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2007-03-26 08:35
by Jon Weisman

After getting caught up in the micro-analyzation of the roster against my better judgment, knowing full well how the makeup of the roster fluctuates, I'm going to let this morning breathe.

In the meantime, did you remember to buy your Dodger Thoughts T-shirt?

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(And by the way, Geoff Young of Padres blog Ducksnorts has a new book on sale - if you keep up on the team down south, check it out.

2007-03-26 10:14:35
1.   Andrew Shimmin
Anybody heard from Repent or Burn, lately?

2007-03-26 10:28:14
2.   Benaiah
2 - I wonder what the rent in that place is, I am looking for a new apartment. 800 square feet is a lot of room.
2007-03-26 10:48:48
3.   Benaiah
Sports Media Challenge named the top 10 baseball blogs and somehow this one failed to make the cut. I wonder what their methodology was. I read numbers 8 and 10 regularly, and I see AN as the top of the heap (Blez might be a rich man on of these days), but surely D.T. is worthy of jumping over one of the Mariners sites?

2007-03-26 10:50:29
4.   bhsportsguy
3 Must be the monthly "Becker" chats.
2007-03-26 10:52:36
5.   underdog
I'd always wondered why the Padres blog was called Ducksnorts...

Meanwhile, now it could be Elmer Dessens who is being shopped.
Not that I have anything against the guy, but he is certainly replaceable. If LA can get anything in return for him and clear up a roster spot for Seanez I'm okay with that.

2007-03-26 10:53:17
6.   natepurcell
thanks for the reminder, i still need to order some DT shirts.
2007-03-26 10:54:32
7.   Bill Crain
The top 10 blogs have extremely active communities averaging over a dozen comments per post ...


2007-03-26 11:01:45
8.   natepurcell
DT should be in the top 10. I dont know why it's not.
2007-03-26 11:02:59
9.   regfairfield
Because when the guy writing it was looking for suggestions, I spaced out. I'll try to rectify the situation.
2007-03-26 11:09:13
10.   screwballin
3 I had just stumbled across the same thing, and I wrote them an email saying DT needs to be on there. I'll post any response here.

Jon, you should put the T-shirt link on the sidebar, so I can remember to get myself one for my birthday, Father's Day, my anniversary, Columbus Day, etc.

2007-03-26 11:12:56
11.   Benaiah
7 - Yeah, a dozen comments per post? I think that is an understatement. A.N. and Baseball Musings must average in the hundreds. Rich's site is a little lighter on comments, but it provides some of the best content on the internet (though I don't really like those video analysis of swings and pitches, but to each their own).
2007-03-26 11:13:57
12.   Benaiah
10 - Where is the email address? I will write one too. Power in numbers.
2007-03-26 11:19:34
13.   mankatododger
From the Daily News blog:

Dessens traded to Milwaukee for Brady Clark, cash
The Dodgers just acquired outfielder Brady Clark from Milwaukee for reliever Elmer Dessens. This radically changes the outlook on the outfield situation, but as far as pitching, it makes it clear that there will be room for Rudy Seanez on an 11-man staff. Brady Clark is a legit outfielder who could even work into an everyday role depending on how well he plays and if Andre Ethier continues to struggle. Not sure on the amount of cash yet, but it will cover some of the difference between Clark's $3.8 million salary for this season and Elmer's $1.7 million. More on this as more becomes available.

2007-03-26 11:20:21
14.   Jon Weisman
10 - I meant to put it on the sidebar, but the thing is, there's an order deadline (currently April 17 - I may move it up, though). So I may just stick with the periodic reminders.

It may be time for me to remove TBODT from the sidebar. Of course, the sidebar is due for a big update, top to bottom.

2007-03-26 11:20:49
15.   Sushirabbit
Jon, you should auction off DT #s and people can get their name and number on their shirts. :-)

I call 13.

Is Lowe going to be the best hitting pitcher?

2007-03-26 11:22:47
16.   regfairfield
Seriously? That's a great trade if it's true.
2007-03-26 11:24:16
17.   regfairfield
15 Wolf has a very good stick from what I remember.
2007-03-26 11:26:41
18.   blue22
That is a good trade. LA could do a lot worse for their righty OF to balance the extreme lefty nature of the current roster.

This makes up for the decision to stick with Repko, while releasing Cruz and Werth.

Dessens had just about lost his roster slot to Seanez and/or Tsao anyway.

2007-03-26 11:26:54
19.   mankatododger
The trade is on ITD now as well so it looks to be true.
2007-03-26 11:28:20
20.   underdog
Wow, and I was expecting to get some obscure minor leaguer or some magic beans for Dessens. I'll take Clark. He's a righty, no? I assume that was one reason they wanted him, with Repko out indefinitely and most of the other OFers lefties, save Kemp (and I think they still want Kemp to start in Vegas). Works for me.
2007-03-26 11:28:21
21.   Bob Timmermann
Brady Clark can be the heir to Oscar Robles in the CS department!
2007-03-26 11:30:27
22.   Bob Timmermann
And Jon just wanted to chill out today.

I, for one, am honoring the memory of Cesar Chavez today, by watching "Rockford Files" rerurns and doing my laundry.

2007-03-26 11:31:06
23.   Jon Weisman
No rest for the weary - new post up top.
2007-03-26 11:35:03
24.   underdog
I wonder who will come back to bite/haunt who in that first series with the Brewers against their former team? Will Clark homer off of Dessens? Will he be caught stealing with Dessens on the mound? The drama will be so thick you can cut it with a bat.
2007-03-26 11:35:32
25.   Eric Enders
24 I thought Will Clark was retired!
2007-03-26 12:14:45
26.   Linkmeister
I see that Jon's occasional employer (SI) has DT listed as one of the go-to blogs for the Dodgers (the baseball preview issue). Not to imply there's any back-scratching going on. ;)
2007-03-26 12:25:19
27.   Linkmeister
Where the heck is the "Add to Inquiries" link at the store? I'm using Firefox, if that has any bearing.
2007-03-26 12:27:21
28.   Linkmeister
Never mind. I didn't find it, but I managed to get a shirt into the cart anyway.

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