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Finding the High Road
2006-10-18 17:29
by Jon Weisman

You'd think I would have blogged about this since I was hearing about it at work as the story unfolded, but I guess my nose for news failed me. Anyway, Daily News columnist and blogger Tom Hoffarth has a roundup of the recent encounter between Variety researcher Dan Edelson, local legends Army Archerd and Tommy Lasorda and one angry Mets fan.

Take it from Dan Edelson: There are many more pleasant experiences in life than getting blindsided in the men's room at Dodger Stadium. But that's what the long-time Mets fan discovered first hand last week while wearing his New York jersey and cap to the third game of the N.L. Division Series game at Dodger Stadium and ended up getting roughed up by a so-called Dodgers fan while trying to take care business.

The version that ran in The New York Post's Page Six on Tuesday had it this way:
"Tommy Lasorda is making amends for lowlife Dodgers fans. While the Mets were dismantling L.A. two weeks ago, Daily Variety researcher Daniel Edelson, a Queens native decked out in Mets gear, was punched and pummeled by rowdy locals in a Dodger Stadium bathroom. When word of the attack reached Hollywood gossip legend Army Archerd, he jumped on the phone, and hours later, ex-manager Lasorda called Edelson to personally apologize and invite him to a game next season."

Edelson, a former L.A. Daily News librarian, relayed that story to a reporter friend at the Post. The North Hollywood resident tells us that while he was punched, he wasn't hurt physically, and was left bruised psychologically the most from the act of stupidity. And those "rowdy locals" turned out to be just one over-serviced patron. ...

Josh Rawitch, the Dodgers director of public relations, adds: "The first we heard of it was when Army contacted Tommy, who made the phone call to apologize and offer him tickets to a game next year. I know that we followed up with a letter and we will be taking care of him for a game next year."

Back to Dan: "I think the ballclub has been very forthright in its actions, and I appreciate they recognized that this was a situation that had to be corrected."

In case you're interested, there's more in between the dot dot dots. Follow the link to Hoffarth's Farther Off the Wall blog.

2006-10-18 17:55:09
1.   Vishal
i don't see why this matters. what i'm getting from it is: this guy's a writer and he knew some people, so it gets to the NY post and the dodgers dispatch tommy to make amends. if this sort of thing happens to me, nobody gives a crap, end of story. also, the post is bad at reporting details accurately. so yeah, whatever.
2006-10-18 18:00:10
2.   Jon Weisman
I just liked that it had a happy ending, and I liked the vision of an Archerd-Lasorda phone call. (Maybe I've lived in L.A. too long.) No one was saying it should be the lead story on CNN.
2006-10-18 18:06:31
3.   bhsportsguy
Having gone to 20 or so games this year, there was only one incident where I saw some fans mixing it up that ultimately involved security.

I am not going to argue that there are times when the crowd gets rowdy and that some of the language is not what I would want any kids to hear.

Now, since the guy never raised it at the game, I am not sure what the Dodgers could do and certainly I heard enough Mets fans whooping it up at times during the playoff game to tell me that did not dish it out as well.

Look, if you go to a big game (playoff, bitter rivalry, etc.) and you are supporting the opposing team, then you have to be expecting some fan's to comment. Now it should never be rude or violent but that is what generally happens. Though during the two big Padre games I saw in September (fortunately I saw the two the Dodgers won), the fans where I was sitting were pretty respectful to any Padre fans that were there.

2006-10-18 18:12:47
4.   Jon Weisman
2-Oh, and that I know the guy. That was part of it too.
2006-10-18 18:12:55
5.   D4P
I think the story of the fan getting beat up at Dodger Stadium should be the lead story on CN..., oh, never mind
2006-10-18 18:19:54
6.   Jon Weisman
D4P, my always timely hero.
2006-10-18 18:20:04
7.   das411
Jon is reponding to himself again....and meanwhile, why is nobody game chatting? Are you all picking fights at that Metsblog?
2006-10-18 18:29:30
8.   D4P
I think everyone's brain short-circuited from trying to figure out which team to root for
2006-10-18 18:31:46
9.   Andrew Shimmin
So, this is why D4P is so unbearable.

2006-10-18 18:32:48
10.   beLITTLED and maligNED
The outer reserve section has become increasingly wild...

There were literally beers flying through the air the entire seventh inning of the playoff game. As a season ticket holder, it bothers me. But is the fan conduct in LA so different from other cities? I don't have enough experiences in other stadiums to have an opinion. I NEVER feel personally threatened, but then again, I'm sporting an "LA" on my hat.

A season ticket holder just above me always gets into fights. Sometimes with the aid of "over service" and sometimes just because. He's the nicest guy to me, but man, he packs a punch for anyone wearing Giants gear.

There is a part of me that feels that behavior like this is never acceptable. However, another part of me feels like it is part of the package when attending a sporting event.

2006-10-18 18:37:26
11.   Jon Weisman
10 - It's never acceptable. Stick with that.
2006-10-18 18:38:16
12.   D4P
Is Danica unbearable? Well, is she?

Actually, I'm not that good at math. I've always been in advanced classes and done fairly well, but I also always make silly mistakes that I can't eliminate. And I mean always...

2006-10-18 18:40:41
13.   ToyCannon
Good natured kidding between teams fans should be part of the game. Violence because you root for different teams no matter the home park should never be tolerated by a stadium or the fans at the stadium. Drunken bullies rule the pulprit at sporting events as the majority sit and cheer them on.

Basketball for some reason remains a civilized sport to attend. I've never witnessed a fight at any Laker or Clipper game and I average about 50 games a year for the last 15 years.

2006-10-18 18:41:09
14.   Andrew Shimmin
Is Danica unbearable?

If ever there were a hypothesis I wished more to test. . .

2006-10-18 18:43:14
15.   D4P
If ever there were a hypothesis I wished more to test. . .

That one might have to be tested multiple times just to make sure...

2006-10-18 18:53:25
16.   beLITTLED and maligNED
11 - Agreed. Just pointing out that seeing this behavior at so many events (not just Dodgers) has made me feel like it's inevitable. It's often an unfortunate risk that opposing fans must take when attending. The risk isn't right or acceptable by any means, but it exists.
2006-10-18 19:05:23
17.   Marty
I was clued into the Edelson story yesterday from my sources in Pusan.
2006-10-18 19:51:48
18.   Sushirabbit
I have to say that I get in fights because I can't not say something to drunken bullies, it's just not in my nature to put with that crap, especially when it is directed at those that are meeker.

This can lead to not so good circumstances. Once at a game in "stadium-nom-de-jour" in Nashville, some drunks were cursing and bullying an older couple near myself and some friends, the oldest of which was right next to them and basically told them to simmer down or they'd be removed. They chose to be removed before half-time. After the game I spotted these goons tailing my friend, 60-something, so I slow down and tail them (all of us walking). Just as they were about to cold cock this guy, I tell them not to even think about. It took all my skills not to get in a fight in which I would have hurt these guys, and I had my cell phone ready to call friends in the local Police dept. AND this was from fans of the same team. These creeps were gonna cold-cock a guy 3 times their age. Unbelieveable.

Just as scary is that you can get a cremation Urn with a dodger logo on it.

2006-10-18 19:55:26
19.   adamclyde
well, for what it is worth, mets fans are no better. I was abused (verbally only, albeit) unmercilessly for being a dodger fan at Game 2. you expect to be ribbed, but this was different. they were antagonizing with the sole intent to start a fight.

sad to hear dodger fans acting so poorly too.

2006-10-18 20:51:46
20.   adraymond
Yeah, the Mets fans at Game One weren't very nice either. I made a conscious effort not to go the restroom because I saw other Dodgers fans getting peanuts, mini-helmets and obscenities hurled at them. After the game there was no class either.
2006-10-19 05:13:06
21.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I also got a whole mess of grief at NLDS game 1 for being in Dodger gear, but nothing violent. It probably helped that I didn't get in any jawing matches--I just sat there in my home white Nomo jersey, Dodger blue undershirt, and Dodger cap. Some of the heckling was racist, some of it was weirdly homophobic (because some genius discovered that "homo" rhymes with "Nomo"), and some of it was just plain mean. All that being said, I actually met a lot of gracious Mets fans who never went farther than good-natured ribbing.

And while I was partly expecting peanuts and perhaps some beer to be thrown at me, that never occurred.

In general, aside from this unfortunate fool, I really do still think Dodger fans are for the most part far better behaved. It may be partly due to where I've usually sat--sometimes field, sometimes inner reserve--but I've never seen a full-blown fistfight at DS. A few people ejected, but I know from a BoSox fan that it was once a regular occurrence to see real punches thrown at Fenway on a Friday night. And this is part of that grain of truth being why northeast fans look down on Dodger fans as overly laid-back, although, I think this is really just a sign of how we conduct ourselves better.

I'm not saying fan behavior is perfect at DS, but I think it's significantly superior to many other ballparks.


2006-10-19 13:56:19
22.   South Bay
howdy all. i feel this this is as good a time as any to chime in for the first time. maybe im too late as i wasnt around yesterday but heres my 2 cents anyway.

i have to disagree strongly with anyone who thinks that other teams fans are as bad as dodger fans, or that dodger fans are even better behaved than other teams fans. i havent seen them all but ive been to 7 or 8 baseball stadiums and dodger fans are by far the rudest, most agressive, most likely to pour beer on you or fight you just because youre wearing another teams jersey, bunch of jerks ive ever seen. i am a third generation dodger fan and season ticket holder to dodger stadium so dont think im another teams fan railing on the blue crew fans. anyone who has never seen a fight at dodger stadium needs to get to the stadium more often... or not, if you have children or are sensitive to R rated experiences including offensive language and violence.

ive been deep in enemy territory in both good seats and cheap seats at phone company of the month stadium and the worst thing anyone ever said to me was "at least we have a football team". i simply informed him that USC would crush the niners any day of the week and that was the end of that. i had more people be friendly to me than rude to me there. i even went out for drinks after a game once with some people i met at the stadium.

in SD the rudest person ive come across was a red sox fan who was stationed in socal and checking out a padre game.

arizona is a bunch of people who were dodger fans until they finally got there own team. not one bad scenario.

oakland fans were mildly roudy but more just friendly jabbing than any serious or threatening comments.

anaheim is anaheim.

the only fans i could even consider to be rude were mets fans. and even then it was mild. i went to espn zone in times square before game 1 last week and was surrounded by mets fans. and not 1 was rude. most wanted to talk about what west coast stadiums ive been to and tell me what east coast stadiums theyve been to. (they all love camden yards... ill have to make that my next stop). and then at the game there were the standard things to expect. they pat you on the back when their team scores a run (more in a to be funny manner than in a to be rude manner). tell you to sit down as you are 1 of 3 groups in your area standing and cheering as your team ties it up. and then as soon as the game was over, a guy sitting across from me came over and shook my hand and said "you guys (dodgers) played well". another guy that was walking down past me also shook my hand and said something to the same extent "well played" "you (dodgers) put up a good fight". very classy.

sorry for such a long post, but i get sick of people talking about how great dodger fans are and im sorry to say it, but theyre not. theyre rude, agressive, and there is no excuse, short of having young children at an extra innings game on a week day, to leave a game early. every city has traffic. it is no excuse. i was at the marathon game in oakland this year and there were as many fans left in the 14th innning in oakland as there are in the 8th inning at dodger stadium.

2006-10-19 14:13:30
23.   Ladderkite
I WAS IN THAT BATHROOM WHEN THIS HAPPENED!! I had no idea it had caused this much of a stink! This dude was totally smashed and saw a mets fan peeing and went up and (cue tom and jerry sound effects) punch/slapped/girlfightswiped the mets fan in the back/neck/head region, then proceeded to slip on the wet(?) floor and then get shuffled out by the other fans in the bathroom. This happened in the inner reserve restroom in the ninth inning. If this is the same guy, then it is so much ado about nothing. The mets fan was kinda goofy looking too. Like a grown-up version of the kid on freaks and geeks (the tall one w/ glasses - name escapes me).

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