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5-5-55 (-48) Game Chat
2007-05-05 15:30
by Jon Weisman

Challenge: Without looking, name who scored the past six Dodger runs.

Today's 4:05 p.m. game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (316)
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2007-05-05 15:36:20
1.   Marty
That was a very nice Kentucky Derby. It was a lot of fun watching the winning jockey after the race. He seems to be a very popular guy among the fellow riders. I can't remember seeing other jockeys congratulate the winner like that in other big races.
2007-05-05 15:38:23
2.   Bob Timmermann
Is it six different players?

I thought Furcal had two of them.

2007-05-05 15:41:38
3.   Frip
My tummy hurts
2007-05-05 15:43:14
4.   Suffering Bruin
Without looking, huh?

That eliminates me. Heck, I usually ask Timmermann anyway...

2007-05-05 15:44:25
5.   Ken Arneson
Heja Undvikarna!
2007-05-05 15:45:49
6.   Curtis Lowe
Valdez has scored and Furcal but beyond that I am at a loss. Probably Martin maybe Pierre.
2007-05-05 15:51:33
7.   Ken Arneson
Darn, I'm wrong. Heja Undvikarna is not on the roster, and couldn't have scored one of the last six runs.
2007-05-05 15:52:22
8.   natepurcell
i honestly cant wait until sunday night baseball.


2007-05-05 15:53:57
9.   Bob Timmermann
Timmermann had to look it up.

It's four different players.

2007-05-05 15:55:23
10.   gpellamjr
Furcal, Betemit, Valdez, Martinez.
2007-05-05 15:55:29
11.   Bumsrap
I don't know who scored the last six Dodger runs, maybe because the first of the six was such a long time ago, but I do know how to make a turkey anxious.
2007-05-05 15:56:39
12.   Bob Timmermann
Only two of those are right.
2007-05-05 15:57:47
13.   Bumsrap
12 - And, only two are wrong--half empty, half full kind of a thing
2007-05-05 15:58:27
14.   Vishal
furcal, martin, kent, and valdez.
2007-05-05 16:00:09
15.   Bob Timmermann
3 out of 4.

It's like playing "Master Mind."

2007-05-05 16:01:03
16.   Vishal
argh, i looked it up. 3 out of 4.
2007-05-05 16:01:33
17.   Vishal
[15] yes, very much so. i'm good at that game.
2007-05-05 16:03:04
18.   StolenMonkey86
furcal, martin, kent, ethier
2007-05-05 16:03:38
19.   Vishal
[18] 2 out of 4.
2007-05-05 16:04:14
20.   Curtis Lowe
2007-05-05 16:04:16
21.   StolenMonkey86
one of the Braves broadcasters told us you need street smarts to pitch to Jeff Kent
2007-05-05 16:05:48
22.   Vishal
[20] 3/4

should we give hints?

2007-05-05 16:07:03
23.   Curtis Lowe
2007-05-05 16:07:32
24.   Vishal
[23] 2/4
2007-05-05 16:07:41
25.   Marty
I'm assuming a pitcher scored one of the runs.
2007-05-05 16:07:53
26.   Curtis Lowe
2007-05-05 16:09:57
27.   Marty
Hey, our LOOGY got on base.
2007-05-05 16:11:28
28.   natepurcell
I just shake my head.
2007-05-05 16:11:58
29.   Branch Rickey
He is very creative when it comes to ways to hurt the team.
2007-05-05 16:12:22
30.   Johnson
Pierre just saved Nomar a GIDP. That was nice of him.
2007-05-05 16:12:41
31.   Curtis Lowe
I hung my head,

I hung my head.

2007-05-05 16:14:59
32.   Doctor
You kinda get the feeling Lowe has almost no chance of winning this game. Surprised to hear we have never beaten Hudson, ever.

Maybe we can eek one out somehow.

2007-05-05 16:15:39
33.   Bluebleeder87
Derek Lowe & the stadium in Atlanta gives me good hope for a Dodger victory!
2007-05-05 16:16:27
34.   Vishal
[33] what's atlanta got to do, got to do with it?
2007-05-05 16:18:49
35.   Marty
Where's the boxing fans here? $55 seems kind of steep for a boxing match. I'm not sure I'm willing to pony up that kind of cash.
2007-05-05 16:18:56
36.   Branch Rickey
32. "Ever" means the four games he's pitched against us in his career.
2007-05-05 16:20:13
37.   Bob Timmermann
Hudson has pitched seven games against the Dodgers and has five wins and 2 NDs.
2007-05-05 16:21:23
38.   Bluebleeder87
35 :o) 35 i'm a sucker for a good fight
2007-05-05 16:23:11
39.   Bluebleeder87
oops, i mean smile for 34 & 35 i'm a sucker for a good fight.
2007-05-05 16:23:17
40.   Branch Rickey
37- Yeah, just saw that. So I was wrong. What do you want to bring the facts into this for?
2007-05-05 16:24:45
41.   Humma Kavula
Just a note, for what it's worth:

In getting picked off first base, Juan Pierre has now offically made 100 outs.

2007-05-05 16:25:06
42.   Bob Timmermann
I'll be gone soon enough and Fact Boy won't be around to spoil things.
2007-05-05 16:26:21
43.   Vishal
[37] with an ERA of 3.25 and WHIP of 1.35

solid, but not spectacular or anything.

what i don't understand, however, is why people continue to think that past stats would necessarily be relevant. the dodger teams tim hudson may have faced 3 years ago, or even last year, are substantially different than the lineup he will face tonight. so what does his past success really matter?

even the other day, when i lamented our poor record against the braves, it doesn't necessarily mean that will have an effect on tonight. it's just that the braves have been regularly a good team over the past 20 years.

2007-05-05 16:27:11
44.   Branch Rickey
Steiner says of that lazy fly ball to Jones "Boy does he make it look easy". Ummm, it actually was that easy.
2007-05-05 16:27:56
45.   Bob Timmermann
"Past results do not guarantee future performance."
2007-05-05 16:28:07
46.   Andrew Shimmin
41- That calls for a celebration!

2007-05-05 16:32:11
47.   Branch Rickey
43. Of course the answer is it doesn't matter much at all. Much like when people say "the Padres have had our number for years". Whatever. Meaningless.
2007-05-05 16:38:11
48.   Doctor
So, I get that slumps happen..... but what I dont get is why not at least take a few pitches. I mean hudson 26 pitches 3 innings? Guys swinging at the first pitch way too much.
2007-05-05 16:38:35
49.   Bluebleeder87
ToyCannon not liking boxing is one of the few things i wont agree with. (i was just reading the last thread.)
2007-05-05 16:40:48
50.   Branch Rickey
48- They didn't. In the last inning only Ethier swung at the first pitch. Martinez and Lowe each took pitches. They only get three before they're out.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-05-05 16:42:08
51.   Bob Timmermann
I believe ToyCannon, Daniel Zappala, and I are all on record as not being fans of the "sweet science."
2007-05-05 16:43:13
52.   Branch Rickey
Plus one.
2007-05-05 16:45:13
53.   Bluebleeder87

i respecfully disagree with you Toy & Zappala.

2007-05-05 16:45:56
54.   Bob Timmermann
No problem. I doubt we're going to be setting up picket lines or calling for boycotts.
2007-05-05 16:46:45
55.   dzzrtRatt
Charlie Steiner is a cheap laugh. Rick Monday usually has him in hysterics. Steve Lyons just delivered a pointless one-liner about Martin being "one year into the pension plan." Steiner chortled.

I should buy my Dad lunch with Steiner for his birthday.

2007-05-05 16:46:54
56.   das411
Retro Gameday = I <3 Jon!

Now that the Brew Crew (best in baseball) are up 3-0 behind Suppan is it OK to put on the Turner crew and watch Los Dodgers?

2007-05-05 16:48:13
57.   natepurcell
I dont want to say bad things about Russ can do better!
2007-05-05 16:48:37
58.   Curtis Lowe
That kid is fast,

Whoever taught him how to steal should talk with Pierre.

2007-05-05 16:48:39
59.   Bob Timmermann
Retro Gameday is courtesy of Rob McMillin.
2007-05-05 16:48:55
60.   Doctor
What has happened to Martin's arm? Teams look very eager to run. Odd.
2007-05-05 16:48:58
61.   Johnson
Looked to me on the replay that Furcal tagged Harris' helmet before he touched the bag, despite Martin's bad throw.

And now a bad throw to third. Martin's got to work on that. I don't get to watch very often, but he's sailed the last three throws I've seen him make.

2007-05-05 16:49:07
62.   Bob Timmermann
For most of his career, Willie Harris has been Juan Pierre, except worse.
2007-05-05 16:50:21
63.   natepurcell

it might be that Lowe is on the mound and he is notorious for being incredibly slow to the plate.

2007-05-05 16:51:50
64.   Vishal
[51] i'm of two minds about prizefighting, myself. on the one hand, you have two highly developed athletes, mano a mano, each trying to figure each other out in a physically and mentally complex yet highly artistic dance punctuated by flashes of violence. it's very compelling.

on the other hand, it's two people beating each other to a pulp and causing potentially grave bodily harm, very likely including brain damage, all to make a buck and amuse some spectators.

so, it's barbaric, but its primal nature is also part of its allure.

2007-05-05 16:51:54
65.   Edo River
Harris is certainly a spark since he came up.
2007-05-05 16:52:06
66.   Doctor

Maybe, but both of those SBs were outs with decent throws.

2007-05-05 16:53:10
67.   Curtis Lowe
2007-05-05 16:53:21
68.   Bob Timmermann
Willie Harris is Atlanta's Wilson Valdez.

There's no way that they will keep him in LF for any extended period of time.

2007-05-05 16:53:30
69.   Branch Rickey
63. Well the first one one was on a pitchout. The second one he definitely stole off Lowe. He has been sailing some throws with screwball spin but I don't think there's much to worry about with him at this point.

The ump will not give Lowe that ball that tails back over the plate.

2007-05-05 16:54:07
70.   Vishal
if he steals home too i will be very annoyed.
2007-05-05 16:54:11
71.   MMSMikey
lowe has been throwing so many pitches the infielders look like they are on their heels
2007-05-05 16:54:52
72.   StolenMonkey86
Jeff Kent doesn't understand how infielders are supposed to knock in runs with their gloves.
2007-05-05 16:55:33
73.   Andrew Shimmin
Olympic boxing is a lot like laser tag. Except in laser tag, the scoring malfunctions usually aren't a communist plot.
2007-05-05 16:57:28
74.   dzzrtRatt
64 Why don't they require headgear in pro boxing? I agree on the artistic merits of the sport, but it's hard to get around the fact that it's almost a guarantee of brain damage. Wouldn't head-padding diminish that problem somewhat?
2007-05-05 16:57:43
75.   gpellamjr
73 I guess you haven't been at the recent meetings of the executive committee of the CPUSA. Yeah, they're getting desperate.
2007-05-05 16:58:03
76.   Curtis Lowe
74 - Because that's lame.
2007-05-05 16:58:06
77.   Edo River
Someone here mentioned how "large" Andruw looks. I have thought the same thing. This is his contract year. and one would expect big things to happen, but not around the waist.
2007-05-05 16:58:28
78.   Bob Timmermann
Mandatory headgear would make thousands of "cut men" unemployed.

You have to think of the economic effects.

2007-05-05 16:59:06
79.   natepurcell
bunt nomar!
2007-05-05 16:59:42
80.   Curtis Lowe
How long has it been since both Furcal and pierre have been on the bases at the same time? My only memory is St.Patricks day.
2007-05-05 17:00:35
81.   Branch Rickey
What is out batting average in the last week with the bases empty or one on VS. having 2 or 3 on?
2007-05-05 17:01:16
82.   Edo River
If the dodgers don't get 2 out of this inning ...
2007-05-05 17:01:36
83.   MMSMikey
2nd time through the order hudson leaving balls up
2007-05-05 17:01:49
84.   das411
59 then thank you to Rob also!

Nice baserunning by Furcal, and how clutch is NOMAR??

2007-05-05 17:02:04
85.   Branch Rickey
Wait, what's the rule when one of our players goes all the way around the bases and then touches the plate?
2007-05-05 17:03:17
86.   natepurcell

he could be more clutch playing 3b!

2007-05-05 17:03:23
87.   Marty
Yesterday Monday at the end of the broadcast said "And the Braves shut out the Dodgers 4-1"
2007-05-05 17:04:20
88.   Edo River
3 runs for this inning.
2007-05-05 17:06:48
89.   Curtis Lowe
Clutch stat padding by Gonzo.
2007-05-05 17:07:06
90.   MMSMikey
luckily johnson bobbled that ball it would have been an easy DP as that ball was struck pretty hard
2007-05-05 17:09:47
91.   Doctor
Pierre plays a huge role getting us back in the game. Nice.
2007-05-05 17:10:16
92.   Vishal
but what about the people who make and sell the headgear? ;)
2007-05-05 17:10:30
93.   Vishal
[92] was re: [78]
2007-05-05 17:15:41
94.   Edo River
Atlanta scored 10 earned runs in the first inning.
2007-05-05 17:17:55
95.   MMSMikey
etheir has seen 2 pitches tonight and not done a thing with either one
2007-05-05 17:18:28
96.   Andrew Shimmin
Atlanta scored 10 earned runs in the first inning.

More of your people's work, Pellam?

2007-05-05 17:20:38
97.   Sam in SC
yikes. there are three shortstops in the infield right now. martinez, furcal, and nomar.

I think the Dodgers actually had four at one time in a game last season . . .

2007-05-05 17:22:06
98.   Icaros
Ned craves shortstops like I crave Filipinas.
2007-05-05 17:23:31
99.   Sam in SC
Malaysian chicks are hotter ;)
2007-05-05 17:25:26
100.   MMSMikey
dekek dont let willie harris keep beating you
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-05-05 17:25:37
101.   trainwreck
Good god.
2007-05-05 17:27:35
102.   Curtis Lowe
Is it weird knowing that you have a better arm than a major league center fielder that ill make 44 mil over the next 5 years?
2007-05-05 17:28:58
103.   Sam in SC
juan's pierre should quit the pretense and just roll them back to the infield.
2007-05-05 17:29:26
104.   Doctor
Awesome work by Lowe
2007-05-05 17:29:52
105.   Branch Rickey
Lowe looks great so far. Getting ahead, lots of movement.
Very nice.
2007-05-05 17:30:29
106.   LAT
Just got back from Hollywood Park. The track has NOT been berry berry good to me. No Street Sense for me. If he wins the Preekness he is a lock to handle the extra distance at the Belmont.

Probably mentioned above but I just saw where Chris Carpenter wend on the DL for three months. While I don't wish anyone onto the DL if someone has to go I just assume it be a pitcher that OWNS the Dodgers, especially with the Cards coming to town next week.

2007-05-05 17:32:22
107.   Sam in SC
lowe seems to have a bit more velocity tonight than usual. or maybe the gun at turner field is calibrated poorly.
2007-05-05 17:33:50
108.   natepurcell
Megrew had the best outing of his season today going

7IP 3H 0ER 1bb 8k

on the season he has a 36:10 k/bb ratio in 33.1IP with a ERA of 2.97. Hes in his second year removed from TJ surgery and might be getting it together.

And pierre just did something to anger me some more.

2007-05-05 17:33:57
109.   Sam in SC
terrifically poor bunt. and probably a bad idea in the first place.
2007-05-05 17:35:03
110.   Edo River
Time to go study Japanese. My prediction: Dodgers win this one 3-2
2007-05-05 17:35:22
111.   trainwreck
Pierre's black hole must have sucked Thorman in.
2007-05-05 17:35:48
112.   Fallout
109 Sam in SC

For someone who is suppose to be a wiz with the bat that sure was a poor attempt.

2007-05-05 17:36:55
113.   Johnson
I don't understand how that error can be given to Jones. Thorman should have caught that with no difficulty.
2007-05-05 17:36:56
114.   Vishal
[98] no way. definitely filipinas.
2007-05-05 17:37:55
115.   JoeyP
This is so 2003.
2007-05-05 17:38:46
116.   Icaros

Thank you.

2007-05-05 17:41:26
117.   StolenMonkey86
from Ken Gurnick
The Dodgers expected opponents to run on Pierre's throwing arm, but there is puzzlement over his repeated inability to track and catch balls.
2007-05-05 17:41:55
118.   Branch Rickey
Reason #235 why Pierre makes me crazy. With no outs and a runner on first (or even 2nd) he will bunt every time. It's as if he's a pitcher and this is automatic. Last time up he tried to bunt on the first pitch. Only after that did he actually swing and he gets a hit. You'd think he might just try swinging the next time like a real position player but no. Once runners are on, he's just like having a 2nd pitcher in the lineup.
2007-05-05 17:43:20
119.   Sam in SC
you may have me on that one. google reports that "hot phillipino women" (in any variation of the spelling) gets twice as many hits as "hot malaysian women".

I may have to rethink this.

2007-05-05 17:45:46
120.   das411
and THERE is the Derek Lowe 2-seamer!
2007-05-05 17:47:12
121.   Icaros

I work in Bay Area hospitals. I know what I'm talking about.

2007-05-05 17:48:18
122.   Sam in SC

it's the new yellow seats in Dodger Stadium. despite the fact that the opposing CFs don't seem to have the same problem.

2007-05-05 17:48:27
123.   old dodger fan
Lowe has thrown 92 pitches. If he doesn't come to bat this inning I think they will send him back out in the 7th.
2007-05-05 17:49:12
124.   Sam in SC
filipinas get sick and injured more often than malaysians?
2007-05-05 17:49:26
125.   Fallout
I was on the fence with Pierre; even leaning in favor of him. But, he does so few things well. A player of his type s/b fundamentally sound and a good fly catcher.
He just isn't.
2007-05-05 17:50:48
126.   Icaros

Not that I'm aware of, but they look very nice in scrubs.

2007-05-05 17:51:15
127.   Sam in SC
these 1 run games are getting on my nerves.
2007-05-05 17:52:04
128.   MMSMikey
we need some insurance runs
2007-05-05 17:52:15
129.   old dodger fan
127 It beats losing 4-0.
2007-05-05 17:52:29
130.   Doctor
2 pitch out for Ethier, progress.
2007-05-05 17:53:04
131.   Branch Rickey
Lowe has taken us to the bridge.
2007-05-05 17:53:29
132.   old dodger fan
Martin is the only one who made him work.
2007-05-05 17:54:11
133.   Sam in SC

insufficient sample size.

2007-05-05 17:54:14
134.   bhsportsguy
Boy this is like a Bruin Report Online thread except for the fact that no one can post pictures to back up their arguments.
2007-05-05 17:56:07
135.   old dodger fan
K number 8 for Derek.
2007-05-05 17:56:15
136.   bhsportsguy
119 So Sam are people just waiting for the new ballpark to open up before they go to games again.

Also, any Jim Bowden sightings lately?

2007-05-05 17:56:45
137.   Sam in SC
old dodger fan:

only because getting shut out sucks so bad.

2007-05-05 17:57:05
138.   Andrew Shimmin
136- I was fooled, too, but take a closer look at his screen name.
2007-05-05 17:57:23
139.   Icaros

My perception of the universe is the only one that matters.

2007-05-05 17:58:25
140.   natepurcell
Meloan pitched an inning tonight for the Suns.
2007-05-05 17:59:56
141.   Branch Rickey
Fantastic outing for Lowe. Now we can hit for him in the 8th and didn't even have to double switch. Best outing of the year under the circumstances.
2007-05-05 17:59:58
142.   old dodger fan
Fabulous performance for Lowe. (sound of me clapping)
2007-05-05 18:00:08
143.   Sam in SC

I would think so. I haven't been to DC in a while, but I know RFK is in a pretty scary neighborhood.

and in SC, when you say "bowden", you don't usually think about Jim. or baseball, for that matter.

2007-05-05 18:02:21
144.   bhsportsguy
138 Bummer, I miss our DC correspondent.

Also, again just one game, by Mr. Hu went 5-5 with 3 doubles (all line drives) and 2 groundball singles. He also had a flyball double in his only at bat last night so he is 6-6 in his last 2 games.

2007-05-05 18:02:21
145.   old dodger fan
Nats will draw more people when they get a better team. It is a bad neighborhood but the Metro station is right next to the stadium.
2007-05-05 18:03:00
146.   Michael D
Can anyone explain to me what Martinez is doing that Betemit isn't? If we're going to start a sub-Mendoza line guy at third lets at least start the guy with some upside.
2007-05-05 18:03:33
147.   natepurcell
2007-05-05 18:03:43
148.   trainwreck
It happened!
2007-05-05 18:03:49
149.   Andrew Shimmin
2007-05-05 18:03:50
150.   Johnson
That's more like it!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-05-05 18:03:53
151.   DXMachina
That was sweet!
2007-05-05 18:03:55
152.   Indiana Jon
BETEMIT! Finally!!!
2007-05-05 18:03:57
153.   Michael D
I think the Betemit experiment just got another week.
2007-05-05 18:03:59
154.   Doctor
2007-05-05 18:04:02
155.   Disabled List
Been waiting to say this all year... BOOM!
2007-05-05 18:04:12
156.   JoeyP
Betemit with the boom boom.
2007-05-05 18:04:20
157.   bhsportsguy
146 That's what I'm talking about.
2007-05-05 18:04:22
158.   Sam in SC

betemit finds the bleachers.

2007-05-05 18:04:57
159.   Branch Rickey
Let's keep this guy. =)

That was a serioulsy fat pitch but good for him.

2007-05-05 18:04:59
160.   JT Dutch
... As much as I don't care for him, Lyons called that one.
2007-05-05 18:05:02
161.   MollyKnight
He's smiling big in the dugout!
2007-05-05 18:05:22
162.   old dodger fan
Where has that been. WOW
2007-05-05 18:05:32
163.   ROC
Wacky. Of course Jon was right, Wilson homers before he commits an error.
2007-05-05 18:05:44
164.   JoeyP
Betemit finally tried to pull the ball instead of taking everything the other way.

And Pierre is still bunting.

2007-05-05 18:05:45
165.   natepurcell
stop bunting juan. Please, stop bunting.
2007-05-05 18:06:13
166.   ToyCannon
Boom Boom

I haven't been so happy to see a home run all year:):):):):):)

2007-05-05 18:06:18
167.   old dodger fan
Runner on 1st-JP bunts.
2007-05-05 18:06:35
168.   Sam in SC
I am much more worried about what pierre is going to screw up next than I am about betemit. I am sure he will hit sooner or later.
2007-05-05 18:06:38
169.   CanuckDodger
In Jacksonville's game today, Chin-Lung Hu went 5-for-5 with three doubles, and his batting average is now .366 on the year. Say he is hitting well, say he is getting "lucky" -- either way, it's a good thing.
2007-05-05 18:07:58
170.   JoeyP
Grady probably will now believe Betemit's best role is as a pinch hitter.

Betemit/Saenz as pinch hitters off the bench wouldnt be bad though.

2007-05-05 18:09:12
171.   ToyCannon
Going into the season Abreu and Hu were both regarded as players who played major league caliber defense but whose offense was in question. Nice to see both of them answering the question while the L boys have yet to find their offensive stroke. Hopefully when they find it, the defensive whizzes will keep theirs.
2007-05-05 18:09:44
172.   Chiron Brown
Thank you, Wilson. The Dodgers now have one extra-base hit in the last 30 innings.
2007-05-05 18:10:37
173.   das411
Does Jon Broxton look as frighteningly oversized in person as, say, the Airbus A380 does?
2007-05-05 18:11:19
174.   Sam in SC
I would rather have betemit than what the braves got for him, which, at this point, is absolutely nothing.
2007-05-05 18:12:03
175.   Sam in SC

but brox is neither over budget nor two years late.

2007-05-05 18:12:34
176.   natepurcell

they did get a couple of draft picks as compensation for losing Baez in free agency.

2007-05-05 18:13:06
177.   JoeyP
Broxton got a break.
Woodward chased ball 4.
2007-05-05 18:13:13
178.   Sam in SC
the speed gun at TT field must be "fast". lowe was registering higher than I remember seeing him, and broxton just registered 99 MPH.
2007-05-05 18:13:19
179.   Johnson
Broxton on the at bat: 97, 98, 98, 97, 99, 87, 88, 99, 98.
2007-05-05 18:14:31
180.   Branch Rickey
177. That's part of the advantage of throwing 98. Hitters have to commit to swinging earlier.
2007-05-05 18:14:45
181.   old dodger fan
Game Day had the first 6 pitches all either 98 or 99.
2007-05-05 18:14:52
182.   natepurcell
braves announcer: this guy has gotta be the biggest guy in the league.

Mark Grace: Jonathan Broxton is the largest man in the world.

2007-05-05 18:15:47
183.   JoeyP
Is it Tsao time?
2007-05-05 18:15:54
184.   Sam in SC
another base advanced on pierre's notoriously crappy arm.
2007-05-05 18:17:28
185.   MMSMikey
lets go bull
2007-05-05 18:18:28
186.   MMSMikey
atta boy 1 more
2007-05-05 18:19:02
187.   JoeyP
Dont give anything good to hit to Andruw.
2007-05-05 18:19:25
188.   Sam in SC
I have a bad feeling about andruw . . . .
2007-05-05 18:20:03
189.   natepurcell
wow this is fun.
2007-05-05 18:20:15
190.   JoeyP
Broxton looked like Penny in the All Star Game.
2007-05-05 18:20:33
191.   natepurcell
2007-05-05 18:20:56
192.   trainwreck
I think Broxton is throwing hard.
2007-05-05 18:21:32
193.   Branch Rickey
I wish he had Gagne's Bugs Bunny change up.
2007-05-05 18:21:43
194.   Sam in SC
I don't believe he is hitting 99 and 100. I just don't.
2007-05-05 18:22:31
195.   natepurcell
my heart was pounding pretty hard in that AB.
2007-05-05 18:22:41
196.   jasonungar07
2007-05-05 18:22:57
197.   JoeyP
Jones turned on that one, but right at Ramon. He was throwing some heat.
2007-05-05 18:23:10
198.   MMSMikey
andruw hit that ball hard i think broxton should have at least shown him 1 slider after he got ahead 0-2
2007-05-05 18:23:22
199.   Curtis Lowe
195 - That's from all the blow.
2007-05-05 18:23:39
200.   Branch Rickey
What I love about this team is that we have a guy in the pen who hasn't given up a run all year and has hardly allowed a runner and he's not even the set up guy.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-05-05 18:23:50
201.   old dodger fan
26 pitches in the inning. Most of them 96+. He must be exhausted.
2007-05-05 18:24:39
202.   Sam in SC
the bullpen is the reason LA is in first.
2007-05-05 18:25:06
203.   Michael D
That was a nasty AB, just challenged with hard heat and won the battle. I love watching him pitch.
2007-05-05 18:26:38
204.   Sam in SC
a run or two would be very reassuring right now. even if the braves have 5-6-7 coming up, it is McCann, Francoeur and Thorman.
2007-05-05 18:26:57
205.   CanuckDodger
178 -- I think it is more likely that the Dodger Stadium radar gun is slow than the Turner Field gun is fast. Too many pitchers at Dodger Stadium put up radar readings under what the scouting reports say about their velocity.
2007-05-05 18:27:14
206.   Chiron Brown
Steiner: "Broxton tap dances on a tightrope and gets away with murder."

I'm no fan of mixed metaphors but if I saw Jonathon Broxton tap dancing on a tightrope my head would probably explode.

2007-05-05 18:28:32
207.   trainwreck
Kent almost pulled a Hendrickson.

Yates made him look goofy.

2007-05-05 18:28:42
208.   JoeyP


2007-05-05 18:29:20
209.   Sam in SC

my guess comes from multiple radar guns at all of the ballparks that the Dodgers have visited this season (and last season, for that matter).

I could be wrong, but I don't recall ever seeing a brox fastball at 100 MPH.

2007-05-05 18:29:47
210.   Branch Rickey
208. False?
2007-05-05 18:31:48
211.   Sam in SC
vin had a classic the other night after yet another bases loaded frustration.

"the dodgers huffed and they puffed . . . and they came through with a mouse".

2007-05-05 18:32:50
212.   Fallout
Notice that the Brave pitchers keep trying to have Martin chase the low outside slider.
He won't do it.
2007-05-05 18:32:51
213.   das411
Solid game tonight by that Dodger LFer, no?
2007-05-05 18:32:53
214.   JoeyP
One more--

Gonzo=Brian Jordan

2007-05-05 18:33:07
215.   Branch Rickey
For a moment I thought that was a "Timmerman".
2007-05-05 18:33:31
216.   Sam in SC
that run makes me breathe a little easier.
2007-05-05 18:34:01
217.   JoeyP
Russ Martin must start the All Star game.
2007-05-05 18:36:51
218.   Branch Rickey
Reason #235 I love Russell Martin: His ability to recognize pitches. If Matt Kemp could recognize pitches like Russell Matin he would be Albert Pujols.
2007-05-05 18:37:04
219.   Sam in SC
is that the same steve colyer we remember?
2007-05-05 18:37:17
220.   Bluebleeder87
Russ Martin must start the All Star game.

to me he's like an underground band i knew about him way before the "regular people" did.

2007-05-05 18:37:22
221.   Fallout
208 JoeyP

I was thinking pretty much the same thing except I was putting in Mota.

2007-05-05 18:37:51
222.   StolenMonkey86
through the 3.5 hole
2007-05-05 18:38:13
223.   JoeyP
Ethier cannot be loogied.
Why do managers still believe that?
2007-05-05 18:38:40
224.   natepurcell

thats how i felt about him back in 2003.

2007-05-05 18:38:56
225.   Branch Rickey
No save for Saito.
2007-05-05 18:39:07
226.   Sam in SC

holy hell. 6 runs. we're rich!

2007-05-05 18:39:18
227.   StolenMonkey86
223 - I guess because playing the percentages has nothing to do with numbers.
2007-05-05 18:39:55
228.   JoeyP
221--Oh yeah i totally forgot about Mota.

Shuey was ok, but I guess I do remember Quantrill/Mota being the 8th inning men that year.

2007-05-05 18:40:27
229.   CanuckDodger
209 -- Broxton doesn't always throw as hard as he was throwing today. Like most pitchers, his fastball velocity can flunctuate. But he has hit 100 MPH before. He did it in Double A twice, and that was with the radar guns of multiple scouts on him and all the guns registered 100. The first time Broxton did it, Kim Ng was in the stands, and she immediately called then-GM DePodesta to report it.
2007-05-05 18:40:54
230.   old dodger fan
This has been a great inning but the highlights of the game have been Betemit and Lowe.
2007-05-05 18:41:41
231.   Michael D
Hey Steve Colyer is still around. We traded him away for nothing a few years ago right? Looks like we haven't missed him.
2007-05-05 18:41:58
232.   Sam in SC
I sat behind kim ng at spring training one year. that chick is impressive; she seriously knows her stuff.
2007-05-05 18:42:52
233.   JoeyP
Colyer was dealt for Cody Ross.
2007-05-05 18:43:01
234.   Sam in SC
poor tomato. no magic for us tonight.
2007-05-05 18:43:18
235.   Fallout
229 CanuckDodger
...and she immediately called then-GM DePodesta to report it.

And he asked what his OBP was...

2007-05-05 18:43:32
236.   natepurcell
Hey Steve Colyer is still around. We traded him away for nothing a few years ago right?

i think it was for Cody Ross.

2007-05-05 18:43:33
237.   Gen3Blue
Thanks to the Lord! But it would be nicer to spread these runs out. We have only scored 12 runs in 5 or 6 games. If we get by most teams starting pitching we do OK.It is a pleasure to remember almost no team has relief pitching like ours.
2007-05-05 18:44:07
238.   StolenMonkey86
226 - HA! That made me laugh the first time an the second time.
2007-05-05 18:44:45
239.   Sam in SC
I thought he was DFA'ed, and got picked up on waivers . . . . ?
2007-05-05 18:45:07
240.   StolenMonkey86
From B-R Cody Ross Transaction Log:

April 1, 2004: Traded by the Detroit Tigers to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Steve Colyer.

2007-05-05 18:46:11
241.   Michael D
Oh yeah, well Ross did have that nice week for us.
2007-05-05 18:48:02
242.   Sam in SC

ah, I see, I was talking about Ross. he was sort of a favorite of mine.

2007-05-05 18:48:41
243.   Sam in SC
Michael D:

only against the pirates. he was essentially worthless against everyone else.

2007-05-05 18:49:47
244.   Sam in SC
he was out!


where was the umpire?

2007-05-05 18:50:19
245.   imperabo
What a play by Furcal, even though the call was wrong.
2007-05-05 18:50:30
246.   Gen3Blue
Jeeez. Thorman knew exactly what pitch Biemel would use. I'd put Saito in right now.
2007-05-05 18:52:21
247.   JoeyP
242- Ross is finding his groove with the Marlins.
4th HR today. .302/.375/.600 in around 55 abs.

Robably not enough Abs to determine if he's legit though.

2007-05-05 18:52:22
248.   Sam in SC
ruh, roh.
2007-05-05 18:53:00
249.   JoeyP
Saito's eligible for the cheapest possible save.

5 run lead, and the tying run on deck.

2007-05-05 18:53:46
250.   das411
Aw that last walk is gonna give the Beimel Confidence Meter some trouble tonight...
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-05-05 18:54:06
251.   Sam in SC

that was the whole problem. ross had flashes of brilliance, but couldn't seem to put the whole thing together . . . .

I was sorry to see him go. but then again, my favorite dodger is currently jason repko, so take it all with a grain of salt.

2007-05-05 18:54:13
252.   Fallout
249 JoeyP

Easy for you to say...

2007-05-05 18:55:33
253.   JoeyP
He just needs 1 out, without giving up 5 runs. A save for that?
2007-05-05 18:56:20
254.   Sam in SC
see? there it is again. saito doesn't ever hit 94 MPH.
2007-05-05 18:56:28
255.   das411
Woah Saito has some stuff tonight...
2007-05-05 18:56:57
256.   MMSMikey
2007-05-05 18:57:19
257.   JoeyP
Now just dont give up a homer.
2007-05-05 18:57:22
258.   das411
Er, not quite where he wanted that pitch though...and now it becomes interesting...
2007-05-05 18:57:57
259.   Sam in SC
and certainly not 95 . . .
2007-05-05 18:58:36
260.   Fallout
Easy enough...:)
2007-05-05 18:58:39
261.   JoeyP
Saito got a save for that.
One reason why saves stats just dont prove much.
2007-05-05 18:58:56
262.   Sam in SC
I didn't expect them to beat hutson.
2007-05-05 18:59:14
263.   das411
and Down! Goes! Hudson!!!
2007-05-05 18:59:58
264.   StolenMonkey86
that bad call led to a coupla extra runs for Atlanta, but they needed 5

Now that putout by Martinez was about as easy a play as you could get.

2007-05-05 19:00:40
265.   imperabo
261 Everytime Saito has gotten a save the Dodgers have won the game. What more proof do you need?
2007-05-05 19:02:09
266.   Sam in SC

ok, that was funny.

2007-05-05 19:02:54
267.   Linkmeister
Did y'all happen to hear the promo which said the Division Series and the NL Championship Series would be on TBS?

I wonder how ESPN let itself get outbid for that one. I also wonder how many baseball fans don't have cable and thus will be deprived from seeing those games.

2007-05-05 19:04:35
268.   Sam in SC

judging just by the outcry over DTV almost getting exclusive rights to the Extra Innings package, I would say that it isn't too many.

2007-05-05 19:04:45
269.   PDH5204
Is Bob here? No matter, since just when he makes a joke [The Wigginton Solution] and I then dis Ty, well, whaddya ya know, ole Ty has hit 2 out today and they're still playing.
2007-05-05 19:04:55
270.   StolenMonkey86
wow, I like how I left one word hanging in both lines in 264
2007-05-05 19:07:25
271.   regfairfield
I had some very bizarre dreams with Steve Lyons talking about Betemit going yard. I was very, very confused.
2007-05-05 19:08:57
272.   LAT
Shawn Green helping the Dodgers. 2 run HR against Webb. Nice to know we are not the only former team he kills.
2007-05-05 19:09:21
273.   regfairfield
269 He's not a terrible player. He's like Brandon Inge without the defense.

Okay, maybe he is a terrible, just not hopeless player.

2007-05-05 19:12:17
274.   Indiana Jon
Josh Hamilton only needs a HR for the cycle. Bob, what is that? A yellow alert?
2007-05-05 19:16:38
275.   imperabo
That one swing raised Betemit's OPS 77 points. From 458 to 535. This means he's now outhitting the Dodger pitchers.
2007-05-05 19:17:40
276.   CanuckDodger
254 -- Saito's fastball is usually 92-93 MPH on most guns, and I have seen him reach 94 before.
2007-05-05 19:21:58
277.   Andrew Shimmin
275- Not Wolf or Schmidt.
2007-05-05 19:22:51
278.   Sam in SC
276 -- I thought he topped out at about 92 . . .
2007-05-05 19:24:07
279.   CanuckDodger
And when is somebody going to go to San Bernardino to catch a 66'ers game? We need some first-hand scouting reports.
2007-05-05 19:26:40
280.   Marty
We used to have a Sam in NY too.
2007-05-05 19:27:37
281.   Sam in SC
I apologize for creating confusion.
2007-05-05 19:29:20
282.   Marty
Naw, the more Sam's the better.
2007-05-05 19:29:46
283.   JoeyP
What time does the Mayweather-De La Hoya fight start? Approximately? Anyone watching right now? I'm gonna have to go to a sports bar to catch it.
2007-05-05 19:30:04
284.   Marty
It's my labrador's name too. So there could be a Sam in Altadena
2007-05-05 19:30:40
285.   Marty
Joey, I think it's supposed to start around 8 pm pacific.
2007-05-05 19:33:46
286.   Sam in SC
pitching matchup tomorrow is wolf vs. davies. who the hell is davies?
2007-05-05 19:34:32
287.   DXMachina
More Cody Ross news. Baseball Tonight just showed film of him pulling a hamstring while scoring a run against the Padres tonight.
2007-05-05 19:35:20
288.   Sam in SC
poor cody. being Sam's favorite dodger is the kiss of death.
2007-05-05 19:35:32
289.   regfairfield
286 Kyle Davies. Hyped prospect, not much results.
2007-05-05 19:36:33
290.   Sam in SC
ah, thanks. I googled him and found much the same . . . .
2007-05-05 19:52:09
291.   dzzrtRatt
I have a new answer to Jon's question.

Furcal, Pierre, Kent, Clark, Martin, Betemit.

But how did he know it would be six?

2007-05-05 20:17:09
292.   das411
Hey Nate et al...will I get in too much trouble if i suggest that Tim Lincecum's delivery, from what little i've seen of it from clips posted here, looks an awful lot like....late '90s Kevin Brown?

Or should i say, $105 million Kevin Brown? (because that will get me in trouble here) ;)

2007-05-05 20:56:51
293.   natepurcell

you can suggest it but i dont really see the resemblance. Brown used a between 3 quarters and side-arm arm slot; kind of like jake peavy. Lincecum is straight up over the top. Everyone we'll see tomorrow. Its unique, but its not insane looking.

2007-05-05 21:14:30
294.   Marty
Deadspin commenters seem to think De La Hoya is winning.
2007-05-05 21:15:37
295.   Marty
Through 8 rounds I should add.
2007-05-05 21:17:04
296.   Gen3Blue
The Braves have a pretty good record. That is because they haven't played the NL west div. much yet. It is not going to be easy for the D's either. And it's going to get worse for a few years. A team will need either luck or a few guys like Ethier.
2007-05-05 21:25:04
297.   CanuckDodger
Nate, you didn't answer my question to you about whether you would rather get Parker or McGeary in the draft. Just wondering.
2007-05-05 21:28:44
298.   LAT
ESPN reporting fight over. Waiting for decision. ESPN scores it 106-103 in favor of Jr.
2007-05-05 21:29:28
299.   natepurcell
At 20, I would take Parker and sign him for slot. I would also have an agreement in place with McGeary to take him with our supp pick and pay him mid first round money. Then I would take our 2-6 round picks taking high cieling position players.


2007-05-05 21:29:34
300.   LAT
Jr. Gets win in 12.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-05-05 21:44:56
301.   CanuckDodger
299 -- Nothing wrong with that plan, although McGeary might be off the board by the time we pick in the supplemental round. Does Parker remind you of any other pitchers, either in the majors or minors? How much like Billingsley's is his delivery? I guess they are around the same height, but Parker would be skinnier. I'm thinking he might resemble Rich Harden.
2007-05-05 21:52:16
302.   Daniel Zappala
I've been out all evening. Got to listen to the Jazz beat the Rockets with some very nice team basketball, then came home and saw Betemit got a pinch-hit homer and the Dodgers beat Hudson. Nice surprise. Had to login to DT just to see the reaction ... good for him.

Should I try to get some tickets for the Jazz-Warriors series?

2007-05-05 21:55:38
303.   natepurcell
Parker isnt really anything like billingsley at all and not really rich harden either. Off the top of my head after watching Parkers delivery again, it reminds me of Matt Cains Delivery. Although Parker isnt as physically imposing as Matt Cain.
2007-05-05 21:59:05
304.   CanuckDodger
303 -- He's like Billingsley and Harden in terms of height, though, and I think Harden's weight is not much more than Parker's.
2007-05-05 22:02:13
305.   natepurcell

in terms of height, yes hes around their height. But all three of their pitching motions are pretty different. Im still trying to figure out which big league player most resembles parkers delivery.

2007-05-05 22:04:33
306.   Bluebleeder87
according to the "exports" Mayweather was suppose to beat De La Hoya big time instead it was "sweet science" i got my money's worth in that regard.
2007-05-05 22:13:22
307.   Bluebleeder87

i agree.

2007-05-05 22:15:00
308.   natepurcell
heres a recent article on Parker canuck.

2007-05-05 22:18:18
309.   Bumsrap
Betemit's homerun-
Slumnps over
a chance to trade him to Atlanta
2007-05-05 22:21:11
310.   Bumsrap
With all the attention Betemit is getting has anybody noticed Gonzo is .222, 1 hr, 2rbi in last 14 days?
2007-05-05 22:29:55
311.   Jon Weisman
310 - Who isn't?
2007-05-05 22:49:06
312.   Bluebleeder87
LOL in the truest since of the word
2007-05-06 06:27:30
313.   mankatododger
ITD says LaRoche recalled, Anderson to DL.
2007-05-06 07:31:24
314.   we are infinite
They just posted the lineup at ITD. LaRoche gets the start at third! Woo!

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Garciaparra, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

LaRoche, 3B

Ethier, RF

Lieberthal, C

Wolf, P

2007-05-06 07:52:58
315.   kngoworld
It's a start. Now bring up Loney, Kemp, and Kuo while getting rid of Pierre, Gonzo, and Tomko.

Progress is a slow process.

2007-05-06 08:01:28
316.   kngoworld
I dream of the day we might see...

Furcal, SS

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Garciaparra, 1B

LaRoche, 3B

Loney, LF

Ethier, RF

Abreu, 2B

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