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Gain Weight Now - Ask Me How
2007-01-10 21:26
by Jon Weisman

Changes at Dodger Stadium, as reported by Bill Shaikin of the Times:

  • The lowest game-day ticket price at Dodger Stadium will be $10.

  • There will be a $35 advance, $40 game-day all-you-can-eat seat in the right-field pavilion. (No, you don't eat the seat, you sit in the seat and consume all the food you can eat. (At least until they say you can't eat anymore because you're really wreaking havoc with your cholesterol. (But just take them to court. (If you live long enough. (But I don't know if it's really worth it - even at Dodger Stadium prices, will you eat $25-$30 worth of food by yourself? (The average fan, according to the article, spends $12.30 when it's not all-you-can-eat. (Hmm ... a lot to think about. (Better think about it over a hot dog.))))))))

  • Total seats with a game-day price of $10 (top deck and left-field pavilion) declined to about 6,200.

    The Dodgers advanced to the playoffs last season and sold a record 3.76 million tickets along the way. But ticket demand could soften, and so the team should be wary of raising the price of the cheapest tickets and limiting their supply for fear of losing families, particularly at a time children might prefer to play video games or extreme sports, said Cal State Fullerton marketing professor Thomas Boyd.

    "The lowest-priced ticket should be about introducing your next generation of fans to the game, not just about filling seats," Boyd said.

    Update: Inside the Dodgers notes that there is still an $8 advance ticket available, so you can still get in the ballpark for single digits.

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    2007-01-10 21:45:36
    1.   Xeifrank
    All you can eat? That's interesting! That way you can spend the whole game standing in the food lines. Perhaps they should have a buffet line for those enjoying the all you can eat jamboree. vr, Xei
    2007-01-10 21:47:29
    2.   regfairfield
    End of an era. I've been getting top deck seats for six dollars my whole life.

    Without beer, eating 30 dollars worth of food seems doable, but unpleasent. Two dogs, large drink, nachos, and a frozen malt comes out to about 23 dollars.

    In theory, couldn't you just grab 100 boxes of Cracker Jack, take it home, and be set for life?

    2007-01-10 21:48:34
    3.   Greg Brock
    You're days are numbered, Dodger Dogs. I'm coming for you.

    What are you lauging at pretzels? You're next.

    2007-01-10 21:49:15
    4.   Xeifrank
    Did Tommy Lasorda's box move to the right field pavillion? vr, Xei
    2007-01-10 21:54:18
    5.   Jon Weisman
    2 - I can remember when the most expensive ticket at Dodger Stadium was $6. It's the Circle of Life.

    3 - I thought about that.

    2007-01-10 21:56:17
    6.   trainwreck
    I could eat $25-35 dollars worth of food no problem. I should start eating more meals and training my stomach.
    2007-01-10 21:56:34
    7.   Bob Timmermann
    I used to sit in the Top Deck for free on Dodger Pepsi Fan Club nights and for other days it was 50 cents the day of the game. I remember when it went up to a buck for kids.

    And in those days, the Top Deck was unreserved seating.

    And we didn't have Diamondvision. We just had "the message board" and it would light up with things like "CHARGE" in large letters and we thought it was cool. We'd eagerly await the words to spelled out on the board letter by letter.

    We didn't know what the out of town scores were. We didn't know about the pitch counts or speed.

    The air was dirtier. The hot dogs had even more nitrites. Richard Nixon was president. And Walter Alston quietly stared out at the field all the time. And I wondered why nobody seemed to like Richie Allen.

    2007-01-10 21:56:48
    8.   Jon Weisman
    Sorry - "I thought about that" was about the Cracker Jack.
    2007-01-10 21:57:08
    9.   Andrew Shimmin
    Candy (including Cracker Jack) is off limits for the all-one-can-eat deal.
    2007-01-10 22:00:34
    10.   Greg Brock
    7 It also helped you appreciate "Freaks and Geeks" on a much deeper level.
    2007-01-10 22:02:55
    11.   Bob Timmermann
    Prices for Dodger Stadium tickets for Opening Day, 1962

    Field level and Loge - $3.50
    Reserved level - $2.50
    General admission - $1.50

    The discounted children's tickets came later.

    2007-01-10 22:03:53
    12.   Bob Timmermann
    You know what happened to people who were big fans of Richie Allen?


    2007-01-10 22:07:16
    13.   Jon Weisman
    12 - LOL :)
    2007-01-10 22:14:50
    14.   godvls
    I grew up in the Top Deck in the days when tickets were $1.50 and .75 for kids. The original ticket prices that Bob mentioned were in effect for a long time. It must have been the mid/late 70's before they raised the prices.
    2007-01-10 22:20:27
    15.   trainwreck
    The A's used to have dollar Wednesdays, but that was ruined last season when they closed off the top deck.
    2007-01-10 22:34:13
    16.   Johan

    At that game, I consumed $42 worth of food at Dodger Stadium. I don't know what came over me. It was my first time at Dodger Stadium, not that that is any good reason.

    2007-01-10 22:34:21
    17.   Bob Timmermann
    After the 1977 season, the Dodgers had their second price increase since moving to L.A. in 1958.
    Reserved seats went from $3 to $3.50 and parking went from $1.50 to $2. General admission was $2 for adults and $1 for kids.
    2007-01-10 22:36:47
    18.   Brian Y
    Yeah Im still a fan of cheap $5 seats b/c it makes the rest of the non-pavilion seats less too. I don't mind $20 ticket but I dont want to sit NEAR the pavilion or get a nose bleed up top for $10. Im glad I don't have a family or I couldnt even afford to go without getting beach balls flung at me.
    2007-01-10 22:37:20
    19.   bhsportsguy
    Two things, 25 years ago, my cousin bought 2 season tickets for the Angels in the View level and I think they were $4.00 each.

    Second, according to the Group Sales page, you can buy tickets in the All You Can Eat Pavillion for $20.00 for 43 games if you can get 29 other people who can eat at least one hot dog, some peanuts and a large Coke.

    2007-01-10 22:38:53
    20.   Brian Y
    And while the raising of ticket prices doesnt actually discourage those of us who don't live in LA to drive to see the game the chances of us getting friends to go just for the experience and pay $25 (so you have a decent view) just lessens to me.
    2007-01-10 22:42:02
    21.   Bob Timmermann
    Some guy from the Dodgers called me today, but I was out. I doubt I will be buying a mini season ticket plan. I usually go to games by myself anyway and if you're buying just one ticket, you can usually get a good one on the day of the game.

    I actually like sitting by myself at a game. Either I'm antisocial or just painfully shy.

    2007-01-10 22:48:01
    22.   Greg Brock
    21 I like going to games with about two people on Earth. We exchange about five words the whole game.

    I've never been to a game (or the movies) by myself. I bet it's immensely liberating, not having to interact with other carbon-based units.

    2007-01-10 22:55:57
    23.   Brian Y
    I like going to games with people who don't enjoy baseball unlike me cuz they think the atmosphere is awesome. Not the lines for concessions or leaving the stadium but everything else. And they like talking smack which is always funny to me.
    2007-01-10 22:56:12
    24.   trainwreck
    Sopranos on A&E is so ridiculous. The dubbing hurts the show so much.
    2007-01-10 22:57:24
    25.   Bob Timmermann

    I go to the movies by myself a lot. If I have to wait to find a friend who wants to see the same movie as me, I'd never be seeing a movie.

    2007-01-10 22:58:44
    26.   Dr Gonzo
    Back in 1992, the LA riots caused the Dodgers to play three doubleheaders in a row. I went to all three days by myself... just me, a box full of Dodgerdogs, and Vinnie in my earbuds.


    2007-01-10 22:59:53
    27.   Bob Timmermann
    I plan on going to all 9 games of the Pac-10 basketball tournament this year.

    By myself.

    2007-01-10 23:03:47
    28.   scareduck
    1 - That way you can spend the whole game standing in the food lines.

    Making it not unlike Disneyland.

    2007-01-10 23:19:27
    29.   bhsportsguy
    I probably went to 5-6 games by myself last year, including a Saturday game (really warm) that I won tickets to from Mr. Griddle himself.

    Later on last year I started keeping score again at the games, I had scorebook that I could bring to every game and I would dutifully fill it out. (One side note, this particular scorebook wasn't really made for extra inning games so the 4+1 game is a really fun to look at.)

    I don't really mind going to games by myself because you do get the shared group experience (technically, I went to UCLA/USC game by myself because my friend's seat was one section over and I didn't see him again until we met at restaurant 2 hours after the game ended) and if I have my radio, there's always Vin. It was at one of my early arrivals where I discovered that the pregame shows are all pretaped because while Charley was talking to me on the radio, he was drinking a soda or something in the booth, he may be talented but he's no Paul Winchell.

    Ironically, the guy I went to the 4+1 game is a Yankee fan who had not been to more than 3-4 games at Dodger Stadium and he never wanted to leave so that's why we were still there even after Saito blew up in the 9th.

    2007-01-10 23:19:42
    30.   Andrew Shimmin
    Now that the 66ers are a Dodger affiliate, I was thinking I might end up catching a game or two out there, this year. Looking at the roster (as of now; the full one will be set after ST?) though, maybe not. I was more exited till I remembered that Christopher Malone wasn't John Meloan. But maybe there'll be a Xavier Paul bobblehead night. They have fifty cent Fridays! Which doesn't actually mean admission is fifty cents, I notice. Two dollar Tuesdays look like a better deal, since I'd rather not sit in dirt.
    2007-01-10 23:42:00
    31.   trainwreck
    Bonds tested positive for amphetamines in 06.

    2007-01-10 23:46:47
    32.   trainwreck
    The best part is that he blamed his teammate. What a great guy, trying to drag his teammate under the bus.
    2007-01-10 23:47:23
    33.   Greg Brock
    When first informed of the positive test, Bonds attributed it to a substance he had taken from teammate Mark Sweeney's locker, the New York City newspaper said, citing several unnamed sources.

    You stay classy, Barry Bonds

    2007-01-10 23:55:05
    34.   Bob Timmermann
    Since amphetamine use was believed to be far more widespread than steroid use, I don't see why this result is so surprising.

    And if Paul Ladewski wants to remove all the players who took amphetamines from the Hall of Fame, he better bring a forklift to carry out a lot of plaques.

    But Pud Galvin stays.

    2007-01-11 00:07:53
    35.   Andrew Shimmin
    How weird. I get all my amphetamines from Mark Sweeney, too! But there's no suspension, since it was his first dirty test?
    2007-01-11 00:10:43
    36.   Andrew Shimmin
    I do propose that we rename January 11th, Christmas II.
    2007-01-11 00:13:48
    37.   trainwreck
    I thought it was a 10 game suspension for first test?
    2007-01-11 00:17:35
    38.   Andrew Shimmin
    Nope. "First-time [amphetamine] offenders are neither identified publicly nor punished, but instead are subject to counseling. A second positive test results in a 25-game suspension." Whoops! on the public identification bit, I guess.

    2007-01-11 00:19:23
    39.   trainwreck
    Yeah, I just looked it up. 10 game suspension for first positive.

    MLB just shot itself in the foot and then washed the blood off in a public toilet.

    2007-01-11 00:20:16
    40.   trainwreck
    Amphetamines have different rules then other drugs?

    What bull honkey!

    2007-01-11 00:20:42
    41.   Andrew Shimmin
    39- Where are you looking?
    2007-01-11 00:23:15
    42.   trainwreck
    I just googled the drug policy and I did not realize amphetamines had different rules.
    2007-01-11 00:27:08
    43.   Andrew Shimmin
    Okay. It's tricky, since they revised it last year. I had a low degree of certainty in my own answer, but I'm pretty content with it now. Not that it wouldn't be great for Barroid to sit out the first couple of weeks. Thought it'd be better still if the IRS gets its act together and puts him in prison, by Opening Day.
    2007-01-11 00:35:55
    44.   Andrew Shimmin
    I hope the counseling he's forced to take is group therapy. I had an idea for a sitcom where Barry Bonds has to spend twenty hours in a room full of tweakers. It wasn't picked up, but, maybe mid-season. . . Anyway, fingers crossed.
    2007-01-11 00:49:58
    45.   DougS
    25 Reminds me of this one friend of mine, someone I've known for almost 30 years. In all that time, we've seen a movie together maybe once. He says he doesn't see the point of going to the movies with friends, because you hardly interact with each other during the show. On the other hand, though, we've been to many a sporting event with each other during that time.

    I understand the assumption that raising the low-end ticket prices will discourage families from attending. But from what I've seen of the ambience in the bleachers and top deck the past few seasons, I wouldn't want to take my family there anyway, what with the general lack of civility that prevails there now.

    2007-01-11 00:51:01
    46.   Greg Brock
    Pilot season wasn't kind to any of us. My Cheers meets You've Got Mail type show about a loveable band of baseball fanciers who populate a website called "Dodger Reflections." Didn't make it.

    It had an charming answer man named Rob, and was run by a reckless ladies man named Jim Westman. All the gals loved Jim. The two wacky rivals, Drew and Dforp, were always at each other's throat. It was a place where everybody knew your screen name.

    2007-01-11 00:55:58
    47.   Greg Brock
    Also, I support Andrew's idea of Christmas II.

    Christmas II: This Time it's Personal

    2007-01-11 01:14:32
    48.   bhsportsguy
    Per a NY Times article from April 2006.

    Every player will be tested at least twice for amphetamines during 2006. Players whose urine test includes evidence of amphetamines will face mandatory evaluation and follow-up testing after the first offense. The second positive test will lead to a 25-game suspension and the third will be 80 games. Selig will decide the penalty for a fourth offense.

    Ironically, Jason Grimsley is quoted in the article about how greenies have been known to be a part of the game since "Ball Four." And Bonds was seen drinking a cup of coffee prior to a game.

    2007-01-11 01:21:43
    49.   Andrew Shimmin
    46- See, right off the bat I know what's wrong with Dodger Reflections: no tweakers. Tweakers are the basis of any successful show. You could make the Dforp (DEE-forp? duh-FORP? Any way you say it, he sounds like a jerk) character a meth addict pretty easily, probably. I want an associate producer credit for that tip!
    2007-01-11 01:30:12
    50.   Andrew Shimmin
    Just to forestall anyone else's doing it:

    In what way are Barry and Flanders alike?
    They both feel the need for speed.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2007-01-11 01:42:32
    51.   overkill94
    The only game I've ever been to alone was in Oakland when I was interning for a summer, got free tickets to the game, and couldn't find any friends to go with. It was a fine experience except that the seats were nosebleeds.

    Hopefully the reserve level hasn't risen too much because that's my go-to section for family four packs and give-away days in general.

    2007-01-11 01:48:19
    52.   bhsportsguy
    51 Just buy them before the day of game price kicks in.
    2007-01-11 01:58:04
    53.   overkill94
    i do that, but if the price in general goes up then i'll be semi-upset
    2007-01-11 04:03:52
    54.   Sam DC
    2007-01-11 05:57:37
    55.   Claire Malone-Evans
    Thats the Final Straw !! No Hall of Fame for Mark Sweeney !!
    2007-01-11 07:04:12
    56.   Bumsrap
    Pre-paid hotdogs. What an idea. Large purses are checked going in and now they will have to be checked going out.

    Out of curiosity, is a hot dog nothing more than balonia shaped into a tube?

    2007-01-11 07:21:15
    57.   Penarol1916
    56. They are very similar, but like most cold cuts, bologna is shaped into a tube before being sliced, so you can just say that bologna is a gigantic hot dog sliced and served cold.

    As for seeing movies by yourself, every time I did that, it ended up being an awful movie, the last being "The Price of Milk," which was very nice to look at, but also very stupid.

    2007-01-11 07:22:57
    58.   ToyCannon
    I go to alot of games (baseball, basketball) on my own but you have to be quite the introvert to end up without some kind of interaction with the fans you end up sitting with.

    Anyone who wants cheap seats to a Dodger game in a decent section just needs to visit Ebay, it is very easy to buy 4 seats at about 1/2 the price of retail because the season ticket holders get an excellent break from the day of game price and they sell the weekday tickets at a great discount on ebay.

    2007-01-11 07:27:42
    59.   ToyCannon
    The other advantage of going by yourself to DS is that you can buy a ticket in the outside lodge for nothing from a scalper and then sit in the 1st 3 rows just above the dugout during weeknight games with no give aways. When your by yourself it is not a big deal if you have to get up once or twice because someone arrived in the 2nd and then 4th inning. Wouldn't do this with my wife but on my own it become it's own little adventure to see if I can spie out a seat that no one will use the whole game. I'm usually 50% successfull. I love season ticket holders who don't use their tickets or give them away.
    2007-01-11 07:30:29
    60.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm usually the guy in the loge sitting there with a scowl on his face, a big score book, and a Montreal Expos cap. The Expos cap is my way of being edgy.
    2007-01-11 07:48:27
    61.   ToyCannon
    Yes, I've seen you. Your known around DS as
    "Homme avec un air menaçant" and everyone stays away.
    2007-01-11 07:50:16
    62.   Marty
    I've never gone to a game by myself, but I often go to the movies alone. I don't like to talk, or even whisper at the movies and most of my friends don't understand that.

    $40 for all you can eat? They better be grilling steaks back there.

    2007-01-11 07:55:55
    63.   D4P
    Regarding the "all-you-can-eat seat":

    1. Is there just one, or is there a section?
    2. Is Kobayashi eligible?

    2007-01-11 08:17:01
    64.   FirstMohican
    I wonder if Bonds blames his computer porn on his children.

    I don't think I'll ever sit at the $40 buffet pavillion as I've never spent half that on food. Having said that, I'd like to know when they begin and end buffet service. Maybe I can squeeze two meals in.

    In fact, with the ticket price hike, I'll probably go to a few less games this year. Last and previous years I would, I guess on the fly, go to games after work for $6 bucks.

    2007-01-11 08:19:33
    65.   DadofMondy
    Luckily, there was already a healthy secondary market before they raised prices (on the non sellout days). I paid less than $6 for top deck several times. I about had a stroke the one time I went to a game (against the Reds) which I knew wasn't a sellout (I could see swaths of empty top deck seats from the outside) with my three boys and ended up paying $20? for the reserved level per seat. I always figured on getting in for $18 (half price for the kids), and I ended up paying like $80. Are the half price seats still available?

    52-if you buy the seats early you pay ticketmaster fees (or you drive up days before and pay for gas) for your lack of spontaneity. I suppose, adjusted for inflation, the prices are about the same since 1962, but still.

    2007-01-11 08:20:00
    66.   Greg S
    I go to an occasional game by myself. Fact is that I want to go to more Dodger games than do the sum total of people I know. I always wonder how the Dodgers sell 3.75M tix when most everyone I know and meet is luke warm at best on baseball.
    One of the reasons I like to go alone is that it seems easy to start talking to the people around you and unlike the world outside the stadium, it's fun for me (and seems to be for them) because we all know we're Dodger fans.
    2007-01-11 08:26:09
    67.   Jon Weisman
    There was a time when I often went to movies and ballgames by myself. Just the way things were. It was depressing at first but I quickly found I enjoyed the time, especially at a game, to just be focused ... or, to read the newspaper at a great setting, or brainstorm screenwriting ideas (as I did at the time).

    When I did this, I have to admit I wasn't big on conversation with people around me ... I'm one of those introverts. But I like being with people, even if I don't always want to chew the (all-you-can-eat) fat with them.

    2007-01-11 08:38:43
    68.   D4P
    I'm one of those introverts

    Aren't we all...?

    2007-01-11 08:43:11
    69.   Bob Timmermann
    Suffering Bruin is not an introvert. Bluebleeder is not an introvert either.

    Me, I'm afraid of using the wrong fork wherever I go. Even if they don't serve food.

    2007-01-11 08:45:09
    70.   Greg S
    This place has actually affected my game going decision at times (as I bet it has for others). Sometimes if the choice is between going alone and watching on TV, the fact that I can chat with the DT locals tips the scale towards staying home.
    Boy I sound like a loner. I'm really not! I swear! Intovert... well, probably, yeah.
    2007-01-11 08:56:27
    71.   Hythloday
    Using the wrong fork is especially a problem when food is not involved. Stabbing a person with a carving fork when it is clearly a salad fork situation is the worst kind of faux pas.
    2007-01-11 08:58:27
    72.   Frip
    I took a girl to the game last year, and told her to just go ahead and buy the tickets, I'll pay whatever they cost.

    This ditz presented me with a $400 bill.

    Seats were field level about 40 yards past first base. Temperature was around 104. I was drunk and dehydrated. I've never paid so much to make myself so miserable.

    I'm thinking about prostituting myself just to make up the money. I deserve to be punished.

    2007-01-11 09:09:50
    73.   still bevens
    67 I went to go see Children of Men last night by myself and was richly rewarded. Such a great movie. Also the benefits of going to the movies by yourself involve always getting there on time and always getting the best seat in the house.
    2007-01-11 09:30:41
    74.   Jon Weisman
    So, who counted my end parentheses in the second bullet point to see if I had the right number?
    2007-01-11 09:34:57
    75.   D4P
    I didn't count them. I didn't want to do the math. My initial impression was that there were too many. What's the verdict...?
    2007-01-11 09:36:25
    76.   Bob Timmermann
    Raises hand.
    2007-01-11 09:43:19
    77.   Prescott Pete
    How many extra paramedics will be needed this season?
    2007-01-11 09:54:41
    78.   Ken Arneson
    74 I thought about doing that, but I spend way too much time doing that very thing in my day job.
    2007-01-11 09:55:14
    79.   D4P
    Ugh. Quit your day job.
    2007-01-11 10:22:09
    80.   El Lay Dave
    78 74 I thought about doing that, but I spend way too much time doing that very thing in my day job. 74 or 72 ?
    2007-01-11 10:24:22
    81.   Frip
    Jon the hyper parentheses were great.

    Question, does one have to be a subscriber to hear your interview on that site from a few days ago?

    2007-01-11 10:25:22
    82.   Jon Weisman
    81 - No.
    2007-01-11 10:28:31
    83.   Bob Timmermann
    Need a poll of the congregation:

    Which is better?


    2007-01-11 10:32:40
    84.   DodgerBakers
    83. Cancelled
    2007-01-11 10:33:50
    85.   El Lay Dave
    New candidate for the really, really bad job list - custodial crew for the DS RF pavillion.

    63 You didn't mention Sonya Thomas. In any case, they're about speed and baseball is a languid three-hour game - how many Dodger Dogs could someone pack away in three hours? (And Kobayashi-Thomas RF Pavillion has a bit of a ring to it.)

    2007-01-11 10:35:42
    86.   El Lay Dave
    83 Canceled. Save two 'l's for when the root is accented on the last syllable. So, traveled, canceled, but excelled.
    2007-01-11 10:36:12
    87.   El Lay Dave
    I should have ended that with "Amen!".
    2007-01-11 10:37:22
    88.   Frip
    I was disappointed to see in his Washington Post column that Thomas Boswell decided not to take a position on the McGwire affair. But really, you could have predicted he wouldn't. Far be it from Sir Thomas to be so crude as to actaully take a side. Leave that to mustard breath at the end of the bar. Wuss.
    2007-01-11 10:41:49
    89.   JJ42
    During the 2004 season, I had a friend who worked at the booth where they made bats on the field level - he'd sneak me in for free so I saw a bunch of games by myself, including the Finley Grand Slam against the Giants. Being there by yourself is quite liberating, just soaking up the atmosphere, moving from seat to seat, not having to worry about anyone else. That said, it's still fun if you go with the right people.

    Last season, I wanted to go the August 13th game but my girlfriend was out of town and most of my baseball fan friends were busy so I went by myself. Great game with Maddux and the Martin walk-off. Got a seat for $6 in the top deck but the best part was that I won one of those 55" HDTVs they were giving out. Imagine my shock when my seat location was announced over the loud speakers. Needless to say, I thanked my girlfriend for not being there.

    2007-01-11 10:45:19
    90.   Jon Weisman
    83 - Canceled.
    2007-01-11 10:45:36
    91.   Bob Timmermann
    There's a webpage at work that has both "canceled" and "cancelled" on it. I just wish they would pick one.
    2007-01-11 10:45:50
    92.   Monterey Chris
    The Dodgers did a few games with all you can eat in right field last year. I think the rules were that it only applied to hot dogs, popcorn, small nachos, soft drink and water. The free food ends two hours after the game begins. They still have stands where you can pay for food if you want other items.
    2007-01-11 10:45:57
    93.   Bob Timmermann
    2007-01-11 10:46:04
    94.   twerp
    Last thread there was mention of a 17 year-old who put acid in a teacher's water--fortunately, no lasting harm done.

    I think it was Andrew who asked in a recent post if the whole world had gone mad.

    Seeing things like the acid bit and then running across what's linked to below makes you think maybe the answer is yes. Or else we just find out more about more of this kind of stuff these days.

    This coach--great example, he--definitely will be remembered by his players. But somehow I don't think they'll be dropping by in later years to talk about old times.

    2007-01-11 11:06:14
    95.   Hythloday
    94 - We have something of a mastery over secondary education here in Colorado. Within in the last year one (or two) teachers were busted for having sex with their students, one football team was reprimanded for a hazing incident where seniors got to pick an underclassman to unload and the kid couldn't protect himself, there was the unfortunate hostage situation. It goes on an on.

    From my experience teaching on top of all that the kids show up to college functionally illiterate as well. If the world hasn't gone mad, Colorado certainly has.

    2007-01-11 11:14:45
    96.   Linkmeister
    When I was going to Hawai'i Islander games the summer I got back from Kwajalein I went alone to all of them ($2.50/GA ticket, $1.75/18 oz beer, $2 parking). There were usually about 2,000 people in that 50,000 capacity stadium. We huddled together for warmth and human interaction.
    2007-01-11 11:15:03
    97.   bhsportsguy
    Ben Platt has an article on about the film "Bobby" and how that ties in with Don Drysdale and his scoreless streak. Also some personal thoughts from the McCourts (they are from Boston) and Ann Meyers Drysdale.

    But of course, Jon wrote about this connection last year and you can find it here.

    2007-01-11 11:50:42
    98.   Gagne55
    Doesn't Dodger Stadium have the capacity for over 60,000. Just the county won't let them sell more than 56,000 to any game?
    2007-01-11 11:51:43
    99.   Xeifrank
    Over on the Giants blog there are two camps. One that is blaming the media for the Bonds positive drug test. They think the NY media is out to get Bonds and that the story is fishy. The other camp is disturbed about Bonds blaming Sweeney. There is a third camp, but they didn't have a permit and were thrown in jail.
    vr, Xei
    2007-01-11 12:04:23
    100.   Bob Timmermann
    It's the City of L.A. that won't let the Dodgers have more than 56,000 people as part of the facility's condtional use permit.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2007-01-11 12:06:37
    101.   robohobo
    The only baseball game I went to alone was last year, the Sacramento Rivercats vs. Las Vegas. DJ Houlton dominated! He struck out rehabbing Milton Bradley 3 times and got him to foul out weakly one other. Izzy got a hit and walked a couple of times but didn't make any spectacular plays. It was a pitcher's duel. The only player to hit the ball was Loney. He crushed it several times. I think he was 3-4 with a couple of doubles off the wall.

    Being there alone was great as I could focus on the game. It was a good game to go to because of all the dodgers and ex-dodgers that played.

    2007-01-11 12:15:32
    102.   Daniel Zappala
    Only game I have ever attended alone was in Fenway. I was visiting Boston for work and paid quite a bit to get a ticket from an agency ahead of time to ensure I could go. It was a glorious experience. Loved being able to take the subway to the park. Loved the stadium and the atmosphere. Had great seats just up from first base. The fans around me were courteous and didn't mind that I was a Dodgers and Angels fan. I wish I could fly to Boston once a year just to see a game there again.
    2007-01-11 12:19:40
    103.   Sam DC
    100 Did you know Bob works for the City? It's true. Not the county; the City.
    2007-01-11 12:23:12
    104.   Greg Brock
    83 Canceled. One L. That's the way it is in the Military Personnel Manual, and by God, that's the way it's spelled.
    2007-01-11 12:32:59
    105.   Daniel Zappala
    I also lean toward canceled with one 'l'. And I most certainly checked Jon's use of parentheses. Anyone who has programmed Lisp has this functionality built into them.
    2007-01-11 12:33:39
    106.   GoBears
    104. Spelled? Or Speled?
    2007-01-11 12:35:51
    107.   scareduck
    Jon -- didn't know you had ambitions to become a Lisp programmer. (Ken Arneson would get that -- it's a programming joke.)

    2007-01-11 12:49:03
    108.   ToyCannon
    I thought all of us who weren't bloggers or lawyers or students were programmers.
    2007-01-11 13:00:16
    109.   Daniel Zappala
    Heaven forbid.
    2007-01-11 13:01:27
    110.   ToyCannon
    From BP for those of you who mock the Angels and their baserunning tendancies.
    2007-01-11 13:04:18
    111.   El Lay Dave
    106 two 'l's - it's accented on the last syllable.

    Never attended a game or a movie alone. I want to talk with someone about the game as I see it and about the movie immediately afterwards.

    2007-01-11 13:07:10
    112.   bhsportsguy
    Optimistic perhaps, UCLA has announced its plans for updating Pauley. The goal is to dedicate the restored Pauley Pavilion on October 14, 2010, to honor Coach John Wooden on his 100th birthday.

    2007-01-11 13:07:22
    113.   Marty
    I wish I had been able to go alone the one time I went to Fenway. I was forced to go with someone I worked with who I couldn't stand.

    I prefer cancellled.

    2007-01-11 13:08:34
    114.   regfairfield
    110 Interesting, though it should be noted that this technique only netted them a little more than one win. If this is just a nice bonus, it's fine, but if they are seeking out players with this talent at the expense of being able to hit, the strategy still hurts them.
    2007-01-11 13:11:02
    115.   Greg Brock
    112 I shall believe it when I see it.
    2007-01-11 13:28:21
    116.   bhsportsguy
    115 Which is more likely, Coach Wooden is here to celebrate his 100th birthday or Pauley being restored in the next 3+ years?
    2007-01-11 13:33:07
    117.   Greg Brock
    116 Coach will be around. But if I had a nickel for every time I read a "We're going forward on Pauley!" story, I would have, like, 15 nickels.
    2007-01-11 13:51:11
    118.   trainwreck
    I am surprised no one is talking about how David Beckham got more money than the LA Galaxy may be worth.
    2007-01-11 13:53:09
    119.   Marty
    Who's David Beckham?
    2007-01-11 13:53:38
    120.   Jon Weisman
    118 - On the Griddle.
    2007-01-11 13:58:57
    121.   trainwreck
    He is the Barry Zito of futbol.
    2007-01-11 14:03:17
    122.   GoBears
    111 Uh, yeah.

    Unless you're from certain parts of the South, in which case it's a 2-syllable word, accented on the first: Spay-uhld.

    2007-01-11 14:04:43
    123.   GoBears
    112. The only thing optimistic about that is that a construction project at UCLA will be finished within 2 years of the targeted date. Coach Wooden will live forever. He might see it on his 103rd BD.
    2007-01-11 14:26:51
    124.   trainwreck
    Pac-10 and Big 12 have agreed to a series of matchups for the next 4 years.

    Sadly, UCLA got Texas. I wanted Kansas, but the Big 12 probably realized it was better for Kansas to play a team that plays just like them in Arizona.

    2007-01-11 14:28:12
    125.   Xeifrank
    105. cdr(car())
    vr, Xei
    2007-01-11 14:28:50
    126.   trainwreck
    Apparently, Kansas is playing Arizona, but they are not considering it as part of the series.
    2007-01-11 14:31:53
    127.   D4P
    Michelle Wie update:

    Ms. Wie is currently 9-over through 16, in 97th (last) place, a mere 16 strokes off the lead, with roughly one-third of the field yet to tee off.

    2007-01-11 14:59:28
    128.   Sam DC
    Manny Acta on why the Nationals have as good a chance as any other team this season:

    ACTA: I'm starting Opening Day thinking that I'm going to win. On paper and payroll, things are not the same. But none of their guys have three cojones. Everyone has the same two cojones.


    2007-01-11 14:59:49
    129.   Sam DC
    128 Flagged by Chris at Capitol Punishment.
    2007-01-11 15:08:39
    130.   El Lay Dave
    128 Can shooting up horse 'roids give you three?
    2007-01-11 15:14:35
    131.   Andrew Shimmin
    My "Is the world gone mad?" moment was exclusively in regards to multiple published, and broadcast, reports about a union walk out in which the walk outer's hula-hoop-having was not explained. I'm still a little flustered over it. How could nobody ask what the deal with the hula hoops was?

    It's Christmas II, so I'm trying to keep a brave face about it, but the hula hoops--they haunt me!

    2007-01-11 15:16:07
    132.   Greg Brock
    131 I told you, it's about the after school programs. A lot of elementary schools use hula hoops and such for exercise.

    Symbolic type stuff.

    2007-01-11 15:16:55
    133.   Greg S
    128. Tell that to John Kruk.
    Or women.
    2007-01-11 15:17:44
    134.   Andrew Shimmin
    132- I thought you were guessing. That's really the answer? Hmm. . . it's not as satisfying as I hoped it would be.
    2007-01-11 15:17:46
    135.   Greg Brock
    2007-01-11 15:21:03
    136.   Marty
    Everyone has the same two cojones

    So, they're not like snowflakes?

    2007-01-11 15:21:39
    137.   Greg Brock
    134 The hula hoops represent the circular nature of collective bargaining, and the way in which teacher's are an essential aspect of developing and augmenting society, thus enhancing the "Circle" of life*.

    *Completely made up, but perhaps more satisfying.

    2007-01-11 15:22:25
    138.   D4P
    A lot of elementary schools use hula hoops and such for exercise

    And nutrition

    2007-01-11 15:26:03
    139.   Andrew Shimmin
    The links in 135 are PDFs. In case anybody but me cares about this.

    I like that it costs four hundred dollars to teach anybody how to hula hoop. If I could stand children, I'd be all over the student inservice market.

    So, what's the problem with the hula hoops? Why are the teachers angry about them? Other than that they're silly, I mean. How are they a labor dispute? My specific question was not how they came to have access to the hula hoops, but what it meant to carry one on the picket line.

    2007-01-11 15:26:48
    140.   Andrew Shimmin
    137- Yeah, see? It's like you don't take this seriously. For some reason which surpasses understanding.
    2007-01-11 15:28:33
    141.   Andrew Shimmin
    I'm going to email Wendy Selin (the woman who's selin $400 hula hoop lessons). So, in spite of himself, Brock may turn out to be useful.
    2007-01-11 15:29:20
    142.   Greg Brock
    It's the first step towards a strike (which won't happen anyway). Teachers are first walking out on the after school programs. The next step will be effigy burning, followed by the firebombing of LAUSD. Then comes the strike.

    The hula hoops are just a "We're walking out and taking our apparatus with us" thing. UTLA wants a nine percent pay increase, LAUSD is offering four.

    2007-01-11 15:37:18
    143.   Andrew Shimmin
    142- I haven't heard anything, but if you folks aren't happy with your current firebomb supplier, I know a guy. Just saying.

    Also, I'd be happy to lead the staff development session in firebombing. For $800. Just ask Wendy Selin for my email address.

    2007-01-11 15:39:58
    144.   Greg Brock
    143 They added firebombing into the new credential program, so most young teachers are already firebomb certified.

    Read the NCLB Act for more details.

    2007-01-11 15:47:23
    145.   Andrew Shimmin
    144- Since when does already knowing something exempt you from being staffily developed over it? I did forget to mention, there's an additional $1200 lab fee, per firebomber. Lab fees are the biggest scam on earth. As demonstrated by this handy list:

    1. Lab fees
    2. Enron
    3. Vitamins
    4. Student inservices
    5. Fortune tellers

    2007-01-11 15:52:04
    146.   Greg Brock
    145 College textbooks belong somewhere on that list. If I ever have...

    To read the rest of this statement, please buy the fifth edition of this comment ($129).

    2007-01-11 16:13:06
    147.   Xeifrank
    146. Yep. I'd add extended warranties, 12-1b fees and $40 all you can eat excursions.
    vr, Xei
    2007-01-11 16:16:00
    148.   Xeifrank
    A thorough 2007 prospect ranking.

    The Dodgers have four in the top 34, with Elbert the highest at #16. Any idea where Elbert and Kershaw will be starting this year, AA? The Reds and Royals each had two in the top 8. Looks like the Yankees finally have a top notch prospect. It was it's farm system that really built the nucleeeeeus of it's winning teams. vr, Xei

    2007-01-11 16:18:48
    149.   ToyCannon
    My wife doesn't want to strike but she sure is happy she doesn't have to stay for any staff meetings past normal work time.

    Andrew if you got all worked up by the Hula Hoops wait until you see the Slinkies they have geared up for the walkout.

    2007-01-11 16:23:54
    150.   Andrew Shimmin
    149- !!!
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2007-01-11 16:33:16
    151.   Curtis Lowe
    148- What do you make of his comment of Elbert not being Billingsley? Is Chad really that bad? He did walk a lot of batters last year but at the same time I feel he was squeezed often by the umps.
    2007-01-11 16:39:46
    152.   blue22
    151 - I think he's just saying that he could exceed Billingsley. Not really an indictment of Billz, just high praise for Elbert.

    LA is pretty top heavy - 4 in their top-35, none in the rest of the top-100.

    2007-01-11 16:49:12
    153.   Andrew Shimmin
    I'm conflicted about that list. On the one hand, my man Pelfrey is top ten, which is as it should be. But, then there's Delmon Young above Alex Gordon, so, what's up with that? There's no such thing as better than Alex Gordon; it's a category error.
    2007-01-11 16:53:49
    154.   bhsportsguy
    BTW - one thing about the all-you-can-eat section, I would say for at leaat half if not more of the games, certainly during the week, the Dodgers sell very few seats in RF if any at all.
    2007-01-11 16:58:21
    155.   Jon Weisman
    154 - I think the whole dynamic of what seats sell in the bleachers and top deck will change now - although I do wonder how many people are going to go for this.
    2007-01-11 17:00:07
    156.   Greg Brock
    153 Anti-lock brakes are way better than Alex Gordon.

    As much as I adore all-you-can-eat anything, I thought about it carefully, and there is still no way I will sit in the right field pavilion.

    2007-01-11 17:03:35
    157.   Andrew Shimmin
    156- You probably have a/c too, Richie McMoneybags. Sure, I envy people with cars that aren't thirty-four years old. Until I see them having to get smog checks. Then I laugh and laugh.
    2007-01-11 17:05:43
    158.   Jim Hitchcock
    151 Hey, Curtis, you ever hear `The Ballad of Curtis Lowe', by Lynyrd Skynyrd?
    2007-01-11 17:15:30
    159.   Curtis Lowe
    158- noo...
    2007-01-11 17:23:07
    160.   Curtis Lowe
    I was at the Dodgers Pirates game last sept when they had the AllYouCanEat thing, the Box Office would'nt honor my free promotional tickets and everything was sold-out except for the StuffYourFace seats. I ponied up the cash and pretty much ate and drank (Soda&Beer) until I was turned green. You would think that with all the dodger dogs coursing through my veins I would have turned blue but no I was clearly tinted green. I was not alone.

    Then out of stupidity we stopped by King Taco on the way home. I missed the next 3 days of work with stomach pains.

    2007-01-11 17:23:54
    161.   Jim Hitchcock
    It's on the album `Second Helping'. Great song. Check it out/
    2007-01-11 17:34:32
    162.   Jon Weisman
    Open chat at Screen Jam, FYI.
    2007-01-11 17:42:02
    163.   jasbo
    Jon, How much was the all-the-parentheses-you-can-use deal? Even if it was $40, you got your money's worth. Creativity isn't cheap.
    2007-01-11 17:48:37
    164.   Jon Weisman
    It was $39.99.
    2007-01-11 20:17:38
    165.   Frip
    Has anyone read The Greatest Game Ever Played, by Jerry Izenberg? And if so what did you think?

    Jon your interview was good. You're a thoughtful little dude. Perhaps too thoughtful at times, as it would serve you better to be a bit more verbally decisive.

    Not your fault entirely. The introvert glides with pen in hand, then stumbles over his own tongue.

    Anyway, thanks for not being the typical sporting lunk. I could read your twists and turns all day.

    2007-01-11 21:04:58
    166.   Bob Timmermann
    Is it possible to get a book published about a baseball team or game with the word "Greatest" in it and not have it involve a New York team?
    2007-01-11 21:13:20
    167.   Frip
    It's not New York's fault it isn't Albuquerque.
    2007-01-11 21:13:42
    168.   twerp
    Statistical analysis from Hardball Times finding AL pitching superior, if anyone cares to wade thru it.

    2007-01-11 21:19:10
    169.   StolenMonkey86
    I didn't read a bunch of the comments, but does anyone else think this will lead to food scalpers?
    2007-01-11 21:45:55
    170.   trainwreck
    Stanford beat Washington tonight. The Lopez twins are looking good.
    2007-01-11 22:33:19
    171.   Andrew Shimmin
    This is funny.

    2007-01-11 22:58:59
    172.   LAT
    1. Unfortunately my all-you-can-eat years are behind me. But if I were going to partake, I would make a point of getting there for batting practice or as soon as the gates open. According to Camille, they did three of these events last year and they were extremely well received. (by who she didn't say) She repeated many times that depending on the size of your group and the day of the game, the gluttony tickets could be had for as little as $20. Given the recent Pavilion problems how long it is before visiting RF are being pelted with all you can eat wieners.

    2. I have only been to a ballgame by myself once and found it boring (but I don't keep score). I have gone to one movie by myself: Lion King. Bad choice to go to a kids movie by yourself-people think you belong on Megan's List. (Everyone was going on about it and my wife was very pregnant at the time and was going to bed at 7:30 pm.). I do like to go out to eat by myself, especially breakfast. And yes, I like to be left alone. I don't understand people who have an actual fear of eating alone in a restaurant.

    3. 94 As for the world going mad and a student putting acid in his teachers water I guess I have no room to criticize. When I was in 5th grade I was the milk monitor and I put kaopectate in my teachers milk. I thought I was laugh riot until I got busted--after that not so funny. That was a long meeting with the principal, the teacher, my parents and later my Dad's belt.

    2007-01-11 23:03:34
    173.   LAT
    171. Funny Andrew and I agree it won't last. I'm pitting the over under at June 15.
    2007-01-11 23:28:54
    174.   Uncle Miltie
    So are the Dodgers going to ban Kobayashi from entering the right field pavilion seats?
    2007-01-11 23:46:17
    175.   Bob Timmermann
    But the $8 advance ticket will only be available at that cost if you purchase it at the Dodger Stadium advance ticket booth. If you buy it elsewhere, there will be service charges.
    2007-01-11 23:51:16
    176.   jujibee
    If the Mccourts went for my take, I'd have a 20 dollar right field pavillion with a half off food and drink marketing strategy.....including beer. That would sell seats. That might be the only section in chavez ravine that constantly sold out.
    2007-01-11 23:56:04
    177.   Greg Brock
    Selling beer in the right field pavilion is one stabtastic idea. I'll prepare the sutures.
    2007-01-12 06:42:47
    178.   Sam DC
    Put this in the oops file.

    Occaisionally, if I'm up early and have an extra minute, I'll cut out a picture and stash it in my older son's lunch box -- usually a cool rocket, or some sports shot, or a really gross bug. Whatever I can find lying around. Yesterday, I cut out a pic from an advertisement in SI of a really serious looking little boy getting ready to throw a pitch. Was quite pleased with myself for finding it. So he gets home, and really liked it, and then says the tennis player was really cool too.

    Tennis player?

    I take out the pic, and on the back was one of those glam-shots of Maria Sharapova. Oy vey.

    Thank Choi she was at least holding a tennis racket!

    2007-01-12 07:45:21
    179.   Daniel Zappala
    Sam, I recommend also letting your kids make their own sandwiches for their lunch. I tried this yesterday and the kids were very pleased, getting to choose what they wanted instead of me making three sandwiches of the same type.

    I must admit, I don't have any pictures I can cut out, as I have no sports magazines lying around. Don't think they want something from Sunset or Real Simple. Fair use lets me print stuff out from the web though, and the bonus is there will be nothing on the back.

    2007-01-12 07:54:34
    180.   Sam DC
    Sunset Magazine -- now that takes me back.
    2007-01-12 08:42:34
    181.   Greg S
    Speaking of magazines, I got several free subscriptions out of some frequent flyer program so I took ESPN Magazine. Is that thing total garbage or am I just too old (or both)?
    2007-01-12 08:44:51
    182.   D4P
    I, for one, would not want to find a photo of Maria Sharapova in my lunch box.
    2007-01-12 09:05:34
    183.   blue22
    181 - It's about a 10-minute read (or good for approximately one, well, you know, "session").
    2007-01-12 09:17:57
    184.   blue22
    Deadspin has a couple of relevant items. First, they report that the Steven A. Smith show on ESPN has in fact been "canceled".

    They also have a post up about the all-you-can eat seats. If you enjoy the sarcastic Deadspin comments in general, they're even better when they're about the Dodgers.

    2007-01-12 10:13:47
    185.   Sam DC
    What confuses me about the allyoucaneatseats is that I would think there's a very large overlap between "people interested in allyoucaneat ballpark food" and "people interested in drinking beer at the game." Certainly not absolute overlap, but I wonder if you'd sell alot more allyoucaneat seats if it was in an alcohol-OK seating area.

    I also wonder if the family environment they're creating in the no-beer-zone is consistent with an allyoucaneat environment.

    Or are they adding beer back to the RF pavillion?

    2007-01-12 10:40:49
    186.   Bob Timmermann
    I doubt that the Dodgers would ever go back to serving beer in the pavilions. That would be a security nightmare.

    Or maybe people will behave better if they have access to beer there.

    But I'm an 18th Amendment guy, not a 21st Amendment guy.

    I'm also big on the 3rd Amendment and I don't want to see any members of the Army stationed in the RF pavilion.

    2007-01-12 10:55:30
    187.   ToyCannon
    As a social experiment I'd like them to seperate the Right and Left field pavillions with no access between the two and then allow drinking in Left Field but with a chain link fence seperating the fans from the field much like a country honky tonk and then turn the Right field pavillion into a family based area with cheap priced tickets and a required alcholic breath analyzer to enter the pavillion. Then between innings we can watch the fans in left field for amusement.
    2007-01-12 11:19:18
    188.   Sam DC
    So, no reaction to my point about the substantial overlap in the Venn diagram of people who want to drink beer at the game and people who want all they can eat seats at the game?

    (Or did I post this comment simply because I forgot to use the term "Venn diagram" in the first one?)

    2007-01-12 11:27:47
    189.   ToyCannon
    Of the 63% of Dodger fans who would like to drink and eat all they can, about 11% can be expected to opt for the all they can eat over drinking beer.
    2007-01-12 11:45:16
    190.   Jon Weisman
    188 - I think there's an overlap, but I think plenty of people like to focus on the eating and aren't worried about beer.

    Given that they're apparently arranging a buffet-style distribution of food in Mayberry RFP, I think families might get into the groove. So whatever seats you might lose to the beer-drinkers might be quickly gained back.

    I mean, look, this is a work-in-progress. If things are going horribly awry, they'll adjust or scrap it.

    It appears to have gotten nationwide attention though - have you noticed?

    2007-01-12 12:10:09
    191.   Sam DC
    I saw it up at

    Another question. Can a group sit together and be some AYCE and some regular, or is the pavillion dedicated to AYCE or divided into zones. In other words, can Dad and Uncle Tummy buy all you can eat seats, while Mom and moffets 1 and 2 buy regular seats?

    2007-01-12 12:15:01
    192.   Bob Timmermann
    How do you enforce that? Pass out wrist bands? Stamp people's hands? Branding irons at the gate? Tattoos on the gums like race horses?

    I favor the last solution.

    2007-01-12 12:29:55
    193.   Sam DC
    So, is it gonna snow in the Valley?
    2007-01-12 12:38:48
    194.   Marty
    193 It was 36 degrees this morning at my house. But clear skies.
    2007-01-12 13:06:44
    195.   Daniel Zappala
    It was 17 degrees this morning at my house, and it is still only 19. And it is snowing while there are also some clear skies. But then I live in Utah Valley. Though I still here "like" far too often.
    2007-01-12 13:07:05
    196.   Daniel Zappala
    ugh, "hear"
    2007-01-12 13:09:10
    197.   dkminnick
    Speaking of alcohol at the Stadium, is anyone else bothered by the fact that only cheap white wine (and rose! Blech.) is available there?

    Can I take an informal poll of DT and ask how many of you would patronize a premium wine concession?

    2007-01-12 13:22:54
    198.   SoSG Orel
    171, 173. Hello all, I'm a lurker inspired to post by this sure-to-be-ill-fated program my co-blogger "Steve Sax" has dubbed the Olmedo Saenz Pavilion.

    Once I saw Andrew at True Blue L.A. predict a date of demise, I decided to start an Olmedo Saenz Pavilion Deadpool and took the liberty of listing Andrew's and LAT's guesses. I hope they don't mind.

    Please feel free to add your guess as well as take a crack at our Sudoku, which I haven't been able to figure out yet. ("Sons of Steve Garvey" is linked on the sidebar--thanks, Jon!)

    2007-01-12 13:26:19
    199.   Curtis Lowe
    When I attended the allYouCanEat in the RFP last september I was suprised to find that they did indeed serve Beer. And believe it or not there were no stabbings or shootings at the ballpark. I'm assuming that with the constant eating of dogs and nachos it makes it harder to get drunk on watered down draft. Will beer be served along with the allyoucaneat like they did in their 3 test runs last year or will it just be a food fest?
    2007-01-12 13:46:43
    200.   Penarol1916
    197. Absolutely not, can you even imagine how much that would cost? Plus, I only drink wine before work to help me sleep through the day.
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    2007-01-12 13:54:07
    201.   El Lay Dave
    192 I disagree - the thought of DS food service employees checking for those tatoos! I favor your penultimate offering, a perfectly heavy-handed metaphor.
    2007-01-12 13:57:22
    202.   Jon Weisman
    197 - Hey, if it makes people happy for the Dodgers to keep a $300 bottle of wine behind the counter, I'm fine with that - as long as I'm not stuck in line during the uncorking (or, considering the markup, unscrewing).
    2007-01-12 13:59:08
    203.   El Lay Dave
    197 You must mean "cheap" in the sense of low-quality. I don't picture myself swirling a shiraz in a goblet and attempting to detect hints of red currants and elderberries amid while the aroma of my neighbor's nacho cheese wafts past, amid the sea of peanut shells and spilled lager.
    2007-01-12 14:20:51
    204.   El Lay Dave
    202 That would be the first unscrewing in stadium markup history.

    There is serious debate in the wine industry regarding screw-cap vs. cork. Apparently screw-caps "fail" less often than cork, but there is less certainty about how screw-caps affect aging in the bottle. At this point, I wouldn't be averse to screw-capped wine for "drink 'em soon" bottlings.

    2007-01-12 14:30:40
    205.   Jon Weisman
    204 - I know nothing about wine, but I've heard that too.
    2007-01-12 14:30:41
    206.   StolenMonkey86
    Dodger Blues is really funny too on this, but I think that the name "Olmedo Saenz Memorial Pavilion" from the True Blue LA article takes the cake. And the pie.
    2007-01-12 14:41:32
    207.   regfairfield
    207 I stole that line from Sons of Steve Garvey.
    2007-01-12 14:42:02
    208.   Howard Fox
    did anyone happen to notice that it is not all you can eat on the entire menu??? it is dodger dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, soda....not the ice cream, not the cotton candy, not the beer...its a limited menu of all you can eat
    2007-01-12 14:43:50
    209.   Marty
    I can imagine the wine lines as everyone waits for their order to breath for 10 minutes.
    2007-01-12 14:47:08
    210.   Jon Weisman
    208 - Yes.

    209 - LOL

    2007-01-12 14:52:05
    211.   Terry A
    Are there actual seats or just bleachers in the pavilion?

    Because I'm guessing your traditional stadium seat might not enjoy the strain brought on by the ample tookus of an AYCE aficionado. Nor would a scrawny dope like me enjoy being sandwiched into a seat between two such tookuses.

    Not that every AYCE aficionado is necessarily chunky, of course. I'm just sayin'...

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