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Downs and Ups
2007-04-20 17:22
by Jon Weisman

Early season batting average on balls in play (BABIP) numbers for the Dodgers, according to The Hardball Times:

.500 Matt Kemp (.340 in 2006)
.417 Wilson Valdez
.400 Brady Clark (.299)
.390 Russell Martin (.308)
.348 Jeff Kent (.324)
.291 Nomar Garciaparra (.291)
.289 Luis Gonzalez (.281)
.286 Andre Ethier (.360)
.274 Juan Pierre (.306)
.250 Rafael Furcal (.335)
.200 Olmedo Saenz (.347)
.200 Ramon Martinez (.305)
.167 Wilson Betemit (.353 with Atlanta, .275 with Los Angeles)
.125 Mike Lieberthal (.265)

If you're at the bottom of this list, your batting average is more likely to go up as the season goes on, and vice versa.

* * *


Retro Gameday

Comments (260)
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2007-04-20 17:33:24
1.   tskent
Odalis Perez is looking to be the unluckiest pitcher in the bigs 2 seasons in a row. LOL..


2007-04-20 17:41:06
2.   Jon Weisman
Last year, Odalis did improve as the season progressed. So the high early season BABIP against him was a good predictor in that case.

He has started the 2007 season with an opponent's BABIP of .457, the highest among all MLB pitchers with 10 innings or more this year, which again indicates his performance will improve.

This doesn't mean he will become great - just a way to possibly predict trends.

2007-04-20 17:47:05
3.   ToyCannon
Arod with two more dingers. Coco fell over the fence into the bullpen trying to catch it. This is as hot as I've ever seen a player.
2007-04-20 17:47:48
4.   ToyCannon
Off to see Wicked, hope we have a healthy game tonight.
2007-04-20 17:51:04
5.   El Lay Dave
4 You should enjoy it - it is an entertaining show.
2007-04-20 17:54:40
6.   Bob Timmermann
Tristan and Isolde, the short version:

Boy loses parents.
Boy kills fiance of girl
Girl heals boy, thinks he's hot
Boy thinks girl is hot.
Boy brings girl back home to marry powerful friend
Boy and girl want to kill each other.
Girl's friend slips boy and girl magical love potion
Boy and girl get busy
Boy's powerful friend is pissed
Another guy tries to kill boy
Another friend of boy takes him off to get healed.
Boy, girl, friend, and other guy all die.

The end.

2007-04-20 17:56:01
7.   Curtis Lowe
6- sounds moving.
2007-04-20 17:57:18
8.   Bob Timmermann
It's one of the five basic movie plots!
2007-04-20 18:04:20
9.   LAT
Jon you really are a nice guy. You didn't say a word even though I didn't get that last comment in before the new thread. Although I'm guessing you chuckled a little to yourself.

Toy, I hope you enjoy Wicked as much as I did. One of my favorite plays.

2007-04-20 18:08:07
10.   LAT
.200. Come on Tomato, get busy.
2007-04-20 18:41:48
11.   Bluebleeder87
I'm not gonna pretend like I know what BABIP means but if Russell Martin is in the top 5 it must be a good thing.
2007-04-20 18:43:57
12.   Bluebleeder87
BTW J.D. Drew is on a tear over in Boston.
2007-04-20 18:44:55
13.   Andrew Shimmin
11- Batting Average on Balls In Play. The theory is that, by adjusting for BABIP, one can eliminate some of the luck that gets displayed in plain old batting average.
2007-04-20 18:54:32
14.   Bluebleeder87

So basically it's a better way of analyzing regular batting average, cool I get it.

2007-04-20 18:56:25
15.   El Lay Dave
6 I wonder what Thomas of Britain would think to have it synopsized in terms of "get busy" and "pissed"?
2007-04-20 18:58:51
16.   Frip
I wish Dusty & Kruk would enunciate. Isn't someone paid to whisper in their earpiece, "you're slurring coach, try moving your lips."

It's frustrating to have to strain when people mumble. Dusty speaks with the crystal clear clarity of a McDonald's cashier.

The type that when you say "sorry, what's that?", they repeat it again in the same exact indecipherable murmer.

2007-04-20 18:59:45
17.   Bob Timmermann
I left out the homosexual undertones too.
2007-04-20 19:06:59
18.   Frip

Undertones everywhere. I'm undertoned to death.

My boss and I went out to lunch. Square table. He sits down. I sit next to him. He gets up. Then sits opposite me. Says, "wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea."

2007-04-20 19:12:19
19.   El Lay Dave
18 That's not a homosexual undertone; that's a power move. The boss always needs to keep the underling across the table.

I always prefer to sit across the table from my dining partner since I look straight at his/her face when we converse, not at a 45-degree angle.

2007-04-20 19:12:52
20.   LAT
Rivera blows save in Boston.

Green hits Mets first HR in Shea this season

2007-04-20 19:14:46
21.   El Lay Dave
8 17 Perhaps Quentin Tarantino should use that basic movie plot for his next full (solo) film. Tristan and Isolde and the Gimp?
2007-04-20 19:19:03
22.   Andrew Shimmin
I fully expect Tarantino's next movie to be a cartoon, unless somebody convinces him to stop reaching deeper and deeper into the movies of his youth. I'm sucker enough that I'll keep going, either way, but I'd rather he knocked it off.
2007-04-20 19:20:54
23.   Bluebleeder87

Tarantino also has a thing for girls & guns.

2007-04-20 19:21:34
24.   El Lay Dave
20 Not that this is Yankee Thoughts, but....

Boston 8th Inning Summary

- K. Thompson at designated hitter
- M. Myers relieved S. Proctor
- D. Ortiz doubled to deep center
- L. Vizcaino relieved M. Myers
- M. Ramirez walked
- J.D. Drew grounded out to second, D. Ortiz to third, M. Ramirez to second
- M. Lowell singled to left, D. Ortiz scored, M. Ramirez to third
- M. Rivera relieved L. Vizcaino
- J. Varitek singled to right, M. Ramirez scored, M. Lowell to second
- C. Crisp tripled to deep right, J. Varitek and M. Lowell scored
- A. Cora singled to center, C. Crisp scored
- A. Cora caught stealing, catcher to second
- J. Lugo struck out swinging
- End of Inning (5 Runs, 5 Hits, 0 Errors)

I thought Torre promised not to use Rivera in the 8th. Also, why does he waste his LOOGY on Ortiz leading off the 8th when he has a 6-2 lead?

2007-04-20 19:22:13
25.   Frip

I don't, I like to sit next to the person, so when you run out of stuff to say to each other, the awkwardness isn't face to face.

2007-04-20 19:24:10
26.   imperabo
15 He'd say that "pissed" means drunk not angry you bloody wankers.
2007-04-20 19:24:18
27.   El Lay Dave
22 Kill Bill is, in some respects, like a cartoon already. I think I agree with you; it's time for him to do something a little different, mature in his craft, maybe.
2007-04-20 19:27:43
28.   LAT
A-Rod doesn't hit game winning HR. What a loser. The guy stinkes.
2007-04-20 19:27:47
29.   imperabo
Yankee fans are just going to claim that A-rod wasn't a clutch player until they turned into one with tough love. I think just threw up in my mouth a little.
2007-04-20 19:28:21
30.   El Lay Dave
25 What if you two are seated by the host(ess) at a booth, don't you and the boss have to sit across from one another?
2007-04-20 19:30:06
31.   El Lay Dave
29 Uh oh. Turns out that your second sentence is an unwritten-rule violation. Just FYI.
2007-04-20 19:30:17
32.   Bob Timmermann
Bronx Banter would not be a place for the faint of heart tonight.
2007-04-20 19:32:11
33.   imperabo
31 No Dodgeball quotes allowed?
2007-04-20 19:32:22
34.   Andrew Shimmin
He's got it in him. He made Jackie Brown, a grown up movie for grown ups. I'm not big on kungfu movies, generally, but I didn't begrudge him the Kill Bills, until it started to look like that was going to be his thing, like a theme restaurant chain. I liked his half of the Grindhouse, it's the trend that I find worrisome.
2007-04-20 19:35:14
35.   Bob Timmermann
As Eric Karros has gotten older, his hair has become an unstoppable force. I don't know if controls his own hair or his hair controls him.
2007-04-20 19:35:19
36.   Bluebleeder87
Alex Rodriguez really does look like he's locked in & think he's on pace to break the home run record for April.
2007-04-20 19:36:18
37.   imperabo
RE: Tarantino: If I created the greatest movie of all time early in my career I'd spend the rest of my life doing hobby projects rather than trying top it with something serious too.
2007-04-20 19:36:36
38.   nick
24 please, show some mercy, I have to read about Torre's bullpen management over at BB already...also, Bob, let me respond to your use of the conditional tense with an unconditional statement: it was not.
2007-04-20 19:41:33
39.   El Lay Dave
33 Jon frowns on that particular one.
2007-04-20 19:41:48
40.   Marty
Will the Wolf survive?
2007-04-20 19:43:15
41.   El Lay Dave
38 OK. I took a glance at BB - most comments would be rules violations here. Did like someone referring to the manager as "Clueless Joe".
2007-04-20 19:43:39
42.   Bluebleeder87
Nice strike out by Wolf he didn't throw anything but fastballs.
2007-04-20 19:44:03
43.   Bob Timmermann
It's time for Vin to start his unusual Jack Wilson fetish.
2007-04-20 19:44:04
44.   El Lay Dave
A. La Roche starting tonight.
2007-04-20 19:47:43
45.   Bob Timmermann
Is my Spanish in the headline on the Griddle correct?
2007-04-20 19:50:41
46.   El Lay Dave
34 Been awhile since I've seen Jackie Brown, but, yes, it does demonstrate capabilities. He probably also realizes the time is ripe for a change, heck he's probably itching for it. Kill Bill and Deathproof are plenty fine entertainment, and neither do I begrudge him those - heck I paid my $$$ to see two of those three in the theater, with only Kill Bill 2 being DVD only.

37 Most that are driven enough to achieve that sort of accomplishment tend to try again and again. If you are I were Bill Gates, we would have retired long ago (like Paul Allen). Gates is driven by forces I don't understand (or have.)

2007-04-20 19:51:19
47.   LAT
Wow I never knew that rule, if you go to your mouth without permission they add a ball.

Actually now that I think of it we may have discussed this last season.

2007-04-20 19:53:44
48.   nick
41 We at BB have a certain fondness for the vernacular; most notably, a particular epithet (I hardly need to mention it) whose adjectival form our jolly posters, when moved by strong passion, feel compelled to append to the name of Yankee skipper Joseph Torre...
2007-04-20 19:53:52
49.   LAT
Giants up 3-1 after one but no worries if you are rooting against the Giants. Russ is pitching. (Still wearing an Az hat on gameday pic)
2007-04-20 19:54:15
50.   Bluebleeder87

everything seems fine except for "la red"? you mean la internet right?

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-20 19:54:20
51.   El Lay Dave
and the Pirates strike first.
2007-04-20 19:56:20
52.   Bob Timmermann
I like "la red" because it's about Cuba.


2007-04-20 19:57:03
53.   El Lay Dave
48 One could hardly justify calling it "Bronx Banter" without certain colorful colloquialisms. And tonight, Mr. Torre deserves the criticism.
2007-04-20 19:59:02
54.   PennyJavy

La red can also be seen as "the web"

2007-04-20 19:59:35
55.   Jon Weisman
The last sentence in 29 has the problem of being both gross and way overused. That's why it's banned here. But it's an unwritten rule because if I wrote it, I'd be violating it.
2007-04-20 20:00:09
56.   StolenMonkey86
very nice AB for Furcal
2007-04-20 20:00:14
57.   Andrew Shimmin
I'd like to help decorate that ball.
2007-04-20 20:00:22
58.   StolenMonkey86
oops, make that PA
2007-04-20 20:01:17
59.   Jon Weisman
Vin just said, "You know, they statiscalize everyone these days."
2007-04-20 20:02:16
60.   Bluebleeder87

good to know. I have friend i call red but it's because he has red hair.

2007-04-20 20:02:38
61.   Gen3Blue
I assume these BABIP nos. are for 2006 since Betemits include some Braves at bats.
2007-04-20 20:02:54
62.   Andrew Shimmin
Was it statiscalize, or statistalize? Either is, clearly, awesome.
2007-04-20 20:03:32
63.   El Lay Dave
52 The 'e' in béisbol should have an accent mark.

I wonder about the etymology of the term "la red".

2007-04-20 20:05:23
64.   El Lay Dave
61 The parenthetical ones are, the other are this year.

".500 Matt Kemp (.340 in 2006)"

2007-04-20 20:05:51
65.   El Lay Dave
2007-04-20 20:06:37
66.   Frip
Little kids know to say "I got it". Grown ups, apparently not.
2007-04-20 20:06:58
67.   El Lay Dave
Took Wolf 30 pitches to get out to the first. Even if he steps it up, the pen better be ready.
2007-04-20 20:08:02
68.   capdodger

La red = The net(work)

2007-04-20 20:09:47
69.   StolenMonkey86
gameday is stuck on Gonzo making an out
2007-04-20 20:11:54
70.   underdog
I don't want to statistcalize or anything - no wait, sorry... I'll come in again...

I don't want to jinx it or anything, because Wolf could continue to struggle and get an early hook, but struggling in the first inning seems to fit his pattern, from what I've seen. Hopefully he'll right the ship today, too.

Btw, I came home after a work reception and before everyone went to the Giants game. I just want everyone to know that I'm that loyal - I couldn't stomach watching the Giants, if they aren't playing the Dodgers, and now that I've seen the score there so far I'm kind of glad I did. (It's also freezing, and I'm tired.) But I'm much happier to be here watching the Dodgers.

2007-04-20 20:12:54
71.   underdog
69 Russell grounded out, and the inning's over.

Wolf now has 4ks in 1 1/3 innings.

2007-04-20 20:14:05
72.   Bob Timmermann
Going to the 14th in Florida. Marlins and Nats tied at 5-5.

It's the Game of the Night!

2007-04-20 20:15:55
73.   alexx
Poor Brad Lidge.
2007-04-20 20:18:09
74.   El Lay Dave
72 Can't be. The Yanks and Sox played. ;)
2007-04-20 20:18:38
75.   Gen3Blue
Boy, Wolf is getting no help from the Umps, is he. I'm not sure what we did to the umpires recently, but our pitching staff seems to be good enough to survive. I must admit I haven't paid much attention to how the opposition pitchers are fairing. So far these Pirate announcers don't seem like too bad homers, but if they are fair I feel kind of bad for them.
2007-04-20 20:19:57
76.   imperabo
Armas just did something that Piazza always did that really bothered me. He took the first pitch, and stood up out of his batting stance well before the ball got there. The purpose of this in my mind is to take a pitch while still looking cool about it in case it's a strike.

Intentionally taking a pitch is just fine, tipping your hand that you're doing it intentionally is stupid and rooted in vanity. Anyone who was paying attention would know that Piazza often has his mind made up to take the first pitch before it's thrown, so that gives you a tactical advantage.

2007-04-20 20:20:10
77.   Gen3Blue
I watched the ninth of the Sox-Yankees game and it warmed an old D's fan's heart.
2007-04-20 20:20:42
78.   Andrew Shimmin
I would not agree to marry a man wearing that shirt. Or any other, but especially not that one.
2007-04-20 20:20:47
79.   capdodger
If I'd done what that guy did, I would have been going home alone.
2007-04-20 20:20:52
80.   underdog
Boy, what would have happened to that guy if his girl had turned down his marriage proposal there in Dodger Stadium?
2007-04-20 20:21:43
81.   Andrew Shimmin
Betemit's standing on top of the plate.
2007-04-20 20:22:08
82.   Frip
Well, you'd have to assume he was wearing an over-shirt before he proposed.
2007-04-20 20:22:59
83.   capdodger
80 He would have thrown his beer at a Pirates fan.
2007-04-20 20:23:09
84.   Bob Timmermann
What he would have done is just cruise around town until you find a woman who agrees with the shirt.
2007-04-20 20:23:26
85.   das411
67 - That is part of the deal, every four starts or so he'll give up a 3 or 4 spot in that first inning and burn out your bullpen and the rest of the time he'll escape and give you 5-6 shutout innings after that. That is just the way the Wolfman rolls.

Nate, did you say the Wolf Pack has actually been seen in LA??

2007-04-20 20:24:16
86.   imperabo
Betemit's approach and swing inspire confidence, even if his results don't.
2007-04-20 20:27:45
87.   underdog
84 So it would've been... Next Stop, Hollywood Blvd.?

Looks like Edwin Jackson had his usual, not terrible, not all that good, start. 3 ER, 5Ks, also 5hs and 5BBs.

2007-04-20 20:29:35
88.   Jon Weisman
The latest Alyssa:

Perhaps LAT's daughter will relate.

2007-04-20 20:30:34
89.   Greg S
Has any Dodger worn #52 since Tim Crews?
Seems like someone did but seeing Wolf just keeps bringing Crews to mind.
2007-04-20 20:31:36
90.   capdodger
88 I thought the largest consumer demograhic was the 18-34 year old male.
2007-04-20 20:31:58
91.   Faramond
When Vinny said "statiscalize", he also mentioned that Sanchez saved 21 runs on defense at third base last year. That sure seem like a lot to me. Saving 20 runs is worth about two extra wins, right?
2007-04-20 20:36:15
92.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Saunders of the Angels is wearing a Virginia Tech cap tonight, although the rest of the Angels aren't. Saunders did go to Virginia Tech.
2007-04-20 20:37:21
93.   Greg Brock
Sanchez played 100 games at second, 55 at short last year.

His fielding numbers were...Not good. -7 RAA at second, but he was +3 at shortstop.

2007-04-20 20:38:17
94.   Andrew Shimmin
Pierre's second hit because of shoddy fielding, tonight.
2007-04-20 20:38:27
95.   Bluebleeder87
is that play what BABIP helps out in?
2007-04-20 20:39:46
96.   Andrew Shimmin
Vin's lobbying hard for hand blowing privileges.
2007-04-20 20:40:12
97.   D4P
The irony of Alyssa's most recent post is that the teenagers who swoon over Ethier wouldn't have gotten that opportunity if he had stayed on with Oakland long-term
2007-04-20 20:40:58
98.   Andrew Shimmin
95- Sort of--it's not really useful for any particular hit, since, by definition, any single hit will represent a 1.000 BABIP. It's more useful in the long run. As are all baseball stats.
2007-04-20 20:41:16
99.   Gen3Blue
I'm not sure whether Armas looks pretty good tonight or if the D's look old and tired.
Now Pierre disturbed Armas in that series--but he was awfully close to getting thrown out.
2007-04-20 20:41:22
100.   imperabo
So does Pierre get poor jumps or is just not all that fast?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-20 20:41:34
101.   Marty
I always thought the phrase was "in the hole".
2007-04-20 20:42:38
102.   Bob Timmermann
The umpires must have been told to be less lenient in that area.

It's really hard to work "hand blowing" in to a sentence without getting some sort of double entendre.

2007-04-20 20:43:27
103.   Greg S
100- I'm becoming increasingly convinced that he really is not all that fast.
2007-04-20 20:44:37
104.   Andrew Shimmin
Have cold-night spitballs really been a problem? Do most pro pitchers know how to throw a spitball effectively?
2007-04-20 20:44:49
105.   Benaiah
97 - I don't think it is a bad point since Ethier never made it to the majors in Oakland. It seems like an interesting idea that a lack of player continuity makes it difficult for casual female fans to get into the game. Maybe men have an easier time just rooting for the laundry?
2007-04-20 20:45:05
106.   imperabo
I have an itch this game is about to get blown open.
2007-04-20 20:45:40
107.   Marty
Colburn detaches himself from Tracy's shoulder to make a mound visit.
2007-04-20 20:45:51
108.   Gen3Blue
At least Pierre can usually get 2 bases on a single. Its been embarrsing over the last few years between Donelly and the 2 out at home game ( the antithesis of the 4+1 game).
2007-04-20 20:46:54
109.   Greg S
Just throwing this out there... I think we might go the entire season without vin uttering the words "Eddie Murray".
2007-04-20 20:47:16
110.   Greg Brock
104 I don't think it's the spitball effect as much as moisture to get a better grip for your curveball.

Really, there's no reason why they shouldn't be able to blow on their hands.

2007-04-20 20:47:21
111.   Andrew Shimmin
Somebody wake up Jim Hitchcock and tell him we're doing parrot talk. It doesn't seem right for him to not be here for it.
2007-04-20 20:47:25
112.   Sam DC
I haven't read most of the comments, because I'm watching the Nationals game on tivo here and it's gone into extra innings and I worry someone's noted the final.

But I did see 24 and does it fall to me to point out that former Dodgers made all three outs?

2007-04-20 20:48:13
113.   Greg Brock
Hey! What are you doing, Tony Armas!?
2007-04-20 20:48:20
114.   Marty
Wow, that was close
2007-04-20 20:48:27
115.   Benaiah
Retaliate! I want blood!
2007-04-20 20:48:40
116.   imperabo
Russ does know how to get his body in front of a wild pitch.
2007-04-20 20:49:33
117.   Marty
Wolf needs to hit Tracy.
2007-04-20 20:49:34
118.   Bob Timmermann
The Dickson Baseball Dictionary says that "in the hole" is a modern day corruption of "in the hold."
2007-04-20 20:49:48
119.   Benaiah
I thought that was out. It was a towering example of warning track power.
2007-04-20 20:50:41
120.   Marty
Who's the right fielder? That was a horrible throw
2007-04-20 20:50:45
121.   imperabo
I have another itch that Betemit is about to go on a tear.
2007-04-20 20:51:20
122.   Andrew Shimmin
Get that ball and decorate it for Tracy. It's every bit as much has as the 500th win one.
2007-04-20 20:51:21
123.   Benaiah
Tracy is sitting in the dugout wondering: "skim or 2%? Which tastes better with my cornflakes?"
2007-04-20 20:52:09
124.   LAT
88. Perhaps there is merit to her post. My daughter thinks Green is dreamy and that is part of what set her baseball fandom in motion. If Ethier does the same that can't be a bad thing.
2007-04-20 20:52:35
125.   underdog
Well done, Jim Tracy. Y'ar. Y'ar to you all!
2007-04-20 20:52:59
126.   Gen3Blue
Ethier just missed. Too bad. Gonzales made it and Betenit finally gets lucky. 106 Your itch was right on.
Honestly, as a supposed third base coach, I think Donnelly could have made Maury Wills and Willy Davis look bad-- and thats going some.
2007-04-20 20:53:38
127.   Benaiah
Nice to Tracy to wait until he had given up the 8th run before he was sure that Armas didn't have "it" tonight. Grady Little isn't perfect, except by comparison.
2007-04-20 20:54:31
128.   underdog
So Armas' ERA went from 8 before the game to.. .what now? (After giving up 8 in 2 and 2/3 today)
2007-04-20 20:54:36
129.   Marty
Pittsburgh is in a position to win now.
2007-04-20 20:54:53
130.   Greg S
109 Just to follow up, the LA Times had an article today on how Mickey Hatcher is on the hot seat because the Angels can't score runs. Does a hitting coach ever get credit when a team scores as many runs as the Dodgers have over the last two years?
2007-04-20 20:55:28
131.   Gen3Blue
Hang in there Sam DC, and no one dare tell.
2007-04-20 20:56:03
132.   adraymond
I seem to recall at least a half dozen times in this young season that Ethier has hit a towering warning track shot. Not sure if the cold air is making them fly further or slowing them down. But it's an encouraging sign.
2007-04-20 20:56:23
133.   Marty
Did I leave Armas in too long? Hard to say, he was kind of getting into a groove there for awhile. Do I regret it now? Well, as far as winning a game, yes.
2007-04-20 20:58:59
134.   adraymond
Whaaaaa? Kent smiles?
2007-04-20 20:59:15
135.   Greg Brock
133 When you're talking about the type of things that are indicative of winning, from a pitching perspective, these are the types of things that can hurt you, baseball-wise.

Insert questions and answers.

2007-04-20 20:59:30
136.   underdog
133 Hah. You parroted Jim Tracy perfectly.

I'm gonna go catch up on TiVo'd programs right now since I'm less worried about this one (and if the Dodgers lose it I don't want to see it) - Lost, 30 Rock, etc.

2007-04-20 20:59:49
137.   Gen3Blue
These guys think the Pirates are better defensively that last year--but a few plays behind Armas could make this a very different game!!
2007-04-20 21:00:44
138.   Dodgers49
93. Sanchez played 100 games at second, 55 at short last year.

Actually, Sanchez played 3rd last year. In fact, not everyone agrees that Pittsburgh is making a smart move by shifting him to 2nd this year.

2007-04-20 21:01:56
139.   Bob Timmermann
I predict loud swearing from the Sam DC household.
2007-04-20 21:02:17
140.   capdodger
That curve ball is.... so..... slow.
It must look like a balloon.
2007-04-20 21:03:20
141.   Frip
Re Donnelly, no one talks about the Hollywood prejudice against bow legs. Has there ever been a bow legged leading man? I think not. Who speaks for the bow of leg? Not Al Sharpton. Where are the Dixie Chicks on this?
2007-04-20 21:04:28
142.   Greg Brock
138 Wow, looking at the wrong dude. -1 to me.
2007-04-20 21:06:03
143.   Greg S
Three hits, all of which hit infielders gloves. Wow.
2007-04-20 21:06:32
144.   Benaiah
Pierre is 3-3 and all of them were groundballs that an infielder got their glove on. This is the dark side of BABIP.
2007-04-20 21:07:01
145.   Benaiah
143 - How dare you!
2007-04-20 21:08:56
146.   Gen3Blue
139 Are we combing to mess up Sam's mind or what.
141 What about those leading men like Dash Riff-Rock or Hoot Gibson.
2007-04-20 21:11:01
147.   Sam DC
139 You must have been listening - They just showed the Nationals as 3-16 w/RISP, compared to like 3-8 for Marlins.

And I hate the walk the bases loaded to face a weaker hitter thing. Acta just did that, then the pitcher went to 3-1, got a lucky call on a ball I thought was just off the plate, and got a swinging strike to end the inning.

2007-04-20 21:11:39
148.   Benaiah
If we win tonight then we will be tied with the 2005 team at this point in the year.
2007-04-20 21:11:40
149.   Greg Brock
I think Troy McClure was bow-legged. You might remember him from such films as "The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel" and "The Erotic Adventures of Hercules"
2007-04-20 21:12:57
150.   Bluebleeder87


Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-20 21:13:12
151.   Sam DC
Oh, and it is special to watch Chad Cordero bat.
2007-04-20 21:14:20
152.   Gen3Blue
Troy Mclure is a great name. Up there with Darin McGavin.
This double play could be a good thing--its already 12:15 on the old east coast.
2007-04-20 21:15:27
153.   Greg S
Who was the marketing genius who decided that showing a bunch of clips of player signing press conferences was the way to get people fired up over the Dodgers?
2007-04-20 21:15:44
154.   Bob Timmermann
I predict a lot more swearing from the Sam DC house. But perhaps for a different reason.
2007-04-20 21:19:32
155.   Frip
It is probably aesthetically impossible to have a bow legged leading man or lady. It may only work with a tough-guy role. It's just hard to sell suave on bow legs.

Nothing against them, some of my best friends are bow legged.

2007-04-20 21:21:09
156.   Greg Brock
Atta boy, 3.5
2007-04-20 21:21:45
157.   capdodger
Pfft.. Stat-Padder.
2007-04-20 21:21:46
158.   Gen3Blue
Ethier seems to be back, and I am very happy about that for some reason.
2007-04-20 21:21:54
159.   Bluebleeder87
it didn't look like Ethier got all of it but we'll take it.
2007-04-20 21:24:14
160.   Bluebleeder87
personally I have the Julio Franco walk. although not as exaggerated
2007-04-20 21:24:29
161.   adraymond
Wolf is a beast.
2007-04-20 21:24:45
162.   underdog
Balances out for Ethier after he crushed that other one that ended up at the warning track. Still did a nice piece of hitting on that HR though.

But meanwhile, poor Wilson...

And Randy Wolf is Babe Ruth tonight.

2007-04-20 21:24:45
163.   Greg Brock
I'm probably late to the party on this one, but playing "Werewolves of London" for Wolf is outstanding.
2007-04-20 21:24:57
164.   Greg S
Ethier's power is to right field. He needs to quit lifting it when going the other way. Last year he hit a ton of line drive singles over shortstop. This year they've been fly balls to left. If he can hit the outside pitches for singles and pull the middle-in pithces for power, he will be all he can be... and that's a lot.
2007-04-20 21:25:50
165.   StolenMonkey86
.955 OPS for Randy Wolf

in 8 AB

2007-04-20 21:28:29
166.   Gen3Blue
Wolf! I'm afraid playing San Fran and the Pitts early on could give us an inflated opinion of ourselves. Its also beginning to look like enough stats w/last year to say power is not necessary to score runs if you mass enough decent hitters. And since power is expensive right now....
2007-04-20 21:30:49
167.   Sam DC
I'm mostly swearing because I have got to go to bed and it's coming on the 14th inning!
2007-04-20 21:31:07
168.   underdog
Brazoban started tonight so he could get in work early before the mound got too muddy/wet (or so they said). He pitched 1 2/3 innings, 2 hits, a run, a BB, a K.
2007-04-20 21:32:08
169.   natepurcell
is wold what the giants wished zito was?
2007-04-20 21:32:39
170.   Marty
Sam, how's the new job? Or is DT not at an acceptable security level? :)
2007-04-20 21:32:58
171.   Bob Timmermann
The last Dodger pitcher to have two doubles in a game was Hideo Nomo back on June 9, 1996 against the Reds.

The Dodgers won the game 3-2.

2007-04-20 21:33:21
172.   Gen3Blue
Stay with it Sam! I am on the east coast too.
2007-04-20 21:33:28
173.   dsfan

Ethier has slider bat speed. Not a fatal condition but an impediment to becoming a stud hitter.

2007-04-20 21:33:40
174.   natepurcell
the wolfpack is probably howling at the moon right now. Great job Randy!
2007-04-20 21:34:37
175.   natepurcell

thats what they said about Loney. I personally dont think its going to be the downfall of the two if they know their strengths and weaknesses and play to their ability.

2007-04-20 21:34:41
176.   tskent
Is it too early to start discussing Dodgers postseason baseball? This organization ROCKS!!
2007-04-20 21:35:17
177.   underdog
Oh, and in that Inland Empire game, Lucas May hit his 6th HR.

Is that 10K's for Wolf? I keep wanting to turn this game off to watch the telly and work for a bit, but I can't seem to. Wolf's been great.

2007-04-20 21:36:06
178.   Gen3Blue
My name is Hideo ...... I am a business man. I too suffer from flushing, blushing, hi stool, shortness of pants and delayed seat cramp.
2007-04-20 21:36:18
179.   Bob Timmermann
Andy Messersmith had three doubles in a game in 1975, one of nine pitchers to do so.
2007-04-20 21:37:50
180.   natepurcell

2005 will remind you that its too early. although they are looking rather good right now.

2007-04-20 21:38:17
181.   StolenMonkey86
speaking of crazy lunar things pierre just walked
2007-04-20 21:38:25
182.   Greg S
175. Exactly. I think Ethier is trying to muscle it over the left field wall and that is not his thing. He is killing the ball right now and he has enough power to hit his pitch out to right. But the outside corner pitches need to be line drives instead of lifting them.
2007-04-20 21:38:42
183.   Sam DC
170: Job is rewarding (er, other than the money), and challenging. Hard settling in though, especially with daily hurricanes rolling through the office.

Ryan Church is untaggable!


2007-04-20 21:39:23
184.   tskent
The real Juan Pierre has finally revealed himself. The kid can play.
2007-04-20 21:39:23
185.   Saint Augustine
I'm not able to watch the game right now. Why is ESPN's Gamecast telling me that Wilson Valdez is batting for Nomar?
2007-04-20 21:39:52
186.   dsfan

It's said a bit more about Ethier, who is older and didn't have the wrist injury. Again, not a fatal flaw but it certainly adds to the challenge. Frankly, Ethier has to cheat a bit to waffle a decent major-league fastball.

2007-04-20 21:39:53
187.   natepurcell
Ubaldo Jimenez, one of the rockies top pitching prospects just got rocked by the 51s for the second straight time this year. His era is 15.09. yikes.
2007-04-20 21:40:02
188.   gpellamjr
Is there any announcer more smug than Steiner?
2007-04-20 21:41:32
189.   Bob Timmermann
Because Wilson Valdez was batting for Nomar Garciaparra.
2007-04-20 21:42:21
190.   underdog
185 Because Saenz pinch hit next and will presumably come in to play first next inning. Oh yes, and because they're up 9-1. Maybe Nomar has to go home and change the baby, too.
2007-04-20 21:43:05
191.   Bob Timmermann
He only has to change one of the babies?
2007-04-20 21:43:08
192.   dsfan

Ethier's strength is to LF. He'll pop one out to right field, but usually that's when he cheats heavily on a fastball or, more likely, when a pitcher throws something offspeed into his bat (like Linebrink did with the changeup that Ethier hit for a home run last week. Not a fast bast. Not a short swing.

2007-04-20 21:43:58
193.   StolenMonkey86
191- yes, Mia gets one and Nomar gets the other
2007-04-20 21:44:07
194.   Greg Brock
If my wife and I had north of 70 million bucks, I would change exactly zero diapers in my children's lives.
2007-04-20 21:44:08
195.   dsfan
bat for bast
2007-04-20 21:44:21
196.   underdog
190 Oops, twins, right. I forgot. I wonder which one will play soccer and which will play baseball.
2007-04-20 21:44:39
197.   Bluebleeder87
Saenz needs to start at least ones against the Pirates, I totally forgot that he owns them.
2007-04-20 21:45:08
198.   Andrew Shimmin
Two people in that shot of the ball going foul had Schmidt jerseys. I don't understand that. I understood it marginally more, last year, when it was Nomar. Small sample size, I guess. Anybody noted the prevalence of Schmidt jerseys?
2007-04-20 21:45:13
199.   underdog
Or what Greg said.

That's totally the #1 thing that makes me not want to have kids. I have enough trouble with the litter box.

2007-04-20 21:45:21
200.   Bob Timmermann
The "Day-O" being played in the stadium reminds me of my brief career in Jamaica working as a tallyman.

I quit because everybody kept yelling at me to hurry up because they wanted to go to home. I just couldn't stand the pressure.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-20 21:45:22
201.   Greg S
192. Well it's his strength for line drives. It would be his thing for power if they moved the fences up about 20 feet.
2007-04-20 21:45:33
202.   Saint Augustine
I... well... yeah. I guess I was asking for that one, wasn't I?

Ah, that makes sense. It was just that my first (admittedly alarmist) thought was that Nomar had hurt himself somehow, followed by excitement that perhaps Loney would get called up.

2007-04-20 21:46:04
203.   Andrew Shimmin
Triplets. Unless Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter came calling.
2007-04-20 21:46:20
204.   Greg Brock
200 Not to mention the tarantulas.
2007-04-20 21:46:38
205.   underdog
199 That, and the lack of a uterus.


10-1. Mercy rule anyone?

2007-04-20 21:46:48
206.   Greg Brock
203 Unpainted Garciaparra?
2007-04-20 21:46:51
207.   Gen3Blue
I have a feeling no one is going to make much hay analyzing Ethiers weaknesses this year.
2007-04-20 21:46:59
208.   capdodger
Ok guys. Knock it off or you're going to throw the AA+BB=CC formula off.
2007-04-20 21:47:42
209.   gpellamjr
Steiner: "Two hits a piece tonight for Juan Pierre!"
2007-04-20 21:48:33
210.   underdog
Maybe Steiner mistook Pierre for the Garciaparra twins.
2007-04-20 21:49:39
211.   underdog
This Russell Martin kid is no good. We should send him down.
2007-04-20 21:49:46
212.   Greg S
207- Just for the record, I'm certainly not bashing Ethier - I think he's on his way to great things. Just pointing out what I think he needs to do to get there.
2007-04-20 21:52:05
213.   StolenMonkey86
211 - Martin is so good he saves his outs for when the rest of the team is doing well. That's teamwork.
2007-04-20 21:52:12
214.   Gen3Blue
200 I had a choir director who kept amonishing us it's Deh-oh, De-ohh. Thats the best I can do trying to describe a short e sound. I think you may know how to conjur up the short e mark on some keyboard set.
2007-04-20 21:52:34
215.   Bob Timmermann
The weird thing is that tarantulas aren't venomous and don't sting people for the most part.

They're just really scary looking.

The akee rice I had tonight was good.

2007-04-20 21:53:15
216.   Greg Brock
I like Ethier, but I'm not very bullish on his long term production as a corner outfielder. If he played center, I'd like him a lot more.

I also don't understand how people pitch to him. I would just pound fastballs on his wrists all day. He can't seem to do much with that stuff.

2007-04-20 21:53:48
217.   Benaiah
Is Wolf going to stay in? I would take him out since he is over 100 pitches, he was recently injured and the game is over.
2007-04-20 21:54:06
218.   capdodger
215 Was the Salt Fish nice?
2007-04-20 21:54:39
219.   StolenMonkey86
Wow, 10 runs and 6 LOB so far

101 pitches for wolf. Who pitches the 7th?

2007-04-20 21:56:54
220.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, not bad. The rum is good any time of year.

Has anyone seen Matilda? I seem to be short of cash.

2007-04-20 21:59:09
221.   Bob Timmermann
I think we need Saint Augustine's take on this story:

2007-04-20 21:59:17
222.   Benaiah
Brady Clark is the anti-LuGo. That was a nice play.
2007-04-20 22:00:22
223.   underdog
Billingsley came in to pitch the 7th, got 3up and 3down. Brady Clark made a really nice diving grab on a ball hit towards the corner. Call me crazy but I have a feeling LuGo would not have grabbed that one.
2007-04-20 22:02:40
224.   natepurcell
loney is hitting up in AAA, 3-4 2b,bb tonight to move his BA up to .281
2007-04-20 22:02:44
225.   StolenMonkey86
223 - and on 11 pitches too. Nice.
2007-04-20 22:03:26
226.   Gen3Blue
Here's the guy who made the great play in the field!
2007-04-20 22:05:49
227.   Marty
Just think how great Pierre would be if we moved him to 8th?
2007-04-20 22:05:53
228.   StolenMonkey86
And he got a hit too!
2007-04-20 22:11:26
229.   Frip
I hate blow-outs. They're boring. Whenever a team is up by, say, eight runs, the other team should get 2 automatic runs added on. It would make it more interesting for everyone. The crowd. The tv viewers. The bored left fielder.
2007-04-20 22:13:22
230.   Gen3Blue
As I replied to some other announcer not long ago--you do not want to get into the D's bull-pen, as hopeless as you seem to this point.
2007-04-20 22:15:08
231.   alexx
Billingsley hit 95 twice in that at bat.
2007-04-20 22:18:21
232.   Jon Weisman
Now that evil players are no longer a distraction, Tony Jackson is free to come to the conclusion that "It's amazing to me how many big innings either begin with a walk or are spurred on by one."

2007-04-20 22:24:29
233.   Benaiah
232 - Words fail me. Is he serious? Is he really amazed?
2007-04-20 22:24:42
234.   Dodgers49
Tony also writes:

>>> Matt Kemp is returning to Los Angeles after experiencing tightness in his right shoulder after making a throw on Wed. night at Triple-A Las Vegas. Not sure when he'll resume his rehab assignment. ... <<<

2007-04-20 22:24:48
235.   StolenMonkey86
Shucks. I wanted Bills to get his 3 inning save. But I guess Grady felt the game would get more exciting if Seanez got some work.
2007-04-20 22:24:53
236.   Gen3Blue
Martin is just good.
2007-04-20 22:26:29
237.   Marty
He's lazy. Jackson wrote some truly incomprehensible columns last year.
2007-04-20 22:28:20
238.   Bluebleeder87
i'm thinking Saenz gets the start on Sunday over Nomar & has a big day.
2007-04-20 22:28:26
239.   Gen3Blue
Man, Rudi was just throwing it by them!
2007-04-20 22:28:36
240.   LAT
Rudy solidifys his role as mob up man.
2007-04-20 22:29:33
241.   Frip
237 - He wears a lazy shirt.
2007-04-20 22:29:58
242.   LAT
As far as I heard, Vin kept calling it "tee shirt night" without once referring to Jason Schmidt.
2007-04-20 22:35:10
243.   Frip
Just thinking that bow-legged guys could do a heckuva job doing voice-overs for pickup commercials.
2007-04-20 22:56:37
244.   underdog
Tomorrow Tony Jackson will write about the discovery of fire.
2007-04-20 23:20:38
245.   bhsportsguy
A couple of notes, the Dodgers' record after 17 games for the past 4 years.

2004 11-6 (78 RS/78 RA)
2005 12-5 (99 RS/75 RA)
2006 8-9 (86 RS/77 RA)
2007 12-5 (84 RS/54 RA)

The first time the Dodgers reached 7 games over .500 in 2006 was game 47, when they were 27-20.

2007-04-21 01:16:49
246.   El Lay Dave
179 At first, I read one word there as "doobies".

163 Love Zevon, but how about X's "The Hungry Wolf"? (But NOT "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran.)

2007-04-21 01:37:59
247.   Andrew Shimmin
Randy Wolf nights should be all Los Lobos, all the time.

Checking over at WHYG Andy Van Slyke, the Pirates have struck out 36 times over the last three games.

2007-04-21 03:11:07
248.   Greg Brock
246 That song is boosted by The Color of Money, and the only Tom Cruise line that is eminently quotable:

"If everybody's doing it...That's a lot of people doing it."

I don't know why that line is so great, but it is.

2007-04-21 06:29:40
249.   StolenMonkey86
"Hendrickson will be available to pitch in relief Sunday and Tuesday.!arrow!It's all your fault:!off! Former El Camino Real of Woodland Hills pitcher Randy Wolf got the start for the Dodgers Friday, but to his teammates Wolf is still the guy who played the first X years of his career in Philadelphia."

that's from the Daily News, Vincent Bonsignore's story "It's not a typical night at the park"

2007-04-21 06:46:05
250.   DXMachina
198 This is late, but I don't think anyone ever answered this directly. It was Jason Schmidt t-shirt night, so everyone in the stands had a t-shirt with Schmidt's name and number on it.

I took advantage of the MLB-TV freebie offer to actually watch the game, and was rewarded with a laugher. Well except for when Martin got hit. At first it looked a lot worse than it apparently was.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-21 06:52:57
251.   Claire Malone-Evans
(188)- Padre announcer Ted Leitner is twice as smug as Charlie Steiner.
2007-04-21 07:11:10
252.   Benaiah
Tonight we are facing Ian Snell, who has a tidy 1.8 ERA for the year. Since his career best ERA before this year was 4.74, one assumes that his recent success is due to luck and a small sample size, and that might be the case. However, certain signs point to Snell actually being a very good pitcher.

Primarily, Snell strikes out a lot of people, 8.18 a game last year and up to 9 a game this year. His K rate has improved every year he has been in the show and he is only 25, so it is certainly possible that this is his new level of performance. His downfall in years past was due to a proclivity for giving free passes and home runs. Every year in his career he has improved his walk rate, from 5.14 per game two years ago, to, a mediocre but not terrible, 3.58 last year. He has only walked 2.7 batters per game this year, which combined with his excellent strikeout numbers would make him an elite pitcher (3.33 K/BB).

He gave up 1.4 home runs per game last year, but this year he has only surrendered one home run in 20 innings. This screams "fluke", but his GB% ratio is up, his FB% is down, and somehow 22% of his flies are infield flies (which the people at the Hardball Times think are akin to strikeouts). It is still early, but this is a promising sign that he may be able to keep the ball in the yard at a more normal rate this year.

All that is to say, that while the sample size is too small to prove anything, Snell looks like a much improved pitcher this year. Here's hoping we derail that progress tonight.

2007-04-21 07:36:03
253.   StolenMonkey86
and I saw the highlight reel on, and how was Laroche not charged with an error on that ball?
2007-04-21 08:23:03
254.   DXMachina
The only thing I can think of is that maybe the scorer thought LaRoche might still have had a shot if Joe West hadn't blocked LaRoche's path path to the ball after he booted it.
2007-04-21 09:38:24
255.   das411
252 - One of my Pittsburgher friends here hopes with all his heart that Ian Snell does not inherit the nickname left in the 'burgh by the now-departed "What the hell??" Kip Wells...
2007-04-21 09:43:28
256.   delias man
why was reggie sanders wearing 42 in KC fri night??
2007-04-21 09:59:35
257.   Greg Brock
256 The Royals game was rained out on Jackie Robinson day, and Sanders still wanted to pay tribute.
2007-04-21 10:12:10
258.   DXMachina
Willie Randolph wore 42 in last night's Mets game, too.
2007-04-21 10:26:36
259.   Greg Brock
Forgive me if this was already mentioned, but Kevin Goldstein at BP lists Blake DeWitt as one of the 2004 first rounders on the verge of becoming a bust.

On scouts' charts, Dewitt's hit scores were as high as anyone going into the draft, but he dropped to the end of the first round because he was undersized, had no more than gap power, and didn't have a real defensive home. He was good-not-great in his full-season debut, batting .283/.333/.428 in the Sally League, but he seemed to take off last year--although his average dipped to .268 in the Florida State League, but his home run total up to 18 in just 106 games. That looked like a Vero Beach-inflated total when Dewitt collapsed following a promotion to Double-A Jacksonville, batting .183/.241/.221 in 26 games with just one long ball in 104 at-bats. Dewitt began his career as a third baseman, but was moved to second last year, where his reviews of his glovework by scouts considered is work there sub-standard. Back at third and back in High-A at the Dodgers' new California League affiliate, Dewitt is trying to get back on track, but is off to a slow start, .220/.258/.424 mark in 14 games.

2007-04-21 13:39:42
260.   Andrew Shimmin
250- Thanks. I managed to read that it was Schmidt t-shirt day fifty times over the last couple days without synthesizing that that meant the shirts would have his name on them.

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