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Old Dodger Photos
2007-05-10 14:01
by Jon Weisman

... among other treasures from the UCLA Library digital collection.

Kevin Roderick at L.A. Observed has more info.

Comments (94)
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2007-05-10 14:05:29
1.   Bob Timmermann
Don't even think of getting me the photo of Maury Wills and Frank Robinson...
2007-05-10 14:08:48
2.   trainwreck
Looks like Pat Riley and Steve Lavin owe something to Al Campanis.
2007-05-10 14:10:49
3.   Benaiah
The odds of an hour long "The Office" have increased. Apparently, even if the show doesn't go to an hour, NBC wants to increase the order to something like 37 episodes of the half hour version. Wow. This is like finding out Santa Claus is real. If this happens, it will be exactly the opposite of how I felt when "Arrested Development" went off the air and Depo got fired.

2007-05-10 14:12:17
4.   underdog

I like the surprisingly whimsical one of Garvey with an umbrella. Like something out of a French musical more than a typical Garvey moment. I like his snap-on plastic hair in that other picture with his baby, too.

2007-05-10 14:13:13
5.   Jon Weisman
3 - Um, Benaiah?
2007-05-10 14:18:49
6.   Benaiah
5 - Did I accidentally spill the beans about Santa Claus?
2007-05-10 14:23:33
7.   KBL
I am still grieving over Arrested Development
2007-05-10 14:30:22
8.   Jon Weisman
6 - No, I couldn't figure out why you were posting that here, but I guess it was a mistake.
2007-05-10 14:35:59
9.   Benaiah
8 - I posted it both places because... well, I was exuberant. I realize that it is more appropriate at SJ, but I wanted to share the good news. I didn't think that was a big deal.
2007-05-10 14:36:40
10.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Great photos.
I love the shot of the flooded parking lot.
And notice there's zero security guards approaching the streaker. Step to it, guys - Rick Monday can't do everything.
2007-05-10 14:42:42
11.   ToyCannon
Great, I teach my 5 year old how to read Dodger Thoughts and with all of Jon's rules I thought it would be safe and now he's crying like a baby. Come on, be aware of your audience.
2007-05-10 14:43:16
12.   Jon Weisman
9 - Okay. At first, it seemed defiant.
2007-05-10 14:44:31
13.   Andrew Shimmin
Campanis wore French cuffs. Was that as prissy in the 60s, as it is now? Maybe I'm excessively hostile to them. At least his collar wasn't Lavinesque. They'd probably have burned him at the stake for being a witch, back then, if it had been.
2007-05-10 14:46:54
14.   El Lay Dave
Hey, dianagramr's role models!
2007-05-10 14:48:40
15.   jasonungar07
11 Are you serious? I don't mean to laugh but either way it's funny.
2007-05-10 14:53:36
16.   Bluebleeder87
Title: Male streaker running across field during Los Angeles Dodgers game, 1974

wow, they existed even then.

2007-05-10 14:53:52
17.   Benaiah
12 - Defiant? Wow. That is kind of a strong choice of words for posting a link to a story about "The Office." Outside of rule 8, I don't think anyone flagrantly defies you, but I didn't realize that entertainment talk was actually banned, as much as outsourced.
2007-05-10 14:54:18
18.   Vishal
i love old pictures of LA. thanks for posting those, jon!

the LA times website has a "your scene" photo section, and there are some gems in there too, but you have to dig a little:

i sometimes look through them when i miss home.

2007-05-10 14:55:05
19.   Andrew Shimmin
I like the shot over the shoulder of two reporters playing scrabble. Lots of three and four letter words, I notice.
2007-05-10 14:55:41
20.   Bluebleeder87

i don't know how to use tinyurl but i thought the streaker picture was pretty funny also.

2007-05-10 14:57:15
21.   Bob Timmermann
We need to get Bluebleeder a copy of Ray Stevens' greatest hit.
2007-05-10 14:59:39
22.   underdog
I think an exception for talk about The Office should be made here, especially on days when the Dodgers lose one, because it cheers us up.
2007-05-10 15:00:31
23.   ToyCannon
I have no children, fictitious or real.

I was at that game. I was in HS then and we did a bit of streaking ourselves. Hopefully the Catholic girls still remember us.

2007-05-10 15:01:31
24.   Vishal
[20] there's not much to know. go to, paste in the long web address and hit enter, and voila, you have a much smaller tinyurl address.
2007-05-10 15:02:27
25.   Andrew Shimmin
We're talking about The Office over at Screenjam. C'mon in, the waters nice!
2007-05-10 15:02:37
26.   El Lay Dave
19 And I believe the word at the bottom is "beer".
2007-05-10 15:03:24
27.   ToyCannon
How do I get there, I'm so confused.
2007-05-10 15:03:57
28.   Andrew Shimmin

Irritating. I made a math error in the last thread, but nobody pointed it out. Apostrophic misconduct, though, is worse.

2007-05-10 15:06:21
29.   Andrew Shimmin
27-, please.


2007-05-10 15:07:15
30.   El Lay Dave
21 You don't count "Gitarzan", "Ahab the Arab", "Everything Is Beautiful" or "Osama Yo' Mama" as hits? He's also responsible for the chicken-clucked "In The Mood", under the name The Henhouse 5 + 2.
2007-05-10 15:08:49
31.   El Lay Dave
29 LOL!

Also conveniently linked under "About Jon" on the sidebar.

2007-05-10 15:10:27
32.   underdog
25 I'll be over there tonight or tomorrow after I watch that and last night's Lost, which I couldn't watch due to cable problems.
2007-05-10 15:10:50
33.   jasonungar07
A few quotes from the daily news and from the AP.

``I don't like (loading the bases),'' Lowe said. ``It brings wild pitches into play, and it forces you to throw a strike, pretty much.''

regarding the lineup...(offense)

"We'll do something different," Little said. "It may start as early as tomorrow. I'm not really sure exactly what it needs to be, but we need to change the scenery a little bit."

2007-05-10 15:11:56
34.   regfairfield
33 Someone needs to tell D-Lowe that a runner on third can advance on a wild pitch in any situation.
2007-05-10 15:13:06
35.   Eric Enders
Addendum to 33

"Like maybe put our good players in the lineup."

2007-05-10 15:14:35
36.   Marty
"We'll do something different," Little said. "It may start as early as tomorrow. I'm not really sure exactly what it needs to be, but we need to change the scenery a little bit."

I think Little said the exact same thing a few days ago. I mean verbatim. I wonder if that quote was lifted from another interview.

2007-05-10 15:15:36
37.   Jon Weisman
17 - Defiant was too strong a word - it's just that when I've been making a point over the last 24 hours about trying to get people over there, I was surprised to see this here. It's not a big deal.
2007-05-10 15:16:17
38.   Daniel Zappala
34 No it only happens with the bases loaded, because the guy on first breaks for second, and this forces the guy on second to go to third, and this forces the runner home. None of this would happen without that runner on first not taking into account the runners ahead of him.
2007-05-10 15:16:31
39.   still bevens
I wouldn't be surprised to see if Nomar gets moved down to the 5th slot and Martin/Furcal spending time at the 2 and 3 spots. But thats pure speculation on my part. I thought it was curious that Martin was 2nd and 3rd the last couple days. It was kinda necessary, but it also seemed like a tryout.
2007-05-10 15:18:23
40.   Bob Timmermann
I still have some of the apple fritter left...
2007-05-10 15:22:51
41.   underdog
I was thinking the same thing as 36. Either he's real tired and repeating himself (which is possible) or the quote was accidentally lifted from a few days ago (though it still applies). Sigh {beat on "we need Kemp/Loney" horse for umpteenth time}
2007-05-10 15:24:40
42.   BlueCrew Bruin
41 You know what they say...

"Umpteenth time's the charm."

2007-05-10 15:25:26
43.   Woody
Fernando looked pretty trim in that 1986 photo. He must have something written on the underside of the bill of his cap.
2007-05-10 15:32:27
44.   jasonungar07
Well guys the article is on for forgetting to post a link...
2007-05-10 15:32:37
45.   BlueCrew Bruin
Wow, I had no idea Enos Cabell and Ken Landreaux were cousins. Thank you Wikipedia.
2007-05-10 15:33:05
46.   caseybarker
35 lol. Before too long may we see Loney at 1B, Kemp in RF, and Ethier in LF.
2007-05-10 15:33:45
47.   Bluebleeder87

Good to know Vishal, thanks.

2007-05-10 15:40:57
48.   bigcpa
39 Agreed- I see Martin moving up. But if you put Nomar 5th you end up with an all-right handed 3/4/5. Pierre to 8th may be as close to happening as ever. Then you could go:

Furcal S
Martin R
Gonzalez L
Kent R
Nomar R
Ethier L
LaRoche R
Pierre L

Gonzalez has 1 XBH in his last 12 starts but his OBP is still strong. This is a lineup I can live with. Then slot Kemp in the 3-hole vs. LHP. Mmmmm.

2007-05-10 15:41:11
49.   KBL
What about:


2007-05-10 15:41:23
50.   trainwreck
Kent and Furcal were just getting days off. Betemit started for the first time in five days, but the move is likely to be very temporary, as Little raved about LaRoche, who is 4-for-10 with three RBIs and five walks.

"He's been impressive," Little said. "You have the feeling when he goes to the plate that you're ready to see something happen."

Yes!! I was worried Grady might be thinking LaRoche has not been aggressive enough.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-05-10 15:42:44
51.   KBL
I agree with the announcers to. Any ball off the bat of LaRoche sounds amazing thus far
2007-05-10 15:43:08
52.   KBL
too can't believe I made that mistake
2007-05-10 15:44:04
53.   trainwreck
BJ Ryan out for the season. May be Griddle worthy.

2007-05-10 15:46:46
54.   Bob Timmermann
You know this isn't the Griddle.
2007-05-10 15:48:16
55.   underdog
Is it at least apple fritter worthy?
2007-05-10 15:50:32
56.   Vishal
what's interesting is that ricciardi brazenly lied and said it was a back problem, not an elbow problem.
2007-05-10 15:50:57
57.   Greg Brock
I'd imagine that Martin will be moved up in the order. The question is...Third, or second?

If it's second, I will be shocked. Waving the white flag on our centerfielder this early doesn't seem likely. The right thing to do, but unlikely.

2007-05-10 15:51:40
58.   mankatododger
Just wondered if anyone has read the SI story on Bluffton? The image of Hank Aaron sitting by an injured player's bed is amazing. I can't imagine Barry doing that or too many others doing it without a television camera behind them.
2007-05-10 15:52:38
59.   bigcpa
54 This thread is getting a familiar ring.

Is this the right place to post this?

"The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee as anticipated left interest rates unchanged at 5.25 percent."

2007-05-10 15:54:18
60.   Jon Weisman
New thread at Screen Jam.
2007-05-10 15:54:54
61.   Jon Weisman
58 - I read it. Good stuff. Sports Illustrated still has lots of great pieces like that.
2007-05-10 15:55:48
62.   Bluebleeder87
i don't know if this was mentioned yet but here it goes.

apparently Schmidt threw today & felt pretty good.

2007-05-10 15:57:50
63.   Kevin Lewis
I am posting under my full name now. KBL felt too impersonal here
2007-05-10 16:07:50
64.   trainwreck
It is only a matter of time before Greg Brock will have to reveal himself.

I got it! Greg Brock is Jacob!

2007-05-10 16:12:59
65.   Curtis Lowe
Dave Roberts to have elbow surgery per Rotorworld.
2007-05-10 16:13:41
66.   still bevens
60 Let me know if you start an idiocracy thread once you clear it from your tivo queue and I'll totally be there.
2007-05-10 16:19:00
67.   Greg Brock
64 Help me...
2007-05-10 16:24:16
68.   Benaiah
37 - I post on Screen Jam as much as anyone, and I even posted the same thing there at the time. I really wanted to talk about this though, and sometimes things go slower over there.

My biggest problem with Screen Jam is insoluble, because I live in the Central time zone, I watch all of the shows 3 full hours before you guys do. As such, I end up falling asleep before anyone else writes about the night's programming. There is only one solution to that (and there is a 50-50 chance of it happening at this point).

2007-05-10 16:39:30
69.   Curtis Lowe
Maybe now we can trade JP to the giants for Cain.
2007-05-10 17:19:06
70.   underdog
I think such a trade possibility blew everyone's mind here, rendering us speechless. Too bad it's beyond unlikely.

Off to play soccer - hopefully my team won't blow it at the very inning. (More likely, we'll blow it right at the start.)

2007-05-10 17:26:47
71.   jasonungar07
If anyone knows a way to get on an adult soccer leauge team in South OC, let me know. I used to be good. I still can be.Just e-mail me at

Interesting article on former dodger Mike Marshall

2007-05-10 17:30:09
72.   Jacob L
64 No, but now I'll have to re-read all of Brock's posts to see if I should be flattered.
2007-05-10 17:50:23
73.   natepurcell
played my first full round of golf in about 5 months. Shot an 84, i was excited! ive been going to the driving range 3 times a week the past 3 weeks to get my swing back though.

anyways, anyone know what happened to megrew? he was lifted after 4 innings and he wasnt horrible or wild.

2007-05-10 17:50:30
74.   Jon Weisman
From Tony Jackson

Trying to cover for pitcher Derek Lowe, Little claimed responsibility for the decision not to intentionally walk Josh Willingham to load the bases with one out in the bottom of the ninth -- a fairly common tactic in such situations because it creates a potential force at all three bases and home plate.

But after giving up a walkoff, three-run homer on his first pitch to Willingham, Lowe let it be known that he had told Little he wanted to pitch to the Marlins left fielder.

``I don't like (loading the bases),'' Lowe said. ``It brings wild pitches into play, and it forces you to throw a strike, pretty much.''

2007-05-10 17:55:28
75.   bhsportsguy
73 No but on the radio is DeJon Watson who is in Jacksonville (obviously) tonight.
2007-05-10 17:59:19
76.   natepurcell
Josh Wall is showing somethings that makes me optimistic about his future.

today he went

5.2IP 5H 2ER 1BB 8K 0HR

On the season he is

30.2IP 31H 1HR 7BB 29K 4.70ERA

now, factor in that he is only 20yrs old, and currently 6'6 only 190lbs, the K/BB ratio has been outstanding so far. He is super projectible and if he could gain some weight and mature, he could pick up velocity on his pitches and increase his stuff, we could have something here in the future. The future is not going to be immediate, something like 2 years down the line, he could break out as a 22yr old in AA.

I'm probably too eager right now but its something to lookout for.

2007-05-10 17:59:44
77.   natepurcell

say anything about Elbert?

2007-05-10 17:59:48
78.   Branch Rickey
73. Nate, you should go out and play AZ National and or Vistoso. Two amazing courses that are like $175+ in the spring but like $40 to play now (twilight).
2007-05-10 18:01:17
79.   natepurcell

Yea i'll probably hit up AZ national sometime in the next 3 weekends before i come back home.

2007-05-10 18:01:18
80.   bhsportsguy
74 Also Josh R. reported on his blog that Russell Martin told him that he and several players told Lowe what a good game he had pitched and then Nomar told Lowe and Josh that he was taking the blame for not driving in the runs when he had the chance.

Some commentors think that Josh is just spinning but Josh just thinks that the vibe in the clubhouse is really good.

2007-05-10 18:02:51
81.   bhsportsguy
77 Nothing yet, I will re-listen to interview tonight and put it on DT.

79 Nate, with that score you would blitz me but we should get a DT golf outing over the summer if you come back to So. Cal.

2007-05-10 18:02:59
82.   Doctor

That makes no sense at all to me. Wild pitches were already in play and you have a huge strike out guy Boone (about 1/3 of his ABs) on deck and a closer with a 19/1 K/BB ratio. All those stats about runners on what base leading to % chance at a loss don't account for that. Clearly we were in a bad spot, but I don't think its unreasonable to ask Saito to come in and K a guy. He is really good at it.

2007-05-10 18:05:05
83.   Branch Rickey
81. "In"
2007-05-10 18:05:17
84.   Andrew Shimmin
71- Rudy Seanez is a Marshall acolyte? Is that news?

"I had worked with Mike using his iron balls in 1989, and before the '95 season, I felt like I needed to go back," said Seanez, the Dodgers reliever now in his 16th major-league season. "When I went to spring training, the hardest I'd ever thrown was 94 mph. After that workout (with Marshall), I was throwing harder than I ever had. When I came to get stretched out a little during the season, I hit 100 mph. One of my coaches said one pitch hit 102. I was like, 'What?' "

2007-05-10 18:25:37
85.   Eric Enders
Mike Marshall is pretty crazy. That's not to say he doesn't know what he's talking about, it's just he's, well, friggin' nuts. He's sort of like the pitching coach version of John Brown. He may well be correct in his theories and beliefs, but he's pretty darn unbalanced and fanatic about it.
2007-05-10 18:32:05
86.   Bluebleeder87

just saw the video of sparks pitching his delivery & fallow threw look really wacky, interesting read though.

2007-05-10 18:35:05
87.   Andrew Shimmin
Marshall should look up Hendrickson's shrink. He'd become more powerful than Obi-Wan Kenobi!
2007-05-10 18:39:11
88.   Andrew Shimmin
I heard a rumor that the reason Steve hasn't been around is that he's down in Florida with Marshall, learning to pitch funny.
2007-05-10 18:40:28
89.   Vishal
[85] i think it's a shame that baseball is so opposed to the unconventional that nobody will give a guy like him a chance.
2007-05-10 18:48:42
90.   alexx
Wow, I'm glad Dioner Navarro is no longer our starting catcher.
2007-05-10 18:56:46
91.   Vishal
[90] care to elaborate?
2007-05-10 19:00:13
92.   PlayTwo
Many years ago I tried to get a print of "Welcoming Kirk Home" the great photo that ran in the L.A. Times the morning after the memorable shot. The Times said it had only a digital copy which although acceptable for the paper was not of a quality to be reproduced. I spoke to Joe Kennedy, the photographer, who said he no longer had the negative. Hard to believe. He probably has a property issue or something. Has anyone been able to get a print of that photo?
2007-05-10 19:03:18
93.   Jon Weisman
New post up top. (PlayTwo, why don't you repeat your question in the next thread.)
2007-05-11 11:28:29
94.   Kingmans Performance
Jon, there's a lot of great Dodger Stadium history here in these photographs. Thank you for posting this.

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