great. What do you give up to get A-Rod? How much do you pay Zito?

2006-10-07 21:22:51
1042.   D4P
Who did Ned trade for A-Rod...?
2006-10-07 21:23:15
1043.   Jonny6
Well, that was a painful way to end the season.

I don't blame Grady for starting Anderson and Lofton tonight, they both played well for us this season (or hit well would be the more accurate description), but that may have been the worst fielding duo in the history of the playoffs. I know that sounds like hyperbole but I'm not sure it really is - I mean they are really poor.

Hats off to Kent. He's far from my favorite player, and I would hardly shed any tears if he never played for us again but he had a hell of a series; unfortunately, besides Loney in tonights game and Saito in limited action, I can't think of a any other Dodgers that played particularly well.

Whether we played our best or our worst is fairly irrelevant at this point, the bottom line is that we did not deserve to win that series (or even a game).

Vaya con dios, Maddux, Lugo, Nomar, Lofton, Anderson, Hendrickson, et al

2006-10-07 21:23:33
1044.   Bluebleeder87
I hope some one askes him why he wears such a bad topay & why he signed Tomko.
2006-10-07 21:25:10
1045.   be2ween
1038 My hunch is Kent will retire, unfortunately.
2006-10-07 21:25:43
1046.   Claire Malone-Evans
I'm thinking Charlie Steiner takes over as third base coach. His depth perception is uncanny.
2006-10-07 21:25:47
1047.   Andrew Shimmin
1040- Ned says: Wants a new arm because, "You can never have too many pitchers. . ."; looking for a power bat, but they're hard to come by; Nomar might come back.
2006-10-07 21:25:55
1048.   gpellamjr
1045 He looked great tonight. I just don't think we have any better options--- except Soriano, maybe?
2006-10-07 21:26:46
1049.   gpellamjr
1047 Sounds familiar.
2006-10-07 21:27:17
1050.   jtshoe
Kent's under contract for next year. He'd give up alot if he retired.
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2006-10-07 21:28:39
1051.   jtshoe
In fact, I can think of 9,000,000 reasons why he wont.
2006-10-07 21:28:59
1052.   D4P
Why does Ned want a power bat? Has he already given up on his "speed and athleticism" strategy...?
2006-10-07 21:33:04
1053.   underdog
Sheesh now they're being mean about the Dodgers on the Bronx Banter blog's comments... can't they leave that to us and worry about their own team?

Still, if I had to pick one NY team to advance, tough call but I'd say the wrong one advanced from my vantage point.

2006-10-07 21:33:26
1054.   trainwreck
What position does he go at for power?

I still have faith in LaRoche so I would like to see him at 3rd.

2006-10-07 21:35:12
1055.   Xeifrank
1054. LaRoche is out for most of 2007 right?
vr, Xei
2006-10-07 21:36:00
1056.   Xeifrank
1053. The one with the bigger mismatch advanced. vr, Xei
2006-10-07 21:37:40
1057.   trainwreck
Apparently he is supposed to be back for spring training.
2006-10-07 21:38:41
1058.   Greg Brock
I should have booked the Stanford/ND game.

My mistake.

2006-10-07 21:38:50
1059.   Xeifrank
1045. Kent retire? I don't think so. Eventually yes, but not after this year.
vr, Xei
2006-10-07 21:39:09
1060.   Bluebleeder87
well this soldier is putting his gun down & going to bed, again great sharing the highs & lows of the season it's great knowing there's other hard core Dodger fans like my self, see you manana.
2006-10-07 21:40:27
1061.   Andrew Shimmin
1058- Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.
2006-10-07 21:44:03
1062.   Xeifrank
DodgerSims came through on two out of today's three games. Pythagorean % chances of winning were.

Padres: 72.6
Mets: 60.1
Detroit: 29.3

$200 million down the drain. Atleast there is something to smile about this evening in the baseball world. vr, Xei

2006-10-07 21:45:53
1063.   Kyle S
i had the dodgers and twins in the WS. they both got swept. i should stop making predictions.
2006-10-07 21:49:09
1064.   Jonny6
More random thoughts:

Can someone remind me what we got for Duaner Sanchez? Was it Seo who got flipped for Hendrickson who will soon be gone? Was that it? Seeing Sanchez in the dugout tonight reminded me how much we could have used him this season (and next). We really need some relief pitchers next year, and not just a motley assortment of our failed starters.

In light of this game, I would say we definitely need to cut ties with Maddux and let him go elsewhere. Let's face it, putting us in a three run hole in the first inning of his only playoff start is not exactly why we obtained this guy. He actually looked a little shell-shocked. I know the pundits like to talk about the importance of veteran experience during the post-season, but in some cases, maybe the veterans are actually gripping a little tighter since they understand that their chances are running out. We need a #1 starter; those are real hard to come by, but damn we've got to find someone to anchor this rotation. If we can find someone to fill that #1 role, we don't really need a 40 plus year old guy that can't go over six innings per game. It was fun having Maddux around for this stretch run but I don't think he should be part of the plan for 2007.

2006-10-07 21:49:29
1065.   capdodger
1053 -
can't they leave that to us and worry about their own team?

That's kinda what I told them in a very oblique way.

2006-10-07 21:49:42
1066.   trainwreck
I am forced to watch one of my rival high schools De La Salle on ESPNU.
2006-10-07 21:50:59
1067.   Andrew Shimmin
1064- Seo and Hamulack for Duaner and Schmoll.
2006-10-07 21:51:36
1068.   Xeifrank
1064. I feel your pain, but we only need to be good enough to win or in some cases tie for the NL West. The playoffs are mostly a crapshoot. Of course we seem to be rolling loaded dice of late. vr, Xei
2006-10-07 21:51:58
1069.   capdodger

Yes, it was Seo for Sanchez.

Maddux should have been out of the first with one run, but Marlon Anderson pulled up on the first fly ball hit to him.

2006-10-07 21:52:44
1070.   shamrok
I've been lurking for a few years, but thought I should say thanks to Jon, great thing you have here. This was the year I think I grew a little too attached to this team. I'm pretty devasted, though not at all surprised.

So with Doris Goodwin on my mind, "Wait til next year..."


2006-10-07 21:58:30
1071.   Xeifrank
Dodgers BABIP: .405
Mets BABIP: .400
Both teams pretty lucky in that aspect. The Mets got their share of cheapies after they were down 5-4. vr, Xei
2006-10-07 22:01:27
1072.   underdog
1064 I miss Duaner too, but him being on injured reserve wouldn't have helped us that much.

Basically the Dodgers need one more top flight starter, a Duaner Sanchez-type in the bullpen, a lefty like Joe Beimel except one who won't cut their hands on a shotglass, and one more power hitter. Mix in all the young 'uns and I'd say that would leave them in better shape than most teams in baseball.

2006-10-07 22:02:50
1073.   LeeLacy
A disappointing ending to a roller coaster of a season. Perhaps it's because the memory of this season is so fresh, but I don't think I've ever endured a season that has caused sleepless nights (for both good and bad) and taxed my nerves the way this one has. If it weren't for the shrewd analysis and keen wit consistently exhibited by Jon and the other DTers here, I'm sure I would have been fit for a strait jacket by now. So [Cue the Bob Hope theme music] "Thanks for the Sanity ..."
2006-10-07 22:04:30
1074.   Greg Brock
Well, the Dodgers lost.

On the bright side, I am completely destroyed right now, and totally immune to the pain of getting swept.

Tomorrow, this is really going to hurt.

2006-10-07 22:06:09
1075.   D4P
How many beers does it take to destroy yourself?
2006-10-07 22:07:34
1076.   Jonny6
Who takes a cab in LA?
2006-10-07 22:08:26
1077.   Jon Weisman
I haven't had time to read your comments yet, but I will. In the meantime, new post up top.
2006-10-07 22:08:27
1078.   bigcpa
Hey folks- just back from the game. I got to meet Colletti up in the loge level during BP. I thought about making a few requests for 2007 but thought it was inappropriate. The 5th inning was a raucous, joyous 15 minutes or so with Tommy inciting the crowd on Diamondvision. A Nomar basehit would have caused absolute bedlam. I have to read the comments- but how does Randolph let Kent tie the game off the lefty- and how does he let Drew have 2 cracks at RHP's with lefties available. Grady finally optimized the bullpen with the exception of the Tomko 8th. Great year now go A's.
2006-10-07 22:10:15
1079.   underdog
1072 Ah, right. He would have hurt himself in LA traffic instead, or on Joe Beimel's shotglass. ;-)
2006-10-07 22:12:03
1080.   underdog
1077 Jon, it could be your next DT publication.
2006-10-07 22:14:49
1081.   dkminnick
Hey everybody,

Missed y'all tonight. My computer is down so I was forced to watch the game the old-fashioned way - TV only.

Just wanted to say thanks to Jon for creating this great site and giving this Dodger community a home. Thanks for all your hard and uncompensated work, Jon!

Thanks also to Bob T. for welcoming me when I emegered from Lurkerland, and for cracking me up all year long.

Nate, thanks for your your deep well of minor league knowledge.

And thank to all of you for being part of such a fun, informed, and witty blog. The more I read other team blogs, the prouder I become of the Dodger fans at DT.

I'm not nearly as bummed as I expected I would be after being swept. Loney and Martin and the other rooks have me looking to next year already. it's been a great year and the future is bright. I look forward to sharing the offseason with all at DT!


Doug Minnick
Studio City

2006-10-07 22:30:59
1082.   gibsonhobbs88
1059 - I heard Kent talk on the post game Dodgers Live - He sure sounded like a guy that was planning to play next year. He seemed confident that the rookies of this year will be better and that Colletti would do what is necessary to fill in the holes.

I think you can bring Maddux back along with Lowe, Kuo and Billingsley, sign Schmidt or Zito, whichever will accept no longer than 3 years, "No five year deals to SP, see Brown & Dreifort". Trade Penny for a decent bat in OF or 3B (if Laroche is out for 2007). I prefer an OF bat, corner OF with power then can move Drew to center and Ethier can be in LF. Nomar can come back if willing to spell Betemit at 3B/platoon or 1B against tough lefties.

It was an interesting and mind-boggling 2006 season and I enjoyed the DT readers and posters giving their opinions. Dodgers were 17 games better than 2005. Next year, try to win 7-10 more games and we can possibly have home field next year. Plenty of questions to still answer in the hot stove league. Now I can enjoy the rest of the post-season without having a coronary and not having to hear the network announcers fall all over themselves about the Yankees. Good riddance Skanks!! Tigers, A's and Mets, one team left to decide.

2006-10-07 22:39:42
1083.   Louis in SF
1052 Ned want's a power bat exactly because of tonight's game, we finished I believe with either 16 or 17 hits but 5 runs. Jon, I believe in July had a great post about the Dodgers lack of power and the need for more homers, especially with a team like ours with such a good OBP. The pitching is obvious and I would have no problem over paying for Zito, simply because of his age and he has overall been healthy. Schmidt is an injury waiting to happen, and living in SF he has not been the dominat pitcher he was two years ago.

The Fox Prime guys made a great point about Saito and Broxton and if the Dodgers can keep Saito, I think he could be a great set up guy and would love to figure out a way to get Gagne back without breaking the bank.

One question I have about Nomar, he played third for the Cubs, I doubt seriously La Roche is going to be ready after the injury and what we can get from him. What about signing Nomar to DH all AL Games, platoons at 3rd and some at 1st: 120 games 20 homers 90 RBI's, plus Looney at 20 and 90 with great Defense and if Kent bounces back to something close to his 2005, say 20 and have something going.

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