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Dodger Thoughts Kids Weekend
2007-02-17 11:11
by Jon Weisman

A little experiment: I wanted to dedicate a thread to the young'uns. If you're below the age of, say, 13 and reading this, or if a parent is willing to encourage their kid(s) to say a few words here, let's hear something from you about the Dodgers or baseball. Who do you like? What do you like? What are your favorite memories?

Or, grownups can just tell us stories about their kids and baseball.

Comments can be as short as you like - name your favorite player and be done, or go on and write longer. And of course, no teasing allowed - you don't have to worry about saying the popular thing.

Don't know if anyone is game for trying this, but I thought I would give it a chance.

(For regular open chat, continue using the most recent active thread.)

2007-02-17 12:05:29
1.   Izzy
My wife says I need to grow up sometimes...Does that count?
2007-02-17 12:44:13
2.   Franklin Stubbs
I'm writing on behalf of my 8 month old son (for obvious reasons)!

We took him to his first Dodger game last season and missed the first inning because it was autograph day. He got Kenny Landreaux and Tommy Davis to sign his first autograph book. We then took our seats (very generously provided by our good friends who work for the front office) and watched Greg Maddux pitch 8 perfect innings of baseball. And then to see the game won by an extra inning homer!! Not a bad first game. Of course his mom is a Giant's even more pleasure for daddy to start the baby out as a Dodger fan.

We'll go back this year to a couple of games (and especially some Galaxy games). I think baseball is a great fun activity for families. I know this could raise the ire of folks here, but I wish there was less advertising at the game. :-) What really bugs me though is sports casters or talking heads who swear on the air. The coarseness of sports talk radio makes me think twice before having it on on the car. I've come to like Joe MacDonald but during the Clinton years he playued some truly inappropriate material in what was billed as a sports show.

Anyway, thanks for this thread Jon.

One thing I'd love to know is how parents have shared special Dodger (and local sports) events and activities with their kids. I think I'll take my son to the stadium on some off day just to sit in the stands and take it all it. I always love doing that.

2007-02-17 12:56:40
3.   LAT
Shawn Green Rocks, if anyone disagrees speak up now.
2007-02-17 13:01:33
4.   deadteddy8
Here's one kid's view of baseball.

2007-02-17 13:06:17
5.   LAT
2007-02-17 13:07:55
6.   LAT
There is another kid's view of baseball.
2007-02-17 13:19:55
7.   Steve
Shawn Green sulks and lacks self-confidence.
2007-02-17 13:23:46
8.   LAT
Steve, she left to get a hair cut but I'm sure she'll be checking the thread later. Don't be suprised if you get a 12 yr old visitor at the office one of these days.
2007-02-17 13:25:33
9.   LAT
Jon, the following is a post from about a year ago that she wrote with me. We will stop cluttering this thread now.

In 2001, I was seven years old. At the start of second grade each of us was assigned a cubby to keep our lunch in and a hook to hang our coat on. My cubby and hook was number 15.

That year, my family went to a game during the first week of the season. Kind of bored, I asked my father which player wore number 15. He came to the plate and my father told me he was left handed and jewish--just like me. Three pitches latter my new favorite player hit the first home run I remember seeing. After that I started following the player who hit before and after my favorite player, although my dad never had a nice thing to say about the guy who hit before no. 15. Then I followed two players before and after him and so on until I knew the whole team. That was the season I became a baseball fan.

The Dodgers are still my favorite team but the Diamondbacks are a close second. I have to admit I was very mad at the Dodgers last year for trading him but at least my favorite player still comes to Dodger Stadium a lot.

LAT's daughter

2007-02-17 13:28:44
10.   Steve
It's just a fill-in-the-blanks exercise. I would advise her to pay it, as usual, no heed.
2007-02-17 14:18:24
11.   dkminnick
my name is Alexander Minnick.My favorite team is the dodgers,of course.My most memorable time was 1988 even though I wasn't alive at the time.I've only watched the vidio 100,000,000 times.
2007-02-17 14:22:56
12.   dkminnick
I also really like the Cubs because my dad's from Chicago. His favorite player is Orel Hershiser even though he wasn't on the Cubs. By the way, I'm 10 years old.
2007-02-17 15:53:55
13.   Jon Weisman
I have always been proud that my little girl saw a complete game by about her first birthday, thanks to Kevin Brown. My son's first game was the Jose Lima playoff shutout - he was about two months old.

The kids are now 2 and 4, so the games are still more about the food than the field, but they look forward to going.

2007-02-17 15:55:57
14.   Jon Weisman
Hey Alexander - my Dad's from Chicago too, and he roots for the Cubs and Dodgers.
2007-02-17 19:53:42
15.   mike20
I play baseball. My favorite sport is baseball. My favorite player used to be on the Dodgers. And he is Shawn Green. I am seven. My name is Evan. I like to see Dodger games and to see them win. My dad was holding the nachos and he tripped on a step and the nachos came all over me. My dad bought me a new shirt. It was a Dodger shirt. And new nachos too. The next time I was holding the nachos. I play lots of positions. My team is the Indians. Baseball is cool.
2007-02-17 20:03:13
16.   Daniel Zappala
My name is Adam. I like the Rivercats (minor league) because that was my team in baseball. I also like the Angels. My favorite player is Barry Bonds because he hits so many home runs (he learned about him in Backyard Baseball). I also like the Dodgers because they are good at hitting home runs. I like the Bees because they play in Salt Lake City.
2007-02-17 20:04:42
17.   Daniel Zappala
My name is Emma. My favorite baseball team is the Angels because I like to see them play. I like the Bees because I got to see them play at the baseball stadium with my dad and I got a pink Bees hat.

[Adam is 9, Emma is 7.]

2007-02-17 20:09:50
18.   D4P
My name is Bountiful...
My name is Etienne...
2007-02-17 20:10:15
19.   Daniel Zappala
Well, I didn't want to bore you with all 13 kids.
2007-02-17 20:15:24
20.   D4P
My favorite player is Barry Bonds because he hits so many home runs

Ah, the innocence of youth...

2007-02-17 20:24:44
21.   Daniel Zappala
To be fair, in his version of Backyard Baseball, both Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds can basically hit a home run nearly every time.
2007-02-17 20:41:45
22.   Icaros
Shawn Green has an army of children behind him. Is he playing the flute or something?
2007-02-17 21:01:03
23.   Gagne55
I also like the Dodgers because they are good at hitting home runs.

Shall I tell this kid the truth?

2007-02-17 21:04:03
24.   D4P
I think Daniel needs to sit down and have a little talk with the lad.
2007-02-17 21:10:44
25.   Daniel Zappala
You have to admit, that dramatic game last year may have created unrealistic expectations.
2007-02-17 21:25:42
26.   Greg Brock
Leave the kids alone, D4P.
2007-02-17 23:10:44
27.   LAT
kids like Shawn Green cause he signs a lot of balls for them.
2007-02-18 05:07:27
28.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 22 27

It also always struck me that Shawn's an all-around good guy. I supported the trade, and still do, although in hindsight, I wonder, but I always wished he could have still retired a Dodger. But he just isn't productive with the bat anymore.

I don't know if anyone on the team really fills the place Shawn had as resident Mr. Nice Family Guy. Lowe's the carefree party dude; Penny's the over-competitive knucklehead; Kent's well, Kent's just Kent; Martin's another LoDuca who isn't as much of a media hound; Kemp strikes me as having the charming swagger of a potential superstar; of all our players, I wonder if Loney might end up the most like Green in temperament--another soft-spoken (at least, that's how Loney struck me in the few times I've seen him interviewed) lefty with a smooth stroke, but whose swing is considerably shorter than Green's was.

Anyhow, I for one miss Green's peak years with us--it's a shame to see a player like him decline as precipitously as he did, due to the injury.


2007-02-18 08:45:40
29.   dodgerfan772
When I was teaching my kids about stop lights (2 year old girl and 3 year old boy), I taught them that green means "go", yellow means "slow down", and red means "stop". So I added that blue means "GO DODGERS". Every time I ask them what these colors mean this is their response. Its great. The only problem is that I now have to think of a meaning for all other colors!
2007-02-18 09:53:27
30.   MollyKnight
Regarding Shawn Green and small children: I took my little sister to her first Dodger game when she probably about seven. She didn't really have much interest in the game until she saw Green's picture on the jumbotron, and shrieked, "Ooooh, he's cute!" He quickly became her favorite player.

A few years later we ran into Shawn in the parking lot. A few scary old male autograph hounds seemed to be chasing him to his car. He shrugged them off, but my sister had the guts to walk up to him with her ticket stub and he stopped, asked for her name, and signed it for her. It made her entire life.
I think she slept with that stub under her pillow for a while, though she wouldn't admit to it.

And regarding Dodgers with his temprament: I've interviewed most of the guys on the team, and I'd say Ethier is similar in that he's kind and gracious, but not the most outspoken guy in the world. Loney is soft spoken too, but that might simply be because he's the new guy. All the Dodger kids are humble and kind, which is a very and rare lucky thing.

2007-02-18 10:00:13
31.   Icaros
Except Andy LaRoche. He's entitled and arrogant. Ask Steve.
2007-02-18 11:26:56
32.   StolenMonkey86
21- I still play World Series baseball on my Genesis, and they give a lot of credit to quite a few players. I can understand it with Piazza, but Jeff Blauser should not be hitting homers half the time he's up.
2007-02-18 12:49:48
33.   yankz
4 That video was the most adorable thing I've ever seen, and made me fall in love with baseball all over again. It's still that fun for me.
2007-02-18 16:39:17
34.   screwballin
In honor of kids weekend, a little help for a lurker? I usually try to inspire my son by linking his little league jersey number with someone who's actually good. This year he got #28. I've gone through most of the major league rosters, and about the best I can find is Prince Fielder, who doesn't quite resonate with a 9-year-old yet. (Nor does Andy LaRoche, the Dodgers entry.)

Can anyone clue me in on a famous #28, past or present?

(I know Bob will post a full list in about 20 seconds.)

p.s. I would have Jake post about the Dodgers, but he hates them just to spite me. My lawyer is considering remedial action as we speak.

2007-02-18 16:43:18
35.   screwballin
19 13 kids? I guess Bonds isn't the only one hitting a lot of home runs. :)
2007-02-18 20:03:32
36.   Jon Weisman
34 - Pedro Guerrero wore 28.
2007-02-18 21:51:37
37.   Icaros
As did Kal Daniels and Jayson Werth.
2007-02-19 12:23:49
38.   hotblackdesiato
Duke Snider wore #28. In his last season. With the Giants. Ok, scratch that one.

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