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Two for One
2007-04-06 18:00
by Jon Weisman

Yes, it hurt when the Dodgers lost, but how many minded when the Brewers won?

Now, we're on to San Francisco. Double the stakes. Dig in ...


Comments (415)
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2007-04-06 18:05:48
1.   Curtis Lowe
I did.
2007-04-06 18:07:20
2.   Jon Weisman
Travaillez avec moi ...
2007-04-06 18:09:44
3.   Curtis Lowe
You know what makes the Brewers beating the Dodgers twice even worse?(not that I'm under rating the Brewers.) The Cubs are killin'em right now and that makes me a dull boy.
2007-04-06 18:10:40
4.   twerp
From late last thread...

81. "What'd I do in 70?"

You may be kidding there. But if not see TYFN rule #9.

2007-04-06 18:10:41
5.   Bumsrap
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2007-04-06 18:16:11
6.   Eric Enders
I like the Brewers. I hope and believe they will win the N.L. Central. Milwaukee's a real no-nonsense kind of town, and the Brewers always seem to have players who reflect that, so they've always been easy to like.
2007-04-06 18:17:37
7.   Eric Enders
4 Were I his attorney I would point out that the unhyphenated form of the phrase, which he used, is technically not prohibited. ;)
2007-04-06 18:17:38
8.   StolenMonkey86
Interesting goings on in Milwaukee.
2007-04-06 18:18:07
9.   bhsportsguy
Meloan showing why he needs to move up, 1 IP in AA, 3 strikeouts.
2007-04-06 18:19:24
10.   Jon Weisman
[Cinq] Interessant. Dites-moi plus ...
2007-04-06 18:21:28
11.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't love the Brewers, but I've got nothing against them. Since the Reds decided they'd rather not win anything, I'm rooting for the Brewers to take the division. Despite Juan Encarnacion, I've had enough of the Cardinals, and baseball is better when the Cubs lose.
2007-04-06 18:25:05
12.   bhsportsguy
9 Meloan 2 IP to close it out, 5 consectutive K (4 swinging), 1 groundball to Hu to end it.
2007-04-06 18:29:37
13.   Andrew Shimmin
Well, so much for that. Corey Hart, of course, busts it up with a home run. Very much of a home run.
2007-04-06 18:30:09
14.   natepurcell
i actually like the brewers alot. I love their young mlbers and with gallardo and braun on the way, they are really exciting. Im also a big fan of will inman. and sheet is one of my fav pitchers to watch.
2007-04-06 18:31:35
15.   natepurcell
also, homer bailey should be a brewer but they messed that one up.
2007-04-06 18:32:17
16.   Eric Enders
5, 10 Quel est mon avis de l'exécution de Kingman ! ? Que la baise vous pensent-elles est-elle mon avis d'elle ? Je pense qu'elle baisait la merde de cheval ! Mis cela dedans, je pas soin foutu. Opinion de son exécution ! ? Jésus le Christ, il nous a battus avec trois courses à la maison foutues ! Ce que signifient la baise vous, 'ce qui est mon avis de son exécution?' Comment pourriez vous me poser une question comme cela, 'ce qui est mon avis de son exécution?' Jésus le Christ, il a frappé trois courses à la maison ! Jésus Le Christ ! Je suis baiser pissé au loin pour perdre le jeu foutu. Et vous me demandez mon avis de son exécution ! Jésus Le Christ. C'est une question dure pour me demander que, n'est-il pas lui ? 'ce qui est mon avis de son exécution?'

(Sorry, I got nothin'.)

2007-04-06 18:34:57
17.   CanuckDodger
Does anybody know in what part of L.A. Crenshaw High School is located? The reason I ask is low A CF Trayvon Robinson was drafted out of there is 2005. He might be the organization's best hope of eventually replacing Juan Pierre in CF with a guy with the speed Colletti is always going to insist on having at the top of the order.
2007-04-06 18:35:02
18.   Andrew Shimmin
15- Maybe they can right that wrong; who's to say Krivsky is done giving away good players?
2007-04-06 18:35:26
19.   natepurcell

probably only a month in jax then on to LV...or maybe LA depending on bullpen health.

2007-04-06 18:36:59
20.   D4P
Donde esta el lineup?
2007-04-06 18:37:11
21.   CanuckDodger
And, people, please knock it off with the French. It is one of my country's official languages and I can't even stand it.
2007-04-06 18:37:19
22.   bhsportsguy
Interesting to hear the broadcast across the minor league spectrum, Great Lakes has Big Boy ads (4 "seafood" specials).

Dodgers are 2-0 today thus far. For the Loons, Steven Johnson went 4 IP, 3 hits, 2 walks, 2 K, Michael Gardner got the win, and Jesus Rodriquez got the save (2 IP, 1 hit, 3 K)

The Suns won 5-0, William Juarez, who pitched in Vegas last year won going 7 innings but the story was Meloan, who again is 22 so he is a little older than some in AA but he struck out 5 straight (4 swinging). Including last season, at AA, in 12 2/3 innings, he has 28K (3 hits, 5 BB). That's 28K out of 38 recorded outs.

Vegas and Salt Lake has no score going into the 5th (Houlton pitching)

2007-04-06 18:39:49
23.   natepurcell
has rick peterson "fixed" oliver perez? he sure looks good on TBS right now.
2007-04-06 18:43:27
24.   CanuckDodger
22 -- Age 22 is young for Double A.
2007-04-06 18:45:03
25.   Eric Enders
22 The Jacksonville games tend to feature two kinds of ads. One kind is for adult bookstores and bail bondsmen and the like. Then there are the ones featuring the team owner (who sounds like Strom Thurmond's great-grandfather except with a stronger Southern accent) pitching hearing aids. Which raises the question, if you're part of the target audience for that ad, how are you supposed to hear it?

The Great Lakes game the other day had an ad for Chemical Bank. A real bank, or one of those places where you donate plasma? I have no idea what kind of deposits they accept, and probably don't want to know.

The major league Dodgers are doing ads for strip clubs on the radio this year, which I don't remember hearing before.

2007-04-06 18:46:04
26.   Bluebleeder87

the thing the pops out in my mind about him is how strong his legs look wow.

2007-04-06 18:46:27
27.   bhsportsguy
17 Not sure how that plays into Robinson's development though he is only 19 (20 in September)

Back in my day, Daryl Strawberry was the big man at Crenshaw.(Eric Davis was at Fremont at the time). This inner city school, not quite South Central, always known for the boy's basketball program, Willie West just retired as head coach (Marques Johnson, John Williams are two of his more famous players).

Robinson, who participated in the RBI program, was also on hand at the Urban Youth Academy in Compton during a workout held last February.

2007-04-06 18:46:41
28.   Bob Timmermann
Donde esta la alineación?
2007-04-06 18:48:00
29.   D4P
Si, eso tambien
2007-04-06 18:48:12
30.   Andrew Shimmin
Crenshaw is a place unto itself. North of Inglewood, east of Culver City. Google Maps will show it to you, if you ask it to.
2007-04-06 18:48:40
31.   bhsportsguy
24 I will bow to your knowledge though recent Dodger prospects going through Jacksonville tended to be younger but that was likely due to most of the top prospects in the system being out of high school.

That was why I made the comment.

2007-04-06 18:49:49
32.   CanuckDodger
27 -- Is Crenshaw High in Inglewood? Is Inglewood synonymous with "South Central?"
2007-04-06 18:50:18
33.   Andrew Shimmin
CF Pierre
C Martin
1B Nomar
2B Kent
RF Kemp
3B Betemit
SS Martinez
P Penny
2007-04-06 18:51:09
34.   CanuckDodger
30 -- And my first question in post 32 is answered before I even asked it. Thanks
2007-04-06 18:51:21
35.   StolenMonkey86
from gameday
JP, Martin, Nomar, Kent, LuGo, Kemp, Betemit, Martinez, Penny
2007-04-06 18:52:00
36.   D4P
The Ethier-Kemp "Don't call it a" platoon is in full force
2007-04-06 18:52:27
37.   Andrew Shimmin
34, 35- I have Juan Pierre-esque speed, today. I'm just too fast!
2007-04-06 18:52:40
38.   Gen3Blue
5 I can't decipher enough French to be A) informed B) insulted, or even to reply. But I'm sure Richard Sharpe from Bernard Cornwell Sharpe series would probably answer well.
2007-04-06 18:53:36
39.   bhsportsguy
The platoon continues (according to Gameday):

Pierre CF
Martin C
Garciaparra 1B
Kent 2B
Gonzalez LF
Kemp RF
Betemit 3B
Martinez SS
Penny P

2007-04-06 18:53:51
40.   Eric Enders
1. Pierre, jardinero central
2. Martin, receptor
3. Garciaparra, primera base
4. Kent, camarero
5. Gonzalez, jardinero izquierdo
6. Kemp, jardinero derecho
7. Betemit, esquina caliente
8. Martinez, torpedero
9. Penny, lanzador
2007-04-06 18:54:15
41.   Bob Timmermann
The Astros just squeezed into a double play.

Without the bunt being caught in the air.

It was a 1-2-3 variety.

2007-04-06 18:54:50
42.   CanuckDodger
31 -- Yes, our high school-heavy drafts can give a Dodger fan a distorted picture of what a "normal" age is for Double A players. Meloan is a college guy, and not many of those are playing in Double A at 22.
2007-04-06 18:54:58
43.   Bluebleeder87
Zito es un bandido con su curva
2007-04-06 18:57:00
44.   natepurcell
is the reason for not platooning gonzo is out of respect?
2007-04-06 18:57:02
45.   bhsportsguy
Perhaps the Ethier/Kemp combo will be used against Bob's Lex Luthor.

Is Lex Luthor too strong, certainly not Dr. Doom or The Goblin.

Actually, I would expect to see someone sit down tomorrow with the day game following the night game scenario, I would say Barry but the game is on National (albeit) regional TV tomorrow.

2007-04-06 18:57:29
46.   Bob Timmermann
Crenshaw High is not in Inglewood. It is in Los Angeles. Specifically, Crenshaw High is in a part of L.A. known as... wait for it... the Crenshaw District.

Inglewood is farther west closer to the airport and is a much nicer place than the Crenshaw District.

Crenshaw really wouldn't be considered South Central as it is more to the west of Downtown L.A. It is a predominantly African-American area.

On today, Ted Miller, who writes for a Seattle paper, wrote about USC and UCLA's football teams. Miller put UCLA in Westwood (as it is) and put USC in Watts (which it is not particularly close to at all.)

2007-04-06 18:57:37
47.   CanuckDodger
38 -- Oooh, have you seen the Sharpe TV movies? I haven't read the books, but I have seen all the movies but the most recent one, about Sharpe in India.
2007-04-06 18:59:57
48.   Bob Timmermann
The neighborhoods of L.A.

2007-04-06 19:04:42
49.   bhsportsguy
44 Ethier is 1 for 5 against Lowry, Luis is 3 for 15 with a double, he has swung and missed more times (5 vs. 1), Luis has walked twice, Andre once.

Kent is 4/13 against Lowry but 3 of the hits are homers. Nomar has the other home run against Lowry.

Mike Lieberthal, who is catching tomorrow, is 10/24 against Ortiz with 2 homers, Olmedo is only 5/7 against Ortiz with 1 homer. Gonzalez actually fares pretty well against Ortiz so perhaps he will sit (if at all) against Zito on Sunday.

2007-04-06 19:05:51
50.   xaphor
47. Sharpe's Challenge? That was the only one I have seen and it was pretty good. Probably more so if you hold any grudges against the Red Coats.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-06 19:05:58
51.   bhsportsguy
LaRoche made an error allowing 2 runs when he misplayed a grounder by Mathis (backed for a hop), allowing 2 runs to score.
2007-04-06 19:07:46
52.   ToyCannon
DevilRays showing some spirit this year as they just beat BJ Ryan with 3 in the 9th. Iwamura and Upton have really given the team a lift early this year.
2007-04-06 19:07:50
53.   Eric Enders
Anybody else having problems with almost nonexistent audio on the LA-SF broadcast?
2007-04-06 19:10:27
54.   CanuckDodger
46 -- Wait, Inglewood is NOT part of L.A.? I thought it was just a defined district within Los Angeles. Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air -- are these places also not parts of Los Angeles? If that is the case then I have been laboring under a misapprehension for a very long time.

And Inglewood is nicer than Crenshaw? When I was 10, my Dad took me and another boy my age (the son of family friends) to Disneyland in 1979, and we went to a Canucks-Kings game at the Coliseum. Inglewood didn't look at all nice back then.

2007-04-06 19:10:35
55.   bhsportsguy
52 Don't forget Dukes.

Maddux starting the home opener against the Rockies, 2 groundouts so far. Interesting to see how many pitches Maddux can go this year.

2007-04-06 19:11:24
56.   King of the Hobos
53 I assume that's because the game doesn't start until 7:15. Mosaic doesn't have the game whatsoever right now.
2007-04-06 19:14:20
57.   Eric Enders
56 The audio is on there, though, it's just faint as a whisper. The video is there too. Anyway, hopefully it changes.
2007-04-06 19:16:42
58.   shamrok
and swinging at everything. Sweet.
2007-04-06 19:17:05
59.   Bob Timmermann
The City Of Inglewood website:

The City of Los Angeles website:

I would say that there are some parts of Inglewood that are very nice. Not all of it is, but there are some big homes in Inglewood.

The Crenshaw District doesn't have all that many.

Inglewood's reputation is based a lot on the egregiously bad film "Grand Canyon."

2007-04-06 19:19:50
60.   bhsportsguy
Russ Langer knows how to do a home run call. Mitch Jones hits his first home run for 51s, 2-2 tie.

54 There is the City of Los Angeles, that contains areas known as (not a complete list), Encino, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Canoga Park, Panorama City, Reseda, Studio City, Hollywood, West Los Angeles, San Pedro and Los Angeles. Bel-Air and Brentwood in L.A., Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Culver City not in Los Angeles, Venice yes, Redondo Beach no. Westchester, Westwood, yes. Gardena and Torrance, no.

The County of Los Angeles encompasses the whole thing until hit the OC border towards the South, both East and West, Ventura to the far Northerly west, the multi-tude that make up the Inland Empire to the East and other ones that we don't concern ourselves with (except for the water) to the North.

I believe you went to the hockey game at the Fabulous Forum (Great Western Forum came later), of course you could have been confused since the Forum is right next to Hollywood Park (racetrack).

2007-04-06 19:20:22
61.   Jon Weisman
Santa Monica and Beverly Hills are separate cities. And that hockey game you saw was at the Forum.
2007-04-06 19:21:46
62.   bhsportsguy
59 It lost a lot of the charm when Holiday Bowl closed many years ago.

Home of the Beach Boy Delight (Portuguese Sausage, Green Onion and Eggs), Hawaiian food on Sundays, and the world's greasiest chili and rice.

Also home of Asteroids, Space Invaders and Carnival arcade games.

2007-04-06 19:23:06
63.   xaphor
59. I would take that over the film my districts reputation is based on. A couple of hints: Pauly Shore, Brendan Fraser, Frozen in Time...
2007-04-06 19:23:27
64.   Bob Timmermann
Maybe CanuckDodger went to an L.A. Sharks game at the Sports Arena.

That was the first pro hockey game I ever saw in person. I saw the Sharks beat the Toronto Toros.

2007-04-06 19:25:04
65.   bhsportsguy
Growing up here, you don't really think about the whole what makes up Los Angeles thing unless you are either a delivery truck driver, politician or census taker.

But generally, be forewarned that the police in the smaller incorporated cities (Culver City, Manhattan Beach, and maybe South Pasadena (I believe they have their owned but I could be wrong) are notorious traffic ticket dispensers, so drivers beware cruising those areas.

2007-04-06 19:25:42
66.   shamrok
Wow, laziest hit I've seen in awhile, cripes.
2007-04-06 19:25:47
67.   Bob Timmermann
Can't you say you live in Lake Balboa now?
2007-04-06 19:25:50
68.   Eric Enders
Yowza. They finally gave us audio in the bottom of the first. Now my ears hurt.
2007-04-06 19:26:24
69.   bhsportsguy
64 Was that the WHA or WHL, I saw a game there too, also went to an ABA game there with the LA team whose name I cannot recall.
2007-04-06 19:27:35
70.   D4P
Stealing with Bonds at the plate: I like it!
2007-04-06 19:27:48
71.   Bob Timmermann
South Pasadena has its own police and fire department.

Do not break any traffic laws in South Pasadena if you are a person of color. Such activities are severely frowned upon. The PD has gotten better recently.

2007-04-06 19:27:57
72.   bhsportsguy
Wow, back in the old days (like 2 years ago) you never saw anyone try to steal with Barry at the plate.
2007-04-06 19:28:24
73.   Eric Enders
Bonds with a Shawn Green special.
2007-04-06 19:28:38
74.   bhsportsguy
71 What about hanging out in soda shop after 9:00 p.m.?
2007-04-06 19:28:51
75.   Bob Timmermann
The WHA team was the Sharks. The WHL team is in Long Beach.

The ABA team was the Stars who eventually moved to Utah.

And don't forget the other ABA team, the Anaheim Amigos!

2007-04-06 19:29:37
76.   regfairfield
I always considered the striking out with the Shawn Green strikeout pose as the Shawn Green special.
2007-04-06 19:30:06
77.   Eric Enders
73 As an aside, it's actually pretty sad that Shawn Green, who did so many great things as a Dodger, will be remembered mostly for grounding out to second base all the time. I guess that's because that's the last image we have of him as a Dodger.
2007-04-06 19:30:33
78.   Bob Timmermann
The lone soda fountain in South Pasadena closes before 9. That's the Fair Oaks Pharmacy.

The city does have four Starbucks to serve 22,000 people.

2007-04-06 19:31:07
79.   Eric Enders
Well, at least LuGo worked the count.
2007-04-06 19:31:35
80.   xaphor
67. That was a section of Van Nuys. The best farcical re-branding I've seen is a small stretch of Ventura Blvd that was turned into Tarzana Safari Walk.
2007-04-06 19:33:20
81.   Eric Enders
The Giants have a different sideline reporter every year, and every year they get more terrible. I thought noone could be worse than Bip Roberts. Boy was I wrong.
2007-04-06 19:34:19
82.   Bob Timmermann
I will miss a chance to see Russ Ortiz tomorrow as I will be busy in the afternoon. I will be booing Russ in spirit.
2007-04-06 19:35:03
83.   shamrok
At least that inning was consistent.
2007-04-06 19:35:16
84.   Bluebleeder87
I'm not to concerned about Lowry's good early start, I'm sure the Dodgers will figure him out.
2007-04-06 19:36:19
85.   MSarg29
81 - I couldnt agree more. "Cammi in the Stands"?
2007-04-06 19:37:12
86.   Uncle Miltie
Great strikezone by the umpire
2007-04-06 19:37:40
87.   Andrew Shimmin
LuGo breaks out the butterfly stop for that play. Curious.
2007-04-06 19:39:21
88.   shamrok
haha, great play
2007-04-06 19:39:26
89.   Andrew Shimmin
Russ Martin is a golden god.
2007-04-06 19:39:37
90.   Bluebleeder87
the Giants really like to run.
2007-04-06 19:39:47
91.   Bob Timmermann
I remember when Ray Durham was fast.

I'm old.

2007-04-06 19:39:56
92.   regfairfield
How come when Gameday shuts down everyone else goes down. Does one man control all of them?
2007-04-06 19:40:07
93.   MSarg29
Keep on running guys.
2007-04-06 19:40:29
94.   Benaiah
Good to see the Giants giving it back on the basepaths.
2007-04-06 19:40:35
95.   CanuckDodger
60, 61 - Right, the Forum, not the Coliseum. I was thinking of the name of the venue for the Canucks in Vancouver during that era.

That hockey game was a very memorable one for me as a Dodger fan. There were two men sitting behind us (they looked like they were in their 40's) and I heard them talking about baseball, as it was late in the hockey season and baseball season was just about to start. (I said in my earlier post that it was 1979, but on second thought it might have been late March or the very beginning of April in 1980.) I heard the guys mentioning the Dodgers and I turned around excitedly and said I was a Dodger fan from Vancouver, Canada, and that my favorite Dodger was Bob Welch. One of the guys then said, matter-of-factly, "Bob Welch is a drunk." I was pretty crushed by that.

2007-04-06 19:41:32
96.   Benaiah
92 - I think ESPN and MLB have a sharing deal, but CBS and Yahoo usually aren't affected.
2007-04-06 19:42:04
97.   shamrok
92 - I'm going with...yes.
2007-04-06 19:42:56
98.   Bob Timmermann
A base hit to center would match up Pierre's arm with Molina's speed.

I really want to see who wins that battle.

2007-04-06 19:43:44
99.   Benaiah
Why can't I get MLB.TV to work in firefox, does MLB have a deal with the evil empire itself?
2007-04-06 19:43:50
100.   Eric Enders
Molina would eat Pierre for lunch. Literally.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-06 19:44:00
101.   Bob Timmermann
Bob Welch would probably tell you he's a drunk. I thought he went through AA, so he'd be using that line.
2007-04-06 19:44:04
102.   Jon Weisman
How did you come to be a Dodger fan, Canuck?
2007-04-06 19:45:31
103.   Benaiah
For that matter, is the game showing in LA, because I am listening to the Giants feed and I would much rather listen to the dulcet tones of Vin. MLB.TV used to give you the option of which broadcast to listen to.
2007-04-06 19:45:42
104.   Eric Enders
I always wondered why AZ fired Welch as pitching coach. Their pitching wasn't that bad at the time. They won the World Series even.
2007-04-06 19:46:52
105.   MSarg29
99 - I'm using MLB.TV w/ Firefox myself and its working fine.
2007-04-06 19:50:27
106.   Benaiah
Penny comes through. I love fluky stuff like this (when the Dodgers are on the right side of it).
2007-04-06 19:51:42
107.   Uncle Miltie
What a great work ethic!
2007-04-06 19:51:54
108.   Jon Weisman
103 - Yes, Vin's on in L.A.
2007-04-06 19:52:05
109.   Benaiah
2007-04-06 19:53:38
110.   D4P
Juan Pierre: Putting the "out" in "outfielder" since 2005
2007-04-06 19:53:47
111.   Bob Timmermann
Eventually the kid going to the prom will figure out that his date should wear the corsage on her wrist.
2007-04-06 19:54:00
112.   Bluebleeder87
Brad Penny really does look alot more fit this year, I really have to admit.
2007-04-06 19:54:59
113.   Benaiah
108 - Maybe I have to watch the home team.

105 - Maybe it is because I am using Vista (which is the worst thing ever, I just got a new laptop and everything was Vista, it is like an operating system by AOL, so user friendly that you can't do anything).

2007-04-06 19:55:35
114.   shamrok
109. - 2nd, these guys are horrible.
2007-04-06 19:57:44
115.   Frip
What green grass they have in San Fransisco.
2007-04-06 20:00:49
116.   Andrew Shimmin
Vizquel, by grounding out, saved Roberts from the embarrassment of being gunned down by Russ Martin, Destroyer of Worlds.
2007-04-06 20:02:10
117.   Gen3Blue
Penny throwing strikes. I can only compain about our offense!
2007-04-06 20:02:47
118.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants are six runners short of the major league record for being caught stealing in a game.

Back in 1982, three Dodgers were caught stealing in the same inning by Braves catcher Bruce Benedict, but one was safe when Glenn Hubbard dropped the throw.

Check the fifth inning.

2007-04-06 20:03:59
119.   CanuckDodger
101 -- I later learned about the details of Welch's drinking problem. But I think an adult could have been more diplomatic with a little kid who had just called Welch his favorite player, no?

102 -- The 1977 World Series was the first pro baseball I ever saw on TV. For me and the Dodgers, it was love at first sight. No rational explanation for it, just primal instinct, as if being a Dodger fan is part of my DNA and seeing them on TV as a child triggered something latent within me. My parents thought it was pretty bizarre just how much I fell in love with the Dodgers. And Welch's famous strikeout of Reggie Jackson in the 1978 World Series made me love Welch.

2007-04-06 20:04:24
120.   MSarg29
Yay! A Dodger actually worked the count.
2007-04-06 20:05:21
121.   Indiana Jon
I have a hard time with the fact that Barry will wear number 42.
2007-04-06 20:07:42
122.   shamrok
Whoa, two walks in one innings. Shenanigans I say.
2007-04-06 20:08:20
123.   Bob Timmermann
With Randy Winn, the Giants could just have squeezed in a 4 in front of his 2.
2007-04-06 20:09:07
124.   Ken Arneson
THAT is why I love to watch Omar Vizquel. Wow.
2007-04-06 20:09:10
125.   Uncle Miltie
Shocking. Gonzo needs to go back on the roids.
2007-04-06 20:09:19
126.   Jon Weisman
Vizquel is a marvel, I'll say that.
2007-04-06 20:09:22
127.   Bob Timmermann
It's three outs per team, guys.
2007-04-06 20:09:46
128.   Gen3Blue
I'm stunned. And Loney's in Vegas?
2007-04-06 20:10:11
129.   natepurcell
that play by vizquel wasnt THAT good when you consider who was running to first base.
2007-04-06 20:10:13
130.   Benaiah
This probably isn't a popular opinion, but my favorite Dodger is Jeff Kent. I think he is gonna be great this year.

Sort of the anti-LuGo. That was a nasty DP.

2007-04-06 20:10:23
131.   Bluebleeder87
Ethier could have spelled Gonzalez today IMO.
2007-04-06 20:10:52
132.   Jon Weisman
For those who didn't see it, Vizquel took the throw from Durham with his barehand just as he was leaping over a sliding Kent and fired with precision to first base to double up Gonzalez.
2007-04-06 20:11:32
133.   Jon Weisman
129 - It was a great play considering that he doesn't have control over who's running to first base.
2007-04-06 20:12:14
134.   Bob Timmermann
Unfortunately, Grady Little requires each player to literally be able to spell the player's name he's going to replace.

I heard Ehtier put an "s" at the end of Gonzalez and was eliminated.

2007-04-06 20:12:30
135.   natepurcell

he doesnt have control but he should know who is running to 1b and he still would have gotten him without all the acrobatics.

2007-04-06 20:13:06
136.   Gen3Blue
I think that fairly soon the simplest stats may tell the story of our vets.
2007-04-06 20:14:36
137.   Ken Arneson
Vizquel has a very high FORP to VORP ratio.
2007-04-06 20:14:52
138.   Benaiah
Bonds flashing warning track power, probably would have been out of the park if he was on the juice.
2007-04-06 20:15:54
139.   Jon Weisman
135 - I hear what you're saying, but I feel like you're being picky. Or missing the point. It was beautiful to watch.
2007-04-06 20:16:50
140.   Benaiah
LuGo shows that he is bad on both sides of the ball in the same inning.
2007-04-06 20:17:30
141.   Andrew Shimmin
135- I believe the kids these days call that playa hatin'.
2007-04-06 20:17:45
142.   natepurcell

i dont disagree that it wasnt cool to watch, im just not a big fan of players making plays harder then they should be. kind of like shaw green slowing down to dive for every ball.

2007-04-06 20:18:36
143.   Frip
I never did understand that discussion here over the winter that seemed to conclude that the difference between a strong armed outfielder and weak armed outfielder, really doesn't matter much.
2007-04-06 20:19:55
144.   LAT
Pierre hits into DP to end inning;
Gonzo hits into DP;
Ray Durham turns single into double because Gonzo has arm like Cindy Brady.

DT community sighs collective "Ned, how could you not see this comming."

2007-04-06 20:20:29
145.   Gen3Blue
Its a pitchers dual. Or maybe a dual of the aging crips.
2007-04-06 20:22:09
146.   Bluebleeder87

I'm with you nate.

2007-04-06 20:22:18
147.   Icaros
Hey, Kemp can hit scrappy like Juan Pierre. Platoon him in center.
2007-04-06 20:23:17
148.   Vaudeville Villain
Wow, Gonzalez' arm is really bad. This is getting pretty ridiculous.

I know I've harped on this before, but what is Sabean thinking with this Giants line-up? I'm not complaining, but it looks like the Giants want to be a speed team around Bonds, but who do they bring in? A bunch of 30+ year old guys.

2007-04-06 20:24:44
149.   Vaudeville Villain
Wow, lucky run there.
2007-04-06 20:24:45
150.   shamrok
haha, Kemp's having fun.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-06 20:25:13
151.   Andrew Shimmin
Luckiest run I've ever seen, every base of it.


2007-04-06 20:25:18
152.   natepurcell
luck goes our way! yay!
2007-04-06 20:25:52
153.   MSarg29
Dueling brain cramps there.
2007-04-06 20:26:15
154.   Benaiah
Kemp had a blessed trip around the bases.
2007-04-06 20:28:15
155.   Frip
Not sure how lucky, Kemp had to do some heads up manuevering, especially for a big man.
2007-04-06 20:28:28
156.   Benaiah
To recap, Kemp hits a slow roller on the third base side that Lowry throws away, giving Kemp first and second base. He then immediately throw a wild pitch, giving him third. Finally, Betemit hits a ground ball to short that is misplayed in the rundown allowing Kemp to score. Zero skill, but it went the right way.
2007-04-06 20:28:31
157.   natepurcell
i thought the only reason valdez made the team was because he was going to get the majority of starts at shortstop?

well he hasnt so....

2007-04-06 20:29:00
158.   MSarg29
Cammy just keeps getting more painful.
2007-04-06 20:29:40
159.   CanuckDodger
How did Betemit get the run in? Was it a hit and run?
2007-04-06 20:29:42
160.   Bluebleeder87

It's what a Dodger fan would call hot dogging it. :o)

2007-04-06 20:30:48
161.   CanuckDodger
Okay, 156 answers my question.
2007-04-06 20:31:09
162.   Vaudeville Villain
159 see 156 .
2007-04-06 20:31:21
163.   Jon Weisman
It's not like Gonzalez was out by that much. I really disagree that it was showboating.
2007-04-06 20:31:34
164.   Benaiah
The throw home was a little low and Kemp ran around the catcher. Fluky play.
2007-04-06 20:31:58
165.   Gen3Blue
How many chins can a guy like Bruce Froemming get allocated.
2007-04-06 20:32:32
166.   Andrew Shimmin
That would have been a triple for Penny, if LuGo were playing LF for the Giants.
2007-04-06 20:33:26
167.   Frip
Nothing wrong with a little flare, good for Omar.
2007-04-06 20:33:51
168.   regfairfield
157 I thought it was because he was the replacement Ramon Martinez.

At least that's what I hoped for.

2007-04-06 20:33:55
169.   Benaiah
On the plus side, Pierre can't hit into a DP since there are two outs already.
2007-04-06 20:34:46
170.   MMSMikey
i think if you are going to pay a guy 50 million dollars he needs to be able to get the ball out of the infield.
2007-04-06 20:35:57
171.   natepurcell

we're out of luck, pierre only got 44 million :(

2007-04-06 20:36:02
172.   MSarg29
169 - He did his best though
2007-04-06 20:36:58
173.   Gen3Blue
Now we'll see how Penny can protect a lead.
2007-04-06 20:37:48
174.   Indiana Jon
Nice block by Martin!
2007-04-06 20:38:14
175.   natepurcell
Martin for all universe.
2007-04-06 20:38:15
176.   shamrok
Russ, will you have my children? Nice!
2007-04-06 20:38:23
177.   Jon Weisman
A well executed relay and block, Gonzalez to Martinez to Martin. Both throws were on target, and Martin blocked the plate with his lower leg.
2007-04-06 20:38:24
178.   Gen3Blue
Well, Martin can protect a lead. Thats all that can be said.
2007-04-06 20:38:47
179.   Frip
I wish I was a little kid again so I could deck my bedroom with Martin posters.
2007-04-06 20:39:17
180.   Benaiah
MARTIN! Wow. Great block.
2007-04-06 20:40:11
181.   Gen3Blue
Penny took about three pitches to try to give up that lead.
2007-04-06 20:40:44
182.   immouch
Every detail of Martin's game is solid. I was impressed last year; now I'm thrilled.
2007-04-06 20:42:58
183.   MMSMikey
ok, the dodgers need to get some more runs.
2007-04-06 20:43:21
184.   MSarg29
Great defense that inning
2007-04-06 20:43:30
185.   Andrew Shimmin
Proposed ad campaign: [portrait shot of Russ Martin] I'm Russ Martin. I play for the Dodgers. If you buy a ticket, I'll let you watch me.
2007-04-06 20:43:54
186.   Jon Weisman
You know, Ramon Martinez had a great inning - even though it started with him not being able to reach Feliz's ball up the middle. That was a tough play to end the inning - with Bonds on deck.

Nifty little eight-hitter Penny is throwing. Can't say he isn't keeping the ball around the plate.

2007-04-06 20:43:55
187.   Benaiah
Whew. That was close.
2007-04-06 20:44:37
188.   Out in the desert
185 I'd by a ticket
2007-04-06 20:44:49
189.   bojangles
Another reason I don't particularly like this team - no apparent increase in fundamental soundness (bunting, base-running, hitting behind runners when needed, throwing to the right base) since Grady/Ned took over. They don't stand out in today's big leagues in that regard, and the decline started in Lasorda's time, but you'd think they'd understand that five or six or more (depending on context and luck) games might be decided in their favor if they got ahead of the curve of indifference.
What the hell do Dodger pitches and coaches do during spring training? They certainly don't kill themselves learning to bunt and cover first....
Good news for optimists - abandoning ship 'til September. Hope there's some excellence
and Jose Reyes-like joy along the way...
2007-04-06 20:45:32
190.   Andrew Shimmin
Looks like the FSN makeup team didn't make the trip.
2007-04-06 20:46:27
191.   underdog
My Dad had an expression when I was a kid that I always liked, which seems to apply here:

"Living in a tree."

The Dodgers sure are.

Yes indeed, Martinez made several great plays in that inning. This game is Russell's show, two runners thrown out at 2nd, a runner tagged on a block at home. All he needs is some magic with the bat and he's the official Game Hero.

I'm still laughing about that inning they scored the run - I think Matt Kemp is still laughing, too.

2007-04-06 20:51:58
192.   Jon Weisman
You know, Kent just went the other way on that hit, and I'm struck by how rare that seems to be to me.
2007-04-06 20:52:59
193.   underdog
Nomar and Kent are helping them climb down that tree...
2007-04-06 20:53:33
194.   shamrok
Crazy crab? Maybe it'll eat her.
2007-04-06 20:53:41
195.   underdog
192 Rare for Kent, or just rare in general?

Wow, even Gonzales just got a solid hit!

2007-04-06 20:53:41
196.   Benaiah
Jeff Kent: the definition of a "professional" hitter.
2007-04-06 20:53:51
197.   Blaine
I just checked in. Despite giving up 8 hits through 5 innings, Penny has only made 66 pitches. That is great for Penny.
2007-04-06 20:54:53
198.   Jon Weisman
195 - for Kent.
2007-04-06 20:55:48
199.   natepurcell
kemp hits it hard but right at feliz. oh well.
2007-04-06 20:56:56
200.   Gen3Blue
Good for Kent. Maybe he has conditioned himself for a good year. Before he drove in that run I was about to say that if the D's got the predicted performances from their over 38 signees, I wouldn't be too upset as long as the same happened to the Giants and Padres.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-06 20:57:14
201.   underdog
Whose brilliant idea at FSN was it to introduce insipid sideline reporters to baseball games? I almost feel sorry for this woman, it's a thankless job, but gosh, every time they cut to her in the stands I want to strangle someone. I thought the sideline reporter thing was just a football folly?
2007-04-06 20:57:27
202.   immouch
Penny's ball is horrifically straight tonight.
2007-04-06 20:57:28
203.   imperabo
186 - Aw now you jinxed it Jon. He hasn't completed the 8-hitter yet. Rule violation.
2007-04-06 20:59:37
204.   Jon Weisman
With the score 1-1 in the sixth, Greg Maddux gave up a three-run homer to Matt Holliday.
2007-04-06 21:00:06
205.   immouch
Penny's losing it. Legs going. One pitch he's fine; next he's leaning too far back.
2007-04-06 21:00:33
206.   shamrok
Nice DP.
2007-04-06 21:01:05
207.   natepurcell
PH for penny or no?
2007-04-06 21:01:20
208.   Benaiah
201 - I was just thinking that. Watching her tour the ballpark makes me long for Gameday. Is there anyone on the planet who wants to see her joking with high rollers and playing with a crab? Would anyone watch a baseball game to see these things?
2007-04-06 21:01:38
209.   Frip
If a Giant is in a slump, does the sparky Giants PA lady call out their name with the same enthusiasm, or does she hold back a bit. I can't recall.
2007-04-06 21:02:35
210.   Jon Weisman
So, I bat Penny with two outs and no one on, but hit for him if somebody gets on.
2007-04-06 21:02:37
211.   Bluebleeder87
Penny has quietly gone 6 innings so far.
2007-04-06 21:02:38
212.   immouch
the commercial with the troll is insipid. but i'm thinking bonds, post-retirement, could be a stand in...
2007-04-06 21:02:49
213.   shamrok
What a bunch of homers here on FSN.
2007-04-06 21:03:35
214.   underdog
Btw, belated apologies for my breaking rule #9 in previous thread - 'twas a mistake, though I only didn't think twice about it because I was watching the game getting canceled thus erasing it, alas. Still dumb on me. Shame on me! The happiest person about that cancellation was Adrian Beltre, he of his 3 errors in 4 innings. Those, too, were erased.

Btw x2, Durham's a bit of a pest, isn't?

2007-04-06 21:03:36
215.   Jon Weisman
208 - Who are you talking about?

You could argue that the Dodgers should hit for both Martinez and Penny this inning.

2007-04-06 21:03:44
216.   immouch
207 oui
2007-04-06 21:03:47
217.   Benaiah
Ha, the commercial just said "they'll compete with the hated Jeff Kent and the LA Dodgers." It is just so explicit.
2007-04-06 21:03:47
218.   immouch
207 oui
2007-04-06 21:05:29
219.   Jon Weisman
214 - They didn't change the cancelation rule to suspension? I thought they did something this offseason.
2007-04-06 21:05:54
220.   Benaiah
215 - They have a reporter in the stands in the Fox coverage. She so far has given a tour of the luxury boxes and made people cheer while she held up a crab. To say it is not compelling is generous.
2007-04-06 21:06:31
221.   Jon Weisman
Well, that's all we needed - Penny running hard to first base on a close play.
2007-04-06 21:06:44
222.   MSarg29
215 - we've been talking about Cammy, the annoying new sideline reporter for the Giants
2007-04-06 21:06:52
223.   Frank Wright
Does anyone else agree that by Playoff-time, knock on wood, that we will be at a 3-man rotation with Lowe, Schmitty, and Billingsly?

I'm praying that Penny has a productive first half, we combine him, andre, and B-prospect for a power bat like Adam Dunn. Anyone who agrees please say "I".

2007-04-06 21:08:44
224.   ToyCannon
2007-04-06 21:09:24
225.   shamrok
Andre is my second favorite Dodger so I'll just zip my mouth shut.
2007-04-06 21:10:15
226.   Benaiah
223 - I think that speculation of this type is insane at this point. Kuo for one might be in the picture. Penny also might be the staff ace at that point. Who knows?
2007-04-06 21:10:21
227.   ToyCannon
Doesn't that guarantee that he'll get banged around next inning?
2007-04-06 21:10:21
228.   immouch
2007-04-06 21:10:58
229.   Jon Weisman
Yes, Wilson!
2007-04-06 21:11:21
230.   Jon Weisman
227 - You would think.
2007-04-06 21:11:54
231.   Frank Wright
how many double plays have the Giants hit into tonight?
2007-04-06 21:12:03
232.   MSarg29
2007-04-06 21:12:04
233.   immouch
This is weird. Four games into the season and it's probably 45 degrees and the Dogs are playing spectacular defense. Mid season, 80 degree day, they'll make 5 errors.
2007-04-06 21:12:19
234.   immouch
This is weird. Four games into the season and it's probably 45 degrees and the Dogs are playing spectacular defense. Mid season, 80 degree day, they'll make 5 errors.
2007-04-06 21:12:41
235.   Benaiah
Aside from Luis's noodle arm, the defense had been pretty flawless tonight.
2007-04-06 21:12:55
236.   Bluebleeder87
Easy inning by Penny, I'd probably let him throw one more, what about you guys?
2007-04-06 21:12:58
237.   Jon Weisman
A Dodger starter gets through seven innings!
2007-04-06 21:13:31
238.   Out in the desert
Best game of the season so far
2007-04-06 21:13:40
239.   StolenMonkey86
Molina is more a turtle than a rabbit.

What's the record for the most hits allowed in a shutout?

2007-04-06 21:13:53
240.   shamrok
We should make a rule 9.b. cuz I hope it stays that way.
2007-04-06 21:13:55
241.   MSarg29
Turned into an easy inning there. Despite that we pull Penny next inning right?
2007-04-06 21:14:19
242.   Jon Weisman
236 - I'd take it one batter at a time. I don't let him face the tying run. An insurance run or two might let Penny do a complete game. He's only at 83 pitches.
2007-04-06 21:15:07
243.   immouch
Game is close. Let's not push the luck. I'd have Penny sit. Plus, if that ice pack is any indication, Little is on the same wavelength.
2007-04-06 21:15:28
244.   Frank Wright
236 - no way, this is a best-case scenario right now. Coming off an off-day, you bring in Brox and Saito, and avoid an 8th inning breakdown. Imagine the negativity towards Grady if he leaves him in and Brad gets roughed up...
2007-04-06 21:17:29
245.   Vaudeville Villain
If we score a couple more runs, I'd let Penny finish it.

Right now, it's too close for my taste.

2007-04-06 21:17:59
246.   Gagne55
83 pitches through 7. We may be looking at a complete game.
2007-04-06 21:18:06
247.   MSarg29
Please no more Cammy
2007-04-06 21:18:36
248.   Jon Weisman
If someone gets on for the Giants in the eighth, Beimel will probably face Bonds.
2007-04-06 21:19:10
249.   immouch
penny... in a remake of deliverance, right?
2007-04-06 21:19:13
250.   Frip
Penny looks like a homeless dude who wandered into the dugout.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-06 21:19:18
251.   Disabled List
Just got home and turned on the game. This sideline reporter on the Giants TV broadcast is killing me. I need to have more alcohol before I see her again.
2007-04-06 21:19:51
252.   Bluebleeder87

agreed, any sign of trouble & I'd pull 'em.

2007-04-06 21:20:31
253.   Gagne55
231 two
2007-04-06 21:20:35
254.   Andrew Shimmin
Thinking Joe Beimel is a good idea outside of LOOGy situations is the sort of thing that might end in pain, sooner or later.
2007-04-06 21:20:46
255.   Suffering Bruin
Just got home myself from a night of planning at the biblioteca.

I'm watching Gameday and it's not bad. I heard it was awful but I kinda like it except for the ad.

2007-04-06 21:21:27
256.   immouch
i hope i'm wrong about penny. he's gassed.
2007-04-06 21:21:52
257.   Suffering Bruin
I take it back. Gameday can't be right because a Dodger starter is in the game in the eighth inning.
2007-04-06 21:21:56
258.   Gagne55
251 I don't have FSNW2. Is the sideline reporter hot?
2007-04-06 21:22:17
259.   Jon Weisman
Oh, Pierre, you've got to catch that.
2007-04-06 21:22:52
260.   Frank Wright
told you..
2007-04-06 21:22:57
261.   StolenMonkey86
240 - My apologies.
2007-04-06 21:22:58
262.   MSarg29
How does Pierre not get there?
2007-04-06 21:23:09
263.   Jon Weisman
Okay, looked a little tougher on the replay. And Grady's thinking is like mine - Penny is out after a guy gets on.
2007-04-06 21:23:34
264.   shamrok
258 - She's is annoying enough to not even notice one way or another.
2007-04-06 21:23:42
265.   natepurcell
im trying really hard to give pierre a fair chance but come on man, thats not acceptable.
2007-04-06 21:24:02
266.   Out in the desert
Why do we have LuGo? I forget
2007-04-06 21:24:11
267.   MSarg29
264 - agreed
2007-04-06 21:24:21
268.   Bluebleeder87

[keeps mouth shut but mutters to self]

2007-04-06 21:24:23
269.   Vaudeville Villain
Wow, this outfield couldn't do much more here early in the season to validate my fears about them.
2007-04-06 21:24:41
270.   Benaiah
Good call Jon. Pull him before he faces the tying run.

Pierre took a bad route to the ball, and timed it terribly.

2007-04-06 21:24:46
271.   Uncle Miltie
Is it too early to give Pierre the Gold Glove?

I'll have to find out what happens when I get home later tonight.

2007-04-06 21:24:57
272.   Out in the desert
and Pierre?
2007-04-06 21:25:04
273.   shamrok
Yay Martin!
2007-04-06 21:25:16
274.   kngoworld
That misplay could potentially give bonds an atbat this inning.
2007-04-06 21:25:18
275.   FN Bevacqua
'The Outfield Adventures Of Juan Pierre & Luis Gonzalez'

a new reality series on FSN-Prime Ticket.

2007-04-06 21:25:25
276.   underdog
Maybe we should have an anti-jinx, no talking about how good the defense has been rule, too.
2007-04-06 21:25:42
277.   Bob Timmermann
Suffering Bruin did you contact ToyCannon about your tickets? Do you need his email address?
2007-04-06 21:25:48
278.   Jon Weisman
Martin makes the play that is a lot harder than it looks - throwing out the bunter who is running right in his throwing line.

Why is Roberts bunting there, anyway?

2007-04-06 21:25:59
279.   MSarg29
nice play by Martin
2007-04-06 21:26:07
280.   Suffering Bruin
Just reading through the thread... it doesn't seem like Grady was wrong to leave Penny in. At the first sign of trouble, pull him. I got no truck with that there decision.
2007-04-06 21:26:38
281.   Gagne55
270 Yeah, but how many times last year did we have the same statement with Lofton's name in place of Pierre's?
2007-04-06 21:27:02
282.   Icaros
When did Martin turn into the best defensive catcher in the league?
2007-04-06 21:27:14
283.   Icaros
When did Martin turn into the best defensive catcher in the league?
2007-04-06 21:27:20
284.   Frip
If a guy as fast Pierre runs all out for it, and can't catch it, then the ball was hit farther away from him than we could tell.
2007-04-06 21:27:25
285.   Dark Horse
Yeah, this outfield is awful. Yet...what truly terrifies me here is that Ned's probable solution to all this will be to deal Loney and/or Ethier for a "proven power hitter." Who will not be Adam Dunn, nor Pujols nor Cabrera. That's the dark part. I fear a cure far worse--even worse--than the disease.
2007-04-06 21:27:28
286.   Icaros
2007-04-06 21:27:38
287.   Jon Weisman
281 - Yeah, same old. It was the kind of ball that I feel that Dodger opponents always get to.
2007-04-06 21:28:02
288.   Gagne55
278 Roberts tries to bunt for base hits fairly often.
2007-04-06 21:28:07
289.   tjkrbrown
We all knew Pierre was a mistake.

How long must we suffer?

He's the new Darren Driefort.

Sucking $$$ out of the payroll for no return.

I thought we were finally past these atrocious decisions.

2007-04-06 21:28:20
290.   Jon Weisman
Martin turned into the best defensive catcher in the league at 21:27:08.
2007-04-06 21:28:27
291.   Benaiah
People I hate:

Barry Bonds.

Can't think of anyone else right now.

2007-04-06 21:28:40
292.   FN Bevacqua
2007-04-06 21:28:47
293.   shamrok
Oh LuGo....
2007-04-06 21:29:08
294.   Uncle Miltie
Still haven't left yet...I wish I had..

Call up Loney!

2007-04-06 21:29:25
295.   natepurcell
i hate this outfield. i hate you colletti.
2007-04-06 21:29:30
296.   Jon Weisman
I have to think that drop by Gonzalez will not soon be forgotten by Little. That's some serious ineptitude. Pierre's ball was nothing compared to that.
2007-04-06 21:29:32
297.   Out in the desert
Vin says it's a ride in Disneyland. Send them to Anaheim
2007-04-06 21:29:39
298.   MSarg29
The wheels have just come off of Gonzo
2007-04-06 21:29:58
299.   Suffering Bruin
Gosh, I wonder what people will be talking about now?
2007-04-06 21:30:01
300.   Benaiah
I just thought of someone else I hate.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-06 21:30:02
301.   Gagne55
282, 283 The day he entered it.
2007-04-06 21:30:20
302.   underdog
Um, yeah... what was I just saying.

Oh well. By the way, it really is extremely foggy here, and very windy, so I can almost see how it would be hard to see out there tonight, but these guys have to see 'em and catch' em. SIGH.

2007-04-06 21:30:48
303.   Frank Wright
Can somebody please describe that error by LuGo? Im watching this on gameday...
2007-04-06 21:30:53
304.   Icaros
I mean the thing was in his glove for crying out loud.
2007-04-06 21:30:57
305.   Uncle Miltie
Why isn't Ethier in there for defensive purposes anyways?
2007-04-06 21:31:14
306.   Bob Timmermann
Flyball to left, Gonzalez makes a short run.


2007-04-06 21:31:23
307.   natepurcell

ball hits him the glove and he drops the ball. of course there is wind and fog but it hits him in the glove!

2007-04-06 21:31:29
308.   Benaiah
He just dropped the ball, it went right through his glove on an easy fly.
2007-04-06 21:31:48
309.   GMac In The 909
I am going to wear my LuGo jersey with so much pride on Monday.
2007-04-06 21:32:08
310.   FN Bevacqua
KNBR Giants Radio:

'...the Dodgers pitch to Bonds but walk Ray Durham?'

2007-04-06 21:32:22
311.   Benaiah
Please put in Broxton.
2007-04-06 21:32:29
312.   Icaros
Then he fell like a pathetic older gentleman.
2007-04-06 21:32:48
313.   Jon Weisman
Hey, nice job, Beimel.
2007-04-06 21:33:04
314.   StolenMonkey86
K is for Klesko
2007-04-06 21:33:12
315.   FN Bevacqua

Saito ready to close this on out?

2007-04-06 21:33:20
316.   FN Bevacqua

Saito ready to close this on out?

2007-04-06 21:33:36
317.   MSarg29
Great job Beimel. The look on Penny's face could frighten an undertaker.
2007-04-06 21:33:37
318.   Benaiah
How far behind is MLB.TV? 30 seconds?
2007-04-06 21:33:40
319.   Gagne55
And he's out of the inning. Clark better be in left field in the 9th.
2007-04-06 21:33:44
320.   underdog
Welcome to radio station W-H-E-W.
2007-04-06 21:34:11
321.   Sub4Era
Saved by the pen
2007-04-06 21:34:16
322.   Uncle Miltie
Great job of Beimel to keep his composure there.
2007-04-06 21:34:23
323.   shamrok
317. - Can't say I blame him.
2007-04-06 21:34:37
324.   underdog
319 If he's not I'm gonna have a stroke. Or call 1-800-sitlugo.
2007-04-06 21:35:07
325.   Bluebleeder87
Let's score some more runs is all I can say about that last inning.
2007-04-06 21:35:10
326.   Frip
"i hate this outfield. i hate you colletti"


2007-04-06 21:35:36
327.   FN Bevacqua
why are the Dodgers giving Gonzalez hi-fives in the dugout?
2007-04-06 21:35:43
328.   Suffering Bruin
Gonzo on deck. I'm cheering for him. If you don't like Gonzo as a person, you don't like people. Unfortunately, that may be the best thing we can say about him as a ballplayer unless something changes real soon.
2007-04-06 21:35:50
329.   immouch
307maybe it was the wrong part of his glove
2007-04-06 21:35:59
330.   underdog
When did Vinnie Chulk acquire Martin Scorsese's eyebrows?
2007-04-06 21:37:05
331.   Frank Wright
LuGo - Pop out to short right.... calling it now
2007-04-06 21:37:24
332.   Frip
Redeem thyself man
2007-04-06 21:37:25
333.   Suffering Bruin
330 LOL.
2007-04-06 21:38:05
334.   underdog
Yesss! Yay, Grady for making the right decision here.
2007-04-06 21:38:33
335.   shamrok
Sweet hit from Kemp.
2007-04-06 21:38:36
336.   MSarg29
nice hit.....yay Brady Clark
Never thought I would say that
2007-04-06 21:38:58
337.   Benaiah
LuGo with a little bit of redemption.
2007-04-06 21:39:16
338.   StolenMonkey86
yay, two hits in a row.

And now Kemp is hitting .333.

2007-04-06 21:39:27
339.   Frank Wright
Remember the talk about Kemp going down when Raffy comes back? No way thats happening.
2007-04-06 21:39:54
340.   Andrew Shimmin
328- You say that like there's something wrong with not liking people.
2007-04-06 21:40:24
341.   StolenMonkey86
Tomato time?
2007-04-06 21:40:36
342.   Suffering Bruin
LuGo has been less than patient at the plate tonight. 4AB = 6 pitches seen.
2007-04-06 21:41:07
343.   Vaudeville Villain

I thought we were basically assured that Kemp would be going back down after this? Anyway, if we're not going to use that third shortstop guy whose name I forget, we should just keep him up.

2007-04-06 21:41:14
344.   Jon Weisman
Two-run HR by Greene cuts Rockies' lead to 4-3 over Padres with none out in ninth. Cruz now up with two out.
2007-04-06 21:42:01
345.   Jon Weisman
339 - Whoever was saying that was completely erroneous. Valdez has always been the one on the bubble for when Furcal came back.
2007-04-06 21:42:04
346.   Gagne55
Fun with gameday's hit chart. The Giants have ten hits. Not a single one to right field.
2007-04-06 21:42:12
347.   Suffering Bruin
340 You're right. That wasn't my intent but I can see how that can be inferred.
2007-04-06 21:43:18
348.   FN Bevacqua
heavy fog rolling into the OF.
2007-04-06 21:43:19
349.   StolenMonkey86
339 - I think it's pretty much assumed that Valez, who's played 2 innings so far, will be DFA'd once Furcal is back.

Or at least, that's what I pretty much assumed.

2007-04-06 21:43:48
350.   Suffering Bruin
345 I think it Tony Jackson who strongly implied that Kemp would be sent down when Furcal comes back. However...

a) I could be wrong and
b) see "a" above.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-04-06 21:44:11
351.   Gagne55
Of course the Dodgers don't have Pierre or LuGo in right field. ;-)
2007-04-06 21:44:34
352.   natepurcell
just a little seeing-eye single would be great here.
2007-04-06 21:45:17
353.   Jon Weisman
350 - Jackson has been pretty infatuated with Valdez all spring, but it still never made sense.
2007-04-06 21:45:23
354.   Benaiah
Saenz should be batting right now.
2007-04-06 21:45:29
355.   Sub4Era
if they did we might need to push martinez to rover
2007-04-06 21:47:10
356.   Jon Weisman
354 - They'd IBB Saenz, for what it's worth.
2007-04-06 21:47:10
357.   Bluebleeder87
I know it's still early but Beimel looks pretty sharp
2007-04-06 21:47:16
358.   Bob Timmermann
Somebody tell Vin to stop checking out Bengie Molina's package.
2007-04-06 21:47:53
359.   Suffering Bruin
Tony Jackson in the comments, 4/1/07 from his blog:

"... Ned and Grady made it clear that Kemp is going to be on the bench, which is why I'm fairly sure he'll go back to the minors as soon as Furcal comes back."

So this is what research feels like.

2007-04-06 21:48:10
360.   Gagne55
355 The classic 3-4 defense instead of the standard 4-3.
2007-04-06 21:48:13
361.   immouch
i think the thing that might keep kemp up - i mean, in addition to him being a potential star, etc. - is martinez's play at short...
2007-04-06 21:49:00
362.   Suffering Bruin
Fun with Gameday: Ramon has seen 20 pitches tonight up until the last foul ball.
2007-04-06 21:49:08
363.   Frip
Bonds got there but didn't like the wall.
2007-04-06 21:49:32
364.   Benaiah
356 - Then pitch hit Ethier next. I don't see why you have a bench if you let your number 8 hitter, who normally is your number 11 hitter, but in this situation.
2007-04-06 21:49:36
365.   FN Bevacqua
Jon Miller on Giants radio:

'with Bonds limping tonight, he most certainly will not in play tomorrow's day game...'

2007-04-06 21:49:59
366.   MMSMikey
2007-04-06 21:49:59
367.   shamrok
Nice at bat for Martinez.
2007-04-06 21:50:07
368.   immouch
nice ab for martinez
2007-04-06 21:50:29
369.   capdodger
Nice walk. Too bad it's JP up now....
2007-04-06 21:50:44
370.   StolenMonkey86
Enter Olmedo.
2007-04-06 21:50:54
371.   Out in the desert
killer tomato. here we go
2007-04-06 21:51:16
372.   Jon Weisman
359 - They really led Jackson astray in that conversation.

364 - I don't disagree with you. I think they're afraid to take Martinez out defensively.

2007-04-06 21:51:17
373.   Suffering Bruin
358 Reminds me of when Vin was talking about then 46-year old Julio Franco. "I mean, you look at the condition he's in... strong arms, strong legs and no butt at all." I about died.
2007-04-06 21:51:20
374.   Benaiah
Well done Martinez. Attack of the killer Tomato!
2007-04-06 21:51:59
375.   immouch
is this guy really trying to throw a fastball past saenz?
2007-04-06 21:52:16
376.   shamrok
Splat! Oh well.
2007-04-06 21:52:48
377.   natepurcell
bring the control sammy.
2007-04-06 21:53:05
378.   Suffering Bruin
372 You're not suggesting that members of an organization would mislead a reporter. I mean, is nothing sacred? :)
2007-04-06 21:53:35
379.   Benaiah
That was close. Oh well. Hear we go. Time to show that last time was a fluke, Sammy!
2007-04-06 21:54:57
380.   jtrichey
You know what I've always wanted to see? Right here, bases loaded 2 outs, grounder up the middle. I think the runner on 1st should just sprint and run through the bag. Martinez there would have beat that throw, a run would have scored, then Martinez would be tagged out, but hey, we got a HUGE insurance run. Anyone ever seen this happen?
2007-04-06 21:55:51
381.   immouch
saito's curve, kent's legs and the piano hitched to bengie's ass... game in slo mo...
2007-04-06 21:56:10
382.   Frip
Glad I won't have to hear the tired phrase "nearly immobile" about Kent this year.
2007-04-06 21:56:45
383.   FN Bevacqua
keep it in the infield Saito.
2007-04-06 21:58:46
384.   Jon Weisman
380 - Good question. I haven't seen it.
2007-04-06 22:00:00
385.   Suffering Bruin
According the Gameday, the last two pitches before that one were both high strikes. FWIW.
2007-04-06 22:00:34
386.   shamrok
ohhhh boy.
2007-04-06 22:00:36
387.   immouch
2007-04-06 22:00:43
388.   Vaudeville Villain
The Giants slap attack is getting to Saito.
2007-04-06 22:01:40
389.   capdodger
Way to go Sammy. Let them think they have a chance, then shut them down.... Right?
2007-04-06 22:02:27
390.   Bluebleeder87
Stop 'em Saito!
2007-04-06 22:02:30
391.   Suffering Bruin
Me hold breath.
2007-04-06 22:02:44
392.   shamrok
BAM! Nice.
2007-04-06 22:02:51
393.   Bob Timmermann
That play seems pretty risky and difficult for a player to think of in the heat of the moment.
2007-04-06 22:03:00
394.   immouch
terrible, beautiful call
2007-04-06 22:03:19
395.   capdodger
Gaim Over.
2007-04-06 22:03:20
396.   Suffering Bruin
2007-04-06 22:03:25
397.   StolenMonkey86
Saito K's Roberts for the save.

Dodger Blues will have something to say about this one.

2007-04-06 22:03:26
398.   DodgerBakers
2007-04-06 22:03:46
399.   Louis in SF
That was a beautiful pitch, he may not have the domminance of Gagne, but the guy knows how to pitch..
2007-04-06 22:04:27
400.   underdog
Saito just gets bored and likes to make it interesting.

And W-H-E-W signs off the for the evening...

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-04-06 22:04:44
401.   FN Bevacqua
43,146 in attendance...

a SF Giant record for AT&T park?

2007-04-06 22:04:48
402.   Disabled List
A 2-1 Dodger game. Guess I better get used to that this year.

Three of the four games so far have been one-run games, incidentally.

2007-04-06 22:05:07
403.   MSarg29
He sure does know how to pitch
2007-04-06 22:05:29
404.   StolenMonkey86
The Dodgers are 2-1 in 1 run games.
2007-04-06 22:05:57
405.   we are infinite
Yup, this was the highest attendance ever at AT&T.

On an unrelated note, is it just me, or has putting on that Giants uniform aged Dave Roberts another 5-10 years?

2007-04-06 22:06:12
406.   Bob Timmermann
It's a regular season record.
2007-04-06 22:06:31
407.   underdog
401 I feel like they set the record every time the Dodgers play here. Also shows you how much smaller that stadium is compared to Dodgers Stadium.
2007-04-06 22:06:34
408.   Suffering Bruin
Saito will make a millon dollars this season. I think he's a bargain, don't you?
2007-04-06 22:07:02
409.   Frip
Those are good colors for K. Kennedy.
2007-04-06 22:11:25
410.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants drew 43,766 for Game 2 of the Division Series against the Marlins.

They have not played at home in the postseason since.

2007-04-06 22:12:09
411.   Louis in SF
I am sorta involved in Sales Management and believe the worst sin of management is not getting the most out of your talent. Where this applies in the Dodgers case is the obvious outfield problem.

Yes Kemp still needs to learn to hit the curve and improve his outfield play, but he can hit run and will improve as he gets more at bats. Loney in Triple A will also improve and gain more power. If we were playing Either, Kemp, Loney and even Piere in the outfield and rotating them and didn't have to worry about Gonzales, we would be improving our hitting and speed, have more potential for power and helping develop two players;instead we are stunting the growth of Loney and potentially sending Kemp down when Furcal comes back.

2007-04-06 22:12:48
412.   Vaudeville Villain
I think the Dodgers should thank the scheduling gods that they were playing the Giants today.

Anyway, if things go according to sanity, we should get some runs off Russ Ortiz tomorrow.

2007-04-06 22:13:54
413.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-04-06 22:14:06
414.   MSarg29
I wouldn't be surprised if Gonzalez is a glorified pinch hitter by May.
2007-04-06 22:15:51
415.   Gen3Blue
It was so bad that I had to take a walk. And to compound it, New England has been covered with ice and it was a risky walk. It is a record breaking cold front for April and I understand we could break the low all time record tomorrow night. But I had some optimism, knowing Saito is the kind of guy who if he gives up two hits in a tough situation, won't be affected on the next batter. Thank god we won!
And Penny seems to be OK. Our pitching could be good, but my lord---our offense needs help. Will someone heat up?

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