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Grapefruit League Opening Day Chat
2007-03-01 09:13
by Jon Weisman

Oh, the weather outside's delightful ...

Dodgers-Braves, 10:05 a.m., KFWB

Comments (173)
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2007-03-01 09:25:34
1.   Jacob L
Oh thank goodness! I was just coming to look for a new thread. Baseball today!

Unfortunately, also work today. I'll be in meetings until 2 p.m. Enjoy the ballgame, and the discussion everbody, and go Dodgers!

2007-03-01 09:26:10
2.   underdog
Anyone else think it's lame that GameDay audio makes you pay even to listen to Spring Training games online? You'd think they'd tease us with a few freebies for meaningless games...
2007-03-01 09:31:48
3.   underdog
2 (Re: above) Doesn't KFWB black out the games online? i.e., you can only listen on regular radio or paying gameday audio? If I'm wrong, hooray! I'll listen via Jon's link above. Especially since I'm home "sick" today.
2007-03-01 09:33:04
4.   Jacob L
Party at Underdog's house!
2007-03-01 09:35:52
5.   ToyCannon
A years worth of every MLB game on radio for 14.95 and you complain? Wouldn't you have killed someone like Andrew 10 years ago to listen to any game from anywhere in the world?
2007-03-01 09:36:38
6.   old dodger fan
I just saw a list of all the rule changes for 2007. One of them really surprised me.

Rule change for 2007: Note at end of Rule 2.00 "Any reference in these Official Baseball Rules to "he", "him", or "his" shall be deemed to be a reference to "she", "her" or "hers" as the case may be, when the person is female."

I am not making this up.

2007-03-01 09:37:50
7.   Jon Weisman
3 - I have no idea. I thought I'd give it a shot.
2007-03-01 09:39:02
8.   kinbote
i'm looking forward to reading today's comments as i won't be able to listen myself. thanks in advance.

also, this seems like a good time to say something positive about grady little. in spite of whatever questionable moves our gm makes, little has shown a very practical sense of playing the guys who give us the best chance of winning.

we will no doubt have cause to question many of his moves this year, but overall i think he sees the game the right way and will do everything in his power to put the best team on the field day in and day out.

2007-03-01 09:44:10
9.   underdog
4 Not much of a party here, with both me and my cats coughing up hairballs, but I do have a special screener of THE HOST to watch on DVD later.

5 You're right, Toy - I thought that was for the month, d'oh. (I'm sick, don't have my glasses on, the sun got in my eyes, etc.) I'm gonna subscribe right now.

Now, can you pay extra for a Rick Monday-free version?

2007-03-01 09:47:36
10.   returnoffernandomania
Been reading the site for a couple years and this is my 1st post.


2007-03-01 09:50:35
11.   Bob Timmermann

I believe your comment sums up the general mood of the Dodger Thoughts community.

2007-03-01 09:55:12
12.   mankatododger
Nothing better than listening to baseball during a blizzard.
2007-03-01 09:56:01
13.   Terry A
11 - Not Greg Brock. He only cares about statistics. Heartless, soulless, cold hard numbers.
2007-03-01 09:56:09
14.   JWilder
Can someone post a link to gameday audio so I can listen? The link on the mlb and Dodgers page only goes to sign up and paid. I already did that.
2007-03-01 09:57:16
15.   still bevens
I love gameday audio with all my heart. I have an office right in the innards of our office building by the elevator and I would get zero reception in here. Makes the day goes by easier and my productivity lower. A win-win for me.
2007-03-01 10:02:43
16.   ToyCannon
Blanked out on KFWB. Heading over to MLB.
2007-03-01 10:04:40
17.   apsio
2007-03-01 10:05:40
18.   still bevens
14 Go to the multimedia guide under the Audio/Video tab on I think I found it.
2007-03-01 10:06:13
19.   returnoffernandomania
The dodgers HAVE to lose KFWB, we simply need more and live coverage.
2007-03-01 10:09:59
20.   still bevens
Juan Pierre's first AB is a comebacker to the pitcher. Sounds about right. Welcome to the future, folks.
2007-03-01 10:10:23
21.   berkowit28
Hmmm. I decided to pay for a month of MLB.TV Premium to get this month's Spring Training games, and now it seems that today's Dodger game is not available, along with 6 others. According to the schedule, from tomorrow, all games seem to be available, but I don't believe it. Anyoine know how this works?

I tried to get to one of the games that is supposed to be available today (Cardinals/Mets) and can't get to that either, nor any way to log in either. It may just be that my subscription has not been processed yet, I guess, although I did get an immediate email receipt. No "Welcome: here's how to log in" though.

I've been waiting over 30 minutes to get through by phone, no surprise there.

Is anyone else here subscribe? How is it supposed to work?

2007-03-01 10:13:41
22.   Bob Timmermann
You need a little patience when dealing with such matters.

See "Job, Book of"

2007-03-01 10:15:13
23.   returnoffernandomania
Here's to hoping that Kemp has learned to hit the breaking ball in winter ball.
2007-03-01 10:15:40
24.   Jon Weisman
So, does Bob rhyme with Job?
2007-03-01 10:19:02
25.   Bob Timmermann
It's little known fact that I pronounce the vowel sound in Bob with a schwa.
2007-03-01 10:20:01
26.   Telemachos
(coming out of hibernation)

I just tried subscribing to Gameday Audio too... no luck. The website craps out and gives me a phone number to call, and the message on the phone line is that they're too busy to deal with me and to try again later.

2007-03-01 10:21:18
27.   still bevens
23 He K'd in his first AB but Im not sure what kind of pitch it was.

I need to remind myself that these games really don't count. Winning is fun tho.

2007-03-01 10:23:12
28.   Icaros

GOB does.

2007-03-01 10:24:10
29.   underdog
Now I remember why I was reluctant to subscribe to GameDay - it's real buggy for Macs. My audio window just crashed the browser three times. Tried FF and Safari. Oh well.

So if y'all could just do your Charlie Steiner impressions here that would be great.

2007-03-01 10:26:01
30.   Slikk
Reminder to Rewards Club folks -- we get the radio free for the season.
2007-03-01 10:26:16
31.   Bob Timmermann
I got in using a Mac. You may want to go through your browser and clear out all of your earlier cookies from

That seemed to do the trick.

2007-03-01 10:32:01
32.   DodgerJoe
I am relying on DT for the play by play of today's game.

Where are we at now? Thanks in advance.

2007-03-01 10:34:07
33.   saltcreek
1-0 Braves on sac fly by kelly j
2007-03-01 10:37:07
34.   Icaros

You probably won't ever get very detailed play by play here. We tend to focus on smart-alec comments and inside jokery.

2007-03-01 10:38:17
35.   Ivan Alexeev
Telemachos, I got the same message, but then I tried the link to the audio anyway and it worked fine. It just sounds like their servers are getting slammed right now.
2007-03-01 10:39:25
36.   Jon Weisman
Well, usually we try to discourage play-by-play here since there is Gameday and other sources, but since there isn't today, someone can feel free to provide it.

Rejected slogans for Dodger Thoughts:

"We tend to focus on smart-alec comments and inside jokery."

2007-03-01 10:40:08
37.   Bob Timmermann
I would never stoop to smart-alecky comments.
2007-03-01 10:42:26
38.   Landonkk
Ethier with a line drive base hit.

Tatis fly out to CF.

Furcal up.

2007-03-01 10:43:10
39.   natepurcell
gameday is working for me but i have to leave soon.
2007-03-01 10:43:35
40.   saltcreek
Eithier singles
Martinez flies out to center 1 out
Tatis flies out to center 2 outs
Furcal ks 3 outs
2007-03-01 10:43:59
41.   Landonkk
Furcal K's. Middle 2nd, 1-0 Braves.
2007-03-01 10:44:17
42.   underdog
31 It was a good idea, Bob, tried it, and alas, my browser's still freezing up via GameDay. Oh well! I keep fiddling with it - spring training is one thing but don't want this to be an issue during regular season.

I should probably do some work anyway! Check back with y'all later.

2007-03-01 10:44:24
43.   Landonkk
I'll defer to saltcreek..
2007-03-01 10:44:25
44.   Bob Timmermann
My comments are just alecky.
2007-03-01 10:44:49
45.   still bevens
The Dodgers have little interest in working the count on this fine exhibition opener.
2007-03-01 10:45:50
46.   DodgerJoe
I can understand discouraging play-by-play, just as long someone can provide the gist (sp?) of what is going on.....thanks!

I would love for the dodgers to drop KFWB and provide the spring games live, not delayed.

If a station like 570 picked up the Dodgers, would they be allowed to air games live on the web?

2007-03-01 10:45:53
47.   berkowit28
I finally got through on the phone.

Still no luck in my regular browser (Safari on Mac), but I'm now watching the Cards/Mets game in Firefox (excelent video quality). I hope there will be a few Dodger games - only 3 games in all today are actually available. Looks like I'll have to subscribe to MLB Audio to get radio and follow Dodger games. Yes, getting there via the Audio & Video tab/Multimedia is the only way. The MLB.TV & Radio schedule's links just go back to the purchase page.

The Santa Barbara (actually Ventura) radio station on the Dodger network (1450) is not carrying the game. Probably no Spring Training games until the Angels previews at Dodger Stadium.

2007-03-01 10:47:30
48.   Bob Timmermann
No radio station can offer games live on the web for free because (actually MLBAM) owns the exclusive rights to the distribution of that medium.
2007-03-01 10:54:17
49.   DXMachina
I was able to get into Gameday using the link in 17, so thanks. I guess that "subscribers click here" on the Gameday Audio page doesn't mean what I think it should mean.

Still, it's good to be back.

2007-03-01 10:54:41
50.   saltcreek
sorry i missed this inning...its 2-0 braves. the inning is over.
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2007-03-01 10:54:58
51.   Landonkk
Billingsley in for Wolf

Braves score a run on 2 hits and an E on Betemit.

Top 4, Dodgers 0 Braves 2

2007-03-01 10:55:19
52.   Icaros

Firefox tended to work better with Gameday Audio on my Mac last year. By midseason, it wouldn't even work on Safari at all.

But you can call them ( and they'll send you some tips on how to get it to work better for Mac.

2007-03-01 10:56:06
53.   natepurcell
pierre bunts for a base hit! YESSS!
2007-03-01 10:56:50
54.   Icaros

Same for me. That was irritating.

2007-03-01 10:57:18
55.   returnoffernandomania
KEMP opposite field, nice
2007-03-01 10:57:23
56.   natepurcell
Kemp goes oppo, off base of right field wall.
2007-03-01 10:57:27
57.   Icaros
And Kemp jacks one off the wall...but little JP can't even score.
2007-03-01 10:57:55
58.   ToyCannon
Bunt single by Pierre. Sit back folks I think we will see that alot this year.
2007-03-01 10:58:21
59.   underdog
Sounds like Wolf was in sheep's clothing today. Oh well.

I wonder if GameDay audio would work better on Macs if IE was still supported and making updates for the Mac? Always seemed to work better on IE, but now it's real out of date.

2007-03-01 10:59:26
60.   berkowit28
I'm now getting the audio webcast of the Dodgers game, even though I didn't pay for MLB Gameday Audio. It looks as if my MLB.TV Premium subscription includes Audio too. Good news for anyone else whose not sure which way to go here.
2007-03-01 11:00:15
61.   returnoffernandomania
did you all who were fan rewards members get any further correspondence after the tickets? I never got a password for mlb radio.
2007-03-01 11:01:30
62.   bigcpa
Wow that KFWB link is buried. I ended up on the Braves broadcast of the Audio link on the scoreboard page.

So Rick Monday is back? Why couldn't he have been the one outed in the Babydoll Gibson book?

2007-03-01 11:02:19
63.   berkowit28
59 It's working well on Firefox on the Mac - better than on Safari. (The MLB site did say it would be "slow" in Safari. For Safari, make sure you get the Flip4Mac plug-in, which converts WMP media o play in Safari. You can get it via a link at MacTopia ( or at
2007-03-01 11:02:20
64.   Bob Timmermann
59's specs say that it works with Safari and Firefox with a Mac OS. They don't support IE with Macs anymore I believe.
2007-03-01 11:03:06
65.   bhsportsguy
Jason Schmidt said something pretty funny today on the Simers show out in L.A., he was asked what is he thinking when he is replaced in the middle of the inning with runners on base and then the reliever gives up a run, he said that he is usually thinking that he could of done that. He also believes that if the guy gets the batter out, he could have done that too.

He said that when he starts, he wants to finish. Got to like the attitude.

2007-03-01 11:04:34
66.   ToyCannon
Never did, so I just subscribed like I do every year.

Beyond irritating, if it wasn't for post 18 I would have thought the game wasn't on radio today. I guess the same incompetent programmers who worked on the LAUSD payroll system are also employed by MLB.COM.

2007-03-01 11:04:36
67.   berkowit28
59 And update to Firefox 2.0.x for Mac.
2007-03-01 11:05:07
68.   Landonkk
JP - (grounded back to the box first AB) bunt base hit up the 3rd base line.

Kemp - (K'd first AB) Deep fly, off the base of the wall in right. Double. Pierre held at 3rd.

Saenz - (popped to 2nd first AB) ground ball to --, should have been an error but scored a basehit. JP scores, Kemp to 3rd. Choo PR for Saenz.

Betemit - K, Freeman steals 2nd.

Martin - (grounded to 2nd in first AB) Grounded to short, Kemp scores, Choo to 3rd.

Ethier - (1B in first AB) ground out to 2nd base.

Middle 4, Dodgers 2 Braves 2

2007-03-01 11:05:46
69.   bhsportsguy
2-2 at the end of 3 1/2

Pierre scored on the error on Saenz ground ball, Kemp moved to third.

Kemp scored on Martin ground out.

Both runs unearned for those scoring at home.

2007-03-01 11:07:13
70.   returnoffernandomania
Betemit 2 errors...............hope that improves or hello LaRoche
2007-03-01 11:07:37
71.   Bob Timmermann
Saenz's "hit" was to shortstop. Brent Lillibridge was the culprit.
2007-03-01 11:09:28
72.   Icaros
La Roche's stock is on the rise, and he hasn't even played yet.
2007-03-01 11:12:35
73.   underdog
Thanks guys! Both for the mac help and the scoreboard updates.

67 By jove, I think you've got it. The fact that I hadn't updated to FF 2.0 for Mac was likely part of the trouble. So I'm doing that now. Weird, thought I'd been auto updating that. D'oh. Hopefully that'll help.

Then I'll have no excuse but to get some work done. ;-)

2007-03-01 11:15:30
74.   Landonkk
Loney in at 1B, Choo in CF.

Lillibridge - grounder bobbled by Betemit, throw late, E (his second)

Orr - (WP, Lillibridge to 2nd.) Hard grounder to 2nd, 1 out, Lillibridge to 3rd.

Cormier - Grounder to second, 2 out. Lillibridge stays at 3rd.

Escobar - slow roller up the third base line, Martin great attempt but runner safe at first, Lillibridge scores.

Blanco - ground out to short.

End of 4, Braves 3 Dodgers 2

2007-03-01 11:22:10
75.   bhsportsguy
70 I don't know if it is an issue at this stadium but generally minor league fields don't have the greatest conditions.

Wilson Valdez bidding for Ramon's job (not really but he is out of options)

2007-03-01 11:22:29
76.   Benaiah
74 - Come on Billz, get some K's. Show why you are so highly regarded. How many pitches (if anyone knows) in the inning?
2007-03-01 11:27:59
77.   returnoffernandomania
Kemp DP.........ouch.
2007-03-01 11:28:18
78.   Landonkk
Carlyle pitching for ATL

Martinez - line drive base hit up the middle. (Tony Abreu PR.)

Wilson Valdez - Liner into the LF corner, double. Abreu to 3rd.

Repko - broken bat bleeder to 3rd, E on the throw by Escobar. Bases loaded.

Loney - K, 1 out.

Kemp - bounced into DP.

Middle 5, Braves 3 Dodgers 2

2007-03-01 11:29:04
79.   ToyCannon
Kids fall flat with Loney k'ing and Kemp hitting into a doubleplay against AAAA fodder Buddy Carlisle with bases loaded and no outs.
2007-03-01 11:29:44
80.   regfairfield
75 Fortunately exposing him to waivers won't be an issue.

This does once again bring up the "why is this guy on the 40 man roster?" question, however.

2007-03-01 11:30:59
81.   underdog
Buddy Carlisle? Yikes, not him again. Oh well.

No dice on getting my gameday audio to work with new FF, by the way (for anyone keeping score at home).

2007-03-01 11:33:27
82.   bhsportsguy
80 You are probably right. One reason is that with the changes to the CBA, guys like Abreau and Hu were not exposed this year so I guess they went down the list to see who was the best that would be available if not protected and he was it.

That said, with Hu and Abreau ticketed to Vegas, you wonder what the plans are for Valdez.

2007-03-01 11:34:35
83.   ToyCannon
Easily the biggest question on the 40 man roster. If he is still on the roster come April I will be Erickson shocked.
2007-03-01 11:34:43
84.   bhsportsguy
79 I wonder what Nomar and Luis would have done. (Okay, I'm just kidding, no one throw rocks please)
2007-03-01 11:36:30
85.   bigcpa
78 This is much more effective when I imagine a crack of the bat between each play.
2007-03-01 11:36:48
86.   Landonkk
Travis Smith in for Billingsley, Abreu stays in at 2B, Bigbie in for Ethier.

(hitter) - ground out to short. 1 out.

Bohn - grounder to short, E6 (Valdez)

Thorman - K. 2 out.

Clark - Fly out to CF.

End of 5, Braves 2 Dodgers 2

2007-03-01 11:37:33
87.   bhsportsguy
83 We'll have a better idea if and when he gets reassigned to minor league camp in a couple of weeks.
2007-03-01 11:38:38
88.   bhsportsguy
ToyCannon - if Sam doesn't play tonight, should Brand just shoot about 40 times tonight?
2007-03-01 11:39:55
89.   CanuckDodger
Did Wolf give up two runs, or did Billingsley give up more than one?
2007-03-01 11:40:01
90.   Jon Weisman
The heart of Dodger Thoughts continues to beat for Buddy.
2007-03-01 11:42:08
91.   Icaros

Will you be organizing a drum circle?

2007-03-01 11:42:52
92.   bhsportsguy
90 Also the name of Alex's dog - number 5 on my favorite Taxi episodes.
2007-03-01 11:43:17
93.   Landonkk
Freeman - Fly out to CF. 1 out.

LaRoche - Ground out to 3rd. 2 out.

Sandy Martinez - K

Middle 6, Braves 3 Dodgers 2

2007-03-01 11:46:44
94.   Benaiah
89 - Billz gave up one unearned. Wolfe gave up two, one unearned (I think it was unearned).
2007-03-01 11:51:03
95.   still bevens
Are any runs earned in this game?

Salty stings us like he did last spring.

2007-03-01 11:52:33
96.   underdog
Sandy Martinez and Choo Freeman... now I remember why ST games don't worry me too much.
2007-03-01 11:53:27
97.   bhsportsguy
Travis Smith will not be on anyone's roster come April 1st.
2007-03-01 11:55:34
98.   Landonkk
Delwyn Young in RF.

Lillibridge - BB

Orr - (Lillibridge SB, high throw from Martinez) Fly ball to center, bad route and unsuccessful diving attempt by Choo. Runners at 2nd and 3rd.

Saltalamacchia - line drive base hit. Lillibridge scores, Orr scores.

Escobar - bloop base hit. Saltalamacchia to 2nd.

Blanco - 1-6-3 DP. 2 out. Saltalamacchia to 3rd.

Corky Miller - single past a diving Loney. Saltalamacchia scores.

Bohn - Fly out to CF.

End of 6, Braves 6 Dodgers 2

2007-03-01 12:00:49
99.   Landonkk
Manny Acosta pitching for ATL.

Delwyn Young - Broken bat groundout to 2nd. 1 out.

Tony Abreu - Ground out to short. 2 out.

Wilson Valdez - bunt back to the box.

Stretch, Braves 6 Dodgers 2

2007-03-01 12:02:16
100.   still bevens
Grady must have assured Bobby Cox that there would be plenty of infield work for his team today.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-03-01 12:05:38
101.   Benaiah
So pretty much the only well hit Dodger ball was Kemp's shot? Everything else seems to be groundballs and bloops.
2007-03-01 12:08:53
102.   saltcreek
101eithiers hit in the second was a line drive
2007-03-01 12:11:04
103.   Benaiah
102 - Interesting, hard hit balls by Ethier and Kemp... Gosh, good thing Ned signed LuGo to make them play their way onto the field. It seems to be working.
2007-03-01 12:11:26
104.   ToyCannon
Tsao hitting 95 on the gun.
2007-03-01 12:12:16
105.   Landonkk
Chin-hui Tsao in for Travis Smith.

Mendez - Line drive down the LF line, double.

Clark - Line drive to left. Mendez to third.

Lillibridge - 6-4-3 DP. Mendez scores. 2 out.

Orr - Single to right-center.

Willie Harris - K

End of 7, Braves 7 Dodgers 2

2007-03-01 12:19:33
106.   Landonkk
Chad Paronto pitching for ATL

Bigbie - ground ball base hit to RF.

Loney - 6-4-3 DP. 2 out.

Damian Jackson - Ground out to third.

Middle 8, Braves 7 Dodgers 2

2007-03-01 12:30:34
107.   Landonkk
Tim Hamulack pitching for LA

Escobar - base hit up the middle.

Blanco - Fielders choice. Blooped over Valdez. Force out at second. 1 out.

Missed the other 2 outs.

2007-03-01 12:32:23
108.   underdog
Wake me up when it's late March.
2007-03-01 12:33:22
109.   underdog
I hope Loney doesn't feel too much pressure this Spring, though I'm sure he feels some. Just want to seem him go out and relax and play like he's capable of.

Damian Jackson? Sigh.

2007-03-01 12:37:07
110.   bhsportsguy
One thing about going to AZ, while you still have games where vets don't play, most of the team will travel since the bus rides are not 2-3 hours one way.
2007-03-01 12:37:12
111.   Landonkk
Tyler Yates pitching for ATL

Freeman - BB

LaRoche - Deep Fly ball to LF. 1 out.

Martinez - Fly ball to CF. 2 out.

Young - groundout to first.

Braves 7, Dodgers 2 FINAL

2007-03-01 12:40:17
112.   Benaiah
Obviously not the greatest day ever, but Tsao seemed to have some juice (though he got touched up a few times), Kemp hit the ball hard, and Billz didn't walk anyone. I am so pumped that baseball is here!
2007-03-01 12:42:38
113.   bhsportsguy
The first bitter taste of defeat has come on gone.

Schmidt tosses a few innings tomorrow in Vero and we will see Gonzalez, Nomar and Kent making their spring debuts. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

2007-03-01 12:44:44
114.   underdog
112 Me too! Now here's to the first game where the Dodgers also look pumped that baseball is here. ;-) Perhaps Saturday.
2007-03-01 12:45:51
115.   underdog
114 Friday (tomorrow), I meant.

Here's to more baseball and less Choo Freeman.

2007-03-01 12:51:11
116.   Curtis Lowe
I thought Meloan was throwing today? What up wit dat?
2007-03-01 12:53:29
117.   Bruce Siegel
OK, so we lost. Wait til next year!
2007-03-01 13:06:01
118.   kngoworld
THANKS Landonkk!
2007-03-01 13:16:47
119.   Benaiah
116 - Maybe he would have thrown the 9th.
2007-03-01 13:28:18
120.   Marty
The next time I bump into Simers I need to remember to tell him that the title of his radio show contains a math error.
2007-03-01 13:43:33
121.   Ken Arneson
Look out NL West! Russ Ortiz just threw three perfect innings, AND drove in a couple runs with the bat. A star is reborn!
2007-03-01 13:50:32
122.   CanuckDodger
Has anyone read Joe Sheehan's article on the Diamondbacks at Baseball Prospectus today? He says that the Diamondbacks can hope to have the second best offense in the NL West. The team with the best offense in the division, according to Sheehan? The Dodgers.
2007-03-01 13:52:36
123.   regfairfield
Interesting. Wonder what he's basing that on?
2007-03-01 13:54:21
124.   regfairfield
Wow, he's actually picking the Dodgers to score more runs in 2007 than in 2006. That seems bold, to say the least.
2007-03-01 14:02:16
125.   Bob Timmermann

My mortal enemy! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ortiz has always been a capable hitter. He's got a career .208 average.

2007-03-01 14:05:05
126.   Ken Arneson
I knew that would get a rise out of Bob. :)
2007-03-01 14:07:13
127.   Bob Timmermann
I'm nothing if not predictable.
2007-03-01 14:09:33
128.   trainwreck
Is he expecting the youngsters to get a lot of playing time?
2007-03-01 14:10:08
129.   Ken Arneson
You know, I wonder if there's some Ortiz-Robinson Equilibrium (ORE) that the universe tends toward. Ortiz struggled the last couple of years, because Robinson had a job. Now that there's no Frank Robinson on the field to kick around, Russ Ortiz has to swoop back in to fill the vacuum. I'll bet Ortiz has a great year, just because of the ORE.
2007-03-01 14:11:07
130.   Bob Timmermann
Ortiz delenda est
2007-03-01 14:11:45
131.   regfairfield
128 He just mentions it in passing. "Scoring 825 runs would give the team one of the top five or six offenses in the league, and likely second only to the Dodgers in the division."

I sent him an E-Mail about it. I'll publish it if he responds and gives me permission.

2007-03-01 14:12:37
132.   Sam DC
Flipping channels a moment ago I caught a snippet of Bill Plaschke talking about Texas' RPI.

Explanation of RPI:

(reliability not guaranteed)

2007-03-01 14:12:39
133.   Curtis Lowe
124-Somebody has to...
2007-03-01 14:15:20
134.   trainwreck
Cool, thanks.
2007-03-01 14:17:22
135.   Jon Weisman
126 - You mean, "Bob."
2007-03-01 14:31:41
136.   Sam DC
Ken Gurnick to be tested for WEDs?

2007-03-01 14:33:52
137.   Bob Timmermann
Weapons Enhancing Drugs?
2007-03-01 14:35:06
138.   Bob Timmermann
A friend of mine at MLBAM says he hasn't been tested yet and is unsure if the laws of where he lives would allow it.
2007-03-01 14:42:45
139.   Sam DC
Writing EDs
2007-03-01 14:44:10
140.   underdog
Ortiz, huh? Might as well give the pennant to the Giants now.

Boy, after working at home all day I have one non-sports observation to make: cats really don't move very much during the day, do they?

2007-03-01 14:44:32
141.   Bob Timmermann
Weapons of Eentsy-Weestsy Destruction?
2007-03-01 14:45:33
142.   Bob Timmermann
I've been off work all day and I think the amount of movement that my cat and I have done is about equal.
2007-03-01 14:48:21
143.   Xeifrank
What an exciting game today. :) The Dodgers have now pushed their magic number of winning the 2007 NL West to 154.
vr, Xei
2007-03-01 14:49:38
144.   underdog
142 Really? Just by typing this I've exceeded the amount of movement by one of my cats today. The other one has spent several minutes licking, and several more chasing a laser beam, but that was about it. By going to the bathroom, I think I beat that.

Plus, neither of them have written a blog entry, a review or caught up on their emails. I win!

I need to get out.

2007-03-01 14:51:41
145.   trainwreck
Or you could get into World Of Warcraft and do even less in a day for the rest of your life.
2007-03-01 15:02:49
146.   bhsportsguy
146 I do not know of too many jobs where you can be under a unannounced, up to 4 times a year, random drug test for the life of your employment.

I can understand the players having to be under it because they have collectively bargained those terms. And if private employers want to set those terms, they can. But it seems like this type of action is more for show but there will be some noise raised about this by not just one or two people.

2007-03-01 15:03:32
147.   underdog
145 I've deliberately avoided WoW for that reason. I've seen what it does to my friends. Even The Sims sometimes takes my g/f away from me.

Wow, the Broncos just traded Tatum Bell and George Foster for Dre' Bly. (I guess the apostrophe is on his birth certificate.)

2007-03-01 15:23:06
148.   underdog
I've killed this thread. Sorry, no more football talk, and no more sloppy Dodgers spring training games.
2007-03-01 15:35:27
149.   trainwreck
I think Miller pitches tomorrow. That should be exciting.
2007-03-01 15:48:38
150.   bhsportsguy
136 Sorry, wrong reference to Sam DC's find, I think this will be a big issue in the next few weeks and will bring up all kinds of issues dealing with what kind of authority MLB has over its franchise members.

Players have deals that are part of a collectively bargained agreement with MLB, I doubt that Ben Platt or Sam Fernandez does and to me it is a big deal when someone who I don't work for wants to start invading my privacy for no cause.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-03-01 16:05:01
151.   Curtis Lowe
So if Meloan missed today does that mean he goes tomorrow?
2007-03-01 16:13:55
152.   underdog
Meloan and Miller - now that's a game I want to listen to.
2007-03-01 16:14:51
153.   Bob Timmermann
I've been more productive as I've been to the Jiffy Lube and the grocery store.

To avoid last night's focaccia debacle, I opted to buy food that I could see. For example, the ahi steak, I will cook tonight was plainly visible.

I'm taking the breakfast cereal at its word as it felt like it was full.

I did receive an email from Nestle USA saying they were looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers have stopped calling me trying to sell me a mini-season ticket plan. "Dave" and I had a thing going on my voice mail.

2007-03-01 16:33:22
154.   Greg Brock
So, we lost today. What a bummer. I knew this team didn't have it in 'em. You sit here, year after year, rooting for a team, and they just go and break your heart. Why? Why Choi? Why must you do this to me!!!

{shakes fist}

2007-03-01 16:33:51
155.   Dodgers49
19 - The dodgers HAVE to lose KFWB, we simply need more and live coverage.

It appears 710 will be available next year as Moreno now has his own station.

>>> ANGELS 2007
Moreno keeps pushing and pushing

By Bill Shaikin, Times Staff Writer
February 24, 2007

He spent $42 million on a radio station with a mighty signal, at 830, changed the call letters to KLAA and said "most likely" the Angels will move their broadcasts there next season, when their contract with 710 expires.,1,3773449.story <<<

2007-03-01 16:45:45
156.   underdog
154 Don't you mean, "Why Choo?"
2007-03-01 16:51:36
157.   Bob Timmermann
Please cover your mouth when you do that.

It's cold and flu season.

2007-03-01 17:10:56
158.   Sam DC
I'm in an motel in Norwalk, CT. Should I watch American Idol for the first time ever tonight?
2007-03-01 17:25:26
159.   Jon Weisman
158 - It doesn't make much sense to start watching Idol when they're doing a voting results show. But if you can't get anything else.

I am a fairly regular Idol viewer and though I can't say I get no pleasure out of it, I wish I weren't hooked.

2007-03-01 17:25:54
160.   Greg Brock
I forgot to mention to the horror fans out there that DirecTV launched "Chiller", channel 257, it's new all horror channel. Lots of Tales from the Crypt and Hitchcock Presents today. Also, The Shining is on tonight.

158 No. They're just kicking people off tonight.

2007-03-01 17:44:13
161.   gpellamjr
130 Bob, Bob. If you need Latin lessons, I'm happy to provide. I work for cheap.

Surely you meant "Ortiz delendus est". That is, unless you were talking about his wife... but that just wouldn't be cool.

2007-03-01 17:45:10
162.   Bob Timmermann
My anger runs deep.
2007-03-01 17:46:41
163.   twerp
Diamond Leung on Pierre==

Excerpt: "Call him a walking contradiction and you'd be shouted down with a retort that for a fast runner, Pierre doesn't walk much at all -- only 32 in 750 trips to the batter's box last year.

"That is so ludicrous," said Wills, who revolutionized basestealing in the 1960s. "Who's going to walk Juan Pierre? You're walking a double. They make him hit the ball, and he got 204 hits last year. What do you want?"

{strikes match, backs away...}

2007-03-01 17:46:49
164.   trainwreck
I wish I had DirecTV.

I watched the Italian horror film, Demons 2 (Demoni 2) last night. It was not as good as Demons and Demons was not exactly the greatest horror movie. Lamberto Bava does not quite live up to his father.

2007-03-01 17:48:41
165.   Sam DC
159, 160 See, I didn't know what a results show was, but I did find it kind of boring and have ended up just working instead.


2007-03-01 17:49:32
166.   Steve
What is "What About Brian?"
2007-03-01 17:51:22
167.   Bob Timmermann
You mean there's no Pac-10 basketball on in the hotel in Connecticut?

UCLA travels to Pullman in the Biggest Game Ever in Washington State History.

2007-03-01 17:56:17
168.   twerp
Since there has been so little on DT about Pierre, also found this. Done good, didn't I?

"The Dodgers went into the offseason in search of a power hitter and wound up with Juan Pierre. It probably was one of their better moves of the winter.

"Though the decision to sign the center fielder to a five-year, $44million contract resulted in criticism from talk-show hosts and newspapers, Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti decided the best response would come from Pierre.

"People who criticize don't understand the full picture," Colletti said.

2007-03-01 17:57:11
169.   trainwreck
2007-03-01 18:00:18
170.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-03-01 18:01:51
171.   Steve
Name one "talk show host" that criticized signing Juan pierre. This creature, like Ned's real hair, does not exist.
2007-03-01 18:09:13
172.   twerp
OK, I'm probably done posting links to stories tonight after this. But Steve Dilbeck of the Daily News on the pull of spring training seemed especially worthwhile==


"We grow up, file away all the kids who never delivered, all the stars who got old, all the weaknesses that weren't overcome.

"And you're certain you're past all that. Too many disappointments, too many false hopes and false starts. Too much distance from childhood.

"Where there were wide eyes, crow's feet stake a claim. Where there were baseball cards, tax forms invade. Where there was certainty, doubt takes hold.

"So it is unexpected when it reaches out to you after so many years, after so many springs."

2007-03-03 04:30:02
173.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Nice to see that Tsao at least got most of his velocity back, though he's been working out a lot during the winters (rehab) so maybe he's more in form than most other pitchers, still , can't complain about a guy throwing 95, just hope the rest of his stuff comes back (and together)

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