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May 1 Game Chat
2007-05-01 17:45
by Jon Weisman
Comments (417)
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2007-05-01 18:11:07
1.   Bob Timmermann
No one will post here until Jon tells them to I guess.
2007-05-01 18:11:47
2.   Icaros
Hi there, no one.
2007-05-01 18:12:57
3.   El Lay Dave
No one will also leave the refrigerator door open and the clothes strewn all over the bedroom floor, but Billy will be blamed.

(OK, that's really Nobody, but close enough.)

2007-05-01 18:14:40
4.   El Lay Dave
For what it's worth, 15-11 is a 93 to 94 win pace.
2007-05-01 18:19:04
5.   D4P
Hey, there's a new post up top!

What's it doing there? Er, here?

2007-05-01 18:32:57
6.   El Lay Dave
5 It's just hanging out by itself, apparently it's lonely at the top.
2007-05-01 18:33:08
7.   D4P
Interesting start for Hughes in Texas.
2007-05-01 18:36:52
8.   El Lay Dave
7 Texas - well, you know what they say about lightning.

Meanwhile, Papelbon has just given up a two-run HR to Travis Buck, blowing the save and letting Oakland tie it up. Bronx Banter must be getting cheerier today.

2007-05-01 18:53:20
9.   BlueCrew Bruin
I just noticed this over on Dayn Perry's power rankings:

"The Dodgers are getting desperate at third base. Wilson Betemit is struggling mightily, and the team has even mulled over giving Mike Lieberthal some time at the hot corner. Prospect Andy LaRoche isn't really hitting down at AAA-Las Vegas, so there's no easy solution."

Has anyone else heard or read anything about Lieberthal to 3rd? In what world would that make more sense than moving Nomar to 3rd?

2007-05-01 18:54:50
10.   D4P
Has anyone else heard or read anything about Lieberthal to 3rd?

I read about it here, in our forum

2007-05-01 18:55:36
11.   El Lay Dave
9 The Lieberthal thing has been discussed here in the last couple days.

Doesn't seem likely. Grady doesn't seem like the kind of manager to play both his catchers at the same time.

2007-05-01 18:55:49
12.   BlueCrew Bruin
10 Ahh...I set 'em up, you knock 'em down. :)
2007-05-01 18:59:00
13.   BlueCrew Bruin
11 Darn, my bad. Is it legal to start a post with "I haven't read any posts for the last couple days"?
2007-05-01 19:01:50
14.   Bob Timmermann
Strangely, Bronx Banter seems to adhere to Rule 9.
2007-05-01 19:03:01
15.   El Lay Dave
Victor Diaz, just recalled, is Texas' DH tonight, in the 4 hole.

Texas manager Ron Washington said he put Diaz into Sosa's cleanup role so other players could remain in their accustomed spots in the batting order.

Is this a trend?

2007-05-01 19:03:42
16.   saltcreek
Anderson is batting third tonight? Why?
2007-05-01 19:04:25
17.   El Lay Dave
7 77 pitches through 6 for Mr. Hughes.
2007-05-01 19:06:04
18.   PDH5204
For King of the Hobos when he arrives, well, does the Kinsler v. Hill debate change now that Hill has homered again today against Sabathia?

Re Papelbon and the Sox, who cares, I mean, it's not like he's my fantasy closer and my fantasy hold guy, Okajima, gets the hold anyway. Hideki rocks!

2007-05-01 19:06:28
19.   El Lay Dave
16 Nomar needs the occasional day off and he's 0 - 11 against Livan H. Marlon is 10-32. I'd still have given Russell Martin serious consideration for the 3 spot though.
2007-05-01 19:07:20
20.   overkill94
In other wacky baseball news, it seems that Chase Utley is not only the best 2nd baseman in baseball, but also the result of a massive cloning project:

(scroll about halfway down)

2007-05-01 19:07:56
21.   Andrew Shimmin
Psycho is an amazing specimen. He manages to be the color guy for the radio team and yet, seemingly, hasn't watched an inning of this team play, all year. When was the last time we saw a runner get thrown out trying to take an extra base? Seriously?
2007-05-01 19:08:50
22.   overkill94
18 As far as fantasy baseball goes, Kinsler is a better bet than Hill for this year. Even with Hill's early power surge, I doubt he reaches 20 homers while Kinsler has the ability to push 30. Hill should have the better BA, but Kinsler hits in the better line-up and ballpark, giving him the edge in RBI.
2007-05-01 19:09:01
23.   goofus
15 and 16
Managers are idiots. One good competent manager would win too often and totally destroy the competitiveness of the league and thereby a multi billion dollar industry. We need to start looking upon baseball as a facet of Hollywood.
2007-05-01 19:09:57
24.   El Lay Dave
Put me in the column marked "Fantasy Baseball - Dislikes".
2007-05-01 19:11:26
25.   GMac In The 909
20 Who needs Bugs Bunny when you have Chase Utley?
2007-05-01 19:12:14
26.   Bob Timmermann
Bobby Abreu is batting leadoff for the Yankees tonight.
2007-05-01 19:14:35
27.   Greg Brock
For a second there, I thought Penny would have a first inning under ten pitches. I was pretty excited.
2007-05-01 19:14:52
28.   overkill94
Hughes' interesting game in Texas just hit a snag - somehow he hurt himself (groin maybe?)
2007-05-01 19:15:06
29.   saltcreek
I know nomar could use a day off, but moving Kent down a spot or Martin up to the 3rd spot is smarter than hitting a utility guy with 15 at bats 3rd.
2007-05-01 19:15:57
30.   El Lay Dave
26 Why not? Even a slumping Abreu has a .360 OBP.
2007-05-01 19:17:38
31.   overkill94
28 Actually, it was probably either a calf or a hamstring injury, he immediately started limping around after landing on his left foot.
2007-05-01 19:18:57
32.   Bob Timmermann
But Melky Cabrera would be put at the top of the order by a lot of managers.

Because he just seems that he should be a leadoff hitter.

2007-05-01 19:20:24
33.   Eric Enders
I started listening to the Hughes game 10 minutes ago, and the Yankees broadcasters have said the dirty word in #9 about 15 times.
2007-05-01 19:21:10
34.   overkill94
Furcal finally hits one hard and he gets screwed. His luck just has to turn around one of these days.
2007-05-01 19:21:53
35.   El Lay Dave
33 And look what it got them, Hughes with a pulled hamstring (maybe).
2007-05-01 19:23:54
36.   El Lay Dave
32 Point taken. Apparently Joe Torre is not a lot of managers.
2007-05-01 19:25:35
37.   D4P
According to Gameday, the 6th and 7th pitches to Pierre (which he swung at) were about a foot off the plate and nearly in the dirt
2007-05-01 19:25:44
38.   Andrew Shimmin
I would have batted Melky first. Melky Cabrera has serious Juan Encarnacion potential. The two of them, plus Eric Byrnes are my theory of the Platonic Ideal outfield corps.
2007-05-01 19:25:58
39.   Eric Enders
Yankee fans at the game probably feel like throwing chairs right now.

Of course, Frank Francisco is pitching, so he might throw them back.

2007-05-01 19:26:21
40.   Bluebleeder87
nice start from our top of the order guys Furcal hit a shot but had nothing to show for it, but Pierre hit a nice rope for a hit.
2007-05-01 19:26:28
41.   El Lay Dave
29 I don't disagree with you. I find it hard to believe that major league hitters are affected by moving around a little in the lineup. I assume Grady didn't want to bat his right-handers (Kent, Martin) back-to-back, though.
2007-05-01 19:28:19
42.   El Lay Dave
39 Well played.
2007-05-01 19:28:56
43.   El Lay Dave
Pierre has 2 SB and 3 CS against Livan.
2007-05-01 19:28:57
44.   Eric Enders
41 The problem is, major league hitters think they are affected by it, whether they are or not. Being moved around in the order really ticks hitters off and many never cease complaining about it. At some point, maybe it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
2007-05-01 19:31:05
45.   JoeyP
Where's Loney?
2007-05-01 19:31:58
46.   Bob Timmermann
I remember back when Dusty Baker played on the Dodgers, he didn't like batting third because he didn't want to be guaranteed to be batting in the first inning and wanted more time to see the pitcher.

My God, the man was insane back in 1978!

2007-05-01 19:32:44
47.   Vishal
[45] watching on television from his las vegas apartment no doubt.

gah, that should've been an out and instead it's a base hit.

2007-05-01 19:32:54
48.   El Lay Dave
44 I can see that high-frequency batting-order tinkering can be annoying to the players, but the occasional juggle to accomodate someone's off-day just can't be that big a deal. Today, I might have considered sliding everyone up one and hitting Marlon 6.
2007-05-01 19:33:00
49.   overkill94
All's well that ends well
2007-05-01 19:33:31
50.   Vishal
nice to see penny is in a forgiving mood after the DP though.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-05-01 19:33:43
51.   Bluebleeder87
Pierre has 2 SB and 3 CS against Livan.

Pierre should stay put with those #'s.

2007-05-01 19:34:37
52.   JoeyP
Too bad Hughes had to be pulled, bc he'd only thrown 83 pitches.
2007-05-01 19:36:02
53.   Eric Enders
That Yankee game is now uninteresting, by the way.
2007-05-01 19:37:15
54.   Bluebleeder87
i really hope the Dodgers "return the favor" tonight
2007-05-01 19:37:22
55.   El Lay Dave
It would have been interesting to see which came first, Hughes pitch count, a Texas hit or the end of the game.
2007-05-01 19:39:08
56.   PlayTwo
It;s like being moved to a different cubicle.
2007-05-01 19:39:46
57.   El Lay Dave
Was Marlon's error on a foul ball? The internet reports are confusing.
2007-05-01 19:40:35
58.   saltcreek
57. yeah
2007-05-01 19:40:36
59.   Bluebleeder87
Russell Martin hit a homerun with that type of swing in Arizona last year if i remember correctly.
2007-05-01 19:40:38
60.   Vishal
[52] man, pitching for the yankees is becoming akin to playing the drums for spinal tap.
2007-05-01 19:40:42
61.   Andrew Shimmin
57- Yes, it was a foul ball.
2007-05-01 19:41:03
62.   Gen3Blue
16 and others. Anderson hitting 3rd is nothing compared to the things I've seen in the last several years. Martin eighth was common, and a few years ago I seem to remember this backup catcher who ran a 30 second 100 yds. batting cleanup. Damn, I can't remember his name right now!
2007-05-01 19:41:08
63.   Bob Timmermann
I guess they will wait all night in Pittsburgh to restart the game. It would be suspended since the Cubs took the lead in the top of the seventh with four runs.
2007-05-01 19:42:16
64.   JoeyP
Martin got totally deked on that.
2007-05-01 19:42:36
65.   Bob Timmermann
D4P praying for Betemit to come up with one of his favorite plays.
2007-05-01 19:42:49
66.   Vishal
[62] jason phillips?
2007-05-01 19:43:26
67.   El Lay Dave
58, 61 Thanks.
2007-05-01 19:43:45
68.   El Lay Dave
Betemit 5-10 career vs. Livan.
2007-05-01 19:44:02
69.   D4P
The cowards took the bat out of his hands
2007-05-01 19:44:43
70.   regfairfield
66 I'm very ashamed to say that man is the catcher for my fantasy team right now.
2007-05-01 19:44:45
71.   Vishal
little does livan know that our pitchers are OPSing higher than betemit.
2007-05-01 19:44:47
72.   overkill94
That bases loaded stat (only 2-26) really goes against our high BA w/ RISP.
2007-05-01 19:45:53
73.   JoeyP
Raffy's got 4 HRs vs Livan
2007-05-01 19:46:23
74.   Vishal
[70] ouch, you should be. there was NOBODY else available?
2007-05-01 19:46:24
75.   StolenMonkey86
well, Grady isn't resting Furcal. I guess Jon was right.
2007-05-01 19:46:34
76.   Bob Timmermann
Well, it wasn't a DP by Penny.
2007-05-01 19:47:27
77.   Vishal
btw, reg, there's "no way" laroche can play 2nd, yet 39 year old jeff kent can?
2007-05-01 19:47:38
78.   JoeyP
Walks are good.
2007-05-01 19:48:07
79.   Bob Timmermann
See, still can't get a hit with the bases loaded!
2007-05-01 19:48:11
80.   StolenMonkey86
77 - you need leadership skills to play 2nd. Ask Joe Morgan.

::runs and hides::

2007-05-01 19:48:28
81.   regfairfield
74 The only starters available were Phillips, Brian Schneider, Ausmus, and Yadier.
2007-05-01 19:49:18
82.   regfairfield
77 I don't know. I figured if he could be a middle infielder, the Dodgers would be playing him there.
2007-05-01 19:49:34
83.   El Lay Dave
77 Hasn't the knock on Kent always been about range, not hands, footwork, turning the pivot, etc.?
2007-05-01 19:49:46
84.   overkill94
Man that was a heck of a catch
2007-05-01 19:49:47
85.   regfairfield
We just got Byrnesed.
2007-05-01 19:50:00
86.   Gen3Blue
Thank you Vishal! I was about to ask for help on the name of the guy who I think was an ex Met who Tracy played at first though he had (Hee who must not be named on the be named ) on the bench.
2007-05-01 19:50:19
87.   JoeyP
Gold Glover Eric Byrnes?
2007-05-01 19:50:50
88.   Vishal
bah, too bad. half the time byrnes misses it and it rolls all the way to the wall. back when he was on the A's, i believe we used to call it "pulling a byrnes".
2007-05-01 19:51:10
89.   Bluebleeder87
x-mo cam is a really neat feature.
2007-05-01 19:51:34
90.   El Lay Dave
Sometimes, fielding matters.
2007-05-01 19:52:02
91.   StolenMonkey86
89 - yeah, but it stikes me as strange that x stands for slow
2007-05-01 19:52:04
92.   Gen3Blue
Thats all folks.
2007-05-01 19:52:42
93.   El Lay Dave
Pitching around Furcal with the bases-loaded to avoid a big inning is pretty unconventional.
2007-05-01 19:54:00
94.   El Lay Dave
93 Now that I re-read it, that's too snarky.
2007-05-01 19:55:25
95.   StolenMonkey86
first K of the game
2007-05-01 19:56:06
96.   alexx
I find the word 'snarky' too snarky.
2007-05-01 19:56:38
97.   Vishal
[81] slim pickings indeed. i'd probably pick ausmus but it doesn't really matter either way.
2007-05-01 19:58:20
98.   JoeyP
Should be an E on Furcal.
Byrnes was gonna be out easily.
2007-05-01 19:58:22
99.   Vishal
come on guys, catch the ball.
2007-05-01 19:59:01
100.   El Lay Dave
In 65 PAs - including tonight's BB - against Livan, Furcal's OPS is just over 1.000.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-05-01 19:59:43
101.   Benaiah
Since Vinny keeps throwing around this 2-26 (now 2-27) with the bases loaded stat, here is a tidbit, Juan Pierre is 0-7 with a sacrifice. and the Dodgers did manage 4 walks and 17 RBI (I imagine this is about 50% of the expected runs). Pierre has about a 30% chance of getting a hit at any point and time, so 0-7 is an 8 in 100 fluke, but it is one more way that he is disappointing.
2007-05-01 20:01:04
102.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal flat out missed that throw by Martin Byrnes would have been hung out to dry.
2007-05-01 20:03:20
103.   El Lay Dave
Byrnes is career 72 of 83 in SB; that's 86.75%. He must know when the situation is very advantageous. Wonder if he counts cards.
2007-05-01 20:05:25
104.   El Lay Dave
That is not a situation where an E is often "awarded".
2007-05-01 20:05:25
105.   StolenMonkey86
wait, who's playing short for the dbacks now? gameday said drew was in, then said callapso replaced himself
2007-05-01 20:05:41
106.   Bluebleeder87
wow 82 MPH fastball!
2007-05-01 20:06:32
107.   Andrew Shimmin
105- Still Drew. Callaspo replaced Tracy at third.
2007-05-01 20:06:55
108.   D4P
wow 82 MPH fastball!

Don't judge a fastball until you know the pFX

2007-05-01 20:07:03
109.   JoeyP
I'm surprised they put a shift on for Gonzo. Given Gonzo's weak power, you'd think Gonzo would be more apt to not pull the ball anyways.
2007-05-01 20:07:16
110.   StolenMonkey86
106 - The Diamondbacks got Hoffman?
2007-05-01 20:07:24
111.   Andrew Shimmin
You got to wear that, LuGo. It wasn't even that fast. . .
2007-05-01 20:07:28
112.   Bluebleeder87
Livan is lucky Kent didn't hit that ball to he moon!
2007-05-01 20:08:22
113.   El Lay Dave
What happened to Tracy?
2007-05-01 20:08:58
114.   Gen3Blue
Hernandez is throwing a lot of pitches, but I doubt it matters the way he lobs it in. He can probably throw 150 pitches without distress, so the D's failure to act w/runners on base is distressing.
2007-05-01 20:10:37
115.   El Lay Dave
105 Didn't Callaspo start at SS and hit into the DP? Is Drew in for Tracy with Callaspo moving over?
2007-05-01 20:10:51
116.   Marty
Antonio Banderas barely comes up to Hernandez' waist
2007-05-01 20:11:13
117.   D4P
I don't really understand walking LuGo with Martin hitting behind him
2007-05-01 20:11:26
118.   El Lay Dave
114 But I don't think of Kent and Gonzo as a stellar running combination. And not with Martin up.
2007-05-01 20:11:31
119.   Icaros
Benicio Del Toro should play the fat man, Vin.
2007-05-01 20:12:16
120.   JoeyP
Charles Barkley is in rare form tonight.
He just said, "The Bay Area is a dumping ground for people that are too poor to live in LA"
2007-05-01 20:13:05
121.   El Lay Dave
117 Apparently Hernandez just knew the DP was coming. Aargh.
2007-05-01 20:13:50
122.   StolenMonkey86
um, who's up for the dbacks?
2007-05-01 20:14:27
123.   StolenMonkey86
gameday has the batter as undefined, undefined
2007-05-01 20:14:33
124.   Andrew Shimmin
115 has it right. I forgot Callaspo got the start. I don't think there was a report about what happened to Tracy. If he was hurt, I missed it.

122- Drew.

2007-05-01 20:14:53
125.   regfairfield
122 Drew. Holy cow, two strikeouts for Penny.
2007-05-01 20:15:23
126.   El Lay Dave
122 According to CBSportsline, Drew, in Tracy's spot.
2007-05-01 20:15:38
127.   Andrew Shimmin
Now batting, Chase Utley. On deck: Chase Utley.
2007-05-01 20:15:58
128.   Icaros

It's even more expensive here.

2007-05-01 20:16:24
129.   Bluebleeder87
i think i know the afflack trivia question (for once)
2007-05-01 20:18:06
130.   Bluebleeder87
Benicio Del Toro should play the fat man, Vin.

Benicio Del Toro is a poor mans John Stamos

2007-05-01 20:18:59
131.   Andrew Shimmin
Great pitch. Great.
2007-05-01 20:21:54
132.   JoeyP
Was Honeycutt using the bathroom?
Dont see Little go out there very often on his own.
2007-05-01 20:22:32
133.   Andrew Shimmin
I hate how much I like the D'backs. You can't really have your second favorite team play in the same division as your first, can you?
2007-05-01 20:22:56
134.   StolenMonkey86
Honeycutt is running gameday.
2007-05-01 20:22:56
135.   El Lay Dave
127 Yahoo is struggling. The Dodger game is stuck at the end of 3, trying to figure out how to get Drew in there, I guess.
2007-05-01 20:23:16
136.   Icaros

I can only assume that you're joking.

Penny should do shampoo commercials. He's very skilled at running his fingers through his hair.

2007-05-01 20:24:26
137.   regfairfield
He's just making sure we know he's not one of those guys who have a giant bald spot on his head.

How else do you get Alyssa Milano?

2007-05-01 20:24:51
138.   El Lay Dave
Quentin is 5-6 (career) against Penny, with 2 doubles and a HR, BTW.
2007-05-01 20:25:15
139.   Andrew Shimmin
Penny gets out of the inning without giving up a run.
2007-05-01 20:25:52
140.   El Lay Dave
137 LOL - I was gonna say he was wistful for Alyssa; but you beat me to it.
2007-05-01 20:26:05
141.   StolenMonkey86
136 - For Pert Plus.
2007-05-01 20:26:17
142.   JoeyP
Dallas was up 21 points in the 2nd quarter.
Now its 65-63 in the 3rd
2007-05-01 20:26:23
143.   regfairfield
Hey, I just officially graduated from college, seven weeks later.
2007-05-01 20:26:37
144.   Gen3Blue
Our stranding so many runners probably makes sense in light of our success last year w/runners on base. A statistical fluke.
On the other hand, if your corner men are Anderson and Betemit, how much can you expect. Bad idea to play them on the same night, when you have pro hitters like Seinz
and Valdez on the bench.
2007-05-01 20:27:03
145.   Bluebleeder87
yup, I knew the Afflack trivia question.
2007-05-01 20:29:01
146.   Icaros
Valdez is a pro hitter? I guess if you're going by the basic definition that he gets paid money to do so.
2007-05-01 20:30:22
147.   StolenMonkey86
145 - what's the ?
2007-05-01 20:30:49
148.   Gen3Blue
146 Compared to Betemit he is. He has been around a while and has gotten results this year--yes?
2007-05-01 20:31:13
149.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday is still dead
2007-05-01 20:31:13
150.   El Lay Dave
144 pro hitters like Seinz (sic) and Valdez

Season .262 .295 .357
Career .219 .258 .295

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-05-01 20:31:33
151.   El Lay Dave
144 pro hitters like Seinz (sic) and Valdez

Season .262 .295 .357
Career .219 .258 .295

2007-05-01 20:31:45
152.   Bob Timmermann
Since you can't strand a lot of runners unless you get a lot of runners on base, it's a necessary byproduct of a good offense.

The DBacks left 16 runners on last night. And scored 9 runs.

2007-05-01 20:32:00
153.   StolenMonkey86
148 - Well how can you not call Marlon Anderson a pro hitter on an equally small sample size?
2007-05-01 20:33:26
154.   Bob Timmermann
Professional hitter = Good part-time player and pinch hitter, who doesn't field very well.

See "Saenz, Olmedo" or "Coomer, Ron" or "Harris, Lenny."

2007-05-01 20:34:04
155.   El Lay Dave
Saenz career OPS+ splits:
against RHP: 88
against LHP: 116
2007-05-01 20:34:55
156.   Vishal
penny seems to have settled down a little [knock on wood]
2007-05-01 20:35:33
157.   Bluebleeder87

Ty Cobb.

2007-05-01 20:36:21
158.   El Lay Dave
157 I'm sorry, that should be in question form: Who is Ty Cobb?
2007-05-01 20:36:48
159.   Axim
What do you know, one of our lefty prospects had control problems tonight.

Miller's line from LV tonight.

3.0 IP 1H 6BB 4K

2007-05-01 20:38:31
160.   El Lay Dave
According to yahoo, Arizona is trying some radical and illegal lineup changes.
2007-05-01 20:38:48
161.   underdog
for those of you still stuck in Gameday limbo, Penny walked a batter, who stole second, and then got a ground ball and the inning's over and the crowd goes wild.

120 --Charles Barkley is in rare form tonight. He just said, "The Bay Area is a dumping ground for people that are too poor to live in LA"--

Did he really say that? Hah, he's such a dodo sometimes. Has he looked at the median income of the Bay Area recently? Just wondering...

2007-05-01 20:39:32
162.   El Lay Dave
160 Retract; now repaired.
2007-05-01 20:39:52
163.   underdog
Ethier was upset at the strike three call, which was tight inside, after being upset that his near double over the third base bag was just foul.
2007-05-01 20:40:07
164.   JoeyP
Penny's thrown around 90 pitches (cant tell exact due to gameday down) through 5 ip. He was at 72 through 4.
2007-05-01 20:40:53
165.   Bluebleeder87

one interesting thing about Tyrus Raymond Cobb is that he didn't hold the bat like a traditional batter holds a bat, He use too separate his hands about 3 inches apart when he swang a bat. it's true.

2007-05-01 20:41:10
166.   StolenMonkey86
164 - CBS says 86
2007-05-01 20:41:24
167.   Bluebleeder87
HA! the ball drops in the middle of all three.
2007-05-01 20:41:36
168.   Andrew Shimmin
Aflac question was, whose record did Lou Brock break to become the stealingest baserunner of all time. Looking it up over at BBref, why doesn't Billy Hamilton count?
2007-05-01 20:41:45
169.   JoeyP
Young and Quentin messed that up.
2007-05-01 20:42:24
170.   Icaros
I pay $1,000/month for what amounts to a human bird's nest in SF.
2007-05-01 20:43:17
171.   StolenMonkey86
pierre sacrifices himself for the good of the team
2007-05-01 20:44:29
172.   El Lay Dave
171 One thousand snarky comments flashed across my synapses.
2007-05-01 20:45:31
173.   Vishal
[161] i'm sure sir charles spends the bulk of his free time poring over economic data. who wouldn't, really?
2007-05-01 20:45:32
174.   underdog
Yikes, you guys must think I'm in a parallel tape delayed universe with my game update there -- my MLBTV had been stuck and I was off an inning. Hah hah. That's hilarious. Well, not really.

170 Ditto, me too. Although mine's like a decent-sized bird duplex.

2007-05-01 20:46:22
175.   El Lay Dave
173 He sure ain't spending time refining his golf swing.
2007-05-01 20:46:37
176.   underdog
Good to see the Giants getting spanked tonight. That warms the cockles of my heart.

("There's nothing like hot cockles." -- Woody Allen.)

2007-05-01 20:47:06
177.   JoeyP
That pitch was a break.
2007-05-01 20:47:27
178.   Vishal
kent should be good for at least a sac fly.
2007-05-01 20:48:52
179.   underdog
173 Well, he could actually read a few newspapers or talk to someone and get at least an inkling of how stupid that comment was. (Believe me, I wish it was cheaper up here...)
2007-05-01 20:50:08
180.   El Lay Dave
178 SF? Heck, hit it out!
2007-05-01 20:50:24
181.   JoeyP
They want hitters interference on Kent.
2007-05-01 20:50:46
182.   underdog
I can't believe Kent's arguing that one - looks like a clear strike to me...
2007-05-01 20:51:30
183.   Vishal
[179] if sports broadcasters were required to actually know what they were talking about then most of them wouldn't be employed anymore. on the other hand, that would mean that the brilliantly hilarious would lose its raison d'etre.... hrmm.....
2007-05-01 20:51:54
184.   Vishal
[182] he probably thought it was low.
2007-05-01 20:52:21
185.   El Lay Dave
Sorry about the jinx in 180.

C'mon Luis, earn that contract right here.

2007-05-01 20:52:39
186.   JoeyP
Just need a blooper Gonzo.
Show that veteran leadership!
2007-05-01 20:52:45
187.   Vishal
what's melvin going on about? i have no sound.
2007-05-01 20:53:44
188.   Andrew Shimmin
187- He's protesting Kent's being a three dimensional object, near as I can tell.
2007-05-01 20:53:57
189.   underdog
185 So much for that...

On the other hand, it did look like they had a case for interference on Kent there, so maybe that's justice? Still, that was a waste of an opportunity.

2007-05-01 20:54:08
190.   Bob Timmermann
Melvin thought Kent interfered with Montero's attempt to throw out Anderson, but all Kent did was stand his ground in the box and Montero walked into him.
2007-05-01 20:55:08
191.   El Lay Dave
Bah. Apologized for jinx and put another one in the same post!
2007-05-01 20:56:19
192.   El Lay Dave
K for Penny, he evens his BB/K books for the night.
2007-05-01 20:56:56
193.   Icaros
So far, I see very little difference between Gonzalez and post-2002 Shawn Green.

Green had a stronger arm (and the love of LAT's daughter).

2007-05-01 20:56:58
194.   capdodger
185 No they didn't either. Kent just sorta stood there perplexed annd Moreno jumped into him. Montero probably didn't think he had a chance.
2007-05-01 20:59:20
195.   StolenMonkey86
94 thru 6 for penny
2007-05-01 20:59:23
196.   Bluebleeder87
one interesting thing about Tyrus Raymond Cobb is that he didn't hold the bat like a traditional batter holds a bat, He use too separate his hands about 3 inches apart when he swang a bat. it's true.

Here's a picture of how he use to hold his bat:

I was fascinated by the man in my early youth so i read his Bio by Al Stump.

2007-05-01 20:59:46
197.   JoeyP
Matt Barnes was never this good at UCLA.
2007-05-01 21:00:30
198.   Greg Brock
96 Ty Cobb is no Ava Garner.
2007-05-01 21:01:11
199.   Icaros

Neither was Baron Davis.

2007-05-01 21:01:11
200.   Bluebleeder87
This game has turned out to be a pitchers duel, who knew.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-05-01 21:02:22
201.   JoeyP
Baron and Watson were pretty good.
Matt Barnes even in the NBA, let alone playing great in a playoff game---crazy.
2007-05-01 21:02:42
202.   underdog
Vinnie "Up" Chulk is now pitching for the Giants, who are down 8-6.
2007-05-01 21:03:26
203.   Vishal
[190] ah, thanks.
2007-05-01 21:04:46
204.   Icaros

Not saying Baron wasn't good, but his star-player potential was in some question coming out of college, I thought. He didn't always have such a good outside shot then, did he?

2007-05-01 21:04:54
205.   Vishal
c'mon wilson... this is your chance for redemption.
2007-05-01 21:05:41
206.   Icaros
No more bunting!
2007-05-01 21:05:54
207.   Gen3Blue
Valdez looks like a pro hitter to me.
2007-05-01 21:06:00
208.   overkill94
Is our game plan just to hurt all their third basemen until they have to forfeit?

Horrible call on the bunt there, I don't think Wilson has done it much in his career.

2007-05-01 21:06:01
209.   Vishal
nice hard slide by martin. that guy doesn't do half-intensity. didn't we come up with a catchy nickname for him?
2007-05-01 21:06:16
210.   JoeyP
They are playing with fire leaving Livan in to face Nomar.
2007-05-01 21:06:39
211.   Vishal
[207] not to me. he doesn't even look like oscar robles to me.
2007-05-01 21:06:48
212.   Bluebleeder87

they have one thing in common they were both nuts. ;o)

2007-05-01 21:08:21
213.   Andrew Shimmin
Deja vu.
2007-05-01 21:08:38
214.   overkill94
Time to up that BA with the bases loaded to .107!
2007-05-01 21:08:59
215.   Bluebleeder87
Livan is doing a high wire act.
2007-05-01 21:09:04
216.   D4P
Hernandez is making a significant contribution to the team IsoP tonight
2007-05-01 21:09:20
217.   El Lay Dave
207 He looked pretty bad last night to me.
2007-05-01 21:09:29
218.   El Lay Dave
207 He looked pretty bad last night to me.
2007-05-01 21:09:31
219.   JoeyP
Melvin loves his veteran pitchers apparently.
2007-05-01 21:09:46
220.   D4P
I mean IsoD, of course
2007-05-01 21:10:21
221.   underdog
Livan can throw about 185 pitches - they should leave him in there.
2007-05-01 21:10:22
222.   ToyCannon
For the 1st time in my life I'm feeling sorry for Yankee fans. To watch your coveted prospect pitch the game of the year and then blow his hamstring on the last pitch is just a killer. Out 4-6 weeks. At least it was minor but it pretty well sums up their year so far.
2007-05-01 21:11:01
223.   JoeyP
Furcal's killed him during his career though.
2007-05-01 21:12:08
224.   JoeyP
Ok Pierre--just dont hit it at Byrnes.
2007-05-01 21:12:09
225.   Andrew Shimmin
I want to see the overhead picture of strike three. I don't buy that.
2007-05-01 21:12:53
226.   Bluebleeder87
That was a pretty pitch by Livan I have to admit.
2007-05-01 21:13:03
227.   D4P
It's starting to feel like Pierre bats with the bases loaded a lot
2007-05-01 21:13:22
228.   Vishal
2007-05-01 21:13:34
229.   JoeyP
Livan's had one craptacular performance tonight.
2007-05-01 21:13:41
230.   underdog
Come on Raffy, time to redeem your... d'oh.

Come on Juan, time to...

2007-05-01 21:13:42
231.   El Lay Dave
I hear Bryan Adams, Sting and Rod Stewart now - it's all for Juan.
2007-05-01 21:14:46
232.   Icaros
These are the types of games that end up as losses, just like the last Giants series.
2007-05-01 21:15:24
233.   El Lay Dave
GAH! 6 hits, 6 BBs in 6 innings and one lousy run.

How many pitches to Pierre?

2007-05-01 21:15:40
234.   underdog
10 men left on base tonight. Fun!
2007-05-01 21:17:07
235.   JoeyP
Livan with 124 pitches in 6ip
2007-05-01 21:17:08
236.   Bob Timmermann
With 10 LOB tonight, the Dodgers will need to fall behind or get tied to have a chance to break the NL record of 18 in a nine-inning game.
2007-05-01 21:18:09
237.   El Lay Dave
Aargh - these on-line updates are SLOW tonight.

Y'know, the Dodgers still lead this game....

2007-05-01 21:18:45
238.   JoeyP
Golden State might do it.
Up 109-103 with 4 minutes left.
2007-05-01 21:18:47
239.   Icaros
Have the Warriors missed a three-point attempt this series?
2007-05-01 21:18:47
240.   Greg Brock
Mark Cuban is pretty sad right about now.
2007-05-01 21:20:35
241.   Gen3Blue
Hernandez is doing great for his rotation and bullpen. Until the D's get to him it would be stupid to pull him. Not much good can be said for the D's lineup--but it was crippled from the start.
2007-05-01 21:21:16
242.   Bob Timmermann
On July 27, 1990 the Dodgers left 25 runners on base in a 12-inning 5-4 win over the Braves.

The Dodgers left 16 on through nine and left the bases loaded in each of the extra innings. The game ended on a bases-loaded single by Mike Sharperson.

The obscure, yet memorable, Ray Searage got the win.

2007-05-01 21:21:52
243.   JoeyP
Its just Golden State's nite after Baron's last 3.
2007-05-01 21:22:00
244.   Icaros
Even bad threes are going in.
2007-05-01 21:22:23
245.   Axim
Tsao might have just put the final nail in Seanez's coffin.
2007-05-01 21:23:01
246.   Vishal
ooh, golden state now up by 9. consider the dagger plunged into the heart of dallas.
2007-05-01 21:23:18
247.   alexx
The Warriors game is insane.
2007-05-01 21:23:45
248.   Vishal
i want a warriors-bulls final.
2007-05-01 21:23:46
249.   El Lay Dave
245 Hard to believe the Rockies didn't have room to take a chance on him, especially still with options left.
2007-05-01 21:24:06
250.   Vishal
wow, dallas still has some life left!
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-05-01 21:24:39
251.   JoeyP
Dirk's trying to bring the Mavs back.
112-109--this is a great game.
2007-05-01 21:24:42
252.   Icaros

You're putting them in the Finals already?

2007-05-01 21:25:49
253.   Vishal
[252] i'm not saying they'll get there, i just want them to. phoenix or san antonio will be tough to beat.
2007-05-01 21:27:02
254.   underdog
Livan just hit 96 on the gun - that's wacky. I think I was only slightly exaggerating when I said he'd go 185 pitches.
2007-05-01 21:27:14
255.   JoeyP
Dallas's is going to pull it out.
2007-05-01 21:28:14
256.   regfairfield
Has Valdez declined to the point where we aren't scared to put him on waivers?
2007-05-01 21:28:20
257.   alexx
I'll admit it. I'm on the Warriors bandwagon.
2007-05-01 21:28:36
258.   Bob Timmermann
That's not Livan Hernandez pitching.
2007-05-01 21:28:45
259.   regfairfield
254 That's Tony Pena. I don't think Livan has ever thrown 96.
2007-05-01 21:28:52
260.   Icaros

So will Houston. You might not want them to make it if you lived up here. Bay Area fans are the least humble on the planet, no matter the circumstances.

2007-05-01 21:29:04
261.   underdog
97mph on that one to Gonzo.

Wow, this is a great basketball game.

I feel like I'm on media multitasking overload here. All I need is to start text messaging my friends and to turn on my iPod to put me over the top.

2007-05-01 21:30:16
262.   JoeyP
Golden State's been outscored 10-0 last 2 minutes. Major collapse.
2007-05-01 21:30:46
263.   D4P
LuGo has been taken out of the game...!
2007-05-01 21:30:54
264.   Icaros

You're starting to glow.

2007-05-01 21:30:58
265.   underdog
I think the Warriors went to the three-pt. well once too often there. Understandable they felt blessed in that dept., but still.
2007-05-01 21:31:53
266.   El Lay Dave
BTW, why not Anderson to RF, Ethier to CF and Tsao into the #2 spot, due ninth, for the double switch? Then Marlon (L) leads off against Pena, an RHP, instead of Valdez. It's not like double-switching out Pierre is comprising the defense in a one-run game, is it? Later, Clark can still be a defensive replacement, if needed.
2007-05-01 21:32:08
267.   Vishal
blah, i think dallas has this one.
2007-05-01 21:32:43
268.   Andrew Shimmin
Ethier Byrnes Byrnes.
2007-05-01 21:32:56
269.   Vishal
i can't believe they came back. golden state shouldn't have taken those last threes. they didn't need a three.
2007-05-01 21:33:12
270.   JoeyP
Ethier oh my.
2007-05-01 21:33:23
271.   Bluebleeder87
A gamble that Ethier lost.sigh.
2007-05-01 21:33:29
272.   capdodger
Gosh darn rookie mistake. Hopefully it won't hurt.
2007-05-01 21:33:40
273.   Bob Timmermann
Does someone want to tell underdog the difference between Tony Pena and Livan Hernandez?
2007-05-01 21:33:46
274.   underdog
And Andre Ethier just went to the diving catch well once too often. Yikes. He kind of sort of missed that one.
2007-05-01 21:34:29
275.   StolenMonkey86
272 - didn't Torii Hunter give up an in the park homer in the playoffs like that? I'm assuming it was a missed dive.
2007-05-01 21:34:44
276.   Icaros
Here we go. I've seen this movie a million times...
2007-05-01 21:34:49
277.   Gen3Blue
I'm beggining to think that whatever value Pierre has is effective only batting 1st or maybe 8th. The closer he gets to the heart of the order the more devestating his weaknesses become. Furcal should probably hit 2nd or 3rd.
Though I don't have the sound on I see that Livon is perilously close to the win or tie.
2007-05-01 21:34:58
278.   underdog
273 Oops, I um, meant Tony Pena. Yeah.

Actually, I meant to put on my glasses about 3 innings ago. The Dodgers are playing the Astros right?

2007-05-01 21:35:55
279.   Bob Timmermann

Geez, I took off your Netflix queue? Did you keep putting it back on?

2007-05-01 21:36:35
280.   underdog
Plus I'm on Sudafed for a cold, so maybe I'm accidentally violating rule #11 there.

Rats, the Warriors really blew this one.

2007-05-01 21:36:51
281.   regfairfield
I've never before seen someone change direction 12 times without actually moving.
2007-05-01 21:37:01
282.   JoeyP
Dallas ends game on 15-0 run.
2007-05-01 21:37:03
283.   El Lay Dave
Well, if Tsao was only for one inning anyway, the double-switch was completely unnecessary. Betemit stays at 3B, Tsao hits three and is PH for by Clark, who came into the game anyway, in the later double-switch with Broxton. Valdez would still be available on the bench.
2007-05-01 21:37:18
284.   StolenMonkey86
well, now the Dodgers have to score a run.
2007-05-01 21:37:53
285.   Icaros

I've been trying to get rid of it for years, but the "blow countless chances then lose at the end" game always ends up back in my mailbox.

2007-05-01 21:38:09
286.   MSarg29
So that's what its like to get a hit with a runner in scoring position.
2007-05-01 21:38:21
287.   underdog
The Dodgers blew this one too. Sigh.

Weird, Marlon Anderson looks an awful lot like Nomar... {putting on glasses slowly}

2007-05-01 21:38:30
288.   scareduck
281 - my question is, why was he moving like a crab as though he WANTED to make a shoestring catch, when the ball was right at him and not very far in front of him?
2007-05-01 21:39:09
289.   Vaudeville Villain
Insert repetitious comment about Pierre's defense here.

Golden State got pretty unlucky. Richardson was fouled on that three point attempt.

2007-05-01 21:39:33
290.   Icaros
Also, Broxton's dominance has waned of late.
2007-05-01 21:39:43
291.   alexx
Is it time for the Giants to bring Lincecum up for Ortiz?
2007-05-01 21:40:08
292.   Bluebleeder87
Steven Drew is gonna have nightmares of this series.
2007-05-01 21:40:33
293.   regfairfield
289 That's the only way left to mock him. All the other options were worn out long ago.

Are we walking Clark to get to Quentin?

2007-05-01 21:41:01
294.   Axim
Hey Raffy, open the glove first.
2007-05-01 21:41:45
295.   Vaudeville Villain
It's not a big deal, but I think I would go after Tony Clark rather than Quentin.
2007-05-01 21:42:20
296.   Icaros
Jon is probably rooting for Quentin.
2007-05-01 21:42:22
297.   El Lay Dave
290 ? Before tonight, Broxton gave up one run all season, and more than one hit only once - same game, three appearances back. He pitch 1 2/3 in the 17-inning game.
2007-05-01 21:43:13
298.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants would probably give Ortiz the whole month of May before going for Lincecum. That's just their way.

Look how long they kept guys like Rueter and Tomko in the rotation.

2007-05-01 21:43:46
299.   Icaros

He got touched up by the Giants a little.

2007-05-01 21:44:41
300.   D4P
I guess Penny didn't pitch well enough to win after all
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-05-01 21:46:46
301.   El Lay Dave
299 That's the 2-hit, 1-run game I mentioned. It was last Wednesday. Doesn't seem like the start of a trend to me, but what do I know?
2007-05-01 21:47:15
302.   alexx
298 Yeah, I guess I feel a little bad for the veterans with the waning skills too. But I'm glad the Giants aren't my home team. If I were a baseball player I would try to retire before any kid could force me out of my spot: make it easier on the general manager.
2007-05-01 21:50:01
303.   StolenMonkey86
302 - That's very noble, but your nobility will cost you $8 million a year.
2007-05-01 21:50:57
304.   El Lay Dave
18 pitches for Broxton, not including the IBB. Is he pitching the ninth if it is still tied?
2007-05-01 21:52:05
305.   D4P
Coming into tonight's game:

Brad Penny

2006: 7.05
2007: 3.06

2006: 1.31
2007: 2.35

2007-05-01 21:52:44
306.   JoeyP
Brad Penny


2007: 0

2007-05-01 21:52:50
307.   Icaros

Didn't say anything about a trend. Said his dominance has waned of late. He also gave up a hit in 1/3 of an inning in that Giants series.

I still like him, just wish he was perfect since our offense is so horrible.

2007-05-01 21:53:32
308.   El Lay Dave
305 He saw the success that Wang and Webb had last year?
2007-05-01 21:54:09
309.   Sushirabbit
If I was Penny right now, I'd make the sun seem very cold. That's the third straight no decision. All games with 3 ER or less.

And, yes, yes I do have him on my fantasy team.

2007-05-01 21:54:41
310.   alexx
303 - True, but I probably wouldn't need it. And then I would have more time to turn my kids into future stars. By the way, Jeff Kent has played baseball a long time for someone who professes not to like it very much. I think he is like my girlfriend when she says she doesn't want any desert..
2007-05-01 21:55:01
311.   StolenMonkey86
309- But on the other hand, he avoids a comparison to Kaz Ishii.
2007-05-01 21:55:39
312.   Sushirabbit
Also, do the Dodger lead the league in runners left on base?
2007-05-01 21:56:23
313.   alexx
2007-05-01 21:57:04
314.   Sushirabbit
310 - When he signs a contract, maybe he's thinking, "That's a lot of motorcycles."
2007-05-01 21:57:08
315.   StolenMonkey86
313- cake?
2007-05-01 21:58:02
316.   Greg Brock
Mark Hendrickson approves.
2007-05-01 21:58:28
317.   El Lay Dave
310 I've worked in my career for almost 24 years and I don't like it very much. But it pays the bills. (Ain't Kent money though :) )
2007-05-01 21:58:34
318.   JoeyP
That was a wacky balk.
2007-05-01 21:59:08
319.   Vishal
that was almost as funny as mark hendrickson falling off the mound.
2007-05-01 21:59:13
320.   El Lay Dave
316 Did Pena fall down?
2007-05-01 21:59:29
321.   StolenMonkey86
310 - nobody needs that much money, but few would say they don't want it
2007-05-01 21:59:30
322.   JoeyP
2 runs scored
19 LOB
2007-05-01 22:00:40
323.   El Lay Dave
The BA w/ RISP is regressing to the mean.
2007-05-01 22:01:35
324.   alexx
317 Wouldn't you have quit a long time ago if you were making millions a year and had a hotshot young worker itching to take your place?
2007-05-01 22:01:39
325.   Bluebleeder87
watching the 11 LOB's is just not pleasing for the eyes.
2007-05-01 22:01:47
326.   D4P

Pre-All Star: .358/.426/.578/1.004
Post-All Star: .229/.286/.408/.694

Pre-tonight: .307/.357/.416/.773

2007-05-01 22:02:05
327.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers are a lonnnnng way from the NL lead in LOB. Coming into tonight's game they were 10th and 36 behind league leader Philadelphia.

Last year was a Golden Year for LOB for the Dodgers.

2007-05-01 22:03:20
328.   Greg Brock
320 Almost. He caught his front spike in the dirt as he strode toward home plate. He didn't throw the pitch, and almost went tail over tea kettle.

And it was a balk.

2007-05-01 22:03:29
329.   Vishal
[320] he stumbled and couldn't make the pitch, but he didn't quite fall.
2007-05-01 22:04:22
330.   El Lay Dave
Now Saito is in. No save tonight, so that makes sense.

But all the one-innings appearances accompanied with double-switches still makes no sense to me. 9th is Furcal, Pierre, Valdez - although Olmedo lurks.

2007-05-01 22:04:43
331.   D4P
Speaking of LOBs, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will play an exhibition on a court that is half grass, half clay.

2007-05-01 22:05:17
332.   Bob Timmermann
A lot of pro athletes may say they don't like their sport. That's because it's a vocation for them. They have to do it every day to make money. That can be a grind.

But I think Jeff Kent likes playing more than he lets on. He most likely loves competing and that's what he would miss the most.

2007-05-01 22:05:33
333.   Icaros

I've been feeling like Nomar is nothing more than a free-swinging singles hitter these days. That evidence is more damning than I suspected.

2007-05-01 22:05:55
334.   Greg Brock
331 I see what you did there.
2007-05-01 22:07:40
335.   JoeyP
Who just got the 3-0 green light?
2007-05-01 22:08:24
336.   El Lay Dave
324 Yes, but I don't have the competitive drive that I assume the vast majority of MLB's millions-earners have. I would have retired long ago if I were, say, Bill Gates, but his is driven by motivations I don't have. Paul Allen I can understand.
2007-05-01 22:08:36
337.   Andrew Shimmin
Pierre is going all-crabwalk all the time. For some reason. Maybe he has a brain tumor.
2007-05-01 22:08:43
338.   natepurcell
so did pierre climb the wall to bring callapso's fly ball back into the park?

Well, gameday seems to think he did.

2007-05-01 22:08:45
339.   Bluebleeder87
this is a good time to bring in Olmedo Saenz to bat
2007-05-01 22:08:53
340.   StolenMonkey86
Chris Snyder doesn't do that Oakland thing.
2007-05-01 22:09:20
341.   Frip
323 - You're right, it IS a grind, they only get 3 to 4 days off a month. That kind of schedule could even make you loath sex. Maybe.
2007-05-01 22:10:22
342.   alexx
324 That makes sense. Funny how a lot of billionaires have the drive to get rich but not the drive to complete college. I guess college becomes redundant at that point.
2007-05-01 22:10:31
343.   Andrew Shimmin
338- No. It was just shy of the warning track.
2007-05-01 22:10:33
344.   Icaros

No, he leaped at the wall and his head fell off. Then Furcal was attacked at short by a wild tiger.

2007-05-01 22:10:33
345.   JoeyP
Here comes a scrappy 9th inning filled with bunts and slappers.
2007-05-01 22:10:48
346.   Bluebleeder87
Olmedo For Valdez that is
2007-05-01 22:11:04
347.   Greg Brock
The player does what the player does best.
2007-05-01 22:12:05
348.   Bluebleeder87
pretend 346 doesn't exist.
2007-05-01 22:12:18
349.   Vishal
we better score this inning, because i'm going to bed either way.
2007-05-01 22:12:21
350.   neuroboy002
Does any one know what happened to Koyie Hill? He was supposed to be next in line to our catching throne after David Ross, but was traded to the D'Backs. Is he still in the their system or elsewhere? I remember Depodesta mentioning him in an interview after the LoDuca trade.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-05-01 22:12:24
351.   regfairfield
This would be a lose lose. Valdez screws up here, we lose a big scoring chance. He gets a hit, he get canonized for another month and becomes unDFAable.
2007-05-01 22:12:27
352.   Bluebleeder87
pretend 346 doesn't exist.
2007-05-01 22:13:00
353.   regfairfield
350 I think he went to the Yankees as a minor league free agent.
2007-05-01 22:13:25
354.   Icaros
He's going to call that when you swing at garbage the previous pitch, Valdez.
2007-05-01 22:13:49
355.   D4P
I'm going to pretend that 346, 348, and 352 don't exist
2007-05-01 22:14:07
356.   El Lay Dave
351 If Valdez makes out, they walk Kent to get to Saenz PH for Saito?
2007-05-01 22:14:09
357.   Bluebleeder87

i think the Snakes traded him to another organization i'm not sure though.

2007-05-01 22:14:16
358.   JoeyP
So how about Valdez K's, then the next guy gets a hit and wins the game?
2007-05-01 22:14:28
359.   natepurcell
wild pitch here we come!
2007-05-01 22:14:32
360.   StolenMonkey86
342 - You've really just got to want to do it.

2007-05-01 22:14:33
361.   Andrew Shimmin
350- He's playing (pretty well) for the Cubs' AAA affiliate.
2007-05-01 22:14:59
362.   regfairfield
There's no way Kent sees a pitch here.
2007-05-01 22:15:24
363.   JoeyP
I'll say a Wild Pitch wins the game for the Dodgers. They've scored runs in wacky fashion all year.
2007-05-01 22:15:25
364.   underdog
Joey called it.

Valdez really earned his league minimum salary on that one.

2007-05-01 22:15:45
365.   D4P
Walking Kent to get to LuGo makes a lot more sense than walking LuGo to get to Martin.
2007-05-01 22:15:46
366.   Bob Timmermann
Looks like Kent saw four pitches.

Not very good ones, but he saw them!

2007-05-01 22:16:26
367.   D4P
Never mind. I forgot LuGo was out of the game.
2007-05-01 22:16:33
368.   Bluebleeder87
Let's send them home happy Saenz!
2007-05-01 22:17:19
369.   Greg Brock
You complete me, Olmedo Saenz.
2007-05-01 22:17:29
370.   Icaros
Okay, cool.
2007-05-01 22:17:31
371.   Frip
Rock & Roll!!!!
2007-05-01 22:17:37
372.   underdog
Come on Tomato.
2007-05-01 22:17:40
373.   JoeyP
Olmedo is still sexy.
2007-05-01 22:17:44
374.   regfairfield
That was a professional hit.
2007-05-01 22:17:51
375.   capdodger
Yay! Tomato strikes!
2007-05-01 22:17:51
376.   Vishal

i will now go to bed satisfied. good night, gentlemen.

2007-05-01 22:18:20
377.   Bluebleeder87
Andrew Shimmin must feel confused right now.
2007-05-01 22:18:38
378.   Icaros
Medo has some very silver hair.
2007-05-01 22:18:39
379.   El Lay Dave
Now Olmedo qualifies as a professional hitter!
2007-05-01 22:18:48
380.   Vishal
[369] i believe it goes:

"you.... complete, me."

2007-05-01 22:19:00
381.   Marty
Tomato is really starting to look like Lee Trevino.
2007-05-01 22:19:06
382.   MSarg29
Tomato !
good night all
2007-05-01 22:19:08
383.   StolenMonkey86
the break on that pitch was 3" and the pfx was 13"

Dodgers win on a walk-off single from Olmedo.

2007-05-01 22:19:15
384.   underdog
Yay! (I love having a slow internet connection)
2007-05-01 22:20:09
385.   imperabo
You see Tomato swagger out of the box? Damn he's cool. The Tomato's calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd, cause nobody fools the Tomato.
2007-05-01 22:20:25
386.   Greg Brock
381 Wow, great call, Marty. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Well done.

2007-05-01 22:20:49
387.   Andrew Shimmin
377- Nope. I dig the D'backs, but I know where my bread is buttered.
2007-05-01 22:22:06
388.   neuroboy002
Thanks for all the answers to 350. I hope he is playing well. Glad we won this game in 9 instead of 17. Doesn't Lyon know that the Gagne goatee is soooo 2002/2003? I guess tonight proved it. Good night.
2007-05-01 22:22:39
389.   Bluebleeder87
Let's take the series tomorrow, nite all.
2007-05-01 22:23:05
390.   Icaros
So now I'm watching the end (hopefully) of the Giants game. I don't think I've seen Colorado wear the same uniforms twice this season.
2007-05-01 22:26:48
391.   El Lay Dave
350 et. al., Yanks release Koyie Hill. He's in the Cub's organization, playing at Iowa (AAA)

2007-05-01 22:29:01
392.   Daniel Zappala
I have no idea how the Dodgers match up against the Diamondbacks or Rockies this year because MLB won't let me watch those two teams on EI. It's like the Dodgers are playing them on another planet, and I'll get to see them when they get back ... except NASA would probably provide beautiful footage in fake colors ... so I guess there is no appropriate analogy here.
2007-05-01 22:30:51
393.   D4P
Sounds like you need to order the ETI (Extra Terrestrial Innings) package
2007-05-01 22:35:31
394.   El Lay Dave
392 On the other hand, I have to drive an awfully long way to behold the splendors of Zion, Bryce, Cedar Breaks, the Wasatch Mountains, etc. in person.
2007-05-01 22:36:38
395.   Greg Brock
329 I'm trying to hook up with this gal that works at NASA. I'll see what I can do.

Well, she used to work at NASA. There was some unpleasantness.

2007-05-01 22:37:17
396.   underdog
393 Or MLBTV, to watch those games online - but that can often look like it's beamed from outer space, several light years ago.
2007-05-01 22:38:01
397.   underdog
395 Charm her with your knowledge of adult diaper brands.
2007-05-01 22:39:59
398.   El Lay Dave
395 Didn't you cast her aside for the soon-to-be-divorced daughter of Steinbrenner?

Caution: dumping NASA woman might be hazardous to one's health.

2007-05-01 22:42:51
399.   bigcpa
What is with this Adrian Garcia guy on the Prime Ticket postgame? He asks questions in Spanish to guys who speak English. Now he switched to English and back to Spanish again. What gives?! Olmedo is confused too.
2007-05-01 22:43:47
400.   NPB
I hate to be the voice of grouchiness here, but that was about as unimpressive a win as you can get. The hitting with runners in scoring position was abysmal, as was the defense. Grady seemingly chose names out of the hat for the batting order. The pitchers saved our butts again.

I'm glad we won, but I'd like us to be playing stronger.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-05-01 22:44:29
401.   JoeyP
395--Thats like the funniest thing I've read on here in forever. I hear Greg Brock in a Steven Wright tone...
2007-05-01 22:47:09
402.   D4P
If nothing else, this games highlights the stupidity of the "Win" statistic. Penny pitched 6 scoreless innings, and left with the lead. The Dodgers won the game. Penny did not get a W. Why? Because Broxton gave up a run.

What does Broxton giving up a run have to do with Penny, you ask? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

2007-05-01 22:52:21
403.   Greg Brock
Penny got a Quality Start.


2007-05-01 22:52:47
404.   StolenMonkey86
Penny registered a game score of 66 on the night.
2007-05-01 22:53:33
405.   D4P
Penny deserved a Win.


2007-05-01 22:59:24
406.   El Lay Dave
405 Penny dated Alyssa - he's already received his just desserts.
2007-05-01 23:07:21
407.   underdog
How about the fact that Tsao has now retired the last 21 batters he's faced? I assume he shouldn't be packing his bags for Vegas anytime soon.

Yeah, Penny deserved a win, but it would've been nice if he'd thrown less pitches, and these kind of games happen. I do hope to see more clutch hitting soon, but I'll take the win.

2007-05-01 23:10:09
408.   underdog
I still can't believe I confused Hernandez and Pena. Although they somewhat resemble each other physically, the fact that one of them throws a lot harder than the other should've been some indication. Now that the Sudafed is wearing off and sleep is beckoning, I shall humbly drag my myopic self to bed. Except my g/f's already snoring, and so's her cat.

A long day turns into a long night.

2007-05-01 23:20:48
409.   Suffering Bruin
390 and 395 owe me a new monitor... both were spit-up funny, the former because I was thinking the same thing, the latter just because.

I went to the game tonight with some very fine company and noticed the following:

1) Eric Neel, Rich Lederer, GoBears and our host... you can't ask for better company. Juan Pierre goes after the ball like an ice skater trying to catch a bumblebee.

2) Livan Hernandez can throw the ball backwards, I think.

3) Penny be powerful good tonight.

4) Jeff Kent can hit the ball hard to the outfield on a pretty consistent basis. You can't say that about any other Dodger.

5) Juan Pierre goes after the ball like an ice skater trying to catch a bumblebee.

6) Jeff Weaver has a new nickname thanks to GoBears: time share. Figure it out and you'll laugh as hard as we did.

7) Betemit is getting close to deadimit. Yeah, I'm groaning, too.

8) You throw a fastball to Olmedo Saenz, you get what you deserve.

9) Juan Pierre would go back on a bunted ball.

10) Ninth inning game winning hits are a blast. That was my first seen live.

Good night.

2007-05-01 23:21:55
410.   natepurcell
i still cant believe penny hasnt given up any homeruns yet considering how many balls hes allowed in play.
2007-05-01 23:26:43
411.   s choir
The Milwaukee Brewers have the best record in Major League Baseball, and lead the NL Central by 4 games. Are they for real?
2007-05-01 23:35:09
412.   Eric Enders
409 (6) 'Cause everybody owns him equally?
2007-05-01 23:40:02
413.   Andrew Shimmin
409- Seems like a good idea at the time; impossible to unload?

I don't want to harp on Pierre. That said: he's worse, defensively, right now than he used to be, right? Thinking about it, I'm sure I'd seen him play something like eighty times before this year. I don't at all remember his being anything like this spazzy. I expect he'll be better, over the whole year, than he has so far offensively. Not tons better, but significantly better. But I don't know what to make of his defense. The buggeration quotient is very high.

2007-05-01 23:46:47
414.   GoBears
412. Impressive.

413. I think you're right about Pierre. The arm was always horrible, and the routes less than picturesque. But I don't think he was ever so skittish and indecisive on fly balls.

Jon might have been right when he said tonight that JP might be entering (or well ensconced in) Steve Sax territory. It in his head. His wee head.

2007-05-01 23:48:08
415.   Jon Weisman
SB summed up the night well - I have more in a new post up top.
2007-05-02 00:44:22
416.   s choir
Let me preface this by saying that I was one of the minority who defended the Pierre signing. I just want to give my two cents on Pierre's first month as a Dodger.

Pierre doesn't seem to be seeing the ball well off the bat. He looks a lot like Lofton out there. I remember Bradley having problems like this when he was playing center for LA as well. Perhaps it's just a Dodger Stadium thing... but I don't see opposing CFers having the same problems. Hopefully he'll adjust and start making plays, but if he doesn't, the Dodgers aren't going anywhere.

I am, however, satisfied with the way Pierre has been performing offensively. He's been getting on base consistently enough ever since breaking out of his season-opening slump. In his past ten games coming into tonight, his OBP was .354. His stolen base rate for the season is at 80%. Pierre seems to be coming up a lot with two outs and the bases loaded and coming up short, but so has the entire team. And today he would have come through in the clutch but for a spectacular defensive play by Byrnes.

I think the Dodgers had a successful first month of 2007. Part of their success is owed to Pierre; the failures they encountered can also partly be blamed on Pierre. There is no player on the team that did not play poorly at one time or another in April. Even Russell Martin has had his bad days.

As I'm sure is true for most of the people at Dodger Thoughts, I live and die with the Dodgers. With the stakes so high, it infuriates me to watch a crucial, two-out flyball glance off of Pierre's glove for an RBI double (for example). But then after another excruciating hour the game is over, and I look at the box score and check out who's pitching tomorrow and examine the standings, and I gain some perspective. After all, it's May 1st, the Dodgers are in first place, and as Nancy Bea Hefley would remind us, the sun'll come out tomorrow.

2007-05-02 03:34:29
417.   Benjamin Miracord
MLB divisions by winning percentage:

NL West .522
AL Central .516
NL East .500
AL West .500
AL East .484
NL Central .480

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