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Aren't We Already Carpooling?
2007-04-04 16:15
by Jon Weisman

Acknowledging that they don't have enough legitimate parking spaces to handle a sold-out crowd of typical Southern California drivers, the Dodgers are offering incentives to those who carpool and arrive early – really early – for the home opener Monday: a free ticket to a future game if you are in one of the first 600 cars parking in Lot 15 between 9:30 and 10:15 a.m., plus early access to batting practice.

The thing is, the whole idea of pushing for people to carpool to Dodger Stadium seems beside the point. We're not talking about drivers going to work, which is often a solitary affair because people from the same neighborhood don't necessarily go to the same place at the same time – and crisscrossing neighborhoods to pick up Dagwood takes longer than you might have to spare. It's much more common for people to go to Dodger Stadium in groups. It's a social event, after all: one time, one place, friends and family, bonding over baseball.

Most automobiles headed for the ballpark, I would hazard to say, already hold at least one passenger. (And in the case of Driver's Training vehicles, more than one driver.)

On the other hand, there is something to be said for getting more cars to arrive early at the game – though the one thing the home opener has going for it is that many people choose to make a day of it at the festivities-filled game, starting with an early arrival. Though I don't know how fair it is to those with logistical constraints, the responsible move for the Dodgers, both pragmatically and as a public relations gambit (assuming the organization wants to preserve its no-tailgating policy), might be for them to discount the parking fee for those who arrive 45 minutes or more before gametime. (In the future, maybe the development of fan-friendly fun beyond center field will change the dynamic.)

In addition, there might be something to be said for inviting fans to stay later at the ballpark, instead of shooing them out. I'll never forget the day I brought a book to a summertime day game, planning to while away the postgame hours – in a park, after all – only to be kicked out of my seat within a half-hour of the final pitch.

Here's the bottom line, though.

In the end, we can carp all day long about how neither the Dodgers nor our city, county, state or nation of residence have facilitated public transportation down to Chavez Ravine and up the hill to Dodger Stadium. But it may simply be up to us to pick up the ball where they've dropped it, to rise above their failings, to heed the better drivers of our nature by somehow carpooling beyond our current level and leaving earlier for the game than one would have ever thought feasible.

It's up to you. To paraphrase a Dodger Stadium peanut vendor's favorite quote, "Get busy living, or get busy whining."

* * *

Tonight's game:


Comments (524)
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2007-04-04 16:24:09
1.   fordprefect
And don't forget to bring 5 extra clams between you all for the brand new parking fees.
2007-04-04 16:26:33
2.   bhsportsguy
2 games and Grady is already circling the wagons. From Tony Jackson at or just go to the link at the sidebar.

[Grady] cut his pregame media session after providing curt answers to three questions, one of which was about whether he planned to try to get Saito into a game soon. "Whenever there is a decision to be made on a pitcher, I'll call upstairs and see what you guys think I should do first."

... Grady also chose not to start Brady Clark tonight, despite the fact Clark is 10 for 30 with two homers against Jeff Suppan. Asked why, Little said, "Because I'm the manager." Which is EXACTLY the reason he's going to be criticized from time to time.

2007-04-04 16:26:57
3.   Humma Kavula
I'm going to opening day and I'm bringing two people, but there's no way we're getting there at any 9:30 am.

I'll leave Pasadena at ten-til-noon. Leaving an hour-twenty for a twenty-minute trip should suffice.

2007-04-04 16:27:39
4.   sanchez101
tonites lineup:

Pierre, CF
Martin, C
Nomar, 1B
Kent, 2B
Gonzalez, LF
Betemit, 3B
Ethier, LF
Martinez, SS
Schmidt, P

2007-04-04 16:29:08
5.   Bob Timmermann
I was going to take a taxi to the game and give the driver a $20 bill for a $2.50 fare.
2007-04-04 16:30:59
6.   Jacob L
It would behoove the Dodgers, for PR reasons, to discount the parking fee for pretty much any excuse they can think of.

Seriously, though, the Dodgers attitude about public transit is that its somehow MTA's responsibility to get their customers to them. Surely, MTA has to be involved, but the Dodgers have to see alternative transportation (alternative to driving and parking) as an amenity for their fans, and not as a community service. Think Hollywood Bowl, people.

2007-04-04 16:31:17
7.   underdog
Dagwood? I was thinking of another comic strip based on my last experience trying to get in and out of DS: Family Circus, and Billy's always "hilarious" exploits when he takes a shortcut home.
2007-04-04 16:32:32
8.   underdog
I like how everyone keeps posting the dual LF in the line-up mistake. ;-) I know Gonzalez has struggled but... Wait, I'm having deja vu here.
2007-04-04 16:32:56
9.   Jon Weisman
5 - Will he get angry?
Will he get hurt?
Would he have ever let you go?
Or will he stuff the bill in his shirt?
2007-04-04 16:34:23
10.   Andrew Shimmin
Juan Pierre is going to wear Jackie Robinson's number Sunday the 15th. I don't like it. I wouldn't like it if it were Martin or Kemp, either.
2007-04-04 16:34:44
11.   Greg S
2. As volatile grumpy managers go, Grady's not on the list. Short of Jim Tracy (and who wants to deal with his boring quotes?), it would be hard to find anyone who is more fair and calm with the media.
2007-04-04 16:35:07
12.   Humma Kavula
6 You're onto something there. Why not something like this:

Parking costs $7 or $8 if you have four or more people in your car.

Parking costs $12 if you have two or three people in your car.

Parking costs $20 if you are alone.

Watch how quickly I rearrange my schedule to carpool.

2007-04-04 16:35:25
13.   s choir
There is no excuse for the Dodgers' lack of parking to accommodate a sold out crowd. Encouraging people to come early is fine, but even if that works, it just means that the lot will sell out earlier. A public transportation solution is desperately needed.
2007-04-04 16:36:37
14.   Bob Timmermann
I respectfully disagree. Juan Pierre supposedly is extremely knowledgeable about the history of baseball and the contributions of Negro Leaguers. Several other players have asked for permission to wear 42 that day (such as Ken Griffey.)

I think this is one case where it is the thought that truly counts.

2007-04-04 16:37:31
15.   Bob Timmermann
He stuffed the bill in his shirt and then he picked up some guy who started complaining about how his father never had time for as a kid.
2007-04-04 16:39:04
16.   Andrew Shimmin
14- I can see the other side, and I won't be trying to go over your head to effigy suppliers, but I don't like it.
2007-04-04 16:40:07
17.   Bob Timmermann
What would be real news would be Mariano Rivera asking to wear a different number Sunday.
2007-04-04 16:41:28
18.   Jon Weisman
15 - And he grew up to be a morning DJ.

And now you know the rest of the story.

2007-04-04 16:42:49
19.   Curtis Lowe

Boom problem solved.

2007-04-04 16:43:22
20.   Greg S
I like the parking idea where it costs more the later you get. That way, we can watch the smash up derby that would occur at each gate as the deadline approaches.
2007-04-04 16:46:13
21.   Bob Timmermann
Well, I've sold monorails to Ogdenville, North Haverbrook, and Brockway and it put them on the map.
2007-04-04 16:46:30
22.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
12 - It'll be the opposite of a drive-in movie, where cheapskates stuff people in the trunk to save money.
2007-04-04 16:47:38
23.   KBL
I already hear the Monorail song singing in the City Hall
2007-04-04 16:50:39
24.   Greg S
19. Some questions:
1)I hear those things are awfully loud...
2) Is there a chance the track could bend?
3) What about us brain-dead slobs?
4) Were you sent here by the devil?

I imagine there are excellent answers.

2007-04-04 16:51:29
25.   Dodgers49
For his fans here who miss him. :-)

>>> Odalis Perez makes his first start Wednesday for the Royals as he tries to put a miserable 2006 behind him. The left-hander finished 6-8 with a 6.20 ERA in 32 games for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Kansas City. <<<

2007-04-04 16:58:23
26.   bhsportsguy
It doesn't take much to get a running Simpsons thread.
2007-04-04 16:58:25
27.   Paul B
underdog: Seems we're work neighbors. I'm in the federal courthouse on 7th street. How about you?
2007-04-04 17:00:05
28.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
26 - Nope.
"I should not have stopped for that haircut."
2007-04-04 17:08:07
29.   ROC
FSN (Prime) just topped the double LF listing. According to them, Ethier is the DH tonight.

Vin got it right, though ;)

2007-04-04 17:09:28
30.   Humma Kavula
Congratulations, Juan!!
2007-04-04 17:10:39
31.   bhsportsguy
A solid line drive for his first hit of the season (It will look that way in the box score)
2007-04-04 17:14:47
32.   Benaiah
Come on Jeff!
2007-04-04 17:16:35
33.   Curtis Lowe
2007-04-04 17:16:47
34.   underdog
Mono... D'oh!

27 Paul, cool! Must be fascinating to be in that brand new building. I'm across the street on Stevenson, and we also have an office in that brick bldg on 7th and Market, really old school for the latter, while the former is a renovated building that is cool on the inside. That street is so depressing - my g/f calls it "Poopenson."

2007-04-04 17:18:19
35.   Humma Kavula
34 damn you. I was going to wait until the comments were in the 100s and then do the mono... d'oh thing.
2007-04-04 17:20:31
36.   Bluebleeder87
I kind of don't want to admit it, but Pierre looks pretty good the times i've seen him hit.
2007-04-04 17:21:48
37.   FirstMohican
The LADOT has downtown DASH buses that aren't being used during the weekend.
2007-04-04 17:22:48
38.   Disabled List
Still weird to see Jason Schmidt in a Dodger uniform.
2007-04-04 17:24:38
39.   FirstMohican
Schmidt's 2007 K/BB is... incalculable.
2007-04-04 17:24:50
40.   D4P
Dodger #5 hitters hit a collective .311/.385/.537/.921. Somehow, I don't see our current #5 hitter approaching those numbers.
2007-04-04 17:25:08
41.   capdodger
Hmm.... I can live with half-innings like that.
2007-04-04 17:25:33
42.   bhsportsguy
Odalis got two out and then he walked Ortiz, Manny singled, back to back doubles by Drew and Lowell and its 3-0 Red Sox.
2007-04-04 17:26:43
43.   Paul B
34 I'm actually across the street from the new building, in the older, more classical, building. Or, as the KQED special on this place is titled, "The Most Beautiful Building, the Most Controversial Court." But yeah, it's not the most scenic neighborhood.
2007-04-04 17:26:48
44.   FirstMohican
Wierd that it's 3-0 even after factoring in Drew's percieved character flaws.
2007-04-04 17:27:22
45.   underdog
35 D'oh, sorry. Thought it was more of a Shelbyville idea.
2007-04-04 17:27:56
46.   JimBilly4
People carpool for weekend and day games, but there is a lot of non-carpooling for weeknight games. I often find myself coming from the exact opposite direction as the person I am going to the game with. On several occasions it has taken three cars to fill four seats. Just the reality of living and working in city so spread out and de-centralized. Of course as parking rates rise the desire to meet up somewhere else will probably also rise...

I do note that the likely sell-outs are opening day and weekend games usually. It will only be the occasional Friday that suffers from severe non-carpoolitis.

2007-04-04 17:28:13
47.   Humma Kavula
And congratulations, Luis!
2007-04-04 17:28:19
48.   Paul B
2007-04-04 17:28:31
49.   bigcpa
A rabbit is loose!
2007-04-04 17:29:16
50.   GMac In The 909
LuGo is my new favorite player.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-04 17:29:23
51.   Humma Kavula
46 Bobblehead nights sell out, too.
2007-04-04 17:30:51
52.   Humma Kavula
This game so far is just like opening day -- in Bizarro world.
2007-04-04 17:32:14
53.   FirstMohican
51 - So do action statue nights.

For anybody watching, how deep was that Ethier flyout?

2007-04-04 17:33:07
54.   JimBilly4
Bobblehead nights were usually on Fridays, I noticed. Will the Thursday night Bobblehead games sell out?
2007-04-04 17:33:56
55.   capdodger
Well... at least JP gets to lead off the next inning.
2007-04-04 17:34:39
56.   D4P
If/when Furcal returns, does he get inserted in the leadoff spot, with everyone else in tonight's lineup (except the pitcher) just moving down a spot?
2007-04-04 17:34:40
57.   Benaiah
Man, it is tough to score runs with two automatic outs at the end of the lineup. Two men on and no outs and the inning is basically over as soon as Ethier made out. Or Schmidt could prove me wrong.
2007-04-04 17:34:51
58.   Disabled List
The Dodgers' beautiful BA with RISP in 2006 is regressing to the mean real quick here in 2007.
2007-04-04 17:34:53
59.   GMac In The 909
53 It was warning track, in front of the left-center scoreboard in Miller Park. Ethier needed a few more tricep pushdowns to get it up and outta there.
2007-04-04 17:35:14
60.   Greg S
53- Right in front of the warning track.
2007-04-04 17:35:46
61.   DXMachina
I'm still stuck on the fact that Bob learned about love in the back of a Dodge with a taxi driver.

(As a side note, it turns out that "Dodge" is the wrong word to search for on this particular blog.)

2007-04-04 17:36:38
62.   Benaiah
57 - No Martin will hit 6-8.
2007-04-04 17:37:37
63.   FirstMohican
59, 60 - Thanks, I'm about to "race" home from work and try to catch some of this on TV. 10 West here I come.
2007-04-04 17:37:39
64.   Gen3Blue
It was so refreshing to see Shmidt's 1st inning. From the last few years I have learned to dread pitchers who won't throw over the plate. I have even learned to discern two main pitching debacles. There is the game where a pitcher has poor control, and the game where a pitcher doesn't seem to have it and either consiously or not won't throw strikes because he fears he will get bombed. Either way, the result is high pitch counts and walks. The walks make the eventual result worse than if the pitcher went after the hitters and was pulled when it was realized he didn't have it tonight. Penny and Billingsley were culprits last year, though Bills did better and is certainly improving.
2007-04-04 17:38:03
65.   capdodger
56 My money is on Grady sticking Martin in the sixth or seventh spot.
2007-04-04 17:38:12
66.   Curtis Lowe
so between Kemp and Ethier thats 3 extra homeruns had they had more power.
2007-04-04 17:39:57
67.   scareduck
53 - what kind of action did you have in mind?

2007-04-04 17:42:08
68.   Humma Kavula
Man, Bill Hall.
2007-04-04 17:42:42
69.   Underbruin
I just completed a 6-week course in learning a foreign language during that at-bat.
2007-04-04 17:43:11
70.   Underbruin
So much for a low pitch-count...
2007-04-04 17:43:50
71.   Greg S
Schmidt is reminding me of Penny last year in that he is throwing fastball after fastball and the hitter can get a piece of it and will eventually time it. He's thrown a couple of sliders but wish he'd pull the string. Doesn't he have a change up?
2007-04-04 17:45:33
72.   scareduck
I see Hall has been talking to Alex Cora in the offseason...
2007-04-04 17:45:38
73.   Disabled List
When the ball is hit directly at them, Gonzo and Pierre look quite good in the field.
2007-04-04 17:45:51
74.   dzzrtRatt
I hope somebody reported the taxi driver DUI to the San Francisco transportation department.

They might not care very much. I once had a taxi driver in SF who was clearly on heroin. He nodded off at every stoplight and I would have to wake him up.

2007-04-04 17:46:10
75.   scareduck
71 - at this point, his changeup is probably 5 MPH off his fastball.
2007-04-04 17:46:56
76.   Underbruin
74 - No, I think that's just taxi drivers in San Fran in general.

Much like taxi drivers in New York City, one might suspect, seem to be on cocaine? No, that's just being a cabbie in NYC.

2007-04-04 17:47:09
77.   MMSMikey
why did kent just catch that ball?
2007-04-04 17:47:09
78.   capdodger
69 Which one?
2007-04-04 17:47:45
79.   Vishal
how hard is schmidt throwing?
2007-04-04 17:48:19
80.   Humma Kavula
high 80s, according to sportsline.

the hit he allowed hit 90.

2007-04-04 17:48:30
81.   natepurcell

hes reached 90 a few times.

2007-04-04 17:49:23
82.   Humma Kavula
2007-04-04 17:49:26
83.   Greg S
75. Even that would do it. I like the results but that was not pitching. O-2 Fastball following 2 other fastballs? Even throwing 98 you can't do that forever. At 88, you will get racked. I like his control but you gotta mix it up don't you?
2007-04-04 17:49:45
84.   Andrew Shimmin
There's a twofer; Pierre succeeds and Counsel fails.
2007-04-04 17:50:37
85.   D4P
Pierre poised to wreak havoc on the basepaths
2007-04-04 17:50:44
86.   Underbruin
Bunt single #1 of ?
2007-04-04 17:51:21
87.   natepurcell

i think hes trying to establish his fb first time through the order. his out pitch is his change up though so i think he will use it a ton as the game moves on.

2007-04-04 17:51:37
88.   Benaiah
According to sportsline, he changes his velocity a lot. Only a few MPH here and there, but still. He hasn't done too bad so far, and Bill Hall is easily their best hitter.
2007-04-04 17:52:56
89.   GMac In The 909
I {heart} Martin
2007-04-04 17:53:00
90.   Curtis Lowe
2007-04-04 17:53:07
91.   capdodger
Hmm... Nice hit and run.
2007-04-04 17:53:23
92.   Vishal
first pierre bunt single?
2007-04-04 17:53:23
93.   Humma Kavula
okay, c'mon, Nomar!
2007-04-04 17:53:37
94.   Benaiah
Has anyone ever done a study comparing at-bats that include a pitch out to those that don't? It would seem like an interesting way to see if speed on the bases really does help the batter.
2007-04-04 17:54:14
95.   Greg S
87. Makes sense. Hope you're correct. He hasn't thown one yet.
2007-04-04 17:54:33
96.   Bluebleeder87
wow that was pretty scary, YIKES!.
2007-04-04 17:54:39
97.   D4P
I've wondered about that too
2007-04-04 17:54:44
98.   natepurcell
that ball carried the anger and frustration of many DTers.
2007-04-04 17:54:52
99.   Jacob L
I'd actually be surprised if there are any stats on pitch outs, but what do I know?
2007-04-04 17:55:04
100.   Underbruin
92 - That's his first bunt single of the season, isn't it?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-04 17:55:26
101.   Greg S
Pierre speed run.
2007-04-04 17:55:40
102.   natepurcell

he threw one to bill hall in that 12 pitch ab. other then that, i havent seen one yet.

2007-04-04 17:55:57
103.   capdodger
Sac fly?
2007-04-04 17:56:01
104.   scareduck
I've given up on Gameday. Not only is it huge on the screen, it takes a ton of memory.
2007-04-04 17:56:21
105.   Underbruin
See Juan run.

Run Juan run.

2007-04-04 17:56:39
106.   Humma Kavula
2007-04-04 17:56:44
107.   GMac In The 909
I didn't know LuGo plays center for the Brewers.
2007-04-04 17:56:51
108.   ROC
Wow, Pierre almost got clocked by Nomar's foul. And I can't believe Vin has so far resisted his "helmets on basecoaches" PSA.
2007-04-04 17:57:05
109.   Curtis Lowe
Martin creating mini-havoc?
2007-04-04 17:57:07
110.   Underbruin
104 - Rob - try ESPN's Gamecast. Still a fair amount of info without quite as much software bloat. I find it very easy to read, which is a big plus.
2007-04-04 17:57:25
111.   Jacob L
Our first multi-run lead of the year! Ya gotta take the victories where you can, folks.
2007-04-04 17:57:51
112.   Benaiah
99 - Andrew, of fame, has access to gameday information that obviously includes it. It would be a pretty easy study to run I would assume. Take out the pitcher and compare the two groups. It would seem that OBP would be better at the very least, since the batter gets a free ball.
2007-04-04 17:58:02
113.   Greg S
Kent looks really good. He's taking mighty hacks in every at bat. He looked this way at times last season but not often enough. Hope he can stay healthy.
2007-04-04 17:58:11
114.   Gen3Blue
Well, the aging heart of the order actully did something useful!
2007-04-04 17:59:17
115.   Jacob L
I have a pet peeve with all the on-line live game dealies. You'd think at the start of the year, every player's photo could have the correct hat. Sheesh.
2007-04-04 18:00:13
116.   Underbruin
112 - The question is, does the advantage to the batter fully account for the very sizable loss if the runner is in fact caught off-base as opposed to a situation where he would have made it barring the pitch-out.

I'm not sure if you really can successfully handle the data, because you'd have to try and guess the number of times the pitchout actually made the difference on the runner's being safe versus being out, and THEN compare that to the benefit of a free ball.

2007-04-04 18:00:26
117.   Paul B
Dodgers benefitted from some questionable CF defense there. Seems the least the Brewers could've done.
2007-04-04 18:01:10
118.   Benaiah
114 - I don't think a ton of people have problems with Kent. His offense, anyway (his personality and his defense on the other hand...). The man was a force for us in 2005, though he was pretty much the only one.
2007-04-04 18:01:55
119.   natepurcell

only people that have a problem with kent are d4p and uncle miltie.

2007-04-04 18:01:56
120.   Humma Kavula
111 I prefer to take my victories when the team I root for as, y'know, a victory.
2007-04-04 18:02:36
121.   Benaiah
116 - I am not talking about steal attempts, just the batter's AVG/OBP/SLG in at bats that included pitch outs.
2007-04-04 18:02:44
122.   Jacob L
I had a problem with extending his deal, but I generally agree with 114.
2007-04-04 18:02:47
123.   underdog
Hmm, Gameday had Andre Ethier getting an intentional walk on 5 balls. Did Suppan throw an extra one in there as practice?

Anyone else having MLB TV problems?

2007-04-04 18:03:43
124.   Bluebleeder87
Wow, Pierre almost got clocked by Nomar's foul. And I can't believe Vin has so far resisted his "helmets on basecoaches" PSA.

Exactly my thought

2007-04-04 18:04:05
125.   underdog
Wait, Gameday seems to have changed it's mind and decided that Ethier wasn't walked and in fact made an out. What the...? I swear I wasn't hallucinating.
2007-04-04 18:04:32
126.   Underbruin
121 - Oh, I see. Then, yeah, you'd have to expect a sizable increase. But, again, an increase in hitter's stats may be offset by the cost of losing a baserunner. I'm not saying that you were talking about that fact... But in evaluating pitchouts, you'd need to try to calculate that as well.
2007-04-04 18:09:14
127.   D4P
When told Saturday night he was being sent back to the Triple-A Las Vegas 51s, Loney was told by management that he's ready for the Major Leagues, but the opportunity doesn't currently exist. Loney then told the team if a trade to another club is necessary to create that opportunity, he'd welcome it.

"He didn't demand it. He suggested it as an option," said Joe Urbon, Loney's agent. "He was the best hitter in the Minor Leagues last year and they re-signed Nomar Garciaparra for two years. If James only gets to the Major Leagues when Nomar gets hurt, he could be sitting around until 2009. No one wants to be a Dodger more than James. But he's disappointed and frustrated. As he said, he can't help the [Dodgers] in Las Vegas."

2007-04-04 18:09:38
128.   underdog
That was a nice play by both Martinez and Nomar. Even if it was the pitcher running.
2007-04-04 18:10:21
129.   Benaiah
126 - My main point is not the effectiveness of pitchouts, which I think are a perfectly valid way of trying to trade a ball for an out. In light of the fact that speedsters are often credited with psyching out the pitcher, and pitch outs are almost exclusively done on speedy fellows, by taking ABs with pitchouts and comparing them to other ABs, one might see if speed on the basepaths actually does help the batter at the plate.
2007-04-04 18:12:05
130.   Greg S
Perhaps you were right Nate. That last pitch was offspeed.
2nd time though.
2007-04-04 18:12:34
131.   Humma Kavula
127 Oy.
2007-04-04 18:13:18
132.   D4P
I'm not sure it's possible to make commercials that are more annoying than the Mattress Land commercials on KFWB
2007-04-04 18:13:37
133.   natepurcell
Colletti isnt going to trade loney, hes over paranoid about having enough depth.
2007-04-04 18:14:04
134.   natepurcell
although if he does, its going to make me yell really loud.
2007-04-04 18:14:48
135.   Bluebleeder87

Thanks for that tid bit.

2007-04-04 18:15:05
136.   DXMachina
125 You weren't hallucinating. I saw it, too. Turned out they bad combined Betemit's and Ethier's at bats, and then corrected the error.
2007-04-04 18:15:53
137.   Benaiah
127 - I can see his point. When is that opportunity going to present itself? Imagine if you were extremely good at your job and performed at the highest possible level for an extended period of time, only to be told that there despite being qualified, there was no promotion coming. I would start floating my resume to competing companies, and I don't blame Loney for thinking the same way. He is making practically nothing in AAA and could get hurt tomorrow.

Oh well, I hope we find room for him soon.

2007-04-04 18:16:10
138.   Bluebleeder87
the frustrating thing about the whole Loney thing is that everybody knows he's MORE THAN READY for the big time.
2007-04-04 18:16:17
139.   Gen3Blue
How do the Giant's know how to do so well getting pitching on the cheap. We pay 42 Mill. for a Jason Shmidt who hits 90 at the Max? On the other hand he seems to know how to pitch and claims he always starts off with low velocity. It is amazing how toothless the D's seem without Furcal. And I am afraid he will be out for a while.
But I always thought of Shmidt as a hard thrower.
2007-04-04 18:16:21
140.   Curtis Lowe
That was for lack of a better word.....
2007-04-04 18:16:45
141.   scareduck
110 - thanks for the recommendation. I had been using Yahoo's offering, but that was slow.
2007-04-04 18:17:21
142.   Humma Kavula
139 They get pitching on the cheap, but that pitching is Russ Ortiz.

Draw your own conclusions.

2007-04-04 18:17:23
143.   Benaiah
Ah Pierre, fool them once, shame on you, fool them twice them. Or perhaps whoever gave you the "bunt" signal is the fool.
2007-04-04 18:17:52
144.   D4P
I don't blame Loney either. He's a first baseman, not an outfielder, and his team just resigned a first baseman for two years. I'd ask to be traded too.
2007-04-04 18:18:59
145.   Bumsrap
Ned won't trade Loney? I am not so sure. Furcal is hurt and Aurilla is old.
2007-04-04 18:19:03
146.   capdodger
139 Well.... The radar gun in Schmidt's former home park registered Gange at what? 103?
2007-04-04 18:19:12
147.   scareduck
136 - that does it. Mandatory barcode tattoos for the players on some visible place so the robo-scorers can tell them apart at the plate.
2007-04-04 18:19:16
148.   Underbruin
141 - No problem. Hope you have more luck with it than other options.

129 - I see. I find it hard to believe there wouldn't be at least a fair amount of increased production; again, as has been noted, from the free ball (and from Derek Jeter suddenly turning into SUPERMAN as soon as a runner gets into scoring position).

2007-04-04 18:21:22
149.   natepurcell
prince fielder scares me every time he swings.
2007-04-04 18:21:28
150.   scareduck
132 - Helen turns off the radio when she hears those ads.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-04 18:21:40
151.   Underbruin
Schmidt dealing so far.

145 - chuckle Actually, wait a minute...

2007-04-04 18:22:05
152.   D4P
Helen turns off the radio when she hears those ads

Does she run out and buy a mattress...?

2007-04-04 18:22:05
153.   Benaiah
148 - I agree. I guess I just think it is something I haven't seen (and I read enough stat heavy stuff that I am surprised I haven't seen it).
2007-04-04 18:23:05
154.   Underbruin
Hmm. Interesting stat. Bill Hall is apparently 1-15 lifetime against Schmidt, according to Gamecast. His one hit, though, was a home run.
2007-04-04 18:23:16
155.   Underbruin
... Make that 2-16.
2007-04-04 18:23:38
156.   underdog
It's not fair to judge based on 4 innings today and one game yesterday but from watching Zito yesterday and Schmidt today I feel like we got the right guy. Doesn't Schmidt's velocity traditionally get higher as games wear on? Or am I making that up? At any rate, he knows how to pitch and throwing 98 isn't everything.
2007-04-04 18:24:38
157.   JimBilly4
While I would hate to see it, if Nomar is healthy and hitting and won't move off of 1st base come late July, trading Loney will be an option if you can't get him into the outfield. I don't think there is any chance Colletti would move him before then.

Personally I think half of the Dodgers will be in traction by then, but that is another story.

2007-04-04 18:24:38
158.   Izzy
146. The Jints have a "fast" gun. i.e. it's aimed at the ball earlier in the release. The Dodger gun is slower (further.) The ball speed is rarely measured at the plate, least that's what I have been told.
2007-04-04 18:25:38
159.   StolenMonkey86
156- If speed was everything Brad Penny would have been really good after the all-star break.

Having a good changeup or breaking ball along with a fastball is everything.

2007-04-04 18:26:18
160.   scareduck
152 - no, but she'd like to set a few on fire. Fortunately, we have a flotation mattress...
2007-04-04 18:26:19
161.   StolenMonkey86
159 - That is to say, I agree with 156
2007-04-04 18:26:19
162.   Underbruin
153 - Yeah, I can't remember having come across it, though I don't think I've read -too- extensively. My "haven't seen it yet, rather curious" stat is runs scored when a player reaches 2nd base via a double versus a single/walk and then stealing a base, corrected for outs/park/year factors. E.g. is stealing that base versus hitting a double actually more valuable (speedsters versus "basepath cloggers").

It seems like something somebody would do, but I don't recall having seen it.

2007-04-04 18:26:19
163.   MMSMikey
can anyone find out johnny estradas career avg against the dodgers?
2007-04-04 18:26:57
164.   Andrew Shimmin
Isn't Teixeira a FA after 2008? I'd rather Loney weren't traded, and I'd especially rather he weren't traded for garbage, but if Colletti could get a real outfielder for him, it wouldn't necessarily be bad.
2007-04-04 18:27:13
165.   Benaiah
Schmidt just hit 91. Maybe he does pick up a little steam later in games.
2007-04-04 18:27:47
166.   Greg S
159. Indeed. And Schmidt just used it very effectively to get that strikeout. Good call Nate.
2007-04-04 18:29:10
167.   Andrew Shimmin
Over 92 PA, Estrada is .333/.370/.540 against the Dodgers.
2007-04-04 18:29:11
168.   StolenMonkey86
163 - 333/370/540 with 3 hr, 10 rbi, 7 r, 3 hbp, and 7 gidp

That 7 gidp for Estrada is second only to his total against the Nationals/Expos

2007-04-04 18:31:08
169.   StolenMonkey86
Correction, he has 9 career GIDP against the Mets.


2007-04-04 18:31:20
170.   natepurcell
man, the ball seems to die towards dead center.
2007-04-04 18:31:44
171.   JoeyP
Was that a 3 pitch inning?
2007-04-04 18:32:18
172.   underdog
I agree with 159 and 161. ;-)

Boy, would it kill you guys to work the pitch count a little more?

2007-04-04 18:32:22
173.   StolenMonkey86
Was that a 3 pitch inning?

Yes, sadly.

2007-04-04 18:33:36
174.   Curtis Lowe
The Dodgers just don't seem to be gel'n to well, I think the mix of Vets and really talented rooks is causing division in the clubhouse.
2007-04-04 18:34:47
175.   natepurcell

objection, hearsay!

2007-04-04 18:36:00
176.   Curtis Lowe
175- Obstruction!
2007-04-04 18:36:13
177.   natepurcell
when are the brewers going to call up ryan braun and complete the offensive rebuilding process?
2007-04-04 18:37:28
178.   StolenMonkey86
is suppan that scary to just hurl one down the pike?
2007-04-04 18:37:53
179.   capdodger
2007-04-04 18:38:24
180.   natepurcell
this is a bad sign.
2007-04-04 18:39:14
181.   Underbruin
180 He's just lulling them into a false sense of security.
2007-04-04 18:42:57
182.   Andrew Shimmin
The Yankees don't really need a firstbaseman, given everything else they have, but they have room for one. And they could use a Tomko or maybe even a Hendrickson, to start in place of Rasner (he really is scheduled to start next week, right? Not just a figment of's imagination?). How much would Jose Tabata cost? Maybe they could throw in Melky Cabrera.
2007-04-04 18:43:18
183.   Nagman
Bob, this just in... I think anyway. InDemand and MLB come to an agreement. Maury has the info.
2007-04-04 18:44:05
184.   Underbruin
181 - Scratch that. Time to panic. Women and Mogs first!
2007-04-04 18:45:20
185.   Andrew Shimmin
Press release here:

It's a seven year deal.

2007-04-04 18:47:23
186.   Bob Timmermann
I'm not crediting anyone on the Griddle since I figured it out on my own!
2007-04-04 18:47:49
187.   Vishal
[173] good god.
2007-04-04 18:47:50
188.   Benaiah
I think he is having control problems with his fastball. He hasn't thrown anything but offspeed stuff to Hardy so far.
2007-04-04 18:47:59
189.   MMSMikey
c'mon schmitty
2007-04-04 18:49:26
190.   D4P
Of the 8 pitches Schmidt threw to Hardy, CBS showed 1 being in the strike zone
2007-04-04 18:49:39
191.   Vishal
if i were manager, walking the bases loaded = automatic hook.
2007-04-04 18:50:01
192.   Benaiah
Hmmm... I would have someone up in the bullpen right now.
2007-04-04 18:50:13
193.   Underbruin
How do you walk the bases loaded pitching against a guy with a sub-.300 OBP?
2007-04-04 18:50:46
194.   Greg S
Wonder if this is manager's respect in trying to allow Scmidt to work thorugh five as long as he has a lead.
2007-04-04 18:51:07
195.   Bob Timmermann
Chad Billingsley would have had some really short outings last year under manager Vishal.
2007-04-04 18:51:14
196.   Curtis Lowe
2007-04-04 18:51:16
197.   Bluebleeder87
well we dodged a bullet
2007-04-04 18:51:20
198.   StolenMonkey86
193 - easy, walk the pitcher first
2007-04-04 18:51:54
199.   capdodger

So, does Schmidt answer the bell in the sixth?

2007-04-04 18:52:05
200.   Underbruin
198 - Ah. Right.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-04 18:52:14
201.   JoeyP
That was a really dumb at bat by Prince Fielder.
2007-04-04 18:52:30
202.   D4P
Fielder doesn't impress me much
2007-04-04 18:52:46
203.   StolenMonkey86
199 - 95 total pitches, so I'd say no.

Let's see who gets up in the pen.

2007-04-04 18:53:01
204.   Benaiah
If he comes up this inning, you have to pinch hit for him. Even if he doesn't come up, someone should be up and ready to come in the first time someone gets on next inning. Man, he looked pretty good until then.
2007-04-04 18:53:20
205.   Greg S
199. No chance. He's at 94 pitches. Which answers my own question in 194.
2007-04-04 18:54:12
206.   JoeyP
Whats worse:

The Dodgers hitters having a 3 pitch inning.
Or Prince Fielder swinging at the 2nd pitch against a pitcher that had just walked 3 in a row.

I think equally are bad.

2007-04-04 18:54:35
207.   Benaiah
Is 94 pitches a lot? I thought 110-115 was the norm? Seems like there is a still a little gas in the tank?
2007-04-04 18:54:40
208.   Andrew Shimmin
Beimel was up in the pen. But Hall and Estrada bat (or can bat) right handed, so, I bet he doesn't come in.
2007-04-04 18:54:55
209.   Underbruin
204 - Yeah, he was really cruising. Wonder what happened.

I should say, though, isn't this why we have CBillz in the pen? Or Hendrickson? If he comes back out for the 6th it will be following Grady's penchant for leaving pitchers in too long (Hi, Pedro!).

2007-04-04 18:55:06
210.   StolenMonkey86
207 - He just lost a lot of gas last inning though. And it stunk.
2007-04-04 18:55:19
211.   D4P
We swing here 0-0
2007-04-04 18:55:32
212.   Andrew Shimmin
207- Early in the season, managers tend to be more thrifty with the pitch counts.
2007-04-04 18:56:05
213.   Greg S
207. A) first game of the year. B) That inning didn't exactly look like he was running on 76 Premium.
2007-04-04 18:56:07
214.   MMSMikey
ethier needs to realize hes not going to hit everything out to left center.
2007-04-04 18:56:18
215.   Greg Brock
I guess we're just not gonna take pitches. Ever.
2007-04-04 18:56:43
216.   Curtis Lowe
Ethier really has warning track power...
2007-04-04 18:57:47
217.   Andrew Shimmin
That was the same pitch that was ball four to Hardy last inning.
2007-04-04 18:58:04
218.   Benaiah
Ethier shows off his warning track power again.
2007-04-04 18:58:32
219.   Andrew Shimmin
217- Strike two to Martinez, was. The ground out was different.
2007-04-04 18:59:02
220.   Greg S
217. Umps been inconsistent all night. He's given Betemit at least two gift calls.
2007-04-04 18:59:29
221.   bhsportsguy
I wonder how much the cold air (really cold air) cuts down on the ball carrying in Miller Park during this time of year.
2007-04-04 19:00:12
222.   Bluebleeder87
what we need is MORE RUNS!!
2007-04-04 19:00:33
223.   Andrew Shimmin
220- When it goes our way, it's prudence. When it goes the other way, it's a miscarriage of justice. C'mon Greg S, this is Fan 101 material, here.
2007-04-04 19:00:57
224.   Benaiah
OT: Arcade Fire has a song on their new album that sounds like a Bruce Springsteen impersonation (AntiChrist Television Blues). That isn't my metaphor, it really sounds a lot like the Boss to me. Am I the only one who thinks this, or what?
2007-04-04 19:01:13
225.   StolenMonkey86
Well it's about time for me to head on down to South Park.
2007-04-04 19:01:22
226.   MMSMikey
bill hall getting pretty high on the annoyance level.
2007-04-04 19:01:28
227.   Andrew Shimmin
Looks like I lost my bet about Beimel. Curious.
2007-04-04 19:01:31
228.   bhsportsguy
I thought we did a good job of taking pitches for the first 3 innings (60+) but it really went down the next three innings.
2007-04-04 19:01:38
229.   Gen3Blue
142 Sorry to be gone so long, but until one of our starters does better than Ortiz the question stands. I hope one does better before next week!
2007-04-04 19:01:43
230.   D4P
Defensive replacement: Ethier comes out, LuGo stays in
2007-04-04 19:02:26
231.   das411
Well DTers, if there are any WNBA fans here make sure you say hi to the newest LA Spark for me:

2007-04-04 19:02:41
232.   Greg Brock
That was a balk.
2007-04-04 19:02:47
233.   Andrew Shimmin
That looked a little balky from here.
2007-04-04 19:02:51
234.   bhsportsguy
He was dead on that play.
2007-04-04 19:02:59
235.   natepurcell
honestly, how is that not a balk?
2007-04-04 19:04:04
236.   bhsportsguy
230 It was more moving the pitcher's spot down to the 7th instead of the 5th.
2007-04-04 19:04:33
237.   Gen3Blue
Vin says it almost looked like a balk, but I've heard several interviews with umps this year, and only one seemed intelligent enough to have any idea what a balk was.
2007-04-04 19:04:36
238.   MollyKnight
224- No, no you're not.

OT: I'm sitting in the press box at Kauffman Stadium right now and J.D. Drew is standing on second base. He's been on base 46 times in the last two games. Sigh.

2007-04-04 19:06:05
239.   capdodger
235 The foot stays in front of the back of the rubber.
2007-04-04 19:06:37
240.   bhsportsguy
238 Drew has yet to take a third strike at Fenway.

And I like Drew.

2007-04-04 19:08:33
241.   Underbruin
238 - Flanders: "Wait, what? J.D. Drew gets on base a lot?

Why didn't anybody TELL me these things?!"

2007-04-04 19:09:11
242.   capdodger
If there is a runner, or runners, it is a balk when --
(a) The pitcher, while touching his plate, makes any motion naturally associated with his pitch and fails to make such delivery;
Rule 8.05(a) Comment: If a lefthanded or righthanded pitcher swings his free foot past the back edge of the pitcher's rubber, he is required to pitch to the batter except to throw to second base on a pick-off-play.
2007-04-04 19:09:52
243.   MollyKnight
240-241: He's on third now. Again.
2007-04-04 19:09:58
244.   Benaiah
238 - Well, as you are the (non)resident AF expert I will feel vindicated.

Yeah, but I bet he never did a Tiger Woods fist pump when he got on.

2007-04-04 19:10:18
245.   Gen3Blue
I fear Mensch is going to tatoo Biemel!
2007-04-04 19:10:39
246.   Andrew Shimmin
What kind of goofball needs a doctor to tell him that his shoes are too small?
2007-04-04 19:11:20
247.   Underbruin
Oh good. Counsell up with RISP and a chance to stick it to the Dodgers.

This should be fun.

2007-04-04 19:12:23
248.   Indiana Jon

Best question I've heard on here all night.

2007-04-04 19:12:27
249.   Underbruin
... Being wrong never felt so right.
2007-04-04 19:14:51
250.   bhsportsguy
Here is Jon's Corollary or Rule or whatever, trying to squeeze one more inning out of Suppan.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-04 19:15:12
251.   Benaiah
There we go.
2007-04-04 19:15:34
252.   Underbruin
... Fool me thrice?
2007-04-04 19:15:35
253.   Greg S
I'm noticing that this Pierre fellow likes to use the bunt play.
2007-04-04 19:15:51
254.   bhsportsguy
If Furcal is playing, he probably swings away.
2007-04-04 19:16:16
255.   capdodger
Now y'all can hit a fly ball to the outfield.
2007-04-04 19:17:26
256.   Greg S
you watching Andrew?
2007-04-04 19:17:39
257.   MollyKnight
I don't mean to rub salt in the current DT OF wound, but Drew also made a great defensive play in right to rob Mike Sweeney of a two-on, two-out gapper. He got a good jump, and, you know, lifted his glove to the appropriate height.
2007-04-04 19:18:39
258.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Last season, Little was 12th in the NL in non-pitcher sacrifice attempts (27). With Pierre in his lineup, I'll bet that number jumps into the 50s.
2007-04-04 19:19:32
259.   capdodger
Kemp. Freeze on a line drive with fewer than two outs.
2007-04-04 19:19:40
260.   ROC
247 - apparently there are other ways to stick it to us.
2007-04-04 19:19:45
261.   Underbruin
257 - Pure fabrication. Outfielders don't do such things. We've all seen it with our eyes, which as anybody who is a TRUE baseball fan knows is the ONLY measuring stick by which one can seperate the truth from the lies, damn lies, and sabermetrics.
2007-04-04 19:20:07
262.   Andrew Shimmin
256- Yup. Vin told a story about Mench visiting an orthopedist only to discover his shoes were too tight.
2007-04-04 19:20:20
263.   JoeyP
That was bad luck, but I'm not sure why Kemp was breaking down the line on a low line drive. At least wait to see if it goes through.
2007-04-04 19:21:09
264.   regfairfield
263 Because he had .2 seconds to react?
2007-04-04 19:21:14
265.   bhsportsguy
How come Jon's rule never works for us.
2007-04-04 19:21:21
266.   natepurcell
suppan is getting pretty lucky. hes allowing a ton of base runners with a couple of hard/long hit balls just not long or hard enough.
2007-04-04 19:21:29
267.   Andrew Shimmin
I've decided I'd be okay with trading Loney to the Brewers for Counsell. And then selling him to a glue factory. I think it'd be worth it.
2007-04-04 19:21:35
268.   MMSMikey
shocking, ratt bou comes back to hurt the dodgers.
2007-04-04 19:22:06
269.   capdodger
264 Long enough to take 2 steps down the line.
2007-04-04 19:22:20
270.   Underbruin
Obligatory "and this is why we don't give away free outs" reference?
2007-04-04 19:24:21
271.   bhsportsguy
270 No, in a one run game, getting the guy to third is the play.
2007-04-04 19:25:50
272.   bhsportsguy
Can the Ox go 2 today or will Sammy go 2.
2007-04-04 19:27:51
273.   Eric Enders
What on god's green earth was Pierre doing picking up that ball instead of Kemp, with his arm?
2007-04-04 19:27:57
274.   JoeyP
Pierre should have let Kemp throw that one back in.
2007-04-04 19:27:59
275.   Andrew Shimmin
Win expectancy is greater, in that situation, after a successful sac bunt (.758) than before it (.747).
2007-04-04 19:28:29
276.   capdodger
274 Kemp booted it to Pierre.
2007-04-04 19:28:39
277.   regfairfield
273 Hustling.
2007-04-04 19:28:53
278.   bhsportsguy
273 Because Kemp fumbled the ball, c'mon give the guy a break there.
2007-04-04 19:29:28
279.   Bob Timmermann
Roberto Clemente wasn't throwing out Rickie Weeks at third on that play.
2007-04-04 19:29:53
280.   Nagman
Brewer announcers said Kemp dropped it, Pierre picked it up. MLB.TV is like watching it thru a bottle so I'm not sure. Is that what happened?
2007-04-04 19:30:00
281.   Underbruin
270 - -grin- Yeah, I know, just couldn't help myself.

Besides, we were denied the HAVOC™ of Pierre on the basepaths. Tragedy.

2007-04-04 19:30:24
282.   MMSMikey
bad play by weeks, with the infield in you have to wait and see the ball through.
2007-04-04 19:30:38
283.   Benaiah
Whew, talk about dodging a bullet. Give one, get one. Now settle down and strike out the K-machine, Bull.
2007-04-04 19:30:42
284.   capdodger
Brewers need some sliding practice. A good hook slide on the inside might have slipped by there.
2007-04-04 19:31:19
285.   MMSMikey
i dont understand why bomko cant pitch and inning if he is not going to start until next week.
2007-04-04 19:31:41
286.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Who pitches the 8th? Bull, or is it Seanez's turn?
2007-04-04 19:31:56
287.   capdodger
284 Even if it wouldn't have helped, that was an ugly slide.
2007-04-04 19:32:43
288.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. this is the inning we score some more runs.
2007-04-04 19:32:47
289.   FN Bevacqua
Barry 735.
2007-04-04 19:32:53
290.   Eric Enders
"Because Kemp fumbled the ball, c'mon give the guy a break there."

Couldn't see that. Thanks again, Bud Selig, for making me watch this game on a stupid computer screen instead of, you know, a TV.

2007-04-04 19:33:18
291.   Paul B
The countdown is active again...Bonds goes deep.
2007-04-04 19:33:26
292.   bhsportsguy
285 Grady pretty much said that Tomko was only going to pitch in a blowout game.
2007-04-04 19:33:58
293.   JoeyP
284--I agree. Weeks' slide, and Hall's sort of side step non slide last nite were both pretty strange to watch.
2007-04-04 19:34:12
294.   bhsportsguy
290 Check out the latest in The Griddle.
2007-04-04 19:34:29
295.   Andrew Shimmin
284- Dale Sveum's third base coach rating is going to be hit hard even though it's not really his fault.
2007-04-04 19:34:40
296.   trainwreck
According to the Griddle, your problems are solved. At least the problems related to baseball on TV.
2007-04-04 19:34:54
297.   Underbruin
289 - Ugh. There goes my appetite.
2007-04-04 19:36:20
298.   capdodger
290 - Pay the extra $30 bucks and watch on full screen. It's not all that bad, really.
2007-04-04 19:36:25
299.   bhsportsguy
You will see Brady Clark in for Gonzo in the bottom of the 8th.
2007-04-04 19:37:34
300.   Eric Enders
298 I am.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-04 19:37:38
301.   ROC
I'm guessing Ethier was replaced instead of Gonzalez because of the latter's "clutch-iness". Let's see what happens here on 3-2.
2007-04-04 19:37:39
302.   bhsportsguy
296 Can't remember if it was you but this is good news for you too wasn't it re the cable package.
2007-04-04 19:37:51
303.   MollyKnight
David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez just walked, bringing up Drew.

Ball one..

2007-04-04 19:38:31
304.   MMSMikey
ok we need to get at least 1 this inning, can betimeat bunt?
2007-04-04 19:38:40
305.   Eric Enders
Too bad that wasn't a strike. How often do you see Kent steal second base?
2007-04-04 19:38:45
306.   MollyKnight
Ball two...
2007-04-04 19:39:06
307.   ROC
299 - giving us the much anticipated Dessens vs. Clark showdown?
2007-04-04 19:39:16
308.   trainwreck
Yeah, very good news. Get to watch Dodgers.
2007-04-04 19:39:21
309.   MollyKnight
Warning track power.
2007-04-04 19:39:45
310.   bhsportsguy
Sammy pitching the old fashioned 2 inning save.
2007-04-04 19:39:55
311.   Benaiah
303 - Who scores more runs this year? Yankees or Sox?
2007-04-04 19:40:12
312.   underdog
Does betimeat taste as good as vegemite?

C'mon Wilson! Make me less nervous about this game.

2007-04-04 19:41:04
313.   trainwreck
This just in...

Miguel Batista still stinks.

2007-04-04 19:41:08
314.   Disabled List
281 There is no basepath havoc like the Juan Pierre brand of HAVOC™.

(Yeah, I'm gonna do my best to turn that into a cliche.)

2007-04-04 19:41:30
315.   MMSMikey
it would have been perfect if counsell turned a triple play right there cause wilson wasnt running out of the box.
2007-04-04 19:43:04
316.   bhsportsguy
308 This weekend you get the Giant's announcers for the Dodger games, who are their TV guys.

Wow, 3 walks for Wilson.

2007-04-04 19:43:06
317.   StolenMonkey86
That was a hell of an AB from Betemit.
2007-04-04 19:43:15
318.   JoeyP
Walked the bases loaded
2007-04-04 19:43:23
319.   MMSMikey
aaron sele closing out the game for the mets.
2007-04-04 19:43:23
320.   JJ42
The Dodgers will honor Jackie Robinson by having all their players wear #42 on April 15th.
2007-04-04 19:43:37
321.   Eric Enders
Olmedo time?
2007-04-04 19:43:38
322.   natepurcell
productive day from betemit with the 3bbs.
2007-04-04 19:44:30
323.   capdodger
This is a spot for Anderson, but it will probably be Saenz who gets the call.
2007-04-04 19:44:35
324.   Eric Enders
320 Now playing first base, Jackie Robinson. Playing second base, Jackie Robinson. Playing third base, Bugs Bun-- er, Jackie Robinson.
2007-04-04 19:44:45
325.   underdog
Dessens... oohhhh... this is too good to be true.
2007-04-04 19:45:46
326.   Underbruin
Speaking of walking the bases loaded...
2007-04-04 19:46:27
327.   Underbruin
314 - A new crusade! To arms!
2007-04-04 19:46:38
328.   MMSMikey
thank you tomato
2007-04-04 19:46:48
329.   ToyCannon
How did Kershaw do today?

Tomato Tomato

2007-04-04 19:47:02
330.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Now we're talking!
2007-04-04 19:47:03
331.   Tangled Up in Blue
I cant believe that Betemit has walked 3 times. I thought he was a free swinger.

Saenz with the professional at bat!!

2007-04-04 19:47:09
332.   FN Bevacqua
wham bam thank you Olmedo!
2007-04-04 19:47:18
333.   JoeyP
Olmedo is clutch
2007-04-04 19:47:21
334.   StolenMonkey86
2 more runs!
2007-04-04 19:47:23
335.   Eric Enders
I love tomatoes.
2007-04-04 19:47:24
336.   capdodger
That was a meatball.
2007-04-04 19:47:33
337.   JJ42
With everyone wearing #42, it'll be a great way to raise awareness. Imagine, kids asking their parents why everyone is wearing #42 and then the parents telling them the story.
2007-04-04 19:47:41
338.   Disabled List
Saenz should be starting.
2007-04-04 19:47:47
339.   ToyCannon
Walking 3 times in a game is one way to get that OBP to acceptable levels.
2007-04-04 19:47:49
340.   underdog
That was so close to a grand slam... wow. I think Dessens is still good friends with Saenz, given what a sweet gift that pitch was.
2007-04-04 19:47:56
341.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Dessens =! fooling anyone
2007-04-04 19:47:57
342.   bhsportsguy
Dessens isn't exactly fooling anyone.
2007-04-04 19:48:24
343.   Eric Enders
It would be nice to see Billingsley in the 8th with a 3-run lead.
2007-04-04 19:48:28
344.   ToyCannon
Most parents don't even know the story.
2007-04-04 19:49:09
345.   StolenMonkey86
331 - Betemit's 6 yr average is actually better than anyone in the lineup for P/PA
2007-04-04 19:49:12
346.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
342 - By one second.
2007-04-04 19:49:15
347.   MollyKnight
Can Saenz play LF?
2007-04-04 19:49:40
348.   StolenMonkey86
and Kemp with RBI(s)
2007-04-04 19:49:52
349.   Rob M
Kemp is hitting ropes. Those are going to start to fall if he keeps it up.
2007-04-04 19:49:55
350.   bhsportsguy
343 Nice SF for Kemp. It would be better to see Tomko pitch with a 5 run lead.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-04-04 19:50:20
351.   StolenMonkey86
350- exactly, because I have Saito on my fantasy team.
2007-04-04 19:50:22
352.   Greg S
Gonna be hard to get through this season without Dessens... ya know, pitching against us.
2007-04-04 19:50:55
353.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm not sure Jackie Robinson needs awareness raised. Everybody knows his name, baseball fan or not, as well they ought. To me, the point of retiring a uniform is that nobody else is worthy of wearing it. That's only rarely an appropriate sentiment, but when it is, as it clearly is With Jackie Robinson, I think it ought to stand.
2007-04-04 19:51:20
354.   bhsportsguy
I believe that was the Dodgers first hit with RISP this season.
2007-04-04 19:52:02
355.   Bluebleeder87
I wanted to see Saito pitch but I guess Seanez will come in now.
2007-04-04 19:52:24
356.   FN Bevacqua
this game is over.

first Dodger victory of the year.

here we come SF...

2007-04-04 19:52:33
357.   Andrew Shimmin
344- Really? I'm surprised; I guess you could be right, but I can hardly believe it.
2007-04-04 19:52:51
358.   Underbruin
... Can't resist one more.
314 - Cry HAVOC™ and let slip the dogs of war!

... Yes I'm aware that was terrible, and I'm sorry.

2007-04-04 19:53:50
359.   Gen3Blue
Why don't I feel fairly safe right now. I hope we get more offense in the 9th.
2007-04-04 19:54:06
360.   Greg S
I think baseball whores out Jackie Robinson more than it celebrates him. His name is constantly tied to promotions as baseball breathlessly does everything it can to tie itself to him (after of course being the entity that made him a hero by excluding blacks until him) I'd rather see him celebrated more in school books and less in baseball promotions.
2007-04-04 19:54:07
361.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
It is Seanez!
2007-04-04 19:54:59
362.   StolenMonkey86
353 - Good call.
2007-04-04 19:55:12
363.   Underbruin
360 - Very well put. I agree completely.
2007-04-04 19:56:01
364.   Eric Enders
I was always strongly against MLB retiring Robinson's jersey in the first place. There were all these guys wearing #42 as a tribute to him, and the edict kind of nipped that in the bud. Nothing to make people forget like taking the number out of circulation. I liked that Mo Vaughn and Butch Huskey and whoever else were able to pay tribute by wearing the number.

But now MLB has struck on one of my pet peeves. If you're going to retire a number, then retire the darn thing. Follow the rules that you've set down. Don't go unretiring it every time you have an unfulfilled marketing desire.

2007-04-04 19:56:03
365.   JJ42
353 - You'd be surprized how easy and quickly people forget. Though everyone should know, many don't. Ken Griffey Jr admitted he didn't know the impact of Robinson when he first came up. Certainly the point of retiring a number is to honor the person's legacy, but I think its use on Jackie Robinson Day is appropriate and not a stunt.
2007-04-04 19:56:05
366.   Eric Enders
I was always strongly against MLB retiring Robinson's jersey in the first place. There were all these guys wearing #42 as a tribute to him, and the edict kind of nipped that in the bud. Nothing to make people forget like taking the number out of circulation. I liked that Mo Vaughn and Butch Huskey and whoever else were able to pay tribute by wearing the number.

But now MLB has struck on one of my pet peeves. If you're going to retire a number, then retire the darn thing. Follow the rules that you've set down. Don't go unretiring it every time you have an unfulfilled marketing desire.

2007-04-04 19:56:11
367.   s choir
Seanez got away with a hanger there.
2007-04-04 19:57:38
368.   Bob Timmermann
Will the Red Sox have someone wear #42?
2007-04-04 19:57:39
369.   dzzrtRatt
353 And let's not forget, speaking his name is a unit of measurement for velocity.
2007-04-04 19:58:32
370.   Greg S
Estrada's single was Martin's fault (or the scouts fault). The pitch was exactly where he called for it- way up.
2007-04-04 19:58:54
371.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Welcome to the beginning of the end of Seanez's career...
2007-04-04 19:59:39
372.   Gen3Blue
Rudy still throws in th 90's. I was about to say he must have learned how to pitch with age, before he started getting hammered. Rudy could throw 100 his first time around with the D's, but couldn't stay healthy.
2007-04-04 20:00:17
373.   Underbruin
Alas, poor Rudy. I knew him, Olmedo. A man of great jest, of near-infinite velocity...
2007-04-04 20:00:35
374.   dzzrtRatt
Why do we need Seanez? Don't we have a bunch of pitchers in Triple-A who could do this badly, but possibly learn something from it?
2007-04-04 20:01:23
375.   JoeyP
Quick hook by Grady.
Good job.

Kemp's being taken out?

2007-04-04 20:01:39
376.   s choir
370 It wasn't up enough.
2007-04-04 20:02:06
377.   Marty
Ugh, Seanez is the new Gio
2007-04-04 20:02:11
378.   regfairfield
He did strike out something like 15 per nine a couple years ago. He wasn't a bad choice for a guy to roll the dice on.
2007-04-04 20:02:35
379.   natepurcell
little bullpen currently consist of

pitchers little can trust in close and late situations

pitchers who will probably lose the game

2007-04-04 20:02:44
380.   MMSMikey
good good, saito not bomko.
2007-04-04 20:03:03
381.   Underbruin
Seanez still has a very good K/9 ratio (just over 9), but he just seems to get shelled an awful lot.
2007-04-04 20:03:30
382.   Greg S
Saito? Interesting. I like it. Best pitcher out there with the game on the line. Jon will surely appreciate this.
2007-04-04 20:04:15
383.   dzzrtRatt
There isn't a ballplayer in the majors I hate more than Craig Counsell.
2007-04-04 20:04:25
384.   Benaiah
378 - He still gets plenty of K's. I know he is old, but it isn't like he is Jesse Orosco or something.
2007-04-04 20:04:46
385.   Underbruin
I'm actually rather disappointed Grady didn't go with Tomko here.

It's always exciting to see a late-inning grand slam to tie the game, after all.

2007-04-04 20:05:21
386.   Bob Timmermann
Where in the world is Rudy Seanez?
June 2, 1986: Drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 4th round of the 1986 amateur draft. Player signed June 7, 1986.

December 10, 1991: Traded by the Cleveland Indians to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Dennis Cook and Mike Christopher.

November 17, 1992: Traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Colorado Rockies for Jody Reed.

July 16, 1993: Granted Free Agency.

July 22, 1993: Signed as a Free Agent with the San Diego Padres.

November 18, 1993: Released by the San Diego Padres.

January 14, 1994: Signed as a Free Agent with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

October 15, 1996: Granted Free Agency.

January 14, 1997: Signed as a Free Agent with the New York Mets.

May 30, 1997: Sent to the Kansas City Royals by the New York Mets as part of a conditional deal.

October 17, 1997: Granted Free Agency.

December 15, 1997: Signed as a Free Agent with the Atlanta Braves.

November 2, 1999: Granted Free Agency.

December 12, 1999: Signed as a Free Agent with the Atlanta Braves.

October 30, 2000: Granted Free Agency.

February 25, 2001: Signed as a Free Agent with the San Diego Padres.

August 31, 2001: Traded by the San Diego Padres to the Atlanta Braves for a player to be named later. The Atlanta Braves sent Winston Abreu (September 6, 2001) to the San Diego Padres to complete the trade.

November 5, 2001: Granted Free Agency.

February 1, 2002: Signed as a Free Agent with the Texas Rangers.

October 28, 2002: Granted Free Agency.

December 15, 2002: Signed as a Free Agent with the Texas Rangers.

May 3, 2003: Released by the Texas Rangers.

May 6, 2003: Signed as a Free Agent with the Boston Red Sox.

July 29, 2003: Released by the Boston Red Sox.

August 2, 2003: Signed as a Free Agent with the Chicago Cubs.

October 15, 2003: Released by the Chicago Cubs.

February 12, 2004: Signed as a Free Agent with the Kansas City Royals.

July 31, 2004: Traded by the Kansas City Royals to the Florida Marlins for Abraham Nunez.

October 28, 2004: Granted Free Agency.

November 24, 2004: Signed as a Free Agent with the San Diego Padres.

October 27, 2005: Granted Free Agency.

December 20, 2005: Signed as a Free Agent with the Boston Red Sox.

August 28, 2006: Released by the Boston Red Sox.

August 31, 2006: Signed as a Free Agent with the San Diego Padres

Sometime in winter 2007: Signed as Free Agent with Los Angeles Dodgers

2007-04-04 20:05:42
387.   MMSMikey
2007-04-04 20:05:54
388.   Andrew Shimmin
Loney and Elbert. Final offer.
2007-04-04 20:06:19
389.   capdodger
That's a fair ball and my feed dies. Frustrating.
2007-04-04 20:06:19
390.   Bob Timmermann
As someone with an irrational hatred of Russ Ortiz, I find your hatred intriguing.

He did go to Notre Dame.

2007-04-04 20:06:23
391.   JoeyP
Valdez in RF sure helped prevent that double...
2007-04-04 20:07:25
392.   Jon Weisman
382 - I did appreciate it, despite what just happened. I don't appreciate Rudy Seanez, at all.

383 - Counsell is this decade's Jim Eisenreich.

2007-04-04 20:07:26
393.   Andrew Shimmin
Valdez is in left.
2007-04-04 20:07:39
394.   regfairfield
You'd think getting us Carlos Perez would be enough...
2007-04-04 20:08:15
395.   JoeyP
Ouch that was Brady Clark?
My fault
2007-04-04 20:08:29
396.   Underbruin
Clark's over in right.
2007-04-04 20:09:44
397.   dzzrtRatt
386 Has he ever seen the post-season? Looks like maybe he could have with the Cubs in 03, the Padres in 06, the Braves a couple times. But would any manager give a roster spot to him?

I know Seanez can throw. But he's obviously not valued.

2007-04-04 20:09:48
398.   Bluebleeder87
This is just to nerve racking
2007-04-04 20:10:37
399.   natepurcell
dodger baseball...heartstopping!
2007-04-04 20:11:36
400.   Underbruin
Phew. That could have been a lot worse.

Also, just a clarification regarding the 'Save' -

So, Saito could have been credited with a blown save if the Brewers had tied/taken the lead there(save situation, with tying run at plate), but if he's taken out for the 9th receives the hold, and only gets the S if he pitches the 9th as well, correct?

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-04-04 20:12:00
401.   s choir
392 Except that Jim Eisenreich never got the chance to suck while playing for the Dodgers.
2007-04-04 20:12:00
402.   underdog
So, I missed that half inning for dinner. Apparently, Seanez stank, and Saito briefly stank before righting himself? Does that about sum it up?
2007-04-04 20:12:02
403.   Benaiah
Oh well, those runs don't count against Saito anyway.
2007-04-04 20:12:31
404.   Andrew Shimmin
Turnbow and Beimel should be poster boys for the bring back the draft movement. Really, if it meant getting these guys a haircut, I think a lot of people could be brought on board.
2007-04-04 20:13:20
405.   dzzrtRatt
Curious why the Dodger ad featuring Luis Gonzalez compresses and elongates his image so he looks like a Giacometti sculpture. What are they trying to say? The Dodgers are going to be surreal this season? Watching the Dodgers is like taking LSD?

Or does it look like that because I don't have a hi-def TV?

2007-04-04 20:13:36
406.   Jon Weisman
401 - Oh he sure did.
2007-04-04 20:14:02
407.   Daniel Zappala
Turnbow is one of Stoneman's biggest mistakes. There was no reason to let him go.
2007-04-04 20:14:32
408.   Benaiah
Oh well, those runs don't count against Saito anyway.
2007-04-04 20:15:24
409.   Benaiah
Oh well, those runs don't count against Saito anyway.
2007-04-04 20:15:47
410.   Gen3Blue
398 nerve racking is the perfect term. I begin to fear this could be like 2005 when I had to watch most of the time with the sound off. I'm sorry to have so little faith--its way too early.
2007-04-04 20:16:03
411.   Benaiah
I am really sorry, I don't know what is happening. I think when I refresh it is sending that. Sorry.
2007-04-04 20:16:38
412.   ROC
It's been so nice to hear Vin for the first time since last year (dependent on DirecTV EI here). In an attempt to explain my fondness for him to my fiance, I could only say "he's like the grandfather I never had, with whom I've spent many a summer afternoon with".

I will remind her of this when the toe socks I just ordered get delievered by UPS.

2007-04-04 20:16:44
413.   Bob Timmermann
Eisenreich had 125 ABs for the Dodgers in 75 games.

He batted .197

Craig Counsell got into 50 games for the Dodgers and had 108 ABs and batted .259.

2007-04-04 20:17:21
414.   SoSG Orel
405. I've noticed the same thing. I blame Drew McCourt.
2007-04-04 20:18:52
415.   scareduck
407 - Turnbow is one of Stoneman's biggest mistakes. There was no reason to let him go.

It's not so much that there was no reason to let him go as the Angels got nothing of value for him. Turnbow's second half 2007 was something of a validation of his release.

2007-04-04 20:19:01
416.   Underbruin
Okay, c'mon Sammy...
2007-04-04 20:19:23
417.   JoeyP
I'd have Billingsley warmed up just in case Saito struggles in the 9th. By struggle, I mean if he allows 1 base runner he's pulled.
2007-04-04 20:19:34
418.   Bob Timmermann
Luis Gonzalez has always had that lean and hungry look:

2007-04-04 20:19:46
419.   Greg S
Off day tomorrow makes Saito's 2 innings possible. Good mover given the schedule.
2007-04-04 20:19:48
420.   s choir
406, 413:

I must have blocked that out.

2007-04-04 20:20:04
421.   scareduck
410 - my nerves are pretty much racked most of the time. That's why I'm waiting for a cue ball.
2007-04-04 20:20:32
422.   natepurcell
josh gives us some words on the loney situation on his blog.
2007-04-04 20:21:36
423.   regfairfield
Why? Just, why?
2007-04-04 20:21:44
424.   capdodger
2007-04-04 20:21:55
425.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
OK, get it out of your system.
Now shut 'em down.
2007-04-04 20:22:14
426.   JoeyP
Ok time for Billingsley.
Saito's gotten hit hard on every ball so far save 1.
2007-04-04 20:22:20
427.   underdog
Sooooo.... is Billingsley in the bullpen?
2007-04-04 20:22:58
428.   Underbruin
Oh good. As if this game needed to be closer.
2007-04-04 20:23:03
429.   Tangled Up in Blue
Saito does not look sharp. Weeks smoked that ball to center in the last inning.
2007-04-04 20:23:07
430.   capdodger
421 Racked. Cue. Har Har.
2007-04-04 20:23:57
431.   regfairfield
That should have been foul. It really looked like it was.
2007-04-04 20:24:05
432.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2007-04-04 20:24:20
433.   JoeyP
Good grief Grady.
Take him out.
2007-04-04 20:24:21
434.   Tangled Up in Blue
Get Saito out of there!
2007-04-04 20:24:38
435.   Benaiah
Seriously, Little, that is enough. Pull him. The writing is on the wall.
2007-04-04 20:24:46
436.   Underbruin

To borrow a shtick from Bill Simmons, "Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2007 Los Angeles Dodgers!"

2007-04-04 20:24:52
437.   Gen3Blue
Man, Saito was squeezed bad by the Ump. But I guess whan you put yourself in the position---
2007-04-04 20:25:06
438.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Hall wanted that one.
2007-04-04 20:25:06
439.   Tangled Up in Blue
This is walk off territory. Saito is missing up in the zone.
2007-04-04 20:25:22
440.   Bob Timmermann
Vishal would approve of nerve-racking.
2007-04-04 20:26:18
441.   we are infinite
Aw man, I shoulda gone to bed and just assumed we'd win.

This is harsh.

2007-04-04 20:26:28
442.   D4P
I bet* the Brewers don't score here

*For entertainment purposes only

2007-04-04 20:27:17
443.   Andrew Shimmin
Fielder should have tagged up. That would have been great, no matter the outcome.
2007-04-04 20:27:45
444.   underdog
Wow, did someone actually not challenge Pierre's arm?? Actually, that would have been kind of a pointless move.
2007-04-04 20:28:01
445.   Tangled Up in Blue
443 - I was just about to type that.
2007-04-04 20:28:17
446.   JoeyP
Dont give Jenkins anything good to hit.
2007-04-04 20:28:35
447.   Greg S
They don't run for Fielder?
2007-04-04 20:28:54
448.   underdog
Why do you give Jenkins anything to hit hre?
2007-04-04 20:29:03
449.   Tangled Up in Blue
2007-04-04 20:29:33
450.   Greg S
Ye of little faith! Sammy is our guy. He was not his sharpest tonight but still got it done.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-04-04 20:29:38
451.   Underbruin
Le sigh of le relief.
2007-04-04 20:29:40
452.   capdodger
444 443 445 It's Prince Fielder. He's not exactly quick.
2007-04-04 20:29:44
453.   natepurcell
id rather not watch the games if this is going to happen every game.
2007-04-04 20:29:45
454.   JoeyP
Saito survived.
That was nerve-wracking.
The only guy he fooled was Hall.
2007-04-04 20:30:07
455.   Bob Timmermann
Never in doubt!

In other news, my monthly rent has finally cracked four figures. Or it will on June 1.

2007-04-04 20:30:08
456.   underdog
I just sweated so much at the end there that I have to change all my clothes.

The Brewers announcers had Juan Pierre as the player of the game.


2007-04-04 20:30:08
457.   Benaiah
Well, that was ugly. More proof that the save statistic is pointless.
2007-04-04 20:30:25
458.   Andrew Shimmin
452- That's what would have made it awesome.
2007-04-04 20:30:52
459.   Greg S
453. Really? I'd take 160-2 season.
2007-04-04 20:32:30
460.   capdodger
458 The barely mobile object meets the feeble force or soemthing like that, eh?
2007-04-04 20:32:48
461.   Jon Weisman
So, I just learned that it's free preview weak on Extra Innings. Padres-Giants on channel 747 where I am.
2007-04-04 20:33:05
462.   Vishal
[440] you know what, maybe i do. :P

i PREFER nerve-wracking, but racking isn't necessarily wrong.

2007-04-04 20:33:12
463.   Disabled List
The Brewers broadcast team named Juan Pierre the "Player of the Game" for his standout 2-4, 1 run performance tonight. Also, presumably, for his selfless sacrifice with a runner on 2nd and nobody out, and the HAVOC™ he created on the basepaths.
2007-04-04 20:33:15
464.   s choir
I bet the Dodgers are glad to get out of Milwaukee, with or without that win. What a house of horrors.
2007-04-04 20:33:16
465.   Underbruin
457 - No kidding. Saito allows 2 inherited runners, gives up a leadoff homerun and a no-out double, then finally hunkers down just enough (and it looked pretty close on GameCast, at least - that last out was pretty close to the warning track).

He gets the save. Right.

2007-04-04 20:33:31
466.   natepurcell

its not that i dont enjoy the win, its the ulcer thats going to develop in my body during the process of winning the game.

2007-04-04 20:33:38
467.   Jon Weisman
455 - You just broke my heart.
2007-04-04 20:34:22
468.   Tangled Up in Blue
452 - It's Juan Pierre. He doesn't exactly have an arm.
2007-04-04 20:34:40
469.   natepurcell
that brewer lineup is going to be really good in a year or two.

rickie weeks, jj hardy, fielder, hall, ryan braun, corey hart...thats nice.

2007-04-04 20:34:41
470.   Underbruin
466 - Think of it as your own little special present, straight from the Dodgers to you (though be careful, Frank McCourt may attempt to charge you for it retroactively).
2007-04-04 20:35:29
471.   Bob Timmermann
Ulcers are caused by bacteria and are unrelated to stress. I'll send you some H. pylori to help you get an ulcer if you want one.
2007-04-04 20:38:10
472.   s choir
469 It looks like that Brewer lineup is already pretty good. They are pesky and powerful. Facing the Giants should be a breeze in comparison.
2007-04-04 20:38:40
473.   capdodger
468 It's probably good enough to get Prince Fielder tagging up from second to third.

Besides, you don't want to risk making the final out of the game at third.

2007-04-04 20:38:49
474.   Greg S
Pregame: Dodgers will score 5, Schmidt will get win, Saito will get save.
I would take it!
Truly, we've got some things to work out but am very encouraged by both Wolf and Schmidt. I think when Furcal is back in there we'll look pretty good. Just need to get past out outfield defense and we'll be okay.
2007-04-04 20:38:54
475.   Gen3Blue
That was really hard to watch and I admit I turned away for certain intervals. But I knew Saito could pitch in that much trouble.
At least 3/4 of pitchers would go to pieces in that bad a situation. Could you see Tomko or Hendrickson in that spot?
2007-04-04 20:39:05
476.   JoeyP
I just noticed that the Padres lineup start off:

M. Giles
B. Giles

2007-04-04 20:40:31
477.   Tangled Up in Blue
473 - You're right. It would have been a match up for the ages though. Actually they should have put in a pinch runner for Fielder.
2007-04-04 20:41:26
478.   D4P
Meanwhile, Jim Tracy's Pirates are 3-0, with Chris ".255/.317/.338 in 2006" batting leadoff
2007-04-04 20:42:37
479.   underdog
Aren't they already good?

455 is further evidence that Bob does not, in fact, live in San Francisco (like some of us do). I have a bargain apartment for 1,000.

Okay, gotta finish watching the end of The Good Shepherd and sleep. Night all.

2007-04-04 20:43:06
480.   Gen3Blue
As strange as it seems, Furcal is the key to our offense. And the outfield--Pierre,Gonzo, and yes even Ethier are really horrible. Ethier can improve and would be OK if the rest of the outfield was OK. But really...
2007-04-04 20:43:42
481.   underdog
(I love how Stephen Colbert's new sports segment is called the "Sports Report" - pronounced "spore repore.")
2007-04-04 20:45:15
482.   Tangled Up in Blue
For viewers in LA, KCET is showing a spotlight on the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz. They just showed some great live footage of Monk from back in the day.
2007-04-04 20:46:36
483.   s choir
479 My tiny studio on Dolores/22nd costs me $1195. I moved here and paid that much because it seemed like a great neighborhood. A month after moving in, I got robbed at gunpoint a block away from my house. There's been a spate of violent crime in this neighborhood recently.

For unrelated reasons, however, I'll be moving back to LA in a couple of months, hopefully in time for the next Dodger Thoughts night.

2007-04-04 20:47:06
484.   natepurcell
while the dodgers are off tomorrow, the rest of the system is not. opening day for the loons, 666ers, suns and 51s!
2007-04-04 20:47:11
485.   JoeyP
The key will be Grady's willingness to keep Martin at #2, and dump Pierre to 8th when Furcal comes back. Its probably not going to happen tho.
2007-04-04 20:47:49
486.   D4P
Our 1,200 square foot single-family dwelling built in the 1930s in an historic neighborhood costs $800.
2007-04-04 20:49:58
487.   underdog
Oh, before I go, this slightly positive bit of news at the bottom of the story on the Dodger game:

"Little said SS Rafael Furcal (sprained left ankle) looked good in the batting cage, but still needed to run before they had a timetable of when he might return."

2007-04-04 20:50:00
488.   Andrew Shimmin
Ethier isn't horrible at all. Pierre isn't horrible, either (his arm is, but over all, he isn't). LuGo probably isn't horrible either.
2007-04-04 20:50:37
489.   capdodger
477 I don't know that they had anyone who could play first, but yes, that probably would have been the right move.
2007-04-04 20:50:50
490.   Gen3Blue
Even on the east coast, with DTV I get to hear a lot from Kevin Kennedy. And I love him as a commentor, because as long as he is it means he is nowhere near my team or my players.
2007-04-04 20:52:49
491.   Gen3Blue
488 You're feeling uncharacteristically charitable tonight! I should lighten up myself!
2007-04-04 20:54:42
492.   s choir
485 I think Pierre in the 8th spot would be worse than Pierre batting leadoff, because it still provides the other team with two easy outs in a row. Here is my ideal lineup once Furcal returns:


2007-04-04 20:57:06
493.   KBL

I think I would rather see Martin batting sixth or seventh. I love his ability to keep the inning going in that spot. We had a lot of problems with that tonight from Betemit, Ethier andRamon.

2007-04-04 20:58:47
494.   Andrew Shimmin
491- I'm trying to make it more characteristic. It's baseball season! It's really here, again. I'm feel like Scrouge on Christmas morning. Except broke. And I don't believe in ghosts. And I'm a little creeped out by sick kids. But otherwise, just like him.
2007-04-04 21:00:04
495.   Benaiah
492 - If wishes were horses...

In all seriousness though, 6 is thought of as a power spot (that is probably ludicrous, but whatever) and no way Pierre ever hits there. If we are going to make up fantasies about where he hits why not just have him hit 10th?

Sorry, that sounds nasty. It is late. Good night.

2007-04-04 21:02:57
496.   natepurcell
I think I would rather see Martin batting sixth or seventh. I love his ability to keep the inning going in that spot. We had a lot of problems with that tonight from Betemit, Ethier andRamon.

betemit got on base 3 out of the 4 times today.

2007-04-04 21:05:52
497.   s choir
495 Actually I had him in the 5-spot. I know that traditionally the 3-4-5 spots should be occupied by power hitters, but the Dodgers have a different type of lineup. The reason I have Pierre there is because he would bat right after the person (Kent) most likely to clear the bases, or at least leave first base open. I realize that this lineup will never happen, but I'd be really curious to see what would happen if Little tried it.
2007-04-04 21:11:56
498.   Marty
The goal is to reduce the amount of at bats JP gets. So, short of benching him, you hit him eighth.
2007-04-04 21:14:37
499.   Woody
I spent the few extra bucks this year and got the "premium" package. Tonight's game was mostly frozen with very little of the touted 700k streaming. The audio was mostly O.K. on the TV, but listening to the Brewer's announcing team made me even more nauseous than the game. Several times the game cut-out completely and I had to start from scratch with the Dodgers website and log-in at least 3 times. The which I always use to hear the post game show also cut out several times. In addition, MLB.gameday is really unusable so far this year since it is too wide for my computer screen and doesn't allow horizontal or vertical adjustment. I guess I'll be calling tech support tomorrow.

I didn't even get to see the final three outs, and only saw Seanez and Saito getting roughed up.

Did anyone else have a similar experience?

2007-04-04 21:15:43
500.   Daniel Zappala
FSN Bay Area is promoting the upcoming series with the Dodgers by referring to the "hated Jeff Kent and the Dodgers." Do SF Giants fans really hate Kent, after all he did for their team?
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2007-04-04 21:17:38
501.   D4P
Everyone outside of Utah hates Jeff Kent
2007-04-04 21:19:15
502.   Daniel Zappala
This talk of housing prices is making me glad I bought a house and live in Utah.
2007-04-04 21:19:44
503.   s choir
499 I had problems with MLB.TV today too, but not as bad as you. Now that Extra Innings is coming to cable, though, I'm cancelling MLB.TV tomorrow.
2007-04-04 21:20:12
504.   Daniel Zappala
... and the people in Utah for the most part have no idea who Kent is. MLB is not a big sport here.
2007-04-04 21:24:09
505.   Terry A
484 - The Dodgers have a farm club called the 666ers? Home games must be, well, you know...

502 - We built a 2,300 sq. ft. house last year, and our payment is in the $700 range. The downside is the garage only has room for one mule, and the chickens have dang near ruined the downstairs bath.

2007-04-04 21:28:24
506.   Ken Arneson
501 Everyone outside of Utah except the UC Berkeley Women's Sports Department.
2007-04-04 21:28:43
507.   underdog
Woody, I had problems with it tonight, too. I thought maybe it was because I was using our household's wireless connection, but it's still a fast speed. I also don't have the 700k subscription that you do so I expect less, but still expect better than constant hiccuping, freezing and all that. It kept getting stuck and then going back to the beginning of the inning.

500 I think they hype up how much Giants fans hate Kent but he does get booed a lot when he comes back to SF. I don't quite get it, but a lot of baseball fans in general boo former star players. It's sort of like Giants fans are so loyal to Bonds that they therefore must hate Kent, because there's no love lost between the two of them.

2007-04-04 21:32:11
508.   Marty
I managed to buy a nice house in a nice part of L.A. County and have a $1200 payment.

Of course, it helped that I bought in 2001 before the market went insane.

2007-04-04 21:35:06
509.   still bevens
Can anyone get an accurate read on the A's game. Has Harden really struck out 14? Im so glad he's on my fantasy team.
2007-04-04 21:39:53
510.   still bevens
The internets, they're broek.

Looks like it might be a more realistic 7 K's for Harden.

2007-04-04 21:40:05
511.   Bob Timmermann
If by 14, you mean 7.
2007-04-04 21:48:18
512.   LAT
I have'nt been able to post for a few days but while I've been gone I went to the Angel's and the Giant's opening days. The Angel opening was nothing special. In fact, other than having an American flag the size of Rhode Island it was pretty unremarkable.

The Giant day, on the other hand, was awsome. Everything you expect from an opening day. Yes, I enjoyed it becasue they lost badly, but the pregame show was really special. In additon, to a beautiful day that was tailor made for baseball, and the F-18 fly over which is always a rush, even when you know its coming, the Giants had a tribute to this year's All-Star game by recognizing 27 of thier former All Stars. While I could care less about Jeffrey Leonard or Kevin Mitchell, seeing Willie McCovey, Willie Mays and Gaylord Perry was actually a lump in the throat moment. I enjoyed seeing Rob Nenn and Vida Blue as well but I can't cal it emotional. Poor Willie McCovey looks just awful but he was a stud for being there. Gaylord Perry is, well let's just say he looks like he hasn't missed too many buffets since retiring. Mays came out hand in hand with his God-son which was a smart PR move cause who is going to boo Bonds when he is attached to Willie Mays. Other than the result, I would be happy if Monday came off half as well. BTW, a lot of SF fans were complaining about price hikes in tickets and beer ($8).

2007-04-04 21:52:59
513.   D4P
Mays came out hand in hand with his God-son which was a smart PR move cause who is going to boo Bonds when he is attached to Willie Mays

I was saying "boo"

2007-04-04 21:54:46
514.   underdog
Speaking of the Giants, I kind of hope they win tomorrow. Something about facing an 0-3 team, hungry and at home, that doesn't make me confident. On the other hand, I'm already convinced the Dodgers are better than they are.
2007-04-04 21:56:42
515.   underdog
512 Btw, thanks for the write-up. Vividly put! Even if it is the Giants. ;-)

513 No, weren't you saying "Boo-onds, boo-nds"?

2007-04-04 22:02:47
516.   underdog
Great. The Giants lose but I have to suffer through the booms of their post-game fireworks show.
2007-04-04 22:05:09
517.   Uncle Miltie
Dodgers win, Clippers win, and I aced my history test.

Not a bad day.

2007-04-04 22:20:45
518.   Berkeley Doug
516 So that is the noise I've been hearing. I can hear it all the way in Berkeley.
2007-04-04 22:37:29
519.   s choir
516 That was actually a pretty cool fireworks show. I was able to see it from my fire escape.
2007-04-04 22:39:53
520.   s choir
514 And I wouldn't worry about the Giants, whether they win or lose tomorrow. Over their last 25 games, including Cactus League, they are 7-17-1. Meaning, they've been hungry for awhile and they're showing no signs of sitting down to eat.
2007-04-04 22:41:02
521.   s choir
And, four of those seven wins came against Seattle.
2007-04-04 23:00:17
522.   underdog
Good point(s). Let's show no mercy!

I wish I'd been able to see the fireworks; then it would have been cooler. Just hearing them was annoying, and made my cat freak out. Telling him the Giants had lost did little to reassure him.

2007-04-04 23:15:25
523.   bojangles
In Milwaukee, Dodgers looked very much like team whose offseason I disliked, whose current front office and manager give no greater feelings of confidence than most in the last coupla decades.

Was trying to decide whether to continue trial on MLB; they featured a pic of a certain happy sleazeball celebrating his first HR of the season. I cancelled my subsciption.

That and Drug Merchant Bud's salary were too much to support.

2007-04-04 23:25:59
524.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.

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