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Into the Chamber of Horrors ...
2007-04-27 17:00
by Jon Weisman
Comments (438)
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2007-04-27 17:46:31
1.   Bluebleeder87
am I the first one?
2007-04-27 17:49:43
3.   trainwreck
Sorry, I could not resist that South Park reference.
2007-04-27 17:53:05
4.   Eric Enders's latest poll asks, "What is the best injury-hampered performance in postseason history?"

40.4% Kirk Gibson's hobbled home run, Game 1 of the 1988 World Series
29.5% Curt Schilling's ankle injury, 2004 MLB ALCS/World Series
13.8% Michael Jordan's flu game, Game 5, 1997 NBA Finals
7.4% Willis Reed's torn muscle, Game 7, 1970 NBA Finals
6.5% Steve Yzerman's one-legged triumph, '02 Olympics and Stanley Cup
2.4% Kellen Winslow's multiple ailments, 1982 AFC divisional playoff game

Willis Reed, seven percent?

2007-04-27 17:53:41
5.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Valdez, 3B

Hendrickson, P

Time to snap out of the funk. It's a speed bump in a long season, but no one likes going over them slowly, right?


From Inside The Dodgers. Actually Josh is wrong on going fast on speed bumps cause if you do it enough times you can ruin good hydraulics on your car.

2007-04-27 17:56:01
6.   Jon Weisman
2 - Sorry ... not my thing.
2007-04-27 17:56:14
7.   Bob Timmermann
What if you have independent suspension or four-wheel drive?
2007-04-27 17:56:59
8.   Bluebleeder87
I like the lineup but I humbly wish the Dodgers gave Betemit a REAL look this next month.
2007-04-27 17:58:45
9.   trainwreck
No problem. It is actually a joke on the Chamber of Horrors, which is why it popped into my head.
2007-04-27 18:01:59
10.   Curtis Lowe
8- How have they not? Seems to me he's been stinking it up all winter, spring and now april long.

The best thing for Betimet would be to go down on the DL so he could rework some things on a rehab assignment.

2007-04-27 18:02:38
11.   Bluebleeder87

For all i know my car probably has that i just never read the drivers manual.

2007-04-27 18:12:27
12.   Jon Weisman
10 - You've done quite a job of making 60 regular season plate appearances sound like an era.
2007-04-27 18:15:03
13.   Curtis Lowe
12- I meant to say something about early in the season but got distracted at the office sorry for the errant implication.
2007-04-27 18:25:56
14.   Icaros
So that's what it looks like when Julio Lugo hits a home run.

Glad I have to wait for Red Sox-Yankees to end before the Dodgers game will show.

Glad it's 6:30 and Red Sox-Yankees is only in the top of the 6th.


2007-04-27 18:40:52
15.   Andrew Shimmin
This Wilson Valdez thing stopped being cute a couple weeks ago.
2007-04-27 18:53:08
16.   Andrew Shimmin
RIP Slava Rostropovich.

2007-04-27 19:08:27
17.   imperabo
I know exactly what 2 was. Anyone who doesn't watch Southpark is missing the smartest show on television. It's getting better and better. The reference in 2 not really a prime example.
2007-04-27 19:08:59
18.   Bluebleeder87
I stand by my comment over at ItD that Valdez is Martinez equal but that Valdez will probably go because Martinez is Neds guy.
2007-04-27 19:09:57
19.   Eric Enders
14 Looks like they heard you.

I applaud Extra Innings for finally getting their heads out of their you-know-whats. And it only took three weeks! Now that's progress!

2007-04-27 19:11:10
20.   Eric Enders
Contest: Predict the number of Wilsons on the Dodgers roster on June 1.

Over/under is 1.

2007-04-27 19:11:28
21.   Icaros

Where is it?

2007-04-27 19:13:14
22.   Bob Timmermann
In a sense 2 and 17 are commemorated on the Griddle's post about Ken Griffey.
2007-04-27 19:13:42
23.   Icaros
Okay. Found it. Nice.
2007-04-27 19:14:58
24.   D4P
Jeff Kent hit a homerun in his first AB of the season. He hasn't hit one since.
2007-04-27 19:16:55
25.   D4P
Jose Cruz Jr. is OPSing 1.130
2007-04-27 19:17:28
26.   D4P
But only .691 at home
2007-04-27 19:18:26
27.   JoeyP
4--I'd put Jordan's flu game 1st. Then Schilling. Then Gibson.

The flu game was amazing in that it came at a pivotal time in the series (series tied 2-2), and it took a sustained effort of greatness.

Gibson, as miraculous as it was, was just 1 swing in Game 1 of the series.

2007-04-27 19:19:05
28.   Bluebleeder87
I was gonna say the ump isn't giving the inside corner but to my surprise he rung up Cruz Jr. with a nice heater up & in.
2007-04-27 19:22:11
29.   imperabo
Kent's still a surprisingly good fielder I think.
2007-04-27 19:23:37
30.   Bluebleeder87

i've always had the impression that if he can get to it he'll make the play.

2007-04-27 19:25:40
31.   Andrew Shimmin
He didn't really throw his glove, did he? It looked like it, but that can't be what happened. . .
2007-04-27 19:28:19
32.   imperabo
Vin: "Cameron gliding back. . . "

Has he ever described you-know-who as "gliding"?

2007-04-27 19:31:14
33.   imperabo
Ethier hitting + Martin running = pretty
2007-04-27 19:32:03
34.   Bluebleeder87
Wilson Valdez getting points with Dodger Management.
2007-04-27 19:32:04
35.   Icaros
So now even Wilson Valdez is better than Pierre.
2007-04-27 19:32:10
36.   Bob Timmermann
"Dad gummit. I'm gonna squeeze a run home even if it kills me!"
2007-04-27 19:32:31
37.   imperabo
Valdez is an awesome bunter.
2007-04-27 19:32:36
38.   JoeyP
Try Try again on the squeeze..
2007-04-27 19:33:18
39.   Bob Timmermann
Strategically, that wasn't all that bad since it's not often a team tries that place in successive games.
2007-04-27 19:33:43
40.   Bob Timmermann
Replace "place" with "play"
2007-04-27 19:33:56
41.   MMSMikey
boy henrickason is brutal trying to bunt
2007-04-27 19:34:31
42.   Icaros
I tried that place. Food was lousy.
2007-04-27 19:34:48
43.   Benaiah
Nice to see that Grady doesn't learn from his mistakes. That was like a middle finger to everyone who thought the squeeze yesterday was stupid. It worked, and it was pretty exciting, but I would prefer it if the manager didn't do stuff like this.
2007-04-27 19:34:55
44.   imperabo
Maybe he should trying falling into it. He does that well.
2007-04-27 19:36:04
45.   Bob Timmermann
It's time for Juan Pierre to turn into Alfredo Griffin of 1988.
2007-04-27 19:36:33
46.   MMSMikey
peirre comes through again
2007-04-27 19:36:54
47.   Bob Timmermann
Well, that was also something Alfredo Griffin would have done in 1988.
2007-04-27 19:37:19
48.   JoeyP
Cruz had him played perfectly.
2007-04-27 19:37:49
49.   Icaros
I thought last night's squeeze was a much worse decision because:

1) Russ Ortiz is worse than Clay Hensley
2) The Dodgers already had a three-run lead
3) The heart of the order was coming up, as opposed to the pitchers spot

2007-04-27 19:38:08
50.   imperabo
I just got a flashback of Alfredo swinging at a pitch 8 feet over his head.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-04-27 19:38:27
51.   scooplew
When will Kemp be inserted in centerfield? None too soon.
2007-04-27 19:39:21
52.   Bob Timmermann

You wouldn't expect the LF to be playing Pierre deep would you?

2007-04-27 19:39:23
53.   Gen3Blue
In a place where you find guys like Pierre and Betemit, you also find guyas like Valdez!
2007-04-27 19:40:45
54.   Gen3Blue
I almost hate to say it, but Nomar is becoming a good first baseman.
2007-04-27 19:43:06
55.   Andrew Shimmin
54- He's gotten off to a fairly slow start, both offensively, and defensively. He hasn't looked bad, and certainly not as bad as some of his coworkers, but he's not been setting the world on fire, this April.
2007-04-27 19:44:05
56.   Icaros
Nomar makes many of those digs harder than they need to be by not really stretching much. He's good at the shorthop, but it's not always necessary.
2007-04-27 19:45:03
57.   Gen3Blue
Dodgers w/bases loaded are what 2 for 23, or 2 for 24!
2007-04-27 19:45:05
58.   Dodgers49
Meanwhile... in Las Vegas:

Matt Kemp singles with one out in the 1st and steals 2nd base but is left at 3rd by LaRoche.

2007-04-27 19:45:18
59.   Bluebleeder87

i feel the same way specially if Valdez sees that the 3rd baseman is really far away. It's a "feel" thing more than anything IMO.

2007-04-27 19:47:16
60.   underdog
58 "Matt Kemp singles with one out in the 1st and steals 2nd base but is left at 3rd by LaRoche." I wonder if this sentence will reflect our future, with "Los Angeles" replacing "Las Vegas."
2007-04-27 19:50:03
61.   Icaros
Gonzalez is a freaking joke.
2007-04-27 19:50:27
62.   mannyman
i don't think i've ever disliked a player as much as i dislike pierre.

He hurts our team in every way imaginable (outside of running the bases).

On Defense: He takes bad routes to balls about 60% of the time. And when the ball gets to him, opposing teams are chomping at the bit to run on his noodle arm.

At the Plate: He has NO POWER whatsoever, not even gap power. Teams know this so they play him shallow and limit his ability to get bloop hits (the only type of hits he can produce). Also, teams know he bunts at least once a game, so they are always prepared for when he does that.

With all that said...Why in the WORLD is this our #2 hitter??!! And why is this guy patrolling center field (the most important outfield positions)!!???

I can't take this much longer.

2007-04-27 19:52:25
63.   underdog
Hensley really lucked out on that one, got away with a bad pitch to Gonzo, just barely, and Martin smoked that one.

D-Backs up 1-zip on Zito and the Giants, by the way.

2007-04-27 19:52:45
64.   Eric Enders
Hendrickson should scratch out that 52 on the mound. Didn't Billingsley or somebody do that last year?
2007-04-27 19:53:55
65.   Bluebleeder87
i know some people don't agree with the squeeze play let alone a bunt but i felt like expressing my way of thinking & i know Jon doesn't mind when it's done in a respectful way.
2007-04-27 19:55:34
66.   Bluebleeder87

Grady hasn't given him a day off has he?

2007-04-27 19:56:16
67.   Bob Timmermann
Kent did it for Billingsley last year.
2007-04-27 19:57:34
68.   Icaros

Not that I can recall. Clark may have started for him once so far.

2007-04-27 19:58:31
69.   Bob Timmermann
Pierre has played in every game, but didn't start one at home.
2007-04-27 19:59:55
70.   Icaros

I think we're talking about Gonzalez, but you may not have been talking to us.

2007-04-27 20:00:28
71.   Bluebleeder87

you'd think with his age & a long season he'd give him some scattered days off.

2007-04-27 20:00:38
72.   scooplew
How long before Steinbrenner explodes? It is 11-4 Red Sox over the Yankees in the 9th inning...Rivera came in to start the top of the 9th with the Yankees trailing 7-4. He gave up three hits and walked one and was removed after going one-third of an inning. He allowed four runs, and his ERA went from 7.11 to 12.15
2007-04-27 20:01:15
73.   underdog
Who is this Mark Hendrickson fella pitching for the Dodgers tonight? He looks like a good prospect - better than that Mark Hendrickson guy we saw last year.

Ooooh, never mind this game, The Hustler is on TCM!

2007-04-27 20:01:21
74.   Andrew Shimmin
LuGo sat out the first Colorado game.
2007-04-27 20:01:49
75.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, there was a lot of Juan Pierre complaining going on there and it's hard to differentiate from Juan Gonzalez complaining at times.
2007-04-27 20:01:55
76.   Andrew Shimmin
By which I mean, the first game AT Colorado.
2007-04-27 20:02:48
77.   Bob Timmermann
Or even Luis Gonzalez complaining.

I need to eat dinner. My blood sugar is dropping and I have no idea who is who anymore.

2007-04-27 20:03:23
78.   Icaros

That's Luis Gonzalez, champ. Might be time for another nap.

2007-04-27 20:03:45
79.   underdog
71 Yes, you would think that. I was harping on that within a week into the season. Granted, Gonzo hit a good hot streak with his bat there, but between cooling off a bit and just being older, and having a capable backup in Clark, I don't get the non-stop starts.
2007-04-27 20:04:16
80.   Gen3Blue
I thought this guy was one of the weaker Padre pitchers.
2007-04-27 20:04:17
81.   Icaros

Just roll with it. You might see God.

2007-04-27 20:05:31
82.   Icaros
It just seems like Gonzalez could at least be on the J.D. Drew plan.
2007-04-27 20:07:01
83.   Dodgers49
Meanwhile... in Las Vegas:

Matt Kemp strikes out swinging. No score after 3 and Kemp has the only Vegas hit.

2007-04-27 20:07:32
84.   Bluebleeder87
man Hendy ain't fooling older brother Giles at all.
2007-04-27 20:08:50
85.   underdog
82 Go to Boston? That works.
2007-04-27 20:11:57
86.   underdog
Uh oh, we've reverted to Hendrickson v1.0 this inning.
2007-04-27 20:12:47
87.   Bluebleeder87
Vin Scully on that sac-fly "Brian Giles can walk in"
2007-04-27 20:12:48
88.   underdog
Hey, that wasn't a terrible throw from Pierre! (To 2nd base...)
2007-04-27 20:13:27
89.   gpellamjr
What just happened? Was Bard walking up the line?
2007-04-27 20:13:38
90.   nick
the replay of Kent turning that double play was kinda amusing--
2007-04-27 20:13:46
91.   JoeyP
Bard's the slowest man to ever play major league baseball.
2007-04-27 20:14:13
92.   gpellamjr
88 It was a surprisingly good throw.
2007-04-27 20:14:16
93.   Andrew Shimmin
It doesn't happen often, but I feel like I can, with relative certainty, say: I could have beaten that out.
2007-04-27 20:14:27
94.   Bluebleeder87
That was a weird DP the Padres batter must have slipped or something.
2007-04-27 20:14:27
95.   underdog
Wow. Who would win a sprint between a hobbling Josh Bard and Jason Phillips? Kent took a break to read his motorcycle magazine and then still was able to throw him out.
2007-04-27 20:14:34
96.   Icaros
How can someone be slower than Bengie Molina?
2007-04-27 20:17:02
97.   underdog
Bard, in his defense, did slip, and then he's slowed by recovering from a groin injury and wearing a protector - so even then he probably still would've beaten Jason Phillips and Bengie Molina.
2007-04-27 20:17:02
98.   JoeyP
89--He slipped coming out of the box, and then probably assumed there'd be a DP and loafed down to 1st. I dont think he was expecting Kent to be taken out on the play. But thats a really embarrassing way to get doubled up.

Golden State's up 38-23 on Dallas in the 2nd.

2007-04-27 20:17:34
99.   nick
72 Rivera looks hurt, to me; can't put a finger on him but the two times I've seen him mechanics looked different-
2007-04-27 20:21:34
100.   Gen3Blue
Man, I can't even go to the bathroom before the D's offense gives up. I admit I'm more discouraged now than during last years losing streak, but I can't see the light.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-27 20:22:13
101.   Bob Timmermann
Didn't the Dodgers get a similar unexpected DP against the Padres last year when Piazza was batting?
2007-04-27 20:22:26
102.   underdog
The 51s have the bases loaded for slugger Kelly Stinnett...
2007-04-27 20:23:13
103.   Frip
Does anyone know how to enlarge the text on websites with very small text, like

With some sites clicking View > Text Size on your toolbar, does not work.

2007-04-27 20:24:16
104.   underdog
...who flies out.

100 You can go to the bathroom, their offense will still be absent when you come back.

2007-04-27 20:26:40
105.   Bob Timmermann
Put a candle in the window, cause I feel I've got to move.
Though I'm going, going, I'll be coming home soon,
long as I can see the light.
2007-04-27 20:28:04
106.   gpellamjr
105 Bob's references are ranging into the significantly less vague. I'm disappointed.
2007-04-27 20:28:46
107.   Benaiah
103 - CTRL and +, CTRL and - will make it smaller.
2007-04-27 20:30:30
108.   Icaros
I can't believe they still rely on those bullpen phones. I'm sure everyone has a cell.
2007-04-27 20:31:22
109.   underdog
Chad Billingsley has been alerted via the use of semaphores to get warmed up.

Honeycutt and Eddie Murray looked like they were on a desert island flagging down a plane.

2007-04-27 20:32:24
110.   Bob Timmermann
I decry the fans in San Diego as nothing but a bunch of simonists and grafters!
2007-04-27 20:33:25
111.   Frip
Thanks Benaiah.
2007-04-27 20:34:38
112.   imperabo
If Martin wasn't such a good catcher I wonder if he could pull a Biggio.
2007-04-27 20:34:58
113.   underdog
I'm sure there are as many soothsayers as there are peculators. If thine wants to know.
2007-04-27 20:35:40
114.   Bob Timmermann
Vin said the Dodgers have had eight home parks.

I've counted:
Washington Park I
Washington Park II
Washington Park III
Eastern Park
Ebbets Field
Roosevelt Stadium
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Dodger Stadium

Aside from the games in Jersey City have the Dodgers ever had to play a home game at an alternate site?

2007-04-27 20:36:10
115.   Benaiah
111 - If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse then you can also hold CTRL and move the wheel up to make text bigger or down to make it smaller.
2007-04-27 20:36:12
116.   Icaros

You know he's a converted third baseman, right?

2007-04-27 20:38:14
117.   Frip
Would it be wrong for us to give our predictions on the number of years till Vin retires?
2007-04-27 20:38:24
118.   Bob Timmermann
According to Retrosheet, the Dodgers had to play four home games in alernate sites, twice in 1890 at the Long Island Grounds in Maspeth, NY and twice in 1898 at the West New York Field Club Grounds in West New York, New Jersey.

I'm guessing that they wanted to play on a Sunday somewhere where it was legal.

2007-04-27 20:38:37
119.   imperabo
116 Yeah I forgot about that. He's probably a bit too stocky to be ideal at second. I wonder why the put him at C with his speed and mobility. Not that I'm complaining.
2007-04-27 20:38:39
120.   underdog
Guessing isn't Valdez's strength. Hensley's had him fooled all night - except for the perfect bunt.
2007-04-27 20:41:18
121.   Gen3Blue
This Hensley looks mighty good. At least I have found out how to watch Las Vegas when I stay up late.
Uh-oh Billingsley. Watchout for that BB.
2007-04-27 20:41:32
122.   Dodgers49
Meanwhile... in Las Vegas:

Bottem of 5th. Matt Kemp strikes out swinging again.

2007-04-27 20:42:19
123.   Benaiah
As usual we learn all the wrong lessons from a tragedy:

2007-04-27 20:43:29
124.   imperabo
You sir are no Wilson Valdez.
2007-04-27 20:44:32
125.   Bluebleeder87

I got that same feeling watching him thrue that at bat.

2007-04-27 20:44:45
126.   imperabo
So that's what a good OF play looks like.
2007-04-27 20:44:59
127.   Gen3Blue
How lucky that was hit to right field!
2007-04-27 20:45:18
128.   Bob Timmermann
Ethier broke very late on the ball.
2007-04-27 20:45:21
129.   Benaiah
Andre Ethier is the anti-Pierre in the outfield.
2007-04-27 20:46:08
130.   imperabo
123 That kid clearly played Counter-Strike. The P90 reference is a dead giveaway.
2007-04-27 20:47:20
131.   Benaiah
Billingsley is a scary reliever. And not in the scary good way.
2007-04-27 20:48:43
132.   Greg Brock
131 Probably because he isn't a reliever.
2007-04-27 20:50:50
133.   MMSMikey
meradith, linebrink, hoffman.
2007-04-27 20:51:46
134.   Benaiah
130 - Beyond just silly, there is something very wrong about the teacher's reaction. To arrest a kid for an essay, that while disturbing, technically follows the instructions, is a violation of trust.

"Don't censor yourself, but realize that if you say anything transgressive because then I will call the cops."

2007-04-27 20:52:22
135.   Benaiah
132 - Then he should come into tie games.
2007-04-27 20:52:44
136.   underdog
I wondered about taking Hendrickson out with the lefties due up this inning and his spot due up the next inning. And now I'm really wondering about it. But I'm assuming he was tired, and they'd certainly know more about that than we would. Still... this is unsettling.
2007-04-27 20:53:09
137.   Gen3Blue
Somebody put a fork in Bills, he's done as a reliever.
2007-04-27 20:53:29
138.   Benaiah
135 - shouldn't
2007-04-27 20:54:30
139.   Jon Weisman
I have the feeling Billingsley just punched his ticket to Vegas, if the Dodgers reaction to Kuo in April 2006 is any indication.
2007-04-27 20:55:30
140.   Frip
123 - The kid is an idiot and was practically begging to be thrown out of school.

Besides he has no creative writing ability, so it's no loss.

2007-04-27 20:55:36
141.   imperabo
That last pitch was nice though.
2007-04-27 20:56:04
142.   Benaiah
Grady's use of the bullpen is terrible for the second night in a row. I like Billz, but his track record this year doesn't scream "put me into the tie game." Seanez was probably his second choice though, so pick your poison.
2007-04-27 20:56:41
143.   Bluebleeder87

i'm gonna feel more insulted if they bring in Seanez.

2007-04-27 20:57:18
144.   Gen3Blue
And perhaps the worst of it, is though Elbert is a lefty, his minor league perif.s are rather like Bill's. A kid who can throw 95 but has yet to get pitching.
2007-04-27 20:57:27
145.   underdog
139 I have the same feeling. Whatever it takes for him to get his confidence back. I have no doubt he has great stuff, he's just been too erratic as a reliever. He needs to start in the minors, or in LA, but the bullpen is clearly not his place.

Of course, seeing Seanez warming up makes me still want him to stay in there longer.

He reels off some dandy pitches, just not consistent right now.

2007-04-27 20:58:43
146.   MMSMikey
betemit experiment has to be nearing its end.
2007-04-27 20:58:43
147.   imperabo
140 Being forced to do free association bs in school gave me homocidal thoughts too.
2007-04-27 20:58:48
148.   underdog
142 I don't think he had a choice (although as I wondered above, he might have been able to wait another inning with Hendy). It was either Billingsley or Seanez, yeah, given how much use the other guys got in the SF series. Though maybe Tsao can go an inning too. But I really don't think he had many choices there.
2007-04-27 20:59:59
149.   Greg Brock
Dude, Betemit, calm down. It's not the batting glove's fault. Leave the poor thing alone.
2007-04-27 21:00:35
150.   Icaros
I think it's interesting that mainly gets trolls from other teams. Lots of Angels, Giants, and Padres fans go there to stir up trouble.

But DT never gets trolls from other teams, just other Dodgers fans. And isn't it funny that a web community, comprised mainly of people who want nothing more than for the Dodgers to win every game, has a troll who only comes around to taunt when the Dodgers are winning?

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-27 21:00:42
151.   Bluebleeder87
you gotta hand it to Hendy though he's been pitching very well when given the opportunity (sp?)
2007-04-27 21:00:52
152.   underdog
The pitching in this division is murder. Can't the Dodgers go get some time playing the AL or NL East soon, for a little while?
2007-04-27 21:02:19
153.   underdog
Well, there's one back.
2007-04-27 21:04:03
154.   Bob Timmermann
There have been overtures to Red Sox bloggers to join up, but so far no takers.

Josh Wilker of Cardboard Gods is a Red Sox fan.

I don't think the Bronx Banterers would have a hard time co-existing with any Red Soxerers.

2007-04-27 21:04:56
155.   JoeyP
Hensley actually had sucked most of this year.
2007-04-27 21:05:17
156.   imperabo
Check this out Benaiah:

Three things are interesting. One, the kid bears a passing resemblace to a certain someone. Two, he clearly resented having to write the stupid essay. Three, he ripped his English teacher a new one.

2007-04-27 21:05:37
157.   caseybarker

What's the right lesson?

2007-04-27 21:05:41
158.   Greg Brock
I don't know that I approve of that.

Let me rephrase. Dumb.

2007-04-27 21:05:55
159.   JoeyP
Pierre's out if the 3rd basemen hangs onto the ball.

Very risky play.

2007-04-27 21:06:05
160.   Jon Weisman
For those who weren't watching, with our cleanup hitter up, down two runs, Pierre almost was called out stealing third, but the third baseman couldn't hold the throw.
2007-04-27 21:06:11
161.   MMSMikey
kent needs to hit one over the fence
2007-04-27 21:06:18
162.   Bluebleeder87
the Dodger better not play with my emotions today. if there gonna do the rally thing today they BETTER PLAY FOR KEEPS. ;o)
2007-04-27 21:07:12
163.   underdog
Do you think he was out? It seemed like a real close play, but the ump was actually falling down, not about to call him out as Vin first thought. It was very close, if not for the drop. {exhale}
2007-04-27 21:07:18
164.   MSarg29
If he Pierre was thrown out there he should of just kept on running back to Colorado or wherever.
2007-04-27 21:07:21
165.   Jon Weisman
161 - Kent really got fooled for strike three.
2007-04-27 21:07:45
166.   underdog
161 ...or not. Kent really chased on there.
2007-04-27 21:08:57
167.   underdog
As Borat would say, "Gonzo is clutch.


2007-04-27 21:09:17
168.   MMSMikey
how many homers is kent on pace to hit?
2007-04-27 21:09:18
169.   Benaiah
140 - He's an idiot who gets straight A's and if the goal of the free association was to be transgressive or even just emotionally honest, then it seems like he pushed the right buttons. As for his creative writing skills, I can't tell anything from two sentences either way.

The point is, whether this kid is the next Hemingway, or just a teenager who wrote a bad essay, the lesson we learn from VT should not be: "better safe than sorry, so lock up the kids who write questionable creative writing papers."

2007-04-27 21:09:21
170.   JoeyP
Meredith will probably be closer when Hoffman retires.
2007-04-27 21:10:40
171.   underdog
Boy, the Dallas Mavericks seemed to have forgotten the way to play defense tonight. Warriors are just lighting them up.
2007-04-27 21:10:56
172.   Bluebleeder87
I really like Luis Gonzalez as a person but i'm really questioning his ego on not wanting to take a day off. Of course i'm just speculating.
2007-04-27 21:11:21
173.   nick
154 hey Bob, two questions
1) is that some kind of irony (& if so, what kind?)..
2) Would you approve of "overtures" being "extended" towards Giants fans?
2007-04-27 21:12:31
174.   underdog
172 Whether he wants a day off or not shouldn't be the issue. Grady should say, "sit," or not, and Gonzo says, "Sure thing, coach." Grady needs to decide to sit him, pure and simple.
2007-04-27 21:12:42
175.   StolenMonkey86
I just got back a bit ago from the Nats-Mets game. I have to say I kind of envy the Nats' outfield; the Mets respected their arms.

Well, that and Church and Kearns went yard.

2007-04-27 21:12:42
176.   imperabo
The lesson of practially every national news story should be that in a nation of 300 million people, 1 in a million occurences happen every day. As far as conducting our lives is concerned these events round to zero in their meaning.
2007-04-27 21:12:53
177.   caseybarker
I agree, what he wrote is not completely horrific--mostly stupid stuff--but certainly an overreaction in this case did little to no harm.

And good for him, joining the Marines.

2007-04-27 21:14:29
178.   JoeyP
Billingsley looks better this inning.
He made Sledge look silly.
2007-04-27 21:14:58
179.   MSarg29
Billingsly seems to be throwing harder this inning.
2007-04-27 21:15:03
180.   Greg Brock
Termel Sledge is still the winner of...Skinniest midget to ever get popped for PED's.

Until a certain shortstop from the Baseballtown, USA is exposed.

2007-04-27 21:15:34
181.   Frip
169 - There's much I'd like to say in response...but then it hits me how wise it is of Jon discourage this kind of discussion.

Anyway, I hear what you're saying. Just disagree.

2007-04-27 21:15:42
182.   imperabo
Marcus: "ball was up"
Ump: "don't be so short"
2007-04-27 21:17:07
183.   caseybarker
They did not lock the boy up; they kicked him out of class.

176 true. This is lost on most people, though. People always want a reason.

2007-04-27 21:19:19
184.   Benaiah
157 - The right lesson is a rule 5 violation.

Its interesting that he has a passing resemblance to Cho. I though CG stood for "Computer Generated" the first time I read the essay, but obviously that is the name of the school. It is not a very good essay, but it is a free association assignment that was supposed to be "uncensored." This smells reactionary and a tad vindictive since the student rips apart his English teacher, who is no doubt the person who turned him in.

2007-04-27 21:19:42
185.   old dodger fan
179 Game Day has most of his pitches between 95 and 98. Last 2 pitches were 99.
2007-04-27 21:20:03
186.   underdog
I think Billingsley has Randy Wolf-itis - pitches poor in his first inning of work, then settles down, with the hope that not too much damage was done in that first inning.

Or maybe he just heard all of our hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing.

2007-04-27 21:20:14
187.   regfairfield
According to Gameday, Bills throws a straighter fastball than Penny.
2007-04-27 21:20:16
188.   Greg Brock
So all of us Asians look alike to you guys? Is that it?
2007-04-27 21:21:14
189.   Benaiah
183 - They pressed charges.
2007-04-27 21:22:33
190.   Gen3Blue
Lord and its only the 7th inning. I'm sorry to be surly, but I've lost sleep for the last 4 nights and now we seem to be taking an agonizing amount of time to lose. It can be tough trying to be a cranky old east coast D's fan.
2007-04-27 21:23:09
191.   imperabo
188 Hey man I went to UCI for 6 years. I can tell you apart. ;-)
2007-04-27 21:23:22
192.   Bob Timmermann
It wasn't supposed to be ironic. I don't think there would be any veto of a Giants blog on Baseball Toaster.
2007-04-27 21:23:44
193.   Greg Brock
191 Don't sweat it. I'm not even Asian.
2007-04-27 21:23:50
194.   Benaiah
188 - Heh. No, he doesn't really look anything like Cho (he looks like an athlete). However, he is an Asian kid with glasses writing violent essays a week after the VT shooting, so the comparison isn't completely out of left field.
2007-04-27 21:25:06
195.   JoeyP
Dallas is getting humiliated.
If GS upsets them in this series, it's probably theh biggest upset in NBA playoff history.
2007-04-27 21:25:46
196.   imperabo
194 Shaved head too fwiw.
2007-04-27 21:25:57
197.   Bob Timmermann
The NL West standings are going to be very cozy if this score doesn't change.

Poor Rockies...

2007-04-27 21:26:58
198.   old dodger fan
Giants lose
2007-04-27 21:27:38
199.   Greg Brock
It would be nice if we could just grant 60% of our games to the Padres at their yard, if they gave us the other 40%. We would end up doing much better, and we wouldn't have to watch the Dodgers play in San Diego.

Some sort of pre-arranged scenario where we don't have to play.

2007-04-27 21:28:38
200.   nick
192 so we'd have Yanks and Sox, Dodgers and Giants....yow!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-27 21:28:58
201.   ory
If they're going to keep Billingsly around, they should just use him to mop up blowouts, not create them.
2007-04-27 21:29:01
202.   overkill94
193 My world was about to be turned upside-down
2007-04-27 21:29:39
203.   underdog
195 I don't know about that. Never mind the seedings - GS owned them in the regular season, too. Quite honestly, I think the Warriors were probably the last team Dallas wanted to play in the postseason first round. They're good, they were hot, and they match up tough vs. Dallas. I don't know off hand historically, but I can imagine there's a bigger upset in playoff history out there.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers offense is totally feeble tonight.

2007-04-27 21:29:45
204.   JoeyP
NL Home Run Leader:

You guessed it,
Jimmy Rollins- with 9.

2007-04-27 21:30:23
205.   caseybarker
Ya, I forgot that I had read that he was arrested. How long do you think he was in jail, though? A half-day? He must've known that he'd get that type of reaction, right or wrong.

No big deal. At least his dad doesn't seem to want to escalate the situation.

2007-04-27 21:31:32
206.   Frip
Brian Giles has one of those over eager go-getter faces that I just can't deal with.
2007-04-27 21:32:34
207.   CanuckDodger
187 -- During spring training, Scott Rolen said he hates facing Billingsley because of how much his pitches move, making it hard to square up the ball and causing a lot of fouls. So is Gameday wrong, or is something going wrong with Billingsley's delivery that is making his pitches straighten out?
2007-04-27 21:32:56
208.   Xeifrank
Looks like we are just minutes away from having four teams all within 1/2 game of each other in the NL West. On a side not, I bet Mark Cuban isn't a happy camper right about now. vr, Xei
2007-04-27 21:33:09
209.   Bob Timmermann
The biggest difference in wins for a victor in an NBA playoff series is 21 when 42-40 Denver beat 63-19 Seattle in the first round in 1994.

That was just a five-game series.

2007-04-27 21:34:19
210.   Xeifrank
203. If the Mavericks didn't want to face the Warriors, then why didn't they play their starters against them in the 2nd to last game of the season? They could've waited til the last game (a meaningless one) to rest their starters. vr, Xei
2007-04-27 21:34:48
211.   Bluebleeder87
Bud Black doesn't get as much air time as Bochy did.
2007-04-27 21:35:13
212.   Icaros
So we return once again to the virtual four-way tie for western mediocirty.
2007-04-27 21:35:31
213.   Benaiah
205 - Half a day in jail may not be the end of the world, but that is still a really rough day for a teenager. If I was the dad I would escalate the situation by putting in a call to the ACLU, but I grew up in Alabama the lawsuit capital of the world.
2007-04-27 21:36:14
214.   JoeyP
Golden State (42-40) beating Dallas (67-15) in a 7 game series would be amazing.

Its also crazy Dallas won 67, but managed to lose to GS all 4 times in the regular season.

2007-04-27 21:37:30
215.   underdog
I think "Seanez" is actually Spanish for "throwing in the towel."
2007-04-27 21:38:27
216.   Dodgers49
Meanwhile... in Las Vegas:

Tacoma Top 7th

Pitcher Change: Yhency Brazoban replaces Spike Lundberg.
Wladimir Balentien grounds out, shortstop Tony Abreu to first baseman James Loney.
Bryan LaHair grounds out, second baseman Tomas Perez to first baseman James Loney.
Mike Morse flies out to center fielder Choo Freeman.

2007-04-27 21:40:05
217.   JoeyP
I've heard "Seanez" pronouced SEE--on--yase,

and also Vin's pronouciation--See-A-Nez

2007-04-27 21:40:12
218.   underdog
208 It's a fair question. But I think they were playing the way a team all set for the playoffs and with nothing official to play for, plays. That said, I still say they had their hands full with the Warriors this season and surely did not relish the match-up. I'm sure they had confidence they could beat anyone, of course. But given they're not as good as their record, perhaps too much confidence. At any rate, it's only 2-1 so it's not like the series is over. They really need to turn the burners up in game 4 though.
2007-04-27 21:40:27
219.   Dodgers49
Meanwhile... in Las Vegas:

Bottom of 7th.

Matt Kemp homers (2) on a fly ball to right center field. Tomas Perez scores.

2007-04-27 21:40:50
220.   Bob Timmermann
Yet you found last year's baseball postseason horrible and wondered why any of us would waste our time watching it.
2007-04-27 21:41:27
221.   Greg Brock
"Okay, Rudy, what you want to do here is throw the ball near the white thingy Russ is squating behind."

"Go get 'em kid"

2007-04-27 21:41:46
222.   underdog
216 Nice to hear. How long before we see Brazoban up for Seanez?

(Wladimir Balentien... is that a real name?)

2007-04-27 21:42:13
223.   das411
EEnders.....Aaron Rowand? Seriously??

204 = definitely why Steve has disappeared, I am starting to worry about him but it's just sooooo nice having that power at the top of our lineup this year...

2007-04-27 21:42:26
224.   Andrew Shimmin
Son of a gun. Andre Ethier is earning his keep.
2007-04-27 21:42:29
225.   JoeyP
220--Thats because its much more of an accomplishment for an underdog team in basketball to win an series, than in baseball where bad teams win all the time.
2007-04-27 21:42:34
226.   underdog
Andre! Wow... that diving grab just saved 3 runs.

He's been fantastic out there.

2007-04-27 21:43:43
227.   underdog
220 Either way, you know which teams I root for. ;-)
2007-04-27 21:43:45
228.   MSarg29
great catch Andre
2007-04-27 21:43:58
229.   Bob Timmermann
I didn't know there were any bad teams in the baseball playoffs last year.

The Cardinals may not have been a great team, but they were not a bad team.

2007-04-27 21:44:10
230.   Greg Brock
Now tell me 3.5 couldn't play a better center than our current guy.
2007-04-27 21:44:13
231.   Benaiah
Andre is the man. I think he has played his way into the starting lineup even when Kemp comes back. But Kemp might be the best hitter on the team, so surely he isn't going to sit on the bench. Maybe someone else could sit on the bench, but who?
2007-04-27 21:44:23
232.   D4P
Andre may have just preserved his one-third of the three-way platoon in RF when Kemp returns, Choo gets called up, and Billingsley/Tsao get sent down
2007-04-27 21:44:25
233.   Andrew Shimmin
Alright men. Time to make Trevor Hoffman's children cry.
2007-04-27 21:44:25
234.   imperabo
Notice how some outfielders have a killer instict that says they're going to catch that ball and nothing is going to stop them? And the there's. . .
2007-04-27 21:44:54
235.   underdog
Great. Now we have to beat Trevor Hoffman on Trevor Hoffman Night.
2007-04-27 21:44:58
236.   Bob Timmermann
2007-04-27 21:45:36
237.   gpellamjr
Is Marlon Anderson really batting for Betemit? My goodness. I don't get this.
2007-04-27 21:45:57
238.   Greg Brock
I've decide to go Bill Parcells on our current centerfielder. "The player" or "Our current starter" and so on.

The man has no name.

2007-04-27 21:46:18
239.   gpellamjr
235 It's good, because we only need 2 consecutive HRs in the 9th to tie.
2007-04-27 21:46:26
240.   Andrew Shimmin
232- You really think Flanders is going to go for a ten man pitching staff?
2007-04-27 21:47:07
241.   D4P

You may know him better as "Raphael Desepition". He's hitting .310 in Las Vegas.

2007-04-27 21:47:14
242.   Greg Brock
Now we only need one consecutive home run to take the lead.
2007-04-27 21:47:17
243.   imperabo
Oh yeah.
2007-04-27 21:47:39
244.   Marty
Furry's lucky he didn't get hurt there
2007-04-27 21:47:43
245.   gpellamjr
237 I hereby rescind my nasty comment. Grady is a genius.
2007-04-27 21:47:43
246.   Benaiah
2007-04-27 21:47:57
247.   JoeyP
D4P--those are some of the crazy things that have allowed the Dodgers to score runs this year.
2007-04-27 21:48:05
248.   PDH5204
Well, the good news is that it looks like I'll pick up a hold in my fantasy leagues via Cla Meredith, well, there's that and Al Reyes is about to close out the A's for a save, sorry, he just closed them out with a K of Crosby. The better news would be a loss for Trevor on Hoffman night and so my worthy opponents [3 of them] will be denied a Hoffman save. Lord, I don't ask for much but I'm asking now...
2007-04-27 21:48:08
249.   underdog
232 Or call up Choo Freeman?? Is that D4P's Pierre Replacement Strategy? Heh.


Hm, that play was weird. We'll take it. Hoffman's kids aren't crying but their tummies are a little upset.

2007-04-27 21:48:14
250.   Greg Brock
Well, the player did lay down a nice bunt there.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-27 21:48:24
251.   Bob Timmermann
I wonder if the Dodgers could have gotten an obstruction call if Gonzalez had managed to tag Furcal. Hoffman was an effective blocking back on that bunt play by Furcal.
2007-04-27 21:49:06
252.   D4P
those are some of the crazy things that have allowed the Dodgers to score runs this year

Exactly. That's the kinda stuff I'm talking about that has seemed to happen a lot this year.

2007-04-27 21:49:32
253.   Benaiah
For those watching on Gameday, Furcal drag bunted to first, it went hard directly to Gonzales who looked hard at second to see if he could get Anderson. Furcal flew up the line and when Gonzales turned back to tag him, Hoffman was in his way and Furcal scooted by safely.
2007-04-27 21:49:32
254.   MMSMikey
c'mon nomar let it float in there.
2007-04-27 21:49:45
255.   Marty
2007-04-27 21:49:50
256.   Greg Brock
2007-04-27 21:49:55
257.   Bluebleeder87
Nice to see Nomar come up big here.
2007-04-27 21:50:06
258.   JoeyP
Blown save Hoffman
2007-04-27 21:50:09
259.   imperabo
Ah, I didn't need to write that essay anway.
2007-04-27 21:50:12
260.   caseybarker
2007-04-27 21:50:20
261.   Bob Timmermann
Choo Freeman isn't on the 40-man roster BTW.
2007-04-27 21:50:30
262.   Frip
And suddenly friday night becomes FRIDAY NIGHT!
2007-04-27 21:50:31
263.   underdog
Yipee Nomar!!

NOW Trevor's kids are making little sad faces.

2007-04-27 21:51:01
264.   D4P
Steiner says that Hoffman's "fastball" tops out around 85. Sounds like a good choice for a closer.
2007-04-27 21:51:15
265.   Bob Timmermann
Hoffman has now blown his last two save opportunities against the Dodgers.

I believe prior to 4+1, he'd only blown one save EVER against the Dodgers.

2007-04-27 21:51:50
266.   D4P
Andre Either gets the Game-Winning RBI for the 3 he drove in with his glove in the 8th inning
2007-04-27 21:52:38
267.   MMSMikey
i think this is a huge mistake walking gonzo to get to russ
2007-04-27 21:52:45
268.   Greg Brock
264 Hoffman hasn't thrown over 90 in a long time.

Not that he needs to.

2007-04-27 21:52:48
269.   Bluebleeder87
did game day say what kind of pitch Nomar hit? I'm still debating if it was a change or a fastball.
2007-04-27 21:52:49
270.   mikethinksblue
IBB to pitch to Martin?
2007-04-27 21:52:50
271.   Bob Timmermann
Excuse, Mr. Black, why are you doing this?
2007-04-27 21:52:54
272.   overkill94
Are they really walking LuGo to get to Martin???
2007-04-27 21:52:55
273.   nick
walking Gonzo to face Martin, with 2 outs!? they must be listening to Gonzo's agent or something-
2007-04-27 21:52:59
274.   old dodger fan
Walk Gonzo to face Martin! YES!!
2007-04-27 21:53:01
275.   Andrew Shimmin
Proposed nickname for LuGo (assuming what's about to happen really will happen): Mike Davis.
2007-04-27 21:53:04
276.   D4P
Walk LuGo to get to Martin. It's so crazy it might not work very well.
2007-04-27 21:53:08
277.   Icaros
Walk Gonzalez for Martin? I'll take my chances there any day.
2007-04-27 21:53:25
278.   MSarg29
Thank you Padres.
2007-04-27 21:53:30
279.   underdog
Argh, Kent. Not the best night. With Gonzo coming up, now I'm making a little sad face, too....

wait... they're walking him? Thank you, Allah.

2007-04-27 21:53:48
280.   JoeyP
Hoffman's "Veteran Leadership" is preventing Meredith from being closer.

Although, the Padres are probably a better team with Meredith pitching in more highly levered middle relief innings.

Hoffman's probably still the best choice to close.

Walking Gonzo to pitch to Martin...Dont they know Martin's our best hitter?

2007-04-27 21:53:55
281.   Greg Brock
Can't let the veteran beat you there. And you've got to play the percentages.

Yes, I laughed while I wrote it too. BOOYA.

2007-04-27 21:53:57
282.   gpellamjr
259 Unde tibi nomen? quid mihi imperabis?
2007-04-27 21:54:08
283.   Icaros
Thank you, Bud Black.
2007-04-27 21:54:12
284.   Andrew Shimmin
Well, seven or so feet short. But I'll take it.
2007-04-27 21:54:13
285.   Bluebleeder87

agreed, he spots the ball well & his change up is just flat out nasty, RUSSELL!!

2007-04-27 21:54:18
286.   Bob Timmermann
This is like the Baez meltdown game except in reverse.
2007-04-27 21:54:19
287.   regfairfield
I'm sure there was some reason for that, right?
2007-04-27 21:54:22
288.   caseybarker
Nice JP impression.
2007-04-27 21:54:25
289.   Benaiah
2007-04-27 21:54:31
290.   StolenMonkey86
Hoffman can hit 90 on the gun?
2007-04-27 21:54:36
291.   JoeyP
Cameron pulled a Pierre..This makes up for last nite's game.
2007-04-27 21:54:36
292.   Rob M
2007-04-27 21:54:39
293.   mikethinksblue
2007-04-27 21:54:47
294.   nick
the wisdom of crowds!
2007-04-27 21:54:55
295.   imperabo
Call the CDC. Pierre left some contagious pathogens in CF
2007-04-27 21:55:01
296.   MSarg29
Was that Pierre in Center?
2007-04-27 21:55:14
297.   underdog
Well, I was thinking we'd summarily jinxed the heck out of this at bat, but forgotten that Martin was jinx proof. And Cameron pulled a Pierre out there. All that plus Black's bizarro move and we're happy campers.
2007-04-27 21:55:49
298.   D4P
Bud Black should be fired.
2007-04-27 21:55:58
299.   Rob M
I wouldn't say Cameron pulled a Pierre - that would have been a HELL of a catch. Martin crushed that ball.
2007-04-27 21:56:07
300.   Greg Brock
Martin crushes a ball to take the lead, and everybody uses the opportunity to bash our centerfielder. Awesome.

Golf claps for everyone!

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-27 21:56:22
301.   Benaiah
Here is something from DuckSnorts:

"Martin has a punkness coupled with skills that reminds me of Kent; hate him and fear him at the same time."

Ah, feels so good.

2007-04-27 21:56:31
302.   Gen3Blue
Well, I haven't gone to sleep yet, which may be good. Jury's out.
2007-04-27 21:56:31
303.   MMSMikey
mr black needs to stick to coaching pitchers.
2007-04-27 21:56:32
304.   Bob Timmermann
Some of the Padres fans were booing Hoffman as he left.

What's gotten into fans these days? Hoffman is probably the second greatest Padre behind Gwynn.

But what have you done for me lately?

2007-04-27 21:56:38
305.   old dodger fan
I'm listening to the game on XM. XM gives you all the games but it is always the home team broadcast. These Padre guys have been insufferable for the past few innings but just now became very subdued.
2007-04-27 21:56:48
306.   Frip
276 - D4P, pretty funny.
2007-04-27 21:56:54
307.   Icaros
Martin really is the team's best hitter. It used to be something fun to say, but now it seems to be true in every way.
2007-04-27 21:56:58
308.   underdog
Hah. I love when like 6 of us make the same exact comment.
2007-04-27 21:57:33
309.   underdog
How big does that diving catch by Ethier loom now?
2007-04-27 21:57:34
310.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
My joy at this comeback is tempered by the harsh reality that Hoffman is one of my roto closers.
Then again, Martin is my catcher.
I'm so confused...
2007-04-27 21:57:53
311.   Jon Weisman
Martin ... punkness? Our Russ is a sweet boy.
2007-04-27 21:58:13
312.   PDH5204
Thank you Lord for answering prayer and please console Trevor's children.

Lastly, I suppose that a certain Mr. Pierre can point to Cameron having made a worse drop than him.

2007-04-27 21:58:25
313.   Bob Timmermann
I was pretty surprised that Cameron didn't catch the ball because he is a great fielder.

But over on Ducksnorts, I can tell you that Mike Cameron = Juan Pierre.

2007-04-27 21:58:26
314.   StolenMonkey86
somehow walking Gonzo to get to Martin there reminded me of that time Lidge walked Kent to load the bases and get to Nomar
2007-04-27 21:58:30
315.   Greg Brock
Rudy Seanez could be looking at a win.

Wow. Just...Just...Wow.

2007-04-27 21:58:50
316.   MSarg29
300 - Good point. We are getting a little bitter.
2007-04-27 21:59:03
317.   nick
if Gonzo could just induce the intentional BB regularly, he'd be a hell of an asset-
2007-04-27 21:59:37
318.   Benaiah
Martin is like having Jordan to take the last shot for the win. Except Black walked Gonzo to get to him!
2007-04-27 21:59:40
319.   imperabo
276 That was a humorous turn of phrase.
2007-04-27 21:59:43
320.   Jon Weisman
310 - That's why fantasy baseball is bad for the mind, body and soul.

I'd say the Cameron drop was almost as bad as the Pierre drop. It was a harder catch, but he really seemed to have it until the last second.

2007-04-27 21:59:53
321.   Greg Brock
316 I wasn't being sarcastic. Crush him. Smite him. Make him smoted.

The player deserves the scorn at this point.

2007-04-27 22:00:12
322.   MMSMikey
martin should be movoved to the 5 hole.
2007-04-27 22:00:22
323.   JoeyP
I think Cameron thought he had it. He didnt exactly sprint backwards to a spot, but just ran back as the ball carried. It really wasnt that difficult of play, but it did look like he misjudged the carry of it.
2007-04-27 22:00:43
324.   Bluebleeder87

sorry about the Russell part I was typing my thoughts on Trevor Hoffman when Russell Martin came up big for us.

2007-04-27 22:01:05
325.   old dodger fan
I just love it when we put a "4" on the board in the 9th against SD
2007-04-27 22:01:30
326.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
320 - Did you read the Christina Kahrl column of earlier this week, stating just that?
2007-04-27 22:02:03
327.   imperabo
313 I think the thing that might have made it a tough catch was that it was directly over his shoulder. But it looked like he slowed down and was tentative in the pursuit. Definite resemblance to he-who-should-not-be-named.
2007-04-27 22:02:13
328.   Rob M
310 I've been in the same Roto league for 24 years - longer than anyone I know - but I've never had mixed feelings when my roto players face the Dodgers. It's Dodgers all the way. I own Meradith and I was hoping he'd collapse in the 7th.
2007-04-27 22:02:23
329.   Disabled List
Saenz is in at third. I approve of this trend.
2007-04-27 22:02:23
330.   Bob Timmermann
But it's Geoff Blum! Dodger Nemesis!
2007-04-27 22:02:47
331.   Bob Timmermann
You mean, running out of third basemen?
2007-04-27 22:02:50
332.   MSarg29
321 - Oh I think the bitterness is a good thing.
2007-04-27 22:03:14
333.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
328 - You, sir, are quite the early adopter.
2007-04-27 22:03:32
334.   imperabo
Who's the best closer in the NL again?
2007-04-27 22:03:39
335.   immouch
i love saito. and i love blind umps even more.
2007-04-27 22:03:40
336.   JoeyP
Wow big K zone.
2007-04-27 22:04:23
337.   Greg Brock
334 Brad Lidge? Bob Wickman?
2007-04-27 22:04:23
338.   Jon Weisman
326 - Christina Kahrl wrote earlier this week about the play we just saw 10 minutes ago?

Oh, you mean fantasy baseball. No, I've felt that way since the only fantasy league I ever was in, which was 1988-89 Pac-10 basketball. I'm sure I've written about my antipathy for fantasy ball at DT.

2007-04-27 22:04:39
339.   overkill94
320 Not when your catcher is Martin. If only Broxton had pitched the 8th; then I would be a super-duper happy camper.
2007-04-27 22:05:26
340.   Bluebleeder87
Wow Saito is extra sharp today.
2007-04-27 22:05:33
341.   Jon Weisman
Wow, Saito usually fools hitters insead of blowing them away with heat, doesn't he? He really overwhelmed Blum there.
2007-04-27 22:05:45
342.   Bob Timmermann
Francisco Cordero is 9 for 9 in saves this year.
2007-04-27 22:05:47
343.   Benaiah
It kills me that ESPN writes articles about the Red Sox setup man two weeks into the season as a great new Japanese reliever, but I don't think I have ever seen an article about our Slamming Sammy Saito. Saito has been incredible.
2007-04-27 22:05:48
344.   Frip
Vin: "It came from Japan". Funny
2007-04-27 22:06:00
345.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
336 - Bristol, line one. It's an ESPN attorney, threatening a copyright infringement lawsuit.
2007-04-27 22:06:05
346.   Jon Weisman
But not Cruz.
2007-04-27 22:06:10
347.   immouch
2007-04-27 22:06:17
348.   imperabo
Put some wasabe on that one.
2007-04-27 22:06:24
349.   MSarg29
Was Vin doing some trash talking? "It came from Japan."
2007-04-27 22:06:27
350.   Greg Brock
That ball was crushed. See fastball, hit fastball.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-04-27 22:06:29
351.   JoeyP
Cruz got all of that.
2007-04-27 22:06:35
352.   Bob Timmermann
Francisco Cordero also hasn't given up a run yet.
2007-04-27 22:06:38
353.   D4P
Take that, Ned
2007-04-27 22:06:48
354.   imperabo
Same as a walk.
2007-04-27 22:08:01
355.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
339 - I own Bull, too. Saturday night's game made me all warm and tingly.
2007-04-27 22:08:17
356.   immouch
first time i've seen saito flustered. he's gotta get cruz' homer outta his head
2007-04-27 22:08:33
357.   Bluebleeder87
man this games are just brutal!!
2007-04-27 22:08:33
358.   Rob M
This is getting a little uncomfortable.
2007-04-27 22:08:38
359.   underdog
So Padres fans think Martin's punky, FP Santangelo in the Giants' booth last night said he's scrappy... does anyone really know our Russell besides us?


Ack. Darn. So much for Cruz control.

2007-04-27 22:08:49
360.   JoeyP
Saito get it together.
2007-04-27 22:09:13
361.   imperabo
Crazy movement
2007-04-27 22:09:21
362.   Benaiah
I think I jinxed Saito. You stink Saito, you can't do it. Break a leg.
2007-04-27 22:10:23
363.   MMSMikey
saito almost looks like hes too strong tonight
2007-04-27 22:10:25
364.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2007-04-27 22:10:50
365.   D4P
It will only show up in the box score as an "S", but Pierre's sac bunt in the 9th meant so much more.
2007-04-27 22:10:56
366.   Gen3Blue
Look how San Diego looks against an intelligent pitcher. My world view has certainly been changed in the last few years. Imagine if we used intelligent pitchers for most of our innings.
2007-04-27 22:10:57
367.   Icaros
Heart stopped for a second there.
2007-04-27 22:11:03
368.   Greg Brock
Well that was a pleasant surprise.

We win!

2007-04-27 22:11:16
369.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
What a game. Man, oh man.
2007-04-27 22:11:17
370.   Jon Weisman
Saito is such a happy guy.
2007-04-27 22:11:21
371.   underdog


2007-04-27 22:11:33
372.   JoeyP
Wow, I thought Adrian Gonzalez hit that out as he hit it.


Hoffman lost on Hoffman nite.
Thats funny.

2007-04-27 22:11:49
373.   old dodger fan
Game day said 2 Saito fastballs were 97. Padre announcers said 92.
2007-04-27 22:11:52
374.   caseybarker
That last pitch looked like a hanger...
2007-04-27 22:12:19
375.   Benaiah
Saito went from remarkable to Pierre on the basepaths in one batter. Still, we win!
2007-04-27 22:12:47
376.   Disabled List
I'm a happy guy. That was a heck of a game.
2007-04-27 22:12:56
377.   Greg Brock
370 I mentioned something about that a while back. I don't know that I've ever seen a player enjoy a win on the field as much as Saito does.

It's really kind of neat.

2007-04-27 22:12:59
378.   MMSMikey
does this guy on FSN have to pronounce garciaparra with the spanish accent?
2007-04-27 22:13:02
379.   MSarg29
What a game! Great start to a series in San Diego and a great way to end a losing streak.

Of course I couldn't be more obvious, but I'm happy.

2007-04-27 22:13:13
380.   underdog
I'm especially glad we won this one, too, given tomorrow's Tomko vs. Maddux match-up. (Not that Maddux is unbeatable, but...) That's why I was feeling a little depressed before they came back. What a pleasant surprise indeed.

So what if I now have to stay up 'til 12 writing?

2007-04-27 22:13:13
381.   immouch
things i love: saito, hoffman night, cameran bringing an actual gold glove into CF... things i don't love: s.d. fans who somehow think martin is a wanker.
2007-04-27 22:13:20
382.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
373 - Gun used by Prime showed low 90s.
2007-04-27 22:13:25
383.   Bluebleeder87
Bud Black really did us a favor in walking Gonzo to get to Martin.
2007-04-27 22:13:26
384.   StolenMonkey86
Nice one.
2007-04-27 22:13:37
385.   Gen3Blue
371 (all of that and more) I pale to think of our offense facing Greg Maddox, but we are still "due" statistically speaking.
2007-04-27 22:14:14
386.   underdog
373 They were clocking them at 92 on FSN.
2007-04-27 22:14:51
387.   JoeyP
Its amazing how baseball seems to always even out over a 162 game season. Last nite Pierre's drop cost the Dodgers a game. Tonite, it goes in the Dodgers favor when Cameron drops one.
2007-04-27 22:17:38
388.   Benaiah
380 - It could be worse, I wanted to get some writing in and it is already after 12 here.

Tomko versus Maddux is one of those matchups where you just have to wait and see. If Harvey Dent shows up for the Dodgers then we have the advantage, but if Two Face makes an appearance we better hope Maddux isn't on.

2007-04-27 22:19:18
389.   old dodger fan
Wow-Tonight I saw an 11 inning AAA game, got home in time to listen to the last 5 innings of this one. What a great evening. Thanks for sharing it. It's 1:20 on the East Coast and I'm done. Good night.
2007-04-27 22:20:08
390.   Benaiah
Nomar is batting .326, but only OPSing .828. This isn't good. Then he is batting 5.764 with runners on so it all comes out in the wash.
2007-04-27 22:22:59
391.   imperabo
So the Padres intentionally walked what turned out to be the winning on base in order to pitch to a superior hitter. I challenge anyone to find a dumber move made by our manager this year.
2007-04-27 22:23:13
392.   D4P
Kent is batting .321, but only OPSing .830. This isn't good either.
2007-04-27 22:23:50
393.   D4P
Like I said: Bud Black should be fired.
2007-04-27 22:25:29
394.   Benaiah
391 - You are right, our general manager hasn't made a mistake worse than that since Nov 22nd of last year.
2007-04-27 22:25:59
395.   JoeyP
Then he is batting 5.764 with runners on so it all comes out in the wash.

Jim Tracy would probably love Nomar.

2007-04-27 22:26:04
396.   Andrew Shimmin
Why am I just now finding out, and from Baseball Tonight, of all places, that The Smartest Man in Baseball has declared jihad on the St. Louis Post Dispatch? Over a columnist's having been mean to the Cubs? Anybody related to anybody I know?
2007-04-27 22:26:45
397.   Dodgers49
Las Vegas Bottom 9th

Tomas Perez grounds out to first baseman Bryan LaHair.
Tony Abreu strikes out swinging.
Matt Kemp walks.
James Loney walks. Matt Kemp to 2nd.
Andy LaRoche grounds out softly, shortstop Oswaldo Navarro to first baseman Bryan LaHair.

2007-04-27 22:28:34
398.   Andrew Shimmin
It looks like the Post Dispatch has been Timmermann free since February, so I guess not. How cool would that have been, though?
2007-04-27 22:28:51
399.   Bob Timmermann
Luis Gonzalez is 6 for 24 in his career against Trevor Hoffman with 1 double and 1 triple.

Coming into this year, Todd Helton was 11 for 17 against Hoffman. Julio Lugo is 4 for 5!

Scott Rolen is 5 for 10 with 3 homers against Hoffman.

2007-04-27 22:29:26
400.   JoeyP
393-- What was worse in that inning though?

Pitching to Nomar with 1st base open.
Or IBB'ing Gonzo to pitch to Martin.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-04-27 22:30:11
401.   Kozach
I really like this team. It is odd how when games come together perfectly like they did tonight, the feeling of pride is like that of patriotism. That sweep hurt, but I think those Bums know what they're getting in to.
2007-04-27 22:30:41
402.   Bob Timmermann
The top story in the Post-Dispatch sports section today should be by a Timmermann as Saint Louis U named a new basketball coach today.

Rick Majerus.

2007-04-27 22:31:38
403.   Benaiah
401 - That sweep was miserable, but we had beaten them 8 or 9 times in a row, so we were due.
2007-04-27 22:34:02
404.   Dodgers49
Meanwhile... in Las Vegas:

Matt Kemp went 2 for 4 with a 2-run homer.
Brazoban pitched a 1-2-3 inning.
Abreu and LaRoche both went 0 for 5.

2007-04-27 22:37:07
405.   Eric Enders
How in the world did StL land Majerus, anyway? That'd be sort of like Ben Howland going to Santa Clara.
2007-04-27 22:37:20
406.   Dodgers49
237. Is Marlon Anderson really batting for Betemit? My goodness. I don't get this.

I do. And I'm willing to bet Betemit does also.

2007-04-27 22:37:30
407.   Andrew Shimmin
Huh. It's up, as are at least a couple other pieces of his, but nothing since 2/25 is linked from his archive.
2007-04-27 22:41:38
408.   Bob Timmermann
The preferred abbreviation is SLU.

Majerus wanted to coach someplace close to Milwaukee so he could look in on his mother.

My brother's in for a long year.

2007-04-27 22:44:11
409.   neuroboy002
Although this isn't completely Dodger news... I thought it was interesting to point out. Have most of you seen the run differential in the standings (RS vs RA)? Aside from the top 5 teams in each league, it's pitiful. KC, Washington, Texas and Houston w/ rich Carlos Lee -- ouch.

I know its taboo to look at the standings this early, but I am weak.

Marge: ...and kids, don't take candy from
Homer: Marge! They're only human!

2007-04-27 22:45:08
410.   Eric Enders
408 I know he's a momma's boy, but still... the Minnesota job was open. The Iowa job was open. The Michigan job was open.
2007-04-27 22:47:18
411.   Benaiah
If you need another reason to smile tonight here is a funny deleted scene from the office.
2007-04-27 22:47:27
412.   Benaiah
2007-04-27 22:48:44
413.   Bob Timmermann
He also expressed a preference for a Catholic school.

Or maybe he has always wanted to visit Olean, NY or Kingston, RI.

2007-04-27 22:50:50
414.   Eric Enders
Well, kudos to the Billikens then. I smell a St. Joe's-2004 type season in their future.
2007-04-27 22:52:56
415.   Eric Enders
414 Although someone should tell them that their silly 1950s Browns logo has to go.
2007-04-27 22:58:36
416.   Bob Timmermann
That logo is pretty old. They even have a statue of it on campus.

They are building a new arena on campus: The Chaifetz Center. It could be the first on campus arena at a Catholic school named for a Jewish guy.

2007-04-27 23:12:52
417.   gpellamjr
413 I would advise Majerus and any one of you to avoid Cattaraugus county at all costs. I have spent way too much time there, and nothing but evil comes out of it.
2007-04-27 23:18:27
418.   Bob Timmermann
Saint Louis U lost at St. Bonaventure last season, which was pretty bad since they had an RPI in the 300s. It was a long trip for my brother. He didn't like it.
2007-04-27 23:19:53
419.   Some Guy in San Diego
I would advise Majerus to lose weight. Of course, I went to USC.
On a separate note, I've been having a running debate with a Padres fan for months about Saito's merits. Tonight will make that debate a little easier for me.
On a separate note, the lack of power on this team is truly distressing. I may be hoping for a miracle, but does anyone think Beltre could be the answer? Of course, I would only do this if Seattle would pick up a big chunk of his salary, and for minimal prospects.
2007-04-27 23:22:07
420.   Bill Crain
402 ff
So this means that in St Louis they have until what, maybe a week from Friday, before they have to start looking for somebody more svelte?

There but for the grace of etc.

2007-04-27 23:26:30
421.   Some Guy in San Diego
Did I really say "on a separate note" twice? Ugh. Too much alcohol, sorry.
2007-04-27 23:26:54
422.   Eric Enders
417 The A-10 has got to have the least intimidating bunch of team nickames I've ever seen. Ideally, you want to have the name of some animal that could rip somebody to shreds -- Bears or Tigers or Wildcats or Wolf Pack or something. Instead, the A-10 has this:


Unless you're Glenallen Hill, there's absolutely no team to fear in that league. I mean, the Bonnies? Can you see some 6'10, 270 lb guy playing for a team called the Bonnies?

Three, count 'em, three teams in the league are named after men who wear wigs!

2007-04-27 23:26:58
423.   Benaiah
419 - I am frankly not interested at this point. He is good on defense, but his power isn't anything special. Betemit is 80-90% of Beltre on offense and defense and he is dirt cheap and already ours. Give Betemit a chance, he is going to do good things.
2007-04-27 23:29:18
424.   Eric Enders
LaRoche will be better than Beltre, possibly as soon as next year. Heck, possibly as soon as September. Why muck things up?
2007-04-27 23:33:23
425.   Some Guy in San Diego
I completely respect the sentements of 423 and 424. I guess I'm hoping for "lightning in a bottle".... I'm also nostalgic, I was at Adrian's first game as a Dodger.. I love redemptive stories.
2007-04-27 23:49:08
426.   Dodgers49
So, apparently Grady meant it when he said Kemp might not be back anytime soon:

>>> Kemp optioned: Matt Kemp, who homered and tripled upon resuming his Minor League rehabilitation assignment in Las Vegas on Thursday night, was transferred off the disabled list and optioned to Triple-A on Friday.

One apparent reason for the procedural move is that Kemp is healthy and there's no easy roster move to bring him back. <<<

2007-04-27 23:51:48
427.   Dodgers49
Sorry, I left off the link to the above news about Kemp which is from the Dodgers website:

2007-04-28 00:05:22
428.   Eric Enders
Yet further proof that the maxim "you can't lose your job due to injury" is untrue. It's happened to Kemp and Navarro and will soon happen to Brazoban.
2007-04-28 01:51:22
429.   Andrew Shimmin
Poodles cost $3200 in Japan?

2007-04-28 01:57:08
430.   caseybarker
Yes, but sheep are only $1600.
2007-04-28 07:16:51
431.   Benaiah
429 - That is an awesome story.
2007-04-28 07:43:24
432.   Benaiah
428 - You don't really have a job as long as you have minor league options. You can bet that LuGo or Pierre would not have similar problems coming back form injury.
2007-04-28 07:45:30
433.   Bumsrap
The Dodgers can think they are going to leave Kemp down at AAA instead of dropping someone from their 25 man roster but if Kemp keeps hitting homeruns he is going to have the biggest say as to where he plays.

And if Ethier is the only other player hitting homeruns, he too will be speaking loud enough for Grady and Ned to hear him.

And if Betemit speaking so softly, nobody is going to know he isn't there when he isn't.

And if Valdez is at best a utility player or full time middle infielder there may be no other choice but to move Nomar to third and Loney to first.

The Dodgers need to trade two from Betemit, Valdez, Anderson, Martinez.

2007-04-28 07:55:43
434.   Eric L
433 I kind of agree with you, but I thought that Loney, Bills, Kuo, and Ethier spoke loud enough last year.
2007-04-28 08:18:59
435.   Bumsrap
They all proved themselves but Ethier needed to show whether he was the May-July hitter or the September hitter. Kuo had the injured arm. Bills needs to wait until June before he starts throwing 100 pitches every fifth day so if he is great he can be great in the stretch drive and the playoffs. Loney is the one that showed he could be as good as the Twins Mauer but is unfairly in AAA because they won't play Nomar at third.

The Dodgers clearly lack power and that means they need to hit 1 thru 8. Betemit isn't hitting and there really is no reason to have both Furcal and Pierre at the top of the lineup. The best way to have two leadoff hitters is to hit them 1 and 8.

2007-04-28 08:33:36
436.   Bumsrap
With all the character guys now on this team it would be interesting to see and hear the reactions of Gonzo and Juanzo if they were to platoon in left and Kemp and Ethier were to start in CF and RF.
2007-04-28 08:39:54
437.   DXMachina
413 - Or maybe he has always wanted to visit Olean, NY or Kingston, RI.

Wait a minute, Kingston in the winter is... Okay, I got nothing.

2007-04-28 08:49:40
438.   Bumsrap
ss Furcal
rf Ethier
cf Kemp
3b Garciaparra
2b Kent
1b Loney
c Martin
lf Pierre/Gonzo
2007-04-28 08:53:32
439.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.

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