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And Speaking of Memorable Home Runs at Dodger Stadium ...
2007-01-23 17:27
by Jon Weisman

Fernando Tatis, whose career peaked with his two grand slams in one inning off Chan Ho Park at Dodger Stadium, signed a minor-league contract with the Dodgers, the Associated Press reports. It can be for no other reason than they had a uniform that fit him.

Amazingly, Tatis only turned 32 on New Year's Day, but still ...

Devil's advocates and cautious optimists can compare Tatis' recent stats to those of Olmedo Saenz when he was around 32.

Comments (79)
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2007-01-23 17:31:28
1.   ToyCannon
I remember Rob Neyer in 1999 saying that Tatis was going to be one of the top players of the next decade. He admitted later it was one of his bigges gaffes but who knew in 99 that he would fall off a cliff.
2007-01-23 17:35:30
2.   ToyCannon
In 1999 he was 24 years old and had the 2nd highest VORP of all 3b in baseball. Then he got hurt and was done.
2007-01-23 17:35:45
3.   Bob Timmermann
You have to work out to make the steroids effective.

Tatis's career line has always been very suspicious to me.

2007-01-23 17:42:16
4.   Gagne55
Off topic, but is Dodgerthoughts a forum or a blog? I need to know for an english paper I'm writing.
2007-01-23 17:43:16
5.   dianagramr
I remember when Tatis was blocking the progress of none other than Albert Pujols.
2007-01-23 17:43:30
6.   trainwreck
It is a flog.
2007-01-23 17:43:43
7.   overkill94
Technically it's a blog because technically all of Jon's posts are blog entries. All the discussion is just gravy I guess.
2007-01-23 17:44:16
8.   trainwreck
Blog + Forum
2007-01-23 17:45:17
9.   overkill94
And I can't believe I missed out on all the old computer game talk; although I can't say I was around early enough to play text-based adventures. Return to Zork was one of the first games I played, however, and I liked it so much that I later bought Zork: Nemesis and Zork: Grand Inquisitor, all excellent games.
2007-01-23 17:46:48
10.   Jon Weisman
4 - Whatever happened to Hemingway and Fitzgerald?

Anyway, it's a blog. Or a website. It hosts a forum, but my ego wouldn't allow Dodger Thoughts to be labeled solely as a forum.

2007-01-23 17:46:54
11.   Sam DC
4 I'd have to guess that one ranks pretty in the list of comments that startle/terrify/yet please our host.
2007-01-23 17:48:32
12.   Sam DC
11 written before I saw 10.
2007-01-23 17:51:24
13.   Sam DC
Amazingly, Tatis only turned 32 on New Year's Day . . . .

That really is amazing.

2007-01-23 17:54:49
14.   D4P
You have to work out to make the steroids effective

I think that depends on your definition of "work out." For example, steroids presumably help relief pitchers recover between appearances and pitch (more effectively) more often than they otherwise might have been able.

This is whether or not they work out (i.e. lift weights).

2007-01-23 17:55:05
15.   Andrew Shimmin
Inside the Dodgers is a flog. Flogs are written by flacks.
2007-01-23 17:57:11
16.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, I'm amazed Tatis turned 32 on New Year's Eve. Do tax laws in the Dominican Republic let you claim a child as a dependent as long as he or she was born before January 1?
2007-01-23 17:59:30
17.   Andrew Shimmin
Also not a flog:

Gurnick has nothing on these folks. Although, he also has no reason to have anything on them.

2007-01-23 18:05:50
18.   El Lay Dave
Darren Erstad, whose signing is mentioned at the Griddle, is also 32.

16 My father has three children, all born in December. He is a C.P.A. Coincidence?

2007-01-23 18:07:39
19.   Ken Arneson
A forum, from my understanding, basically allows anyone to start a new thread. A blog has a limited number of thread-starters. By that definition, this is clearly a blog.

I suppose the gray area would come with the SB Nation blogs, where there's a main blog, with limited authors, but sub-threads/diaries, which anyone can start.

2007-01-23 18:07:53
20.   Gagne55
10 Ok, thnx.
2007-01-23 18:09:24
21.   ToyCannon
According to a UCLA study you don't have to work out for steroids to be effective. They found that a person taking steroids would still end up gaining more muscle mass then a non steroid user who was on a strenous weight program. Canseco is often cited as an example of someone who built mass without putting much effort into it.
I did not read the study but it was presented to a group of us attending a baseball seminar in which steroids was one of the topics.
2007-01-23 18:13:00
22.   D4P
They found that a person taking steroids would still end up gaining more muscle mass then a non steroid user who was on a strenous weight program

That being said, I think it's a incorrect to assume that players who don't look "buff" can't be using steroids.

2007-01-23 18:16:51
23.   El Lay Dave
22 Three negatives in one sentence. Nice!
2007-01-23 18:17:03
24.   Bob Timmermann
I was referring more to Tatis turning into a fat tub of goo who got hurt a lot.
2007-01-23 18:20:02
25.   D4P
Anna Chakvetadze just hit a serve that bounced on her own side of the net.
2007-01-23 18:29:56
26.   Strike4
18- Maybe he just likes to celebrate the end of tax season slightly early.
2007-01-23 18:33:22
27.   ToyCannon
True, being cut and being strong are two different things.
2007-01-23 18:39:11
28.   Uncle Miltie
From the LA Times article about Erstad leaving
Perhaps the grittiest player in franchise history over the past decade, Erstad, the first overall pick of the 1995 draft, was also a fearless defensive player who won three Gold Glove awards, two in the outfield and one at first base.
Statements like this only provide more support as to why David Eckstein is the most underrated and underappreciated player in baseball.
2007-01-23 18:44:10
29.   D4P
Perhaps the grittiest player in franchise history

"Perhaps" implies doubt. Why not just sort Angel players by "Grit," and then see who comes out on top...?

PS: Does Miltie have his photos of Eugene to show us yet...?

2007-01-23 18:48:58
30.   bhsportsguy
28 Bobby Grich and Brian Downing would certainly have something to say about that.
2007-01-23 19:03:49
31.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, what Miltie and Eugene do on their own time is none of my business.
2007-01-23 19:10:51
32.   D4P
There's nothing gay about it, in their eyes
2007-01-23 19:42:58
33.   caseybarker
...not that there's anything wrong with that.
2007-01-23 19:44:20
34.   Greg Brock
33 I was waiting for that for a long time.

Way to come through.

2007-01-23 19:44:44
35.   Sam DC
Sharapova getting very tested here.
2007-01-23 19:45:47
36.   Greg Brock
D4P also brought up Top Gun yesterday...
2007-01-23 19:46:23
37.   Sam DC
And then she doublefaults away the game to go down 3-5 in the first set.
2007-01-23 19:47:51
38.   D4P
Note to Sam: the Sharapova match is already completed. Rather than showing the Clijsters-Hingis match live right now, ESPN2 is showing taped coverage of the previous match.
2007-01-23 19:55:12
39.   Sam DC
Thank you.

(slinks away)

2007-01-23 19:59:21
40.   Bob Timmermann
So will the other famous Belgian player now just be Justine Henin?
2007-01-23 20:01:41
41.   Xeifrank
Ahhh, Fernando Tatis and the two grand slams in one inning game. It's one of those events, where you will always remember where you were when it happened. I was fortunate enough to be watching it in the heartland of Redbird territory. I was watching in my uncles living room in southern Illinois, just south of St Louis. I returned home immediately and the Dodgers have yet to give up two grand slams in an inning since.
vr, Xei
2007-01-23 20:26:57
42.   Daniel Zappala
I can't believe it. An entire thread on classic games and no one mentioned nethack. I am revoking the Official Badge of Geekdom from all of you. As penance, you must all spend the night away from your computer.
2007-01-23 20:37:47
43.   twerp
A contribution to the Australian Open talk--

2007-01-23 20:45:55
44.   Bob Timmermann
RIP, E. Howard Hunt.
2007-01-23 20:52:34
45.   Uncle Miltie
PS: Does Miltie have his photos of Eugene to show us yet...?
I'm going to get them off my dad's camera right now. I should have them up on photobucket after the Clippers game.

Hey, what Miltie and Eugene do on their own time is none of my business.

2007-01-23 20:56:14
46.   D4P
Wow, a Clippers game taking precedence.
2007-01-23 20:58:45
47.   Greg Brock
Ehrlichman and Haldeman went to UCLA-plus.
Hunt killed John Kennedy-minus*.
Ehrlichman and Haldeman win.

*It's possible that may not be accurate.

2007-01-23 21:09:55
48.   LAT
My brother was supposed to go to the Tatis game but at the last minute couldn't make it. After the game he put his 4 unused tickets on ebay epecting a big price from some Cards fans. He got nothing, not a single bid and I think he still has the tickets. Maybe he can take them to spring training and see if Fernando himslef will buy them. I'm guessing they are worth about $2.
2007-01-23 21:41:40
49.   Uncle Miltie
D4P (and anyone else)- here are the pictures from my trip.

Most of the pictures were taken by my dad. I took some pictures out the window of our rental car and a few of them actually turned out.

2007-01-23 21:45:25
50.   underdog
I think I like the F-atis signing if for no other reason than that he has the same awkward birthday as me. Otherwise, it has me no more hopeful than the two pitcher signings.

If anyone cares, I don't have Miltie's photos of Eugene but I do have my photos of Sundance, which I'm just about to leave:

More pics up in a day or so - including from a cool panel with Hal Hartley, Tamara Jenkins (love her new one The Savages), David Gordon Green and Gregg Araki. Will post some quotes on my blog, flog, er, mog, er, whatever, soon. But more importantly, enjoy my pics of Ed Begley Jr.

Looking forward to resuming thinking about the Dodgers on Dodger Thoughts soon.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-01-23 21:47:00
51.   Daniel Zappala
Came all the way to Sundance but did you think to stop by and see me? Huh? Huh?
2007-01-23 21:47:38
52.   underdog
Ah, speak of the devil...

Was it cold there? It was freakin' freezing in Park City. Gonna make SF look balmy.

2007-01-23 21:48:27
53.   underdog
You were there too Daniel? Sorry! You should've worn your Dodger Thoughts Sundance Club Parka (tm) and I would've picked you out.
2007-01-23 21:53:57
54.   Daniel Zappala
Yes, it is cold here. True story -- our boy scouts had planned a Klondike Derby, which is a snow camp. It was canceled because temperatures were below freezing. A couple of my buddies took their sons up anyway. Taught them how to build and sleep in snow caves, learned how to stay warm overnight in that stuff.

I don't expect you stayed in a snow cave, but did you at least go skiing?

2007-01-23 21:57:19
55.   LAT
It was canceled because temperatures were below freezing. A couple of my buddies took their sons up anyway.

And this is fun why?

2007-01-23 22:12:35
56.   Daniel Zappala
I should have said -- below zero. Clearly it was below freezing if they were in a snow cave.

I'm not sure if they considered this fun or just a great challenge and good way to teach survival skills.

2007-01-23 22:16:16
57.   Bob Timmermann
It's also a potentially good way to reenact scenes from John Krakauer books.
2007-01-23 22:23:19
58.   underdog
Wait, you were doing a boy scouts in the snow thing in Park City, Daniel, or you live nearby anyway?

I did see Heather Graham's backside which is almost as good as her frontside, and Joe Pantoliano, and Alec Baldwin, oh, and Mia Farrow (several facelifts later) but other than that pretty much zilch in the celebs dept. I think they were all hibernating.

2007-01-23 22:31:09
59.   caseybarker
Underdog - how was "Zoo?"
2007-01-23 22:31:40
60.   Daniel Zappala
58 I live over the mountain from Park City, near SLC. I didn't get a chance to attend Sundance, but I have starred in a film made by my wife when she was in film school at USC. My backside looks pretty good too.

The boy scout camping was up the canyon from where I live, not near Park City, but still in the mountains and in subzero weather.

2007-01-23 22:36:22
61.   caseybarker
Nice pictures, Miltie. It looked like the usual gray you get in Oregon. I remember that stretch of I-5 through town, too. I drove that a lot.

I liked the picture of the ducks, too!

2007-01-23 22:44:51
62.   Xeifrank
61. Yeah the picture of the Ducks was my favorite too. It looked like a pastel painting. vr, Xei
2007-01-23 22:58:59
63.   underdog
Casey, I was too busy horsing around to see heh. No seriously, I tried to get in but couldn't. Another writer friend of mine saw it today though and I'm still awaiting her report. We did an interview with the director on GreenCine if anyone's interested in more. Crazy story, crazy idea for a film but I've heard it's quite well done and intriguing. Wouldn't expect it to hit the multiplexes this year though. ;-)

60 Brrr. Thanks. Sounds really cold. I realized what a wimp I am when it comes to weather, being a lifelong coastal Californian and all.

2007-01-23 23:33:46
64.   overkill94
50 My roommate claims to have seen Ed Begley, Jr. at a restaurant last week. So who's the liar? Personally, I want a full-blown Begley-off complete with revealing scars, birth marks, and facial expressions.
2007-01-24 06:23:48
65.   D4P
Thanks for posting the photos. There are some new additions to campus in there that I haven't seen before.

I want a full-blown Begley-off complete with revealing scars, birth marks, and facial expressions

And removable eyebrows.

2007-01-24 07:22:38
66.   Greg Brock
This whole Begley controversy doesn't Sitwell with me.

Thank you!

2007-01-24 08:02:58
67.   D4P
This whole Begley controversy doesn't Sitwell with me

Where do you Stan...?

2007-01-24 08:09:07
68.   El Lay Dave
66 Will you be here all week? month? ...

Ed Begley Jr. smugly looks down his nose from his EV at us Prius drivers.... Did he fly between L.A. and SLC/Park City in an electric plane?

2007-01-24 08:16:55
69.   Johnson
I hate to drag us back to the original topic, but technically we do have names on the back of the uniforms again, right? Maybe we'll give Tatis one of last year's unis and see if he notices.
2007-01-24 09:37:35
70.   Jon Weisman
69 - Right - I meant to write that there weren't names on the back but that now there would be, so that now they could put his on. I really butchered that sentence.
2007-01-24 09:47:20
71.   rockmrete
Off topic,
Had our Little League draft last night and I was able to secure the Dodgers as our team name:).Even managed to save a potentially bad draw by lucking into some good players.
2007-01-24 09:53:27
72.   Bob Timmermann
Did you hire Logan White to help you out with the draft?
2007-01-24 09:59:33
73.   Jacob L
I've asked this question before, but I think it bears repeating now -

Most memorable/significant long balls surrendered by Chan Ho Park?

1. Tatis' double salami
2. Bonds record breaker
3. Ripken All Star Game swan song
4. Others?

2007-01-24 10:03:44
74.   Johnson
73 4. Others?

Aren't 1-3 enough for a career?

2007-01-24 10:13:49
75.   Bob Timmermann
The world of Chan Ho Park home runs:

2007-01-24 10:50:13
76.   rockmrete
No Logan White...but one of my coaches was there with a laptop so we had that MoneyBall Look! I am still jazzed about how things went.
2007-01-24 10:52:46
77.   Bob Timmermann
Did you throw a chair and curse at someone when your team picked a player that was too young?
2007-01-24 10:55:24
78.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-01-24 11:03:51
79.   rockmrete
No Bobby Knight episodes...

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