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Meet ... Ebbet?
2007-03-11 16:27
by Jon Weisman

Or maybe it's "Ebbett." Either way, the Trolley Dodgers aren't forgetting their roots. No sir.


(The happy trolley says "Ebbet" on the license plate, by the way. And on the side reads "Dodgers 1890.")

My first reaction is that I should somehow feel insulted that Brooklyn is getting play over Los Angeles, but upon reflection, we're all Dodgers. So if we're going to make the Boys of Summer our own, the least we can do is take that ride with Ebbet. The Scooterish artwork aside, I find myself willing to get on board.

Still, given the origins of the Dodger name, isn't this the first mascot we should be actively trying to avoid, that is to say, dodge?

Could relief pitchers ride Ebbet in from the bullpen, while left fielders and shortstops dive out of harm's way?

Or will a series of Ebbet family members transform the Dodger-going experience by trolleying us en masse from parts all across Los Angeles to Dodger Stadium?

Comments (63)
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2007-03-11 16:43:40
1.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers started playing in 1883. That was in a minor league. Then they moved in to the big leagues, the American Association, in 1884.

But this is one battle I will never win and I fear that if I bring it up more, the Dodgers PR people will arrange for an unfortunate accident between Ebbet and me when I come to Dodger Stadium.

I've seen that happen so many times...

2007-03-11 16:48:00
2.   Sam DC
Just keep Judge Doom away from that thing.
2007-03-11 16:49:23
3.   Bob Timmermann

regarding the Judge Doom scenario.

2007-03-11 16:50:17
4.   bhsportsguy
I just wonder what a mascot of a "Laker" would like it.
2007-03-11 16:50:47
5.   Gen3Blue
Darn Bob you beat me! In the last thread I spent my energy trying to confirm Bumsrap's trade but saying we could have had A-rod for just Penny and Betemit before Penny's value became ?. This assumming A-rod is going to bolt.
2007-03-11 16:51:52
6.   Bob Timmermann
Behold, the Grand Valley State Laker!

2007-03-11 16:51:59
7.   Jon Weisman
1 - You haven't brought that up enough to have any fear. Just tell the Dodgers that they could be celebrating their quasquicentennial in two years.
2007-03-11 16:52:06
8.   underdog
What I want to see is the Brooklyn Bridgegrooms mascot...!
2007-03-11 16:53:19
9.   Jon Weisman
Dodger teams since 1884:

2007-03-11 16:54:38
10.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers could give themselves credit for another pennant!

It's almost as idiotic as the L.A. Lakers ignoring their Minneapolis legacy until just a few years ago.

2007-03-11 16:58:50
11.   Sam DC
Quite random -- this just popped into my inbox from a friend and I though I'd pass along to you all just in case:

I wonder if you have any ideas for a family looking for lodging in LA for 6 weeks while their son participates in an intensive program for treating his cerebral palsy. They are going to be there 6 weeks, starting the second week of May.

They expect to have to pay for these lodgings, but originally the program had stated they were providing lodging, so it is an unexpected expense, as well as headache, as they need wheelchair accessible space with a kitchen.

The program is located at 11860 Wilshire Blvd.

Thanks for your thoughts. sam

2007-03-11 17:03:21
12.   Bob Timmermann
Someone is looking for inexpensive, short-term lodging in Brentwood?
2007-03-11 17:07:41
13.   Sam DC
Yeah, my first email back said pretty much that.

And try calling UCLA and begging.

2007-03-11 17:15:55
14.   thinkblue0
30 mins from starting my keeper league draft. My keepers: Arod, Sizemore, Tejada, Bay, Rivera...wish me luck
2007-03-11 17:16:01
15.   D4P
I was a member of the Blue Crew back in the early-mid 80s. I remember receiving one of those growth-chart posters you hang on the wall. The Blue Crew mascot back then was a Koala bear.
2007-03-11 17:23:15
16.   Bob Timmermann
That was back during America's brief infatuation with Australia. Since then, there has been a sharp decline in Australo-American relations.
2007-03-11 17:24:55
17.   D4P
Most Americans these days probably don't even recognize "That's not a knoife, this is a knoife!"
2007-03-11 17:31:08
18.   Sam DC
17 Most would think it's part of an Outback Steakhouse ad, I'd venture.

Meanwhile, this headline from -- " Florida, UNC, Ohio State, Kansas are No. 1" -- makes sense if you already know what they're talking about. But if you don't . . .

2007-03-11 17:33:36
19.   Bob Timmermann
So I see you've played "Knifee-Spoonee before!"
2007-03-11 17:37:52
20.   D4P
You've made a leap in logic that just isn't there...
2007-03-11 17:45:47
21.   D4P
Lightweight center fielder Juan Pierre was fascinated in the clubhouse examining Jonathan Broxton's size-15 cleats
2007-03-11 18:11:06
22.   Bob Timmermann
At least it was just Broxton's shoes.
2007-03-11 18:17:48
23.   JoeyP
Lakers continuing their steady quest towards Greg Oden/Kevin Durant:


Halftime at Staples.

2007-03-11 18:29:38
24.   overkill94
Hey folks, I don't have time to do my report tonight since I just got back from dinner during which I managed to get my dad drunk for the 2nd time in my life and now we're drinking more beer and watching Borat, but I'll get my report out sometime tomorrow.

Here's a sneak preview - I sat next to a special young man who throws with his left hand.

2007-03-11 18:32:17
25.   Bob Timmermann
I sat next to a special young man who throws with his left hand.

Juan Pierre?

2007-03-11 18:46:45
26.   StolenMonkey86
25 - I don't know; he did say "throws."
2007-03-11 18:56:24
27.   D4P
Pierre IsoD Watch:

BA: .381
OBP: .381
IsoD: .000

2007-03-11 19:21:14
28.   trainwreck
Hey this Simpsons episode is not so bad.

I am drinking beer though.

2007-03-11 19:21:53
29.   trainwreck
Very nice!
2007-03-11 19:25:19
30.   CanuckDodger
24 -- I bet Overkill94 sat with Greg Miller. Miller might have been charting pitches.
2007-03-11 19:34:47
31.   natepurcell
miller, elbert, kershaw... who knows.
2007-03-11 19:35:19
32.   Steve
Steve Young
2007-03-11 19:35:21
33.   natepurcell

i dont think they can lose enough to get 1 or 2.

2007-03-11 19:38:13
34.   Marty
RIP Richard Jeni
2007-03-11 19:41:49
35.   trainwreck
Wow, that came out of nowhere.
2007-03-11 19:44:40
36.   trainwreck
2007-03-11 19:57:33
37.   Marty
Yeah, looks like suicide.

I didn't know Jeni's comedy. I asked a comic friend of mine, who didn't know him either, but said he had a good reputation.

2007-03-11 20:01:08
38.   trainwreck
He was really respected by other comedians. I remember he had his own show when UPN first started. Most people may remember him as Jim Carrey's best friend in the Mask.
2007-03-11 20:10:05
39.   Vishal
it's not such a bad idea, but frankly, trolleys evoke san francisco to me, and while i love the city of san fran, isn't SF, home of the hated ones, the last place that a dodgers mascot should be trying to conjure, inadvertently or not?
2007-03-11 20:10:34
40.   Bumsrap
From previous thread
64 Sounds good except for the Furcal part. I'm sure the Yanks would require a good prospect in there as well. Not sure why they'd want Kent, for that matter

You have to remember I want Loney at first and therefore Nomar has to play third. AROD would have to have a place to play if Nomar is at third thus Furcal included in trade. There was a $$$ thing as well. The Yanks want a player that can play first that hits from right side and with AROD gone, Cano could move to third leaving Furcal to bow to Jeter and play second. Betemit would be the prospect.

For all the silliness in making up trades involving AROD there was a hint of logic in it.

2007-03-11 20:22:22
41.   overkill94
29 30 31 Just so no one is kept in suspense too long, it was Kershaw.
2007-03-11 20:22:55
42.   Gen3Blue
24 OK Can't wait for a report. They have been the most significant thing this spring.
People keep saying don't waste on a trade for A-rod and others when they can be had as free agents. Being conservative, I mostly agree. I would only like to trade vets.
2007-03-11 20:30:21
43.   trainwreck
You lucky...

That is so awesome.

2007-03-11 20:32:20
44.   Steve
I had no idea.

2007-03-11 20:33:30
45.   Steve
Oh, I guess I should say that Andrew shouldn't link to the above, because it has salty language.
2007-03-11 20:35:47
46.   trainwreck
So David Mamet does not know baseball and MMA.
2007-03-11 20:37:58
47.   D4P
Juan Pierre has also gained renown because he is fast and smooth like all Cajuns. He's not as great as some people think he is. But he's a lot better than most of your average stats nerds will maintain. Two reasons for this. One, Dodger Stadium has a really massive center field. He will protect it like Dennis Haysbert protects the U.S.A. in my hit show "The Unit." Two, this is the year that OBP is revealed to be the biggest fraud since Hamas. Good luck if you think he's stealing any fewer than 70 ------- bases.
2007-03-11 20:51:52
48.   overkill94
Well, since our in-room movie thing didn't work and we ended up watching Harold and Kumar on TBS, might as well give my report now...

Today started out like the last two in the sense that we got the field early in hopes of catching some pre-game action. Unfortunately, since today was "Meet the Dodgers" day, the Nationals were taking BP on the practice field instead of the Dodgers, so we decided to try to track down Clayton Kershaw somehow. We asked one of the coaches where he was and they said he was on one of the minor league fields so we ventured over there. Since they didn't have names on their jerseys we had no idea who he was, so I went and got Steve Yeager's autograph while slyly trying to figure out Kershaw's location. He claimed he didn't know, so we atched for a little while and then just went into the park.

The "Meet the Dodgers" consisted of all the players standing around on the field giving autographs, so we took advantage of that by getting some of the autographs we needed to fill out our collection including Martin (finally) and Broxton as well as Tomko, Matt White, and Ethier on his own ball.

Enough personal stuff, here's the daily radar readings:

Penny - fastball 85-94 (mostly 91-92 after the 1st inning), curveball 75-78
Kuo - fastball 87-93 (mostly 91), curveball 78-82, change-up 81 (he only threw a few)
Stults - fastball 87-91 (mostly 89-90), curveball 75, change-up 79-80

Penny had some trouble with his location again, walking more hitters than you would like but not leaving the ball up as much as the other day. He generally kept the ball down and was the victim of a number of lucky hits.

Kuo didn't seem to have as much movement as fellow lefties Elbert and Miller, but the deception in his delivery was more than enough to make up for it. His control was a bit shaky, but it didn't keep him from being effective.

Stults is a guy you can rely on to be nice and steady. His stuff is decent, his control is good, and he's gonna make guys hit the ball. The two-run "double" he gave up was a misplay by D. Young and he totally hung a curve on another RBI single, but besides that he mostly made the hitters put the ball in play and relied on his defense.

A few other random notes are as follows:
- Dunlap is a biiiiig dude and made a pretty bad error on a low throw that he dropped. That guy seriously needs to lose some weight to be considered a serious prospect
- Bigbie is quite impressive in the outfield and could be considered an option in CF if Repko or Pierre goes down
- Kemp made a nice play on a ball in the gap that he got a good jump on and used his speed to track down

As for the big story...

Before the game started I tracked down the scout I had talked to the day before and sat down next to him. As I settled in he said "let me introduce you to Clayton Kershaw". You know, the same guy I had spent all morning trying to track down in minor league camp. Anyway, since I'm not much of a reporter I didn't ask him any great questions, but I did get the sense that he's a nice young kid who can't wait for his chance to make his mark. He only stayed for the first few innings so I didn't spend much time with him, but he did say that while he doesn't know where he'll start the season, he'd like to get his chance in San Bernardino.

Well, that's the end of my reports from Dodger camp. Tonight I had dinner with Aaron Hill, the 2nd baseman for the Blue Jays whom I used to play Little League with, so tomorrow I'm going to see him play against the Reds and hopefully get to meet some of his teammates in the process.

2007-03-11 20:57:58
49.   trainwreck
Well that is an awesome story and you also were a teammate of Aaron Hill so that is even cooler.
2007-03-11 21:14:02
50.   bhsportsguy
48 I am thinking about going out for the last season, if you wouldn't mind can I ask you some questions, can you email me at, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-03-11 21:14:06
51.   Jon Weisman
48 - Your reports were the next best thing to being there. Thanks for that.

Just out of curiosity, who would you put in the starting rotation at this point?

2007-03-11 21:24:57
52.   overkill94
51 Well, assuming the top 4 are already in place, it becomes really hard to choose between Kuo and Billingley from what I saw (never saw Tomko on this trip). I guess I would go with Kuo only because I feel that he's closer to his full potential while Billingsley could use another half season in AAA to refine his approach.

Out of all the starters I saw, I would rank them:


Miller definitely had more room to move up on the list, but at this point he still seems to be adjusting to his new old arm slot. Penny just plain didn't look good in either of the starts he made, but it was more of a problem with location than it was actual talent so it's not like I'm advocating he not be given a spot in the rotation. That being said, I would not be sad if we could get a legitimate hitter in return for him.

2007-03-11 21:27:22
53.   Jon Weisman
52 - Do you think Penny is healthy?
2007-03-11 21:33:00
54.   overkill94
53 He definitely looks healthy at this point. Today he was only sitting at about 89 in his first inning, but seemed to get stronger as hit outing went on. It just seems to me that he's getting his work in and could care less if he got hitters out. That being said, I wish he would work more on his secondary pitches since he still seems to be throwing mostly fastballs. At this point I'm not too worried about him, but if he's still just tossing up belt-high fastballs after his next two outings I'd start to worry that he doesn't have a good feel for the ball and that his placement problems will continue.
2007-03-11 21:34:08
55.   overkill94
"his outing" not "hit outing" though the misprint seems more appropriate
2007-03-11 21:35:41
56.   overkill94
By the way Canuck, I asked my scout buddy about Bastardo and he seemed quite impressed, noting that he hit as high as 91-92 with a plus change-up. He didn't seem to remember scouting anyone named Arias on Vero Beach though.
2007-03-11 22:08:06
57.   das411
Wazzup everybody?!? Still trying to catch up after I missed a few days of reading but I thought I'd pass along this note I just caught off of DRaysBay, re: today's game:

The Rays committed two errors that led to an unearned run charged to starter Jamie Shields. The first one was charged to Akinori Iwamura, although it was charged by the book only. It is true that Iwamura threw a little offline, but he did so after making an excellent backhanded stab of a hot shot down the line. The throw came in a little bit off the bag, but it was nothing that even a cardboard cutout couldn't reach out to get. Unfortunately, we didn't have the cutout's services today, we had Hee Seop Choi, and the ball went past him for an error. To his credit though, Choi actually moved to grab an errant Iwamura throw later in the game.

I will be @ Al Lang tomorrow and you can expect many pics (like, as many as I took of our pal Sal that one time) if he does play...anyone else I need to look for? The Infielder Formerly Known as JtD, perhaps, or the two Dioner Navarros?

2007-03-11 22:22:29
58.   Dodgers49
>>> Ethier gladly plays the student to Gonzalez's teacher
The young Dodgers outfielder is thrilled to have the player he has emulated as his teammate, and the veteran is impressed with his new-found protege

By Steve Henso, Times Staff Writer
March 11, 2007 <<<

2007-03-11 22:37:43
59.   trainwreck
I got Delmon on a team so any info is appreciated. I am also interested in Upton, Edwin Jackson, and Dukes. Thanks. I heard Iwamura has been really spectacular defensively.
2007-03-12 00:21:41
60.   El Lay Dave
21 Greg Maddux would have just peed into those cleats.
2007-03-12 00:24:48
61.   El Lay Dave
overkill94 - I'll add my belated thanks for your reports from Spring Training; makes me jealous, plus regretful that I've never been to one, but Arizona in '09 may make it do-able. Thanks for the information, the insights and the anecdotes.
2007-03-12 04:52:54
62.   Andrew Shimmin
He had better hope Vin isn't willing to fly to Australia to be a character witness for the prosecution.

2007-03-12 18:41:35
63.   scareduck
Odd that the Dodgers would pick a public transportation device as a mascot, when no public transit serves Dodger Stadium.

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