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Correction: Defensive Upper
2006-11-18 14:40
by Jon Weisman

Correcting some faulty data in his previous team defensive rankings, David Pinto of Baseball Musings revised his year-end defensive rankings, and the Dodgers benefited, moving up from 25th to 11th. Rather than below average, the Dodgers were above average.

Comments (374)
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2006-11-18 15:00:04
1.   thinkingblue
There are people on the message board who think Luis Gonzalez had a fairly similar year to Drew, Ichiro is a better offensive player than Drew, and that David Weathers would be a strong bullpen signing despite his terrible K/BB, K/9, and HR ratios.

I just hope Ned doesn't think like this.

2006-11-18 15:04:40
2.   gpellamjr
1 I don't think he does. But I wouldn't be surprised if the signing of Nomar and any potential signing of Luis Gonzalez were PR moves as much as anything.
2006-11-18 15:09:07
3.   thinkblue0
who knows, maybe Nate has David Weathers in his plans!
2006-11-18 15:13:00
4.   gpellamjr
3 Well, if that's the case, then I'm all for it!
2006-11-18 15:17:41
5.   LAT
2. I don't think he does. But I wouldn't be surprised if the signing of Nomar and any potential signing of Luis Gonzalez were PR moves as much as anything.

Yea, if you are looking for bad PR.

2006-11-18 15:21:05
6.   thinkblue0
taking a closer look at Zito's numbers...

He walks way too many hitters. Boras wants "ace" money? No thanks...just sign Schmidt.

2006-11-18 15:21:25
7.   gpellamjr
5 I don't know, thinkingblue said a lot of people thought Luis Gonzalez had as good a season as JD Drew. A lot of people think a lot of stupid things.
2006-11-18 15:23:33
8.   Bob Timmermann
Did you know Luis Gonzalez is the father of triplets?
2006-11-18 15:25:06
9.   thinkblue0

Vin just called me up to reiterate.

2006-11-18 15:29:30
10.   Bob Timmermann
Luis Gonzalez would be a Plaschke favorite.
2006-11-18 15:30:26
11.   Andrew Shimmin
It's almost too bad Colletti already re-signed Martinez. Imagine the potential for triplet talk if Louis Gonzalez AND Geoff Blum came to L.A.
2006-11-18 15:31:52
12.   regfairfield
8 Next you'll tell me that Miguel Batista writes poetry in his spare time.
2006-11-18 15:34:56
13.   twerp
The tradition continues. Twerp is so late to the previous thread that everyone is gone, but he ignorantly posts anyway, not realizing it. So, from previous thread...

133.   twerp
36.   regfairfield
Four words: Jay Payton, Dodger centerfielder.

"If Nate comes up with a batter idea, I'll be impressed."

Um, Reg...typo or pun? I'll vote for clever pun. Is there a motion to make it unanimous?

2006-11-18 15:39:27
14.   regfairfield
13 I think you know the answer from my previous adventures with the English language, combined with the extreme lack of sleep I've been getting.
2006-11-18 15:42:47
15.   natepurcell
okay lets do this. my what i would do if i was ned coletti offseason plan.

free agent signings

1. Jason Schmidt 3years 40.5 million. 4th year team option for 13.5 million, automatically vests if Schmidt piches 360 innings in last two years of contract.

reason: Schmidt is one of the few front of the rotation pitchers available. The contract has him for his age 34-36 years and yes its a risk but the reward is worth it. Although there is this perception that he isnt reliable to take the mound, he has made at least 29 starts each year since 2002 while averaging 200 2/3 IP each year with an OPS+ of 113. and that statistic is skewed by his 2005 year where he was working his way back from injury.

2. Win bid for LHP Kei Igawa 9.5 million. Sign Igawa to a 4year 14.5 million contract.
07- 1.5, 08- 3.0, 09- 4.5, 10- 5.5

The winning bid would be amortized over the life of the contract. the 2007 money that would be counted towards the payroll will be 3.875M (1.5 base + 2.375M amortized bidding fee).

reason: With the mid tier starters market in the US looking to be drastically overpaid, i wanted to look at other options that could be just as good as the US Market. Igawa doesnt project to be anything more then a #3 starter , which is what i wanted anyways to throw 200IP and slot behind lowe and schmidt. The chances that he turns into another kaz ishii are slim IMO. His control is vastly superior to Ishii. I think it could be a good buy and it wont cost a draft pick.

3. Octacvio Dotel 1 year base of 1.75million with IP incentives to reach 5 million

reason: Again, I think the gamble is worth it. as a large market team, these are the types of gamble we should be taking considering the return could potentially be great. Dotel was an elite reliever. if he could come back at 85% of his previous dominance the salary would be worth it.

4. Eric Gagne, one year base of 3 million, IP incentives to reach 8 million, 2008 club option for 9million that automatically vests if Gagne reaches 60IP in 2007.

reason: same reason as dotel. higher base and higher incentives because his potential reward is greater. The 2ndyr option is thrown in there just because hes gagne and it might mean a bit more to team to see his old team believe in him a little. Gagne probably wont sign until late january, so the other moves will be done far in advance. getting gagne would just be icing on the cake.

5. Sal Fasano 800k contract

reason: toby hall is traded (you'll see in a sec), and we need a vet backup catcher. Also, the power of the 'stache will guide this team to the world series. better believe it.


1. Dodgers Trade Brad Penny, Brett Tomko, Mark Hendrickson and Toby Hall to the Phillies for Pat Burrell, Ryan Madsen and Gavin Floyd.

why phillies do the trade: they dont like burrell over there. they view burrell as unclutch with too many strikeouts to go with his bloated salary. They do not appreciate his excellent walk rates and consistent 30homerun power. They will look around and realize that Brad Penny, the starter for the NL in the 2006 ASG (!!!) will the best pitcher they can acquire..but it will come with a price. the price is to take the dodgers other trash to go along with penny. The Phillies say thats fine since they are replacing Burrell with soriano anyways, they get at least a #3 starter signed for a bargain this market for the next 2 years, two decent middle relievers who can spot start if the need arises, and a catcher who replaced lieberthal and could possibly start as well. a rotation of myers, hamels, penny, liber and moyer is a strong one and Gillick realizes that.

why the dodgers do it: they need a power hitter, plain and simple. Going on the free agent market, the two power hitters available (lee and soriano) will require contracts of up to 6 years maybe. The dodgers do not want to be saddled with the risk that comes with contracts that long. they target burrell as the good but not great bat, signed to a modest two years at a salary that compared to the market, reflects market value. By signing Schmidt and winning the bid for Igawa, the Dodgers surplus of pitchers allows them to trade one. Not wanting to give up the two young cheap arms in billz and kuo, they choose to keep lowe over penny due to lowe's consistency and health history. To go along with Burrell, the dodgers recieve two arms who have had their ups and down in the majors. Both arms will get a chance to win a bullpen spot or start the year in AAA vegas and be called up if there is an injury to the rotation or bullpen.

2. Dodgers trade Tony Abreu, Eric Stults and Mark Alexander to the Nationals for OF Ryan Church

why the Nationals Do it: From the way Bowden has handled Church, it seems to the outside obersever that management doesnt really like Church. Abreu is a solid MIF prospect that will eventually take over for Vidro at 2b. Stults gives them a lefty arm that can battle for a rotation spot and Mark Alexander is a sleeper. he put up amazing numbers in AA and Bowden hopes he can carry that production to the majors.

why the dodgers do it: Looking at the CFer market, the dodgers shrug their heads and roll their eyes. Crazy contracts given out to slap happy hitters such as pierre and roberts persuade the dodgers to pursue other options. they come to church, a 28/29 outfielder who can play all 3 outfield positions and when given the chance, shown he can produce at the big league level. Dodger scouts and defensive metrics convince the brass that he can play a decent enough CF to go along with his bat. they trade from an excess pool of talent to land somebody to man CF in 2007 and allow Kemp to work on some things a bit in AAA for the beginning of 2007.

Starting Lineup
SS Raffy Furcal 13M
CF Ryan Church .4M
LF Pat Burrell 13M
2B Jeff Kent 10M
RF Andre Ethier .4M
3b Wilson Betemit .45M
C Russ Martin .4M
1b James Loney .4M

Total: 38.05 M

C Sal Fasano .8M
OF/INF Marlon Anderson .45M
1b/3b Olmedo Saenz 1M
MIF Ramon Martinez .8M
4th OF Jason Repko .45M
5th OF Jayson Weth .45M

Total: 3.95 M

Starting Pitchers
RHP Jason Schmidt 13.5M
RHP Derek Lowe 9.5M
LHP Kei Igawa 3.875M
RHP Chad Billingsley .4M
LHP Hong Chih Kuo .4M

Total: 27.675 M

RH Takashi Saito 3M (Estimated 1yr contract)
RH Eric Gagne 3M (8mil if all incentives reached)
RH Jonathan Broxton .4M
RH Octavio Dotel 1.75M (3mill if all incentives reached)
LH Joe Beimel .4M
RH Elmer Dessens 0M (KC paying salary)

Total: 16.8M (if all incentives are reached)

Dead Salary
Bill Mueller 4.5M
Odalis Perez 8M

Total: 12.5M


I think this team will be highly competive in the NL west next year. I expect this team to win the west and the progress of our younger players and the health of gagne and dotel will dictate how far we go in the playoffs. I also think this plan doesnt hurt our future. We only lose one draft pick for next year by signing Schmidt, but we could potentially gain 3 draft picks from Drew (angels), Lugo (red sox), and Maddux (cardinals?).

okay that was the master plan. thoughts? dont rip me too hard :)

2006-11-18 15:50:14
16.   Bob Timmermann
The master plan has no Nomar I see. So are you going to redo the master plan if the Garciaparra signing is official?
2006-11-18 15:50:43
17.   Andrew Shimmin
Do you offer Maddox arbitration? K-Lo?
2006-11-18 15:51:30
18.   natepurcell

maybe. but 10 mil for nomar really puts a strain on my payroll.

2006-11-18 15:51:52
19.   Andrew Shimmin
Maddux, I meant.
2006-11-18 15:52:12
20.   natepurcell

maddux is offered arbitration, lofton is not.

2006-11-18 15:55:21
21.   regfairfield
Overall, I like, and it's pretty much what I'd do, but a couple comments.

I'm pretty sure Toby Hall is a free agent, am I mistaken about that? If he is, he'd almost certainly sign with the Phillies since it's the only organization in baseball where he would be the number one catcher.

I'm surprised you're willing to deal Abreu, but it's understandable if you like DeWitt more.

Only thing I would be concerned with is the bullpen. Gagne and Dotel are both huge risks, and it'd be a miracle if Beimel and/or Saito repeated 2006. I'd be more comfortable going out and getting someone like Justin Speier with the payroll you have free.

2006-11-18 15:58:10
22.   twerp
Didn't get this one posted at all last thread. So, here goes. I try to do better. I promise.

From last thread==

127.   regfairfield
122 Brett Tomko was the pitcher of the month in April. It's not a perfect comparable, but it's a warning about guys who were good at one point in the season.

Yup. But Nomar's had many more good points in many more seasons. IIRC, his falloff in '06 started about the time the injuries did. His history when healthy indicates he's unlikely to have Tomkoesque lapses--or in Tomko's case, reversion to form.

You can't expect .350, but Nomar is .318 lifetime. I didn't recall his .372 (529 AB) in 2000 or the .357 (532 AB) in '99 until now. But just 211 career HR, 4832 AB.

Speaking of Tomko, I've seen where his stuff is called about as good as anyone's. Also that his problem usually is offspeed pitches, that everything's close to the same speed. Is this accurate? If so, is the failure to correct this his or more a relfection on his pitching coaches?

Also saw once where Tomko said he had to remember that if he missed down, he'd probably get the ball back. If he missed up, he might not. If he has to keep telling himself that, apparently his mental stuff is not as good as might be hoped.

2006-11-18 15:58:34
23.   thinkblue0
wow, that is almost identical to mine.

I'm all about getting Burrell with the lack of bats on the market...I like Schmidt over Zito (Zito's walk rate scares me) and I've wanted Church for a couple years now.

I guess I wouldn't be TOO devestated if we ended up just keeping Lofton instead of nabbing a Ryan Church. The only change I'd make is that in addition to Dotel possibly landing Speier. Nice bullpen guy and if Gagne is even remotely healthy it would give us a nice three headed monster of Speier, Broxton, Gagne.

Otherwise, very nice plan Nate....

2006-11-18 16:00:56
24.   thinkblue0
the Nomar signing is looking a little better to me the more I think about it as long as he's willing to play other positions.

Maybe play third against lefties to give Betemit the day off..first base most of the time, and second if Kent gets hurt..or heck, maybe even LF.

I'm somewhat disappointed to see Alou agree with the Mets as he would have been a nice stopgap in RF....still need two of'ers..and it still wouldn't shock me to see Bonds at least get a nice long look from Colletti.

2006-11-18 16:02:13
25.   natepurcell
I'm pretty sure Toby Hall is a free agent, am I mistaken about that? If he is, he'd almost certainly sign with the Phillies since it's the only organization in baseball where he would be the number one catcher.

he has one more arbitration year. but the phillies get him anyways hehe.

I'm surprised you're willing to deal Abreu, but it's understandable if you like DeWitt more.

my thought process is that betemit or laroche could maybe slide over to 2b after kent. but we can worry about 2b later since that is not usually a hard position to fill. And yes, i like dewitts potential more then abreu but since abreu is closer to the majors, he has higher trade value then dewitt.

Only thing I would be concerned with is the bullpen. Gagne and Dotel are both huge risks, and it'd be a miracle if Beimel and/or Saito repeated 2006. I'd be more comfortable going out and getting someone like Justin Speier with the payroll you have free.

I realize that. I made sure we had ample arms in vegas though with: ryan madsen, gavin floyd, greg miller, jon meloan and possibly some NRIs that we could sign. Stack em high and hope that with the odds, some pan out.

2006-11-18 16:03:02
26.   gpellamjr
Hey Nate, did I miss something? Won't Brazoban be back next year? Does he just not fit into your plans? Back to LV?
2006-11-18 16:03:08
27.   Bob Timmermann
Where did you read that Alou signed with the Mets?
2006-11-18 16:05:41
28.   natepurcell

Brazobans still in the org but i dont know how long its going to take him to recover from TJ. He fits into the plan of loading up on relievers in AAA vegas.

2006-11-18 16:12:58
29.   Uncle Miltie
1. Jason Schmidt 3years 40.5 million. 4th year team option for 13.5 million, automatically vests if Schmidt piches 360 innings in last two years of contract.
Pretty much what I was thinking. I was hoping that Ned would offer Schmidt 3 years/$39 million and go after Zito later.
2. Win bid for LHP Kei Igawa 9.5 million. Sign Igawa to a 4year 14.5 million contract.
I like this move a lot. He has good control (only 46 walks in 200 innings). Should be good for 200 innings and an ERA in the low 4's.
3. Octacvio Dotel 1 year base of 1.75million with IP incentives to reach 5 million
I like Dotel a lot. He could be an excellent addition to the bullpen.
4. Eric Gagne, one year base of 3 million, IP incentives to reach 8 million, 2008 club option for 9million that automatically vests if Gagne reaches 60IP in 2007.
Pass. It's time to move on.
5. Sal Fasano 800k contract
1. Dodgers Trade Brad Penny, Brett Tomko, Mark Hendrickson and Toby Hall to the Phillies for Pat Burrell, Ryan Madsen and Gavin Floyd.
I'm in favor of acquiring Burrell, but I'd hate to give up Penny in this type of deal. Dumping Tomko is a positive. Madsen would be a solid addition to the bullpen. I'd explore other options before dealing Penny for Burrell.
2. Dodgers trade Tony Abreu, Eric Stults and Mark Alexander to the Nationals for OF Ryan Church
Pass. I'm a big Abreu fan. I think he's going to be a very good player.

Pretty good, but it needs more Carl Crawford.

2006-11-18 16:15:06
30.   Uncle Miltie
If I couldn't acquire Crawford, I'd go after Marcus Thames. I'd also put Ethier on the block.
2006-11-18 16:24:44
31.   Sam DC
Nats are desperate for young pitching. After that game v. the Mets, I bet you could trade Stultz for Church straight up.
2006-11-18 16:37:24
32.   overkill94
Why the fascination with Marcus Thames? Last year was his only full year worth of stats and he'll be 30 by opening day next year. I wouldn't mind him if we only had to give up a B prospect or so, but I think we'd have to give up more than that to get him. Plus, it doesn't seem like he can play CF, can he?
2006-11-18 17:01:06
33.   Bob Timmermann
The fascination with Thames comes from the fans desire to have more players named after rivers.

I'm hoping that the Dodgers sign Norm Nile, but I would settle for Joseph Volga.

2006-11-18 17:08:39
34.   thinkingblue
The same people who said the things in post 1 now claim that the dodgers need speedy contact guys, and would rather have two speedy contact guys instead of Drew and a speedy contact guy.
2006-11-18 17:08:56
35.   Sam DC
I'm holding out for Bobby Mersey.
2006-11-18 18:53:57
36.   Greg Brock
Yes, but does Thames pronounce his name properly, like Tems, or does he butcher it, like people in Connecticut do with Thaymes?
2006-11-18 19:06:06
37.   King of the Hobos
I also agree with several of nate's plans, namely Schmidt, Igawa, and Gagne (although I think it will take more money, including base, incentives, and option, to get Gagne). I'd like Burrell, especially if we could do it for Tomko, Hendrickson, and Hall with no Penny, which I think is possible considering how much Gillick hates Burrell (according to the media anyways). I would prefer to send Penny to the Mets for Heilman and Milledge, although it's debatable whether they're worth more than Madsen and Floyd. I'd also be willing to do a Tomko for Jenkins trade, which gives Maddux another pitcher to play with and relieves part of the Brewers' 20 man OF logjam. And I'd be content to sign Bellorin to a $400K contract, $100K guaranteed to be our backup, although as long as we don't give a Blanco contract to a backup ctacher, I'll be happy.

Centerfield is my biggest problem. I want Ned to avoid Pierre, Roberts, and Matthews, Jr., but after that I'm not sure. I'd be somewhat willing to let Kemp, Ethier, and possibly Milledge compete for it, but that could be risky. I have a feeling that Church would produce identically to Ethier, both offensively and defensively, although I'd be fine with acquiring him. I have a feeling that Acta will be more willing to use him however, especially with the plan that Kasten has outlined for the club. It doesn't seem to be Ned's style, but I'd be very tempted to acquire someone like Burrell for a corner, and let the likes of Ethier, Kemp, Repko, Werth, Loney (Nomar re-signed), Young, Milledge?, and any NRIs (Jack Cust?) fight for the last 2 OF spots.

2006-11-18 19:11:21
38.   King of the Hobos
36 I believe he pronounces it properly, or at least the broadcasters that cover him pronounce it properly.
2006-11-18 19:14:47
39.   Greg Brock
38 Okay, he can be a Dodger.
2006-11-18 19:15:45
40.   Bob Timmermann
I hear announcers say "Timms"
2006-11-18 19:22:41
41.   screwballin
I think Burrell will be my litmus test for Ned. If Ned sees past the mediocre traditional stats to see the value in Burrell, then I think we know more about Ned than we did before.

Frankly, I have my doubts.

2006-11-18 19:30:44
42.   King of the Hobos
40 I suppose I could be remembering "Timms" as "Tems," but at least I know they don't pronounce it Thaymes.
2006-11-18 19:49:17
43.   CanuckDodger
The Dodgers don't want Ryan Church. No team does, probably even including the Nationals. The love affair for the guy around here is an another example of stathead fans caring only about statistics and not having the least bit of interest in "intangibles" that actual baseball executives think are extremely important. Church is a zealous born-again Christian who pesters his teammates about needing to accept Christ as their personal savior to avoid the flames of Hell. He was even in a controversy last year over statements he made (quoted in the Washington Post) that endorsed the idea that Jews go to Hell. Stathead fans may not care about that, but the people who actually have to interact with baseball players (teammates, coaches, executives) don't want to work alongside people who make Angela from The Office seem like an mellow, open-minded liberal by comparison.
2006-11-18 20:00:04
44.   natepurcell

well, i obviously didnt know his last name would be so fitting with his beliefs.


I would prefer to send Penny to the Mets for Heilman and Milledge,

i really like that deal. mets are signing alou and some analysts says that opens the door for a milledge trade. if glavine doesnt come back and they cant sign zito, i think omar would definately do that deal.

2006-11-18 20:00:49
45.   natepurcell

I dont think Canuck likes my plan lol.

2006-11-18 20:04:18
46.   CanuckDodger
45 -- Outside of the Church trade, it was pretty good, actually.
2006-11-18 20:10:20
47.   natepurcell
Igawa is really intriging for me. Ive seen his videos on youtube and it does look like he can succeed in the majors. If his control doesnt go south for some odd season, i think he will be a better/cheaper alternative to maddux for next season and beyond.
2006-11-18 20:10:40
48.   CanuckDodger
44 -- And I thought that it was generally well-known among people who follow baseball what Church is like personally. The media has covered it pretty thoroughly. Obviously if peole were unaware of his "issues," then I don't want to say those people ignore the issues. But I was not exactly misrepresnting statheads when I said they discount intangibles like what sort of teammate a player is, as illustrated in the case of Milton Bradley.
2006-11-18 20:14:03
49.   natepurcell

I would think Sam DC would have mentioned here a couple times since he has adopted the nats as his second team. Maybe he has, but this is the first ive heard about Church and his religious views. Maybe the rockies should trade for him, they are looking for a CFer.

2006-11-18 20:19:43
50.   Sam DC
I don't know the ins and outs of Ryan Church's personality, beliefs, or locker room conduct. Canuck is right that he was in a controversy re the Baseball Chapel last year (along with beloved Rockie Jamey Carroll), where he was quoted in the Post asking his Chaplain whether people who don't believe in Christ, like Jews, would end up going to Hell. At the time, I had two reactions. One, I was reminded that ballplayers are young. Two, I thought it was wierd that it was seen as so wrong and nutty for a religious person to question whether people who didn't accept that religion were going to Hell. I understand it's a difficult subject to discuss, but why was Church's question so out of bounds? Obviously, our culture values tolerance above almost all things, but many religions claim to state absolute truths and the question of what that means for nonbelievers seems pretty natural to me.
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2006-11-18 20:20:06
51.   Bob Timmermann
I listened to some old Tiger highlights on and Mario Impemba, the Tigers TV announcer, definitely said "Tems".

I think I heard "Timms" from an ESPN or Fox guy earlier this year.

2006-11-18 20:20:54
52.   CanuckDodger
49 -- Not that the Giants would have him, but I would love it if Church got traded to San Francisco. Christian fundamentalists are very popular there, I understand.
2006-11-18 20:23:33
53.   Sam DC
49 The controversy re Church's comments in the presence of a Post reporter were mentioned here when they were hitting the papers last season. (He gave a big apology at the time, of course.) The papers have not reported that he was then and has remained a pestering evangelizing teammate, however. I'm not saying he isn't, but I hadn't heard that before.
2006-11-18 20:27:23
54.   Uncle Miltie
43- I haven't read anything about Church forcing his religion on his teammates
50- I read his quotes. I wouldn't place all the blame on Church. It sounds like the chaplain is not who takes everything in the bible literally.
52- lol, sure ;)
2006-11-18 20:30:22
55.   CanuckDodger
50 -- Church's personal theological explorations are his business. There was nothing wrong with his asking the pastor if Jews go to Hell. I am not even going to say that there is anything wrong with a Christian BELIEVING that everybody but Christians go to Hell. That is orthodox Christianity. But a baseball player has no business making aspects of his religion that he SHOULD KNOW will offend people public knowledge. And he absolutely shouldn't try to impose his beliefs on teammates.
2006-11-18 20:31:45
56.   Sam DC
43 This is my last comment on this, which I worry is violating the spirit of multiple DT rules, though I hope not. But I want to note that Church's reported comments did not "endorse" the idea that Jews go to hell. It was reported as a question. Maybe it's plain that the question itself is a prejudiced act; religion can be complicated and messy that way and I don't really know.

I'm surprised to find myself defending Church quite this much, since the whole thing was very upsetting when it broke. But there's been no public controversy on the subject since and I guess I determined at some point to give him, like I try to do most people, the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best.

2006-11-18 20:38:29
57.   twerp
========Dodger news flash=======

Colletti Hires Purcell, Pairs Him With Mueller

GM Ned Colletti has hired Nate Purcell, formerly of Dodger Thoughts blog, to work as a special assistant. Colletti cited Purcell's insightful work in putting together a proposed 2007 Dodger roster as a big factor in the decision.

"We can't pay him quite as much as we're paying Bill Mueller not to play," said Colletti. "But we'll be competitive. Instead of $4.5 million, we're thinking $4.50. We possibly could go as high as $45.00."

He added that Mueller now will report to Purcell.

"We understand Purcell's relocation to the Dodgers may be especially timely due to problems with chemistry at his University of Arizona campus. Chemistry problems with women, that is. A trusted scout told us Purcell barely escaped an angry horde of UA women after he posted several inflammatory remarks on DT early Saturday. The remarks somehow spread widely over the campus, and very quickly."

Colletti did not believe these problems would continue in Los Angeles, since not all the angry women would follow Purcell. Even if some did, observed Colletti, several Dodgers have half-vast experience with women and would be able to advise Purcell well.

"We think he will be a much better fit for our organization than for these disgruntled women. And this opportunity to get out of town,, to relocate, is a bonus. We look forward to a long and interesting relationship with him."

Earlier, on, Mueller said his job description is "a work in progress." Colletti described Purcell more as "a piece of work."

Mueller added: "This is a wonderful opportunity to listen and get tutored in all aspects of the front office. It's such a great fit. I'll embrace it and see where it takes me."

Purcell reacted more cautiously, at first because he misunderstood the word "tutored," thinking the opportunity was to get "neutered." And, given recent history, Purcell said he also was reluctant even to talk about embracing.

Purcell will report to work Nov. 31.


2006-11-18 20:41:31
58.   StolenMonkey86
50- I haven't followed the Nats quite as much, and the issue with Church is news to me too. I remember Bowden sent him to AAA to start the season to punish him for a poor spring training or something, which struck me as stupid.

As for his remarks, they are offensive, but they weren't malicious. Offensive statements are things people can get over, but remarks that are just plain mean create much greater difficulties.

51 - and The New York Times' article on Thames' mother insist the proper pronounciation of his last name is "timms", and both use 2 m's.

2006-11-18 20:44:37
59.   StolenMonkey86
57 - well done
2006-11-18 20:48:28
60.   Bob Timmermann
So does a press release that ends with a --31--, better than one that ends with a --30--?
2006-11-18 20:48:44
61.   CanuckDodger
56 -- Actually, Church DID endorse the idea that Jews go to Hell. In the Washington Post article, Church's response to the pastor's affirming that Jews go to Hell was to say ", if they only knew. Other religions don't know any better. It's up to us to spread the word."
2006-11-18 20:51:44
62.   Andrew Shimmin
Ryan Church is responsible for all the wars in the world.
2006-11-18 20:51:58
63.   StolenMonkey86
58 - well, at least I'm usually able to shrug off offensive stuff as long as it's not malicious.

56 - the whole rule about sex, religion and politics seems to work pretty well

2006-11-18 20:52:46
64.   twerp
60 Yeah, since Nate reports Nov. 31....
2006-11-18 20:56:40
65.   StolenMonkey86
62 - I am reminded of this quote from TAWP:

"Before Team America showed up, Iraq was a happy place. They had flowery meadows, and rainbow skies and rivers made of chocolate where the children danced and laughed and played with gumdrop smiles."

2006-11-18 20:57:24
66.   natepurcell
Ned Colletti has given me permission to make the following moves:

1- CanuckDodger will be Minor League Coordinator.

2- Andrew Shimmin and Greg Brock will take over as head of media relations. Both are free to add jokes to their discretion.

3- Bob Timmermann becomes head of the obscure fact finding department for Vin Scully the rest of the Dodgers' broadcaster. Way to go Bob, you earned it.

4- Jon Weisman is hired to become the Dodgers' personal columnist. He gets first dibs on every story..plaschke doesnt get a press pass inside the clubhouse.

5- D4P is hired to become the Dodgers Scott Boras scout. His job....stalk, harass, insult, question, live, and drink scott boras....and when he has time, Torrii Hunter.

Thats all i have been authorized to do now.

2006-11-18 21:03:27
67.   Bob Timmermann
I want a better job.
2006-11-18 21:03:48
68.   Andrew Shimmin
Where Ryan Church expects Jews to spend all of eternity cannot be very important to most Jews. Just as where some Hindu thinks Ryan Church is headed cannot be very important to him. Just as where some Taoists thinks I'm headed doesn't worry me at all.

The absolutely only thing about this that made it a story is that the Nats had a team chaplain, so the conversation took place in the locker room (or where ever; on team property), so there were reporters in earshot. It's theologically juvenile, as Sam alluded to, and if stat geeks can't be counted on to hold it against him, it's because it's too boring to remember.

If Church is a jerk about his religion, that's something. If he can't be persuaded not to be one, then acquiring him might be a mistake. But if he's not, or, if he can be persuaded to leave the staff, and his teammates alone about it, it's nobody's business.

2006-11-18 21:04:30
69.   Andrew Shimmin
66- I get it. You bring me on so that, on the first day, you can fire me to consolidate power. Very smart.
2006-11-18 21:07:55
70.   CanuckDodger
I want to be General Manager. I am planning a coup d'etat right now.
2006-11-18 21:12:43
71.   dianagramr
Dodger farmhand caught with 130 bags of crack ...

2006-11-18 21:13:22
72.   twerp
Is there an opening for general mangler?
2006-11-18 21:26:41
73.   natepurcell

yes but you have to submit a resume.

2006-11-18 21:28:37
74.   Andrew Shimmin
You'd report to D4P.
2006-11-18 21:33:01
75.   Andrew Shimmin
73- Before I was fired, I'd question your judgment in putting D4P in charge of the plumbers unit, but, then, Chuck Colson. So, I guess you never know.
2006-11-18 22:04:28
76.   Louis in SF
Bob, in today's SF Chronicle, although not always the best source-see Ben Bradlee in All the President's Men, Alou when asked by a Chronicle correspondent if he was going to sign with the Mets, said that it was a good team with a chance to win a championship.

The A's were apparently interested in Alou has their DH once Frank left.

2006-11-18 22:20:43
77.   Steve
LAT, Sam is looking for you. Something about his personal lord and savior and the burning gates of hell. Sounds urgent.
2006-11-18 22:23:26
78.   natepurcell
this is from loneys myspace..

I was born in Houston and moved out to Missouri City when I was 12. I have faith in God and believe you should always try to apply the knowledge of the Bible if you want to live forever in heaven.

Maybe Church would be a fit on this team...

2006-11-18 22:27:26
79.   StolenMonkey86
Here's an article that identifies Ryan Church as a mix of Aaron Rowand and JD Drew.

Read it, and it's funny, yet at the same time really kinda makes you shake your head.

2006-11-18 22:27:46
80.   Andrew Shimmin
78- Or maybe we should send Loney to Denver for Josh Fogg and Kaz Matsui. I hear the Rockies love Jesus.
2006-11-18 22:30:44
81.   natepurcell

its quite interesting looking at all our young players myspace pages.

2006-11-18 22:34:31
82.   StolenMonkey86
81 - who else is on there? I found Loney's, but thats it so far
2006-11-18 22:38:00
83.   CanuckDodger
Loney's from Texas, so of course he is a Christian. He is one of my favorites, but if I heard that he was making a nuisance of himself trying to convert everybody on the Dodgers to his religion, I would say he has to go.
2006-11-18 22:38:50
84.   natepurcell
kemp, laroche, denker, edwin jackson, greg miller, probably others.
2006-11-18 22:44:03
85.   Bob Timmermann

Ahh the broad generalizations....

2006-11-18 22:47:20
86.   Andrew Shimmin
83- Without asking him to knock it off? Telling him, actually, not asking. Very few people have any too much give in their religious/philosophical beliefs. And nobody I've ever met enjoyed being cornered at work over it, or feeling like he had to submit to being proselytized by someone because that someone was a teammate. But it is the very rare amateur evangelist who can't be gotten to knock it off and leave people alone. Particularly when his job is in a fully secular setting.

If Russ Martin were selling Avon in the lockerroom, and refused to knock it off, it'd be as big a problem as peddling Jesus. But the first step (mine, anyway), in each case, would be to tell the player to quit it. And I'd be shocked if either refused.

2006-11-18 22:51:54
87.   trainwreck
Isn't Burrell slow and a terrible defender?
2006-11-18 22:54:07
88.   StolenMonkey86
don't know about terrible. he has a career .871 zone rating and 100 Rate2 as a left fielder
2006-11-18 22:54:22
89.   CanuckDodger
85 -- Yes, I am sure there are non-Christians in Texas. But the odds of a Texan with a Christian name not being a Christian just aren't that good.
2006-11-18 22:55:31
90.   StolenMonkey86
83 - What if the person you heard it from was a liar?
2006-11-18 22:58:58
91.   Gagne55
84 links? please?
2006-11-18 22:59:54
92.   StolenMonkey86
Incidentally, we're all gonna die in 30 years according to this article.

2006-11-18 23:01:03
93.   CanuckDodger
86 -- If Russell Martin starts selling Avon in the locker room, or wearing Avon, he has to go too. I'm running a tight ship here.
2006-11-18 23:01:42
94.   Andrew Shimmin
Ryan Church is responsible for all the killer asteroids in the universe.
2006-11-18 23:02:33
95.   trainwreck
Keith Law claims Igawa throws 84-88mph. What is the truth?
2006-11-18 23:02:50
96.   StolenMonkey86
93 - At first I read that as Evian.

Maybe I should go to bed.

2006-11-18 23:03:01
97.   overkill94
87 No, he's dreamy and smells like rose least according to my old boss (a female, thank goodness).
2006-11-18 23:04:25
98.   StolenMonkey86
No, he's dreamy and smells like rose least according to my old boss (a female, thank goodness).

I could make a joke about the name Pat here . . .

2006-11-18 23:04:55
99.   Andrew Shimmin
There's a tape of Milton and Rose Friedman with Brian Lamb on CSPAN2, now.
2006-11-18 23:06:31
100.   CanuckDodger
83 -- By "heard" I meant "if I learned from professional media reports," not gossip. Heck, if gossip counted, I have heard some things about Billingsley I wasn't thrilled to "hear."
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-11-18 23:08:15
101.   StolenMonkey86
100 - Didn't we learn from professional media reports that JD Drew wasn't going to opt out of his contract?
2006-11-18 23:10:19
102.   natepurcell
Keith Law claims Igawa throws 84-88mph. What is the truth?

the youtube videos has his fb clocked around 146KM, which translates to roughly around 90mph.

2006-11-18 23:14:12
103.   trainwreck
Yeah, but remember Gagne threw what 102 against Bonds.
2006-11-18 23:14:50
104.   Andrew Shimmin
Alright, we need seven volunteers to head over to the Griddle and put the comment thread up to or over 300. There's been some cheerleader talk, Nate; eh?
2006-11-18 23:16:30
105.   CanuckDodger
101 -- No, we learned from J.D. Drew that J.D. Drew wasn't going to opt out of his contract. The professional media just printed his words.
2006-11-18 23:27:15
106.   StolenMonkey86
104 - put the comment thread up to or over 300

done and done

2006-11-18 23:33:45
107.   Andrew Shimmin
106- Hooray!
2006-11-18 23:35:47
108.   trainwreck
Aww I was just getting in on the cheerleader/dance team talk.
2006-11-18 23:46:10
109.   StolenMonkey86
Nate, I wish to echo 91. I found Matt Kemp, and that was it (he was hard to find too)
2006-11-19 00:03:31
110.   das411
Gah, sorry I didn't correct this about 90 posts ago but tonight's 1am remastered Star Trek episode was "Space Seed", classic!

Nate - Interesting plan, to say the least.

The Penny for Burrell trade is very very tempting, especially now that our huge gaping hole at 3B has been filled by Wes Helms. I'd hate to lose Burrell, especially if it means bringing in Soriano for several times the cost and not nearly as reliable a ballplayer, but a chance to pick up a starter of Penny's caliber is just not going to happen anywhere else.

Gillick must know he can hardly spin Aaron Rowand back to the ChiSox for one of their starters, and if they do sign Soriano then losing Burrell's bat is a much easier blow to take, especially if we can add offense at catcher with Hall.

The rest of the deal has me worried though. Taking on Tomko and Hendrickson (especially after having watched their 2006 escapades here with you guys) is indeed a steep price to pay for a Penny. What's more, Mads*o*n and Floyd are both rather hard to value at this point: Mad dog makes an excellent 8th inning man but an awful starter, while Floyd seems to have come down with a horrific case of Edwin Jackson disease. Instead of two back-of-the-bullpen fillers, I would push to pick up a second level prospect, if only because there is some future value there instead of two pitchers who have already topped out. I would even take Brazoban over those two, but Gillick may indeed be after depth over quality at this point.

The Phils' farm system is damn near empty in the OF, unless you like Juan Pierre-types Greg Golson and Mike Bourn; are there any A or AA level Jack Cust-types you'd be willing to part with? Burrell is really the only successful outfielder the Phils have developed in years (if you don't count Marlon Byrd but we can ask Sam about him), and an OF of Rowand-Victorino-Soriano would require about 80 Ryan Howard HRs to cover for, so any help there (Merlin? We always liked him...) would make this deal much much more attractive from this end.

Also, any chance you'd care to take Aaron Rowand? I mean, wouldn't he look great barrelling into the Dodger Stadium outfield?? Just think of how much closer he would get to all those fly balls than Kenny Lofton ever did... ;)

Re: the rest of the Master Plan, looks pretty good to me! I suppose one or both of the Jasons can fade away to make room for Matt Kemp, and I have a hunch that enough teams will see Dotel as the next potential Chris Carpenter-type stealth signing that he may be more expensive than you realize, but otherwise it looks good. Personally I'd rather have Maddux in my rotation than Igawa, and wouldn't you lose a draft pick to SF if you sign Schmidt?, but it does seem to be a very solid plan, even with no Nomar.

Take care of Sal and the 'stache, maybe he will decide to streak the hair or grow the Borat or somethin' equally awesome in LA!

2006-11-19 00:08:01
111.   trainwreck
Yeah, I really like the idea of getting Madsen and Floyd alogn with signing Dotel and Gagne for incentive laden deals.
2006-11-19 04:11:51
112.   Sam DC
The Knicks have a player named Renaldo Balkman? That's really his name?
2006-11-19 07:19:12
113.   Woody
They also used to have Rolando Blackman, who played in NY near the end of his career. Think they're related?
2006-11-19 09:32:17
114.   ToyCannon
For a sports fan this must be the Charlie Brown buffet table with the NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NCAAB, and of course the NHL. Why do I feel so bloated and empty at the end of the day?
2006-11-19 09:42:05
115.   ToyCannon
Angels just signed Justin Speier to a 4 year deal. To go along with Shields and FROD that gives them about as deep a bullpen in baseball.
2006-11-19 09:53:58
116.   overkill94
113 I got Rolando's autograph at a Lakers/Mavs game back in 1987 along with Detlef Schrempf. I was only 7 years old, so some old lady got the players' attention for me. I had my heart set on Mark Aguirre though.
2006-11-19 09:59:19
117.   ToyCannon
Nate I have no interest in Igawa. Doubt if the soft tossing lefty would be much better then the soft tossing Hendrickson. Looks to me like it is just a case of the grass is greener. I'd rather spend the posting money and salary on Lilly. The rest of the plan I like. I'd love to see Schmidt, Dotel, Gagne at those prices. The deals for Burrel, Church, Madsen would be nice though I think your giving up to much to acquire Church. Having never seen Church play CF I have no idea if he's a valid option. Maybe SamDC could enlighten. Course the downside is that he could be as disruptive in the clubhouse as Chad Curtis was.
2006-11-19 10:03:01
118.   overkill94
Seems like there's at least some thought to him not being a soft-tosser. From Rotoworld, via Newsday:

"The Mets and Yankees were among the teams that scouted Kei Igawa in his start Tuesday in the Japan All-Star Series.
He held the MLB team to two runs in six innings, but he did walk six. "He has good stuff," said Jose Reyes, who singled and walked against him. "He throws hard and has a good changeup." David Wright wasn't quite as impressed. "I just don't know," Wright said when asked if Igawa's pitches were major league quality. "I'd have to see him when he's in midseason form. You send a guy up there after a month layoff and you can't get a handle on a guy. But as far as a lefty goes, he has a sneaky fastball. I thought he threw, for a lefty, an average to above-average fastball, an above-average changeup, and his slider was a little flat. But with a month off, who knows? Could be any number of reasons." Igawa, who is expected to be posted this week, is seen as a fallback alternative to Daisuke Matsuzaka."

2006-11-19 10:33:09
119.   regfairfield
In another hilarious move, Wayne Krivski signs Alex Gonzalez to a three year, 15 million dollar contract. Gonzalez has a career .292 on base percentage, and almost every publicly avialable defensive system, DeWan, Rate, and zone rating peg him as average defensively in his career. (Though he did do well in zone rating this year).

115 Dang, maybe the Dodgers shouldn't go shopping for a reliever. I thought Speier might sneak through since he's not a "proven" anything.

117 The metrics rate him as an average defensive centerfielder, but it's only based on 70 or so games, so it's a small sample size.

2006-11-19 11:05:15
120.   Steve
maybe the Dodgers shouldn't go shopping for a reliever.

And maybe the Dodgers bus driver shouldn't drive the team into a brick wall at 100 mph.

2006-11-19 11:33:00
121.   willhite
Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Cubs are close to signing Soriano for EIGHT years at about 17 mil per. We still have time to offer 10 years at 20 mil. Hurry up Ned.
2006-11-19 11:39:18
122.   mountainmover
I would love to have Burrell, but only as a #5 or #6 hitter. Since the Phils want to dump him and his salary, I think a deal with Tomko, Hendrickson, Hall and a propect like Abreu would get the job done. No need to throw in Brad Penny. Penny had 16 wins and while he is somewhat of a head case, he has great stuff and could be an ace if he gets his act together.

I am all for signing Schmidt for 3 plus an option. I like a rotation of Lowe, Schmidt, Penny, Kuo and C-Bill.

The pen could likely include Jon Meloan who is showing he could be a nice middle reliever.

If we sign Nomar, he hits #3, Kent is #4 and Burrell would be #5 or #6 depending upon the progress of Ethier and/or Loney. I'd still like a big bopper (like Lee) at #4 with Kent at #5 and Burrell at #6, but that won't happen, since Lee would have no place to play.

1. Furcal SS

2. Martin C (I think he's an ideal #2 hitter)

3. Nomar 1B

4. Kent 2B

5. Burrell LF

6. Ethier or Loney RF (Loney plays 1B to spell Nomar too)

7. LaRoche or Betemit 3B

8. Repko or Lofton or Roberts or Peyton (any could go to #2)

LaRoche is ready to for prime time if his recovery from shoulder surgery is according to plan. I could see a platoon at 3B, since Betemit doesn't hit very well as a RH hitter.

Of course, there are several other free agents available who could help us and I covet Vernon Wells. I would trade Penny, Ethier and others for him!

2006-11-19 11:50:44
123.   willhite

I could certainly live with what you're proposing and think there is a good chance that Ned trades for Burrell. I just hope he doesn't give up too much. If we could work your deal, I'd be thrilled.

Meloan could turn out to be something special and I expect to see him with the team at some point next year.

2006-11-19 12:11:25
124.   alex 7
wow, Soriano for 8 years and $136 million to the Cubbies.
2006-11-19 12:15:11
125.   Greg Brock
Yeah, ESPN is reporting 8/136

Um, that's a lot of money.

No thanks.

2006-11-19 12:17:03
126.   alex 7
almost ARod money for 45 HRs and + speed on the basepaths.
2006-11-19 12:19:16
127.   Greg Brock
126 Except that ARod was a shortstop with a higher OBP and Slugging, younger, and better defensively.
2006-11-19 12:20:20
128.   alex 7
Why the Cubs though? What's their thought process? That they're one big bat away? Are they worried their sell-outs would have decreased in the next few years? Or do they suddenly have enough money to buy two more FAs and actually balance out the roster with some talent?
2006-11-19 12:21:51
129.   alex 7
yeah Brock, that was my point. Maybe should have ended the sentence with "and not much else".
2006-11-19 12:21:55
130.   Greg Brock
You're asking the thought process of the Chicago Cubs?

There are a million factors, but I would say the biggest factor is "They're the Cubs."

2006-11-19 12:22:20
131.   Greg Brock
129 Oh, gotcha.
2006-11-19 12:23:24
132.   willhite
This may be Hendry's last hurrah but at least he's trying to show the Cubbie fans he means business this time.

Spending money on Lou and Soriano sure beats signing Juan Pierre.

2006-11-19 12:24:24
133.   Greg Brock
Well, now that the Soriano train has sailed, maybe The Mustache will focus on trading for Adam Dunn.

I would like that very much.

2006-11-19 12:25:25
134.   willhite
The Soriano signing should open the flood gates. It always takes one big signing or trade to get things into motion.
2006-11-19 12:25:50
135.   alex 7
so now how much is Andruw Jones worth? $22 mil. per?
2006-11-19 12:28:35
136.   twerp
This writer is treating re-signing Nomar as a done deal. Is it, just not officially announced? Or he just going on hearsay, assuming, just flat wrong, what?

"Now that the Dodgers have re-signed Nomar Garciaparra for first base, look for the Dodgers to make a big run at Jason Schmidt, the other top-tier starter with Zito on the free-agent market. Schmidt is also said to prefer staying on the West Coast."

2006-11-19 12:29:56
137.   Andrew Shimmin
With the A-Go deal, it's like Krivski is begging people to take advantage of him. I wonder how many shiny beads he'd want for Travis Wood and Homer Bailey, to go with Dunn. I think stealing pitching prospects should be high on Colletti's agenda.
2006-11-19 12:30:58
138.   regfairfield
Alfonso Soriano career numbers: .280/.325/.510 , average defensive left fielder (I'm being generous here).

J.D. Drew career numbers: .286/.393/.512, very good defense.

Does this mean Drew is a 200 million dollar player?

2006-11-19 12:31:28
139.   willhite
Boras is probably licking his chops. This signing just made all of his clients (at least his non-pitching clients) that much more valuable.

JD's "defection" is probably looking better to him every minute. If Soriano is worth 136 mil, isn't Drew worth at least 60 to some GM with one more big bat out of the picture?

2006-11-19 12:31:40
140.   Greg Brock
Okay Wayne, You've got Dunn, I've got five magic beans that will save your farm.

I think we can work something out.

2006-11-19 12:32:28
141.   regfairfield
Wait, is this offical, or is it just a report?
2006-11-19 12:33:42
142.   willhite

I doubt anyone will want to give Drew more than 4 years so that will certainly cut down on the total amount of his contract, but the Soriano signing will certainly push his salary/year up by a nice amount.

2006-11-19 12:36:01
143.   DodgerHobbit
Just because Jim Hendry jumps off a cliff doesn't mean anyone else will follow. Hendry is trying to save his job and prevent another season like 06. He kinda had to do something like this.
2006-11-19 12:36:34
144.   alex 7
SS Furcal
C Martin
LF Garciaparra
2B Kent
RF Dunn
1B Loney
3B Betemit / LaRoche
CF Repko

Schmidt / Zito

that's a 95 win team if health doesn't become 2005-wacky.

2006-11-19 12:38:33
145.   willhite

What makes you think we can get Dunn without giving up any of the players you've listed?

2006-11-19 12:40:39
146.   Sharkie
I like guys like Burrell and Adam Dunn. They are underrated because they strikeout a lot. It makes it easier to trade for them.

Another thing about Burrell: He sees more than 4 pitches per PA. That's good for wearing out the opposing pitchers.

I think the Dodgers should sign Schmidt, Maddux, Igawa, and a RP. By stocking up on pitching, LA can trade surplus pitchers for big hitters in their prime. It would be cheaper than trying to sign a FA hitter, and avoids long contracts.

LA would have Schmidt, Penny, Lowe, Maddux, Bills, Kuo, Igawa, Tomko, Hendrickson (and Stults). Then deal some subset of Penny, Hendy, Tomko, maybe Lowe, and prospects for young hitters in their prime, depending on who LA can get.

Signing Soriano/C. Lee for 5-7 years guarranteed is bad.

2006-11-19 12:43:53
147.   alex 7
our minor league system
2006-11-19 12:46:33
148.   alex 7
but you're right, the Reds are contenders right now. Maybe Betemit or Broxton can be the MLB player to center it around. Penny would probably work for both sides as the Reds seem to always want pitching, I just would rather add a top arm and keep Penny than replace Penny with a slight upgrade.
2006-11-19 12:54:13
149.   willhite

I think Broxton or Penny or Billz or Kuo would have to be part of a deal for Dunn. Just not sure I would want to do that. Might be a lot easier to get Burrell (not have to give up nearly as much).

If we get Schmidt, I'd be willing to give them Penny, but I think a lot of teams might be concerned about his health after last year's second half.

2006-11-19 12:54:21
150.   thinkblue0
ESPN is reporting that Soriano has agreed with the cubs.

8 years 136 mill


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2006-11-19 12:55:06
151.   thinkblue0
okay im late on the news...sorry
2006-11-19 12:56:29
152.   regfairfield
Is this a playoff team?

CF Soriano
C Barrett
1B Lee
3B Ramirez
RF Jones
LF Murton
2B DeRosa
SS Izturis

Prior/Angel Guzman
Rich Hill
Wade Miller/Julio Mateo
Sean Marshall

2006-11-19 12:59:44
153.   Greg Brock
I like Kuo, but I guess I just don't see what most people around these fine parts see.

Is Kuo really that good? If it's a salary thing, I understand. I mean yeah, he's got decent stuff, but I'm not willing to pencil the guy into the rotation, and am not reluctant to part with him if he brings us a bat.

And he throws from the stretch with nobody on. You just can't trust a man like that.

2006-11-19 13:02:34
154.   willhite

I would not only trust a guy like that but would think it would give him an advantage because he is always delivering the ball using the same approach.

That being said, those of us who really like him are certainly guilty of using a rather small sample size.

2006-11-19 13:12:19
155.   Sharkie
The cubs are silly.

I reiterate. Stock up on pitchers, and trade for bats. It's cheaper and you get a player in his prime, instead of guys who are 30+ like Soriano and C. Lee.

2006-11-19 13:13:28
156.   alex 7
Aside from his impressive playoff appearances, Kuo did have above-average K-rates in the minors too right? And yeah, with the salaries being thrown around right now, to have someone with his ability at about half a million dollars is huge.
2006-11-19 13:15:24
157.   StolenMonkey86
I think the Cubs strategy is to boost the offense and then trade Jacque Jones for a middle reliever at the deadline
2006-11-19 13:16:19
158.   thinkblue0
I doubt Pat Burrell goes anywhere now...

Adam Dunn is looking better and better right about now.

2006-11-19 13:17:36
159.   StolenMonkey86
Dunn would be good, but I would be fine with Thames as well
2006-11-19 13:27:55
160.   King of the Hobos
Some stories I read said Gillick would only trade Burrell if he signed Soriano, although numerous others said he'd listen to anything for Burrell. Any thoughts on this? He's easily on the top of my list for OFs (because he'd be cheaper than Dunn, as Dunn would require a more prospect/good player heavy deal)
2006-11-19 13:32:35
161.   ToyCannon
From the moment Kuo stepped into the starting rotation Minor/Majors he has been outstanding. I'd be willing to lay money he outperfoms Bills in 2007 if he's in the rotation from day one.

That said, if he can get us Vernon Wells or A Jones then see you later. His arm could blow any day. Do you think those two are happy guys today after the Soriano contract?

2006-11-19 13:36:56
162.   WellsforKemp
The problem with Dunn or Burrell now with Nomar "signed" is that we would have a probable outfield of Ethier Loney and Burrell/Dunn I know Burrell's Rate2 wasnt bad, but still...... and if Loney isnt the RF/LF well than that would be a waste of a cheap talent whom could nearly replace Nomar productivity
2006-11-19 13:39:25
163.   Greg Brock
162 It's not just the offensive productivity. Loney is just awesome around the bag. One of the smoothest first basemen I've seen in a long time. Ask those Mets teams of the late 90's/early 2000's how much Olerud made that entire infield better.

It's such a waste to move Loney off of first base. You're losing a lot of what makes him a good player.

2006-11-19 13:42:57
164.   natepurcell

look at his minor league numbers. it was never a question of whether he was good enough, it was always if he was healthy enough.

2006-11-19 13:46:44
165.   WellsforKemp
right, there is no question Loney is a waste in the outfield due to Nomar playing first base, and while Im sure he's better with the glove he may produce what Nomar will at the plate too........that being said I would rather him play in the outfield than not at all.
2006-11-19 13:49:57
166.   Greg Brock
Nate, I know he has good stuff. I'm not debating that. But yeah, staying healthy is a big deal. And, let's see him pitch through the league a few times before we talk about how good he can be. Again, I'm not down on Kuo, I'm just not as pumped about him as most folks are. Just food for thought.

165 Agree. Left field Loney is better than no Loney at all.

2006-11-19 13:50:10
167.   trainwreck
Great, now we are going to lose a young pitcher for a bat because Jim Hendry is a complete moron and will get fired after this season, but first must load his team with as many bad contracts as possible.
2006-11-19 13:52:14
168.   trainwreck
When the off-season first began I used Kuo and Ethier as my primary trade bait in made up deals, just because it almost seems gauranteed he will get injured again.

I do not know though. I will be sad to see one of our young pitchers go.

2006-11-19 13:54:54
169.   natepurcell
i want kuo to boom or bust as a dodger.
2006-11-19 13:56:38
170.   trainwreck
2006-11-19 14:00:28
171.   WellsforKemp
When the off-season first began I used Kuo and Ethier as my primary trade bait in made up deals, just because it almost seems gauranteed he will get injured again.

Kuo might be a risk but it seems its well worth it for the simple reason of how hard it is to find top of the rotation pitching, not to mention cheap.Think about it like this, whats more of a gamble signing zito to 15+ or holding on to Kuo and hoping he stays healthy. I hope they do both but if i had to choose one. price aside, I think Kuo has more potential to be great

2006-11-19 14:05:09
172.   trainwreck
Me too. This is when I thought 2007 would matter, but already I think we should not worry about it and pay attention more 08 when the free agents are not complete garbage and Elbert and Meloan hopefully will be ready.

Mcnabb out for the year, this kills so many of my fantasy teams and they were all in first place thanks to him.


2006-11-19 14:05:59
173.   natepurcell
speiers at 4.5mil isnt that bad a deal when you put in context we will be paying tomko 4.1 mil to suck next year.
2006-11-19 14:06:04
174.   King of the Hobos
Rosenthal has some more updates: Catalanotto to the Rangers for 3 years and an option, and the rumored Texas/White Sox Garland deal is no longer being discussed, but other teams are stilling talking to the White Sox about Garland. I hope the Dodgers aren't one of them.
2006-11-19 14:07:04
175.   WellsforKemp
I think Kuo has more potential to be great

oops, I forgot that Zito is already one of the greatest Leftys in history

note: info provided by Scott Boras

2006-11-19 14:09:02
176.   Greg Brock
We're not paying Brett Tomko to suck.

We're paying Brett Tomko to pitch batting the other team...during the game.

Wait, that is sucking. Nevermind.

2006-11-19 14:11:37
177.   WellsforKemp
Me too. This is when I thought 2007 would matter

I dont know if I would mind Zito around in 08+ as an overpriced solid #3 to compliment Bills, Kuo and Elbert

2006-11-19 14:12:26
178.   sanchez101
If Drew goes to the Red Sox, would that make Wily Mo Pena available? With Nomar 'back', might it make sense to move Loney for Pena?

After the steals, is there enything that really separates Pena from Soriano, other than age and now salary?

On the Burrell front, how sure are we that it will take Billingsley or Kuo to get him? Sheffield was trade for a B-grade prospect and change. Abreu was traded, by Gillick no less, for chump change. It seems to me that the going rate for an expensive corner outfielder via trade is pretty slim. Let's hope that Gillick needs Burrell's salary to sign a FA.

2006-11-19 14:15:12
179.   sanchez101
172. Is next years FA market set to be all that much better? Who should be available?
2006-11-19 14:16:42
180.   Greg Brock
179 Vernon Wells and Andruw Jones, for starters.
2006-11-19 14:17:42
181.   WellsforKemp
on the Soriano signing what a horrable deal to pay anyone but Barry Bonds 17 mill to play in there near 40s
2006-11-19 14:18:59
182.   WellsforKemp
2006-11-19 14:24:38
183.   Uncle Miltie
That is an insane deal for Soriano. 8 years? wow.

Ned has a tough task ahead of him.

2006-11-19 14:26:22
184.   Greg Brock
Michigan is still #2 in the BCS. Yeah, Southern Cal still has Notre Dame and UCLA (okay, Southern Cal still has Notre Dame), but wow, that's a bit surprising.
2006-11-19 14:29:48
185.   trainwreck
I do not want to see Ohio St vs Michigan again.
2006-11-19 14:37:10
186.   sanchez101
I agree, I have no idea who is the second best team in the country, Im not sure anyone REALLY knows. But I don't see the point of a rematch, nor am I terribly interested in watching one. Assuming SC wins out, what happens if Ohio beats Michigan again and SC dominates Florida, or WV, or Arkansas, ect. in the Rose Bowl?

This really isn't that bad for SC, though, it seems like bad news for ND. I would not want to play a Trojan team that feels slighted and has something to prove.

2006-11-19 14:40:59
187.   Bob Timmermann
What a broken down man Greg Brock has become.

You're too young to become cynical.

If a coach as lame as Mike Riley could beat USC, why not believe in the power of The Thinker!

You gotta believe!

(Note to self: work on creating better facade of optimism.)

2006-11-19 14:43:55
188.   thinkblue0
With Nomar 'back', might it make sense to move Loney for Pena?

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

I would only give up ONE B-level prospect for Wily Mo...sure as heck not Loney.

2006-11-19 14:45:06
189.   Bob Timmermann
Personally, I don't think the USC team cares too much one way or the other. They just will be focused on beating Notre Dame.

Beating Notre Dame is always a good thing. When Charlie Weis and Brady Quinn feel pain, I smile.

2006-11-19 14:46:17
190.   Greg Brock
Dorrell breaks out all the tricks (both of them!)
Ben Olson returns triumphantly
UCLA at home
USC caught sleeping
Playing for Marcus Cassell

USC 42

2006-11-19 14:47:34
191.   Greg Brock
Cassel. Sorry about that.
2006-11-19 14:48:53
192.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think USC will score 42 points against UCLA.

The 10 points for UCLA is probably about right.
I'm thinking it's more likely to be 9.

2006-11-19 14:49:30
193.   Greg Brock
192 We do love some Justin Medlock.
2006-11-19 14:49:41
194.   das411
178 - Um, keep in mind that the Phils currently have Abreu, Lieberthal, Wolf, half of Thome, and hopefully Rowand coming off the books this winter. The Phils' only signing thus far has been Wes Helms; I kind of doubt the urgency to move Burrell is still there, especially now that the market has shifted as far outward as it has.

176 - The really scary thing to remember is that Pat Gillick once traded for Brett Tomko.

The trade bait was an in-his-prime Ken Griffey Junior. :'(

2006-11-19 14:54:36
195.   King of the Hobos
From's Hot Stove Report: Agent Scott Boras has mentioned the Dodgers as a team Zito has interest in, but there is no sign the interest is mutual. However, the Dodgers might have interest in bidding for negotiating rights to Igawa.
2006-11-19 14:59:43
196.   Greg Brock
I'd love to have Zito, but not for the ridiculous money he wants. Dude, you're a 2 or 3 starter.

Good luck in Baltimore...Or with the Cubs.

2006-11-19 15:01:20
197.   WellsforKemp
Agent Scott Boras has mentioned the Dodgers as a team Zito has interest in, but there is no sign the interest is mutual

hasnt Ned stated he has a strong interest in Zito?

2006-11-19 15:06:06
198.   trainwreck
I think Zito will be a Met or Angel.
2006-11-19 15:07:07
199.   trainwreck
With Soriano off market and rumors of Carlos Lee going to Astros. I think the Angels are just goin to start throwing money at Zito, Matthews, and Drew. Then try to make a deal for Manny Ramirez.
2006-11-19 15:10:07
200.   CanuckDodger
Ned shouldn't have a "tough task ahead of him." People who say that are assuming a whole bunch of moves NEED to be made, which is just buying into the idea that major off-season moves are synonymous with improvement.

If Garciaparra and Lofton are re-signed, and we want Loney playing everyday, here is what we should have for a line-up going into 2007:

SS Furcal
CF Lofton
1B Garciaparra
2B Kent
LF Ethier
3B Betemit
C Martin
RF Loney

For the starting rotation, let's assume we get Schmidt:


For the bullpen:


Is it not abundantly clear that that is a better team than the one we entered 2006 with? We lose Drew, but a rising talent in Loney takes over for him, and we have Martin, Betemit and Ethier over Navarro, Mueller and Jose Cruz. If it IS a downgrade in sum (solely because of the loss of Drew), it's not one by a big margin.

Starting pitching is where we make a HUGE improvement, one that easily compensates for any downgrade of the offense. We replace Perez, Tomko and Seo with Schmidt, Kuo and Billingsley. My God, what an extraordinary up-grade that is. 1 through 5, that would probably be the best starting rotation in the NL.

Now the bullpen. Saito, Broxton, and Beimel -- our three best relievers last year -- all started the season in Triple A. Tomko and Hendrickson benefitted greatly when moved to relief work. The Tampa Bay Double Curse of Baez and Carter are gone. No Osoria. And the ineffective RELIEVER Kuo is now moved to a niche where he does well. A much better bullpen than we started last year with.

To reiterate, we can be a much improved team over what we started last year with, but we just have to accept that the big gains will come on the pitching front, not on offense. Scoring runs with a line-up dependent on high batting averages and speed at the top instead of power is not what people on this board believe in, but last year it WORKED, and next year it can be more than sufficient to win games in conjunction with a tremendously upgraded pitching staff.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-11-19 15:12:29
201.   trainwreck
Plus, we have LaRoche ready to take over 3rd if need be and it is possible Brazoban could be a useful bullpen member.
2006-11-19 15:17:07
202.   Greg Brock
We still need some pop. This 4 hits for every run stuff drives me crazy.
2006-11-19 15:18:44
203.   thinkblue0

Say hello to Adam Dunn.

2006-11-19 15:21:31
204.   Greg Brock
203 Oh, trust me, nobody is leading the Dunn Brigade more than I.

In fact, you could even call it a Marching and Chowder Society...If such a society was ever thought of. Yup, that's it, I'm creating a Marching and Chowder Society...

Who's in?

2006-11-19 15:24:07
205.   WellsforKemp
pretty much agree we can improve with a similar offensive output and a much better starting rotation, when you replace Tomko and Co. with Billingsley with and Kuo and sign a FA. along with the possability of the pen being better......this is why i am also not in favor of trading any strong chips for a bat. Furthermore, though while I strongly dissagreed with the Soriano contract it may have been a blessing in disguise because of the possability of Ned doing something he may regret
2006-11-19 15:26:03
206.   CanuckDodger
202 -- We don't NEED "pop," people just seem to want it. We scored more runs last year than a LOT of teams with a lot more power. And besides, we have two position prospects a half-season away from being MLB ready (Kemp and LaRoche) who are power hitters.

203 -- We are not getting Dunn. If we already HAD Dunn, Colletti would be looking to trade him. Most people around here think that reflects very badly on Colletti (I don't), but in their hearts they know it is true.

2006-11-19 15:26:26
207.   thinkblue0
yeah, this takes the pressure off a bit...we don't necessarily NEED to make a big signing.

I'd go out and get one OF bat (Dunn) and sign Schmidt. Keep Penny and at this point offer Gagne a one year incentive laden deal.

I've mentioned it before, but I still would not be shocked if Colletti was giving Bonds' agent a call.

2006-11-19 15:30:43
208.   Greg Brock
206 I'm not going to rely on the Dodgers hitting .269 and leading the league in hitting again next year. Naga, Naga, nagonna happen.

And we set a Dodger record for stranded runners in one season. Or we came really close, and Bob will correct me 5...4...3...2...1.

2006-11-19 15:35:03
209.   Uncle Miltie
200- I don't see any dangerous hitters. Kent and Nomar are on the decline. Where's the power? Who's going to replace Drew's production? That team would be lucky to squeak into the playoffs. It's not good when your entire outfield combines for 30 home runs.
2006-11-19 15:36:25
210.   gpellamjr
207 Bonds... it would take a lot of prayer and soul searching to decide what to do if the universe imploded like that. It's not gonna happen... I'll just keep telling myself that.
2006-11-19 15:37:04
211.   trainwreck
We go the Dodger way. All pitching with no power! No power! No power!

Martin, Ethier, Loney, Laroche, Betemit and Kemp all improving could give us a power boost, plus Furcal being healthy for the whole season.

2006-11-19 15:37:26
212.   gpellamjr
209 Don't you think Ethier and Loney would improve in their power numbers? Give Loney a full season, I really believe that kid is gonna be awesome.
2006-11-19 15:40:04
213.   DodgerHobbit

But Canuck, chicks dig the home run!

Good post.

2006-11-19 15:40:50
214.   thinkblue0

Sure, but they aren't going to improve by much.

I dont understand why some people (not saying you) are against getting a power hitter. The one thing we missed last year was that guy who could put the game away with a three run blast. I wouldn't want to overpay for one, but Dunn fits the bill and probably wouldn't be TOO expensive.

2006-11-19 15:41:40
215.   trainwreck
I have no problem with it, but we are going to have to give up Bills or Elbert most likely to get one.
2006-11-19 15:43:39
216.   gpellamjr
214 I would LOVE to have Dunn. I would like to have Burrell otherwise. But I think that Ethier and especially Loney will improve in their power numbers.
2006-11-19 15:51:19
217.   CanuckDodger
208 -- You insist we won't lead the league again in hitting without offering any sort of rational explanation for your conviction. When you have a line-up, 1 through 8, of high average hitters, and no Adam Dunn's hitting .218, guess what? Your odds of leading the league in hitting are excellent. It's basic math.

At this point, many people are simply in full-scale denial about the fact that we were a better offensive team in 2006 than a whole lot of teams more geared around power than we were, because it clashes with their cherished dogmas about the game of baseball.

2006-11-19 15:57:39
218.   Greg Brock
You're right. We're all set. We don't need any more power in the lineup.

I don't know where you get the whole "cherished dogma" thing. But that's fine. Insults are fun!

2006-11-19 16:00:23
219.   Greg Brock
You can use statistics to prove anything.

Fourfty percent of all people know that!

2006-11-19 16:03:14
220.   bigcpa
217 There are other ominous signs that the 2006 offense is not easily repeatable. We batted .286 with RISP vs. .276 overall and had a team BABIP of .310 vs. .301 for the league. So minus Drew I could see the remaining personnel scoring 750 runs. The Red Sox were able to score 820 runs with a .269 avg with better iso's.
2006-11-19 16:08:33
221.   caseybarker
Bye-bye Indianapolis Colts,


1972 Dolphins

2006-11-19 16:13:33
222.   CanuckDodger
218 -- I didn't insult you, unless referring to your cherished dogma as a "cherished dogma" was somehow an insult. "Your mother wears army boots!" is an insult. "You have a cherished dogma!" -- not so much.
2006-11-19 16:15:28
223.   Greg Brock
This is the part of the conversation where we agree to disagree.

Nice chatting with you.

2006-11-19 16:18:51
224.   CanuckDodger
220 -- An American League team that plays home games in Fenway Park is always going to score a LOT more runs in a year than a National League team playing home games in Dodger Stadium. It is utterly pointless to compare the Dodgers to the Red Sox.
2006-11-19 16:33:45
225.   50 years a Dodger Fan
Anyone who knows how this team is going to do next year should rush to Vegas right now and get a bet down.
1. We don't even know who's going to be on the team next year.
2. Even if we did, there is no way to predict how the team will perform.
3. No way to know how many HRs or what anyone's batting average will be.
4. We have just as good a chance to win next year with the players we have as we had last year. Actually better, I'd say.
5. We all have an equal right to speculate (guess) how the team will do, who they should get, etc., just remember it is all a wild-___ guess.
2006-11-19 16:35:00
226.   Sam DC
If you're bored and wonder what the Cubs signing Soriano means for the Nationals draft pick situation, read on: .
2006-11-19 16:40:01
227.   Sam DC
226 Rather, "what the the Cubs reported agreement to sign Soriano would mean" . . .
2006-11-19 16:46:27
228.   Greg Brock
Sam, what are the Nats talking about doing?
I mean, they do have some money available to boost the team.

Don't they?

2006-11-19 16:48:33
229.   Andrew Shimmin
200- Are you batting Loney eighth (behind Betemit and Martin) in order to punish him for loving Jesus?
2006-11-19 16:50:01
230.   Greg Brock
229 Loney is dishonest and duplicitous...

Just like the entire Greater Los Angeles area.

2006-11-19 16:50:41
231.   Greg Brock
229 Andrew, did you go with chlamydia, or did you end up getting dust mites?
2006-11-19 16:53:55
232.   Andrew Shimmin
231- Neither. I was just clearing out my bookmarks and wanted to share that one. I love the idea so much, but I wouldn't want a conversation starting tie. I like my clothing to be as unremarkable as possible.
2006-11-19 16:55:15
233.   Sam DC
They do have money, both by virtue of new owners having near-bottomless pockets and because they are widely reported to have earned a large operating profit ($20M minimum but likely higher) in year one, and assumed to have earned some though less last year. And they have at least the $10M they were paying Soriano freed up assuming they intend to stand pat.

But they have not been mentioned in connection with any FA out there. They have hugely expanded the scouting staff, esp. international operations, and have added a number of new slots to the US management org chart. They signed over 20 minor league free agents (including Joel Hanrahan and Joe Thurston!). And they regularly say the big club is too far away to make it worth spending much if any money on stopgaps.

Of course, someone has to pitch the ball for them to play baseball games next year.

And you'd think putting even a marginal product on the field would be somewhat better for fanbasebuilding than running the Ryan Zimmerman and the seven dwarves out there every night.

I appreciate its a tough market, and I have some sympathy for them not being willng to sign someone like Vincente Padilla to a 4 year/$45M contract.

2006-11-19 16:58:41
234.   Greg Brock
233 Raiding the available minor league free agents was a good move.

It would be nice to see them load up on pitching, especially in that division.

I'm really rooting for the Nats.

2006-11-19 16:58:45
235.   Spotted Owl
Posted to Canuck Dodger on post 43- I guess we better give back that 88 World Series since that Hershiser character was a devout christian to. I think he must have a had a horrible clubhouse presence. I would hope that the Dodgers would not hold moral living against someone.
2006-11-19 17:04:02
236.   StolenMonkey86
233- They are a couple years off, but they really need something in that starting rotation. Heck, they were a .500 team in 2005.

Of course, a healthy Patterson would help.

2006-11-19 17:04:42
237.   Andrew Shimmin
Wow. I didn't realize how bad Jose Guillen was last year. Between Johnson, Church, Austin Kerns and Felipe Lopez, the Nats are only a few pieces shy of a decent lineup. But they've got no pitching (outside of Patterson and, um, the one Steve likes), and Sickels just called their farm system the worst in the game.
2006-11-19 17:08:22
238.   trainwreck
That is good, because their minor league system is absolutely terrible.
2006-11-19 17:09:45
239.   trainwreck
More proof that Bowden not trading Soriano was the worst move possible for that franchise.
2006-11-19 17:11:02
240.   Andrew Shimmin
Sickels has his crystal ball projection for Ethier's career up. Not bad. Also, not bread.

2006-11-19 17:12:07
241.   CanuckDodger
229 -- I just put Loney eighth because Grady Little liked putting him there. I think that is where Loney was batting when he got the 9 RBI's in Colorado. The nice thing about having an offense with eight men who swing the bat unlike Cesar Izturis is that there really is no "True #8 hitter."
2006-11-19 17:22:29
242.   ToyCannon
True, but on the other hand he got a starting SS and RF for nothing of consequence. Plus he had a fledgling fan base that would have been none to happy if he snatched the only reason they were coming to the ballpark.
2006-11-19 17:23:16
243.   CanuckDodger
235 -- It seems I have nothing better to do than insult Greg Brock and insult Christians. Oh, and Los Angeles.

I am not isulting any long-retired, disappointing successors to Steve Garvey, or religious groups, or large American metropolitan areas. I AM a Christian, in fact. But I don't pester people I work with to give up their religious beliefs and accept mine, and I don't say that any particular enthic group is going to Hell. If Orel Herhsiser did either of the two things I just said I don't do when he was with the Dodgers, then I think less of him, but I doubt he did either of those things.

2006-11-19 17:32:51
244.   Greg Brock
Let the healing begin...
2006-11-19 17:32:52
245.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm not a Christian, but I do try to convert people, constantly. I'm like the Geico of religious conversion, though, since I try to pick the one I think would be best for the person. Although, if Geico's success rate were as low as mine, they would be well out of business, by now.
2006-11-19 17:36:34
246.   Greg Brock
The Unitarians are going to hell.

Seriously, pick an ethos and stick to it.


2006-11-19 17:37:24
247.   Bob Timmermann
I was out earlier, but the Dodgers tied an LA record for team LOB this season.

Having lots of runners left on base is usually a sign that there were lots of runners getting on base. Some of these fancy statitory types tell me that getting runners on base helps you score runs.

But them guys with their slide rules and supercomputers can't measure the size of a player's heart. Usually you need an X-ray or MRI to get an accurate measure of that.

2006-11-19 17:39:43
248.   Greg Brock
Those fancy statitory guys also tell me that it's easier to score from first on a home run than it is to score from first on a single.

I think I read that on Prospectus somewhere.

2006-11-19 17:43:48
249.   Bob Timmermann
Greg Brock's heart: approximately 11 oz.
Greg Brock's soul: indeterminate
2006-11-19 17:44:52
250.   Greg Brock
Greg Brock has no soul.

Karl Dorrell killed it after the Wyoming game.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-11-19 17:46:50
251.   Greg Brock
I actually sold my soul to Milhouse Van Houten for 5 dollars.

The story was made into a television episode.

You might have seen it.

2006-11-19 17:47:15
252.   CanuckDodger
248 -- Greg, if it's easy, it isn't worth doing.
2006-11-19 17:47:34
253.   GoBears
Wow, Canuck. I agree with the baseball-related substance of what you say much more often than not, and I've learned a thing or two from you as well. But even when I agree with you and learn from you, I find your approach to commenting extremely off-putting.

Which is too bad. You have valuable insight to offer, especially as regards minor leaguers, but I'm henceforth denying myself the privilege of that insight because I can't take the rude tone. After a while, people get tired of being called stupid (even if not in so many words). And, as a Jewish person myself, I have to say, I found your jag about Ryan Church and other evangelical Christians to be misguided and offensive.

Put it another way: Your stats are good. but the problem is in the chemistry department. So I'll save myself the aggravation from now on.

2006-11-19 17:48:07
254.   Bob Timmermann
I have since traded Greg Brock's soul for some pogs.
2006-11-19 17:49:24
255.   trainwreck
Do not worry, we are going to the Hawaii Bowl!!
2006-11-19 17:49:47
256.   Greg Brock
254 Alf pogs?
2006-11-19 17:50:38
257.   Greg Brock
255 Where we shall be smited...or smote...or smoted...

You know, beat really badly.

2006-11-19 17:52:17
258.   trainwreck
Steve Allen pogs.
2006-11-19 17:53:19
259.   Bob Timmermann
Karl Dorrell pogs.
2006-11-19 17:53:45
260.   trainwreck
Who wants to win those pogs?
2006-11-19 17:54:25
261.   Greg Brock
259 I hear good things about those pogs.

They keep improving.

2006-11-19 17:56:33
262.   Bob Timmermann
My brother had to cover Saint Louis U's basketball game at Texas A&M tonight.

The Aggies won 69-33.

I do not envy him having to write an interesting story about that game.

2006-11-19 17:59:04
263.   trainwreck
I do not know if they have changed it, but Saint Louis U has the dumbest logo in college sports.
2006-11-19 18:00:30
264.   Suffering Bruin
My bi-weekly check in while I recover from the very, very funny comments here (funny in a good way, folks).

Justin Speier, signed by the Angels (hat tip Rob) for 4yr/$18 million dollars.

I have sent my son outside to throw a baseball.

"But Daaaaad! It's dark outside!"


2006-11-19 18:01:30
265.   Bob Timmermann
Beware the Billiken!

2006-11-19 18:02:55
266.   Bob Timmermann
More of the Billiken!

2006-11-19 18:03:35
267.   trainwreck
It is like winking at me in a really weird manner. Like he is planning to do things to me.
2006-11-19 18:06:44
268.   Bob Timmermann
The Billiken is supposed to be a good luck charm. They have a big belly you are supposed to rub.

They were popular at the turn of the last century and the name got attached to Saint Louis U's teams. And they never bothered to get rid of it.

Locals call the team "The Bills" or "SLU" (slew).

2006-11-19 18:14:05
269.   Greg Brock
Suffering Bruin has decided to put family and job ahead of Dodger Thoughts.

This bothers me.

2006-11-19 18:29:55
270.   Bob Timmermann
News updae:

Bo Schembechler is still dead.

2006-11-19 18:31:49
271.   trainwreck
That affects the BCS standings right?
2006-11-19 18:37:24
272.   Greg Brock
I wonder which revered college coach will leave us next.

I'm betting on Todd Bozeman or Dave Bliss.

2006-11-19 19:01:20
273.   StolenMonkey86
Was it mentioned yet that Catalanotto is a Ranger?

And is it bad that I had to copy-paste to spell his name right?

2006-11-19 19:01:42
274.   StolenMonkey86
273 - * pending physical
2006-11-19 19:03:45
275.   Gen3Blue
Any team that would not give Loney a shot at playing every day is clearly beyone the pale.( 3 points for anyone who gets that illusion right.)
Having said something relevant to DT(I hope) I will indulge in selfish pleasure.
DTV provides a great range of programing in its main package, but holds a handful of channels for a " premium package" for $5-10 more. These are dynamic, and ocasionaly they withdraw one from their regular package and put it in premium. This recently happened to FMC (Fox Movie Channel), that joined the Science channel, the Military channel and several others as a premium offering. However, they keep adding free,(at least to regular subscription customers) channels, which unfortunetly are often shopping channels, but a few seem to be added for nepotism or other reasons. One of the recent additions, the I channel, is running "One flew over the Cuckoo's nest, which is better than any combo of FMC's movies for years.
So evolution may work after all, and preserve the value of DTV's regular package.
Is this not true?
2006-11-19 19:07:42
276.   Bob Timmermann
Cut and paste is my friend.

Especially with that Braves catching prospect whose name I am too lazy to look up and use and cut and paste for.

2006-11-19 19:11:47
277.   Steve
I did not know that Jim Hendry was a Keynesian.
2006-11-19 19:18:34
278.   Greg Brock
According to Richard Nixon, we are all Keynesians now.

Of course, Nixon was wrong about some stuff...

2006-11-19 19:19:50
279.   Andrew Shimmin
Ryan Church is responsible for all the monetary policy in the world.
2006-11-19 19:21:27
280.   natepurcell
matsuzaka and boras are at the laker game lol.
2006-11-19 19:22:10
281.   natepurcell
holy crap kwame brown
2006-11-19 19:22:30
282.   Uncle Miltie
280- was just gonna post that

That was a nasty dunk by Kwame

2006-11-19 19:27:33
283.   StolenMonkey86
Michael Jordan felt a little better watching that dunk.

Andrew, is it Ryan Church's fault that Kwame Brown looked like Michael Jordan drafted the wrong guy with the first overall pick?

2006-11-19 19:35:35
284.   Andrew Shimmin
283- What on earth would Ryan Church have to do with that? That's just crazy.
2006-11-19 19:51:10
285.   trainwreck
I miss getting every Laker game :(
2006-11-19 19:57:19
286.   Bob Timmermann
When it comes to economics, I remain a devout mercantilist.
2006-11-19 20:04:04
287.   Gen3Blue
No one chooses to comment on Loney. Nough said.
2006-11-19 20:04:50
288.   Greg Brock
No love for the barter economy?
2006-11-19 20:10:50
289.   Andrew Shimmin
286- Back when I was a blogger, I had a long series of exchanges with an honest to Choi mercantilist. He kept quoting Abraham Lincoln, and explaining to me that Lincoln was much smarter than I was. I don't remember if I weighed in on who (or what), I thought, might be smarter than he was.
2006-11-19 20:12:54
290.   Uncle Miltie
286- you must not be a big fan of Adam Smith. I bet you destroyed all the copies of The Wealth of Nations at your library.
2006-11-19 20:13:04
291.   Bob Timmermann
USC has opened as a 7.5 point favorite against the Evil Ones from Indiana.
2006-11-19 20:14:34
292.   Greg Brock
291 Southern Cal doesn't play Purdue this year.
2006-11-19 20:17:04
293.   Greg Brock
Oh, you were referring to Valparaiso.

Sorry Bob.

2006-11-19 20:17:41
294.   Gen3Blue
Isn't there an Adam Smith from both the 19th and 20th century . Or am I off by a century or two?
2006-11-19 20:20:10
295.   Andrew Shimmin
Looking through this list of lawsuits against bloggers, it looks like the best way to avoid being sued for blogging is to not be Luke Ford. Which, well, that's good advice in any case.

2006-11-19 20:21:27
296.   Greg Brock
294 Wealth of Nations was published in 1776.

It was a good year for stuff to happen.

2006-11-19 20:22:40
297.   Andrew Shimmin
There was a fake Adam Smith named George Goodman who is (or was; he's not dead yet) an economist, but the real one was from the 18th century. There's also a congressman called Adam Smith, from Washington.
2006-11-19 20:24:03
298.   Greg Brock
Amazingly enough, Congressional candidate Karl Marx did not win in Colorado's 3rd District.
2006-11-19 20:24:19
299.   Gen3Blue
295 After trying to wade through that quagmire I surender.

It must be Adam Laroche and Reggie Smith!

2006-11-19 20:24:35
300.   StolenMonkey86
290 - Come on, librarians don't destroy books.

They hide them. :)

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-11-19 20:29:57
301.   Andrew Shimmin
Do you think Cruise was able to get on top of the box he's standing on, in this photo, directly, or do you think he needed a smaller box as an intermediate step?

2006-11-19 20:37:34
302.   Bob Timmermann
At LAPL, "The Wealth of Nations" is classified under 330 S642

It's complete title is:
An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations

However, it should come up in a catalog under both titles.

I can email the MARC record to interested parties.

2006-11-19 20:38:28
303.   Gen3Blue
I apologize prefusially( although I am sure I murdered some spelling here.) After praising the I? network that ran "one flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", I find it is running the worst kind of fundimental religious stuff, although I cannot tell if ist is christian or muslem. I am sorry. Good night. Unbelievable! I may have to give them credit for such a thought generating movie!
2006-11-19 20:38:45
304.   trainwreck
He is being held up by a series of invisible wires.
2006-11-19 20:41:02
305.   Bob Timmermann
Crouching Katie, Hidden Tom?
2006-11-19 20:41:37
306.   Andrew Shimmin
302- Or, you could cut out the middle man. Though, this would probably be a tough one to read on a screen.

2006-11-19 20:42:54
307.   Greg Brock
Katie cleans up nice. Very few people would look that good after being locked in a basement for 15 months.
2006-11-19 20:43:57
308.   Gen3Blue
Oh my God--Its Falwell!
2006-11-19 20:45:31
309.   Gen3Blue
Katie does clean up well--Oh my God! they killed Kenny!
2006-11-19 20:45:45
310.   Bob Timmermann
I believe most works originally published 230 years ago are in the public domain.

But I'm not a copyright lawyer. The lawyers at Disney might be trying to change that.

2006-11-19 20:54:18
311.   Steve
When the Giants sign Juan Pierre, as a practical joke we can call the PTO every year and renew his copyright on behalf of Brian Sabean.
2006-11-19 20:55:59
312.   Bob Timmermann
That would be the LOC for copyrights.
2006-11-19 20:56:40
313.   Bob Timmermann
I should say LC for copyrights. They don't use the O in the abbreviation.
2006-11-19 21:01:31
314.   trainwreck
Can one of you start a blog to get the War at Home off tv?
2006-11-19 21:09:07
315.   Steve
2006-11-19 21:36:12
316.   twerp
FWIW, writer says bring back Jeff Weaver====

2006-11-19 21:38:43
317.   trainwreck
I was going to suggest that, but as more of a joke. Doesn't Jeff want around 10 million?
2006-11-19 21:57:41
318.   CanuckDodger
For wanting the Dodgers to sign Jeff Weaver, Loren Ledin of the Ventura County Star is stupid. There. I said it. So, in addition to insulting Greg Brock, Christians, the City of Los Angeles and the Greater Metropolitan area of Los Angeles, and offending GoBears, I have insulted Loren Ledin. I am quite shameless and clearly beyond redemption.
2006-11-19 21:59:36
319.   twerp
316 Don't know what he wants, but with Darth Boras as his agent, it'll be up there. Colletti wouldn't pay what Weaver asked last time. Which, based on what he'd done with LA, was a good move.

If he can keep his head and pitch the way he did for the most part with the Cardinals, he'd be a good signing for someone. At insane $$, no doubt, in this market.

I've been trying to find out if what I heard about the Cardinals discovering he had adult ADD, then getting him treated is right. If so, it might account for the change in his focus and temperament when he pitched for St. L.

2006-11-19 22:00:51
320.   das411
Ahhh team chemistry:

2006-11-19 22:03:00
321.   Steve
So now that that's cleared up, at least one source is reporting that Nomar's two-year deal is done.
2006-11-19 22:04:33
322.   Steve
That source, it can now be said, being the Associated Press.
2006-11-19 22:04:35
323.   twerp
318. You seem to be on a roll.

You can achieve at least a start on redemption by insulting and offending Scott Boras.

2006-11-19 22:07:34
324.   StolenMonkey86 has it too
2006-11-19 22:09:35
325.   StolenMonkey86
have I missed something here - Gurnick said something about chronic knee problems with Loney. How severe is this?
2006-11-19 22:13:29
326.   CanuckDodger
323 -- Insult Scott Boras? That's low-hanging fruit, my friend. I need a challenge.
2006-11-19 22:17:01
327.   trainwreck
Already talking about trading Loney uggh.
2006-11-19 22:17:39
328.   Uncle Miltie
Taking bets on Nomar's contract.

I'm guessing 2 years $22-24 million.

2006-11-19 22:19:53
329.   Andrew Shimmin
318- If this is the route you've chosen, so be it, but it's not like Brock or GoBears are withering flowers. They're booth good guys, neither lacking a sense of humor. Your comments often read as abrasive for no purpose but irritation. If you think you're really being funny, and that everyone is misinterpreting it AND that their misinterpretation is their own fault, so be it. But there's a competing hypothesis which bears inspection, at least.

When offense is given, unintentionally, it's not too hard to express regret that it has been. Where there's no intent, it's easy enough to let go. But, where offense is given, unintentional or not, and isn't apologized for, it's asking too much to demand the benefit of the doubt.

2006-11-19 22:19:56
330.   Uncle Miltie
325/327- Loney had a knee injury in high school. Besides that, it's just Gurnick spewing from the mouth.
2006-11-19 22:21:48
331.   GIDP
I don't think Loney will get traded. 120 games of Nomar, including stints as DH in interleague games, equals about 60 starts at first for Loney, plus possible outfield time.
2006-11-19 22:25:05
332.   trainwreck
Logan White is the only reason why I think Loney will not be traded.
2006-11-19 22:29:34
333.   Eric Stephen
Here is the quote from Ken Gurnick's article:

*"There has been much speculation that second baseman Jeff Kent would be moved to first base or rookie James Loney would be given a chance to play regularly at first base with Garciaparra moving to third base, but club officials say Garciaparra probably will remain at first base.

Loney becomes expendable and tradable, unless the club decides his chronic knee problems are not serious enough to prevent a move to the outfield."*

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but this quote seems to be the pre-framing, laying the groundwork if you will, of a Loney trade. It's similar to all the Joel Guzman attitude and sulking stories leaking out before his departure.

I wonder how much of this quote is Gurnick editorializing and how much is simply repeating what is heard constantly as a Dodgers' daily beat writer.

I certainly don't want to see Loney go. Of the 3 big offensive prospects the Dodgers could have break in next season (Loney, Kemp, LaRoche) I have the most confidence in Loney's production.

2006-11-19 22:30:45
334.   Eric Stephen
Can someone tell me how to use italics and/or bold in these posts?

Muchas Gracias

2006-11-19 22:35:35
335.   Bob Timmermann
You can't make italics in the comments.

The FAQ are here:

2006-11-19 22:36:35
336.   Andrew Shimmin
334- The answer you seek can be found here:

2006-11-19 22:37:16
337.   Andrew Shimmin
Wow. A full minute. That's just embarrassing.
2006-11-19 22:43:15
338.   caseybarker
Has anyone answered the question about how to find these young Dodgers' pages?
2006-11-19 22:47:59
339.   trainwreck
You have to be apart of myspace, but if you go to the website there is a search function and you can type in their names.
2006-11-19 22:50:15
340.   caseybarker
I did, and I found some pages for Loney, but with no profiles or pictures.
2006-11-19 22:53:56
341.   trainwreck
Yeah, I am sure there are probably a lot of fake ones that devoted fans just made.
2006-11-19 22:55:46
342.   natepurcell
i cant believe gurnick is suggesting loney is expenadable. we just signed a 33yr old to a two 2stop gap contract. how does that make a 22yr old who just hit .380 in AAA last year expendable?
2006-11-19 22:57:24
343.   natepurcell
and also, did these chronic knee problems just appear? what the hell?
2006-11-19 22:59:10
344.   trainwreck
Exactly what I was thinking. Never heard of this before.

I am starting to believe what Eric said and this is just trying to open the fans up to trading Loney.

2006-11-19 23:09:17
345.   Uncle Miltie
343- Just "Gurnick being Gurnick"
2006-11-19 23:13:31
346.   CanuckDodger
344 -- Loney is not getting traded. I say that as someone who is paranoid about lots of our prospects who shouldn't be traded getting traded. Minor league first basemen as a rule have little trade value, and one's without much power have less value. It is the prospects with more trade value that I worry about Colletti feeling tempted to deal. Also, I think Colletti has no illusions about Garciaparra being anything less than a terrible injury risk. Ironically, our having Loney probably made Colletti MORE likely to re-sign Nomar than less, because he thought that when Nomar goes down, he still has Loney, so there's nothing to worry about. All of which points to the real tragedy here: Loney isn't getting traded, but he is probably going to be a bench player for the Dodgers for two years before he will be given a shot at becoming a full-time player. It's a waste, it's bad roster and resource management, and it sure can't be good for Loney's long-term development, but at least it doesn't absolutely close the door on Loney having the long-term future with us that I want to see him have.
2006-11-19 23:15:29
347.   Steve
Just because Gurnick doesn't write for the LA Times doesn't mean you shouldn't ignore him (see Modesti, Kevin; that other idiot at the Daily News whose name I can't remember; that other idiot with the "who's to say" argument; etc.). I think that a team willing to give 20+ million dollars (more correctly than not, in my judgment) to Nomar Garciaparra is willing to take a shot on James Loney's "chronic" knee problems.
2006-11-19 23:32:52
348.   natepurcell
this is way gross...

Steve Trachsel is starting to find interest from several teams, and there are whispers out of Los Angeles that an affordable three-year deal for Trax is in the works with the Dodgers, who are tired of Greg Maddux's contract demands.

2006-11-19 23:36:47
349.   trainwreck
What?!! Three years!!!
2006-11-19 23:37:36
350.   trainwreck
The idea that Ned wants to sign two pitchers makes me think either he has very little faith in Billingsley or he is going to trade Penny.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-11-19 23:43:22
351.   StolenMonkey86
I don't want Steve Trash Hill. I'd rather have Jose Lima back.
2006-11-19 23:45:48
352.   Breitbart
Apparently, the Garciaparra signing is official, and will be announced tomorrow. Two years, terms not yet reported.

2006-11-19 23:53:52
353.   natepurcell
latimes says 2yrs 18mils.

thats actually a good price for this market.

2006-11-19 23:54:19
354.   ToyCannon
Aren't many teams in need of a 1st baseman, because it is the easiest position to fill. Canuck is right, Loney has the least amount of trade value of our top prospects because of the reasons he stated. You can look through the entire league and only find a few teams who need a 1st baseman.

Pirates, Giants in the NL
Orioles, Tampa Bay, possibly Yankee's in the AL.

Of those teams you can bet the house the Yankee's won't be dealing for a rookie to man 1st base.

Pirates - have some interesting pitching and I wouldn't be adverse to moving Loney for some of it.

Giants - Cain and Linecrum and they aren't moving those guys for Loney

Orioles - could be a partner

Tampa Bay - send us bossman and we'll call it even:)

Don't mention the Reds. Votto is probably as good a prospect as Loney.

I am really down on Ned at the moment. A player proves right under your nose that he can't stay healthy enough to be productive enough over a full season and you reward him with a bigger contract at a position that probably didn't filling. Probably a good time to take the winter off and see what we have come spring or this could just be a very depressing winter. I hate Steve Traschel as much as Greg Brock and D4p despise Mr.Eckstein. Maybe even more then Bob hates Frank Robinson.

2006-11-19 23:54:36
355.   natepurcell
The Dodgers were one of three finalists for Soriano, according to a source close to the negotiations, but declined to match a Cubs offer that eclipsed outfielder Carlos Beltran's seven-year, $119-million deal with the New York Mets two years ago.
2006-11-19 23:56:45
356.   CanuckDodger
If we sign Trachsel for even one year, let alone three, I am going to be insulting so many people with such vehemence that the word "stupid" will seem like a high compliment by comparison.
2006-11-19 23:58:17
357.   Xeifrank
Hardball Times has a nice little recap of the top young pitchers from the Az Fall league. Meloan was the only Dodger mentioned. I'm not sure what Greg Brock thinks of Meloan as I'm not sure if he pitches out of the stretch or windup! :) vr, Xei

Meloan got a late start to the 2006 season and pitches out of the bullpen exclusively, so the Arizona Fall League was an ideal environment to build up his stamina. His fastball sits in the mid-90s, but his velocity drops when he pitches on short rest. If he stays healthy and continues to strengthen his durability, Meloan could appear in some high-leverage situations with the Dodgers sometime in 2007. He is probably the least well-known minor leaguer who has a good chance of making an impact in the major leagues as soon as next year.

2006-11-19 23:59:50
358.   natepurcell
the latimes article also states:

-lee is seeking a 6yr 100mil deal
-dodgers are "looking" at roberts, pierre and matthews
-dodgers dont plan to bid on igawa

2006-11-20 00:01:53
359.   natepurcell

meloand has gotten alot of "sleeper" love from scouts and statehead publications alike. its well deserved, hes turned into a monster since being drafted from U of Arizona. It seems that his velocity has increased to go along with harder, nastier breaking stuff.

2006-11-20 00:03:00
360.   trainwreck
Giants and Angels please take Pierre and Matthews away from us!!
2006-11-20 00:14:25
361.   CanuckDodger
It's funny, most baseball fans want the off-season to be full of news about their favorite team signing free agents and making trades. I always want the GM of my favorite team -- be it Evans, DePodesta, Colletti, it doesn't matter who -- to just say "Screw it!" and take a vacation till spring training. Baseball GM's, like governments, govern best when they govern least.
2006-11-20 00:17:38
362.   Robert Daeley
Chicago trivia: the Sears Tower cost $150 million to build from 1970-73.
2006-11-20 00:29:59
363.   GIDP
Nomar: 31 2B, 20 HR, 93 RBI, 42 BB, 30 SO, .303, .367, .505, .872, 122 games

Drew: 34 2B, 20 HR, 100 RBI, 89 BB, 106 SO, .283, .393, .498, .891, 146 games

120 games of Nomar is pretty formidable. I am a big Loney fan, I think he'll still get plenty of starts at first, as I speculated earlier, and who knows, Nomar may even platoon with Betemit at times if LaRoche isn't ready. If Loney struggles early, there is no pressure and no Konerko-for-Jeff-Shaw-type trade around the corner.

2006-11-20 00:33:24
364.   Bob Timmermann
Roughly accounting for inflation, that would be over $750 million in today's dollars.


2006-11-20 00:41:41
365.   LAT
What a difference a day makes:

Here I was giving credit to Ned for not making any stupid moves and now he is working to sign Traschel, may trade Looney, and came close to signing Soriano to an absurd contract. All this and Monday is barely under way.

It seems odd that the Dodgers would "market" Looney by advertising him as damaged goods. So I don't really think they will try to move him.

Also don't mind the Nomar deal too much. Actually it was marginal yesterday. Today, it looks great compared to the other stuff Ned is purportedly considering.

2006-11-20 00:55:19
366.   LAT
Trachsel is such a bad idea I don't even know where to start. Not only is he no good but he is probably the least entertaining pitcher in baseball. Even if he pitches well it will be still feel like a root canal.
2006-11-20 00:57:48
367.   Greg Brock
Seward's Folly would still only cost about 90 million bucks.
2006-11-20 04:02:14
368.   DodgerfaninNY
Now that Fonzie signed for $130 mil, I suppose JD Drew must be rethinking the 2 yrs./$30 mil the Saux supposedly offered. I am so grateful that Carlos Lee doesn't want to play on the west coast.
2006-11-20 07:03:01
369.   Jon Weisman
365 - You are basing your revised opinion on Ned on unsourced "whispers" from a site called Gotham Baseball, a throwaway line by Gurnick about trading Loney, and a completely undefined notion of how Colletti "came close" to signing Soriano to an absured contract.
2006-11-20 07:04:05
370.   twerp

"...whispers out of Los Angeles that an affordable three-year deal for Trax is in the works with the Dodgers, who are tired of Greg Maddux's contract demands."

A horse.. whisperer, maybe?

IMO, unlikely Ned's tired of trying to re-sign Maddux. Tired of agent Boras, probably. Ned probably wants Maddux back for all the reasons he wanted him in July. But he does have to have a deal he can live with.

2006-11-20 07:33:52
371.   Gen3Blue
It seems unlikely they'd trade Loney( or maybe this is wishful thinking.) Where else can they get a replacement for .3mil when Nomar goes down for a month or two. You can't play Seinz every day can you?
2006-11-20 08:22:23
372.   LAT
369. I know. This time of year I am likely to revise my opinion 5 or 10 times a day based on unsubstiantied rumor. (Hey, at least I used the word "purportedly.") My true evaluation will take hold based on the deals Ned actually completes, which I hope will be very few. There will be plenty of time to make deals in the spring or by July there is no need for Ned to participate in this FA frenzy just to appear as though he is doing something.
2006-11-20 09:56:36
373.   blue22
I'm disappointed to see LA sitting out of the Igawa bidding. I thought he'd be a good sleeper to add to the rotation. As Maddux drifts further away from LA, Zito or Schmidt far from guaranteed to land here, and my Penny-trade radar going off the charts, LA needs pitching.
2006-11-20 15:36:11
374.   50 years a Dodger Fan
Calming down, we really don't know how Pierre will work out until we sign him, which hasn't happened yet and may not happen, and we see him play. Every day and every season is an opportunity to be great or gruesome. They say hope springs eternal.
I suppose there are no gentle rules of conduct between GMs; dirty pool is allowed. And that just might be what the Juan Pierre rumor could be. If you're trying to sign Gary Mathews, Jr., for $10M per annum, hearing a rumor that the team is ready to sign Pierre for 5 years $45M, might have some influence on you. Or if you're a GM that's trying to trade Andruw Jones, or Crawford, or Burrell to the Dodgers, hearing the Pierre rumor might get you thinking the bus was pulling out. Ned might be an expert at using rumors as a weapon. I hope so...

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