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Who Was the Most Influential Woman in Los Angeles Dodger History?
2006-10-10 08:51
by Jon Weisman

Aside from the mothers of Vin Scully or Sandy Koufax, some might argue that it's Roz Wyman, the Los Angeles city councilwoman who pushed for the Dodgers' move from Brooklyn. Brent Shyer has a feature on Wyman at

* * *

At Screen Jam: a brief but personal farewell to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Comments (79)
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2006-10-10 09:08:01
1.   Jacob L
Trying to think of other candidates. Cindy Garvey?
2006-10-10 09:41:28
2.   Disabled List
How about Kim Ng?
2006-10-10 09:46:46
3.   D4P
Jamie's firing of Depo...?
2006-10-10 10:06:36
4.   ssjames
Quick note for those following at home. As has been speculated at all season, Daisuke Matsuzaka has been posted.

2006-10-10 10:08:06
5.   natepurcell
3 top tier pitchers will be on the market this offseason for sure so far...

Matsuzaka will be posted.

2006-10-10 10:21:13
6.   D4P
3 top tier pitchers

Schmidt, Matsuzaka, and ...?

2006-10-10 10:26:06
7.   natepurcell
Zito. Even though you already knew that.
2006-10-10 10:28:04
8.   D4P
Thanks, Purcey. Yeah, I guess I'm not impressed by Zito. He looks like a flyball pitcher who doesn't strikeout many hitters and walks a lot. But I guess in a league where BJ Hendrickson is the "9th best lefty," Zito must look like Koufax...
2006-10-10 10:30:40
9.   shamrok
Jon, I can't agree with anybody being involved in the move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles as a positively influential person. The move screwed Brookyn fans in the worst way possible and IMO is a dark time for the team even though it was great for Southern California. I love that the Dodgers are in Los Angeles, don't get me wrong, but the move should have never happened and out of respect for the Brooklyn roots and all the still (deservedly so) bitter old fans, I just can't agree with your choice, however good she meant it to be. I can't imagine if it happened to us.
2006-10-10 10:31:02
10.   Jon Weisman
Interesting post for media watchers:

2006-10-10 10:34:46
11.   natepurcell

Zito is one of those pitchers that is consistently lucky season in and season out to the point that it doesnt become luck. he is just a pitcher that can hold extremely low BABIPs season in and season out. Its the curve personally. the big curve acts like a knuckleball.

his DERA this season was 3.82. DERA is era adjusted accounted for an anverage defense behind the pitcher. Its just a measurement to see if he is actually a good pitcher or if the defense is making him look better then he is. His real era this year was 3.83

2006-10-10 10:37:10
12.   Jon Weisman
9 - First of all, it wasn't my choice. I didn't make a choice. I just opened the floor for nominations and led with one.

Secondly, whether or not she was "positively" influential wasn't even an issue.

Thirdly, pretty much every history of the Dodgers and New York details the efforts that the franchise made to stay on the East Coast. Blame it on Robert Moses if you like, or Brooklyn fans that didn't attend the games the way their ensuing sentiment would indicate.

Whether or not the Dodgers' move was bad for Brooklyn, bad for Chavez Ravine - these are all valid debates, but completely separate to what I was saying.

2006-10-10 10:37:32
13.   Bob Timmermann
Roz Wyman right now is the most influential woman in L.A. Dodger history, but I think Jamie McCourt could make a run at that title depending upon how the next few years play out for the Dodgers.

And yes, I do have jet lag! (It's 2:37 am where I am.)

2006-10-10 10:41:24
14.   Bob Timmermann
Wyman just wanted a baseball team in L.A. The fact that it was the Dodgers happened to be fortuitous in that the area got a well-run team. It could have just as easily been the Washington Senators or an expansion team.

Brooklyn fans were showing up to root on their team just like fans of the Rams showed up in Anaheim or the Raiders in L.A. Poor attendance and poor stadium deals for the teams and they were gone. O'Malley just happened to be one of the first guys to figure it out.

2006-10-10 10:41:33
15.   D4P
DERA is era adjusted accounted for an anverage defense behind the pitcher

Is DERA the same as DIPS ERA...?

2006-10-10 10:46:21
16.   shamrok

Oh I know you didn't specify positively. I just wanted to throw out why I can't agree with it.

And most more recent Dodgers' history puts the blame eqully with O'Malley and Moses. I don't personally need to assign blame, but then again, I wasn't one of the fans who had their ballclub taken from them.

Maybe your nominations may be the most influential, just thought it's an interesting discussion point.

2006-10-10 10:49:12
17.   natepurcell

no its different.

but most pitching metrics measures basically how well a pitcher does 3 things- allow homeruns, get strikeouts, allow walks (you already knew this). When the metic analyzes a single season from zito, its going to spit out that it was a fluke. why? well because zito doesnt do any of those 3 things very well. But when you do it consistently year in and year out and still post a good era to go along with being baseballs iron man of pitchers, it passes the line of luck for me.

2006-10-10 10:54:43
18.   bhsportsguy
Top 5 Most Influential Women in L.A. Dodger History

5. Helen Dell
4. Lisa Simpson
3. Kim Ng
2. Jamie McCourt
1. Roz Wyman

To me another debate for another time is the fact that Kim Ng may not only be one of the most influential women in L.A. Dodger history but also one of most if the most important minority hire in the front office in L.A. Dodger history.

2006-10-10 10:55:32
19.   3upn3down
I've got 2 women in mind (but only have 1 name).

First has got to be Nancy Bee Hefly.

Another behind the scenes woman is that Domincan woman who takes a motherly role with all of our young dominacan kids. The LA times did a piece on her a year or two ago. Don't recall the name, but she's been influential behind the scenes.

2006-10-10 11:06:31
20.   D4P
Yeah, I had always wondered about that. If something happens in one year and is considered "luck," is it still considered "luck" if it continues to happen every year? Seems like the longer it continues, the less "lucky" it is...
2006-10-10 11:07:54
21.   Greg S
A name that might not be that well known is Terry Sediler. Did you know that Peter O'Malley was co-owner of the Dodgers with his sister? I'm not sure that anyone outside the family can be sure how influential she was but given that she co-owned the team, her husband was a high ranking executive and her son (Tom) we being groomed to run the team (before the economics of the game demanded that they sell), I would assume she was quite influential.
She was the original Jaime McCourt.
2006-10-10 11:08:34
22.   Robert Fiore
Katie O'Malley? They named the plane after her.
2006-10-10 11:10:46
23.   Greg S
21 Sorry for the typo... Seidler.
2006-10-10 11:12:52
24.   rbj
Wandered over here from other parts of the Toaster. My nomination: Jackie Robinson's mother. She obviously raised him well.
2006-10-10 11:25:25
25.   bearlurker
19 I was thinking Nancy Bee Hefly but then after 24 I think maybe Rachel Robinson. I guess I'd go with either Mrs. Robinson or Seidler (sp?).
2006-10-10 11:26:44
26.   bearlurker
BTW, belated thank yous to Jon and Bob for their efforts in making this such a great place. I think I discovered the site two plus years ago and have been an addicted lurker since that time.
2006-10-10 11:31:57
27.   Jon Weisman
24, 25 - As a reminder, we're talking "Los Angeles Dodgers" history. And I know there's a trickle-down effect, but I don't think Rachel Robinson is really the answer.
2006-10-10 11:49:01
28.   D4P
Koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson
2006-10-10 11:51:17
29.   Jon Weisman
26 - Thanks.
2006-10-10 12:05:12
30.   bhsportsguy
21 I thought of her too, in all seriousness, in terms of actually having direct involvement with the team, Terry Seidler, Jamie McCourt and Kim Ng are probably at the top with Seidler and McCourt both having obvious family relationships that perhaps move them to a separate category.

As far as being involved in the front office, Kim Ng is now becoming one of those names that you read about it in inside baseball publications as one of the next wave of "prospects" in the GM game.

For years, the only female names you heard at Dodger Stadium on a regular basis were organists Helen Dell and Nancy Bea Hefley.

As far as women outside of the Dodger organization, Roz Wyman was the one who got the movement started. Certainly a long time Dodger fan, Ethel Bradley was always seen at Dodger Stadium.

2006-10-10 12:21:37
31.   Sam DC
Apparently Alex Cora had a fifteen pitch AB this year that ended in a walk, tied for longest AB to a walk in the majors.

Poor HSC makes an appearance too. :(

2006-10-10 12:42:16
32.   katysdad
For those here pining for Torri Hunter, note the following:

Minneapolis, MN The Minnesota Twins announced today that they have picked up the option on centerfielder Torii Hunter for the 2007 season. Hunter, 31, batted .278 (155-557) with 21 doubles, two triples, 31 homers and 98 rbi in 147 games in 2006. There was some speculation that Minnesota would decline Hunter's option.

Of course, this doesn't mean he's not available via a trade.

2006-10-10 12:44:26
33.   LAT
10. Hey Jon, I could do without that healine! ;-)
2006-10-10 12:47:28
34.   D4P
Despite rumors to the contrary, I'm not sure anyone around here was pining for Torii. That being said, I'm kinda surprised the Twins picked up his option. $12 million is a lot for Mr. Hunter.
2006-10-10 12:50:41
35.   LAT
Hey Sam, any word on prospective managerial candidates for the Nats?

BTW, if the new stadium has bathrooms inside each individual suite its not my fault. I was asked my opinion and told them I thought it was an awful idea. First, it would have to be co-ed. Second who wants everyone seeing them go in and out, not to mention the smell. Bad idea all the way around.

2006-10-10 12:54:30
36.   LAT
33. oops. healine = headline.
2006-10-10 13:01:22
37.   katysdad
34 I thought I read in one of the weekend threads that someone here really wanted him. Now that I think harder, it might have been a joke. When you think about it, baseball economics aside, $12 million is a lot of money to pay anyone to hit or throw a baseball.
2006-10-10 13:05:34
38.   katysdad
Totally unrelated, but heads up to anyone banking in Louisville, Kentucky. It appears that one Ronald Burba, last known address of 3308 Clarent Drive, was released from a local hospital today and the local police have issued an alert to all financial institutions in the area. The subject is classified as a "disturbed mental patient" that has expressed threats of shooting at or inside of banking institutions. No specific institution was named, however, the police believe that the suspect is dangerous.
2006-10-10 13:05:43
39.   Sam DC
Hey LAT - your question about the bathrooms makes me think you've seen this, but if not, interesting (though pretty sharp-elbowed) profile of the Lerners. Note the anecdote about the cost of baseballs!

At least ten names have been floated for Nats manager. Pinella says no thinks. People keep mentioning Dusty, but that seems crazy. Terry Pendleton of the Braves, Joey Cora (!!) of the White Sox. This graphic, while only sorta clever, lists most of the current candidates; Nats Nation hopes they wait til after the playoffs and go after Ron Washington of the As, whose name has indeed been floated.

Your girl excited about the Mets?

2006-10-10 13:11:38
40.   Sam DC
Ooops -- wasn't trying to cast aspersions on Pinella -- should read "no thanks".
2006-10-10 13:23:36
41.   bhsportsguy
Hey Nate, any chance you getting down to any AFL games maybe giving a scouting report on Meloan since he replaced Elbert for the Solar Sox.

My guess is that Meloan moves into the top ten prospects for next year.

2006-10-10 13:41:43
42.   natepurcell

really depends on my schedule. I want to go but I don't know if my schedule will permit it since i seem to be pretty busy with school this semester. Also, I need to find a new place and housemate by next semester since the person owning the current house i live in jusst decided he wants to sell it. awesome huh!! :-/

2006-10-10 13:46:15
43.   corey
Nobody has mentioned Jose Lima's wife, Melissa? I can't think of another woman in Dodger history who's generated as much nationwide attention and sparked as much chatter in the sports world. That's influence, baby!
2006-10-10 13:57:16
44.   bhsportsguy
42 Have you seen the early reports from Hawaii, Xavier Paul is certainly having fun, don't know if it will change his roster situation maybe his tools are starting to play out.

BTW - reports that Maddux really wants to pitch next year for the Dodgers for about the same ($7-8MM a year). Seems like a lot but for a back end guy, we shall see.

Percentage on returning:
Maddux - 80%
Garciaparra - 50%
Lofton - 33%
Gagne - 33%
Martinez - 20%
Lugo - 5%

Contracts being tendered:
Hendrickson - 90%
Werth - 90%
Hall - 75%

2006-10-10 14:14:27
45.   Bluebleeder87
Nancy Bee Hefly i have to agree she makes the Dodger experience very pleasant, Kim Ng is another cool broad & Jamie McCourt also.
2006-10-10 14:16:02
46.   Bluebleeder87
Garciaparra - 50%|

i agree Garciaparra is a coin toss at best.

2006-10-10 14:39:37
47.   still bevens
Is Werth really a good use of a roster spot? He was just starting to show promise in '04, but wouldnt you think 2 years of inactivity would have caused some serious, serious setbacks?
2006-10-10 14:42:03
48.   regfairfield
47 Unless he's excellent in Spring Training, I'd start him in AAA and see if he could get his stroke back.
2006-10-10 14:46:10
49.   still bevens
How old is he now? 25-26?
2006-10-10 14:47:58
50.   regfairfield
49 28 next year.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-10-10 15:18:22
51.   bhsportsguy
48 More of a commentary on the state of outfield depth in the system, if this was AZ or Tampa Bay, maybe not.
2006-10-10 15:39:10
52.   bhsportsguy
Ned is already out and about, was just on the radio, really not saying anything new, just repeating that he will be looking for some additional power, he would be more willing to play young guys if they can get that power in the lineup (his answer was in a response regarding if the thought Loney, Betemit, Ethier and Kemp were ready to play next year, he said those decisions have yet to be made but one thing he would say is if we can shore up some spots in the lineup by getting 1 or 2 batters, 1 who provides the power and another who can be a run producer in other ways, he would be more likely to be willing to have a young player in the lineup because the lineup could support the ups and downs that young player goes through.

On starting pitching, he says that they either need to find someone who can pitch into the 7th inning from the outside or the pitchers who are here (Penny, Chad, Kuo) must be able to stretch out their innings pitched.

Gave the stock answer on Gagne.

But it does sound like he has started prepping for next year.

2006-10-10 15:39:20
53.   joejoejoe
Morganna the Kissing Bandit?
2006-10-10 15:47:22
54.   50 years a Dodger Fan
32 Not a lot of difference between Hunter at $12M and Drew at $11M. Some of us call it a barbain, some of us call it a ripoff. Your call...

44 Lugo 5% chance of returning? That scares me, I won't sleep well tonight. Does anyone have Tonya Harding's phone number?

2006-10-10 15:50:03
55.   50 years a Dodger Fan
52 Oh, God, he was referring to Bonds and Lofton. Who else can we sign for our 40ish outfield?
2006-10-10 15:52:48
56.   das411
55 - Would the Giants take back Kent for at least one Alou?
2006-10-10 16:02:41
57.   D4P
Not a lot of difference between Hunter at $12M and Drew at $11M

Career numbers:
Drew: .286/.393/.512
Hunter: .269/.323/.463

Drew's 2006 OPS of .891, considered by many to be an "off-year," was 33 points higher than Hunter's career best OPS of .858

2006-10-10 16:05:50
58.   50 years a Dodger Fan
57 Compare last season's numbers.
2006-10-10 16:07:21
59.   Benaiah
57 - D4P you are singing a different tune than way back on the ESPN boards. I am not complaining, I agree whole heartedly and I am glad to see you came around.
2006-10-10 16:11:22
60.   D4P
Drew: .283/.393/.498/.891
Hunter: .278/.336/.490/.826

And Drew is a few months younger...

Yeah, I got edumacated...

2006-10-10 16:17:05
61.   xaphor
Torre will continue as Yanks manager

Anyone else let out a chuckle; silly over dramatic sports columnists.

2006-10-10 16:17:09
62.   blue22
But Torii has that infectious smile that doesn't show up in your "numbers".
2006-10-10 16:18:21
63.   Claire Malone-Evans
I love Nancy Bea Hefly , but I beleive Helen Dell had a better winning percentage at the games she performed.
2006-10-10 16:21:26
64.   xaphor
Furcal will be the only Dodger on MLB's six game tour of Japan.
2006-10-10 16:28:31
65.   bhsportsguy
52 I only put 5% because I thought zero or 1% was mean but I don't think there is any chance he will be back because he wants to play shortstop.
2006-10-10 16:45:50
66.   50 years a Dodger Fan
57 No need to be defensive, I wasn't knocking or praising either one of them; just remarking that for about the same amount of money, they put up about the same numbers. That in itself is rare. Welcome to inflation. If anything, it's an argument that Drew isn't overpaid. I still remember when gasoline was 19 cents a gallon... (Gas is in the high $2.60s here, my nephew was driving through Texas 2 days ago and filled up at $1.81!)
2006-10-10 16:46:53
67.   50 years a Dodger Fan
65 It is allowable to be mean to Lugo.
2006-10-10 16:46:56
68.   LAT
39. Sam, I had not seen that article. Not terribly flattering. Looks to me like the City Council is using the media to gain support in the forum of public opinion. The irony is I don't think the Lerners are overly concerned with public opinion. In any event, I would guess that is an accurate portrayal of TL. He strikes me as a very tough negotiator who lives by the deals he strikes. Of more concern, the article implies he isn't taking my advice on the bathrooms. How did he get this far without me? :-)

As for coaches, my sympathies if its Dusty. I can't imagine they are serious about him, he just doesn't seem like what they are looking for. Let's hope they go with Washington. I don't know anything about Joey Cora as a coach but would he want to sign his brother? (I have two brothers, one I'd want to hire and the other I'd pay to stay away.)

As for the daughter it was a mixed bag at the time. We had tickets for Sunday's game so she was disappointed about that. But now its Tuesday, last Saturday is a distant memory and she is "GO METS" all the time.

2006-10-10 17:07:01
69.   Andrew Shimmin
66- They didn't put up about the same numbers, though. Drew got on base six percent (which is quite a bit) more often. He outslugged Hunter, too, despite hitting ten fewer HRs. Defensive metrics, such as they are, have Drew as the significantly better fielder, too, this year. By WARP, Drew was about as much better than Hunter as Russ Martin was better than Lo Duca.
2006-10-10 17:12:29
70.   PDH5204
67 Not if you want to have a truly winning team. We're a Johan Santana, a Jason Schmidt, an Alfonso Soriano, a Julio Lugo, and a Cesar Geronimo away from being truly great. I'd suggest that Ned trade away nearly the entire organization for Santana [keeping only Furcal, Loney, Drew, Martin, Billingsley, Lowe, Kuo, Beimel, Broxton, Saito, and our top two pitching prospects], and even offer to pay the Twins the $10milUSD that is reported to be Kent's salary next year. Everyone else could be signed as a free agent. Could the Twins refuse $10milUSD, Jeff Kent, Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Brad Penny, Mark Hendrickson, Yhency Brazoban, et al, for Santana? I'd otherwise dearly love to see a starting rotation of Santana, Schmidt, Billingsley, Lowe, and Kuo, with Beimel pitching the 7th when needed and otherwise coming in for the one or two lefty hitters, Broxton the 8th, and Saito the 9th. Depending on whether the Twins leave us with a 3rd baseman, we'd have as our lineup [by batting order]:

Betemit/Mr. Y
Mr. Z [think Cesar Geronimo reincarnate]

If Soriano maintains his numbers, i.e., the 40+ homers and 40+ doubles, well, JD's 80 or so walks are looking much better, and the expected high OBP of Furcal and Lugo as well ought to mean that instead of having "only" 100 RBIs to show for those 40+ homers and 40+ doubles, Soriano winds up with 130-135 RBIs. Loney also has 100+ RBIs, helped, of course, by Soriano's 40+ stolen bases. All we'd need is some decent hitting 3rd baseman [the guy that Ned has in mind when he says that he doesn't care how the runs are produced, just produce them] and our version of the modern day Cesar Geronimo running down those fly balls with that gazelle-like stride.

Oh, and by the way, the despised one, well, he went 1 for 4 with a walk during the sweep. That's an OBP of .400. If some others could have neared that number, they might still be playing...

2006-10-10 17:18:53
71.   Vishal
4/5 the dodgers are mentioned as potential suitors in some articles!

"Scott Boras, Matsuzaka's agent, is expected to take calls from several MLB teams, including (in no particular order) the Yankees, Dodgers, Mariners, Mets, Red Sox, Rangers and Cubs; the Japanese ace could wind up with a contract as large as those offered to free agents Barry Zito and Jason Schmidt this winter, if not larger."

2006-10-10 17:25:25
72.   Benaiah
I wouldn't count on that Santana trade going down. I don't think a trade like that has ever happened, where the best pitcher in the league in his prime was traded for no one of comparable value, but a lot of lesser players.
2006-10-10 17:54:42
73.   Bluebleeder87
i heard via 6-4-2 that Brad Penny might be traded to another team.
2006-10-10 17:55:54
74.   JoeyP
D'Angelo Jimenez and Marco Scutaro....doesnt have quite the same ring as Ellis/Crosby.
2006-10-10 18:01:33
75.   D4P
No need to be defensive

No defensiveness here, just pointing out that Drew for $11 is probably a much better deal than Hunter for $12

2006-10-10 18:03:45
76.   BlueCrew Bruin
So I want to say that a Mets-Tigers World Series would be the only possible matchup remaining that has never happened before. Would that be correct?
2006-10-10 19:34:38
77.   GoBears
On the Hunter/Drew comparison, wouldn't park factors make the difference even bigger. DS is still a pitcher's park, and isn't the Baggydome a hitter's park?

Got some OPS+ numbers to lay on us, D4P?

I'm really surprised Minny is shelling out for Hunter. His early-career Web Gems, and occasional power seem to have put him in the category of "permanently overrated."

Which is at least not as bad as the Jeter-only category of "Prematurely Canonized."

2006-10-10 21:16:09
78.   Andrew Shimmin
Career OPS+--RC/27
Drew: 133--7.25
Hunter: 102--5.08

2006 OPS+--RC/27
Drew: 125--7.12
Hunter: 112--5.70

2006-10-11 00:19:22
79.   sws
kim ng. she has done a great job...

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