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Lineup Uncertainty
2007-04-08 09:50
by Jon Weisman

We're a long way from Pedro Guerrero at the hot corner, aren't we?

Over the past two seasons, the Dodgers have given significant third base time to Oscar Robles and Cesar Izturis. Today, Ramon Martinez will play there with Wilson Valdez getting a second start at shortstop.

In the absence of good offense at third base, it makes sense to go for the best defense. But is Martinez any more a natural third baseman than Wilson Betemit, who beautifully charged a bunt with a barehand grab-and-throw Saturday and also recently made a nifty backhanded stop in a crucial situation? Though he has only one hit (with four walks) this season, Betemit has not let that undermine his fielding.

I'm fine with rewarding players for great games, and Martinez and Valdez have certainly had those this weekend in San Francisco. With tough lefthander Barry Zito on the mound for the Giants, it's of little moment to me that Betemit rests this one day.

But if Rafael Furcal needs more time to recuperate from his ankle injury - and a thousand bravos to the Dodgers for making sure he gets that time - I'm wary of the Dodgers giving up on Betemit for Valdez. Three hits in a Russ Ortiz-started game does not a hitter make.

At some point, Furcal and Andy LaRoche should render all this moot. (Others muse about Nomar Garciaparra moving to third base, but that seems like a fantasy.) In any case, once Furcal returns, carrying someone like Valdez or Martinez at the bottom of the lineup would be easier to tolerate if, in fact, they help absolutely seal the left side of the infield defensively.

But even with the holes in Betemit's offensive game, I find it very difficult to believe that the slap-hitting Valdez and Martinez can be more productive all-around players. And I'm thinking/hoping Betemit is a home run away from reminding people of this.

Dodger manager Grady Little has indicated up to now that Betemit, who has notoriously struggled against lefties, will get a chance to prove himself as a full-time player. But if Martinez and Valdez so much as do anything positive today, a platoon may be inevitable.

* * *

With Betemit sitting today, it seems only natural that Luis Gonzalez should do so too. For this, the second of three consecutive day games, coming off a one-hit, no bungle game in the outfield that would enable him to rest with dignity, when there are no plans for him to play 162 games to begin with, I'm surprised a day off for Gonzalez isn't automatic. And it's not as if Andre Ethier is still worrying about when his first hit will come - Ethier doubled Saturday.

This week, I've been inundated with so many quotes about how great a human being Gonzalez is that I'm a bit cowed to say anything too harshly against him. So I may have to ask some for forgiveness for speculating that the reason Ethier and Matt Kemp wouldn't start today in the outfield is because of a feeling that Gonzalez will sulk. I remember reading last year that Gonzalez was none too thrilled about having the kids in Arizona reduce his playing time. Maybe that was apochryphal - we know how that can happen, after all - but I simply can't understand why Ethier should have to be benched three times in a week while Gonzalez plays every day.

Last season, Gonzalez OPSed .740 against lefties. The year before, .748. That's not good enough for a left fielder who rationalizes his poor defensive play with something along the lines of "I'm 39 - what do you expect." Frankly, that's not good enough even if, as Gonzalez suggested to Steve Henson of the Times, that his poor defense is merely a slump.

In his past three games, after starting the season 0 for 7, Gonzalez is 5 for 11 with a walk. That's outstanding. But given that Ethier is a better fielder than Gonzalez and was a better hitter last season (including a small sample size .846 OPS against lefties), shouldn't Ethier get a chance for a similar rebound?

* * *

Today's game:


Comments (298)
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2007-04-08 10:07:15
1.   Disabled List
This would seem like a natural game to give Gonzales a day off, but since he's been hitting the ball the last few games, a benching at this point would be a tacit admission by Little that Gonzo's defense is a liability that his bat does not make up for. Everyone knows this is true, but no one wants to come out and state it.

The veteran will always get the benefit of the doubt. When the next day-game-after-a-night-game opportunity comes around, maybe Gonzo will be coming off a hitless streak or something, and it'll be easier for Grady to get him out of the lineup. Then the pattern that Jon outlined a few posts ago will start to take shape: A slumping veteran with clubhouse cachet gets rested a day to get his head together. Then, if he continues to slump, another day. Then maybe a couple of days. Then, even if the young replacement hits, the vet gets put back in the lineup to see if he can rejuvenate himself. Lather, rinse, repeat.

2007-04-08 10:13:12
2.   adraymond
I would hope that if Betemit continues to struggle, though it's a little early to say he's struggling, that LaRoche gets a look at third. Even if it's in a platoon, it would be much better than trying to stick Martinez/Vladez in the hot corner.
2007-04-08 10:13:44
3.   Just Blue
Jon, I agree completely.

Betemit is struggling right now, but at least he's being selective at the plate. He'll start connecting with the bat pretty soon.

Gonzalez is a tougher problem because of his contract, and his veteran status. He should be sat down every few days to protect his health...especially vs. leftys.
Eithier has proven he can hit leftys better than rightys anyway, so playing Eithier & Kemp together vs. leftys is justifiable.

2007-04-08 10:15:07
4.   D4P

Pierre, CF
Martin, C
Nomar, 1B
Kent, 2B
Gonzalez, LF
Kemp, RF
Valdez, SS
Martinez, 3B
Wolf, P

2007-04-08 10:15:45
5.   Slikk
I don't think that sitting Betemit for the first time this season because Zito is pitching is any indication Grady is giving up on him. If we're impressed with Betemit's defense so far this season, obviously the Dodgers are as well. It's just one game against a nasty lefty.
2007-04-08 10:17:01
6.   Jon Weisman
1 - A single day off tacitly admits nothing. That's why I think this is a good day to play Ethier and Kemp together.
2007-04-08 10:17:02
7.   bhsportsguy
Getaway day by the Bay.

Pierre CF
Martin C
Garciaparra 1B
Kent 2B
Gonzalez LF
Kemp RF
Valdez SS
Martinez 3B
Wolf P

2007-04-08 10:17:49
8.   ToyCannon
No excuse for Brady Clark not to be playing in LF today.
2007-04-08 10:17:54
9.   rockmrete
I still think that Betimit will lead this current team in HRs. I just hope that the Veteren outfielders poor play does not derail that. Because Ned has locked us into contracts in CF, and in LF the only place to upgrade is at 3rd, or in RF.
2007-04-08 10:21:24
10.   Just Blue
This would have been a perfect day to sit Gonzalez. So, of couse he'll be starting again tomorrow in the home opener as his introduction to the home crowd...I wonder if he'll hear more boo's or cheer's.
2007-04-08 10:21:55
11.   bhsportsguy
6 I am surprised that Gonzalez is not getting a day off here, he's going to play tomorrow against Francis, so I would guess that he's skips one of the following two games against the Rockies.
2007-04-08 10:23:27
12.   bhsportsguy
10 Boos, he's not Barry Bonds, the only player who might here some boos is Joe Beimel for his post-season misadventure but I don't think Gonzalez will here anything but welcoming cheers from the crowd.
2007-04-08 10:24:03
13.   D4P
I wonder if he'll hear more boo's or cheer's

"They're not booing you, they're saying 'Boo-is'"

2007-04-08 10:25:56
14.   rockmrete

Went to a Nationals game last week. Transportaion was fantastic, the stadium was terribly old, and in poor condition. Was able to walk up and get great seats right before game time. That team is pretty bad. Although I thought Church's bat had pretty good pop.

Cabrerra is a huge man, can't belive he is only 22.

2007-04-08 10:27:46
15.   thinkblue0

"I was saying Boo-is"

2007-04-08 10:28:45
16.   Bob Timmermann
If Gonzalez misplayed a ball during the home opener, he would be booed, but not during the introductions.

Dodger fans in the stadium are getting increasingly intolerant and boo more, but it's only because:
1) a poor play on offense or defense
2) booing a former player, whether or not it's justified.

In my opinion, which counts for little, booing Green or Finley is pointless. I wonder if Maddux will be booed when he starts at Dodger Stadium.

I'm trying to think of a Dodger who was booed because of continued poor onfield performance, Philadelphia style.

2007-04-08 10:29:24
17.   Eric Enders
12 Remember, Dodger fans booed Hee Seop Choi on opening day for basically no reason. I don't see why Gonzalez wouldn't get the same treatment (not that I'm advocating he should). If the Freeway Series is any indication, many Dodger fans lately seem to be looking for excuses to boo people.
2007-04-08 10:31:23
18.   Eric Enders
12 FWIW, I doubt Beimel would get booed, since a) He's showed the proper contrition, and b) He kicked major butt in his last appearance.
2007-04-08 10:35:19
19.   D4P
ARod is setting some very high post-season expectations
2007-04-08 10:35:58
20.   bhsportsguy
16 Maddux will be spared the indignity during their first trip in town.

Dave Roberts and Paul LoDuca are two guys that get treated well most of the time they have been back.

2007-04-08 10:38:38
21.   Eric Enders
By the way, for those who haven't noticed yet, BB-Reference is now even more spectacular. Sean is updating the stats as the season goes along this year, so you can get up-to-the-moment OPS+ and ERA+, as well as game logs, boxscores, play-by-play, etc., without all the long load times and ads you have to endure on the commercial sites.
2007-04-08 10:40:53
22.   Eric Enders
Fun with small sample sizes:
Luis Gonzalez 2007 range factor: 1.00
League range factor for left fielders: 1.56
2007-04-08 10:41:59
23.   D4P
Juan Pierre's OPS+ is currently at -12
2007-04-08 10:46:49
24.   Disabled List
6 I disagree. A day off is lot more innocuous if it comes after one or two hitless games. But when it comes after he's got five hits in his last 11 at-bats, then the subtext (his defense) comes into play.
2007-04-08 10:47:55
25.   Vishal
[13] are we talking about boo's cues?
2007-04-08 10:49:21
26.   Dodgers49
>>> The Dodgers will use base-stealing great Maury Wills during the season for intermittent base-running sessions with players. The Dodgers still talk about Julio Lugo's head-scratching attempt to steal home last year and feel a refresher for their players is the way to go. <<<

2007-04-08 10:54:43
27.   LAT
An obvious day off for Gonzo begs the question: Is Ned influencing Grady's line-up. Giving Gonzo a day off in the first week of the season would an be viewed as a concession that Ned paid $7 million for a 39 yr old leftfielder with serious limitations but who is a really swell guy.
2007-04-08 10:57:29
28.   Dodgers49
Gagne tosses in straight days for first time in 2 years.

>>> "There was a little stiffness, but it felt good the first time throwing back to back in two years," Gagne said. <<<

2007-04-08 11:09:40
29.   LADfan in IL
8 I agree! Clark in left and Kemp in right makes the most sense for today.
2007-04-08 11:10:08
30.   GoBears
Exhibit A for why everyone should chill about Betemit's weak start at the plate:

Albert Pujols is 1 for 17 so far (double), with 3 walks.

It's still early.

2007-04-08 11:11:52
31.   D4P
I predict that most players who are doing worse than their average will get better, while most players who are doing better than their average will get worse.
2007-04-08 11:11:57
32.   spacebrother
I'm worried about Gonzalez and Pierre. Like others here have mentioned, will they produce more runs than they allow? How are the stats on that?

The Pads, Giants, and D-backs are probably training hitters to aim for left and center, even with runners on the right side. ;)

I think Pierre will be roundly booed for his first defensive gaffe at home, but Gonzo will be given a pass, at least for the first one or so.

2007-04-08 11:15:43
33.   Benaiah
23 - Ha. I guess if you are more than a certain number of standard deviations from league average than your OPS+ goes negative. It doesn't help that 69% of his balls in play have been ground balls, only 12.5% have been flies (and half those were infield flies). His BABIP is really low (.167), but that is because about 100% of soft grounders to second base end up as outs.
2007-04-08 11:29:01
34.   natepurcell

you really went out on a limb there.

2007-04-08 11:32:24
35.   Dark Horse
31-Yes, it's a good bet Trot Nixon will not hit .556 for the season.
2007-04-08 11:35:28
36.   regfairfield
32 You have to be really, really bad both offensively and defensively to pull that off. So bad that no one could possibly keep their job while doing that. Even Angel Berroa couldn't do it last year.
2007-04-08 11:38:07
37.   regfairfield
On that note, it's really fun to watch the trades that go on in Fantasy Baseball at this time of year. For example, El Duque for Ben Sheets.
2007-04-08 11:40:45
38.   Vishal
[37] hah, what league is that going on in? i can't imagine that going on in any of my leagues.
2007-04-08 11:53:34
39.   PalmdaleSteve1
What the deal with Juan P. and the throwing arm? I even heard Saint Vin comment the other day on the cut-off man needing to play back for the relay. Same sort of comments on the Great Gonzo.

Are the throwing arms really that poor?

Compared to what other teams/player positions?

Hey could have Barry "Clear and Cream" out there. Anyone catch that hustle on the ball hit to the corner....NOT.

2007-04-08 11:55:08
40.   LAT
Long as we are looking at small sample sizes, Shawn Green is hitting .409. Got his first HR today. (I would rather have Green than Ganzo.)
2007-04-08 11:59:28
41.   Bob Timmermann
Gonzalez has shoulder surgery and Tommy John surgery, so he has an excuse for his poor throwing arm, at least. Juan Pierre has never had a good throwing arm.

I believe in 2003 when Albert Pujols mainly played left field, he had a bad elbow and he could barely get the ball to the cutoff man. The Cardinals shortstop would go way, way out to left to handle relays.

Of course, Albert Pujols' bat was worth that sacrifice.

2007-04-08 12:02:18
42.   Bob Timmermann
Insert auxiliary verbs where necessary in post 41
2007-04-08 12:02:48
43.   PalmdaleSteve1
So what's the quantifiable measure of a "good" vers a "bad" arm for an outfielder?

Deep Center to Home plate? I don't know of anyone who makes that one. Maybe deep center to second would be "good".

Anyone got a pointer to stats on the question.

2007-04-08 12:06:37
44.   overkill94
43 You don't need stats to tell you that a guy throws lollipops to the cut-off man
2007-04-08 12:14:14
45.   GoBears
43. The throwing arms of Mssrs. Gonzales and Pierre are so bad....

How bad are they?

...that they need a cutoff man just to throw the ball all the way to the ground.

Note: the preceding hyperbole was intended for entertainment purposes only, and in no way reflects the official position of Jon Weisman, DodgerThoughts, or Baseball Toaster, yada yada yada.

2007-04-08 12:19:00
46.   GoBears
As for Juan Pierre getting booed at Dodger Stadium, I think we need to remind ourselves how much of an echo chamber this place can become (on some issues). My take is that the average Dodger fan loves Pierre as much as Colletti does (great guy, works hard, sets the table, creates havoc, probably even cleans his room without being asked).

Unless his BA really plummets and he actually starts dropping balls that he gets to (unlikely - he's just fine with the glove), he doesn't have anything to worry about, no matter how much we geniuses shake our heads in disdain.

2007-04-08 12:38:21
47.   JoeyP
Betemit vs LHP (169Abs)

Betemit vs RHP (515 Abs)

Looks like he should be platooned. Whether Valdez/Martinez can do better against LHP--who knows. But its not like the team is losing much by benching a career .595 OPS'er vs LHP.

Saenz should play vs LHP.
If the team isnt going to bring up LaRoche, and Nomar wont move off 1st-- then platoon Betemit/Saenz at 3rd.

2007-04-08 12:41:29
48.   Scanman33
Little doesn't seem like the reactionary type, so I don't think this is anything more than Betemit struggles against righties and a chance to give him a day off and ride Valdez's "hot streak". He seems to give players a lot of rope, which is good in the case of some (Betemit) but could be bad for others (Tomko).
2007-04-08 12:50:38
49.   das411
Does anybody else think it's weird that the Braves' Sunday hats are different from what is on their helmets? Like, a baserunner whose helmet falls off and has a hat on underneath will be wearing two different this odd to anybody else? Do other teams do this?
2007-04-08 12:54:06
50.   Eric Enders
49 If somebody's helmet fell off and they had a hat underneath, that would be even weirder.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-08 12:59:55
51.   Bob Timmermann
So as long as Juan Pierre isn't on the Braves, it's not a problem. He's the only guy who wears a cap under his helmet, although it used to be not all that uncommon in the 60s and 70s.

Some guys would also keep caps in their back pockets and then switch if they reached base.

2007-04-08 13:04:56
52.   D4P
It's not looking so good for Tiger right now
2007-04-08 13:06:20
53.   trainwreck
2007-04-08 13:07:58
54.   Michael D
At this rate the only way we trade Pierre is for Helton.
2007-04-08 13:08:09
55.   Gen3Blue
I just know nobody is happy with that first at bat!
2007-04-08 13:09:10
56.   LAT
46. I think you are correct, but for those paying attention, JP's deficiences have been exposed in this first week.

For example, I have a good friend who strongly endorsed the JP signing. Led the league in hits, good speed, lots of stolen bases yada, yada, yada. Armed with the arguments advanced by the good folks here at DT, we often clashed. After one week of JP he has conceeded that the signing may not have been as good as he thought.

2007-04-08 13:15:38
57.   Michael D
Pierre and Gonzalez combine to sabatoge the offense this inning.
2007-04-08 13:18:20
58.   D4P
Um, did Pierre foul out to catcher on the first pitch...?
2007-04-08 13:22:35
59.   trainwreck
Attempting to bunt.
2007-04-08 13:22:51
60.   overkill94
Pierre, oh how I hate thee
2007-04-08 13:23:02
61.   LAT
This is laughable
2007-04-08 13:23:16
62.   Benaiah
Wow, that was sad.
2007-04-08 13:23:32
63.   Michael D
Don't have to wait for our outfielders to be throwing the ball to turn a single into a double. This is just disgraceful.
2007-04-08 13:23:53
64.   FN Bevacqua

'the Dodger outfield has really been a nightmare to Dodgers pitchers...'

2007-04-08 13:24:18
65.   MMSMikey
mother of god can pierre and gonzo be any more terrible out there?
2007-04-08 13:24:45
66.   LAT
How is that ruled a double. Either its a ball that should have been caught or not and been a single. Either way its an E.
2007-04-08 13:24:56
67.   D4P
What just happened? All I see is that Aurilia "Doubled to center"...
2007-04-08 13:25:44
68.   MMSMikey
i bet if we only used 2 outfilders kemp in right center and either left center they could do a better job.
2007-04-08 13:26:17
69.   Bob Timmermann
Pierre didn't touch the ball, so the official scorers tend not to rule those errors.
2007-04-08 13:26:42
70.   trainwreck
Pierre tried to bare hand the ball and it went past him.
2007-04-08 13:26:56
71.   Benaiah
Pierre over ran the ball and it bounced past him, Ethier had to grab it and throw it in.
2007-04-08 13:27:33
72.   overkill94
I wouldn't be surprised if they changed it to a single with an error later, it's not like he dove for it or anything
2007-04-08 13:28:05
73.   Bob Timmermann
With Matt Kemp playing the role of Andre Ethier.
2007-04-08 13:29:19
74.   D4P
It'll be interesting to see if the pitching staff starts commenting on the outfield defense
2007-04-08 13:29:25
75.   Gen3Blue
One run for Pierre.
And I think that took the rythm out of our Pitcher.
2007-04-08 13:29:28
76.   FN Bevacqua
Augusta update:

Goosen +2
Appleby +3
Johnson +3
Sabbatini +3
Woods +4

2007-04-08 13:30:14
77.   Bob Timmermann
For Aurilia's hit to be a single and error, the scorer would have to rule that Pierre did something to make the ball roll past him.

Pierre just overran the ball a bit, then slipped. He didn't touch it. I don't see how it could be a S+E8.

2007-04-08 13:30:43
78.   overkill94
I'm predicting at least 2 innings from Billingsley today
2007-04-08 13:32:13
79.   LAT
I'm guessing Kent enjoyed beating his old friend on that play.
2007-04-08 13:32:17
80.   overkill94
77 You don't have to touch it for it to be an error, that ball was the equivalent of a ball going through his legs since he was in the proper position to knock the ball down.
2007-04-08 13:33:07
81.   Gen3Blue
At least Bond didn't break Kent's wrist. He's not as bad as I thought.
2007-04-08 13:33:12
82.   Bob Timmermann
Wolf was having trouble with Aurilia to begin with so I don't see how you can say he fell out of rhythm.

And Bonds was up next. He tends to disrupt rhythm just a wee bit.

I find the "Juan Pierre and Juan Gonzalez as the Prime Movers for Evil" Theory a bit sketchy.

2007-04-08 13:33:17
83.   MMSMikey
maybe sarah morris was right about wolf.
2007-04-08 13:33:49
84.   alexx
Wolf looks like Zito with a slightly better fastball and slightly worse curveball.
2007-04-08 13:34:11
85.   alexx
(In a bad way, I'm thinking)
2007-04-08 13:34:57
86.   DXMachina
I miss Kenny Lofton.
2007-04-08 13:34:58
87.   overkill94
Run would be earned anyway since the grounder that Kent got a force on would have scored the run. Even still, Pierre has been anything but impressive on both offense and defense so far.
2007-04-08 13:36:26
88.   Bob Timmermann
Almost every time when an outfielder lets a fly ball drop untouched, the play is ruled a hit. Infielders might get errors.

But a Single+E8 would be very hard to explain.

2007-04-08 13:38:11
89.   bhsportsguy
I believe Sam must be on a vacation or else a 4 game sweeping by the D-Backs might have gotten some more attention.

The Nationals could be your next 100 loss team.

2007-04-08 13:39:01
90.   MMSMikey
the nationals are so bad, how is dimitri young in the big leagues?
2007-04-08 13:40:09
91.   Michael D
Valdez gets a double off a real pitcher, we better get rid of Martinez when Furcal comes back.
2007-04-08 13:40:25
92.   Benaiah
Nice hit. Valdez has been very nice so far.
2007-04-08 13:40:34
93.   Jon Weisman
I'm happy to look like a jerk on Valdez if this is the result.
2007-04-08 13:41:13
94.   Dark Horse
Anyone else here digging the fact Kemp just walked? (To focus on a positive, for a second.) Zito just made him look ridiculous last year, as I recall, so I take that as a very heartening sign.
2007-04-08 13:41:33
95.   MMSMikey
i dont think you can get rid of martinez, valdez would be nice trade bait.
2007-04-08 13:42:28
96.   bhsportsguy
91 Ain't gonna happen.
2007-04-08 13:43:15
97.   Benaiah
That's one for the good guys. Zito doesn't look like a 126 million dollar pitcher. Imagine what he will look like at the end of that contract.
2007-04-08 13:43:51
98.   Michael D
So here we get the Pierre is struggling because he's trying too hard to justify his contract defense.
2007-04-08 13:44:02
99.   DXMachina
95 Yup. Trade Valdez before he regresses to the mean.
2007-04-08 13:44:30
100.   MMSMikey
pierre looks afraid to be a dodger. thats 45 million working for us right there.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-08 13:45:22
101.   overkill94
Pierre sure strikes out a lot for a guy who doesn't strike out very often
2007-04-08 13:45:52
102.   Bob Timmermann
Afraid to be a Dodger?
2007-04-08 13:45:53
103.   Bluebleeder87
I was hearing Jaime Jarrin in my buddies car & he thinks it's psychological what Pierre is going threw, I just hope Pierre works things out.
2007-04-08 13:46:00
104.   Greg Brock
The world's strongest man should not be drinking lousy domestic light beer.

Get that man a Newcastle!

2007-04-08 13:46:14
105.   bhsportsguy
98 Anyone can have a bad week or month in this game.
2007-04-08 13:47:48
106.   Benaiah
I remember last season when Furcal got off to a miserable start and the consensus it was a bust of a signing. Or the year before when Drew started 0-23 or whatever. I don't like Pierre, but I bet he is going to have some really good months for the Dodgers, with the caveat being that he also does this sometimes.
2007-04-08 13:47:57
107.   Frank Wright
or year...
2007-04-08 13:48:06
108.   MMSMikey
he looks scared out there, playing for the marlins, rockies, losing cubs is probably no comparison. even though he was on the marlins team that won it all.
2007-04-08 13:48:49
109.   trainwreck
What is the worst domestic beer?

I am going with Keystone.

2007-04-08 13:49:15
110.   D4P
Pierre sure gets out an awful lot for a guy who gets on base an awful lot
2007-04-08 13:49:34
111.   Bob Timmermann
Juan Pierre played in a World Series.

Against the Yankees.

And his team won.

And he's afraid of being a Dodger?

Can't he just not be playing well for some prosaic reason, like, well, he's just not playing well?

2007-04-08 13:50:03
112.   trainwreck
I highly doubt that is the case.
2007-04-08 13:50:19
113.   MMSMikey
i did mention that he played on that marlins team.
2007-04-08 13:50:53
114.   Benaiah
109 - The Beast, or Milwaukee's Best. That or Natural Ice.
2007-04-08 13:51:00
115.   Jon Weisman
About 45 pitches to get three outs so far for Wolf.
2007-04-08 13:52:04
116.   Paul B
At this rate we might get to see Billingsley audition for the 5th starter spot today.
2007-04-08 13:52:27
117.   bhsportsguy
Could see the return of Hendrickson soon.
2007-04-08 13:52:28
118.   trainwreck
Natty Ice is bad, but it is drinkable. Well in college, the price of Natty Ice makes it drinkable.
2007-04-08 13:52:38
119.   Greg Brock
Pabst Blue Ribbon is terrrrrrrrible.

But Keystone is worse.

2007-04-08 13:52:41
120.   MMSMikey
1-2-3 dp would be perfect.
2007-04-08 13:53:02
121.   Benaiah
Yeah Wolf is not looking good, considering that Billingsley hasn't went in a few games, I would have him on a short leash.
2007-04-08 13:53:17
122.   Dark Horse
106-Well, I do hope so. His presence out there has come to depress me more than anyone else's. Gonzalez...well, we can sit him down eventually and we're only stuck with him for a year. I tried to be optimistic about this signing, but more and more it's like watching Izturis, only stripped of defense and charm while hitting at the top of the order and blocking Matt Kemp. Were only one of those things the case, maybe I'd live with it, but in combination? "History is a nightmare from which I'm trying to awake."
2007-04-08 13:53:45
123.   bhsportsguy
116 Wolf is a starter unless he is physically unable to pitch. Pitching lousy will not be a factor.
2007-04-08 13:53:46
124.   overkill94
I'm gonna start calling Wolf "Houdini" if he has more innings like that
2007-04-08 13:54:10
125.   Benaiah
Nice. That worked out well.
2007-04-08 13:54:52
126.   trainwreck
Do not let Dennis Hopper hear you diss Pabst Blue Ribbon.
2007-04-08 13:55:28
127.   Michael D
I'm pretty confident that at the end of the year Pierre will have his superficially good stats in line. A .290 BA and his usual 50 steals and his hardest man in the league to K moniker.

What really bothers me is the other roster mismanagement. The fact that we will lose Valdez because Martinez is Colletti's pet. That Gonzalez will continue to start until the entirety of the media gets behind him being benched.

Also, looks like Billingsley and Tomko will be getting some work in today.

2007-04-08 13:55:56
128.   overkill94
119 "Heineken, [screw] that [stuff], PABST...BLUE...RIBBON"

I'd like to second the nomination for Milwaukee's Best

2007-04-08 13:56:55
129.   Michael D
Where does the line start to have Martin's babies?
2007-04-08 13:56:58
130.   Benaiah
I think Busch Lite is the best cheap beer. It has a little bit of a sweet taste to it, and it doesn't have any metal in the aftertaste. The Beast tastes like it was brewed in a rusty oil drum, and Beast Ice is just that flavored concentrated. My taste trend towards full bodied English reds, but I can drink the cheap stuff if I have to.
2007-04-08 13:57:42
131.   Paul B
123 I'm not saying anything to the contrary. But Wolf's not going to make it through four innings at this rate. Chad can come in for some long relief to bolster his resume for taking Tomko's spot.
2007-04-08 13:59:36
132.   Jon Weisman
127 - But the Dodgers would not have Valdez (for better or worse) without Colletti. That's not a point to criticize him on.
2007-04-08 13:59:37
133.   Benaiah
Oh well, that was unlucky.
2007-04-08 14:00:07
134.   overkill94
126 Not only did I screw up by not putting the ? in after Heineken, but I went back to insert brackets around the replacement words and let you beat me to the punch.
2007-04-08 14:00:11
135.   MMSMikey
123 why does wolf have to be a starter?
2007-04-08 14:00:56
136.   LAT
Marines are advertiing hard during MLB games
2007-04-08 14:01:15
137.   overkill94
I'm almost certain that the girl modeling the t-shirt for Snorg Tees that keeps popping up as an ad on the Yahoo box scores is a waitress at the Cabo Cantina in Brentwood
2007-04-08 14:01:25
138.   D4P
why does wolf have to be a starter?

Because he gave us a Hometown Discount for a mere $8 million

2007-04-08 14:02:22
139.   bhsportsguy
127 I have never understood why people are so critical of Ramon Martinez, he is a backup infielder and he does that pretty well. Valdez is not a hot prospect, he has bounced around a bit and while he is nice person to have in AAA, he is always going to be that 26th/27th guy.
2007-04-08 14:02:24
140.   MMSMikey
a mere 8 million.
2007-04-08 14:02:27
141.   Benaiah
It is five games into the year, and Gonzo is hitting the ball fine, it is too early to expect him to be benched. Mistake or no, he signed a 7 million dollar contract, he is going to be starting for awhile. Two errors isn't enough to change that.
2007-04-08 14:04:24
142.   bhsportsguy
135 Because that is what we signed him to be. That's what the contract was for and I would think that unless it goes really south, that is what he is going to be for this year.
2007-04-08 14:04:25
143.   bhsportsguy
135 Because that is what we signed him to be. That's what the contract was for and I would think that unless it goes really south, that is what he is going to be for this year.
2007-04-08 14:05:26
144.   bhsportsguy
2007-04-08 14:06:20
145.   Bluebleeder87
I'll be happy with 2 more innings like that from Wolf.
2007-04-08 14:08:05
146.   trainwreck
For people watching in the Bay Area, the Sharks are disappointing me. They did this day with the A's last year and were supposed A's fans.
2007-04-08 14:09:36
147.   Benaiah
Jon, I don't know if this is out of line, but I won't be able to watch the Sopranos until tomorrow night and I was wondering if spoilers of tonight's episode could be confined to Screen Jam? I don't know if that is too much to ask, but I would really appreciate it. Me and XeiFrank both I bet.
2007-04-08 14:10:07
148.   overkill94
Come on Luis, just 56 more!
2007-04-08 14:10:07
149.   trainwreck
Gonzo supplies the power.
2007-04-08 14:10:25
150.   Bluebleeder87
Gonzalez says, take that DT'ers! :o)
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-08 14:10:41
151.   Greg Brock
That ball was mashed. Nice homer.
2007-04-08 14:10:42
152.   Michael D
Well Gonzalez isn't going to sit for awhile.
2007-04-08 14:10:51
153.   Johnson
Gonzalez just killed our rally.
2007-04-08 14:11:01
154.   trainwreck
No one would do such a terrible thing.
2007-04-08 14:11:17
155.   Benaiah
Well, that was a nice surprise.
2007-04-08 14:12:05
156.   Jon Weisman
141 - I think everyone understands the ramifications of Gonzalez's contract. But within those parameters - and I write this just after watching him homer - I still think it's fair to ask whether he should get three more starts in a week than Ethier.

147 - Sure - I meant to open up a thread to night - I'll just do it now.

2007-04-08 14:12:21
157.   alexx

Yeah and they were really boring.

2007-04-08 14:13:26
158.   Benaiah
154 - I figured it wasn't a big deal, but last year I remember the rule was: if you haven't watched it, that isn't our fault. But I figure Screenjam makes it so discussion and discretion aren't mutually exclusive.
2007-04-08 14:16:25
159.   Daniel Zappala
Since he is going to play anyway, should we all root for Gonzalez to be amazingly productive this year?
2007-04-08 14:17:41
160.   Benaiah
I love Matt Kemp. That was max effort in the good way.
2007-04-08 14:18:08
161.   Jon Weisman
158 - Overall, that's still the rule unless I specify otherwise, case-by-case.
2007-04-08 14:18:43
162.   Benaiah
For those not watching, Kemp ran down a foul popup and almost got to it. He is really fast. It bounced out of his glove after he hurdled the bulpen mound to get to it.
2007-04-08 14:18:46
163.   trainwreck
Nice play by Lucille II.
2007-04-08 14:18:46
164.   Jon Weisman
159 - I root for everyone to be amazingly productive.
2007-04-08 14:20:11
165.   overkill94
159 Of course, I just wish he was used a little more sparingly
2007-04-08 14:20:50
166.   FN Bevacqua
Augusta update (through 12)

Zach Johnson +1
Goosen +3
Sabbatini +3
Rose +4
Kelly +4
Appleby +5
Woods +5

2007-04-08 14:21:09
167.   Benaiah
161 - I am bummed that I won't be able to discuss it right away. I am more excited for these episodes than maybe an television event in my lifetime.
2007-04-08 14:21:54
168.   Greg Brock
166 Thanks for the update.
2007-04-08 14:23:16
169.   norcalblue
I had no idea Pierre would be this bad in CF. I felt the signing was a mistake becuase he would provide below average offensive production for the position and that the years and fnnacial commitment on his contract were excessive. I have yet to see him get a jump on a ball or take a smart route to a ball. This is just horrible. Given the size of his contract we had better get used to it.
2007-04-08 14:25:15
170.   Benaiah
I don't get it. What just happened to Martin? The ball hit him so he is out?
2007-04-08 14:27:12
171.   trainwreck
He swung and missed and it hit him.
2007-04-08 14:27:52
172.   overkill94
170 Since he swung and didn't put the bat on the ball, it's considered a swinging strike.
2007-04-08 14:29:36
173.   D4P
Tiger just eagled 13 to pull within 2 shots. He has played poorly all day, but just pulled off some magic.
2007-04-08 14:29:50
174.   overkill94
As bad as our offense has been thus far, at least it's not as bad as the Giants' or the Padres'. San Diego has Josh freakin' Bard hitting clean-up today and the only regular not in the line-up is Terrmel Sledge.
2007-04-08 14:30:10
175.   Greg Brock
Tiger just eagled 13 to move within two shots.


2007-04-08 14:30:20
176.   Benaiah
What happens in that situation if there is less than 2 strikes?
2007-04-08 14:30:39
177.   LAT
Given his start to this game, its hard to believe Wolf is still in there. It looked like he would'nt make it through three.
2007-04-08 14:31:21
178.   Benaiah
173, 175 - Awesome.
2007-04-08 14:31:30
179.   Bob Timmermann
If you swing at a pitch, it's a strike.

It doesn't matter if the pitch hits you.

2007-04-08 14:31:41
180.   overkill94
The Giants are doing an extremely poor job of working Wolf's pitch count. After throwing something like 70 pitches after the first 3 innings, he's only at 88 after 5.
2007-04-08 14:31:54
181.   FN Bevacqua
Augusta Update:

Zach Johnson +1
Woods +3
Harrington +3
Goosen +3
Rose +4
Sabbatini +4

2007-04-08 14:32:11
182.   Bob Timmermann
I should say, if you swing at a pitch AND miss, it's a strike.

The ball hitting you afterwards doesn't matter.

2007-04-08 14:33:10
183.   k0b3
like i grittle needs to get checked out for starting gonzo, even if he did homer he killed our first rally...wonder what Eithier did to go into the dog house
2007-04-08 14:37:51
184.   overkill94
Dang, Kemp's got some wheels
2007-04-08 14:38:29
185.   Gen3Blue
Kemp is amazingly fast for a big man. and quick too.
2007-04-08 14:38:31
186.   FN Bevacqua
this day in Dodger history:

April 8th, 1974-
Hank Aaron hit 714 off of Al Downing.

2007-04-08 14:38:39
187.   Benaiah
Kemp flies up the line to beat out a single. Kemp is such a stud.
2007-04-08 14:38:48
188.   Bluebleeder87
as much as I like Matt Kemp he really has a bad approach at the plate. It comes with young age I guess.
2007-04-08 14:38:49
189.   Jon Weisman
Kemp doesn't strike me as that much slower than Pierre.
2007-04-08 14:40:07
190.   Bob Timmermann

I think you should reread that one.

2007-04-08 14:40:10
191.   FN Bevacqua

check that.

April 8th, 1974-
Hank Aaron hit 715 off of Al Downing.

Thanks for the correction.

2007-04-08 14:40:33
192.   overkill94
Atta boy Wilson!
2007-04-08 14:40:52
193.   Greg Brock
Nice route, Magellan.
2007-04-08 14:41:02
194.   Bluebleeder87
even if he did homer he killed our first rally

I wasn't at home when that happened, Look at Valdez!

2007-04-08 14:41:41
195.   Jon Weisman
That was nearly a double eagle for Tiger, no?
2007-04-08 14:41:50
196.   FN Bevacqua
Thank you CF Todd Linden!
2007-04-08 14:42:12
197.   k0b3
i'm loving watching dodgers, lakers, masters all in high def :)
2007-04-08 14:42:28
198.   Benaiah
189 - He looks like he is fast enough to play CF, though I don't know if he has the instincts for it. Then I don't know if Pierre does either. If Kemp can play Center his value is ridiculously high.
2007-04-08 14:43:05
199.   k0b3
i'm also loving the dodgers sweeping the giants :)
2007-04-08 14:43:48
200.   overkill94
197 I'm loving my new HDTV as well, but unfortunately it makes it harder to check the scores at the same time since it's in the other room. Plus, it makes non-HD games look like crap.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-08 14:44:01
201.   D4P
That was nearly a double eagle for Tiger, no?

It stopped about five feet from the hole

2007-04-08 14:44:25
202.   Greg Brock
Zach Johnson birdies to go to even par.

Three shot lead over the petulant one.

2007-04-08 14:44:35
203.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, they get to hang up a zero on the Masters leaderboard now.

It's green.

You have to get -1 to get the red numbers.

2007-04-08 14:44:41
204.   trainwreck
I had HD in college, but not at home. How odd.
2007-04-08 14:46:04
205.   Gen3Blue
Once Kemp gets going he is undoubtably faster than Pierre. And he is not far behind in getting up to speed.

Oh Damn! What do we do with Valdez, another Cory whats his name! The best thing is trade high and hope he doesn't keep producing more than Furcal. If Furcal's legs did give up we have Abrue and Hu and DeJesus for eventual depth. It does make me sick to get rid of a guy like this and get almost nothing. What did we get for Cory?

2007-04-08 14:46:24
206.   Bob Timmermann
I didn't have a TV my freshman year in college.

When I wanted to watch TV shows, I would just wait until the newspaper ran courtroom artist sketches of the shows.

That was a great way to enjoy "The Cosby Show."

2007-04-08 14:46:45
207.   Benaiah
Down 3 with four holes to go is tough. Especially since Tiger is +4 over the last two holes in the second and third round. Of course, Johnson isn't off the course yet either.
2007-04-08 14:47:05
208.   FN Bevacqua
Augusta update:

Zach Johnson E
Woods +3
Sabbatini +3
Goosen +3
Harrington +4
Rose +4

2007-04-08 14:47:12
209.   k0b3
players who i hope the dodgers can aquire this year : Matt Holliday, Miguel Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis, Nick Swisher

By the way... Wolf is now cruising

2007-04-08 14:47:38
210.   Bob Timmermann
Still no one on the happy side of par.
2007-04-08 14:47:55
211.   Benaiah
205 - You mean Cody Ross? We got slim to nothing for him I think.
2007-04-08 14:48:30
212.   overkill94
205 Who is Cory?
2007-04-08 14:49:10
213.   FN Bevacqua
Charlie Steiner on Dodger radio:

'Ramon Martinez has been flashing a golden glove all weekend...'

2007-04-08 14:49:25
214.   Bob Timmermann
You can call the Cory Hotline to find out. It's a 900 number.
2007-04-08 14:49:45
215.   overkill94
Oh, Cody, I think we got some AA left-handed reliever for him
2007-04-08 14:49:59
216.   regfairfield
We got a pitcher who I'm pretty sure is out of the organization for Ross.

I still really doubt any team actually wants Wilson Valdez, despite what he's done in the last two days.

2007-04-08 14:50:19
217.   underdog
Chiming in late after catching up with the game from 4th inning on. I totally agreed with what you wrote above, Jon. I was adamant (not that it matters) that Gonzo should sit one of these weekend games, it made no sense that he should be in today's lineup vs. lefty after no break so far... And here he is, making us look totally silly!

Doesn't really change my mind that he should sit though, since I'm less worried about his bat than I am his glove and arm, and his age. I still would have sat him today, but... what do I know?

Go Wilson Valdez! Sheesh, that ball was smoked. The Giants announcers were saying Zito had a little disadvantage because he knows nothing about Valdez and how to pitch to him, but that while Valdez did a nice bit of hitting the ball he hit a lot of batters would have smoked.

Wolf's looked good in the 3 innings I've seen. Sounds like he was a little shakier to start. The Giants aren't hitting well at all but I'm still happy with the Dodgers' starting pitching this series.

2007-04-08 14:50:27
218.   Michael D
Certainly didn't think Wolf was going to make it 6 innings earlier. I know it's early and I don't want to get my hopes too high but the Giants are looking like one of the worst teams in the league.
2007-04-08 14:51:05
219.   regfairfield
Ben Kozlowski was that pitchers name.
2007-04-08 14:51:06
220.   Jon Weisman
Freshman year, one person on my entire floor had a TV. Whenever we watched, it was downstairs in the lounge. I got a 13" TV partway through my sophomore year, and that was a huge deal.

CD players and computers were also hit and miss for people freshman year.

2007-04-08 14:51:21
221.   Bluebleeder87

I'll walk 100 feet with my hands if we get Miguel Cabrera

2007-04-08 14:51:36
222.   underdog
Btw, as I wrote this morning, y'all should thank me for not going to the game today. I'm sure the score would be reversed if I had.

Too bad I did come to our soccer game today, however.

2007-04-08 14:51:46
223.   Jon Weisman
By the way, Brock, I root for Tiger, so watch it :)
2007-04-08 14:52:46
224.   Bob Timmermann
Weisman is a typical house man.
2007-04-08 14:52:58
225.   Greg Brock
223 Cardinal folks have to stick together, I guess.
2007-04-08 14:53:23
226.   Benaiah
Tiger's in the water on 15. That is going to hurt.
2007-04-08 14:53:28
227.   D4P
Tiger just hit it in the water on 15
2007-04-08 14:54:08
228.   D4P
Disappointing Masters this year.
2007-04-08 14:54:15
229.   Bob Timmermann
Splash hits - Good for Giants players. Bad for golfers.
2007-04-08 14:54:19
230.   underdog
What should the Giants do for that matter to improve their offense? Since unlike LA, they don't have many young position players waiting and ready in the minors... Think Sabean will try for a trade sometime in the next 2 months? (And who can they trade, really?) He's been so stubborn about hanging on to hope that the Giants have a chance at winning division instead of blowing out roster with trades and building up farm.

Mike Krukow: "Dodgers have come into this series and pitched beautifully and played tremendous defense."

2007-04-08 14:55:04
231.   Benaiah
Tiger could still save par since it is a par 5, but he looks like he'll need help to catch up.
2007-04-08 14:55:07
232.   k0b3
Zito is garbage...can't believe someone would offer him a contract like that...although..same can be said about Pierre/Gonzo...
2007-04-08 14:55:15
233.   FN Bevacqua
Barry Zito is done...
2007-04-08 14:55:40
234.   regfairfield
232 You have a very interesting definition of garbage.
2007-04-08 14:56:08
235.   Bob Timmermann
I have found this last round of the Masters compelling. I don't really like to watch coronations. And I like to see Jim Nantz stumped when it comes to spewing out his usual canonization of the winner.
2007-04-08 14:56:34
236.   Benaiah
230 - He could trade one of the young pitchers, but that seems counter productive. That team is going to be bad for years to come.
2007-04-08 14:56:42
237.   underdog
219 Kozlowski's now in the Yankees organization, btw, so no, we don't have anything to show for it.
2007-04-08 14:57:04
238.   k0b3
Garbage (noun) - overpaid, overrated, "what the hell was I thinking when i gave him that contract" baseball players
2007-04-08 14:57:08
239.   Bob Timmermann
When Jim Nantz is sad, I'm happy.

The Germans call that Nantzenfreude.

2007-04-08 14:58:03
240.   underdog
Why was Zito left in for so long? Their bullpen must be toast right now, too.
2007-04-08 14:58:07
241.   regfairfield
230 The only player the Giants would trade that has any value is Fred Lewis, and he's now in his age 26 season.

Then again, it wouldn't surprise me if Sabean traded Lincecum for half a season of Jermaine Dye.

2007-04-08 14:58:11
242.   Jon Weisman
Aaron Cook besting Jake Peavy, 1-0. Now in the eighth inning.
2007-04-08 14:58:18
243.   Greg Brock
I don't think Jim Nantz's emotion chip came with "sad"

It does have a "perplexed" setting.

2007-04-08 14:58:51
244.   Benaiah
Uh oh. Johnson just rimmed out a gimme put and Tiger just put it on the green with a makable put to save par.
2007-04-08 14:59:40
245.   Greg Brock
It's probably pretty hard to put when you heart is beating so hard.

And it's in your shoes.

2007-04-08 14:59:42
246.   D4P
Ernie and Tiger are my favorites. Ernie hacked it up and missed the cut; Tiger was never firing on all cylinders. Nothing against Zach Johnson, but he's not an exciting major champion.
2007-04-08 14:59:56
247.   Greg Brock
Grrr. putt.
2007-04-08 14:59:58
248.   trainwreck
And Lakers lose again.
2007-04-08 15:00:39
249.   underdog
230 If Sabean trades Lincecum for anyone yet alone Jermaine Dye, he should be both fired and exiled to Antarctica.
2007-04-08 15:00:45
250.   D4P
Phil is not happy with the question about last year's US Open that was just put to him
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-08 15:01:47
251.   Benaiah
That was a terrible slide by Pierre, if he would have slid around or even run through he probably would have scored. It looked like one of those slides where the player stops short of the bag.
2007-04-08 15:02:04
252.   Gen3Blue
Pierre shows his main offensive tool!
Yes , Cody Ross is who I meant. Its sad that you don't get much for these sudden flamers. But it is true we haven't heard much from Ross since.
Wolf last three innings very different from first. Appears to be mainly confidence.
I'm more and more convinced that challenging the hitters and trying to nibble usually get the same results in the end, although if you are afraid to put it over the ending will be much slower and more painful.
2007-04-08 15:02:04
253.   underdog
The NL West is gonna be tough on the Giants, or really all teams' hitters, this season, so many above average pitchers.
2007-04-08 15:02:12
254.   Michael D
Well Gonzalez has made us all look pretty stupid today.
2007-04-08 15:02:19
255.   overkill94
Only 55 more Gonzo!
2007-04-08 15:02:21
256.   trainwreck
Well I guess I will not be getting any points for a Saito save today.
2007-04-08 15:02:24
257.   Bob Timmermann
D4P feels about this year's Masters, the same way Mike Carminati felt about last year's World Series.
2007-04-08 15:02:32
258.   FN Bevacqua
congrats Luis!
2007-04-08 15:02:37
259.   Bluebleeder87
54 more Gonzalez.
2007-04-08 15:02:45
260.   Benaiah
Gonzo! Hindsight is 20/20 but Grady is looking like a Genius right now.
2007-04-08 15:02:48
261.   DXMachina
Rally killer!
2007-04-08 15:03:01
262.   regfairfield
That should fullfil Luis Gonzalez's home run quota for the next month and a half.
2007-04-08 15:03:01
263.   Benaiah
And Tiger is now two back, with three to go.
2007-04-08 15:03:03
264.   D4P
Great par for Tiger
2007-04-08 15:03:47
265.   k0b3
262 - I was just about to say that
2007-04-08 15:03:52
266.   Gen3Blue
Gonzo makes up for a lot of defense on a team with little power. I'm not that happy--but its true.
2007-04-08 15:04:01
267.   Claire Malone-Evans
The last Dodger Cory , was Cory Snider who at age 45 might have a better arm than most of the current outfield.
2007-04-08 15:04:25
268.   underdog
Gonzalez just said "Shuddup underdog! Shuddup Weisman! Shuddup all of you!" ;-)

Okay, he can now safely be sat for a defensive sub right?

2007-04-08 15:04:33
269.   Uncle Miltie
What is the worst domestic beer?
Natty Ice, by far.
169- I don't think Pierre will continue to play horrible defense. While his arm is below average, he's actually a decent defender.

On that note, what a horrible mistake on the bases by Pierre.

Sigh….looks like Gonzalez won't be sitting for some time.

2007-04-08 15:05:23
270.   Bob Timmermann
And now there's a player in between Woods and Johnson in Justin Rose.
2007-04-08 15:05:37
271.   underdog
Y'know what, I'll take this kinda feeling stupid. 9-1 Dodgers! Over the Giants! I love it! Happy Easter! Wheee!
2007-04-08 15:05:42
272.   FN Bevacqua

6 innings 8 ER's 9 H's

2007-04-08 15:06:00
273.   FN Bevacqua
Charlie Steiner:

' that's what you get for 126 million?'

2007-04-08 15:06:21
274.   dzzrtRatt
Something about scoring I didn't know but should have: If a new pitcher (like Hennessey this inning) comes in with runners on base and gets a batter to hit into a fielders' choice, and that batter later scores, the run is charged to the pitcher who allowed the original runner.

Seems eminently fair. I just never thought about it before.

2007-04-08 15:07:03
275.   D4P
This year's Giants team may approach historic levels of badness
2007-04-08 15:07:22
276.   overkill94
242 To the chagrin of my fantasy team that had Peavy starting. It's kinda sad that even with our sub-par offense, we will probably end up middle-of-the-pack in runs scored for NL West teams.
2007-04-08 15:07:27
277.   Benaiah
Tiger is looking better, he just put it on the green with a makable put for birdie.

That was a very American Idol like rendition of God Bless America. Breathy and overly focused on demonstrating that you can sing.

2007-04-08 15:07:28
278.   k0b3
Worst announcers : Charlie Steiner, Joel Myers, Rick Monday, ALL of the angel's announcers
2007-04-08 15:08:18
279.   Jon Weisman
Hate to interrupt, but a new post up top.
2007-04-08 15:08:24
280.   k0b3
Worst announcers : Charlie Steiner, Rick Monday, Joel Myers, All of the angel's announcers
2007-04-08 15:08:36
281.   underdog
C-Bill alert! Come on Chad, hold this one!
2007-04-08 15:08:53
282.   underdog
Ooops, forgive my exclamation point abuse there.
2007-04-08 15:09:34
283.   Bob Timmermann
This year's Giants won't be as bad as these guys:

Or these guys:

2007-04-08 15:09:59
284.   trainwreck
2007-04-08 15:10:21
285.   overkill94
Chad's not making a good case for that 5th starter spot, but I'm just glad he's getting some work in.
2007-04-08 15:10:21
286.   Uncle Miltie
278- Agree completely. It needed to be said twice ;)
2007-04-08 15:10:35
287.   FN Bevacqua
Augusta Update:

Zach Johnson +1 (F)
Rose +2
Woods +3
Goosen +3
Sabbatini +3

2007-04-08 15:10:43
288.   Benaiah
Johnson is in the clubhouse with +1.
2007-04-08 15:13:13
289.   Bluebleeder87

I feel the same way, If anything we get to watch him pitch.

2007-04-08 15:13:56
290.   overkill94
Old friend Jose Cruz just tied it up in SD with a solo shot off the unhittable Aaron Cook
2007-04-08 15:15:06
291.   DXMachina
275 They do get to play six games against Nationals, so they have that going for them.
2007-04-08 15:15:26
292.   overkill94
283 Names were so much more fun in 1902. Dummy? Brickyard? Heine? Tully? Roscoe?
2007-04-08 15:21:49
293.   underdog
Yeah, the Nats will be the Team Most Likely To Approach Historic Levels of Badness. The Giants will at least strive for mediocrity before the season ends.
2007-04-08 15:22:47
294.   FN Bevacqua

Zach Johnson

Height: 5-11
Weight: 160
Birthdate: February 24, 1976
Birthplace: Iowa City, IA
College: Drake Univ (1998, Bus Mgt/Mktg)
Turned PGA Pro: 1998

2007-04-08 15:25:51
295.   Michael D
Billingsley isn't helping out his rotation case here.
2007-04-08 15:29:27
296.   Michael D
Also does it look like to anyone else that Barry just doesn't care? On that ground out I don't think it's that he can't get down the line anymore like Vin mentioned, looks like he just won't.
2007-04-08 15:33:30
297.   Bluebleeder87
If anything we get to watch him pitch.

When I say that I mean watch his mechanics & everything that goes with that.

2007-04-08 15:53:22
298.   Gen3Blue
I like to watch Broxton pitch. I still think he would make a great starter, but if he does this role so well, I won't complain

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