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Freaky Reality
2007-01-04 08:10
by Jon Weisman

You can get a glimpse of Jason Schmidt on the mound at Dodger Stadium in his hometown whites, sort of, thanks to this MLB 2K7 image passed along by Dodger Thoughts reader Matthew Mitchell.

In other Thursday morning tidbits:

  • True Blue L.A. this week has been comparing the Dodgers to other National League rivals. Andrew, since you're on a roll, you might as well get Colorado in there :) Update: Done!

    By the way, how many N.L. West players will slug .500 or better this year? The answer may be, to quote Pete Puma, "Oh, three or four."

  • If you see Dave Studeman's regressing-to-the-mean article at The Hardball Times, note that the Luis Gonzalez that stands to boost his OPS isn't the Dodgers' Luis Gonzalez. It's Colorado's.

  • Jim Caple of makes the case for expanding the voting body for the Hall of Fame:

    How could it be a bad thing to let Vin Scully, Dave Niehaus and Jon Miller vote for the Hall of Fame? Actually, Scully already does vote on the veterans committee, so how could it hurt to add him to the first round as well?

    Another possibility would be to include some Society for American Baseball Research members. One of the reasons Blyleven has risen in the vote totals is the strong advocacy of stat analysts for him. We're obviously listening to their arguments, so why not let them vote directly? I'm not saying we should open it up to the entire membership, but perhaps SABR could pick an electoral college of members to be given ballots each year based on achievements in research and scholarship.

    Look, the BBWAA is filled with passionate writers who cherish their votes and agonize over them each winter. But that doesn't mean our group is infallible. Hell, the BBWAA just voted NOT to allow Internet writers into the organization, apparently preferring to wait and see whether this Internet thing catches on first, or perhaps just wait until there are no longer any newspapers in existence ( writers such as myself, Jayson Stark, Jerry Crasnick and Buster Olney receive Hall votes as lifetime members from our tenures at newspapers -- otherwise, we'd be ineligible). And some BBWAA voters are columnists and editors who rarely -- if ever -- attend games because they don't like baseball very much. Yet they vote on the game's ultimate honor.

    If the Hall of Fame gives the vote to them, there's no reason it can't give the ballot to some broadcasters and statheads. The Hall of Fame is just beginning to deal with some tough issues surrounding steroid suspects such as Mark McGwire. I'd like to get as much range of opinion on these candidates and this issue as possible.

    The question really isn't whether baseball writers are doing a good job with their Hall of Fame vote. The question is whether we could do an even better job if the voting base was expanded to include other knowledgeable, passionate voters. And the answer is, yes, it would.

    Yeah, I'd be pretty quick to hand Rich Lederer, Rob Neyer and Jay Jaffe ballots, just for starters.

  • Comments (61)
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    2007-01-04 08:16:40
    1.   paranoidandroid
    I hope Schmidt's back trouble doesn't flare up. He should chew up innings galore. That link proves he has a rubber arm!
    2007-01-04 08:23:47
    2.   Vishal
    from the previous thread, congratulations and best wishes to sushirabbit and his wife, and their new arrival!
    2007-01-04 08:42:26
    3.   Bob Timmermann
    They let historians vote in the special Negro League election and everybody hated the outcome.
    2007-01-04 08:43:49
    4.   Marty
    OK, we'll let the historians and the internet writers in. But we don't want the librarians!
    2007-01-04 09:02:04
    5.   underdog
    Yay, Pete Puma, animator Robert McKimson's finest, 7 minutes. I think we should imitate him every day here on the toaster. "I've been so wooOOooooOOOOooooorrriied about the Dodgers' power."
    2007-01-04 09:04:45
    6.   D4P
    What about the librarians who are also historians and internet writers...?
    2007-01-04 09:07:41
    7.   Bob Timmermann
    Kevin Starr and I aren't voting for the Hall of Fame.
    2007-01-04 09:14:48
    8.   D4P
    FJM has some nice HOF-related material up.

    The more attention I payt to awards, memberships, etc. that are based on stupid criteria, the angrier I get.

    2007-01-04 09:17:14
    9.   Jon Weisman
    I guess I should add that I lose no sleep over who's in the Hall of Fame. I just like who I like. But as long as there is a Hall, I'd be up for rethinking the voting body.

    3 - Is that coincidence or causal?

    2007-01-04 09:22:40
    10.   Sam DC
    Jon ogles women at Screen Jam!

    Although his traffic-surging skills are still pretty weak after all these years; no images or links.

    2007-01-04 09:25:31
    11.   Jon Weisman
    10 - I know - strange, huh. I guess it can't be all-Danica, all the time.
    2007-01-04 09:42:17
    12.   old dodger fan
    I confess to not knowing much about HOF voters. Are they like Supreme Court Justices (in for life) or do they rotate or have to be reappointed?

    Who appoints them?

    What if they never vote for anyone? Do they get booted?

    2007-01-04 09:45:08
    13.   Bob Timmermann
    HOF voters are BBWAA members with at least 10 straight years of membership. As long as your a dues paying member, you can stil vote until you're dead.

    Unless you work for a paper that doesn't let you vote for such things (like the LA Times and the NY Times).

    2007-01-04 09:52:58
    14.   regfairfield
    Your wish is my command, Jon. Dodgers versus the Rockies and the Giants:
    2007-01-04 09:57:12
    15.   Bob Timmermann
    I am wrapped up with the excitement of watching the House roll call to name the new Speaker. It takes a long time to read off 435 names.

    There are 8 people in the new House with the last name of Davis. I wonder if Don Young, the last guy in alphabetical order, just takes a nap while this goes on. Or maybe he goes and gets a snack. And what about the first guy, Neil Abercrombie, does he just hang out with Young to keep him awake?

    2007-01-04 10:06:14
    16.   D4P
    You must feel like you hit the lottery, what with all of this going down on your day off and all...
    2007-01-04 10:11:07
    17.   old dodger fan
    (15) Seems pretty boring since it's already decided; kind of like who's starting in CF for the Dodgers on opening day.

    I'm represented by one of the 8 Davis's. Can we make a trade? Oh, that's right, this isn't baseball. Too bad.

    2007-01-04 10:21:42
    18.   Bob Timmermann
    There's a Tom(my) Davis in the House, but no Willie Davis.

    There moving into the S names! Woo hoo!

    2007-01-04 10:29:51
    19.   D4P
    I have an S name! Hooray!
    2007-01-04 10:34:37
    20.   Hythloday
    Jon apparently had something to say about this new congress (Rule 5 violation?):

    2007-01-04 10:34:58
    21.   Marty
    2007-01-04 10:43:19
    22.   Jon Weisman
    20 - Just another doppelganger. Key point of differentiation - I am not, nor have I ever been, a Jonathan.
    2007-01-04 10:47:26
    23.   Hythloday
    22 - So you don't exclude the possibility that you might be a Jonathan in the future?

    That is the sort of open-mindedness that makes this blog great.

    2007-01-04 10:50:49
    24.   Linkmeister
    15 Since Abercrombie is my Representative I can safely say that Neil doesn't just hang out. He's a former UH prof, an anti-Vietnam protester, and a rabble-rouser.

    He used to drive around town in what may have been the last yellow Checkers cab in the state.

    2007-01-04 10:53:24
    25.   Jon Weisman
    23 - No, sorry, consider it excluded.

    The only name change possiblity in my life was when I was interested in this girl whose last name was Bensch, and I contemplated changing my name to Jonny Bensch if we ever got married.

    2007-01-04 10:57:38
    26.   Bob Timmermann
    Pelosi is going to be escorted to the Speaker's chair by the leadership of the two parties and the entire California delegation.

    That's like 60 people overall. Can't they just tell her "Go up to the top stop and grab the gavel?"

    Personally, my favorite Congressional procedural event is the counting of the electoral votes for president.

    2007-01-04 11:06:25
    27.   ToyCannon
    My 1st name is John but I go by my middle name of Phil. For some reason I always wanted to be a Jonathan.
    2007-01-04 11:07:47
    28.   Sam DC
    21 Are you referencing back to the earlier ogling incident involving Jan Smithers, or am I missing something.
    2007-01-04 11:15:58
    29.   Sam DC
    Never mind Marty, I get it now.
    2007-01-04 11:16:43
    30.   Bob Timmermann
    His name was Phil, but he called himself John, but everyone knew him as ToyCannon.
    2007-01-04 11:24:11
    31.   Bob Timmermann
    Sheesh, now they've started giving speeches in the House. That's no fun. I want mindless procedure! Time for a nap.
    2007-01-04 11:51:21
    32.   Daniel Zappala
    If I was ever elected, I would push for a reverse-alphabetical roll call.
    2007-01-04 11:51:41
    33.   Shotupthemiddle
    31 "Mindless Procedure" is what my ex-wife used to call me in bed....

    Did I say that out loud?

    2007-01-04 11:52:04
    34.   Daniel Zappala
    I encouraged my kids to ask for reverse-alphabetical lines as they went to lunch so they could have a chance to be first. The person running the cafeteria was so confused she made them promise not to do it again.
    2007-01-04 12:04:22
    35.   Johnson
    30 That's it. I'm calling ToyCannon "Nancy" from here on out.
    2007-01-04 12:22:22
    36.   Hythloday
    Should we assume that ToyCannon's wife(gf) has met her match or that her name is Dan?
    2007-01-04 12:56:55
    37.   ToyCannon
    That would be Nancy Cannon to you.

    My wife's name was on a dog food bowl in a Jack Nicholson movie. It is the only time I've ever seen someone else with her name.

    2007-01-04 13:06:53
    38.   Benaiah
    37 - Verdell?
    2007-01-04 13:16:10
    39.   Indiana Jon
    25 27
    Just for the record, I too have a 1st name of Jon. I side with Jon and not John. Been called Jonathon many times, but like Jon I also haven't been and never will be. I also have been called John many times. Don't care for that one either, but please don't call me Phil.
    2007-01-04 13:20:23
    40.   ToyCannon
    Very impressive
    2007-01-04 13:23:22
    41.   Benaiah
    40 - Nice. That sprang to mind immediately for some strange reason. That is one of those movies I loved when I first saw it (at 14 or 15 years old) but now I don't really like at all. It is absurd to think that Helen Hunt, who I don't really like or find attractive, would fall in love with the guy that Nicholson plays.
    2007-01-04 13:27:37
    42.   Blaine
    39 Does it make a difference if someone "calls" you Jon or John?
    2007-01-04 13:27:57
    43.   trainwreck
    Big Unit going to Arizona for RHP Luis Vizcaino, SS Alberto Gonzales, RHP Ross Ohlendorf and RHP Steven Jackson. According to a WFAN report.

    Dang, they are not losing anything good.

    2007-01-04 13:33:37
    44.   3upn3down
    I tend to disagree strongly with Jim Mclennan's assumption that Livan Hernandez and Derek Lowe are a wash.
    2007-01-04 13:36:07
    45.   overkill94
    43 How will this affect the Rams' running game for next year?
    2007-01-04 13:41:23
    46.   Eric Enders
    3 The people who hated it were mostly people who knew nothing about the Negro Leagues except that they liked that cuddly old teddy bear they saw on TV. I thought the committee did a spectacularly good job.
    2007-01-04 13:42:52
    47.   Bob Timmermann
    But the people who liked the cuddly old teddy bear tended to have TV shows or other big soap boxes.
    2007-01-04 13:45:21
    48.   Koufax32
    I would like to extend a Happy Birthday to an avid Dodgers Fan and Dodger Thoughts reader and poster, Almost Gagne! Here is to hoping that his year rivals the upcoming Dodger season of success, highlights, Vin Scully, and Dodger Dogs! GO BLUE!!!
    2007-01-04 13:51:14
    49.   Andrew Shimmin
    This is a little embarrassing, but I hear there's an opening for a new Ayatollah, and I was wondering if you all would mind if I used you as references? I really think this is the job for me; something I could be truly good at, you know? Anyway, thanks in advance.
    2007-01-04 13:51:30
    50.   Benaiah
    43 - So the Yankees must not be paying much if any of Johnson's salary.

    Ross Ohlendorf and Steven Jackson are both 24 year old pitchers with K/9 under 9 who had much better years last year (when they were old for their levels) then ever before. So in other words, they are crap shoots.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2007-01-04 13:52:53
    51.   Steve
    True. You would need at least two Derek Lowes to make one Livan Hernandez.
    2007-01-04 14:03:46
    52.   ToyCannon
    That cuddly old teddy bear did more as an ambassador for baseball then he did as a player and he deserved to be in the HOF for the combination of both services. JMO

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Blyleven and still wondering how Ron Santo is not a member. I dislike the HOF voting members. It really should only consist of 3 people. Bill James, Jay Jaffe and myself to break any ties.

    2007-01-04 14:11:10
    53.   Andrew Shimmin
    It's egomaniac day, here at DT! I want to be the Supreme ruler of Iran, ToyCannon's trying to usurp the rights of dues paying BBWAArs, and D4P, well, every day is egomaniac day for some people.
    2007-01-04 14:15:12
    54.   D4P
    Underneath the disco light
    Everybody's feelin' all right
    Get on your hands and knees
    And praise the new deity
    Serve the ego
    Serve the ego
    2007-01-04 14:40:32
    55.   Sam DC
    So the top two free agent pitchers choose the NL West and now Randy Johnson is traded to the Division.
    2007-01-04 14:41:25
    56.   D4P
    Don't forget the 9th Best Lefthander in the AL
    2007-01-04 14:42:03
    57.   Steve
    2007-01-04 14:44:39
    58.   D4P
    He's even better than I thought!
    2007-01-04 14:46:18
    59.   Jon Weisman
    New post up top.
    2007-01-04 19:52:47
    60.   Indiana Jon
    Depends on whether they "call" me on a cell or landline phone.
    2007-01-04 21:00:03
    61.   Jay Jaffe
    52 - I like the way you think, ToyCannon. You too, Mr. Weisman.

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