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Still Haunted by Bobby Bryant
2007-05-14 18:10
by Jon Weisman

Even though the St. Louis Cardinals have fallen on rock-hard times, I won't believe they're an easy foe until I see it. In recent years, the Dodgers have seemed more hopeless against the Cardinals than the Rams against the Vikings in the 1970s. Like this.

John Hadl, Pat Haden, James Harris, Vince Ferragamo, Ron Jaworski - could any of them get even a slumping Albert Pujols out?

The Dodgers did a nice job sweeping the Reds this weekend, but when it comes to St. Louis, I'm throwing the records out and going on hope.

* * *

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (594)
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2007-05-14 18:15:45
1.   kevinarno
Not that I'm generally one for subplots, but I remembered today that Tomko left St. Louis on non-speaking terms with Dave Duncan, and that LaRussa "publicly chided Tomko twice, the first time for not retaliating if the Yankees were hitting tipped pitches, the second time was for crediting a friend for his turnaround," according to the Oakland Tribune in 2004.
2007-05-14 18:32:29
2.   Bob Timmermann
I have promised to spend my afterlife haunting Paul Krause, Fran Tarkenton, and Bobby Bryant.

I might go after Fred Cox too.

Chuck Foreman as well.

2007-05-14 18:32:34
3.   Marty
I'm reminded how much I hated the Vikings in the 70's.
2007-05-14 18:39:47
4.   El Lay Dave
And if it wasn't the Vikes, it was the dreaded Dallas Cowboys knocking the Rams out. In 1978, the Pat Haden-led Rams did beat the Vikings, but later lost to Roger Staubach and the Cowboys in a shutout.

I may have hated the Cowboys more.

2007-05-14 18:44:00
5.   Robert Daeley
4 And as a Cowboys fan at the time, it was the Steelers we hated. And of course the Redskins, but that's a given. :)
2007-05-14 18:44:40
6.   Icaros
My dad flipped-off a fellow motorist once in the late 70s, only to realize moments later that the motorist was Jack Youngblood, one of his favorite football players.
2007-05-14 18:47:02
7.   PlayTwo
The Rams would put together great seasons in the late '60s and then have to head to the frigid world of Vikings football where each season would crumble in world of ice fishing features, gloves and the chilly breath of the Rams players. Where is that historic organization now?
2007-05-14 18:47:21
8.   D4P
I've never hated any team more than the 49ers in the 80s.
2007-05-14 18:48:32
9.   trainwreck
I have never hated a team as much as I hated the Niners growing up.
2007-05-14 18:49:20
10.   Telemachos
8 Hee hee. As a Niner fan, those were fun years against the Rams. (Although you took harsh revenge in the late 90s....)
2007-05-14 18:49:41
11.   Icaros

I lived up here. The hatred scarred me for life.

2007-05-14 18:50:09
12.   StolenMonkey86
that whole team is suffering. Only 2 guys in the lineup for the Cards have an OPS over .700.
2007-05-14 18:51:22
13.   Telemachos
The worse the Cards are, the more worried I am that the Dodgers will play flat and lose two out of three. I guess 2006 scarred me, to some degree.
2007-05-14 18:52:50
14.   Daniel Zappala
This is off topic, but why did Clemens sign with the Yankees, other than they offered him the most money? They're not doing well, and the Red Sox would have signed him, given him an even stronger welcome back, and he would have had a great chance to win. I know that 99% of the time it is all about the money, but good grief, he has already earned tons of money and at his age, I would think winning one last Series would be the main motivation.
2007-05-14 18:54:37
15.   El Lay Dave
14 He wants to be the savior as well?
2007-05-14 18:54:49
16.   Daniel Zappala
I hated the Cowboys because they sold themselves as "America's Team" more than anything else. I never hated the 49ers, though I was often frustrated or mad that they beat the Rams. I couldn't hate a team with a QB as good as Montana or Young.
2007-05-14 18:55:34
17.   Jon Weisman
The Niners were positively charming compared to the 1970s Vikings.
2007-05-14 18:56:02
18.   Bob Timmermann
In the words of Krusty the Klown, "You don't know how hard it is to say no, they parked a dumptruck full of money outside my house!!!"
2007-05-14 18:56:37
19.   PDH5204
Jon, though I noted Pujols' bad-hitting rut in my prior remark[s] to Greg Brock, to be fair, well, what with Rolen and Edmonds going the way of the dinosaur, he has next to no protection in the lineup and so he isn't seeing anything to hit, and that's causing him to press. I trust that we too will retire those that need retiring so that we too may be able to give on one Albert Pujols nothing to hit.
2007-05-14 18:58:34
20.   Daniel Zappala
18 Except there were two dumptrucks parked outside the house. The big one was full of cash and heading to Siberia, and the smaller one, half the size, was also filled with cash and heading to Florida.
2007-05-14 19:00:11
21.   Bob Timmermann
At least the Niners won Super Bowls. The Vikings and Tarkenton almost single-handedly killed the Super Bowl.

Fran Tarkenton is my NFL version of Frank Robinson.

Fran Tarkenton compounded my hatred of him by the fact that the shows "That's Incredible!" existed.

Just think how much better the world would be if we lived in a world where Fran Tarkenton never existed. There would be no pollution, no global warming, peace in the Middle East, and Fred Smoot would never be able to charter a party boat.

2007-05-14 19:01:41
22.   Bob Timmermann
Albert Pujols doesn't need "protection" to hit well. He's just in a slump. He's too good of a hitter to stay this bad.

Rolen and Edmonds on the other hand are likely feeling the cumulative effects of injuries.

2007-05-14 19:04:31
23.   El Lay Dave
We should mentally add Roman Gabriel to the list at the top. The Rams lost to the Vikings in the 1969 playoffs also. These memories are fading, but I still remember my blue and white (yes, white) Rams helmet and trying to imitate Wendell Tucker, Jack Snow and, later, Harold Jackson.
2007-05-14 19:06:44
24.   GoBears
14 Actually, I heard that the Red Sox offered Clemens as much or more money. Might not be true, but you're right, I can't believe it was about a couple bucks.

I think it's Pettitte. Andy completes him.

2007-05-14 19:07:15
25.   natepurcell
for CanuckDodger

going into todays game, Pauls splits this year..

vs RHP: 295/380/453 95AB 4bb 12k

vs LHP: 293/348/390 41AB 13bb 31k

2007-05-14 19:09:12
26.   PDH5204
22 Bob, if the batters behind Albert are hitting, he will see more balls to hit, since no one wants the walk to be followed by the home run by the fellow[a] hitting well behind him. But with no one hitting behind him, he sees junk and he knows that with the others being so inept, that he's just got to do something, and so he's trying to hit pitches that he ought to be taking for balls. And he does that because if walks, he'll not get much farther than first base. I otherwise never said that he'd stay this bad, as sooner or later, he'll have some protection and then he'll see some better balls to swing at. Which statement is its own back-handed compliment, as only the truly great hitters get treated as he is being treated now.
2007-05-14 19:10:36
27.   Bob Timmermann
I'm just anti-protectionist when it comes to hitting.

I don't think Pujols is caught up in a Smoot-Hawley situation.

2007-05-14 19:10:52
28.   underdog
There aren't many better first things to hear when you come out of a nap then "Hi everybody, a very pleasant Monday to you wherever you may be" from Vin.

"Tomko getting ready..." isn't quite as happy a phrase.

2007-05-14 19:12:50
29.   Bob Timmermann
Grady better come out and calm down Tomko after that single.
2007-05-14 19:13:14
30.   El Lay Dave
27 I agree, he's not and as long as Pujols doesn't get caught up in a Fred Smoot (21) situation either, he'll be fine.
2007-05-14 19:13:44
31.   El Lay Dave
29 Send out Hendrickson's shrink, instead.
2007-05-14 19:14:57
32.   underdog
Why did I wake up from my nap for this again? I forgot Tomko was pitching. Okay, settle down Brett.
2007-05-14 19:16:49
33.   underdog
Tomko says "Smoot-Hawley this pitch!"
2007-05-14 19:18:06
34.   underdog
Ouch. I'm so tickled to see the poor Cardinals get some luck to score a run. How nice for them. Sigh.
2007-05-14 19:18:19
35.   Bob Timmermann
Was that hit by Edmonds karmic payback or was Homer Simpson right and is karma only apportioned by the cosmos?
2007-05-14 19:21:48
36.   underdog
Remind me again why Tomko is better than Billingsley?
2007-05-14 19:21:48
37.   Hallux Valgus
okay the channel 9 gun just clocked Tomko's last pitch at 103. Something tells me it's off just a tad.
2007-05-14 19:21:49
38.   natepurcell
I knew all this tomko talk about arm angles and delivery changes was all hogwash.
2007-05-14 19:22:53
39.   k0b3
why did i wake up for bombko? Unless dodgers can put up at least 7 runs tonight, i believe the cardinal win streak will be 10
2007-05-14 19:23:10
40.   Terry A
First game I've been able to watch this year.

And I'm wondering how bad Billingsley and Kuo are to not warrant starting over Brett Tomko.

They have the misfortune of having not been signed to a multi-million dollar contract by Ned Colletti.

2007-05-14 19:24:36
41.   Bob Timmermann
Padres up 3-0 already at home against the Reds.
2007-05-14 19:25:03
42.   underdog
Heh. 39 meet 32 {yawn}

I think the Dodgers can score some runs today, too, but, Tomko's going to have to settle down quickly or forget it, kid.

2007-05-14 19:25:48
43.   JoeyP
Another Pierre bunt.
Color me shocked.
2007-05-14 19:25:54
44.   Benaiah
Nate those splits don't make sense. His bb numbers don't match his OBPs.
2007-05-14 19:26:13
45.   PDH5204
27 Great, as soon as I comment on the ineptness of some, Brett Tomko forgets that inept hitters aren't supposed to double, and Encarnacion isn't supposed to single either. Which brings me to my question for the day, how long 'till we know whether Kuo is ready?

Oh, and Bob, for later viewing, another piece of the Formidable puzzle, and call this one, letting the swing speak louder than the projectionist's average of averages:

Oh, and Jon, you here? Call that particular swing "J.D. Drew-like" in its seeming effortlessness, yet the ball is crushed.

2007-05-14 19:26:25
46.   natepurcell
im not going to say anything about what just took place
2007-05-14 19:26:45
47.   Greg Brock
You have got to be kidding me.
2007-05-14 19:27:28
48.   natepurcell

take it up with its straight from his players page although i'll leave room for me messing up.

2007-05-14 19:28:12
49.   Bob Timmermann
What the heck does Akinori Iwamura have to do with the price of eggs?
2007-05-14 19:28:37
50.   k0b3
kent used to put the inside fastball in the seats.....
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-05-14 19:28:47
51.   Benaiah
The difference between a sac bunt and bunting someone over in a failed attempt to get on is arbitrary and pointless. Do the people who are sac bunting not run to first?
2007-05-14 19:29:44
52.   k0b3
pierre seems like to prevent from getting criticized, he sac bunts when he can to not kill his batting average...great player we got
2007-05-14 19:29:58
53.   bhsportsguy
40 Kuo was hurt so Grady and Ned gets a pass on that one and since Chad was taken out of the starting mix in spring training, he really never had a shot to be a starter.

I have said it for weeks that Tomko should be out of the rotation but the problem is, what do you do with him? He is not really good as a middle reliever, the Dodgers don't use a long guy too often.

And with the uncertainity about Schmidt, you really don't want to start dealing pitchers until you know what is up with Jason.

2007-05-14 19:31:16
54.   Aug C
Tomko's ERA is back to a more Tomko-like 4.95. However, Billingsley is allowing baserunners to get on like there's no tomorrow (or a correlation between baserunners and runs allowed). His WHIP is 1.6! Is Tomko good? Heck no. But has Billingsley proven he's a better option, either last year or this? No again.

Maybe, you say, it's because he's working out of the 'pen. But don't tell me there's irrefutable evidence that Bills is a better option right now. Don't get me wrong, I love him and I have very high hopes for the guy. But he ain't exactly been a world-beater.

2007-05-14 19:31:17
55.   natepurcell

you sit him in the bullpen. :)

2007-05-14 19:31:22
56.   Icaros
How many runs do we need to be down for the player not to bunt?
2007-05-14 19:32:04
57.   natepurcell

Billingsley has been hot lately.

2007-05-14 19:32:15
58.   Greg Brock
We failed to capitalize on the big advancement of the runner down three runs in the first inning.
2007-05-14 19:32:40
59.   Terry A
53 - Many of us were asking "What do you do with him?" when Tomko was signed.
2007-05-14 19:33:22
60.   imperabo
What's wrong with attempting to bunt for a hit? If Pierre doesn't do that once in a while how is he going to slap singles past drawn in infielders?
2007-05-14 19:33:28
61.   Hallux Valgus
that "lady kissing her Nomar van" commercial never fails to creep me out.
2007-05-14 19:33:52
62.   JoeyP
54--The difference between Billingsley and Tomko though is essentially 'hope'. Billingsley might improve. Tomko likely wont.

So do you go with a guy that will improve with time, or do you keep with the mediocre veteran? We pretty much know what current Dodger management believes is best in this regard.

What did LaRoche do to get benched for Betemit?

2007-05-14 19:34:09
63.   Aug C

As hot as Tomko was to start the season?

2007-05-14 19:34:36
64.   k0b3
alright i'm turnin the tv off...when eckstein gets a hit, it's over
2007-05-14 19:34:39
65.   natepurcell

i think theres a difference between bunting for a base hit and then bunting for a base hit in the first inning, down by 3 runs already.

2007-05-14 19:35:09
66.   thinkblue0
who else wishes Grady would go up to Pierre and say "don't give away outs".

What he just did drives me up the wall.

2007-05-14 19:35:13
67.   underdog
54/57 Yeah, I think Billingsley's numbers as of late are the ones that I'm looking at. He's getting better and Tomko's getting worse. And he's not looking any better this inning, for that matter.
2007-05-14 19:35:17
68.   PDH5204
49 I can't tell you until you can tell me how many eggs he eats or otherwise consumes for personal or commercial use. I was simply continuing my remark to you from the other day. Sorry for the interruption.

Now, can you tell if and when Kuo will be ready?

2007-05-14 19:35:31
69.   imperabo
65 Why?
2007-05-14 19:35:41
70.   Bob Timmermann
I perversely take pleasure in DT's general dislike of Eckstein.
2007-05-14 19:36:09
71.   bhsportsguy
54 It was actually stats that made the decison.

Going into tonight, left-handed batters are hitting .333 against Cardinals starter Brad Thompson. Right-handed batters are hitting just .241 against him. That's why Grady went with Betemit, who, let's face it, is basically a left-handed hitter, over Andy LaRoche, who bats right-handed

2007-05-14 19:37:08
72.   underdog
62 No, hope is not the only difference. There's a difference in talent, or "stuff," too. Billingsley has better stuff. Once he has more experience, too, I have no doubt, and neither do most scouts, that he'll be markedly better than Tomko. But I know what you're saying.
2007-05-14 19:37:18
73.   Bob Timmermann
You were talking to me about Akinori Iwamura?


And I guess I shouldn't use old-timey phrases like "what's that got to do with the price of eggs?"

So let's get down to brass tacks....

2007-05-14 19:38:08
74.   bhsportsguy
Look folks Juan Pierre is Juan Pierre, he is going to bunt, he is going to slap at the ball, he is going to hit little bloopers over drawn in infields.
2007-05-14 19:38:26
75.   underdog
(This is not to say I'm rooting for Tomko to continue to be terrible this game - I'd like to see him settle down and for the Dodgers to come back and win. Just that I have never had confidence in him to consistently be good.)
2007-05-14 19:38:30
76.   PDH5204
We are in deep kim chi [as it were], I mean look at that lineup, only 2 guys hitting above .250, yet they're hitting.
2007-05-14 19:38:50
77.   bhsportsguy
71 BTW - That was in Tony Jackson's blog.
2007-05-14 19:39:02
78.   natepurcell
billingsley has better

minor league track record
and age on his side.

tomko has the veteran label and salary.

2007-05-14 19:39:09
79.   Johnny Nucleo
Could someone please describe what Gameday meant by "out on batter interference?"
2007-05-14 19:39:32
80.   JoeyP
Ethier's missing on his dive attempts lately.
2007-05-14 19:39:37
81.   imperabo
Not our day.
2007-05-14 19:39:54
82.   k0b3
geez couldn't tomko wait a few more minutes...i couldn't even turn off my tv before he gives another one up
2007-05-14 19:39:56
83.   Bob Timmermann
Thompson bunted the ball and bounced up and hit him outside of the batter's box.
2007-05-14 19:40:08
84.   bhsportsguy
They are not exactly killing the ball but they are hitting it where they ain't.
2007-05-14 19:40:10
85.   underdog
73 Maybe you are just pining for another ether frolic while you were having a phosphate down at the five and dime. Maybe Iwamura is a butter and egg man.
2007-05-14 19:40:15
86.   D4P
I perversely take pleasure in generally disliking Eckstein.
2007-05-14 19:40:17
87.   imperabo
79 Must have been the bunt that touched the batter.
2007-05-14 19:40:55
88.   PDH5204
73 It was actually an aside, when I remarked re Formidable being Iwamura and Loney at the corner's with you figuring out who gets to replace the rose bush at 2nd. Oh, and sorry, but while you're an anti-protectionist, I'm the literalist and so I answered your question, literally.
2007-05-14 19:41:01
89.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't think it was Bob. I remember somebody being insistent that Iwamura wasn't much based on some statistical translation of NPB numbers to MLB. In response to which PDH5204 linked an article about no single statistic being the perfect explanation of a players worth. I didn't get around to reading the article until a day or so after opening it, at which point I was puzzled by how I'd come by it.
2007-05-14 19:41:34
90.   Johnny Nucleo
83 That must be a pretty rare play.
2007-05-14 19:41:54
91.   underdog
I think this game is a sign that I should be working on my writing tonight and not watching Tomko offend my delicate sensibilities.
2007-05-14 19:42:09
92.   k0b3
before i go this bombing performance by tomko reminds me of his previous quote on his last garbage start..."I wasn't wild at all, i was just missing" lol that's gold

annnnnd another hr before i can turn it off

2007-05-14 19:42:13
93.   JoeyP
The Dodgers could use a Chris Duncan.
Lots of power.

Also, no more Tomko.

2007-05-14 19:42:14
94.   Terry A
So again, how bad is Billingsley?
2007-05-14 19:42:19
95.   Hallux Valgus
84- you had to jinx him, huh?
2007-05-14 19:42:32
96.   scareduck
"Two leadoff men aboard
Two leadoff men have scored."

Vinny, you're a poet and you didn't know it.

2007-05-14 19:42:35
97.   Greg Brock
Well, we may get to see Tomko AND Billingsley this evening.

Hello, Bomko, my old friend
I've come to scream at you again...

2007-05-14 19:42:55
98.   natepurcell
they are hitting it where they ain't.

Duncan sure hit it where they ain't :)

2007-05-14 19:43:04
99.   Bob Timmermann
I would think it happens a few times a year on bunts.

Even if the ball didn't hit Thompson, it would have gone foul and he would have struck out.

2007-05-14 19:43:18
100.   scareduck
93 - and maybe Brett Tomko could use Dave Duncan. He seems to be exactly the kind of reclamation project Duncan does well with.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-05-14 19:43:42
101.   Andrew Shimmin
The important thing is, we didn't let Pujols beat us.
2007-05-14 19:43:47
102.   bhsportsguy
Remember this, if there is one place where Grady will make a change is with his pitchers.

Odalis, Seo, Tomko, Hendrickson, Sele all came and went last year, I have full confidence that contract status or not, he will make a change.

2007-05-14 19:43:49
103.   underdog
Okay, I'm gonna turn this one off and check back in a little later. And seeing Seanez in the bullpen makes me want to turn it off in quicker.

I will say one thing in Tomko's defense - the Cardinals were destined to break out of their slump, they're too good a team to keep getting shut out so it's possible they'd be hacking like this against anyone, but on the other hand...

2007-05-14 19:43:54
104.   StolenMonkey86
99 - how does that compare to catcher's intereference in rarity?
2007-05-14 19:44:03
105.   scooplew
Tomko and Hendrickson are reverting to the pitchers they have always been. No surprises here. Tomko has not had an ERA below 4 in any full season since his rookie year of 1997 with Cincinnati. His career mark is 4.53. Hendrickson has not had an ERA below 4 in any full season since his rookie year of 2002 with Toronto in which he appeared in only 16 games. His career ERA is 4.86. Billingsley and Kuo will likely be in the starting rotation by early June. If Schmidt comes back, that will be a bonus.
2007-05-14 19:44:28
106.   Bob Timmermann
It's going to be a fun night for The Best Fans In Baseball™.
2007-05-14 19:44:54
107.   underdog
100 He's all yours, Dave!
2007-05-14 19:45:12
108.   scareduck
97 - remember, Tomko is an accomplished artist.
2007-05-14 19:45:37
109.   Gen3Blue
I was just reading one of the Baseball Analyst type sites about the opposite of quality starts. These are the starts when you stick your team in an immense hole in the early innings. Then I wake up, tune in and its 4-0. Oh well, we had a good run and this is our fifth starter. Whoops 6-0.
If the Cards had seen our last few games, they should be worried anyway for we can score without lifting a bat.
2007-05-14 19:45:39
110.   Bob Timmermann
I think the events are rare enough that you can't compare them.

However, "batter getting called out for having the ball hit him" isn't kept as an official stat unlike catcher's interference.

2007-05-14 19:46:06
111.   scareduck
106 - The Yankees don't play today.
2007-05-14 19:46:08
112.   JoeyP
This game is precisely why some are concerned about the Dodgers offense. Its bc the pitching isnt as dominant as probably the team ERA says it is.

Tomko, Hendrickson--not good starters.
Lowe---should be good, but could decline
Penny's--a solid #2 or #1.

How many times can you say --given the Dodgers offense---that the team will definitely win the game on a given nite? I think of Penny's starts, and thats it.

The team needs a power bat and Jason Schmidt circa 2003.

2007-05-14 19:47:15
113.   scareduck
112 - and given Penny's second half fade last year, you wonder about even that much.
2007-05-14 19:47:15
114.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees have "The Greatest Fans in Baseball"™

It's a very subtle distinction.

2007-05-14 19:47:34
115.   JoeyP
100--Dave Duncan's been there/done that.
2007-05-14 19:48:02
116.   Gen3Blue
Their just settin up for a remark about Bob Gibson.
2007-05-14 19:48:14
117.   Gen3Blue
2007-05-14 19:49:18
118.   PDH5204
103 to continue the thought...on the other hand, while we might expect one or more or all to eventually break out of the rut, not all at once, unless, of course, some had help...

Does anyone know when Kuo will be ready?

Oh, and Xeifrank, at least I think that's who it is, but he is correct re the speaking of his name, as the name would sounds something like GWO.

2007-05-14 19:50:50
119.   Aug C
Agree with everything you said about what Billingsley is better at.

However, one thing he doesn't have right now is better performance than Tomko either last year or this year.
-Bills gave up 58 walks in 90 IP while still giving up a hit per inning.
-This year he's given up 11 free passes in 19.1 IP while still giving up a hit per inning.

Yes, the long-term yield curve for Bills is probably better than Tomko's. I'm a stathead too, I think but too many statheads have overly zealous young-player-fetish. They applaud letting Troy Glaus walk in favor of Dallas McPherson as fervently as anti-statheads applaud signing Pierre in favor of Matt Kemp. I think statheads are "more right" than the anti-statheads, but statheads get unreasonable with their sentiments just like the anti-s.

If I pick one to sign to a five year contract of course I pick Billingsley; all I'm saying is right here and now, I see no reason to think Billingsley will be better than Tomko in 2007, even while acknowledging Tomko pretty bad.

2007-05-14 19:51:05
120.   Greg Brock
118 Kuo/Guo Détente was declared.
2007-05-14 19:51:18
121.   underdog
Before we get too gloom and doom here, yes Tomko/Hendy are not the answer long term, but if they aren't, whatever my other criticisms of the Dodgers management, I have faith they will put in Kuo and/or Billingsley if the vets fade as expected. I really do believe that. The offense could certainly use more jumpstarting (insert my previous rants about Kemp and/or Loney missing from the team) from inside the organization or outside, but I do think their pitching will generally be solid this year. However, it's hard to feel confident in any of that when Tomko's up there throwing slop and the Dodgers are doing nothing so far vs. the Cards.
2007-05-14 19:51:24
122.   Terry A
On the Cardinals' pre-game show, they replayed The Jack Clark Homer from 1985. Without looking, do you know who the on-deck hitter was?

You can't let ---- --- ----- beat you there. You've gotta pitch to Jack Clark.

2007-05-14 19:51:57
123.   bhsportsguy
112 I think they are two different subjects, there is no question that the pitching is better than last year and generally the NL is not a league where you win a lot of 8-6 games. Time and again, no matter how good your offense, you have to pitch to win and go far in the playoffs.

I am not happy with the offense but until a trade or injuries change things, this is the lineup that we will see.

2007-05-14 19:52:17
124.   Bob Timmermann
Andy Van Slyke
2007-05-14 19:52:26
125.   Aug C

For the record, if I were the manager I would have Billingsley in there over Tomko. I'm just saying it's not an obvious decision for 2007.

2007-05-14 19:53:30
126.   StolenMonkey86
124 - I'm glad I got that one before I hit refresh.
2007-05-14 19:53:33
127.   Bob Timmermann
Lasorda would have brought in Reuss to pitch to Van Slyke, but said he didn't trust him in that role.
2007-05-14 19:53:42
128.   Johnny Nucleo
122 It was Andy Van Slyke. I recall that Bill James had a long talk about it in the 1986 abstract that pitching to Clark was the right move.
2007-05-14 19:54:51
129.   scareduck
Pasta-diving Kent.
2007-05-14 19:55:13
130.   Bob Timmermann
This is all Jon's fault for bringing up Bobby Bryant.
2007-05-14 19:55:17
131.   Terry A
I thought it was an obvious decision for 2006. And 2007.

And I'm being obtuse. Sorry.

124 - Correct.

2007-05-14 19:55:17
132.   underdog
But if you're a stathead, you know how bad or at least highly erratic Tomko has been through his whole career. Billingsley was erratic his first year, too, but when he found his groove he was very impressive. I guess I'm just saying, I can't imagine Billingsley being any worse than Tomko, and I can imagine - at least imagine - him being a lot better.

Speaking of which, would Bills be available to come in today?

And why am I still watching this game? I just lost my appetite for dinner.

2007-05-14 19:55:56
133.   Greg Brock
At this point, I'd prefer not to burn the entire pen on the first night of the series.

Let Tomko or Seanez pitch, then put Rick Honeycutt in to pitch the last three innings.

2007-05-14 19:56:12
134.   scooplew
This is only the sixth time this season that the Cardinals have scored as many as six runs, and it is only the third inning. Before tonight, the Cardinals had not homered since May 1. Entering tonight, the Dodgers had scored 60 more runs than St. Louis. Jon was prescient....By the way, didn't the Bobby Bryant interception return for a TD come when the Rams chose not to go for a score with something like fourth-and-one inside the 1? Does anyone remember the painful details?
2007-05-14 19:56:20
135.   JoeyP
I see no reason to think Billingsley will be better than Tomko in 2007,

Maybe so.
But at some point you have to go with the guy that might eventually be good, instead of spinning your wheels with inconsequential veterans.

Take the Tigers for instance. Their rookies had a horrible 2003 season, but they also got alot of youngsters playing time that no doubt helped them develop into the 2006 team.

Dodgers need to trot Billingsley out there every 5th day just like the Tigers did with Bonderman early on.

Wasting time on the Hendrickson/Tomko's does nothing IMO.

2007-05-14 19:56:21
136.   underdog
What can Martin possibly be saying to Tomko here? "Please stop sucking"? "Throw it harder and down"? "What are you painting these days?"
2007-05-14 19:56:22
137.   theweakspot in LA
I don't know guys, looks to me like Tomko was just beginning to settle down.
2007-05-14 19:56:33
138.   scareduck
"How you feeling, Brett?"
2007-05-14 19:56:43
139.   StolenMonkey86
133 - At times like these, I will not give up in Pierre throwing knuckleballs.
2007-05-14 19:56:46
140.   kadycee
2007-05-14 19:57:51
141.   StolenMonkey86
in comes Seanez
2007-05-14 19:58:00
142.   Terry A
These long-sleeve, solid-color shirts many managers are wearing these days look really sloppy. When Grady Little came out just now, he looked like he'd been watching the game from a barcolounger in his double-wide when he remembered he had to let the cat out and, oh yeah, change pitchers.
2007-05-14 19:58:26
143.   scareduck
140 - theoretical Rule 8 violation detected.
2007-05-14 19:59:07
144.   Bob Timmermann
Bryant returned a blocked field goal attempt by Tom Dempsey.

Ron Jessie appeared to have scored on an end around and Pat Haden also looked to have scored on a run, but the officials marked them short. Then the Rams went for a field goal.

And then ...

2007-05-14 19:59:11
145.   underdog
Not a bad idea! Bring Pierre in to pitch, I know he can at least throw it that far, and his crazy knuckling off speed stuff will have them off balance!

Sigh... can we just fast forward to tomorrow's game?

2007-05-14 19:59:31
146.   Andrew Shimmin
125- Saying it's not an obvious decision is different from saying there's "no reason to think Billingsley will be better than Tomko in 2007."

You gave Billingsley's big league numbers, but he pitched 70+ IP in AAA, last year, with a more reasonable walk rate, and 146 IP the year before with pretty good one. There's a reason PECOTA projects him to be significantly better than Tomko this year; pitchers like him have, more often than not, been better in comparable years than pitchers like Tomko have. It's certainly possible that Billingsley won't be, but it's not a stat geek fantasy to believe Billingsley the superior option.

2007-05-14 19:59:38
147.   scareduck
"Rudy Seanez prepares to 'pitch'."

Corrected Vinny's call for the clearly missing scare quotes.

2007-05-14 20:00:12
148.   kadycee
Uh, what's Rule 8 again...?
2007-05-14 20:00:25
149.   Pedro Astacio
let's put in Furcal, I've always wanted to see how fast he throws that ball.
2007-05-14 20:00:41
150.   underdog
Blessing in disguise: Tomko and Seanez stink so badly today that management's thinking will catch up to ours. I mean, if the game's over already, you might as well think ahead right?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-05-14 20:01:19
151.   kadycee
I think if Russell Martin could catch AND pitch, he would.
2007-05-14 20:01:34
152.   Greg Brock
148 Thanks for not making the same point over and over again.

But you only posted it once. Which isn't really a violation. But you sent it into infinity, which is a long time.

I need a ruling on this one.

2007-05-14 20:01:40
153.   scareduck
148 - making the same point over and over again.
2007-05-14 20:01:50
154.   JoeyP
Pass ball on Martin.
Geez this is a bad game.
2007-05-14 20:02:00
155.   Icaros
Get Martin out of this game.
2007-05-14 20:02:27
156.   underdog
2007-05-14 20:02:42
157.   scareduck
147 - clearly I didn't put enough archness into it. Must work harder.
2007-05-14 20:02:47
158.   Greg Brock
You can close the book on Tomko. Preferably while his right hand is inside it.

Close that book as hard as you can.

2007-05-14 20:02:50
159.   bhsportsguy
Baseball is such an unpredictable game, the Dodgers just finished playing the Braves, Marlins, and Reds, ranked 4,5, and 6 in runs scored, and gave up less than 4 runs a game combined.

The Cardinals averaging 3.1 runs a game have already scored 8 runs, a total that they have surpassed 4 times this year.

2007-05-14 20:02:53
160.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Good News: They only got 2 this inning.
2007-05-14 20:03:06
161.   scareduck
154 - Gameday says wild pitch.
2007-05-14 20:03:53
162.   Bob Timmermann
There must have been a Healing of the Bats ceremony somewhere.

Kevin Kouzmanoff is 2 for 2 tonight in San Diego.

2007-05-14 20:03:56
163.   Marty
My T-shirts did not come today. But, tomorrow is another day.
2007-05-14 20:04:20
164.   JoeyP
From the TV, it looked like Martin could have had it. He had to reach for it, but I dont think it ever hit the dirt.
2007-05-14 20:04:50
165.   Greg Brock
160 When you imagine Professor Hubert Farnsworth saying that line, it's awesome.
2007-05-14 20:05:22
166.   regfairfield
Tomko's ERA went from decent, to Tomko-esque, to terrible in just one night. It's now 5.97.
2007-05-14 20:05:36
167.   bhsportsguy
Maybe the Cardinals see Dodger Blue and light up like Vlad Guerrero when he says Texas is in the ballpark.

Of course if the Dodgers had just won two or three more games against the Cards and Padres, they could have changed the playoff fortunes for both teams.

2007-05-14 20:06:26
168.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Anyone remember the game we had- early 90s- vs the Phillies. We were up something like 11-1 in the 8, and LOST.

My point is, we can still win. If only we were the Phillies.

2007-05-14 20:06:51
169.   Telemachos
My shirt came today! Definitely looks like that'll be the highlight of the evening.

Incidentally, any ideas why Pierre doesn't try the slap-bunt or the fake-bunt-slap-away more often? Seems like both would be very effective for him and his strengths, but I haven't seen him even try either. On the other hand, Furcal has had at least 2 slap-bunts for hits this year. I'd think it'd be even more important for Pierre to try these things, just to keep the fielders honest.

2007-05-14 20:07:06
170.   kadycee
152. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I hope to get a ruling in my favor. If you consider that time is just a concept, then infinity isn't really a length of time, merely an idea. Or something.
2007-05-14 20:07:14
171.   imperabo
160 That post is best read in the voice of the professor from Futurama.
2007-05-14 20:07:32
172.   bhsportsguy
168 I listened to that game driving up to Santa Barbara for work, very annoying.
2007-05-14 20:07:54
173.   scareduck
168 - SOSG recently had a post about this:

The game itself:

2007-05-14 20:07:58
174.   imperabo
165 That post is best read before comenting on post 160.
2007-05-14 20:08:16
175.   Bob Timmermann
Philadelphia at L.A.
walked; Martinez reached on an error by Offerman [Booker to
third]; Thon singled to center [Booker scored, Martinez to
third]; Hollins singled to center [Martinez scored (unearned),
Thon to second]; Campusano flied to right; Nieto walked [Thon to
third, Hollins to second]; V. Hayes reached on an error by
Offerman [Thon scored (unearned) (RBI), Hollins to third, Nieto
to second]; CREWS REPLACED WALSH (PITCHING); Murphy doubled to
left [Hollins scored (unearned), Nieto scored (unearned), V.
Hayes to third]; KRUK BATTED FOR MCDOWELL; Kruk homered
(unearned, but earned for the pitcher) [V. Hayes scored
(unearned), Murphy scored (unearned, but earned for the
pitcher)]; Booker singled to center; HOWELL REPLACED CREWS
(PITCHING); Booker stole second; Martinez doubled to center
[Booker scored (unearned, but earned for the pitcher)]; Thon
flied to center; Hollins was walked intentionally; Campusano
grounded out (third to first); 9 R (4 ER), 6 H, 2 E, 2 LOB.
Phillies 12, Dodgers 11.
2007-05-14 20:08:28
176.   Hallux Valgus
169- I thought the slap bunt was pretty much what he always did.
2007-05-14 20:08:34
177.   bhsportsguy
At least Rafael is back to himself. Now he just needs to add some extra-base pop.
2007-05-14 20:08:43
178.   underdog
165 You mean like, "Good news everyone! Tomorrow, you'll all be making a delivery to Ebola 9, the virus planet." ?

That totally fits tonight's game.

2007-05-14 20:09:50
179.   Greg Brock
178 Tonight, it's more like:

"Good News...It's a suppository!"

2007-05-14 20:11:51
180.   kadycee
My prediction: we get 8 homers in a row in the 9th inning, the Cards tie it in the 10th, and then Nomar wins it with a walk-off in the 11th. Okay?
2007-05-14 20:12:16
181.   Terry A
Juan Pierre is creative in his out-making.

For that, he deserves our appreciation.

And $45 million.

2007-05-14 20:12:36
182.   kadycee
I meant 9 homers in the 9th. I can't do math.
2007-05-14 20:12:56
183.   Bluebleeder87
My shirt came today! Definitely looks like that'll be the highlight of the evening.

i second that thought & i had my lady wash it for the "perfect fit"

2007-05-14 20:12:58
184.   scareduck
"In play, out(s)."

Oh, you teases.

2007-05-14 20:13:34
185.   underdog
Heh. I think "Good news, everyone! you're not good enough to go on this next mission" might fit tonight, as well.
2007-05-14 20:13:44
186.   Bob Timmermann
Tonight's most surprising news:
Learning that the 71 is no longer the "Corona Expressway", but rather the "Chino Valley Freeway."
2007-05-14 20:15:05
187.   Icaros
If I were King of DodgerThoughts, I'd replace the no-hitter jinxing rule with a never speak of the 1990 Phillies game rule.
2007-05-14 20:15:14
188.   Bluebleeder87

i think we'll score a few runs but an 8 run deficit is a huge mountain to climb.

2007-05-14 20:15:24
189.   underdog
You say Chino, I say Corona, let's call the whole place off.
2007-05-14 20:16:20
190.   kadycee
Anyone ever had Turkish coffee? It's really good. It has nothing to do with this game, but then neither do the Dodgers.
2007-05-14 20:16:32
191.   Bob Timmermann
Some blog to remember, some blog to forget.
2007-05-14 20:17:04
192.   kadycee
No matter how bad the Dodgers play, Vin is still entertaining. How lucky we are.
2007-05-14 20:18:09
193.   Icaros

Some of us have to watch the Cardinals feed.

2007-05-14 20:18:33
194.   imperabo
190 Post of the day.
2007-05-14 20:19:23
195.   Icaros

I love Turkish coffee.

2007-05-14 20:19:41
196.   Marty
I had my first experience drinking a high-end Tequila this weekend. It was amazingly different from the swill I've had before. I'm going to start accumulating a few brands.
2007-05-14 20:21:07
197.   Disabled List
196 Drink some tonight, if you intend on watching the rest of this game.
2007-05-14 20:21:28
198.   Terry A
193 - Oh, come now. You mean to tell me you're not entertained by Al Hrabosky's color commentary?

St. Louis boasts The Mad Hungarian for television color work and Mike Shannon on the radio. Pick your poison.

2007-05-14 20:21:32
199.   kadycee
Tequila scares me.
2007-05-14 20:21:47
200.   Greg Brock
196 Like single malt scotch and blended, expensive tequila and cheapie stuff aren't really the same hooch.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-05-14 20:21:58
201.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Kent. yay. just a little.
2007-05-14 20:22:06
202.   Icaros
I had my first experience drinking a _____ this weekend.

Not something I thought you could honestly say anymore.

2007-05-14 20:22:15
203.   Bluebleeder87
I'm going to start accumulating a few brands.

a friend of mine dose that for fun he has quite a few.

2007-05-14 20:22:34
204.   imperabo
I think rule 11 should be temporarily repealed on nights where the Dodgers fall behind by more than 5.
2007-05-14 20:23:57
205.   PDH5204
Do you think if I and/or we keep referring to him as the rose bush, that he'll keep on homering? It would work for me.
2007-05-14 20:24:12
206.   D4P
The crowd got really excited about that solo shot by Kent that pulled the team within 7.
2007-05-14 20:24:47
207.   Marty
202 Somehow, good Tequila slipped through the cracks. I had always thought I hated Tequila. Turned out I just hadn't had any decent stuff yet.
2007-05-14 20:24:54
208.   kadycee
I have Yankee envy. That's sad.
2007-05-14 20:25:02
209.   Icaros

I don't like Hrabosky's commentary enough to find pleasure in an 8-1 losing game.

But at least we aren't playing the White Sox.

2007-05-14 20:26:12
210.   PDH5204
Jon, you here? Re the Meche piece, a fine pitcher's duel between Meche and Haren is now occurring.
2007-05-14 20:26:14
211.   Marty
203 I have a friend who has about a dozen top-quality bourbons. I'm going to do the same with tequila.
2007-05-14 20:26:23
212.   imperabo
207 To this day I belive that Tequila tastes like toilete bowl cleaner, so maybe I'm due for a pleasant surprise myself.
2007-05-14 20:26:35
213.   Icaros

That's what a friend of mine said about cocaine.

2007-05-14 20:26:58
214.   kadycee
The Dodgers may be losing bad, but--hey,Paris Hilton is still going to jail!
2007-05-14 20:27:16
215.   trainwreck
"Showcasing" Betemit at this time may only lead to his value dropping.
2007-05-14 20:27:43
216.   Disabled List
200 Like single malt scotch and blended, expensive tequila and cheapie stuff aren't really the same hooch.

Blended scotch |= Cheap scotch.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a blend. It costs about $150 a bottle.

2007-05-14 20:28:27
217.   Marty
I had a "reposado" that was $40 for a .750 ml bottle. The name was Los Tres Tonos
2007-05-14 20:28:54
218.   kadycee
Scotch tastes like lumber.
2007-05-14 20:30:26
219.   imperabo
218 Delicious smokey peaty lumber with a hint of salty air.
2007-05-14 20:30:56
220.   Greg Brock
216 Yes, true. I was referring more to your average $15 a bottle blend. But yeah, there is plenty o' good blended scotch out there.

218 Have you ever had a really nice single malt? It's actually not bad, but I'm not a huge fan.

Scotch tastes like lumber is, however, very funny.

2007-05-14 20:31:01
221.   D4P
Steiner is now pronouncing "Seanez" correctly and is doing slightly better with "Encarnacion", though he's still adding a superflous "r".

In other news, Pierre is out-OPSing both Edmonds and Rolen.

2007-05-14 20:31:22
222.   trainwreck
Very true.
2007-05-14 20:31:55
223.   kadycee
219. How precise you are. Yes, exactly like that.
2007-05-14 20:32:57
224.   Icaros
As this long game journeys into night I think it will be interesting to see how the presence of alcohol and a rare female commenter on DT play out.

A precedent has been set, mind you.

2007-05-14 20:33:54
225.   kadycee
Has anyone ever noticed how what's-his-name who has to endure calling games with Joe Morgan always says Rafael FOR-cal?

Why did that just come to me? It's just so annoying. What's that fat guy's name, anyway? I feel sorry for him.

2007-05-14 20:34:48
226.   Disabled List
My favorite scotch at the moment is Aberlour a'bunadh. It costs about $50 a bottle here in Manhattan, which means it's probably a lot cheaper anywhere else.

It does not taste like lumber. Well, it does, but it's tasty lumber.

2007-05-14 20:36:43
227.   Icaros
I just love that Andre Ethier's two songs when he comes to bat are "Still D.R.E." and "Forgot About Dre."
2007-05-14 20:36:49
228.   kadycee
224. As interesting as cyberspace allows, my friend! If only we could all sing Take Me Out to The Ball Game together and pay $8 for beer...
2007-05-14 20:37:37
229.   trainwreck
Jon Miller.
2007-05-14 20:39:01
230.   scooplew
225 What's his name also has his own ways of pronouncing Beltre and Beltran.
2007-05-14 20:39:06
231.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Diaz, co-holder of the NL record for consecutive hits, breathes a sigh of relief.
2007-05-14 20:39:36
232.   kadycee
226. How nice to be in Manhattan drinking scotch--well, vodka in my case. Unless you mean Manhattan Beach. That would be nice, but not fabulous.
2007-05-14 20:39:39
233.   bhsportsguy
San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Cleveland and Detroit, Madison Avenue is not going to happy with these potential markets for the NBA.
2007-05-14 20:39:48
234.   imperabo
For some reason I don't have any Scotch in the house, so I'm quaffing Makers and Pepsi. Feel free to let me know if the influence becomes obvious.
2007-05-14 20:40:38
235.   Bluebleeder87
aside from the wild pitch Seanez gave us some good innings.
2007-05-14 20:41:26
236.   kadycee
229. Jon Miller--that's it. I wonder if he'd like to stick a screw driver in Morgan's throat sometimes. He just so nice. Maybe he'll snap.
2007-05-14 20:41:41
237.   mikethinksblue
I went to Harrods in London last year, and they had an entire wall of single malt scotch. The guy asked me if I wanted to sample a few (for free) and I accepted the offer. If it wasn't before noon, I would have stayed a bit longer.
2007-05-14 20:42:12
238.   Icaros

I'm not worried about myself, and (since Andrew doesn't seem to be around at the moment) maybe I shouldn't worry at all.

But I am surprised that Nate hasn't asked you who your favorite prospects are yet.

2007-05-14 20:42:13
239.   kadycee
Dre is so darn pretty.
2007-05-14 20:44:04
240.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Diaz tied the consecutive hits record for the NL last August. Somebody is giving Vin bad info.

The AL record is 12 by Pinky Higgins and Walt Dropo.

2007-05-14 20:44:07
241.   kadycee
Dre is my favorite prospect. :)
2007-05-14 20:44:20
242.   scooplew
144 That loss was another in a string of painful post-season defeats by the Rams. It seemed that the Rams were beaten by either the Vikes or the Cowboys in the playoffs every year until the Vince Ferragamo-Billy Waddy deflected pass for a TD in 1979 beat the Cowboys in Dallas and sent them into the Super Bowl. I watched that Rams-Cowboys game with my dad's oldest friend, a WW2 tailgunner who died last month at the age of 91.
2007-05-14 20:44:23
243.   kadycee
Pinky Higgins!
2007-05-14 20:44:38
244.   bhsportsguy
Former Dodger Alert

Ricky Ledee is playing for New Orleans, AAA affiliate for the New York Mets.

2007-05-14 20:45:10
245.   natepurcell

you know, i kinda look like Andre...

except two inches shorter and 40lbs ligther then his listed're probably too old for me anyways.

2007-05-14 20:45:25
246.   kadycee
238. Okay, I'll bite. Who are Nate and Andrew?
2007-05-14 20:47:38
247.   Icaros

Nate is hitting on you right now, and we don't talk about Andrew. He speaks for himself.

2007-05-14 20:47:58
248.   Marty
Well, you know who Nate is now.
2007-05-14 20:48:10
249.   kadycee
Ah, Nate. The Mr. D'arcy of Dodger Thoughts.
2007-05-14 20:48:56
250.   imperabo
Announcers talk about Eckstein like he's in the special Olympics.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-05-14 20:49:27
251.   imperabo
Bless his little heart for even trying.
2007-05-14 20:49:29
252.   underdog
240 Okay, I go away from here for awhile, come back and you're all partying like it's 1990. I'll turn this blog around right now if you kids don't behave.

Now pass me some of that Irish Coffee and don't be stingy on the Irish!

2007-05-14 20:49:50
253.   Greg Brock
I see you working there, Nate. Nice.

Andrew is this one guy who loves clowns. His best pal is D4P, who owns a David Eckstein autographed jersey.

2007-05-14 20:49:59
254.   Bluebleeder87
Kent is an animal today.
2007-05-14 20:50:17
255.   kadycee
I smell a run...oh, wait. Gonzo's up.
2007-05-14 20:50:30
256.   D4P
Announcers talk about Eckstein like he's in the special Olympics


2007-05-14 20:51:03
257.   bhsportsguy
Go ahead Nate, predict the top 5 2007 draft picks. That'll show her.
2007-05-14 20:51:55
258.   Terry A
See? Dave Duncan knows the coaches' dress code. That's a darned nice team jacket.

Grady Little should be fined.

2007-05-14 20:51:56
259.   Greg Brock
you're probably too old for me anyways.

Whoa, way to be a charmer.

2007-05-14 20:52:45
260.   Icaros

I thought the "you're probably too old for me" line could use some work, but he'll learn.

2007-05-14 20:53:29
261.   Terry A
Nate doesn't want to be Loney tonight...
2007-05-14 20:53:39
262.   Icaros

As did you, apparently.

2007-05-14 20:54:26
263.   natepurcell
pshhh, its 80s night at club congress tonight. im sure i'll be so loaded it doesnt matter their age.
2007-05-14 20:54:28
264.   kadycee
253. Clowns? Like the kind who wear big shoes? Or do you mean the Giants?
2007-05-14 20:55:04
265.   Benaiah
Cuervo and the like might as well be ipecac. I have had Petron, some specialty brands and even real mezcal, which reminds me of funky rubbing alcohol, and all of them have their merits, but I would never go out of my way to drink tequila. My hierarchy of booze goes: wine, beer, bourbon, rye, vodka, gin, rum with scotch and tequila tied for the bottom. Scotch is too smokey for me, I mix all my hard alcohol these days anyway and scotch is a terrible mixer.
2007-05-14 20:55:15
266.   Bluebleeder87

that little dribble he just hit was painful to watch.

2007-05-14 20:55:24
267.   kadycee
Wasn't Eckstein with the Angels? Before that L.A.-wannabe owned the Angels it seemed like every player had a German name.
2007-05-14 20:56:08
268.   mikethinksblue
I think Steiner and Monday have had a few in the booth tonight.
2007-05-14 20:56:58
269.   Terry A
"im sure i'll be so loaded it doesnt matter their age."

I'm not sure you can ever type that on the internets.

And now we're all wondering what he meant by "too old for me." 17? 18?

2007-05-14 20:57:20
270.   kadycee
259. yes, I thought that was especially smooooooth. Nate, you're probably 13, right?
2007-05-14 20:57:30
271.   imperabo
265 How can you put gin above anything? Distilled pine needles just don't do it for me.
2007-05-14 20:57:45
272.   underdog
Is there still a game going? I'm just following it through you guys so you could tell me anything and I'd believe it. Well, except, you know, like "Pierre just hit one out" or something like that.
2007-05-14 20:58:23
273.   Terry A
Pierre! Way to dive unnecessarily! Jim Edmonds salutes you from the opposing dugout, sir!
2007-05-14 20:58:25
274.   trainwreck
Has anyone had Prohibition Ale?
2007-05-14 20:58:27
275.   Greg Brock
268 Nothing will every beat Rick Sutcliffe, smashed, talking about George Clooney heading to the Middle East.

"He...Clooney...He's gonna go over there and solve that thing."


2007-05-14 20:58:33
276.   Icaros
Nate, you're probably 13, right?


2007-05-14 20:58:39
277.   kadycee
80s night? Is that good?
2007-05-14 20:58:49
278.   natepurcell
i'm 21. i just assume everyone is older then me. i'll probably keep doing that until i'm 27 and a half.

why that number? well, why not that number?

2007-05-14 20:59:06
279.   scooplew;_ylt=ArP2IUp8ehqJAu0xOceBg8wd0bYF?slug=ap-novemberclassic&prov=ap&type=lgns

World Series could end in November...

2007-05-14 20:59:40
280.   Benaiah
271 - Gin martinis and gin and tonics are both excellent.
2007-05-14 20:59:59
281.   Icaros

Griddled earlier.

2007-05-14 21:00:09
282.   natepurcell
80s night? Is that good?

hell yeah if you like to dance.

2007-05-14 21:00:27
283.   underdog
Just tell me the important stuff, like, have the Dodgers kept Pujols under control tonight?
2007-05-14 21:01:01
284.   Icaros
Nate, do they play "Come on Irene"?
2007-05-14 21:01:25
285.   mikethinksblue
According to Steiner, tomorrow is Eddie Konetchy night (an obscure player from the 1900's). Anyone with the last name Konetchy gets in free. This conversation has been going on for an inning and a half.
2007-05-14 21:01:32
286.   D4P
Looks like Pujols is off the juice this year.
2007-05-14 21:01:43
287.   Marty
I'm 21

Man, I could have dated Nate's mom.

2007-05-14 21:02:10
288.   Jon Weisman
249 - LOL
2007-05-14 21:02:14
289.   kadycee
271. Distilled pine needles...that's how I imagine absinthe tasting. Has anyone done the absinthe thing? Or are there no Goths here?
2007-05-14 21:02:22
290.   underdog
275 I wonder if Sutcliffe was able to understand "Syriana" without a guide...

21? Heck, Nate's just a pup. Luckily my age isn't in dog years.

2007-05-14 21:02:25
291.   imperabo
What's the point of being a defensive replacement if you're not going to dive?
2007-05-14 21:02:42
292.   Icaros
Or is it "Eileen"?
2007-05-14 21:03:15
293.   kadycee
I bet they're having a grand old time with the beach balls tonight. I hate the things, but with this kind of game--tres entertaining.
2007-05-14 21:03:30
294.   natepurcell


if go out to karaokee night, i almost always do my soul tinling "separate ways". that always gets their pulses racing.

2007-05-14 21:04:06
295.   underdog
Absinthe makes the heart grow...

Oh, never mind.

So who's Dodger Thoughts' Mr. Collins, then?

2007-05-14 21:04:20
296.   kadycee
268. Maybe I should turn on the radio. I'd love to hear that. Hard to imagine Monday loosening up. He sounds like he's selling used cars.
2007-05-14 21:04:29
297.   Icaros

Absinthe tastes like licorice on HGH.

2007-05-14 21:04:34
298.   StolenMonkey86
Nate, you're probably 13, right?
A walmart cashier once thought I was 12. Of course, I was only 19 at the time.
2007-05-14 21:04:57
299.   underdog
I actually think Monday and the Cardinals' Shannon could have a real tight drink-off, but I wouldn't want to witness it - not on-air, anyway.
2007-05-14 21:05:41
300.   trainwreck
Very nice. Do you play air keyboard as well?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-05-14 21:06:37
301.   Icaros
It is "Come on Eileen." Still dirty.
2007-05-14 21:07:10
302.   D4P
Absinthe tastes like licorice on HGH

Sounds like sambuca.

2007-05-14 21:07:20
303.   alexx
I tried absinthe at a bar in Hong Kong prepared the traditional way with water and sugar. It tasted like licorice, yeah.
I think we can get a feel for Grady's favorite players by looking at his defensive substitutions in this game. I think Russ is his favorite, followed by Kent and Nomar. Or maybe Kent and Nomar are just fragile and Russ is the catcher. Oh well.
2007-05-14 21:07:24
304.   natepurcell

just enough to spice it up.

2007-05-14 21:07:31
305.   kadycee
278. Yes, 21 is young especially in man-years. No offense. (but it is)

If I started early, I'd be old enough to be your mother. So, manners, young man. Manners.

2007-05-14 21:07:43
306.   Icaros

What's that?

2007-05-14 21:08:19
307.   natepurcell
I think the only 2 people that are younger then me that post here on a consistent basis are Uncle Miltie and King of Hobos.
2007-05-14 21:08:43
308.   kadycee
280. Gin and tonics - very nice. It's the lime that does it.
2007-05-14 21:09:03
309.   Bluebleeder87
even our line drives are finding the Cards gloves.
2007-05-14 21:09:14
310.   Icaros

Do you mean, like, illegal early?

2007-05-14 21:09:20
311.   kadycee
275. I wish I'd heard that. Where/when was this?
2007-05-14 21:09:20
312.   alexx
Anyone else think the Wii baseball game is a lot of fun?
2007-05-14 21:09:25
313.   Benaiah
297 - I was going to say, Absinthe tastes like licorice on fire. It burns like crazy on the way down, but the flavor is pleasant. I have done shots of 151 and Everclear (hey, I was stupid) and absinthe compares favorably in sheer burn. I doubt that I have had absinthe with wormwood however, and either way, I found its hallucinogenic properties greatly exaggerated.
2007-05-14 21:09:32
314.   natepurcell
Yes, 21 is young especially in man-years. No offense. (but it is)

no offense taken, i never said i was old. I know where I stand in the DT hierarchy!

2007-05-14 21:09:50
315.   D4P
It's an Italian after dinner drink, which tastes like black licorice. It's pretty strong.
2007-05-14 21:10:08
316.   Terry A
Boom! goes the Betemit.
2007-05-14 21:10:38
317.   natepurcell
2007-05-14 21:10:39
318.   mikethinksblue
Betemit makes things a little less uninteresting.
2007-05-14 21:10:42
319.   Icaros
I guess Andy's work is done here.
2007-05-14 21:11:09
320.   trainwreck
I usually drink 7 and 7s, gin and tonics, and Adios ________.
2007-05-14 21:11:12
321.   underdog
Wilson B! And we were wondering why he was in there today. He's a difference maker. Okay, he's not today, but at least he's been flashing power lately.
2007-05-14 21:11:13
322.   D4P
When we hit HRs, we score 2 runs. When we hit dinkers and dunkers, we score 10.
2007-05-14 21:12:09
323.   kadycee
282. I like to dance and I lived through the '80s - but for some reason I don't recall any of it being good dance music. But then I was listening to REM and U2. You're probably a Flock of Seagulls kind of guy.
2007-05-14 21:12:40
324.   natepurcell
red headed sluts and surfers on acid are quite tasty. I'll probably fill up on those tonight.

but if anyone wants to buy me a drink, its usually whisky sour.

2007-05-14 21:12:45
325.   Greg Brock
311 Enjoy

2007-05-14 21:12:45
326.   Jon Weisman
This summer, it will be possible for someone who couldn't legally drive when Dodger Thoughts began to have their first legal drink.

It takes a village.

2007-05-14 21:12:53
327.   trainwreck
Shots of 151 was my drink of choice when I first started drinking.

At the time, it all tasted bad so I went with the one that was going to get me drunk the fastest.

2007-05-14 21:13:03
328.   Marty
Trainwreck reveals his youth in admitting to drinking 7 & 7s
2007-05-14 21:13:59
329.   Bluebleeder87
it feels good that the Dodger are giving it the good 'ol college try.
2007-05-14 21:14:05
330.   Icaros

Pretty sure I've had the wormwood, and I agree with your exaggerated hallucinogenic assessment.

2007-05-14 21:14:07
331.   kadycee
292. Eileen. It's ok. It was a long time ago.
2007-05-14 21:14:47
332.   Bob Timmermann
Have you been saving up posts since 1986? If so, do you think the Dodgers will be able to get anywhere the near same amount of offense from Pedro Guerrero's replacements?
2007-05-14 21:15:16
333.   Marty
Daniel Zapalla will love this thread when he reads it.
2007-05-14 21:15:55
334.   mikethinksblue
The worst hangover I ever had was years ago after drinking Ouzo with my Greek neighbors. It also tastes like licorice, and produces an incredible headache the next day.
2007-05-14 21:16:15
335.   trainwreck
I need to get more grizzled.
2007-05-14 21:16:17
336.   Greg Brock
I'll stick with grain alcohol and water. It maintains the purity of essence.

No Commie will mess with my precious bodily fluids.

2007-05-14 21:16:23
337.   underdog
324 Um, I assume those are the names of drinks?

323 Came of age in the 80s too and wasn't much into dancing but I do remember the new wave producing some good dance music. I think I even danced to Siouxsie once. And New Order. Not well, mind you. Why back in my day {gnaws on gums} we had real techno music, not some of this fake techno you have today {drools}

2007-05-14 21:16:27
338.   jtrichey
I don't suppose Grady would make the bold move of pinch hitting for Pierre with someone who might actually be able to go deep. No, a 3 run homer has no value to us right now. Pierre must play every day.
2007-05-14 21:16:37
339.   Marty
80's had some great music. I'm listening to the Replacements now.
2007-05-14 21:16:49
340.   kadycee
295. I don't know if there is a Mr. Collins here. Time will tell, I suppose.

How delightful my literary reference wasn't lost on (male) baseball fans. I don't suppose anyone here has read Little Women...?

2007-05-14 21:16:56
341.   Benaiah
327 - I was virtually indestructible when I started drinking. I once took nine shots of Aristocrat (plastic bottle) vodka in a minute and I drank tons of 151. I would gag if I just smelled the stuff now though.
2007-05-14 21:17:37
342.   jtrichey
Especially with a freaking lefty reliever coming in. What better time to try to catch lightning with Olmedo? Pierre does the expected. We are way out of this game, and the door cracked open very briefly. Why not Olmedo?
2007-05-14 21:17:38
343.   underdog
good to turn the game back on in time to see Pierre do his thing.
2007-05-14 21:18:01
344.   Greg Brock
340 This is not your average baseball crowd.

Some of us is acshully collige graduats.

2007-05-14 21:18:03
345.   Icaros

And it sounds like that someone will be having that legal drink, too.


I made a final statement on that issue in 301.

2007-05-14 21:18:22
346.   StolenMonkey86
not a walk all game
2007-05-14 21:18:41
347.   underdog
Dude, Olmedo's already in there, playing first in place of Nomar.
2007-05-14 21:19:20
348.   natepurcell

yes they are.

surfer on acid is basically Jagermeister and rum mixed with pineapple juice.

a red headed slut is peach schnapps, jagermeister mixed with cranberry juice.

2007-05-14 21:19:22
349.   trainwreck
Nine shots of vodka in a minute would even put a smile on Greg Brock's face.
2007-05-14 21:19:29
350.   Marty
I read Little Women, and Little Men when I was about 11, but I don't remember any of either.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-05-14 21:19:44
351.   Benaiah
Pierre is batting .283 with a .624 OPS, Betemit is batting .171 with a .674 OPS.
2007-05-14 21:19:52
352.   kadycee
310. Almost legal...I'm comfortably residing in my '30s and intend to stay here for the next 40 years.
2007-05-14 21:20:02
353.   jtrichey
My bad, I haven't been playing complete attention to this one. Still how about Brady Clark then? Or Matt Kemp ;)
2007-05-14 21:20:19
354.   Terry A
Olmedo was already in the game, I think.

Not much left on the bench power-wise. But if it makes you feel better, Little double-switched after the inning. Wilson the Less is now playing centerfield.

2007-05-14 21:20:46
355.   underdog
339 Ah, speaking of drinking and music ;-) the Replacements. Among my favorites.
2007-05-14 21:21:52
356.   Terry A
And Billingsley gets a backwards-K on the first hitter he faces.

Ned Colletti, your life is calling.

2007-05-14 21:21:53
357.   natepurcell
nastypitch billz!
2007-05-14 21:21:56
358.   Benaiah
349 - Not for long. Blackout is soon to follow.
2007-05-14 21:22:03
359.   LeeLacy
Was there a single dance held anywhere in the U.S. back in the 80's that didn't feature Billy Idol's "Mony Mony"? That was as reliable as the sun rising in the east.
2007-05-14 21:22:10
360.   Bluebleeder87

same thing happens to me when i smell Sauza Hornitos, i really dislike that drink now.

2007-05-14 21:22:25
361.   underdog
Sad to see Billingsley pitching in garbage time, but sure is making it clear how much better he is than Tomko right now.
2007-05-14 21:22:40
362.   D4P
Steiner just called Eckstein "Little David"
2007-05-14 21:22:47
363.   scooplew
281 My bad.
2007-05-14 21:22:52
364.   Greg Brock
349 Yes, it would. I'm not a big vodka fan. Beer, bourbon, and if I'm feeling whimsical, I'll have two fingers of single malt scotch. Wine, with dinner. That's about it.
2007-05-14 21:23:01
365.   kadycee
313. Apparently there's real absinthe and some other kind that's more common and isn't really absinthe. (I wasted time for no apparent reason reading about it on Wikipedia). Fire isn't my idea of a pleasurable experience, so maybe I'll give it a miss....
2007-05-14 21:23:39
366.   natepurcell
sit down midget!
2007-05-14 21:23:43
367.   kadycee
Vin Scully just said "soul patch". That's like a sign of the apocalypse. That and this game.
2007-05-14 21:23:47
368.   trainwreck
Apparently not for Brock.
2007-05-14 21:24:15
369.   Greg Brock
366 The role of Mike Krukow will now be played by Nate Purcell.


2007-05-14 21:24:35
370.   Icaros
Yeah, Billingsley just isn't ready.
2007-05-14 21:24:42
371.   Terry A
Billingsley strikes out the side.

Tomko is much, much craftier than this.

2007-05-14 21:24:52
372.   trainwreck
I thought the only place to get real absinthe was in the Czech Republic.
2007-05-14 21:24:55
373.   natepurcell
sit down man with crazy, absurdly long soul patch thingie!
2007-05-14 21:25:04
374.   D4P
Steiner has said twice that "Nobody doesn't like David Eckstein."

Charlie, D4P. D4P, Charlie.

2007-05-14 21:25:05
375.   underdog
Yeah, I hope Colletti is still watching this game. I know Grady is, since he doesn't have a choice.

Ned, meet Chad, Chad, meet Ned. Tomko, meet the bullpen, bullpen meet Tomko.

2007-05-14 21:25:24
376.   scooplew
Wilson Valdez' first ML appearance in CF.
2007-05-14 21:26:04
377.   Bluebleeder87
Billz flat out looked unhittable in that inning specially to spizeo (sp)
2007-05-14 21:26:18
378.   underdog
371 If by "craftier" you meant "crappier," then I totally agree.
2007-05-14 21:26:28
379.   Marty
I think real absinthe is illegal in the U.S.
2007-05-14 21:26:44
380.   D4P
Wilson Valdez' first ML appearance in CF

What a luxury his flexibility affords. Flexibility doesn't show up in the box score, or in "stats" like OPS and such.

2007-05-14 21:26:47
381.   Icaros

I'd rather go there for women.

2007-05-14 21:26:50
382.   bhsportsguy
340 I have read it but more importantly have seen the Hepburn, Allyson and Ryder film versions.
2007-05-14 21:27:14
383.   kadycee
337. wave. I do recall others dancing to White Lines when I worked at Magic Mountain...
2007-05-14 21:27:24
384.   imperabo
Tomko's righthanded, so by definition he cannot be crafty.
2007-05-14 21:27:30
385.   Icaros

It's illegal nearly worldwide.

2007-05-14 21:27:45
386.   Greg Brock
Somebody mentioned gin. Gin is a seductive mistress with which I will not flirt. It's the creeper drink of all creeper drinks. It sneeks up on you like a ninja. A tasty, smooth, elegant ninja with daggers for fingers and laserbeams for eyes. And bazookas for feet.
2007-05-14 21:28:14
387.   Terry A
378 - Then we agree.
2007-05-14 21:28:30
388.   kadycee
Y'all know your baseball and y'all know your alcohol...
2007-05-14 21:28:32
389.   Gen3Blue
I was dubious about this mid. relief assingment for Bilz, but he seems to be still learning and could emerge as one tough b-----d.
2007-05-14 21:28:37
390.   CanuckDodger
Billingsley rules. And the radar gun is slow.
2007-05-14 21:29:07
391.   imperabo
385 I'm pretty sure that's not true.
2007-05-14 21:29:51
392.   natepurcell

ive never come across a ninja with bazookas for feet. i would like to subscribe to your newsletter!

2007-05-14 21:30:17
393.   D4P
Absinthe was the drink of choice in "Moulin Rouge"
2007-05-14 21:30:41
394.   Bluebleeder87
I think Saenz nearly had a heart attack running to 2nd.
2007-05-14 21:30:46
395.   scareduck
Saenz of a comeback?
2007-05-14 21:30:51
396.   natepurcell

it seems like TINSTAPP has kidnapped our baby prospects and fed them to the lions!

2007-05-14 21:31:00
397.   imperabo
Looked like Pujols was barely jogging to keep up the tomato.
2007-05-14 21:31:10
398.   Greg Brock
393 What do they drink in most Lifetime Movies?

I'm guessing wine coolers.

2007-05-14 21:31:10
399.   scareduck
OMG that footrace with Pujols was hilarious.
2007-05-14 21:31:16
400.   mikethinksblue
Absinthe seems to be a featured character in every Hemingway book I read. I'm still not sure what it is.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-05-14 21:31:17
401.   trainwreck
Yeah it is. Czech Republic, Spain, and Portugal are the places I know where it is not illegal.
2007-05-14 21:31:54
402.   Icaros

I've always heard it's only legal in two countries or so, but I'm no expert. Definitely illegal in the US.

If you know better, do tell.

2007-05-14 21:32:12
403.   Terry A
Cards' broadcast just showed Pujols racing Saenz from first to second, with Olmedo taking a playful swipe at Albert along the way.

And I thought Saenz was just laughing about how badly Duncan misplayed that ball in LF.

2007-05-14 21:32:21
404.   underdog
That was truly funny. I'm sure Pujols is in a jovial mood tonight anyway given the score but they obviously know each other somewhat. Saenz just barely won that race. Why does anyone throw Saenz a fastball, is another question.
2007-05-14 21:32:37
405.   scareduck
400, etc. - Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder.
2007-05-14 21:33:04
406.   LeeLacy
Over his last 6 appearances (including tonight), spanning 8.2 innings, Billz has not yielded a single run, has given up only 3 hits, and has struck out 16. Me thinks he's ready for the rotation.
2007-05-14 21:33:05
407.   kadycee
350. And I thought 11 year old boys only liked to read Encyclopedia Brown (when they weren't listening to Kiss). Once again, delightfully surprised.

By the way, why do the Cards own us???

2007-05-14 21:33:18
408.   Gen3Blue
386 and as for gin, whatever else it is, it's the worst hangover waiting to happen, and I think it should be avoided for almost anyone's good. I can't think of any acquaintance male or female who ever profitted from gin.
2007-05-14 21:34:42
409.   underdog
392 Then you should also see Grindhouse, if you haven't already. If you like babes with guns for feet.
2007-05-14 21:34:58
410.   D4P
What do they drink in most Lifetime Movies?

Lifetime helps me deal with my emotions. It feels so good just to know that someone else is going through the same things I am. When I don't have my copy of "Beaches" handy, Lifetime is there for me.

2007-05-14 21:34:58
411.   kadycee
361. Garbage time. Nice Chick Hearn reference.
2007-05-14 21:35:27
412.   natepurcell
from elbirdos...

Who would win in a foot race

Russell Martin or Yadi Molina?

are they kidding?

2007-05-14 21:35:35
413.   trainwreck
Well actually it is obviously legal in Amsterdam. Upon further checking it has recently been made legal in Belgium and certain kinds are fine in various Canadian provinces.
2007-05-14 21:36:36
414.   Benaiah
I had absinthe in Ireland that I bought in Amsterdam. If there is anywhere in Western Europe where you could buy real absinthe it would be in Amsterdam. Still, I don't think it was.

Gin goes straight to your brain and paralyzes your decision making apparatus, which ensures regret in the morning.

2007-05-14 21:36:41
415.   Marty
407 If you are 11 in 1967, you aren't listening to Kiss :). And basically, back then I was reading everything I could get my hands on.
2007-05-14 21:37:09
416.   kadycee
375. but do we really want to see him even in the bullpen? can't they just put him down?
2007-05-14 21:37:19
417.   Sam in SC
406. he couldn't stink much worse than bomko did tonight. I just don't see the risk in putting him in the rotation.
2007-05-14 21:38:34
418.   Greg Brock
I'm not sure I'm totally comfortable with dragging Encyclopedia Brown into this. That kid was a genius.
2007-05-14 21:38:43
419.   kadycee
382. Wow. Rock on.
2007-05-14 21:39:48
420.   Gen3Blue
Now must be the time we have been waiting to jump them. I wish we wouldn't always wait for the ninth, for they may know, and do us damage before we can get going.
2007-05-14 21:40:19
421.   natepurcell
that should have been K #4 for chad.
2007-05-14 21:40:47
422.   Bob Timmermann
I think Bugs Meany was an underappreciated figure.
2007-05-14 21:40:56
423.   bhsportsguy
Who would have thought that the Royals would be winning 2-0 in the bottom of the 9th, unfortunately Jack Cust can only hit a one run homer as he leads off the inning.
2007-05-14 21:41:08
424.   underdog
If they can't hit Kip Wells then the Dodgers are really snakebit vs. the Cardinals.

412 You gonna respond or should I?

2007-05-14 21:41:14
425.   kadycee
415. Sorry Marty! I should have said the Doors.
2007-05-14 21:41:54
426.   Greg Brock
419 Marty was in junior high when Rubber Soul came out.
2007-05-14 21:42:13
427.   kadycee
415. Sorry Marty! I should have said the Doors.
2007-05-14 21:43:10
428.   natepurcell

we'll just let them think what they wanna think. Just like how Matt Kemp is only a speed guy.

2007-05-14 21:43:34
429.   Greg Brock
Marty might have been in elementary school when Rubber Soul came out. Maybe junior high for Revolver.


2007-05-14 21:44:20
430.   kadycee
sorry for the multiple post...I lost control of my keyboard
2007-05-14 21:44:45
431.   alexx
Mr. Darcy - The domineering chauvinist that feminists are nonetheless attracted to. It makes no sense to me.
2007-05-14 21:45:08
432.   Bluebleeder87
i really wanted the Dodgers to "give it to 'em today" but i guess it just wasn't meant to be today.
2007-05-14 21:45:44
433.   overkill94
Come on Nate, red-headed sluts? Your friends let you get away with that? That's what my female friends order when they go out to bars.

I would totally get the Encyclopedia Brown references if it was 1991. All I can remember now is that he wore glasses and used to solve his mysteries by eating soup.

2007-05-14 21:45:55
434.   mikethinksblue
431 Wasn't he the guy on Married with Children? :)
2007-05-14 21:45:59
435.   kadycee
418. Sorry. I never got to know Mr. Brown, but he always seemed like kind of a nerd to me. You know type--millionaire by the time he's 40.
2007-05-14 21:46:40
436.   Marty
1967? Beatles and Stones mostly.
2007-05-14 21:46:53
437.   kadycee
It's rally time...where's the blue tape
2007-05-14 21:47:00
438.   overkill94
And when someone mentioned Mr. D'Arcy, I thought it was a reference to the neighbor from Married with Children. As you can see, I don't read much...but I do watch a lot of TV.
2007-05-14 21:47:09
439.   Bluebleeder87
The Dodgers just love teasing us don't they.
2007-05-14 21:47:11
440.   kadycee
LaRussa's getting nervous
2007-05-14 21:47:31
441.   natepurcell

i'll drink anything with an umbrella in it!

2007-05-14 21:48:08
442.   overkill94
434 Great minds think alike. Wait, we were both referencing a toilet-humored TV show instead of a classic novel...
2007-05-14 21:48:21
443.   Marty
Sgt. Pepper was 67, but Rubber Soul may have been early 67.
2007-05-14 21:48:31
444.   D4P
Valdez is OPSing 583, which sounds bad until you realize that's 41 points over his career average.
2007-05-14 21:49:05
445.   Greg Brock
435 No worries. But start ragging on the kids from Wayside School, and we'll have problems.

Big problems.

2007-05-14 21:49:31
446.   Branch Rickey
Kennedy could have had an easy double play (at least) if he had let that drop.
2007-05-14 21:50:02
447.   alexx
Will Betemit and La Roche continue to platoon?
2007-05-14 21:50:14
448.   kadycee
431. No, no, no. He's the perfect man. Him and King Leonidas.
2007-05-14 21:50:20
449.   mikethinksblue
442 yeah, but I had to google married with children to make sure I had the name right.
2007-05-14 21:50:25
450.   Greg Brock
Rubber Soul was '65
Revolver was '66
Pepper's was '67

Nice little three year run. Good Lord.

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2007-05-14 21:50:43
451.   regfairfield
If a drink has anything that what was once a fruit, a man isn't allowed to order it.
2007-05-14 21:50:46
452.   natepurcell
i still cant believe the dodgers are scared about losing valdez on waivers.
2007-05-14 21:51:02
453.   kadycee
bam! Fun! Go For-cal.
2007-05-14 21:51:40
454.   Branch Rickey
I predicted two days ago that Furcal was out of his funk and that he would have a big week. Quick, somebody pat me on the back! (Hey, I said "pat")
2007-05-14 21:51:55
455.   Icaros
Encyclopedia Brown was awesome, but only-child solipsists like myself loved Choose Your Own Adventure Books the best.
2007-05-14 21:51:57
456.   natepurcell

im not a man yet, kadycee says so! so im still allowed.

2007-05-14 21:51:58
457.   Greg Brock
451 You're a bourbon man, correct? Or was it scotch?
2007-05-14 21:52:38
458.   kadycee
433. Soup? Really? I feel I must now read these books.
2007-05-14 21:52:58
459.   Marty
But what did it for me, was 1976. When I got introduced to Johnny Rotten, Johnny Thunders and Iggy Pop.
2007-05-14 21:53:20
460.   trainwreck
One should never forget Jefferson Milhouse D'Arcy.
2007-05-14 21:53:31
461.   kadycee
438. Baseball and Jane Austen. Dream combo.
2007-05-14 21:54:25
462.   Greg Brock
Austen:Women :: Godfather:Men
2007-05-14 21:54:30
463.   alexx
448 I know, I know.
2007-05-14 21:54:39
464.   StolenMonkey86
I remember feeling quite tortured reading Pride and Prejudice.

There, I said it.

2007-05-14 21:54:46
465.   Bluebleeder87
good eye Clark!
2007-05-14 21:54:56
466.   regfairfield
457 Scotch is for when I'm sitting alone and watching the Worlds Strongest Man Competition, since it's quite simply the manliest thing one can do.

I generally drink Vodka related things.

2007-05-14 21:55:36
467.   Bluebleeder87
2 balls no strikes that's criminal clark!
2007-05-14 21:55:46
468.   kadycee
456. cute as a dickens!
2007-05-14 21:55:56
469.   MMSMikey
umm..what was that brady?
2007-05-14 21:56:31
470.   kadycee
460. who?
2007-05-14 21:56:36
471.   Bluebleeder87
Izzy hasn't thrown a strike yet.
2007-05-14 21:56:41
472.   MMSMikey
izringhausen cant fine the zone and he swings at a 2-0 pitch on his knuckles
2007-05-14 21:57:28
473.   trainwreck
From Married With Children.
2007-05-14 21:57:38
474.   Sam in SC
the dodgers are toying with us. I am trying not to fall for it.
2007-05-14 21:58:02
475.   kadycee
462. so true! Though I too appreciate the Godfather. Leave the gun take the cannoli...

I think that's the line. But I can't spell canolli cannolli??

2007-05-14 21:58:07
476.   underdog
Martinez, our big power hitter is up now representing the tying run. Well, hope springs eternal!
2007-05-14 21:58:13
477.   StolenMonkey86
wow, first walk of the game!
2007-05-14 21:58:18
478.   mikethinksblue
470 I think he played quarterback at Adams college in the 80's.
2007-05-14 21:58:29
479.   kadycee
I feel the need to swear.
2007-05-14 21:58:40
480.   imperabo
475 You only know that for You've Got Mail though.
2007-05-14 21:58:42
481.   MMSMikey
im sick of st. louis.
2007-05-14 21:59:02
482.   Bluebleeder87
at least we cut the game in half 8-4 Cards, we'll get them tomorrow.
2007-05-14 21:59:16
483.   scareduck
At least Olmedo got that exciting walk.
2007-05-14 21:59:48
484.   alexx
The Godfather is my girlfriend's favorite movie.. but she hates Scarface.
2007-05-14 22:00:01
485.   Greg Brock
I've said it many times, but it bears repeating. The Extra Innings channel is the greatest music channel ever created.
2007-05-14 22:00:25
486.   alexx
What if LaRoche had pinch hit there?
2007-05-14 22:00:30
487.   Bluebleeder87

I sweared when Clark swang at that ball.

2007-05-14 22:01:01
488.   LeeLacy
Nice "Revenge of the Nerds" reference.
2007-05-14 22:01:06
489.   underdog
...or not.

Toying with us, indeed. But with Martinez up there, I really didn't fall for it. Glad they showed some heart in the latter part of this game at least.

It was you, Fredo.

475 Cannoli.

2007-05-14 22:01:33
490.   StolenMonkey86
486 - Grady would send a pitcher to the on-deck circle to try to draw the intentional walk?
2007-05-14 22:01:42
491.   trainwreck
I have not heard this season's music, but last year's was the best.
2007-05-14 22:02:35
492.   kadycee
480. Actually I have an Italian friend (Gina Marie) who likes to say it. I don't actually remember that line in You've Got Mail. I remember Tom Hanks eating all the caviar, though.
2007-05-14 22:02:39
493.   Bluebleeder87
i'm never gonna say a team doesn't scare me as i did on Inside The Dodgers earlier today.
2007-05-14 22:02:45
494.   underdog
Okay, night all! Was fun commiserating with ya. Hope tomorrow's game won't drive us to drink.
2007-05-14 22:03:25
495.   kadycee
486. Yes! why didn't he??? Grrr....
2007-05-14 22:05:25
496.   kadycee
487. Do you mean you swore when he swinged at that ball?
2007-05-14 22:05:37
497.   Icaros
I don't get the Extra Innings music you folks describe. I get the same song from the menu of my Big Lebowski DVD over and over and over...
2007-05-14 22:06:50
498.   mikethinksblue
496 LOL
2007-05-14 22:06:54
499.   LeeLacy
Unfortunately, he'd already pinch hit for Seanez back in the 5th.

I'd have liked to see him up in that situation as well.

2007-05-14 22:07:17
500.   StolenMonkey86
Average Game Scores of the Dodger rotation through today:


Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-05-14 22:07:38
501.   Bluebleeder87


2007-05-14 22:10:06
502.   Bluebleeder87
I'm gonna call it a night, i'm sure we'll come back with a fighting spirit tomorrow. Nice chatting with all you DT'ers.
2007-05-14 22:11:50
503.   natepurcell

that needs to be put into context. what are game scores of some of the better rotations in the majors?

2007-05-14 22:12:10
504.   kadycee
499. Oh, yeah. We were out of pinch hitters, I think.
2007-05-14 22:17:46
505.   Eric Enders
Choose Your Own Adventure books were pretty good. Encyclopedia Brown books were better. But the Hardy Boys were better than all of 'em. C'mon! Frank and Joe! Chet! I think that series used the word "jalopy" in literally every other sentence. When I was seven I had no idea what a jalopy actually was, but I knew I wanted one.

By the time I was 8, I had plowed through every book in the Hardy Boys series and moved onto the "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" series. Those were even better. The protagonist was named Jupiter, for crying out loud!

2007-05-14 22:22:41
506.   kadycee
Jalopy. My best friend's mom used to refer to her Chevy Impala as a Jalopy. I think it was a '73 or something.

I sort of liked reading Nancy Drew. But I much preferred watching the Hardy Boys t.v. show. Shaun Cassidy was my very first crush. I even had his album. On it was a version of Da Do Run Run. Why? But I loved that blonde young man...

2007-05-14 22:23:28
507.   Icaros
The fact that I had no idea what a jalopy was kept me from being able to finish the one Hardy Boys book I tried to read sometime in the early 80s.
2007-05-14 22:24:42
508.   underdog
My sister had a crush on that show's Parker Stevenson instead, when I was little. I guess to be different. I was an Encyclopedia Brown and Tintin kid myself.

Wait, I was supposed to be writing. Stop bringing me back here!

2007-05-14 22:24:58
509.   Greg Brock
The best-selling children's books of all-time:

How many have you read? I'm amazed at how many I've read. And Judy Blume dominates.

2007-05-14 22:27:30
510.   Jon Weisman
Alvin Fernald, anyone?
2007-05-14 22:31:17
511.   Greg Brock
A lot of the books aren't on that list, because it's a paperback list. Here's the hardcover list:

2007-05-14 22:34:13
512.   kadycee
508. I know I know. Me too.
2007-05-14 22:34:49
513.   kadycee
509. I loved Judy Blume. I even read Forever in the 6th grade. It has sex in it.
2007-05-14 22:37:51
514.   bhsportsguy
Wells - 41
Maddux - 56.3
C. Young - 54
Peavy - 68
Hensley - 35
Germano - 69

Maine - 63
Glavine - 55
O. Hernandez - 60
J. Sosa - 59
O. Perez - 56
Pelfrey - 40
Park - 24

2007-05-14 22:38:26
515.   Eric Enders
509 I've only read seven of those. (Including one that is decidedly not a children's book, The Catcher in the Rye.) I assume if the list were updated, Harry Potter would own all the top spots (never read one of those).

As a kid, I was never much for children's books. I devoured the various mystery series voraciously, but by age 9 or 10 I decided I was too old for those and started reading regular adult books. I probably read, at a conservative estimate, 130 books a year as a kid. Come to think of it, that may be why I never developed into much of an athlete. I was always inside reading.

2007-05-14 22:39:09
516.   mikethinksblue
I think 6th grade boys get ripped off in the book department. Ours seem to center upon tying knots, making campfires, and solving innocent mysteries. Judy Blume sounds a lot better.
2007-05-14 22:41:27
517.   Eric Enders
I did read a Judy Blume book once. I don't remember which one. It had a rat on the cover, as I recall.
2007-05-14 22:41:50
518.   kadycee
515. Reading The Catcher in the Rye as adult has been much more enjoyable than when I first read it. I love Salinger.

You should read Harry Potter. Good writing.

I'd like to give a shout out to Harriet the Spy. And a Wrinkle in Time. Oh, and The Crystal Cave. Ok.

2007-05-14 22:44:51
519.   Greg Brock
515 Yeah, I think the first real, grown up book I read was Stephen King's IT, followed by Helter Skelter. I was probably 11 years old or so.

Stephen King taught me you could use lots of swears in grown up books.

2007-05-14 22:53:24
520.   Bob Timmermann
I've read six on that list.
2007-05-14 22:56:44
521.   overkill94
517 That must have been one of the "Ralph" books. I think one of them was called Motorcycle Ralph or something.

As a kid I read every single Beverly Cleary book because I liked her writing so much. Plus, as a sign of how much of a completist I would become, I even read her autobiography to make sure I read everything she wrote.

2007-05-14 22:58:26
522.   kadycee
519. Helter Skelter! My mom had that and I used to look at the pictures with my best friend and get all scared and creeped out. Between that and all those devil movies, I was terminally skittish.
2007-05-14 22:59:02
523.   overkill94
521 Well, after looking it up, either my zeal for Cleary made me think you read The Mouse and the Motorcycle (the one I was thinking of which was written by Cleary) or there's a different Blume rat book altogether.
2007-05-14 23:01:17
524.   overkill94
It's strange how much of a reader I was when I was young, but nowadays I have absolutely no interest in it. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I used to get free pizza if I read enough books, but now I don't get squat.
2007-05-14 23:02:40
525.   mikethinksblue
I loved Beverly Clearly books when I was little. Henry and Beezus right?
2007-05-14 23:03:25
526.   Greg Brock
522 I started to get a little big for my britches, wanting to read bigger stuff, so Mother Brock gave me IT, The Stand, Helter Skelter, and Red Dragon.

Mother Brock was/is no joke with the scary stuff.

2007-05-14 23:05:51
527.   overkill94
525 Don't forget Ramona!
2007-05-14 23:05:56
528.   Greg Brock
I finished IT in record time for a youngster. Because I was afraid to stop reading, get off my bed, walk across the room, turn off the light, and go to sleep. So I just kept reading until I fell asleep.

Pennywise was under the bed. Of this I am certain.

2007-05-14 23:07:12
529.   mikethinksblue
527 she was a pest, as I remember
2007-05-14 23:11:39
530.   kadycee
526. The Hunger is a good scary book. But I was 20 something when I read it. I was a coward at 11.
2007-05-14 23:12:42
531.   kadycee
I never read any Ramona books. Though someone I once worked with compared me to her. I don't that that's a good thing.
2007-05-14 23:18:57
532.   kadycee
Good night whoever's left! Hopefully the Dodgers eat their Wheaties in the morning.
2007-05-14 23:21:58
533.   Greg Brock
I never read the Ramona Quimby books, though both my sisters did. I think Blubber is the only Judy Blume book I've read.

My friend's and I quote from Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret all the time. Some quality quotes in that book.

2007-05-14 23:23:41
534.   Dodgers49
Little says mix at third base is not a platoon

>>> "It's a situation where we've got a couple of good players there and each of them will get plenty of playing time," Little said. "This is what you call splitting time." <<<

2007-05-14 23:49:34
535.   Vaudeville Villain
I grew up reading mostly comic books, rather than normal children's books.

I came out fairly normal, except for my tendency to internal monologue out loud. And shout strangely worded sound effects.

2007-05-15 01:07:04
536.   overkill94
With all the talk of moving to 12 pitchers recently, is it possible a roster move is made tomorrow considering Seanez, Tsao, and Billingsley are probably ruled out for tomorrow? I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Brazoban or Kuo called up and Valdez DFAe'd. Then again, Lowe is usually good for at least 7 innings, so it's not the most dire of situations.
2007-05-15 03:10:16
537.   Andrew Shimmin
An Absinthe distributer is, like, the chief sponsor of Reason Magazine online. According to its website, Absinthe is legal to possess in the U.S., but cannot be sold in bars or liquor stores.

My drink of choice, by way of tribute to the majestic condor, is anti-freeze. Unlike the condor, I have brains enough not to play chicken with high voltage wires after imbibing. Or before.

2007-05-15 06:58:54
538.   Benaiah
I have read 46 books on that list. I read constantly as a kid, and I had very little discretion (I read both "Babysitters Club" books on the list for example). I don't really understand how "The Catcher in the Rye" is a children's book, but what do I know? I do know that Judy Blume wrote extremely racy adult books in her spare time, one of which I read frequently as an adolescent before it was discovered and confiscated by my mom.

"The Giver" and "Hatchet" stands out as the two best books for young adults. You can easily read them by about 4th or 5th grade, but they hold up well all the way through high school.

2007-05-15 07:06:20
539.   Benaiah
451 - James Bond drinks a martini with a lemon in the newest movie, and I can't see how a vodka tonic with lime (or a whiskey and coke with lime) is remotely unmanly. Besides, the idea that men are supposed to hate sweetness and drink crappy Miller lite is ludicrous. No matter what the men of the square table say, being a straight man doesn't mean I have to go around proving that I am masculine.
2007-05-15 07:17:56
540.   Bumsrap
Benaiah, just take out the umbrella as soon as your drink arrives and nobody will know what you are drinking.
2007-05-15 07:19:49
541.   old dodger fan
My daughter read Eragon and Eldest. I read Eragon with her. Nice reads. They came out after the list was published.
2007-05-15 07:24:26
542.   Benaiah
540 - That is the thing, while I generally drink beer and wine, sometimes I order a specialty cocktail that is delicious and fruity and I don't bother hiding that. I order dessert, share food with my guy friends (I want to know what everything tastes like), dance with my gay buddies, and generally don't care what anyone thinks about it. If a key component of being a straight man is worrying that you might either be secretly gay or that you might be thought of as gay, then that is a pretty sad life.
2007-05-15 07:45:49
543.   Benaiah
542 - It reads as a little inflammatory. To be sure, if you don't like fruity drinks, dessert or dancing with my gay buddies, that doesn't mean you are secretly afraid that you are gay. My point is that I am very happy with who I am and not the least bit concerned that no one would mistake me for John Wayne (who I adore).
2007-05-15 07:48:00
544.   D4P
542 et al.

Your poor father...

2007-05-15 07:50:00
545.   Benaiah
544 - I don't remember you drinking scotch neat when we went out to dinner.

I will admit that I don't mention the dancing part to my dad. Why upset the old guy?

2007-05-15 07:52:19
546.   D4P
I don't claim to be a Real Man. However, I did assemble a push reel lawnmower yesterday all by myself, and my wife commented on how manly it made me look.
2007-05-15 07:54:59
547.   Benaiah
546 - Is that one of those lawnmowers that has spinning blades that move when you push it? Those things are cool, if terrifying.
2007-05-15 07:57:26
548.   D4P
Yes, it has one spinning blade that moves when you push it. It's a nice alternative to a gas mower, though it doesn't cut really tall stuff, which means I'll have to go out and mow more often than I'm used to.
2007-05-15 07:58:14
549.   Daniel Zappala
I've read about 40 on the paperback list and about 50 on the hardback list. Plenty of other good childrens books that aren't on either list.
2007-05-15 08:00:46
550.   Benaiah
548 - Mowing the grass is among the worst activities known to man.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-05-15 08:02:18
551.   old dodger fan
Pitcher Joe Mays, who received a guaranteed $21 million, four-year contract from the Twins, has until today to opt out of his minor league deal with the Dodgers' Class AAA Las Vegas club. Mays, 31, is 1-2 with a 4.91 earned-run average in seven starts and 40 innings, during which he has given up 46 hits with 25 strikeouts. Mays has been trying to make a comeback after having the same arm ligament surgery that Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano underwent last year.
2007-05-15 08:05:18
552.   D4P
You made an interesting combination there. In Oregon, we used the term "mowing the lawn". In North Carolina, they say "cutting the grass". You pulled out the unusual "mowing the grass", which is second in rarity only to "cutting the lawn".

The main things I don't like about the activity are being in the sun, getting bit by mosquitoes, the exhaust from the mower, the noise, and all the dirt and crap that gets kicked up. The new mower will eliminate much of that.

2007-05-15 08:05:35
553.   Penarol1916
546. My wife puts that stuff together for us, she also mows the lawn.
2007-05-15 08:10:55
554.   Bumsrap
542 - People that dance with their gay buddies generally have more fun. People that assemble lawn mowers generally have less fun. I know, small sample size.
2007-05-15 08:12:54
555.   Benaiah
552 - True, without the noise it will be better. Still, it is hot and sweaty work, and sweat mixed with lots of ambient loose grass is a dirty (and itchy) situation. Like many young people, I attempted to mow lawns to make summer money but quickly found that being broke was better than mowing lawns.
2007-05-15 08:13:27
556.   D4P
Assembling lawnmower --> Looking manly in wife's eyes --> "Fun"
2007-05-15 08:15:24
557.   Bumsrap
I had a riding lawn mower when I lived in Oregon and mowed 1.5 acres with it. The fun part was in April when it it started warming up. It seemed that M-F it would be sunny and then it would sprinkle on the weekends making the grass to wet to cut and it would grow another week. Then when I had a chance to cut it I would have to do it three times, each time lowering the blades each time and rake in-between cuttings.
2007-05-15 08:17:38
558.   Marty
I don't know a single person who cuts their own lawn.
2007-05-15 08:17:43
559.   Penarol1916
555. I had enough trouble mowing my own lawn in junior high, we had 1.5 acres on a steep hill, of course, shoveling snow was even worse since I had to do it at 5 in the morning to get to school on time.
2007-05-15 08:17:50
560.   Bumsrap
556 - I assume you were not reading the directions so while you were looking manly you were also looking well, manly.
2007-05-15 08:19:36
561.   Bumsrap
559 - Perhaps if you hadn't lived 12 miles from school.....

558 - Do you know anybody that washes their own cars?

2007-05-15 08:19:52
562.   Benaiah
557 - I don't know anyone who voted for Nixon.
2007-05-15 08:21:10
563.   Bumsrap
562 - It was the same guy that voted for Bush
2007-05-15 08:24:58
564.   Bumsrap
In keeping with historical perspective, I was referring to the elder Bush
2007-05-15 08:25:20
565.   Marty
Wow, Maddux threw a complete game yesterday.
2007-05-15 08:25:33
566.   D4P
I don't know anyone who voted for Lincoln.
2007-05-15 08:25:53
567.   old dodger fan
563 I am thinking about voting for RoseBush for All-Star.
2007-05-15 08:26:24
568.   Benaiah
562 -
2007-05-15 08:27:43
569.   Bumsrap
The one running for city council back in 1848, Baltimore, Maryland.
2007-05-15 08:29:43
570.   D4P
I am thinking about voting for RoseBush for All-Star

Over Chase Utley...?

2007-05-15 08:29:46
571.   fiddlestick
In the Times this morning, it mentions that Billingsley will be a candidate to start next time a 5th starter is needed. Hopefully this means we've seen the last of Tomko getting the ball to start a game.
2007-05-15 08:31:45
572.   old dodger fan
570 I was being a smart aleck.
2007-05-15 08:37:05
573.   Daniel Zappala
I mow my own lawn. And I live on a corner lot, so there is a decent amount of grass. I'll be remedying that situation soon if I can get around to redoing the landscaping this year. I've never minded doing yard work, and I even mowed during the snow this year when we had some spring flurries.
2007-05-15 08:44:34
574.   D4P
I mow my own lawn

Sheesh, whatdoya think all those kids are for...?

2007-05-15 08:46:35
575.   Benaiah
574 - I was thinking the same thing. Seriously, my parents made me mow the grass, then my little brother, then the littlest brother. They barely even paid us for the pleasure too.
2007-05-15 08:49:08
576.   D4P
They barely even paid us for the pleasure too

They may have thought room and board were sufficient payment, but kids know better.

2007-05-15 08:51:56
577.   underdog
So the Dodgers are planning on using Saenz and Betemit in the DH role when they play the Angels next weekend, according to Ken Gurnick... Isn't Betemit a good fielder? Maybe it would be better to have Saenz and LaRoche platoon - I mean, rotate (sorry Grady!) - at DH and have Betemit in the field? Or maybe it doesn't matter much. Heck Lieberthal could be a DH, too.

Gurnick also says that Betemit leads the Dodgers in HR's over the last week and a half "with two" - but isn't it three? And Kent has three in the last week, too.

2007-05-15 08:53:46
578.   old dodger fan
Martin could DH at least twice.
2007-05-15 08:56:09
579.   Benaiah
578 - I would like him to DH at least once, but it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't.
2007-05-15 09:03:25
580.   Daniel Zappala
574 Actually one of my kids has volunteered to mow recently, thinking he can turn this into a summer job eventually. I haven't yet clued him in that everyone in our neighborhood pretty much mows their own lawn.
2007-05-15 09:10:32
581.   ToyCannon
I mow my own lawn and I also used to mow lawns as a kid to make money. Still love the smell of a fresh cut lawn but I make sure my lawn is small enough that it doesn't suck up to much water and now I use an electric mower. No gas smell, no noise.
2007-05-15 09:16:38
582.   still bevens
561 I wash my own car! Poorly I might add, but I do it nevertheless.
2007-05-15 09:18:19
583.   old dodger fan
581 My inlaws have an electric mower. I cut their grass from time to time. It is light and easy to start but the cord is such a pain.
2007-05-15 09:19:37
584.   underdog
I mow the concrete slab in front of my place, if that counts?
2007-05-15 09:25:35
585.   Daniel Zappala
I still have an electric mower and it was great when we had a small lawn. The cord isn't that big of a deal once you get used to it. I now have a gas mower and the newer ones run a lot cleaner now, without any smell or mess.
2007-05-15 09:29:13
586.   underdog
Hmm, I think some of us were just talking about Preston Mattingly and the need to move him to a new position. Well, here ya go:
(I still think he needs to be moved to the OF but we'll see.)

Excerpt: Preston Mattingly's struggles at shortstop for the Great Lakes Loons have not gone unnoticed by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Mattingly, who has committed 15 errors so far, tops in the Midwest League, now has a new position: second base. He's expected to start tonight at second against the West Michigan Whitecaps.

"At second base, it gives him a chance to slow (the game) down a little bit. He can knock (the ball) down and make the throw and not be as rushed or as perfect from the hole as if he's (at short)," said DeJon Watson, director of player development for the Dodgers, who was at Dow Diamond Monday night.

2007-05-15 09:34:14
587.   Vishal
i don't know if anyone posted this (i did a quick check but didn't see anything), but there's a hilarious story from this weekend's reds series about a dodger stadium heckler and ken griffey jr., complete with pictures:

2007-05-15 09:36:03
588.   alexx
What has happened to Russell's defense? It seemed like he was throwing a fair amount of stealers out before but I haven't seen a caught stealing in a long time.
2007-05-15 09:38:24
589.   old dodger fan
There is an article about JP over at 6-4-2.
2007-05-15 09:41:51
590.   old dodger fan
586 His OPS this year is .513! Couple that with 15 errors. I hope the change of scenery helps his bat.
2007-05-15 09:42:20
591.   JoeyP
I hope Mattingly's bloodlines kick in at some point. He really wasnt that high of a prospect in high school.

He and DeJesus are the two early round picks that I never understood of the last several years.

2007-05-15 09:43:27
592.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-05-15 09:52:56
593.   StolenMonkey86
Beckett - 60.125
Matsuzaka - 53.14285714
Schilling - 54
Wakefield - 60.71428571
Tavares - 41.16666667

And now a terrible pitcher:
Jeff Weaver - 24.83333

2007-05-15 09:53:33
594.   StolenMonkey86
but nobody will ever know

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