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Betting on Betemit
2007-04-26 16:13
by Jon Weisman

I predict Wilson Betemit's first 2007 homer will come before his first error.

Betemit is getting a shot at the No. 7 slot tonight, according to Inside the Dodgers, perhaps just to see if that can change his luck - maybe get better pitches to hit.

* * *

Tonight's battle to stay alone in first place:


Retro Gameday

Comments (381)
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2007-04-26 16:33:09
1.   bhsportsguy
I may be the only on the planet that believes this but as long as Nomar and Kent stay healthy, this team will score runs.

Now that is a big if but those two are not showing signs of big declines and they rate among the best in the game over the past 5-6 years of driving in runs.

2007-04-26 16:34:21
2.   trainwreck
Here is another reason why I am skeptical about Betemit. There is no organization that knows their prospects better than the Braves. They have been ridiculously good at trading away the right prospects. Betemit was considered their best prospect for a time, yet they never ever tried to find a spot for him. They never moved him anywhere, they never tried to trade players in front of him and they ended up trading him for Willy Aybar.

I am pleased that Betemit has seemed to be getting better at his plate discipline, but I am very surprised that it has not translated to getting more hits.

2007-04-26 16:36:24
3.   still bevens
2 Part of his problem from games I have seen is that he hits balls directly at people. Whether thats his fault for not making proper adjustments or pulling it or what have you is beyond my knowledge.
2007-04-26 16:36:28
4.   blue22
2 - Logan White is developing the same reputation though. This trade was viewed by some as a swapping of over-hyped prospects when it happened.

But at least LA ditched Baez in the process.

2007-04-26 16:42:41
5.   StolenMonkey86
2 - I don't know, he seems to have just gotten off to a slow start. A little change of luck should make a difference.

ItD reports Betemit is hitting in the 7 spot tonight with 3.5 in the 8.

2007-04-26 16:42:45
6.   jasonungar07
Well they did have Furcal at SS and Chipper at 3B in front of him. Also Marcus Giles at 2b was pretty good.
2007-04-26 16:43:29
7.   JoeyP
I'm skeptical on Betemit based on his mediocre minor league numbers.

He's had quite a number of seasons to prove himself, and he's really never been "good" in any league he's played at.
Seems to have some Ruben Mateo like qualities. Scouts love him, but no production to back up the "tools".

2007-04-26 16:44:35
8.   trainwreck
Wasn't Chipper in RF for awhile though? They never tried to have Betemit learn how to play first or the outfield.
2007-04-26 16:47:14
9.   Jon Weisman
7 - I feel like you're violating guideline #8. I've just heard you make this same point so many times.
2007-04-26 16:51:39
10.   LAT
I like the idea of moving him up to 7. I want to give him every opportunity to succeed. If he doesn't, I'm comfortable knowing I have exhausted my options and can move on to Plan B (whatever that is). Without using stats and relying on my feable memory, my impression is that he has been hitting the ball hard--just right at people. That shouldn't last forever. . .

should it?

2007-04-26 16:52:13
11.   Bluebleeder87
Former Dodger great Maury Wills, who works with the team on baserunning, likes what he sees from C Russell Martin. ``I like the way he goes in to break up the double play; he's very physical that way,'' Wills said. ``Baserunning is about getting the most out of what you have, knowing what to do, knowing how many outs there are, where the outfielders are playing before the ball is hit, how to tag the bag and not depending on the coach to tell you everything to do.''

Nice quote from Maury Wills on Russell Martin from Jon's link.

2007-04-26 16:53:18
12.   Ricardo
Is this Betemit´s last chance? I really hope that your prediction is right, Jon.
2007-04-26 16:54:55
13.   Humma Kavula
Phil Hughes update: some trouble in the 1st, but has since calmed down. Now has 4K through 2 2/3; score is 2-0 Jays.

Hopelessly uninformed analysis: seems to me that the Yanks might not have the deepest farm system, but they have been aces at picking which prospects to keep/promote to the bigs.

2007-04-26 16:56:46
14.   CanuckDodger
Jon, about the whole Christine/Christina thing, I would expect transsexuals in the U.S. to have a predisposition to that name because of Christine Jorgensen, the first American male-to-female transsexual. I guess you could say Jorgensen was the Jackie Robinson of American transsexuals, and Jorgensen bacame a media sensation only a few years after Robinson broke through a barrier. And incidentally, Jorgensen chose the name Christine to honor the doctor in Europe who performed her sex change, Dr. Christian Hamburger.
2007-04-26 16:57:05
15.   JoeyP
13--Very True.
Wang and Cano are probably better than any actual prospects they've traded away.
2007-04-26 16:59:02
16.   blue22
13 - They quit trading them away, which helps (the last young guy traded I can think of was Dioner Navarro?).

They've also drafted, signed, and acquired some great talent in the last 2-3 years.

The Yankees could be downright scary if they combined a good scouting program (domestic and international) with that massive payroll. It looks like they're on the right track.

2007-04-26 16:59:31
17.   Bob Timmermann
I thought Chris Kahrl became Christina Kahrl out of convenience.
2007-04-26 17:07:30
18.   underdog
Looks like I got my sort-of wish from the end of the last thread, re: Betemit. Hope this helps him out a little.

If not, we go to Plan B: The Shift. (Nomar-->3rd, Loney-->1st). Plan C: La Roche. Plan D: Trade everyone for A-Rod. (Also known as Def-Con 5 - which is also a bad movie.)

2007-04-26 17:08:18
19.   still bevens
16 How did the Yankees manage to land Hughes? Did he drop on the draft boards due to wanting a big signing bonus and the Yankees paid above slot money?
2007-04-26 17:15:34
20.   Bluebleeder87
i have a question. When ESPN or big FOX do Dodger broadcasts does Vin Scully do the radio side or is it Steiner & Monday all the way? I think the answer is yes Vin Scully does the Radio fallowed by Steiner & Monday but i'm not quite sure.
2007-04-26 17:16:54
21.   trainwreck
Teams just went after college players that year, so Hughes dropped to the 23rd pick.
2007-04-26 17:17:22
22.   Bob Timmermann
Normally if Vin isn't doing the game on TV, he takes the day off.

And doesn't watch or listen to the game either.

The only exception would be postseason games or last year's playoff clincher in San Francisco.

KFWB will stop its ten-second delay on Dodger broadcasts soon. Just wait for Steiner's first f-bomb now!

2007-04-26 17:21:49
23.   danB
i'm new here...why is Ethier called 3.5?
2007-04-26 17:25:38
24.   regfairfield
23 Several people, including myself, called Ethier a fourth outfielder when we acquired him. After he hit .330 for three months, he got an upgrade.
2007-04-26 17:26:55
25.   still bevens
Per the link in Jon's post: How do we manage to have a such a high fielding percentage after Sunday's game?
2007-04-26 17:27:39
26.   Humma Kavula
ARod thisclose to his 15th, but Vernon Wells -- and the wind -- said no.
2007-04-26 17:31:59
27.   Bluebleeder87
KFWB will stop its ten-second delay on Dodger broadcasts soon

I really think that's a good idea i'd rather here the game via radio at the stadium then people saying "Barry Sucks, Barry Sucks"

2007-04-26 17:34:52
28.   Jon Weisman
25 - That's just for third basemen.
2007-04-26 17:35:54
29.   CanuckDodger
19 -- Before the 2004 draft, Phil Hughes was considered first-round material, but he was not considered one of the elite guys who would go in the first half of the first round. Baseball America had Hughes ranked behind three other high school pitchers, including Scott Elbert. One knock on Hughes was that his fastball lacked movement. The bottom line is that when you are scouting high schoolers, there's no exact science to predict who is going to develop faster, or better, in the years immediately after high school.
2007-04-26 17:40:17
30.   trainwreck
I was wondering about that, because Sickels did a comparison between Pelphrey and Hughes and he said at the time Hughes was considered the best pitcher coming out of high school. But I watched that draft and I distinctly remember them talking about Elbert as the best high school pitcher.
2007-04-26 17:48:18
31.   CanuckDodger
30 -- Elbert was the consensus best LEFT-handed HS pitcher going into the draft, but the best HS pitcher period was believed to be Homer Bailey.
2007-04-26 18:12:25
32.   jasbo
23, 24. Truly an impressive response time.
Let me try for a response anytime before game time:
With an average (I think) computer screen, I can't seem to find a Gameday/whatever that gives me the needed info without busting over the boundaries of my screen. Has anyone found a realtime, or almost, game tracker that is visible on an average screen? Or is there some screen manipulation trick I don't know about?
2007-04-26 18:14:20
33.   diogenes
what is the thinking on Delwyn Young? Does he have a major league future?

(Its hard to get good analysis of minor league talent in Australia!)

2007-04-26 18:18:45
34.   trainwreck
4th/5th outfielder most likely.
2007-04-26 18:19:17
35.   trainwreck
He used to play 2nd, so I guess he could be a backup there too.
2007-04-26 18:23:22
36.   El Lay Dave
33 You can see his minor-league numbers here: (also linked on the sidebar)

Apparently he's not a good enough 2B for the show and not enough of a bat to be a starting corner OF.

2007-04-26 18:39:02
37.   Westernmost in Flavor

Were Elbert and Dewitt signed by the same scout? They are both from Missouri right?

As a bonus: I predict Betemit's first 2007 homer will come tonight.

2007-04-26 18:47:17
38.   trainwreck
The only bit of help I can give you is that I am sure Logan White personally saw both of them and gave the final say to pick them.
2007-04-26 18:47:18
39.   CanuckDodger
37 -- Yes, both Elbert and DeWitt were from Dodger scout Mitch Webster's "territory." Amateur players are formally "signed by" the area scout who covers where the player plays.
2007-04-26 18:54:09
40.   Westernmost in Flavor

I remember Mitch when he was playing for the Dodgers. I assume that since Elbert and Dewitt were both first rounders that Mitch didn't necessarily have to "discover" them. Is it really just a formality that credit is given to the area scout and it is more of a team effort?

2007-04-26 19:02:14
41.   Benaiah
Earl: Mediocre
The Office: Solid, but not spectacular
30 Rock: Very good
Scrubs: Best of the night, at least relative to expectations.

All in all, the night got better as it went along.

2007-04-26 19:11:52
42.   El Lay Dave
41 Hope that trend continues over to the game tonight.
2007-04-26 19:14:40
43.   dkminnick
I also hope Betemit begins to come through. We obviously need offensive production from our third baseman, whoever that might be.

However, he seems to drop his back shoulder and take such an exaggerated uppercut that I'm not optimistic.

Please make me look bad, Wilson.

2007-04-26 19:18:25
44.   El Lay Dave
Three ground-outs on thirteen pitches for Penny. I like that.
2007-04-26 19:19:47
45.   trainwreck
FP Santangelo is calling the game for the Giants today and he is terrible. He says pay no attention to Ortiz's ERA, because he gave up a three run homer that inflated it.


2007-04-26 19:21:35
46.   heato
HR Kemp
2007-04-26 19:21:49
47.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, FP Santangelo, an obscure and thankfully unmemorable Dodger.

Except to TJ Simers.

2007-04-26 19:23:15
48.   Bob Timmermann
My cable system and the Fox HD broadcast don't seem to agree with each other at times. The picture hiccups from time to time.
2007-04-26 19:24:18
49.   trainwreck
I am already tired of the weak grounder to second from Pierre.
2007-04-26 19:24:56
50.   Bob Timmermann
But it's hard to turn a DP on those grounders!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-26 19:25:07
51.   El Lay Dave
47 Not to be confused with his relative, FP Sanminneola.
2007-04-26 19:26:19
52.   Bluebleeder87

i agree with most DT'ers in that he's gotten unlucky at times, meaning that he's hit the ball hard right at people. IMO this upcoming month is "make or break" for him. veremos.

2007-04-26 19:27:36
53.   Terry A
50 - And how exciting it is now that we've got that plodder Furcal off the bases.
2007-04-26 19:28:18
54.   El Lay Dave
53 Yeah, hate to see the bases clogged.
2007-04-26 19:28:25
55.   El Lay Dave
53 Yeah, hate to see the bases clogged.
2007-04-26 19:28:53
56.   Benaiah
I don't even believe in "clutch" but Nomar has been very good with runners on.
2007-04-26 19:29:41
57.   Bob Timmermann
I forget who asked last night, but the Braves-Marlins game last night did not end on a wild pitch, but rather on a passed ball. That is actually much rarer and happens only once every 2-3 seasons while a game-ending wild pitch happens 2-3 times per season.
2007-04-26 19:29:45
58.   trainwreck
Especially when Russ Ortiz gives him a fastball down the middle.
2007-04-26 19:31:28
59.   trainwreck
FP bragging about his ability to get hit by pitches and how he never wore body armor.
2007-04-26 19:31:35
60.   Terry A
53 is a violation of #7.

Self-discipline commences.

2007-04-26 19:33:04
61.   El Lay Dave
60 I suggest a hairshirt.
2007-04-26 19:33:23
62.   diogenes
Its not about "clutch" it's about RISP. There is a difference between batting lead-off, or batting with none on, two out, and with a runner on second or third. Getting the job done with RISP is what makes a good situational hitter. Not someone who has the same at bat every time they go up but someone who changes their approach. Nomar does it.
2007-04-26 19:34:16
63.   regfairfield
I think Nomar should hit like that every at bat if he's going to hit .500.
2007-04-26 19:34:39
64.   Gen3Blue
Oh my. I thought we had Ortiz on the ropes.
2007-04-26 19:35:36
65.   natepurcell
going back to the last thread topic in regards to christina kahrl, does anyone have any links to photos when she use to be Chris Kahrl?
2007-04-26 19:35:36
66.   Benaiah
60 - #7 is a tough rule. Sarcasm is permitted, but not sarcasm that can be misinterpreted negatively, do you have to put a wink face or just avoid sarcasm about most subject?
2007-04-26 19:36:42
67.   Bluebleeder87
the X-MO cam was used really well yesterday.
2007-04-26 19:37:57
68.   Terry A
Dunno, but LuGo swinging at (what GameDay showed to be) ball four and hitting into a double play... that'll test the strength of one's self-discipline.
2007-04-26 19:38:18
69.   Jon Weisman
John Lackey has a blog.

(via the Press-Enterprise baseball blog)

2007-04-26 19:39:42
70.   Benaiah
Barry and Molina is a dream DP combo. Furcal could catch the grounder, tag second and run to first.
2007-04-26 19:39:55
71.   Bob Timmermann
I sat next to Chris Kahrl at a game at Fenway Park. He looked like a generic male. He had a very deep voice.

I've never spoken to Christina to compare. Kahrl was very upset over Game 1 of the 1988 World Series and still is bothered greatly that Dennis Eckersley walked Mike Davis.

2007-04-26 19:40:00
72.   El Lay Dave
Before that AB, LuGo had these career numbers against Ortiz:

.351 .467 .432 .899 and no GIDP.

(13-37 with 7 BB)

2007-04-26 19:41:20
73.   Benaiah
Nice to see the "first baseball's butt" cam is getting used a lot this year. I am all for more angles, but that one doesn't add much.
2007-04-26 19:42:00
74.   Terry A
2007-04-26 19:42:09
75.   El Lay Dave
73 Glad they didn't have that when Steve Lyons was active.
2007-04-26 19:44:43
76.   Bluebleeder87


2007-04-26 19:45:43
77.   Benaiah
They should put a tiny camera in the cap of the first base umpire. They could literally show what the umpire is seeing. I am sure the technology to put it off is out there.
2007-04-26 19:47:27
78.   trainwreck
Wow, just wow. FP says Martin reminds him of Lo Duca because he has no tools, but somehow beats you.
2007-04-26 19:48:01
79.   Benaiah

skim past this post if you are joining us after the game

2007-04-26 19:48:42
80.   Bob Timmermann
Well, that wouldn't be literally what the umpire is seeing though. It would just be really close as umpires don't look through the top of their caps.

If you're speaking literally...

2007-04-26 19:48:47
81.   Benaiah
78 - (speechless)
2007-04-26 19:49:09
82.   El Lay Dave
77 They could put that cam in the bridge of the ump's eyeglasses.
2007-04-26 19:49:39
83.   trainwreck
Throw in the towel Lakers.
2007-04-26 19:50:14
84.   Terry A
Betemit is every bit as productive as Kent so far tonight.
2007-04-26 19:51:30
85.   Benaiah
80 - I thought about that I soon as I pushed it. I want to start saying "figuratively" where I would incorrectly say "literally," but I think no one would get it as a joke.

Example: "She was figuratively the hottest girl I have ever seen."

2007-04-26 19:51:49
86.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants fan sitting behind home plate may be the only one that can be seen, but he made sure that he's hard to miss. He is not a small man.
2007-04-26 19:52:34
87.   Westernmost in Flavor

If there's anyone who knows no tools, it's FP.

But I'm still going to have to disagree with him.

2007-04-26 19:53:10
88.   Bluebleeder87
I guess Kevin Kennedy was right when he said as Furcal goes the Dodgers go.
2007-04-26 19:53:42
89.   Bob Timmermann
I would like that joke, but I don't think I'm your target demographic.
2007-04-26 19:55:10
90.   Benaiah
89 - I think you are exactly my target demographic, for that joke, anyway.
2007-04-26 19:55:33
91.   trainwreck
2007-04-26 19:55:44
92.   natepurcell
juan pierre is ridiculous
2007-04-26 19:55:46
93.   Uncle Miltie
Pierre is brilliant...
2007-04-26 19:56:01
94.   regfairfield
Why the heck does Pierre spend so much time practicing bunts if he's going to do that?

That's what, four outs on the bases in the last two days?

2007-04-26 19:56:27
95.   Andrew Shimmin
It's like he forgot he was supposed to bunt until half way through.
2007-04-26 19:56:31
96.   Bluebleeder87
Scareduck warned us about Pierre.
2007-04-26 19:56:37
97.   Benaiah
Ugh. I don't know if I should hate Pierre more or just blame Grady. These constant baserunning blunders are a real problem. We might have won last night if we didn't give up two outs that one inning.
2007-04-26 19:56:50
98.   Uncle Miltie
I didn't think it was possible, but Pierre is actually responsible for two outs
2007-04-26 19:56:55
99.   Bob Timmermann
Cue the Jim Healy Show clip of Howard Cosell,

"Who goofed? I've got to know!"

2007-04-26 19:57:34
100.   Terry A
Details, people!

Wha' happened?

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-26 19:58:55
101.   scareduck
96 - I did? I guess I did.

Vinny seems to have swallowed a sock watching Pierre botch that suicide squeeze.

2007-04-26 19:59:06
102.   regfairfield
100 Squeeze was on. Instead of bunting, Pierre made some kind of pathetic half swing.
2007-04-26 19:59:47
103.   Uncle Miltie
100- squeeze play on – Pierre takes a weak swing (swinging bunt?) and misses; Ethier is caught stealing. All Pierre had to do was make contact with the ball.

I don't think you can blame Grady for that one. You supposedly have your best bunter up, who also has a hard time hitting the ball out of the infield. Seemed like a good idea.

2007-04-26 19:59:52
104.   nick
if Pierre was really a man who bunts for a living, his children would be hungry...
2007-04-26 20:01:09
105.   natepurcell
miller update...

4IP 0H 0ER 2BB 4K

5-2 GO/FO ratio

2007-04-26 20:01:19
106.   trainwreck
Ethier is a pretty bad choice for the squeeze.
2007-04-26 20:01:20
107.   screwballin
I don't usually comment on game threads, but I just had to stop in to wallow in the shrieks of pain.

(Details: Pierre apparently missed the sign on a squeeze bunt and offered a failed half swing. Ethier out easily on the play.)

Nice job, JP...

Now, back to the game.

2007-04-26 20:01:20
108.   Terry A
...Pierre made some kind of pathetic half swing.


2007-04-26 20:01:27
109.   Bob Timmermann
I would assume that it was Pierre who missed the sign since Ethier wasn't getting chewed out in the dugout.

Overall, it just wasn't a brilliant tactical maneuver since Ortiz is not a pitcher you need to peck away against and get one run at a time.

2007-04-26 20:02:41
110.   regfairfield
No matter how bad it was, it still won't top the time Tracy squeezed with Jason Phillips on third.
2007-04-26 20:02:44
111.   Bob Timmermann
With runners on 1st and 3rd, Pierre would just as easily driven in a run with one of his ground outs to third.
2007-04-26 20:02:59
112.   Westernmost in Flavor

Is that 10 straight innings?

2007-04-26 20:04:26
113.   diogenes
On signs, does anyone know how often major league clubs change their signs, or at least the key and if they have one lock signs. Do other teams spend much time trying to decipher them?

I have played in games when we have decided the other team has got the steal sign, and so we will run it a few times to confirm, and then when its a big play you change it up. So it can actually work against them if you know they know, but if they know, you know, they know, then...

2007-04-26 20:04:39
114.   Uncle Miltie
111- I don't think Ethier would have come home on ground ball. At least with the squeeze play, he gets a head start.
2007-04-26 20:05:29
115.   Gen3Blue
Pierre has absolutely no blame for that contract. And there is no reason to blame him, we all knew what we were getting (although I was not that aware of what he was till I learned it here). But could he be any worse. No! I think the guy could be shattered coming here and realizing his game is of no value. He has aspects of the self fulfilling prophesy.
2007-04-26 20:07:11
116.   trainwreck
Dorrell just named Ben Olson starter.

UCLA fans breath a sigh of relief.

2007-04-26 20:07:29
117.   Bob Timmermann
Some teams spend more time than others at stealing signs because they have players or coaches who are good at it.

The Giants didn't have the sign for the squeeze. Nor did Juan Pierre.

In Japan, they are paranoid about sign stealing and most players have their set of signs changed 2-3 times per game.

2007-04-26 20:08:18
118.   Gen3Blue
What happened to Miller the other day. I looked like he came in and walked 4 in a row for a run. I hope his trouble with control is transitory because he sure is hard to hit.
2007-04-26 20:09:38
119.   Benaiah
115 - I don't blame Pierre, but obviously someone should be blamed. I wonder who? D4P? I have no reason not to blame him, but I wonder if I am forgetting something important.
2007-04-26 20:09:44
120.   regfairfield
118 He walked eight and a half per nine last year, so I can't say that's all that shocking.
2007-04-26 20:09:47
121.   Bob Timmermann
Runners almost always try for home on 1st and 3rd with one out if only to prevent a double play.
2007-04-26 20:10:05
122.   Greg Brock
116 Just log on and that's the first thing I see.

Oh happy day.

2007-04-26 20:10:22
123.   Terry A
I have heard the suicide squeeze rate is very high in Japan.
2007-04-26 20:10:22
124.   scareduck
Question for anyone else listening to the radio broadcast (and I guess the telecast, since it's a simulcast with Vinnie): did you get the impression, listening to Vin call the play, that it was a L4 unassisted double play at first? Maybe it was just me, but his description seemed confusing.
2007-04-26 20:10:51
125.   Frip
Don't mean this to be ugly, but I think a large part of the problem is that Pierre may be slow. Truly slow, as in dim. And not just in the way of your typical athlete.
2007-04-26 20:11:52
126.   Westernmost in Flavor
112, 118

I forgot he had that short outing. Either way, the bid is now over.

2007-04-26 20:12:32
127.   diogenes
117 - that must be quite hard to keep up with.

I am surprised the hitter does not have to sign back so that the coach knows he has the sign :)

2007-04-26 20:13:13
128.   natepurcell
miller is falling apart in the 5th...
2007-04-26 20:14:18
129.   Greg Brock
It's time to go boom, Betemit.
2007-04-26 20:14:24
130.   Marty
Good time for a school holiday in Borneo.
2007-04-26 20:14:53
131.   Bluebleeder87

yes, you said something to the effect that your wife is a Cubbie fan & that you saw Pierre play & didn't like the angles he took on fly balls & his arm was weak & so on so on

ps i'm exaggerating but you did mention that you didn't like his play.

2007-04-26 20:15:08
132.   D4P
Russ Ortiz is terrible. Everyone except for the Giants has known that for a long time.
2007-04-26 20:16:00
133.   Terry A
130 - LOL'ing. I'd forgotten all about that one.
2007-04-26 20:16:14
134.   Bob Timmermann
You don't think highly of those University of South Alabama students do you? Pierre got the same education as Luis Gonzalez and Marlon Anderson.
2007-04-26 20:16:28
135.   Benaiah
125 - From what I have read this is not the case. I think he is just a player out of time. He would be a star in the 60s, but today his talents are less appreciated (though obviously richly rewarded). I am shocked by how bad he is on the basepaths but other than that, he has been basically what I expected, though a little worse than I hoped.
2007-04-26 20:17:31
136.   El Lay Dave
Wilson working the count .....
2007-04-26 20:17:32
137.   D4P
Betemit got 3 pitches in the strike zone, which presumably could have been hit.
2007-04-26 20:17:40
138.   Uncle Miltie
Wilber had two great pitches to hit. That last one looked like a cutter.

Jon Miller almost had a heart attack when Betemit struck out.

2007-04-26 20:17:41
139.   Greg Brock
When you strike out against Russ Ortiz with the bases loaded after a 3-0 count, the ship be sinking.

Bust goes the Betemit.

2007-04-26 20:17:55
140.   El Lay Dave
2007-04-26 20:18:19
141.   Gen3Blue
He got Betimit right where he wanted him.
At least someone is worse than Pierre right now.
2007-04-26 20:19:00
142.   Bob Timmermann
If I'm going to have an intellectual discussion with a Dodgers player, I'd rather talk to Juan Pierre than say, Derek Lowe.
2007-04-26 20:19:59
143.   scareduck
117 - In Japan, they are paranoid about sign stealing and most players have their set of signs changed 2-3 times per game.

The Japanese navy couldn't do it in WWII... making up for lost time?

If you can't convert a bases-loaded, one-out opportunity into at least one run, it's bad, right?

2007-04-26 20:20:20
144.   Marty
142 Dude, how can you say that?
2007-04-26 20:20:45
145.   Disabled List
Wilson Betemit is giving me flashbacks of Daryle Ward.
2007-04-26 20:21:01
146.   Bluebleeder87

Pierre is gonna buy Betemit a beer.

2007-04-26 20:21:25
147.   Marty
When Betemit struck out, I was hearing Mr. Ed in my mind. "Oh, Wilbuuuurrrr"
2007-04-26 20:21:46
148.   Icaros
I wonder if Nomar can play third.
2007-04-26 20:21:49
149.   Greg Brock
We have two hits with the bases loaded this year?

I must have missed 'em.

2007-04-26 20:21:49
150.   regfairfield
142 This is true, I doubt D-Lowe has any stories that don't start with "So me and my boy Tommy were [messed] up on..."
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-26 20:22:22
151.   Marty
Martin had one as I recall.
2007-04-26 20:22:53
152.   Benaiah
149 - I bet you remember one of them.
2007-04-26 20:22:54
153.   D4P
Does anyone know the respective stati of Veteran third basemen such as Joe Randa and David Bell?

Just asking, for no particular reason.

2007-04-26 20:23:34
154.   Frip
Why does the outfield camera always shake? Nothing worse than static on a phone. The crinkly noise of potato chip bags. The slap-slap of thongs. And a shaky camera, whether intentional or not.
2007-04-26 20:23:48
155.   El Lay Dave
150 There might be a few about Carolyn Hughes that begin a little differently.
2007-04-26 20:24:00
156.   Terry A
Twenty-seven valiant, hard-fought seasons as a major leaguer have taught Ray Durham how to smile for his GameDay photo.

Juan Pierre, among others, should take note.

2007-04-26 20:24:40
157.   Bob Timmermann
The AFLAC trivia question is not as hard as you would think.
2007-04-26 20:25:17
158.   D4P
There might be a few about Carolyn Hughes that begin a little differently

They might end differently, but they probably begin the same.

2007-04-26 20:25:30
159.   trainwreck
Frank Robinson just got interviewed during the Laker game.
2007-04-26 20:25:50
160.   El Lay Dave
157 Would you mind repeating it, for those of us not watching or scoring at home?
2007-04-26 20:26:56
161.   Terry A
160 - What... is your favorite color?
2007-04-26 20:27:16
162.   Greg Brock
158 I think they end the same...

"Dude then I passed out/Dude, then I came to"

2007-04-26 20:27:37
163.   Andrew Shimmin
153- Aaron Boone is .357/.383/.523 in 42 ABs for the Marlins. . .
2007-04-26 20:27:47
164.   D4P
Imagine that. Steiner just got all excited over a foul ball.
2007-04-26 20:28:36
165.   Greg Brock
Bob needs to indicate how Tigers Stadium is not a difficult answer.
2007-04-26 20:28:43
166.   Bob Timmermann
Somebody tell the guys in the truck that Tiger Stadium was where Aaron hit 742. 741 was hit at County Stadium.

2007-04-26 20:29:06
167.   Dodgers49
The thing that I found really discouraging about Betemit's at bat with the bases loaded was that with the count 3-1 Ortiz threw two fast balls right down the middle (the very pitches Betemit should have been expecting) and all he could do was foul one off while missing the second one completely. A very BAD at bat.
2007-04-26 20:29:20
168.   Benaiah
154 - Those cameras zoom in from such a distance that the heartbeat of the cameraman registers as a slight vibration unless corrected by a two or three hundred thousand dollar stabilizer. Any camera movement will be shaky because all movement is amplified thousands of times. I would imagine this is easier to correct when the action is predictable (the pitch to the catcher) but when it is unpredictable and that is why the camera always shakes in the outfield.
2007-04-26 20:29:24
169.   El Lay Dave
163 Please don't scare me like that. My heart can hardly take it.
2007-04-26 20:29:31
170.   Icaros

So did Jon Miller.

2007-04-26 20:29:49
171.   D4P
Aaron Boone is .357

A Winner with a .357 batting average? Intriguing...

2007-04-26 20:31:14
172.   Marty
I'll take Boone over Randa
2007-04-26 20:31:46
173.   Benaiah
167 - Enhanced Gameday says that the pitch he fouled was on the outside corner. The other pitch was fat though.
2007-04-26 20:32:17
174.   diogenes
I am confused by Pierre batting no 2. I thought no 2 was the spot for your best situational hitter, and Pierre does not seem to be a good situational hitter. He is quick, which with Furcal in front means less GIDP, but he weakly taps or flies out far too often. He would seem better in front of the pitcher, so if he gets on he can steal, get bunted over, yada yada. I thought Martin was a good 2-spot hitter.
2007-04-26 20:32:49
175.   Uncle Miltie
Pierre caught a flyball and actually got a good jump!
2007-04-26 20:34:11
176.   Bob Timmermann
Since Joe Randa has retired, I don't think he's a viable option.
2007-04-26 20:34:14
177.   Uncle Miltie
Nice to see Penny use his splitter
2007-04-26 20:35:27
178.   El Lay Dave
174 You will find many in this community that agree with (most of) your analysis, including me. High OBP is what I like at #2; Pierre's is below mediocre the last two full seasons.
2007-04-26 20:35:35
179.   Gen3Blue
Has anyone ever pitched as effectively as Penny with almost no strike-outs.
2007-04-26 20:36:07
180.   Marty
176 That's the second best news I've had today.
2007-04-26 20:36:22
181.   Bob Timmermann
I like the McCovey Chronicles graphic for their game chat tonight:

I guess all the people in the Top Deck are now going to heaven.

2007-04-26 20:36:27
182.   regfairfield
Was that two strikeouts in the same inning by Penny?
2007-04-26 20:36:28
183.   Benaiah
179 - Wang last year for the Yankees.
2007-04-26 20:36:41
184.   Bluebleeder87

yeah that at bat wasn't encouraging, I'm still rooting for you Betemit to turn it around.

2007-04-26 20:36:54
185.   StolenMonkey86
179 - Anytime Penny has thrown 61 pitches through 5 is pretty good, though.
2007-04-26 20:37:25
186.   still bevens
Vin touched on something I was thinking earlier tonight. It seems Brad has changed his approach to go to a more of a pitch to contact gameplan rather than blowing hitters away with 95+ heat. I guess it helps as hes been cutting down balls fouled off and he goes deeper into games, but has hurt his strikeout totals a bit (and my fantasy points for his starts).
2007-04-26 20:38:17
187.   Bluebleeder87

i'm a huge fan of Bob that's all i'm gonna say.

2007-04-26 20:39:37
188.   Frip
168 - Good camera shake explanation Benihana, thanks. That makes sense. Kinda like when looking through binoculars. Doctors have really lame tests for detecting early onset Parkinsons. Some kind of recorded binocular test would be much more revealing.
2007-04-26 20:39:44
189.   Dodgers49
173. 167 - Enhanced Gameday says that the pitch he fouled was on the outside corner. The other pitch was fat though.

Okay, I'll take Enhanced Gameday's word for it. On Prime Ticket they BOTH looked fat to me. :-)

2007-04-26 20:41:36
190.   trainwreck
How did the Lakers comeback to life?
2007-04-26 20:41:42
191.   Benaiah
Terrible inning. Make him go deep into the counts. The man can't find the strike zone with a map.
2007-04-26 20:41:47
192.   Bluebleeder87
hoping that Pierre's missed sign doesn't become a big part of today's story. We need a few more runs.
2007-04-26 20:43:09
193.   Bob Timmermann
I believe it had something to do with the Lakers scoring more and the Suns scoring less.
2007-04-26 20:43:38
194.   StolenMonkey86
192 - a few? I'd settle for Betemit and Ethier going back to back, but usually a few means mroe than 2. Who's your choice for #3?
2007-04-26 20:44:27
195.   El Lay Dave
186 Given the option, I'll take these five innings from Penny every start, your fantasy team be (darned). ;)
2007-04-26 20:44:34
196.   StolenMonkey86
I can read, really.

For some reason., I thought the word "more" said "home."

Well, maybe I can't.

2007-04-26 20:46:10
197.   Bluebleeder87

good point but i like this Brad Penny better.

2007-04-26 20:46:17
198.   diogenes
walk bonds
2007-04-26 20:47:00
199.   El Lay Dave
198 From your fingers to Grady's ears.
2007-04-26 20:47:11
200.   regfairfield
197 What this Brad Penny is doing is completely unsustainable unless his home run rate stays at 0.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-26 20:47:43
201.   Jon Weisman
Barry just shared a smiling moment at first base with Nomar.
2007-04-26 20:47:45
202.   diogenes
how about - do not walk Durham. let's hope that works
2007-04-26 20:48:14
203.   El Lay Dave
200 Through 5 Penny has a 10/3 GO/FO ratio.
2007-04-26 20:50:29
204.   Jon Weisman
RBI single off the glove of a leaping Kent.
2007-04-26 20:50:38
205.   El Lay Dave
Bah. This should NOT be a one-run game.
2007-04-26 20:51:20
206.   El Lay Dave
202 You left the window open too much!
2007-04-26 20:52:16
207.   Benaiah
200 - I don't anyone expects a sub 2 ERA from Penny, but if he can keep getting ground balls at this rate then I don't think a mid-3 ERA is out of the question.
2007-04-26 20:52:22
208.   StolenMonkey86
204 - The first thing I thought of was this
2007-04-26 20:53:09
209.   Bob Timmermann
I blame that inning on all the barrators in attendance.
2007-04-26 20:53:41
210.   El Lay Dave
208 Especially 39-year old ones.
2007-04-26 20:54:35
211.   regfairfield
207 If Brad Penny can have a strikeout rate of three, a walk rate of four, and a mid three ERA, I'll purchase some form of edible novelty hat and eat that.
2007-04-26 20:55:18
212.   El Lay Dave
205 BAH! I did NOT mean it should be tied!
2007-04-26 20:55:23
213.   D4P
I used to know a 5'9" white guy who could dunk. It was actually pretty impressive. He would jump, and just keep going up and up and up.
2007-04-26 20:55:43
214.   still bevens
201 They've been chatting it up all game. I think they have a history of doing this. Here's an old game photo:

2007-04-26 20:57:11
215.   Frip
Someone at M.I.T. or somewhere should come up with a way to evade a run-down. There's GOT to be a way.
2007-04-26 20:58:02
216.   Benaiah
211 - Good point, I should really look at the numbers. However, his sub 2 ERA will regress and so should the other stats. Then, that was your point. Ignore me, I will be sitting in the corner with a cone cap.
2007-04-26 20:58:45
217.   El Lay Dave
Early in this game, I would have laid serious odds against Ortiz pitching in the sixth.
2007-04-26 20:59:47
218.   StolenMonkey86
whack goes the Betemit for a double.
2007-04-26 20:59:49
219.   Gen3Blue
The trouble to me is that this team seems to be exactly as good as its starting pitchers. The bull-pen will be fine. We can score 3 or four runs, but that is it. A core of three 10 mil batters should be better than that.
2007-04-26 20:59:55
220.   El Lay Dave
But timing is everything. Sigh.
2007-04-26 21:00:23
221.   Benaiah
Nice Betemit. Not a bad game, a double, a K and a HBP. Good enough to get him another start tomorrow.
2007-04-26 21:00:36
222.   Suffering Bruin
My best friend just called from the game.

a) He met his friend on Sunset and Montana in the bottom of the 2nd inning so he's a little late. It took them an hour to get to the ballpark. According to him, plenty of people are frustrated with the parking.

b) $6.75 for Garlic Fries. Ouch.

c) He was in the food line when he called; said it was seven deep and no one was moving.

d) He has seen a half an inning of baseball tonight, live.

This does not sound like a great experience. The game's a sellout so maybe my experience (5/12, bless all the air that surrounds Toy Cannon) will be better.

2007-04-26 21:02:40
223.   Bluebleeder87

my bestfriend Ernie is 5'9 & he can dunk also, so i feel you D4P.

2007-04-26 21:02:50
224.   Bob Timmermann
Scroll down to the end of this pdf and look for the picture involving Jackie Robinson in a rundown.

2007-04-26 21:03:10
225.   capdodger
Good use of the bench here.
2007-04-26 21:03:21
226.   Benaiah
I like this match up a lot.
2007-04-26 21:04:24
227.   capdodger
Ahck.. Darn it Bochy! I wanted Saenz against the lefty!
2007-04-26 21:04:53
228.   Benaiah
226 - B.B. did not however, so he yanked Kline.
2007-04-26 21:05:22
229.   JoeyP
Its good to see Grady pinch hit for Penny in this situation.
2007-04-26 21:06:55
230.   D4P
Walk Saenz and Furcal intentionally...?
2007-04-26 21:08:32
231.   Jon Weisman
222 - Sunset and Montana? Do they intersect?
2007-04-26 21:09:13
232.   JoeyP
Saenz looks like he got hurt on that one.
2007-04-26 21:09:14
233.   regfairfield
That could be the last we see of Olmedo.
2007-04-26 21:09:14
234.   Benaiah
That is not cool. I didn't want Loney to make the team like that.
2007-04-26 21:09:22
235.   El Lay Dave
230 You are sick and twisted. (That is a compliment.)
2007-04-26 21:09:26
236.   capdodger
That looked.... Painful.
2007-04-26 21:10:31
237.   StolenMonkey86
where'd it hit him?
2007-04-26 21:11:15
238.   El Lay Dave
Oh - following on the 'net - where did he get hit?
2007-04-26 21:11:15
239.   capdodger
237 Left wrist.
2007-04-26 21:11:32
240.   Andrew Shimmin
237- Left wrist, it looked like.
2007-04-26 21:11:32
241.   Benaiah
237 - On his hand/wrist. He is still in so I guess it wasn't as bad as it looked.
2007-04-26 21:12:14
242.   Bluebleeder87

in the wrist it looked scary at first glance but he seems to be o.k.

2007-04-26 21:12:49
243.   StolenMonkey86
239, 240, 241, 242 - ah ok. Thanks.
2007-04-26 21:12:56
244.   Andrew Shimmin
Drew went out and played an inning in RF, after his wrist was broken by a HBP. Not saying that's the norm, but Saenz could well but hurt.
2007-04-26 21:13:48
245.   El Lay Dave
I echo 243
2007-04-26 21:14:06
246.   Frip
If I ever get a wiener dog I'm going to name him Little Nuber in honor of Vin.
2007-04-26 21:14:22
247.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers are now one HBP shy of the team record of four in a game.

They did that last year in a game against Arizona with Nomar getting hit 3 times and Martin the other. Broxton hit one DBack, but I'm sure it was an accident.

The Dodgers also got 4 HBP in 2005 at Coors Field with Messrs. Francis, Fuentes, and Kim doing the chores with Repko getting hit twice, Drew once, and Kent once.

2007-04-26 21:14:31
248.   D4P
Drew went out and played an inning in RF, after his wrist was broken by a HBP

I'll take "Things you won't hear in the mainstream media" for 1,000, please, Alex

2007-04-26 21:15:27
249.   D4P
Messrs. Francis, Fuentes, and Kim

I was going to comment the other day on how much I hate it when Steiner says "Messrs", but I stopped myself.

2007-04-26 21:19:06
250.   Bluebleeder87

there more cushion on Seanz wrist so i'm pretty sure he's o.k.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-26 21:19:28
251.   Bob Timmermann
Srs. Francis, Fuentes, and Kim.
2007-04-26 21:19:48
252.   El Lay Dave
Um, should I assume the plan is for two innings from Mr. Beimel? Surely he's the guy we want facing Messrs. Roberts, Vizquel, Klesko, Bonds, Durham? (Though Bochy hits for some of them.) Seems like a righty should have started this inning?
2007-04-26 21:19:58
253.   Bluebleeder87
i want one of our pitchers to hit one of there batters, does that make me a mean person?
2007-04-26 21:20:35
254.   dzzrtRatt
247 If Bob Timmerman has any kind of voice at all, he should by all rights be anointed as Vin's replacement.

God, Furcal is good.

2007-04-26 21:21:39
255.   capdodger
Looked like the ol' neighborhood play down at second on that one. Furcal may have caught the back of the bag, but it was tough to tell from the front.
2007-04-26 21:22:08
256.   das411
Greetings everybody...I am still working on catching up (about to start the Bonds thread) but I have two quick questions:

1) Did the # of Jon's rules change and if so where can I find any mention of why? (I am about to read through all comments but am somewhat confused that this did not get its own post...that is, if it actually happened.)

2) Is it generally agreed that Bob's "suicide by cop" comment from the last incident needs to become a new DT catchphrase along the lines of praying to Ch-i?

Thanks, and back to finishing up my honors thesis...if all goes well there will be yet another history major out in the workforce in just a few more days...

2007-04-26 21:22:27
257.   Bob Timmermann
You should call my voice mail at work.

You would not want to listen to that voice for three hours.

2007-04-26 21:22:37
258.   El Lay Dave
254 Timmermann has been known to give presentations. Maybe this could happen?
2007-04-26 21:24:11
259.   Bob Timmermann
Like any of you people attended it.
2007-04-26 21:24:27
260.   trainwreck
Just when I thought I would actually get to see Pierre walk.
2007-04-26 21:24:50
261.   nick
Pierre was the toughest guy in the league last year to strike out?? Wow--I mean, he looks overmatched up there pretty often....
2007-04-26 21:24:54
262.   StolenMonkey86
259 - Bob, we went over this. If I had $600 it would have been different.
2007-04-26 21:24:57
263.   JoeyP
Pierre almost worked a walk on 3-1.
Then swung at ball 4.
2007-04-26 21:25:09
264.   El Lay Dave
256 another history major

I'll bet they make you read US magazine.

2007-04-26 21:25:13
265.   Terry A
Why quibble over the voice? That guy who did Celtics games for so many years (Johnny Most?) had a voice like Marge Simpson's sisters. Or that lady bailiff from Night Court.

And he's a legend.

2007-04-26 21:26:22
266.   Benaiah
256 - It was a great comment, but we would need to have a lot of trolls around to make it frequently usable. Praise be to Ch-i that his name is both easily taken in vain and widely applicable.
2007-04-26 21:26:46
267.   El Lay Dave
265 in Boston.
2007-04-26 21:27:20
268.   JoeyP
Nomar swings and misses ball 4 too.
2007-04-26 21:27:21
269.   capdodger
That's two outs on ball four.
2007-04-26 21:27:29
270.   Bob Timmermann
In the NY Times, there was a story about the Nixon/Frost interviews. Someone watched the original tapes at the Museum of TV and Radio. One of the sponsors Frost got for the first interview was Us magazine, which was about to make its debut.
2007-04-26 21:27:56
271.   El Lay Dave
259 I actually considered it. El Segundo to downtown in a Prius for a long lunch is actually do-able, but a meeting got scheduled....
2007-04-26 21:28:13
272.   dzzrtRatt
257 Here's what should happen. The Dodgers should create a third announcing team for an online stream specifically for the Internet-sabermetric audience.

The announcers should be Weisman doing the play by play, with Timmerman playing the Ross Porter stat man role. (I see this as a two-person booth.)

2007-04-26 21:28:21
273.   Andrew Shimmin
256- I was at the game, yesterday, and can affirm that there were four young men wearing wolf masks. I don't know if that's fancy enough to be a wolfpack, but, it was something.
2007-04-26 21:28:33
274.   Terry A
The "he" in 265 should refer to all previously listed proper nouns in that comment.

Except the Celtics.

2007-04-26 21:31:56
275.   Andrew Shimmin
272- It could be part of the new Enhanced GameDay!
2007-04-26 21:32:45
276.   Frip
The best thing about Bonds breaking the record will be that it may ease Vin's infatuation with him. Seriously, I wish he'd be a bit cooler re. Bonds. Enough with the wide eyed, OH look a movie star! routine.
2007-04-26 21:34:03
277.   Uncle Miltie
Can't blame Gonzalez for that one. Gonzalez hammered that ball and Winn made a great play.
2007-04-26 21:34:04
278.   capdodger
Hmm.... They had him played very well.
2007-04-26 21:34:04
279.   natepurcell
Winn was positioned way way in the right field corner.
2007-04-26 21:34:29
280.   Bob Timmermann
Would Jon and I get paid by the number of times we said "umm" or by the number of times we worked in references to 1980s sitcoms?
2007-04-26 21:34:48
281.   JoeyP
Winn took away a likely ground rule double.
2007-04-26 21:37:00
282.   Greg Brock
280 We've done play by play for games at home a few times. It's actually quite fun, and you get better at it.

Unfortunately, most of the comments would violate numerous FCC regulations.

2007-04-26 21:38:07
283.   JoeyP
Suns- 70

End of 3rd Q.

2007-04-26 21:38:09
284.   Bluebleeder87
i'd give Beimel a small leash here, we just can't get swept by the Jints.
2007-04-26 21:39:03
285.   Uncle Miltie
283- hopefully they blow it in the 4th quarter
2007-04-26 21:39:15
286.   Bluebleeder87

at home

2007-04-26 21:39:26
287.   Greg Brock
Ole, Nomar.
2007-04-26 21:39:50
288.   JoeyP
That could have been an error on Nomar. He should have had it.
2007-04-26 21:40:08
289.   El Lay Dave
284 But who else pitches to Klesko, Bonds and Durham? This screams for the lefty.
2007-04-26 21:40:26
290.   trainwreck
Which one of you will make hip-hop references like Matt Vasgersian?

He tries way too hard to be hip.

"Barry Bonds be stuntin like his daddy."

2007-04-26 21:40:32
291.   Andrew Shimmin
Hit him in the head.
2007-04-26 21:40:46
292.   Bluebleeder87
Beimel has good #'s against Bonds so good move on leaving him in there.
2007-04-26 21:40:48
293.   JoeyP
Walk Bonds, then bring in Broxton to K Durham and get the DP.
2007-04-26 21:41:07
294.   D4P
Hit him in the head

An easy target

2007-04-26 21:41:35
295.   El Lay Dave
I stand by 252. Why Beimel LAST inning? He should start this inning fresh.
2007-04-26 21:41:41
296.   Uncle Miltie
Haha, can you say best case scenario?
2007-04-26 21:41:49
297.   Bob Timmermann
Barry Bonds has a much smaller hat size than I do.
2007-04-26 21:41:52
298.   Dodgers49
Meanwhile... in Las Vegas:

Kemp went 2 for 4 with a home run and a triple.

Abreu went 2 for 4 and is hitting .414.

2007-04-26 21:41:56
299.   Bluebleeder87
I love Barry Bonds knees!.
2007-04-26 21:42:16
300.   JoeyP
WOW!, that was like the best possible thing to happen to the Dodgers, and the worst possible base running by Vizquel.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-26 21:42:23
301.   natepurcell
bonds looked safe!
2007-04-26 21:42:53
302.   trainwreck
Let the Pierre bashing continue.
2007-04-26 21:42:53
303.   Uncle Miltie
Juan Pierre'd


2007-04-26 21:42:57
304.   Andrew Shimmin
299- When he came in from batting practice, last night, he was using a bat for a cane.
2007-04-26 21:43:19
305.   Jon Weisman
Wow. Wow. Pierre just has to catch that ball. Beimel gets noted for giving it up, but Pierre has to bail him out.
2007-04-26 21:43:27
306.   D4P
Barry Bonds has a much smaller hat size than I do

It has been quite a while since I wore a fitted cap, but I think my hat size was 7 and 3/4.

2007-04-26 21:43:28
307.   capdodger
E-8. There's no way that can be a hit.
2007-04-26 21:43:40
308.   Bluebleeder87
X-MO cam says that close.
2007-04-26 21:43:42
309.   natepurcell
I think everything pierre doesnt do or does badly is magnified 10 fold in my eyes because i dislike him so much.
2007-04-26 21:44:11
310.   JoeyP
Juan Pierre is horrible.
Granted, thats a Rule 8 violation.

But what more can you say?

2007-04-26 21:44:40
311.   scareduck
Why did they let Beimel face yet more righties? I mean, Pierre is fast but that's about all he is; Beimel remaining in the game -- why, didn't Grady have any better right-handed relief options? Or are there no better options against switch-hitting Durham?
2007-04-26 21:44:46
312.   Uncle Miltie
I miss K Lofty :(
2007-04-26 21:45:16
313.   Bob Timmermann
I think Bonds wears a 7 1/4. I wear a 7 3/4 or 7 5/8 depending upon how the hat is made.

There's not a lot of quality control in the sizing of baseball caps.

2007-04-26 21:45:18
314.   Frip
What more can one say, but that I hope Honneycut doesn't color his hair cuz I really do like him.
2007-04-26 21:46:23
315.   Jon Weisman
309 - For me, it's the way he meets my worst expectations - I just can't quite believe it. It's really disbelief more than anger.

I mean, any center fielder, if he can get to the ball, catches it.

2007-04-26 21:46:56
316.   capdodger
I disagree strongly with the official scorer's decision on this. Yes, it was hit a long way, but it was high. Pierre's route was so poor that, even with his speed, he couldn't catch up to it. That's a ball that has to be caught though.
2007-04-26 21:47:38
317.   D4P
Amazingly enough, a win tonight would give the Giants first place, by percentage points
2007-04-26 21:47:45
318.   scareduck
315 - meets and exceeds.
2007-04-26 21:48:11
319.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
And this is Month 1 of Year 1 of 4.
2007-04-26 21:48:12
320.   D4P
I've said this before, but it's worth repeating: Pierre seems to make a lot of errors that aren't scored as such
2007-04-26 21:48:13
321.   Daniel Zappala
Vinny mentioned that Pierre went back and then lateral. Can someone who has that moment Tivo'd tell whether Pierre took a bad route? If the route was good, then I don't fault him because he made a good attempt to get to the ball and it just tipped off his out-stretched glove. A bad route would change everything.
2007-04-26 21:48:36
322.   Jon Weisman
311 - Durham has a career 100 OPS+ against lefties and 101 OPS+ against righties. With Molina on deck, Broxton should have been in to face Durham.
2007-04-26 21:48:38
323.   Bob Timmermann
Wouldn't you expect a team that wins eight straight games this early in the year to be pretty close to first anyway?
2007-04-26 21:48:48
324.   El Lay Dave
I'm 7 5/8 also, but I'm a small, 5' 7" guy.
2007-04-26 21:48:59
325.   natepurcell
And this is Month 1 of Year 1 of 4.

5 i think... year 1 of 5...

2007-04-26 21:48:59
326.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I am so not thrilled with getting swept at home home by the Giants.
2007-04-26 21:49:56
327.   Gen3Blue
We are swept, and our so called prospects aren't much consolation, but this happens each spring and we seem to recover.
2007-04-26 21:49:56
328.   D4P
The eight-game winning streak was subsumed under "Amazingly enough"
2007-04-26 21:50:00
329.   Jon Weisman
The argument for giving Pierre an error on that is just a waste of time. In a hundred years of baseball, that play has not been scored an error. That's not a Pierre issue.

However, it's very true that Pierre should have prevented the double.

2007-04-26 21:50:15
330.   Greg Brock
Just amazing. This joker is going to be to the Dodgers what Roger Cedeno was to Mets fans...Simply hated with the fire of a thousand suns.

I know Ned Colletti heard the screams when Pierre was signed. I wonder what goes through his head right about now. I hope he feels stupid, because he should. But I doubt it.

2007-04-26 21:50:41
331.   Uncle Miltie
For me, it's the way he meets my worst expectations
Agree. I knew he was mediocre offensively. I knew that he had a poor arm. I knew that he didn't always get the greatest jumps in the outfield, but was usually able to recover because of his speed.

Pierre has been a disaster in almost every facet of the game. Or at least it seems that way.

2007-04-26 21:51:48
332.   JoeyP
I liked Roger Cedeno when he was a Dodger prospect.
He, Karim Garcia, and Billy Ashley all really busted.
2007-04-26 21:52:19
333.   Bob Timmermann
The only time I've seen that play scored an error was when Gary Pettis got tagged for one in the 1986 ALCS Game 7.

And I think that was because the official scorers (they use more than in the playoffs) considered Pettis such a good fielder that anything he could get to, he could catch, which he usually did.

Not that Gary Pettis was good for much of anything else.

2007-04-26 21:53:11
334.   Dodgers49
The ball off Pierre's glove was not an easy play. Still, it's the kind of play you expect a speedy center fielder with no power and a weak arm to make. It's one of the ways he is supposed to earn his $44 million.
2007-04-26 21:53:34
335.   El Lay Dave
This is an extremely frustrating game. The Dodgers knew what Ortiz was and they let him off the hook. With no margin for error, they can't absorb the bad defense. I hate feeling this way for a team that was over .600 before tonight.
2007-04-26 21:53:38
336.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
333 - He was a good base-stealer. 259 career swipes, at a 77-percent success rate.
2007-04-26 21:54:09
337.   natepurcell
what are some realistic scenarios saving us from 5 years of pierre? or even one full year..
2007-04-26 21:54:41
338.   D4P
The Dodgers' run-scoring seems to be regressing to where we would expect for a team with no power and that doesn't get on base an awful lot
2007-04-26 21:54:53
339.   Greg Brock
332 But Cedeno on the Mets with a five year deal was beyond hated.
2007-04-26 21:55:22
340.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
337 - My first idea would warranted a warning from Jon.
2007-04-26 21:55:29
341.   regfairfield
337 Congenital heart defect?
2007-04-26 21:55:54
342.   D4P
what are some realistic scenarios saving us from 5 years of pierre?

Trading him for a middle reliever and paying for the remainder of his contract

2007-04-26 21:56:21
343.   Greg Brock
Pierre won't be around in year three of his deal.

It's just the two years of Dodgerdom that make me a Sad Panda.

2007-04-26 21:56:27
344.   trainwreck
Dodgers start to really stink and then Dave Roberts gets hurt for the Giants.

Save us Sabean!

2007-04-26 21:56:46
345.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
342 - That's the Yankees way, and it can work.
2007-04-26 21:57:30
346.   scareduck
321 - I couldn't see Pierre break; from what I have on my DVR, it looks like he took a straight route to the ball.
2007-04-26 21:57:35
347.   jujibee
337 packaging him with a prized prospect while paying half of his salary might get him off in June. I wonder which prospect will have to go?
2007-04-26 21:57:47
348.   Bob Timmermann
Gary Pettis had a career OPS+ of 80.
2007-04-26 21:58:11
349.   JoeyP
Good job Ethier!
2007-04-26 21:58:11
350.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
343 - I had to look up the "Sad Panda" reference, GB, because I am no longer down with the street. :(
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2007-04-26 21:58:15
351.   Uncle Miltie
He humbly hit that home run
2007-04-26 21:58:20
352.   Jon Weisman
Man, just when the No. 8 slot homers, Betemit moves out of it. It's like getting in the wrong checkout line.
2007-04-26 21:58:50
353.   D4P
I'm pretty sure Gary Pettis was speedy on RBI Baseball
2007-04-26 21:59:26
354.   Uncle Miltie
347- if we include Russell Martin, I'm sure a number of teams would be interested...
2007-04-26 21:59:40
355.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
348 - And the career OPS+ for Omar Moreno - another bad hitter masquerading as a leadoff man - was 79.
2007-04-26 21:59:42
356.   Bob Timmermann
I will defer to Rob on the relative merits of Gary Pettis.
2007-04-26 21:59:52
357.   jujibee
352. OR, something that was meant to happen for Betemit but didn't when the bases were loaded. Hate to see a player I like struggle so much.
2007-04-26 22:00:39
358.   natepurcell
with the count 1-1, i dont know how marlon could decide before the pitch was even thrown, that he would be taking.
2007-04-26 22:01:28
359.   Bob Timmermann
I again blame this loss on the Dodgers making it their annual Barrators Night.
2007-04-26 22:01:29
360.   scareduck
321 - Vinny thought Pierre changed course late in that run, but it's hard for me to tell.
2007-04-26 22:01:41
361.   Bluebleeder87
347 jujibee i'm sorry but i don't agree with you.
2007-04-26 22:01:50
362.   Daniel Zappala
346 I hereby absolve Pierre of blame for that play. Not that this does much good. I'll keep praying that he somehow defies all reason and has a .380 OBP at the end of the season with decent defense. How many Hail Marys will that take?
2007-04-26 22:01:56
363.   El Lay Dave
For Bob, in particular: On the commute in on the 405 this morning I was pulled over by the CHP, and I have no clue why.

CHP: Is there a reason you're driving in the car pool lane by yourself?
Me: Uh, I drive a Prius and I have stickers?
CHP: License, registration, insurance please.

[time passes - he returns]

CHP: When did you buy the car?
Me: February 2006
CHP: Sorry for the inconvenience. (as he taps his hands on my window sill twice and walks away)

I have ALL FOUR of those BUTT-UGLY stickers on my car, each in its exact and proper place, and I lose most of my carpool lane time savings for that???? Is there some sticker black-market problem I don't know about? Has this happened to you?

2007-04-26 22:02:10
364.   jujibee
354. Nooooo! We payed Driefort 55 mil for 17ish starts and Pierre has alredy started that much. There are other options.....late inning pinch runner or something like that and 44 mil down the drain.
2007-04-26 22:02:18
365.   regfairfield
That lady in the Nomar van is going to be really sad in two years.
2007-04-26 22:03:02
366.   trainwreck
Too many things to watch on TV right now.
2007-04-26 22:03:03
367.   Bob Timmermann
I drive on the Pasadena Freeway and it doesn't have a carpool lane. I have the ugly stickers, but I rarely am in the carpool lane.

But they are being stolen I hear.

2007-04-26 22:04:03
368.   Frip
Regarding Pierre, one of the best lines was the text message from Greg Brock's Chicago friend, "just'll see."
2007-04-26 22:04:26
369.   Greg Brock
350 I don't even watch the show. I heard about it second hand, caught the episode, and thought it was hilarious. You're street cred is still equal to or greater than mine.
2007-04-26 22:05:51
370.   Uncle Miltie
The game isn't over yet.

Using last year's statistics, there's a .04 % chance that Pierre will hit a home run.

2007-04-26 22:06:15
371.   Daniel Zappala
I just thought Greg Brock was channeling tskent.
2007-04-26 22:06:20
372.   jujibee
361. I'm sorry you're sorry, but that is a realistic way to get rid of him. If he is such a valuable asset for what we pay him for, than I say we keep him, but clearly he is not. You have to give a little to get a little.
2007-04-26 22:06:52
373.   capdodger
367 The resale value of a Prius w/ stickers is about $4,000 greater than w/o. It would also take a great deal of skill to remove them as their designed to shred if disturbed.
2007-04-26 22:07:22
374.   scareduck
337 - what are some realistic scenarios saving us from 5 years of pierre? or even one full year..

Scenarios start with photographs containing Pierre with a naked, underaged goat.

356 - Gary Pettis = no bat, all legs. Probably about as close an equivalent to Pierre as I can think of, but this is based on reputation, not any serious consideration of their actual careers.

2007-04-26 22:07:38
375.   Uncle Miltie
Pierre is 3-6 with 2 rbis and a BB against Benitez in the past.
2007-04-26 22:07:53
376.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder if Benitez has pitched in 3 days streight, I hope has.
2007-04-26 22:08:18
377.   Jon Weisman
372 - There isn't a chance in the world Colletti trades Pierre this year.
2007-04-26 22:08:24
378.   dkminnick
JtO will have a chance to redeem himself.
2007-04-26 22:08:34
379.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Back to bad leadoff men...
The ultimate, for me, is the '61 Yankees. Batting ahead of Maris and Mantle, the leadoff hitters had an OBP of .293. And the No. 2 hitters' OBP was .283. Neither Richardson nor Kubek scored 100 runs.
2007-04-26 22:09:19
380.   caseybarker
2007-04-26 22:09:25
381.   Jon Weisman
It's my version of the rally cap - bottom of the ninth ... new post up top.

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