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Jon Weisman Update
2007-04-07 11:44
by Jon Weisman

Wayne State first baseman Jon Weisman is on a tear in his senior season. Entering the year with a career OPS of .970, Weisman homered five times in a six-game stretch and now has an on-base percentage of .418, slugging percentage of .711 and OPS of 1.129. He has seven home runs in 76 at-bats.

Previously on Dodger Thoughts: "Namesake Revisited," April 25, 2005 and "Topple-ganger," March 21, 2003.

* * *

Today at Cardboard Gods: Davey Lopes. Rated T for Teen.

* * *

Today's 12:55 p.m. game:


Comments (259)
Show/Hide Comments 1-50
2007-04-07 12:05:15
1.   Bob Timmermann
My last comment on the previous thread was LATed again!
2007-04-07 12:07:41
2.   Jon Weisman

Tony Jackson with a correction.

2007-04-07 12:09:48
3.   Icaros
Is Wayne State first baseman Jon Weisman aware of his Dodger Thoughts publicity?
2007-04-07 12:10:24
4.   D4P
Ned's hands were tied. He had no choice.
2007-04-07 12:20:54
5.   k0b3
just saw the lineup for today's game... Gonzo in it again
is Little that ignorant? Kemp has been hitting the ball hard and Gonzo has been letting the ball hit hard at him....
2007-04-07 12:23:51
6.   Bob Timmermann
Sadly, I will miss this game and see how the combined Dodger Thoughts and McCovey Chronicles blogs will react to the Russ Ortiz-Juan Pierre matchup to start the game.

Do opposites attract? Do they repel? Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Who is the enemy? It's a metaphysical and existential riddle at the same time!

2007-04-07 12:25:16
7.   StolenMonkey86
Maybe the theory is LuGo will have more impact as a leader if he plays poorly in the field than if he sits on the bench.

I don't know really. I wish it would stop.

2007-04-07 12:27:10
8.   StolenMonkey86
I'm calling Juan Pierre hitting the first pitch he sees, in the strike zone at least, out of the infield.
2007-04-07 12:27:41
9.   trainwreck
Alright, finally get to see a full Dodger game today.
2007-04-07 12:28:40
10.   Bluebleeder87
I finally got my OPENING DAY Ticks, it's pretty cool cause I'll be sitting almost in the exact same place I sat the last time I went to Dodger Stadium when ToyCannon game me those cool loge seats.
2007-04-07 12:28:49
11.   Curtis Lowe
3-1 says Pierre runs towards first base in his first at bat today!
2007-04-07 12:34:06
12.   Benaiah
Will MLB.TV be blacked out because of national Fox coverage, even though I can't see the game? Fox is showing the White Sox game in Chicago, but I bet the Dodger game is nationally blacked out.
2007-04-07 12:37:15
13.   overkill94
Is it just me or are there some quality promotions this year? 4 bobbleheads, 2 blankets, a Schmidt t-shirt, a beach towel, and a couple hats - not a bad haul. I'll definitely be hitting up the bobbleheads and t-shirt games and will probably go to the blanket and towel games. I'm crossing my fingers that the mystery bobblehead will be Martin, that would be super sweet.
2007-04-07 12:37:32
14.   Frip
No sport should ever be halted because of cold. Sport is not serious. Why are the people playing it acting like it is.
2007-04-07 12:37:41
15.   D4P
There is no tradition like the one currently being televised on CBS. Tiger shot 2-under on the front, and is now in 8th place, 3 strokes back.
2007-04-07 12:39:41
16.   Bluebleeder87

Have a good time were ever you will be Bob.

2007-04-07 12:40:46
17.   Disabled List
Wayne State first baseman Jon Weisman? I was expecting an update on Washington Post staff writer Jon Weisman, whose most recent article was a piece on domestic pork-barrel spending projects inserted into Iraq War appropriation bills.

Are there any other Jon Weismans I'm not aware of?

2007-04-07 12:41:43
18.   Frip
12 Fox is showing the Dodger game here in LA.
2007-04-07 12:42:02
19.   Bluebleeder87
I'm crossing my fingers that the mystery bobblehead will be Martin, that would be super sweet.

I think it's a safe bet no?

2007-04-07 12:44:47
20.   overkill94
19 I hope so, I don't even remember who the other options were.
2007-04-07 12:47:15
21.   overkill94
Dear Yankees,

If you can't muster more than 4 hits off Steve Trachsel, John Parrish, and Danys Baez, you're in trouble.


2007-04-07 12:50:42
22.   overkill94
Cycle watch in KC, alert level yellow

(okay, I don't know which color represents what, but Reggie Sanders needs a triple)

2007-04-07 12:51:40
23.   Andrew Shimmin
Lewin has Heaven's Gate member eyes.
2007-04-07 12:52:24
24.   Bluebleeder87

at his age it's gonna be difficult

2007-04-07 12:55:27
25.   Bluebleeder87
the broker i bought my opening day ticks from is a stutterer, so it was kind of weird talking to 'em.
2007-04-07 12:55:41
26.   thinkblue0
did I just hear there'd be a russ ortiz sighting?
2007-04-07 12:58:24
27.   Andrew Shimmin
26- Yup. He's starting for the Jints.
2007-04-07 12:58:37
28.   thinkblue0
hardest guy to strike out my you know what.
2007-04-07 12:58:48
29.   Andrew Shimmin
And he just struck out Juan Pierre. So, that's something.
2007-04-07 12:58:58
30.   trainwreck
What a fierce lineup the Giants have out there today.
2007-04-07 12:59:55
31.   D4P
Hard to believe a GM can throw out a roster like that year after year and still keep his job
2007-04-07 13:00:39
33.   Curtis Lowe
Ummmm Slide?
2007-04-07 13:00:40
34.   regfairfield
Hitting Wilson Valdez second is a very Jim Tracy esque move.
2007-04-07 13:01:07
35.   StolenMonkey86
Pierre used up 6 pitches. Wow.
2007-04-07 13:01:28
36.   Andrew Shimmin
Unsilky base running there, Mr. Valdez.
2007-04-07 13:01:58
37.   StolenMonkey86
Valdez punished for his greed.
2007-04-07 13:02:30
38.   trainwreck
If Russ Ortiz shuts us down...
2007-04-07 13:02:42
39.   Curtis Lowe
What a stat getterer.
2007-04-07 13:03:11
40.   StolenMonkey86
On the east coast, we get Mets and Braves, starting a couple minutes ago.

Old friend Paul LoDuca went big fly early.

2007-04-07 13:03:53
41.   Bluebleeder87
at least slide Valdez!
2007-04-07 13:04:44
42.   Curtis Lowe
Does he get credit for hit?
2007-04-07 13:04:51
43.   Frip
Vizquel showing some verbal flare as well.
2007-04-07 13:05:04
44.   overkill94
I can't help but hear "Who will not wear the ribbon?!" when Vizquel is announcing his line-up
2007-04-07 13:05:28
45.   Benaiah
Is that the worst lineup in the majors? The Giants are a tweek in Barry's knee away from having a 3-4-5 of Klesko, Durham and Aurilla for the year. Sabean wasted the best hitting in major league history by surrounding Bonds with junk.
2007-04-07 13:05:28
46.   regfairfield
Omar Vizquel is much better at that than Luis Gonzalez.
2007-04-07 13:06:07
47.   Andrew Shimmin
42- Yes.
2007-04-07 13:09:17
48.   Frip
46 But then Vizquel is better at it than %95 of the league.
2007-04-07 13:09:45
49.   Benaiah
Lowe has got that sinker working today.
2007-04-07 13:10:20
50.   StolenMonkey86
Baltimore got Baezed in the 8th, but they're still holding on to a 1 run lead.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-07 13:12:22
51.   Frip
This Fox play by play guy is a very strange man.
2007-04-07 13:15:22
52.   Andrew Shimmin
Klesko robbed LuGo.
2007-04-07 13:16:36
53.   Bluebleeder87
for what it's worth I've always liked Lieberthal's swing.
2007-04-07 13:17:19
54.   Curtis Lowe
Wow Russ ortiz has some life on his stagnant fastball.
2007-04-07 13:20:21
55.   Frip
Little wares his cap like a blanket.
2007-04-07 13:23:49
56.   StolenMonkey86
Ok, now that A-Rod hit his walk-off slam, back to the Dodgers game.
2007-04-07 13:24:52
57.   Bluebleeder87
Wow Russ ortiz has some life on his stagnant fastball.

I hope he runs out of gas in the middle innings.

2007-04-07 13:27:53
58.   regfairfield
56 If he wasn't so selfish, he would have just hit a single or a sacrifice fly.
2007-04-07 13:32:01
59.   trainwreck
Ethier goes oppo.
2007-04-07 13:32:21
60.   Frip
Things go better with Andre.
2007-04-07 13:33:31
61.   Benaiah
Andre breaks through. Come on Betemit, snap out of it.
2007-04-07 13:37:03
62.   Curtis Lowe
D-Lowe working that OBP
2007-04-07 13:37:48
63.   Benaiah
Great at bat for Lowe. Though considering who gave him the walk, maybe it isn't that much of an accomplishment.
2007-04-07 13:40:08
64.   Benaiah
Unbelievable, Pierre grounded out to 2B!

Is that an example of when to use a !?

2007-04-07 13:40:40
65.   regfairfield
How do you come up with a worse 1-2 than Chris Duffy-Jack Wilson?
2007-04-07 13:40:57
66.   Curtis Lowe
Valdez fails to impress.
2007-04-07 13:41:28
67.   Benaiah
First Dodger steal of the season. I think that was a pretty bad time to try a steal, since an out ends the inning and there is a runner on third. But what do I know?
2007-04-07 13:41:36
68.   blue22
65 - Is that a rhetorcial question considering the Pierre-Valdez combo LA is running out there today?
2007-04-07 13:42:40
69.   gpellamjr
65 Pierre/Valdez?

I was at the Reds/Pirates game last night-- strange to be snowed on at a baseball game. Duffy made a pretty nice catch in the game, and I was about 15 feet from Jim Tracy. Can you believe it? That close to greatness!!!


2007-04-07 13:42:54
70.   regfairfield
68 That was what I was getting at.
2007-04-07 13:43:15
71.   StolenMonkey86
65 - Jim Tracy will not be seconded by anyone.
2007-04-07 13:43:19
72.   Benaiah
The Dodgers must be leading baseball in GB%. Mix in a line drive every now and then, guys.
2007-04-07 13:43:21
73.   blue22
70 - It's what I figured. Just checking :)
2007-04-07 13:43:45
74.   oswald
i'm trying to stay positive but i am having flashbacks to 2003.

incidentally, it's amazing how many players go to sf and discover a fountain of youth.

2007-04-07 13:44:46
75.   Greg Brock
Listening to announcers talk about Juan Pierre is worse than watching him play.

Well, almost.

2007-04-07 13:45:31
76.   trainwreck
Is anyone surprised by how our offense looks?
2007-04-07 13:45:58
77.   D4P
i'm trying to stay positive but i am having flashbacks to 2003

The 2007 team has more Character

2007-04-07 13:46:33
78.   gpellamjr
74 While 2003 was frustrating, the pitching was ungodly, and I have a lot of good memories of the pitching that season.
2007-04-07 13:46:59
79.   JoeyP
Why would anyone want Wilson Valdez to bat more times in a game than Ethier/Betemit?

Grady was pretty cool with his lineups last year. This year--not cool.

2007-04-07 13:47:08
80.   regfairfield
As much as I detest this lineup, I'll eat my hat if this ends up anything like 2003.
2007-04-07 13:47:19
81.   blue22
75 - I've got the Twins/White Sox as my Fox game, and had to listen to Thom Brennaman and Mark Grace expound on the virtues of the Podsednik/Erstad 1-2 (another nice top of the order).

Erstad's at-bat came complete with historical football footage too.

2007-04-07 13:47:25
82.   Bluebleeder87
I'd love to see what Kemp would do with an Ortiz fastball.
2007-04-07 13:47:29
83.   gpellamjr
The Dodgers also have options this year. When the regulars prove they can't hit, they can be replaced-- theoretically.
2007-04-07 13:48:19
84.   twerp
Item says Lowe helped Brox get his groove back:

2007-04-07 13:48:30
85.   gpellamjr
79 Lugo batting 3rd was pretty aweful, don't you think?
2007-04-07 13:49:29
86.   Greg Brock
Come on, Nomar! get a hi...

One out.

2007-04-07 13:50:39
87.   StolenMonkey86
75 - I'm listening to how Jose Reyes is supposed to be like Rickey Henderson.
2007-04-07 13:51:00
88.   overkill94
I'm guessing Jon's not a big fan of this band:

2007-04-07 13:51:08
89.   JoeyP

If 2007 Nomar=2nd half 2006 Nomar, Kent deteriorates, Betemit OBP's similar to 2003 Beltre, and Pierre is Pierre--it could be very similar to 2003.

The only thing that gives me hope about this offense is Furcal and Kemp. Both arent playing today though.

2007-04-07 13:52:02
90.   thinkblue0
is it me or have we had an abnormal amount of guys K while looking.
2007-04-07 13:53:58
91.   capdodger
90 It's Russ Ortiz. Would you swing?
2007-04-07 13:54:26
92.   regfairfield
89 We had four guys on base under .300 that year, that won't happen again.
2007-04-07 13:54:32
93.   thinkblue0

with two strikes on a pitch that's an obvious strike? Yeah, I would....

2007-04-07 13:55:33
94.   trainwreck
Well this has probably hit you guys, but since this is my first game experience...

I cannot believe I am watching Luis Gonzalez on the Dodgers.

2007-04-07 13:56:05
95.   D4P
LuGo's hitting over .300...!
2007-04-07 13:56:20
96.   capdodger
93 What I'm saying is that he's "effectively wild." The batters don't know where the ball is going and neither does Ortiz.
2007-04-07 13:56:48
97.   thinkblue0

If he could continue that then I'd have no problem with him....but we all know that ain't gonna happen.

2007-04-07 13:58:01
98.   Bluebleeder87
Ethier has a great approach at the plate.
2007-04-07 13:58:14
99.   Andrew Shimmin
It's unnecessary hyperbole to suggest this team might be 250 runs worse than last years. There's no reasonable basis for such a projection. The only way this team finishes with anywhere near as few runs as the 2003 team did is if the season gets canceled in August.
2007-04-07 13:58:15
100.   capdodger
If they keep this up, they may well be able get the Giants to bare the soft underbelly that is their middle relief.

Mmmm..... Middle relief.....

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-07 13:58:36
101.   Frip
Unsportmanlike conduct on Bochy for tattling to the ump on Little for going to the mound twice in that Padre game last year. Probably seemed a very strange, very city-boy, thing to do as seen through the eyes of a cotton farmer.
2007-04-07 13:58:45
102.   thinkblue0
Make him throw strikes Betemit!!!!
2007-04-07 13:59:35
103.   Benaiah
Good news: bases are loaded
bad news: Betemit is hitting .077

Come on Wilson, make it so you can show your face in the clubhouse.

2007-04-07 13:59:58
104.   thinkblue0
NIIIIIIIIICEEEEE!!! Glad to have the old russ ortiz back!
2007-04-07 14:00:11
105.   Bluebleeder87
That's the Russ Ortiz I know. :o)
2007-04-07 14:00:40
106.   capdodger
An RBI for Wilson!
2007-04-07 14:00:44
107.   JoeyP
Thats Russ Ortiz.
2007-04-07 14:01:02
108.   Benaiah
Welcome back Russ Ortiz, good to see you again.
2007-04-07 14:01:06
109.   DXMachina
105 I was about to say that's the Russ Ortiz we know and love.
2007-04-07 14:01:51
110.   D4P
Betemit takes the cowardly route
2007-04-07 14:03:51
111.   trainwreck
If Ortiz is going to get mad at giving up one run, he is going to have a long season.
2007-04-07 14:03:54
112.   Vishal
[88] hah, i was totally going to mention them but i figured since the last thread was over the moment had passed
2007-04-07 14:07:10
113.   Bluebleeder87
That's Pierre's ball to catch, not Valdez.
2007-04-07 14:08:14
114.   k0b3
is it just me, or is the lack of offense worrying anybody... i mean one run against ORTIZ? and only two runs last night?
2007-04-07 14:10:39
115.   Benaiah
114 - Obviously it is worrying, but I think most people are taking the "wait and see" approach. Pierre is not good, but he is better than this.
2007-04-07 14:10:40
116.   Out in the desert
The gints radio guy says Pierre looks confused. Somebody give Pierre a breathalyser test.
2007-04-07 14:11:00
117.   oswald
99 - um, relax. i think the 2003 comparison was taken too literally. i just meant that i was thinking to myself "oh, my gosh, they're NEVER going to score," which is a feeling i had a lot in 2003.

and there is a reasonable basis: 12 runs in 40 innings. i know it's a small sample and we should wait until furcal comes back, but omg.

2007-04-07 14:11:37
118.   trainwreck
We got maybe two months more of this. So I am just sitting back and waiting for the youngsters.
2007-04-07 14:12:12
119.   thinkblue0
I wonder if Pierre is even capable of getting the ball out of the infield.
2007-04-07 14:12:26
120.   k0b3
115 - yea i'm in that approach too but it is starting to worry me... Gonzo seems like he has even less power than last year and Pierre seems like he is not trying to be patient at all...there's another ground ball from furcal going to fix all of this?
2007-04-07 14:13:18
121.   trainwreck
Missing our best player does not help much either.
2007-04-07 14:13:22
122.   Jon Weisman
Not singling anyone out here, since it has happened often, but I may have to ban "is it just me" posts that are clearly not just you.
2007-04-07 14:13:37
123.   blue22
114 - It's the same offense as last year - get lots of runners on and hope to get the clutch hits. Last night, LA had 8 hits and 3 walks. Today, they have 4 hits and 3 walks through 4 innings.

This is what it looks like minus the clutch hits - and it isn't pretty.

2007-04-07 14:14:06
124.   StolenMonkey86
Pierre's carrer splits indicate that he's a much better second half player.

Pierre's career OPS by month
April: .692
May: .682
June: .664
July: .801
August: .704
September: .801

2007-04-07 14:14:41
125.   trainwreck
2007-04-07 14:15:19
126.   k0b3
another rally being started... maybe a clutch hit this time?
2007-04-07 14:15:55
127.   Bluebleeder87
that ball that Nomar hit had fire next to it
2007-04-07 14:16:05
128.   k0b3
2007-04-07 14:17:27
129.   bigcpa
Baseball Reference fun fact:

Luis Gonzalez DOB 9-3-67

Eric Karros DOB 11-4-67

2007-04-07 14:18:53
130.   trainwreck
oy vey!
2007-04-07 14:18:55
131.   Jon Weisman
88, 112 - Going by their name, you'd be completely wrong. Like I said in the previous thread, it's all about context.
2007-04-07 14:19:28
132.   k0b3
What will happen more often this year?
Runner make a single into a double via Gonzo's defense or Gonzo's Hr
2007-04-07 14:19:48
133.   Benaiah
129 - Eric Karros has a bit of a lisp, obviously that isn't a big deal, but it does make him an interesting choice as a broadcaster. I guess he has a face for television, though his hair is 1980s big.
2007-04-07 14:19:58
134.   StolenMonkey86
Kent's double was in a particularly nice context.
2007-04-07 14:21:04
135.   trainwreck
We stink at running the bases and I think a lot of it has to do with Rich Donnelly.
2007-04-07 14:21:30
136.   Bluebleeder87

I think Karros can still hit one out

2007-04-07 14:21:31
137.   Andrew Shimmin
117- I should have referenced the post I was responding to; it wasn't yours. I understood what you meant, and took no exception to it. It was 89 that I found untenable.
2007-04-07 14:22:41
138.   k0b3
135 - at least he gave us something memorable from the playoffs
2007-04-07 14:23:06
139.   trainwreck
Nice play by Valdez.
2007-04-07 14:23:21
140.   blue22
Could someone be so kind as to describe that double play please?
2007-04-07 14:23:50
141.   dodgerkramer1
valdez making a case for himself today.
2007-04-07 14:24:16
142.   k0b3
140 - Gonzo (figures) blooped one and Kent went too far from the bag... Durham made over the shoulder and threw to second before Kent could get back
2007-04-07 14:24:55
143.   Frip
The way Karros described it you'd think Kent made a smart play.
2007-04-07 14:26:10
144.   blue22
143 - Thanks. First non-televised game of the year for me.
2007-04-07 14:26:33
145.   blue22
er..thanks 142
2007-04-07 14:27:36
146.   StolenMonkey86
138 - I would have been happy just holding onto the memory of Mark Hendrickson falling.
2007-04-07 14:28:40
147.   dodgerkramer1
I think the defensive struggles by Gonzo/Pierre this season actually hurt Loney's chances of being promoted as an outfielder. ... Do Grady and Colletti want an inexperienced OF taking over for Gonzo? I bet not. ... My guess is that Loney doesn't get promoted until Nomar or Betemit get hurt.
2007-04-07 14:30:02
148.   Benaiah
147 - Interesting.
2007-04-07 14:30:05
149.   trainwreck
Great camera work there Fox.
2007-04-07 14:30:07
150.   overkill94
That camera work was terrible
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-07 14:31:16
151.   StolenMonkey86
Lowe's thrown 62 pitches through 5. Nice efficiency.
2007-04-07 14:32:27
152.   overkill94
149 Got me by 00:00:02
2007-04-07 14:33:12
153.   thinkblue0
man Betemit just looks awful at the plate. Let's hope he can turn it around.
2007-04-07 14:33:43
154.   overkill94
Is it possible that with Sammy pitching 1 2/3 on Wednesday and another inning last night that Broxton would be the choice to close tonight if the situation arises?

My fantasy team would like to think the answer is yes.

2007-04-07 14:33:56
155.   k0b3
153 - we can say that about 3/4 of the batting lineup
2007-04-07 14:33:58
156.   Frip
America is obviously nothing without Chevy.
2007-04-07 14:35:42
157.   bigcpa
147 Well that and Loney's left-handedness. A Kemp/Pierre/Ethier OF is the most likely endpoint with Gonzo getting spot starts. Then with Anderson around Loney would be the third lefthanded OF bat off the bench. Olmedo seems like the big obstacle for Loney. Why can't we trade Olmedo to an AL club to make room for Loney?
2007-04-07 14:36:57
158.   regfairfield
157 Because Olmedo is awesome.
2007-04-07 14:36:59
159.   dodgerkramer1
154 -- I'd have no problem with a closer by committee today. So Broxton in the 9th sounds good. Lowe might go eight, anyway. ... More pressing concerns: Tomko needs some work. And Billingsley.
2007-04-07 14:40:05
161.   dodgerkramer1
157 -- good point, except for the Saenz thought. A late-inning PH like him is invaluable. ... Besides, Loney needs to get 4 ABs every day, not 1 every other day.
2007-04-07 14:41:01
162.   oswald
157 - i think sanez's value as a pinch hitter (not to mention that he is happy in that role) and loney's need to play daily makes that a bad idea.

i think they need to move nomar to third and bring loney up. and trade betemit. with laroche coming up, there is no reason to keep him. so wait for a hot streak to get his value back up and then trade him.

2007-04-07 14:42:44
163.   KAYVMON
What is going on with the fade ins to the replays? Are they really trying to sell us paint?
2007-04-07 14:43:39
165.   Jon Weisman
How does trading a righty help Loney?
2007-04-07 14:44:49
167.   Indiana Jon
Has there ever been a team that had two players with Wilson for a first name in their starting lineup before this team?
2007-04-07 14:45:46
168.   Vaudeville Villain
Olmedo Saenz is not the problem, Luis Gonzalez is.
2007-04-07 14:46:07
169.   StolenMonkey86
168 - Agreed.
2007-04-07 14:46:52
170.   StolenMonkey86
I'd pinch hit for Lowe here
2007-04-07 14:47:14
171.   k0b3
if Gonzalez plays tomorrow, Little needs to be checked out
2007-04-07 14:47:21
172.   StolenMonkey86
for the record, I did not see the at bat in gameday until after I typed that.
2007-04-07 14:47:41
173.   blue22
170 - Lowe's only at 83 pitches. He could go into the 8th today.
2007-04-07 14:48:03
174.   dodgerkramer1
I liked the idea to start with Billingsley in the pen. If you can avoid having a kid throw a lot of innings in April and May, you gotta do it. He'll be in the rotation by June, one way or the other. Thoughts?
2007-04-07 14:48:23
175.   StolenMonkey86
171 - Checked out? Is it Bob's job to take care of him now?
2007-04-07 14:49:46
176.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday eats up more ram, and it's a tease.

It said no out on the Pierre AB. Liars.

2007-04-07 14:49:59
177.   overkill94
Dang it, I look away for a minute and miss a play. Did Pierre actually get a hit? Yahoo has him lining out to center.
2007-04-07 14:50:23
178.   Benaiah
Any value Pierre has as a hitter is derived from his batting average, which is currently .100. I know he isn't this bad, but what a way to start a five year contract. This reminds me of Drew starting out 0-23.
2007-04-07 14:50:43
179.   StolenMonkey86
176 - ok, I'm illiterate. Never mind. I thought the description said he lined out.

I'll be quiet now.

2007-04-07 14:50:43
180.   Vaudeville Villain
Wilson Valdez is having a nice game. To think I forgot his name the other day.
2007-04-07 14:50:52
181.   Frip
If I could run like Pierre I would have run away from home a LONG time ago.
2007-04-07 14:51:00
182.   Andrew Shimmin
167- Looks like the answer is no. The Giants had Wilson Alvarez and Wilson Delgado on their 1997 team, but it doesn't look like they ever played on the same day.
2007-04-07 14:51:09
183.   bigcpa
165 I'd want a LH backup 1b behind Nomar. You can mix-in Loney for 20 starts since no one thinks Nomar can start 150. We have Brady Clark as a professional RH hitter off the bench.
2007-04-07 14:52:18
184.   Jon Weisman
183 - Still, you yourself point out how overloaded we are from the left side now.
2007-04-07 14:52:48
185.   Benaiah
CBS said he lined out too. He got a hit? Weird.
2007-04-07 14:52:49
186.   Bumsrap
I think Karros is auditioning to be a Dodger announcer. He has been so polite and supportive about Gonzo and Pierre and Betemit.
2007-04-07 14:53:18
187.   Bluebleeder87

we scored a few more runs for him so it's a given he'll pitch at least one more inning.

2007-04-07 14:53:51
188.   Gen3Blue
Hey--a Dodger just went first to third on a single. This year I thought that was something only our opponents did!
2007-04-07 14:54:16
189.   Indiana Jon

Thanks Andrew. I knew someone would feel like playing random trivia.

2007-04-07 14:54:32
190.   Vaudeville Villain

He also got finished saying that the Dodgers wouldn't need power because they had Furcal/Pierre.

Okay, Eric.

2007-04-07 14:54:55
191.   Curtis Lowe
180- I you discount his horrible baserunning in the first.
2007-04-07 14:55:34
192.   Bumsrap
Would anybody trade Loney, Betemit/LaRoche,Valdez, Kuo, and Penny/Tomko for Zimmerman?
2007-04-07 14:56:31
193.   StolenMonkey86
2007-04-07 14:56:35
194.   Curtis Lowe
2007-04-07 14:57:06
195.   Vaudeville Villain

That's a bit rich for my tastes.

2007-04-07 14:58:08
196.   Indiana Jon

Hell no.

2007-04-07 14:58:39
197.   Curtis Lowe
2007-04-07 14:58:52
198.   k0b3
it's kind of interesting to see how Lowe yells the F bomb after each bad pitch
2007-04-07 14:59:02
199.   dodgerkramer1
Steiner makes a good point on the radio: The OF defense has been rough this week, but the IF defense has been impressive -- particularly Nomar and the shortstops. Knock on wood.
2007-04-07 14:59:27
200.   blue22
192 - I'm more apt to hope LaRoche can be as good as Zimmerman.

Now if it's Cabrera you're talking...

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-07 14:59:52
201.   Benaiah
I would trade Loney, Tomko, Valdez and Kuo for Cabrerra. If it is Laroche and Penny though... that is a little rich even for Cabrerra.
2007-04-07 15:00:57
202.   Bluebleeder87

If I was insane maybe. ;o)

2007-04-07 15:01:00
203.   k0b3
199 - infield saves hits, outfield saves runs... hmmmm would i give up runs or hits?? hmmm
2007-04-07 15:02:34
204.   blue22
201 - I'll go on a limb and say it's a minimum package of Broxton/Kemp/LaRoche in order to land Cabrera this year.
2007-04-07 15:03:25
205.   dodgerkramer1
203 -- huh?
2007-04-07 15:05:25
206.   Benaiah
204 - I am betting starters more than relievers. Laroche is a given, plus Billingsley or Kuo, plus someone else (Ethier, Kemp, Loney, or another pitcher). It is going to be pricey. Still, I would take that call.
2007-04-07 15:06:22
207.   Bluebleeder87
I'd give Lowe another inning no? specially with the nice little lead we have.
2007-04-07 15:06:57
208.   StolenMonkey86
FWIW, Shawn Green dropped a sac fly ball, but each runner advanced only one base. They're loaded, though.
2007-04-07 15:07:34
209.   bigcpa
184 Our bench post Gonzalez benching:

Gonzalez L
Anderson L
Clark R
Martinez R
Saenz R
Lieberthal R

So we're overloaded with LH backup OF'ers yes but 4-2 righthanded. Loney goes in for Saenz but I agree you have to give him 1 start a week. Saenz in a package could net something nice in return.

2007-04-07 15:08:15
210.   oswald
it seems that clark is coming in for gonzo as a defensive replacement. so if gonzo isn't hitting, then why is he even there?
2007-04-07 15:08:21
211.   overkill94
Florida's actually pretty set for starters once everyone is healthy: Dontrelle, Olsen, Sanchez, Nolasco, and Johnson is a very solid 1-5 with Mitre able to fill in and Volstad on the way. Their pen is their achilles' heel right now so I think Broxton would be included.
2007-04-07 15:08:42
212.   natepurcell

i think you need to let go of your zimmerman dream. Nats are not going to trade their star player.

2007-04-07 15:09:02
213.   blue22
206 - My thinking is that they probably have enough starters - Broxton would look nice closing for them though, with Kemp in center and LaRoche replacing Cabrera at third.
2007-04-07 15:11:29
214.   JoeyP
Would anybody trade Loney, Betemit/LaRoche,Valdez, Kuo, and Penny/Tomko for Zimmerman?

Loney, Betemit, Tomko for Zimmerman? For sure.

If it is Laroche and Penny though... that is a little rich even for Cabrerra.

Whoa. I disagree. If the Dodgers got Miguel Cabrera and only had to give up an unproven LaRoche, and a #2 starter for the best player in the game...Thats a steal.

I'd give the Marlins anything they wanted for Cabrera, with the caveat that they take back Juan Pierre. Then sign Andruw Jones in the off-season.

2007-04-07 15:11:59
215.   overkill94
Eh, I would have let Lowe at least start the 8th. I guess Sammy would be the closer today after all - I suppose he could use some more work to build up his confidence.
2007-04-07 15:12:21
216.   Bluebleeder87
If I could choose between Zimmerman & Cabrera I'd take Cabrera any day, the guy is just a monster with the bat.
2007-04-07 15:15:36
217.   Bluebleeder87

Lowe was cruising IMO.

2007-04-07 15:16:21
218.   natepurcell
The Spring Training game was March 23 against Florida, when the Dodgers used Beimel, Saito, Broxton and Billingsley over the final four innings. Billingsley, whose maximum-effort style is well suited to one inning of all-out hard stuff, again got two strikeouts and a grounder.

why does gurnick keep spewing this maximum effort stuff?

2007-04-07 15:16:57
219.   Vaudeville Villain
Broxton gives up a leadoff single to some guy.
2007-04-07 15:17:02
220.   Benaiah
214 - That was in addition to the other stuff. So instead of Betemit it is Laroche, Penny for Tomko, plus Loney and Kuo. That is two hitting prospects and two starters. That is a lot.
2007-04-07 15:18:36
221.   Bluebleeder87

He likes using the word "maximum effort"??

2007-04-07 15:18:53
222.   overkill94
218 It seems that Gurnick just plain doesn't like some guys and makes it a habit to mention the same supposed deficiencies every time their name is printed.
2007-04-07 15:19:16
223.   JoeyP
The Giants have a wretched team outside of Cain, Zito, and Bonds.
2007-04-07 15:22:01
224.   JoeyP
220--I'd still throw in Loney/Kuo if it meant Miguel Cabrera.

Kuo's an injury risk.
Loney 's upside is Sean Casey at this point.

Miguel Cabrera is basically a 22yr old version of Albert Pujols.

I'd have no problem giving up Kemp/Billingsley for Cabrera. So the other lesser touted youngsters I definitely wouldnt care.

2007-04-07 15:22:09
225.   bigcpa
I would say Zito at $17M per is pretty wretched.
2007-04-07 15:22:39
226.   Vaudeville Villain

I don't know what the fascination with media people is in turning starters into relievers.

Hopefully we can turn Tomko into one and then the Chad can be a fifth starter for us.

2007-04-07 15:24:28
227.   Bluebleeder87
was that Clark's debut as a hitter for the Dodgers?
2007-04-07 15:25:24
228.   Frip
The no pizaz game of the week.
2007-04-07 15:26:02
229.   blue22
227 - He doubled off Sheets on Opening Day.
2007-04-07 15:26:05
230.   Suffering Bruin
Just got in but saw some of the game on television.

Eric Karros, broadcaster, was terrific today. He was prepared, knowledgeable, timely in his comments and completley devoid of cliche. He was interested in the game, too. This is something that the main guys at ESPN--I'm not mentioning any names--should strive to achieve: a level of inteest in the game they are calling that perhaps matches the level of interest the viewer has. It makes a world of difference.

2007-04-07 15:26:22
231.   Andrew Shimmin
Clark had 2 ABs (and his first hit) in the first game in Milwaukee.
2007-04-07 15:27:38
232.   Bluebleeder87

plus I think Cabrera is not in good terms with upper management.

2007-04-07 15:27:42
233.   bhsportsguy
For those stymied by the Fox game of the week, for the rest of the year, the Dodgers have 1 game scheduled in May and June, 2 games scheduled in July and August and 1 game currently scheduled in September.
2007-04-07 15:27:59
234.   bigcpa
It seems like the Angels are our main competition for Cabrera with Wood as the centerpiece. Cabrera is headed for $10M next season, so this is the year to wow them with a package. LaRoche+Broxton is a nice first offer.
2007-04-07 15:28:28
235.   Frip
Karros was a bit obvious most of the game. But yea, nice guy. Not too annoying.
2007-04-07 15:29:15
236.   trainwreck
Kent trying to earn praise from Miltie and D4P.
2007-04-07 15:29:45
237.   al bundy
I was hoping EK would say that Jeff Kent just gave max effort. That would've been perfect.
2007-04-07 15:29:59
238.   ToyCannon
Out infield defense has been quite spectacular this series so far.
2007-04-07 15:30:49
239.   natepurcell
maybe we can trade valdez to the royals or something.
2007-04-07 15:31:08
240.   overkill94
Lowe was definitely deserving of Player of the Game honors, but I agree with Karros that Valdez should receive consideration - he played excellent defense and hit the ball pretty well. Kent had a nice game as well.
2007-04-07 15:31:37
241.   JoeyP
I still think its a pipe dream that the Marlins would try to deal Cabrera at this point. If they are looking to dump salary, its going to be Dontrelle Willis first.

I dont see the point in the Dodgers trading for Willis, although Lowe/Penny are free agents after 2008, Wolf's on a 1yr deal--so I'm sure they could find a place for him. Just not sure if he'd be worth it salary wise or prospects wise it'd take to get him.

2007-04-07 15:31:53
242.   trainwreck
Always extra nice to beat the Giants.
2007-04-07 15:32:14
243.   Vaudeville Villain
Nice win. The Giants are terrible.
2007-04-07 15:32:24
244.   Icaros
I think Pierre should be getting to these spectacular catches by the infield.
2007-04-07 15:32:31
245.   natepurcell

i agree. all this cabrera talk is just wishful thinking. Marlins aren't dealing him.

2007-04-07 15:32:54
246.   overkill94
239 Not while Tony Pena, Jr. is sporting a hefty 1.126 OPS (going into today's game at least)!
2007-04-07 15:33:19
247.   bhsportsguy
If the Dodgers are going to do anything this year, today's game was an example of how they are going to do it, though I think Furcal's absence in the lineup is being felt right now.
2007-04-07 15:33:24
248.   Bluebleeder87
Valdez quietly had a very nice game.
2007-04-07 15:34:17
249.   dodgerkramer1
Important win today. From my perch in central Iowa, this makes tomorrow's game vs. Zito not seem like a "must-win."

Although as bad as the Giants appear to be (1-5 at home, right?), it's probably at least a "should-win."

2007-04-07 15:34:49
250.   JoeyP
Dodgers are 15-6 against the Giants since the start of 2006.

Tomorrow's game will be tougher with Zito vs Wolf. Zito completely shut down the Dodgers last year in Oakland.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-07 15:34:52
251.   ToyCannon
Suffering Bruin - Could you contact me at molokai@yahoo regarding tickets. I'm splitting up a bunch tomorrow and would like to know your preference.
2007-04-07 15:34:56
252.   bhsportsguy
244 Not on that play in the 9th, OF plays deeper and AT&T is a pretty big OF.

Just a nice play by Kent. Did not see the play where Valdez made the catch, that one sounded as though Pierre had a better chance at that one.

2007-04-07 15:35:18
253.   still bevens
230 Except for all of his crazy talk about Billinglsey being a 'closer of the future'.
2007-04-07 15:35:19
254.   Benaiah
Appleby was the only player below par at the Masters, but he just had a triple boggie on 17. The Masters is a blood bath this year.
2007-04-07 15:36:00
255.   dodgerkramer1
A 3-2 start without Furcal. Dodger fans can feel good about that.

Thanks, guys. I enjoyed the conversation today. Off to the grocery store.

2007-04-07 15:36:11
256.   Jon Weisman
230 - Really, SB? All I kept hearing was veteran leadership talk. I can't think of a useful insight Karros passed along.
2007-04-07 15:37:12
257.   Curtis Lowe
Loney's upside is Sean Casey?
2007-04-07 15:43:47
258.   Vaudeville Villain
Yeah, I wasn't all that enthused by Karros today, either. He wasn't awful, but I didn't think he was very good. And the whole 'Chad Billingsley could be a closer' was really not helping matters.
2007-04-07 15:48:42
259.   Jon Weisman
2007-04-07 15:54:47
260.   Dodgers49
209. Lieberthal R

It's really not worth including Lieberthal. He is the backup catcher on a team carrying only two catchers. The chances of him pinch hitting are:
1). Slim
2). None

2007-04-07 16:07:22
261.   Bluebleeder87
Nice treat, Extra Innings is free at the moment & one of my favorite pitchers is pitching today for houston.
2007-04-07 19:19:52
262.   StolenMonkey86
259 - whazzat mean?
2007-04-07 19:20:17
263.   StolenMonkey86
oh, never mind

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