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Remembering Trax
2007-04-24 08:32
by Jon Weisman

Brian Traxler, a classic Obscure but Memorable Dodger, passed away in 2004. Bob Timmermann forwarded this rich SABR-sanctioned biography of Traxler by Rory Costello that I greatly enjoyed.

He had just 11 big-league at-bats in 1990, but Brian Traxler was still a cult figure. Over 13 years as a pro, the first baseman delighted fans across the minors, the Caribbean winter leagues, Asia, and independent circuits.

His immediate appeal was visual. "Trax" was rotund -- leniently listed at 5-feet-10 and 200 pounds, he often weighed up to 240 or more. He was likened to portly Phillie John Kruk, once remarking, "I actually met him while I was in Philadelphia. John Kruk was like, 'Are you my brother? How long have you been away?'" This author saw him for just one fleeting plate appearance with the Los Angeles Dodgers, yet he made an indelible impression: thickset, taking swift practice lashes with an intense, almost comical grimace. ...

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2007-04-24 09:16:15
1.   Xeifrank
Good amigo Oscar Robles was recalled by the Padres. vr, Xei
2007-04-24 09:43:30
2.   ToyCannon
Great bio, love these links. I remember the name and wondering if he'd ever get a decent chance. Sounds like his weight and drinking may have held him back. Such a small difference between success and failure for a major leaguer but if you never get the chance...

Didn't notice if Nate posted this but Josh Wall may have pitched his best game ever the other day.
LAD LoA Wall, Josh ................ 7.0 3 0 0 0 6 3.68

2007-04-24 09:43:43
3.   Greg S
I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Traxler the day he got called up to the big leagues. He was a super nice guy who in every way seemed more like a fan than a player. It really seemed like a movie where the guy from fantasy camp gets mistakenly been sent to the big leagues. He was so thrilled and everybody around him wanted him to succeed because he represented them more than any other player. If I remember correctly, he did get a base hit into right field at one point!
2007-04-24 09:47:11
4.   Xeifrank
Dodgers and Diamondbacks look like NL West heavy favorites tonight. Look for the Padres, Giants and Rockies to each struggle tonight. vr, Xei
2007-04-24 10:22:31
5.   tskent
The Dodgers went 3-3 against the Braves last season.

Penny, JoeyB, and Baez recorded the W's.
Lowe, Osoria, and Bretty recorded the L's.

2007-04-24 10:28:18
6.   Marty
I have no idea what I said in the previous most obscure Dodger thread, but right now I think it would have to be Nate Oliver. He was not much of a player, but he's memorable to me because it seemed like one year (1965?) Topps decided to flood the market with Nate Oliver cards. It was like every card pack I bought was guaranteed to have one Nate Oliver in it. I was swimming in Nate Olivers.
2007-04-24 10:32:23
7.   Disabled List
Fantastic bio of Brian Traxler. He got dealt a lot of bad hands in his career but never gave up and never got down because of it. He sounds like someone I would've loved to have a beer or three with.

Just from reading that, it sounds like he also could've been a great big-league manager, a Tommy Lasorda-type with a commanding clubhouse presence. It's a real shame he's gone.

2007-04-24 10:36:36
8.   Sam DC
I know I've not been doing my job as DC Correspondent, but here's a quick status report on the Nationals (and also a nice writer's block curing structure for a blog post):

2007-04-24 10:44:00
9.   ToyCannon
Bart Shirley
2007-04-24 10:45:36
10.   Jon Weisman
5 - Was there a reason you mentioned that?
2007-04-24 10:57:57
11.   D4P
There's a popular saying that goes "Give credit where credit is due."

A related (though much less popular) saying goes along the lines of "You're giving too much credit where credit is not due."

2007-04-24 11:02:24
12.   Benaiah
10 - The Braves are ahead of the Dodgers in the new power rankings. Maybe that is it.

2007-04-24 11:04:08
13.   JoeyP
Tim Lincecum has given up 1ER in 25 IP in the PCL. The Dodgers are lucky they are catching the Giants before they bring him up.

Lowry, Cain, Zito, Lincecum might make the Giants an Angels-esque team. Great pitching with a horrible lineup + 1 star.

2007-04-24 11:06:07
14.   D4P
Tim Lincecum has given up 1ER in 25 IP in the PCL

Not to mention striking out 27.5 hitters per 9 innings and giving up negative walks.

2007-04-24 11:11:39
15.   Bumsrap
14 - Boras must be his agent.
2007-04-24 11:20:53
16.   bhsportsguy
Kershaw pitches today for Loons.

Again, here is a reminder that players are not best judges of their physical state.

"I don't think there was any need for the DL," said Escobar, who will be activated to start today against the Detroit Tigers. "I don't like to be on the DL, man — it's not good for you. For some reason, here, they don't wait to put you on the DL."

He also said the next time he feels a little tightness in his shoulder, he is going to keep it to himself. The article also mentions that Escobar has been on the DL 5 times since signing with the Angels in 2004.

2007-04-24 11:21:28
17.   old dodger fan
Under the catagory of obscure and somewhat memorable Dodgers--In the early 60's we had a young pitcher named Phil Ortega they thought was going to be great. He did well in the minors but did not get much of a chance with the Dodgers until 1964 and he was a bit of a dissapointment. He was part of the big trade that sent Frank Howard, Ken McMullen, Pete Richert and Dick Nen to the Senators for Claude Osteen and John Kennedy. He finished his career with the Angels.
2007-04-24 11:23:20
18.   tskent
The Atlanta Braves have NEVER swept a 4 game series from the Dodgers.

That there media guide is chok full of tidbits. I could go on for weeks.

2007-04-24 11:25:15
19.   tskent
Kershaw pitches for the Loons? CQH..

Is this there uniforms...

2007-04-24 11:31:58
20.   underdog
I remember Traxler and still feel really sad he passed away too young. Though he obviously wasn't the healthiest person in the world. I wonder what Mark Grace would have said had he seen Traxler playing.

Meanwhile, this quote from Derek Lowe in the Yahoo preview of tonight's game (but he's talking about his last game in Colorado) made me dizzy but I did finally translate what he meant.
"It's not really baseball," Lowe said. "This is the only place in baseball that bad games affect me none. This is really a tough place to pitch."

Bad games affect me none? Ah well, I know what he means.

Hope they didn't jinx Lowe tonight, with talk of how Bonds has never homered off him. (Gulp.)

2007-04-24 11:36:02
21.   Greg S
18- Look, I won't violate rule 2 and attack you but I will address you. If you're intent is to disrupt, then by all means keep doing what you're doing. But if you actually mean to participate than participate. Respond to others. Quit disregarding everything that is asked of you (take a break, don't LOL at your own posts, don't use childish nicknames). You show blatant disregard for Jon by ignoring everything he says to you and do the same to everybody else here. THAT is why I believe nobody is interested in what you have to say. I have no idea why Jon doesn't ban you but you are effectively talking to yourself in a public place. I suggest to you that this is a forgiving place and if you start acting like a participant, people will be happy to let you do so. If you don't care to, please go talk to yourself somewhere else.
2007-04-24 11:43:37
22.   Terry A
Broken record here, but Cardboard Gods' "Steve Braun and Steve Brye" piece is high entertainment.

The Toaster is great. All hail the Toaster.

2007-04-24 11:51:30
23.   natepurcell

what does that mean?

2007-04-24 11:54:34
24.   bhsportsguy
Certainly these three players are not as obscure as Traxler but the names Reynolds, Espy and Bream go together like Tinkers to Ever to Chance.

I was looking at my sponsored player on, Mr. Squeeze Bunt himself, R.J. Reynolds, I had forgotten that he was part of a 3 player deal for Bill Madlock in 1985.

It was Reynolds, Cecil Espy and Sid Bream for Madlock.

Now Madlock did hit .360 for the Dodgers in the remaining games he played for the Dodgers that year. And I certainly did not recall that Madlock, not known as a HR hitter, hit 3 in the 1985 NLCS, 1 each in Games 4, 5, and 6.

I am pretty sure that value for value, the Pirates got the better end of that deal, Madlock played another two years for the Dodgers until dealt during the 1987 season to Detroit where he reached the post-season one more time.

2007-04-24 11:56:41
25.   bhsportsguy
23 Hey Nate, have not been able to track any info on Elbert, how about you?

An aside, getting injury information from Jacksonville seems to be very difficult.

I suppose someone could ask DeJon Watson during the chat today about Elbert, perhaps it will stand out in all the Johnny Guitar Watson memories.

2007-04-24 11:59:51
26.   tskent
Well.....I am a super funny guy, so I do tend to laugh at my own humor. So no more I suppose.

CQH = chuckling quite heartily.

And on that note.

Goodbye Marky Mark. Hello Mark Hendrickson.
Goodbye JoeyB. Hello Joe Beimel.
Goodbye Bretty. Hello Brett Tomko.
Goodbye Billzy. Hello Chad Billingsley.
Goodbye JBrox. Hello Jonathan Broxton.

2007-04-24 12:05:37
27.   KBL
Hey all,

It is that time of year for me to start umpiring the little league circuit. With my limited income I have been unable to purchase all the equipment I would like and I am determined to use some of my earnings to upgrade, but does anyone know where I might be able to find some good used umpire gear other than ebay?



2007-04-24 12:08:52
28.   natepurcell

me neither. I have a business presentation i have to go to now so i wont be around for the watson chat. Everyone needs to step up and ask questions!

2007-04-24 12:09:00
29.   Marty
If you are in Southern California there is a chain called "Play it Again Sports" that sells used equipment. There may be some umpiring gear there.
2007-04-24 12:09:34
30.   kngoworld
27 maybe craigslist
2007-04-24 12:12:59
31.   Benaiah
For anyone who likes "The Office," this is a hilarious fake Yankee message board conversation about the show.

2007-04-24 12:14:45
32.   Benaiah
31 - I should mention that it is a tad risque, but nothing to out there.
2007-04-24 12:16:04
33.   kngoworld
28 Any questions you would like some of us to ask since you wont be around? It is tough to come up with good questions without the appropriate knowledge of the farm system.
2007-04-24 12:21:26
34.   was it tims mitt i saw
14 - D4P, i laughed when i saw your comment but it then got me thinking; has any pitcher ever had a k rate above 27 per 9?

through my quick research i hadn't found anyone. However, in 2003 Kazuhiro Sasaki got close when in his second game of the year got 4 k's in one inning of relief.

he only got 1 k his first game.

i feel like baseball machines would blow up if it did happen.

2007-04-24 12:27:01
35.   bhsportsguy
33 How about one for each level. Some may have obvious answers.

1. AAA - Is Greg Miller projected to be a starter or reliever?
2. AA - How is Scott Elbert and what do you see for him and Justin Orenduff in 2007?
3. High A - Is Blake Dewitt settled at 3B?
4. A - Is the Midwest League known to be more of a pitching league and what will the Dodgers be looking for from some of its higher rated players (Kershaw, Josh Bell, Mattingly, etc.)

A general question would be does he think that players should move up levels during the year and what input does he and his staff have on possible deals.

2007-04-24 12:43:30
36.   old dodger fan
35 Speaking of Mattingly I read that he has 10 errors this year in 12 games.
2007-04-24 12:46:30
37.   bhsportsguy
36 I know that the fields in minor league parks vary greatly wonder how many were throws versus muffed balls at short.
2007-04-24 12:50:16
38.   old dodger fan
37 He had 2 yesterday. The box score described both as "fielding".
2007-04-24 12:52:10
39.   Dodgers49
6. I have no idea what I said in the previous most obscure Dodger thread, but right now I think it would have to be Nate Oliver.

I was sitting in the upper deck at Dodgers Stadium the day Nate Oliver made his major league debut. Whenever his name is mentioned I remember him making a great stop of a one-hopper headed for right field that day and thinking to myself, "this kid is going to be a GREAT player for us."

It didn't happen. :-)

2007-04-24 12:53:17
40.   ToyCannon
As with so many.
2007-04-24 13:04:01
41.   old dodger fan
39 I have a similar story only it was 1985 and his name was Mariano Duncan. I think it was his 2nd game but it was the first time I saw him.
2007-04-24 13:14:22
42.   Marty
I wasn't there, but I vividly remember Jose Offerman's first at bat.
2007-04-24 13:17:51
43.   kinbote
33 - if i could ask a question during the chat, i'd ask if there were any minor league relievers they were looking to convert to starting pitchers. we have so many highly regarded relievers in the system it seems some should be moved to the rotation.
2007-04-24 13:37:37
44.   Mr Customer
42 I'm not sure I remember a single Offerman AB, just that accursed glove.
2007-04-24 13:43:11
45.   Marty
44 Offerman hit a homerun his first major league at bat. I had visions of a superstar in the making.
2007-04-24 13:43:16
46.   BlueCrew Bruin
41 That sounds like it could be the beginning of a Danielle Steel novel. Not that I read Danielle Steel, of course.


...stop looking at me.

2007-04-24 13:52:04
47.   Daniel Zappala
I always liked Offerman too.
2007-04-24 13:52:33
48.   Jon Weisman
Heck, I not only liked Offerman, I liked Wilton Guerrero.
2007-04-24 13:58:50
49.   Terry A
I was one of the many loves of Kevin Elster.
2007-04-24 14:00:20
50.   chazmac138
36. Speaking of Mattingly I read that he has 10 errors this year in 12 games.

It's because of his sideburns.....

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-24 14:05:32
51.   ToyCannon
I loved Offerman so much I went out of my way to get his minor league baseball card from either A or AA ball. I was never more disapointed in a player after I saw him then I was with him. That was before I'd ever read a single Bill James abstract.
2007-04-24 14:09:07
52.   ToyCannon
Knogo asked about Elberts health and all we got was a canned reply about his stuff and what he needs to do to be successfull so I'm assuming he's healthy since he didn't mention anything else.
2007-04-24 14:10:41
53.   Marty
But as Jon has immortalized, I've said previously that I wanted to rake the field with Offerman, I learned to hate him that much.
2007-04-24 14:11:38
54.   capdodger
Ahh... Kevin Elster. The man who singlehandedly spoiled the debut of PacBell-AT&T-SBC Park.
2007-04-24 14:11:53
55.   DodgerBakers
48. I really liked Wilton Guerrero, too. I thought he would be our 3B for a long time to come.

And then he broke his bat and cork came flying out...

2007-04-24 14:14:03
56.   kngoworld
52 I wonder what the ratio is for questions asked to questions answered.

I see you got a question answered also.

2007-04-24 14:18:32
57.   Greg S
44- Yep. Offerman was a VERY highly touted prospect at a time when we didn't hear as much about prospects (no Dodgerthoughts). He comes up with great fanfare and hits a home run in his first at bat off Dennis Martinez no less. From then on, things went downhill.
2007-04-24 14:19:35
58.   Greg S
57 was for 42/45.
2007-04-24 14:19:40
59.   Penarol1916
Wasn't Wilton the 2nd baseman of the future, not 3rd?
2007-04-24 14:19:48
60.   ToyCannon
I asked about 18 questions. So far 3 other people asked the same question so I've had 4 answered.
2007-04-24 14:20:08
61.   kngoworld
Make that two for ToyCannon!
2007-04-24 14:20:52
62.   ToyCannon
Could anything be more frustrating to a Dodger fan then to know we signed Wilton and did not sign Vlady even though we could of. Our whole history would probably be different. It is as big a mistake as the Clemente fiasco.
2007-04-24 14:21:31
63.   kngoworld
I asked about 30 baseball questions, and the one bogus question gets answered!
2007-04-24 14:25:28
64.   Jon Weisman
62 - Vladimir Guerrero - the player so nice, we missed signing him twice.
2007-04-24 14:31:36
65.   regfairfield
62 Is there something here that I never heard about, because this seems like such an obvious description.

"Okay, we'll just sign the scrawny one"

"You sure, Vlad has the same skill set and about 40 extra pounds of muscle."

"No, I'm good."

2007-04-24 14:32:48
66.   Faramond
I saw Offerman play in Bakersfield for the class A Dodgers, something I only remember because I was specifically told by someone that this was a PROSPECT.

Offerman was decent at the plate, with a career OBP of 0.360. In fact, that's better than the career OBP of the previously mentioned Clemente at 0.359. Of course, Clemente played in a much lower run-scoring environment. And there was that defense thing.

2007-04-24 14:35:53
67.   ToyCannon
Offerman could get on base but he was horribly miscast as a SS. I think if he'd been moved to 2nd or CF he would have had a better Dodger career.
2007-04-24 14:38:30
68.   ToyCannon
Watson just finished his chat and he did a fine job. One thing that bugs me is when a player is miscast into a position and the rest of the baseball world knows it but the organization itself doesn't recognize it. It seems pointless to be giving defensive innings to Preston Mattingly at SS when we already know he won't be a major league SS. Wouldn't it be best to get as many defensive reps in at the position you'd project for them to end up in at the major league level?
2007-04-24 14:42:09
69.   regfairfield
68 Didn't Mattingly not play baseball for a couple years, or am I thinking of someone else? Maybe there's still hope he'll develop into a good shortstop.
2007-04-24 14:45:57
70.   ToyCannon
Every prospect report has said he will not stick at SS and with Hu and Dejesus ahead of him with no worthwhile CF's you'd think they'd make the move now.
For years they wasted Joel Guzman at SS when everyone knew he couldn't play the position.
2007-04-24 14:51:00
71.   Jon Weisman
65 - It wasn't an either or. We let Vlad go the first time, then signed Wilton to try to make up for it. And Wilton was considered a top prospect in his day, too.
2007-04-24 14:52:05
72.   Curtis Lowe
70- But he got the Dodger's someone worthwhile who could but didn't.
2007-04-24 14:52:26
73.   Jon Weisman
68 - Can you learn things playing shortstop that can benefit you at other positions?
2007-04-24 14:52:58
74.   Faramond
I remember the howls of protest when Offerman was picked by Felipe Alou for the 1995 All-Star team. My memory is that when asked why he would pick such a bad defensive SS, Alou said that Offerman always made good plays against the Expos.


I've made a long post on my blog looking at the Giants chances of being successful this year and previewing the upcoming series.

2007-04-24 14:53:21
75.   Benaiah
70 - I don't think Hu is going to be an everyday player. He screams "Izturis" and Dejesus is worse if anything. I don't think teams can afford to have all glove no bat guys in this day and age. If Mattingly can play passable SS than he is exponentially more valuable. If he can't, then no big loss.
2007-04-24 14:56:50
76.   robohobo
75. Dejesus looked great in Spring Training. Why do you think he will stink? Hu is batting .350 so far this year. He could be Izturis or he could be Vizcaino or Cora, which would be fine with me.
2007-04-24 15:02:31
77.   old dodger fan
I saw Offerman play a minor league game in Norfolk Virginia last year. He was at 1B. Did the Mets re-sign him this year?
2007-04-24 15:05:40
78.   LAT
I just sent an email with Bret Tomko's name in it. Spellcheck, picked it up as "Bret Tomcod." This struck me as funny. Now back to your regularly scheduled programing.
2007-04-24 15:12:50
79.   ToyCannon
This day and age is changing again. Take a look at your current major league shortstops and you don't see alot of offense again.
Not every team has a Reyes or Rollins and think of what they were like their first couple of years. Dejesus already has the glove at a very young age, plus unlike his Dad he has plate discipline. I wouldn't be so quick to throw him into the wastebasket but then I don't expect every prospect to be an all-star anymore.
2007-04-24 15:23:02
80.   Eric Enders
75 "I don't think Hu is going to be an everyday player. He screams "Izturis" and Dejesus is worse if anything. "

I agree with that except for the last five words. Two years ago I pegged Hu as Izturis Jr. and have seen nothing since that would change my mind. DeJesus, however, looks like a real prospect. White liked him enough to overdraft him, which itself says a lot. He looks like he will be a good hitter for average, and he has decent plate discipline, so he might provide enough offense to be a good everyday SS even if he never develops power. There are excellent reports on his defense. He looked very impressive in the few spring training games I saw him in. It's very early yet, but I don't see a whole lot to dislike.

2007-04-24 15:23:18
81.   old dodger fan
74 Dodgers face a tough pitcher tonight in Matt Morris. He pitched well in his first 2 starts (both against SD) this year but his 3rd start (vs StL) was tougher. He pitched 6 2/3 and only gave up 1 ER BUT he gave up 6 hits, 4 walks and 4 unearned runs. He also threw 112 pitches compared to the mid-80's in his 2 other starts.

What is your preview on this one?

2007-04-24 15:25:19
82.   twerp
Mention of Clemente makes me wonder if anyone's ever done an objective analysis of worst Dodger trades...Clemente, Pedro, Konerko come to mind. (Didn't Clemente get away in a Rule 5 draft, unprotected?)

An analysis should be balanced by one-sided trades in the Dodgers' favor. Yet I don't think of any offhand. Maybe I should. Seems like Pedro Guerrero came pretty cheap?

But I have the impression--right or wrong--that there are more one-sided ones where the Dodgers didn't do too well...???

2007-04-24 15:28:52
83.   Eric Enders
I was always a HUGE Jose Offerman fan. All the potshots taken at him on SportsCenter and elsewhere seemed to only increase my attachment to him. He ended up having a pretty good career, so give him some credit. He also had that one awesome season with the Royals that looks like it was stolen from Jackie Robinson's career line.

Brian Traxler was, if anything, a bigger favorite of mine. I saw him play a ton for San Antonio when the Dodgers had their AA team there. At the time, I was a short, fat, singles-hitting, left-handed first baseman, and so was Traxler. He became a favorite of mine and remains one to this day. I was always happy that he at least got one MLB hit -- if memory serves, he was 1-for-11 with a double.

2007-04-24 15:30:41
84.   Eric Enders
Incidentally, I always suspected that Jose Oferman (as he originally spelled it) changed his name to "Offerman" as a way of deflecting jeers. But it turned out hitting would never be his problem anyway.
2007-04-24 15:30:52
85.   Dodgers49
Meanwhile... with Las Vegas today Abreu went 4 for 5 while playing 2nd base and is batting . 409.
2007-04-24 15:36:57
86.   Xeifrank
81. Morris is not that tough, but Derek Lowe is, especially at home. DodgerSims has the Dodgers win expectancy at 64% for this game. A virtual lock, only question will be, how many objects will be thrown at the Giants LFer. vr, Xei
2007-04-24 15:53:01
87.   Faramond
81 -- Of course Matt Morris could pitch a good game against the Dodgers. He's pitched two good games against the Padres so far, after all.

But I look at the numbers and it's clear to me something happened to Morris after 2002. His strikeout rate went way down and his HR allowed went up. The one thing he did a bit after 2002 was to allow marginally fewer walks, but he regressed there too last year, and he's kept up the high walk rate into this year with 10 already, including 4 in each Padre game. Those walks didn't burn him in those games, but it's just a matter of time. I truly think his 2 ERA is a mirage.

Lowe was in the top 20% of starters last year, right? I believe someone posted that, maybe even Jon when there was talk about #1 starters and the Dodgers not having any. Lowe is better than Morris, and the Giants have more holes in their lineup than the Dodgers. Dodgers really should win, but of course ... anything can happen.

2007-04-24 15:53:19
88.   Jon Weisman
Betemit, Ethier, Nomar back in the starting lineup.
2007-04-24 15:55:01
89.   ToyCannon
Well the powerhouse 70 teams were built on Dodger favored deals for Reggie Smith, Burt Hooten, Tim Leary, Jerry Ruess, Jimmy Wynn, Mike Marshall(the pitcher).
2007-04-24 15:55:32
90.   Jon Weisman
Tony Jackson has some good early afternoon notes:

2007-04-24 15:55:51
91.   natepurcell
is there a transcript of the watson chat? thanks?

oh and today is the opening day of the first In-n-Out in Tucson. Apparently lines during lunched were backed up about 2 hours!

2007-04-24 15:59:15
92.   underdog
91 I just looked for it, and didn't see one up yet. It says "check back later for transcript" on the site. So presumably tonight... (since the "transcript" is already written!)
2007-04-24 15:59:28
93.   natepurcell
kershaw starts pretty soon!
2007-04-24 16:06:38
94.   robohobo
Has Matt Morris shaved his beard (his MLB photo shows him sans beard)? If so, what does that mean for the teams that face him?
2007-04-24 16:12:49
95.   natepurcell
first inning

fb readings around 94, 1-2 FO to left field

2-2 fb outside corner K

3-2 FO to right field foul ground

announcer said he threw a couple of change ups in there as well, which is nice to see.

2007-04-24 16:13:06
96.   Bluebleeder87

are you really surprised nate?

2007-04-24 16:13:28
97.   Humma Kavula
3 up, 3 down, including a K, for Kershaw in the first!
2007-04-24 16:14:15
98.   Humma Kavula
Too late and not enough information. I'll shut up now.
2007-04-24 16:16:41
99.   twerp
78. LAT--"I just sent an email with Bret Tomko's name in it. Spellcheck picked it up as "Bret Tomcod." This struck me as funny. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming."

Spellcheck insisted on changing the name Connie to "Cone" in an e-mail I sent.

"Cone" failed to see the humor in this. Puzzling...

"Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming."

2007-04-24 16:16:54
100.   Bluebleeder87
I just read Tony Jackson blog & this 0.79 ERA. just screams out I'm ready, but I'm sure in do time he'll get his chance this season.
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2007-04-24 16:18:39
101.   natepurcell

Meloans 18-0 k-bb ratio in 11.1IP screams out "move me up or feel my wrath."

2007-04-24 16:18:40
102.   Eric Enders
100 I just read Tony Jackson's blog and it seems like he has Angels prospects on the brain.
2007-04-24 16:18:57
103.   Bluebleeder87

I asked 2 question & don't know if they got answered but I know ToyCannon had atleast 2 answered questions for sure.

2007-04-24 16:21:19
104.   Humma Kavula
Nate, who's this Trumbo character?
2007-04-24 16:21:44
105.   Bluebleeder87

those #'s don't hurt his cause either. :o)

2007-04-24 16:21:56
106.   trainwreck
In-N-Out is good, but it is not 2 hour wait good.
2007-04-24 16:24:00
107.   Eric Enders
71 "We let Vlad go the first time, then signed Wilton to try to make up for it."

The sequence of events was actually the other way around. Remember, Wilton was the older brother. His kid brother wanted to sign with the Dodgers too, but the scouts thought he was too scrawny and would never develop into anything. Or so the story goes.

Wilton: October 8, 1991 - Signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers as an amateur free agent.
Vladimir: March 1, 1993 - Signed by the Montreal Expos as an amateur free agent.

(per BB-Ref)

2007-04-24 16:24:54
108.   still bevens
We had an In-N-Out truck come to our office today for employee appreciation week. Needless to say I think I've had 2-3 days worth of caloric and saturated fat intake. =\
2007-04-24 16:26:21
109.   natepurcell
2nd inning

2-1 fb homerun over right center wall to Mark Trumbo

0-2 check swing K

2-2 swing and miss on a change up K

3-2 ball 4 up and in (in the hole 0-2 also)

1-2 swing and miss on fb K

stat line so far..

2IP 1H 1ER 1bb 4k 1hr

2007-04-24 16:27:26
110.   natepurcell
Nate, who's this Trumbo character?

hes a local kid drafted in the late rounds of the 2004 draft by the angels and they bought him out of his scholarship to USC i think. He has big timr power potential as a hitter but has struggled so far.

2007-04-24 16:28:34
111.   Eric Enders
110 If things don't work out for him in baseball, he could always write screenplays until HUAC comes calling.
2007-04-24 16:29:17
112.   Humma Kavula
110 What do I read into the fact that he was in professional ball in 2005 and is, in 2007, at the same level as Kershaw? Does that mean anything?
2007-04-24 16:29:57
113.   Humma Kavula
111 I did use the word "character" on purpose...
2007-04-24 16:32:02
114.   natepurcell

it means he hasnt developed the way the angels thought he would when they gave him all that bonus money.

2007-04-24 16:32:23
115.   CanuckDodger
Nobody's talking about Greg Miller being used in relief yesterday in a 51's game? He gave up 4 walks in two-thirds of an inning, which of course sucks, but just the fact he was brought in in relief is the significant point, especially after he had a no-hitter through six innings in his last start (and only two walks). I think the Dodgers must be wondering about bringing Miller up to the big club and putting him in the bullpen, so last night was a test to see how Miller would fare in relief and pitching on less than four days rest. Perhaps the Dodgers are thinking of making that move at the same time they are contemplating sending Billingsley down to start games in Vegas, so effectively Miller and Billingsley would be changing places. But now Miller being terrible last night might have ruined those plans. The Dodgers can't get it through their skulls that they are screwing up starting pitching prospects by trying to make them relievers. Not every pitcher can pitch effectively on short rest, like a reliever has to.
2007-04-24 16:32:30
116.   Jon Weisman
107 - Wow, you're right. Stupidnous.
2007-04-24 16:37:00
117.   Andrew Shimmin
There's a movie coming out about the other Trumbo. Written by the son of the other Trumbo.

2007-04-24 16:38:30
118.   ssjames
115 Exactly what I thought when I saw that. Greg Miller is a starter, if he really has regained his control as a starter, he will soon force his way in the Dodgers' rotation. Replacing either Tomko or Hendrickson when they plummet back to Earth. Enough with trying to make the kid a reliever, it just won't work. Having Billingsley in the pen is bad enough.

I think that the real problem with why this is happening is that Broxton is such a good reliever now. But there had always been rumors he would wind up as a reliever. Both Billingsley and Miller are starters, leave them there and don't mess it up.

2007-04-24 16:39:05
119.   CanuckDodger
107 -- Too scrawny? I heard Vlad Guerrero was considered too dumpy for the Dodgers' liking.
2007-04-24 16:40:52
120.   Humma Kavula
117 Perhaps they should call the movie "The Other Trumbo." And when people are confused, the filmmakers can say, "Well, you know, it's about Dalton, not the struggling Angels prospect who seems stuck in Iowa."
2007-04-24 16:40:55
121.   Andrew Shimmin
Hmm. IMDB's recommendation engine is interesting. I'm sure some people who like the Trumbo movie will also like "CandyGirl Video: Classic Upskirts," because, well, who wouldn't? But it's sort of a shot in the dark, no? It's not like there aren't five other movies about what an irredeemable monster McCarthy was.
2007-04-24 16:41:02
122.   natepurcell
3rd inning

0-2 fb swing and miss 94mph K

0-2 fb swing and miss K

0-1 blooper to RF sibgle

0-1 gb single to LF

3-2 swing and miss in the dirt K

current statline

3IP 3H 1ER 1bb 7K 1hr

2007-04-24 16:41:40
123.   natepurcell
okay i have more errands i have to run today, someone should take over the updates! bye until gametime!
2007-04-24 16:41:58
124.   Eric Enders
115 "The Dodgers can't get it through their skulls that they are screwing up starting pitching prospects by trying to make them relievers."

Yeah, they sure screwed up Gagne, Broxton, and Meloan.

I don't think you can blame the team for experimenting with which role a guy might fit best in. If anything, having prior experience in both starting and relief will probably benefit them in the long run. What reason do you have to believe that Miller will be "screwed up" by pitching in relief for a while (particularly considering his injury history)? That seems an awfully harsh conclusion to draw from two-thirds of an inning.

2007-04-24 16:44:29
125.   CanuckDodger
118 -- The Dodgers have this insane obsession with "versatilty" now. Billingsley and Miller coming out of the bullpen is just part of it. Loney's playing the outfield. So is LaRoche. Abreu is playing three different infield positions in Vegas. This is what happens when you construct your MLB roster in such a way that you block prospects nine ways from Sunday.
2007-04-24 16:45:49
126.   Jon Weisman
115 - Without disagreeing with your point - I worry about the Dodgers wasting their best starting pitching prospects, and still wonder about Broxton's role - isn't it too soon to conclude that they are "screwing up" Billingsley or Miller?
2007-04-24 16:50:11
127.   Jon Weisman
Wow - just heard about today's Angel game. Wild.
2007-04-24 16:56:04
128.   bhsportsguy
115 I went back and listened to the inning where Miller pitched and yesterday was his day to throw on the side so instead they used him in the game. He is not being moved out of the rotation.
2007-04-24 16:56:46
129.   Faramond
Regarding that Angel game, I'd like to see the win expectancy chart from that one --- also, will it be replayed on fox sports I wonder?
2007-04-24 16:57:44
130.   Humma Kavula
4th inning

2-2 fb K looking

first pitch foul out to right

2-2 inside corner K looking

4IP 3H 1ER 1BB 9K 1HR

2007-04-24 16:59:47
131.   CanuckDodger
124 -- Most MLB relievers start out as starters in the minors, and they are moved to the bullpen because they have a deficiency as a starter that won't hinder them as relievers. Gagne by his own admission says that as a starter he psyched himself out, because he had to think too much. Broxton showed a lack of stamina as a starter in the minors, with his stuff degrading as he tired after the first couple of innings of a game. Meloan has a maximum effort delivery. These guys are natural born relievers who were miscast in their original roles as starters.

As for Miller and Billingsley, there is no question of them having deficiencies as starters (Gurnick's idiotic insistence that Billingsley's delivery is maximum effort notwithstanding). They are in the bullpen because veterans making millions are blocking them in the major league rotation. No other reason. And you say Miller has only two-thirds of an inning in the bullpen, as if last year doesn't count, when Miller spent the whole season as a reliever and walked everybody in sight.

2007-04-24 16:59:53
132.   Jon Weisman
128 - New post will be coming up top.
2007-04-24 17:00:37
133.   Jon Weisman
132 - Um, that's for everyone, not just 128.
2007-04-24 17:01:09
134.   Humma Kavula
Apropos of nothing, I will point out that tonight is Firefighter Appreciation Night at Dow Field in Midland, Michigan.
2007-04-24 17:01:31
135.   Charenton
Dusty Baker for Tom Paciorek and Jerry Royster has to be considered one of those "Dodger favored deals" of the 1970s too. Who came over with Dusty in that trade? Was it in 1976 or 1977?
2007-04-24 17:06:49
136.   CanuckDodger
128 -- Miller's turn in the rotation is tomorrow, so he is going to start two days after relieving? Starters' between-starts-bullpen sessions are not nearly as instense as in-game relief appearances, otherwise starting pitchers as a matter of routine would be available for bullpen work in the middle of their off-days, even in the majors.
2007-04-24 17:15:17
137.   Jon Weisman
136 - "otherwise starting pitchers as a matter of routine would be available for bullpen work in the middle of their off-days, even in the majors."

There are some who wonder why there isn't more of that.

2007-04-24 17:22:32
138.   Andrew Shimmin
135- Ed Goodson. The trade was made on November 17, 1975.

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