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Be Gooder
2007-04-24 15:14
by Jon Weisman

Tonight, let me renew my sporadic plea to Dodger fans to be passionate for their team but sportsmanlike to Giant fans. No one should feel unsafe at the ballpark, no matter whom they root for.

* * *

Commenters have been tracking minor leaguer Clayton Kershaw's latest performance today. Through four innings, he had nine strikeouts.

* * *

In case people are wondering why I haven't written about the emergence of a tape recording of Sandy Koufax's first no-hitter, which has gotten a lot of attention this week, it's because I did four months ago.

* * *

New blog Dodgerama previews the Dodgers-Giants series.

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (333)
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2007-04-24 17:02:33
1.   GoBears
Interesting article about Sheffield. Well, not so much interesting as surprising:

2007-04-24 17:09:13
2.   Humma Kavula
Tenth K for Kershaw
2007-04-24 17:09:52
3.   Curtis Lowe
Thanks for the reminder, I was going to take all my supressed stress to tonights game to take out on an unsuspecting giants fan. Now I will expell all that aggression on a random passerby while enroute the ball game.
2007-04-24 17:11:24
4.   Humma Kavula
Continuing from the last thread: Kershaw's fifth inning.

1-2 K swing and a miss

2-2 gb to second

1-2 gb to third

2007-04-24 17:15:46
5.   Humma Kavula
Kershaw's line:

5IP 3H 1ER 1BB 10K 1HR

2007-04-24 17:17:46
6.   overkill94
5 Very encouraging

To harken back to the last thread, I'm not sure why, but Traxler's name really sticks out in my mind as a guy I remember from my childhood. I don't really have any memories to back it up, just that the name is engrained.

2007-04-24 17:22:32
7.   Humma Kavula
It should be noted here that either the line on the Loons site is wrong or the Loons announcer is wrong... he has been 1 behind the line for the past few innings.

6th inning:

0-2 K swing and a miss

2-2 curveball K swing and a miss this point, the announcer catches up and agrees -- 12Ks.

2-0 gb to 2nd

6IP 3H 1ER 1BB 12K 1HR

2007-04-24 17:22:58
8.   ssjames
Kerhsaw has K'd the first two hitters of the 6th.
2007-04-24 17:23:15
9.   Humma Kavula
That's a career high in Ks for Kershaw.
2007-04-24 17:26:00
10.   ssjames
He has K'd every hitter in the opposing lineup already tonight.
2007-04-24 17:27:11
11.   Bob Timmermann
Gameday has changed its color scheme in the play by play. Its using a black font on a white background.

That is if you are using the new style Gameday.

2007-04-24 17:31:49
12.   D4P
Are there still people to whom the new style Gameday is not dead...?
2007-04-24 17:32:06
13.   Humma Kavula
Kershaw is out now. That line is final.
2007-04-24 17:32:22
14.   Jacob L
If I might continue the Offerman chat from the last thread - I was at his ML debut and was pretty psyched when he homered.

My favorite Offerman moment, though, was when Tommy had him bunt ahead of the pitcher. That was awesome. I'll go on retrosheet and try to find the game.

2007-04-24 17:33:38
15.   Humma Kavula
Once he caught up with Kershaw's Ks, the Loons announcer has decided to just keep on going. He keeps saying "Thirteen strikeouts for Kershaw."
2007-04-24 17:35:54
16.   Eric Enders
15 He is also saying "seven innings." Are we sure Kershaw didn't pitch the 7th?
2007-04-24 17:35:58
17.   underdog
Wow, Kershaw. That home run was the only real blemish. Do y'all think he'll get bumped up a level this season?

Nice reminder above, btw, Jon. I hope people do have fun with the rivalry while remaining civil. Though you may be preaching to the choir here. The potential culprits are probably already there and drinking, but hopefully it'll be a fun, civil game in which the Giants are smacked.

2007-04-24 17:38:15
18.   tskent
This organization is on the right track. From owner to GM to coaches to scouts it doesn't get better than this.

I'm looking at a 15 year run with 13 playoff appearances, 7 pennants, and 4 rings....effective last season.

2007-04-24 17:38:45
19.   Humma Kavula
16 Yes. Sanfler pitched the 7th.
2007-04-24 17:40:42
20.   tskent
Be Gooder? For a guy that writes good articles and seems to always be gramatically correct... he sure butchered that one. Nobody's perfect I reckon.
2007-04-24 17:41:50
21.   GoBears
Oy vey.
2007-04-24 17:44:11
22.   Curtis Lowe
21- OI VAE!
2007-04-24 17:49:27
23.   dzzrtRatt
In response to CanuckDodger's posts on the last thread re: "blocking prospects," are there examples of teams deliberately handing starting jobs to caretakers while waiting for certain prospects to develop who are expected to take those jobs in a year or two? Is this a successful strategy, anywhere?

I'm referring specifically to your argument with the Dodgers' system teaching players new positions because there are good players with long and rich contracts "blocking" them at the positions they were drafted for.

Is that really an unusual practice? Isn't it more typical for teams to have prospects who are blocked by major league players? Isn't it sheer luck when a grizzled veteran fades just at the moment a shiny prospect is ready to take his place? Isn't the norm really the situation the Dodgers are in now, with prospects who might be ready when the players in front of them are still worth keeping?

Eventually the logjam breaks either via injury, or via a trade involving either the veteran or the prospect...or by one or the other player learning a new position. In fact, isn't the new-position option the best one to pursue if you have a lot of good prospects like the Dodgers have? You increase your ability to respond to more different situations that way.

To look at a specific case, I don't think Juan Pierre's contract will require Grady to play him if a bonafide better replacement should emerge from the farm system, like Kemp. Contract or no, if Pierre becomes expendable, he will be expended, maybe not for high value, but for something. But if Pierre produces, I'll be glad that the Dodgers tried to teach Kemp, Loney and whoever new positions so they could be in the same lineup.

The Dodgers' trade of Konerko stands out as the worst example of a "blocked" player being dumped in favor of a mediocre veteran. But for every Konerko/Karros situation, there are probably five situations in reverse, where a veteran was allowed to leave to make way for a prospect who couldn't cut it. How much better off would the Angels be now if they hadn't let Troy Glaus leave? At the time, not re-signing him was applauded. Dallas McPherson was ready. Except it didn't work out that way. While Glaus has had a series of good seasons with lots of home runs, the Angels have been playing banjo hitters at third base.

Anyway... just curious if Canuck or someone can enlighten me with facts on these points.

2007-04-24 17:50:32
24.   bhsportsguy
17 After his 2 IP debut where I think he was probably a little too pumped up, Clayton has pitched 16.2 innings with 8 hits, 6 walks and 26 strikeouts. He has allowed 2 earned runs in those outings.

I would let Nate and others more familiar chime in (but hey I can read Baseball America and John Sickels as well as they can) since they have 5 years before Kershaw even has to be protected on the 40 man roster, my hunch is that he stays at Great Lakes for the whole year.

I suppose if he just becomes a monster and he is truly dominant (4.3 K/BB ratio, 14 K/9 innings notwithstanding), he could go up to the California League.

He is 19, and though its possible that sometime while he is 20 he could be in Jacksonville, I just think they will be real cautious in his development.

2007-04-24 17:56:21
25.   Michaelpop
Having gone to a Giants/Dodgers game up in San Francisco last year and bracing for the worst from Giants fans and leaving mostly unscathed, save for some good old-fashioned ribbing from our section's usher and the group of 40+ year season-ticket holders in the row ahead of us, who maintained their dignity even though we were wailing on their team 10-0 in the 2nd inning, I sort of developed a weird respect for Giants fans, or at least, the ones I came into contact with. They're passionate and knowledgable and I admired how artfully they heckled our boys in blue without resorting to profanities. It made me want to be a better fan, really.

So tonight, as I attend my first game of the year, I will think of those Giants fans and how respectful they were to a couple of LA boys, and try to show that we can be just as hospitable. And just as brutal with our heckles. NO MERCY!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!

2007-04-24 18:02:13
26.   Linkmeister
I think "Be Gooder" could be an excellent name for a character in a "Dukes of Hazzard" remake.
2007-04-24 18:04:55
27.   regfairfield
Be more gooder.
2007-04-24 18:06:39
28.   overkill94
25 Eh, last year when I went to two of the last games of the year in SF, my dad and I got stuck in front of a loudmouth Giants fan who heckled us pretty annoyingly, at one point asking my dad and I if we were gay lovers (a SF resident asking that? really?) I'd venture to say that things are less violent in SF, but poor-tasted heckling goes both ways.
2007-04-24 18:13:10
29.   Icaros
Did someone hear a duck quacking?
2007-04-24 18:29:00
30.   trainwreck
Growing up a Dodger fan in the Bay Area is quite annoying. I could barely wear Dodger gear because I would get non-stop heckled. The only support I got was from Koreans who loved the Dodgers because of Chan Ho Park.
2007-04-24 18:29:21
31.   trainwreck
2007-04-24 18:33:41
32.   Dodgers49
For those who haven't checked, the De Jon Watson chat is now online at the Dodgers web site.

2007-04-24 18:35:58
33.   LAT
1. Who wrote that Sheffield article? The PR Dept for the publisher of his new book? Maybe his Mom? Hard to believe someone is still taking up the "he's misunderstood," "he's a victim" mantra. Even more absurd is the premise of the article that his character and dedication will lead him out of this slump or that he is a good guy who teammates like cause he hit the longest ball anyone ever saw in Cincinnati.

It fails to mention the threats, the cheating, the extortion, the breach of contract and that no one has ever been sorry to see him go.

2007-04-24 18:37:14
34.   CanuckDodger
Post #20 is interesting to me. The poster does not seem to understand that Jon was joking, but the interesting part for me is that I am not absolutely sure the poster isn't joking: is he pretending to not be hip to Jon's intentions, as his own joke, or is he really oblivious? The latter is probably the case, but I am being charitable in entertaining the former as a possibility.
2007-04-24 18:37:28
35.   Icaros

So often I felt like I was the only one, and I didn't know any Koreans who cared about baseball.

2007-04-24 18:40:08
36.   JoeyP
Cody Ross is really playing great for the Marlins. With all the spare parts and crappy veterans Ned collected, letting Ross go really was a dumb move considering the lack of CF depth in the organziation.

He essentially picked Repko over Ross.
Not smart in foresight.
Not smart in hindsight.
Just not smart.

2007-04-24 18:41:21
37.   D4P
Picking Pierre over Ross wasn't smart
2007-04-24 18:43:57
38.   JoeyP
Pierre over [insert] wasnt smart either.
2007-04-24 18:45:39
39.   Vishal
the big unit has just struck out the brothers giles in the first inning at arizona. he hit 94 on the tv gun, too, for what it's worth.
2007-04-24 18:46:14
40.   GoBears
33. I think the article is much more specific than that. It doesn't deny that he's a pill in public, or to management. It just tries to make the case (or really just report the observation) that he's popular among his peers. That whatever else you don't like about Sheffield, you shouldn't say that he's a bad teammate or a disruptive force in the clubhouse.

If nothing else, this puts yet another nail in the coffin of "character." And it highights the opposite sort of player, who is adored by fans and media, but is an extra-special jerk in the clubhouse. Garvey, anyone?

2007-04-24 18:49:45
41.   JoeyP
And it highights the opposite sort of player, who is adored by fans and media, but is an extra-special jerk in the clubhouse.

Phil Mickelson?

2007-04-24 18:53:40
42.   LAT
40. I have to run. But the thing about the article I found disagreeable was the writer was saying his teammates loved him and implied it was because of his personality but then quotes teammates who takled about how good a player he is. I think we all know he is good but that doesn't make him likable. But I have an admitted Shefiled blind spot so I'll leave it at that.
2007-04-24 18:55:29
43.   Bob Timmermann
I liked Sheffield when he was with the Dodgers. But my first "favorite" Dodger was Dick Allen (although he was called Richie then.)

The first major league game I attended was in Anaheim and it was Alex Johnson Bat Night.

I guess I was just an impressionable youth.

2007-04-24 18:55:42
44.   GoBears
41. Well, yeah, but other than maybe the Ryder Cup, there's no team in golf.

And I was only half-serious about Garvey. While I was crushed as a kid to find out that he wasn't an all-around superhero (egads- Sutton was right?!), I also don't think he was a destructive force - just sort of aloof. But what do I know?

Many of us have colleagues on both sides of this contrast. I have some with whom I get along very well on a social level, but who drive me absolutely insane in meetings, and others with whom I'd never want to share a meal, but whose contributions in meetings and other professional endeavors I value.

I'm pretty sure none of it matters for how well players perform on the field, but it's important also to recognize that character isn't just one thing.

2007-04-24 19:04:29
45.   godvls
43. I still have my bat from Alex Johnson Bat Night in Anaheim.
2007-04-24 19:06:07
46.   StolenMonkey86
38 - Matthews?
2007-04-24 19:08:11
47.   Bob Timmermann
But did you have one of the players take you out for ice cream afterwards?
2007-04-24 19:09:00
48.   Eric Enders
I think the Sheffield article and some of the incredulous reaction to it are good examples of one of the things that's wrong with baseball, which is a variant of the Madonna-Whore complex. Every player must be either (a) the embodiment of all that is pure and admirable, or (b) The biggest jerk who ever walked the face of the earth. Shades of gray are neither acknowledged nor tolerated. Baseball media tend to magnify this effect with their reporting, which seems to take for granted that baseball fans are not smart enough to understand complexities of personality.

I doubt Sheffield is either the angel the writer portrayed him as or the demon LAT perceives him to be.

2007-04-24 19:16:33
49.   natepurcell
martin needs to stop throwing it in CF.
2007-04-24 19:17:28
50.   Westernmost in Flavor
Long time lurker, first time poster.

IIRC, wasn't there a Sports Illustrated article during Sheffield's time with the Dodgers that essentially said he was a changed man after he got married (to a gospel singer I think)? That was what now, three teams ago where he wore out his welcome? Eventually, baseball writers are going to have to drop that, "he's a changed man" angle.

Sheffield is what he is: a great ballplayer who happens to be a jerk. Barry Bonds is the same way, but the Giants have (smartly?) isolated him and catered to his demeanor.

I would like to know, provided Sheffield gets elected to the Hall of Fame, what hat does he wear?

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-24 19:18:12
51.   Andrew Shimmin
34- The trouble with the charitable explanation is that the thing isn't funny. So, I'm not sure it makes a difference. I mean, it matters to the commenter whether he's, well, whatever, or just not funny. But there's no reason for it to matter to anybody else.

Vonnegut, peace be upon him, said "you are what you pretend to be." Stipulating to that, actual derangement is not substantively different from creating a deranged persona.

2007-04-24 19:18:12
52.   StolenMonkey86
49 - yeah, Pierre's not gonna catch it
2007-04-24 19:20:37
53.   StolenMonkey86
is it just me, or does Bonds seem to ground out to Kent a lot?
2007-04-24 19:21:39
54.   Bluebleeder87

i can't believe the coaching staff hasn't caught what Russell Martin is doing wrong & correcting it

2007-04-24 19:22:06
55.   Bob Timmermann
The HOF would decide what would be put on Sheffield's cap. Most likely, he would get a plaque where the cap wouldn't show a logo.

I should be getting Sheffield's book in the library soon and I'll review it on the Griddle.

2007-04-24 19:24:23
56.   Bob Timmermann

Don't most lefties who pull all the time ground out to second when they fail to put the ball in the air?

2007-04-24 19:25:23
57.   StolenMonkey86
Well yes, but it seems like he grounds out early a lot.
2007-04-24 19:25:49
58.   Westernmost in Flavor

Are there other players in the HOF whose hats don't have logos (apart from guys who played back before the hats were logo-ed)?

2007-04-24 19:26:00
59.   StolenMonkey86
54 - is his throw breaking like a cutter?
2007-04-24 19:28:24
60.   StolenMonkey86
I was thinking after Furcal's at bat, "good, wear down the opposing pitcher."

Watching Nomar and Pierre I thought, "bad! Wear down the opposing pitcher!"

2007-04-24 19:29:45
61.   Bob Timmermann
Jim Hunter has no logo on his cap:

2007-04-24 19:31:42
62.   Kingmans Performance


2007-04-24 19:33:16
63.   natepurcell
is his throw breaking like a cutter?

its sailing on him. going behind the runner and second basemen.

2007-04-24 19:33:36
64.   blue22
59 - The other's breaking towards firstbase like a tailing fastball.
2007-04-24 19:34:01
65.   Bluebleeder87

It could be one of 2 things IMO.

1) His elbow is flying of when he throws the ball.

2) He's looking @ Kent when he's throwing the ball. they tell you to throw the ball at the bag not @ who ever is gonna catch it. I could be wrong.JMO.

2007-04-24 19:34:36
66.   Terry A
A multi-colored beanie with a propeller would be fitting. A suitable fallback option would be a Brewers cap.

But I'll bet it would be the Marlins.

2007-04-24 19:36:34
67.   JoeyP
Possible Grabowksi principle in effect
2007-04-24 19:37:16
68.   Andrew Shimmin
That was a little bizarre. Do you think his back is sore?
2007-04-24 19:38:15
69.   StolenMonkey86
wow, Roberts swung at the first pitch after Lowe walked the pitcher.

Well, that could have been a lot worse

2007-04-24 19:38:32
70.   godvls
47. No way! Who was it? Roger Repoz? Andy Messersmith? Jim Fregosi? Sandy Alomar? Andy LaRoche's dad?
2007-04-24 19:38:40
71.   Gen3Blue
It was tough staying up till 10:30 on the east coast ust to see the beginning of the game, and Lowe is so bad early in the season one forgets how good he is later. And for the Giants to pay a Pitcher 10 mil, Matt Morris must be super steady. You can bet he won't be a Dreifort or Perez. So it looks like a bad night but I'll try to hang in a while.
Ahh- luck may keep me up a while longer, but could you get hit harder? I'm not sure I could.
2007-04-24 19:39:01
72.   Westernmost in Flavor

Thanks for the link. Looking through it trying to find other logo-less players, I came across Nolan Ryan with a Rangers cap.

Does anyone know if this was a request by Nolan that the Hall of Fame chose to honor? Personally, I think his time with the Angels or Astros was more indicative of his career.

2007-04-24 19:39:43
73.   JoeyP
69--both guys swung at the 1st pitch and made outs. Really really bad baseball.
2007-04-24 19:40:01
74.   blue22
66 - He played 4 full seasons and 2 partials with Florida, but really only one superstar season with them ('96). He did get the ring there.

LA was actually his stop that most combined tenure and consistent performance. I just don't see him wearing an LA cap though.

How about he just not make it altogether.

2007-04-24 19:40:09
75.   Westernmost in Flavor

If he gets a logo, my guess would be the Marlins too.

2007-04-24 19:40:29
76.   Andrew Shimmin
Vin keeps calling it a good catch. Did he really have to slide? It looked, to me, like he should have been able to catch it just by bending over. Did I miss something?
2007-04-24 19:42:38
77.   Bob Timmermann
Ryan was able to choose his own logo. The HOF stopped letting the players choose after Boggs made a deal with the D-Rays to have their logo on his plaque.

Hence, Dave Winfield had to be a Padre and Gary Carter had to be an Expo on their HOF plaque.

2007-04-24 19:43:09
78.   Marty
I heard a blurb on the radio about channel 7 doing a piece on people who impersonate other people on the internet, including having fake web sites, etc.

Should be interesting.

2007-04-24 19:43:29
79.   Bob Timmermann
I think Gonzalez may have slid to see the ball better because of the lights.

But that's just a guess.

2007-04-24 19:43:58
80.   Andrew Shimmin
How about he just not make it altogether


I think Eric Enders' point about heroes and heals is well made, but can't we start assessing shades of gray once Sheffield retires?

2007-04-24 19:45:59
81.   Icaros
Sheffield should request an LA cap so the Dodgers would be forced to retire his number (per franchise policy).

Does 31 get retired when Piazza gets in, even if he wears a Mets cap? How about a catcher's helmet turned backwards (no logo)?

2007-04-24 19:46:11
82.   trainwreck
Will Greg Brock show up?
2007-04-24 19:46:29
83.   Bluebleeder87
Going to yesterdays Dodger Insider preview of Campo Las Palmas, Luis Gonzalez & Rafael Furcal it's weird seeing guys you see on t.v. live. Sorrel (sp?) is the word that pops into my head.
2007-04-24 19:47:50
84.   Terry A
78 - And how do we know you're the real Marty?
2007-04-24 19:48:08
85.   blue22
81 - when Piazza gets in, even if he wears a Mets cap?

Oh boy, this argument again! I think he has to go in as a Dodger. I really, really, really think so.

2007-04-24 19:48:28
86.   Terry A
83 - Buddy Sorrel? Me, too!
2007-04-24 19:48:47
87.   Kingmans Performance
the Dodgers utilizing the 'Bonds Shift' in the infield when he bats, huh?
2007-04-24 19:51:46
88.   Westernmost in Flavor

He can have the Mets cap as long as his likeness on the plaque has the mustache and mullet combo from the LA days.

2007-04-24 19:52:09
89.   Bob Timmermann
But Piazza would always turn the helmet around when he came out for a conference. No matter how brief.

I wonder why Sheffield seems to have so much more animus directed at him than I think Darryl Strawberry ever did and I would say he's the only Dodger player I have actively disliked and I still actively dislike him and dislike him more than anyone else who has ever played baseball.

I dislike him in an actual sense, not in a Russ Ortiz/Frank Robinson way.

2007-04-24 19:52:14
90.   Gen3Blue
So what happened to O. Perez. I notice he has an ERA over 8 and like 28 hits in 16 innings this year.
2007-04-24 19:52:33
91.   Bluebleeder87
The HOF stopped letting the players choose after Boggs made a deal with the D-Rays to have their logo on his plaque.

it must have been a "sweet" deal.

2007-04-24 19:52:36
92.   Icaros

That's not the argument I'm bringing up. I'm not debating what team Piazza should go in under. I want to know about the Dodgers retiring his number.

2007-04-24 19:54:32
93.   Icaros
2007-04-24 19:55:46
94.   Gen3Blue
Morris throws mostly under 80, and he looks like he might win.
2007-04-24 19:57:02
95.   Andrew Shimmin
I hated Darryl Strawberry probably more than I disliked Sheffield. The punishment Darryl's inflicted on himself makes it seem like piling on to rehash, though. There was a time, in my youth, when I thought you could always tell who was the biggest jerk on the team by whether or not he played right field.
2007-04-24 19:57:20
96.   Gen3Blue
Bunting really seems to be a great strategy.
If you can throw an occasional ball over 80 you can win if you have brains.
2007-04-24 19:58:02
97.   trainwreck
I am going to be so happy when Vizquel is gone from the Giants.
2007-04-24 19:58:49
98.   Gen3Blue
Think Betemit was safe and some bad strike calls. But when you look like turks--your gonna get plucked.
2007-04-24 19:59:21
99.   Westernmost in Flavor

Do the Dodgers really have that policy? That's the first I've heard of it. Is Jim Gilliam the only exception then?

2007-04-24 20:01:05
100.   Bob Timmermann
Strawberry was like Stampy the Elephant. When he got to the game preserve, he kept trying to knock over the other elephants.

When Lisa Simpson asked why, the man running the preserve said, "Sometimes, some elephants are just jerks."

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-24 20:03:01
101.   D4P
Ugh. I just saw the first cockroach of 2007, on our front porch. Miserable Season in the South has officially begun.
2007-04-24 20:03:31
102.   Bob Timmermann
Gilliam's 19 is the only retired number from a non-HOFer.

However, there are lots of HOFers who played for the Dodgers who don't have retired numbers. It's a matter of how long the player was a Dodger.

It's not like Juan Marichal's number is retired. I doubt Greg Maddux will have a #40 hanging up in the pavilions later.

2007-04-24 20:03:50
103.   Bob Timmermann
Or whatever number Maddux wore with the Dodgers.
2007-04-24 20:04:33
104.   Westernmost in Flavor
I doubt Maddux will have a #40 hanging too. He wore 36 with the Dodgers. :)
2007-04-24 20:05:41
105.   Bob Timmermann
7 Ks for Johnson through five innings.

Arizona is down 6-3 however.

2007-04-24 20:05:55
106.   Westernmost in Flavor

Quick self-correction

2007-04-24 20:07:55
107.   trainwreck
Still a lot of empty seats at the game.
2007-04-24 20:08:11
108.   Gen3Blue
Morris is playing us like a violin. Unfortunately he is the kind of old pitcher I like.
2007-04-24 20:08:29
109.   Bluebleeder87

I remember that episode [chuckling]

2007-04-24 20:08:40
110.   Andrew Shimmin
I was at the game (I think it was opening day, 1993, but I could be wrong), when Darryl misplayed a flyball into the field level stands, and then blamed the fan who caught it. From the replay, it was clear Strawberry just failed to put his glove up; the guy hadn't interfered. The fan had garbage thrown on him, and got escorted out.
2007-04-24 20:08:58
111.   Bob Timmermann
Rank the six starting outfielders tonight by arm strength.

Someone has to be "first" don't they?

2007-04-24 20:12:42
112.   JoeyP
Dave Roberts no way.
2007-04-24 20:12:46
113.   D4P
Shockingly, Steiner had no idea that ball was gonna be a homerun
2007-04-24 20:13:02
114.   Westernmost in Flavor

1) Andre Ethier (left arm)
2) Andre Ethier (right arm)

Do they other ones matter?

2007-04-24 20:13:16
115.   Bob Timmermann
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.
2007-04-24 20:14:16
116.   Andrew Shimmin
Go ahead and hit Bonds. Might as well.
2007-04-24 20:14:27
117.   Kingmans Performance
anyone get the feeling this game has gotten out reach for Dodge?

Morris is mowing down the boys like dry grass.


2007-04-24 20:16:00
118.   regfairfield
It's hard to throw in the towel when Matt Morris only has a three run lead.
2007-04-24 20:16:38
119.   Bluebleeder87
This game is still with in reach I just hope Lowe doesn't give up a bomb to Bonds [crossing fingers]
2007-04-24 20:16:59
120.   trainwreck
Feel same way about Laker game.
2007-04-24 20:17:44
121.   D4P
Why walk Bonds when you can bean him instead...?
2007-04-24 20:18:02
122.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Morris has an ERA under 3.00 though.
2007-04-24 20:18:24
123.   Bluebleeder87

Matt Morris doesn't scare me like Barry Zito scares me or Matt Cain when he's throwing his A game.

2007-04-24 20:18:26
124.   JoeyP
Phoenix is really really good.
THe Lakers arent.
2007-04-24 20:18:34
125.   Gen3Blue
I'm afraid this team is a streaky team like last year that can look great and then look like the three stooges. Lowe and Martin(who I admire a great deal for the long run) do a great Larry and Curly some nights.
2007-04-24 20:18:51
126.   Kingmans Performance
look out Johnny!!!
2007-04-24 20:19:01
127.   Westernmost in Flavor

I'd take some unearned runs

2007-04-24 20:19:17
128.   Bluebleeder87

exactly, you save a couple of pitches that way. :o)

2007-04-24 20:19:42
129.   regfairfield
122 A highly sustainable one at that.
2007-04-24 20:20:58
130.   D4P
exactly, you save a couple of pitches that way

And the bean doesn't count against your WHIP

2007-04-24 20:23:56
131.   Westernmost in Flavor

And the retaliation would give the Dodgers some baserunners

2007-04-24 20:25:56
132.   D4P
It's a no-brainer
2007-04-24 20:27:06
133.   D4P
2007-04-24 20:27:20
134.   Westernmost in Flavor

Just make sure Jeff Kent is still wearing the older model helmet

2007-04-24 20:29:27
135.   Daniel Zappala
Do the Lakers really have a lineup of Odom, Cook, Farmar, Vujacic, and Williams on the floor? Or is the box score broken?
2007-04-24 20:32:37
136.   JoeyP
Phoenix 55
Lakers 34

Still 5 minutes left in the 2nd.

I hope this is Phil's last road game he coaches for the Lakers.

2007-04-24 20:32:59
137.   Westernmost in Flavor

Kobe is in now. Phoenix has Diaw, Stoudemire, Nash, Marion, and Barbosa. Not exactly a recipe for success.

2007-04-24 20:33:10
138.   trainwreck
Kobe is now in. Not like it matters.

I hate Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak.

2007-04-24 20:33:54
139.   Westernmost in Flavor

...for the Lakers, of course

2007-04-24 20:34:37
140.   underdog
Lakers, Dodgers...Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

If the score for tonight's game continues, I'll then have to enjoy my overly cocky Giants fan co-worker give me shit about the game, and talk about how great the Giants are doing now. Giants fans are notoriously overly cocky and overly morose depending on the situation - their team is either horrible and should be embarrassed, or the best team in baseball. So I can't wait hear the perspective tomorrow.

And yes, Daniel, that is the line-up for the Lakers at the moment. I don't have much confidence in that group, except for Odom.

Good thing I don't also work with a Suns fan.

2007-04-24 20:35:47
141.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Kent switched to the old style helmet last year after he got hit in the head. He said he'd rather trust his head to a helmet he was familiar with.
2007-04-24 20:35:58
142.   StolenMonkey86
Yay, Russ threw a strike.
2007-04-24 20:36:03
143.   underdog
Oops, I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to cuss there. :-( Here, I'll repost that Jon and you can cut #140 out. (I've been reading Bronx Banter too much.)

Lakers, Dodgers...Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

If the score for tonight's game continues, I'll then have to enjoy my overly cocky Giants fan co-worker give me a hard time about the game, and talk about how great the Giants are doing now. Giants fans are notoriously overly cocky and overly morose depending on the situation - their team is either horrible and should be embarrassed, or the best team in baseball. So I can't wait hear the perspective tomorrow.

And yes, Daniel, that is the line-up for the Lakers at the moment. I don't have much confidence in that group, except for Odom.

Good thing I don't also work with a Suns fan.

2007-04-24 20:36:48
144.   JoeyP
138-- I think Phil Jackson's the highest paid coach in the NBA..Something like 3/30 mil contract he signed.

His triangle system, and Kupchak's adherence to drafting those type of system players instead of athletes..haa made the Lakers not only a medicore team, but a team that isnt very fun to watch.

Phoenix is just slicing up a slow unathletic Laker team on the offensive end.

2007-04-24 20:37:10
145.   Bluebleeder87
thats the Martin that can throw out 50% of the wanna be base stealer's.
2007-04-24 20:37:26
146.   Westernmost in Flavor

Or a San Jose SaberCats fan (I assume).

2007-04-24 20:37:38
147.   Daniel Zappala
The Suns got lucky with both Diaw and Barbosa. But still, the Lakers have got to somehow get some better players. They should probably have tanked the past two seasons. Right now they're stuck in limbo and wasting Kobe.
2007-04-24 20:38:21
148.   underdog
Derek, what was that? A balk with the pitcher at first? Nice.
2007-04-24 20:38:59
149.   StolenMonkey86
no balk will ever be as awesome as Hendrickson's last year
2007-04-24 20:39:10
150.   trainwreck
Jim Buss has been the one drafting players last couple of ye. I would disagree that they are players that fit the triangle, they are just bad players. Lakers keep getting role player after role player.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-24 20:39:15
151.   StolenMonkey86
even if Lowe is 6-6
2007-04-24 20:39:34
152.   underdog
146 Why, did the Sabercats beat the LA team tonight? I don't follow the AFL, but if I did, I'm sure my team would lose tonight.
2007-04-24 20:39:43
153.   D4P
Right now they're stuck in limbo and wasting Kobe

But isn't Kobe at least partially to blame for the limbo? Everything that has happened since Buss gave Kobe the big bucks has been predictable.

2007-04-24 20:39:59
154.   Gen3Blue
123 Matt Morris scares me a lot more than Cain or Zito. I got this way watching Maddox last year, and thank god Maddux is getting old.( is it Maddox or Maddux). My thoughts on pitching are undergoing a troubling transition, and I am not sure where it leads.
2007-04-24 20:40:53
155.   Westernmost in Flavor

It was over the weekend.

2007-04-24 20:40:55
156.   StolenMonkey86
I'm thinking Randy Johnson wasn't the best idea for my fantasy team's rotation
2007-04-24 20:41:05
157.   Icaros
Who can LA get from the Yankees for Derek Lowe?
2007-04-24 20:41:10
158.   JoeyP
147- Kupchak drafted Cook ahead of Barbosa, and a year earlier drafted essentially Kareem Rush ahead of Tayshaun Prince.

Throw in the horrid Butler for Kwame deal, and the team just doesnt have it. Bringing in Phil's done nothing but dig into the pockets for the Buss's whom dont want to go over the luxury tax as is.

2007-04-24 20:42:35
159.   underdog
The problem with the Lakers, too, the last few years is that they make the playoffs, don't draft very high (certainly not in the lottery) and so they don't get a real blue chip player. Just some decent ones. They have an all-world player in Kobe, a potential all-star in Lamar Odom (or at least a good balanced player), some good players and not enough to get far. They need a lottery player or to sign or trade for a n all-star player who compliments the team.
2007-04-24 20:43:26
160.   StolenMonkey86
157 - anyone from Arod to Minky, closer to the Minky side with Mr. Ned at the helm
2007-04-24 20:43:48
161.   Westernmost in Flavor

I just hope you aren't a Strike Team fan. Vic Mackey is the one good TV option remaining tonight.

2007-04-24 20:44:05
162.   trainwreck
That was 4 years ago, when the Lakers were still good.
2007-04-24 20:44:09
163.   Bluebleeder87

it was so awesome they even made a youtube of it.

2007-04-24 20:44:48
164.   underdog
Lowe's been one of the most consistent pitchers in baseball over the last few years. I wouldn't be trading him away just based on a couple of subpar games. (Unless we're making an A-Rod trade)
2007-04-24 20:45:06
165.   trainwreck
I am big Odom fan, but I can no longer pretend that he can be a second option on this team. It is never going to happen.
2007-04-24 20:45:55
166.   Albruin
The Lakers have been sunk ever since they turned down the straight-up trade for Shaq from the Mavericks with Nash and Antawn Jamison, plus Dampier. They basically turned it down and traded Shaq for Lamar Odom. Great move.
2007-04-24 20:46:03
167.   trainwreck
The real dumb thing is that the Lakers already extended Cook.
2007-04-24 20:46:17
168.   underdog
Argh. Hitting the ball on the nose - even Pierre ripped it - but right at people. "Hit 'em where they 'aint."
2007-04-24 20:46:41
169.   StolenMonkey86
164 - I don't think we're gonna trade Dereks.

You think Damon has a better arm than Pierre?

2007-04-24 20:46:47
170.   D4P
Nomar may have that annoying batting glove adjustment tick, but at least he doesn't see many pitches
2007-04-24 20:47:28
171.   trainwreck
Yes! Thank you! I have always said the Lakers blew it by not trading Shaq for the best deal possible. I could care less if Shaq was in the Western Conference.
2007-04-24 20:47:40
172.   StolenMonkey86
2 veteran leadership first pitch outs
2007-04-24 20:48:23
173.   Gen3Blue
First ball hitting doesn't seem to work. My thought on pitching are getting darker and more firm.
2007-04-24 20:49:46
174.   D4P
They basically turned it down and traded Shaq for Lamar Odom

If only it were that good. But it weren't: they also got saddled with Brian Grant's contract.

2007-04-24 20:52:30
175.   Bluebleeder87
You think Damon has a better arm than Pierre?

I don't know but that made me chuckle.

2007-04-24 20:53:40
176.   Westernmost in Flavor

They also compounded how bad a trade it was by giving up Butler for Kwame.

2007-04-24 20:54:19
177.   Albruin
True True. So they basically traded Shaq and cash for Lamar. I personally think that the Lakers should trade for KG, even if it only creates the pretense of a title contender, like Denver and AI this season. Otherwise we'll be a perennial 7th or 8th seed for the next few years. I'm loving the Warriors this playoff season. (Two Bruin players + a fun team to watch) Chance for a massive upset = A bandwagon jump.
2007-04-24 20:55:11
178.   D4P
When center fielder Juan Pierre got off to a slow start this season, there weren't too many people in his corner.

Fans were getting a little edgy, thinking the five-year, $44 million contract the Dodgers gave Pierre could've been used for the big bat the team lacks.

Since that time, however, Pierre has bounced back, putting the skeptics to rest and putting his bat to use.

"Absolutely not, I haven't changed a thing," said Pierre, after being asked if he had been doing anything different in the past week. "I've been a little more aggressive going after pitches earlier in the count, but other than that I think the ball is just finding some holes."

2007-04-24 20:56:53
179.   trainwreck
Lakers need to blow the team up and really rebuild.
2007-04-24 20:58:20
180.   Icaros

Your mind reading is a little off. I'm basing my desire to trade Lowe on his current value (at its peak) and his emotional ties to the ESPN feud, which could result in a good deal from the Yankees.

I've read that NY has built up a good farm system recently, and I would love to steal some of their eggs.

2007-04-24 20:59:05
181.   JoeyP
177--The Warriors have alot of young athletic scorers that play entertaining basketball. Monte Ellis has to be the most improved player in the league. 2nd rounder, 2nd year in the league, right out of high school--he's been great for them.
2007-04-24 20:59:22
182.   Gen3Blue
Do we have to swing at the first pitch.
2007-04-24 20:59:28
183.   D4P
If the Lakers could get good players in exchange for Kobe, they should go for it.
2007-04-24 21:00:45
184.   Daniel Zappala
179 Agreed. That's what I would do. Stockpile as many young athletes and draft picks as possible. Get rid of Phil and find a different coaching style.
2007-04-24 21:00:48
185.   Westernmost in Flavor

We don't do that Oakland thing

2007-04-24 21:01:00
186.   trainwreck
Lakers should also just forget about the mid-level exception because they just end up hurting us. Last two years wasted it on McKie and Radmonovic.
2007-04-24 21:01:12
187.   Daniel Zappala
No no, trade anyone but Kobe.
2007-04-24 21:01:27
188.   StolenMonkey86
182 - Betemit said yes
2007-04-24 21:01:53
189.   Frip
When he's tired of pitching he will fall to sleep and breath so lowe.
2007-04-24 21:02:49
190.   StolenMonkey86
who pitches the 8th?
2007-04-24 21:05:21
191.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers aren't even doing the Anaheim thing.
2007-04-24 21:06:11
192.   natepurcell
I've read that NY has built up a good farm system recently, and I would love to steal some of their eggs.

their system isnt amazing, its pretty top heavy with hughes and tabata leading the charge. they have alot of intriging arms outside of hughes with maybe Betances reaching hughes status in 3years or so.

2007-04-24 21:06:17
193.   Bluebleeder87
well Bengi is a good candidate to get a DP out of.
2007-04-24 21:07:06
194.   JoeyP
Keep Kobe, Turiaf, Farmer, and Evans.
Dump everyone else.
2007-04-24 21:09:15
195.   bhsportsguy
First off, the NBA just does not work that way, you have to match salaries.

I have said this before but it is the most difficult league to come back from.

The Lakers were fortunate in 1996 to be in a position to sign Shaq and trade Vlade for Kobe. Normally you cannot do that.

Think about it, the teams that are doing well had to really crash and burn and not just for one year.

The Bulls have not sniffed the Finals since Jordan, Pippen and Phil left in 9 years ago.

It took Detroit 13 years to come back.

San Antonio needed a few No. 1 picks to get Robinson and Duncan.

Boston, Philly, Houston, we are still waiting.

The Lakes won their titles for the decade and they may not win another until a whole new team gets here. But it won't due to trading Kobe because those deals just are not made in NBA.

2007-04-24 21:09:40
196.   D4P
Keep Walton, Turiaf, Farmar, Evans, and Bynum. For the bench. Get five new starters.
2007-04-24 21:09:51
197.   Icaros

Hmm...I want position prospects, especially outfielders. Maybe some other team, then.

2007-04-24 21:09:52
198.   natepurcell

I dont understand your infatuation with Turiaf.

2007-04-24 21:10:07
199.   Westernmost in Flavor

I don't think you want to give up on Bynum yet.

2007-04-24 21:11:39
200.   D4P
Why would a very slow runner try to score on a groundball to shortstop...?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-24 21:12:04
201.   JoeyP
194- His low salary is a big part of his usefullness.

78-51, this is an embarrassing playoff game.

2007-04-24 21:12:16
202.   underdog
I'm sorry, I know Beimel's been good and all and isn't strictly a LOOGY, but why was he brought in to pitch to an all-righty line-up (to start the inning)? Was Broxton tired, or does he not come in if they're losing? I would've brought in Billingsley first and then Beimel. But whatever.
2007-04-24 21:13:32
203.   Bob Timmermann
Comic effect?
2007-04-24 21:13:36
204.   underdog
Hey, 10 more 3 pointers like that and they're in business!
2007-04-24 21:13:46
205.   Gen3Blue
Its great seeing that nobody is going to get to the plate while Martin is there.
However, its not great seeing that if someone throws a slow fat looking pitch, no D's hitter can hold off until he gets a pitch he can handle. Its good night fron the east coast.
2007-04-24 21:14:11
206.   JoeyP
Well that was meant for 198-

Bynum will never be a legit star, but he still has that 'potential' tag--so I'd deal him for someone that loves 'potential'.

Farmer I think will make a good backup PG.

2007-04-24 21:14:21
207.   underdog
Farmar's fun to watch, if nothing else.
2007-04-24 21:14:31
208.   natepurcell

well Tabata is an OF who is only 18 and in the FSL. He projects to be pretty darn good. If the yanks want to build a package around tabata plus two arms i would be willing to listen.

2007-04-24 21:14:41
209.   Icaros
I know, Turiaf can't even play as much as Phil wants him to (in the slow-paced triangle) because of a chronic hip ailment. Now he's going to run-and-gun full time?
2007-04-24 21:14:56
210.   trainwreck
If Lakers want any good players they would have to trade Bynum.
2007-04-24 21:15:24
211.   D4P
Comic effect?

To make it even funnier, Martin should have kicked him in the groin. There's nothing funnier than a groin strike.

2007-04-24 21:15:33
212.   Bluebleeder87
Was Broxton tired

they had a day off yesterday so I doubt it, if anything we're getting the loss out of the way early & we'll win the next 2.

2007-04-24 21:16:41
213.   trainwreck
Cashman has said Hughes and Tabata are pretty much off limits.
2007-04-24 21:18:28
214.   Westernmost in Flavor

But what does the Boss say? If the Yanks get swept again this weekend, they could go into full panic mode.

2007-04-24 21:18:31
215.   Bob Timmermann
This is a baseball game, not "America's Funniest Home Videos."

If Vin Scully signs off and Tom Bergeron walks on, then I'm giving up baseball.

2007-04-24 21:18:37
216.   Icaros

Intriguing. Good outfielder with strong arm or Manny? Power, too, of course, yes?

What two pitchers do you want?

2007-04-24 21:18:43
217.   Bluebleeder87

i'm still keeping my fingers crossed hoping we can pull off the win though. One more thing Matt Morris face annoys me right now maybe it's because his winning by being "a crafty veteran"

2007-04-24 21:20:17
218.   D4P
Charlie got very excited about that groundout to shortstop
2007-04-24 21:20:30
219.   underdog
Well if we can't win maybe we can at least get Vizquel's arm to come off.
2007-04-24 21:22:45
220.   Icaros

By the way, I've noticed that Steiner is a lot more subdued on his every-flyball-is-a-home-run this season.

I think someone may have mentioned it to him.

2007-04-24 21:24:29
221.   Bob Timmermann
Back in 2004, Morris beat the Dodgers with a 2-hitter and I believe Peter Gammons wrote about how Morris used his veteran guile to beat the young Dodger hitters.

Among the Dodger starters for that game were fresh-faced rookies like Shawn Green, Robin Ventura, Adrian Beltre, Steve Finley, Alex Cora, and Brent Mayne.

2007-04-24 21:24:57
222.   blue22
The Lakers apparent reluctance to give up Bynum for a shot at Garnett or Kidd is maddening. They just don't seem to know what they want this team to be.
2007-04-24 21:26:12
223.   D4P
Morris' Quality Start is in jeopardy
2007-04-24 21:26:33
224.   natepurcell
Hes only 18 so projecting power is tricky but i think it will be there.

this is what goldstein had to say about tabata...

the Good: Plus hitting skills and a mature approach well beyond his years. With outstanding bat speed and excellent hand/eye coordination, Tabata projects through the roof offensively based on what he's already been able to do at such a young age. He's a tick-above-average runner and a solid outfielder with a good arm.
The Bad: While nobody questions Tabata's ability to hit for average down the road, his power projection is a matter of some debate. Some feel that his pure hitting skills are enough to project for plus power, with others are concerned that his smallish frame will limit him to no more than 15-20 home runs annually.
The Irrelevant: In 2006, Tabata hit .261 with the bases empty, and .331 with runners on base.
In A Perfect World, He Becomes: A star corner outfielder, but whether he competes for batting titles or slugging titles is still up in the air.
Gap Between What He Is Now, And What He Can Be: High. Tabata will begin the season in the High-A Florida State League as an 18-year-old. There's no reason to rush him.

Id probably ask for chase wright and George Kontos to go along with Tabata.

2007-04-24 21:28:37
225.   Albruin
Ah... YES!! Jeff Kent comes through. Let's keep it going.
2007-04-24 21:28:44
226.   natepurcell
but theres no way Colletti trades Lowe for prospects.
2007-04-24 21:29:49
227.   Bob Timmermann
Someone needs to tell Vin Scully that correlation does not mean causation in the case of Juan Pierre.
2007-04-24 21:30:03
228.   Frip
Hennesy is from Toledo. So am I. I must try and root against him. Must...try!
2007-04-24 21:30:21
229.   trainwreck
Kobe looks like he wants to kill someone.
2007-04-24 21:31:59
230.   Westernmost in Flavor

I think there is a huge difference between giving up Bynum for Garnett, who doesn't really seem to be available despite all the rumors, and Kidd, who is in the twilight of his career. I'm not sure how much of an impact Kidd can have in his last few years in the league on this Lakers team. If the Lakers could land Garnett for Bynum/Odom package, you'd have to make that deal. I'm just not sure how realistic that is though.

2007-04-24 21:32:00
231.   Marty
Why would you not hit Saenz?
2007-04-24 21:32:08
232.   Icaros
224 226

Thanks, and I know.

2007-04-24 21:32:12
233.   D4P
Let's see if the Veteran LuGo sacrifices his stats for a run-scoring grounder
2007-04-24 21:32:14
234.   natepurcell
that was horrible, are you kidding?
2007-04-24 21:32:31
235.   Albruin
Darn. Darn. Darn. Darn. Not even a sac fly.
2007-04-24 21:32:53
236.   natepurcell
Why would you not hit Saenz?

i agree, that was a perfect position to PH tomoato and have clark take over in LF.

2007-04-24 21:33:40
237.   D4P
LuGo no like be pinch-hit for. Make LuGo mad. MAD!
2007-04-24 21:33:47
238.   Frip
That made me not like Gonzales so much. Can't wait till he does well enough where he's off the like/hate tightrope.
2007-04-24 21:34:06
239.   MMSMikey
shades of eddie murray
2007-04-24 21:36:26
240.   Bob Timmermann
If you hit for Gonzalez there, you are left with one really ticked off starting left fielder who wonders why he's getting pulled in an early season game because you don't think he can hit Jack Taschner. JACK TASCHNER!

And you would also burn two players (Gonzalez and Saenz). You would need to have Saenz be hitting .800 in that situation.

2007-04-24 21:36:47
241.   underdog
The pleasure of watching the game on the Giants network is that you get to see that double play replayed a hundred times in slo-motion, sort of like when "Buckwheat was shot" in that famous Eddie Murphy SNL skit. The Giants announcers drool over Vizquel on a daily basis.
2007-04-24 21:37:13
242.   blue22
230 - I'd take my chances for the next two years with Kobe, Kidd, and Lamar. They'd be a little light up front, but certainly more competitive than they are right now.
2007-04-24 21:38:02
243.   trainwreck
Plus shots of Paris Hilton.
2007-04-24 21:38:20
244.   D4P
Cody Ross and Jose Cruz Jr. each have 3 homeruns this year, which would tie them for the Dodger team lead
2007-04-24 21:38:55
245.   blue22
230 - And I'd trade anyone (save for Kobe) they wanted for KG.
2007-04-24 21:39:11
246.   Marty
Well, the good news is I have an incredible corned-beef brisket that's been cooking all day. Making the gravy, with a good wine to drink....softens the bad Dodger play very well.
2007-04-24 21:39:30
247.   Bob Timmermann
If you want to go by the small sample size of this season, Gonzalez is hitting better against lefties than righties. Gonzalez has an OPS over 1.000 against lefties so far this year.
2007-04-24 21:39:59
248.   underdog
Will we see Benitez or Blownitez?
2007-04-24 21:40:20
249.   Westernmost in Flavor

I agree with you mostly except that I think that Ethier, starting right fielder, gets pinch hit for in that same situation.

2007-04-24 21:40:58
250.   JoeyP
This Laker game is like a shootaround at this point of the game. Lakers have quit, and the Suns are running it up on them.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-24 21:41:28
251.   Frip
Kobe is so insular and unlikeable. What's there to like about the Lakers again? Oh, they play in LA, that's right.
2007-04-24 21:42:14
252.   Bob Timmermann
Seniority has its privileges.
2007-04-24 21:43:12
253.   D4P
Seniority coupled with a $7 million contract
2007-04-24 21:43:50
254.   D4P
Hmmm...Where's our left-handed pinch-hitter...?
2007-04-24 21:43:59
255.   MMSMikey
ethier is like eric karros with his warning track power and juan pierre/shawn green with his ability to hit grounders to the right side.
2007-04-24 21:44:55
256.   Westernmost in Flavor

Ethier is the longer tenured Dodger. But to paraphrase Kim Etheridge, Luis Gonzalez has 7.35 million reasons he should be hitting there.

2007-04-24 21:45:10
257.   Bob Timmermann
Anderson is on deck.
2007-04-24 21:45:16
258.   Andrew Shimmin
254- On deck.
2007-04-24 21:45:29
259.   natepurcell

who is he with his 295+ career BA?

2007-04-24 21:45:49
260.   JoeyP
Phil brought Kobe back down 31 points, and now he turned his ankle.
2007-04-24 21:45:59
261.   MMSMikey
everyone of those balls seanz missed we're absolutle hangers.
2007-04-24 21:46:33
262.   Frip
The change-up is not God, I mean come on Vin.
2007-04-24 21:47:42
263.   bhsportsguy
251 Really, how do you really know, ever talk to him.

Kobe is not Magic but he is better than Kareem.

2007-04-24 21:48:29
264.   Bob Timmermann
So the fact that Gonzalez had been fairly successful in the early season against lefties carries no weight?

Especially in hindsight?

I don't think Grady Little managed that situation any differently than any other of the 29 managers in the majors would.

2007-04-24 21:48:36
265.   JoeyP
Great hustle by Betemit!
2007-04-24 21:49:01
266.   underdog
A single's a single, but I think Anderson put velcro on that ball. Way to hustle it out though. The D's are just torturing us...
2007-04-24 21:49:26
267.   D4P
Furcal walks, followed by walk-off grand slam for Pierre...?
2007-04-24 21:49:39
268.   Westernmost in Flavor

Did he run all the way from the dugout? :)

2007-04-24 21:49:44
269.   underdog
265 Or Anderson.

With this ump's 5 ft wide strike zone, it's hard to work the count, but...

2007-04-24 21:50:05
270.   bhsportsguy
Would you pitch around Raffy here.
2007-04-24 21:50:21
271.   Vaudeville Villain
The Lakers are terribly mediocre, and it has to fall on the GM/ownership. Their personnel decisions have just been terrible the last few years.

Their MLEs the last few years have gone to Vlade Divac, Aaron Mckie, and Vladimir Radmonovic, none of whom are players anybody who watches basketball would tell you were worthwhile investments.

Their drafting has been absolutely terrible, with only Farmar showing any signs of being worthile.

As long as this team stubbornly sticks to its current strategy of sticking Kobe with one above average player, and a roster full of mediocrity, its prospects for the future are not good.

2007-04-24 21:50:58
272.   MMSMikey
whats new we're gonna have to watch furcal go through spring training the 1st 5 weeks of the year just like last year.
2007-04-24 21:50:59
273.   Westernmost in Flavor

Apparently not

2007-04-24 21:51:10
274.   underdog
I'm so glad I had TiVo recording this game so I can watch it later. :-/


2007-04-24 21:51:44
275.   D4P
As long as this team stubbornly sticks to its current strategy of sticking Kobe with one above average player, and a roster full of mediocrity

Doesn't Kobe's contract essentially dictate that approach?

2007-04-24 21:51:46
276.   Bluebleeder87
We'll get them tomorrow.
2007-04-24 21:53:02
277.   Westernmost in Flavor

No, but Kwame's and Odom's do.

2007-04-24 21:53:23
278.   blue22
275 - It's actually Odom's contract that's the tough one. Kobe is a superstar getting superstar money. Odom gets max money, but he's really a facilitator/3rd banana.
2007-04-24 21:54:21
279.   blue22
277 - Yeah, him too.
2007-04-24 21:54:58
280.   natepurcell

i dont understand why you are pinning this on Kobe. Are you saying he should have accepted something less than a max contract? why? When you negotiate a contract for a job offer, wouldnt you want to make the most as possible for the services you provide. And if you are especially good at what you do, your employer should pay a premium to have you in the fold. Sometimes I think you're a communist.

2007-04-24 21:55:26
281.   Westernmost in Flavor
Well all, it was good chatting with you tonight. Thanks for being so receptive to a newbie.
2007-04-24 21:56:44
282.   Bob Timmermann
You are the easternmost in quality.
2007-04-24 21:57:13
283.   D4P
I don't blame Kobe for accepting the contract, I blame the Lakers for offering it. Granted, from their standpoint, he puts butts in the seats, and may thus be a good financial investment. But from the standpoint of winning championships, I don't think it was a good move.
2007-04-24 21:57:16
284.   Greg Brock
Trading Caron Butler for Kwame Brown has to be one of the most atrocious trades ever.

Mitch has been an unmitigated disaster as a GM. And there's no relief in sight. The guy is just terrible.

2007-04-24 21:57:18
285.   KBL
This umps outside corner was killing me tonight.
2007-04-24 21:58:36
286.   D4P
Oh boy. A. Martinez will be interviewing Dave Jauss shortly.
2007-04-24 21:58:45
287.   Westernmost in Flavor
Thanks :)
2007-04-24 21:59:27
288.   Greg Brock
Looks like I picked the right game to miss

I noticed we didn't win.

2007-04-24 22:01:26
289.   JoeyP
Kwame's and Odom are the killer contracts.
Plus as mentioned before, the MLE decisions have been really bad.
Then throw in some poor drafts and trades.

It just seems like the Lakers are wasting valuable resources--sort of like the 90's Dodgers did. I dont think anyone expects NBA titles every season, but they shoudl be better than the 7th/8th seed given their organizational structure and Kobe. Its not like this is a fledgling franchise.

The Mavs can lose Nash, and not skip a beat. Suns can build it up from scratch. The Spurs seem to retool around Duncan each year (although drafting Manu/Parker were steals).

I hope the Lakers (if they are destined to lose) at least dump Phil Jackson and bring in some athletes to run with Kobe and play a more up/down style. I hate watching the triangle.

2007-04-24 22:01:37
290.   Vaudeville Villain

I don't necessarily know that it does. It just takes more creativity then the Lakers front office has shown in terms of who to add to the roster.

Role players can be good players, it's just that the team is filled with so many players who fulfill no role at all.

Sasha Vujacic is essentially useless. Turiaf is a fan favorite, but contributes little offensively and defensively is a weakness. Smush Parker does nothing aside from occasionally get steals, and generally plays uninspired defense. Luke Walton is Lamar Odom without the driving or rebounding ability. Nearly every player on the Lakers team aside from Brian Cook, Kobe Bryant, and Lamar Odom is lacking a standout skill that would make them useful.

2007-04-24 22:03:41
291.   D4P
I will be interested in seeing what happens to Torii Hunter. It looks to me like he clearly broke the rule, and should clearly be declared ineligible for not less than three years.

Since I can't see that happening, I wonder what MLB's excuse will be for not enforcing their own rule. This business of taking the champagne back doesn't fly in my view, as the rule states "Any player or person connected with a Club who shall offer or give any gift or reward..." Thus, the mere offering of a gift or reward (whether it's accepted or not) warrants a minimum three-year suspension.

2007-04-24 22:04:05
292.   trainwreck
The problem is Jerry Buss hires all his stupid kids to do everything and they do not know anything about basketball. Jim Buss has been doing a lot of the roster moves the last two years.
2007-04-24 22:04:07
293.   Marty
281 You are welcome. Come back often...
2007-04-24 22:07:38
294.   Bob Timmermann
The chances of Torii Hunter being declared ineligible for three years are pretty close to zero. He might get a token fine at worst.
2007-04-24 22:08:03
295.   underdog
For whatever reason, I find Suns fans really annoying.

They're particularly annoying when the Lakers are losing.

I can still see the Lakers taking one at home, but that's about it.

I hope the Dodgers come back tomorrow to help erase the sour taste from tonight's action. Night all.

2007-04-24 22:15:38
296.   Vaudeville Villain
I apologize for the lengthy Lakers digression on a baseball blog, but look at the Houston Rockets.

In many ways, they are in a similar contract sitaution to the Lakers. Obviously Houston's big two of T-Mac and Yao is better than Kobe/Odom, but bear with me.

Yao draws in a defense, and Mcgrady draws in double-teams, so what does Houston intelligently do? They surround them with three-point shooters like Rafer Alston, Shane Battier, and Luther Head.

The Lakers situation is similar. Bryant draws double teams, and Odom is excellent at drive and dish. Yet, aside from Brian Cook, this team is terrible at shooting from downtown. It's just bad roster construction.

2007-04-24 22:18:23
297.   D4P
The chances of Torii Hunter being declared ineligible for three years are pretty close to zero

I agree, but I'm curious to see what excuse MLB will give for not enforcing their own rule.

2007-04-24 22:18:45
298.   D4P
BTW: The latest entry on The Juice Blog is very sad
2007-04-24 22:19:23
299.   trainwreck
Rockets also get players that play defense. They have an idea of what they want their team to be.
2007-04-24 22:20:21
300.   Greg Brock
Aside from Kobe, Bynum, Walton and Farmar, I would wipe that entire roster out. The only problem is that you can't clear out all that salary.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel. And they still have Radmanovic as well. Gadzooks.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-24 22:23:43
301.   D4P
The Lakers have entered an Orlando Woolridge/Cedric Ceballos/Nick Van Exel era
2007-04-24 22:25:29
302.   trainwreck
I love Cedric Ceballos. I still have his jersey. He rescued the Lakers from having Vlade Divac as leading scorer with 14.1 points per game.
2007-04-24 22:26:14
303.   oswald
i think the suns are just an insanely good team. the lakers never found a rhythm this year.

don't fret, boys! you'll get garnett this summer!

2007-04-24 22:29:12
304.   D4P
I forgot Sedale Threat...!
2007-04-24 22:31:08
305.   trainwreck
Anthony "Pig" Miller.
2007-04-24 22:31:12
306.   Vaudeville Villain

I think Garnett is a dream at this point. There is nothing we can offer Minnesota that is of comparable value.

2007-04-24 22:32:49
307.   JoeyP
301--Those Laker teams were fun to watch though. This one not so much.
2007-04-24 22:33:59
308.   Andrew Shimmin
Can NBA teams release players, the way NFL teams can, or are the contracts binding? Even if they have to pay releasees, do they at least get the cap space back? Or are they just stuck?
2007-04-24 22:34:15
309.   underdog
The Garnett rumors these days center more around the possibility of him getting an offer from the Lakers when he's a free agent after next season. Which seems light years away at this point. But that seems more realistic than trading for him.
2007-04-24 22:35:57
310.   trainwreck
Contracts are binding and there is no cap space relief.
2007-04-24 22:39:22
311.   natepurcell
Some info from Elbert from Tony Jackson in the comments section of his blog post "the boys get lucky again"

Checked with DeJon Watson, and Elbert had discomfort in his shoulder during a side session. Some test restults are due tomorrow, after which more will be known. But this sounds like nothing. In DeJon's words, "We're being overly cautious."

a bit of good news.

2007-04-24 22:39:29
312.   JoeyP
Is Steve Nash a hall of famer?
I'd say yes right now.

If he wins another MVP, which would make it 3 straight--lock hall of famer.

2007-04-24 22:41:06
313.   Greg Brock
Contracts are binding, and you can't eat a portion of a player's contract when you trade him.

It's not like the Lakers can pay 4 million of Odom's contract if they trade him. That's the real killer. Salaries have to match within a certain percentage when trading players.

The NBA salary system is a nightmare for teams.

2007-04-24 22:55:07
314.   bhsportsguy
312 The Basketball Hall of Fame has no standard. I do think titles help you get in faster.
2007-04-24 23:08:20
315.   Bob Timmermann
The Basketball Hall of Fame doesn't even say who its electors are.

Nash will probably make the Hall of Fame, but it may take a while. It doesn't go out of its way to induct NBA stars.

2007-04-24 23:12:20
316.   trainwreck
Maybe the Basketball Hall of Fame also makes up the MPAA.
2007-04-24 23:14:50
317.   trainwreck
voters that is
2007-04-24 23:16:52
318.   Greg Brock
316 Even NBA HOF voters can't be as retarded as the MPAA.

No need to insult the fine folks of the Hall of Fame like that.

2007-04-24 23:18:17
319.   Greg Brock
Jack Valenti would probably keep Wilt Chamberlain out of the Hall of Fame.
2007-04-25 07:51:01
320.   Bob Timmermann
The Basketball Hall of Fame isn't an NBA-related institution. It's for basketball in general and elects a lot of college and international players and coaches.
2007-04-25 08:50:48
321.   Benaiah
Eric Enders,

Yesterday I posted that I didn't like Dejesus and you responded but unfortunately I was away. I think there is reason to believe he might improve, but he has demonstrated zero power so far, and only hits for a mediocre average (.281 for his minor league career, .277 last year). He has decent OBP skills (.359 career OBP, .78 ISOpatience), but again a career slugging of .325. He is off to a slow start this year (.256/.326/.333) too, so I still just don't see it.

He is young and Logan White likes him, so that is enough to be hopeful, but he hasn't shown me much yet.

2007-04-25 09:07:56
322.   Jacob L
I'll second the notion that the Ceballos, Threatt, Woolridge Lakers were more fun to root for than anything this decade. I think Chick Hearn really liked that team, for what its worth. When I can conjure his voice in my head, half the time he's saying "Stolen by the thief!"
2007-04-25 09:17:51
323.   old dodger fan
It sure was fun to watch the Shaq and Kobe show. Watching Robert Horry knock down the 3 pointer at the buzzer against the Kings was amazing.
2007-04-25 09:23:17
324.   SMY
I'm a grad student working on a research project about social software and baseball -- specifically in examining how digital communities are used in baseball fandom. If anyone would be willing to answer a few questions about DT and any other digital baseball-related tools, please e-mail me at

Jon, thanks again for allowing me to post this.

2007-04-25 09:26:23
325.   old dodger fan
324 I think you will get a much better response if you post your request around game time. It is pretty slow here this time of day.
2007-04-25 09:34:29
326.   Jon Weisman
I'll have a new post in about 15 minutes - SMY can repost then.
2007-04-25 09:34:42
327.   D4P
Shaq and Kobe got boring after a while. Dumping the ball into Shaq every time and watching him get hacked wasn't exactly the most fan-tastic of NBA action...
2007-04-25 09:40:54
328.   old dodger fan
The Show Time Team was more fun but I don't get bored winning playoff games.
2007-04-25 10:01:41
329.   Daniel Zappala
The salary structure and related trade rules have basically killed the excitement of the NBA for me. It's no fun when your team doesn't have much of a chance to improve from year to year.
2007-04-25 10:05:46
330.   DeucesAreWild
Don't forget my man Terry Teagle. That shot wasn't pretty, but it was effective...
2007-04-25 10:13:39
331.   old dodger fan
329 It would seem like the NBA would be the easiest sport for a team to make a quick turnaround. You only have 5 guys on the floor and you don't have an offensive team and a defensive team like football. One great new player should be able to turn a team around. Having said that I don't think it is the case. There are instances of it but they don't seem to happen very often.

Has anyone done a study of the liklihood of a bad team becoming an excellent team in the NBA vs MLB vs NFL? I think it happens most often in baseball and least often in the NBA but I have not done any kind of study of it.

2007-04-25 10:17:14
332.   Jon Weisman
I thought I was a Laker fan - I mean, I am a Laker fan - which makes it so interesting how much all that Laker talk put me to sleep. Made me realize how little I worry about them now. I root for them, but don't fret over them.

Anyway, new post up top.

2007-04-25 15:54:39
333.   NPB
Come into the light, Lakers fans. The Suns are the alpha and the omega. We are the way!

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