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Herges To Sweep NL West?
2007-02-12 15:23
by Jon Weisman

Ex-Dodger reliever Matt Herges signed a minor-league contract with Colorado today, according to The Associated Press - giving him a sporting chance of playing for all five National League West teams in his career.

Dodgers, 1999-2001
Padres, 2003
Giants, 2003-2005
Diamondbacks, 2005

Herges turns 37 on April 1. He had an ERA+ of 100 last season in 66 games for Florida, allowing 122 baserunners in 71 innings while striking out 36.

Comments (156)
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2007-02-12 15:30:17
1.   Disabled List
I remember when Rickey Henderson joined the Dodgers a few years ago, there was something mentioned about him joining the "Four-California-teams Club". Has there ever been anyone who's played for all five California teams?

Or alternately, all teams in a particular division?

2007-02-12 15:33:53
2.   Jon Weisman
Dave Kingman played for the other four CA teams, not the Dodgers.
2007-02-12 15:40:26
3.   Bob Timmermann
You can play around here:
to find people who played for different combinations of teams.

Steve Finley and Derrel Thomas have the LA, SF, SD, and ANA superfecta.

Stan Javier has the LA, SF, ANA, and OAK superfecta.

Elias Sosa has done SD, LA, SF, and OAK.

Mike Aldrete, John D'Aquisto and Dave Kingman have done SD, ANA, SF, and OAK.

2007-02-12 15:40:51
4.   Bob Timmermann
John D'Acquisto is the correct spelling.
2007-02-12 15:42:01
5.   underdog
2 Certainly not with Tom "Bleepy" Lasorda around.
2007-02-12 15:45:27
6.   Marty
Dave Kingman played for the Angels?
2007-02-12 15:49:47
7.   Andrew Shimmin
Mark McLemore and Gene Nelson played for all the teams of the current AL West.
2007-02-12 15:50:00
8.   Jon Weisman
6 - Part of his four divisions in one year extravaganza in 1977.
2007-02-12 15:50:27
9.   ssjames
1 It appears based upon the tool that Bob provided that based upon the current alignment of the divisions that Mark McLemore and Gene Nelson are the only two players to play for all the teams in a specific division and both times it was the AL West, which only has four teams. Nobody else makes it any division, so Herges would be the first to accomplish this feat in a five or more team division.
2007-02-12 15:52:57
10.   Brendan
I'm not sure if I remember correctly but wasn't Herges traded right before or at the the start of the season? I remember being upset because I thought it was a signal that the dodgers were giving up on the season and they were in rebuilding mode. then Gagne appeared. was there a time in between herges and Gagne that it was a close by committee situation?
2007-02-12 15:53:35
11.   Andrew Shimmin
Herges would be the first to accomplish this feat in a five or more team division.

And the first to do it in the division as it was aligned throughout his career. When Nelson retired, he hadn't done it at all. McLemore's stop in Anaheim was prior to realignment.

2007-02-12 16:00:08
12.   underdog
Going back to the previous thread, I'm liking Jon's suggestion of offering one of our backup starters to the Orioles for someone (not to appear too much like a vulture or anything...) But who conceivably would be of interest on their team, or in their minors? We'll give 'em Tomko (and if necessary, a non-blue-chip minor leaguer), for...?

(I've always sort of liked Nick Markakis...)

2007-02-12 16:05:25
13.   Andrew Shimmin
If Colletti could flip any collection of spare parts to the Orioles for Markakis, I'd get his name and portrait tattooed on my butt. But I don't think that'll happen.
2007-02-12 16:09:13
14.   regfairfield
10 We traded Herges for Wilkin Ruan and Mota before 2002. I believe in the brief period between Jeff Shaw and Gagne Scott Radinski was the closer.
2007-02-12 16:15:21
15.   Brendan
2007-02-12 16:29:38
16.   Andrew Shimmin
And it'd be glossy, too!

"In our database, we can compare - if I was to say to you, I want to compare Babe Ruth to Ty Cobb to Matt Holliday, I could have that information for you in a matter of probably two minutes. Our database goes back to 1871."

--agent Scott Boras

2007-02-12 16:32:34
17.   bhsportsguy
Not a lot but several have played for 4 of the 5 NL Teams.

Denny Reyes, Shawn Estes, Eric Young, Chris Jones, Trenidad Hubbard, and Brent Mayne are some of those players.

2007-02-12 16:32:39
18.   Steve
Trading Scott Erickson's Second (and Third...and Fourth) Coming keeps coming up, but if they had any value, they'd already be gone, given that they have no value. Yes, I know all of this is a strange conundrum, but so is their mere presence in major league uniforms.
2007-02-12 16:37:04
19.   underdog
Hard to say what kind of value any borderline starter has before spring training but if they (I'm thinking Tomko here, who some GMs and scouts inexplicably still like) perform at a high level in spring and other teams are desperate, you never know. I'd almost trade Tomko for a middling prospect just to have him replaced on Dodgers roster with some younger more exciting player. Er, if Orioles management is reading this board, please only read the following: We're really high on Tomko and would be sorry to see him go.
2007-02-12 16:38:38
20.   Steve
I'd trade Tomko for a pair of middling prospect's socks.
2007-02-12 16:44:40
21.   Jon Weisman
Well, the Orioles just signed Steve Trachsel - what does that say?
2007-02-12 16:46:13
22.   bhsportsguy
14 Actually Gagne got the first save for the Dodgers in 2002, Radinsky last played for the Dodgers in 1998.

Gagne started the season as part of "closer of committee" but that changed after he got that first save in Game No. 6, he was the guy from that point.

Herges was traded because they had a pretty good bullpen though they did not know who would close during the 2002 Spring Training, but with Paul Quantrill, Paul Shuey, Gio Carrera and Jesse Orosco already with Gagne and then adding Mota in the mix, this started a nice 3 year run of an excellent pen followed by an okay year in 2005 and better year in 2006.

2007-02-12 16:46:32
23.   Marty
It says they are in for some long games.
2007-02-12 16:47:36
24.   bhsportsguy
17 I meant NL West teams though you probably knew that.

21 They wanted longer games so they can sell more concessions.

2007-02-12 16:55:48
25.   regfairfield
22 Oh yeah, Radinski was the reason that we had to get Jeff Shaw. Sorry.
2007-02-12 17:00:03
26.   Icaros

No, throwing John Wetteland away in the deal for a washed-up Eric Davis is why we had to get Jeff Shaw.

2007-02-12 17:02:34
27.   Icaros

And also why we had to get Todd Worrell before Shaw.

2007-02-12 17:14:39
28.   Steve
That Steve Trachsel's socks are set to make a fortune?
2007-02-12 17:15:58
29.   bhsportsguy
26 To be fair, The Dodgers lost 99 games in 1992 and went 81-81 in 1993, John Wetteland for Eric Davis being undone probably doesn't change those scenarios that much.

A better argument for a bad deal (okay not Pedro bad, but pretty bad) is the decision to not deal Karros when he had some value as a player with a low salary but he had hit a ceiling as far as much better he would be and promote Konerko to play 1B when he is ready.

The 1990's were a time when the Dodgers could never decide to pull the trigger on one philosophy, sign a lot free agents or build from within, the Rookie of the Years hid the lack of production from the farm system, (Piazza was drafted only as a favor to a friend of Lasorda's, Nomo wasn't really a rookie in the classic sense, Mondesi was signed out of the Dominican) the only 2 drafted, Karros and Hollandsworth, while solid MLB players, were not huge impact guys who led the team to any playoff victories.

Its funny but Broxton has the first real chance since Steve Howe to come up in the farm system and be a force in the pen and remain economically feasible. Gagne did it for a few years but he came up and pitched as a starter first. It took over 20 years to find another from the system to close the door.

2007-02-12 17:17:47
30.   Andrew Shimmin
Will Carroll's Positional Health Reports are out. He has Pierre being an elevated risk of injury, so, fingers crossed. The Giants have only two expected starting position players who aren't high risk.
2007-02-12 17:20:43
31.   Bob Timmermann
So you want Juan Pierre to get hurt? There's no need to go all Gilooly on him.
2007-02-12 17:23:39
32.   Andrew Shimmin
31- I don't want to hurt him. But, if Ch-i wills that the Dodgers suffer through a few months of Matt Kemp playing CF this year, who am I to question his wisdom?
2007-02-12 17:26:28
33.   underdog
21 Says "Desperation" in big, red handwritten letters, with blood dripping down from them.
2007-02-12 17:26:34
34.   Bob Timmermann
The Ch-i works in mysterious ways.
2007-02-12 17:26:51
35.   Andrew Shimmin
Like, what if Juan Pierre came down with mono? He'd be out, but it wouldn't hurt. That's what I'm hoping for.
2007-02-12 17:26:52
36.   underdog
Sorry, that was too graphic. It says, "desperation," written in crayon.
2007-02-12 17:27:42
37.   underdog
What if Juan Pierre came down with a temporary case of Gigantism, like Ken Griffey Jr. in that old Simpson episode?
2007-02-12 17:29:27
38.   Icaros

I wasn't talking specifically of 1992 per se, just the fact that the Dodgers spent a lot of money and Paul Konerkos on closers throughout the 90s, when they had one of the best closers of the decade in their own system for cheap (at least the first six years).

2007-02-12 17:32:13
39.   Andrew Shimmin
37- Exactly! Anybody know Pierre's mailing address?

2007-02-12 17:36:51
40.   Disabled List
According to 6-4-2, today is Sweetbreads Bailey's birthday.

Just thought I'd pass that along.

2007-02-12 17:45:38
41.   twerp

"If Colletti could flip any collection of spare parts to the Orioles for Markakis, I'd get his name and portrait tattooed on my butt. But I don't think that'll happen."

Andrew, you realize this could give a whole new meaning to having your tail in a sling.

And pictures. We'd want pictures.

On second thought...

2007-02-12 17:51:15
42.   ToyCannon
Eric Davis wasn't completely washed up, after he left us he still was able to have 2 > 900 OPS years when he was able to garner > 400 at bats. His problem was never a deterioration of skills but health. His brittleness never allowed him to play 100% except for brief moments but those moments were bountiful.
2007-02-12 17:54:11
43.   twerp
Loney is learning RF so he can be an option there, Nomar's at 1B, and all that.

But just in theory, does Loney have the tools for CF?

2007-02-12 17:55:22
44.   Andrew Shimmin
41- I'll buy the entire back page of the Times' sports section and have a tastefully close-up picture of the tattoo be the ad. Then I'll follow the fairies into Pan's Labyrinth, and battle the creature with eyes in its hands.
2007-02-12 17:57:39
45.   Icaros

Trading for Davis never bothered me. It was the throwing in of Wetteland that bothered me. Of course, he did bring Kip Gross in return, who was our second-best pitcher named K. Gross that year.

2007-02-12 18:01:51
46.   CanuckDodger
43 -- He has below average speed, so no.
2007-02-12 18:02:22
47.   ToyCannon
I'd trade Billingsly for Markakis without batting an eye. I'm currently a skeptic of Billingsly. His command was putrid and the K rate would embarass Tomko. His ERA was pure luck. Wouldn't surprise me at all to find out he was hiding an injury ala Jesse Foppert and we'll find out this spring when he's lost for 2007. Hopefully it was just 1st year jitters and he was rushed and with another year under his belt we'll see the dominating minor league hurler but I'm not counting on it.
2007-02-12 18:04:06
48.   ToyCannon
No, he's a notch below average as a runner. If JP goes down we have to turn to Kemp because if Repko gets full time at bats you'll all be begging for Bullethead to get healthy.
2007-02-12 18:04:25
49.   das411
Bruce Chen says "Aww that's so cute" to Matt Herges's NL West exploits.
2007-02-12 18:10:16
50.   Sam DC
And now West VA rolls over for Georgetown?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-02-12 18:10:19
51.   underdog
I'm not as skeptical about Billingsley as you are, Toy, though I definitely grant you he still has some things to learn. But given it was his first taste of the majors last year, and he sure looked pretty talented, as long as he doesn't get injured, I expect him to become a good #5 starter this year and work up from there, perhaps even quickly.
2007-02-12 18:17:13
52.   regfairfield
47 I'm putting a lot more stake in Billingsley's minor league numbers than what he did last year. His control still does need to improve, but his strikeout rate should go up in the future.
2007-02-12 18:18:08
53.   Sam DC
Schottenheimer fired three weeks ago by time release caplet.
2007-02-12 18:22:47
54.   Bob Timmermann
West Virginia doesn't fare well on the road against good teams that have all their players.
2007-02-12 18:24:48
55.   twerp
Think I saw somewhere recently that only 5 players batted .300 or better, career, against Koufax.

But for some reason I never saw who. Anyone know?

Think I heard Clemente hit him reasonably well (for Koufax). ??

2007-02-12 18:25:21
56.   Steve
Not all of us.
2007-02-12 18:25:24
57.   Sam DC
Oh you with your facts and logic.

They have cut GT's lead to 22.

2007-02-12 18:26:12
58.   D4P
In Utah, at "Wives 'R*' Us":

Guy: "Well, how many brides will you be marrying today, Mr. Simpson?"

Bart: "Just one."

Guy: (Makes disgusted noise) "What are you, gay?"

*Backwards R

2007-02-12 18:34:46
59.   Bob Timmermann
Not all of Koufax's career is covered by Retrosheet, although he didn't pitch much in 1955-56.

For guys with a long career, Henry Aaron fared pretty well, batting .372 from 1957-1966 against Koufax. He had a .644 slugging in those years.

Clemente batted .292 against Koufax.

Bob Uecker has always claimed to have hit Koufax well, but he was really 7 for 38.

Rico Carty must have celebrated Koufax's retirement as he was 0 for 18 against him.

Jackie Brandt was 1 for 21.

Jerry Kindall, who would go on to be a great coach at UA, was 2 for 28 and struck out 18 times.

2007-02-12 18:39:22
60.   ToyCannon
Lou(Lew) Burdette had an 818 slug% against Sandy in 11 atbats thanks to two home runs. That would be Lou Burdette the recently deceased pitcher who was the 57 MVP.
2007-02-12 18:40:08
61.   Bob Timmermann
Harvey Kuenn, who made the last out in two of Koufax's no-hitters (for the Giants and Cubs) was 8 for 70 against Koufax in his career.

Although it's missing two years, Retrosheet has Ernie Banks going 21 for 127 in his career against Koufax, although seven of the hits were homers.

2007-02-12 18:41:56
62.   Bob Timmermann
Jerry Lynch, a left-handed pinch hitting specialist, was 5 for 7 against Koufax.

Small sample size?

2007-02-12 18:45:42
63.   Andrew Shimmin
To get a list of only five with a better than .300 AVG, you have to limit it to players who had at least 37 PAs against him. That list is Bill Virdon, Gene Oliver, Hank Aaron, Del Crandall, Eddie Kasko.
2007-02-12 18:49:29
64.   Andrew Shimmin
63 footnote- Ignoring his first 100 innings, for the reason Bob gave.
2007-02-12 18:51:52
65.   Steve
58 -- There's a comedy shortage. Please, ladies and gentlemen, remember to conserve.
2007-02-12 18:52:32
66.   Sam DC
The Post's brilliant Dave Sheinin has a richly detailed profile of Josh Hamilton in tomorrow's paper. Might be a tad overwritten in spots, but it's a compelling story with some very powerful quotes from his family and friends.

2007-02-12 18:55:45
67.   Bob Timmermann
Steve Yeager was 4 for 48 in his career against J.R. Richard.

Dusty Baker was 11 for 69 with one home run. That home run was #30 for him in 1977 which made the Dodgers the first team to have four 30 homer guys on one team.

Bill Russell was 11 for 60 against Richard.

Ron Cey was 9 for 61 against Richard.

In his career, J.R. Richard was 15-4 with a 1.86 ERA against the Dodgers. That included five shutouts, one of them a one-hitter in 1980.

I don't know if the youngsters here realize how intimidating J.R. Richard was to the Dodgers.

Richard lost one game in October of 1974 to the Dodgers when they hit him hard.

The other three losses:
1975- Final weekend, 3-2 loss when the Dodgers get two hits, one of them a 2-run homer by Garvey to end the game.
1976 - A 2-1 loss in L.A. to Burt Hooton with Yeager and Russell driving in the runs. The other was a 1-0 loss to Rick Rhoden later in the year in Houston when Ted Sizemore had a sacrifice fly to score Rhoden, who had doubled.

2007-02-12 18:57:35
68.   Andrew Shimmin
Uecker was .400/.438/.667 with one home run, across 16 PA against Koufax in 1965. His full line for the year was .228/.345/.317. It was his best year.
2007-02-12 19:07:35
69.   ToyCannon
From what I remember I thought every game JR pitched against us was a shutout. I stopped listening to any game he was pitching.

Greg Brock if your interested Jay Jaffe at BP put together his JAWS for Bernie at

2007-02-12 19:14:09
70.   Greg Brock
69 Yeah, I saw that today and meant to post it to you...Ha!

Just short, but counts the WS stuff and the "Fielding Grammies" (Love that term). Once again, first ballot Hall of Very Good, but I think he'll get in because he was a Yankee.

2007-02-12 19:16:29
71.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think being a Yankee will help Bernie Williams in HOF voting as much as being a Yankee who won four World Series.

Don Mattingly suffers from having to play with guys like Dan Pasqua.

2007-02-12 19:27:46
72.   das411
67 - Is that Ted Sizemore as in Grady Sizemore? or more like Tom Sizemore?
2007-02-12 19:28:39
73.   Greg Brock
Behold the future of movie posters (very cool)

2007-02-12 19:29:01
74.   Bob Timmermann
It's the Sizemore that makes you really scratch your head when you're trying to come up with the names of all the Dodgers to win Rookie of the Year.
2007-02-12 19:33:25
75.   Greg Brock
Schottenheimer just got the axe.
2007-02-12 19:33:35
76.   D4P
Colletti was unable to land the impact bat everyone believes the batting order needs, but having offered $96 million to Alfonso Soriano, he can't be accused of not trying

Did we already know about this offer...? I can't recall...

2007-02-12 19:35:06
77.   Sam DC
75 Actually, he got it in comment 53. :)
2007-02-12 19:36:13
78.   Greg Brock
77 Sorry, Sam. Sick+sleeping= Dumb Brock.
2007-02-12 19:36:58
79.   Bob Timmermann
Maybe I will backdate a Griddle entry on it to make Greg/Ralph feel even worse.
2007-02-12 19:37:47
80.   Sam DC
What kind of sick? I've just conquered a five day bird flu thing (remember all the sitting around watching bad movie posts on fri/sat). sleeping is good for sick.
2007-02-12 19:40:22
81.   Greg Brock
80 Just your average sick. Congestion, sore throat, coughing, what-not. Temp at 101. Plus, energy zap like crazy. Me sleepy all day tomorrow.
2007-02-12 19:44:06
82.   Marty
Man, I hated it when J.R. Richard pitched against the Dodgers.
2007-02-12 19:48:25
83.   Johnson
73 Wow. If it looks as good in real life as in that video, somebody is going to make a truckload of cash.
2007-02-12 19:50:48
84.   Sam DC
By the way, in case it got lost in the shuffle, and you know, for Greg, the story at the link in 66 is well worth the time.
2007-02-12 19:59:15
85.   ToyCannon
UTLA signs aggreement. Wife still checkless.
2007-02-12 20:00:41
86.   Andrew Shimmin
There's a rerun of Big Love on HBOSG, starting now. Steve and D4P could watch it together.
2007-02-12 20:05:58
87.   Andrew Shimmin
The Police's Grammy performance made it to YouTube, if anybody's still looking for it.

2007-02-12 20:07:22
88.   Greg Brock
84 Yeah, Josh Hamilton. The odds are really not in his favor, but I'm sure pulling for him. Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy, I guess.
2007-02-12 20:08:04
89.   twerp
Bob, Toy, Andrew...thx for Koufax answers.
2007-02-12 20:41:28
90.   Andrew Shimmin
Slate reviewed (DT's own) Neal Pollack's new book today:

2007-02-12 20:45:34
91.   Bob Timmermann
You're welcome.
2007-02-12 20:55:21
92.   Greg Brock
90 I picked it up at B&N about two weeks ago, but I decided to read Crichton's "Next" first (a mistake). Will the review spoil the book too much?
2007-02-12 21:01:15
93.   underdog
Since the Chargers did fire Schottenheimer, Charger fans should feel lucky they'd lost Wade Phillips to the Cowboys or they probably would have hired him.

Ironic, given the topic of an acromonious split, that I'm about to finish watching the DVD of the indie film "Mutual Appreciation." (I think this movie is scaring me because it appears to be about my friends and my life.)

2007-02-12 21:19:53
94.   Andrew Shimmin
92- Can non-fiction be spoiled? The reviewer doesn't reveal who wins the circumcision debate. I have a theory that nobody, when he grows up, will enjoy learning that his father chronicled that decision for public consumption.
2007-02-12 21:23:45
95.   Marty
Crichton's a hack. A very tall hack, but a hack none the less.
2007-02-12 21:24:34
96.   Andrew Shimmin
In our quest to reference every BP article posted today, I think there's a new game to be gotten from the Cubs piece: Platooned, traded, or sold to a sweatshop in Belize.

I'll start. Should Jason Repko be: Platooned, traded, or sold to a sweatshop in Belize?

2007-02-12 21:27:06
97.   D4P
Platooned, in CF, with Pierre. Repko starts against lefties, Repko starts against righties.
2007-02-12 21:27:25
98.   Steve
I thought I was Neal Pollack.
2007-02-12 21:31:26
99.   Steve
In any event, Repko should be the starting centerfielder, and Pierre should be shagging balls in batting practice.
2007-02-12 21:32:03
100.   Greg Brock
94 I just don't want a total deconstruction of the book...I'm going to read the thing after all.

95 The book was a let down, but an interesting read for the layman. Much like most of Crichton's stuff. He's a pretty polarizing dude. It was better than Prey, that's for sure.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-02-12 21:34:06
101.   Jon Weisman
96 - If this is the game like they played on 30 Rock, shouldn't there be three players, and you assign one of the options each to each player?
2007-02-12 21:38:19
102.   Andrew Shimmin
101- That's why you're the Big Dog. Repko, Loney, Tommy Lasorda: platooned, traded, or sold to a sweatshop in Belize.
2007-02-12 21:43:07
103.   Greg Brock
102 Person three and option three.
2007-02-12 21:44:16
104.   Andrew Shimmin
I was so sanguine about Pierre a few weeks ago. I wasn't happy about it, but I thought I'd made my peace with it. Then I read this:

Of course Kemp could have spent one year being a crummy CF, and then be moved over next year. It's so simple. What's one year of bad CF defense in the face of five years of Juan Pierre?

2007-02-12 22:06:50
105.   underdog
I'm sorry, we can't commit to options on this one right now, but if you have another story to show us, feel free to send it to my assistant.
2007-02-12 22:12:48
106.   D4P
Five more years!
Five more years!
Five more years!
2007-02-12 22:18:09
107.   Andrew Shimmin
106- You know what I hate more than I hate you?


2007-02-12 22:20:49
108.   D4P
Then my work here is done*.

*But I'm not leaving

2007-02-12 22:36:03
109.   D4P
Weird Al Yankovic's song "One More Minute" is amusing. Consider this excerpt:

I guess I might seem kinda bitter
You got me feeling down in the dumps
Cause I'm stranded all alone in the gas station of love
And I have to use the self-service pumps

2007-02-12 22:41:29
110.   D4P
I bet you didn't know that the full name of the singer you know as "Dido" is "Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong Gould"
2007-02-12 23:00:47
111.   Eric Stephen
109 Weird Al Yankovic is my all-time favorite recording artist (guilty pleasure of my youth), and "One More Minute" is my favorite song of his.

In fact, I sang that in front of my 8th grade English class (we had to memorize songs of our choice to sing; one person daily was chosen at random)

Consider me a D4P fan for life.

(the poster, not the trade)

2007-02-12 23:02:02
112.   Greg Brock
Not to break up a potential cycle, but TLC has "Wild Child: The Story of Feral Children" starting right now.

I remember we had a feral child chat a while back.

2007-02-12 23:04:11
113.   Greg Brock
Consider me a D4P fan for life.

Meanwhile, you might have made a powerful enemy somewhere else across the internets. I sense a great disturbance in the tubes.

2007-02-12 23:05:22
114.   Bob Timmermann
Toaster.feralchildren please
2007-02-12 23:07:38
115.   Icaros
My favorite feral child will always be the little boomerang throwing boy in The Road Warrior.
2007-02-12 23:09:58
116.   D4P
Consider me a D4P fan for life.

And, therefore, an enemy of Andrew's for said life.

I was in 4th grade when "In 3-D" came out. My friends and I formed a lip-sync band called "Boogie and the B-Bops", using tennis rackets for guitars. We performed in the cafeteria a few times during lunch. Our biggest hit was "Eat it."

I remember being so amazed by that song, and the entire album.

Great Weird Al songs:

Eat It
One More Minute
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(This Song's Just) Six Words Long
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Ode To a Superhero
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2007-02-12 23:10:02
117.   LAT
I'm not sure it would have made any diffrence but would anyone here have prefered Bernie Williams for a one year rental over Ganzo. I wouldn't have but I was wondering what others thought.
2007-02-12 23:12:07
118.   Greg Brock
I was in 4th grade when "In 3-D" came out. My friends and I formed a lip-sync band called "Boogie and the B-Bops", using tennis rackets for guitars.

That proves it.

2007-02-12 23:16:21
119.   D4P
That proves it

Is this where I'm supposed to ask "What?"...?

2007-02-12 23:16:52
120.   Eric Stephen
Yankovic Thoughts: more great songs: Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota King of Suede I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead Trapped in the Drive Through Bob Dare to be Stupid Theme to Rocky XIII in-3D is my favorite Al-bum
2007-02-12 23:19:46
121.   Greg Brock

I kid.

2007-02-12 23:22:31
122.   Icaros
I put on a puppet-show to the song "Yoda" with two of my classmates in fifth grade.
2007-02-12 23:22:55
123.   D4P
Is that from ROTN2 or later? I don't recall Booger having a goatee...
2007-02-12 23:26:17
124.   Bob Timmermann
I have personally helped Weird Al Yankovic at work.

It was a momentous day.

2007-02-12 23:28:08
125.   D4P
Tell us more!
2007-02-12 23:29:24
126.   Greg Brock
Al Yankovic went to Cal Poly. And yes, D4P, that pic was from "Nerds in Paradise."
2007-02-12 23:30:46
127.   Greg Brock
Ooh, the feral TV program is talking about Genie. We talked about her in great detail 'round these parts.

Yes, tell us more of Weird Al!

2007-02-12 23:30:48
128.   Bob Timmermann
That would be unethical.

Seriously, it would be.

2007-02-12 23:33:41
129.   D4P
And yes, D4P, that pic was from "Nerds in Paradise."

Thanks. Within the past PC*, I decided to buy the ROTN DVD. I was excited to see that it was being sold in a 2-for-1 deal along with ROTN2, which I hadn't seen.

Shortly into ROTN2, it became painfully obvious why it was free.

*Pierre Contract (i.e. five years)

2007-02-12 23:35:35
130.   D4P
That would be unethical

Do you mean

1. It is always unethical to talk about particular instances of serving customers in a library,
2. It is unethical to discuss your particular experience serving Weird Al, or
3. Something else?

2007-02-12 23:41:41
131.   Eric Enders
130 It would violate librarian-patron privilege.

What if your labrarian was on random mesage boards telling people that "[D4P's real name] has renewed Madonna's sex book 28 times!"

Librarians tend to be big on privacy. This is why they loved John Ashcroft so much.

2007-02-12 23:42:44
132.   Bob Timmermann
It is unethical to disclose in public what any person asked for in the library.

What if I posted "D4P came to me to find books on STDs."?

2007-02-12 23:43:45
133.   Eric Enders
131 "labrarian" being, of course, how they pronounce it in the more armpitty areas of my home state.
2007-02-12 23:44:03
134.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, what he said....

But I know must quote Buck Freeman in Eric's bio of him in "Deadball Stars"

"I'd walk 20 miles to go see a good cockfight."

2007-02-12 23:46:48
135.   D4P
What did I do to warrant back-to-back hypothetical accusations of sex book searches?

Anyway, I wasn't specifically asking you (Bob) to tell us what Al looked for. Surely, there must be other details of the encounter that you could share with us that wouldn't violate ethical standards.

2007-02-12 23:47:18
136.   Greg Brock
A friend of mine teaches at my old high school, and took his class in to the liberry. He picked up the old Historical Abstract, and looked at the card. I was the last person to check it 1992. Hi-larious.
2007-02-12 23:48:05
137.   Bob Timmermann
There are two celebrities I can say who look the same in person as they do when they perform:

1) Bob Newhart
2) Weird Al Yankovic

2007-02-12 23:49:00
138.   Andrew Shimmin
I haven't been reading the last few comments very closely, but I gather that D4P got an STD from the Madonna book. Which sounds about right.
2007-02-12 23:49:31
139.   Bob Timmermann
1. Who would use a print version of Historical Abstracts now?
2. Who would use a print version of Historical Abstracts in 1992?
3. Who would use a print version of Historical Abstracts ever?
4. Why would you need to check out a copy of Historical Abstracts?
2007-02-12 23:50:40
140.   D4P
He picked up the old Historical Abstract, and looked at the card. I was the last person to check it out

That proves it.

2007-02-12 23:54:25
141.   Greg Brock
That does prove it.

And what's wrong with that, Mr. Timmermann? I loved Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract. I was 14 years old, man!

2007-02-12 23:57:29
142.   D4P
D4P got an STD from the Madonna book

28 of them!

2007-02-12 23:59:44
143.   Bob Timmermann
I thought you were referring to the reference source "Historical Abstracts?"

2007-02-13 00:03:03
144.   Greg Brock
143 Yeah, that would be silly. Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract was my introduction to an entirely new world of baseball, as I'm sure it was for a great many folks.
2007-02-13 00:08:05
145.   Bob Timmermann
Some of us just read Bill James when he just wrote "The Baseball Abstract" and did things like make fun of Ellis Valentine.
2007-02-13 02:37:21
146.   Uncle Miltie
And I have to use the self-service pumps
He must not have been in New Jersey or Oregon.... :)

Just another reason for Bob to go to Oregon.

2007-02-13 04:21:58
147.   Sam DC
I put on a puppet-show to the song "Yoda" with two of my classmates in fifth grade.

One wonders if the other flight attendants would have found that sexy.

2007-02-13 07:54:45
148.   ToyCannon
Fascinating how so many of use were weaned on the Abstracts but can still disagree on so many things. Coolest part of not reading the Abstracts until your in your late 20's is finding out your favorite players were really damn good players. In the last conversation with GB about HOF outfielders, my man Jimmy Wynn should have been right there. What he did in the Astrodome was unprecedented.
2007-02-13 07:58:20
149.   ToyCannon
Wierd Al, driving in my Miata, PCH, Summertime = good times
2007-02-13 08:03:52
150.   Jon Weisman
No one's mentioned "The Rye or the Kaiser" or "King of Suede."
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2007-02-13 08:23:50
151.   D4P
I forgot to mention "The Rye or the Kaiser" and "King of Sue..." Oh, never mind.
2007-02-13 08:24:50
152.   bhsportsguy
First Abstract was probably the 1983 or 1984 version, bought it at a Waldenbooks in the mall.

Its true that when Bill James said that one, Pedro Guerrero was the best hitter in the NL and that he loved Bobby Grich, I became in instant fan. Historical Abstract was a great read when it first came out, his essay on why Drysdale should be in the Hall of Fame is something everyone here should read.

BTW, saw a note this morning that Carlos Zambrano has given the ultaminum of sign him or lose him, would you offer Penny (who has three years counting his option at probably 70% of the cost) and maybe a prospect for Zambrano (if you were willing to pay slightly above Jason Schmidt money for a few more years.)

2007-02-13 08:25:45
153.   Marty
I hate to be a killjoy, but Weird Al Yankovic? Are you kidding me?
2007-02-13 08:26:56
154.   Jon Weisman
Rescuing Marty - new post up top.
2007-02-13 08:57:13
155.   underdog
117 Delayed reaction, but re: Bernie Williams - I love the guy, was always a great Yankee, but he is DONE. He especially can't play in the field. Seriously, he'll make Pierre and Gonzalez look like easy Gold Glovers. Ask Yankee fans whether Bernie Williams should come back. If we have to choose, I'd still take Gonzo.
2007-02-13 15:18:55
156.   Andrew Shimmin
153- After the Say Anything unpleasantness, I wasn't going to say anything, but: exactly. I had a friend who liked Weird Al. He also liked tapes of sound effects.

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