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Cardinals-Tigers, World Series Game 2 Chat
2006-10-22 15:40
by Jon Weisman
Comments (77)
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2006-10-22 16:03:16
1.   Bluebleeder87
let's get this one back Detriot
2006-10-22 16:08:32
2.   twerp
FWIW, "Outlining the top NL West prospects"

2006-10-22 16:10:50
3.   D4P
The most rabid Cardinal fan I've ever known was a "goth" who wore all black everyday, had a shaved head with big hoop earrings, and was obsessed with Darth Vader. He was a co-worker of mine, who was primarily responsible for editing and formatting documents before they went out the door. He collected action figures, and had a number of them in his office, along with his St. Louis Cardinal pennants and such.

I've never liked the Cardinals, and while I didn't dislike my co-worker, he was annoying in his fandom and made me like the Cards even less.

2006-10-22 16:17:19
4.   trainwreck
How did LaRoche have a dissapointing season?
2006-10-22 16:23:58
5.   twerp
2. "FWIW" may not be a whole lot if there are many things like still listing Jhonny Nunez in the Dodger system...

4. Maybe another example of "FWIW"

2006-10-22 16:42:24
6.   bhsportsguy
Its been reported that there is labor peace but the bad news (for some) will be the removal of compensation picks for signing free agents.

Ultimately that rewards big market teams but the thinking apparently is that with revenue sharing, new streams of money from broadcast and internet companies, even small market teams can compete for free agents.

It also appears that these changes will go into effect immediately, so no worries about having to decide to offer Nomar or Julio Lugo arbitration because unless you really want to keep them, there is no point to do so anymore.

2006-10-22 16:58:41
7.   Disabled List
6 You got a cite for that? Gammons said the compensation was going away, but I haven't heard that it was going to go into effect this offseason.
2006-10-22 16:59:01
8.   Kyle S
Wow, Eric Byrnes. Was he there yesterday??
2006-10-22 17:02:22
9.   Mark T.R. Donohue
8 He sure was. And he just said "supposeably." Do you think he's shouting because he doesn't think he can be heard over Jeannie Zelasko's hair?
2006-10-22 17:08:44
10.   trainwreck
Right now there are a lot of conflicting reports that draft compensation is fully gone. We will just have to wait till MLB makes an official statement.

I just want to get something out of the terrible Julio Lugo trade.

2006-10-22 17:10:08
11.   Kyle S
9 - haha! Hmm, the National Anthem sounds different than I remember...
2006-10-22 17:19:56
12.   twerp
11 Did someone step on a cat's tail?
2006-10-22 17:23:51
13.   Linkmeister
11 You'd prefer Roseanne? As versions of that old drinking song go, that wasn't too bad. I really was beginning to wonder where the heck Motown was in this World Series; if we hadn't seen one of its artists pretty quickly I thought Barry Gordy might picket.
2006-10-22 17:31:26
14.   trainwreck
Awesome everyone can see Kenny is cheating.
2006-10-22 17:32:19
15.   trainwreck
Way to get yourself in another controversy Kenny.
2006-10-22 17:32:48
16.   D4P
Awesome everyone can see Kenny is cheating

I just turned it on. What happened...?

2006-10-22 17:35:26
17.   Mark T.R. Donohue
It appears as if he's got something on the back of his hat he keeps going to, and they had a closeup of his pitching hand with a blotch on it that is not Rogers' normal skin color.
2006-10-22 17:35:37
18.   trainwreck
They zoomed up on his hand and he has pine tar on his palm right below the base of his thumb.
2006-10-22 17:40:03
19.   D4P
Wow. Seeing as how this is the World Series and all, Kenny's taking quite a gamble...
2006-10-22 17:42:32
20.   trainwreck
Well that help explains his post season magic.
2006-10-22 17:44:26
21.   D4P
You'd think either someone would notice the pinetar on his hand, or notice it on the ball
2006-10-22 17:48:42
22.   trainwreck
You would think someone in baseball would go tell someone. I would assume if they caught him the controversy would not be as bad and it would be all on Kenny.
2006-10-22 17:51:11
23.   trainwreck
Here we go.
2006-10-22 17:52:36
24.   D4P
I guess he's getting away with it
2006-10-22 17:52:51
25.   trainwreck
Oh boy here comes the firestorm.
2006-10-22 17:53:35
26.   D4P
I don't like the Cardinals, but Kenny Rogers is a good reason to root against the Tigers
2006-10-22 17:54:30
27.   Kyle S
Well, Kenny Rogers is "The Gambler" after all
2006-10-22 17:56:14
28.   trainwreck
It would be hilarious if he started getting rocked.
2006-10-22 17:56:52
29.   D4P
Yeah, see 19
2006-10-22 18:14:18
30.   trainwreck
Anyone else notice Kenny keeps rubbing the brim of his cap?
2006-10-22 18:18:09
31.   D4P
I had noticed that before my wife commandeered the TV for "Desperate Housewives"...
2006-10-22 18:20:32
32.   trainwreck
I bet Kenny Rogers could steal you another TV.
2006-10-22 18:22:04
33.   D4P
Well, he does have sticky fingers...
2006-10-22 18:24:32
34.   Kyle S
29 - Ah, good call D4P.
2006-10-22 18:25:21
35.   Kyle S
I'll try again:

Well, Kenny Rogers "likes his chicken roasted", after all.

Wait... that doesn't work at all.

2006-10-22 18:27:05
36.   xaphor
35. Did they serve cooked goose?
2006-10-22 18:27:40
37.   trainwreck
Pedr Martinez's little friend and actor from the Island of Dr. Moreau died.

The disturbing thing is they want to put his body in a museum since he was supposedly world's shortest adult.

2006-10-22 18:46:53
38.   MMSMikey
as a dodger fan it doesnt bother me to see weaver having success as it does other x dodgers for some reason. does anyone else feel this way? maybe because when he was a dodger he never missed a start and had a few good runs. i never had a problem with weaver. sure he would get hammered sometimes but for the most part he would keep you in games, take the ball and eat up a lot of innings.
2006-10-22 18:49:22
39.   overkill94
Hey, where's the patented meltdown I was expecting?
2006-10-22 18:49:36
40.   Jon Weisman
With a few exceptions, I don't tend to root against ex-Dodgers.

Amazed Weaver got out of that inning, though.

2006-10-22 18:53:05
41.   MMSMikey
they finally fixed the radar guns on fox. kenny rogers isnt sitting at 94.
2006-10-22 18:57:43
42.   still bevens
Wow Granderson really ran that down. You come to appreciate great CF defense after enduring Lofton for a whole season.
2006-10-22 18:57:43
43.   Kyle S
36 - Yeah. And Rogers is serving a lot of goose eggs too.
2006-10-22 19:03:17
44.   Mark T.R. Donohue
40 I have absolutely no idea what I should feel about Preston Wilson and Aaron Miles starting a World Series game. Except pity for the Cardinals.
2006-10-22 19:04:43
45.   adraymond
Apparently the Marlins are interested in some Matt Kemp. Let the rumors begin.

2006-10-22 19:06:07
46.   trainwreck
Let's get Hermida.
2006-10-22 19:09:08
47.   trainwreck
Unless they want to offer us Cabrera then I am all for that.
2006-10-22 19:22:25
48.   D4P
To get any of these players, Florida likely would have to package surplus pitchers

Ned's all ears...

2006-10-22 19:27:47
49.   twerp
Weaver has pitched lately as well or better than he ever did, with no meltdowns.

Is it fact that the Cardinals got him treatment for adult ADD? Or is it just rumor? Anyone have a link, if it's fact?

2006-10-22 19:31:31
50.   Vishal
so if kenny rogers has been cheating all game (and all playoffs) long, how has it not been noticed, especially if it is so obvious to see on television?
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2006-10-22 19:33:28
51.   trainwreck
He has probably been doing the hat trick for years. Reminds me of Major League, maybe he throws a Crisco ball.
2006-10-22 19:36:31
52.   Vishal
hah, he even looks like the guy from major league, too.
2006-10-22 19:46:43
53.   das411
Wazzup everybody?? Thanks for the bday wishes in the last thread, and is the K-man seriously going to go all Randy Johnson 2001 and do something crazy like start games 2, 6 and come in to save 7??

And who was the anthem singer at the beginning of the game?

2006-10-22 19:50:15
54.   das411
Cycle Alert!!
2006-10-22 20:13:06
55.   adraymond
That was 8-time-Grammy winner Anita Baker.
2006-10-22 20:14:33
56.   underdog
Regarding the possible loss of compensatory draft choices in a new labor agreement, it appears we may have been worrying over nothing. At least, according to Yahoo's Jeff Passan:

"The revenue-sharing and luxury-tax systems will look different, funneling more money toward the lower-revenue teams, and despite a report to the contrary, compensatory draft choices will not be eliminated – just tweaked, according to a source close to the negotiations."

So we should get something out of Lugo after all.

2006-10-22 20:18:45
57.   D4P
Good photo of Kenny Rogers' left hand

2006-10-22 20:19:35
58.   MMSMikey
is anyone else finding kenny rogers annoying with this new found intensity?
2006-10-22 20:20:18
59.   trainwreck
This is what the Tigers get for having Jones as the closer still.
2006-10-22 20:20:21
60.   Jon Weisman
For those who fretted over how Marlon Anderson went into second base in Game 1 of the NLDS, Jim Edmonds would have just now given you a heart attack.

Meanwhile, the decision to remove Kenny Rogers ... not lookin' so hot (dinky hits against Todd Jones or not).

2006-10-22 20:20:41
61.   adraymond
Indeed. I don't like this Rogers character.
2006-10-22 20:21:33
62.   adraymond
Duncan would have hit a homer.
2006-10-22 20:22:04
63.   D4P
Let's put it this way: I have no desire to be Mr. Rogers' neighbor
2006-10-22 20:26:06
64.   rabid stan
57 Geez, Kenny. Man up and ask for a new roll in the dispenser's empty.
2006-10-22 20:26:16
65.   rabid stan
57 Geez, Kenny. Man up and ask for a new roll if the dispenser's empty.
2006-10-22 20:26:58
66.   D4P
Man up and ask for a new roll in the dispenser's empty

I guess there wasn't a square to spare. Kenny and Moises should hang out more often...

2006-10-22 20:32:54
67.   D4P
It doesn't look as if Pinetar Incident II is going to be brought up on Sportscenter
2006-10-22 20:33:49
68.   regfairfield
Is not pinch hitting for Yadier Molina a bad move on the level of not pulling Pedro?
2006-10-22 20:35:40
69.   D4P
I spoke too soon. They quoted unnamed major league pitchers as saying that 60% of major league pitchers use pinetar
2006-10-22 20:36:48
70.   trainwreck
Just wait till the sportswriters get to write their pieces. Then we will never hear the end of this story.
2006-10-22 20:37:26
71.   trainwreck
Hershiser, Sutcliffe, and Brantley lol.
2006-10-22 20:37:26
72.   D4P
Does Rogers chew tobacco? I suppose he could claim it was tobacco spit...
2006-10-22 20:46:37
73.   Bluebleeder87
i don't think Rogers chews tabacco
2006-10-22 20:57:40
74.   Vishal
[69] i didn't realize that major league players were so adept and impassioned in the collection of survey data. they had very precise estimates for PED use among their colleagues too, i remember.
2006-10-22 21:02:08
75.   trainwreck
They love those scouting reports.
2006-10-22 21:14:55
76.   das411
Oh come on, he was obviously getting some scouting data on the Cardinals before the game from ex-nemesis Jeff Kent!

...and this still doesnt change the fact that he shut down the Yankees and Athletics with (as far as we know) nothing on his hand...

2006-10-22 21:22:00
77.   jkrometis
From the article about it:

"After the substance was noticed, ESPN reviewed tapes of Rogers' pitching performances earlier in the postseason. The tapes revealed that, in starts against both the Yankees and Athletics, a similar-looking brown substance was spotted on Rogers' hand."

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