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Pierre's Day
2007-04-17 22:12
by Jon Weisman

One by one, slow-starting Dodgers have broken out of their season-opening slumps, and the sequential nature of this has powered (pardon the expression) the team to 10 wins in its past 12 games and the best record in baseball. Luis Gonzalez, Nomar Garciaparra, Andre Ethier and tonight, Juan Pierre, who hit a deep, tiebreaking triple to right-center field in the seventh inning in Arizona and then scored on an error.

With a shaky five-inning performance, Brett Tomko reminded us that players tend to revert to their usual levels, but the Dodger organization seems to have an above-average number of players who can muster up a good game. Wilson Betemit - you're next, right? (With an unlucky .105 batting average on balls in play, he's the definition of due.)

Also encouraging is the pitching depth in the minor leagues in the early going, which is being further augmented by Yhency Brazoban and Hong-Chih Kuo coming back from injuries. The following Dodger pitchers are off to strong starts in AA and AAA:

Jonathan Meloan, Jacksonville: 7 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB + HBP, 12 K
Mike Megrew, Jacksonville: 12 IP, 7 H, 0 R, 3 BB + HBP, 10 K
Justin Orenduff, Jacksonville: 6 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB + HBP, 7 K
Eric Stults, Las Vegas: 15 2/3 IP, 16 H, 4 R, 6 BB + HBP, 14 K

... and there's more. Caveats, of course: Jacksonville's William Juarez entered tonight's game having thrown 14 shutout innings in two starts - then allowed 10 runs in four innings to Huntsville.

Anyway, one of my flaws is I don't always analyze too hard when the Dodgers are in first place. I'm too busy enjoying it.

Comments (60)
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2007-04-17 22:33:12
1.   Xeifrank
when are Guo and Bhrazoban due to come off of the DL? vr, Xei
2007-04-17 22:35:46
2.   Jon Weisman

Hong-Chih Kuo threw an effective bullpen session Tuesday and is scheduled for a simulated game Friday when the club returns home. If all goes well Friday, Kuo is expected to be sent on a Minor League injury rehabilitation assignment.

Perhaps he will join outfielder Matt Kemp, who will join Triple-A Las Vegas on a rehab assignment Wednesday. Kemp is eligible to come off the disabled list Sept. 25 after suffering a slight shoulder separation slamming into the fence at Dodger Stadium during the home opener.

Kemp said he can swing with no restrictions, although his shoulder is still a little tender throwing. He will return to action gradually in Las Vegas, but is likely to be ready by the 25th.

Yhency Brazoban made an impressive first injury rehabilitation appearance for Class A San Bernardino on Tuesday night, retiring the side in order with a strikeout, one day short of exactly one year after undergoing Tommy John elbow reconstruction.

2007-04-17 22:36:02
3.   bhsportsguy
So Schmidt may not be too hurt according the Steve Henson's notes in the L.A. Times but there are still trying to figure out what is happening with his velocity. And for Jon, Schmidt's comment that he agreed with going on the DL despite first wanting to work out his problems on the mound, has to bring a smile to his face.

I agree that this team has lots of guys ready to come up and help, as Vinny said, Kemp went down to Vegas to play some rehab games with no guarantee when he will be activated.

2007-04-17 22:39:49
4.   Eric Enders
2 Gotta love that 150-day disabled list. Not too many guys go on that one. ;)
2007-04-17 22:41:14
5.   natepurcell
An intriguing possibility is left-hander Greg Miller, whose fastball was clocked at 97 mph in his last start Saturday.

that would be awesome!!!

2007-04-17 22:44:00
6.   Samuel

"Perhaps he will join outfielder Matt Kemp, who will join Triple-A Las Vegas on a rehab assignment Wednesday. Kemp is eligible to come off the disabled list Sept. 25"

Wow, he's out until September? That's a long time from now. Nice editing there at

2007-04-17 22:44:53
7.   LAT
Reposting after being LAT-ed by Jon.

167. i'm happy for valdez that he's playing well in the majors, but, omg, he's a moron

That's nothing. This morning Gary Shefield was on Rome promoting his new book. I can't imagine anyone would buy his book after hearing this. I kid you not, I was taken aback at how stupid this guy is. He could not even understand Rome's questions never mind formulate an answer, intelligent or otherwise. Even Rome was gassing on him. Of course Rome did it after the interview because Rome is such a wuss that he never takes anyone on on-air. (Ok, maybe Chrisie Everett but that was 10+ years ago) In fact, Rome is such a wuss in this post-Imus world that after Shef's usual rant about how players are treated badly and underpaid, Rome asked if it was true for all players including Shef, another black player (who's name escapes me right now) and Payton Manning. Not once but twice, Shef said no its wasn't the same for Manning and Rome didn't have the nerve to ask him to articulate the distinction.

2007-04-17 22:46:52
8.   Jon Weisman
Miller and Schmidt pitched on the same day, then?
2007-04-17 22:47:18
9.   LAT
Dumb question of the night warning:

If the Clippers win their last game and Golden State loses, do they play a tiebreaker or is the last spot determined by their head to head series?

2007-04-17 22:47:20
10.   s choir
It occurred to me today how lucky the Dodgers have been by avoiding the inclement weather back East. A lot of teams are going to lose travel days during July and August, when the schedule is already compacted tightly.

That said, I'm going to go find some wood to knock on.

2007-04-17 22:48:44
11.   Samuel

I read somewhere the Clippers have the tiebreaker because the season series is tied, but they Clippers have a better record against the Western Conference.

2007-04-17 22:49:23
12.   s choir
7 I guess it proves a point made in Moneyball; sometimes an empty head is a better hitter.
2007-04-17 22:50:25
13.   Bluebleeder87
Etanislao Abreu is off to a very encouraging start His OBP,AVG, & OPS look really good so far.
2007-04-17 22:51:50
14.   Samuel

Let me reword that to say,

The Clippers have the tiebreaker even though the season series is tied, because they have a better record against the Pacific Division. (I just looked it up, it's not the Conference)

2007-04-17 22:54:17
15.   Andrew Shimmin
7- Bob's already promised us a review. He didn't say whether he'd finagled a free copy.
2007-04-17 22:56:13
16.   s choir
I have an idea, LAT, that may help to improve your karma, which seems to be suffering on this board for whatever reason. Perhaps you should be responsible for rescuing good comments from the end of previous threads.
2007-04-17 22:58:11
17.   LAT
Thanks Sanuel
2007-04-17 22:58:59
18.   Bob Timmermann
I haven't read the Sheffield book yet, but I will review it!
2007-04-17 23:06:20
19.   LAT
16. Thanks for the suggestion Choir but its not my karma its my weak typing skills and my infant like attention span. Apparently Jon can write an entire thought provoking article in the time it takes me to post a comment. He probably put up a new thread while I was typing this.
2007-04-17 23:06:51
20.   Samuel

I know you quoted 167 in the previous discussion, but do you know what Valdez did that was so stupid?

2007-04-17 23:07:29
21.   LAT
Thanks SaMuel, SaMuel, SaMuel. See what I mean about those typing skills.
2007-04-17 23:18:43
22.   Eric Enders
Hey Nate (or anyone else who might know): Is it "LINSE-cum" or "lin-SEE-cum"?
2007-04-17 23:23:46
23.   natepurcell

the second one.

2007-04-17 23:24:30
24.   CanuckDodger
22 -- Neither, but the second is close. It is pronounced Lin-sa-cum.
2007-04-17 23:47:27
25.   overkill94
I agree with Canuck, at least that's the pronunciation the guy I knew in high school used (not Tim, but a different Lincecum).
2007-04-17 23:51:34
26.   LAT
18. Bob, your reviewing Shefield's book is the best of both worlds. I don't have to read the book but I do get to read your reveiw. A win win for me. You not so much because you will be reading the book.
2007-04-17 23:55:53
27.   LAT
I know this is a little twisted of me but I never saw a clip of the bat boy getting hit on Sunday. I would have thought someone would have put it on You Tube but to my suprise no.
2007-04-17 23:58:21
28.   Another Tom
Just got back from the game tonight. Good win. Gonzo in left field is pathetic. His throwing arm makes Johnny Damon look like Roberto Clemente. With him and Pierre in the field, nevermind, that has been covered.

That play by Hudson at 2nd was sick. And it didn't even get the DIAMONDBACKS' DEFENSIVE PLAY OF THE GAME which was given to the throwing out of No-mah at the plate.

There was the longest brawl I have ever seen at a sporting event before security got there. It was in the right field bleachers and it must have lasted 3 minutes - maybe more. It was pretty intense from what I could see across the field.

The atmosphere in there was pathetic. They said 25k but I think most of them were at the meaningless Suns game across the street.

2007-04-17 23:59:36
29.   Brendan
Hey, LAT. I saw your question about Nomar's twins(identical or fraternal) awhile back. I asked tony jackson for you a few weeks ago and he said they were fraternal. Yes I felt weird asking him but DT has an obligation to get all questions answered.
2007-04-17 23:59:58
30.   LAT
Long as I'm having this late night stream of consciousness, I'll ask a potentially senstive question I have been wondering about for the last few weeks: What happened to Sam in DC and Steve. They have not posted in a long time. Are they busy with other things or did something happen of which I am unaware?
2007-04-18 00:04:03
31.   LAT
Thanks Brendan. I will tell my daughter in the am. Do you work with Tony Jackson or did you just email him.
2007-04-18 00:06:57
32.   Brendan

Sam I believe has taken a new job that doesn't allow him to post as much during the work day. I think Jon hinted at it being a govt. job and Sam mentioned sharing an office. I think Steve is just keeping his powder dry.

2007-04-18 00:07:08
33.   LAT
A good dog is a near perfect creature.
2007-04-18 00:10:23
34.   LAT
32. Sam was working for a big time DC firm. I guess he had enough of that and who could blame him. If Steve is just laying low he has shown great restraint in the face of JP's start. If he can refrain from commenting on that he is stronger than I thought.
2007-04-18 00:11:15
35.   Brendan

I just emailed tony on his blog. I asked a couple of questions and then I remembered your question so I thought what the heck I'll ask that one as well. I figured it was for your daughter and wasn't a question anybody here had the answer to.

2007-04-18 00:11:45
36.   Bob Timmermann
I always think it's weird that twin girls can be "fraternal." Shouldn't they be "sororital?"
2007-04-18 00:22:12
37.   Brendan

maybe that should be added to the list along with sac flies and 3 inning saves.

2007-04-18 00:24:53
38.   Greg Brock
36 I think the brotherly aspect comes from the swimmers.

Two brothers getting a job done.

2007-04-18 03:15:03
39.   dodgerstang
Friday Night is Schmidt Tee-shirt day. I think it was originally gonna be his spot in the rotation before he switched with Wolf last weekend. Now he's on the DL. Still gonna get a Schmidt shirt, or something else? ( I want some Saito stuff ).
2007-04-18 05:44:10
40.   old dodger fan
From "Now it's on to Colorado, where the Dodgers hope they can get Derek Lowe to go deep enough into his Wednesday night start that they can hold back Mark Hendrickson to start Thursday in place of Schmidt"
2007-04-18 06:42:01
41.   Terry A
The things one learns from Tony Jackson's blog.

Tony's favorite musician: Stevie Nicks.

On Tony's "all-time great sitcoms" list: Alice.

Tony's wardrobe: Provided by Panama Jack (apparently).


2007-04-18 06:43:31
42.   s choir
I don't know if this has been pointed to here yet but I'd like to recommend a great Jackie Robinson story reposted on 6-4-2.
2007-04-18 07:22:44
43.   bhsportsguy
Wow, I get mentioned by 6-4-2 because the SOSG quotes my comment re Schmidt's injury.

I am no doctor, nor do I play one on TV but I was just trying to give the best case scenario.

2007-04-18 07:27:48
44.   Bob Timmermann

But those swimmers were both Xs and not Ys.

Or I'm reminded of a "Taxi" episode where the Reverend Jim meets beautiful identical twins.

His first response:

"So, egg split in the womb."

2007-04-18 07:34:47
45.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Whatever Ned's other flaws, I get the impression that Conte is a much better trainer than the previous guy, who's name I don't remember. Before Conte, I wonder if we would have just kept on letting Schmidt pitch until a much more serious injury came up. Part of being a good MLB trainer seems to be the ability to get players to fess up when they're hurting.


2007-04-18 07:48:41
46.   das411
Good to see that Juan Pierre fellow finally get some attention around here! ;)

Does anybody know where I can find info about Davey Johnson, ie his managerial tendencies, ways he relates to players, anyone in particular (like, say, Pat Gillick) he does or does not get along with? It may be time to start circulating some petitions out here in the land of Phillies Phandom...

2007-04-18 07:49:30
47.   Bumsrap
45 - The way Schmidt was shouting (83mph fastballs) I think any trainer would have heard him.

A fan ran on the field in Monday's game and was tackled by a brown shirted security person in right field. Other brown shirted staff came from every corner of the field to assist as needed. So, if someone wants to dance on the field for awhile, have a friend draw everybody to right and then dance in left. Oh, and then have another friend dance in right again....

2007-04-18 07:51:51
48.   bhsportsguy
45 The "other guy" is still the Dodger's Asst. Trainer. His name, Stan Johnston.
2007-04-18 07:53:02
49.   Claire Malone-Evans
Pierre is actually on a pace to score 115 runs this season . That would only be the 4th best season ever in LA Dodger history.
It was great to see Houlton pitch a great game for Las Vegas last night. I can never recall the Dodgers having so much pitching depth.
2007-04-18 07:53:46
50.   bhsportsguy
Following up on Jon's comments about the Dodger's pitching depth, nice article about former Rule 5 pitcher, now exiled to Vegas, D.J. Houlton.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-18 07:53:54
51.   Bumsrap
Houghton pitched 7 innings of shutout ball last night for Vegas ans White completed the shutout. The Dodgers could throw five names in a hat and any one pulled out could do a nice job for Schmidt.
2007-04-18 07:57:39
52.   Bumsrap
Keeping Kemp in Vegas after he comes off the DL disgusts me. If Kemp played CF there would be no drop off in speed and power would be added.
2007-04-18 08:04:47
53.   tskent
49. Shoosh it.

Houlton's getting it done this season for Vegas. This organization is absolutely LOADED! We've got pieces all over the place. It's crazy.

2007-04-18 08:07:34
54.   bhsportsguy
Kershaw pitches for Great Lakes today @ 5:05 PDT.

Greg Miller should be starting tomorrow for Las Vegas (Joe Mays starts tonight and Matt Kemp "returns" for a rehab assignment).

2007-04-18 08:12:41
55.   screwballin
Forgive me if this has been mentioned, but is offering a free 5-day trial for the rest of the month. I've subscribed all this season and last, and I'm ready to nominate the inventor for a Nobel Prize or something. It's worth checking out if you haven't yet.

2007-04-18 08:17:44
56.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 47

Not necessarily--I still remember Tracy et al letting Nomo pitch that last disastrous year he was in Dodger blue, when he had lost a substantial amount of velocity off his fb. He was later DLed after heaven knows how many starts. A very painful season for me, being a big Nomo fan.


2007-04-18 08:27:07
57.   kinbote
quick question: does kemp's stint on the d.l. apply toward his mlb service time? thanks in advance.
2007-04-18 08:57:54
58.   Jon Weisman
2007-04-18 12:27:59
59.   bryanf
27 You can see a clip and an interview with the bat boy from Cold Pizza on It's a link on the right side.
2007-04-18 13:35:25
60.   bluegold
I was misled by Tomko's previous outing. Many of you weren't. Lesson learned: once a Bombko, always a Bombko.

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