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Abreu Injured
2007-03-17 17:36
by Jon Weisman

Ken Gurnick and have a couple of news updates worth reading:

First, Tony Abreu injured his shoulder, perhaps severely, putting a damper on a day that Wilson Betemit doubled right-handed.

Abreu remained prone and in pain for several minutes, then was carted off the field. He had his arm placed in a sling and was taken to a local hospital for X-rays to determine if the injury was worse than a sprain.

Abreu said his shoulder jammed when he hit the ground with arms fully extended in front of him. He was in noticeable pain on the field and said it was even worse as he was dressing to leave for the hospital. He said he had no history of shoulder injuries.

The 22-year-old Abreu, the No. 5-ranked prospect in the organization according to Baseball America, was having one of the most impressive camps on the club. He had just singled in the bottom of the seventh inning, raising his Spring Training batting average to .394. His 10 RBIs are tied for the club lead. He played last year at Double-A Jacksonville.

Second, Frank McCourt gave Arizona and Chavez Ravine facilities updates.

McCourt said the ongoing renovation this offseason included infrastructure work in preparation for next offseason's expansion of the concourses and an overhaul of traffic flow into and out of the Dodger Stadium parking lot that will go into effect this year.

He said the number of lot attendants will be doubled and the traffic patterns that have existed relatively unchanged since the stadium opened 45 years ago will be changed, with new signs and lights and the renaming or renumbering of lots.

McCourt said parking was one of three major projects his new ownership undertook based on fan input. The other two are stadium seats, which have all been replaced, and long concession lines, which he said will be resolved next year with the expansion of the concourses and doubling of concession stands and restroom facilities.

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2007-03-17 17:45:28
1.   Greg Brock
I don't really like Frank, but I can't deny he's doing his best to upgrade the fan experience. I appreciate how proactive he's been with respect to the stadium experience.

Now just control what your GM does...

2007-03-17 17:46:17
2.   Curtis Lowe
2007-03-17 17:55:38
3.   Andrew Shimmin
I wonder if there's a correlation between number of parking lot attendants and congestion abatement. I'd guess not. It might even be negatively correlated; just more people to get in the way.
2007-03-17 17:59:52
4.   GoBears
I appreciate the effort as well, although none of these are things I personally cared about. I never park in the lot or eat stadium food (I just bring in a sandwich and peanuts). And the seats didn't bother me much. So all this means for me is higher prices.

That is, it would mean that if it weren't actually completely irrelevant to me, as I continue my quixotic 1-man boycott of Dodger Stadium for reasons having nothing to do with the ballgame experience. I've just decided not to give McCourt any of my money. I'll watch on TV and listen on the radio, but no money for McCourt until I'm over last off-season's embarrassing display.

McCourt could fire Colletti and pull Plaschke's press pass - that would do it.

2007-03-17 18:03:36
5.   GoBears
Back on topic: I bet Vin feels bad about laughing when Abreu was tagged out. I think he thought that Abreu wasn't hurt, but was just moping over the call (I thought the same thing). He quickly corrected his initial appraisal that Abreu wasn't hurt, but I was a little surprised he didn't explain his initial chuckle. Did I miss it?

On the other hand, he also didn't issue an "I told you so" about the head-first slide - just mentioned that it's "always a risky play." We know it's one of his pet peeves, and it showed good restraint not to pile on.

2007-03-17 18:16:28
6.   bhsportsguy
I don't want to start a long argument here but I have never understood the animosity towards the McCourts, sure they made some mistakes but they have worked to improve the Stadium, they have not slashed payroll like many people thought they would and they have won two out of three years.

If firing DePodesta is the sole reason for the anger, I think it is a little underserved.

2007-03-17 18:21:47
7.   Andrew Shimmin
He fired half the front office. Then he put his son in charge of marketing, which was, it's to be assumed, the chief cause of the bobblehead family commercials, which still haunt my nightmares. Dumped Ross Porter (other people cared about this much more than I did). He's not the worst owner the team has had in the last ten years, and maybe not one of the ten worst in the game, but there are reasons to dislike him. There's also the suspicion that he bought the team as a tax dodge, and is going to unload it to Ch-i knows who as soon as it outlives its usefulness, in that regard.

Plus he's a little irritating, personally.

2007-03-17 18:25:47
8.   Curtis Lowe
7- He's not irritating he's Irish!
2007-03-17 18:27:54
9.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't have any problem with McCourt that couldn't be cured by his shutting up for ten years.
2007-03-17 18:36:29
10.   Hallux Valgus
I have recently moved back to LA from Denver after a 15 year absence, and my sense from afar was that McCourt was a Red Sox fan who bought the Dodgers almost as a consolation prize. Then he took the last names off the jerseys (and during the All Jason outfield era when I had trouble telling the difference anyway), and brought in Little, Nomar, Lowe, and Mueller, which only solidified my thinking.

Now I'm over it, and while I have no love for McCourt, I won't hold any animosity as long as he's willing to sign the checks with the necessary number of zeros (and won't blink when a certain speedy centerfielder who will apparently haunt me until he retires gets benched for Andruw Jones).

That said, as a Coors Field season ticket holder for a decade, the Chavez improvements are welcomed.

2007-03-17 18:44:28
11.   bhsportsguy
9 I think last year could count for one in that regard, actually as long as Ned and Grady are here, we probably won't hear too much from him aside from his visits with Vin in the booth and can you really get mad at Vin for that.
2007-03-17 18:45:30
12.   bhsportsguy
I hope Tony's injury doesn't hamper him all year but shoulders to some degree are worse than knee injuries because they do tend to linger.
2007-03-17 18:58:24
13.   Michael Green
7--I think the response to Ross Porter's firing was based not so much on loving Ross as much as it was on HOW it was done. Now, Ross in his early years was a bit over the top on numbers and trying to be different from Vin and Jerry, but he grew on me and I just respected the daylights out of him and his approach to the game. As a 28-year employee, he was entitled to better treatment from McCourt and his incompetent friends.

I haven't been able to get to a game in several years and have debated whether, given McCourt's earlier lack of class, I wanted to go ever again. This season, the Dodgers may be home when I am in town and I might just go. It will help--to the point of this thread--that getting in and out of Dodger Stadium might not require me to swallow a lot of antacid and bring a sleeping bag.

2007-03-17 19:06:11
14.   Andrew Shimmin
11- Deal. T-minus nine years.
2007-03-17 19:39:44
15.   Greg Brock
I'm glad some people are on board with the McCourt "Don't ever talk, EVER" plan. I remember getting some grief for proposing that plan.
2007-03-17 19:50:39
16.   StolenMonkey86
on the plus side, Betemit hit a double right-handed.
2007-03-17 20:34:47
17.   Jon Weisman
16 - See second paragraph above.
2007-03-17 20:36:00
18.   Jon Weisman
(Sly, huh?)
2007-03-17 20:37:20
19.   Greg Brock
17 Did we finish "Longford" tonight?
And if so, did we not love it?

And, more importantly, why am I using the royal we?

2007-03-17 20:47:58
20.   Jon Weisman
Hey nineteen -

We just put the kids to bed, caught up on the end of the UCLA game, and now have to clean up the play area. I hope to be in front of the TV by 9:15 and back with a report by 10:15.

Here I go!

2007-03-17 21:06:50
21.   StolenMonkey86
I can read, really.
2007-03-17 21:34:08
22.   Robert Fiore
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, be sure to go to Dodger Stadium this year for your last chance to urinate in a trough. No, wait, not ladies.

Restoring names to the backs of the jerseys takes some of the edge off my McCourt-o-Phobia, but nothing short of ending the lowest common denominator ballpark sound effects will cure it. In building and running the team on the field the watchword is mediocrity. To me the McCourts are like a case of the flu: Make you feel lousy and seem as though they're going to hang on forever, but you know they'll go away eventually.

2007-03-17 21:41:48
23.   StolenMonkey86
22 - the imagery reminds me of a rather entertaining bit from a friend of mine about toilets in Egypt, including a link to a urinal ettiquette quiz.

2007-03-17 21:48:51
24.   Disabled List
22 Yes, ladies and gentlemen, be sure to go to Dodger Stadium this year for your last chance to urinate in a trough. No, wait, not ladies.

Wait a minute, are you telling me there's no troughs in the women's restrooms at Dodger Stadium???

This is an outrage.

2007-03-17 22:07:44
25.   D4P
"This is an outrage" should pretty much always be followed by !
2007-03-17 22:13:45
26.   Greg Brock
D4P finds time to give punctuation advice between shopping for drapes and picking out China patterns. I am outraged. (!)
2007-03-17 22:18:14
27.   Andrew Shimmin
D4P finds time to give punctuation advice between hanging out in Jerry's apartment with George and Kramer, and sleeping with Putty.
2007-03-17 22:19:57
28.   Greg Brock
27 Wow. Just...just...Wow.

Nice work, Andrew.

2007-03-17 22:24:30
29.   D4P
A little spelling advice:

It's "Puddy", not "Putty"

2007-03-17 22:26:25
30.   Andrew Shimmin
Really? Huh. What's a puddy?
2007-03-17 22:31:35
31.   Andrew Shimmin
30- I thought it was a nickname, but his full name was David Puddy. Which sounds a little familiar, in retrospect, but, there you go.
2007-03-17 22:34:31
32.   D4P
2007-03-17 22:36:28
33.   Jon Weisman
Hey nineteen -

Good stuff.

2007-03-17 22:38:26
34.   bhsportsguy
Abreu update.

2007-03-17 22:38:27
35.   D4P
Bigger surprise:

1. Betemit doubling right-handed
2. Pierre doubling left-handed

2007-03-17 22:42:37
36.   Greg Brock
When I think of DT folk, I think of Bluebleeder as David Puddy

Andrew is Paul Giamatti (with beard)
D4P is Woody Allen
trainwreck is Brian Pohsehn
Marty is Christopher Lloyd
bhsportsguy is JT Walsh

I know what ToyCannon, Jon, Bob, Vishal, and Rob look like, so it kills the drill.

For the record, I picture myself as Michael Clarke Duncan.

2007-03-17 22:44:35
37.   Greg Brock
33 Pretty much. Andy Serkis is a revelation, and Samantha Morton is Samantha Morton (read: three bags of awesome). Jim Broadbent is a treat.

Such a good movie. And the end is absolutely chilling.

2007-03-17 22:45:52
38.   D4P
Paul Giamatti

I am not drinking any ------- merlot!"

2007-03-17 22:46:50
39.   D4P
I'm having a problem with my quotation marks. Can I get some punctuation advice...?
2007-03-17 22:47:52
40.   Jon Weisman
Bluebleeder could fit in David Puddy's bicep.
2007-03-17 22:49:11
41.   Greg Brock
40 Bluebleeder is John Leguizamo...


2007-03-17 22:50:31
42.   D4P
Jim Broadbent, John Leguizamo...

Moulin Rouge, anyone?

2007-03-17 22:56:14
43.   Greg Brock
As long as Bill Murry plays Bob and Adam Sandler plays Jon, I could cast a great ensemble in Dodger Thoughts: The Movie
2007-03-17 22:57:51
44.   Greg Brock
I don't know who Bill Murry is, but Bill Murray would probably be better.
2007-03-17 23:10:58
45.   bhsportsguy describes J.T. Walsh as known for playing cowardly bad guy parts, really that's me?

I may take my offer of a ticket to a game.

But then again, that might be only chance for recasting my part.

2007-03-17 23:15:14
46.   Andrew Shimmin
Anyone who hasn't seen it before, and isn't doing anything else, should tune in to IFC for Super Troopers, starting now. It's an excellent movie. Much better than SNL will be.
2007-03-17 23:17:31
47.   Andrew Shimmin
I've got eight inches on Paul Giamatti. And a full head of hair. And no beard. I do wear glasses.
2007-03-17 23:18:36
48.   Greg Brock
45 JT Walsh was one of the great character actors of the 1990's. They guy commanded the screen in every scene. You may remember him as the Colonel in "A Few Good Men"

Casting you as JT Walsh was a compliment. Steve, Jon, and Bob will attest that being cast as JT Walsh is a monster compliment. The guy was a brilliant actor.

2007-03-17 23:21:44
49.   D4P
Is being cast as Woody Allen a compliment...?
2007-03-17 23:25:22
50.   Greg Brock
49 Woody Allen is my favorite comedian of all time. Pure genius.

Despite that, I cast you as Woody. Make of that what you will.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-03-17 23:29:54
51.   D4P
The words "Despite that" seem out of place. I think you were looking for something more along the lines of "As a result of that" or "Because of that" or "With that in mind" or "Therefore" or "Ergo".
2007-03-17 23:30:13
52.   Greg Brock
JT Walsh shouldn't have died. He'd have an Academy Award and bhsportsguy would be overwhelmed by my casting. bhsporstguy would thank me for selection, and be pleased with the choice.

When JT Walsh passed away, we all lost.

2007-03-17 23:31:08
53.   D4P
I've got eight inches on Paul Giamatti

I'm not touching that with a ten-foot pole...

2007-03-17 23:37:15
54.   Greg Brock
I can't decide which DT poster is Rober Duvall. Picking a Robert Duvall is like picking the most awesome human being who ever existed. It's a lot of pressure.

I think Greg Brock should be played by a young Robert Duvall.

2007-03-17 23:40:03
55.   Greg Brock
Steve is really tough casting choice. I probably should have picked Robert Duvall for Steve. That's a perfect fit.

Instead, I have decide that Steve will be played by James Caan.

2007-03-17 23:43:21
56.   underdog
54 Just don't call him a character actor.

What am I, chopped liver? I think I should be played by Ron Livingston. Or Patton Oswalt, can't decide. No...

2007-03-17 23:43:37
57.   Icaros
It was determined years ago that Steve is Carla from Cheers.
2007-03-17 23:50:31
58.   Greg Brock
56 I didn't want to clog up the tubes with casting the entire Dodger Thoughts family. I didn't want it to turn into a Greg Brock casting thread. However, since you asked:

underdog: Richard Benjamin
Icaros: Antonio Banderas

I have everybody cast. From Fanerman to regfairfield to Sam DC. Trust me, I've put a lot of though into this.

P.S. SamDC is David Strathairn.

2007-03-17 23:51:27
59.   bhsportsguy
Greg Brock is the leader of the J.T. Walsh Marching and Chowder Society.

I thank thee for the compliment and be ready for some Dodger baseball on your trip out here during the summer.

And at least you have until Thursday to relax.

Though watching Steve Lavin on ESPN may get you riled up.

2007-03-17 23:52:21
60.   bhsportsguy
I'd ask about ToyCannon or JoeyP but I don't want to break any rules.
2007-03-18 00:01:03
61.   Greg Brock
Because ToyCannon hates me, I cast him as Josh Lucas. Smart, charismatic, but certainly the protagonist's foil. The guy irks you, but you can't hate because he's really smart and likeable. That's ToyCannon. He hates you, but you really like him.

JoeyP is Bradley Whitford.

2007-03-18 00:06:02
62.   Greg Brock
Canuck is David Duchovny.
2007-03-18 00:11:05
63.   Bob Timmermann
I'd much rather have David Strathairn play me than Bill Murray.

How about Ed Begley for my part?

Or possibly Tracey Walter?

2007-03-18 00:16:41
64.   Greg Brock
63 Sam is David Strathairn.

I picked Bill Murray because he conveys comedy and genius. It was mean to be a monster compliment. I don't throw Bill Murray around lightly

You can also be Bob Newhart. It doesn't get any more complimentary than that, unless you want to be played by Jesus H. Christ.

I can't get in touch with his agent.

2007-03-18 00:21:34
65.   Bob Timmermann
I thought Bob Newhart was Jesus.
2007-03-18 00:26:41
66.   Greg Brock
I am more than willing to hear your recommendations for the cinematic version of Bob Timmermann.

If Bill Murray and Bob Newhart don't get a job done, I need to hear your recommendations. But they better be smart as all get out and hilarious.

The role of Bob Timmermann will now be played by Mort Sahl?

2007-03-18 00:28:59
67.   Bob Timmermann
If you had Mort Sahl play me, I'd track you down and hire a squad of ninjas to assist me.
2007-03-18 00:30:01
68.   Dark Horse
Back to the topics at hand...isn't a "moderate bone bruise" better than a lot of other things we could be worried about (re: Abreu)? I mean, that's not a dislocation or a surgical type concern, and back to normal, right?

One would say "obviously," but this is the Dodger organization.

2007-03-18 00:31:43
69.   Greg Brock
Fine. I go for the hail mary...

The role of Bob Timmermann will be played by Tom Lehrer.

2007-03-18 00:34:00
70.   Greg Brock
If you don't like that, a pox on your house, shame on you, and other such insults.

When Greg Brock casts you as Tom Lehrer, that's all there is. It's the best I can do. Woody Allen and Tom Lehrer are my best shots.

2007-03-18 00:54:05
71.   bhsportsguy
68 A bone bruise results from compressive forces incurred during an injury. The damaged areaoccurs in the medullary portion of the bone and can be accompanied by bleeding and swelling.

Bruises are often caused by falls, sports injuries, car accidents, or blows received by other people or objects. Bruises can last from days to months, with the bone bruise being the most severe and painful.

2007-03-18 01:11:40
72.   gpellamjr
I was deeply offended that Greg Brock did not pick an actor to play me, even though I have posted here in a long time and he probably doesn't know who I am. Regardless, I demand, Mr. Brock, that an actor be chosen to play me!
2007-03-18 01:14:00
73.   gpellamjr
72 And I will not take "You're too boring, too forgetable, and too un-likeable to be in the DT movie!" as an answer!
2007-03-18 01:24:37
74.   natepurcell

who am i! who am i!

2007-03-18 01:26:09
75.   gpellamjr
74 Don't bother, Nate. It's impossible to get into this movie. You and I should go off and make our own.
2007-03-18 01:28:07
76.   natepurcell

we can make a documentary on a documentary of the loch ness monster. yes, thats unique and never been done before.

oh wait...

2007-03-18 01:32:32
77.   gpellamjr
I say we make "The Making of 'Dodger Thoughts: The Movie'"! It'll be an expose on Greg Brock's sexual harassment of D4P and Andrew.
2007-03-18 01:43:42
78.   bhsportsguy
Christian Bale for Nate, why, I don't know and I doubt he knows La Roche's 2006 OPS

GPellamJr to be played by Adrien Brody

There how's that.

Hey at least I cast guys who are alive, I'm being played by someone who past away years ago.

2007-03-18 01:44:27
79.   Dodger Jack
Pierre is batting a team-high .467.
2007-03-18 01:59:11
80.   Andrew Shimmin
I could see Paul Reubens playing Pellam. Nate should be played by one of the kids from the O.C. Maybe Mischa Barton. I'm just saying: it'd be a better movie.
2007-03-18 02:46:37
81.   trainwreck
I wish I was Steve Buscemi.
2007-03-18 02:50:44
82.   trainwreck
Or Zach Galafanakis.
2007-03-18 02:53:03
83.   trainwreck
I have seen Brian Posehn live when I saw Mr. Show on tour.

I guess Greg Brock thinks we are funny, but complete dorks at the same time.

At least, I would get to be close to Sarah Silverman.

2007-03-18 07:15:52
84.   Jon Weisman
Casting Adam Sandler as me is worse than quoting "The band is on the field."
2007-03-18 07:44:12
85.   Marty
How did I get to be Christopher Lloyd? I'm the anti-Christopher Lloyd.
2007-03-18 07:48:19
86.   Marty
Tony Abreu will be out two to four weeks with a moderate bone bruise to his left shoulder

Hopefully, its no more serious than that.

2007-03-18 07:57:46
87.   Jon Weisman
I'll take the over.
2007-03-18 07:58:57
88.   Greg Brock
84 It's hard to cast you. I know what you look like and you're the boss around here.

The roll of Jon Weisman will be played by John Cusack.

gpellamjr will be played by Russell Crowe.

I didn't cast Nate because I can't get a handle on his character motivation. The prospect thing is there, so maybe I should go with teacher type guy. But Nate is young.

Would Nate like to be played by Casey Affleck? He's better looking and a better actor than his chin-laden older brother.

2007-03-18 08:02:04
89.   Greg Brock
85 Marty will be played by Jack Nicholson, the anti-Christopher Lloyd.
2007-03-18 08:09:40
90.   Bumsrap
79, 86
Please post in bold so I can more easily find the Dodger posts.
2007-03-18 08:20:19
91.   Bumsrap
Even a parking lot expert took three years to figure out ingress/egress improvements for Dodger Stadium.

If I purchased the Bosox I would find a few Dodgers to decorate my organization and team and I would want my sons involved with the organization if they so desired. Sometimes what we dislike in others is merely a reflection of ourselves that hasn't yet appeared to our conscious minds.

And if anybody wants to sit in an old Dodger seat just bring some beer and peanuts to my home, have a seat, close your eyes, and you can feel the sounds of history.

2007-03-18 08:52:30
92.   D4P
And we would fire Theo Epstein and hire Jim Bowden.
2007-03-18 09:10:14
93.   Jon Weisman
90 - Uh, no, I don't need a bunch of posts in all bold. I understand you aren't interested in the non-Dodger posts, but just scroll like everybody else, please.
2007-03-18 09:33:15
94.   underdog
58 "underdog: Richard Benjamin"
Yikes, I guess I asked for that by demanding I be cast. I was hoping for someone from this century, but that's okay. ;-) I think I'll be Marc Ruffalo.

Okay, for Bums' sake, back to baseball... What Dodger player in history would each of us be cast as? No, I'm kidding. Really.

I'm glad Abreu's injury isn't more serious (so far as we can tell) - a bone bruise vs. a tear or break. He was going to Vegas anyway, but I hope he's gotten the attention of Dodgers brass now.

2007-03-18 10:17:45
95.   ornette
Of course all the off topic chatter is to avoid having to comment on
If that tendency does continue in the regular season…
(yeah yeah i know, fat chance - ST stats and all that…)
BUT if it does…

Will the prospective stars in this prospective film be man enuF 2 utter "mea-culpa" ?¿?
2007-03-18 10:23:07
96.   Icaros
Yes, if Juan Pierre hits .467 for 5 years we will all admit to being wrong, including Ned Colletti.
2007-03-18 10:40:43
98.   Icaros
97 and today's broadcast.

2007-03-18 11:23:12
99.   goofus
Bob Timmermann played by David Schwimmer.
2007-03-18 11:35:29
100.   Bob Timmermann
I'd go back to preferring Mort Sahl.

So the Dodgers have officially gone with "La Roche" as the spelling of Andy's surname?

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-03-18 11:37:09
101.   Icaros

It's spelled that way on his uniform, I noticed.

2007-03-18 11:42:57
102.   Bob Timmermann
And yet, notice how the Pirates website spells Adam's name:

I also like Adam's birthplace. That's what bbref uses to.

So just where was he born? Did Mom just wander out to some unincorporated area like the Cleveland Forest to give birth?

2007-03-18 11:54:08
103.   Icaros
I used to say Orange County when I didn't want to say Santa Ana. Now I think Santa Ana is the least shameful of the two.

I'm starting to sense a potential Emilio Estevez - Charlie Sheen situation between the La(?)Roche boys.

2007-03-18 12:04:56
104.   Bob Timmermann
So they're going to do a movie where they both garbage collectors who stumble across illegal activity?
2007-03-18 12:07:52
105.   trainwreck
Greg Brock should be played by Dana Carvey, because he is a Master of Disguise.
2007-03-18 12:46:28
106.   underdog
104 Right now a garbage collector would pick up (field) better than Andy La Roche. Maybe they're channeling the Marx brothers right now.

I guess that's what he needs to work on at Vegas.

2007-03-18 12:46:44
107.   Dodgers49
Matt Kemp + New Contacts = .194

Oh well, so much for being able to see the ball better. :-)

2007-03-18 12:51:53
108.   underdog
107 I know - and I was literally gonna order those Nike contacts after reading about that. Sounded great!
Maybe there's an adjustment period.

Or maybe he should have gotten bifocal contacts - as Stephen Wright once joked - "flip ups."

2007-03-18 12:52:08
109.   Greg Brock
Dana Carvey ruined every Neil Young song for me in his hilarious standup routine a few years ago.

Dead dog lying in a ditch
cigarette smoker has an itch
secret whores with ancient vices
Lucky's got the lowest prices

2007-03-18 12:52:27
110.   Steve
The bar has been set high. Juan Pierre now has to hit .467 to elicit a "mea culpa." That will be difficult, but it's nice to see his supporters believe in him so passionately.
2007-03-18 13:00:38
111.   Dodgers49
Hamulack faced 4 batters, gave up two hits and allowed one of two inherited runners to score.
But his ERA is 0.00 so he's looking good. :-)
2007-03-18 15:06:05
112.   Bumsrap
Fair enough Jon and perhaps I should have just asked those posts that were casting actors to play DT posters in a movie to consider the silent era of movies. Movies, sometimes like DT, let the words get in the way.
2007-03-18 15:20:07
113.   trainwreck
I call Buster Keaton!
2007-03-18 15:27:02
114.   Andrew Shimmin
The thing about hiring his son to run marketing was more or less a joke. If he'd staffed the entire department with his stuffed squirrel collection but the commercials didn't bug me, I wouldn't care. No defense on the merits of the bobblehead family commercials was mounted, I notice.
2007-03-18 16:12:40
115.   Icaros
I'm going purely off memory, but I think the bobblehead family predated Drew McCourt's appointment to the job.
2007-03-18 16:14:24
116.   twerp
Good analysis of clutch hitting===


"To analysts, a clutch hitter is simply a good hitter who has performed well in magnified situations. The appellation is all about history, what you have done. It tells you nothing about what you're going to do."

"In-depth examinations have revealed that a player's past performance in key situations holds very little predictive value. Just because a player has come up short in the World Series before, it doesn't mean he'll do it again."

"At the very least, though, in a given postseason game, or at a pivotal moment in the pennant race, a hitter will succeed or not. And talent alone will not determine the outcome of the at-bat."

"Ortiz has become known for one specific kind of highlight -- the late-inning home run. It's not a myth. He does it again and again. Over the past three years, Ortiz has 27 home runs in 235 "close and late" situations, defined as at-bats in the seventh inning or later with the hitter's team either ahead by one run, tied, or with the potential tying run at least on deck. Then again, Albert Pujols has gone deep 24 times in 231 close-and-late at-bats in that same span.

"Those numbers are real, and they're impressive. But they're not necessarily predictive."

2007-03-18 16:15:05
117.   underdog
Update on Abreu (via, Dodgers notes):

Tony Abreu said he had never tried a head-first dive until his train-wreck of an attempt Saturday that left him sidelined for 2-4 weeks with a bone bruise. Coach Mariano Duncan said he remembers Abreu sliding head-first in Rookie ball in 2003.

Regardless, Abreu said Sunday he was much improved the day after the injury, suffered when Abreu began his dive too late. His arms were not extended and he hit the ground elbow first, which jammed his left arm into the shoulder socket.

His arm was out of a sling and he demonstrated nearly full range of motion with pain greatly reduced.

"I thought it was dislocated when it happened, it hurt so bad," Abreu said, explaining why he lay motionless. "I didn't know how serious it was, and I didn't want to move. It's much better today."

2007-03-18 16:22:35
118.   Greg Brock
How are you a professional baseball player and never attempted a head first slide?

And you can't do it properly?

And you don't extend your ARMS!

2007-03-18 16:25:13
119.   Greg Brock
I realize many of these kids grow up economically disadvantaged, but you can make almost anything into a Slip N Slide.

Hose...Plastic tarp...Booya. Head first slide training for life.

2007-03-18 16:29:05
120.   CanuckDodger
Hey, Greg, I am curious to know why you have David Duchovny playing me in the DT movie. Not that I am complaining, but I would just like to hear your rationale.
2007-03-18 16:30:29
121.   underdog
Well, isn't a head first slide generally considered a stupid thing to do? Or at least, I know it's not just Vin Scully who thinks that. So maybe he was trying to say he'd never been stupid before. Good thing Mariano Duncan came to set us straight on that one!

I always cringe when I see runners trying to beat out a close play at 1st by dive-sliding head first into first base. Never seems worth it.

2007-03-18 16:30:42
122.   Andrew Shimmin
115- It was the 2004 ad campaign. It's possible it was in the works before he blew in to town, but even if that's so, it's his fault for letting it happen. Like DePo leaving Erickson on the roster.

2007-03-18 16:33:27
123.   trainwreck
This may seem obvious, but shouldn't a Canadian play Canuck?
2007-03-18 16:33:40
124.   twerp
From story saying Gagne looked good today:

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Eric Gagne threw a simulated inning on Sunday and looked a lot like how Gagne was supposed to look.

In his simulated inning on Sunday, Gagne threw 20 pitches, 10 of them for strikes. If that strike ratio seemed a bit low, it can be at least partly explained by the fact that he was getting exceptional movement on his pitches.

He threw all of his pitches, and, alternating against veteran infielder Desi Relaford and catcher Chris Stewart, he gave up a ground-ball single, got a lineout to second, a swinging strikeout, gave up a walk and got another strikeout. The walk and the strikeout occurred in the same at-bat, but that's why it's a simulated game.

Without a radar gun, Gagne's velocity could not be precisely measured, but he obviously threw hard.

2007-03-18 16:33:45
125.   LAT
120. At least you get to go home to Téa Leoni.
2007-03-18 16:39:26
126.   Greg Brock
I'll bet I'm not the only person around here who slid head first on everything except DP's and plays at the plate. Hook sliding and popupup sliding scared the bejeezus out of me, and catching a spike in the dirt and ripping your ankle into confetti seemed like it would not be fun. Plus, if you do it correctly, your arms shield your face. You just jam fingers and ram your head into people's legs...Which kind of hurts.

120 I picture tall, contrarian, smart dude. It seemed good at the time. Canadian...Hmm...Rick Moranis?

2007-03-18 16:53:14
127.   LAT
Is there a worse sports caster than Jim Hill?

"Now let's go to the victorious Trojans about their victorious victory today."

2007-03-18 17:35:15
128.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 126

This makes me wonder if headfirst sliding is even allowed in the Vintage Baseball league I play in. If you're curious what that is, and most importantly, if you're in the DC/Baltimore area and might want to join the team, go to the following:


2007-03-18 17:35:47
129.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 127

Nah, he's just using alliteration to be poetic. =)


2007-03-18 17:38:39
130.   Dodgers49
121 - I always cringe when I see runners trying to beat out a close play at 1st by dive-sliding head first into first base. Never seems worth it.

Sliding head first into first base is stupid. However, although I rarely disagree with Vin, I believe sliding head first into second or third can be a good thing when done properly. You provide a lower target and are more difficult to tag than with a pop up slide. Think Rickey Henderson. I agree with Brock. I find it surprising that Abreu is so poorly trained at it.

2007-03-18 17:41:06
131.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 130

Could there be an organizational reluctance to teach it? Off the top of my head, the only Dodger on the current squad who does the head-first slide a lot is Kent, who of course didn't come up in the Dodger system.


2007-03-18 17:42:34
132.   Greg Brock
130 Oh, yeah, I didn't mention that. Sliding into first base is not smart, and you get stepped on like nobody's business. I think they've done enough to prove that you lose some time when you slide into first.
2007-03-18 18:00:15
133.   Dodgers49
131 - Could there be an organizational reluctance to teach it?

Could be. I know Maury Wills used the hook slide. Maybe if Rickey had come up in the Dodgers system there would be more Dodgers using the head first. :-)

2007-03-18 18:14:05
134.   Dodgers49
Or Rickey Henderson may just have been forced to use the hook slide. :-)
2007-03-18 19:55:30
135.   thinkingblue

On a recent Juan Pierre thread on This is the response I got when I pointed out Juan is really mediocre and it's only spring training:

Me: "Gets 200 hits? Again, who cares?"

Ahh yes,because 200 hit seasons are such a common thing in the NL...After all,theres been all of 10 of them in the last FIVE years,and Pierre has had 3 of them!..So having 2 guys at the top of the order,who will probably collect 400 hits,and score over 200 runs,is offset by "all thier outs" they will make??Now,ole D.L. had 20 homers and 100 ribbies last year.Other than the homer and rbi in the 4 homer ninth inning game against San Diego,can you remember even ONE of his homers last year????...Didn`t think so..Wanna place a friendly wager this team scores more runs this year with Pierre and Furcal at the top,than they scored with ole D.L. last year?...Wanna place another one that ole D.L. doesn`t play in 120 games with the BoSox this year?

"Oh WOW,he played in ALL 162 games"

Wanna ask ANY baseball exec,the importance of having a guy who plays in ALL 162 games is?

"All I`m saying is that we are a better offensive team w/Drew.period"

Your opinion.Mine is different.Quess we`ll see in about 6 months huh?

2007-03-18 19:55:46
136.   Dodgers49
Although Brett Tomko has thrown no more than three innings in any outing, he is on track to begin the season as a starter.

2007-03-18 19:58:38
137.   Bob Timmermann
The book "The Dodgers Way to Play Baseball" written by Al Campanis and other coaches, disapproved of the head first slide.
2007-03-18 20:07:44
138.   trainwreck
Starter for another team, hopefully.

That article also sheds some light on why I am worried about Billinglsey getting loose for bullpen relief.

2007-03-18 20:17:59
139.   Jon Weisman
Post toasties now being served.

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