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Remembering and Forgetting
2007-04-22 10:35
by Jon Weisman

I was living in Washington, D.C. when the news came of the boating accident involving Indians pitchers Tim Crews, Bob Ojeda and Steve Olin - the first two former Dodgers. Crews and Olin were killed. It was so sad and so hard to believe. Sports Illustrated and ESPN covered the accident and its aftermath extensively.

Today in the Times, Bill Plaschke checks in on this mostly forgotten story by visiting with Crews' survivors, 14 years later.

One of the column's main points is how the Crews family has been forgotten by baseball, and while that's lamentable, I wonder if that isn't just human nature. Last week's Jackie Robinson celebrations aside, I'm not sure that it's natural for a wide circle of people to stay in touch with the family of someone who died. It's my experience, anyway, that life's everyday challenges force people to move on, move away - and only the very closest remain by your side.

In any case, it's a worthwhile column. If I could change just one thing about it, it would be to eliminate the final paragraph, which I think pushes too much of the focus back on Plaschke. It just wouldn't have been my choice to mention myself being thanked - not that Plaschke didn't earn it by making the trip to see the Crews family and sharing the memories. The final spotlight should be on them.

* * *

I apologize for keeping it maudlin this morning, but there's still no better news on the Willy Aybar front. From Mike DiGiovanna of the Times:

Much like the Atlanta Braves, Angels infielder Erick Aybar has been unable to reach his older brother, Willy, an infielder who has been AWOL from the Braves for a week and, according to his agent, is battling a substance-abuse problem.

"I call every day, and he doesn't pick up the phone," Aybar said. "It's weird, because I don't know what's going on. I feel bad for my mom. She's crying every day. Willy won't answer the phone for her too."

Willy Aybar, a former Dodgers infielder, failed to report to New York for a meeting with baseball officials Friday. He is believed to be in Boston with another brother, Francis.

"Vladimir [Guerrero] called him, too, and he answers," Erick Aybar said.

"I've never known Willy to have a drug or alcohol problem. In the Dominican Republic, he's a different guy. I don't know what's going on with Willy."

You'll recall that almost a year ago, people were searching for the missing brother of Jose Cruz, Jr. (In a very quick search this morning, I can't find any record of him being located.) But more to the point, this also makes me think of JaRon Rush (brother of Brandon and Kareem), whose basketball career was derailed by alcoholism. The connections are tangential, but that's just where my mind went.

Anyone, I continue to hope things turn out okay for Willy.

* * *

Olmedo Saenz, Wilson Valdez and Brady Clark get starts today.

Today's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (395)
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2007-04-22 10:43:58
1.   bhsportsguy
Not to compare Plaschke and Steve Lyons, I felt the same way when I read the end of his story as I did watching Lyon put on the catching gear and try to block balls in the dirt.

If the McCourts or Lasorda or any of old teammates reach out to the Crews family after this, that will be a nice end to the story but I don't think Plaschke had to tell us he provided the mechanism for it to happen.

2007-04-22 10:44:27
2.   PlayTwo
Mrs. Crews took the high road, as did her son. They were not really complaining just expressing the loss this many years later. Lasorda will hear about this --and McCourt-- and something good will happen.
2007-04-22 10:45:40
3.   Eric Enders
I think you're right, it's just human nature. Tragedies happen, people mourn, and then they move on, perhaps because constantly remembering is too depressing. I mean, when was the last time you heard the name Mike Darr? Or Mike Sharperson? Anyway, nice article by Plaschke. He really is good when he's writing articles like this instead of columns about actual baseball.
2007-04-22 10:46:14
4.   Marty
I wonder if the trade to Atlanta is what started the downward spiral. He may be one of those guys who equate being traded with failure. I hope not, but it wouldn't surprise me.
2007-04-22 10:46:48
5.   Marty
4 I'm referring to Aybar, not Crews.
2007-04-22 10:51:00
6.   goofus
[54] We know; Crews went to Cleveland.
2007-04-22 11:00:06
7.   Bob Timmermann
While we miss the departed (and I think about my deceased parents everyday) and we can study history, life is something that moves in just one direction: forward. You just have to keep going. You don't get a choice.
2007-04-22 11:12:46
8.   twerp
What do you guys who know the farm system think of the early power from Jacksonville OF Anthony Raglani, 4HR/51 AB, and 1B John Lindsey, 4HR/33 AB?

Very small sample, etc. But how do they project? Decent power? Ready for MLB when, or if?
2007-04-22 11:20:14
9.   Dodgers49
I'm a little surprised to see someone as slow as Saenz batting third. :-) Oh well, maybe Kent will hit a couple of home runs.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Saenz, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

Martin, C

Clark, RF

Valdez, 3B

2007-04-22 11:23:24
10.   das411
Bob et all! They just mentioned in the Mets/Braves game that Smoltz and Glavine think they are the players who have played in the most different stadiums of anybody in MLB there any place where one could find such data?
2007-04-22 11:23:39
11.   bhsportsguy
Slightly off-topic but looking at my platoon watch schedule.

If the Giants don't skip any turns, the Dodgers will face only one lefthander in the series. They could skip Matt Morris but I think teams are hesitant to skip over starters once they get into the rhythm of the season.
No matter what the Padres do, skipping Wells on Tuesday for Peavy or pitching Wells, the Dodgers will face Wells next weekend. In fact, they will face both Maddux and Wells, the wildcard being facing either Hensley or Peavy.

So, in total, probably only two lefthanders next week and even looking towards the Arizona series, they will face one lefthander in that series (Johnson or Davis).

2007-04-22 11:23:50
12.   Eric Enders
So two members of the 1988 Dodgers met rather early demises. What happened to the rest of the team? Fill in the blanks...

C *Mike Scioscia - manager of Angels
1B *Franklin Stubbs - hitting coach for Macon Braves
2B Steve Sax - "Steve is currently piloting a new sports networking site called Steve is focused on fitness and took the initiative to sponsor and develop a tool for athletes to form teams, post local events, and find places to play." (Wikipedia)
3B Jeff Hamilton -
SS #Alfredo Griffin - coach with Angels
OF *Kirk Gibson - coach with DBacks
OF #John Shelby - coach with Pirates
OF Mike Marshall - Recently fired as manager of American Association's El Paso Diablos. Still lives in El Paso.

Dave Anderson -
*Mike Davis -
Pedro Guerrero -
Mickey Hatcher - Angels coach
Tracy Woodson - Head baseball coach at Valparaiso University
Rick Dempsey - Orioles broadcaster
*Danny Heep - Head baseball coach at University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio, Tx)
Mike Sharperson - died May 36, 1996, age 34
Mike Devereaux -
Jose Gonzalez -
*Chris Gwynn - Padres scout
Gilberto Reyes - Manager of Mets affiliate in Dominican Summer League
Orel Hershiser - ESPN commentator, ex-Rangers pitching coach and Dodger kingmaker
Tim Leary - art dealer in Beverly Hills (as of 2002)
Tim Belcher -
*Fernando Valenzuela - Dodgers Spanish radio broadcaster
Don Sutton - Washington Nationals broadcaster
Shawn Hillegas - living in South Fork, Pa., according to Wikipedia.
*John Tudor -
Brian Holton -
Ramon Martinez -
Alejandro Pena -
Tim Crews - died March 23, 1993, age 31
William Brennan -
Jay Howell - in real estate business in Florida
Jesse Orosco -
*Brad Havens -
Ken Howell - Las Vegas pitching coach

2007-04-22 11:25:30
13.   imperabo
9 - I was thinking that too. I don't understand Grady's insistence on keeping the rest of batting order intact when substitutions are made. Would Kent or Martin be so disoriented if he saw a 3 next to his name that he wouldn't know what side of the batters box to stand in?
2007-04-22 11:27:13
14.   natepurcell
shawn green just hit his 3rd homerun of the season.
2007-04-22 11:27:33
15.   Eric Enders
I don't see why batting Saenz third is a big deal. He's arguably the best hitter on the team against LHP.
2007-04-22 11:29:24
16.   D4P
The Dodgers' schedule looks quite favorable this year. They play games against 18 different teams, with the same number of home and away games versus 11 of those teams. Of the 7 teams with imbalance, the breakout goes like this (with positive numbers meaning more home games than away games):

Mets: 4
Houston: 1
Atlanta: 1
Pittsburgh: -1
Cubs: -1
Florida: -1
Tampa Bay: -3

2007-04-22 11:30:17
17.   imperabo
15 It's not a huge deal, but it follows a pattern. Like batting Valdez 6th ahead of Ethier and Betemit, apparently because that's the batting order and we're sticking to it, injuries and days off be damned. I doubt it will make a big difference in the course of the season, but I don't understand the logic.
2007-04-22 11:32:10
18.   natepurcell

John Lindsey is 30 yrs old. He is just a minor league roster filler.

Raglani is kind of interesting but at 24 yrs old and repeating the league for a second time, I don't really see a player that can have a significant impact on a big league club.

2007-04-22 11:34:34
19.   natepurcell
basically, in order, these are the players at jacksonville that people should care about.

Scott Elbert
John Meloan
Mike Megrew
Chin Lung Hu
Justin Orenduff
Zach Hammes
Wesley Wright

2007-04-22 11:37:08
20.   Suffering Bruin
Danny Heep - Head baseball coach at University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio, Tx)

The University of the Incarnate word. And, they have a baseball team. Okay then...

2007-04-22 11:39:38
21.   Bob Timmermann
I count 37 different parks for Smoltz and 36 for Glavine.

Fred McGriff played in 45 by my count. I have Rafael Palmeiro playing in 44.

2007-04-22 11:41:49
22.   Bob Timmermann
It's supposed to be a highly regarded Catholic liberal arts college.

The baseball team is 28-19 now.

2007-04-22 11:42:00
23.   Marty
If it wasn't for steroids, Palmeiro would have only played in 32.
2007-04-22 11:51:26
24.   bhsportsguy
21 45 for Julio Franco too.
2007-04-22 11:51:32
25.   Eric Enders
22 Just out of curiosity, are you counting all the weird parks like Hiram Bithorn, the Tokyo Dome, Cashman Field, etc.?
2007-04-22 12:04:53
26.   Bob Timmermann
I was counting all the individual stadium codes listed on the Retrosheet entries for all the players. So the alternate sites would be listed.

But I counted very quickly.

2007-04-22 12:06:34
27.   Andrew Shimmin
FNSWPT is reshowing excerpts from last night's game, right now, for anyone who missed the end. Or just wants to watch it again.
2007-04-22 12:25:21
28.   Nolan
JaRon was a great player and could have had a great career...During the summer of 2000, I remember seeing him every time I played at the Wooden Center - and every time I went to McFadden's...
2007-04-22 12:29:41
29.   Marty
I have a crew of people into the office today, so it's my job to feed them. I'm going to Phillipe's for french dips. But I also brought in Bagels from a place on Beverly called Brooklyn Bagels. Not only do the sell very good bagels, but they have a bunch of old L.A. and Brooklyn Dodger photos on the wall. Some (Drysdale, Koufax, Campanella) are signed. Very cool.
2007-04-22 12:31:43
30.   Bluebleeder87
Tim Leary - art dealer in Beverly Hills (as of 2002) 12

Who knew. I remember he was also a very good hitting pitcher.

2007-04-22 12:36:53
31.   bhsportsguy
29 Can you phone in an order, with the pregame crowd it is going to be pretty crowded for another hour or so.
2007-04-22 12:38:33
32.   Dodgers49
>>> Dodgers manager Grady Little was ejected by plate umpire Joe West in the third inning for arguing balls and strikes.

"You can't argue balls and strikes. That's a written rule," Little said. "He had a little bit better angle on those pitches than I did. But all we knew from the dugout was the reaction of our players and I wasn't getting a good feel about the reaction." <<<

2007-04-22 12:40:18
33.   Linkmeister
22 Hmm. I guess I was confusing Heep with Danny Thomas (not the entertainer, the minor league ballplayer who wouldn't play on Sundays because his religion forbade it), because I immediately suspected that the college was one of the very conservative Christian fundamentalist ones that seem to have proliferated over the past ten years or so.

Moral: don't jump to conclusions, and use Google.

2007-04-22 12:44:45
34.   Eric Enders
32 If my lip-reading is accurate, Grady's last statement before getting tossed was "that was a good pitch."

Joe West, of course, continues to be an utter disgrace to the game of baseball and should have been fired long ago.

Before the game started, I said to my dad, "Uh-oh, Joe West is behind the plate. Someone's going to get ejected tonight. I don't know what he'll do to draw attention to himself, but I guarantee you there will be some sort of incident."

2007-04-22 12:45:46
35.   Eric Enders
33 Danny Heep was the one who wouldn't hit on Sundays because his bat forbade it.
2007-04-22 12:50:00
36.   Bob Timmermann
Danny Thomas, who wouldn't play on Sundays, killed himself in 1980.
2007-04-22 12:54:31
37.   twerp
34 If your lip-reading wasn't accurate, Grady may have questioned West's ancestry...
2007-04-22 12:58:10
38.   imperabo
35 He should have asked Jobu to change the bat's mind.
2007-04-22 13:01:01
39.   Andrew Shimmin
Why people make fun of Kentucky.

2007-04-22 13:06:02
40.   JoeyP
Kobe's on fire.
28 in the 1st half--11-17 FGs
Lakers up 48-39 at half.
2007-04-22 13:06:16
41.   Greg Brock
Kobe ends the half with 28 points. He couldn't miss from three in the last four minutes.
2007-04-22 13:08:33
42.   Bluebleeder87

You have a funny way of putting things Bob. j/k.

2007-04-22 13:09:10
43.   Kingmans Performance
Can the Lakers play that level of defense for the 2nd half too?


2007-04-22 13:10:07
44.   preacherroe
19-Nate,What about Xaviar Paul?You don't consider him a prospect with upside?Granted he hasn't done much yet this year ,but played pretty well last year.
I saw the Suns thursday and saturday.Chin Lung Hu is a wizard at short and swinging the bat with much more authority than last year.Raglani looks alot better at bat than last year also.He got several clutch hits in the series I saw.Last year he looked kind of clueless at the plate.
Cory Dunlap has a quick bat for a big man,but looks horrible at first.
Meloan put out a fire friday night and looked pretty unhittable.Mike Mcgrew gave up a few shots but overpowered some hitters also.
Brian Akin threw pretty well in relief friday night including two filthy inside pitches on a good hitter trying to get a bunt down.
Scott Elbert missed his saturday start with tendonitus.Hope they're watching that kid close.
2007-04-22 13:16:08
45.   Kingmans Performance
come from behind 4 games in a row?
2007-04-22 13:16:55
46.   bhsportsguy
Pirates have scored 6 runs in this series, only one has been driven in by a hit.
2007-04-22 13:19:00
47.   bhsportsguy
Who would have thought that Brett Tomko, Mark Hendrickson and Randy Wolf would have more strike outs than Brad Penny.
2007-04-22 13:19:06
48.   natepurcell

Paul has decent tools (especially his arm) but he is never going to hit enough to do something in the majors. Dunlap can work a walk but he needs to work a diet. he is listed at 200lb or something ridiculous like that. You've seen him, where do you think he is at? 250? 280?

2007-04-22 13:19:32
49.   natepurcell
Tomko is a platoon pitcher. Only start him at home!
2007-04-22 13:22:24
50.   bhsportsguy
45 Dodgers are currently 4-3 when the opponent scores first.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-22 13:25:41
51.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers are also 6-0 in the last game of a series, so that streak is on the line today.
2007-04-22 13:27:40
52.   Bluebleeder87

that's what it looks like. I missed the first inning did Martin make a throwing error or something, I was in the kitchen fixing me something.

2007-04-22 13:27:49
53.   Bob Timmermann
The unfortunate list of major league players who killed themselves:

2007-04-22 13:32:12
54.   Gen3Blue
For some reason Tomko looks a bit like he's scared to throw strikes.
2007-04-22 13:35:54
55.   Kingmans Performance

Chris Duffy took third on Russell Martin's throwing error, and then scored on Freddy Sanchez ground out.

2007-04-22 13:37:37
56.   Bluebleeder87

i hope he just keeps us in the game.

2007-04-22 13:39:15
57.   Bluebleeder87

resting him today wouldn't have been a bad idea he did catch 10 innings yesterday.

2007-04-22 13:43:00
58.   imperabo
I have a feeling that in a few years a Google search combining "russell martin" and "heart and soul" will come up with 5 million hits.
2007-04-22 13:43:30
59.   Bob Timmermann
I was at Davey Lopes' extra inning grand slam. He hit it against the Braves in 1978 against Craig Skok.

I actually thought it was against the Mets and Tom Hausman.

Lopes also had a walkoff slam in 1979 in the 9th inning off of Bruce Sutter.

2007-04-22 13:44:14
60.   Benaiah
58 - 680 so far. From that mustard seed a might tree will grow.
2007-04-22 13:44:57
61.   imperabo
2007-04-22 13:45:12
62.   Benaiah
He looked out.
2007-04-22 13:45:58
63.   Bob Timmermann
File this game under "Days, One of Those"
2007-04-22 13:46:47
64.   Kingmans Performance
2007-04-22 13:46:59
65.   Bob Timmermann
Further enraging D4P, that play is still scored as a sacrifice fly.
2007-04-22 13:47:13
66.   JoeyP
Juan Pierre is so cool.
2007-04-22 13:47:21
67.   imperabo
That was horrible in every respect. Pierre was in the wrong position all together to make a good throw.
2007-04-22 13:47:43
68.   MollyKnight
99.99% of the time I support the no cursing rule on this forum.

But it's a .01 kind of moment.

2007-04-22 13:48:24
69.   imperabo
Even if he caught it he was on his heals.
2007-04-22 13:49:18
70.   Gen3Blue
When things go wrong!! Might as well have a horrendous one and hope it's out of our system. I'll pass on remarks about Pierre for he is our man for a long time.
2007-04-22 13:49:30
71.   dzzrtRatt
That's a case of someone's weaknesses undermining their strengths. Both Pierre and LuGo know that runners will run on them even on shallow-hit balls, and the home fans know this, and so they become so intent on doing what they don't do well they lose focus on what they do do well.

If I could write that thought better, it could be the basis of a best-selling business management book: The Juan Pierre Effect.

2007-04-22 13:49:58
72.   Greg Brock
I don't think the people on the field are supposed to take the day off.

Dios mio, this is some terrible baseball.

2007-04-22 13:50:43
73.   Andrew Shimmin
71- No offense, but if I saw such a book on the shelf, I'd set the whole rack on fire.
2007-04-22 13:51:41
74.   dzzrtRatt
Vin Scully could also write a business book about Juan Pierre. "You've Got to Get Over It"
2007-04-22 13:52:24
75.   Benaiah
73 - That is the effect.
2007-04-22 13:52:34
76.   dzzrtRatt
Sign that guy to play goalie!
2007-04-22 13:53:37
77.   Gen3Blue
71 That was well put, but having only seen Pierre this year, the stadium fans and myself have no idea what Pierre may do well.
2007-04-22 13:53:38
78.   Bob Timmermann
Except in most businesses, when you make a glaring mistake, you don't get a chance to come back right away and make up for your error.

Instead you just get fired. Or step down to spend more time with your family.

2007-04-22 13:55:50
79.   imperabo
I'm struck by how insightful Jon's initial assesment of the Pierre signing was. Most people just see the stat vs. scout dichotomy, with Depo as the stat guy and Ned as the scout guy. But Pierre doesn't fit that analysis. He's a stat player for people who look at the WRONG stats. Looking at him play it's hard to believe the Dodgers did any scouting on him. All GM's rely on stats. Some just look at the wrong ones.
2007-04-22 13:56:23
80.   Kingmans Performance
Here come the Suns...
2007-04-22 13:57:05
81.   JoeyP
I'd trade Smush for Pierre right about now.
2007-04-22 13:57:10
82.   dzzrtRatt
77 Yes, but they know what he can't do -- throw the ball. Same with LuGo. When a ball is hit to them and a runner can exploit it for an extra base, you can hear the whole crowd suck in its breath.

It is this team's biggest weakness -- the kind of flaw that will cost them a crucial game or two at the end of the season.

2007-04-22 13:57:50
83.   Bob Timmermann
Gil Hodges
2007-04-22 14:01:35
84.   Kingmans Performance

thanks Bob.

My question though, who holds the Los Angeles Dodgers (not Brooklyn) record for most grand slams?

my guess was Ron Cey.

2007-04-22 14:01:56
85.   dzzrtRatt
Jared Weaver might want to change his last name.
2007-04-22 14:03:02
86.   Bob Timmermann
Mike Piazza is the LA grand slam king with 8.
2007-04-22 14:03:05
87.   Benaiah
82 - His arm is much worse than I realized going into the year. It is one thing to hear that he has a bad arm, but to see runners take an extra base every time is crazy. LuGo too.
2007-04-22 14:04:47
88.   Gen3Blue
Good point. However, presumably, Juan will hit well for the full season. The contract the D's gave him is a big part of the problem. The guy is probably stunned to find such a vocal bunch of baseball people who reveal flaws he hadn't even considered much before. Now the guy looks scared that he has to justify himself every minute to this huge bunch of possibly hostile fans.
2007-04-22 14:05:15
89.   Kingmans Performance


2007-04-22 14:05:46
90.   Bob Timmermann
Ron Cey hit five slams as a Dodger. Shawn Green hit six.
2007-04-22 14:05:59
91.   Marty
Phillipe's was mobbed. But no more than any typical weekday lunch crowd. Sounds like I didn't miss much.
2007-04-22 14:06:29
92.   Bluebleeder87


2007-04-22 14:07:35
93.   D4P
Coming into the game, Dodger pitchers as a whole were out-OBPing and out-SLGing Juan Pierre
2007-04-22 14:09:13
94.   Kingmans Performance
ground rules.
2007-04-22 14:09:24
95.   imperabo
Tomato killed it.
2007-04-22 14:10:04
96.   Benaiah
Attack of the killer tomato!
2007-04-22 14:11:30
97.   Kingmans Performance
2007-04-22 14:11:31
98.   Gen3Blue
82 My point is we would think he can't hit, catch a ball or beat out a bunt from what we'v e seen so far.
2007-04-22 14:11:55
99.   Bob Timmermann
The official scorer must respect Pierre's arm because he didn't give Bay a sacrifice fly on the error.

I would have assumed that Duffy would have scored easily.

2007-04-22 14:13:20
100.   MollyKnight
I wish Jason Bay's first name were Eric. Then we'd have an E-Bay.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-22 14:15:21
101.   Benaiah
2007-04-22 14:15:25
102.   imperabo
One of those days goes both ways.
2007-04-22 14:16:50
103.   Benaiah
Martin looks like he has been crying in his mascara.
2007-04-22 14:18:54
104.   Marty
Russell needs a better batch of eyeblack.
2007-04-22 14:19:49
105.   Benaiah
When I think of our 1-2-3 hitters today, I think of:

2007-04-22 14:22:18
106.   Kingmans Performance
everyone runs...
2007-04-22 14:22:59
107.   imperabo
everyone walks...
2007-04-22 14:23:00
108.   Bob Timmermann
Let's have a round of applause for the second bases-loaded walk in Brady Clark's career.
2007-04-22 14:23:21
109.   Benaiah
106 - Or walks.
2007-04-22 14:23:25
110.   StolenMonkey86
2007-04-22 14:23:30
111.   Bob Timmermann
Clark's bases-loaded walks now equal his bases-loaded HBPs.
2007-04-22 14:24:43
112.   alex 7
walks after being down 0-2 warm my heart.
2007-04-22 14:25:42
113.   Bob Timmermann
Coming into this season, Wilson Valdez had batted with the bases loaded just twice in his career.
2007-04-22 14:26:34
114.   JoeyP
46 pitch 4th inning for Gorzelanny.
2007-04-22 14:26:46
115.   Kingmans Performance
Lakers scored just 10 points in the 4th quarter.
2007-04-22 14:28:12
116.   Greg Brock
I think this is why we're so apprhensive about the great start. Playing Pittsburgh, Colorado, and San Francisco covers up a lot of mistakes.

Not that I'm complaining.

2007-04-22 14:28:15
117.   bhsportsguy
115 Today is a perfect example of the season, they compete for a half or three quarters but they cannot carry it for 4 quarters.
2007-04-22 14:28:56
118.   bhsportsguy
116 But who is really good in the NL?
2007-04-22 14:31:25
119.   bhsportsguy
117 What the Lakers need is a Sam Cassell kind of player, just someone else who has the personality to say, Kobe, I will take the shot and make it.

It was a lot easier to pass to a Bobby Horry, Derek Fisher, or Brian Shaw than to the guys on the team right now.

2007-04-22 14:31:48
120.   bhsportsguy
Good fast inning to put the pitcher back on the mound.
2007-04-22 14:32:54
121.   StolenMonkey86
114 - Quite a nice break for Tomko.
2007-04-22 14:33:52
122.   MJW101
What exactly are Pierre's good points? I must have missed that meeting.

Bad points:
-Cannot throw properly
-Cannot track a flyball or catch properly
-Is mainly a singles hitter
-Does not walk at a decent rate for a leadoff or #2 batter
-Attempts to steal bases at inopportune times
-Gets caught stealing way too much for a player whose supposed forte is stealing bases

Good points:
-Plays 161 games a year (may also be included under bad points)

2007-04-22 14:36:19
123.   Benaiah
Jack Wilson looks like a prison inmate. Those deep sunk eyes could start a horror franchise.
2007-04-22 14:36:49
124.   imperabo
Pierre is a nervous little guy. Maybe there is something to the idea that he's suffering under pressure to live up to his contract.
2007-04-22 14:36:58
125.   FirstMohican
122 - He works out for a couple hours after every game.
2007-04-22 14:37:54
126.   MMSMikey
pierre hit that ball pretty hard
2007-04-22 14:37:55
127.   Benaiah
122 - He practices bunting a lot, including rolling balls down the line.
2007-04-22 14:38:38
128.   Disabled List
122 He wreaks Juan Pierre-brand Havoc on the basepaths. Or don't you read the LA newspapers?
2007-04-22 14:38:57
129.   Telemachos
re: the 46 pitch inning, I can already envision the Jim Tracy postgame Q&A. It really doesn't matter whether the Pirates win or lose -- he put Gorzelanny in a position to win; that young man worked through his troubles and deserved a chance for the win, and he learned a lot about himself today by working through the adversity. Bonus points if the Pirates actually do win, of course.
2007-04-22 14:39:10
130.   imperabo
122 - Hits for good average, doesn't strike out, has good speed. Those factors make him a servicable player in the 2 spot.
2007-04-22 14:39:53
131.   Greg Brock
118 Great question. Maybe the Mets...It's why I still think the Dodgers have a decent chance in the NL.
2007-04-22 14:40:09
132.   FirstMohican
Also, when Pierre goes 1-5, 1-6, or 1-48, that one hit immediately follows his fascinating and timely deconstruction of the opposing pitcher's strategy.
2007-04-22 14:40:14
133.   natepurcell
Josh Wall had a solid outing for Great Lakes today.

7IP 3H 0ER 0bb 6K 3.68 era

hopefully he can start to get it going. when he was drafted he was a very projectible pitcher who could turn into something big couple years down the line.

2007-04-22 14:43:54
134.   D4P
I feel sorry for good young hitters like Bay who are exposed to Tracy's tutelage
2007-04-22 14:44:58
135.   JoeyP
It seems like LaRoche has always killed the Dodgers.
2007-04-22 14:45:04
136.   StolenMonkey86
I was watching retro gameday, what was that pitch?
2007-04-22 14:45:12
137.   MMSMikey
2007-04-22 14:45:46
138.   StolenMonkey86
137 - it was right on the letter P too
2007-04-22 14:45:48
139.   FirstMohican
Good throw, you know, in terms of location.
2007-04-22 14:46:21
140.   Kingmans Performance
another gift double from JP.
2007-04-22 14:47:54
141.   MMSMikey
how many times are we going to listen to vin say "a leg double"?
2007-04-22 14:48:03
142.   FirstMohican
Wonder what Ned Colletti is thinking right now.
2007-04-22 14:48:03
143.   imperabo
Work that center fielder boys. He's got nothin.
2007-04-22 14:48:17
144.   JoeyP
Tomko's looking like Tomko this inning.
2007-04-22 14:48:53
145.   StolenMonkey86
and Pierre looks like Pierre
2007-04-22 14:50:08
146.   Jonny6
It's hard to imagine how the great Juan Pierre debate can even be a debate at this point. Whether you prefer esoteric stats or your own two eyes, it all looks pretty ugly.

Here's my early season JP scouting report:

Fielding: decent jump on balls and good speed, but tends to slip, trip, or drop the ball once he arrives.
Throwing Arm: weak, very weak.
Plate Discipline: atrocious; swings at everything. It's like every pitch is a hit and run call. It's conceivable that he finishes the year with walks in the single digits.
Power: ugly, cover your eyes ugly. May go a month between extra base hits.
Speed: in a pre-season drill where everyone races around the bases and gets timed, he may be the fastest guy in the league; unfortunately, when you go a month between extra base hits (see above)this doesn't come up too often.
Basestealing Ability: does not seem to read pitchers particularly well or get a great jump; relies on speed alone to steal bases at a barely passable 70% clip.

Overall Rating: only make offer in order to feign interest and hope that another team in your league will bite and sign him to a long-term deal.

End Report

I really thought I was going to be able to put aside all of the statistical arguments and just enjoy the aesthetics of watching JP play baseball this season, but there really isn't much pretty about having him patrol the outfield. There are a few enjoyable moments when he is on the basepaths, but even those are few and far between and greatly outweighed by watching him flail away at bad pitches and dink grounders across the infield.

2007-04-22 14:50:50
147.   Greg Brock
I've kind of been proud of not saying anything about Pierre these first few weeks.

Not anymore. This dude is terrible, and I have no problem with anybody piling on. It's like my friend texted to me the day we signed him: "Ha Ha Ha...You'll see"


2007-04-22 14:51:22
148.   Benaiah
Didn't you learn from the Pedro debacle, Grittle? Take him out!
2007-04-22 14:51:29
149.   JoeyP
Tracy's gonna leave Gorzelanny in to hit with 2 men on, even though he probably has just 1 inning left in him.
2007-04-22 14:52:31
150.   D4P
Take Tomko out now! Preserve the Quality Start!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-22 14:55:18
151.   D4P
Tracy wants to put Gorzelanny in a position to succeed with respect to a Quality Start
2007-04-22 14:56:05
152.   bhsportsguy
Olmedo kills the Pirates.
2007-04-22 14:56:18
153.   MSarg29
2007-04-22 14:56:55
154.   FirstMohican
Nice catch
2007-04-22 14:57:17
155.   D4P
Olmedo hits baseballs in exchange for money
2007-04-22 14:57:19
156.   Benaiah
The killer tornado tomato, much feared by Pirates everywhere.
2007-04-22 14:58:15
157.   MSarg29
155 - So then what does Juan do in exchange for money? He sure doesn't hit.
2007-04-22 14:59:01
158.   D4P
So then what does Juan do in exchange for money?

Unspeakable things, apparently.

2007-04-22 14:59:06
159.   Kingmans Performance

I think the DT Snark-O-Meter just hit 89.9% ;-)

2007-04-22 15:00:23
160.   FirstMohican
159 Which, if we're lucky, should be about Pierre's 2007 OPS+
2007-04-22 15:02:45
161.   bhsportsguy
The problem with the Juan Pierre discussion is that he is what he is, so I am not sure where it all ends up.

He is not going anywhere, at least this season so aside from venting, there is nothing productive gained by talking about it.

2007-04-22 15:04:10
162.   imperabo
161 Is there ever anything producting gained in a chat room other than venting?
2007-04-22 15:05:09
163.   Ken Arneson
Eric Gagne just came out of the A's-Rangers game in pain. Looks like something with his upper right leg. Knee or hip or something.
2007-04-22 15:06:00
164.   Gen3Blue
Had to go out and fly the RC helicopter my son gave me for my birthday. Its so fine to have warm weather up here, but I missed Sienz homer. Was it a fastball!
2007-04-22 15:06:02
165.   StolenMonkey86
162 - sometimes you learn something
2007-04-22 15:06:58
166.   bhsportsguy
A couple of streaks on the line, Dodgers record when a pitcher has a Qualtiy Start, 9-0.

If they score another run, their record when scoring 4 or more runs, 10-0.

Finally, one possible positive change, the Dodgers are 0-4 when their opponent scores 5 or more runs.

2007-04-22 15:09:00
167.   bhsportsguy
162 I believe there is some venting here but its balanced with good discussion.
2007-04-22 15:09:04
168.   overkill94
163 I just noticed that. I guess it was only a matter of time.
2007-04-22 15:11:54
169.   Gen3Blue
If we still had Nomo, we would really have the Red Tomato and the Cyclone Kid! Wow, I think maybe they will ruin Bills if they don't let him start somwhere, even if it has to be the minors.
2007-04-22 15:14:45
170.   capdodger
Come on Jimbo.... Sac Bunt here.
2007-04-22 15:14:58
171.   Kingmans Performance
is it drizzling at Dodger Stadium?
2007-04-22 15:15:56
172.   JoeyP
Billingsley's getting crushed.
2007-04-22 15:16:32
173.   Greg Brock
159 What is my opinion of Pierre's performance?

What is my opinion of his performance!!?

2007-04-22 15:18:52
174.   StolenMonkey86
170 - Bobby Cox had LaRoche bunt in the 9th inning of a game last year.

The Braves lost.

2007-04-22 15:19:32
175.   bhsportsguy
172 You wonder if Chad is comfortable with this role, he has given up runs in 4 out of his seven appearances though a couple of times it was in blowout wins for the Dodgers.
2007-04-22 15:21:13
176.   Benaiah
Vin: "Boy we got some bad wood here."

Cue Tommy Lasorda jokes.

2007-04-22 15:22:22
177.   capdodger
175 It's hard to tell with these sample sizes, but it really seems like he's not. Hopefully Ned and Grady will realize that soon and send him to Vegas.
2007-04-22 15:23:52
178.   Benaiah
Billingsey hasn't looked very good on this level even as a starter. He walks too many people and his strike outs are way down.
2007-04-22 15:25:17
179.   Kingmans Performance


2007-04-22 15:25:33
180.   JoeyP
His highest MPH fastball today was only 91.
The top prospect Billingsley was a 95-98 guy IIRC.
2007-04-22 15:28:56
181.   D4P
Mop it up, Rudy
2007-04-22 15:29:15
182.   Marty
Grady brings in "white flag" Seanez.
2007-04-22 15:29:50
183.   capdodger
180 I saw a 93, plus the LA gun is always slow. Pitchers going from LAS or JAX always seem to lose a few MPH going to LA.
2007-04-22 15:32:14
184.   CanuckDodger
178 -- That's false. Billingsley for a period last year was one of the best starters in the National League. He had some dominant games, and even in ones in which he walked too many, he still kept the opposition's scoring to a minimum, which is the only result that matters, not how many walks were given up doing it.
2007-04-22 15:34:06
185.   bhsportsguy
182 I'm catching up on my "Planet Earth" viewings.
2007-04-22 15:35:06
186.   Benaiah
According to the Dodgers have a 4% chance of winning this game. That high?
2007-04-22 15:37:48
187.   CanuckDodger
180 -- Billingsley was NEVER a 95-98 MPH guy. He was a 92-95 MPH guy who'd reach 96 once in a while. Billingsley hit 95 a couple days ago. A couple of days. His arm probably shouldn't be used on a day or two of rest any more than Kuo's. Billinglsey's GOOD relief appearances have been made on a lot of rest. When he is brought back too soon, he flops. He is not a reliever.
2007-04-22 15:39:15
188.   Benaiah
184 - CD, I am a huge Billingsley fan, but think about what you just said: stretches of brilliance and outcome over peripherals, that is like a Braves fan pointing to Francoeur's RBI total last year. He was lucky last year, he has been bad this year, he is still young and he was awesome in the minors, but that is the way I see it.
2007-04-22 15:41:02
189.   Greg Brock
185 "Planet Earth" is off the charts good. It's now third, behind "Cosmos" and "Blue Planet: Seas of Life" as my favorite Doc series of all time.
2007-04-22 15:43:10
190.   capdodger
188 I think some of his poor numbers this year come from misuse. It's like hitting and running with C--i at the plate.
2007-04-22 15:43:21
191.   imperabo
I thought that was out.
2007-04-22 15:43:42
192.   bhsportsguy
Las Vegas could use Meloan or Tsao.
2007-04-22 15:45:57
193.   bhsportsguy
The last time a Dodger had back to back games with a grand slams?
2007-04-22 15:46:30
194.   Gen3Blue
Uh-oh This Matt-cat looks dangerous-I didn't know the Pirates had anyone like this. Pierre couldn't advance on that? What the hey.
2007-04-22 15:47:07
195.   Johnson
Can we bring Chacon back in?
2007-04-22 15:47:35
196.   imperabo
Martin should stick with this look. He looks like the Crow.
2007-04-22 15:48:39
197.   nick
Martin almost rids the Dodgers of the meddlesome Pierre!
2007-04-22 15:49:34
198.   capdodger
197 Curses!! He missed. Foiled again....
2007-04-22 15:49:34
199.   Gen3Blue
So why isn't this guy with almost Gagne like nos. the closer?
2007-04-22 15:50:00
200.   Andrew Shimmin
Capps' body is 32% neck.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-22 15:51:17
201.   overkill94
2007-04-22 15:51:29
202.   bhsportsguy
Now the record when they score 4 runs or more is in jeopardy.
2007-04-22 15:51:36
203.   imperabo
Don't tease poor Marlon. He only plays once a month.
2007-04-22 15:52:51
204.   Gagne55
Nomar. hit a homerun!
2007-04-22 15:52:57
205.   bhsportsguy
That may have been the pitch on 0-1.
2007-04-22 15:53:53
206.   overkill94
Pinch-hit Betemit for Valdez?
2007-04-22 15:53:58
207.   StolenMonkey86
199 - 12 HR for 94.1 IP career is the biggest thing against him
2007-04-22 15:54:03
208.   capdodger
2007-04-22 15:54:06
209.   imperabo
How does the runner not get to third with 2 out?
2007-04-22 15:54:08
210.   bhsportsguy
A parachute job for an RBI.
2007-04-22 15:54:54
211.   overkill94
Hmmm, do we have anyone left? Lieberthal?
2007-04-22 15:54:56
212.   bhsportsguy
Marte, somehow that does not scare me.
2007-04-22 15:55:12
213.   CanuckDodger
188 -- RBI's are a useless stat, but I have argued here before that the only stat that really matters for a major league pitcher is ERA. And I am not a believer in DIPS theory at all. Some pitchers are just easier to make good contact on. Every hitter will tell you that. I have always paid more attention to K's and walks when it comes to MINOR league pitchers. Once they are in the majors, all that really matters is keeping opponent runs off the board, and Billingsley was a success in that regard in 2006. It is amazing how when reality differes from sabermetric theory the sabermetricians just trot out the old "luck" chestnut. In time, Billingsley's MLB K-to-walk ratio will show progression to the mean, and he will be even better than he was at keeping opponent runs off the board, but his ERA under 4.00 last year was just fine at it was.
2007-04-22 15:55:50
214.   bhsportsguy
211 Betemit, Martinez and Lieberthal.
2007-04-22 15:56:54
215.   overkill94
Lucille II? Hmmm, I guess we're counting on the hit parade to continue.
2007-04-22 15:57:34
216.   capdodger
Martinez?? Really? Let's see how this goes...
2007-04-22 15:58:14
217.   JoeyP
The confidence in Betemit is null.
2007-04-22 15:58:16
218.   imperabo
This is why both Valdez and Martinez shouldn't be on the team.
2007-04-22 15:58:19
219.   StolenMonkey86
Grady Little going toe to toe with Jim Tracy's strategery
2007-04-22 15:58:51
220.   Marty
Lucille hits one like Lucy.
2007-04-22 15:59:36
221.   JoeyP
213--Kaz Ishii would have appreciated that sort of support.
2007-04-22 15:59:43
222.   overkill94
As far as Billingsley is concerned, I think he has to be either plugged into the 5th starter spot (unlikely due to Tomko and Hendrickson's recent success), sent to AAA to get stretched back out, or only used in long-relief appearances with a few days rest in-between in the majors. The last option seems to be the best option, but it's up to Grady to stick to it. Considering everyone else in the bullpen is perfect for short duty, seems like it would be a feasible option.
2007-04-22 16:00:11
223.   Benaiah
213 - He struck out 59 batters and walked 58. If you don't believe in DIPS, fine, but here is a list of successful major league pitchers with a 1:1 K:BB ratio:
2007-04-22 16:00:41
224.   Gen3Blue
Somehow having to face Marlon Anderson or Ramon Martinez with the game on the line does not strike fear!
2007-04-22 16:01:27
225.   Benaiah
233 - I guess that isn't true, maybe knuckleballers or guys with a sinker could get away with it. Billingsley is neither, though.
2007-04-22 16:03:28
226.   overkill94
223 I think what he's trying to say is that his K:BB ratio will obviously improve and the fact that he was still effective even with the poor ratio last year bodes well for the future.
2007-04-22 16:03:34
227.   dodgerkramer1
Pin this loss on Billingsley. There's a reason he's not in the rotation. He's lucky he's not in Vegas.
2007-04-22 16:05:22
228.   Benaiah
226 - I said that he was young and very good in the minors. I hope and believe he will be very good going forward, but he had some serious flaws last year, is all I'm saying.
2007-04-22 16:07:52
229.   JoeyP
I agree with Canuck that Billingsley isnt a reliever. He needs to be in a rotation, be it Jacksonville or the Dodgers. I dont want to see Billingsley sent to Vegas again.
2007-04-22 16:09:07
230.   JoeyP
McClouth one ups Pierre
2007-04-22 16:10:18
231.   Greg Brock
In a perfect world, The Mustache is on the same page with all of us. Let Hendrickson throw a few good games, sell high, and plug Billz into the rotation in May or June.
2007-04-22 16:10:30
232.   Sub4Era
Make up for it Pierre!
2007-04-22 16:11:14
233.   Sub4Era
2007-04-22 16:11:23
234.   FirstMohican
Pitching deconstructed.
2007-04-22 16:12:17
235.   StolenMonkey86
please throw a fastball
2007-04-22 16:12:35
236.   gpellamjr
Keep it off the ground, Olmedo!
2007-04-22 16:13:30
237.   Greg Brock
I can't believe they called that strike three.


2007-04-22 16:13:33
238.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't understand the argument against defense independent ERA. Aren't some teams' defenses better than others? In what way isn't that luck, from the perspective of the pitcher?
2007-04-22 16:13:34
239.   imperabo
Bad call
2007-04-22 16:16:01
240.   Greg Brock
No worries. Win two out of three. Just keep winning series, and all is good.
2007-04-22 16:16:24
241.   MSarg29
we missed a bunch of opportunities today.
2007-04-22 16:16:49
242.   Linkmeister
Well, phoo.
2007-04-22 16:17:04
243.   JoeyP
Not a good game today.
The level of confidence the team has in Betemit/Billingsley could be really low.
2007-04-22 16:17:11
244.   CanuckDodger
221 -- Ishii was satisfactory in 2003. He was far from perfect, but I certainly wouldn't say Ishii "didn't look good as a starter" in 2003. In 2004, Ishii went in the toilet, with both his ERA and his K-to-walk ratio worse than they were the previous season. And since he was 30, there was no reason to think the K-to-walk ratio would improve.
2007-04-22 16:17:44
245.   imperabo
238 I believe that dips attributes everything other than homers strikeouts and walks to the defense. If that's the case, then there's plenty of room for argument.
2007-04-22 16:17:54
246.   Marty
On the replay, that 3rd strike looked more borderline than in real time. I still think it was ball though.
2007-04-22 16:20:37
247.   bhsportsguy
They had Olmedo and Kent up as the winning run in the 9th so they did keep battling but unlike yesterday, their sloppy play cost them today.

Another note, after losing their first 2 games, they won 4 straight. Since then, their pattern is lose 1, win 3 straight, lose 1, win 3 straight, lose 1 win 3 straight and lose 1.

We'll see if that pattern continues starting on Tuesday with Derek Lowe bouncing back from his poor performance in Colorado.

2007-04-22 16:21:07
248.   imperabo
246 It looked like even more of ball to me on replay. No way it droped that much between the plate and the catcher. Oh well.
2007-04-22 16:22:14
249.   Benaiah
245 - Most people look at GB%, FB%, LD%, BABIP, ect. now. I think DIPS has been expanded upon, in other words.
2007-04-22 16:22:21
250.   Andrew Shimmin
245- There's a fine tuning argument, but not a philosophical one. Unless errors are the best available measurement of fielding. Anybody want to take that side?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-22 16:24:13
251.   tskent
Billzy should only pitch in mop. I'm just not that impressed with him. Even though he had some good moments last season he hasn't lived up to the hype. He belongs in Vegas.
2007-04-22 16:26:16
252.   bhsportsguy
Somehow, I never tire of seeing crocodiles attack zebras or wilderbeests.
2007-04-22 16:26:47
253.   imperabo
249 That's good to know. I've been out of touch.

250 I don't think anybody argues that it wouldn't be fabulous to know a pitcher's performance independent of defense. I think the argument is whether DIPS really does that. But I am woefully out of touch on the topic.

2007-04-22 16:29:59
254.   tskent
With a healthy Schmidt and Kuo this is the rotation I'd like to see.....

1) Lowe
2) Penny
3) Schmidt
4) Wolf
5) Kuo

1) Saito-san
2) JBrox
3) JoeyB
4) Tsao
5) Marky Mark
6) Bretty

If Schmidt's not healthy, I'm leaning towards Marky Mark to take his place in the rotation.

I'd advocate a Bretty trade. But I don't see what we'd get back that would be of any use. We're loaded.

2007-04-22 16:30:33
255.   natepurcell

there was a month to month and a half stretch in the second half that billingsley had the best era in the NL. Then he pulled a side muscle and was sidelined. He was impressive then. Pitching infrequently, in a roll he is not familar with this year is hurting his ability to be effective. I find it hilarious some people are ready to throw billingsley to the wolves based and then turn around to annoint wilson valdez king of LA. I guess it is really "what have you done for me now?" philosophy.

2007-04-22 16:33:09
256.   bhsportsguy
255 Not me, I am just wondering if he has adjusted to it, part of it is being aggressive which he is doing. He will be fine but getting a little beat up should not hurt him if he is the pitcher that I think he will become.
2007-04-22 16:34:23
257.   Benaiah
253 - DIPS was a big step forward, it was a huge idea, but it wasn't the last word. Using batted ball information it is possible to explain a lot more, though HR, BB and K numbers, along with GB%, are still the most important pitching numbers that go towards determining ERA. Well, that and luck.
2007-04-22 16:36:51
258.   capdodger
255 251 He belongs in a rotation.
2007-04-22 16:39:29
259.   Benaiah
255 - You realize that isn't at all what I am saying, right?
2007-04-22 16:41:10
260.   CanuckDodger
Billingsley should be sent to Vegas. Let him get back to starting, building up his innings. Right now, Billingsley is just eating up major league service time in a role for which he is unsuited, and it can't even be argued that he is being "broken into" a role at which he has a long-term future, since the Dodgers have always said that they still see Billingsley's future as that of a front-line starter. Neither the Dodgers' nor Billingsley's best interests are being served right now. And what is going to happen when both Schmidt and Brazoban come off the DL? Not to mention Kuo? I don't think Tsao should go back, that's for sure. He is not just useful now, but has a real future as a Dodger bullpen arm.
2007-04-22 16:41:17
261.   natepurcell

I dont necessarily believe he needs to be in a rotation but he isn't a short reliever. Pitching on back to back days or short days rest is something he has never done in the minors except for that 3 week period in AA in 2005. I still if you leave him in long relief, pitching 3-4 innings at a time, he will be fine. And if a spot opens up in the rotation later on in the year, he will have enough stamina to go straight from long relief into a starting spot.

2007-04-22 16:41:58
262.   natepurcell

yes and thats why 255 was not directed to you.

2007-04-22 16:42:42
263.   Andrew Shimmin
It's (always) possible I'm misreading Repent or Burn, but I took him to mean not that he didn't believe that DIPS was useful, but that he didn't believe in any tinkering with component stats. That's the part I don't understand. Particularly if he believes that they mean something in the minors.

ERA matters more for pro players inasmuch as the the outcome of the games are important at that level, and not very important down below, but it doesn't seem like it should say anything more about the pitcher than it would at other levels.

Whether computer nerds put their thumbs on the scale using luck is interesting, but there is luck in baseball. Right? Nobody really wants to argue that that's made up, do they?

2007-04-22 16:43:08
264.   natepurcell
of course if i correctly put 251 instead of 351, it might have made more sense who i was directing my comments to :)
2007-04-22 16:45:37
265.   bhsportsguy
261 Well one problem and its a good one for the Dodgers, is that they are getting good starting pitching so they have not needed lots of long relief this year.

I think Chad will be here for another month or so but once Brazoban is ready, then maybe Chad should go down and start.

2007-04-22 16:47:26
266.   capdodger
261 That might work, but it requires a managerial and organizational discipline that does not seem to exist.
2007-04-22 16:47:28
267.   CanuckDodger
To expand on what I said about Tsao in #260, I can see Meloan and Tsao battling to be Broxton's set-up man in the not-too-distant future, and whoever loses that battle will probably be the best "7th inning guy" in the game.
2007-04-22 16:49:26
268.   Benaiah
262 - Whew. Good. I really like Billingsley, I want him to get every opportunity and improve all of his component ratios. It galls me that a little luck from Tomko and Hendrickson keeps someone who might actually be good out of the rotation.
2007-04-22 16:49:52
269.   Andrew Shimmin
Yhency has one option year left, right? If he can be left in the minors this year, I'd prefer that he be. First year coming back from TJ isn't usually as productive as the next one, IIRC. And it's not like we're hurting for middle relief.
2007-04-22 16:53:14
270.   natepurcell
269 makes a good point. I wouldnt mind leaving Brazoban in AAA all year. His control is going to be way off this year and id rather have him figuring it out in AAA and in LA for our pennant run (optimism!!)
2007-04-22 16:53:46
271.   Benaiah
269 - That isn't a bad idea. Especially considering how erratic he was before he got hurt.
2007-04-22 16:57:13
272.   CanuckDodger
269 -- I don't know if Brazoban has an option year left. Can anybody confirm? I also was thinking that I'd prefer Brazoban spend 2007 in the minors, for the reason Andrew states: pitchers just back from TJ surgery are always pretty erratic, especially with their control. But the Dodger brass (in spring training) sounded like they were looking forward the Brazoban re-joining the the big club this season.
2007-04-22 16:58:46
273.   natepurcell
hey canuck, did the article on elbert's shoulder tendonitis say anything new?
2007-04-22 17:00:17
274.   Marty
Dice-K on the RedSox-Yankees network tonight.
2007-04-22 17:02:43
275.   tskent
When Kuo's 100% healthy he needs to be in the rotation. If Neddie and Co. decide to put him back in the pen I'm gettin' out the hickory stick.

The bullpen Billzy experiment is not necessary and it's not working. Especially with JoeyB being the most dominant LH reliever in the league right now and the way Tsao looks. You send Billzy back to Vegas. Start him there, and hopefully he'll be dominant. If that happens you he gets the upper hand on Marky Mark/Bretty in the rotation by June.

You still need a guy like Hendy on your team. A guy that can eat innings in a blowout. I actually trust Mark Mark to get out a tough left handed bat in a close game.

2007-04-22 17:04:26
276.   Greg Brock
18 Months, right? That's the timetable to come all the way back from TJ. A year of rehab, and six months of adjusting, rebuilding arm strength, and getting comfortable throwing all your pitches.

I'd have no problem leaving Brazoban in the minors, at least until late August. Maybe even the rest of the season.

2007-04-22 17:04:33
277.   ToyCannon
If Chad isn't going to get the chance to throw 2 or 3 innings at a time then he should be in Vegas working on his control. While he had the splendid ERA last year it was a lucky ERA and it looks like he could certainly use some work. When I watch him pitch I find it hard to believe that he and Cain were once considered to be at the same level. That might still happen but right now he needs some innings, not sitting in a bullpen pitching a couple of innings a week.
2007-04-22 17:05:33
278.   natepurcell

are the childish nicknames really necessary?

2007-04-22 17:07:18
279.   Andrew Shimmin
He has pitched in parts of three seasons, before this year, but he came up in August of '04, and DL time doesn't count against the service clock. MLB4U has his Service clock at: 2.065. But maybe options don't run on the service clock.

If he's out of options, he only gets a month of minor league rehab time before he has to be recalled, right? Or am I misremembering that?

2007-04-22 17:10:28
280.   Greg Brock
You're fighting a losing battle, trying to converse with certain people on a reasonable level.
2007-04-22 17:11:32
281.   tskent
277. I wouldn't call it lucky ERA. I'd call it fortunate ERA. For example he pitched 5 scoreless against St. Louis.....on 6 hits and 5 walks. How in the name of Sam Hill does that happen? He got out of a lot of jams. I'll give him credit there.

My problem with Billzy is that he reminds me of Ishii. I get all tense and I feel strained when I watch him pitch.

2007-04-22 17:12:47
282.   tskent
278. Like Bombko? CQH..
2007-04-22 17:14:51
283.   natepurcell
I dont know what CQH means....
2007-04-22 17:16:00
284.   Andrew Shimmin
I looked it up. Compromisso com a Qualidade Hospitalar.

2007-04-22 17:18:38
285.   Andrew Shimmin
It can't be service time. That wouldn't make any sense. So, even though he lost almost all of last year, that probably counts as his last option year. Oh well. Unless I'm wrong. Sounds like a question for Gurnick's mailbag.
2007-04-22 17:19:01
286.   Benaiah
281 - I wouldn't call that a redundant statement, but I would say it was the same point expressed with a synonym.
2007-04-22 17:20:44
287.   CanuckDodger
273 -- The only new information of interest in the article is that Elbert had "shoulder aches" at the end of last season. That is what kept him out the AFL. By spring training his shoulder felt completely normal.
2007-04-22 17:21:34
288.   bhsportsguy
I think he has at least one option year if not two but I read the tea leaves as seeing him in the LA bullpen instead of Vegas if he is healthy.
2007-04-22 17:27:11
289.   twerp
Jeff Pearlman on Josh Hamilton--

Points out near end that going into Friday Hamilton had 5HR and 11 RBI in 11 games. Fairy tales may not come true, but Hamilton's comeback is remarkable so far.

2007-04-22 17:27:16
290.   bhsportsguy
I checked the Yankees' transactions, they purchased his contract in November 2003 so I think they first put him on the 40 man just prior to trading him to the Dodgers, he used his first option in 2004, was up with the big club for all of 2005 and 2006 (DL).

He only uses his options if he is sent down to the minors (not on rehab assignment) so he still has two.

2007-04-22 17:40:54
291.   CanuckDodger
I would say that "luck" should be credited with causing Billingsley's low 2006 ERA if there was NO qualitative difference in the way Billingsley pitched WITHOUT runners on base and WITH runners on base. But Billingsley DID pitch better once runners got on base. He would stop nibbling, stop trying to get batters to chase bad pitches, which is presumably what minor league batters Billingsley faced would do. When Billingslwey would concentrate on throwing strikes, he would get a lot of weak contract, a lot of easy outs. It was not like he was constantly being saved by spectacular defensive plays, which would also be an indicator of Billingsley "getting lucky."
2007-04-22 17:45:09
292.   Benaiah
291 - Still, if a pitcher is relying on pitching better once he gets men on then it is luck if he is successful with that strategy for long. He can be remarkable, but so can Tomko, a certain amount of consistency is necessary to be a good pitcher and Billingsley isn't there, yet.
2007-04-22 17:48:07
293.   Jonny6
Do we have a forensic linguist or analytical grammatician in the house? tskent reminds me an awful lot of old friend bluetahoe.
2007-04-22 17:50:56
294.   Greg S
292- I agree. Bills has great stuff but lacks command of his pitches. He can't put them where he wants to. I don't know if he ever will-- I hope so. But he's not there yet. I know he had a good stretch last season. But he just needs to somehow gain command.

I know the feeling here about regression to the mean and I won't argue. But Tomko looks really good right now.

2007-04-22 17:58:14
295.   natepurcell

its the same story with tomko. good at DS, bad everywhere else.

2007-04-22 18:02:03
296.   natepurcell
great pitch by Dice-K to arod right there.
2007-04-22 18:08:19
297.   Andrew Shimmin
Billingsley was worse with a runner on first than with the bases empty. But better in all other situations. His OPS (and sOPS+ and tOPS+) allowed splits by runners positions lines up with his babip splits, without taking a burp on men on first.

He was a crummy relief pitcher for the 3 2/3 innings he was used as one, last year, too.

2007-04-22 18:15:04
298.   Andrew Shimmin
He was worse by .150 OPS allowed, in Vegas last year, with runners on, than with the bases empty.
2007-04-22 18:15:07
299.   ToyCannon
The Discovery channel show Planet Earth is a very incredible and depressing show to watch. One moment your rooting for the Walrus to get away and the next your bummed that because of failure the Polar Bear has made a fatal error.

The Dodgers Great Loon affiliate is the 1st baseball stadium to be using Solar power for it's scoreboard. Amazing that a team in the Midwest can do it while a Stadium in Southern California can't do it. How hard is it to give Real Goods a phone call?

2007-04-22 18:17:50
300.   Andrew Shimmin
Dear Brian Cashman,

Don't PANIC! No need to get all JITTERY! I can help you. Won't you let me help you? Please?

Your buddy,

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-22 18:18:45
301.   natepurcell
back to back to back to back!

poor chase wright.

2007-04-22 18:19:10
302.   Andrew Shimmin
Wow. All you Discovery channel watchers just missed the second four consecutive HR game in two years.
2007-04-22 18:19:35
303.   Suffering Bruin
Unbelieveable. I just saw what buddy natepurcell just saw.

I love baseball.

2007-04-22 18:21:01
304.   Greg Brock
293 There is a very good reason for that. Names may change...The mania remains the same.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go work on my Andrew Shimmin blog.

2007-04-22 18:22:12
305.   StolenMonkey86
no surprise, no mention of the 4+1 game by Miller and Morgan
2007-04-22 18:23:12
306.   bhsportsguy
J.D. Drew, the second hitter for each of those events, of course this will get more play but I still think 4+1 was more dramatic and since I was there, I get to say that.
2007-04-22 18:23:18
307.   natepurcell
future trivia

who is the only player to be involed in 4 consecutive homeruns in 2 games in following years?

or something like that...

2007-04-22 18:23:39
308.   Andrew Shimmin
305- Morgan wasn't watching it, so he feels unqualified to comment on it.
2007-04-22 18:24:06
309.   Honoluludodger

I eagerly lurk on this board each day. I rarely post because, frankly, unless you need a Waikiki surf report, I don't bring anything of value to the board. However, today I must vent. I have seen every Dodger game this season and Juan Pierre is simply a horrible player. And I don't just mean overpaid. I think he would still be our weak link even if he were just our 5th outfielder. There had to be hundreds of little leaguers in the stands today laughing at that fly ball that he dropped. Almost every little leaguer in the stands could have made that catch. Pierre could not. I am not one of those fans that thinks Colletti is always wrong (in fact, I like the team that we have). But he certainly made a mistake on Pierre.

I feel a little better now. Back to lurking.


2007-04-22 18:24:39
310.   Benaiah
301 - And Ortiz wasn't one of them! How can that be, my fantasy team asks?
2007-04-22 18:25:19
311.   StolenMonkey86
ah, someone remided Miller of it at the break
2007-04-22 18:25:20
312.   Underbruin
There's the mention of the 4+1 game.
2007-04-22 18:25:44
313.   still bevens
John Miller finally gives us some props. I would say our achievement is a bit more remarkable since it was against Trevor Hoffman and not some kid straight out of A ball.
2007-04-22 18:26:53
314.   Underbruin
313 - Don't forget the fact that it was also the bottom of the 9th inning.
2007-04-22 18:27:16
315.   Benaiah
309 - Hey stick around, I was just wondering about the surfing in Waikiki.
2007-04-22 18:28:06
316.   Claire Malone-Evans
I'm getting a little worried about the Giants. By the summer their rotation could be the best in league with Zito, Lincecum, Cain and Lowry.
2007-04-22 18:28:24
317.   bhsportsguy
3 of the positions were the same (RF, LF, and C) with Kent at 2B and Lowell at 3B being the difference.
2007-04-22 18:29:43
318.   D4P
The only Yankee I can see Ned trading for is Mientkwerjwe;lkjrwelkcz
2007-04-22 18:30:20
319.   Honoluludodger
309. It's pretty much done for the day. You want to get down there in the morning.
2007-04-22 18:31:21
320.   Underbruin
316 - Don't worry. When Barry Bonds hits number 754, Bud Selig will send somebody to "take care of him" Harding / Kerrigan style, and the SF offense will nose-dive.


2007-04-22 18:32:39
321.   Greg S
314- and in the waning days of a pennant race... No comparison.
2007-04-22 18:33:24
322.   bhsportsguy
316 Unless they plan to only give up 1 run a game, I'm not too worried.

I know guys like Lincecum look really good but Lirianos are rare (oops sorry about Giants) so I don't think he will step him and win 12-15 games for them this year.

His biggest impact could be in the bullpen.

2007-04-22 18:34:47
323.   Suffering Bruin
I cannot believe that the Dodgers 4+1 game did not get mentioned until well after the last homer cleared the wall.

I'm not suggesting bias. I'm just saying it's weird. I did some small-time baseaball play-by-play and I got to meet some of the bigger names. In order to be good, you literally have to use part of your life to live the game and now what's happening around the league.

I wonder if Miller knew about the Dodger game before he mentioned it. Someone said he might've been reminded on the break. If he needed a reminder, that's shameful.

2007-04-22 18:35:17
324.   Underbruin
... So, is JD Drew the only player in baseball history to have been a part of TWO straight 4-HR rallies?
2007-04-22 18:42:24
325.   Marty
I was able to rewind the DVR and see it. No matter what team does it, 4 straight homers is pretty impressive.

Glad to see JD in on it again.

2007-04-22 18:43:58
326.   Benaiah
324 - I think it has only happened twice period.
2007-04-22 18:46:15
327.   D4P
Has anyone watched the new "hit" comedy "Notes From the Underbelly"? My wife saw a commercial on it, and wants me to look into it...
2007-04-22 18:47:10
328.   Underbruin
326 - It must have happened more often than that - Jon Miller was talking about the only other time a single pitcher has given up straight 4 HRs (which wasn't the 4+1 game, which was off of multiple pitchers).
2007-04-22 18:48:25
329.   Jon Weisman
327 - I wrote about it for Variety. I wouldn't call it a hit.

I didn't get to see the 4+0 :( - glad I saw last year's 4+1.

2007-04-22 18:49:06
330.   Marty
It happened twice in 1964 I think
2007-04-22 18:50:49
331.   D4P
I wrote about it for Variety

Do you have a link to the article (assuming it's free)...?

2007-04-22 18:53:36
332.   D4P
Nevermind: I found it on The Google
2007-04-22 18:54:05
333.   CanuckDodger
Does Jonathan Broxton remind anybody else of Peter Griffin from Family Guy? Not just a weight thing. I think there is a similarity facially. Look at the picture of Broxton attached to the article about our bullpen that is at
2007-04-22 18:56:28
334.   D4P
I wouldn't call it a hit

The commercial called it a hit, so it must be true.

I take it you don't think the show is all that great...?

2007-04-22 18:57:09
335.   Jon Weisman
My feature:

Phil Gallo's review:

2007-04-22 19:00:17
336.   CanuckDodger
334 -- In Great Britain, the TV channel that bought the UK rights to the American series "Smith" promoted it on their commercials as the "hit American series Smith." This was long after CBS had cancelled Smith after three episodes.
2007-04-22 19:01:02
337.   Jon Weisman
334 - Based on ratings, at least, it's not a hit.
2007-04-22 19:02:42
338.   Im So Blue
The guy at Baseball Almanac has already updated the entry for "Most Consecutive Home Runs by a Team in One Inning":

4 Homers in a row were hit by Milwaukees Braves in 1961,
Cleveland in 1963, Minnesota in 1964

2007-04-22 19:09:16
339.   D4P
Networks that advertise brand new shows as "hits" = One of my pet peeves
2007-04-22 19:09:40
340.   Marty
339 You have so many.
2007-04-22 19:13:13
341.   D4P
If only everyone were exactly like me.
2007-04-22 19:14:09
342.   D4P
Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits.

- Mark Twain

2007-04-22 19:20:15
343.   natepurcell
With Pettite pitching right now, it brings up a point...why dont managers do this more often?

usually between starts, pitchers would throw a bullpen session to stay in shape, why not let them get their work in when it matters?

2007-04-22 19:34:40
344.   CanuckDodger
242 -- Mark Twain lacked foresight.

"As an amusement it is too fleeting. As an occupation it is too wearing. As a public exhibition there is no money in it."

-- Mark Twain, "The Science Of Onanism," 1879

There's lots of money in "it" -- now, at any rate. The economy of the San Fernando Valley pretty much depends on "it."

2007-04-22 19:36:33
345.   preacherroe
48-Nate-sorry-I left the computer for awhile-Regarding Dunlap's weight-I'd say he's pushing 300.The dude looks obese.A ground ball went under his glove because he couldn't bend down enough to snag it.
I think I asked before,but never saw an answer.Where is the Orr kid from Canada.Is he starting in the short season leagues?
2007-04-22 19:39:32
346.   Marty
343 The guys at Bronx Banter think Torre is horrible with his BP. So, it could be he was just out of pitchers after the last two games.
2007-04-22 19:39:37
347.   still bevens
Wow this Yankee pitching staff is kind of a mess. Is Scott Proctor going to pitch in 75% of the games this season or what?
2007-04-22 19:45:59
348.   CanuckDodger
345 -- Orr is still in extened spring training. He'll probably be in the Gulf Coast League in June. I doubt he is advanced enough to start in Ogden. Frankly, Preston Mattingly shouldn't even be in low A now. He needs to go to Ogden in June and try low A next year.
2007-04-22 19:46:46
349.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Morgan: "I've never seen four homers hit in a row before."

I suppose that Joe couldn't be bothered watching highlights from a game last year.

2007-04-22 19:46:56
350.   Marty
The Yankees don't stand a chance with their pitching staff.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-04-22 19:54:46
351.   Bob Timmermann
Morgan: "I never get to see Tampa Bay. I just watch highlights or read about them."

Joe, you can get MLB Extra Innings at home. You can even write it off as a business expense on your taxes.

2007-04-22 19:57:01
352.   JoeyP
348. Regarding Preston Mattingly--very true.

Mattingly's off to a bad start at Low A

15ks, 0 bbs

Actually, no one on that Great Lakes team is hitting.

Kershaw needs to keep his walks down.
13ip 11bbs 16ks 0HRs

2007-04-22 19:58:43
353.   Indiana Jon
My favorite was when Miller was talking about not understanding the Japanese announcers and Joe said, "Well, one was a man, and the other one was a woman." Really? How interesting.
2007-04-22 20:01:04
354.   Andrew Shimmin
RIP Juanita Millender-McDonald.
2007-04-22 20:02:46
355.   natepurcell
348 352

it seems like every top positional player in the whole league has started out really bad. I do agree Mattingly seems overmatched right now but Id just let him keep on truckin and see if he can make some adjustments as the season goes on.

Bell has been walking at a good rate though, so that is encouraging.

some players with Mattingly's build who are current top prospects and how they hit in the midwest league..

reid brignac: 264/319/416

brandon wood 251/322/404

2007-04-22 20:05:26
356.   Bob Timmermann
I guess her office is still denying that she's sick.
2007-04-22 20:05:33
357.   natepurcell
re kershaw

if you look at his game logs, he had that horrible first outing and in the following two outings, he has been progressively better. It should also be noted that Kershaw is a Texan and isnt probably use to the conditions of playing in michigan. Hes pitching again tomorrow so we'll see how he does.

2007-04-22 20:14:31
358.   Andrew Shimmin
Dear People of DT,

Anybody who takes 356 as an invitation to run Monty Python, 'pining for the fjords,' type shtick is going to hell. It's a zero-tolerance situation. I'll have my team of self-flagellating albinos deal with Timmermann for inciting such a thing.

Yours in Ch-i,
The Pope

2007-04-22 20:17:30
359.   Marty
She's stone dead
That's an ex-representative
2007-04-22 20:19:25
360.   Marty
Beautiful plumage the south central representative.
2007-04-22 20:23:47
361.   Benaiah
If she wasn't nailed to her seat, she'd be pushing up daisies.

Oh, you contrarian DTers.

2007-04-22 20:28:19
362.   Andrew Shimmin
It's not a palindrome! The palindrome of "Bolton" would be "Notlob"!

In the event anybody doesn't get the joke:

2007-04-22 20:32:07
363.   Dodgers49
Meanwhile ... for Las Vegas Abreu played 3rd base today and is hitting .393.
LaRoche played left field with Loney back at 1st base.
2007-04-22 20:44:53
364.   Andrew Shimmin
The Sox sweep. 7-6, 7-5, 7-6. It must be tough to win games when you give up seven runs a day.
2007-04-22 20:46:10
365.   D4P
7-6, 7-5, 7-6

Couple tie-breakers, and one break of serve in the 2nd set...?

2007-04-22 20:54:42
366.   Bob Timmermann

Is losing a tiebreaker in tennis sort of like losing a 1-run game in baseball? Is it more luck or skill?

2007-04-22 20:54:53
367.   D4P
2007 Salaries

Jason Giambi: $23,428,571
TB Devil Rays: $24,124,200

2007-04-22 20:56:28
368.   das411
NATE!!! this is for you:

(no not pix of our pal Sal but perhaps the next best thing...)

2007-04-22 21:00:15
369.   Benaiah
366 - I wonder if there are advanced Tennis statistics? I imagine not, since there aren't teams and usually the good players are self evident. I can't believe that Nadal keeps beating Federer on clay. What is the equivalent? If Tiger was terrible at Augusta every year?
2007-04-22 21:00:18
370.   D4P
I remember my all-time favorite tennis player (Stefan Edberg) losing (in the semi-finals?) at Wimbledon to Michael Stich one year 6-7, 6-7, 6-7. There were no breaks of serve in the entire match.
2007-04-22 21:02:46
371.   D4P
I'm not sure there's a golf equivalent to the different surfaces used in tennis. It's true that different golf courses favor some players more than others, but there's really no course where Tiger is at a disadvantage relative to any other player. If Tiger plays well, he'll win, regardless of the course. The same cannot be said for Federer on clay, especially vs. Nadal.
2007-04-22 21:09:46
372.   Benaiah
371 - I was just pointing out that the best player in the world is mortal on one occasion, but unbeatable elsewhere. It is bizzarre. I guess there is no equivalent. Why is clay so different? Is everything slower on clay, or faster?
2007-04-22 21:12:46
373.   capdodger
372 - Clay is slower.
2007-04-22 21:13:09
374.   Bob Timmermann
Clay is a very slow surface. Serves slow down and there is a greater emphasis on ground strokes.
2007-04-22 21:16:11
375.   Bob Timmermann
Clay also makes the players clothes get dirtier.
2007-04-22 21:16:58
376.   Benaiah
373,374 - Thank you.

I really, really don't like Rafael Nadal. I am a Europhile and yet he seems like a garish European stereotype.

2007-04-22 21:58:46
377.   das411
Did anybody besides Bob notice what an incredible game Jamie Shields had tonight for the TBD?

Now if only they had a bullpen...didn't they have a couple of all-stars back there last year? ;)

2007-04-22 22:23:56
378.   Sushirabbit
I got crickets when I mentioned I liked Shields in the CMC.
2007-04-22 22:54:43
379.   Xeifrank
Finally got around to reading the Plaschke Tim Crews article and found it very riveting. I didn't have any problems with the last paragraph. Well written, all the way around. vr, Xei
2007-04-22 22:58:42
380.   Xeifrank
Yes, clay slows the ball down (like Bob said) and puts more of an emphasis on ground strokes, speed and footwork. I never liked playing on clay, as I found the ball not always taking a true bounce (found the same problem with grass). I hated travelling to Florida for USTA tournaments as we would always end up playing on clay surfaces, which many in the southeast were use to, but us California tennis players almost always played on a hardcourt surface. You have to rake your own court too. No Zamboni.
vr, Xei
2007-04-22 23:05:25
381.   Greg Brock
The French Open is the only Grand Slam I don't watch, and that's because of the surface. I don't really get a kick out of watching baseline tennis. Two guys hammering ground strokes back and forth until somebody hits it into the net.

Wimbledon will always be my favorite, because the surface is so fast and serve and volley players reign supreme.

2007-04-22 23:23:38
382.   Xeifrank
381. Well, if you want serve and volleying, you should watch/play doubles. Men's singles at Wimbledon has pretty much gone from "serve and volleying" to just "serving". The true serve and volleyers in today's men's tennis play doubles. Most of the great serve and volley singles players have retired. The return of serve has become the most important shot in today's game. I play a serve and volley style, but I can't agree that it's the most interesting to watch. I like to watch tennis on all surfaces, as it allows players with different skill sets to succeed. vr, Xei
2007-04-22 23:29:42
383.   Greg Brock
Doubles is great to watch. The speed of play is unbelievable. I just wish today's singles players played doubles and mixed doubles, like in the good old days. I guess the risk of injury and fatigue factor preclude that nowadays.

Martina was probably the last of the great players to play singles, doubles, and mixed doubles in each tournament.

2007-04-23 01:47:21
384.   Improbable88
363 - I found Abreu at third very interesting, as well.

Today on Dodger Talk, which has been a tad more bearable recently, Harvey mentioned Nomar's Spring Training offer to move to third and then re-iterated that some source had told him that Nomar has since offered to move again--recently even.

I wonder if the Dodger organization is putting Abreu above Loney at this point. While I personally cannot wait to see them both in the starting line-up for years to come, and putting Abreu's recent hot AAA hitting aside, I think Loney is the more "proven commodity" which Ned seems to go for.

But this apparent, albeit rumored, ignoring of Nomar's offer, coupled with Abreu getting time at third, makes me think that Abreu has in fact surpassed Loney on the "prospect chart."

I realize that it is easier to simply replace one element with another, as the Dodgers could do with an Abreu for Betemit swap, but I think Loney deserves a go before Abreu.

If Loney was upset about not making the team, just imagine how he will feel when other AAAers start being called up ahead of him.

And I know there was some discussion about Nomar's defense probably being considerably worse that Betemit's..but it was mostly conjecture, however informed.

If by April's end Betemit is still struggling, I think the Loney/Nomar plan should get a shot. If Nomar struggles, then sit Loney down and tell him you love him and will see him sooner or later, and get Abreu on the next flight.

Wilson Valdez was not mentioned on purpose. A great guy to have off the bench, but let's keep it at that, no?

2007-04-23 07:29:59
385.   D4P
Doubles tennis is rarely shown on TV anymore. I remember as a kid that doubles was shown almost as much as singles. Those days are gone, as are the days of serving and volleying in singles. I found men's tennis more interesting to watch in the 80s, before they started hitting 140 MPH serves.
2007-04-23 07:42:00
386.   Benaiah
384 - I am skeptical of reading too much into an Abreu-Loney prospect race. The Dodgers don't need a SS or 2B, so if Abreu is going to make the team it will have to be as a 3B. Loney is playing RF for the same reason. Being flexible and forward thinking doesn't mean that Loney's star has fallen, it was just a bad month. The first man up (besides Kemp, if they do keep him down for awhile) will be Big Game James.
2007-04-23 08:02:03
387.   ToyCannon
Actually the bet would be who gets hurt bad enough to warrant a DL trip 1st. A 39 year old 2nd baseman who still slides head first into home and 1st base or an injury prone 1st baseman. If I was betting I'd put my money on Kent being the 1st to visit the DL this year which would make Abreu the callup.
2007-04-23 08:09:16
388.   Daniel Zappala
Hey, I'm 39 and I can still do that stuff.
2007-04-23 08:18:59
389.   Benaiah
387 - Kent may get injured, but Betemit is a week or two from losing his job. Besides, Abreu knows how to play second and Loney knows how to play first. This only makes them more flexible.
2007-04-23 08:32:12
390.   JoeyP
Loney's off to a slow start in Vegas:


LaRoche a little better:

Mitch Jones (a 29yr old OF)--has been playing great for Vegas--
.340/.386/.755 in 53Abs.

2007-04-23 08:37:30
391.   JoeyP
Tony Abreu's fast start:

I wonder if Vegas is a fluke, or if he's really improved that much. I doubt they'd let Kent go next year in order to give Abreu 2nd base.

Abreu at 3rd shouldnt be an option considering his limited HR power.

2007-04-23 08:37:40
392.   ToyCannon
After the spate of ex-Dodger injuries I was wondering if Ned has traded or released anyone who is performing at a higher level then when they were with the Dodgers. Can't count JD since he opted out on his own.
Milton Bradley hurt again
Gagne hurt again
Willie Aybar missing in action
E Jackson is starting but he still has the same problems he had with us a year 1/2 later
Tiffany is still out due to surgery, should return this summer but he's no longer even mentioned as a prospect
Navarro is starting but a year later still hasn't done anything to date other then play alot
Pedroza has been moved to catcher
Ruggiano is in AAA
Joel Guzman is in AAA, both Guzman and Ruggiano are scuffling for Durham, but it is early in the year.
Sanchez was good until he got hurt, then suspended, then hurt again.
Milton has been okay when healthy but not healthy enough to warrant much concern.
Choi is out of Major League baseball.
Robles is in AAA
Seo struggling in Tampa Rotation
Baez barely a setup man in Baltimore
Jason Philips backup catcher in Toronto
Jose Cruz on the short side of a platoon but doing what he does best, smacking lefties
Ketchner - doing nicely in AAA, have to wait to see what he does when given a Major League chance with the Padres
Odalis Perez - Yikes
Dessens -
Schmoll - AAA fodder
Cody Ross - part time player, can't crack the starting lineup of one of the worse outfields in the league
Blake Johnson & Julio Pimental - to early to tell as both are in A ball for KC
Ricky Ledee - out of baseball
Johnny Nunez - Heard great things but the 21 year old is in low A and has been creamed so far in limited innings.
Jose Valentin - Now we have a winner, excellent year last year but he left as a free agent and wasn't released or traded but who wouldn't rather him in CF last year and this year?
Jeff Weaver - Nuff said

Players he has traded for or signed and then traded or released during his reign include Baez, Carter, Seo, and Dessens.

2007-04-23 08:39:52
393.   ToyCannon
Both Loney and La Roche have started to heat up after slow starts. Both were hoping to make the major league roster so I think they had to go through an attitude adjustment.
As that team heads into May, I would not want to be facing Loney/Kemp/La Roche if I was a pitcher.
2007-04-23 08:59:44
394.   dagwich
No doubt a new post up top is coming soon, but I'll post anyway. There was a story this morning on NPR about someone who found a reel to reel tape in his mother's garage labeled "Koufax's No Hitter", and it was the 9th inning from Sandy's first no hitter in 1962 vs the Mets. Great story for a Dodger fan. To hear the actual story and an edited version of the entire 9th inning go to

2007-04-23 09:07:16
395.   JoeyP
393--Bradley started in CF yesterday. He's not hurt and played great down the stretch last year for the A's.

How can you not count JD Drew?
Just because he opted out didnt mean the Dodgers couldnt try to sign him back.
Ned opted to give Pierre/Gonzo/Wolf that money instead of Drew.

Drew's playing great but in Boston's lineup it was obvious he'd flourish. He'll get plenty of pitches to hit.

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