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Guy Caballero
2007-04-03 14:40
by Jon Weisman

The span of 12 years between appearances in a Dodger uniform by reliever Rudy Caballero Seanez is among the longest in team history, according to team spokesman Josh Rawitch. Only Patsy Donovan (1890, 1906) and Vicente Romo (1968, 1982) exceed Seanez. Bobo Newsom also went 12 years according to the calendar (1930, 1942).

Seanez had a 2.66 ERA with the Dodgers in 1994 but 6.75 in 1995. In his last game with the team before Monday, Seanez allowed a game-winning, 11th-inning home run to Philadelphia's Charlie Hayes on August 24, 1995.

Delino DeShields went 4 for 5 in that game with what would have been a game-winning home run in the top of the eighth, except Todd Worrell blew the save in the ninth. DeShields is three months younger than Seanez.

* * *

In regards to Luis Gonzalez's struggles Monday, Tony Jackson offers this point-of-view shot from left field at Milwaukee's Miller Park.

* * *

Tonight's game:


Matt Kemp is batting sixth. Ramon Martinez gets another start ahead of Wilson Valdez and will bat eighth.

Comments (569)
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2007-04-03 14:46:57
1.   D4P
It doesn't look like there'll be much penalty for walking Bonds this year
2007-04-03 14:52:03
2.   Bob Timmermann
Does Rudy just use a wheelchair in order to gain respect?
2007-04-03 14:54:46
3.   Eric L
I think I can officially forgive Gonzo for his miscue yesterday. I couldn't imagine trying to track down a ball with that background.

Gonzo didn't have to deal with anything even remotely similar when he was in AZ. Aside from having a roof and those strange vents/windows in the outfield, it's a fairly normal stadium.

2007-04-03 14:57:22
4.   Bumsrap
October Road

A sitcom has already been made about the return of the Caballero.

2007-04-03 14:57:49
5.   trainwreck
Zito done after 5 innings.
2007-04-03 14:58:58
6.   natepurcell
from the last thread..

Where's this "Betemit will SLG .480" hope coming from?

Hasnt done it at any level, and he's been playing for 10 years.

maybe because hes grown like 3 inches and put on like 40lbs? come on, everyone knows power is the last tool to develop and from watching him last year, i can say the raw power increase is for real.

2007-04-03 15:00:18
7.   El Lay Dave
That does look like an awful backdrop, although the realities of photography may overplay the contrast some. IIRC, though, LuGo got a terrible jump on the ball too, and I'd think that would be judged before the ball got up into those windows.
2007-04-03 15:04:39
8.   trainwreck
Anyone know tonight's lineup?
2007-04-03 15:07:07
9.   underdog
Love the SCTV reference, Jon.

The only differences in today's line-up that I know of are Kemp in, Ethier out (wish it was Lugo instead), Wolf in at pitcher. But no official line-up yet. I actually get to watch this one on MLB TV. Leaving work early to do it . Hopefully it'll be a less ugly game than yesterday's.

2007-04-03 15:11:16
10.   D4P
Quasi-platooning Kemp and Ethier instead of Kemp and LuGo is ridiculous
2007-04-03 15:11:58
11.   El Lay Dave
6 Also, Betemit was 20 when he jumped to AAA. His only AA experience was about 200 PAs and his SLG was .514 (small sample size and with a .355 BA.) His offensive numbers trended upwards every season in AAA. He was slugging .497 for Atlanta when LA acquired him. He's not quite 25.5 years old. It's not as if he is hopeless or without potential.
2007-04-03 15:12:45
12.   El Lay Dave
10 Given LuGo's age, if nothing else, he ought to need the platoon break more.
2007-04-03 15:12:49
13.   Eric Enders
6 "Where's this "Betemit will SLG .480" hope coming from?
Hasnt done it at any level, and he's been playing for 10 years."

The Hall of Fame is probably littered with guys who failed to slug .480 in the minors yet did so in the majors. Betemit is 24, an age at which the normal player is still improving and more particularly, still developing power.

Let's look at some other third basemen:
George Brett slugged .403 over 1200 minor league plate appearances. Brooks Robinson slugged .388 in his only full year of minor league ball, then .521 in his 1964 MVP season. Robin Ventura slugged .361 over his minor league career and .444 in his MLB career.

Mike Schmidt, Ron Santo, and Ken Caminiti are among the other third basemen whose slugging percentages were considerably higher in the majors than in the minors.

2007-04-03 15:14:16
14.   Terry A
7 - I thought the same thing. The stark contrast in that photo could be misleading, though I'm pretty sure Jackson's goal was merely to show how bright the window light is.

And to be fair, tracking a ball with those windows as a background would be pretty difficult, even if he got a good read off the bat.

2007-04-03 15:16:01
15.   Jon Weisman
Joe Thurston update:

2007-04-03 15:18:56
16.   Eric Enders
It looks like a harsh background. But isn't part of the job description of a major league outfielder dealing with the hazards the sun presents? Willie Davis did get charged with three errors, after all. And in the years Miller Park has been open, I don't recall a rash of missed fly balls being attributed to the sun.

Outfielders are expected to make tough plays; that's why they're in the major leagues. Hitting a major league fastball is pretty tough too, but we still expect them to do it.

2007-04-03 15:19:49
17.   underdog
Giants fans must love seeing Jose Cruz Jr. triple against them. (Or at least my co-worker just grimaced and grunted audibly.)
2007-04-03 15:20:36
18.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, but Willie Davis got a double error for dropping the ball and then throwing it away!

In the Bob Timmermann Universe, he would have just had one.

For those wondering, the sky is orange in my world.

2007-04-03 15:20:52
19.   Jon Weisman
7, 16 - I agree.
2007-04-03 15:21:25
20.   underdog
I may be naiively optimistic but I would expect LuGo will get platooned for just as often. I just expect Kemp and Clark to get a lot of playing time, along with Ethier and (sigh) LuGo and Pierre.
2007-04-03 15:22:20
21.   Eric Enders
15 Thanks. I thought Thurston was still with Washington; I didn't realize he'd gone back to the Phillies.

I have to say it seems strange that he chose a team that has Chase Utley (another shoulda-been Dodger) as its second baseman. And Washington just lost its starting second baseman yesterday, too.

2007-04-03 15:25:19
22.   Bob Timmermann
Washington lost its shortstop to injury and the second baseman is going to move to short.
2007-04-03 15:25:21
23.   Frip
Some would have it that age has made LuGo a bit of a weakling now, though his SLG is a sturdy .465 over last 3 years.
2007-04-03 15:26:07
24.   Eric Enders
22 Right. The net result being, they lost their second baseman.
2007-04-03 15:27:15
25.   Eric Enders
Anyway, Lopez's defense at short for Washington is going to be just as scary as Guzman's offense was.
2007-04-03 15:28:05
26.   ToyCannon
Just to answer Joey from the last thread:

Betemit did slug over 450 last year. He also slugged 514 at Greenville in AA at the age of 19 which made him the Braves number one prospect. At the age of 22 he slugged 466 in AAA. Intermixed with that we have some down years which got him moved off of the top prospect lists. As I said my belief is more subjective and since your not a fan of scouting I can understand you being a nonbeliever. I feel that Bill Hall might be a good comp for Betemit and his late blooming power.
Hall also came through the minors as a SS but his body matured and while he could still play SS, his body was ready for 3b. Lucky for him, he also has enough speed to play CF, Betemit doesn't. Hall never had a slug% over 420 except for one High Desert year in 01. If you saw Bill Hall in 01 and saw him now you'd see a boy who matured into a man. I think the same has happened for Betemit but unlike Hall he did show a lot of power at the age of 19. If Betemit was showing the same stuff he did for the Braves as a 19 year in AA we wouldn't even be talking about La Roche you'd all be fawning over Betemit as though he was Kemp/Loney/La Roche rolled into one.

2007-04-03 15:29:24
27.   D4P
Some would have it that age has made LuGo a bit of a weakling now, though his SLG is a sturdy .465 over last 3 years

2004: .493
2005: .459
2006: .444

Houston, we seem to have a pattern here...

2007-04-03 15:29:57
28.   Eric Enders
23 That's a BOB effect... it's .448 in road games, which isn't terrible but isn't great either.
2007-04-03 15:30:12
29.   ToyCannon
What I mean to say is that I think alot of you are looking at the shiny rubies in Vegas and not seeing a tarnished diamond who can still shine again and take his place in our jewelry cabinet.
2007-04-03 15:30:17
30.   trainwreck
I just happen to like LaRoche better so I support him over Betemit.
2007-04-03 15:32:22
31.   Eric Enders
Gonzo road SLG:
2004: .411
2005: .492
2006: .427
2007-04-03 15:34:22
32.   Eric Enders
Let's put it this way: J.D. Drew drops that ball, and the local media would be calling for his head. But because it's Luis Gonzalez who dropped it, they're going out of their way to make excuses for him.
2007-04-03 15:34:49
33.   GoBears
16. Well put, Eric. That's something that frustrates me a lot - that announcers, or writers (to say nothing of official scorers) generally fail to hold major league fielders to high standards. The standard seems to be: "Would I (Joe Sixpack) have had trouble making that play? If so, no error."

Even Vinnie was appalled that Pierre didn't get an error on his boot yesterday. He called it "charity."

Platooning for Ethier seems particularly loony since he hits LHP so well. Gonzales, besides being old and not so good, has a much bigger platoon split.

2007-04-03 15:36:59
34.   chazmac138
For the record if anyone cares:
LuGo is a terrible nickname for an overpaid loser who can't catch fly balls! That nick makes you think of an already atrocious player with Boston (which, thank the lord we don't have anymore).
Can't anyone do better than Lugo? Really?
I myself am partial to Goonzalez as he looks like one of the goons on the island of goons from the old popeye cartoons. Or Goonzo? Or Gonroid-o? Anything please...........Lugo just seems lame.
2007-04-03 15:37:01
35.   GoBears
What I mean to say is that I think alot of you are looking at the shiny rubies in Vegas and not seeing a tarnished diamond who can still shine again and take his place in our jewelry cabinet.

Ooh, metaphorific!

2007-04-03 15:37:27
36.   D4P
Platooning for Ethier seems particularly loony since he hits LHP so well

Yep. Small sample sizes, but he hit lefties better than righties last year.

2007-04-03 15:38:36
37.   Jon Weisman
34 - I don't have a dog in this fight, but do I understand that you want to give up the nickname with negative connotations for ... a nickname with negative connotations?
2007-04-03 15:38:37
38.   ToyCannon
I know I'm swimming against the tide on Betemit as I don't know any analyst's that think he can become what I think he can. Scouts do but I normally would like to see consensus from both sides on players I'm rooting for. I see no downside if I'm wrong because we have La Roche. The only thing that could go wrong is if Betemit gets off to a hot start and Ned trades La Roche for Maholm and then Betemit puts up a 260/310/425 line which is very possible.
2007-04-03 15:38:57
39.   D4P
Or Gonroid-o?

How about Juiz...?

2007-04-03 15:40:08
40.   chazmac138
2007-04-03 15:40:33
41.   GoBears
34. Call him whatever you want, as long as you keep it clean.

I'm not much for nicknames, personally. Or first names, with some obvious exceptions when the nickname is actually more familiar than the surname (Nomar, Kobe, Shaq, ARod, Pudge).

2007-04-03 15:43:13
42.   chazmac138
Was there something wrong/borderline wrong within that comment that I am not aware of?

I like it!

2007-04-03 15:43:33
43.   Telemachos
I generally hate negative nicknames -- they always seem to come off whiny, IMHO. But quirky names are great ... Lucille II was positively inspired.
2007-04-03 15:43:42
44.   ToyCannon
Looking for a high scoring game tonight as the lefties both get smoked. Dodgers win as the bullpen comes to the rescue while the Brewers bullpen adds more fuel to the fire.
2007-04-03 15:46:10
45.   GoBears
42. No, not at all. Just wanted to qualify my own "whatever you want" statement for your eventual nickname choice.
2007-04-03 15:47:03
46.   chazmac138
"My turtle has a name Mother! And it's Mother!"

-Buster Bluth

2007-04-03 15:48:19
47.   jasonungar05
I'll be the first to pull a Trace.

Was yesterday LUGO's first game at Miller Park? No it was not. Was the ball hit in the window? Yes it was. Should he have made the play? Difficult to say, but what I will say is that's a catch a Luis Gonzales makes 99.9 percent of the time over the course of his 15 year career..


This whole debate to me (last thread) anyways is really about the smarts (or lack of)of signing Nomar over extending JD Drew. Given what we have in the farm and given that Nomar isn't all that better than a MLB avg first baseman.

To compound this, we sign Pierre. Given our farm, what was and wasn't available in the winter, given we had Jeff Kent to play 1b if Loney failed, we have Wilson/Laraoach for 3b/2b, give me Drew over Pierre AND Nomar.

2007-04-03 15:50:24
48.   underdog
I still like "Gonzo" best because it also makes me picture a Muppet alien out there in LF, surrounded by chickens. Now if he could only shoot himself out of a cannon...
2007-04-03 15:50:50
49.   Eric Enders
34 "Lugo just seems lame."

Isn't that precisely why the name was given to him?

2007-04-03 15:53:05
50.   Frip

Luis does not look like a "goon". Look again, he has kind, "please don't hurt me" eyes.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-03 15:54:09
51.   underdog
I think, after reading this

that Bud Selig should start buying all fans a free MLB TV package. He could do that and give us a free hot dog and still have millions left over.

2007-04-03 15:54:14
52.   Michael D
At least the Giants are getting pasted, that makes me feel better.
2007-04-03 15:55:12
53.   bhsportsguy
Quick now, which team Dodgers, Padres or Giants, more home grown talent on their team right now (active roster)?
2007-04-03 15:55:33
54.   chazmac138
You do have a point there. But it's someone else's REAL name. I guess that's why I'm not too keen on it
2007-04-03 15:56:17
55.   Eric Enders
48 I like "Gonzo" because it makes me think of Hunter S. Thompson.

Tony Jackson: "Did you drop that fly ball because of the sun?"
Gonzo: "Yeah, the sun, and all the colorful swirls, and that purple dragon that was sitting on top of the roof."
Tony Jackson: "Huh?"
Gonzo: "For further comment, please consult my attorney. But it'll have to wait 'til later, as he's out scoring us some mushrooms right now."

2007-04-03 15:56:32
56.   Bob Timmermann
The reverse of comments made on McCovey Chronicles yesterday.
2007-04-03 16:01:21
57.   trainwreck

Cain, Lowry, Wilson, Sanchez, linden, correia?

Padres have...

Greene, Peavy, Meredith?, Hensley?

Dodgers have...

Martin, Kemp, Broxton, Billingsley

2007-04-03 16:02:04
58.   bhsportsguy
53 Before I get yelled at, Arizona and Colorado lead the division with double digit players on their roster that they drafted or that they signed to their contract.
2007-04-03 16:03:11
59.   trainwreck
Forgot Feliz with Giants.
2007-04-03 16:04:19
60.   bhsportsguy
57 Meredith was acquired via trade, you forgot Sammy Saito.

It is the Giants, who also have Hennessey and Niekro. The Padres have the lowest number of players at 3, the Dodgers have 5 right now with 2 on the DL list.

2007-04-03 16:05:13
61.   s choir
57 Seanez should count as home-grown, technically.
2007-04-03 16:05:58
62.   trainwreck
I did not know Saito counted and I could not remember if Niekro made their team or not. Hennessey I totally forgot.
2007-04-03 16:06:30
63.   Jon Weisman
Lineup has Kemp batting sixth, Martinez eighth.
2007-04-03 16:07:23
64.   trainwreck
This new Giant sideline reporter is terrible. They should forget sideline reporters for local games.
2007-04-03 16:09:47
65.   underdog
Yeah, and tomorrow I'll actually root for the Giants, just because I also hate the Padres. Too bad they can't both lose!

53 I was gonna guess the Padres, but I'm now thinking maybe the Dodgers?

2007-04-03 16:11:00
66.   KevPas

When it comes to this signing...

"We've made a huge, little mistake"

Job Bluth

2007-04-03 16:11:02
67.   s choir
Saito shouldn't count as home-grown.
2007-04-03 16:11:07
68.   underdog
55 "I like "Gonzo" because it makes me think of Hunter S. Thompson."

True, and he definitely conjures up his share of fear and loathing.

2007-04-03 16:20:39
69.   hernari
2007-04-03 16:27:31
70.   chazmac138
2007-04-03 16:37:04
71.   trainwreck
I saw Blades of Glory last night. I did not think it was good. Jon Heder is just not funny unless he is Napoleon Dynamite. Ferrell does all he can with the bad lines and Will Arnett does well, but they do not utilize him well enough.

Fans of Jenna Fischer will love one scene in the film.

2007-04-03 16:37:58
72.   jasonungar05
"The (music) sports business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." -Hunter
2007-04-03 16:42:18
73.   FirstMohican
Fans of Jenna Fischer will love one scene in the film.

Just added it to my netflix queue, thanks.

2007-04-03 17:04:49
74.   Daniel Zappala
If we could just have someone else playing 2B, we could keep our string of all Dodger hitters batting .000.
2007-04-03 17:05:48
75.   Eric Enders
Could the "commercial break in progress" audio on possibly be any more annoying?
2007-04-03 17:08:46
76.   Paul B
76 It's conceivable, but hard to imagine.
2007-04-03 17:08:46
77.   thinkblue0
It's pretty astounding that Pierre is the toughest to K yet has a low OBP.
2007-04-03 17:09:11
78.   Bluebleeder87
just heard Vinnie mention that Furcal probably won't make it opening day.
2007-04-03 17:10:20
79.   thinkblue0
I saw Blades of Glory last night. I did not think it was good. Jon Heder is just not funny unless he is Napoleon Dynamite. Ferrell does all he can with the bad lines and Will Arnett does well, but they do not utilize him well enough.

agreed. Except when Coach called Ferrell "cool whip". That was pretty hilarious.

2007-04-03 17:10:53
80.   Paul B
Oops. Didn't mean to be self-referential there.
2007-04-03 17:11:29
81.   Bob Timmermann
I feel so cheated not knowing the PFX and muzzle velocity of Chris Capuano's pitches.

It's like it's not even a baseball game.

2007-04-03 17:12:28
82.   Humma Kavula
My rooting for Juan Pierre to go five-for-five is for naught.
2007-04-03 17:12:55
83.   Jon Weisman
Mariano Duncan has his first contact this season!
2007-04-03 17:16:24
84.   bigcpa
77 I think the majority of guys who strike out 100 times a year could strike out 50 times less if they were willing to slug .390. Anyone else?
2007-04-03 17:16:39
85.   Bob Timmermann
I hope Duncan told Martin that on a ground ball to second, he should make sure that the fielder doesn't tag him.
2007-04-03 17:18:59
86.   Marty
I think the new Gameday is very good. No problems using Firefox with it for me.
2007-04-03 17:19:11
87.   thinkblue0

I never denied that.

Gonzo with shades of Shawn Green....

2007-04-03 17:19:27
88.   Paul B
A Shawn Green special there from LuGo.
2007-04-03 17:19:57
89.   natepurcell

i love those!

2007-04-03 17:20:26
90.   Jon Weisman
86 - I think my five-year-old iMac at home needs a RAM infusion. Or whatever the cool kids get.
2007-04-03 17:20:51
91.   Jon Weisman
The Gonzalez signing still reminds me more of Fred McGriff than anything else.
2007-04-03 17:21:07
92.   natepurcell
honestly, mlb needs to do something about their commercial break annoyance. just play the commercials.
2007-04-03 17:21:19
93.   Bluebleeder87
if anything this game looks like it will be a decent scoring game. Hopefully on the Dodgers favor.
2007-04-03 17:21:28
94.   FN Bevacqua
hello Dodger fans, I'm happy to be watching tonights game in glorious High Definition courtesy of KCAL-9.

Anyone guaranteeing a victory tonight?

2007-04-03 17:21:58
95.   bhsportsguy
91 Except there isn't a Luis Bobblehead night scheduled this year.
2007-04-03 17:22:14
96.   saltcreek
Ethier OPSed over 100 points higher against lefties last year than LuGo. I know he is a high priced vet but still. Why is he in the lineup?
2007-04-03 17:22:48
97.   Paul B
92 Yeah. I feel like they did air the local commericals yesterday. Am I mistaken?
2007-04-03 17:22:52
98.   bigcpa
Gonzalez vs LHP last year: .259/.332/.408

How many .408 sluggers play corner OF for teams with $100M payrolls?

2007-04-03 17:23:04
99.   bhsportsguy
The fix is in. (Read Eight Men Out)
2007-04-03 17:23:20
100.   Marty
Is there a Luis bobbleball scheduled tonight?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-03 17:25:19
101.   thinkblue0
I know he is a high priced vet but still. Why is he in the lineup?

I'll give you 7 million reasons....

2007-04-03 17:25:19
102.   bhsportsguy
100 Marty, if I recall correctly, the Dodgers had a Fred McGriff bobblehead night and he was already out with an injury.
2007-04-03 17:26:03
103.   saltcreek
"he is a strike out hitter"?
2007-04-03 17:26:09
104.   bhsportsguy
If Wolf can hit 90 and get his curveball over consistently, he will be a very nice addition.
2007-04-03 17:26:51
105.   underdog
Boy, Wolf's fastball is really sneaky. He has good movement in general. Even that HBP wasn't too far off the plate.
2007-04-03 17:27:03
106.   natepurcell

I havent seen him hit 90 yet. last year in the starts i watched, he got up to 94 sometimes.

2007-04-03 17:27:18
107.   bigcpa
I answered my own question...

Garrett Anderson LHP 2006: .248/.280/.382

2007-04-03 17:27:55
108.   underdog
Brewers announcers are like Milwaukee: Inoffensive, unexciting, unmemorable, hard to dislike too much. (And smell a little like yeast. No, not that.)
2007-04-03 17:27:59
109.   Marty
Matt Kemp looks drugged in his Gameday photo
2007-04-03 17:30:26
110.   thinkblue0
2007-04-03 17:30:53
111.   natepurcell
eh, kemps almost there.
2007-04-03 17:31:29
112.   underdog
Well Kemp may have struck out but it was on a really filthy change up. And he worked the count deep. This is a good sign.
2007-04-03 17:32:06
113.   underdog
And then there's Betemit... regressing.
2007-04-03 17:32:10
114.   Humma Kavula
What was Kemp's K like? I was busy during his AB. Was he fishing?
2007-04-03 17:32:17
115.   trainwreck
Well that was quick for Betemit.
2007-04-03 17:32:29
116.   Humma Kavula
Should have refreshed. Thanks, 112.
2007-04-03 17:33:55
117.   Humma Kavula
Is that the Dodgers' first walk of the year?
2007-04-03 17:37:22
118.   bhsportsguy
106 Just going by what Vin said on GameDay.
2007-04-03 17:38:20
119.   Humma Kavula
2007-04-03 17:38:33
120.   thinkblue0
what in the heck is LuGo doing out there?
2007-04-03 17:39:22
121.   xaphor
Lu"Where did it"Go
2007-04-03 17:39:27
122.   Uncle Miltie
Is it too early to give the Gold Glove award to Gonzo?

Tremendous pickup Ned.

2007-04-03 17:39:28
123.   FN Bevacqua
another gift double from Gonzalez.
2007-04-03 17:40:30
124.   underdog
That was:

Not a bad pitch, Estrada did a good job of golfing it, was hit deep.

- Another ball an OF with better range would have grabbed. Gonzalez gets bad breaks on balls and doesn't have the speed to catch up. Is it too late to petition the league to add DH to the NL?

2007-04-03 17:40:58
125.   capdodger
That was a little bit like Repko in slow motion. Same flailing, but.... so... slowly.
2007-04-03 17:41:15
126.   underdog
I hate this Corey Hart guy, going back to last year.
2007-04-03 17:42:01
127.   Andrew Shimmin
This too shall pass. If this is LuGo's true skill level, Grittle won't let it continue for long, I have great faith. The trouble with Pierre is that his true skill level looks good, to somebody. Gonzalez isn't lucky in that way.
2007-04-03 17:42:08
128.   capdodger
It's like watching last year's SF Giants outfield.
2007-04-03 17:42:30
129.   Uncle Miltie
Is it too late to petition the league to add DH to the NL?
Aren't DH's supposed to be able to hit?
2007-04-03 17:43:29
130.   underdog
The Brewers color guy just called our pitcher Randy Winn, so I guess he was thinking Giants too.
2007-04-03 17:43:44
131.   Bluebleeder87
Lu"Where did it"Go


2007-04-03 17:43:47
132.   Gen3Blue
This is so embarrasing, I almost feel bad for Coletti. How could anyone put together so weak an outfield with such a wealth of prospects. Of course, I don't mean to excuse our starting pitching, which has been awful, and at such a price. Of course it's still early to condemn the pitchers.
2007-04-03 17:43:57
133.   underdog
129 Oh, right. There's that. I meant, water boy, instead of DH.
2007-04-03 17:44:33
134.   Jon Weisman
Snark quotient is getting a little high, folks. You're starting to pile on.
2007-04-03 17:44:36
135.   underdog
Wolf hasn't been awful at all. (Of course, it's still early.)
2007-04-03 17:44:53
136.   Humma Kavula
He was never my favorite player or anything, but I always liked Tony Graffanino.
2007-04-03 17:44:55
137.   Marty
So, it sounds like Lugo looks like he's chasing triplets.
2007-04-03 17:45:05
138.   thinkblue0


2007-04-03 17:45:07
139.   bhsportsguy
127 The thing with Juan Pierre is that I am pretty sure that Grady, Ned, in fact most of baseball, pretty much know what he can do and cannot do, so unless he drops down to some Mendoza line player, if he repeats or come close to his career averages, he is going to play.
2007-04-03 17:45:37
140.   Marty
I had not seen 134 before posting 137 Sorry.
2007-04-03 17:46:08
141.   underdog
Argh. He fouled off a ton of good pitches before getting a walk.
2007-04-03 17:46:37
142.   Marty
Well, after praising Gameday, it now seems stuck on a Kevin Mensh at bat.
2007-04-03 17:46:48
143.   Jon Weisman
140 - It's okay. There is a short grace period for digesting.
2007-04-03 17:47:04
144.   Humma Kavula
Yeah -- Graffanino earned that one.
2007-04-03 17:47:47
145.   bhsportsguy
Two years ago, you could intellectually understand why the kids were not here, most of the good ones were at AA and High A ball.

Last year, they were at AAA and AAA.

This year, I think it is just going to be hard for folks to watch Vegas and wonder why there are not here, and thus you get this reaction.

2007-04-03 17:48:19
146.   Frip
Why is the KCAL score box as big as my head?
2007-04-03 17:48:37
147.   xaphor
142. Has it been updating the pitching graphic and stats? That is when things usually go South.
2007-04-03 17:49:15
148.   underdog
Didn't Lewis Carroll teach you there's no such thing as a snark, Jon?

Er, except in sports commentary. And pop cultural commentary.

2007-04-03 17:50:15
149.   capdodger
Color guy: "It's always great to play in front of a big house."
Camera scans around showing empty seats.
2007-04-03 17:50:29
150.   Uncle Miltie
Is there a reason why both ESPN and ESPN2 are showing the NCAAAW's championship game?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-03 17:51:04
151.   das411
For anybody actually watching the game (ie not on Gameday or equivalent)...did the Wolf Pack make it to Miller Field?

I will be VERY disappointed (looking at you, fellow DTers) if an LA chapter of it does not open very soon...

2007-04-03 17:51:55
152.   FN Bevacqua
this game should be scoreless.

Wolf-man looking a little like TJ...?


2007-04-03 17:52:26
153.   Bob Timmermann
Gameday crashed upon opening on my system.
2007-04-03 17:52:35
154.   Benaiah
Is anyone else having problems with Gameday? It says Estrada grounded out and then Menche hit a run scoring play.
2007-04-03 17:52:38
155.   underdog
Wolf did a good job of getting out of that one relatively unscathed. Should have come out of it even less scathed, but we don't need to go there again.
2007-04-03 17:53:09
156.   Jon Weisman
In 23 innings of MLB games so far today, home teams have combined for one run.
2007-04-03 17:53:41
157.   Giant Hater
Gameday and Gamechannel are both stuck on Mench-does anyone know what is going on with the game?
2007-04-03 17:54:04
158.   Uncle Miltie
Clutch walk by Pierre.
2007-04-03 17:54:12
159.   natepurcell
nice ab pier one.
2007-04-03 17:54:14
160.   Andrew Shimmin
139- I agree completely.

JP just walked! Excellent.

2007-04-03 17:54:27
161.   underdog
Estrada doubled past Gonzalez. he was singled in by Hart. Graffanino was walked. He struck out Capuano and got Weeks to pop out and get out of the inning. Pierre just (gasp!) walked.
2007-04-03 17:54:30
162.   Eric Enders
Cue Jack Buck.
2007-04-03 17:54:40
163.   Bluebleeder87
I'm still trying to figure out what's different about the Dodgers road uni's.
2007-04-03 17:54:43
164.   natepurcell
now please dont get thrown out.
2007-04-03 17:54:59
165.   Humma Kavula
I'm happy for Pierre.
2007-04-03 17:54:59
166.   capdodger
A WALK!!! Way to go JP. Now don't get picked off.
2007-04-03 17:55:04
167.   underdog
Capuano has a great move to first, so Pierre needs to be careful here, too.
2007-04-03 17:55:07
168.   Humma Kavula
2007-04-03 17:55:12
169.   xaphor
Martin doubled in Pierre. Woo!
2007-04-03 17:55:25
170.   bhsportsguy
160 Hooray, oops sorry Jon, no snarkiness intended.

Can we just guess hit and run coming up.

2007-04-03 17:55:28
171.   natepurcell
russ martin, true dodger!
2007-04-03 17:55:29
172.   Uncle Miltie
2007-04-03 17:55:38
173.   GMac In The 909
I take it they are still playing baseball in Mili-wah-kay.

What's the current status?

P.S. Thanks for nothing, Gameday.

2007-04-03 17:55:44
174.   Giant Hater
thanks for the update
2007-04-03 17:55:59
175.   underdog
Martin just doubled in Pierre for a run!

Pierre's speed actually did lead to something productive there. He bolted like all get out.

2007-04-03 17:56:00
176.   FN Bevacqua

'...the leadoff walk to Pierre is promptly cashed in...'

now that's what I wanna hear every game...

2007-04-03 17:56:07
177.   Curtis Lowe
2007-04-03 17:56:17
178.   capdodger
2007-04-03 17:56:28
179.   Bob Timmermann
The road unis don't have white trim around the letters and numbers anymore and there is an LA patch on the sleeve instead of one that said "Dodgers."
2007-04-03 17:57:06
180.   Jon Weisman
CBS Sportsline's simple format is winning me over. Only thing I haven't figured out is how to access previous-inning play-by-play.
2007-04-03 17:57:18
181.   Humma Kavula
2007-04-03 17:57:24
182.   xaphor
Nomar follows up doubling in Martin. Good times.
2007-04-03 17:57:39
183.   Bob Timmermann
CBS Sportsline has a feature where you can get a batter's strike zone broken down into "hot" and "cold" zones.

But it's just based on this year's data.

The Dodgers look like they can be pitched anywhere!

2007-04-03 17:57:42
184.   Icaros

What if he totally sucks this year?

2007-04-03 17:57:45
185.   underdog
Nomar just doubled in Martin. Huzzah!
2007-04-03 17:57:53
186.   capdodger
2007-04-03 17:58:08
187.   underdog
Maybe you guys should have your Gamedays crash more often - it seems to have "unstuck" the Dodgers offense.
2007-04-03 17:58:17
188.   Jon Weisman
First lead!
2007-04-03 17:58:26
189.   Benaiah
This is the offense from last year, string together some hits and a walk. Here we go boys!
2007-04-03 17:58:27
190.   Giant Hater
The uni's also don't have the white trim around the collar and down the middle of the front anymore
2007-04-03 17:58:50
191.   Bob Timmermann
Jeff Kent apparently is marked as being red hot on pitches belt high right across the middle of the plate.
2007-04-03 17:59:30
192.   xaphor
187. LA cannot play under the intense pressure that is the Gameday high speed cameras.
2007-04-03 17:59:57
193.   Giant Hater
180. I'd have to agree. And the best part-IT WORKS!
2007-04-03 18:00:25
194.   OaklandAs
180 Click on the "Full Play-by-Play" button near the top of the page.
2007-04-03 18:01:03
195.   Saint Augustine

There's a link for "Full Play-by-Play" sandwiched between the box scores for all the other day's games and the expanded view for the Dodgers game.

2007-04-03 18:01:26
196.   Jon Weisman
194 - This is ridiculous. I can't see it.
2007-04-03 18:01:35
197.   Monterey Chris

On CBS Sportsline, click on "Complete Game Chart" under the batter. Then click on "play by play." That will give you a full list of every play in the game.

2007-04-03 18:03:37
198.   Bob Timmermann
2007-04-03 18:03:56
199.   Frip
Pierre and Lofton are both fast but Pierre actually looks fast. Lofon barely lifts his knees, while Pierre flails. Looks like he's running out of a burning house.
2007-04-03 18:04:09
200.   GMac In The 909
Good thing Ethier isn't playing ...
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-03 18:06:27
201.   Jon Weisman
There it is. It actually was not there on my screen, but when I refreshed it appeared. Must've been a bug.
2007-04-03 18:06:30
202.   das411
184 - Why then he would need your support, of course!!

Thanks for the link in 198 Bob, now I can semi-watch two games at once...ahh the 21st century...

2007-04-03 18:06:36
203.   Gen3Blue
OH-Oh Why! I shouldn't jump to conclusions so I'll wait till later.
2007-04-03 18:06:49
204.   Curtis Lowe
The sooner Little plays Gonzo the sooner Gonzo will retire...
2007-04-03 18:07:54
205.   capdodger
I was going to say that the uniform change could have something to do with Brooklyn or something, but all of those away uniforms had a small blue embroidered stripes on either side of the buttons.
2007-04-03 18:07:59
206.   Humma Kavula
oh well.
2007-04-03 18:08:27
207.   Bob Timmermann
(sounding like Sigfried from "Get Smart")

This is L.A., vee don't "volf pack" around here!

2007-04-03 18:08:33
208.   bhsportsguy
I was waiting for Vinny to have a Superfan moment when he said the classic "The San Antonio River runs right through downtown San Antonio."
2007-04-03 18:08:36
209.   underdog
I'm going to say something positive about LuGo amidst all the nattering nabobs:

He caught that soft line drive. Judged it perfectly.

He unfortunately couldn't catch that next one from Fielder, but can't blame him for the home run.

2007-04-03 18:09:00
210.   Benaiah
By the way, when I tried to use Espn's gametracker it had the exact same error as Gameday. I wonder if they share data?
2007-04-03 18:09:43
211.   Humma Kavula
cbs site is now listing the score as 2-0.
2007-04-03 18:10:09
212.   bhsportsguy
Steiner will call Fielder a feast or famine hitter his next time up.

The Dodgers have yet to carry a lead more through their opponents next at-bat.

2007-04-03 18:10:28
213.   D4P
CBS seems to keep up pretty well with everything except the score
2007-04-03 18:10:55
214.   Bob Timmermann
I believe they do.

Sometimes CBS gets the score wrong in its big display when the cache is getting refreshed. It catches up.

2007-04-03 18:11:02
215.   thinkblue0
OMG. I know it's getting old, but I'm not kidding Gonzo needs to just not play anymore. I don't care what he's making.
2007-04-03 18:11:16
216.   Icaros
Wolf is terrible.
2007-04-03 18:11:25
217.   capdodger
Come on....That's a single to any other outfielder.
2007-04-03 18:11:32
218.   natepurcell
wow....if la media gives enough criticism, i wonder if they can force a change.
2007-04-03 18:11:45
219.   Curtis Lowe
209- Can I blame him for that?
2007-04-03 18:11:51
220.   JoeyP
Teams are gonna run on LuGo all year.
2007-04-03 18:12:06
221.   underdog
So, who has the worst arm - Pierre or Gonzo?

Oh god, now I'm doing it, too.

Make it stop!

2007-04-03 18:12:31
222.   trainwreck
Wolf appears to be having problems now.
2007-04-03 18:12:43
223.   xaphor
If you hit it to LuGo, we're beaning the next batter. It's the only way.
2007-04-03 18:13:15
224.   Bluebleeder87
Teams are gonna run on LuGo all year.

& Pierre.

2007-04-03 18:13:26
225.   Humma Kavula
But why would the cache be the problem? Wouldn't then it display the score as 1-0? This says 2-0. It recorded the Brewers first run, ignored the Dodgers' two runs, then got the Brewers' second run.

Not that it matters so long as the official scorer has all the runs marked down.

2007-04-03 18:13:26
226.   underdog
219 Yes. Can we have Ethier and Kemp in the line up tomorrow? Please? Pretty please.
2007-04-03 18:13:38
227.   Benaiah
I hope that the Brewers don't retaliate (or at least that they pick the right plyayers). Wolfe is really struggling here.
2007-04-03 18:14:02
228.   JoeyP
Whom says Kent doesnt have range...
2007-04-03 18:14:07
229.   underdog
That was a really nice play by Kent on that tricky chopper up the middle, really nice.
2007-04-03 18:14:23
230.   Bob Timmermann
I think it updates different parts of the page at different times.
2007-04-03 18:15:09
231.   Icaros
I hope they retaliate off Gonzo's wrist.
2007-04-03 18:15:41
232.   Curtis Lowe
Can Kent play left field?
2007-04-03 18:15:49
233.   Humma Kavula
The old 2-4-2 Caught Stealing!
2007-04-03 18:15:49
234.   Andrew Shimmin
That was very pretty. Thank Ch-i Hall didn't think to slide.
2007-04-03 18:15:51
235.   capdodger
Perfectly played. Well done Kent/Martin.
2007-04-03 18:15:55
236.   Bluebleeder87
I love plays like that, (goosebumps)
2007-04-03 18:16:00
237.   Longhorn Bill
I'll take it
2007-04-03 18:16:07
238.   JoeyP
Thanks Mr. Yost.

Horrible baserunning from Hall
He never slid.

2007-04-03 18:16:55
239.   underdog
Wow, that was crazy. Hall got thrown out at home on that ball and the Dodgers did a nice job to (just barely) nab him at home, as Martin swiped the tag. Well done. (I'm trying to call out the good defense instead of dwelling on the obvious weak spots.)
2007-04-03 18:17:04
240.   bhsportsguy
You would think with Wolf struggling you wouldn't try a high risk move like that though I guess with 2 strikes it didn't matter as much.
2007-04-03 18:17:05
241.   Bob Timmermann
Sportsline had the CS as going 2-4-6, which would be ... unique.
2007-04-03 18:17:14
242.   Telemachos
For those of us away from our TVs, can someone describe the play?

Was it a delayed double steal?

2007-04-03 18:17:33
243.   Frip
Wow, quick like Asian ping pong!
2007-04-03 18:18:52
244.   underdog
Did I mention Corey Hart bugs me?
2007-04-03 18:20:02
245.   capdodger
242 Yes.
2007-04-03 18:20:54
246.   Bluebleeder87
Wow, quick like Asian ping pong!

That was the beauty of it

2007-04-03 18:20:55
247.   JoeyP
Lots of empty seats in Milwaukee.
2007-04-03 18:21:31
248.   BlueCrew Bruin
Hmm...are these Brewers' announcers jealous of our BeteMEET?


2007-04-03 18:22:32
249.   capdodger
Terrific defense? Really? Come on Brew-crew play-by-play guy. The only reason Prince Fielder had to make an over the shoulder basket catch was because he's not all that mobile.
2007-04-03 18:22:51
250.   Andrew Shimmin
Schmidt gets dissed by the Carmax poll.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-03 18:23:41
251.   bhsportsguy
246 Personally, I think ping pong would suffice unless Asians play with some sort of special speed.
2007-04-03 18:23:50
252.   rubdawg
I miss the days of Raul. Nobody ran on him
2007-04-03 18:23:51
253.   JoeyP
Nice play by Wolf
2007-04-03 18:24:31
254.   FN Bevacqua
244. underdog

at Corey Harts website (the Canadian rocker)
it claims he was offered the 'Marty McFly' role in 1985's 'Back To The Future'.

yeah right.

2007-04-03 18:24:58
255.   xaphor
251. American ping pong involves copious amounts of beer.
2007-04-03 18:25:28
256.   bhsportsguy
253 Your verdict thus far on Mr. Wolf.
2007-04-03 18:25:46
257.   bhsportsguy
255 Ahh.
2007-04-03 18:26:19
258.   underdog
Nice play by Wolf to rob my arch nemesis of a bunt single.

Man, MLBTV really eats up bandwidth or memory. It's turning my normally fast powerbook G4 into a Mac Classic. Or an Apple IIe. May have to log off of here for a bit, as much as I love all of y'all's company.

2007-04-03 18:27:06
259.   Andrew Shimmin
251- I agree with that too. We're on a roll, today, bhsportsguy! Chico or Harpo?
2007-04-03 18:27:51
260.   StolenMonkey86
wait, I missed Juan Pierre taking a walk?!
2007-04-03 18:27:54
261.   capdodger
251 Youtube exists solely for proving that point.
2007-04-03 18:27:55
262.   Frip
They do.
2007-04-03 18:29:02
263.   Gen3Blue
I love watching JP just barely getting thrown out.
2007-04-03 18:29:17
264.   bhsportsguy
259 C'mon a silent guy playing the harp or wisecracking piano player, always go for the piano player.
2007-04-03 18:29:37
265.   xaphor
Go Canada!
2007-04-03 18:29:42
266.   Bob Timmermann
Russel Martin hot zone: belt high, middle of the plate
Russel Martin cold zone: elsewhere
2007-04-03 18:29:43
267.   Humma Kavula

Bob, what is the Cycle Alert at?

2007-04-03 18:29:53
268.   capdodger
Bob? What's the alert level?
2007-04-03 18:29:59
269.   Bob Timmermann
Does anybody have the PFX on Wolf's pitches tonight?
2007-04-03 18:30:09
270.   natepurcell
cycle alert!
2007-04-03 18:30:13
271.   underdog
I {{heart}} Russell Martin.
2007-04-03 18:30:16
272.   Uncle Miltie
Martin is a pretty decent hitter. Leave him in the 2 slot!
2007-04-03 18:30:17
273.   Gen3Blue
Wouldn't be surprised if they gave him a brian M treatment.
2007-04-03 18:30:19
274.   Telemachos
I love you, Russell Martin (and thank you for being on my fantasy team too).
2007-04-03 18:30:20
275.   Eric Enders
Wes Parker alert!
2007-04-03 18:30:26
276.   trainwreck
Way to go Martin.
2007-04-03 18:30:46
277.   Bob Timmermann
Cycle Alert Condition Yellow!
2007-04-03 18:30:47
278.   xaphor
259. Does that make D4P Zeppo?
2007-04-03 18:31:19
279.   Benaiah
M-V-P! Am I getting ahead of myself?
2007-04-03 18:32:12
280.   bhsportsguy
Grady, you got to love the man's sense of humor.

Tomko on ice: Fifth-starter Brett Tomko is scheduled to start next Tuesday at home, which will be 12 days after his two-inning relief appearance against the Angels on Saturday night.

Little said he will try to get Tomko some work out of the bullpen in the interim, but the game situation must be appropriate. What would be an appropriate situation?

"Pitching the eighth and ninth innings up 12-1," Little said.

2007-04-03 18:34:03
281.   bhsportsguy
Much better job for the Dodgers in their at-bats, 95 pitches in 5 innings, you will take that every day.
2007-04-03 18:34:26
282.   Andrew Shimmin
264- Exactly! Harpo is fine, I'm not knocking the guy, but he's way too close to a clown for my tastes. I did a book report on Harpo Speaks in middle school, but don't remember it much.

278- D4P is not a Marx Brother. He's street fair clown that children instinctively no better than to get too close to.

2007-04-03 18:34:27
283.   D4P
Why are at least 2 of the opening 3-game series this year being played over 4 (instead of 3) days...?
2007-04-03 18:35:31
284.   Eric Enders
283 As Grady would say, it probably has something to do with the American dollar.
2007-04-03 18:36:46
285.   Bob Timmermann
Your guide to cycle alerts.

Missing a triple: yellow
Missing a double or homer: orange
Missing a single: red

Please clip and save and post in your home. Make every family member aware of it. Run drills periodically. Remember, the cycle is nothing to be afraid of.

This message courtesy of the Griddle, the Ad Council, and the Department of Quirky Baseball Accomplishments.

The Secretary of Quirky Baseball Accomplishments is 29th in line for the presidency.

2007-04-03 18:37:16
286.   Andrew Shimmin
I hate homonyms.
2007-04-03 18:37:29
287.   StolenMonkey86
did Pierre just hop a fence to grab that last one?
2007-04-03 18:37:30
288.   Benaiah
What is el lobo's GB/FB ratio this game? Seems like there have been a lot of flies.
2007-04-03 18:37:37
289.   Bob Timmermann
Some teams like to have an off day after Opening Day in case the opener gets rained out.
2007-04-03 18:38:38
290.   Andrew Shimmin
287- No, he was on the warning track, though. It was a good grab.
2007-04-03 18:38:52
291.   capdodger
287 No, but he did go a long way to get to the ball. It was kind of a flailing catch, but that's because he didn't quite know where the fence was.
2007-04-03 18:39:07
292.   Humma Kavula
If Martin manages to hit a triple in this game, Daniel Z will get props for his mild psychic abilities.

He predicted a cycle by Kemp.

2007-04-03 18:39:33
293.   StolenMonkey86
Pitch counts, end of 5

Capuano 95
Wolf 69

2007-04-03 18:39:36
294.   D4P
I hate homonyms

I no

2007-04-03 18:40:03
295.   StolenMonkey86
292 - What if Kemp triples?
2007-04-03 18:40:21
296.   D4P
Some teams like to have an off day after Opening Day in case the opener gets rained out

Is this the first year this has been done?

2007-04-03 18:40:36
297.   underdog
Pierre made a really nice play to grab that one at the wall. It looked like it was going out at first but he ran it down in the farthest corner of center. Nicely done. Wolf made that one mistake but otherwise looked good that inning.
2007-04-03 18:40:59
298.   StolenMonkey86
Greg Aquino, 6th inning pitcher. Let's see if the Dodgers can hit middle relief.
2007-04-03 18:41:32
299.   Eric Enders
289 The reason being that "Opening Day" tickets are commodities and people who buy them get unhappy if Game 2 actually ends up being opening day.

Also, the Mets and Cards had to open up a day early, so they may have needed the extra off day to get up to the union-mandated number of days off during the season.

2007-04-03 18:41:44
300.   Humma Kavula
295 Then Kemp gets props for hitting a triple.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-03 18:42:32
301.   GMac In The 909
At least LuGo didn't add to his LOB total.
2007-04-03 18:43:04
302.   saltcreek
2007-04-03 18:43:04
303.   Humma Kavula
Ohhhhhhh Bill Hall.
2007-04-03 18:43:13
304.   StolenMonkey86
That one was really deep too.
2007-04-03 18:43:21
305.   natepurcell
ahhh kemp was so close.
2007-04-03 18:43:27
306.   capdodger
Lots of people hitting to that little triangle out there. Weird.
2007-04-03 18:43:38
307.   Andrew Shimmin
If LuGo were playing center for the Brewers, Kemp would have had a triple.
2007-04-03 18:44:09
308.   underdog
Kemp gave that one a ride to the wall, too, same spot. Hall leaped unnecessarily to make it look like a great catch. Kemp hit it to the one wrong part of the park.
2007-04-03 18:44:36
309.   Bob Timmermann
The days off after Opening Day have been going on for quite a while.
2007-04-03 18:44:47
310.   Humma Kavula
There you go, Betemit.
2007-04-03 18:45:11
311.   Icaros
Steiner was a lot less excited on the near-homer. I hope that becomes a new trend for him.
2007-04-03 18:46:01
312.   underdog
Man, I'm gonna have to stop posting here. The way MLB TV's slowing my browser speed down, I'll probably comment on something from yesterday at this rate.

Crowd: "Mono-railllll!"
Homer: (Five minutes later) "Mono... D'oh!"

2007-04-03 18:46:43
313.   StolenMonkey86
hey, two hits. Does Wolf still bat?
2007-04-03 18:47:10
314.   JoeyP
Pinch Hit Grady.
2007-04-03 18:47:21
315.   Benaiah
Ah the age old question of whether or not to pinch hit this early in a close game. I say pinch hit, but what do I know?
2007-04-03 18:47:26
316.   underdog
I like letting Wolf bat here. What do you guys think? His pitch count is still low. He can hit pretty well.
2007-04-03 18:47:59
317.   natepurcell
dont swing!!!
2007-04-03 18:48:14
318.   Bob Timmermann
First day of 2006:
Second day of 2006:
Third day of 2006:

So, Cleveland and the White Sox had a day off between games last year.
Tampa Bay and Baltimore did as did Detroit and K.C.
And it looks like five of the NL season openers last year had a day off before game two.

2007-04-03 18:48:15
319.   Frip
I'd like to interview fans whose idea of hectoring is to simply bellow the players surname, KhhheeeeMPPP KhhheeeeMMMMppp, to find out what makes them so profoundly borish and unimaginative.
2007-04-03 18:48:18
320.   underdog
I still stand by my agreement in letting Wolf bat here, and now it's 3-1. Dessens in the bullpen alert!
2007-04-03 18:48:26
321.   saltcreek
yes. pinch hit for pierre
2007-04-03 18:48:38
322.   Benaiah
Or maybe they walk him. That would be cool. Pierre and the pitcher get a walk on the same day, amazing.
2007-04-03 18:48:38
323.   capdodger
Grabowski Principle?
2007-04-03 18:48:41
324.   StolenMonkey86
this is why you wear the starting pitcher out.
2007-04-03 18:48:46
325.   Humma Kavula
Wolf walks! Grady's call pays off. Was it the right call? Who cares! Wolf walked!

Now c'mon Juan Pierre! Prove me wrong!

2007-04-03 18:49:06
326.   natepurcell
pier one has a chance to import a couple of runs here...
2007-04-03 18:49:13
327.   saltcreek
jk...or am i?????
2007-04-03 18:49:17
328.   Gen3Blue
278 Beppo--maybe.
who's Groucho?
2007-04-03 18:49:49
329.   D4P
I guess I wasn't paying attention
2007-04-03 18:49:59
330.   StolenMonkey86
bring in the TOMATO!
2007-04-03 18:50:21
331.   bhsportsguy
314 The man is consistent, gotta love it.
2007-04-03 18:51:56
332.   Bob Timmermann
One of my favorite Opening Day quirks was back in 2001 when the Dodgers opened at home with one game against Milwaukee and then Arizona came in the next day.

The Brewers later returned for their other two games in Dodger Stadium in July.

I never could figure out why they did that.

2007-04-03 18:52:02
333.   StolenMonkey86
2007-04-03 18:52:07
334.   JoeyP
Way to work the count Juan.
2007-04-03 18:52:07
335.   Andrew Shimmin
3280 I think it's sacrilege, actually, to divvy them up. There is only one Groucho, and Chico is his prophet.
2007-04-03 18:52:30
336.   Benaiah
I am just judging by his Gameday photo, but the new Brewer reliever is not an attractive man.

I would have preferred a rally-killing Grand Slam, Pierre.

2007-04-03 18:52:50
337.   underdog
Hm, I actually thought that ball up the middle was gonna get through the infield. Wrong! Oh well.
2007-04-03 18:52:57
338.   StolenMonkey86
334 - I guess he got his walk this week
2007-04-03 18:53:08
339.   natepurcell
the mlbtv commercial break thing should be interactive. it would make it alot less annoying.
2007-04-03 18:53:45
340.   bhsportsguy
335 I guess that is like asking Moe or Curly, without each of them, they would all be Larrys.
2007-04-03 18:53:57
341.   D4P
At least Pierre isn't a Coward®
2007-04-03 18:54:08
342.   underdog
For that matter, who the heck was Gummo? Was he in their stage shows but not in their movies? Or maybe he was their accountant brother. I always thought Karl was pretty funny, too. And Skid.
2007-04-03 18:54:48
343.   bhsportsguy
At least Wolf didn't exert himself running the bases.
2007-04-03 18:56:20
344.   Bob Timmermann
Brian Shouse picture:
2007-04-03 18:56:51
345.   natepurcell
the smokejumper is getting ready in the bullpen.
2007-04-03 18:57:28
346.   StolenMonkey86
345 - your lexicon is beyond my understanding. Who's the smokejumper?
2007-04-03 18:58:58
347.   Benaiah
344 - Here is his Gameday photo:

2007-04-03 18:59:00
348.   Andrew Shimmin
346- Billingsley. One batter late.
2007-04-03 18:59:02
349.   thinkblue0

HR Mench. Sigh.

2007-04-03 18:59:11
350.   MMSMikey
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-04-03 18:59:16
351.   Bob Timmermann
Billingsley isn't a smokejumper, he's a long reliever.

A smokejumper would be a case of using Broxton here.

2007-04-03 18:59:17
352.   saltcreek
2007-04-03 18:59:25
353.   D4P
There goes the Quality Start
2007-04-03 18:59:47
354.   JoeyP
Thats why you pinch hit.
Happens everytime.

Leave a pitcher in for 1 additional inning at most, and it'll kill ya.

2007-04-03 19:00:01
355.   natepurcell
i still blame gonzalez.
2007-04-03 19:00:40
356.   Andrew Shimmin
Is Billingsley considered a long reliever? I understand he can go long, but is that the role we're expecting him to play?
2007-04-03 19:01:00
357.   bhsportsguy
342 Gummo left performing after he served in WWI, he became a dressmaker and then worked with Zeppo in his agency.
2007-04-03 19:01:17
358.   Benaiah
I think this goes back to why you pinch hit for Wolfe. Sure, his pitch count was low, but he wasn't pitching all that well and there wasn't much of a lead. I don't think there is a wrong answer, but I think I would have pinch hit for him.
2007-04-03 19:01:43
359.   bhsportsguy
354 Not everytime but enough to make it a good argument.
2007-04-03 19:02:02
360.   Bluebleeder87
this should be Wolf's last inning right guys.
2007-04-03 19:02:40
361.   Frip
Don't recall you mentioning it earlier.
2007-04-03 19:03:10
362.   Bob Timmermann
It's a good idea in a J. Walter Weatherman sort of way.
2007-04-03 19:03:22
363.   JoeyP
Its just the risk/reward thing that gets me.
If your tiring starter can only go 1 additional inning, isnt a scoring chance better than having a tired starter try to get 3 more outs?
2007-04-03 19:03:45
364.   Bob Timmermann
Check 314
2007-04-03 19:04:01
365.   underdog
I think it's easy to say but I still would've left him in there. I don't think he was pitching that bad at all. Wolf's problem is and always has been giving up too many home runs. That could've (and did) happen earlier as well as later, but I don't think that was a bad move at the time. It's also a little early for our favorite relievers - Saito, Broxton. But that's just mho.

the biggest shame is giving up a home run to a guy who looks as ugly as Mickey Rourke in Sin City.

2007-04-03 19:04:08
366.   Bluebleeder87
Nomar still amazes, great play.
2007-04-03 19:04:38
367.   capdodger
361 meet 314. JoeyP (almost) always wants a PH in that spot.
2007-04-03 19:05:12
368.   Benaiah
361 - See 315.
2007-04-03 19:06:21
369.   bhsportsguy
Joey also disdains bunting with runners on 1st and 2nd with no one out.
2007-04-03 19:07:22
370.   underdog
367 meet 364 (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

I guess my point is the bullpen came in earlier than expected yesterday, it's still pretty early in the game, he didn't look like was tiring to me, etc. So you could bring in a pinch hitter and have him do less than Wolf did (get a walk) and then have a reliever do what Wolf did, give up a HR. Again, thinking it's relatively early in the game. But you can play it differently I suppose. At any rate, I hope it's early enough where they can come back! This series is getting on my nerves.

2007-04-03 19:07:35
371.   Benaiah
Ah alas, our hero was foiled. Hopefully that won't be his last chance.
2007-04-03 19:07:36
372.   Frip
Sorry Benaiah. Truly.
2007-04-03 19:08:36
373.   capdodger
370 Hey! At least I wasn't the slowest. And I said more than both 364 and 368.
2007-04-03 19:10:30
374.   StolenMonkey86
a little under that one
2007-04-03 19:10:32
375.   D4P
I would have rather had Nomar hit a double there instead of drawing a walk
2007-04-03 19:10:40
376.   Underbruin

So, aside from the Russell Martin show, tell me something good, please?

2007-04-03 19:10:42
377.   GMac In The 909
LuGo is due.
2007-04-03 19:10:56
378.   capdodger
Time for LuGo to do something cool. Like get his first hit of the season.
2007-04-03 19:11:06
379.   underdog
Is it just me or do the Brewers have more ugly players on their team than any other team? They may be good, but they sure aren't best in show.
2007-04-03 19:11:21
380.   thinkblue0
another Shawn Green special from Gonzo...oh how sweet it would be to see Loney in that spot.
2007-04-03 19:11:46
381.   GMac In The 909
Make that doo-doo
2007-04-03 19:11:53
382.   underdog
Time for LuGo to ride the pines tomorrow. sigh
2007-04-03 19:11:54
383.   MMSMikey
its going to get ugly watching gonzo this year, both offense and defense.
2007-04-03 19:12:08
384.   JoeyP
Dodgers #5 hitter could use some juice.
2007-04-03 19:12:16
385.   StolenMonkey86
376 - Jeff Suppan pitches for the Brewers tomorrow
2007-04-03 19:13:13
386.   capdodger
This commercial break video on Mosaic makes me want to search the web for a Breakout clone.
2007-04-03 19:13:20
387.   trainwreck
On the bright side of things...

Jarrod Washburn is not our number 2 pitcher. Poor Mariners fans.

2007-04-03 19:13:33
388.   Underbruin
385 - Feeling better already.
2007-04-03 19:13:47
389.   underdog
Bruin - some good hitting in middle of the order. Pierre's speed has actually helped a few times tonight. Um, Wolf had some nice movement on his balls and pitched well - except when he didn't.Kent made a nice play. Kemp gave one ball a ride to deep CF. That's about all I can think of.
2007-04-03 19:13:58
390.   trainwreck
Go Billingsley!!
2007-04-03 19:14:14
391.   Gen3Blue
LuGo is going to be due till he is removed.
I feel so bad for Russ Martin, who is the only guy who seems to care if they win, among the mostly lined confident faces who are getting paid 10 times what he is.
2007-04-03 19:15:22
392.   bojangles
It's not so much the arbitrary choice to leave him in, it's the sleepwalking when Martinez
fails on Estrada, and now you have a tiring, home-run giving lefty against a decent power-hitting righty in a hitter's park. It's on line. Y'think Leyland leaves him in? Larussa?
2007-04-03 19:16:10
393.   Underbruin
389 - Heh, good to hear, thanks udog. Good to hear from you, hope things are going well.
2007-04-03 19:16:10
394.   MMSMikey
please tell me they put chad in gonzos spot.
2007-04-03 19:16:11
395.   Andrew Shimmin
Anybody have radar readings on Bills?
2007-04-03 19:16:35
396.   Jon Weisman
I have long advocated pinch-hitting for Wolf in that situation. (Check "The Best of Dodger Thoughts!") When your best hope is one more shutout inning for him, you should go for the runs. It's more dire when you're behind, and it's a hard thing to do in general, but it really does make sense.

The Dodger bullpen has five pitchers who didn't pitch yesterday. With four innings to go, hardly a time to be conservative.

2007-04-03 19:16:57
397.   JoeyP
That was a rocket but Kent should have had it.
2007-04-03 19:17:26
398.   Underbruin
392 - Question: are we talking a sober LaRussa here? Or...

(Cheap shot, I know)

2007-04-03 19:17:28
399.   StolenMonkey86
Game score for Wolf: 42. He was twice as good as Lowe was yesterday!
2007-04-03 19:17:34
400.   Jon Weisman
A frustrating thing about Jim Tracy would be that he would let the pitcher bat, watch him face three more batters, then take him out no matter what. So he'd essentially burn the extra pitcher anyway, with no upside.

Steve can tell you all about the Odalis Perez incident.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-04-03 19:17:34
401.   D4P
I feel so bad for Russ Martin, who is the only guy who seems to care if they win

But wait: he's young...!?!?!

2007-04-03 19:18:22
402.   capdodger
Was that a backup slider to Fielder? Nice pitch.
2007-04-03 19:18:52
403.   Underbruin
400 - Jim Tracy, frustrating? Tell me more of this supposed concept, as it is one with which I am completely unfamiliar (Hi, Steve!).
2007-04-03 19:19:11
404.   StolenMonkey86
11 pitches for Billingsley. Nice.
2007-04-03 19:19:20
405.   JoeyP
Billz had a good curve.
Throwing around 93 fastball.
2007-04-03 19:19:35
406.   natepurcell

its billz specialty to lefties...backdoor cutter for called strike 3.

2007-04-03 19:19:56
407.   bhsportsguy
391 I think that comment has a much validity as the original one but the sarcasm is noted.
2007-04-03 19:20:08
408.   natepurcell
fb 91-93, mostly 93
2007-04-03 19:20:39
409.   natepurcell
oops, joey answered andrew with the gun reading. my bad.
2007-04-03 19:21:30
410.   natepurcell
ahhh so close agaiN! come on baseball gods!
2007-04-03 19:22:10
411.   bigcpa
That's two shots by Kemp that would have left the yard at home.
2007-04-03 19:22:32
412.   Andrew Shimmin
405, 408- Thanks.
2007-04-03 19:23:23
413.   Uncle Miltie
So why didn't Grits pull a double switch last inning? Didn't want to hurt Gonzo's feelings?
2007-04-03 19:23:58
414.   Benaiah
372 - Don't worry about it.

Come on Merlin!

2007-04-03 19:24:36
415.   capdodger
The production on the FSN Wisconsin isn't that good. They keep missing pitches.
2007-04-03 19:25:51
416.   Benaiah
We need someone to get on base just to give Martin another shot at (footnote status in) history.
2007-04-03 19:27:36
417.   Bob Timmermann
You mean the Dodgers are only entitled to two outs in the ninth inning?
2007-04-03 19:27:50
418.   JoeyP
Wilson Valdez sighting.
2007-04-03 19:27:51
419.   trainwreck
Bills only gets one inning of work.
2007-04-03 19:29:01
420.   Bob Timmermann
Why we haven't seen Wilson Valdez since well nigh yesterday!
2007-04-03 19:29:28
421.   natepurcell
billingsley is probably confused at this 1 inning thing.
2007-04-03 19:29:33
422.   underdog
Sigh, that was a weak at bat by Marlon. Granted, it's a good pitcher, but still.

I really hope Grittle isn't worried about hurting LuGo's feelings this year, or it's gonna be a long one.

Oh, and, hey underbruin, what's brewin', bruin?

Actually, as soon as this game is over, I have to get back to work. This script has to be done in two days basically, and work and the Dodgers keep getting in my way.

2007-04-03 19:29:44
423.   Underbruin
420 - Aeons ago, neh?
2007-04-03 19:30:04
424.   Benaiah
417 - Didn't you get the memo? Pierre gives away at least one out a game.

Hmmm, back to the old drawing board (to learn how to count).

2007-04-03 19:30:13
425.   Bluebleeder87
Broxton & Bills are throwing bullets out there, hopefully we can score a couple of runs this up coming inning.
2007-04-03 19:31:27
426.   Bluebleeder87
billingsley is probably confused at this 1 inning thing.

the facial expression when worming up in the bullpen said it also. :o)

2007-04-03 19:31:47
427.   underdog
Did I mention Kevin Mench is ugly as sin (city)?
2007-04-03 19:32:37
428.   trainwreck
Broxton seems to be in good form.
2007-04-03 19:32:40
429.   Uncle Miltie
Da Bull!
2007-04-03 19:32:46
430.   capdodger
Nice inning.
2007-04-03 19:33:01
431.   natepurcell
wow...this is the bull's world, we're just living in it.
2007-04-03 19:33:03
432.   JoeyP
Broxton K's the side.
2007-04-03 19:33:07
433.   Andrew Shimmin
That last strike call was mighty generous. But K'ing the side works for me.
2007-04-03 19:33:07
434.   Benaiah
Broxton is filthy. 3 Ks in 11 pitches. Wow, nasty. Love to see all the swings and misses too.
2007-04-03 19:33:37
435.   underdog
The Brewers announcer: "BRoxton is making the Brewers hitters look silly right now."
2007-04-03 19:34:27
436.   Bob Timmermann
Kevin Mench:

Don Mossi:

Quien es mas feo?

2007-04-03 19:34:32
437.   capdodger
For those w/o TV's Broxton was at 95-96 with the FB and 88 with the Slider. Only missed his target once.

Someone get that man a changeup.

2007-04-03 19:35:52
438.   StolenMonkey86
Leading off - Olmedo.
2007-04-03 19:37:31
439.   capdodger
Ball four. But it was a slider.
2007-04-03 19:37:41
440.   StolenMonkey86
and Olmedo avoids clogging up the bases for the rabbit, Juan Pierre.

(runs and hides)

2007-04-03 19:38:04
441.   JoeyP
Killer Tomato swung at ball 4
2007-04-03 19:38:15
442.   StolenMonkey86
come on Martin!
2007-04-03 19:38:15
443.   natepurcell
pierre needs to take until he gets a strike. he should know that.
2007-04-03 19:38:20
444.   Bob Timmermann
Condition Orange
2007-04-03 19:39:04
445.   capdodger
One pitch wonder.

But it's a good one.

2007-04-03 19:40:07
446.   Bob Timmermann
Cycle alert canceled.

Stand down.

Stand down.

2007-04-03 19:40:32
447.   Bluebleeder87
losing on such a well played game by the Dodgers, doesn't hurt as bad. Will get 'em tomorrow.
2007-04-03 19:40:43
448.   MMSMikey
peirre on pace to make his customary 600 outs, how did we give that guy 5 YEARS???!?!?!?!?!
2007-04-03 19:41:02
449.   JoeyP
That was so 2003.
The entire game, down to the players/managing decisions.
2007-04-03 19:41:04
450.   Vishal
i'd like to see a side-by-side of juan pierre's head next to mench's head.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-04-03 19:41:54
451.   underdog
Well, the Brewers top two relievers are pretty tough to hit, too.

So. 0-2. What's the mood here? Panic? Frustration but not too worried? Looking forward to the home opener? Anger, followed by brief nausea, and then quiet reflection?

2007-04-03 19:42:07
452.   Underbruin
Ah well. 160-2 just doesn't have that same ring as 161-1. Darn.
2007-04-03 19:42:44
453.   Underbruin
451 - Denial.
2007-04-03 19:43:29
454.   underdog
Okay, I'm gonna take my emotions out on my writing and away from baseball for awhile. Hope tomorrow's game goes better. If they look this way against the Giants, then I'll start to worry.
2007-04-03 19:44:18
455.   underdog
453 I'm right there with ya bud - that and the nausea/quiet reflection thing.


2007-04-03 19:46:17
456.   Frip
Well at least we get to have low expectations.
2007-04-03 19:46:36
457.   natepurcell

just bummed. if wolf doesnt hang that breaking ball then who knows. Although the positives were the kids- martin, kemp, broxton and bills.

the negatives...just gonzalez for me.

2007-04-03 19:48:10
458.   trainwreck
I am not going to get down for awhile. I expect the Dodgers to struggle the first two months.
2007-04-03 19:49:23
459.   Uncle Miltie
Did Ned sign a 3 or 5 year contract?
2007-04-03 19:52:20
460.   Bob Timmermann
So the question I ask is:

Professor, should we crack each other's heads open and feast on the goo inside?

2007-04-03 19:52:22
461.   capdodger
459 Contracts mean nothing to McCourt.
2007-04-03 19:54:31
462.   Greg Brock
460 Yes. Yes we should, Bob.
2007-04-03 19:55:13
463.   Vishal
i dunno... it's not like i was particularly sanguine about the team's prospects of winning it all this year 2 days ago, so losing two games doesn't concern me all that much. we're better than we've been playing so far, so it'll balance out. we have a good shot at making the playoffs, and losing two games doesn't change that very much either. i guess i'm taking a long view. the pierre and gonzo show hasn't been very fun to watch, but hopefully it'll either get better or be over before the dodgers get in too deep a hole.

the other thing that concerns me is the starting pitching. if lowe's getting shelled and wolf is inconsistent, then in combination with schmidt's lack of velocity and penny's sore shoulder, that's pretty troubling.

2007-04-03 19:55:45
464.   underdog
458 ...until the other kids replace the creaky vets, you mean? ;-) I hope I can survive that long, even if they can.

Night all! (For real this time)

2007-04-03 19:56:48
465.   Bob Timmermann

I was hoping someone would pick up on that or else I would look really dumb.

2007-04-03 19:58:41
466.   Greg Brock
No Kent Brockman quote goes unnoticed.

A bloody end for Homer just one of several possible outcomes according to our computer simulation. Now here is how it would look if the police killed him with a barrage of baseballs.

2007-04-03 20:01:10
467.   Jon Weisman
If the season ran backwards, these two losses would have sadly taken us from a near title into a five-way tie for first.

How interesting.

2007-04-03 20:01:53
468.   still bevens
463 I thought Wolf was fine until Mensch ruined everything. I was hoping he'd get lucky and pitch into the 7th. I think we did well today, especially looking back at yesterday. I will also be a happy man when Furcal gets back in the lineup. We could have used him with bases loaded and during the 9th. Furcal coming back also gets Martinez out of there.
2007-04-03 20:03:20
469.   Frip
The Dodgers are solely responsible for my happiness. I don't appreciate this.
2007-04-03 20:29:14
470.   D4P
I'm beginning to think the Brewers have more Character than we do
2007-04-03 20:31:36
471.   Uncle Miltie
Milt just homered
2007-04-03 20:33:20
472.   D4P
But can he bunt?
2007-04-03 20:48:03
473.   overkill94
All I know is that I'm loving watching these games on the new (well, not new, but new for the apartment) HDTV my roommate bought over the weekend.

Gonzo and Pierre both look pretty pathetic so far, but they can't possibly be this bad all year, can they? Martin looked great at the plate today and the offense in general was hitting the ball well. Wolf looked good except for that one pitch and the bullpen was fantastic. Schmidt against Suppan SHOULD be a mismatch tomorrow, but you never know.

2007-04-03 20:50:44
474.   D4P
Gonzo and Pierre both look pretty pathetic so far, but they can't possibly be this bad all year, can they?

Defensively, probably.

Offensively, no. They're both due for large increases in BA, OBP, and SLG.

2007-04-03 20:51:33
475.   Jonny6
Didn't we originally offer LuGo a two-year deal? After watching the misadventures of Gonzo in the field the past two days, even Ned has to be breathing a sigh of relief that the potential monetary loss on that deal is limited to one year.

I've come to grips with the Pierre situation. I'm not expecting much and I am going to do my best to enjoy watching what he does best: cover some ground in the outfield, beat out some infield singles, and run the bases like a small-headed whirling dervish.

But I am completely pessimistic regarding the LuGo situation, and it's the defense that concerns me even more than the weak hitting. He's going to get some hits, but his power will be a pittance in comparison with other left fielders. An 0-7 start can happen to even the best of hitters, but the atrocious fielding and noodle arm are things that aren't likely to improve as the season progresses for an aging outfielder coming off shoulder surgery (or shoulder injury - I can't remember if he actually had the surgery or not).

The best case scenario may be that LuGo's ineptitude reaches epidemic and undeniable proportions so there's no question that he gets benched for the youngsters. I predict a number of mystery ailments for LuGo this season. Nagging muscle pulls and assorted bumps and bruises that will send him on the 15 day DL three or four times during the course of the season. That way he will get to hang out with the team, won't suffer the indignity of getting DFA in his final season, may even get a few pinch hit opportunities in the stretch run, and then he can sail off into the sunset enjoying a fine career with 7 millon more dollars added to the triplets' college fund.

2007-04-03 20:57:54
476.   CanuckDodger
The Double A roster is out now. The L.A. Times was wrong about Elbert going to Vegas. Meloan and Chin-Lung Hu are also staying in Jacksonville. Blake DeWitt didn't make the Double A roster, so he is repeating High A even though he played in Jacksonville at the end of last year (he played poorly in Double A, so maybe a slower track is best for him).
2007-04-03 21:04:29
477.   D4P
Didn't we originally offer LuGo a two-year deal?


2007-04-03 21:05:37
478.   underdog
475 I could not have said - or dreamed - that better myself. I'm more worried about his defense, too, as it's a little too early to write off his offense (not that it wasn't obvious to any of us that his O has declined each year over the last few, but I'm sure he'll contribute something on offense). But on defense, gack, that can't continue. Your best case scenario sounds actually slightly plausible, maybe even likely within 2-3 months unless the team is seriously blind.

476 Where'd you see this? I think Meloan being in AA isn't a bad move - the team could still call him up at some point, but there he won't have the PCL air to contend with and shatter confidence.

I'm really not that worried about the Dodgers bullpen though; just don't want to see them frequently!

2007-04-03 21:05:41
479.   Andrew Shimmin
Tuned in for House and caught the tail end of American Idol. Eesh. Is the goofy looking guy with the earrings the one people are voting for, in hopes of killing the thing? None of them did anything for me, but much of that was the arrangements, which I don't suppose the contestants can be blamed for, right? I wonder if they've got the Gameday programmers doing the charts. . .
2007-04-03 21:10:35
480.   Andrew Shimmin
476- I found a clearinghouse for the AAA and AA rosters, but can't find the ones for lower levels. Do you have those?

2007-04-03 21:11:12
481.   saltcreek
tidbit from rotoworld
Just like Monday, Luis Gonzalez went hitless and had a misplay in the outfield on Tuesday,
Meanwhile, Andre Ethier was on the bench in favor of Matt Kemp. Ethier was a better hitter than Gonzalez last year, especially against lefties, and there's an even bigger difference between the two on defense. For instance, Ethier can run the ball back to the infield faster than Gonzalez can throw it. If one of the two has to sit against lefties -- and one does as long as Matt Kemp is on the roster -- it's Gonzalez who should be benched.
2007-04-03 21:13:22
482.   D4P
it's Gonzalez who should be benched

And since his Character is off the charts, he won't complain about it...

2007-04-03 21:15:36
483.   Andrew Shimmin
Never mind. The roster links at work. But they can't be right, since Mattingly is nowhere to be found.

2007-04-03 21:19:20
484.   Andrew Shimmin
Kershaw isn't listed, either. But my man Bastardo is in San Berdoo. Before the year is out, I will have an Alberto Bastardo autograph. I've never gotten an autograph in my life, but Bastardo is a name worth having scrawled on something.
2007-04-03 21:43:09
485.   CanuckDodger
The high A roster is up now. Andrew, I don't know what roster you were looking at, but the low A roster has Kershaw and Mattingly. I have accessed the 2007 Jacksonville, Inland Empire and Great Lakes rosters through the team sites at (I haven't looked for a Vegas roster, since it is clear by a process of elimination who is there).

Interestingly, Travis Denker is nowhere to be found.

2007-04-03 21:46:19
486.   Dodgers49
481. For instance, Ethier can run the ball back to the infield faster than Gonzalez can throw it. If one of the two has to sit against lefties -- and one does as long as Matt Kemp is on the roster -- it's Gonzalez who should be benched.

No one here will likely disagree with that. However, two things to consider:

1) Grady Little's GM handed Gonzalez $7 million to play left field.
2) Grady Little is a lot smarter than Jim Tracy.

2007-04-03 21:50:59
487.   JoeyP
I'm really surprised DeWitt is starting in A ball again. They usually promote the bonus babies whether they deserve it or not.

I've never been a fan of Dewitt, but even the most fanatic of Blake Dewitt fans cant be happy about him repeating A ball.

Elbert--I agree he should be in AA. He gave up alot of HRs there last year, he needs to get better there. I still wish the Dodgers would promote from AA. I dont think AAA Vegas helps pitchers build confidence in their pitches.

2007-04-03 21:53:08
488.   Andrew Shimmin
485- You know what I was looking at? Every roster except the High A one. I should have noticed I only had five tabs open. The High A team looks exciting. I always forget, is Bridger Hunt a real prospect, or is he just another guy whose name I like?
2007-04-03 22:01:38
489.   CanuckDodger
488 -- But how did you miss Kershaw and Mattingly if you had an up-to-date low A roster?

Bridger Hunt hit well for average in low after being drafted in the 9th round last year, but Baseball America's Alan Matthews said he over-achieved, as he has below-average tools across the board. So he's nothing more than a bench player prospect, if that is any kind of prospect at all.

2007-04-03 22:02:00
490.   Vaudeville Villain
In the Dodgers' defense, the Brewers should actually have a pretty good team this year. Their offense is young and solid. If they don't compete for the division title this year, I'll be very surprised.
2007-04-03 22:03:21
491.   Frip

"The best case scenario may be that LuGo's ineptitude reaches epidemic and undeniable proportions so there's no question that he gets benched for the youngsters."

goodness gracious

2007-04-03 22:09:36
492.   CanuckDodger
487 -- It would have been nice if DeWitt had progressed enough to this point to warrant playing in Double A as a 21-year-old, and I think we already knew his status has fallen a bit in the last year, but there is no shame in playing at high A as a 21-year-old. A more serious problem for his future with the Dodgers is that LaRoche has dibs on 3B and now Abreu has dibs on 2B, so DeWitt is probably trade bait at some point unless something happens to LaRoche or Abreu. Of course, it wouldn't be a good idea to trade DeWitt till his stock has gone up.
2007-04-03 22:12:24
493.   Dodgers49
Top 10 opening day roster omissions

10. Dodgers — 1B/OF James Loney

Simply put, Loney, who absolutely raked this spring, figures to give the Dodgers more than Luis Gonzalez, who's waist-deep in his decline phase. It's a classic case of favoring the likeable veteran over the young talent. It's also a mistake in this instance.

2007-04-03 22:20:25
494.   blue22
I think it's ironic that it's LuGo's defense that will probably get him benched, even if it's his anemic offense that is probably more detrimental to the team long-term. I think the effect that teams taking an extra base here and there on his rag arm pales in comparison to what his .265 eqa from last year would do to the team.

But, hey, whatever works.

2007-04-03 22:21:57
495.   Andrew Shimmin
Because I meant Low A, not High A. Great Lakes was the one I wasn't looking at. My grasp of minor league ball is, sadly, un-silky.
2007-04-03 22:24:06
496.   Andrew Shimmin
His defense really has cost, what, three runs so far this year? Long term, you're probably right, unless he really can't field any more, which is possible.
2007-04-03 22:26:38
497.   Andrew Shimmin
Kent's glove is looking much better than it did last year. He didn't catch that line drive, today, but he did get to it; I wouldn't be surprised if the same ball, at the end of last year, would have gone to center unmolested.
2007-04-03 22:28:59
498.   Icaros
Again with the unmolested balls, Andrew?
2007-04-03 22:33:17
499.   Andrew Shimmin
Icaros plays Cordero to my Russ Martin, busting up my cycle. Hope your proud of yourself, there, guy.
2007-04-03 22:33:52
500.   Andrew Shimmin
Jeez. You're.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-04-03 22:34:08
501.   blue22
496 - I thought his defense would be ok this year (with the obvious exception of his arm). Most metrics grade him out as slightly above average. He's really embarassing himself out there so far though.
2007-04-03 22:36:07
502.   Midwest Blue
Just got back from Miller Park. You guys got it right: Russ Martin was fantastic and LuGo should be Gonezo. It was really embarrasing to watch Gonzalez. Wolf was actually really good and should have won that game if we had had a little more offense and a timely hit with the bases loaded (ahem, Mr. Pierre).

I'll say this: for a team that will compete this year, the fans in Milwaukee are pathetic. Announced attendance was 22K but I doubt they had 18K. Tons of empty seats -- and this is the second game of the season!

I'll be there again tomorrow night behind home plate (wish I had a Dodger Thoughts shirt to wear). Can't get swept.

2007-04-03 22:39:13
503.   Bob Timmermann
Can't we excuse the fans in Milwaukee because:
1) the team hasn't been all that good for a while.
2) it's a weeknight when school is in session or people are on spring break and away somewhere else.
2007-04-03 22:42:49
504.   gpellamjr
502 Speaking of fans in the midwest. Will anybody be attending the Dodger games in Cincinnati in August this year? I would like to go to at least one, and would very much enjoy a Dodgerthoughts-East outing.
2007-04-03 22:48:18
505.   Bob Timmermann
Wouldn't that be more like Dodgerthoughts-Midwest?
2007-04-03 22:48:51
506.   StolenMonkey86
how much did Peavy learn from Piazza? Bonds stole a base earlier today.
2007-04-03 22:52:45
507.   gpellamjr
505 I suppose... but, besides the fact that we are on EST, we are far to the east of LA.
2007-04-03 22:59:50
508.   Bob Timmermann
So you Ohioans don't cotton much to Daylight Saving Time do you? ;-)
2007-04-03 23:00:06
509.   natepurcell
im really surprised javy guerra is on the A+ roster.
2007-04-03 23:07:49
510.   Just Blue
FWIW: JP has more walks than hits!
2007-04-03 23:08:50
511.   Andrew Shimmin
508- They're not the only ones.

2007-04-03 23:10:45
512.   underdog
Never mind the Dodgers (for now), something much more important needs to be discussed. My soccer team needs a new nickname. These are the finalists:

Tenacious D (my favorite except it puts pressure on our... D!)
Weapons of Mass Distraction
The Others (for the "Lost" fans on the team)

What do you think? We're open to suggestions (something clever, pun-ny, and/or pop culturish).

2007-04-03 23:11:28
513.   StolenMonkey86
506 - BAH! I mean Bard.

I'm going to bed.

2007-04-03 23:17:18
514.   natepurcell

i like tenacious D.

2007-04-03 23:32:14
515.   Greg Brock
I can't remember where I got it, but somebody called their soccer team Real United FC, which I thought was hilarious.
2007-04-03 23:36:52
516.   Bob Timmermann
Gary Sheffield Thursday would be good.
2007-04-03 23:41:24
517.   Greg Brock
516 "Norm" Charlton Athletic FC would also work.

But beware of relegation.

2007-04-03 23:44:17
518.   underdog
515 Hah, I like it - that about covers it all, doesn't it? AC Real United FC. There's some really, really terrible names in our league. We can't help but be more clever than most of them - especially a couple that sound like they were chosen by 8 year old boys.
2007-04-03 23:46:53
519.   underdog
I once suggested "FC U.K." but no one got it. Or were too appalled to speak. I said, "No, no, it's just a salute to Britain!" Ahem.
2007-04-04 00:00:08
520.   xaphor
519. Or you got the company to sponsor you.

How's InterUnited? :)

2007-04-04 00:01:08
521.   Eric Enders
My last softball team was called Vandelay Industries.
2007-04-04 00:03:23
522.   xaphor
Randy Wolferhampton Wanderers
2007-04-04 00:06:03
523.   Greg Brock
521 Vandelay the importer/exporter? Or the architect?

I think he was a marine biologist as well.

2007-04-04 00:08:23
524.   Eric Enders
"C'mon, there's no panic in here, we've got a long way to go," said Luis Gonzalez in a plaintive voice, peering over his shoulder for GM Ned Colletti.

Okay, so I made the last part up, but the quote is really from Henson's latest.

2007-04-04 00:09:12
525.   Eric Enders
523 The funny thing is, it's actually a real company now. Google it.
2007-04-04 00:13:02
526.   underdog
I was just reminded of a favorite Monty Python sketch, featuring Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tung and Che on a quiz show.

"One final question Karl and the beautiful lounge suite will be yours... Are you going to have a go?" (Karl nods) You're a brave man. Karl Marx, your final question... Who won the Cup Final in 1949?"
Karl: "er.. The workers' control of the means of production? The struggle of the urban proletariat?"
"No. It was in fact, Wolverhampton Wanderers who beat Leicester 3-1."

Thanks for the thoughts all, I'll sleep on it. (Hm, Springfield Isotopes might be fun.)

2007-04-04 00:15:05
527.   Eric Enders
524 Actually, quote that was in Plaschke's story, not Henson's.
2007-04-04 00:21:36
528.   Uncle Miltie
I thought University of Oregon didn't have a baseball team. Is this a club team?

Check out his hobbies.

2007-04-04 00:22:28
529.   El Lay Dave
Y'know, for a moment there, I thought Jean Pedro had a base-loaded single up the middle, but it was fielded easily by the SS. Shouldn't a guy like Pierre have a hitting pattern that forces an SS to shade to his right, i.e., JP should go the other way much more often? The most likely grounder JP will beat out is to the SS's right.

I will be very happy if I never see Pierre swing on a 1-0 count ever again. That said, he wasn't the reason the Dodgers lost, he did cover some ground in CF tonight, and he looked mighty good racing home from first on Martin's double.

I thought Wolf looked good at times tonight and, with all due respect to hindsight, pinch-hitting for him in the 6th - in his first start where conventional wisdom says pitchers are still stretching out - would have been a good choice. Grady thinks he has a real good pen, doesn't he?

2007-04-04 00:22:57
530.   natepurcell
I dont want Kemp in a strict platoon. he needs to play against righties or else hes never going to get any better.
2007-04-04 00:23:59
531.   El Lay Dave
528 That does not make him stand out on a college campus.
2007-04-04 00:25:25
532.   El Lay Dave
530 How about Kemp full-time in RF and Ethier full-time in LF? ;}
2007-04-04 00:26:12
533.   Eric Enders
529 "Shouldn't a guy like Pierre have a hitting pattern that forces an SS to shade to his right, i.e., JP should go the other way much more often?"

Theoretically, yeah, but I doubt his hitting strategy is that, uh, advanced.

2007-04-04 00:27:07
534.   natepurcell
so i was looking at the inland empire 666ers roster, and..

ivan dejesus 5'11 182lbs

blake dewitt 5'11 175lbs

seems like dewitt hasnt grown at all since he was drafted.

2007-04-04 00:28:42
535.   natepurcell
the way pierre swung on a 1-0 pitch in the 9th when down by 1 run was not a very vet savvy move. that really irked me tonight.
2007-04-04 00:28:55
536.   Eric Enders
528 Click on "roster" and there are four ways you can tell that is not an actual Division I baseball team:

- Almost all the players are under 6 feet
- Almost all the players are from the state of Oregon
- Almost all the players bat and throw right-handed
- Too many of them are listed as P/OF, P/1B or something of the sort.

2007-04-04 00:30:10
537.   Eric Enders
535 Silly wabbit. You should know by now that it's Russell Martin who provides all the savvy veteran leadership.
2007-04-04 00:32:31
539.   Eric Enders
Anyone else notice that Eric Gagne will enhance his repuation as a quisling by pitching this week for a team called Frisco?
2007-04-04 00:36:21
540.   natepurcell
i really wonder what would the makeup of this team look like this year if Logan White was GM.

thats what i will dream about tonight.

2007-04-04 00:49:02
541.   natepurcell
from the LA times today...

• Mike Moustakas, Chatsworth, Sr.: There's no hotter hitter in the Southland than the USC-bound Moustakas, a shortstop who's threatening state records for single-season and career home runs.

Moustakas has hit 14 home runs, giving him 42 in his career. The state records are 21 for a season and 47 for a career.

Even more stunning is that he was clocked throwing 97 mph during a relief pitching stint. He has three saves and 12 strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings. He could be a first-round draft pick.

he has been one of the players ive been eyeing with our supp 1st round pick but we might have to spend the 20th pick on him.

2007-04-04 01:05:23
542.   CanuckDodger
And yet I'm not hearing much about Moustakas as a draft prospect for this year, which could mean he has let scouts know he cannot be swayed from going to USC. doesn't even have him on the top 100.
2007-04-04 06:20:22
543.   Penarol1916
I am so excited about the Great Lakes roster, the last two years the low-A roster for the Dodgers hasn't been too exciting, so I was a little scared. But it is great that all of these kids are going to be so close for once. Maybe some of the other Chicago Dodger fans and I can organize an outing to Kane County in May when they are out there.
2007-04-04 07:32:43
545.   Bob Timmermann
These are the Pac-10 baseball standings from the conference website (I had to fix an error on OSU's record)

Arizona State
Washington State
Oregon State

2007-04-04 07:46:23
546.   Bob Timmermann
I see those standings needed a lot more fixing than just OSU's record.
2007-04-04 07:50:19
547.   Bumsrap
Quail Hunters
2007-04-04 07:53:09
548.   Bumsrap
As I remember there were worries that Dodger fans might have to watch ManRam play defense if a trade were made for him.
2007-04-04 07:56:30
550.   Bumsrap
Betemit might be the biggest winner during the first two games explaining why he is buying dinner for Juan and Luis (Thelma and Louise?)
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-04-04 08:17:14
551.   underdog
Russell Martin's still looking for his theme song suggestions, by the way. Most songs aren't too on the nose, they're just something the batter likes to rock out to - so something with "catcher" in the title probably isn't necessary, nor does it have to be something French-Canadian. I personally think he should rock out to the Clash, or something sort of punk rock-ish, but that's just me.
2007-04-04 08:23:26
552.   underdog
I dreamed the Dodgers called up Larry Bigbie and sent down Luis Gonzalez.

Sigh. Stupid, teasing dreams!

A lineup of Brady Clark, Ethier and Kemp today would be nice, but with Pierre sure to start, at least two of the above would be nice.

2007-04-04 08:25:22
553.   Greg Brock

A 168 OPS+ goes a long way. Manny could play left field without a glove and it would be worth it.

2007-04-04 08:29:13
554.   Greg Brock
RIP, Coach Eddie Robinson
2007-04-04 08:36:30
555.   D4P
Russell Martin's still looking for his theme song suggestions

Dido's "White Flag":

"I will go down with this ship..."

2007-04-04 08:41:22
556.   Marty
Rainy Days and Mondays?
2007-04-04 08:41:52
557.   Greg Brock
Again with the Dido.
2007-04-04 08:45:52
558.   D4P
I like to stick Dido in when I can
2007-04-04 08:53:48
559.   still bevens
551 I think Russ is more of a hip hop guy. Unless he himself did not pick a song by T.I. to come out to last season. I do think players should get more original with their songs, but they might have licensing problems. However, that never stopped Repko from his requesting death metal riffage before his AB's, which I think is kinda awesome.

The worst Dodger intro music was Jayson Werth, who came out to the most apathetic Gorillaz tune I have ever heard.

2007-04-04 08:59:28
560.   Bumsrap
Loney, Kemp, Ethier should be the outfield until Nomar moves to third and Loney to first.

Such a tough decision making room for Loney on the 25 man roster. But with Gonzo as the left hand pinch hitter and fifth outfielder and with Juan as the fourth outfielder/pinch runner/pinch hitter could Ned find his way to trading Anderson/Martinez/Valdez?

2007-04-04 09:00:12
561.   kegtron
The worst is Ramon Martinez coming out to "Magic Stick".
2007-04-04 09:00:50
562.   Bumsrap
Martin's song could just be a simple saxophone tune played by his father.
2007-04-04 09:09:34
563.   Greg Brock
"Classical Gas" would be pretty sweet. If it's good enough for Lenny Leonard, it's good enough for Russ.
2007-04-04 09:12:28
564.   underdog
562 That would be neat, actually. Even touching. Maybe he could alternate between that and some more hip hoppish thing. he should change his uniform number to 3, just so he can have De La Soul's 3 is the Magic Number as his theme song.
2007-04-04 09:22:25
565.   still bevens
I was hoping Juan Pierre would come out to the Jay-Z song that name checks him, but I guess that's too much to ask. I did like how Luis Gonzales comes out to "Louie Louie". Perhaps thats the only thing I like about him as things stand now.
2007-04-04 09:54:37
566.   hernari

How do you offer suggestions? I want to suggest "Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains because that's what I would choose as my song.

2007-04-04 09:56:05
567.   still bevens
I would pick "Last Caress" by the Misfits in a heartbeat. I would most likely be fined and then suspended by MLB but hey, its worth it to me.
2007-04-04 10:01:55
568.   Jon Weisman
New post coming up top.
2007-04-04 10:08:58
569.   Eric Enders
Last year I talked to a couple of the Dodgers about their walking up to the plate music. Martin definitely requested the Kanye West song he had last year -- can't remember the title right now, but it's the one with the Curtis Mayfield samples in it. Repko's song is a jam that was written by his father, who is a musician.

I asked Nomar about "Low Rider" but he gave sort of a non-answer answer that made it clear he wasn't interested in talking about it. Still, that's gotta be one of the all-time classic batter themes. I hope he keeps it.

Since Russ is from Montreal, he should come out to something by the Arcade Fire. Maybe "Intervention"? Although the lyrics would actually be more appropriate for Luis Gonzalez:

I can taste the fear.
Lift me up and take me out of here...
We can't find you now,
But they're gonna get their money back somehow.
And when you finally disappear,
We'll just say you were never here.

2007-04-04 10:09:27
570.   Eric Enders
My timing is, as ever, impeccable.
2007-04-04 10:33:43
571.   underdog
Gnarls Barkley's Crazy might be cool.

I'm a weirdo and would probably have Talking Heads, Modest Mouse or The Shins as my theme music, I'm just not as hep as these baseball kids today.

2007-04-04 14:45:39
572.   Vishal
jeff kent should come out to "the toucher" by party of helicopters:

my little brother likes my mustache but it might be because he's got one too
he says it makes me look like a badass; "don't ever shave it off"

and my baby says she likes my mustache and it's got me thinking i like it too
she says it makes her wild
now i know that i'll never shave it off

doin' it for rock-n-roll and
i'm doin' it for love...

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