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March Madness Eve
2007-03-14 20:15
by Jon Weisman

Last year, Dodger Thoughts hosted an NCAA March Madness pool. This year, it's The Griddle. Enjoy!

Comments (71)
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2007-03-14 20:22:29
1.   D4P
Waaaaaaa...??? The Griddle's hosting an NCAA March Madness Pool??? Why didn't Bob announce it...?
2007-03-14 20:24:37
2.   das411
For those who are interested (ie trainwreck):

Pretty easy to ID everybody, except Pudge and Polanco can be hard to tell apart, just remember that Pudge is the one with the shady beard these days...for now...

2007-03-14 20:33:28
3.   trainwreck
Nice some shots of Niemann. Great pitcher if he can stay healthy. The Rays will have a stacked team by next year.
2007-03-14 20:34:20
4.   trainwreck
Did you try to start the Hee Seop Choi chant?
2007-03-14 20:35:40
5.   D4P
If Choi ends up at AAA-Durham at any point this year, I will have to make a point to go see him play
2007-03-14 20:46:52
6.   das411
4 - Nah, because it likely would have been just me, there were actually quite a few Tiger fans in my area. Amazing what one pennant can do isn't it?

Choi actually, as i think i said the other day, had a solid hit in that one, but it appears Wigginton is in the lead for the 1B position for now. I would've liked to see the Rays make a play for Helton but that is far from happening, and it will only be a year or two 'til Wes Bankston (who looked awfully smooth vs Det) is ready...HSC did make an appearance tonight though, that pic is incoming as we speak)

And Niemann is terrific, I wonder if it would not be best for him and the team to just send him out there starting opening day and let him have a Bondermanian rookie season. They can either shut him down once he hits max innings if the team is out of it, or space him out with some of their other prospects (Howell actually threw fairly well tonight, those pix are on their way!) if by some chance they are still in it by then...

2007-03-14 20:51:25
7.   trainwreck
They have to be really careful with Niemann because he has arm troubles like every pitcher from Rice it seems. If they controlled his innings, it would make sense to me to keep him on the big league team.

I think they should put Guzman at first. Honestly, they might as well develop all their young talent, because they are not going to win.

2007-03-14 20:55:32
8.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the proper term is "pimping" not "announcing."
2007-03-14 20:55:37
9.   Greg Brock
Maybe they should trade one of the 74 prospects they have and get some pitching.

Andrew Friedman is not a stupid guy, but I have to believe he could grab some pitching with Baldelli, Crawford, Upton, Cantu, Longoria, Dukes, Guzman, or Navarro. They can't all play.

2007-03-14 20:58:18
10.   trainwreck
They actually have good pitching in the minors. They are at least a year away though. They should probably trade someone for a pitcher.
2007-03-14 20:59:15
11.   trainwreck
You are not even mentioning Young, Iwamura and Brignac either. I am just going to forget Zobrist is on the team.
2007-03-14 21:02:50
12.   das411
11 - Would you rather go to a game like today's when Brendan Harris plays SS for all 9? :P

9 - Say, when is that Johan Santana fellow's contract up?

2007-03-14 21:03:27
13.   Greg Brock
I left Young off because nobody would trade Young.

Not even the Devil Rays.

2007-03-14 21:19:47
14.   saltcreek
Bill Bavasi would
2007-03-14 21:36:39
15.   saltcreek
So...head to head, UCLA or Florida?
2007-03-14 21:37:30
16.   Bob Timmermann
There are 81 entries in the Griddle's contest! I expect that we'll top the century mark by the time of the first tipoff tomorrow.
2007-03-14 21:40:57
17.   Andrew Shimmin
I thought about entering, but then was discouraged by the registration requirement. It's too bad, too, since I really feel like I've got the inside track on this one: this will be the year when the NCAA seeds are perfect; no upsets.
2007-03-14 21:47:31
18.   Jon Weisman
16 - I'm tied for first. But I'll be in last place by noon, thanks to my loyalties.
2007-03-14 21:48:19
19.   Greg Brock
15 If UCLA even got that far, some folks around here (points at self) would do backflips. Florida beat them pretty soundly last year, but UCLA is a better team and I think Florida has regressed a tad.

That said, Florida would still probably win.

2007-03-14 21:51:35
20.   D4P
Andrew and I don't like to play these games: we just like to look at the numbers
2007-03-14 21:53:31
21.   Greg Brock
20 Somebody named their bracket "Gobias Industries."
2007-03-14 21:55:05
22.   saltcreek
I think they would make it untill the elite 8(i have them beating kansas also altough im still not sure about this.) But im also a UCLA fan. Though not hardcore like Brock.
2007-03-14 21:56:27
23.   saltcreek
sorry i meant to say pittsburgh not kansas.
2007-03-14 21:57:57
24.   D4P
I commend them
2007-03-14 21:58:59
25.   trainwreck
Last year I got second place in my bracket because of my faith in UCLA. I had them losing the championship game.

I could care less how I do in brackets if UCLA succeeds.

2007-03-14 21:59:04
26.   Greg Brock
I don't love UCLA as much as Bob hates Notre Dame. And I'm pretty chill about Bruins hoops.

Football? Not so much.

2007-03-14 21:59:48
27.   Steve
So the Giants have officially thrown in the towel. Since the Rockies don't have a towel to throw, that's two down, two to go.
2007-03-14 22:00:30
28.   saltcreek
they beat usc...that must count for something.
2007-03-14 22:01:00
29.   Andrew Shimmin
UCLA will beat Pitt, because they're a two seed, and Pittsburgh is a three. But they'll lose to Kansas, because the Jayhawks are a number one seed. Which is better than a number two seed.
2007-03-14 22:01:06
30.   regfairfield
I generally fill out two brackets. My choices, and "felt tip pen" where I just drop a pen on the bracket and chose the teams who get marked.

I've lost to felt tip pen two years in a row now.

2007-03-14 22:01:30
31.   Bob Timmermann
I hate Notre Dame football far more than basketball since Digger Phelps decided to leave coaching and go into politics and hitched his wagon to Dan Quayle's star.
2007-03-14 22:02:05
32.   D4P
But who will win in the three games involving #1 seeds...?
2007-03-14 22:02:25
33.   trainwreck
I made a sober bracket. Tonight, I will make a drunk bracket.
2007-03-14 22:03:49
34.   Greg Brock
Oh, I love football and basketball equally, and I was thrilled about the Southern Cal game. I just have a problem with the malfunctioning android that coaches the football team.


2007-03-14 22:04:32
35.   trainwreck
Greg's calmness about UCLA basketball has always surprised me.

I hope you saw the story on the greatest recruiting day in UCLA football history.

2007-03-14 22:05:46
36.   trainwreck
Well this South Park has started out great.
2007-03-14 22:06:54
37.   Andrew Shimmin
32- That's easy. East coast teams are the best. Then come the midwest teams, then the southern teams, then the west. So. Florida over Kansas, and UNC over OSU. UNC wins it all.

Book it.

2007-03-14 22:07:02
38.   saltcreek
36.nooooooo i forgot
2007-03-14 22:09:04
39.   D4P
UNC wins it all

Why are you always trying to butter me up?

2007-03-14 22:10:23
40.   Greg Brock
35 I've only heard about the kid who's thinking of de-committing. I've been really busy and out of the loop for the past couple weeks.

Tell me it's actually something good...Please?

2007-03-14 22:11:42
41.   saltcreek
i hope not i unc losing to texas...only because they screw my bracket up every year...actually they will probably win it all and ruin me this year to
2007-03-14 22:12:13
42.   saltcreek
i guess this is the Rev. Ted Haggard episode
2007-03-14 22:14:41
43.   regfairfield
Felt Tip Pen has chosen Xavier to go all the way. Judging by my recent history, I've entered that bracket into the contest.
2007-03-14 22:15:57
44.   Steve
Felt Tip Pen should reconsider.
2007-03-14 22:16:30
45.   trainwreck
UCLA got the possible best defender in CA in safety Rahim Moore. His teammate Jonathan Franklin is a freaky athlete, but a bit undersized, so UCLA is going to play him at safety. Then we got two of the best DEs in CA, including one that was a heavy USC lean. We also got the best WR in the state (Kemonte Bateman from Crenshaw). An underrated quality MLB in Uona Kavienga. Super athlete Antwon Moutra, who can play safety or WR. Woods who de-commited was a Rivals top 100 player, but he is still a UCLA lean.

Basically we got a bunch of 4 or 5 star players in one day. Thank new WR coach Eric Scott and DeWayne Walker.

2007-03-14 22:18:05
46.   Bob Timmermann
The MWC is unbeaten in postseason play so far.

SDSU and AFA both won tonight. San Diego State won on the road in hostile Springfield.

2007-03-14 22:19:42
47.   Steve
Did you hear that? On the road, Brock. The MWC owns the road.
2007-03-14 22:20:58
48.   Greg Brock
Wow, that's great news...Until Petey goes full court press on them and they chuck the UCLA hat behind them at the Army All-America game. But it certainly is great news today.

I wonder if Dorrell will be around to coach them in three years when they actually play.

2007-03-14 22:21:49
49.   saltcreek
43. It could happen
2007-03-14 22:22:57
50.   Greg Brock
47 I like the MWC teams. I LIKE THEM.

Even your japes at UCLA haven't turned me off to the mighty mighty Midwest Whoopiecushion Conference or whatever it is.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-03-14 22:24:14
51.   D4P
Mormons With Children...?
2007-03-14 22:31:00
52.   Steve
More Worthy Conference
2007-03-14 22:31:26
53.   saltcreek
Dodgers released Fernando Tatis
2007-03-14 22:33:23
54.   D4P
Dodgers released Fernando Tatis

Why, you ask? Because they did, that's why.

2007-03-14 22:36:02
55.   Greg Brock
52 Worthy played in the ACC.
2007-03-14 22:37:16
56.   saltcreek
that and he decided to go home rather go to minor league camp
2007-03-14 22:38:35
57.   Steve
Because he wanted to travel.
2007-03-14 23:45:52
58.   StolenMonkey86
43-my information suggests that isn't unreasonable
2007-03-14 23:47:54
59.   trainwreck
Stephen Colbert picks Kansas to win it all.
2007-03-14 23:56:49
60.   Bob Timmermann
But be careful, the Terrapin could bite through your achilles tendon and then you'd fall over in a shallow pond and a Duck could sit on you and make you drown.
2007-03-14 23:57:48
61.   trainwreck
I am sad there was no mention of Bruins being able to kill.
2007-03-15 00:01:00
62.   Bob Timmermann
His hatred of bears is well-known.
2007-03-15 00:02:37
63.   trainwreck
Yeah, exactly. I thought he would say something bad at least. It is like his staff did not realize the Bruins are bears.
2007-03-15 00:04:44
64.   Bob Timmermann
There are no Bear teams in the NCAA tournament this year. There are two Bruins.
2007-03-15 00:08:09
65.   underdog
I'm surprised Colbert didn't pick one of the teams with an Eagle nickname in the tourney, like Marquette's Golden Eagles. Stephen Jr. must have no influence on him.
2007-03-15 00:09:26
66.   trainwreck
And a fierce tree!
2007-03-15 04:39:32
67.   Sam DC
Short, funny, look at the Sage of Peter Edward Rose, Sr.

2007-03-15 05:24:50
68.   Marty
Come on, baseball's boring if you don't have a little action on the side. Like going to the races just to see the horses.
2007-03-15 07:33:16
69.   ToyCannon
Las Vegas travel question. Leaving from Sylmar at around 03:30 on Friday would you take the 210 route or the backway and use the 14?
2007-03-15 07:57:06
70.   Jon Weisman
69 - There will be no traffic that early in the morning, so don't sweat it!

New post up top.

2007-03-15 08:33:41
71.   ishXdavid
I won my pool last year because of my faith in my Bruins and if George Mason didn't pull the upset of upsets I would've had all Final Four participants. I went with my initial gut-reaction this year, and I'm disconcerted that I ended up with the same Final Four as Doug Gottlieb. UCLA over UNC in the title game with Kevin Love in the stands salivating over next year's repeat bid.

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