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Bring Him the Head of Juan Pierre (For Fun, That Is)
2007-05-12 23:13
by Jon Weisman

"So in a fit of temporary insanity — or is that sanitation? — I arranged to have Juan Pierre's head moved to my yard. ...

[Very relevant sentence deleted for effect.]

A Clear Channel employee hauled the head to my house during his lunch break. It's 5 feet high and nearly 8 feet wide to where the billboard ended at his shoulders. At the edge of the driveway, I grabbed Juan by the chin and dragged him into the yard, his shoulder tearing through the lawn.

My fiancée, Elisabeth, emerged from the house to find Juan Pierre's head sitting at a bistro table beneath the wind chimes. It wasn't a page from Martha Stewart Living, but Elisabeth wore a stunned yet approving smile.

It took maybe a minute for the novelty to wear off, and we wondered if Juan Pierre's head was an error in our yard. He had spent a season looming over the intersection of U.S. 441 and Sterling Road near Miami, but his oversized head in our front yard was an eyesore ... and we couldn't hide him.

We propped the head against the outside wall of the garage and covered it with potted palm trees. We slid our Adirondack chair in front of its shoulders. We moved the potted mother-in-law tongues in front of Juan's face, adjusted the orchids over his head and ...

Wait a minute ... There was a Martha moment... Clubhouse chemistry was forming in our yard! Juan Pierre's head, with its nicks, dents and boot prints, was blending in with the colorful surroundings. The head belonged. ...

- Joe Capozzi, Palm Beach Post

Comments (423)
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2007-05-12 23:18:45
1.   LAT
Because I got me-ed on the previous thread.

I really wanted Gonzo to go for the IPHR. He would have been our from me to you but it would have been fun to watch and what the hell the Dodgers were up by 5 at that point.

Nice size crowd tonight. Not too crowded and the in and out was relativily painless.

I even liked the hats--distressed and all. Plus unlike years past, this hat fits my big mellon head.

2007-05-12 23:22:20
2.   LAT
Jon, you know the direction this thread is going to go don't you. At least it should be diffrent than the other JP discussions.
2007-05-12 23:25:02
3.   Jon Weisman
2 - For Fun, That Is

Honestly, I hope it doesn't go bad. I'm already afraid to write anything about him, but if I can't post anything on Juan Pierre without people going off in Pavlovian fashion, that would be worse than anything he does on the field.

We won tonight. Let's all enjoy it.

2007-05-12 23:36:51
4.   underdog
I'm enjoying it!

I always sleep well when I've seen Seanez's cheery smile at the end of a game. Oh wait, no, that's usually Saito. Well, whatever - we won, I got to watch it on satellite TV at a bar near Kezar Stadium and see Giants fans looking morose about it (before they switched the TV to ESPN's strongest man car-pulling competition). Anyway, I'll take the win, happily. A sweep would be even nicer.

2007-05-12 23:50:34
5.   Sammy Maudlin
Awesome post !! Earlier in the week they listed all the players planning to use a pink bat on Mothers Day . I noticed that Gonzo wasn't on the list. Goodness gracious! He needs to take a long walk off a short Pierre .
2007-05-12 23:58:35
6.   trainwreck
Well, I replied to LAT's post in the previous thread because I am stupid and forgot to refresh the page to see if there was a new post. So I will post it in this thread.

I was really hoping Gonzo would try for an inside the park home run. I love watching the Dodgers win handedly, when I am surrounded by Giant fans at the bar.

2007-05-13 00:07:19
7.   Sam in SC
6. he really was running better than I expected. I thought he would have been leaking oil by the time he rounded second.

when the relay throw got away in the infield, I was also a little disappointed that he didn't try for the inside the park home run.

but I fear his transmission would have fallen out before he got to the plate.

2007-05-13 00:09:50
8.   Bob Timmermann
40 square feet of Juan Pierre's noggin sitting in one's backyard would be an interesting design choice.

As for a player not using a pink bat, it could be that the guy just didn't like the bat. Players are picky about such things.

2007-05-13 00:11:41
9.   Sam in SC
I am sort of confused on the pink bat thing, too. aren't ballplayers too superstitious for that sort of thing?
2007-05-13 00:15:58
10.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA goes for NCAA title #100 Sunday evening in Cerritos in the women's water polo final. #1 Stanford is the opponent. The Cardinal won 2 of 3 this year.

If the Cardinal win, I will be most displeased and put up a piece on the Griddle slagging Mike Mussina while glorifying Mike Gallego.

2007-05-13 00:38:40
11.   trainwreck
Does Gregory Reynolds get a free pass? Number 2 pick my...
2007-05-13 01:09:41
12.   bhsportsguy
10 The women's water polo team is the 6th UCLA team to be in a postion to win that 100th NCAA title during the 2006-2007 academic year.

1. Women's soccer lost their national semi-final game.
2. Men's soccer was defeated in the championship game.
3. Women's volleyball lost their semi-final game.
4. Men's basketball lost their semi-final game.
5. Women's gymnastics came in 4th in the "Super Six" final.

While the men's and women's golf and tennis teams will be competing in their NCAA title tournaments and at least the baseball or softball team will be in their tournaments, this water polo championship will probably be the last good chance for UCLA to win #100 during the 2006-2007 season.

2007-05-13 01:17:46
13.   trainwreck
I have to apologize for the men's soccer team not winning #100, because according to Brock, it is my fault.
2007-05-13 02:54:41
14.   Greg Brock
13 Correct.
2007-05-13 05:59:45
15.   Vishal
and thus, jon has successfully located the only instance in history in which juan pierre's head has been or ever will be referred to as "oversized".
2007-05-13 06:49:29
17.   Marty
Kezar Stadium is still standing?
2007-05-13 07:21:50
18.   Bumsrap
Now that the DT teeshirt promotion has passed, perhaps Jon will offer foam Peirre heads we can put on our antennas, like the old orange Union 76 balls once adorned the antennas of most cars back in te early 70's.

Not that we still have antennas but DT would finally have Pierre's head and rule 13 could be that it is only displayed on cars leaving town.

2007-05-13 07:25:19
19.   Andrew Shimmin
8- Who? Who does not want to wear the ribbon!? ... I am wearing the ribbon. He is wearing the ribbon. We are all wearing the ribbon! So why aren't you going to wear the ribbon!?
2007-05-13 07:32:09
20.   Andrew Shimmin
Apparently the answer to the question, "If your car told you to drive off a cliff, would you do it?" is: yes.

2007-05-13 08:40:03
21.   Icaros

Haha. I always thought the one guy looked like Antonio Banderas.

2007-05-13 08:43:59
22.   Andrew Shimmin
21- The character's name was Bob.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

2007-05-13 08:47:55
23.   Icaros

Didn't the gay bullies steal a dresser or something in another episode, right off the street?

Those guys were really mean.

2007-05-13 08:49:14
24.   Icaros
And I bet Matt Kemp would use the pink bat.
2007-05-13 08:49:56
25.   Andrew Shimmin
23- Yeah; the Soup Nazi episode. I don't know if they recurred more than that. I didn't watch the show during it's actual run, but I'm always surprised how much I must have seen of it in syndication.
2007-05-13 08:52:59
26.   Icaros
Larry Bigbie would use a plad bat if it'd get him back to the majors.
2007-05-13 09:00:33
27.   underdog
17 A new Kezar was built in the 90s after the quake of '89. It's a much, much smaller, and nicer stadium now.
2007-05-13 09:03:27
28.   Icaros
Plaid, damnit.
2007-05-13 09:04:53
29.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, it was an armoire.
2007-05-13 09:05:55
30.   kevinarno
Rest assured, this will be the only time Pierre goes yard all season.
2007-05-13 09:18:18
31.   Icaros

We're making a record? Cool.

2007-05-13 09:26:37
32.   dodgerkramer1
OK, I'm sure you L.A. residents hate getting this question, but I have to ask...any thoughts/suggestions about the ushers at Dodger Stadium? Is it impossible to move to better seats? My wife and I live in Iowa, and we're going to the Cardinals series this week. (we have top-deck tickets and would like to move down)
2007-05-13 09:37:36
33.   Bob Timmermann
To walk down to another level, you have to show a ticket for that level. You can always walk up.

You can try to bluff your way down with some story about wanting to go to something on the club level. A lot depends upon your ability to lie.

Within a section, they won't care unless you're in someone's seat or you're moving into a very expensive seat like the Diamond Club or the picnic benches.

2007-05-13 09:41:30
34.   still bevens
32 Within your section its pretty easy, but generally there's an usher standing by every stairway entrance and they check your tickets.
2007-05-13 10:04:29
35.   dodgerkramer1
33, 34: thanks for the feedback. It's good to know we can move down within our section. I guess everything I've heard about the stadium ushers is true. They must be pretty good at their jobs.
2007-05-13 10:06:02
36.   Bob Timmermann
The ushers at Dodger Stadium also are a very mellow bunch, but they do enforce some rules much stricter than others.

You can try to go to the elevator, wait in a really long line and then insist you want to go eat at some place that's only open on a lower level, but I think they've gotten wise to that.

The ushers don't react well to cash inducements.

I hate it when I go to a game in a park in another part of the country where an usher takes you to your seat, wipes it off with a towel that is incredibly filthy and then demands a tip.

Yes, I'm looking at you New York City.

2007-05-13 10:06:24
37.   Andrew Shimmin
There was an announcement immediately after batting practice, the last time I was there, that all those people who'd come down to try and catch the balls were to return to their ticketed seats. So, extrapolating from that, I wonder if you might not be able to get your foot in the door of moving down by showing up early, then not going too far when you're instructed to.

But I've never done that. I like the top deck. The walk up is invigorating. Actually, won't they let people who might have trouble with the climb come in at field level to take the elevator? Maybe you could affect a heart condition. . .

2007-05-13 10:08:07
38.   Underbruin
32 - Of course, if you're feeling adventurous, you can always try to take a shortcut by going right over the rail...

But I wouldn't recommend it. Have fun at the game!

2007-05-13 10:10:38
39.   Bob Timmermann
Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe doesn't like staying up late:

Fade, then trade
The Dodgers have had a good start, but if they could, they'd probably trade for a third baseman. Dodger scouts were watching the Red Sox and Blue Jays last week. There doesn't appear to be any chance the Sox would move Mike Lowell after the hot start he's had, but the Blue Jays, given their demise, might consider parting with Troy Glaus. If the Jays fade fast, there could be a fire sale in Toronto. Glaus, who hurt his heel in Friday's game and didn't play yesterday, would appear to be a candidate for trade.

2007-05-13 10:12:30
40.   dodgerkramer1
37: interesting. My wife and I have successfully done the batting practice trick when we watched the Bums at Coors Field, Miller Park, etc. A friendly usher at Coors came in handy, too. ... I don't mind the top deck, either, but my wife might (she's been spoiled by the bird's eye view on the Extra Innings dish package).
2007-05-13 10:13:21
41.   Bob Timmermann
Be sure to say hello to the Best Fans in Baseball™ who may be visiting this week. Make it a point to cheer without being prompted and then speak disdainfully of Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.

Time for me to restart my love/hate relationship with Cardinal fans.

2007-05-13 10:14:26
42.   gpellamjr
Ugh... not only are my wife and I being harassed by an anti-semitic faux-communist, my step-father just called to ask if I planned to call my mother today. They think that because I don't call on Christmas, I won't call. Just because I'm not a Christian, doesn't mean I don't respect true holidays like Mothers' Day and Administrative Assistants' day!
2007-05-13 10:16:19
43.   Bob Timmermann
Do all of those adjectives describe your stepfather?

If so, you've hit the trifecta!

2007-05-13 10:18:16
44.   gpellamjr
43 No, he's a racist of a different variety.
2007-05-13 10:18:17
45.   Bob Timmermann
Also, on the Mets-Brewers broadcast, the Brewers announcers have said that MLB and Hillerich & Bradsby are only allowing six players per team to use pink bats today. So if someone isn't using one, don't assume that it's someone who won't wear the ribbon!

Of course, the Brewers announcers also asked, "How did they come up with the number six? Did they pick it out of a hat?"

2007-05-13 10:19:10
46.   Bob Timmermann
Oooh, double-barreled harassment! My condolences.
2007-05-13 10:20:55
47.   gpellamjr
46 Like I told my sister, I inspire hatred of a transcendent variety. It's remarkable the way my students respond to me.
2007-05-13 10:21:53
48.   gpellamjr
Does anybody know who uses the heaviest bat in MLB? and how heavy it is? What about the lightest?
2007-05-13 10:23:03
49.   gpellamjr
That's some kind of lineup the Mets have put together today. Does anybody know anything about the kid Gomez? The best thing the Milwaukee announcers came up with to say about him was that he stole a lot of bases in the minors.
2007-05-13 10:27:12
50.   Bob Timmermann
You shouldn't scoff at the Mets lineup today I guess.

I can't imagine that players today have much variation in the weight of their bats now. I wonder if the high and low differ by more than 5 oz.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-05-13 10:27:31
51.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
17, 27: Also, the new Kezar features a the City's best (perhaps only) public track. Nice one, too.
2007-05-13 10:27:54
52.   DXMachina
49 You can't stop Damion Easley, you can only hope to contain him.
2007-05-13 10:28:16
53.   Greg Brock
48 Soriano swings an absolute club, but I don't know if it's the heaviest or not. The bat's almost bigger than he is.

Ichiro uses a twig. Bonds uses a twig.

2007-05-13 10:29:47
54.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
What I find almost creepy about this post was how it immediately brought to mind this oddity I saw while running in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco) yesterday morning:

The post isn't creepy, but coming across this thing in the park is...

2007-05-13 10:30:04
55.   still bevens
Speaking of lineups. What about ours? Bold move for Grady to put Betemit in against a lefty.

On the subject of Betemit, its funny listening to the announcers praise LaRoche's ability to get on base when Betemit was doing the exact same thing, just not on such a fast clip (but without all those IBB's). I just hope LaRoche's BA stays above the Mendoza line. I'd hate to make a silly trade for a Glaus, Boone, etc and hope those are just lame rumors like trading Penny just because we have extra pitching.

2007-05-13 10:31:25
56.   Branch Rickey
50. Probably about that. Some guys definitely swinging some light bats these days, around 30-31 ounces. You might have a few guys swinging 36-37 ounces.
Always looks to me like pierre is swinging a bat that's too heavy for him.
2007-05-13 10:33:33
57.   Andrew Shimmin
Gomez is Carlos Gomez. Doesn't look like too much, but he's pretty young.

2007-05-13 10:36:31
58.   Greg Brock
Tony Jackson has joined the Starting Centerfielder Marching and Chowder Society.

"He IS A GOOD PLAYER, for Pete's sake."

2007-05-13 10:36:31
59.   Andrew Shimmin
Baseball America rated Gomez as the Mets' third best prospect, before the year started, behind Pelfry and Fernando Martinez, and ahead of Humber and Guerra. I've heard of the rest of them.

He was hitting .286/.363/.414 over 140 ABs at New Orleans.

2007-05-13 10:37:51
60.   Bob Timmermann
This site
says that Ryan Howard swings one of the heaviest bats in the majors and it's just 34 or 35 oz (both figures are quoted). Soriano is reported as using a 33 oz. bat.

Dick Allen used a 36 oz. bat and may have been the last player to use one that heavy.

With Bonds' bat speed, if he could generate that with an even heavier bat, I'd be standing on the Oakland Pier to catch the home runs.

2007-05-13 10:39:20
61.   Branch Rickey
Not to get into a whole other alcohol in the MLB discussion but Plashke wrote another dumb column about it today. First, having his column that ignores the first place Dodgers right next to a big picture of Brad Penny seemed ironic (In the Alanis Morissette sense).
But then he writes a whole article saying that MLB turns a blind eye and even encourages alcohol abuse. Buried at the end of the column he points out that when he started as a writer, everyone conducted their post game interview with a beer and now, he can go days without seeing one. Umm Bill? You buried the lead.
2007-05-13 10:40:51
62.   Bob Timmermann
That column was about 10 days late and eight dollars short.
2007-05-13 10:41:31
63.   Bob Timmermann
Jae Seo facing Jason Phillips now! Be still my heart! I'm so conflicted.
2007-05-13 10:42:26
64.   Greg Brock
Soriano uses a 35 oz. bat, per a Louisville Slugger rep.

Schupp: Alfonso Soriano (Washington Nationals) who uses our product, he's up to a 35, very unusual. Jeff Bagwell used a 33 ounce, but it was a 33-inch bat. Most of the weights are 31 ½ or 32 ounces.

2007-05-13 10:42:58
65.   berkowit28
Lineup today, from ItD:

Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Nomar, 1B
Kent, 2B
Gonzo, LF
Martin, C
Betemit, 3B
Ethier, RF
Hendrickson, P

2007-05-13 10:44:14
66.   Bob Timmermann
Seo Ks Phillips!
2007-05-13 10:44:56
67.   Branch Rickey
62. I think the part that actually angered me is that he uses the stupid Plashke like trick of saying Mothers are calling for a change on Mothers Day. Tug the heart strings, ignore the facts. Get people on board based on emotion and start a witch hunt. Why didn't he use today to re-examine the LoDuca/Penny trade?
2007-05-13 10:45:04
68.   DXMachina
Carlos Gomez just doubled in his first major league at bat.
2007-05-13 10:46:34
69.   still bevens
61 Obviously the anti-booze crusade is a result of recent tragedies, but if sportswriters were so sanctimonious they would be writing column after column about how MLB encourages tobacco use. Im starting to get really grossed out by all the massive amounts of chaw I see stuffed in ballplayers lower lips. Obviously I tolerate it, but it ain't pretty.
2007-05-13 10:48:57
70.   Branch Rickey
69 There was a pretty big movement against that around the time that Brett Butler got cancer from using it. I think they actually do eduacate against it now and perhaps even banned it in the minor leagues?
2007-05-13 10:49:13
71.   Bob Timmermann
If MLB could ban chewing tobacco, I think it would. Minor leaguers can't use it, college players can't use it. I don't think the Players Association is giving in on that.

You can't smoke in the dugout in any case.

2007-05-13 10:50:14
72.   Bob Timmermann
Shawn Marcum and Jae Seo are doing an early impression of Fred Toney and Hippo Vaughn.
2007-05-13 10:52:23
73.   Branch Rickey
71 When I was a kid, I remember Charlie Hough smoking in the bullpen.
2007-05-13 10:56:51
74.   Bob Timmermann
Jim Leyland can still be seen smoking in the dugout from time to time.
2007-05-13 11:00:43
75.   kevinarno
The nannyism that's infused this story is a little troubling.

Is the issue that MLB needs to protect the public from potential drunk drivers coming out of the players' lot? Because if that's the issue, then the league should worry more about the potential 40,000 drunks in the stands than the 25 in the clubhouse and ban alcohol altogether at the venue, profits be damned. Is the issue protecting players from themselves? Because I'm always suspicious of a policy that punishes the vast, responsible majority because of a solitary fool who abuses the privilege.

2007-05-13 11:04:16
76.   Bob Timmermann
Damion Easley has more home runs this season than any Dodger hitter.
2007-05-13 11:04:56
77.   Branch Rickey
75. Great point. Banning alcohol from the clubhouse insinuate that the players are less able to take responsibility for themselves than are the fans.
2007-05-13 11:08:16
78.   Bob Timmermann
Teams may want to ban alcohol because they have directly invested a lot of money in the players.

Teams don't have money riding on whether Joe Sixpack (who has consumed a sixpack) in the Upper Deck has gotten tanked up and runs over a family of five in a crosswalk.

2007-05-13 11:09:36
79.   overkill94
72 Exactly what I was thinking
2007-05-13 11:09:49
80.   goofus
73 But he was LaSorda's friend, er, ahhh, I mean he and Tommy rode in together every day.
2007-05-13 11:12:46
81.   kevinarno
78 -- Agreed. But if that's the case, then I wish the conversation would follow that logic, namely that alcohol is a potentially dangerous recreation for players, similar to Jeff Kent's motorcycling, or the player who likes extreme sports in the offseason, or VladRad hopping on a snowboard, etc.

It's the moral disingenuousness of the discussion that's annoying.

2007-05-13 11:14:35
82.   DXMachina
Carlos Gomez is making one heck of a first impression on the Shea faithful. He just made a diving catch in the outfield.

But he just made an out. They'll turn on him any second now.

2007-05-13 11:29:47
83.   twerp
I flipped to the Cubs on WGN and am hearing what sounds very much like Al Michaels.

What kind of a thing is this, and how can it be? Or is there someone else who sounds virtually identical to Al?

2007-05-13 11:30:09
84.   Bob Timmermann
But moral disingenuousness is Plaschke's stock in trade!
2007-05-13 11:31:58
85.   Bob Timmermann
Shawn Marcum coming out after six interesting innings. It was his first start of the season after relieving all year.

Jae Seo has given up two hits, but no runs.

2007-05-13 11:33:15
86.   Branch Rickey
Yes! Thank you. Plashke=Moral disingenuousness.

The word was too big and hard to spell so I couldn't get my mind around it.

2007-05-13 11:39:31
87.   Bob Timmermann
The game in Toronto is not interesting for either team now.
2007-05-13 11:39:40
88.   kevinarno
83 --

Len Kasper channels Al Michael with uncanniness.

2007-05-13 11:40:15
89.   PalmdaleSteve1

So did anyone breathalyze Plashke before he wrote this piece of moralistic dreck, maybe his editor should have. Or better yet have the piece published in the Watch Tower or some other inspirational tract as that is where we look for moral guidance, not in the LA Times.

Let's count the moralistic judgments:

1) "Yet, a couple of months ago in spring training, this same La Russa was accused of being drunk and asleep at the wheel of his car at a Jupiter, Fla., intersection."

Well Bill, La Russa stood up after the crime and admitted his mistake, took full responsibility and accepted the punishment, what else would you want? Maybe he had to wear a special funny hat for the rest of the season to remind people that he screwed up? I know, let's go Yakuza on him and cut off one of his fingers as punishment...yea that's the ticket.

2) "Hancock died after driving his car into a stationary tow truck several hours after drinking in the Cardinals' clubhouse and in a nearby bar."

Bill, ever heard of "Begging the Question", it's a debaters trick, you used it here. Hancock got 'faced at the restaurant, not in the club house, let's not even talk about the pipe and the dope, nor the fact that he was heading for a meet-up with a bunch of other players for some late night party fun and was taking on the cell phone with a young lady right as the crash happened. You want to imply that the Cardinals supplied the dope too and arranged the late night party and provided the phone number of the young lady? Bill did you go to a convent school or something or were in the priesthood back when you were a young guy, must have been.

Adults make choices all the time, Hancock and quite a few others in the past in the sport have made some bad choices, and no amount of moralizing by the likes of you will change the behavior of adults.

2007-05-13 11:49:08
90.   Bob Timmermann
Josh Hancock would not have died if:
A) Guillermo Mota was his teammate
B) Paul Lo Duca had been their to guide him
C) Sasha Cohen had not choked
D) The NHL lockout forced the Staples Center Zamboni machine driver to find other work
E) Irwin Zeiger still had the same season seat for the Dodgers
F) Darren Hall was still the Dodgers PR guy
G) J.D. Drew swung at more pitches when ahead in the count.
2007-05-13 11:51:19
91.   Jon Weisman
This will be the game chat thread.
2007-05-13 12:13:45
92.   underdog
Tony Jackson has also joined the Double Posting Marching and Chowder Society.
2007-05-13 12:18:43
93.   underdog
The Giants had a chance to score a lot of runs in the first inning and instead settled for one scoring off a balk, vs. the Rockies. A popup and 2 K's from the "meat" of their order.
2007-05-13 12:19:50
94.   Daniel Zappala
78 We could try a nationwide ban on alcohol. Or we could just have really strict penalties on driving drunk.
2007-05-13 12:23:56
95.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, I just came across the 18th Amendment of the Constitution!

I have an old version of the Constitution.

2007-05-13 12:24:56
96.   twerp
88. Thanks for answer. Len Kasper it is.

Also, an inning or so back outfielder Pat Burrell gunned down a runner at the plate.

The catcher had time to pitch a tent and grill steaks before the runner arrived.

I wasn't sure such things could happen...

2007-05-13 12:25:47
97.   Bob Timmermann
Were the steaks cooked medium or well done?
2007-05-13 12:28:41
98.   caseybarker
Mmmm... steak and buttered eggs...
2007-05-13 12:29:55
99.   twerp
97 Well done, I guess, since the runner was toast.
2007-05-13 12:42:05
100.   twerp
99 However, if Gonzo or JP ever mange to throw someone out at the plate, in honor of the event the steaks would have to be rare---very, very rare.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-05-13 12:45:48
101.   twerp
"...if Gonzo or JP ever mange"..

Yeah, that must be it. Mange must be affecting the arms of Dodger outfielders...

2007-05-13 12:47:04
102.   Johnny Nucleo
99 Well done indeed.
2007-05-13 12:55:25
103.   trainwreck
1. If we trade for Glaus, I will cry.

2. I better apologize ahead of time in case UCSB knocks UCLA out in women's softball.

2007-05-13 12:56:52
104.   Fallout
39 Bob Timmermann
There doesn't appear to be any chance the Sox would move Mike Lowell after the hot start he's had,...

It's funny how things change. A number of Dodger fans did not want to trade for Josh Beckett because they would be forced to take Lowell too. At that time I said I'd be willing to take anything to get an exceptional pitcher like Beckett. Besides it's not like we already have a third baseman...

A Troy Glaus would really improve this line-up.

2007-05-13 12:58:05
105.   twerp
99-101. Apparently I may post for the cycle.

However that works out--or not--something else rare is 3 straight televised Dodger games here in TN.

FSN South has picked up the Reds' feed for the entire series, since they have some fans in this area.

Unless the Dodgers play Atlanta or the Cubs they're not on very much here.

2007-05-13 12:59:15
106.   trainwreck
Troy Glaus is a DH waiting to happen.
2007-05-13 13:06:27
107.   D4P
Where's the Retro Gameday link...?
2007-05-13 13:07:02
108.   Bob Timmermann
The Cardinals haven't hit a home run since May 1. But they have Juan Encarnacion back today!

The bottom five hitters for the Padres today are batting .236, .205, .115, .208, and .000 (pitcher Justin Germano.)

2007-05-13 13:08:03
109.   Bob Timmermann
Here you go:

2007-05-13 13:09:45
110.   D4P
The Dodgers are second only to the Cardinals in the (Singles/Hits) ratio.


2007-05-13 13:12:26
111.   Sam in SC
ryan freel is back in the lineup.

he easily makes my "top 10 annoying players" list.

2007-05-13 13:12:35
112.   Bob Timmermann
The problem with the Cardinals is that they have guys who are supposed to hit home runs by the gross.
2007-05-13 13:19:08
114.   D4P
And guys with huge Hearts who are supposed to make everyone around them better.
2007-05-13 13:19:40
115.   Bob Timmermann
It appears that the best gift for Mom today is to take her to the RF pavilion and make her fill up on hot dogs and nachos.
2007-05-13 13:20:13
116.   Bob Timmermann
That was supposed to have the word "not" in it.
2007-05-13 13:20:50
117.   Gen3Blue
Your right, that was an annoying dive with no obvious point.
2007-05-13 13:21:33
118.   Bob Timmermann
Juan Pierre has now tied Roy Oswalt for the league lead in sacrifices!
2007-05-13 13:22:02
119.   Sam in SC
also on my list -- eric byrnes, craig counsell, the artist formerly known as brett boone, and (ironically enough) juan's pierre . . . I disliked him back when he was with the rockies. I think it was the hat.
2007-05-13 13:22:04
120.   D4P
Get out the brooms
2007-05-13 13:23:08
121.   Sammy Maudlin
Great bunt for Pierre ! That kid has a good head on his shoulders.
2007-05-13 13:24:20
122.   Sam in SC
wow. did you see that? a center fielder with an arm. ah, the memories.
2007-05-13 13:24:22
123.   Bob Timmermann
As I like to point out, Dodger fans don't do the broom thing. I think bringing a broom to a baseball game is a really weird idea.

The only time you have to get a broom is if someone declares shenanigans.

2007-05-13 13:24:36
124.   Johnny Nucleo
121 I like your handle, Sammy.
2007-05-13 13:26:13
125.   Bob Timmermann

But what was the target in the SCTV film "Maudlin's Eleven?"

2007-05-13 13:26:56
126.   Gen3Blue
I hope bigfoot settles in, because it kind of felt like we let this kid Liv off the hook.
2007-05-13 13:29:21
128.   Branch Rickey
127. Good news for who?
2007-05-13 13:29:38
129.   Johnny Nucleo
124 Oooh, I'm stumped. I was about eight when I watched it and the parody of the Rat Pack was kind of lost on me.
2007-05-13 13:29:51
130.   Sam in SC
angel hernandez is safely hidden away at third base. maybe be won't do much damage there.
2007-05-13 13:32:27
131.   Kingmans Performance
looks like the Reds are gonna run wild on Hendrix.
2007-05-13 13:33:06
132.   Bob Timmermann
They were trying to rob Danny Thomas's safe in his dressing room at Desilu.

I saw "Maudlin's Eleven" before I saw either version of "Ocean's Eleven."

The SCTV one is so much better than either of the theatrical ones.

I think I was about 12 or 13 when that SCTV sketch was aired.

2007-05-13 13:33:07
133.   Sam in SC
regression to the mean. I wonder if hendrickson can jack his ERA to over 5 in a single inning . . .

(probably unfair and overly critical, but I have been expecting the wheels to come off his wagon since the first week of the season)

2007-05-13 13:33:34
134.   Sam in SC
regression to the mean. I wonder if hendrickson can jack his ERA to over 5 in a single inning . . .

(probably unfair and overly critical, but I have been expecting the wheels to come off his wagon since the first week of the season)

2007-05-13 13:34:17
135.   Sam in SC
oops. sorry. that refresh thingy. it's so confusing.
2007-05-13 13:36:25
136.   Kingmans Performance
Freel...squeezes it?
2007-05-13 13:37:27
137.   Bob Timmermann
Red alert for the cycle in Colorado for the Giants Fred Lewis.

Red alert.

This is no drill.

2007-05-13 13:38:51
139.   Sam in SC
137. he needs the hard one. the triple.
2007-05-13 13:39:19
140.   Bob Timmermann
Now, Hendrickson's ERA can't go up. But if Freel had gotten a hit there would have been earned runs.
2007-05-13 13:40:19
141.   Bob Timmermann
Lewis needs a single. He just hit a triple.
2007-05-13 13:41:47
142.   D4P
It seems to me that opposing hitters have been very "unclutch" this season.
2007-05-13 13:41:50
143.   Gen3Blue
It could be a long day if the magic is gone, but I'm pulling for Mark----Oh saved by a few feet! Mostly I think the idea of 12 pitchers is ridiculous, but when you live by your pitching, who knows?
2007-05-13 13:42:00
144.   Branch Rickey
Bob, if you can, please give a heads up when it's getting to be time for his next AB so we can switch over.
2007-05-13 13:43:00
145.   Sam in SC
139. eh. thanks.

the cycle shouldn't count if he hits the single. nothing that happens at coors field should count.

they should rename it "asterisk ballpark"

2007-05-13 13:43:46
147.   Sam in SC
why is ryan freel spending much of his afternoon on his face?
2007-05-13 13:45:24
148.   D4P
LaRoche : Betemit :: Lofton : Drew
2007-05-13 13:46:48
149.   theweakspot in LA
Gene Harris.... with the expos went both ways... on the mound, right?
2007-05-13 13:47:04
150.   natepurcell

i cant even figure out what you're trying to say.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-05-13 13:47:49
151.   Branch Rickey
146. Yes, terrible. Hardly worth letting him go out there and lead the league in ERA. Shall we release him mid-game?
I realize he's likely not nearly as good as he has shown but before bashing him like that, should we, ya know, let him stop pitching really really well?
2007-05-13 13:48:01
152.   theweakspot in LA - answered my own question about ambidextrous pitchers.
2007-05-13 13:48:08
153.   Kingmans Performance
what's the common denominator d4p?
2007-05-13 13:48:33
154.   D4P
Dodger pitchers have seemingly drawn an inordinate number of walks this season
2007-05-13 13:48:43
155.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants-Rockies game isn't on Extra Innings. I'm just following online.
2007-05-13 13:48:49
156.   natepurcell

dont respond, hes a troll.

2007-05-13 13:49:19
157.   Benaiah
Well, can't blame him for walking Marky Mark, I mean his strike zone is only four feet high.
2007-05-13 13:49:47
158.   Bob Timmermann
2007-05-13 13:49:54
159.   theweakspot in LA
I think it's an analogy... LaRoche is to Betemit as Lofton is to Drew... but, I still don't see it.
2007-05-13 13:50:50
160.   Branch Rickey
156. Just figuring that out. Thanks for confirmation.
2007-05-13 13:51:59
161.   trainwreck
I live in the Bay, so I can give a heads up when Lewis up to bat.
2007-05-13 13:52:01
162.   Sam in SC
juan pierre : matt kemp :: gilligan : the skipper
2007-05-13 13:52:13
163.   scooplew
In his career for the Dodgers, Hendrickson is 0-for-31 with 18 strikeouts and three walks now.
2007-05-13 13:53:16
165.   scooplew
For those of us who are neither watching nor listening to the game, was that a suicide squeeze that scored Betemit?
2007-05-13 13:53:34
166.   neuroboy002
Would it have killed Jeff Kent to be patient at that at bat? Make the guy throw pitches! Let's get at a shot at their bullpen early.
2007-05-13 13:54:21
167.   Branch Rickey
I was trying to figure out why Grady started Betemit against a left hander. I then looked in the Times and they listed Livingston as being a righty. Now that I realize the Times is wrong, I'm back where I started... why did Grady choose today to start Betemit?
2007-05-13 13:54:36
168.   natepurcell
LaRoche : Betemit :: Lofton : Drew

are you gunna let us know what you're talking about?

2007-05-13 13:54:48
169.   Bob Timmermann
It was a safety squeeze.
2007-05-13 13:55:43
170.   natepurcell
good catch pierre. took a great route and used his speed to track it down.
2007-05-13 13:55:44
171.   Bob Timmermann
Coors Field has had five cycles! One of them by Neifi Perez!
2007-05-13 13:56:23
172.   scooplew
169 Thanks, Bob. Has Grady ever tried a suicide squeeze as the Dodgers manager?
2007-05-13 13:57:13
173.   D4P
are you gunna let us know what you're talking about?

It wasn't meant to be ambiguous. I was just suggesting that maybe LaRoche's presence has ignited a fire under Betemit, just as Lofton supposedly lit fires under Drew.

2007-05-13 13:58:01
174.   natepurcell

oh, i get it. that makes more sense now.

2007-05-13 13:58:06
175.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers had two in consecutive games. On one Pierre missed the sign and Ethier was hung out to dry and then Valdez did it right the next day.
2007-05-13 13:58:12
176.   theweakspot in LA
Vin just called Josh Hamilton, Jeff Hamilton... oh, Vin.
2007-05-13 13:59:08
177.   Sam in SC
jim tracy was flatly fetishistic about the suicide squeeze.
2007-05-13 14:02:26
178.   trainwreck
Lewis is up to bat at the top of the next inning.
2007-05-13 14:04:09
179.   Bob Timmermann
Fred Lewis will lead off the top of the 7th for the Giants. The Rockies are up now trailing 9-1.

If the Giants keep up their pace, Lewis should get two cracks at the cycle and end the Giants cycle drought that dates all the way back to 2005.

2007-05-13 14:04:53
180.   trainwreck
It seems Betemit has ditched the discipline.
2007-05-13 14:05:26
181.   D4P
It seems Betemit has ditched the discipline

We don't do that Oakland thing

2007-05-13 14:05:37
182.   Kingmans Performance
AFLAC Trivia:

Fernando Valenzuela?

2007-05-13 14:07:38
183.   Gen3Blue
Aflac: Fernando? I have no faith in this answer.
2007-05-13 14:07:51
184.   trainwreck
The way this game is going, Kevin Frandsen may get a chance to hit for the cycle too.
2007-05-13 14:08:13
185.   Gen3Blue
182 My faith is growing.
2007-05-13 14:08:23
186.   Bob Timmermann
Your lack of faith is disturbing.
2007-05-13 14:09:42
187.   Sam in SC
ryan freel has accomplished absolutely nothing in this game, yet is covered with dirt.
2007-05-13 14:10:15
188.   D4P
Should Lewis try to bunt for a basehit?
2007-05-13 14:10:41
189.   Gen3Blue
186 Among other things.
2007-05-13 14:10:53
190.   trainwreck
Lewis is up.
2007-05-13 14:11:18
191.   Fallout
173 D4P

Oh, I get it. Just like Kent lit a fire under Milton Bradley.

2007-05-13 14:11:22
192.   Sam in SC
curses. cheapest RBI since . . . well, juan's two last night.
2007-05-13 14:11:23
193.   Bob Timmermann
Only if Lewis wants Omar Vizquel to get by a pitch.
2007-05-13 14:11:23
194.   trainwreck
He is fast enough to pull it off.
2007-05-13 14:11:32
195.   D4P
ryan freel has accomplished absolutely nothing in this game, yet is covered with dirt

Maybe he read this book:

2007-05-13 14:12:34
196.   trainwreck
2007-05-13 14:13:27
197.   twerp
Probably pointless to point this out, but I thought the prescribed plan (I seem to be on a p-roll) was to have Lieberthal catch day games after night games and rest Martin.

Also might help keep a former All-Star catcher in game form, sort of, since he's not used to a backup role.

Ah, what's the point?

2007-05-13 14:13:41
198.   Sam in SC
vin : "hendrickson isn't pitching like he has in the past."

well, really, yes he is.

2007-05-13 14:14:06
199.   Branch Rickey
Griffey just released some negative feelings of his own.
2007-05-13 14:14:57
200.   D4P
Junior is off to a great start this season
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-05-13 14:15:41
201.   Sam in SC
I hate it when hitters pause to watch their own home runs, and then stroll out of the batters box.
2007-05-13 14:17:36
202.   natepurcell
whens the last time billingsley pitched?
2007-05-13 14:17:39
203.   Sam in SC
jeff conine just stole a base. 41 year old jeff conine.
2007-05-13 14:18:14
204.   Gen3Blue
The Magic is gone. Might as well let Harry the Hendrickson burn innings until he gets in trouble again.
173 "supposedly" is apt. Emotionally, I don't think there is anything in the universe that could light a fire under Drew.
2007-05-13 14:18:27
205.   Bob Timmermann
I hate means. They're always so regressive.
2007-05-13 14:23:31
206.   Branch Rickey
Furcal starting to bust out? Two doubles today and hit the ball hard last night too. That would sure help.
2007-05-13 14:23:37
207.   D4P
I hate means. They're always so regressive

Furcal's mean will likely be progressive.

2007-05-13 14:23:42
208.   trainwreck
Not so happy Mother's Day if your son pitches for the Rockies.
2007-05-13 14:24:04
209.   MMSMikey
did von scully just say he was 0-19 with a RISP and 2 outs?
2007-05-13 14:24:43
210.   Sam in SC
208. or atlanta . . . .
2007-05-13 14:24:48
211.   trainwreck
Frandsen was close to getting a much needed double. I guess 4 singles, a triple, and a walk is nothing to complain about.
2007-05-13 14:27:10
212.   Branch Rickey
Has there ever been a player with an average as high as .285 with an OPS as low as .629?
2007-05-13 14:29:13
213.   trainwreck
Lewis adds another single for good measure. It looks like he has really worked on his discipline.
2007-05-13 14:30:41
214.   Sam in SC
vin just mentioned the cycle. well, he did more than just mention it, actually . . .
2007-05-13 14:31:14
215.   Bob Timmermann
For players who qualified for the batting title, the closest I can find is Moe Berg for the 1929 White Sox.

He batted .287 and had an OPS of .630.

2007-05-13 14:32:47
216.   Suffering Bruin
215 Being a spy can really sap your slugging percentage.
2007-05-13 14:33:35
217.   Branch Rickey
215. Wow. So Pierre as least has some sort of record to shoot for. He really is the best illustration ever of how the old school stats don't tell the whole story.
2007-05-13 14:34:52
218.   Bob Timmermann
That 1929 season for Berg gave him an OPS+ of 64. It was his only season as the first string catcher.
2007-05-13 14:36:09
219.   D4P
What does it mean when a Dodger hits the ball in the air and it goes over one of the walls in the outfield...?
2007-05-13 14:37:35
220.   Sam in SC
219. it means it's a touchdown.
2007-05-13 14:37:52
221.   Bob Timmermann
Boston trailed Baltimore 5-0 going into the 9th and won 6-5 on an error by pitcher Chris Ray that scored two runs.

The Red Sox got six runs on three hits, three walks, and two errors.

2007-05-13 14:40:02
223.   Suffering Bruin
Lugo is having a fine season for the Red Sox. Yeah, I'm surprised, too.
2007-05-13 14:41:37
224.   Suffering Bruin
223 Should've been deleted...
2007-05-13 14:43:07
225.   Bob Timmermann
The errors by the Orioles in the ninth were a dropped popup by Hernandez and Ray dropped a relay throw at first base that would have ended the game.
2007-05-13 14:44:06
226.   Bob Timmermann
Gagne pitching the top of the 9th in Texas in a 6-6 tie between the Rangers and Angels.
2007-05-13 14:44:16
227.   Suffering Bruin
221 I just read the play-by-play. The absolute definition of a tough loss.
2007-05-13 14:46:38
228.   alexx
Gameday shows Gagne's sixth pitch to Matthews Jr. as being 55 mph and from a really weird arm angle, perhaps left-handed.
2007-05-13 14:48:40
229.   Sammy Maudlin
Kuo just pitched a perfect inning for Las Vegas with 2 strikeouts.
2007-05-13 14:49:25
231.   D4P
Jeff Conine is not the most intimidating of cleanup hitters
2007-05-13 14:51:20
232.   Andrew Shimmin
Just finished reading through the comments: is the MLB box score wrong about four of Hendrickson's runs being earned?
2007-05-13 14:51:36
233.   trainwreck
Hooray! Bills and LaRoche in the game.
2007-05-13 14:52:57
234.   Gen3Blue
Hook time for Harry. If Bills lets the bases clear, and then pitches like a good starter I won't be sad, although I hope he does better.
2007-05-13 14:54:35
236.   Bob Timmermann
Only the Reds first run was unearned. Hamilton reached on an error by Nomar.

The other four were definitely earned.

2007-05-13 14:57:02
237.   Andrew Shimmin
That Hendrickson sure has a fine head of hair. Luxurious. Selling it for wigs could be an alternate income stream, should the need ever arise.
2007-05-13 14:57:27
238.   Ricardo
Bills saved us. Well, I think I´m starting to miss Schmidt...
2007-05-13 14:57:54
239.   Branch Rickey
Gagne picks up a win.
2007-05-13 14:58:30
240.   alex 7
bills, having spent time with both Drew and Lofton, will now ignite a fire under the entire Dodgers offense.

comeback in progress.

Second D4P jinx avoided. (I read the broom comment a while back.)

2007-05-13 15:01:10
241.   Greg Brock
When I fell asleep, we were ahead. I see that Griffey hit a home run, and so did Jeff Kent.

A Dodger home run...Huzzah!

236 My nap hand has been very strong this weekend. Watch out.

2007-05-13 15:04:26
242.   Bob Timmermann
David Ross never had a good defensive reputation did he?
2007-05-13 15:05:04
243.   alex 7
I'm surprised the Reds brought in a righty to face LaRoche and two lefties.
2007-05-13 15:05:44
244.   Branch Rickey
PLEASE don't bunt.
2007-05-13 15:07:12
245.   Bob Timmermann
But if Pierre doesn't bunt, how will he ever overtake Roy Oswalt for the lead in sacrifices?
2007-05-13 15:07:50
246.   Sam in SC
that was an unusual play.
2007-05-13 15:07:52
247.   Andrew Shimmin
I thought Furcal was going to step over and kick that ball away.
2007-05-13 15:08:03
248.   trainwreck
Steve Kline has anger issues. He can't stop swearing to himself.
2007-05-13 15:08:04
249.   Greg Brock
Um, not sure I like stealing there, but it works.

Hooray outcome!

2007-05-13 15:08:15
250.   natepurcell
we have scored runs so many different ways. So scrappy.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-05-13 15:08:23
251.   Bob Timmermann
The moths are out!
2007-05-13 15:08:40
252.   Marty
That was a very weak swing on strike 3.
2007-05-13 15:09:00
253.   Sam in SC
now that was a good hack for strike three, wasn't it?
2007-05-13 15:10:07
254.   DXMachina
GameDay is stunned by that play.
2007-05-13 15:12:44
255.   D4P
Wow. According to Gameday, Nomar fouled off a pitch well inside, had a pitch well outside called a strike, then swung and missed a pitch way outside.
2007-05-13 15:13:14
256.   Bob Timmermann
Should be SB+E2
2007-05-13 15:16:03
257.   Andrew Shimmin
E2? It wasn't 6's fault for failing to catch the ball that hit him in the glove?
2007-05-13 15:17:28
258.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps Ross shouldn't have thrown the ball in such a place that Gonzalez wouldn't have had to get into a collision with Furcal.

The throw was offline.

2007-05-13 15:20:04
259.   blutomania
Are comments slightly out of wack? (pun intended.)


2007-05-13 15:20:29
260.   Greg Brock
Shel Silverstein rocks, Vin.

Dr. Seuss never hung out with the Beatles and James Taylor.

2007-05-13 15:20:48
261.   Branch Rickey
If Vin ever heard Shel Silverstein's "The Smoke Off" he probably would not wish to quote him again.
2007-05-13 15:21:21
262.   Andrew Shimmin
258- Alright. Then I think they should give Ross two errors. One for throwing it offline, to allow Furcal to get to second safely, and the other for allowing LaRoche to score. That's a fair compromise, right?
2007-05-13 15:22:05
263.   Gen3Blue
Speaking of DXMachina, and I like the tag, I am afraid we are careening toward a time in the future where Gameday becomes self aware, which date will forever be known as "Judgement Day" the time when digital stats rose to control us all!
2007-05-13 15:22:28
264.   trainwreck
I am finally watching the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight and I have no idea how anyone could think De La Hoya won this fight.
2007-05-13 15:25:39
265.   trainwreck
Fans also got the special treat of watching Tommy Lasorda at ringside.
2007-05-13 15:27:09
266.   Gen3Blue
Oh, our Tomato!
2007-05-13 15:27:18
267.   Branch Rickey
I think Saenz saw fastballs because they were afraid of Martin stealing. I think he get's partial credit.
2007-05-13 15:29:02
268.   natepurcell
coutlangus???? heh.
2007-05-13 15:30:46
269.   natepurcell
ethier is a really streaky hitter. his average has dropped like 40 points within this last week.
2007-05-13 15:31:51
270.   Branch Rickey
269. His bat looks slow. He fouled off two fat pitches in that sequence.
2007-05-13 15:34:50
271.   Greg Brock
264 That split decision was a joke. I despise Mayweather, but he won the fight 116-112.
2007-05-13 15:36:01
272.   Andrew Shimmin
Is four points a lot to win a fight by?
2007-05-13 15:38:28
273.   trainwreck
It is not a lot, but it is a decent margin. Means Mayweather won double the number of rounds.
2007-05-13 15:39:18
274.   JT Dutch
[272] Winning four more rounds than the other guy in a twelve round fight is a solid margin of victory.
2007-05-13 15:39:26
275.   natepurcell
this would be a decent time for a certain rookie to go yard for the first time...
2007-05-13 15:39:43
276.   Greg Brock
272 8 rounds to 4 is nothing to sneeze at. With no knockouts, it's a solid victory.

De La Hoya's Ray Leonard-like ability to steal rounds in the final 10 seconds was the only thing that made it even that close.

2007-05-13 15:39:49
277.   JT Dutch
Whoops, sorry -- too many brackets.
2007-05-13 15:41:00
278.   Greg Brock
No knockdowns, I should say.

The score would be irrelevant with a knockout. And there would be only one of those per fight.


2007-05-13 15:41:19
279.   Gen3Blue
275 How about just a hit.
2007-05-13 15:41:38
280.   Branch Rickey
Mr. Betemit, meet the bench. Bench, this is Mr. Betemit.
2007-05-13 15:41:46
281.   natepurcell
that works i guess.
2007-05-13 15:43:14
282.   Andrew Shimmin
I've just found a boxing scorer's primer. It sounds like a fairly silly process (even before getting to the joke rules at the bottom; fair warning if D4P choses to follow the link). Less silly than Olympic boxing's laser tag rules, but, whatever. I'm not the target audience.

2007-05-13 15:43:30
283.   Branch Rickey
Late inning tie at home; our bullpen vs their bullpen. I like our chances.
2007-05-13 15:43:40
284.   Gen3Blue
Andy Andy Andy!
2007-05-13 15:43:54
285.   Sam in SC
I would have been fine with giving betemit time to get straightened out, but it's hard to have a problem with what laroche is doing . . . .
2007-05-13 15:44:42
286.   imperabo
The Reds weren't going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe again.
2007-05-13 15:45:41
287.   Sam in SC
juan and yet another utterly non-violent RBI.
2007-05-13 15:45:49
288.   imperabo
Got ahold of that one.
2007-05-13 15:45:58
289.   Branch Rickey
Wow. hit into center field and retrieved by the shortstop. He is amazing.
2007-05-13 15:46:10
290.   natepurcell
pierre sure hits the ball hard.
2007-05-13 15:46:16
291.   Andrew Shimmin
Ooooooooh. . .mercy!

[/Skinner voice]

2007-05-13 15:46:36
292.   JT Dutch
... Some of the hits in this series remind me of the Mets' hits in the playoffs last year. Goes without saying that the Dodgers are pretty fortunate to have socred all the runs they have in this series.
2007-05-13 15:46:42
293.   D4P
This team is ridiculous.
2007-05-13 15:46:52
294.   Greg Brock
282 It's not that tough to score a fight.

Clean punching
Effective Aggressiveness
Ring Generalship

2007-05-13 15:47:01
295.   Gen3Blue
I should feel bad for the Reds. But I know better. We need whatever offense we can get.
2007-05-13 15:47:20
296.   Greg Brock
We sure do hit the snot out of the ball.
2007-05-13 15:47:57
297.   JT Dutch
Heh. Hardest-hit ball in this half-inning is the first out.
2007-05-13 15:48:03
298.   Bob Timmermann
Somebody who used to visit here hated the Reds.

But like Paulie, he don't come around here no more.

2007-05-13 15:48:23
299.   Sam in SC
and then jeff kent actually hits a ball hard . . . for an out.
2007-05-13 15:50:45
300.   natepurcell
haha they are playing "Mother" by Danzig over the loudspeakers.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-05-13 15:50:53
301.   imperabo
Nothing says mother's day like Dansig
2007-05-13 15:51:08
302.   trainwreck
2007-05-13 15:51:39
303.   Greg Brock
Playing "Mother" by Danzig interesting Mother's Day choice.

I like it.

2007-05-13 15:51:49
304.   Bob Timmermann
Meanwhile in Tempe, the battle for first place in the Pac-10 has seen UCLA lead 7-0, then 7-3, then 9-3, then tied 9-9, and now UCLA leads 10-9 again going to the bottom of the seventh.

ASU won the first two games of the series 16-14 and 5-4.

2007-05-13 15:52:04
305.   JT Dutch
... Mike Stanton! He looks like a pitching coach taking the ball.
2007-05-13 15:53:16
306.   Gen3Blue
Wow Stanton made LuGo look like he couldn't hit little league. Can he still do that to right handers?
2007-05-13 15:53:48
307.   natepurcell
my freshmen roommate in college was a total 80s metalhead and Danzig was his favorite band. I think he was in heaven when he got a lapdance from this extremely attractive... "dancer" to the tune of Mother.
2007-05-13 15:54:06
308.   Gagne55
Yay for sweeps. :-D
2007-05-13 15:54:40
309.   Bob Timmermann
And it's 10-10 in Tempe.
2007-05-13 15:54:58
310.   natepurcell
I love it when Martin walks. Not because he gets on base but because he always stares at the pitcher, spits, and flips his bat with an intimidating authority.


2007-05-13 15:55:45
311.   Gen3Blue
306 the answer -- NO
2007-05-13 15:56:02
312.   imperabo
306 Survey says. . .
2007-05-13 15:56:05
313.   Sam in SC
thank heavens this isn't the dodger bullpen. I would be swinging from a rafter in the garage by now.
2007-05-13 15:57:23
314.   Branch Rickey
10 runs on 18 hits. Call it what you want, this is a Dodger offensive explosion.
2007-05-13 15:58:00
315.   Sam in SC
314. must be the pink bats.
2007-05-13 15:58:28
316.   Gen3Blue
This poor team is making it look like the D's have some offense.How I hope it is partially true, and it could be.
2007-05-13 15:58:37
317.   JoeyP
Didnt the Reds trade for a bunch of relievers last year?

Its really worked out for them.

2007-05-13 15:58:40
318.   imperabo
They do put bats on balls. You're never going to get a bloop hit by striking out.
2007-05-13 15:59:13
319.   Bob Timmermann
And the Sun Devils take a 11-10 lead.

I think there will be more runs by both sides. Nothing like the last game of a Pac-10 weekend series to watch the back end of the bullpens slog it out.

2007-05-13 16:00:27
320.   trainwreck
The funny thing is that UCLA had a rep for being good pitching with no offense.
2007-05-13 16:00:36
321.   Gen3Blue
313 And I assume you don't mean by you're arms. By the way if you are a newer Sam, welcome. I had sort of assumed you were SamDC on vacation.
2007-05-13 16:01:39
322.   regfairfield
I think we've gone along way to repaying back our anti-clutchiness from a week ago.
2007-05-13 16:02:40
323.   Andrew Shimmin
Looks like Majewski's back pitching again, but in Louisville. Is Bray hurt now? It was a bad deal to begin with but it just gets sourer and sourer.
2007-05-13 16:02:41
324.   Gen3Blue
317 In the trade market you can get some great middle relievers if you are willing to give a bit. We got Baez!
2007-05-13 16:03:10
325.   Bob Timmermann
See the Dodgers are "clutch" and Hendrickson is no longer "decent."
2007-05-13 16:03:29
326.   Gen3Blue
317 In the trade market you can get some great middle relievers if you are willing to give a bit. We got Baez!
2007-05-13 16:03:53
327.   Sam in SC
321. thank you. I am a new Sam.

A Sam that probably should have picked a different handle, as it turns out.

2007-05-13 16:04:32
328.   imperabo
Beimel's just not a mopup man.
2007-05-13 16:04:40
329.   Greg Brock
This is what happens when your team is Banjo McSlapperson. You don't score any runs for a good stretch, and then all the duck farts fall between the fielders for a game or two.

And then you go back to scoring two runs a game for awhile. But I'll take it right now.

2007-05-13 16:05:47
330.   Greg Brock
327 If you want to change your handle, it looks like "Steve" is available.
2007-05-13 16:06:46
331.   Andrew Shimmin
327- We'll get used to it, eventually. Unless you want to switch to Greg Brack, which would be pretty awesome.
2007-05-13 16:06:49
332.   Sam in SC
330. I was actually thinking of changing it to Greg Breck . . . just to clear up all of the Sam confusion.
2007-05-13 16:06:55
333.   Branch Rickey
329. Why would that be? We're well in the top half of the league in runs scored now. Any reason to think our runs would be distributed more unevenly than other teams?
2007-05-13 16:07:02
334.   Gen3Blue
Absolutely not. Sam in SC is a fine handle that clarifies itsself.
2007-05-13 16:07:17
335.   trainwreck
I am never going to get used to seeing Beimel's Gameday photo.
2007-05-13 16:08:36
336.   JoeyP
329--When Mark Hendrickson can draw a walk from the opposing pitcher, you know its going to be a good day.
2007-05-13 16:08:51
337.   Sam in SC
334. I thought it was pretty straightforward as well. "name and location", I thought, "what could go wrong?"
2007-05-13 16:09:30
338.   Marty
Beimel should be in a Geico commercial.
2007-05-13 16:09:52
339.   regfairfield
325 Have people been coming around on that one yet?
2007-05-13 16:10:48
340.   trainwreck
Beimel should be wearing a black robe and carrying a sickle.
2007-05-13 16:11:23
341.   JoeyP
333- Bc generally teams with power score runs more consistently each time out. When the only way you can score is 3 straight singles in an inning (the chances of that happening) are usually much less than one batter hitting a homer.

I guess if someone found the dodgers Median runs scored, and compared it to their mean runs scored, that would tell you for sure.

2007-05-13 16:11:59
342.   Gen3Blue
Where is Steve!
I'm in a very good mood after this series and don't even care if our offense is Captain Beefart. Its working for now.
2007-05-13 16:13:57
343.   Branch Rickey
341. I don't know if that's true. Could be. But you're not necessarily more likely to hit one home run that you are to hit three singles when your team specializes in singles and not home runs. It doesn't seem intuitive to me that our runs should distribute less evenly.
2007-05-13 16:15:48
344.   Sam in SC
336. a good day indeed. 3 games in first, 18 hits today, and the sunday night game on ESPN does NOT include the yankees.

wholesome goodness.

2007-05-13 16:16:18
345.   trainwreck
It seems so odd for Berman to wish Joe Morgan a "Happy Mothers Day".
2007-05-13 16:17:56
346.   twerp
New Sam, is the S.C. for South Carolina?
2007-05-13 16:18:04
347.   Greg Brock
333 I just don't think a team this batting-average dependent, without quality sluggers, will put runs on the board consistently.

We did it last year, but I think it will be hard to replicate over the long term. It's not a certainty, but It's my opinion.

2007-05-13 16:18:57
348.   Sam in SC
346. yes. charleston, south carolina.
2007-05-13 16:19:27
349.   imperabo
341 I get a mean of 4.47 and a median of 4.00.
2007-05-13 16:22:12
350.   Branch Rickey
349 And how does that compare to say the Reds who are 2nd in the Majors in HRs but 10th in runs?
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-05-13 16:22:37
351.   Bob Timmermann
Last chance for the Bruins in Tempe. Sun Devils lead 11-10.
2007-05-13 16:27:20
352.   imperabo
Reds have a mean of 4.63 and a median of 5.00.
2007-05-13 16:29:37
353.   imperabo
Dodgers standard deviation is 2.81, Reds is 3.10. I guess that's the best stat for what you want to know. Reds performance fluctuates more.
2007-05-13 16:30:15
354.   Uncle Miltie
Milton Bradley just hit an absolute bomb to tie the game in the 9th inning (the score was 7-5)
2007-05-13 16:32:22
355.   Bob Timmermann
And the Bruins go down 1-2-3 in the 9th to lose to ASU 11-10.

The Sun Devils now have a 2-game lead in the Pac 10-1 with six games left.

2007-05-13 16:32:45
356.   JoeyP
Thats strange, since the Reds mean is closer to their median, than the Dodgers.
2007-05-13 16:33:22
357.   Branch Rickey
352. I think the last week makes it feel like we're inconsistent in scoring runs but the stats don't show it to be true so far this year. I think Furcal is starting to hit the ball again- even his outs have been hit harder. I think we'll see his first home run and some good numbers from him this week. Hopefully that will bring both the median and the mean up.
2007-05-13 16:35:18
358.   Uncle Miltie
Walkoff 3 run hr by Jack Cust. A's win :)
2007-05-13 16:36:22
359.   regfairfield
In Custy we trusty.
2007-05-13 16:36:44
360.   JoeyP
Cust is amazing.
He's Matt Kempian.
2007-05-13 16:37:07
361.   imperabo
I'm not sure the relationship between the mean and median really tells us anything. They could be identical and still have a wide varaince.
2007-05-13 16:37:10
362.   s choir
I'm taking a gestalt approach to explaining how a team with singles-hitters can be successful. It has to do with the fact that there aren't very many black holes in the lineup. As long as no one is slumping badly (like Nomar was before coming home or Betemit before he was benched or Furcal during April etc.), the team's going to be able to put together runs pretty consistently. It's clear that the Dodgers wouldn't have sniffed .500 last road trip if their pitching hadn't been so effective, because Nomar slumped.

I've seen a lot of people compare this season to 2003. While a lot of individual games this year will remind us of 2003, there is one major difference, and that is that there aren't any .250 hitters with no power in it (see A. Cora, C. Izturis and P. Lo Duca after July). This year, everyone in the order is someone who can cause problems for the pitcher. All together, that creates a lineup that is imposing not because there is one hitter in it that dominates (a la Bonds or Pujols), but because it just keeps coming at you.

2007-05-13 16:38:05
363.   Uncle Miltie
Cust has tremendous power. I've rarely seen lefties hit an opposite field hr to that part of the park (about 370 feet)
2007-05-13 16:38:29
364.   regfairfield
It should be added that Milt-Dawg hit a two run bomb to tie the score prior to that.
2007-05-13 16:39:57
365.   Uncle Miltie
364- see 354 ;)
2007-05-13 16:40:42
366.   scooplew
300 I thought they only played Danzig at night games at Dodger Stadium -- Danzig in the dark.
2007-05-13 16:42:08
367.   Branch Rickey
362. You just explained my philosophy of how to build a winning team. When the Mariners had A-Rod, Griffey and R. Johnson and couldn't win it became crystal clear that to win in baseball, you need evenly distributed talent much more than you need a superstar or 2 or 3. To be really great, that even distribution needs to range all the way to AAA so you have injury replacements. That's why I like this team so much.
2007-05-13 16:45:02
368.   imperabo
People tend to focus on the best players on the team, but as someone wise once said, many teams have lost because of a lack of mediocre players. If we lose it won't because of that.
2007-05-13 16:48:44
369.   Greg Brock
367 Saying that a team needs more power is not the same thing as saying that having two or three superstars is all you need.

I think the Dodgers have a very solid lineup, top to bottom. They just need more power to be an elite offensive team. With the pitching depth they have, a couple of 30 homer guys, or one real masher could really make this team a World Championship team.

That's all I'm saying. I don't think it's an outlandish observation.

2007-05-13 16:52:16
370.   Branch Rickey
369. Oh, I agree with that completely. I think as we are we could win. I think if we add one or two power bats we will win. The only part I was disagreeing with is that this team as is would score inconsistently. I think it will be consistent as any other but lower than it needs to be to run away with it.
2007-05-13 17:03:13
371.   s choir
369 The most expensive position players in the game are those who can hit for average and power. I am certain that Colletti wouldn't turn one of those types of players away if he were to emerge from the farm system. But he'd have to give up a lot of promising talent to trade for that sort of player, assuming he's even on the market, or pay a lot in free agent dollars. Especially given Dodger Stadium's reputation for being a pitchers' park, it's hard to lure those types of hitters here in free agency.

My point is that there's more than one way to win a championship. Whether the Dodgers' combination of elite pitching with average offense will work in this era is an open question.

2007-05-13 17:09:18
372.   Greg Brock
371 I really can't elaborate without slagging on Fredo, our current centerfielder...And I really don't want to do that.

But if Kemp were to play center, and you grabbed one more power hitter, the problem would be solved.

Of course, playing Kemp, benching Gonzalez, playing Loney, and packaging Nomar and Ethier for a right-fielder would solve the problem. But you and I know that isn't going to happen.

Nomar sells shirts and whatnot.

2007-05-13 17:28:01
373.   s choir
372 I think what we are arguing about, then, is whether the Dodgers have a problem that is going to prevent them from winning it all.

I don't think they do.

I really hope Ned Colletti doesn't think so either, because the Dodgers are really in an enviable position right now. They can deal from a position of strength. Instead of going out and getting a power hitter, we can choose to let a power hitter come to us. If Colletti comes off as desperate for a power hitter, he's going to get the short end of a bad trade.

2007-05-13 17:34:48
374.   LADfan in IL
The only power hitter worth pursuing is Cabrera from the Marlins. As long as it doesn't cost any of Billingsley, Broxton, Elbert, or Kershaw, he'd be worth it. Marlins are pretty well positioned in the pitching department, so perhaps a deal could be struck.

I don't think the Dodgers should pursue a power hitter just for the sake of having a power hitter. I'd rather it be the "right" power hitter.

2007-05-13 17:34:50
375.   twerp
348 We may get to 10 or more southern DT commenters soon, or might be there now unknown to me.

In addition to you in S.C., there's Terry A. in Arkansas, Cajun Dodger (Louisiana or near it), Sushirabbit and I in Middle TN, someone whose handle I think started with "I" who said he was in Memphis, and maybe some more I've left out.

D4P's in grad school in North Carolina, but I'm not sure he should count since he's a carpetbagger from out west, Oregon or someplace. ;)

2007-05-13 17:37:42
376.   Sam in SC
375. we'll be taking over soon. get a dozen southerners in one place, and there is bound to be trouble sooner or later.
2007-05-13 17:39:50
377.   JoeyP
Whether the Dodgers' combination of elite pitching with average offense

It can work.
Its just I'm more sold on the Dodgers being an average offense, but not having elite pitching (at least starting pitching--with Schmidt out).

Average pitching, and average offense--thats what I fear the Dodgers will have.

2007-05-13 17:45:40
378.   Hallux Valgus
I think "average" pitching comes down to Penny normalizing. He obviously won't keep up the current pace, but if he reverts to 2nd half Penny again, average might be a pipe dream. If he can maintain, say, a mid 3 ERA for the second half, I think we can have very above average pitching (maybe not "elite"). Either way, I'm paying someone to tie him up for the duration of the All Star break.
2007-05-13 18:02:01
379.   Benaiah
241 - Your nap hand may be strong, but I just woke up from 4 hour nap, which is when the nap becomes the night. In other words my nap hand is so strong that it is choking me out.
2007-05-13 18:10:46
380.   s choir
377 378

Whether or not the Dodgers' pitching staff falters to above-average (with their bullpen I don't think it will be just average), it's just as likely that the Dodgers' offense will improve to above-average.

2007-05-13 18:11:49
381.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA 3, Stanford 1 at halftime in Cerritos.
2007-05-13 18:18:26
382.   JoeyP
380--we'll just agree to disagree. I dont see much upside with the offense, but i do see downside with te pitching staff (Hendrickson, Tomko, hurt Schmidt, probable declining Lowe, and Penny wont be perfect all year)

Bullpen should be great all year tho.

2007-05-13 18:29:10
383.   s choir
we'll just agree to disagree

agreed. :)

2007-05-13 18:31:04
384.   D4P
D4P's in grad school in North Carolina, but I'm not sure he should count

I definitely don't count as "southern".

2007-05-13 18:34:30
385.   Bob Timmermann
At the end of three quarters in Cerritos:

Stanford 1

2007-05-13 18:42:05
386.   Benaiah
384 - You type with a drawl.
2007-05-13 18:44:35
387.   Benaiah
Oh, and I don't live in the South (Chicago, soon to be Boston) but I lived in Alabama for 12 years and went to school in North Carolina, so I am pretty Southern. I have no accent however.

I spent this weekend in Alabama, I don't think I will be back for a long, long time.

2007-05-13 18:50:00
388.   D4P
So, I've commented a few times on the seemingly bizarre and unlikely means by which the Dodgers have reached base and scored runs this season. It has been a comedy of errors, as well as CIs, FCs, BBs to pitchers, bunts, bloopers, bleeders, dinkers, dunkers, flinkers, and flunkers. I keep waiting for it to reach its presumably inevitable end, but it won't.

Why won't it end? I'll tell you: MAGIC. That's right, magic is responsible. Magic is that which occurs when you assemble a team full of Veterans, Character Guys, Heart and Souls, Guys Who Know How To Win, etc. This is exactly what Ned had in mind when he put the roster together, and while some of us may have scoffed, he apparently knew what he was doing.

So to Ned, I offer my apologizes. You were right, and I was wrong.

2007-05-13 18:57:45
389.   Bob Timmermann
Final score from Cerritos:
Stanford 4


2007-05-13 19:13:20
390.   Greg Brock
Woohoo...National Championship #100!


2007-05-13 19:14:54
391.   thinkingblue
In any case, the dodgers should definitely wait before doing anything drastic and rushed. They're in first place at the moment, and while not a perfect team, there's no reason to make any trade before waiting for a few questions to be answered.

First, the issue of when Schmidt is coming back, and how effective he will be when he does. Then there's the question of how LaRoche will do at third. Also, there's the Tomdrickson situation, I'm sure the majority opinion, as is mine, is that they (especially Hendrickson) will regress to their normal mediocrity. So if and when it does happen, will Chad Billingsley or Kuo be back in the rotation, and how will they do? Also, I have a major concern to Russell Martin. He needs to stay healthy. If not, the dodgers are done. Period. All we have from that point is Liberthal, who is barely even fit to be a back up in the big leagues at this point, and there's no one to speak of at the position in the minors. I don't know that that directly relates to trades, it might if Colleti wants to pick up some more insurance behind the plate. I wouldn't exactly like it though, because we all know how generous he can be with trades for back up catchers.

So those are just some of the issues that the dodgers have to think about in a trade. Plus, do the dodgers really want to give up anything that will probably be requested over anything but a major impact player (A-rod, Cabrera)? I don't think it would be wise to trade good value for a Glaus like player who would probably only marginally improve the team, and not offer much in the future. In any case, the dodgers are in a good position, but I think it's definitley a good idea to wait for some questions to be answered before considering any trades.

2007-05-13 19:16:49
392.   Westernmost in Flavor
You probably use Oregon expressions like "spendy" though
2007-05-13 19:18:30
393.   D4P
Is "spendy" an Oregon expression? What about "pop" instead of "soda"?
2007-05-13 19:20:37
394.   Pedro Astacio
I know everyone wants to play the rookies, but remember last year when the rookies faded in September, the vets stepped up and they got us to the playoffs. I think we got to give the vets some more credit especially Nomar.
2007-05-13 19:20:56
395.   Sammy Maudlin
Both Meloan and Kershaw had horrible outings today in the minors.
2007-05-13 19:22:19
396.   Westernmost in Flavor
I'm pretty sure "spendy" is Oregonian. I hadn't heard it until I came here. It might exist in the rest of the Northwest but I've only heard it in Oregon. "Pop" is definitely one of those expressions that bugs me. It is hardly only an Oregon expression though; it exists in many other regions.
2007-05-13 19:23:05
397.   Dodgers49
I'm obviously not a Red's fan. But as far as I'm concerned, when there is a runner on 3rd with one out and a pitcher at bat who has not managed a single hit since coming over from the American League last year and you walk him, then you don't deserve to win.
2007-05-13 19:30:17
398.   Dodgers49
Make that Reds. :-)
2007-05-13 19:30:25
399.   regfairfield
397 When you make any of the moves the Reds have the last two seasons, you don't deserve to win.
2007-05-13 19:34:33
400.   Westernmost in Flavor
Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo wasn't too bad. Unless the Reds were seriously considering an unconventional 6 outfielder defensive alignment
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-05-13 19:39:45
401.   regfairfield
400 It worked out well, but the thought process that went into the trade was terrible, and Krivski is incredibly lucky Arroyo bounced back.
2007-05-13 19:42:10
402.   underdog
I think your handle, Sammy Maudlin, is my new favorite here. In fact, it makes me want to slap my knees in laughter. (I loved SCTV.)

So I'm glad while I was sitting Oakland (pre-Warriors) traffic today to pick my g/f up at the airport, the Dodgers were finishing the Reds off in fine style. A perfect way of celebrating Mother's Day, with one mother of an inning and most importantly, Furcal's (pink) bat awakening, which separate from hoping for Kemp and the like to join them, is the most crucial element that's been missing lately. Great to see.

2007-05-13 19:52:47
403.   Westernmost in Flavor
I don't think trading from a strength for a weakness is necessarily a bad thought process.

But I'm sure that you mean that their relative values at the time were not quite equal. Personally, at the time I thought it wasn't a good trade for the Reds. But looking at the past 2 years of performance (at the time of the trade), you could say that it was a worthy gamble for the Reds. They picked up a league average starter for a league average outfielder.

Arroyo ERA+ 121 98 (2004 2005)
Pena OPS+ 121 100

Granted, Wily Mo is 5 years younger so that skews his value a bit. I also think that starting pitcher is more valuable than an outfielder. So the thought process there was much better than terrible.

2007-05-13 19:54:45
404.   Westernmost in Flavor
All that said, Krivsky's mid-season trades for relievers were all terrible.
2007-05-13 19:58:18
405.   underdog
On a new episode of the Simpsons tonight, Stephen Hawking has a cameo. But is that really Hawking, or is it just an impersonator?
2007-05-13 20:12:24
406.   Bob Timmermann
Hawking has been on The Simpsons before.
2007-05-13 20:14:52
407.   ToyCannon
Other then the terrible trade last summer I think the GM has done a decent job. Some players acquired on his watch:
2nd - Brandon Philips
C - David Ross
SS - Alex Gonzalez
CF - Josh Hamilton
SP - Brandon Arroyo
SP - Belisle
SP - Livingston

The only thing he gave up to acquire the above 7 players was Wily Mo.

It is not his fault that his young 3b decided that defense and hustling didn't need to be a part of his game. I've talked to Red fans who go to games and everyone has said that Encarnacion was dogging it and they had no choice to send him down to get his act together.

2007-05-13 20:33:48
408.   Westernmost in Flavor
Was that the Mensa one?
2007-05-13 20:38:46
409.   underdog
406/408 - Yep/Yep.

Wasn't he on a Futurama, too.
Nichelle Nichols: "It's about that rip in space-time that you saw!"
Stephen Hawking: "I call it a Hawking Hole."
Fry: "No fair! I saw it first!"
Stephen Hawking: "Who is the Journal of Quantum Physics going to believe?"

I still think it's just an electronic impersonator.

2007-05-13 20:40:47
410.   underdog
(I meant, "He was on a Futurama..." Sheesh, I need to go to bed early tonight.)

Wow, for a game I don't care much about, the Warriors game is making me nervous.

2007-05-13 20:46:53
411.   Bob Timmermann

If it's not Stephen Hawking, they couldn't use his name in the credits.

2007-05-13 20:51:53
412.   underdog
I know, I was making a lame joke based on the voice you see, and, ah, you see... {pulls collar} Never mind!

Doesn't look for the Warriors all of a sudden.

2007-05-13 20:52:53
413.   underdog
Doesn't look good, rather. Okay, that's it! Going to bed in a few minutes.
2007-05-13 21:50:28
414.   Greg Brock
For Andrew: Seven pages of Clowns, each Photoshopped into some of history's most famous moments (Warning: Mega poor taste in some of these photos. Funny, but poor taste)

2007-05-13 21:55:27
415.   Greg Brock
I really need to work on my tinyurl skills. Here is the link:

2007-05-13 22:22:29
416.   Bumsrap
The Redlegs are in desparate need of contact hitters. Too bad the Dodgers don't have one they can trade.
2007-05-13 22:22:45
417.   imperabo
That was really amusing for some reason. I like the one on the Missouri, maybe because it was so hard to spot.
2007-05-13 22:30:59
418.   NPB
Yes, well, our opponent this weekend taught me that no matter how bad we think we have it here in Dodger-land (with a first place team, even), there are many franchises that have it much worse. That said, series against the Mets and Brewers loom. The Angels, we can handle. Those other two, I'm not so sure.
2007-05-13 22:32:37
419.   D4P
If I were a pitcher, I'd rather face the Mets/Brewers than David Eckstein.
2007-05-13 22:34:53
420.   berkowit28
413 Why don't you use the option (checked by default) to "Preview comment before saving", and then read it before submitting? It saves you all this self-recrimination.
2007-05-13 23:03:11
421.   Dodgers49
>>> Having displayed some punch off the bench last week during a trip in which he homered in consecutive pinch-hit appearances, Wilson Betemit was back in the lineup Sunday as the starting third baseman.

"We had been searching, along with him, for anything that might get him going," Manager Grady Little said of the decision to bring Betemit off the bench. "He found something on that trip that might be just what we needed, so we'll see.... He's earned the right to play." <<<

I'm confused. Have we benched LaRoche in favor of Betemit after only six games? I guess we'll find out prior to tomorrow night's game.

2007-05-14 00:17:32
422.   Greg Brock
I'm confused.

Don't be. It's called "Completely making it up as you go along, and pretending to have a concrete plan."

2007-05-14 07:21:34
423.   bhsportsguy
Platoon Alert

The Dodgers are not scheduled to face a lefthanded pitcher until Wednesday May 23rd when they finish their series with the Brewers against Chris Capuano. This means that they will face 8 righthanded starters in a row in their next three series against the Cardinals, Angels and Brewers.

In fact, the Dodgers will face, though in different order, the same three starters that they saw back in Milwaukee, Suppan, Sheets and Capuano. If the Dodgers stay with their current rotation, the Brewers will see Lowe and Wolf again, followed by Penny (instead of Jason Schmidt).

With the next two Thursdays off and also having Memorial Day off for travel, the Dodgers could adjust their rotation if they want to have some additional bullpen depth.

2007-05-14 07:28:30
424.   old dodger fan
Good morning Dodger fans.

I see we have moved up to 9th in the NL in runs scored per game but we are 2nd in the NL West. We are also 11th in OPS and 3rd in the NL West. I am not a statistician but I think, based on only 38 games, that makes us "average" offensively.

Pitching wise all our numbers are excellent.

If our pitching holds and we get a bit of improvement at 3B and SS I like our chances of winning the West.

I also think we have the ability to withstand key injuries at least as well as most of our West opponents.

I am very optimistic about 2007.

2007-05-14 07:46:51
425.   Benaiah
"Friday Night Lights" was moved to Fridays at 10 PM for next season. While this move makes sense from a marketing standpoint (Friday is in the name after all), that is one of the toughest slots on TV since very few people watch TV then. It is good news that the show got picked up at all, but this is a worrisome development to those that are hoping for a ratings surge in season 2.
2007-05-14 07:47:13
426.   Benaiah
425 - Should have posted that on Screenjam. Sorry.
2007-05-14 07:57:23
427.   Benaiah
Screenjam has a post up about the fall schedule for NBC. Since the peacock is my favorite network, I highly recommend people check it out.
2007-05-14 08:04:00
428.   Hythloday
424 - I still can't help myself from being rather pessimistic about our prospects this year. So many of our runs seem to come from fluky situations. Magic as D4P said. I like our depth, but 2/3 of our outfield just makes me irrationally angry when I see them playing. I hope I'm wrong.
2007-05-14 08:07:58
429.   bhsportsguy
More Dodger pitching stats:

The Dodgers have nearly identical ERAs at home (3.20) and the road (3.19).

To put that into some context, the Padres have the best ERA at home by almost an entire run at 2.18 but their road ERA is 4.24. The Mets are the opposite, home ERA is 4.44 but on the road, they are lights out at 1.92.

Arizona has the third best ERA on the road at 3.35 but it rises to 4.15 at home.

2007-05-14 08:26:44
430.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-05-14 08:27:09
431.   old dodger fan
428 I understand your concerns about CF but I would like to defend Gonzo. In almost every offensive catagory he has hit better than Ethier. His BA; OBP and SLG are all higher than Ethier, he has fewer strikeouts in more AB's; he draws more walks. They have the same number of XBH's. Gonzo's .806 OPS is not hurting us.

I would like to see Matt Kemp in CF but barring injury I am not optimistic.

JP's OBP (.318) has been a disappointment. His power (4XBH's) is no surprise. His SB's are about as advertised (75% success). His defense has been disappointing. He is not killing us. Sometimes he tries to ignite us. When the Marlins shut us out last week he got on base 3 times. One of those times he singled, stole 2nd and then stole 3rd. Other than stealing home I don't know what else he could have done. Other games he is silent. On average thought his OBP is below average and a #2 hitter should do better. I think Kemp could do better and play a better CF. The most depressing thing about JP though is the 5 year contract.

2007-05-14 08:31:04
432.   bhsportsguy
Dodger Record in Games Started by Pitcher:

Penny 7-1 (5-0)
Hendrickson 4-1 (2-0)
Lowe 4-4 (3-4)
Wolf 4-4 (4-3)
Tomko 3-3 (1-3)
Schmidt 1-2 (1-2)

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