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He DFAed in 50 Days
2007-02-01 15:30
by Jon Weisman

If the Dodgers want pitcher Franquelis Osoria back in the organization, they can grab him. Acquired by Pittsburgh on December 13, the Pirates just designated him for assignment, giving Osoria little more than a William "Hank" Harrison-like tenure with the team.

Comments (351)
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2007-02-01 15:47:39
1.   overkill94
I always liked Osoria, he seemed to have a Quantrill-like ability to coax ground balls. Maybe we can get him back on a minor league contract to build even more pen depth?
2007-02-01 15:49:23
2.   thinkingblue
Wow, couldn't even make it to the day he reports. How is that possible?
2007-02-01 15:54:49
3.   scareduck
More importantly, he hasn't yet had time to lose the Dodger cap on his ESPN player page:

2007-02-01 16:19:27
4.   Uncle Miltie
If anyone wants to see a picture of a drunk David Eckstein downing a bottle of Jose Cuervo, then click here
2007-02-01 16:53:11
5.   bhsportsguy
OT - Frank McCourt updated the off-season construction on the Simers show today.

They are changing the parking lots (numbers and entrances in order to control traffic patterns) expect press soon on that. Concessions on Field and Loge will be completely changed next off-season, this year they have been working adding space to all concourses, so the plan is to completely tear out and rebuild kitchens, restrooms and retail stores for 2008 for field and loge and then work on reserved level improvements after the 2008 season.

2007-02-01 16:59:30
6.   Andrew Shimmin
Anybody want to put money on whether the parking lot improvements add at least ten minutes to the average egress time? I've got a strong hunch on this one.
2007-02-01 17:06:04
7.   StolenMonkey86
My Name is Earl features a guy with the same name as the new Dodger CF.
2007-02-01 17:10:39
8.   Bob Timmermann
Hope everyone enjoys some exciting Pac-10 action. I will be at Staples Center enjoying a game between the 28th and 29th best teams in the NHL.
2007-02-01 17:12:35
9.   Jon Weisman
7 - Wow - now that's three past or present Dodgers as characters on NBC.
2007-02-01 17:18:28
10.   StolenMonkey86
Anyone wanna take bets on groundhog day?

I'm going with 6 more weeks of winter.

2007-02-01 17:23:59
11.   Bob Timmermann
Betting on the results of Groundhog Day are strictly "for entertainment purposes only."
2007-02-01 17:30:57
12.   StolenMonkey86
11 - I am aware of this. Currently the stakes are -nod- to ROFLMAO.
2007-02-01 17:32:13
13.   Greg Brock
For those of you that missed the Deadspin/ war of 2007, I don't know what to tell you. I don't think will be keeping their fledgling comments section around for very long.


2007-02-01 17:32:14
14.   Bob Timmermann
I'm betting "Six more weeks of winter (-6)"
2007-02-01 17:42:40
15.   trainwreck
I totally agree.

Let's see if the Wildcats can win a Pac-10 game tonight.

2007-02-01 17:51:45
16.   Jon Weisman
13 - I missed it. Did Deadspin commenters try to sabotage ESPN, or did that just happen on its own?

As a comment receiver, I root for comments to work, so I guess I'm disappointed.

2007-02-01 17:58:56
17.   Greg Brock
16 It was bad. Really bad.

It's what happens when you own a monopoly on sports coverage, give people very few outlets to communicate with you, and generally act like the world of sports doesn't exist without you.

They started deleting comments every five minutes. And then they stopped. 1500 comments later, it's still going. People are copying and pasting The Iliad and Ulysses and Tale of Two Cities. They're bringing up Harold Reynolds and Mike Tirico and Gary Miller and every mini scandal in the history of ESPN. One giant internet catharsis. And Bill Simmons is getting destroyed. Karate Kid jokes and 90210 jokes, basically calling Simmmons out for phoning it in. Wowza.

It's bad. Just...just...not a good scene.

2007-02-01 18:12:17
18.   dkminnick
16, 17 - I've always hated the ESPN site for the reasons Mr. Brock cites and more. They want to charge for info that is readily available elsewhere, and the site is hard to navigate - as proven by my difficulty even finding the "comments" section. Can someone share a link? I want to witness the ugliness first-hand.
2007-02-01 18:19:28
19.   Greg Brock
If you want a blow-by-blow, head over to Deadspin, but I'm not going to post the link (some of the comments are terrible).
2007-02-01 18:22:53
20.   dkminnick
19- Understood. Thanks.
2007-02-01 19:47:03
21.   trainwreck
Alright Bruins, remember there are two halves to a basketball game tonight.
2007-02-01 19:53:40
22.   das411
Brock, is it safe to say that ESPN : Deadspin as France :: Germany?
2007-02-01 20:03:34
23.   Uncle Miltie
I hate being in the Bay Area. They are showing the Sharks game instead of the UCLA game. I don't know anyone up here who cares about hockey.
2007-02-01 20:09:58
24.   trainwreck
Sharks have a pretty good following actually. That is why I ordered the FCS package.
2007-02-01 20:10:05
25.   Greg Brock
22 It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen on the tubes.

Do you see what happens, ESPN?

2007-02-01 20:33:05
26.   Uncle Miltie
24- where are you in the bay area?

Great win for UVA against Duke. Duke is extremely overrated. I think Washington State could beat Duke.

2007-02-01 20:38:06
27.   trainwreck
Walnut Creek, in the east bay.
2007-02-01 21:06:54
28.   Ken Arneson
23 I have several in-laws who are huge Sharks/hockey fans.
2007-02-01 21:18:56
29.   Uncle Miltie
I have several in-laws who are huge Sharks/hockey fans.
Can't they miss out on one Sharks game, so I can watch UCLA and Oregon ;)
2007-02-01 21:25:40
30.   trainwreck
Sweet, sweet revenge
2007-02-01 21:34:11
31.   underdog
Re: Groundhog Day, I predict at least 6 more weeks of global warming. Either that or 6 more weeks of waking up to "I Got You Babe" on the radio.

Meanwhile, I played soccer tonight, played a decent goalie in a tie, came back, watched The Office on Tivo, laughed much, saw that both UCLA and UCSB had won, and found a Simpsons reference in the DT subject header - a good evening all around!

2007-02-01 21:35:09
32.   underdog
Okay, officially to go into the "You Know You Feel Old" files: Eric Young, Jr. is close to playing in the majors. Eric Young, JR., ladies and gents. I feel old, real old.
2007-02-01 22:02:42
33.   Uncle Miltie
Nice win for UCLA. UCLA could really use Kevin Love right now. I'm not sure if they have enough to compete for the title.
2007-02-01 22:05:22
34.   Samuel

I have several good friends here at Cal who are huge Sharks fans too, but agreed, I'd rather watch pac-10 basketball.

2007-02-01 23:59:29
35.   Bob Timmermann
Pac-10 standings:
2) Oregon
3) Washington State
4) USC
5) Stanford
6) Arizona
7) Cal
8) Washington
9) Oregon State
10) Arizona State
2007-02-02 00:09:37
36.   LAT
5&6. According to the McCourt unabridged dictionary of baseball lingo "Parking Improvment" means a dedicated lane for those who are willing to pay great sums of money for the privilage. For the rest of you shmucks it means sitting in traffic listening to A. Martinez drone on and make a big deal about giving away a $14.00 Fossil watch to a Player of the Game who makes $10 million a year.
2007-02-02 00:16:11
37.   LAT
Raise your hand if you thought Wash St would be third in the Pac 10. Raise your other hand if you thought UW would be in 8th place behind Cal. Stanford and USC. Raise you leg if you thought USC would be fourth in the Pac 10. Now raise your other leg if you thought UCLA would win by 14 tonight. Now fall down cause you are lying. No one thought all those things.
2007-02-02 05:10:05
38.   D4P
Doesn't "if you thought Oregon would be in 2nd place" deserve a hand raise request...?
2007-02-02 06:40:19
39.   LAT
38. The only reason I didn't include them is becasue I think some people actually saw Oregon coming (although I sure didn't). Much the way a few people think the D'Backs will challange for the division title and when they do the media will call it a cinderella story even though it will be apparent in hindsight. BTW, even yhough I didn't see Oregon, I am picking the D'Backs to finish second in the division.
2007-02-02 06:43:17
40.   gpellamjr
38 He's out of hands and feet. I don't like where this is going.
2007-02-02 06:46:56
41.   Midwest Blue

"Don't forget to put your botties on
'cause it's cold outside."

2007-02-02 06:47:07
42.   Midwest Blue

"Don't forget to put your botties on
'cause it's cold outside."

2007-02-02 06:47:16
43.   Midwest Blue

"Don't forget to put your botties on
'cause it's cold outside."

2007-02-02 07:00:10
44.   Sam DC
Geez Bob. Austin Kearns extended, Tony Armas Jr. to the Pirates. I realize you're in mourning for Carmelo Anthony's All-Star dreams, but it's time to get back on that horse!
2007-02-02 07:00:16
45.   StolenMonkey86
The Results:

2007-02-02 07:00:41
46.   Bumsrap
The Dodgers finally get a career parking lot manager on board that really knows parking lots and the first thing we do is doubt him.

Just because the roster is now a parking lot for proven semi-skilled veterans doesn't necessarily translate to no movement in the parking lot. Or does it?

2007-02-02 07:07:25
47.   Sam DC
From Inside the Dodgers: And finally, to answer the question, yes, there will be beer sold in the All-You-Can-Eat right field pavilion . . . .

Now who was it again carrying on about how the AYCE market had a large overlap with the drink a lot of beer market? Trying to remember. Let me think for a minute . . .

2007-02-02 07:12:21
48.   twerp
FWIW...Boras v. Jocketty, case of Jeff Weaver===

Link upper right of page to "Dewitt insists Cardinals made fair offer to Weaver" for more---

2007-02-02 07:29:23
49.   Sam DC
The real reason Commissioner Selig looked askance at Barry Bonds' contract:
2007-02-02 08:09:14
50.   underdog
Well, the good news is that Phil did not see his shadow. So forgetting for a moment that it's all a bunch of hooey, looks like we could be in for an early Spring Training.

Er, Spring.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-02-02 08:27:27
51.   kinbote
i always liked osoria's stuff. last spring, his sinker was moving so much he could barely control it. what surprised me was that he was throwing it 90+. for whatever reason, osoria has never been able to stick with us. at least we didn't lose wilson valdez or oscar robles ;)

(i believe hamulack & houlton are clinging to their spots as well?)

2007-02-02 09:27:06
52.   berkowit28
OT (well, there's no other way to ask): I'm planning to go to Dodger Stadium for the first time this season. How would you compare the $25 Infield Reserve (higher up, infield) with the $25 Loge Box (lower, outfield). Is it really worth the extra to get Preferred Loge ($40) or Infield Loge ($45), or, for that matter Field Box (way outfield, lowest, also $40)?

And where exactly do you have to be to find the recommended grilled Dodger dogs as opposed to the notorious steamed dogs?

2007-02-02 09:28:26
53.   deburns
Forgive the totally OT question. I have over 100 art books (you know, oversized coffee table type) on a very eclectic mix of asian, european, central american art that I would like to give away. If there were a librarian (hint) on the blog, I would like a suggestion of what would be a worthy cause to support with these books.
2007-02-02 09:35:30
54.   katysdad
Bob Timmermann, if you're out there, a couple of threads ago you mentioned you liked Bob Sanders because he goes by Bob.

Just found out, his given name is Demond. As a baby his mother called him "Boy, Boy" and, when he was three or four, changed the nickname to Bob.

There you go.

2007-02-02 09:42:06
55.   Bob Timmermann
But Jim Nantz said he was named "Bob" because he complained to his mother that no one could pronounce his name and she arbitrarily named him "Bob."
2007-02-02 09:53:09
56.   katysdad
I can't link to the story regarding Sanders' name, but here's the first few graphs:

Jean Sanders would like to set the record straight on the origin of her son's first name.

Yes, his given name is Demond. But since his early childhood, he's been known as Bob.

"When he was a baby, I called him, 'Boy, Boy,'" Jean Sanders recalled. "When he was about 3 or 4, I couldn't keep saying 'Boy, Boy,' so I just started calling him Bob. A lot of people think his name is Robert. Only his girlfriend, I think, calls him Demond."

This discrepancy has the potential to become THE story of the Super Bowl.

The entire story is at

2007-02-02 09:58:00
57.   Bob Timmermann
I don't know if I can live in a world where Jim Nantz is wrong.
2007-02-02 10:00:47
58.   katysdad
I sometimes have touble living in a world with Jim Nantz. Period.
2007-02-02 10:24:58
59.   ToyCannon
If your going during the week save yourself some money and buy the ticket via Ebay. This way you can sit in the good seats for 1/2 the price. Or if your going with someone who is mobile pay rock bottom for a corner outfield loge seat and then move to the good seats. During the week when no promotion is happening you can sit anywhere you want as 1,000 of seats go unused.
If your taking your family stay away from the corner loge area's.
At no time should anyone be walking up to the Dodgers ticket windows and pay retail price for a Dodger ticket when so many season ticket holders are more then willing to sell their seats at a great discount to the retail price as long as the game is not opening day, fan appreciation day, or a giveaway day.
2007-02-02 10:50:08
60.   bhsportsguy
Pitchers and Catchers report in 2 weeks with their first workout on Saturday February 17th.

Position players to report on Feberuary 20th and first full squad workout is on Wednesday February 21st. I believe the MLBPA contract states that the last day for a player to report is March 1st. In the past, there have been delays due to visa issues.

The Dodgers first ST game is on March 1st.

2007-02-02 10:59:32
61.   berkowit28
59 Thanks for the advice. I'll be going to a weekend day game in late May this time with a friend's family (includes a child) - 4 seats. Probably "iffier" to move around all 4 of us. What do you suggest now? I'll take your other suggestions when I go back later in the summer - it involves a drive from Santa Barbara so day games are better generally.
2007-02-02 11:28:00
62.   ToyCannon
Weekend day games are a little tougher. The only weekend day games scheduled in May are
5/13 - Reds / Sunday
5/26 - Cubs / Saturday
27 - Cubs / Sunday

The Red game should be easy but lots of Cub fans in LA make those games a little harder.

I'd still use Ebay even for a weekend game. You might have to pay more (upto retail) but your going to get seats that you couldn't get from the Dodgers box office because all the good seats are presold to season ticket holders or season ticket holders who have 1st preference to buy single game seats.

At this point not many tickets are available on ebay or stubhub but as the season ticket holders get their seats they will start posting on Ebay. Here is a link to some current seats that might meet your needs.

Also remember if your group doesn't like sitting in the sun for 4 hours you might want some seats under an underhang. I think they start around row L in the Loge but I'm just guessing.

2007-02-02 11:52:14
63.   El Lay Dave
55 Jim Nantz is named Bob?!
2007-02-02 11:52:23
64.   Andrew Shimmin
53- Have any of these books ever been in a bathroom?

Sorry; I don't have any idea that would actually help, but when I see a Seinfeld reference begging to be made, well, I'm a weak, weak man.

2007-02-02 11:55:30
65.   El Lay Dave
62 Plus 5/26, 5/27 is Memorial Day weekend. Should be big crowds.
2007-02-02 12:09:04
66.   ToyCannon
Hopefully they will all be at the SM3 opening.
2007-02-02 12:15:12
67.   berkowit28
62 Yeah, my friend is a Cubs fan. That's why we're going 26 or 27. I'll start looking out on eBay (what's stubhub?) after season ticket holders get their seats.

I had noticed it was Memorial Day weekend. I suppose that can work both ways, with more season ticket holders out of town too.

So, in general, would Infield Reserve or Loge be preferable?

(And where are those grilled Dodger dogs - nowhere near either?)

2007-02-02 12:22:50
68.   Bob Timmermann
Go to market.
Buy Dodger Dogs.
Light up grill.
Grill Dodger Dogs.
2007-02-02 12:26:50
69.   D4P
So, my department is currently looking to hire a few new faculty members. The most recent candidate that was interviewed has a bachelors degree, masters degree, and is scheduled to receive his Ph.D. in May of this year.

Did I mention he's 22 years old...?

2007-02-02 12:27:18
70.   dianagramr

Hooray! The sex discrimination lawsuit against the Angels regarding their Mother's Day totebags being given to women only has been thrown out.

2007-02-02 12:31:48
71.   Sam DC
Oh, Diane, that's just gonna kill poor Bob.

If he's lost you, really, what does he have?

2007-02-02 12:41:34
72.   berkowit28
68 I don't believe they allow you to bring portable grills into Dodger Stadium.
2007-02-02 12:47:10
73.   D4P
FJM has a link to a fun little poll on ESPN righ now called "Which stats do you use?"

2007-02-02 12:51:16
74.   Midwest Blue
This commercial has something for everyone at DT.

It's very funny (Brock / Shimmin)
It takes place in a library (Bob)
It has a dumb blonde (D4P)
It's safe for work (Xei)

And it's a little fuzzy, but I believe that's Jon Weisman making a cameo in the background.

2007-02-02 12:57:27
75.   Andrew Shimmin
Jose Lima has a shut out, through three, in the Serie del Caribe.
2007-02-02 12:57:59
76.   D4P
I think

Junk-food oriented (Shimmin)

would have been more appropriate

2007-02-02 13:00:53
77.   Penarol1916
The Super Bowl Shuffle has been playing non-stop in the background here at work today. Someone please kill me.
2007-02-02 13:01:37
78.   Andrew Shimmin
76- In that spirit:

For a company complicit in genocide (D4P)

2007-02-02 13:10:59
79.   D4P
Andrew's mean.
2007-02-02 13:26:09
80.   Vishal
hah, that does look like jon. way to represent, buddy. :)
2007-02-02 13:37:24
81.   gpellamjr
69 So what? I'm 24 and expecting a PhD in four years.
2007-02-02 13:39:21
82.   D4P
I guess you're right. Move along, people. Nothing to see here.
2007-02-02 13:44:00
83.   dzzrtRatt
73 Curious results in that survey: More than 70 percent are familiar, well-versed or expert in sabermetrics; and yet 62 percent say they prefer to use "old school statistics" when evaluating a player. And yet 73 percent say "the focus on statistics in baseball" enhances their enjoyment of the game.

That's as of 1:40 pacific today.

2007-02-02 13:50:29
84.   D4P
That's as of 1:40 pacific today

Someone's clock is 4 minutes slower than someone else's...

2007-02-02 13:53:18
85.   dianagramr

Joe Morgan uses a sundial, cause unless you've actually BUILT a watch, you don't know how to tell time.

2007-02-02 14:01:17
86.   Andrew Shimmin
Lima got chased in the sixth, but didn't do too shabbily: 5IP 8H 2R 1BB 5K.
2007-02-02 14:01:23
87.   D4P
That reminds me of how Joe Morgan thinks that, unless you've played baseball, you don't know anything about the game.

Oh wait...

2007-02-02 14:39:37
88.   underdog
Jon, just FYI, you'll have to change that Dodger News via link on the right. Looks like they changed it slightly, to:
2007-02-02 14:51:27
89.   Sam DC
Ah, the innocence of youth . . .
2007-02-02 15:04:01
90.   Jon Weisman
Yeah, anything else on the sidebar need updating? :)

The sidebar is like 10 loads of laundry - I'd rather just buy new underwear than face it.

2007-02-02 15:15:04
91.   Andrew Shimmin
Free beisbol in Carolina! Venezuela and DR tied at two, going in to the tenth.
2007-02-02 16:09:24
92.   Andrew Shimmin
Going in to the thirteenth, now; still tied at two.
2007-02-02 16:09:39
93.   Andrew Shimmin
Gameday link, if anybody wants it:
2007-02-02 16:29:20
94.   das411
Cool! I just random refreshed this site:

And got the following poem:

reflections on the dodgers
"Mark Shapiro had a deal on the table to acquire
D.J. Houlton

the Dodgers

but the deal fell through when
Cliff Lee

said he would rather retire
than share a ballpark every day with
Vin Scully"

2007-02-02 17:01:34
95.   Jim Hitchcock

Good advice by TC. The only time moving from the corner outfield loge failed me was on a Friday night. The weird part was, when the seatholders showed up, they happened to be friends of mine. And they showed up in the 7th inning, fercryinoutloud!

2007-02-02 17:05:20
96.   Andrew Shimmin
On to the Sixteenth inning!
2007-02-02 17:55:23
97.   Sam DC
The perfect backup for OBP Juan Kenobi:

2007-02-02 18:05:42
98.   Andrew Shimmin
Ronny Cedano knocks in the first run in twelve innings. 3-2 Venezuela, going to the bottom of the eighteenth.
2007-02-02 18:19:09
99.   Andrew Shimmin
Bernie Castro knocked it the tying run. This game will never end. And I was really looking forward to the nightcap; Elmer Dessens is starting for Mexico.
2007-02-02 18:22:22
100.   El Lay Dave
from Jon Heyman:
The Dodgers' signing of Jason Schmidt for $47 million over three years was roundly praised, but one scout said, "I don't think Schmidt is a No. 1 anymore, not even close."
Not even close?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-02-02 18:23:31
101.   Sam DC
Castro's a Nat.
2007-02-02 18:27:26
102.   Andrew Shimmin
Bernie Castro comes in on a sac fly. Dominican Republic wins!
2007-02-02 18:32:13
103.   D4P
Party this Weekend at Bernie's!
2007-02-02 18:46:55
104.   Terry A
Hello Bigbie, so long Robles:

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles Dodgers signed outfielder Larry Bigbie to a minor league contract Friday and ... sold the contract of infielder Oscar Robles to the Mexico City Red Dogs of the Mexican League.

2007-02-02 18:52:32
105.   D4P
Weekend at Bernie's!

I've never even seen that movie. The primary reason I took note of its existence was that it starred the same guy (Andrew McCarthy?) who starred in Mannequin.

Mannequin was "our movie" for my first ever girlfriend and I, and the theme song (Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now") was one of two "our songs". The other was Glenn Medeiros' "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You."

As it turned out, something changed her love for me, we didn't build that dream together, we didn't stand strong forever, and something stopped us then.

2007-02-02 18:54:01
106.   Sam DC
As it turned out, something changed her love for me, we didn't build that dream together, we didn't stand strong forever, and something stopped us then.


2007-02-02 19:06:46
107.   caseybarker
Depo tried to get Bigbie before the '04 season.
2007-02-02 19:28:53
108.   underdog
90 I hear you - the blog I help coordinate for work (using Moveable Type) often takes forever to rebuild when you update the sidebar template because the server is slow and it rebuilds every page of the archives. Rarely feels worth it. Or.... bring a good book.

Re: Bigbie signing - seems like he's worth a flyer, still fairly young, if he's healthy he could possibly produce. I have more confidence that he could turn into a Dodger than Tatis. And... adios Oscar, I'm sure it'll be nice to be home, and start. Doesn't seem like a huge loss for the Dodger franchise. Does anyone else worry about our IF depth in the minors (and ML bench) though?

2007-02-02 19:31:35
109.   underdog
On the other hand, maybe Abreu and Valdez can continue their hot winter hitting into the spring and give the team some IF options if needed.
2007-02-02 20:16:48
110.   Jason in Canada
Ok, I know I'm opening myself up for ridicule here, but I have to say it. Whenever I play video games where you can run your own baseball team, I ALWAYS get Larry Bigbie as my good luck charm for the Dodgers and he is always one of my best players. Let's hope that translates into real life. Probably not though as there aren't a whole lot of openings for Dodger outfielders... (P.S. On a side note, I would always trade for Roberto Luongo to play goalie for my Canucks, and this summer they actually did and he's a Hart trophy candidate for MVP so I might have a knack for this.) (P.S.S on a side-side note, I don't actually play a lot of video games...)
2007-02-02 20:42:43
111.   Andrew Shimmin
I guess we know for whom Brock will be voting for in the 2008 primary.

2007-02-02 20:57:36
112.   Xeifrank
My NL West head to head sim that I have been running got some play over at from the Rockie blogger. Seems that my sim and a few other sites have the Rockies getting beat up pretty bad this coming year. So far I have both the Dodgers and Padres putting a beat-down on the Rockies.
vr, Xei
2007-02-02 21:13:22
113.   El Lay Dave
107 He comes cheaper now.

108 anyone else worry about our IF depth
Isn't the great Ramón E. Martinez enough? There's also a 1B that could play a few innings elsewhere in the IF, in a pinch.

110 there aren't a whole lot of openings for Dodger outfielders
Especially lefthand hitting ones. The only righthand hitting OFs are Repko and Kemp, and you know where Kemp is probably starting the season - Vegas. Or is the great Ramón E. Martinez enough for that too?

2007-02-02 21:53:48
114.   ToyCannon
Probably the same people who worry about who are 3rd string catcher is going to be in December.
2007-02-02 22:35:36
115.   D4P
With subzero temperatures descending and a hated division rival playing in the Super Bowl, Green Bay Packers fans received an unexpected jolt of good news Friday.

Brett Favre is back.

"good" is a strange way to spell "bad".

Fa(rv)e should have retired two years ago.

2007-02-03 01:39:44
116.   Greg Brock
Hey, has anybody ever fallen asleep at, like, 6:30 at night, woken up around 1:00 in the morning, and cried a little bit because their entire sleep cycle is ruined for the weekend?

Naw, me neither (weeps)

2007-02-03 06:35:19
117.   Midwest Blue
Now, if the Raiders can just dump Moss on Green Bay in return for a linemen and a high draft pick, then all will be right again.
2007-02-03 06:48:47
118.   Greg Brock
Neat little article on Win Shares and the Hall of Fame.

2007-02-03 06:59:46
119.   Sushirabbit
116 Naw... er, umm, that wasn't me that commented about taxes last post. Really.

Of course, a newborn pretty much incinerates the idea of regular sleep (they are like the UT's Redeemor!) And no use crying, it won't make any difference. Trust me.

2007-02-03 07:51:46
120.   Daniel Zappala
So is it a good thing or a bad thing to have the flu on Super Bowl weekend? On the one hand, I can stay in bed all weekend, which I haven't done since I got mono and was forced to stay in bed watching all-day coverage of the Iran-Contra hearings. The Super Bowl is a much better event to have on TV in this situation. On the other hand, no hamburgers for me; I'll have to have jello and soup instead.
2007-02-03 08:05:42
121.   Greg Brock
120 I can recommend TheraFlu. That stuff is an unholy alliance of so many pain relievers and flu medications, all wrapped up in a delicious tea to drink. It works like a charm for about three hours at a time.

It's the essential Brock remedy.

2007-02-03 08:20:27
122.   Xeifrank (White Sox blog) has a pretty realistic Super Bowl simulation up and has the Bears winning 28-24. Not to far off from my prediction of a 30-28 Colts victory. vr, Xei
2007-02-03 08:23:17
123.   Daniel Zappala
Thanks, I'll look into it. I think I got it from the radio waves. Last night while I was driving home from SLC, I tuned into 960 AM, one of the sports stations I can get when I'm down in Provo. Apparently, their signal is so weak that just 40 miles north I was getting The FAN 960 from Calgary. They were broadcasting a Flames game at the time, and it was odd to hear someone so excited about hockey when spring training is right around the corner. It was the Canadian hockey broadcast that felled me.
2007-02-03 08:23:39
124.   Daniel Zappala
Thanks, I'll look into it. I think I got it from the radio waves. Last night while I was driving home from SLC, I tuned into 960 AM, one of the sports stations I can get when I'm down in Provo. Apparently, their signal is so weak that just 40 miles north I was getting The FAN 960 from Calgary. They were broadcasting a Flames game at the time, and it was odd to hear someone so excited about hockey when spring training is right around the corner. It was the Canadian hockey broadcast that felled me.
2007-02-03 08:24:52
125.   Bob Timmermann
I'm working on Sunday (as well as today once I get going) and won't be tuning into the Super Bowl until 5:30 or so.

So, I will be playing catchup on the DVR. But will I be caught up before the end of the game? And what about all those poor advertisers who have worked so hard to craft the perfect ad?

I just have to hope I don't have neighbors watching who make noise while watching the game that can throw me off.

2007-02-03 08:29:52
126.   D4P
I can recommend TheraFlu

I have to give TheraFlu credit for its effectiveness.

But the flavor is utterly disgusting.

2007-02-03 08:32:39
127.   Xeifrank
125. The Diet Pepsi people can't be too happy about this situation. vr, Xei
2007-02-03 08:36:34
128.   Dodger Jack
I realize that we are in the midst of "dog days" for Dodger baseball news and discussions. So everyone is consumed with the Stupor Bowl. But I suspect that there are many, like me, who could care less about pro football and the spectacle in Miami. It just seems like one big redneck festival to me. Hot stove baseball signings are far more interesting. I will be glad to get this hick thing out of the way and get back to baseball.
2007-02-03 08:37:58
129.   Bob Timmermann
Fight the power! Don't let those Madison Avenue types tell you what to watch!
2007-02-03 08:45:09
130.   Greg Brock
Fathers, hide your daughters. Gar Glitter may be getting out of a Vietnamese prison next week.

No, seriously. Hide your daughters.

2007-02-03 08:46:55
131.   Greg Brock
Fire away, typo police.
2007-02-03 08:49:01
132.   D4P
Don't let those Madison Avenue types tell you what to watch!

Preach it, bruthuh!

You cancel my Arrested Development, I don't watch your The Office.

It's that simple.

2007-02-03 09:22:47
133.   Andrew Shimmin
132- I'm afraid it's a little difficult to take you seriously, on this front. Bob's brother only watches PBS. And on a nineteen inch t.v. With a rabbit ears antenna. You're kind of the Ted Haggard of fighting the man, t.v.-wise.
2007-02-03 09:27:31
134.   Andrew Shimmin
Now on the History channel, Wild West Tech tackles innovations in execution. Which is awesome. It reminds me of maybe the best present I ever got, from my uncle:

2007-02-03 09:33:58
135.   Greg Brock
134 A few years ago our Seniors built a guillotine for a school project. A real, life size, fully functional guillotine.

They split watermelons and such. I wasn't around, but I hear the bloodlust was insatiable.

2007-02-03 09:49:39
136.   Sushirabbit
Not to question your youth or anything, but hasn't it been more than a few years since schools allowed such risky behavior?

I'm mean even in hick places that like football, I doubt that guillotine manufactury would be tolerated.

2007-02-03 09:53:55
137.   Andrew Shimmin
If football fans weren't hicks, would the Super Bowl really be scheduled to start at a time when civilized people were just sitting down to high tea?
2007-02-03 09:57:23
138.   Greg Brock
136 Like I said, it was before I was there. But they built it about three years ago. I've seen the pictures.
2007-02-03 09:59:07
139.   D4P
If football fans weren't hicks, would the Super Bowl Halftime Honor roll really include the likes of Shania Twain, Kid Rock, and Britney Federline?
2007-02-03 10:02:33
140.   Andrew Shimmin
Shania Twain is Canadian.
2007-02-03 10:03:34
141.   D4P
Blame Canada, Blame Canada
2007-02-03 10:09:21
142.   Sushirabbit
Wow, I guess those kids are really prepared for the coming revolution! :-)

And do people actually eat at "high" tables anymore? But yeah, I think the game should start about 1pm and end at 4pm promptly. Tivo, really does help compress gametime quite nicely, and then you can have tea whenever you choose. Bewley's for me, please.

2007-02-03 10:23:21
143.   Marty
Greg's next class project: Electric Chair
2007-02-03 10:38:58
144.   Bob Timmermann
The Pac-10 Underachievers Championship game has tipped off in Tucson between the Huskies and Cougars.
2007-02-03 10:40:40
145.   D4P

I believe they're calling themselves "Wildcats" these days

2007-02-03 10:48:34
146.   Bob Timmermann
I at least had a Dog vs. Cat battle.
2007-02-03 10:54:52
147.   Greg Brock
I think we've tread over this territory before, but if the Pacific Ten decided to add two teams to the conference, which two colleges would be the preferred choices among the DT set ?

Assuming this would happen whether one liked it or not, I would pick SDSU and Cal Poly SLO.

2007-02-03 10:56:57
148.   Andrew Shimmin
Maybe it was posted here and I just missed it, but commenter Terry A. has a blog.

It's a little The Office-centric, so D4P might not like it. But that's a feature, not a bug.

2007-02-03 10:59:06
149.   Andrew Shimmin
147- Boise State and Nevada-Reno. Just to irritate you.
2007-02-03 11:00:49
150.   D4P
Clippers? Warriors? Raiders? 49ers?
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2007-02-03 11:06:02
151.   Bob Timmermann
When it comes to sports, Cal Poly SLO is just "Cal Poly". Only Cal Poly Pomona carries the city name.

I don't think the Pac-10 wants to expand, but I'm sure that BYU would love to join the Pac-10 and if BYU came, I would assume Utah would follow.

2007-02-03 11:06:52
152.   Greg Brock
Ya know, I would hate you two if I didn't like you so much.

Strike that, I hate you.

2007-02-03 11:07:23
153.   Bob Timmermann
Maybe all the UCs could form one conference for Division I basketball.

UCLA, Berkeley, UCSB, UCR, and UC Davis are all in Division I now.

Get cracking Merced!

2007-02-03 11:11:54
154.   Sushirabbit
I'd vote Notre Dame in.
2007-02-03 11:12:25
155.   Bob Timmermann
So you want me to commit suicide? Is that it?
2007-02-03 11:13:49
156.   Andrew Shimmin
Utah doesn't even border a coastal state. If BYU gets in, we should poach Colorado from the Big 12
2007-02-03 11:14:53
157.   Andrew Shimmin
155- Notre Dame is a hick pick.
2007-02-03 11:17:53
158.   Sushirabbit
I mean ya got LA Tech in the Whack!

Yeah, reckon 'cause we'en hicks don't want 'em in our own conference.

2007-02-03 11:26:29
159.   Andrew Shimmin
Sushirabbit has been nipping at the hooch from his bathtub still.
2007-02-03 11:33:20
160.   Bob Timmermann
The Wildcats are not underachieving today.
2007-02-03 11:43:58
161.   Andrew Shimmin
I switched over to Southern Illinois at Wichita State. Hmm. Wichita State might fit in well with the new Pac 12. . .
2007-02-03 11:46:07
162.   Bob Timmermann
Darren Dreifort would be able to cheer on his alma mater!

The Shockers would work out well in basketball and baseball. But they would have to add a football team.

2007-02-03 11:50:24
163.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps we can all see if Iona can pull out a win this year. The Gaels are playing Rider today.

Iona would not have been a team I would have tabbed for an 0-22 start since they were pretty good last year, have the same coach, and don't play in a particularly demanding conference.

2007-02-03 12:09:56
164.   Bob Timmermann
So Michael Irvin's drug use wasn't as bad as Mark McGwire's as he was chosen to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Also chosen: Thurman Thomas, Bruce Mathews, Roger Wehrli, Charlie Sanders, and Gene Hickerson.

2007-02-03 12:12:17
165.   D4P
Drugs : Football :: Apple pie : Baseball
2007-02-03 12:19:36
166.   Greg Brock
If the average human being was held to the moral standard of football players, this world would be euphemismed.

What's the baseball equivalent of the University of Miami? The 70's Pirates? "We are family" might have done a little blow (and by little, I mean LOTS), but

2007-02-03 12:23:06
167.   Midwest Blue
Creatine, steroids THG = Performance enhancing

Coke, meth, weed = Performance inhibiting

2007-02-03 12:26:34
168.   Greg Brock
Cocaine and meth are not performance inhibiting.

Not by a long shot.

2007-02-03 12:27:29
169.   Andrew Shimmin
Spanish speaking Jack in the Box is way cooler than English speaking Jack. Spanish speaking Jack in the Box customer is just as big a stoner as his English speaking counterpart.

(No score, top of the second for DR and Mexico).

2007-02-03 12:27:48
170.   Daniel Zappala
If BYU and Utah joined the Pac-10, I would likely start attending football and basketball games in Provo.
2007-02-03 12:28:45
171.   Sushirabbit
If any fellow DTers are flying their private jets to Ireland in late October, can I hitch a ride?

A rabbit can dream, can't he? (it does help to have a bathtub still)

2007-02-03 12:29:38
172.   Sushirabbit
168, unless you're Stevie Nicks
2007-02-03 12:31:47
173.   D4P
If any fellow DTers are flying their private jets to Ireland in late October, can I hitch a ride?

Are you still interested if my jet is being flown by my pilot...?

2007-02-03 12:34:12
174.   Greg Brock
D4P:Parsing language::Andrew:Making fun of James Taylor
2007-02-03 12:41:36
175.   Andrew Shimmin
Jose Acevedo hit Vinnie Castilla hit on his brazo. The umpire called it an asqueroso ball.
2007-02-03 12:43:11
176.   Bob Timmermann
Rather harsh description there.
2007-02-03 12:43:52
177.   Midwest Blue
I'm going out on a limb here not having tried either (or played pro sports) but are you saying athletes can perform better or the same high on coke or meth?
2007-02-03 12:44:30
178.   Sushirabbit
173 You bet, unless your pilot is Stevie Nicks.
2007-02-03 12:48:53
179.   Andrew Shimmin
Oscar Robles would have gotten that.
2007-02-03 13:03:47
180.   Greg Brock
Oscar Robles would have gotten that

You're obviously not referring to a ground ball to his left or a stolen base.

2007-02-03 13:33:48
181.   Andrew Shimmin
Tony Batista hit an inside the park homerun. The Serie del Caribe: I live for this!
2007-02-03 14:02:49
182.   Andrew Shimmin
Luis Polonia just tripled. I'm starting to question Mexico's outfield defense.
2007-02-03 14:03:34
183.   Greg Brock
Come on you stupid Ducks...Win!
2007-02-03 14:04:00
184.   Andrew Shimmin
Oh, it's nine nothing DR, so, considering Mexico got beat 11-1, yesterday, I'm also starting to question Mexico's pitching.
2007-02-03 14:06:04
185.   Bob Timmermann
El Serie del Caribe: Vivo para esto!
2007-02-03 14:09:47
186.   Andrew Shimmin
185- Big talk for a guy who hasn't seen fit to Griddle any of this. A triple for Louis Polonia? An ITP HR for Tony Batista? Are you waiting for Elmer Dessens to throw a perfect game?
2007-02-03 14:09:59
187.   Bob Timmermann
Interesting today that the Pac-10 scheduled its five conference games today to start consecutively in two-hour stretches.
2007-02-03 14:10:11
188.   D4P
Vivo para esto!

Is is "para" or "por"...?

2007-02-03 14:10:23
189.   Bob Timmermann
I did last year and nobody cared...
2007-02-03 14:11:44
190.   Andrew Shimmin
Also, how is, "Vivo para esto!" not a command that somebody else live for this?
2007-02-03 14:11:46
191.   Bob Timmermann
I think it's "para". "Por" usually means "through".

If you said "Vivo por esto" it would mean, to me at least, that you lived vicariously through the Caribbean Series, while "Vivo para esto" implies a simultaneous relationship.

2007-02-03 14:13:09
192.   D4P
"Vivo" means "I live".

I think "Viva" or "Viva te" would be appropriate for a command.

2007-02-03 14:13:21
193.   Bob Timmermann
The imperative form would "Vive para esto!"
2007-02-03 14:14:12
194.   Bob Timmermann
"Viva" would be the formal imperative form.
2007-02-03 14:17:19
195.   Bob Timmermann
Viva los Patos!
2007-02-03 14:17:30
196.   Andrew Shimmin
189- I'll have to do some research on this, but I have a theory that Luis Polonia tripling is inherently interesting. Will call my sister,
tell her the news, and gauge her response.

Regarding the rest: I don't go in for any of this new age pronoun dropping.

2007-02-03 14:20:53
197.   D4P
Espero que los Patos ganen
2007-02-03 14:22:19
198.   Bob Timmermann
In Spanish, you'd have to be DParaP
2007-02-03 14:25:50
199.   D4P
A mi no me gusta Ooo Essay Cey
2007-02-03 14:28:44
200.   D4P
And you'd be Roberto Hombre de Timer
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-02-03 14:29:36
201.   Bob Timmermann
You can just say "No me gusta USC"
2007-02-03 14:32:27
202.   D4P
Is "A mi" just when you're talking about people?
2007-02-03 14:36:06
203.   Bob Timmermann
I was never taught to speak Spanish that way.

"No me gusta USC" literally translates as "USC is not pleasing to me."

"A mi no me gusta USC" would mean, to me (not an expert), "To me, USC is not pleasing to me."

2007-02-03 14:38:04
204.   Andrew Shimmin
Was there a wardrobe change, or does SC have two different sets of dancing girls at this game?
2007-02-03 14:40:50
205.   Bob Timmermann
USC has a dance team and "song girls".
2007-02-03 14:41:58
206.   Andrew Shimmin
205- I approve.
2007-02-03 14:42:44
207.   Andrew Shimmin
I should say: apruebo.
2007-02-03 14:44:27
208.   Bob Timmermann
Channeling Gregg Easterbook for Andrew:

Check out the inspirational quote from the song girl named Teni.

2007-02-03 14:47:34
209.   underdog
Aw, here's a nice, new little piece involving future Dodger fan favorite Larry Bigbie:

No signs yet of any such columns about Danys Baez.

2007-02-03 14:49:00
210.   Andrew Shimmin
208- You like to deflect this on to me, but I think we all know who the cheerleader hound is.

I like Megan. The word that best describes here is, "Fun!" And, among her other school activities are: "various philanthropies."

2007-02-03 14:50:38
211.   D4P
I'm with Bob. "Teni" is the cream of that crop.
2007-02-03 14:51:49
212.   Andrew Shimmin
Anasheh is Michael Scott's favorite; "Be sexy, Be true, Be kind, Be YOU!"
2007-02-03 14:54:12
213.   Bob Timmermann
I actually picked Teni's profile to read since I work with someone with that name.
2007-02-03 14:55:51
214.   underdog
I guess it's cool they call them "Song Girls" instead of some other euphemism. Or instead of, what, Trojettes? The Women of Troy? (
2007-02-03 14:58:28
215.   Bob Timmermann
"The Women of Troy" is used for the women's athletic teams.
2007-02-03 15:01:19
216.   underdog
Ah - Women, or Ladies of Troy? I guess the latter sounds more like a Playboy special issue.

When I root for/watch UCSB games I always crack up at the attempts to feminize the women's teams, from Gauchos to "Lady Gauchos" or, once I heard a guy call them the "Gauchas" which I'm pretty sure is incorrect. Whatever works for ya, I guess.

2007-02-03 15:33:55
217.   Jon Weisman
So, when exactly did John Wooden fall in love with the bolo?
2007-02-03 15:35:42
218.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA uses Bruins for both men and women. I don't see why a school needs to change unless it is an obviously gender related nickname.
2007-02-03 15:37:13
219.   Greg Brock
The bolo found out about Coach Wooden, and wanted to be associated with his neck.
2007-02-03 15:41:45
220.   Bob Timmermann
John Wooden subscribes to Bolos Weekly.
2007-02-03 15:52:05
221.   Marty
Give me Erica or give me death.
2007-02-03 16:02:51
222.   Andrew Shimmin
I bet Megan has way more philanthropies than Erica.
2007-02-03 16:05:32
223.   Marty
Erica only needs one philanthropy.
2007-02-03 16:14:12
224.   Greg Brock
Dear Oregon State,


Signed, Stuart Scott.

2007-02-03 16:27:37
225.   Jason in Canada
209 That is a great story about Bigbie. The comments all suggest that he is a great guy with so many testimonies of how friendly he is. I guess there is a reason he was my video game good luck charm for MLB 2005.
2007-02-03 16:38:09
226.   Bob Timmermann
During Bigbie's brief tenure with the Cardinals, he asked for the ball after his first hit with them as a memento. He was asked why and he said it was his first NL hit. But then someone pointed out to him that he played for the Rockies, but Bigbie didn't think that counted.
2007-02-03 16:45:06
227.   Andrew Shimmin
Free BP article on the Serie del Caribe, dia uno:

2007-02-03 16:58:02
228.   Andrew Shimmin
No school tomorrow in Borneo! Alex Cora just. Went. Yard!
2007-02-03 16:59:45
229.   Andrew Shimmin
Oh, how embarrassing. It wasn't Cora. It was some guy named Gregor Blanco. Why was the announcer talking about Cora? Anyway, my bad. There still will not be any school, tomorrow, in Borneo.
2007-02-03 17:06:19
230.   Greg Brock
We established that Newcastle is the official beer of Dodger Thoughts a few months ago. I hereby recommend that "No school in Borneo" (the abridged catchphrase) should be the official home run call of DT.
2007-02-03 17:07:23
231.   Greg Brock
Unless it's Wilson Betemit, in which case "Boom goes the Betemit" is still the preferred exclamation.
2007-02-03 17:11:27
232.   Uncle Miltie
UCLA, Berkeley, UCSB, UCR, and UC Davis are all in Division I now.
UCI isn't in division 1?

Not a good loss for Oregon today, but fortunately for them, Oklahoma State also lost. I don't think they should drop too far in the rankings.

Great week so far- both UNC and Duke lose and UCLA should be moving up in the rankings!

2007-02-03 17:14:05
233.   Greg Brock
I just lost an online poker tournament. I had a full house, Jacks over tens. My opponent got three running 6's, to grab four of a kind 6's.

Pretty much the worst beat in the history of cards.

2007-02-03 17:21:39
234.   Sam DC
233: Sorry to hear that. Sunday school in Borneo tomorrow, I guess.
2007-02-03 17:23:38
235.   Bob Timmermann
RIP, Tige Andrews
2007-02-03 17:28:56
236.   Bob Timmermann
On the other hand, it's Joey Bishop's 89th birthday today! Long live the Rat Pack!
2007-02-03 17:33:17
237.   Sam DC
Hiram Bocacchica. Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
2007-02-03 17:40:51
238.   Sam DC
Nice play by Cora -- but watwasedoin so far inside the line?
2007-02-03 17:41:32
239.   Johnson
233 I don't understand how that works if it was Texas Hold 'Em. If you've got a full house there can be only two cards left to expose. Was it a different game?
2007-02-03 17:43:27
240.   Andrew Shimmin
238- He's the smartest man in baseball.


2007-02-03 17:45:22
241.   Greg Brock
239 I misspoke. I had Jack Ten. Flop was Ten Jack Six. Turn was a 6. River was a 6.

Still a terrible beat.

2007-02-03 17:59:43
242.   Johnson
241 It is a bad beat, but if it's any consolation his trips over two pair had you at the turn. The four of a kind was just the icing on the cake. But with that pair of jacks, I can see how it's easy to toss out a big bet after the river on the sixes over top pair full house. (Unless you were all in after the flop - in which case, why in the world would he call you?)
2007-02-03 18:04:42
243.   Greg Brock
He called me because he had just pulled trip aces in the last hand and he felt like riding the miracle.

People bet "euphemisms" in online poker tournaments. I hate it.

2007-02-03 18:11:57
244.   Greg Brock
I folded Jack/9 Suited, and watched a guy go in with 6/3 offsuit. What comes up on the flop? 6/3/6.

I don't know why I play these online tourneys. It hurts.

2007-02-03 18:14:21
245.   D4P
I don't know why I play these online tourneys

Entertainment purposes...?

2007-02-03 18:20:48
246.   Greg Brock
245 I take solace in the fact that the people who bet so crazily with real money are usually doing so with their credit card.

I may lose a bad hand or two, but I'm not $20,000 in debt like the majority of my fellow players. Most of these people are clinically insane.

I have a nice little $75 a month kitty to play with.

2007-02-03 18:24:16
247.   D4P
I used to play a lot of online Hearts, back before poker became all the rage. It was fun for a while, but got old. People cheated, and people were stupid.

I don't like cheating or stupidity.

2007-02-03 18:28:46
248.   Greg Brock
The most money I ever gambled was dollar a point spades, back in the Navy. That got really heavy. About fourteen of us used to play every Friday night. It turned into a real blood game after awhile.
2007-02-03 18:33:20
249.   D4P
I don't think I've ever actually played cards for money. I wonder if I would play differently. I'd probably not try to shoot the moon as often.
2007-02-03 18:38:26
250.   Greg Brock
The only reason I like playing for dough is that people aren't as reckless. When you're supposed to win, you win, because people are a lot less likely to bet with garbage when real money is on the line. I don't care about winning money; I just hate how frivolous people are when it's play money.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-02-03 18:42:00
251.   D4P
I don't care about winning money

More money is the last thing a high school teacher needs...

2007-02-03 18:43:17
252.   Andrew Shimmin
For the eco-conscious tweaker, recycled meth (every bit as nasty as you'd expect while still being safe for work):

2007-02-03 18:46:15
253.   Greg Brock
252 Actually, I make pretty good money. I'll be on top of the salary schedule in another year. I'll be a single guy, making around $50,000 a year, working 180 days, with all of my medical and dental benefits paid for. If I teach summer school, I'll make another $4000.

Public school teachers aren't as horribly treated as they'd like you to believe.

2007-02-03 18:49:58
254.   Jon Weisman
I plan to use "No school tomorrow in Borneo" myself. But it would be better if we could get Ken to do it.
2007-02-03 18:51:13
255.   D4P
Andrew visits a lot more Internets than I do

I'll be a single guy

You never know...

2007-02-03 18:51:39
256.   Greg Brock
The only complaint among teachers in Southern California is that the top end teachers are treated like garbage. If you took a National Board Certified Teacher from any other state, they'd make about $120,000 per year. In California, they make about $80,000.

But the young teachers get treated pretty well.

2007-02-03 18:53:28
257.   Greg Brock
I'll be a single guy...You never know...

Yes, I do. Marriage is the devil!

2007-02-03 18:54:17
258.   Andrew Shimmin
They pick up most of the bill for continuing education, too, right? Plus the salary bump you get for extra degrees is sizable.

Then there's the whole spending your day with teenagers part, the which is where the economics of the thing fall to pieces. There just isn't enough money in the world. But Ch-i love you, Brock. Somebody should.

2007-02-03 18:54:23
259.   Bob Timmermann
The four games in the Pac-10 today have gone in this pattern: Rout, Close, Rout, Close.

Stanford leads Cal by 12 in the first half.

2007-02-03 18:58:31
260.   Bob Timmermann
Whoops, Stanford by four now.
2007-02-03 18:59:26
261.   D4P
I'll be a single guy

Would you and Kate Walsh just be life partners...?

2007-02-03 19:02:17
262.   D4P
Oops, I tried to quote Marriage is the devil!
2007-02-03 19:02:20
263.   Greg Brock
Would you and Kate Walsh just be life partners...?

From your lips to Ch-i's candy coated ears.

2007-02-03 19:04:23
264.   Greg Brock
Spending your day with teenagers is awesome. It's one of Ch-i's great callings. They keep you young and make you feel like you make a difference. Suffering Bruin will back me up on this...



2007-02-03 19:13:56
265.   D4P
Spending your day with teenagers is awesome

Not to mention your nights...


2007-02-03 19:14:01
266.   Bob Timmermann
Cardinal by 6 at halftime.

I eagerly await the chance to post the Pac-10 standings.

Very eagerly indeed.

2007-02-03 19:15:28
267.   Marty
Greg, what site do you play at? I'm using Poker Stars lately. But it's getting harder to be an american online player nowadays.
2007-02-03 19:17:36
268.   D4P
I eagerly await the chance to post the Pac-10 standings

The Cougars are 1 game ahead of the Ducks, while the Cougars are 1 game behind the Ducks.

2007-02-03 19:19:11
269.   Andrew Shimmin
265- D4P's appetite for teaching introductory courses, wherever he gets his next job, explained. When do you hear back from your flurry of applications?
2007-02-03 19:21:46
270.   Bob Timmermann
Spots 1, 2, and 3 are fixed:

6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are fixed:
UA, Cal, UW, OSU, and ASU

Oregon and Stanford will be either 4 or 5.

2007-02-03 19:22:08
271.   Greg Brock
267 I just switched to PokerStars from PartyPoker...And so far, I hate it.

I'm going to give it another week...

2007-02-03 19:23:39
272.   D4P
When do you hear back from your flurry of applications?

Good question. I've heard that they've received my applications, but I haven't heard anything else yet. That probably means one of two things: either they haven't contact anyone yet, or that I'm in the tier of people who aren't quite good enough to get an interview right away, but not quite bad enough to reject right away either.

2007-02-03 19:30:30
273.   Marty
I've had better results at Poker Stars than I ever did at PartyPoker. Made a couple final tables, which I never did there.
2007-02-03 19:34:40
274.   Greg Brock
273 The layout and speed are better at Poker Stars. But I find most of the players to be trashy in the extreme. A little too much table talk and mouthing off for my taste.
2007-02-03 19:38:28
275.   Marty
You are right about that. Something that has to be put up with. I'm no great player by any means. I like to play junk occasionally depending upon the position and other circumstances. I've learned to be ready for ridicule.
2007-02-03 19:42:57
276.   Greg Brock
275 Yeah, I really don't like to talk at the table. And I can't stand it when people are compelled to tell me that they folded a full house or some such nonsense. I like playing with friendly players; I just hate the bravado at most tables. I just wanna play some cards.
2007-02-03 19:44:51
277.   Andrew Shimmin
Pictures (Vinny Castilla-rrific!) from Puerto Rico (looks like Jose Lima let George Costanza pick out his sunglasses):

2007-02-03 19:47:51
278.   Marty
You can block chant by right-clicking on your player icon at the table
2007-02-03 19:48:13
279.   Marty
block chat sheesh
2007-02-03 19:48:47
280.   Bob Timmermann
There is a wedding announcement in the New York Times for a 72-year old bride.

The groom is 97.

Following the NYT style, the groom's parents names are listed. They've passed on.

2007-02-03 20:02:05
281.   Greg Brock
Bob, I don't hang around the Toaster to find out who is getting married. I hang out to find out who is dead. When the groom dies, let me know.
2007-02-03 20:03:54
282.   D4P
I thought you didn't distinguish between marriage and death...
2007-02-03 20:05:13
283.   Bob Timmermann
Do I have to go back and retract my happy 89th birthday wishes to Joey Bishop?
2007-02-03 20:06:50
284.   Greg Brock
281 And, in the spirit of this Super Bowl, I must say that I don't see color.

Since your comment is written in black and white, I don't actually see it. I don't know what I'm responding to.

2007-02-03 20:07:08
285.   Andrew Shimmin
A horde of teenagers have descended on the coffee house I'm in. They're the scheduled entertainment, and, presumably, the friends of said entertainers. If I had a button that, if pressed, would kill all of them, and I weren't shackled to a radiator at least fifty feet from that button, there'd be a really interesting story leading off the ten o'clock local news.
2007-02-03 20:09:18
286.   D4P
Are you wearing a beret...?
2007-02-03 20:10:02
287.   Greg Brock
Andrew jumps on wireless connections at coffee houses. I don't know if that's uber hip or uber dorky.

I'll go with uber dorky, just to make me feel good.

2007-02-03 20:12:14
288.   D4P
Funny. I was gonna ask if hanging out by one's self at a coffee house on a Saturday night was "edgy" or "passe".
2007-02-03 20:14:11
289.   Andrew Shimmin
286- I'm wearing an Elmer Fudd cap. The flaps hide the necessary earplugs. Any DTers who have a metronome or pitch pipe they aren't using are invited to send them to:

Some Coffee House
c/o Out of tune, meterless Teenage Band
San Dimas, California

I thank you. Everybody in earshot thanks you. Ch-i bless.

2007-02-03 20:16:05
290.   Andrew Shimmin
It's a quarter past eight; still evening, as far as I'm concerned. I'll be done here, soon, and off to a night of hardcore edgifying.
2007-02-03 20:18:03
291.   Greg Brock
They playin' any James Taylor at the coffee house?

Carolina on My Mind?
Sweet Baby James?
Only One?
Something in the Way She Moves?

Come on, Andrew...Request a tune!

2007-02-03 20:20:10
292.   Andrew Shimmin
HOWTO Build a band that won't make people who hear it cry:

1. Find somebody who can keep time. Doesn't matter who, really, but you need at least one.
2. Everybody follow him.
3. If the singer is band, TURN HIS MIC DOWN!
4. Profit.

2007-02-03 20:22:06
293.   Andrew Shimmin
Bad, that should be.

I don't recognize any of the tunes. And the boys have enough female peers who turned out that I don't expect I'd get their attention, short of committing some sort of felony against their amp. Which, while tempting, well, that'd put a serious cramp on my plans for the night. Though, it'd be dead edgy. Will have to think about it.

2007-02-03 20:25:18
294.   D4P
I suppose I should be happy (and encouraged) that Andrew is hanging out at a coffee shop instead of a McDonalds at Wal-Mart.
2007-02-03 20:26:13
295.   Greg Brock
2007-02-03 20:26:16
296.   ToyCannon
Where did Arizona and Arizona State play before they joined the Pac8 and made it the Pac10?

Sounds like you guys have enough to have a Dodger Thoughts Poker party online. I'll bring the chips.

2007-02-03 20:27:00
297.   Marty
It's not the coffee house that makes it dorky, it's the San Dimas.
2007-02-03 20:27:00
298.   Greg Brock
2007-02-03 20:27:31
299.   Greg Brock
2007-02-03 20:28:01
300.   Greg Brock
That's so not fair. It didn't show up the first time. Now I'm a screaming double poster.

Not fair.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-02-03 20:30:50
301.   Bob Timmermann
Pac-10 standings

2) Washington State
3) USC
4) Stanford
5) Oregon
6) Arizona
7) Cal
8) Washington
9) Oregon State
10) Arizona State

Coming up:
USC at UCLA (Wed)
Arizonas at Oregons
Bay Areas at Washingtons

2007-02-03 20:32:01
302.   D4P
Did Oregon really go from first to fifth in the span of two games?
2007-02-03 20:35:30
303.   Bob Timmermann
Pretty neat trick. Arizona dropped from second to seventh in two games earlier in the year.

But the Ducks have ASU at home next. That should perk up their spirits.

2007-02-03 20:36:56
304.   Andrew Shimmin
294- Ever since I got a wifi enabled laptop, I've quit, entirely, hanging out at fast food joints. Their only appeal to me, prior to that, was the unmonitored electrical outlets. I spend a fair amount of time in coffee houses, now. I get more done when I have things to ignore, though I typically prefer those things to be much quieter than tonight's diversion.
2007-02-03 20:37:02
305.   Marty
My Trojans are looking better. If they can manage to beat the gutty ones, they may make a mark in this race.
2007-02-03 20:38:35
306.   D4P
I get more done when I have things to ignore

What kind of stuff do you work on...?

2007-02-03 20:43:02
307.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't remember if there are any Kingsly Amis fans 'round these parts, but TLS has an enjoyable review of Leader's new biography. It includes an attack on another reviewer, calling his work, "so fatuous that it wasn't even boring." A construction I rather like.,,25336-2576533,00.html

(the band is now passing around a hat, insisting that half the money given will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation)

2007-02-03 20:45:24
308.   Andrew Shimmin
306- Nefarious stuff. Things so evil that, were I to adumbrate them, the internet would recoil in horror, and implode from disapproval. We've danced this jig before, haven't we?
2007-02-03 20:57:59
309.   Andrew Shimmin
Another room-clearing riposte. Don't mean to be snippy, well, I sort of do, but the urge oughtn't be indulged. I'd just rather not talk about it. I'd rather not do it, even, but I'm open minded--willing to compromise.
2007-02-03 20:58:12
310.   Greg Brock
Yeah, what Andrew does is kind of a mystery.

My money is on Biological weapons.

2007-02-03 21:00:14
311.   Marty
Andrew Shimmin = Jack Bauer
2007-02-03 21:06:10
312.   Andrew Shimmin
Rare is the day when nothing really bad would happen if I had a work issue sidearm.
2007-02-03 21:49:26
313.   D4P
Doesn't Andrew have a blog to be working on?
2007-02-03 22:19:51
314.   Greg Brock
So, how good is Kevin Love?

The answer: Pretty good.

2007-02-03 22:36:43
315.   bhsportsguy
314 I saw him at Pauley back in December where he blocked 7-8 shots and got his normal points and rebounds and we all were impressed by his passing.
2007-02-03 22:39:17
316.   Greg Brock
315 If Aaron Afflalo comes back, UCLA will be the biggest favorite since UNLV. If Afflalo doesn't come back, they'll still be one of the three favorites to win it.

Kevin Love is ridiculous.

2007-02-03 22:46:07
317.   Bob Timmermann
I was under the impression from a distinguished commenter here that the 2006 Florida team was the greatest college team since the 1976 Indiana team or the 1968 UCLA squad.
2007-02-03 22:53:21
318.   Greg Brock
317 Yes, but I am not that commenter. And I do not like Jan that much. And I am not a perpetual downer.

I am not FirstnameP

2007-02-03 22:57:11
319.   Andrew Shimmin
313- That's a suspiciously interesting thing to say. Do you know someone who knows me? I wouldn't bother being paranoid, except I can see a plausible chain of acquaintanceship.
2007-02-03 22:59:49
320.   Indiana Jon
Interesting to hear all the talk about WC basketball on here. UCLA is barely mentioned around these parts and most don't see tham as being the top team. Not sure I would rank tham up there with Florida, Ohio State or Wisconsin myself.
2007-02-03 23:04:35
321.   Bob Timmermann
Apparently the RPI stops at the Rockies.
2007-02-03 23:09:31
322.   Greg Brock
320 You're kidding right?

UCLA has the number 1 strength of schedule, plays in the #1 RPI conference in the country, has the fewest losses in the country, has more wins against top 25 opponents than any other team in the nation, has the lowest opponent's FG% of any team in the top 50, and has the best home record in the nation.

The difference between UCLA's RPI and #2 is more than the difference between the #2 RPI and the #10 RPI. It's not even close.

2007-02-03 23:11:08
323.   Greg Brock
UCLA may not be the talk of the Midwest, but you have to take into account that the Midwest might be just unbelievably stupid.


2007-02-03 23:22:46
324.   Bob Timmermann
But has Billy Packer weighed in on the subject?
2007-02-03 23:25:38
325.   Greg Brock
324 I actually like Billy Packer. A lot. I think he's great. He bashes ESPN, bashes Dick Vitale, and refuses to play favorites with teams.

This will cause yet another chasm in the Brock/Timmermann friendship.

2007-02-03 23:31:15
326.   Bob Timmermann
Billy Packer hates:
1) women
2) people who aren't from the U.S.
3) the NBA
4) anyone who doesn't suck up to him, aka people not named Jim Nantz
2007-02-03 23:38:09
327.   Greg Brock
I must have missed Packer's anti-women rants. I believe you, I just never heard it. I take your word for it. Same with the xenophobe thing. I only hear Packer during three or four regular season games, and the NCAA tourney. I've never noticed it. If he hates the NBA, good, because I think it's terrible too. When it comes to basketball games, I think he's a fantastic analyst.

If my choice is Dick Vitale, Clark Kellogg, the FSN buffoons, or Billy Packer...I take Packer.

2007-02-03 23:47:10
328.   Indiana Jon
Knew I could get yall going on that one. As easy as the Juan Pierre conversations. But seriously, UCLA wouldn;t be the team they are if they played in a real conference like the SEC, AAC, Big Ten or Big 12.
2007-02-03 23:52:29
329.   Greg Brock
Um, the Pacific Ten is so far beyond any of those conferences, it's kind of embarrassing that you said that. I feel bad for you. Look up the conference strengths.
2007-02-03 23:54:02
330.   Bob Timmermann
There are five teams in the Top 25 from the Pac-10 and there could be six if USC makes it back in.

It's too bad that UCLA doesn't get road trips to Penn State or Northwestern or Nebraska or Baylor.

2007-02-03 23:59:02
331.   Greg Brock
I wish we played the non-conference euphemismbirds that the Big Ten and Big Twelve play. Of course, we played Texas A&M and Michigan...We smoked them like a cheap cigar.
2007-02-04 00:03:02
332.   Indiana Jon
Let's see, Michigan. Yes they were a big ten powerhouse in 1993 and before. Great you coulf beat them.
2007-02-04 00:08:12
333.   Greg Brock
332 I really don't know what to say. We're the #1 RPI in the nation..By a mile. What would you like me to say?

We're kind of THE BALLS.

2007-02-04 00:09:04
334.   Indiana Jon
Conference strengths, RPI, it's all kind of like OPS. It makes sense sometimes. Pittsburgh is the number 3 team in the country according to that line of thinking. Just not realistic.
2007-02-04 00:11:27
335.   Greg Brock
I understand now...You're Bill Plaschke.
2007-02-04 00:12:55
336.   Greg Brock
Stop fooling me with numbers and statistics and other such tomfoolery! Darn your analysis...I feel it...In my bones!
2007-02-04 00:13:19
337.   Bob Timmermann

I suggest everybody just take a deep breath and walk away from the keyboard....

2007-02-04 00:17:22
338.   Greg Brock
The numbers say I should sit here and decimate this silly argument, but my FEELINGS say I should walk away.

I'll follow my feelings. It feels so good!

2007-02-04 00:21:59
339.   Indiana Jon
Not trying to start an argument or anything. Just saying the Florida team was not #1 in RPI last year and the Cardinals didn;t lead the league in OPS. No hard feelings, just think UCLA is way overrated.
2007-02-04 00:27:55
340.   Greg Brock
339 No worries. Hey, a heads up...Bet on the Dodgers to win the whole thing in '88. Also, I think North Carolina St. has a great shot to win the tournament in 1983. And if you have a buck or two to spare, bet big on Buster Douglas, I think he has a shot. Also, the Russian Red Army Team is due for a loss...

Betting in retrospect is easy money, Baby!

2007-02-04 00:32:27
341.   Andrew Shimmin
I blame D4P for the degeneration of this thread.
2007-02-04 00:34:22
342.   Bob Timmermann
I blame the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
2007-02-04 00:34:30
343.   Greg Brock
I would blame D4P, but I live in the Midwest, and we don't think D4P is relevant. We only recognize East Coast posters.
2007-02-04 00:34:32
344.   Andrew Shimmin
Additionally, I suspect that Brock's gambling allowance for the month is exhausted.
2007-02-04 00:37:36
345.   Andrew Shimmin
Is it the entire Midwest, or just Indiana? Indiana's relationship with basketball is a lot like a mother's relationship to her daughter: inscrutable, despite scores of boring movies on the topic.
2007-02-04 00:37:44
346.   Greg Brock
344 Actually, I haven't touched this month's kitty.

And I'm still waiting to find out what it is that you do for a living. My "Bioweapons" guess still stands.

2007-02-04 00:40:39
347.   Andrew Shimmin
Shot over the bow noted. I will go softly into that goodnight.
2007-02-04 03:26:30
348.   Dodger Jack
Re Pac 10: Stanford may be #3 but they smacked UCLA and USC and are climbing fast on the strength of the fabulous Lopez twins. Beating the two L.A. teams is quite an achievement given that Stanford has high admission standards for its athletes while USC and UCLA use minimum NCAA standards. Here is an interesting question: Have either USC or UCLA EVER turned down a prospective athletic recruit on the basis on his grades or test scores?
2007-02-04 04:03:22
349.   Sam DC
Happy Birthday Charles Lindbergh, Rosa Parks, Betty Friedan, Alice Cooper, and Dan Quayle.
2007-02-04 04:13:55
350.   Sam DC
And, for Bob, Happy Death Day for Karen Carpeneter, Liberace, and (again) Betty Friedan.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-02-04 10:07:25
351.   Bob Timmermann
USC definitely has and probably more frequently than UCLA does because it's a private school.

All schools will turn down recruits for academic reasons. It all depends upon the frequency.

Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.