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Staff Inflection
2006-12-21 14:53
by Jon Weisman

You can get a rundown of all Dodger minor league staffing assignments for 2007 by following this link. Among the interesting new and returning names on the list: Mike Easler, Ken Howell, John Shoemaker, Luis Salazar, Danny Darwin, Dave Collins, Steve Yeager, Charlie Hough, Lance Parrish, Garey Ingram, Bill Robinson and Gene Clines.

In other news, star-crossed, cadaver-cartilaged ex-Dodger lefthander Derek Thompson will go to Spring Training with Oakland on a minor-league contract, according to The Associated Press.

* * *

The relatively new Dodgers Fan Rewards Club, which encouraged fans of the team to shop at participating merchants to earn points toward Dodger-related prizes, has gone by the wayside, according to an e-mail sent to members today. A Dodger Thoughts reader forwarded me a copy:

Dear Dodgers Fan Rewards Club Member:

We regret to inform you that Sports Loyalty Systems, Inc., the third-party company that operated the Dodgers Fan Rewards Club Program (the "Program") for the past year, ceased operations as of December 19, 2006. Because of the termination of the Program by Sports Loyalty Systems, Inc., the Program's website is no longer available and points can no longer be earned at Dodger Stadium or through participating merchant sponsors.

In January 2007, you will be contacted by e-mail regarding the status of your Program account and the termination of the Program. At that time, customer service representatives will also be able to assist you and answer any questions that you may have regarding your account.

We apologize for any inconvenience that Sports Loyalty Systems, Inc.'s termination of the Program may cause you, and we thank you for your cooperation and continued support of the Dodgers.


Los Angeles Dodgers

Going to the rewards site today leads to a phone number, which in turn offers you a recording reiterating that "the team will be in contact with you in the near future regarding the status of any accumulated points." My sense is that the Dodgers will make good in some fashion, though I don't know if anyone will get the 25,000-point "Strategy Session with
GM or Manager"

Comments (72)
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2006-12-21 15:30:15
1.   heato
I always hoped Derek Thompson would be able to come back from his injury and throw in the bullpen. He was one of the few bright spots (albeit briefly) I remember from 2005. Whenever I hear about Derek, though, the first thing I think of Duaner throwing his glove at a ground ball.
2006-12-21 15:33:08
2.   stopthebeachballs
The opportunity to have the first comment was too tempting to pass up, even if I don't particularly have anything to say about the coaching assignments. Instead, I'll offer a couple of toss-up questions for the 2007 season:
1. Who will have more HR's, Nomar or Triplets?
2. Who will have more saves, Saito or Broxton?
3. Who will have more assists, Slappy McPutout or Triplets?
2006-12-21 15:46:20
3.   Berkeley Doug

1. Nomar
2. Saito
3. They will end the season tied, both with zero.

2006-12-21 16:04:07
4.   gpellamjr
2 Is "Slappy McPutout" the official name for Pierre on DT? I only ask because it's awefully suggestive--it almost makes me want to like him as much as I hate him. And that's just not right.
2006-12-21 16:13:06
5.   D4P
Is "Slappy McPutout" the official name for Pierre on DT?

I've advocated "Pier Juan." I also like "John Peter", which I saw on another board.

2006-12-21 16:17:17
6.   D4P
PS: "Pier Juan" can be shortened to "PJ"
2006-12-21 16:19:52
7.   gpellamjr
5 I like "Pier Juan" a lot, Andrew.
2006-12-21 16:21:24
8.   D4P
Thanks, Joey.
2006-12-21 16:27:23
9.   Andrew Shimmin
Nobody on Juan out (NoJo) is still in the mix, no? It might be nice to have a few, though, for variety's sake. There'll be carping enough, I expect, to support multiple entries. Thinking up derogatory nicknames for Mr. Pierre may be a growth industry.
2006-12-21 16:28:00
10.   gibsonhobbs88
I just want to wish all the commentators and readers here at DT a healthy and happy holiday season and a joyous 2007. Looking toward an interesting year with the Blue.
Unless something significant happens (Trade or FA signing that directly or indirectly affects the Dodgers) before Jan. 1, I will be enjoying the holidays with my family and have a self-imposed fast from reading DT.

"Be excellent to one another"
From GibsonHobbs88!

2006-12-21 16:31:53
11.   gpellamjr
8 I would be honored if you're confusing me with JoeyP, that guy once in a while impresses me with strikingly well-constructed sentences.
2006-12-21 16:54:48
12.   Jon Weisman
I still think nicknames should be shorter and easier to type than the full name. Like Smickpee.

10 - All the best to you, GH88 :)

2006-12-21 16:59:17
13.   dkminnick
2006-12-21 17:23:00
14.   FirstMohican
I endorse 13
2006-12-21 17:34:09
15.   El Lay Dave
5 I like them all. "John Peter" reminds me of that famous Italian composer, Joseph Green.
2006-12-21 17:37:08
16.   twerp
Nice Koufax tribute, touching on more of the man than just on-field success.

Some comments following also worthwhile, IMO. From one: "On any given weeknight game, the Dodgers would draw about 25,000 people. When Sandy pitched, they drew 35,000+. We all remember his blazing fastball, but what set up that pitch was his slow curve that seemed to break about 18 inches. It was great to see those heavy hitters dig in and scrunch up waiting for his fastball, and then bail out as that huge curve came right at their head, and then broke over the plate for a called strike."

Also a good description in comments of a Koufax vs. Clemente battle.

And this about the impression Koufax made on Jim Palmer in '66: "Jim Palmer was asked once if he saw things that impressed him. He said that in the 1966 series against the Dodgers, Koufax threw a curve ball that was shoulder high in front of the plate and Roseboro dug the pitch out of the dirt. He said that was one time he said "Wow, how did he do that?"

From same comment: "I heard him once say that he intended to throw a no-hitter every time he pitched, then when someone got a hit his goal was a shut-out, and should someone score his efforts went to winning the game."

.....and should someone score.......

(This commenter says Koufax had a FB, curve, and slider. But I understand he had just two--FB and curve.)

Anyhow, link to main column:

2006-12-21 17:44:30
17.   Vishal
this is along the lines of nojo, but how about "juan away"? it's how we'll start off most of our 1st innings, and it also describes how we want juan away from the dodgers.
2006-12-21 17:47:36
18.   D4P
I'm also open to


2006-12-21 18:08:13
19.   Icaros
I vote for "4.5" as Pierre's nickname.
2006-12-21 18:12:42
20.   still bevens
10 "Be excellent to one another"

Did anyone notice during Rutgers games that the kids in the student section and the band would do the air guitar strum they did in the future of Bill and Ted?

That sentence is a mouthfull.

2006-12-21 18:23:10
21.   Sam DC
I vote that nicknames not be voted, but instead be allowed to arise through use.
2006-12-21 18:24:59
22.   Bob Timmermann
I vote that Sam DC be allowed to choose all nicknames at his own whimsy.
2006-12-21 18:27:10
23.   Icaros

I agree.

2006-12-21 18:35:56
24.   gpellamjr
21 So it's mob rule you want, eh?

22 So it's tyranny you want, eh?

2006-12-21 18:40:54
25.   Sam DC
My first decree is that, henceforth, pellamjr shall be known as flounder.
2006-12-21 18:46:00
26.   Bob Timmermann
If we outlaw nicknames, only outlaws will have nicknames.
2006-12-21 19:01:12
27.   Greg Brock
Bob's getting his talking points from the nickname lobby.
2006-12-21 19:02:24
28.   Sam DC
I also declare that Greg Brock shall from now on be known only as Dee (short for Dee Snider).

And D4P can be Susan B.

2006-12-21 19:03:11
29.   Sam DC
What's a little funny is that, when I typed that, 26 was the last comment on the Board.
2006-12-21 19:05:28
30.   Greg Brock
Nickname power tends to corrupt, and absolute nickname power corrupts absolutely.
2006-12-21 19:12:13
31.   D4P
I vote that female posters be given the right to vote for Juan Pierre's nickname
2006-12-21 19:13:55
32.   Marty
Koufax also threw a forkball as I recall.

"Juan Out' is mine, and if you want to use it, I expect royalties.

2006-12-21 19:21:04
33.   Greg Brock
PJ works for me, but only because Pierre is such a Punch and Judy hitter.
2006-12-21 19:23:22
34.   Vishal
[31] speaking of which, is sushirabbit a female poster? a comment in the last thread about hormones had me wondering. and if so, what does that make our grand DT total... three? four?
2006-12-21 19:25:44
35.   Vishal
a punch and judy reference is a little too british, don't you think?
2006-12-21 19:35:10
36.   Icaros

You'll have to subtract one from the DT female total as a sort of D4P park adjustment.

2006-12-21 19:45:29
37.   gpellamjr
25 I suppose there's no power of appeal?


2006-12-21 19:47:47
38.   Steve
Does this make you Flounderperson of the year?
2006-12-21 19:49:15
39.   gpellamjr
38 Finally! Some recognition!
2006-12-21 19:50:50
40.   Sam DC
Well, this Post from Only Baseball Matters will warm your heart on a not cold winter day (except for you Midwest Blue).

2006-12-21 19:59:02
41.   Bob Timmermann
And neither Steve nor Daniel have not once yet gloated about BYU's rout over Oregon in the Las Vegas Bowl.

It's not over yet. But the Cougars lead 31-8 in the fourth.

2006-12-21 20:09:06
42.   Marty
Sushirabbit is not a female.
2006-12-21 20:09:51
43.   Icaros
For the record, neither is Marty.
2006-12-21 20:10:05
44.   Vishal
[36] hah! i didn't notice that it was D4P who made the remark in the first place. leave it to a sexist like him to assume women don't have the right to vote for nicknames.
2006-12-21 20:10:31
45.   Bob Timmermann
Can we make the logical leap to a conclusion then about Sushirabbit's gender?

Or is there some third option that I haven't been told about?

2006-12-21 20:11:29
46.   Marty
I'll stipulate Icaros is not a female either.
2006-12-21 20:13:04
47.   Marty
I have the hard evidence in the form of an Outlook address translation that Sushirabbit is no female.
2006-12-21 20:19:52
48.   Sam DC
What in the blazes does that mean?
2006-12-21 20:20:03
49.   Steve
Nice to see Gary crowton's offense back in action.
2006-12-21 20:22:47
50.   Marty
Sushirabbit sent me an email.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-12-21 20:23:36
51.   Bob Timmermann
The Cougars haven't won a bowl game since 1997 when they beat Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl.
2006-12-21 20:30:06
52.   Steve
Aye, there's been many a Las Vegas bowl, GMAC Bowl, and Liberty Bowl that have led to only tears.
2006-12-21 20:33:10
53.   Bob Timmermann
It will get worse for the Pac-10 in bowls before it gets better. I would be surprised if ASU can hang with UH in Honolulu on Christmas Eve.
2006-12-21 20:38:33
54.   Sam DC
I'm not sure if an email will really do for proof of gender.
2006-12-21 20:43:33
55.   Steve
I can unequivocally say that Ned Colletti is a sportsperson.
2006-12-21 20:45:45
56.   Greg Brock
54 Even if it's from
2006-12-21 20:53:24
57.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I would be surprised if ASU can hang with UH in Honolulu on Christmas Eve.
I guarantee it - we can't.
Koetter is mailing this in so badly, he'll be wearing a postman's uniform.
2006-12-21 20:55:23
58.   Andrew Shimmin
The man eats rabbits raw. I wouldn't want to go around questioning his sex. And, anyway, since I see where this is going, can we all agree that flashing the board is unacceptable?

Sam's in a frisky mood tonight.

2006-12-21 20:55:35
59.   Sam DC
56 Especially in that case.

Meanwhile, I'm still amazed that you can trade Jeff Conine and actually get other baseball players back in return.

2006-12-21 21:09:53
60.   Bob Timmermann
"Sushirabbit" would actually mean that rabbit (cooked or uncooked) would be served on top of vinegar rice.

The word "sushi" doesn't apply to fish.

2006-12-21 21:26:26
61.   Greg Brock
Wow, I always read it as "Sushi Rabbi T"

I always pictured T choppin' up tempura at the yeshiva.

2006-12-21 21:37:34
62.   Daniel Zappala
Bob, I would have gloated about BYU's win, but I was on the road from SLC to LA, listening to the Las Vegas Bowl on a station broadcasting from Albuquerque.

-- This post brought to you by the magic of Best Western's free WiFi.

2006-12-22 00:45:08
63.   Vishal
[56] that would be pretty suspicious actually.
2006-12-22 03:37:41
64.   Sam DC
From LA Obsereved (Edendale Asteroid story):

And some think of this part of Edendale as Silver Lake now. But that could be a matter of opinion.

Well, can't imagine anyone here would have an opinion about such a thing . . .

2006-12-22 06:47:11
65.   D4P
Bob, I would have gloated about BYU's win, but I was on the road from SLC to LA

Plus, you must have at least some loyalty to Oregon left, no...?

PS: It's time for Mike Bellotti to move on.

2006-12-22 07:30:25
66.   Sushirabbit
Take a night off and have my gender questioned. Next thing you know the NABA will be sending a gynecologist, endocrinologist, psychologist and an internal medicine specialist. And I thought my previous comments would have proven beyond a doubt my gender (read: sexist old geek). I mean really do any of you know a female with a quadruple-boot machine? Huh? Huh? Or one that one would brag about it on a baseball blog that rates movies of the 90s, math women, and nicknames for Juan Pierre? I mean really.

:-) My wife's nickname is wasabikitty (please don't start hitting on her Marty, I need her to clean the kitchen)

2006-12-22 07:36:39
67.   Sushirabbit
And I have sworn off calling players by derogatory nicknames, although it will be hard to not use CBC (come to think of it Bay of Pigs might suffice for a certain tall left-hander).

Besides doesn't Juan Pierre carry all the information needed? Let's don't get all Martin Heideger.

Vishal, you traded emails with me about Ireland, right? I'm afraid you've been kidnapped and an impostor is posting here.

2006-12-22 07:47:22
68.   Bob Timmermann
There's an Edendale branch of LAPL, but not one named Silver Lake interestingly.
2006-12-22 08:12:42
69.   Sushirabbit
Merry Chistmas! Or Scary Christmas depending. Just finally tried flickr since it's free-- now you can picture where these words originate. Oh the inanity!

Vishal, did you make it to Connemara? I don't remember. And Twerp if you see me in person don't hold my past comments against me, I just pray to God you don't work for my company.

2006-12-22 09:02:34
70.   CanuckDodger
A bit of news on the Brad Penny trade front. According to's pay site for the Blue Jays, the Jays tried to acquire Penny with an offer of Reed Johnson, Dustin McGowan, and an un-named Triple A pitcher. The Dodgers rejected that offer and counter-proposed a trade of Penny for Alexis Rios and prospect Adam Lind, but the Jays aren't ready to lose Rios in a Penny deal yet. Also, the Mets have told the Jays that to get Rios they would be willing to give up Aaron Heilman and Lastings Milledge, but the Jays will only say yes to such a deal if the Mets add pitching prospect Mike Pelfrey to the package.
2006-12-22 09:49:43
71.   ToyCannon
Nice to see the names that Ned asked for. Would love to Rios in RF for us. Seems like Ned is asking a bit much for Penny to also want Toronto to throw in Lind but no harm in asking.
2006-12-22 11:00:00
72.   Dane Bramage
68 There's also an Edendale PO branch. I went there to apply for a passport many moons ago.

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