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2007-04-22 00:40
by Jon Weisman

It was as if Shawn Chacon got tired of his wife nagging him: "Why do you leave your fastball on the floor all the time. Will you hang it up already?"

And on a 1-2 pitch with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 10th, Chacon hung that fastball, and Russell Martin took him all the way to the cleaners for a 7-3 victory.

There was a lot to clean up this Saturday night, with pitchers on both teams having trouble finding the strike zone at critical times and catchers - including Martin - getting to tired to block balls in the dirt.

One key to the game that might be forgotten amid the Martin celebration is that despite being terribly wild, Brad Penny kept the Pirates in check, allowing three runs (two earned) over six innings despite walking in one run and wild-pitching in another.

Penny was throwing hard again - hitting mid-90s on the Prime Ticket radar gun - and perhaps as a result was having trouble hitting his spots. But he didn't give up the big hit. At his blog, Tony Jackson seemed to criticize Penny for showing emotion after his wild third inning ended, but it was perfectly understandable. More to what people are concerned about, it was completely directed at himself, and Penny regrouped to shutout the Pirates thereafter.

And so ultimately, pitching was key again for Los Angeles. Chin-Hui Tsao, Joe Beimel, Takashi Saito and Jonathan Broxton each threw a shutout inning to give the Dodgers time to rally. According to Josh Rawitch of the Dodgers, the team has not given up a home run in its last 58 1/3 innings. Nice.

One moment of controversy came in the bottom of the ninth when, with the Dodgers down 3-2, Andre Ethier walked. Dodger bench coach Dave Jauss either got instructions from ejected manager Grady Little or took his own initiative to have Valdez pinch-Wilson for Betemit, with a bunt in mind. I'm no fan of the bunt and I wouldn't have done it, believing that Betemit had a good shot of getting aboard, but the goal in this inning was just to get a run across, and the choice to use Valdez was legitimate to make.

In the short-term, it backfired when Valdez bunted into a force play, reminding us for the future that bunts are anything but automatic. But then Valdez went to second on a wild pitch, third on a throwing error and home on a passed ball, just like the Dodgers planned. Tie game.

And then in the bottom of the 10th, Martin burnished the cat. He can do our laundry anytime.

2007-04-22 01:14:01
1.   bhsportsguy
To followup from the last thread, I am sure some of these streaks will end, but at least for one more day:

Dodgers score 4 or more runs: 10-0
Dodgers allow 3 or less runs: 10-0
Dodgers have a "Quality Start": 9-0

I don't think the Dodgers have a true No. 1 starter but here is their record when each starter has pitched (starter's record).
Lowe: 2-2 (2-2)
Wolf: 3-1 (3-1)
Schmidt/Hendrickson: 2-2 (1-2, 1-0)
Penny: 4-0 (3-0)
Tomko: 2-0 (0-0)

2007-04-22 03:07:46
2.   Charenton
To paraphrase Josh Wilker over at cardboard gods:

Holy McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones, Batman, Russell Coltrane Martin strikes again !

He carries the karma of his 4+1 experience with him.
RCM is our future World Series MVP - I can see it in the cards.
We can't call it "Giant Steps"
We can call it "Dodger Steps"
And 'lawd', Mr Coltrane Martin is "swingin'" !
May the groove be contagious!
Merci beaucoup Monsieur Russell !
Vive le Québec !
Vive le Québec LIBRE !

2007-04-22 06:01:17
3.   StolenMonkey86
Well bunts are automatic. Automatic outs, unless you're lucky.
2007-04-22 06:57:31
4.   Marty
Until last night, I'd never heard of Dave Jauss.
2007-04-22 08:25:46
5.   MollyKnight
I'm so sad. I came home from Professor Thom's Tavern shortly after midnight to watch the end of the game, and I promptly fell asleep right before the Dodgers came up in the bottom of the 10th. The same thing happened in the 4+1 game. I only had half a beer. I was completely lucid and ready for victory.


2007-04-22 08:31:12
6.   Benaiah
5 - Ha, I was watching the game and I just couldn't keep my eyes open going into the bottom of the 9th.

"Eh, I will find out tomorrow, the game is probably over anyway."

At least I did see the 4+1 game.

2007-04-22 08:43:16
7.   Icaros

Don't worry, Tommy Lasorda has been doing that for decades.

2007-04-22 08:44:47
8.   Suffering Bruin
5 Molly, I got invited to the 4+1 game by my mother. I didn't feel like answering the phone.

Yes, she reminds me frequently, thanks for asking.

I watched last nights wonderful mess of a game pitch-by-pitch, first time in eons I'd done so. Some observations:

1) Anyone catch the Brad Penny postgame? "Brad, you've really improved your composure! Everyone says so!" He looked like someone just spit in his food.

2) Wilson Valdez is fun to watch. Yeah, I know... give me the Mickey Tettleton type any day of the week and twice on Sunday but still, that was fun.

3) I may never see a poorer choice of pitch than the fastball served by Shawn Chacon. Lost in the growing legend of our own "big Russ" (or is it "L'il Russ?") is that the Dodger catcher was fit to be tied at count 1-2. Still prickly about the previous pitch called a strike by the endlessly prickly Joe West, Martin stepped up to the plate with that oh-what-the-heck-I'll-just-sit-on-the-fastball face and lo and behold.

I love me the fastball but Chacon's been around since, what, the Grunge era? You'd think a guy would know better. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Let's go, Tomko!

2007-04-22 08:45:50
9.   Suffering Bruin
7 More wit in one line than I could come up with in a page. (sigh)

It's always been thus.

2007-04-22 08:59:13
10.   Icaros

Aw, come on. Have you been wearing your Nomar jersey?

2007-04-22 09:04:43
11.   Benaiah
I just shouted "East London is a vampire!" and then I realized that it is 11 am on a Saturday and I don't live alone.
2007-04-22 09:09:41
12.   Benaiah
11 - Make that Sunday. I guess I really need to be more aware of my surroundings.
2007-04-22 09:28:59
13.   Greg S
Spooky. I mentioned Tim Crews less than 48 hours ago and now there is a front page Plashke article about him in the Times sports section. Not exactly a towering legend. Perhaps Wolf wearing his number reminded Plashke too.
I sure wish he would stick to writing articles like this and not bother analyzing the curent team. He's much better at the former.
2007-04-22 09:30:55
14.   Greg S
13- Spelled his name wrong the same way twice in one post. Oh well, that was for Brad Penny.
2007-04-22 09:39:00
15.   bhsportsguy
Tom Glavine faces off against old team and teammate Johh Smoltz today, Glavine ranks 3rd on the active career wins list behind Clemens and Maddux while Smoltz is 11th.

It is probable with Randy Johnson's (4th) return that he will face Maddux or Wells (6th) sometime this year.

Of the top 12 active wins leaders, 7 are in the NL, Maddux, Glavine, Johnson, Wells, Jaime Moyer, Pedro Martinez, and Smoltz, the four AL pitchers are Mussina, Schilling, Kenny Rogers, and Andy Pettite.

The leader and teamless so far in 2007 is Roger Clemens. Six of the 12 played for the Yankees, 3 for the Braves and Red Sox.

2007-04-22 09:41:42
16.   imperabo
Now that we're 13-5 next up should be the NFC championship game right? One win from the Superbowl baby.
2007-04-22 09:46:12
17.   Greg S
Jeez, the Dodgers have the 2nd lowest ERA in all of baseball and according to the notes today, Brazoban is throwing 94 in rehab- a pretty good sign coming off TJ surgery- Kuo appears to be healthy and near ready and Jason Schmidt has yet to contribute (other than to be the reason we are #2 instead of #1 in ERA).
Those are three serious MLB pitchers. Hard not to feel good right now.
2007-04-22 09:48:30
18.   imperabo
"Hard not to feel good right now."

We at DT do like a challenge though. Pessimism always finds a way.

2007-04-22 09:52:33
19.   Benaiah
17 - How do we even get all these guys on the team? At this point Tomko and Hendrickson- who were the popular candidates going into the year- aren't going anywhere, and Broxton, Beimel and Saito obviously aren't either. Lowe, Penny, Wolfe are in the rotation, so that is 8 pitchers right there, leaving Billingsley, Tsao and Seanez. Seanez shouldn't be on the team, but I hope Tsao and Billingsley don't go down anytime soon.
2007-04-22 09:53:31
20.   Benaiah
19 - I should point out that this is a good problem to have, and I am not particularly worried that we have too many good pitchers.
2007-04-22 09:54:06
21.   Marty
Seanez should never have been on the team. The Dodgers had the right idea 20 years ago when they dumped him the first time.
2007-04-22 09:57:01
22.   gpellamjr
18 Pff. I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist. It's just that in reality things always turn out for the worst.
2007-04-22 09:59:34
23.   D4P
I see that we play a total of 17 games this year against the Mets and Braves, a whopping 11 of which are to be played at Dodger Stadium.

Why such imbalance? Regardless, it's really starting to look like the year of the Dodger.

2007-04-22 10:11:19
24.   Marty
The Hal McRae post over at Cardboard Gods is priceless.
2007-04-22 10:12:48
25.   Greg S
19- I think you've answered your own question. I wouldn't be surprised if Billingsley visits Vegas soon for more than a gambling weekend. He doesn't deserve to be in the minors but neither does Loney. It's not always about fair.
I'm not making World Series plans yet but for the immediate future, we may have more talent than we can fit on a 25 man roster. My gosh, Brazonan could be our mop up guy.
2007-04-22 10:15:10
26.   Greg S
And then what do we do when Kemp comes back?!
2007-04-22 10:24:25
27.   Dodgers49
From the last thread:
>>> Stan Conte, the Dodgers' director of medical services, acknowledged getting "a tad greedy" with the progression of right fielder Matt Kemp's recovery from a separated shoulder.

Kemp had to terminate his rehabilitation assignment with triple-A Las Vegas and return to Los Angeles on Friday when he experienced soreness in his shoulder after making a throw earlier in the week.

"We just went a little quicker than we should have," Conte said. "We found out that he couldn't do what we wanted him to do, and that's why we pulled him back."

Kemp hit during a simulated game Saturday and played some light catch with Conte, but he must demonstrate the ability to throw at full strength from the outfield before he resumes his rehabilitation assignment, Conte said. <<<

2007-04-22 10:25:25
28.   imperabo
Finding roster room for Kemp should be easy enough. Don't need two defensive infield specialists. Then I imagine they'll platoon Ethier and Kemp.
2007-04-22 10:32:40
29.   Dodgers49
26. And then what do we do when Kemp comes back?!

To my disappointment, Little indicated a few days ago that Kemp might not return to the Dodgers when his rehab is complete.

2007-04-22 10:33:36
30.   Dodgers49
Bill Plaschke remembers Tim Crews

2007-04-22 10:34:46
31.   Jon Weisman
Someone will get hurt, folks. Someone always gets hurt.

30 - Yeah, I'm referencing that in my upcoming post.

2007-04-22 10:35:29
32.   imperabo
29 If that's the case then I'm sure it's the same rationale as with Loney. Can't get him enough atbats, so it's better to let him continue to develop in the minors. I have to say I agree with that philosophy. Why retard a guy's development and use up his service time?
2007-04-22 10:35:32
33.   Greg S
29 If Kemp and Bills both go down they should put Las Vegas in the NL Central.
2007-04-22 10:36:24
34.   Jon Weisman
Saenz, Valdez and Clark are starting today.
2007-04-22 10:37:16
35.   Greg S
31- True enough. But we might stay healthy for at least long enough to force all of these decisions in the short run.
2007-04-22 10:38:29
36.   Jon Weisman
Okay, that new post is up.
2007-04-22 10:40:29
37.   Connector
"In order to be a realist you must believe in miracles" David Ben Gurion.
I don't know about any of you, but I think G-d is a Dodgers fan, based on the 4+1 and last night's games.
2007-04-22 11:03:15
38.   LADfan in IL
22 That's pretty pessimistic for a realist! If things "always" turn out for the worst in reality, then how do you explain 1988? Or for that matter, last season for Cardinal fans?

A realist sees that things never "always" turn out any particular way.

2007-04-22 12:56:58
39.   bojangles
Site Guy: A while ago, you had a Mayberry skit with (I think) Andy Griffiths
adding the superfluous lower-east-side-of another-century, "already." They don't use that locution in today's North Carolina, for the most part, and certainly did not in the fifties.

Now, the wife of Shawn Chacon. I think Shawn is from Colorado, a Hispanic -American.
Did he marry a throwback lower-east side girl while with the Yanks?

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