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A Rested Development
2007-04-18 16:27
by Jon Weisman

Luis Gonzalez, Jeff Kent and Russell Martin take a breather for tonight's game in Colorado:

Rafael Furcal, SS
Juan Pierre, CF
Nomar Garciaparra, 1B
Mike Lieberthal, C
Andre Ethier, RF
Brady Clark, LF
Wilson Betemit, 3B
Lucille II, 2B
Derek Lowe, P

Ramon Martinez and Clark give the Dodgers a boost defensively behind Lowe. Meanwhile, Lieberthal has not batted in the cleanup spot of any batting order since 2003, according to

* * *


Retro Gameday

Comments (223)
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2007-04-18 16:38:07
1.   ToyCannon
Lieberthal will go deep tonight.
2007-04-18 16:38:53
2.   Eric Enders
Clark will not touch the baseball in the field tonight.
2007-04-18 16:40:22
3.   tskent
2007-04-18 16:40:38
4.   Greg S
Ethier will have multiple extra base hits tonight.
2007-04-18 16:41:29
5.   Curtis Lowe
Derek Lowe will pitch tonight.
2007-04-18 16:41:55
6.   Eric Enders
5 Nepotist.
2007-04-18 16:43:13
7.   Daniel B
Grady Little will urinate tonight.
2007-04-18 16:43:28
8.   tskent
Lucille II.

Is that a term of affection, or just another slam of a current Dodger? I own all seasons, 1-3, of Arrested Development, but I've never got the link.

Cherith Cutestory. LOL..

2007-04-18 16:43:48
9.   Greg S
Jon used the "Lucille II" nickname for the first time- just to support his headline (or did his headline support the nickname?).
2007-04-18 16:44:39
10.   madmac
someone will be shunned tonight. LOL
2007-04-18 16:44:46
11.   Eric Enders
9 'Tain't the first time. Maybe the first time on this site, though?
2007-04-18 16:45:13
12.   Eric Stephen
Grady Little will employ a new coach tonight, whose sole job will be to flail his arms in a circular motion, much like a 3rd base coach sending the runner(s).

Rich Donnelly will notice this constant motion, and ask the man to stop. After being ignored several times, Donnelly grabs the new coach's arm to stop him, when suddenly the man's arm comes off right in his hand!

The new coach, who had not yet uttered a word, says to Donnelly, "That's what happens when you always send the runners!"

2007-04-18 16:45:53
13.   FirstMohican
Is this the weakest MLB lineup so far this year?
2007-04-18 16:46:53
14.   ROC
I rarely post, but I just got LAT'd. Maybe it has something to do with a 3 letter all-caps name. Invoking Juice could be an omen as well.

Kinda surprised Marlon wasn't mixed in as a starter...but checking the calender I guess it's not Sept '06 anymore.

2007-04-18 16:47:11
15.   Humma Kavula
Juan Pierre will not make an out tonight.
2007-04-18 16:48:53
16.   trainwreck
From previous thread...

I have said it before and I will say it again...

Marty wins for hanging with Larry David.

2007-04-18 16:49:11
17.   Jon Weisman
8 - This is the stuff that is proving incendiary. Suggesting that I have an ongoing pattern of slamming Dodgers is completely wrong, and makes me, once again, question whether my tolerance is being abused.

9 is correct.

2007-04-18 16:50:26
18.   Humma Kavula
Thank You For Not #15) Asking why the infielder Ramon Martinez is called Lucille II.

With a link to the reason why Ramon Martinez is called Lucille II.

2007-04-18 16:51:59
19.   Eric Enders
13 I would venture a guess that it's not even close.
2007-04-18 16:52:27
20.   GMac In The 909
Golden State will lose tonight.
2007-04-18 16:55:47
21.   blue22
13/19 - This was today's starting lineup for the Angels:

LA Angels
G. Matthews Jr. CF
O. Cabrera SS
M. Izturis 3B
G. Anderson LF
C. Kotchman 1B
S. Hillenbrand DH
E. Aybar 2B
J. Molina C
R. Willits RF

2007-04-18 16:56:14
22.   KBL
I finally finished season 3 last night, and I am so sad the show ended so soon. Gob, Tobias, and Buster...I love you all
2007-04-18 16:56:22
23.   blue22
21 - Needless to say, they were shutout 3-0 (although Dan Haren ain't bad).
2007-04-18 16:56:59
24.   Jon Weisman
Given that tonight is going to be Betemit's breakout game, I see no problems with our lineup.
2007-04-18 16:58:31
25.   Eric Enders
The Giants on April 7 against us had:

D Roberts CF 4 0 0 0 0 0 .250 .636 14 1 0
R Winn RF 4 0 0 0 0 0 .211 .513 15 1 1
R Klesko 1B 3 0 0 0 1 0 .250 .607 13 11 0
R Durham 2B 4 1 1 0 0 0 .353 .862 17 2 4
R Aurilia SS 4 0 2 1 0 0 .333 .879 8 3 2 2B
P Feliz 3B 4 0 0 0 0 0 .188 .376 13 0 4 GDP
T Linden LF 2 0 1 0 1 0 .333 .833 12 3 0
E Alfonzo C 3 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 10 6 0
R Ortiz P

2007-04-18 16:59:52
26.   bhsportsguy
[19} Not to pick on our AL brothers to the south but here was today's lineup sans Guererro and Kendrick.

G. Matthews Jr. cf .232
O. Cabrera ss .281
M. Izturis 3b .283
G. Anderson lf .226
C. Kotchman 1b .235
S. Hillenbrand dh .143
E. Aybar 2b .125
J. Molina c .200
R. Willits rf .300

Anytime the name Izturis is batting 3rd, that cannot be a good thing.

2007-04-18 17:00:10
27.   trainwreck
What about the Nationals lineup everyday?
2007-04-18 17:00:44
28.   bhsportsguy
21 26 Sorry about that.
2007-04-18 17:00:52
29.   Jim Hitchcock
Dumb comment of the day, re: Lucille II...

I've heard of banjo hitters, but a player named after B.B. Kings guitar?

2007-04-18 17:00:54
30.   Curtis Lowe
25- yeh... Thank diety we won.
2007-04-18 17:00:59
31.   overkill94
8 To further clarify the nickname, it comes from the fact that there was a Ramon Martinez previously on the Dodgers (pitcher through most of the 90's), so to prevent confusion of the two someone (Jon?) used the same situation posed in Arrested Development where they called the Liza Minnelli character Lucille II.
2007-04-18 17:01:08
32.   Eric Enders
[27[ Zimmerman has started in every game. They may be a candidate nonetheless, though.
2007-04-18 17:01:29
33.   blue22
28 - No worries, a double-taunting of the Angels is twice the fun!
2007-04-18 17:02:13
34.   Marty
I think Steve coined Lucille II
2007-04-18 17:02:39
35.   overkill94
31 Wow, I showed preview my posts if I'm going to spout out a run-on sentence with a comma missing (between two and someone). Sorry if you have to read that one a few times to understand it completely.
2007-04-18 17:03:17
36.   overkill94
Grrr, I swear I'm going to preview this one

*should, not showed

2007-04-18 17:04:09
37.   D4P
I think Steve coined Lucille II

And now they're both dead. Apparently.

2007-04-18 17:04:27
38.   FirstMohican
Since we're all making predictions... Furcal and Pierre will double steal.

25 - Touche! That is pretty embarrassing.

I expect this to get ignored, but after searching past posts and comments I've read that the nickname is simply because he's the 2nd Dodger with the name. Am I on track here?

2007-04-18 17:06:21
39.   D4P
On the subject of bad lineups, Steve Finley is leading off for the Rockies
2007-04-18 17:06:59
40.   Bob Timmermann
The last Lieberthal cleanup start:

9/27/2003 against the Braves

2007-04-18 17:07:53
41.   Jon Weisman
31 - Wasn't me. I really haven't been using the nickname, and just used it because it worked with my headline.
2007-04-18 17:08:22
42.   tskent
17. My apologies. You do NOT have a history of slamming current Dodgers. You're fair and balanced for the most part. I'll give you credit there. It seems a bit unfortunate that there are various posters who want to focus all their energy on the negative rather than the positive. And there's really nobody to combat it. Oh well. As long as the Dodgers play good ball life is good for me. It's fun. I enjoy it.
2007-04-18 17:08:56
43.   Bob Timmermann
I will pass on tonight's game as I will be attending a 4+ hour performance of "Tristan und Isolde" at Disney Hall tonight.

In less than an hour.

No, really I am.

2007-04-18 17:09:16
44.   tskent
34. Definately not a term of affection then.
2007-04-18 17:15:51
45.   Jim Hitchcock

And then, tomorrow night, Grindhouse!

2007-04-18 17:19:06
46.   Curtis Lowe
45- Planet of Terror = Andrew Jones
Death Proof = Juan Pierre
2007-04-18 17:22:01
47.   trainwreck
Planet Terror= Eric Byrnes
Death Proof= Billie Jean King
2007-04-18 17:23:55
48.   Jon Weisman
42 - I know that you feel this way, but I honestly think you misinterpret people. I think the negative things people say clearly hit you hard because you are so broadly enthusiastic about the team. And I agree that some commenters have been hard on some players. But even the commenters who are your biggest targets offer great praise for some Dodgers - Russell Martin, Grady Little just for starters.

For example, thinking that Juan Pierre was not a good signing - even harping on it - does not make one a) a Dodger-hater or b) negative about everything.

I think we could all stand to be more accepting of each other's points of views, even if we don't agree with them, and understand that it isn't really constructive to pigeonhole people with certain beliefs. Don't you think? Can you accept that people can like some things that DePo did but not all, or that they can like some things Colletti has done but not all?

2007-04-18 17:34:00
49.   bhsportsguy
48 I had the same thoughts but I could not but them as eloquently as Mr. Weisman.

And Jon has been very active about toning down the continued comments about Juan Pierre, Luis Gonzalez and the roller coaster that the prospects are riding on right now.

Again, no one who spends any length of time here wants to see the team lose, in fact, if they win despite not doing everything that they wished they do, they will gladly accept it (at least I will) but will retain the right to continue to express their own opinions about the team.

Given all that is going outside of DT, acceptance and not being overly reactive is probably a good place to start. Folks we are two weeks into the season and we have gone 10-2 against our biggest rivals during our first go around.

Life is cool if you are a Dodger fan but I know a lot of us think that it could be a little better. And what is wrong with that.

2007-04-18 17:36:26
50.   trainwreck
We do have the best record in all of baseball, which is a pleasant surprise.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-18 17:37:25
51.   Andrew Shimmin
Steve named his cat Ned.
2007-04-18 17:38:54
52.   bhsportsguy
BTW - Loons were rained out today, Kershaw will pitch tomorrow pending the weather.

Meloan lost his first game this season, gave up 2 hits in 2/3 of an inning, he did strikeout one batter so he has struck out 13 in 7 2/3 innings with no walks.

2007-04-18 17:41:24
53.   Curtis Lowe
Lieberthal has failed me for the last time.
2007-04-18 17:45:22
54.   Curtis Lowe
So far I am 0-2 while watching games at work.

This one isn't starting off so hot either.

2007-04-18 17:53:19
55.   Greg S
That's one!
2007-04-18 17:53:49
56.   Gen3Blue
Oh, man that Ethier can rake! Its always pretty as well.
2007-04-18 17:55:31
57.   Gen3Blue
Ethiers was less than a foot from a HR, wasn't it.
2007-04-18 17:56:24
58.   natepurcell
12 made me LOL furiously.
2007-04-18 17:56:43
59.   El Lay Dave
Man, these early starting times (in the 6:00 hour) confuse me. I didn't check the schedule and thought the game would start at 6:00 or 6:30 PDT.
2007-04-18 17:57:14
60.   Eric Enders
Cripes, the game's already on? I guess the Rockies are another team who start their weeknight games during the 6:00 hour.
2007-04-18 17:57:55
61.   Jerry
Is there anything interesting going on in the Mets-Marlins game?
2007-04-18 17:58:03
62.   El Lay Dave
And Clark singles Ethier home. First run to the Dodgers.
2007-04-18 17:59:32
63.   Andrew Shimmin
Martinez is rocking the shaved head. Looks shiny.
2007-04-18 18:01:35
64.   El Lay Dave
61 Maine has 85 pitches in six innings, or 14/inning. He'll have to improve on that if he's hoping for a CG.
2007-04-18 18:04:02
65.   Gen3Blue
And yet it seems late on the east coast, where it is after nine. Although I feel I'm entitled to seniority, I must admit they are a west coast team, and I would feel wierd to turn it on at 6:00 and find things already in progress. In fact it would make me feel disoriented, but I guess I'm used to that.
2007-04-18 18:06:20
66.   Eric Enders
And Cabrera gets a hit after he had already struck out on a check swing that wasn't called a strike.
2007-04-18 18:06:53
67.   kachang
Cabrera breaks up Maine's no-hit bid in the 7th
2007-04-18 18:09:23
68.   Faramond
Lowe is giving me a case of deja vu. Double, free pass to first, fly out, double play. Both innings so far!
2007-04-18 18:09:40
69.   gpellamjr
I get really anxious when the inning starts before pacman can eat all the dots.
2007-04-18 18:10:07
70.   El Lay Dave
Dodger infield turns two DPs in two innings. Derek Lowe's gotta like that.
2007-04-18 18:10:29
71.   Curtis Lowe
Whew Double Play double play
2007-04-18 18:14:26
72.   Gen3Blue
We got to get rid of this pitcher, he is fairly effective--run up some pitches if you can't hit him out.
2007-04-18 18:15:43
73.   Tommy Naccarato
As someone that really screwed things-up here last year, letting my emotions get the best of me just after the final out of the season, Just Be Happy. It's only baseball. But wow, what a game.

Go Juan Pierre!

2007-04-18 18:18:22
74.   Icaros
Go Juan Pierre!

Don't encourage him.

2007-04-18 18:19:45
75.   Gen3Blue
Lopez is throwing about 14 pitches an inning.
Thats not quite enough
2007-04-18 18:20:29
76.   Andrew Shimmin
It'd be more if Clark and Pierre weren't helping out, so much.
2007-04-18 18:21:28
77.   Icaros
I hope A-Rod hits 80 home runs this seaon.
2007-04-18 18:23:41
78.   Andrew Shimmin
Good to know Clint Hurdle is still on the right bench. I was worried, for a minute.
2007-04-18 18:23:48
79.   Curtis Lowe
Furcal looks un-pleased.
2007-04-18 18:32:09
80.   Vishal
[79] as in, he was pleased about something, and then somebody undid that something?
2007-04-18 18:34:34
81.   Curtis Lowe
80- un-did it.
2007-04-18 18:34:48
82.   Bluebleeder87
It's really great having that much quality in a back up back stop.
2007-04-18 18:37:24
83.   trainwreck
Me too, for fantasy baseball reasons.
2007-04-18 18:38:12
84.   trainwreck
83 is in reference to 77.
2007-04-18 18:39:02
85.   Greg S
cue the double play
2007-04-18 18:41:42
86.   Andrew Shimmin
Why wasn't Lowe backing that up?
2007-04-18 18:44:51
87.   trainwreck
To people watching the game...

Has Lopez warranted being pinch hit for already?

2007-04-18 18:45:23
88.   Connector
The replay clearly shows that Hawpe wouldn't have scored had Lowe been covering home plate.
2007-04-18 18:46:19
89.   Curtis Lowe
I'm pretty sure Lowe always is given a hard time up at Coors field.
2007-04-18 18:46:46
90.   Vishal
[87] he's got elbow discomfort or stiffness or something like that.
2007-04-18 18:47:21
91.   trainwreck
Gameday just updated and said he has an injured foot/ankle.
2007-04-18 18:48:02
92.   El Lay Dave
87 Seems like an odd move, but I am judging just from internet box score reporting. Lopez threw 51 pitches in 4 innings, 32 for strikes. Gave up 4 hits, no walks, 1 K. Doesn't seem one would normally hit for him in the bottom of the fourth, up 3-1, runner on third and two out.
2007-04-18 18:48:31
93.   Vishal
[91] i got my info from the rockies' announcing crew, who presumably got it from the clubhouse...
2007-04-18 18:49:23
94.   shamrok
Okay, Gameday froze with Dodgers up 1-0. Then updated and said Colorado 3-1 with an error by Ethier. Um, so what happened?
2007-04-18 18:49:49
95.   trainwreck
I just figured Clint Hurdle was as insane as he is made out to be.
2007-04-18 18:51:04
96.   Greg Brock

Kidding. Even Donnelly wouldn't do that...I think.


2007-04-18 18:51:08
97.   Vishal
[93] on the other hand, these guys are carrying on about the need for an "attaboy" stat, so maybe they don't know what they're talking about.
2007-04-18 18:51:30
98.   Greg Brock
Strike out, Derek.
2007-04-18 18:51:37
99.   Andrew Shimmin
If Lowe swings at a single pitch in this AB, I will do unspeakable things to his bobbleheaded doll.
2007-04-18 18:51:43
100.   El Lay Dave
squeeze anyone?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-18 18:52:00
101.   Andrew Shimmin
So much for that.
2007-04-18 18:52:03
102.   Greg Brock
That dog will hunt. Good job, D. Lowe.
2007-04-18 18:52:18
103.   Curtis Lowe
99 - Still?
2007-04-18 18:53:44
104.   Curtis Lowe
Furcal seemed to be crawling up the line.
2007-04-18 18:54:02
105.   Vishal
2007-04-18 18:54:46
106.   El Lay Dave
94 walk, single, walk to load 'em, then single to RF, E on Ethier's throw to 3rd allowed the third run to score.
2007-04-18 18:54:50
107.   s choir
Nice pitch by Buchholz, bad swing by Furcal.
2007-04-18 18:55:25
108.   Andrew Shimmin
103- I can't talk about it.
2007-04-18 18:55:52
109.   El Lay Dave
104 Is he 100%?
2007-04-18 18:55:56
110.   Gen3Blue
Furcal can still look like a young player, swinging at a ball way too low. No big deal.
2007-04-18 18:56:49
111.   neuroboy002
I would have never guessed Furcal to kill that inning. I was guessing a sac fly, at least.
2007-04-18 18:57:26
112.   Curtis Lowe
109- If he is, it didn't look like he gave that run 100%
2007-04-18 19:03:14
113.   Vishal
good god, what is that dead animal doing on the bottom of todd helton's face??
2007-04-18 19:07:10
114.   Bluebleeder87

He's in a mini slump so it's not surprising for a player to try a little harder, i'm cool with it.

2007-04-18 19:08:50
115.   Bluebleeder87

Who knows it's probably still alive Vishal. :o)

2007-04-18 19:08:58
116.   Vishal
lowe got lucky with that line drive.

dumb throw by pierre. there was NO chance, with his throwing arm, that he would catch helton at third. by throwing to third instead of second, he gave hawpe a free base.

2007-04-18 19:09:05
117.   PDH5204
Check out the White Sox game.
2007-04-18 19:09:06
118.   El Lay Dave
Lowe's WHIP this game over 2.
2007-04-18 19:10:17
119.   El Lay Dave
Go get him Grady - he's done.
2007-04-18 19:11:13
120.   Greg Brock
117 Yes, interestingness RED ALERT.
2007-04-18 19:11:52
121.   Bluebleeder87
One of those days for Lowe
2007-04-18 19:12:16
122.   Greg Brock
One out in the ninth in Chicago.
2007-04-18 19:13:08
123.   El Lay Dave
120 And not just because Thome has two HRs and Dye a slam.
2007-04-18 19:14:14
124.   Greg Brock
Two out
2007-04-18 19:14:20
125.   El Lay Dave
Two outs in the ninth in Chicago, both Ks.
2007-04-18 19:15:07
126.   PDH5204
Buehrle did it!!!! One walk short of a perfect game!!!
2007-04-18 19:15:09
127.   Greg Brock
Mark Buehrle throws a no-hitter in Chicago.
2007-04-18 19:15:22
128.   Vishal
wow, he did it!! kind of surprising.
2007-04-18 19:16:05
129.   Faramond
Well done, Buehrle.

What a tough name to spell!

2007-04-18 19:16:44
130.   El Lay Dave
And on only 95 pitches, with 8 Ks. Nice work.
2007-04-18 19:18:27
131.   Vishal
buehrle apparently only faced the minimum too. he walked sammy sosa and then picked him off.
2007-04-18 19:18:31
132.   El Lay Dave
Meanwhile Tsao get the inning completed. Anyone watching: how did Tsao look?
2007-04-18 19:19:48
133.   Greg S
132- He throws HARD. All I can tell after a few pitches.
2007-04-18 19:20:11
134.   Greg Brock
And Bob isn't around to update the "The Last Guy To..." list.
2007-04-18 19:26:23
135.   Bluebleeder87

what channel was it on? cause I checked WGN channel 16 in my area & it wasn't on

2007-04-18 19:28:12
136.   overkill94
Good lord, Felix Hernandez just pulled himself out of the game in the 1st inning, my fantasy team's screwed.
2007-04-18 19:30:13
137.   imperabo
Tsao seems to like the top of the zone.
2007-04-18 19:31:54
138.   imperabo
His movement and velocity looks pretty good though.
2007-04-18 19:33:11
139.   Greg Brock
Man, Tsao has got filthy stuff. You just hope (wish?) he can stay healthy.

And half of Tomdrickson would have to go for him to stay, I suppose.

2007-04-18 19:34:28
140.   trainwreck
2007-04-18 19:36:13
141.   Andrew Shimmin
They could DFA Seanez. That'd get it done. Until Kuo is healthy.
2007-04-18 19:38:30
142.   Gen3Blue
Furcal BA/BIP tonight is 0.00.
2007-04-18 19:39:47
143.   Greg Brock
141 Ahh, didn't even think about Seanez. That would work. And then you also have Kuo and Brazoban to think about.

Yes, these are nice problems to have.

2007-04-18 19:40:04
144.   Indiana Jon
What happened to Felix? Injury?
2007-04-18 19:42:08
145.   natepurcell
abreu walked again...where did all this plate discipline come from?
2007-04-18 19:44:47
146.   Andrew Shimmin
145- He learned it from watching you, dad.
2007-04-18 19:47:28
147.   trainwreck
Warriors have 41 points in the first quarter.

I guess they want to make the playoffs. Which is something I wondered if I would ever see again.

2007-04-18 19:48:07
148.   Faramond
I'd like to think that while Holliday and Nomar were laughing to each other at first they were talking about how bad Seanez is as a pitcher.

Holliday: easiest hit I ever got
Nomar: Yeah, I had a game winning homer off him last year.

2007-04-18 19:50:32
149.   natepurcell
yea.... seanez is the first to go when another pitcher gets healthy.
2007-04-18 19:51:54
150.   Greg Brock
Oh, Rudy, it's time for you to go.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-18 19:52:36
151.   overkill94
144 Nothing was obvious off the bat, speculation is that it's an oblique injury.
2007-04-18 19:54:43
152.   Bluebleeder87
149 150

I fall in the category of feeling bad for him then I remember he's a million & i feel a little better.

2007-04-18 19:54:48
153.   Icaros
Who would've pitched that inning if the Dodgers had the lead?
2007-04-18 19:55:45
154.   PDH5204
135 I don't know, I just happened to view the scoreboard, saw that Buehrle had a no-no in the 7th, and so I went to this one bar/club and they had the game on [they have three sat dishes on the roof of the place]. I assume it's some channel from Dallas or thereabouts. Lucky for me, well, someone was paying for the wireless connection that my laptop was able to use to rely in the info to you guys.
2007-04-18 20:01:40
155.   Andrew Shimmin
154- The UK is not safe for men like you and Timmermann.

2007-04-18 20:05:35
156.   neuroboy002
I know you always play for 27 outs, no bueno.
On another note, did anyone see the Cheadle/Sandler flick "Reign on Me." It looked like it had potential, but got horrible reviews. Anyone here see and possibly enjoy it?
2007-04-18 20:06:17
157.   natepurcell

i enjoyed it.

2007-04-18 20:10:33
158.   Andrew Shimmin
Too bad Furcal didn't take the day off.
2007-04-18 20:12:39
159.   Gen3Blue
Looking back, I'm not sure how we got sucked into the quagmire this game has become, but that is still a luxury of looking back.
2007-04-18 20:13:52
160.   das411
Wow the best part of that Buehrle no-hitter is watching the clip up on and listening to several "HE GONE!"s before they both openly cheer as the last out is made....ahhh baseball....

158 - But then where would the other two shortstops in the lineup play??

2007-04-18 20:19:49
161.   Andrew Shimmin
And. . . scene. Let us all give thanks that the game was shorter than the last few have been.
2007-04-18 20:21:25
162.   Vishal
"he gone" is up there with the most annoying catchphrases in history.
2007-04-18 20:21:43
163.   El Lay Dave
156 It wasn't the worst movie I've seen lately. It has Sandler; people tend to react strongly to him, one way or the other.
2007-04-18 20:24:04
164.   El Lay Dave
160 Blech. At that point using a trendy catchphrase is stupid; say something timeless. WWVS? (What Would Vin Say?)
2007-04-18 20:32:54
165.   das411 appears my Phils used two pinch-hitters tonight. Abraham Nunez and Cole Hamels.

Wow. just wow. Enjoy that depth you guys have because it sure isn't the same for every other team!

2007-04-18 20:35:27
166.   regfairfield
165 Has Philadelphia already turned on Jayson Werth, or is Cole Hamels hitting .500 and Charlie Manuel thought that was sustainable?
2007-04-18 20:41:57
167.   Disabled List
162 The White Sox announcers are up there with the most annoying announcers in history. In fact, they take the title.
2007-04-18 20:42:16
168.   s choir
166 Charlie Manuel must be trying to get canned.
2007-04-18 20:51:46
169.   das411
Ahh reg you're right, I had the box score collapsed and Werth and Greg Dobbs (who?) had PHed earlier guesses on quite what Charlie is thinking these days though.

Seriously, does anybody know how we can get ahold of Davey Johnson? Please?

And for those who watched the Dodgers/Rockies game, how did NL West Old Friend Emeritus Steve Finley look tonight?

2007-04-18 20:52:04
170.   neuroboy002
157, 163 - For a date movie, I opted to go with Blades of Glory instead of Reign. The previews for it hooked me a little, so I have this feeling I was missing something worth while. I could just say "I'll rent it," but well, I haven't been to a video store in over 5 yrs.

I was hoping Ethier would have a better game for future consistent playing time. I don't like seeing him benched.

2007-04-18 20:55:40
171.   El Lay Dave
165 The depth the Phils do have is at manager (Jimy Williams, Davey Lopes).
2007-04-18 21:07:27
172.   underdog
A rested development indeed.
"Well, Michael, I did not find their buffoonery amusing." (An obscure AD quote.)

This was the first game I missed in awhile, and I'm glad. Figured with that line-up it wasn't a good bet but thought it'd be a better game than that. But not with Lowe bringing his "Z" game.

Das, why are you so hot on Davey Johnson? I remember us Dodger fans not being particularly enamored of him, at any rate.

2007-04-18 21:08:12
173.   Andrew Shimmin
I just got to the article Jon referenced in the last thread; will there ever be a better time to trade with the Yankees? They've got a functional rotation on par with the Nats'. Even with Schmidt on the DL, we've got pitching to burn (literally, in some cases). I believe in stealing from all the other teams, but I especially believe in stealing from the Yankees.
2007-04-18 21:18:05
174.   Xeifrank
Tonight Grady throughout the pansie lineup and tomorrow night throws out the pansie pitcher. If you are going to jeopardize the teams chances of winning, why not throughout the minor league lineup with Hagrid on the mound? vr, Xei
2007-04-18 21:24:12
175.   Greg Brock
174 Funny, I was thinking about the same thing just now. If you're going to tank a game, go all out and pick one. Maybe Grady thought Lowe could deal enough to win with 2 or three runs.

As an aside, it would have been neat to see Kemp in left, Abreu at second. Those are the guys I'd like to see play if the vets need a rest. Hopefully, it will be when Kemp comes back and Valdez comes back to earth.

2007-04-18 21:24:18
176.   Eric Enders
175 Gurnick explained why in his latest notes column. Basically, Kent and LuGo have beaten the holy hell out of Aaron Cook in the past.
2007-04-18 21:26:52
177.   das411
172 - Part of it is having read that "The Bad Guys Won" book about those '86 Mets, he comes across as an excellent players' manager but also one who makes all the right tactical in-game decisions, which would be a pleasant change around here. The Mets outplayed their pythag W-L record in his first season by 12 GAMES, no way was that all just seems to me that he is one of the very few elite managers of his generation and certainly the only one who could pull a (Leyland/McKean) this season with the Phils.

Seeing him take over as manager instead of, say, the guys in 171 would be like the LAD trading Juan Pierre for Tim Lincecum (sp?), and, whaddya know, guess who was at the helm of that '95 Reds team that Mike C mentions as the only recent 1-8 start to make the playoffs?

I understand he does have some past history with Pat Gillick, after I finish the paper I am avoiding I will try to dig up what I can about that, but what I do know about him thus far makes him look like a terrific candidate for a job that looks like it'll open any day now.

173 - Can it wait until after we showcase Jon Lieber on Friday? Please???

We now return to your regularly scheduled New Post Up Top check!

2007-04-18 21:37:19
178.   berkowit28
Since the beginning of the season, in how many innings have the two "rabbits", Furcal and Pierre, both got on base in the same inning? Once? Twice? Never? I've been waiting the whole time to see havoc wrecked. OK, Furcal was off for a week or so. Still... There was that great inning where Pierre and Martin did a double steal, but nothing like that yet with the regular nos. 1 and 2.
2007-04-18 21:39:39
179.   trainwreck
I cannot believe the Warriors are going to make the playoffs.

It should be a holiday tomorrow in the Bay Area.

2007-04-18 21:43:41
180.   Andrew Shimmin
177- After the Abreu trade, you really want to give Gillick another ride on that merry-go-round? That's brave.
2007-04-18 21:44:57
181.   Bluebleeder87
Funny, I was thinking about the same thing just now. If you're going to tank a game, go all out and pick one. Maybe Grady thought Lowe could deal enough to win with 2 or three runs.

Dodgers Live mentioned that Lowe has trouble with there middle of the order. BTW I think i'm one of the contest winners on Inside The Dodgers cause they emailed me earlier today & wanted my first & last name.

2007-04-18 21:45:40
182.   underdog
177 I hear you - well, he'd at least be an improvement over Manuel, will grant you that. There are probably other candidates who would be as well.

Cito Gaston's still available!
Maybe he's too low-key for what the Phils need right now.
Too bad Joe Girardi has a job for the season.

2007-04-18 21:46:34
183.   El Lay Dave
177 You might like to do better, but Jimy Williams has significant past history with Gillick and he's already in-house. Isn't he (Williams) there for just this reason?
2007-04-18 22:00:01
184.   das411
180 - That Abreu trade netted us Jamie Moyer, Randall Simon, Jose Hernandez, Alfonseca,, made the team slightly less top-heavy, not that it has made much difference so far this year. Still, I'd rather have Gillick making those deals than Ruben Amaro Jr.

182, I really don't think Girardi could handle a team like this, they do not need a manager they can go get a few beers with but a manager who will kick their $$$es and bat Chase Utley seventh when he needs to. And yes, at this point, he needs to. I just see Johnson as more of a Phil Garner/Jim Leyland red$$$ type than either Cito or Girardi are, but of course 183 hits the nail on the head and makes it all moot anyways.

Wow, ok, and now it's time to go post this stuff on actual Phillies blogs, sorry everyone! Make sure you tell your Grady how much you appreciate him, because a good manager can make a difference...

2007-04-18 22:29:15
185.   underdog
184 Like this one?


Yep, it's most likely moot, Williams is surely next in line. And he'd likely be an improvement, but a pretty boring one - yet another thrice-hired, warmed over manager. But then they do need someone with experience and, as you said, light a fire under them. (I actually think Girardi would be quite capable of that. But, again, it's all moot.)

2007-04-18 22:31:33
186.   El Lay Dave
If Tsao looks good, one must think that Seanez will be released if Schmidt is ready two weeks from now.

Why didn't Little start Martin and bat him fourth tonight and have his off day tomorrow when Lieberthal could hit sixth?

2007-04-18 22:33:39
187.   Andrew Shimmin
The All Star ballot is open. Let's get out there, and put Juan Encarnacion where he belongs.

2007-04-18 22:35:33
188.   berkowit28
178. Or havoc wreaked. Either will do.
2007-04-18 22:42:42
189.   Xeifrank
Dodgers look like heavy dogs in tomorrow's game. vr, Xei
2007-04-18 22:50:36
190.   D4P
What's up with the Yankees? Their Pythagorean Record is 110-52, yet their 7-6 actual record has them on pace to win a mere 87 games.
2007-04-18 22:54:40
191.   Andrew Shimmin
190- I believe in my very soul that Mark Hendrickson could help fix that. C'mon Flanders. Make the call.
2007-04-18 23:04:19
192.   D4P
Which of them Damn Yankees are you wanting Flanders to bring into the fold? ARod might look nice in blue, but are Loney/Tomko/Hendrickson enough?
2007-04-18 23:09:23
193.   D4P
You can throw in Betemit too, as we wouldn't be needing him. For that matter, we don't really need him now.
2007-04-18 23:10:50
194.   Andrew Shimmin
I want Melky Cabrera, but I don't want to give up anything real for him. That's problematic, since Godzilla went on the DL, though. If Flanders wants out of Loney, he'd better get Hughes. And maybe Tabata.
2007-04-18 23:13:21
195.   Greg Brock
Anybody we'd want, they wouldn't part with. Every player they would part with couldn't help us (mostly in the bullpen).

Hendrickson, Ethier, and DeWitt for Dunn. I'm not giving up on getting Dunn. Even though he's not a Mustache-type guy.

2007-04-18 23:16:21
196.   D4P
I think Adam is done. Well, maybe not completely, but he seems to be getting worse.
2007-04-18 23:18:34
197.   Greg Brock
He's OPSing 1.000 with 4 home runs right now. He's sure not regressing this year, though the usual sample size caveat applies.

Dude still OPS+'d 110 last year with 40 bombs.

2007-04-18 23:18:39
198.   Andrew Shimmin
I would take J.B. Cox for Hendrickson. I'd take Clippard, Kennedy, or Whelan. The point here is sticking them with Hendrickson. Other considerations are secondary. At most.
2007-04-18 23:21:37
199.   trainwreck
You guys are being quite positive with Ned trades.

I am expecting to get Lugo Redux or bye bye to Laroche and/or Loney.

2007-04-18 23:23:17
200.   trainwreck
Clippard for Hendrickson would be great.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-18 23:25:03
201.   D4P
Adam's line: .316/.371/.561, with 18 Ks and 5 BBs.

The obvious problem is his IsoD. He's not going to hit .316 this year, and once his BA falls back to its normal .250 or so, he'd only be OBPing around .305. He'll almost certainly do better than that, but still. Why isn't he drawing walks?

Oh: and his IsoP of .255 isn't so good for him, either.

2007-04-18 23:29:23
202.   Greg Brock
201 I think Dunn will end up with his usual .360 OBP and 40 home runs. He's not walking right now, but I don't think you can predict a substantial loss in plate discipline from somebody like Dunn. He's always drawn walks, he'll always draw walks.

Plus, Hendrickson is blah, I'm not an Ethier guy, and I probably dislike DeWitt more than any other prospect, so I wouldn't feel like we're giving up a whole lot for a good chunk of power and patience.

Of course it's pretty moot...Ned would never take a guy like Dunn.

2007-04-18 23:30:10
203.   D4P
All of which is not to say I wouldn't trade for Dunn. Even a bad year for Adam is better than what our outfielders will put up, with the possible exception of Kemp. Plus, the nice thing about the Reds is that they'll trade good hitters for middle relievers, so Ned should hit that sooner rather than later.
2007-04-18 23:33:21
204.   Eric Enders
198 The Yankees aren't going to trade any of those guys for Hendrickson, not even close. Even if he has a good half season I doubt they'd trade one of those guys for Hendy. It's actually Brian Cashman calling the shots now due to Steinbrenner's illness, and Cashman's not as dumb as George is. He's already been bitten by acquiring mediocre pitchers like Wright and Pavano, and he's unlikely to be seduced by Hendrickson.

If we trade Jesus to them I expect the best we could get would be an AAA filler guy or a class A shot-in-the-dark type pitcher.

2007-04-18 23:37:02
205.   Eric Enders
Plus, do we really want to know what Hendrickson looks like clean-shaven?
2007-04-18 23:37:49
206.   Greg Brock
201 must be lagging. They have his OPS higher in fewer PA's. I guess they're missing a few games.
2007-04-18 23:41:16
207.   Greg Brock
205 Like a cross between John Rocker and Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel.

Brandeen! Someone done stoled my beard!.

2007-04-18 23:45:54
208.   Andrew Shimmin
204- They're in third place! Time is slipping away! Action must be taken!

Oh, alright. Never mind.

2007-04-19 00:06:37
209.   Bob Timmermann
The "Last Guy to" list was updated during an intermission.

For a 5-hour opera, that was really good.

2007-04-19 06:35:37
210.   old dodger fan
Early news for all you late rising West Coasters:

ATLANTA -- Willy Aybar was suspended indefinitely by the
Atlanta Braves on Wednesday night after the utility infielder
failed to report for their game against the Chicago Cubs.

Aybar, on the 15-day disabled list with a sprained right hand,
was suspended for three games after he did not show up for
treatment. The suspension was due to end Wednesday, when the Braves
were back in town to begin a two-game series with the Cubs, but
Aybar was still missing.

2007-04-19 07:42:28
211.   Bumsrap
I am thinking that trades with the Yankees means salary swaps because the Yanks generally overpay. If AROD were coming to the Dodgers, I would think Lowe, Penny, Betemit, and Kent would be going to the Yankees. That would happen maybe if the Yankees thought AROD would bolt after this year and that Kent would be the right handed bat they want to platoon at first base. Kent would play first and second and Cano would play third and second.
2007-04-19 07:52:19
212.   old dodger fan
211-That is too expensive for my taste. We have a good team. I would rather sit tight than give up that much for 1 player, no matter how good he is. I would rather deal with someone who is desperate. Think Phillies.
2007-04-19 07:53:39
213.   underdog
Guys, a trade to get ARod will more likely involve top prospects (probably two) as well as someone like Penny. The Yanks aren't going to want a bunch of old guys and an unproven youngster like Betemit. I know our friends at Bronx Banter drool over Loney and he'd almost definitely be asked for in a trade for someone like A Rod. I'd hate to part with Loney, I really would, and frankly only a trade for A Rod or Cabrera would make me not cry about it.
2007-04-19 08:14:50
214.   old dodger fan
I hate trading with the Yankees because they trade from strength. They can walk away from a mediocre deal without a second thought.

What do we really need? We need a power hitter but where do we put him? If we put him at first what do we do with Nomar and Loney? If at 3rd what happens to LaRoche? If we find a corner outfielder do we put LuGo's $7.35 million salary on the bench? It might be wise but I don't see it happening. The only way we can get a power hitter from the Yankees is by trading away some (at least 2) of the youngsters. I hope we don't.

The Phillies might part with a hitter for some pitching retreads because they are desperate. Then we still have the problem of where to play our new power hitter. It would be great if we could get Burrell for Tomko, Hendrickson and Ethier although I don't know anything about Burrell's contract. I don't know if Philly is that desperate either.

2007-04-19 08:43:23
215.   FirstMohican
They can walk away from a mediocre deal without a second thought.

If that's true, then I'd want to deal with the Yankees.

2007-04-19 08:48:58
216.   old dodger fan
By that I mean mediocre for them, not for us.
2007-04-19 08:53:27
217.   KBL
As much as I like Loney, if he brought us Arod, I would be all over it.
2007-04-19 08:53:46
218.   Benaiah
216 - Either way, I can see FM's point. We don't need to make a trade unless it is a true impact trade, so avoiding mediocre deals on both sides is what I am hoping for.
2007-04-19 08:54:27
219.   KBL
Of course, it would be a lot easier if LaRoche would start performing, so we could get rid of Betemit and see what happens. What about Abreu at third?
2007-04-19 09:28:37
220.   gpellamjr
219 I don't know. Betemit's shown great patience so far this year, and he's hitting the ball hard. He'll pick it up.
2007-04-19 10:14:53
221.   TellMeTheScoreRickMonday
Sorry I'm late. Two points:

1) Great headline, Jon.

2) I don't get the Lucille II reference (please explain), but more importantly, I don't understand why you would pick on Ramon Martinez alone while leaving the other eight players intact and nicknameless.

2007-04-19 10:16:47
222.   Benaiah
221 - Lucille II is a reference to a character from the show "Arrested Development", like the title, which is a pun on the fact that some Dodger hitters had the night off. As for picking on Martinez, it is a long standing nickname.
2007-04-19 10:18:20
223.   TellMeTheScoreRickMonday
222 - Thanks. Man, I do miss that show. Thanks for the reminder.

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